namelesshi to all00:00
alzamabarHi, Is there a motherboard with drivers which natively support Ubuntu? Normally with Windows I get a CD with the motherboard drivers for audio and video, but with Ubuntu I can't. Wouldn't it be great if there was a motherboard with native support for Ubuntu?00:00
AeonorisI'm mostly concerned about getting Ubuntu to be able to "see" my other hard drives...00:00
_Oz_Aenoris: type join #windows00:00
AeonorisK, I'll move there00:00
_Oz_Aeonoris: yeah, they might be corrupted00:00
Dr_willisalzamabar,  for most motherboards - i dont even have to worry about any drivers under linux.. the onboard sound/video - can be issues.. but normally not the MB itself.00:00
_Oz_by the sound of it00:00
TwintopAeonoris: My experiences if you do hibernate is that it causes problems between the two (files not saving when you switch back to Windows, not seeing the partitions at all, etc), so I didn't know if it was similar. Doesn't sound like it is.00:00
namelesswhile i was installing ubuntu, the grub step gave me an error, how i can fix it ?00:00
_Oz_nameless: describe the error, please.00:00
_Oz_Twintop makes a good point, Aenoris.  Make sure your XP computer doesn't hibernate.00:01
Dr_willisalzamabar,  thers the new motnerboards comming out with a mini-linux install built into the bios. :) you can fast boot to a mini-linux os and do things.  Those would be the nifty ones to get for a linux box.00:01
namelessgrub write failure00:01
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alzamabarDr_willis I'm referring to things like audio and video. I've got an Nvidia, and I'm afraid to say that the NVidia driver freezes on 7.10 GG.00:01
Geoffrey2i'm building a program from source, it's looking for md5.h  Any ideas where i'd find that?00:02
biouserAeonoris, what error messages are you getting when trying to boot ubuntu?00:02
_Oz_Leads me to a question of my own: what's the best place online to buy linux-ready (ideally, dual-boot for Win XP) laptops online00:02
nano__what better, compiz with Xgl or with Xorg server?.....anybody?00:02
LumoojayellowSubMar, have you tried the "nodeadkeys" option for they keyboard?00:02
fooI installed fluxbox on ubuntu but I can't right click on my desktop for some weird reason. any ideas?00:02
yellowSubMarWhat's that?00:02
_Oz_alazmabar: have you installed the restricted driver manager?00:02
Dr_willisalzamabar,  all bets are off with video/audo onboard.. the mb makers could toss about anything on there. :) i perfer to get mbs that dont have  tose onboard.00:02
alzamabarDr_willis, same for audio. If I plugin speakers, the sound quality is not very good00:02
biouserGeoffrey2, have you tried searching the synaptic package manager?00:02
LumoojayellowSubMar, it makes keyboard work properly00:02
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:02
Morph3usHi everybody, anyone knows how i can access my linux partition from windows vista?00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about md5.h - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
nuccoGeoffrey2: libgcrypt11-dev00:03
_Oz_morph3us: there is no way to do it.00:03
AeonorisNiouser: Nothing, boots fine, just that HD issue.  I tried reinstalling, but that didn't help.00:03
Dr_willisalzamabar, its all about the chipset the mb maker is using for the audio/video. Some work good.. some dont work at all.00:03
AeonorisErr, Biouser00:03
biouserMorph3us, I don't thnik that you can00:03
nuccoGeoffrey2: install libgcrypt11-dev00:03
_Oz_Very annyoing, isn't it!  Linux is great about accessing NTFS partitions but Windoze won't even acknowledge your linux stuff.00:03
alzamabarDr_willis, I do agree. So could I buy an audio card supported by Ubuntu? Anyone you could suggest?00:03
TwintopAeonoris: what Ubuntu release are you using?00:03
yellowSubMarI don't know where to find the option, Lumooja.00:03
nameless_Oz_: i've checked the cd for errors00:03
namelessno one00:03
Morph3us_Oz_, yes, i already do that before00:03
AeonorisTwintop: 7.10, I think that's Gutsy Gibbon?00:04
biouseralzamabar, check the ALSA list, most should be well supported00:04
Dr_willisalzamabar,  creative has some nice ones in the $40 or less range.  But ive not used any of their newre cards.. I got an old audigy2zs  that ive had for 4 pc's now.00:04
LumoojayellowSubMar, if i remember correctly, it was under system settings -> regional settings00:04
_Oz_Aenoris: I guess the only real way to do it would be to use something like vmware or virtualbox for windows and run a little mini linux session in there00:04
alzamabarbiouser, ALSA list?00:04
biouseralzamabar, you might have to do some building of the ALSA source if you use a more exotic one00:04
TwintopAeonoris: You're right. That means the NTFS drivers should be in the Kernel. Do you have any sort of encryption on your NTFS drives?00:04
iceslicewill the ati 8.2 proprietary drivers let me use big desktop with two different monitor resolutions?00:04
Dr_willisalzamabar, the new creative x-fi have limited linux support at this time.00:04
_Oz_yeah, if you get into linux/ubuntu you basically want to start avoiding motherboards with integrated video and/or audio00:05
biouseralzamabar, search ALSA in google00:05
_Oz_I run an SBLive! card in my Asus mobo even though it has integrated sound00:05
Aeonoris_Oz_: That's the only way to see those drives?  Bleh.00:05
_Oz_Aenoris: even then, that might not work.00:05
AeonorisTwintop: Not that I know of.00:05
_Oz_Aeonoris: but that's only windows TO ubuntu.00:05
_Oz_The other way around should work out of the box (ubuntu TO windows).00:05
yellowSubMarThere is no system settings menu in 7.10.00:05
alzamabarbiouser, looking...00:05
namelesswhile i was installing ubuntu, the grub step gave me a grub write failure, how i can fix it ?00:05
LumoojayellowSubMar, there is under kubuntu...00:06
Dr_willisonboard video is handy at times. :) in case you have to  build up a low end box. or use an old mb later as a test box.00:06
_Oz_nameless: hit esc when grub loads and load your default gnome desktop00:06
_Oz_nameless: then, edit grub/conf00:06
_Oz_find out what it's choking on00:06
yellowSubMarDo you know where I could find it using00:06
TwintopAeonoris: Are all of these partitions on one hard drive or two? You might try running fdisk on the drive to see if you can see them. I had a similar issue with an external hard drive that got formatted NTFS and had to repair the partition table to use it on Linux.00:06
LumoojayellowSubMar, just look for the regional settings menu somewhere00:06
yellowSubMarDo you know where I could find it using gNOME, Lumooja?00:06
nameless_Oz_: i've downloaded the daily build alternate iso00:07
LumoojayellowSubMar, i just installed opensuse, but it sucks, so i have to reinstall ubuntu now... :P00:07
larson9999getting older isn't nearly as fun at 41 as it was at 16.00:07
_Oz_nameless: follow the steps I described first00:07
nano__what better, compiz with Xgl or with Xorg server?.....anybody?00:07
markgreeneHey guys. I am looking for a hard drive recovery util for linux.00:07
_Oz_see if you can get past the grub error by hitting esc when grub loads00:07
_Oz_choose "recovery mode"00:07
yellowSubMarhat's not fun, Lumooja.00:07
_Oz_nano: they're essentially identical00:07
LumoojayellowSubMar, what's not fun?00:08
larson9999markgreene, i'd go with sysrescd00:08
_Oz_lumooja: I think he means, having to reinstall is not fun.00:08
AeonorisTwintop: Three hard drives.  How would I run fdisk on a drive?00:08
markgreenelarson9999: anything thats not a cd00:08
nano___Oz_: i was referring to what would produce better effects, xgl or xserver with aixgl....which option should i select?00:08
_Oz_Wait a sec, Aenoris -- can you describe exactly how many physical drives you have, and how they're partitioned?00:08
Lumooja_oz_, oh reinstalling is easy and fast, you have to do that anyway every week when using xp00:09
_Oz_nano: it'd look pretty much the same either way in my opinion00:09
nucconano__ x and aiglx is the way to go00:09
_Oz_lumooja: heheheheh00:09
larson9999markgreene, you can install those tools on a hd.00:09
nano__nucco: how come?  isn't xgl suppose to be the next best thing?00:09
ClintZ28anyone able to get Ossv4 XFI drivers to work with Flash?  I followed the howto on ubuntu forums...compiling the libflashsupport driver, and creating symlinks, but I've had no luck...audio works with other applications though00:09
nucconano__ because xgl appears not to be actively under development00:09
nano__nucco: can i install aixgl via synaptics?00:10
TwintopAeonoris: The hard drives will probably be under /dev as /dev/sda /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc if you're in 7.10. The command is simply "fdisk <drive>", ie "fdisk /dev/sda". Then you can use the commands inside of fdisk to at least look at what partitions are (and their sizes, filesystem type, etc) and figure out which one is which.00:10
nucconano__ you don't need to do anything special. it comes by default. it only works depending on your hardward00:10
TwintopAeonoris: Be careful though, fdisk canbe used to format your disk. Don't write anything to the partition table unless you're certain00:10
* _Oz_ nods sagely. "What Twintop said," he says.00:10
nano__nucco: do i need to put in a switch in my xorg.conf file ?00:11
markgreenelarson9999: where do I get the list? I just see the download for the cd00:11
AeonorisI have three physical hard drives, I believe theres an old windows installation on one along with possibly an old ubuntu partition on it (I get sorta confused with partitioning), a HD with just ubuntu, and a HD with just XP00:11
nano__nucco: how can i check to see if my aixgl is running?00:11
nucconano__: what is your display card?00:11
nano__nvidia 615000:11
danbhfiveAeonoris: try sudo fdisk -l00:11
nameless_Oz_: i've hit recovery mode, now i've chrooted the partition00:11
nano__i have nvidia glx running00:11
nucconano__:  check system > preferences > appearance00:11
nucconano__: and see the desktop effects section.00:12
_Oz_so, four HDs, two oldish HDs with possibly a couple of partitions but no big deal for the data there, and then a physical disk with only Ubuntu (important data) and another physical disk with only Windoze (also important data.)  Correct?00:12
_Oz_nameless: what have you found?00:12
RalithI'm having trouble with fglrx on an nforce3 mobo with a radeon X85000:12
larson9999markgreene, here is the website: http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page00:12
coreyodoes anyone know of a way to disable the "require an active connection" checkbox in the VPN settings in Network Manager?  I can't connect to a VPN while on the Sprint PCS g3 network because NM doesn't recognize my ppp0 connection as an active internet connection.00:12
nano__nucco: i don't see any desktop effects option.....00:12
oshiDumb question.  How do I come back to the desktop after ctrl-alt-f1?00:12
nameless_Oz_: the whole ubuntu without grub00:12
