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sorentjaalton: What happened to my vmware driver patch?12:37
Q-FUNKspeaking of patches, was bartman's 3rd patch ever merged?14:14
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tjaaltonsoren: sorry, I pushed it to git but didn't apply on our package. will upload it today14:43
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sorenX has died on my 4 times today already. I'm using the Intel driver (intel 945).. Is it known to be jittery?15:04
tjaaltoni think the drm bits need an update15:05
tjaaltonshould be filed already if I'm not mistaken15:05
tjaaltonvmware uploaded15:07
* soren hugs tjaalton 15:07
* tjaalton hugs soren back15:07
* tjaalton just saw "300" and feels Spartan15:08
tjaaltonsigh, and the list of typos just keep on growing16:03
tjaaltonanother vmware upload on the way..16:04
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seb128bryce: what do you think that totem is doing wrong to cause bug #130696?17:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130696 in totem "xine and totem-xine crashes with the fglrx driver" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13069617:50
seb128especially that xine crashes the same way17:50
seb128I reassigned to xine-lib, let me know if you think I'm wrong17:53
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bryceseb128: I get those "...received an X Window System error" messages with my xrandr gui all the time, and it's caused by making an incorrect xlib call22:18
bryceseb128: the error message indicates a coding error in the client application rather than an error in X22:18
seb128bryce: I'm not an xorg guy, but those errors often happen when using compiz or special xorg option, or some drivers, etc22:20
bryceseb128: I wish xlib provided more detailed explanations of the errors - I've not yet figured out what the code numbers indicate or whatever22:20
seb128why does playing the same video with the same software works when not running compiz in some cases?22:21
bryceseb128: yeah I know.  It's actually sort of a generic error message though, like "syntax error" or "out of memory"22:21
seb128on gutsy for example xv video playing doesn't work on some intel cards when using compiz, right?22:22
bryceso what I suspect is that in each case, the client app is making a different call, but they're all xlib calls (XReply probably), which returns its errors in that generic fashion22:22
bryceI gather gtk or glib has some sort of catch() routine that is capturing the error and generating the error message... perhaps that routine ought to be made to give better diagnostics (if that's possible)22:22
seb128how could the application know abou those limitation and don't do standard calls?22:23
seb128there is a gdk_x_error() right, you can break on it and get a gdb backtrace in such cases22:23
seb128but still, I'm not sure if that's the application which should know about driver bugs and try to workaround those22:23
seb128I would tend to say that if xorg doesn't handle standard requests that's something in the xorg stack to blame22:24
bryceseb128: well, assuming that's the case, at a minimum I would need to know what xlib routine that the client app is trying to access22:25
brycemy guess is that it's trying to call some xlib routine which isn't valid with fglrx22:25
seb128in this case I've reassigned the bug to xine because I think the multimedia framework is likely the one doing the call22:26
bryceperhaps some sort of visualization thing...  a 3d call, or maybe even xrandr22:26
seb128and the guy get the issue using xine which seems to confirm that22:26
seb128right, that's possible22:26
bryceI notice some apps do xrandr calls to get screen layout info (maybe so they can tell where to pop up windows or whatever), but fglrx (and nvidia, etc.) don't support xrandr22:26
* bryce ponders22:27
seb128totem doesn't thing like calling xrandr when not using xv and switching to fullscreen video22:27
bryceI would assume that it would be the client apps' responsibility to check for if a given module is loaded before trying to access its functionality, but not sure22:27
seb128but is it possible for the application to know that xorg doesn't support xrandr?22:27
seb128is there an x11 api for that?22:28
seb128for the xrandr call it likely make sense22:28
bryceyeah, in fact there is code in Screen Resolution which does exactly this22:28
bryceand if you don't have the xrandr module it pops up an error dialog22:29
seb128I don't think those issues are due to xrandr22:29
bryceit also has code to check that you have a new enough version loaded22:29
seb128but I'll try to get a backtrace and ping you next time I've a such bug22:29
seb128maybe I can learn about how to debug those ;-)22:29
brycewell, iirc, it's a generic api for checking the xorg modules that are loaded, so could be similarly used even if it was say glx or exa or something22:29
bryceyeah I really wish X didn't give such cryptic errors22:30
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