nucconano__: use system > administration > restricted manager to install the proprietary drivers00:12
_Oz_nameless: it's not showing the windows partition at all?00:13
usr13oshi: Ctrl-Alt-F700:13
Lumoojawill ubuntu support ppc in future?00:13
oshiusr13: thanks00:13
_Oz_Lumooja: doubtful00:13
nuccoLumooja: not likely. that support was actually dropped00:13
IndyGunFreakLumooja: no..00:13
namelessi don't have got a windows partition oO00:13
_Oz_PPC is sort of dying off00:13
Lumoojanucco, why is that, then i have use some sucky AIX6_00:13
Hilikusim trying to configure my tv out, when i run Xorg -configure i get00:13
IndyGunFreakLumooja: if you need PPC support, use Debian.00:13
HilikusLoadModule: Module ztv does not have a ztvModuleData data object.00:13
_Oz_nameless: ok, my mistake.  So your problem is ONLY the grub error?00:13
Hilikusany idea what that module is??00:13
nano__nucco: im running fiesty fawn and the latest nvidia drivers i could get via restricted drivers were almost 1.5 yrs old; instead i disabled restricted drivers and downloaded newest nvidia drivers and installed them00:13
nuccoLumooja: everyone uses x86 on the desktop these days :))00:13
nano__they are running find00:14
namelessat boot, Grub, error 1500:14
Aeonorisit says "Unable to open /dev/hdb1/"  when I try to fdisk it in the terminal00:14
Lumoojanucco, i realized that, but i want also servers to use ubuntu00:14
IndyGunFreakLumooja: there is an ubuntu for PPC still, but its a community project, not officially supported by Canonical.00:14
_Oz_nameless: okay, launch a terminal and type "locate grub"00:14
nucconano__: desktop effects wasn't a strong point of feisty :)00:14
_Oz_I'm not at a ubuntu machine right now so I can't remember the exact directory it's in00:14
cheesestudioshi anyone can help me? and if can speak spanish then better :D00:14
nuccoLumooja: oh, so there are ppc servers out there? ;)00:14
nano__nucco : i agree, so what do u think i should do next in order to see if aiglx is working?00:14
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:15
wersdo sony ericssons work well with ubuntu? I'm thinking of getting a p990i00:15
Lumoojanucco, yes ibm system p servers for example00:15
nameless_Oz_: cannot open mlocate.db etc etc..00:15
_Oz_Captain Jack Sparrow!00:15
nucconano__: not sure. I would recommend you upgrade if it is not too much trouble00:15
IndyGunFreakno it  wasn't, much better in gutsy00:15
_Oz_nameless: really? That's strange.00:15
Jack_SparrowHey Oz00:15
_Oz_you typed "locate grub" and got that message?00:15
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_Oz_Hi Jack00:15
nameless_Oz_: it's in /boot/grub00:15
nano__nucco: thnx00:15
eltuxI am trying to install ubuntu onto an external hard dirve, however I cannot format it. (its a Western Digital Passport)00:15
_Oz_nameless: that's what I though00:15
TwintopAeonoris: Don't include the number on the end. That's referring to a specific partition.00:15
_Oz_chdir to that dir and ls -al00:15
nuccoLumooja: well, there's debian :)00:15
_Oz_you see a conf file in there?00:16
IndyGunFreakLumooja: also, there's an unofficial PPC verison of Ubuntu, not sure how good it is, as its community driven...00:16
namelessuhm wait00:16
cheesestudioshi, i have a PC with nvidia 8800 and can't install ubuntu in this PC, i have ubuntu in my notebook and is a great OS, want to intall here too00:16
cheesestudiosanyone can help me?00:17
icesworddoes gnome have a windows edition00:17
nuccoicesword: nice one :)00:17
nuccoicesword: gnome is a desktop for *nix systems...00:17
Jack_Sparrowicesword: Please clarify that question00:17
Aeonoris_Oz_: No, three HDs, one oldish one with two partitions, nothing much important there but that's the only one I can "see" and it has ubuntu I'm running on it, another with some vaguely important stuff, but I think I wiped it by accident, that should be the one that used to have ubuntu, and then another that has important stuff and windows on it00:17
oshihow many desktops do most of you have?   2?  4?00:17
IndyGunFreakcheesestudios: why can't you install it?00:17
markgreenelarson9999: that will owkr00:17
nuccooshi: I have four, but recently I've been pondering to increase to 600:17
Jack_Sparrowcheesestudios: Were does the install fail00:17
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eltuxI'm trying to install ubuntu onto a external hard drive but I can't even get it partitioned. Any Ideas?00:18
cheesestudiosIndy : I was looking in forums and all people say that the problem is the graphic card00:18
_Oz_aenoris: and you  can successfully BOOT to any of these but none of the installs see the other physical HDs?00:18
pawsIRCosi, just 1 but with 2 monitors00:18
iceswordJack_Sparrow, wht?i want to use it on windows00:18
AeonorisIt now says "Unable to open /dev/hdb/"00:18
IndyGunFreakeltux: yes, install it on an internal drive, cuz its gonna suck when you install it to an external00:18
Dr_williseltux,  ive seen some linux on usb - web siutes/tutorials. You may want to check them out. there can be issues to watch out for..00:18
iceswordJack_Sparrow, kde is planing a kde windows project00:19
Jack_Sparrowicesword: It is an OS not a program, there are ways to run OS's in WIndows if that is what you mean. But a version for windows.. no00:19
eltuxIndyGunFreak: I already have it installed on my pc but I tried to install it straight onto the drive and it messed up my install of ubuntu, thank god I have windows (You'll never hear me say that again)00:19
larson9999markgreene, i'm by no means an expert on the subject but the few times i've needed such a thing, it's done the job for me.00:19
oshiI guess I'm just too acclimated to windows....I keep opening everything up in one workspace..heh00:19
eltuxDr_willis: ok, I can't even get it partitioned, its in FAT32 and it won't go to ext3 or ntfs00:19
_Oz_Aenoris: ominous00:19
iceswordJack_Sparrow, thank you ,sir00:19
_Oz_Aenoris: those drives might be toast00:19
maekdoes anyone know of a fix for the disk parking and load cycle count errors that doesn't involve just setting it with hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda - thats horrid for battery life and very scary if you bump the disk while in that state. thanks.00:19
Dr_williseltux,  use gparted. delete the partitiosn. make new ones.00:19
oloughlin75Hello! I am trying to set up moblock and keep getting this pesky error: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/moblock terminated00:19
AeonorisDoes anyone know how I could at least see one of my hard drives temporarily, so I can save the stuff that I want to another compy on my network?00:20
Jack_Sparrownp.. If you MUST run it in windows look into the virtual options.. or kill me for suggesting you try wubi00:20
eltuxDr_willis: my ubuntu partition is broked at the moment, any windows utilites?00:20
Aeonoris_Oz_: Totally toast, or just the files on them?00:20
_Oz_just the files, yeah.00:20
Dr_williseltux,  gparted on a live cd - is what i normally use00:20
* IndyGunFreak smacks Jack_Sparrow with an Ubuntu Install CD for suggesting Wubi00:20
_Oz_Ubuntu SHOULD be able to see those drives with no problem, Aeonoris.00:20
_Oz_Have you run gparted?00:20
Dr_williseltux,  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/   has a lot of tutorials/guides/docs.00:20
usr13Aeonoris: Do what to one of your HDs?00:21
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak: DOnt bother trying to slice my wrists with a cd as we speak00:21
Aeonoris_Oz_:  Hmm, I suppose that's not too bad.  All I had was game saves, though I was fond of them...00:21
usr13Aeonoris: What do you want to do?00:21
eltuxDr_willis: thanks00:21
IndyGunFreakJack_Sparrow: lol00:21
_Oz_Aenorois: if it wasn't anything TOO important the simplest thing is just to use gparted to format and partition them back out fresh00:21
Aeonorisusr13: Uh, "see" it.  It won't let me "see" any files on it >.<00:21
usr13Aeonoris: mount00:21
usr13Aeonoris: Is it mounted?  or not?00:22
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak: Wubi is a terrible option but my hope is it will get him started using linux00:22
Dr_williseltux,  the onlu linux ive ever gotten to install/work off a pendrive/external disk - is  the latest Slax (so far) :) they are all gettting better i hear.00:22
IndyGunFreakJack_Sparrow: i guess...00:22
eltuxDr_willis: oh ok, I'll try anything right now hehe00:22
Dr_willisi think i would rather run linux in vmware/virtualbox/qemu or whatever.. then use wubi. :)00:22
IndyGunFreaki'd rather have my face stomped on by rosie o'donnell wearing golf cleats, than use wubi00:23
Aeonorisusr13: not totally sure, it says that they're there and have 5gb of free space on them (which isn't true), and that they are empty O.o00:23
Dr_williseltux,  with the latest slax3.0 setting up my thumbdrive was easy.  unzip files to the disk.. run their makeboot.bat, :) but slax3.0 is not got all the exctras yet. but it worked.00:23
Jack_SparrowDr_willis: Please notice I suggested the virtual ways first and after disclaimer offered up wubi00:23
_Oz_Aenoiris: launch a terminal and type "sudo fdisk -l"00:23
_Oz_Aeonoris: this will NOT format the drives00:23
_Oz_It will simply list them00:23
_Oz_See your drives appear in the list00:23
_Oz_(all of the drives)00:23
oloughlin75Hello! I am trying to set up moblock and keep getting this pesky error: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/moblock terminated00:24
Dr_willisJack_Sparrow,  i  just saw this tutorial -- > http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/01/11/run-ubuntu-710-from-windows/00:24
G1015I'm having a problem playing youtube videos.. every time I play one the entire computer locks up.  Is there a way to fix this? Seems that anything that uses flash freezes the system at random times.00:24
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iceswordcan kubuntu install mac4lin00:24
usr13!flash | G1015:00:24
ubotuG1015:: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:24
Jack_SparrowDr_willis: Thanks, that looks interesting00:25
_Oz_aenoris: did all of the drives appear when you ran fdisk -l?00:25
Aeonoris_Oz_: Okay, it shows all three drives, yeah.  Evidentally they aren't partitioned like I thought...00:25
Dr_willisJack_Sparrow,  it mentions a persistant option to the live cd.. Ive never seen that mentioned befor.. may have to try it out00:25
iceswordcan kubuntu install mac4lin00:25
Dr_willis!find mac4lin00:25
ubotuPackage/file mac4lin does not exist in gutsy00:25
Aeonoris_Oz_:  two of them have only one partition, another has four....00:26
cheesestudiosIndyGunFreak: ok, i can't install ubuntu for my graphic card. In forums the people says that00:26
iceswordhehe,in source.net00:26
_Oz_Aenoris: okay, that's good00:26
Jack_SparrowDr_willis: I have used persistent for ages.. works quite well.. on Dapper it was very useful as that release seemed to run on anything00:26
fooI can't right click in fluxbox.. I installed it on top of ubuntu 7.10. I need to generate a menu or something? err00:26
DaZicesword: afaik mac4lin is theme pack for gnome only :F00:26
IndyGunFreakcheesestudios: well, you can install Ubuntu, you just won't be able to use Nvidia drivers, you'll need to use the generic driver, which means no compiz.00:26
Jack_SparrowDr_willis: THe persistent image base was only about 40 meg00:26
IndyGunFreakyou'll have to use the generic vga drivers00:27
oloughlin75Hello! I am trying to set up moblock and keep getting this pesky error: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/bin/moblock terminated00:27
_Oz_Aenoris: let's try mounting it00:27
iceswordDaZ, then u mean i cannot install that in kde00:27
_Oz_You ready?00:27
DaZunfortunately [;00:27
iceswordJack_Sparrow, can i install mac4lin on kubuntu00:27
Aeonoris_Oz_:  Yeah, sudo mount /dev/hda1?00:27
cheesestudiosIndyGunFrea yeah but the problem is... when start the live CD menu, put start and the linux run but the screen stay in black. the people say that nvidia 8800 is not compatible :S00:27
Jack_Sparrowicesword: no idea00:27
cheesestudiosIndyGunFreak yeah but the problem is... when start the live CD menu, put start and the linux run but the screen stay in black. the people say that nvidia 8800 is not compatible :S00:28
_Oz_Aeonoris: chdir to /mnt00:28
DaZbut there's enough of mac os imitations for kde imo :F00:28
_Oz_you can also mount in /media but /mnt is really the right directory00:28
IndyGunFreakcheesestudios: well, i'm guessing you can get it installed, but you'll probably have to use the alt. install CD00:28
whoniccahow would i go about sharing/streaming media on a computer not on my network00:28
whoniccamy home computer00:28
iceswordDaZ, thank u,where can i download some00:28
Aeonoris_Oz_ K...00:28
DaZicesword: kde-look.org {:00:28
iceswordDaZ, yeah,thx00:29
Toadhey all. Anyone have recommendations for a motherboard for a core 2 quad? Onboard graphics is fine, but I need dual head (DVI/VGA is ok)00:29
larson9999G1015, imo flash and ubuntu just don't play nice yet.  maybe linux in general but i've only run ubuntu for a long time now.  i've been trying to make my machines crash free with flash 9 since the beta.  i still have lockups but they're not as often these days.  if i do a lot of flash watching, i'll usually get 2 lockups a day now.00:29
_Oz_hold one sec Aenoir00:29
Dr_williswhonicca you mean share from one pc on your home network - to other pc's on the home network?00:29
whoniccadifferent ips00:29
whoniccawork home00:29
FourX4Luvnwhonicca: Have you looked into icecast?00:30
danbhfive_Oz_: if you mount in /media, it puts a link on the desktop00:30
whoniccaFourX4Luvn, will look into it00:30
FourX4Luvnwhonicca: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_webradio_with_icecast2_ices200:31
mad_max02whats the best php writing program for ubuntu ?00:31
mad_max02I found one named Cakephp00:31
CoasterMastermad_max02, I just like to use gedit00:31
DaZmad_max02: notepad under wine owns :F00:32
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no_mindwhere is the index generated by tracker stored ?00:32
FourX4Luvnmad_max02: Depends on your writing style.  I really like Bluefish.. but there's also quanta, emacs, vim....00:32
mad_max02anything serious like PHP Developer 2008 ??00:32
nabcoreDoes anyone use the acx wireless drivers?00:32
mad_max02bluefish ?00:32
mad_max02I'll try and find it00:32
FourX4Luvnmad_max02: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/00:33
lyagmad_max02: You might also try vim00:33
mad_max02Bluefish is a GTK+ HTML editor for the experienced web designer.00:33
nano__whenever i run compiz, I get some distorted images that temporarily appear with my mouse ....00:33
mad_max02its from synaptics :D00:33
nano__is there any thing special i need to do with my mouse in order to run compiz fusion?00:33
mad_max02lemme search vim00:33
lyagmad_max02: There's also seamonkey00:33
FourX4Luvnmad_max02: That's it :)  It also supports PHP, CSS, etc00:34
maximilion__I got the plugins for gedit instead :)00:34
jack-desktopwhats a program for a remote desktop that i can listen and it connects to their computer?00:34
mad_max02vim is txt editor ? aint it ?00:34
Starnestommymad_max02: yes00:34
jack-desktopive tried vncviewer -listen but it just says their ip and does nothing00:34
_Oz_you still here, Aeonoris00:34
FourX4Luvnmad_max02: Yes.  It supports syntax highlighting and that's about it.  Very powerful editor though if you can code by hand.00:35
cwgannonafter logging out, i can no longer log back in; i just get stuck at that tan colored screen.  by the way, i'm running 64-bit gutsy and have searched the forums to no avail.  any suggestions?00:35
Aeonoris_Oz_: Yeah00:35
_Oz_danbhfive: yeah, and that's okay, but just be aware that /media is really for removeable media per the standard00:35
nano__is there something special i need to do with my mouse so that it works without being sluggins in compiz00:35
JouvaIs there a command line or GUI tool that comes with Ubuntu to help determine the speed of an AGP port on my system?00:35
mad_max02I do like to code by hand but it big projects I really like to have layouts and gadgets00:35
_Oz_go to /mnt and create a new dir00:35
Dr_willisim not sure that the /media for removeable media - is followed by ubuntu. :)00:35
JouvaOr any sort of decent system information tool that comes with Ubuntu or one I can maybe get00:35
_Oz_call it the name of what you want your drive to be00:36
mad_max02I used to use PHP Developer series00:36
JouvaAnd includes info like AGP port speed00:36
mad_max02but since I deleted windows 100% I'm stuck with replacements00:36
_Oz_dr_willis: it SHOULD be.00:36
FourX4LuvnDr_willis: You're right.. it's not.  Virtually all non-OS related mounts are put there.00:36
DaZJouva: try 'hardinfo'00:36
_Oz_but I don't really care, to tell you the truth.00:36
Aeonoris_Oz_: The name that the system already calls it or whatever I want to call it?00:36
_Oz_using /media is ok.00:36
Dr_willis_Oz_,  file a bug then..  I dont really care either. :)00:37
dsmithis there a divx plugin for ubuntu?00:37
Dr_willisI often link /mnt to /media - because im so use to looking in /mnt00:37
_Oz_aeonoris: create a dir with a character-based name like "ubuntudrive" or "windowsdrive"00:37
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:37
_Oz_you will have to sudo00:37
maximilion__dsmith, just get vlc via Synaptic00:37
cwgannonif i try to transfer large files to a thumb drive, the transfer freezes and begins counting the seconds remaining up.  the drive has enough room, and i've tried reformatting it.  it works fine in windows and fine in linux, though only for small files.  any suggestions?00:37
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_Oz_so for example, "sudo mkdir /media/linuxdrive"00:38
Aeonoris_Oz_: Okay, created "driveone"00:38
_Oz_now chmod 77700:38
PeP`hello, anyone know how I can extract a 3.5gb zip file? it seems it doesn't want to, there is some compression error or so.. I think t isbecause it is so big..00:39
_Oz_"chmod 777 /media/yourdrivename00:39
dsmithmaximilion__: this is for viewing material online00:39
natlinuxnewbSlightly OT: does anyone know where ThunderBird keeps its emails? I am transfering some data from WinXP to Ubuntu00:39
Aeonoris_Oz_: media, not mnt?00:39
_Oz_either one00:39
PeloPeP`, make sure you have enough room to extract it , 2 make sure it is not password protected00:39
_Oz_using /mnt is essentially equivalent00:39
brokenFUNhey i get a Glib ERROR** when running a compiled Tilda00:39
_Oz_but /mnt is "more" proper if you really care about that kind of thing00:40
_Oz_many don't00:40
PeP`it's not.. mhh00:40
lusepusterbrokenFUN, what did the error say?00:40
_Oz_now, aeonoris, when you did that fdisk -l...  could you paste to me in a privmsg the output it gave you?00:40
Aeonorisoperation not permitted...  Eh, sudo it, I assume?00:40
PeloPeP`, I assume you have installed unzip ?00:40
PeP`Pelo: yes00:40
_Oz_I guess you're in /mnt because in /media I don't think sudo is required00:40
AeonorisHow do you send a private message?00:41
JouvaDaZ: That seems to 1) Only give info on PCI and not AGP (though it lists my card, but I didn't look to see if it says anything about the speed) and 2) Crash very easily00:41
Aeonoris_Oz_: Yeah, mnt.00:41
PeloPeP`, try just opening it with fileroller and extracting individual files00:41
_Oz_aeonoris: I'm not registered, so I guess you can't...  just paste it in the channel, I guess...  no way around it.00:41
nano__Has anybody ever experienced sluggish mouse problems with Compiz?  I am having some "smude" that appears when i move my mouse, anybody have any ideas?00:41
JouvaDaZ: I select one option, it shows it. Then if I select another section, it crashes.00:41
PeP`Pelo: ok..00:41
PeloPeP`, just to see if hyou can do it00:42
jpetermanYo, I got a random problem. And I know, I don't have too much info about it. Over the last few days, for some reason, when I'm browsing FF, it will suddenly lock up. I can use other programs for about 2-3 seconds, and then the entire system freezes. I can move my house around still, but nothing responds.00:42
natlinuxnewbAeonoris: What program are you using? usually you can /msg nickname00:42
_Oz_aeonoris: paste the output of fdisk -l00:42
natlinuxnewbAeonoris:  or right click works too00:42
brokenFUNlusepuster: Glib-ERROR **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.14.1/glib/gmem.c:154: failed to allocate 4294******* bytes00:42
Aeonoris_Oz_: Okay, here goes.  Sorry if this is a bit long:  Disk /dev/hda: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes00:43
Aeonoris255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders00:43
AeonorisUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes00:43
AeonorisDisk identifier: 0xa104a10400:43
Aeonoris   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:43
Aeonoris/dev/hda1   *           1        9728    78140128+   7  HPFS/NTFS00:43
FloodBot1Aeonoris: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:43
Pelojpeterman, try turning off some FF extensions00:43
Freebeandoes someone know how i can get solitaire to start in Klondike or another chosen game ?00:43
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_Oz_sorry, aeonoris00:43
seanhey guys00:43
_Oz_floodbot is not always... helpful00:43
jpetermanPelo, you think that will work? Why would it lock up my entire system? And I haven't added any new extensions since it started up00:43
seanwhats the menu bar at the top of the screen called?00:43
_Oz_did you have a drive listed after /hda1?00:43
Dr_willisFreebean,  if you are a solitare addict - check out Pysol00:43
Dr_willis!info Pysol00:43
ubotupysol (source: pysol): X11 solitaire game written in Python. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.82.1-4.1ubuntu6 (gutsy), package size 1459 kB, installed size 6840 kB00:43
DaZJouva: mine doesn't crash :F00:43
Freebeanok   thx00:44
_Oz_sorry about that aeonoris00:44
_Oz_that was my fault00:44
Pelojpeterman, considering the limited amount fo info given it was a likely possibility00:44
lusepusterbrokenFUN, could that be a memory problem?00:44
_Oz_did you have a drive listed after /hda1?00:44
jpetermanPelo, I only have 6 extensions00:44
Freebean>!info Pysol00:44
brokenFUNlusepuster: idk00:44
Aeonoris_Oz_: I expected it to do that :P  Uh, it printed my whole message00:44
Pelojpeterman, just a suggestion00:44
Dr_willisFreebean,  my wife is a pysol addict. :) its even out for windows.00:44
jpetermanPelo, Ok, thanks.00:44
_Oz_aeonoris, did you have a drive listed after /hda1?00:44
DaZJouva: but i think i saw sth about agp in it.. :F00:44
jpetermanPelo, do you have any ideas of how else to check for problems?00:45
Freebeanhow do i get to  >!info Pysol00:45
JouvaI couldn't find anything yet00:45
Dr_willisFreebean,  ! is bot commands..00:45
Dr_willis!bot | Freebean00:45
ubotuFreebean: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:45
_Oz_aeonoris: /dev/hda1   *           1        9728    78140128+   7  HPFS/NTFS00:45
Dr_willisFreebean,  fire up the package manager, and install pysol to install it.00:45
Aeonoris_Oz_: Uh, hda1, some jargon, hdb1-2-3-5, jargon, hdd100:45
PeP`Pelo: I can extract all small files, but the one that is 4gb I can't....00:45
DaZJouva: anyway, if you've got nvidia card you can check agp speed in driver settings ^^00:45
_Oz_do you have any other lines that look like that but with hda2, hda3, etc?00:45
Pelojpeterman, flash and java have been known to cause 100% cpu which might cause your symptom00:45
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_Oz_ok, the last one is hdd1?00:45
krimjpeterman: How often does that happen?00:45
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: Did you find the Thunderbird email?00:45
PeP`Pelo: I'm sure it is a unzip problem00:46
PeloPeP`, there might be something wrong with that file00:46
jpetermanPelo, krim, Thanks. It started up this weekend randomly and has happend about 30minutes or so after using my PC, unfortunately pretty frequently00:46
PeP`Pelo: I don't think so.. I'll search the web...00:46
JouvaDaZ: That's why I want to look up said info, because I'd like to GET an nVidia card or atleast a better ATi card00:46
natlinuxnewbFourX4Luvn: Nope. not yet00:46
jpetermanI might add my Network-Manager started randomly consuming 100% of cpu, but I haven't noticed it doing that any of these times, because when it does, it says there's no network connection00:46
Aeonoris_Oz_: Yeah, hdd100:46
krammermy computer froze 3 times in 5 minutes forced me to reboot .... any thoughts???00:47
_Oz_jouva: may I HIGHLY recommend nvidia00:47
_Oz_do NOT get an ATI card00:47
Jouva_Oz_: I figured :)00:47
krimjpeterman: If I were you I'd remove all extensions and see if things change. Since the freezes occure so often it won't take that long to find out.00:47
_Oz_aeonoris: ok, here's what to do next00:47
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: Ok, open thunderbird, go to edit>account settings.  select 'local folders' and it shows where it's set to store them in "local directory"00:47
jpetermankrim, alright will do. thanks all00:47
_Oz_type "mount /dev/hdd2 /mnt/yourdrivename00:47
lusepusterokay I try again - anybody got an idea what can be up with my swap partition, it seems to lose its formatting when try and do a suspend to RAM... I'll have to reformat it with gparted, and it cannot be swapon'ed  afterwards, only gparted seems to be able to activate it00:47
JouvaBut uhh, I still want to figure out what speed my port is so that I can get the right one00:47
DaZJouva: .. sorry {: there's too many messages for me to keep up :F00:47
Aeonoris_Oz_: Though I didn't fdisk after the mount, so if mount should have changed it it won't be in there...00:47
Stargazer"Error (camorama) 'Could not connect to video device (/dev/video0). Please check connection.'" for spc325nc00:47
natlinuxnewbFourX4Luvn: Thanks for that advice. I cant open Thunderbird. Its on a WinXP HD that cant log in00:48
JouvaDaZ: That's fine :) I can understand that.00:48
_Oz_tell me what happens after you try mounting it00:48
krammermy computer froze 3 times in 5 minutes forced me to reboot .... any thoughts???00:48
Aeonoris_Oz_: mount: special device /dev/hdd2 does not exist00:48
FourX4LuvnOh.. well, of course the path would be different on Windows too then.. Perhaps you could try asking in a Windows channel?00:48
ODBODHelp: OpenGL Unreal Tournament '99 nvidia tnt00:48
nano__krammer: there are many many reason that it could be happening00:49
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: Oh.. well, of course the path would be different on Windows too then.. Perhaps you could try asking in a Windows channel?00:49
* _Oz_ muses00:49
_Oz_try it again00:49
_Oz_type "mount /dev/hdd1 /mnt/yourdrivename00:49
_Oz_just do hdd1 this time00:49
nano__krammer: try staying in your bios and tell me if you get the same problem (freezing) HAPPENING?00:49
Aeonoris_Oz_: Did it without comment00:49
nano__Is there anything special that needs to be done with my mouse in order to get compiz working?00:49
krammerno need for the bios00:49
nano__the problem is that with compiz everything works fine, but my mouse leaves behind a temporary splatter?00:50
musseHi guys i am new user for ubuntu ,,Just wondeed what AntiVirus software people are using with ubuntu.00:50
natlinuxnewbFourX4Luvn: yeah...How do I see what channels are available on Pidgin?00:50
_Oz_take a look in "computer"00:50
_Oz_see if the drive appears00:50
Aeonoris_Oz_: Oh, but it seems that HDD1 is the one that I could already see, heh00:50
_Oz_what are the specific gibberish names it gave to the other ones in the fdisk -l list00:50
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: Hey.. I managed to find something that will help you... http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/releases/1.5.html00:50
maximilion__dsmith, looked around a little, did you get help?00:51
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: Go there and search for "profile folder"  It gives a list of where it stores the mail for various platforms00:51
ODBODI have the nvidia legacy driver for nvidia tnt. I installed ut '99 and everything, but gameplay is choppy/worse than how it played in windows(very well!)00:51
Aeonoris_Oz_: I -think-   "/dev/hda1   *           1        9728    78140128+   7  HPFS/NTFS"  is the one I want to mount00:51
maximilion__dsmith, if opening a URL in vlc is an option, then try that00:51
_Oz_try mounting that one00:51
_Oz_same command as before00:51
dsmithI was looking to see if I could run divx movies in firefox, thankfully I can download them00:51
_Oz_just /hda100:51
_Oz_instead of hdd100:51
FloodBot1_Oz_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:51
dsmithdivx plugin is installed according to adept00:51
Aeonoris_Oz_: Same place, or a new folder in mnt?00:52
natlinuxnewbFourX4Luvn: Thanks for that. thats great. *goes off to see if its in one of those places*00:52
_Oz_arrrrgh...  floodbot00:52
dsmithmaximilion__: I may try that00:52
_Oz_same place, aeonoris00:52
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: As for what channels are availabe, type '/list'  It will open a new window with the available channels00:52
natlinuxnewbFourX4Luvn:  thanks again :)00:52
FourX4Luvnnatlinuxnewb: No prob :)  Good luck00:52
Aeonoris_Oz_: Densied, windows marked it to be in use00:52
Aeonoris_Oz_: Denied*00:53
emmaI might have done something catastrophic to my computer.  I hope someone can help. I get the strangest warning when I log in now. Every time.....00:53
ODBODemma: what does it say00:53
maximilion__dsmith, heh, only looked for Firefox plugins... seems Opera can do it fine :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51693000:53
emmaThis is what it says: User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored. This prevents the default session and language from being saved. File should be owned by user and have 644 permissions. User's $HOME directory must be owned by user and not writable by other users.00:53
ODBODemma: You'll probably need to go to the terminal and edit the permissions using sudo/su00:54
Dr_willisFreebean,  Huh? did you want somthing?00:54
_Oz_aeonoris: type "mount" all by itself00:54
lyagemma: chmod 644  $HOME/.dmrc00:54
dsmithi'' try that00:54
_Oz_does it list this drive?00:54
Cew27hello all i am in desperate need of help with my screen resolution00:54
ODBODemma: do what lyag said to do. that'll probably fix it.00:54
lyagCew27: What is it set on now?00:54
lyagCew27: What video card do you have?00:55
Cew27lyag: its on 1024 x 76800:55
emmaWhy on earth would the $HOME/.dmrc file change permisions spontaneously?00:55
Cew27its an intel onboard00:55
Cew27i know it can go to 1200 x 800 as i set it to that and then when i restarted it was all messed up00:55
FourX4Luvnemma: It didn't.  You screwed it up ;-)00:55
jpetermanPelo, krim, would disabling the extensions work to try it out? Or do you recommend fully uninstalling00:55
Aeonoris_Oz_: I'll remove the enters this time...  /dev/hdb2 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro) proc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev) /sys on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev) varrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755) varlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777) udev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755) devshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw) devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,gid=00:55
Aeonoris5,mode=620) lrm on /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile type tmpfs (rw) /dev/hdd1 on /media/hdd1 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096) securityfs on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw) /dev/hdd1 on /mnt/driveone type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,blksize=4096)00:55
Cew27lyag:  i know it can go to 1200 x 800 as i set it to that and then when i restarted it was all messed up00:55
jpeterman!pastebin Aeonoris00:56
emmaFourX4Luvn,  but I've never opened that file.00:56
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Skfarekguys, i use sunbird and sunbird doesn't look like GTK...what sunbirde use instead? i don't ave qt libs so what is it??00:56
FourX4Luvnemma: I'm kidding with you.  I honestly have no idea what could of caused it.00:56
lyagCew27: Does that fit your monitor.00:56
AeonorisThanks, jpeterman00:56
nano__compiz causing temporary mouse smudge marks..............any clues anybody?00:56
FourX4LuvnSkfarek: Sunbird is GTK.  May not look it, but it is00:56
maximilion__dsmith, do you have a url to try it on?00:56
Cew27lyag: its everything is stretched00:57
Cew27lyag: me thinks its my xorg .conf00:57
SkfarekFourX4Luvn: is pot possible to start look like others app? i want my fonts back00:57
_Oz_aeonoris: were any disks/partions that you expected to see in that list, NOT in that list?00:57
emmaThe last thing I did with my Ubuntu was I went and I edited /etc/X11/xorg.conf  in order to make my marble mouse trackball have scroll functionality. Could editing that file have changed permissions on $HOME/.dmrc  ?00:57
FourX4LuvnSkfarek: Eh, for that you'd have to ask someone else.  I've never used it00:57
lyagCew27: Try 1024x76800:58
FourX4Luvnemma: No that wouldn't of done it00:58
Dr_willisFreebean,  if ya want to chat. its best to do it in the channel. Most people have priv messages set on ignore.00:58
Aeonoris_Oz_: Yeah. I think all the ones that I can't "see" aren't on that list.00:58
richter\join ubuntu-br00:58
maximilion__dsmith, http://www.stage6.com/?cid=divxtopnav worked for me without me installing anything :)00:58
Cew27lyag: im on 1024x76800:58
mon^rchcan somebody please help me setup and access newsgroups in ubuntu... trying evolution and thunderbird and having trouble00:59
lyagCew27: What are the recommended screensizes for your monitor?00:59
FourX4Luvnrichter: At least we didn't catch you trying to join an animal porn channel or somesuch  *grins*00:59
_Oz_well...  I guess I don't know why you can't see 'em, really, Aeonoris.  I recommend reading this page: http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#automountntfs00:59
sp0roIs there a channel for the open source linux drivers?00:59
Cew27lyag: im set to lcd 1200x800 pnp only l;ets me have 400x800 or something like that and its a notebook that runs 1200x800 but im on my tv atm through external01:00
richterim wisho go to ubuntu-br01:00
jpetermanPelo, krim, would disabling the extensions work to try it out? Or do you recommend fully uninstalling01:00
jribrichter: /join #ubuntu-br01:00
maximilion__dsmith, I'm using Totem-plugin-viewer 2.20.001:00
arbircan anybody help me with installing a theme ? http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OSX-Tiger+theme?content=5657701:00
FourX4Luvnrichter: You typed the wrong slash.  /join #ubuntu-br01:00
maximilion__In FF01:00
arbiri tried to install theme and it said "copy files" and then nothing happened01:00
mon^rchmost user friendly to setup newsgroups... please?01:01
jribarbir: nothing in system -> preferences -> appearance?01:01
arbirjrib: let me see01:01
Cew27lyag: i tried to install mint but my cd is buggered so i need to sort the res on ubuntu01:01
FourX4Luvnmon^rch: Do you have a usenet account?01:01
Aeonoris_Oz_: And it has the one that I could already see twice, so I guess that worked...  K, I'll look there.  It said earlier (when it told me the drive was in use) that I could force it, using "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hda1 /mnt/driveone -o force".   Would trying that screw anything up?01:01
mon^rchFourX4Luvn: no... what's use net?01:01
arbirjrib: not the one, i just tried to install, there are other themes present01:01
FourX4Luvnmon^rch: It's newsgroups.. You need a usenet account before you can setup newsgroups in anything like thunderbird or evolution01:02
jribarbir: not even when you go to "customize"?01:02
arbirjrib: when i downloaded this file from this site, it was a zip file containing various folders.. i renamed it to .tar.gz01:02
arbirjrib: let me check customize01:02
Cew27lyag: u still there01:02
FourX4Luvnmon^rch: Used to be you'd get an account included with your ISP account.. but those days are gone.  Now you have to add the service seperately01:02
Freebeancan I just add something after the command  use\games\sol           as in what starts solitaire  . .. to get  say  kilondike ?01:02
mon^rchFourX4Luvn: i have an isp with a news server... t-bird is NOT giving me a place to specify a news server01:03
mon^rchFourX4Luvn: can I POST from usenet?01:03
gold44"ssh://user@192.168.x.y" in alt-f2, is that a nautilus function or gnome function?01:03
Geoffrey2oh, this is fun, libsasl2-dev is installed....I can find the needed header files in /usr/include/sasl, but when I run configure, it insists the files can't be found01:03
peleganyone knows about an option to add to nautilus fields of permissions etc. ?01:03
Flannelpeleg: what?01:03
arbirjrib: no .. i dont see anything from the new install.. all old ones01:03
xALEXANDREHi.. Someone have iPhone?01:04
FourX4Luvnmon^rch: Oh.. Ok.. then open thunderbird, click file>new>account and select 'newsgroup account'01:04
pelegFlannel: I want to see things like permissions in the list of files in nautilus.01:04
dsmithmaximilion__: one moment01:04
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Cew27lyag: hello?01:04
jribarbir: I just installed it here.  It shows up in "Controls" in "Customize" as "OSX-theme".  If you are not seeing it, what is the md5sum of the tar.gz you downloaded?01:05
xALEXANDRESomeone already used iphone in linux?01:05
arbirjrib: how do i check the md5 sum ?01:05
lyagCew27: Yes, sorry01:05
jribarbir: md5sum /path/to/file01:05
FourX4Luvnarbir: md5sum <filename>01:05
Aeonoris_Oz_:  Reading more up on stuff, it seems like if I can just boot into windows for a moment and then shut it down cleanly, it might let me mount them...  Thanks a ton, I'm gonna restart and try that now01:05
Cew27lyag: i think my xorg.conf is messed up01:05
arbiralright.. let me try..01:05
JouvaOk, I'd like an HONEST answer: If I WERE to buy an nVidia card to replace my ATi card but I'm on a budget, what one should I get? I'm not looking to get OMG BEST 3D GRAPHICS EVER. I want something that won't be generally slow with stuff like just watching a youtube video. I MAY want to run Second Life as well, but it doesn't have to be super fast with that.01:05
lyagCew27: You can edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:05
JouvaI'm not looking for a gamer card. I'm looking for a card that works that I can afford, so WELL under $10001:06
Cew27when i know01:06
lyagCew27: But first back it up:  sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak01:06
Cew27when i gedit it its blanc01:06
JouvaBut I know nothing about the nVidia line.01:06
celi0usJouva: 660001:06
jribJouva: I have a 7600 that I got a year ago and works fine.  I paid 100 a year ago so, I hope that puts it in your price range now01:06
ODBODI have the nvidia legacy drviers for my nvidia tnt card. I installed Unreal Tournament 99, and the performance is suffering. It's choppy compared to how it played in windows (very well!!!). Any ideas?01:06
FourX4LuvnJouva: Just about any new nVidia card out today would meet your needs then.  Don't worry about the model.. just get something that's kind of mid-range price wise and you'll be fine01:06
rael_My system tells me Flash Player is install but websites tell me I have to install the plugin01:06
Cew27lyag: when i run gedit "/ect/x11/xorg.conf" its empty01:06
ODBODrael, uninstall flash from synaptic.01:06
Siph0nhey.... i installed php5, apache2, and mysql all seperately... and the httpd.conf file is empty.... does that sound right? i am trying to get php to work with apache01:07
Flannelmon^rch: You create a newsgroup account and it'll ask you what news server you want to use01:07
jrib!lamp > siph0n (read the private message from ubotu)01:07
lyagCew27: What display adapter do you have?01:07
Cew27intel 945 i think01:07
arbirjrib: f7043757b5f6876d25853e2e831c17f9   -- ubuntu to OSX Leopard.tar.gz01:07
jribSiph0n: apache2.conf is what is used now, but you need to touch it at all.  Read the wiki instructions01:07
mon^rchFourX4Luvn: I am seriously frustrated... and NOT a novice! why oh, wny is t-bird not allowing me to specify a news server?01:07
Freebeaninfo Pysol01:08
lyagCew27: If your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is truely empty, then boot the live CD and copy it over.01:08
FourX4Luvnmon^rch: Newsgroup account is not listed in the account wizard?01:08
jribarbir: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OSX-Tiger+theme?content=56577 gives me 56577-gtk-osx-theme.tar.gz01:08
FlannelSiph0n: apache2.conf, as well as th conf files in sites-available and mods-available.  Ubuntu uses the debian method of apache configuration, not the monolithic one01:08
lyagCew27: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:08
lyagCew27: Nothing....?01:08
Flannelmon^rch: You need to add a new account, after it asks for your name/email, it asks for your server.01:08
Cew27lyag: cat?01:08
Siph0nFlannel and jrib: thanks!!!! :)01:09
JouvaOk right now I just looked in the $25-$50 and the 6600 and 7600 weren't in that range, so that's pushing it for me ;) I did see some 6200s and a 6800LE though.01:09
arbirjrib: i dont quite get you01:09
rael_then just reinstalled via the broswer?01:09
jack-desktopwhat does grep do exactly?01:09
JouvaSo I'm not sure how well they are.01:09
JouvaBut right now I'm just looking on newegg01:09
jribarbir: the file you linked me to is not the one you are looking at now on your computer01:10
FourX4Luvnjack-desktop: Searches the contents of a text file01:10
arbirjack-desktop: grep = helps you search for regular expressions01:10
Cew27lyag: whats cat01:10
Cew27lyag: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:10
ahavehello room, if i was wanting to setup virtual box w/ ubuntu.. is there a setup guide somewhere?01:10
arbirjrib: what is the size of your download ?01:10
lyagCew27: cat - concatenate files and print on the standard output01:10
mon^rchFlannel: actually... it's only asking for that info only if I add a mail account... if a add I news/rss account everything "looks" like it's going okey-dokey... then seems to skip the important part of adding the news server. is it because I installed thunderbird-gnome-support?01:10
FourX4Luvnahave: Sure is.. gimmie a sec and I'll dig out the URL..01:10
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:10
ahavethanks FourX4Luvn01:11
jribarbir: 72K, the md5sum is 44e64082569351b7782658d8b358de79 and the name is 56577-gtk-osx-theme.tar.gz01:11
jack-desktopFourX4Luvn, arbir, what is a simple command i can test to find out what it does01:11
FourX4Luvnahave: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/create-and-manage-virtual-machines-using-virtualbox.html01:11
FourX4Luvnahave: No prob01:11
Cew27lyag: yeh that worked want me to pastebin it01:11
Jouvajrib, celi0us, FourX4Luvn, how does this look: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681413602201:11
arbirjrib: thanks.. let me find out the page then....01:11
Flannelmon^rch: When you go to add a newsgroup account, (create account, newsgroup radio button) it asks for your name and email first, then after you hit next, it asks for your server.01:11
arbirjack-desktop: try this " ls |grep "file name i want to find"01:12
Cew27lyag: arghh why does ubuntu never keep anything copied to clipboard01:12
jack-desktoparbir, yea nevermind, i  tried this: jack@jack-desktop:~$ cat cdkeys.txt | grep 701:12
mon^rchFlannel: it's not asking for the server... :(01:12
FourX4LuvnJouva: That should meet all your requirements pretty nicely01:12
wisshhhi, when i try to boot up form my fw disk i get an error 21... any easy way to fix this? thanks01:13
xALEXANDRESomeone already used iphone in linux?01:13
mon^rchFlannel: i am stumpped01:13
Flannelmon^rch: What does the first page ask?  and then what does the second page ask?01:13
danbhfivewisshh: I think that's a grub problem01:13
Flannelmon^rch: Which version of Thunderbird are you using?01:13
ahaveFourX4Luvn, I was actually wanting to install virtualbox in XP, running ubuntu... do you know of a setup guide for that?01:13
JouvaFourX4Luvn: Maybe not because most people seem to have random issues with it01:13
JouvaJust noticed the reviews01:13
arbirjrib: i found the link ... http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Mac+OSX+Leopard+10.5+Full+pack?content=7242501:14
FourX4Luvnahave: Oh!.. sorry.. No I don't have one.. But go to google and search for "virtualbox windows xp" and I'm sure you'll find a howto somewhere.01:14
Hilikuswhen i try to modprob lirc_pvr150 i get a seg fault, is there any way i can re-build that module??01:14
lyagCew27: Is the file really empty?  If so, boot the live install CD and just copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf to the mounted filesystem on the HD.01:14
Cew27i cant boot from cd01:14
arbirjrib: but i think, i found a link which gives me some docs01:14
Cew27that cat thing worked i got info then01:14
mon^rchFlannel: page 1: type of acct. p-2: acct name. p-3: finish. it's obviously skipping something. why?01:14
FourX4LuvnJouva: Oh.. I didn't look at the reviews... Hrm.. Lemme see what I have in my system.. It was pretty cheap and runs Second Life just fine...   BRB01:14
ahaveFourX4Luvn, ok. would ubuntu be a linux 2.6 ?01:14
arbirjrib: let me try those docs and then get back here.. thanks though for pointing out the fundamental error01:14
jribJouva: don't know anything about that particular card.  I imagine most nvidia cards "just work", but google for "ubuntu" and the model before you buy01:14
FourX4Luvnahave: Yes01:14
lyagCew27: Then the file is not empty. You only need to edit it.01:15
Flannelmon^rch: p3 should be name of account, with page 2 in the middle asking for account.  Which version of Ubuntu are you using?  What you can do, is add it, then go back and edit the account, and add in the server.01:15
lyagCew27: But first back it up:  sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak01:15
lyagCew27: nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:15
aszwet1A great guide for setting up RubyRipper can be found @ http://what.cd/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=598401:16
lyagCew27: navigate down to the lines that say "Modes"01:16
MatBoyI'm figuring out if it's doable now to install kiba-dock on a 64 bits version of the distro... it seems to be a problem01:16
Cew27lyag: hold on im going to try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:16
Jouvajrib: It seemed to be more defects in the quality, like "an odor" or "high pitched noise" from the fan, or "artifacts"01:17
=== salah__ is now known as salah
JouvaOr "DOA"01:17
mon^rchFlannel: and it's getting hung up on accessing a server that isn't, ahem "specified" (lol) the program is certainly not functioning properly. it's not possible to edit the account settings for a news/rss account. I CAN however add a url to access rss feeds, but NOT news servers. re-install?01:17
Gu_ToOohow to install modem intel?01:17
JouvaThis one seems to have better reviews: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681415010701:17
salahHow large files does ext3 support?01:17
Flannelmon^rch: I don't know if reinstalling will help any.  What version of Ubuntu is this?01:18
ricky_hello to everyone!!01:18
FourX4LuvnJouva: Well, newegg doesn't sell what I have anymore, but here's a link to it.  Maybe you could find it elsewhere... http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E1681412515601:18
mon^rchFlannel: feisty01:18
Flannelsalah: Depends on how it's setup, anywhere from 16GB to 2TB01:18
bulazeemwhat is the easiest way to allow a user to have forward and backward keys on their mouse when browsing with nautilus?01:18
iceswordwhich dir holds the fonts on linux01:18
JouvaFourX4Luvn: Ahh that's PCI Express but I'm sure I could find that in AGP.01:18
Odd-rationaleicesword: /usr/share/fonts?01:19
mon^rchFlannel: I want newsgroups to post to my city site so I can let my city know I am avail. for work01:19
iceswordOdd-rationale, thx,i will check taht01:19
lyagicesword: There are a few places, but one is:  /var/lib/texmf/fonts/01:19
Flannelmon^rch: You could perhaps manually edit your profile and add in the server.  Definately file a bug against the thunderbird package on LP01:19
FourX4Luvnwell, even if you can't find that exact one.. I know the chipset it uses is rock solid in Linux and runs SecondLife with no slowdown.  Maybe you could find a different card with the same chipset01:19
mon^rchFlannel: so anything that can post to a newsgroup and send me replies will be very helpfull01:19
FourX4LuvnJouva: well, even if you can't find that exact one.. I know the chipset it uses is rock solid in Linux and runs SecondLife with no slowdown.  Maybe you could find a different card with the same chipset01:20
salahFlannel, ok, on my file system, every files longer than 3-4 GB gets bad I/O error. For example, if I watch a ISO DVD with VLC, suddenly the harddrive starts to make the kind of work sound, and it is really working hard. And nothing answers. What might be the problem?01:20
ricky_I am trying to install a new wallpaper however I am not able to realize which extension the theme file has to have. Could anybody tell me please?01:20
JouvaFourX4Luvn: Yep yep, looking now :)01:20
mon^rchFlannel: name of file to edit and add server?01:20
JouvaBut what's the "GT" in the 6600?01:20
jribricky_: just right click on your desktop and change the desktop background.  Then select the file01:20
jribJouva: #hardware might give you final approval too as far as the merits of the card go01:21
Flannelmon^rch: Uh, I'm not really sure.  Something in .thunderbird, they may be able to give you much better help in #thunderbird on irc.mozilla.org, like what to actually look for and how ot edit and stuff.  But, be sure to file a bug so it can be fixed01:21
Jouva"Good Technology?" "Gullible Techies"? ;)01:21
lyagicesword: Also:  /usr/share/fonts01:21
FourX4LuvnJouva:  The 6600 GT has higher Clock Speeds than the Standard 6600 and Higher quality memory (Faster).01:21
mon^rchFlannel: ty for the help01:22
FalicanHey, I am confused with using keys with OpenSSH, I have a private key for a user on a remote server which I put in my local id_rsa file but of course now it trys to use that for all servers I connect to (asking for the passphrase everytime). Where am i suppose to put the key?01:22
iceswordfor everyone01:22
FourX4LuvnJouva: I pasted that from a website forum, so take it with a grain of salt :)01:22
JouvaGot ya01:22
Flannelmon^rch: If you don't want to switch servers, #ubuntu-mozillateam can probably help too.  Might be a good place to check out anyway01:22
Cew27lyag: hi i got it back to 1280 x 768 by reconfiguring the xorg01:22
lyagCew27: Very good.01:22
Cew27lyag: but i want to get it to 1280x800 now01:23
Skfarekwhere sunbird locate a calenders file? it should be in Calendar/*.ics i think01:23
Skfarekbut i don't have this dir01:23
ricky_jrib_: yes but if I want to download a new theme from www.gnome-look.org, what "kind" of theme has to be? In that page I have found MEtacity Themes, GDM THemes,... I have download several themes of diferent "types" however Ubuntu is no recognizing them as suitable themes.01:23
lyagCew27: But first back it up:  sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak01:23
Cew27lyag: when i unplug from my external monitor it lets me but then buggers up on restart01:23
Skfareki try to find which file sunbird opens via strace but there isn't any interesting01:24
lyagCew27: navigate down to the lines that say "Modes" and add "1280x800" to the beginning of each set.01:24
jribFalican: you should set that up in ~/.ssh/config.  See 'man ssh' discussion on -i switch (feel free to ask more)01:24
FourX4LuvnSkfarek: Just search your home directory for *.ics  :)01:24
bulazeemwhat is the easiest way to allow a user to have forward and backward keys on their mouse when browsing with nautilus?01:24
Falicanjrib: thnx01:24
Cew27ok how do i back it up01:24
jribricky_: gdm is the login screen, metacity is the window border, gtk is the controls (like buttons and scrollbars)01:24
komputesis anyone here good with iptables?01:24
SkfarekFourX4Luvn: i did, and nothing found for sunbird01:24
Skfarekreally strange01:24
odbodPC Specs: 600 mhz AMD athlon/768 mb ram/nvidia tnt --- I have the nvidia legacy drivers working. I installed UT '99, but the performance is choppy compared to when it ran on windows (very well!!) any ideas?01:25
salahAny other ideas to my problem?01:25
komputesiptables guru needed: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4351707#post435170701:25
lyagCew27: Where you see:   Modes   "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"01:25
user_Evening, I am trying to troubleshoot performance on my ATI 9600 with fglrx, urban terror (quake3) is really slow, and turns into slide show when anyone comes into my field of view.01:25
FourX4LuvnSkfarek: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=397825&01:26
lyagCew27: Change to:   Modes  "1200x800" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"01:26
ATGI have a slightly unusual problem with rhythmbox, and more recently sound playback in general01:26
odboduser: Do you have 3d acceleration on?01:26
ricky_So what kind of file is the "Crux" theme that appears at the Appearance Preferences/Themes?01:26
ATGWhenever I try to play something in Rhythmbox, it freezes at 0:00 and I have to force quit. Also, I can't get sound out of any other applications01:26
ATGanyone else had this problem?01:26
sp0roIs there a channel on freenode for intel driver support?01:27
ATGit worked fine until recently01:27
user_odbod: yes i do, OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.01:27
user_OpenGL renderer string: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series OpenGL version string: 2.1.7276 Release01:27
user_looks all clever01:27
user_glxinfo | grep direct - direct rendering: Yes01:27
FourX4LuvnATG: Have you tried rebooting the computer?01:27
odboduser: What drivers are you using?01:27
ATGFourX4Luvn: Yes, it used to work, now it doesn't.01:28
ATGI'm not sure what's changed01:28
ATGbeen all over google01:28
FourX4LuvnATG: Just wondering if some other process is locking the card..... Ok so that's not the issue then01:28
ATGFourX4Luvn, I'm using an onboard01:28
user_odbod: newest ati driver installed with envy01:28
norml_advocatedoes anyone here know how to use ndiswrapper?  need to activate my broadcom 43xx card01:28
ATGbut I still have a PCI installed. Why didn't I think of taking that out? /facepalm... OK, never mind.01:29
odboduser: Then I have no idea. Are you using gnome as your x shell?01:29
FourX4LuvnATG: try 'cat /dev/random > /dev/snd'01:29
FourX4LuvnATG: Kill it with ctrl+c01:29
FourX4LuvnATG: lol01:29
norml_advocatedoes anyone here know how to use ndiswrapper?  need to activate my broadcom 43xx card01:29
user_odbod: yes.. performance is just unacceptably bad, I dont know how to troubleshoot..glxgears: 11275 frames in 5.0 seconds = 2254.947 FPS01:29
lyagFourX4Luvn: ATG: 'cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp01:30
lyagFourX4Luvn: ATG: cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp01:30
norml_advocatedoes anyone here know how to use ndiswrapper?  need to activate my broadcom 43xx card01:30
norml_advocatedoes anyone here know how to use ndiswrapper?  need to activate my broadcom 43xx card01:30
norml_advocatedoes anyone here know how to use ndiswrapper?  need to activate my broadcom 43xx card01:30
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/How_to_get_Broadcom_43xx_Wireless_AirForce54g_card_to_work_proven_in_Ubuntu_Dappe_Drake01:30
FourX4Luvn!patience | norml_advocate01:30
SkfarekIf the location starts with "moz-profile-calendar://" the calendar is stored internally.01:30
odboduser: Try using xfce and running the game, see how well it does. If it's the same, you might need to adjust some settings in the game like textures, and details and res, etc.01:30
ubotunorml_advocate: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:30
FourX4Luvnlyag: Gotcha.. my bad, sorry01:31
odboduser: Or, find an updated opengl driver for the game.01:31
lyagnorml_advocate: apt-get install ndiswrapper01:31
norml_advocatei have gutsy01:31
bulazeemwhat is the easiest way to allow a user to have forward and backward keys on their mouse when browsing with nautilus?01:31
odioushello chaps. just wondering if i can upgrade an alpha to the final release using apt-get upgrade?01:31
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: So do I01:31
lyagnorml_advocate: And then get windows driver and  use it01:31
user_odbod: the game is based on the newest ioquake3, all the resolution / detail is set to lowest level01:31
sp0roIs there a channel on freenode for intel driver support?01:31
jribodious: ask in #ubuntu+1 but realize it is in development (and thus your computer can explode, etc.)01:32
FourX4Luvnsp0ro: If someone knew they'd answer you by now.. try just typing /list and seeing for yourself01:32
odboduser: CPU speed01:32
norml_advocatewhere is a good place to get a windows driver?01:32
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: The manufacturer's website01:32
user_odbod: 1.5 ghz intel01:32
jrib!wifi > norml_advocate (read the private message from ubotu)01:32
odboduser: Ram01:33
norml_advocateis there a way to turn off the people entering the room?01:33
user_odbod 51201:33
jribnorml_advocate: depends on your client01:33
odboduser: You are being bottlenecked somewhere.01:33
norml_advocatei am using pidgin01:33
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: If you install the pidgin plugin pack, there is a plugin in that to do what you want01:33
odboduser: And ATI is different for everyone. I got my radeon 9550 to work very well before (though people found that in disbelief)01:33
jribnorml_advocate: enable "hide join/part hiding" in plugins01:34
norml_advocateyour my new best friend01:34
x10-deadi need help trying to get sound on my gateway solo 515001:34
odboduser: But, it just seems you are either being bottlenecked somewhere, OR, it's just the drivers.01:34
FourX4Luvnjrib: That's not installed by default though is it?  Part of the plugin pack I thought01:34
user_odbod: Im shocked too.. :D ati open source driver performance is actually rather good, and fglrx was possibly actually better on older fglrx version... may have to do some research on phoronix..01:35
jribFourX4Luvn: I don't have pidgin-plugin-pack installed, but it is available to me01:35
Cew27lyag: well i got it back to how it used to be but still no 1200 80001:35
emmaI keep getting a very weird warning every time I log in now.  At the login it tells me this:  User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored. This prevents the default session and language from being saved. File should be owned by user and have 644 permissions. User's $HOME directory must be owned by user and not writable by other users.01:35
odboduser: ATI doesn't support linux, that's the problem. But, nvidia does. THat's why nvidia seems to have drivers with better support than the proprietary ati drivers.01:35
FourX4Luvnjrib: Ok.. I stand corrected01:35
norml_advocateIT WORKED01:35
odbodemma: Ready for help?01:35
FourX4Luvnemma: chmod didn't solve that issue?01:36
emmaYes if you could?01:36
lyagCew27: Did you edit the xorg.conf file?01:36
norml_advocatecan i stay here and learn to be a supercool geek too?01:36
emmaThe chmod didn't seem to do it.01:36
norml_advocatei dont eat much01:36
odbodemma: did you do it as sudo?01:36
emmano i didn't01:36
odbodemma: problem #101:36
lyagCew27: Show me the xorg.conf file via pastebin01:36
odbodemma: sudo chmod 644 .dmrc01:36
Cew27lyag: i reconfigured it and used a back up to get my mouse working again01:36
tracer903should my monitor be listed in my xorg.conf as failsafe monitor? my tv out stopped working and I'm stuck01:36
FourX4Luvnemma: then do 'ls -l .dmrc' and paste the result back, please.01:37
norml_advocateIf i turn on remote access can someone just fix my computer?01:37
sp0roWhat does this mean?  "./configure: line 20212: unexpected token 'XEXT,' ./configure: line 20212: 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XEXT, xproto x11 xextproto xau'"? I got this line trying to ./autogen.sh a required package  called XEXT for Intel GM865 package. I know the apt repo has the package, but I am trying to learn stuff on linux without using apt to install everything at the moment.01:37
emma-rw-r--r-- 1 emma emma 28 2008-02-16 14:23 .dmrc01:37
emmathat is the result of ls -l .dmrc01:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:37
FourX4Luvnemma: That should do it then.. ownership and permissions are right01:38
sp0roDoes that mean I need all the packages listed? If so, how is that possible considering I need XEXT to install XEXT?01:38
emmaOkay I sure hope so!01:38
FourX4Luvnemma: Log completely out and back in again.. and if you have problems still then come back and let us know, ok?01:38
Cew27lyag: aaaaaaaah do you know why ubuntu never saves anything i copy after i close the source01:38
norml_advocatebut seriously if i turn on remote access can someone fix me up with wireless.  I am big dumb.01:39
LiraNunawhat's wrong with your wireless norml_advocate01:39
emmaFourX4Luvn,  okay I will do that right now.01:39
lmgeeehello there. I'm having troubles getting hostap drivers compiled (I assume that's necessary) with PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT, in order to flash the very old firmware on my prism2.5 card.01:39
LiraNunanorml_advocate, you don't need remote access for help01:39
FourX4Luvnwow LiraNuna.  Tone down the color :)  Hurts me eyes01:40
komputesI am trying to set up a firewall where one machine is the only on the network which can access the internet. if iptables is blocking all network traffic, how do I allow one host access all network traffic unrestricted?01:40
Cew27lyag: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56437/01:40
user_odbod: thanks for your help...01:40
LiraNunaFourX4Luvn, what colorr?01:40
LiraNunaFourX4Luvn, I'm using irssi, natively writing, what color are you talking about01:40
norml_advocateLiraNuna  I cant get the 43xx cutter tool to make my wireless work01:40
linux_trojanI was just wondering, is this the "official" room for ubuntu?01:41
norml_advocateand cant find windows drivers01:41
FourX4LuvnLiraNuna: Hrm.. it must be my client settings then.  I don't use IRC much, so I just use pidgin.  Never looked at it's color settings.. Anyway, on my screen you are a BRIGHT green.. Like glow in the dark neon green.01:41
jriblinux_trojan: the official support channel, yes01:41
LiraNunanorml_advocate, try using the restricted drivers manager01:41
linux_trojancool, today is my first day to use ubuntu, just installed it01:41
LiraNunaFourX4Luvn, Pidgin it not for IRC, don'01:41
norml_advocatealready did that, says its enabled but doesnt work01:42
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: Is it the card that isn't working, or perhaps your encryption?  Do you use WPA or WEP?  Could it be that that's causing the problem and not the card?01:42
linux_trojananyone keep up with www.distrowatch.com?01:42
Cew27lyag: u still there01:42
Skfarekanyone use gnome and 2 monitors?01:42
linux_trojanwhy has ubuntu dropped to #2 spot?01:42
lmgeeeanyone? "flashing firmware on a prism2.5 card"01:42
Cew27linux_trojan: i do01:42
lmgeeeSkfarek, yes.01:42
norml_advocatei dont know what those things are.  I just connect to public servers at coffee shops01:42
kolbywho is at #101:43
emmaHello. I still got the same error after putting in my password.01:43
Skfareklmgeee: any problems?01:43
Cew27linux_trojan: it aint01:43
fevellinux_trojan: I suspect comunity fraus =D01:43
Cew27kolby: pclinuxos01:43
jriblinux_trojan: this channel  is only for support.  We have #ubuntu-offtopic for other discussion.  Please go there for this conversation01:43
norml_advocateand i dont know anything about setting this thing up01:43
Skfareklmgeee: i have a problem with a wallpaper01:43
linux_trojanyea PCLINUXOS01:43
Skfareklmgeee: it looks awful01:43
fevelthats a good topic for offtopic01:43
odbod PC Specs: 600 mhz AMD athlon/768 mb ram/nvidia tnt --- I have the nvidia legacy drivers working. I installed UT '99, but the performance is choppy compared to when it ran on windows (very well!!) any ideas?01:43
lmgeeeSkfarek, prop nvidia drivers. no wallpaper. compiz?01:43
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: Ok.. well if you're connecting to public servers than encryption isn't the issue01:43
Skfareklmgeee: nop. intel drivers + copiz01:44
linux_trojanthe best thing ubuntu has going I think is its great forums and it does appear to be very stable01:44
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: Stupid question, but are you sure it's turned on?  Most laptops have a key combination to turn the wireless on or off.01:44
norml_advocatei have read alot of doc. on this, and it seems really common, and theres acajillion ways to make htis work.01:44
tracer903could someone look at my xorg.conf file and advise me.  my tv out stopped working. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56438/01:44
Skfareklmgeee: well it looks like on second monitor last pixel on the whole screen01:44
Cew27linux_trojan: what isnt stable01:44
norml_advocateit is turned on01:44
fevelanyone use ipod touch on ubuntu?01:44
lmgeeeSkfarek, might well be a compiz issue. I remember squashed wallpapers too -> turned em off01:44
norml_advocatebut i cant turn it off when i press the button01:44
FourX4Luvnlinux_trojan: More up to date than debian, but still with the wonderful apt package management.01:44
lmgeeeSkfarek, hang on..01:44
mrdigitalfevel: i used it to control ubuntu via vnc01:45
Skfareklmgeee: do you use xrandr or what?01:45
Cew27anyone got the eeepc if so how is it01:45
fevelmrdigital: I think youve mistaken your answer01:45
fevelmrdigital: I was talking about Ipod touch01:45
mrdigitalyou can use it to remote desktop into ubuntu01:45
mrdigitalor windows01:45
mrdigitalvia VNC01:45
FourX4LuvnCew27: I don't, but there were two people in here last night talking about it.  Consensus seemed to be that it was pretty good for what it is.. and the wifi adapter is pretty flaky.01:46
mrdigitalim just pointing out a cool feature01:46
fevelmrdigital: OH REALLY!01:46
mrdigitalif u jailbreak it01:46
fevelmrdigital: thats cool01:46
lmgeeeSkfarek, yes. can't find the flag for the Device section, but it prevented some buffers.01:46
Cew27FourX4Luvn: what you mean about the adapter and is it worth getting for my bd and sticking mint or another distro on it ?01:46
mrdigitalfevel: have u heard of jailbreaking?01:46
craigbasssWhere are samba shares mounted if you can see them in nautilus?  It just showed the files on a windows box, but I don't know where to find them int eh command line to play...01:46
fevelive heard of ssh through bsd subsystem01:46
linux_trojanI have a license for VMware Workstation 5, I cant get it to run on any 2008 linux distros, yet I can get VMplayer to work on all the distros01:46
Skfareklmgeee: any solution?01:46
lmgeeeSkfarek, two screens with 1280x1024 tripple buffered is quite some memory01:47
craigbasssI tried mounting them manually (mount -t smbfs (and also cifs) //ip.add.ress.sofbox/sharename /mnt01:47
lmgeeeSkfarek, yeah, but I can't find the flag01:47
fevelmy is a jailbroken touch 16 gb but cant seem to transfer podcasts, photos and those things01:47
FourX4LuvnCew27: I mean it seemed like they were having trouble with the wifi just shutting off for no apparant reason at any time it wanted to.  Otherwise they liked it.01:47
Skfareklmgeee: i can wait ;)01:47
fevelonly music through ipod-touch-mount01:47
norml_advocatei wnat someone to fix my wireless through remote accesss!01:48
fevelmrdigital: had you any luck???01:48
Cew27FourX4Luvn: what atheros wireless is it and it sounds like a driver issue01:48
FourX4LuvnCew27: So.. if you're not going to be doing much wireless with it then for the price, yeah, it might be pretty good.  If you are going wireless a lot I'd stay away though.01:48
norml_advocatewhos the bigshot around here?01:48
FourX4LuvnCew27: I have no idea.. Like I said, I don't have one, just know what I overheard01:48
linux_trojananyone use "bitch x"?01:48
emmaI'm back I made a pastebin to explain things.....  Can anyone help me with a strange error?01:48
FourX4Luvnemma Still no go, eh?01:48
lmgeeeSkfarek, got a prob myself I have to sort first.. :\01:48
NortherWhat is this "roaming mode" in network manager? If I disable it, my wireless network no longer shows up in it01:48
emmaI did the sudo chmod and logged back in but the same error was there along with a new error.  Here is the pastebin -- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56439/01:48
Cew27FourX4Luvn: kool i think i may get one althaugh i am concered about the small hdd01:49
stdhow do i setup slip01:49
Skfareklmgeee: i'm stiil here ;)01:49
linux_trojanis ubuntu the only distro to use sudo  I never seen that before, I just went ahead and created a password for my root01:49
FourX4Luvnemma: Ok.. 'ls -ld /home/yourusername'01:50
FourX4Luvnemma: and paste the output, please01:50
norml_advocateany one want to remote fix me?01:50
emmaThis looks relevant but I'm unsure about the directions -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37105201:50
norml_advocateill do it01:50
norml_advocateif you fix it01:50
Cew27anyone here know how i can get my resolution to 1280x800 i did it before but it sbuggered up upon restart01:50
Drizzt321how do I get rid of gpilotd without getting rid of ubuntu-desktop?01:50
stdhow do i setup slip:01:50
norml_advocateremote fix me please?01:50
FourX4Luvnslip?  What on earth for?  I haven't seen a slip connection in at least 10 years01:50
macoi need help01:50
broderickwill ubuntu boot off of the GRUB loader01:51
emmadrwxrwxrwx 41 emma emma 4096 2008-02-17 20:41 /home/emma01:51
FourX4Luvnbroderick: Yes.01:51
broderickcool thx01:51
emmaThat is from ls -ld /home/emma01:51
bluefox83Drizzt321, ubuntu-desktop is a dummy package, you can get rid of it a thousand times over and not lose anything important01:51
FourX4Luvnemma: Ok.. that's your problem.  'sudo chmod o-w /home/emma'01:51
Cew27anyone here know how i can get my resolution to 1280x800 i did it before but it buggered up upon restar01:51
emmaokay i'll do it01:51
bluefox83Cew27, nvidia card?01:51
norml_advocateis everyone ignoring my request for a remote fix me up?01:51
macowhat sould i do if i want to do dual boot with windows xp and Ubuntu?? I only can boot with Ubuntu.. :-$01:51
Stratchange xorg.conf?01:52
Cew27bluefox83: intel onboard 64501:52
Drizzt321bluefox83:  ok, thank you. if it doesn't work I'm blaming you :P01:52
emmashould I log out and back on again?01:52
bluefox83norml_advocate, you need to do it yourself, it's dangerous for someone to log into your system and do stuff to your system01:52
FourX4Luvnemma: Your home directory was set to allow anyone to write to it.  Big security problem.  That command will remove the write ability from anyone that is not 'emma' or in the 'emma' group.01:52
FourX4Luvnemma: Yes, please01:52
norml_advocatebluefox83 i trust you01:52
bluefox83Drizzt321, no problem :P01:52
norml_advocateyou do it01:52
linux_trojandual boot, I havent done that in a long time01:52
bluefox83norml_advocate, whats the problem?01:52
emmaOkay thank you FourX4Luvn  you are really great01:52
norml_advocatecant get my 43xx wireless to work01:52
linux_trojanCew just download VMware Server from free01:52
stdFourX4Luvin: I am a teenager trying to learn how to setup slip.01:52
linux_trojan*for free01:53
Cew27linux_trojan: why would i do that isnt that virtual desktop software01:53
komputescan anyone help me with iptables?01:53
macoCan anybody help me??01:53
FourX4Luvnstd: Ok.. Fair enough. :)  Just was curious, it's such an old technology.  Gimmie a minute.. I think I still have some info around here about it.01:53
bluefox83norml_advocate, when you go to system->administration->network, is wireless connection listed?01:53
zthhmm this DVD wont play for me. it's matrix reloaded. any ideas? nothing happens when totem tries playing it and i cant open the vob files01:54
norml_advocateyes it is and the restricted drivers manager says its enabled01:54
komputeszth: try downloading VLC01:54
linux_trojanCew27:  coz you dont have to worry about the partitions and the boot file, you run windows and linux at the same time01:54
stdFourX4Luvin Thank you.:)01:54
NortherWhat is this.. "Illegal block number passwed to ext2fs_test_block_bitmap ****** for multiply claimed block map". I'm running fsck and I have hundreds of these errors01:54
FourX4Luvnstd: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/282001:54
Akaramy remote control and tv out don't work, can someone help me fix them?01:54
bluefox83norml_advocate, do you see a little icon on your taskbar that says "wired network connection" looks like two little computers together?01:55
FourX4Luvnstd: That should give you a good start at least :)01:55
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
komputeszth: VLC does a good job at playing all media files and discs01:55
FourX4Luvnemma: All better?01:55
fevelkomputes: do you recomment it over totem?01:55
desertcAnyone played around with GNOME Theming ?01:55
komputesfevel: highly01:55
emmaFourX4Luvn,  you fixed it you GENIUS! ♥01:55
bluefox83click that little icon, anything come up in the menu?01:55
macoI have to modify the file /boot/grub/menu.lst ?? What should i add at the end?? Something like XP on (hd0,0)01:55
FourX4Luvnemma: :)  Good to hear.01:55
komputessomeone can please give me some iptables help...01:56
FourX4Luvn!grub | maco01:56
ubotumaco: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:56
norml_advocatebluefox83 yes01:56
bluefox83norml_advocate, whats coming up?01:56
emmaIt's funny how that could have happened. I've never looked at that file. I think maybe what did it is that I did a sudo gedit when I should do a gksudo gedit...01:56
FourX4Luvnemma: What file were you trying to edit?01:56
nbourdeauHas anyone succeeded in configuring an ATI HD 2600 card in 7.10 ? I,ve tried almost all how to and check thousands of forums posts without success....01:57
emmaI think it was my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file01:57
desertcTrying to find a GNOME theme that expands the edges of the windows.  I'm having trouble clicking to resize.01:57
norml_advocateit says     wired network with a radio button high lighted, uder that it say wireless networkds, but none there.  there shouldnt be any there though because there is now wireless here.01:57
linux_trojanI think for dual boot you install windows and make sure you create a swap partition, then install linux and the boot loader reads that you have and windows partition and it puts that in the boot loader, but I cant remember for suer01:57
bluefox83norml_advocate, congradulations, your wireless works01:57
norml_advocateit also has conncet to other and create wireless net. options01:57
FourX4Luvnemma: Your problem was that your home directory became world writeable.  What caused THAT I don't know, but that's why you were getting the errors.  Editing your xorg.conf file wouldn't of had anything to do with that.. Nor would sudo vs gksudo.01:58
norml_advocatebut when i go to the coffee shop it doesnt show up01:58
linux_trojangosh I cant type01:58
emmaHm. I am not sure then. I really don't know.01:58
norml_advocatei just want it to appear there so i can click and surf01:58
norml_advocateno servers coming up01:58
FourX4Luvnemma: Oh well.. It's fixed now.. If it happens again, THEN you know you have troubles.. For now though, just forget about it and enjoy your now working again computer :)01:58
bluefox83norml_advocate, i dunno, when i go to my local library i get like three different wireless signals, two from the library, one from the coffee shop around the block...01:59
emmaCool thanks so much again!01:59
FourX4Luvnemma: No problem.01:59
norml_advocatedo you think that the router is turned off when they close the coffee shop?01:59
norml_advocateits in the basement01:59
macooh, fuck!!01:59
Flannel!language | maco01:59
ubotumaco: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:59
linux_trojaneasiest way to do a dual boot is with two distinct hard drives01:59
bluefox83FourX4Luvn, ati is pretty well known for not being very linux friendly, so you might be out of luck till someone can write the driver for your card02:00
FourX4Luvnbluefox83: Got the wrong guy there, bud :)02:00
bluefox83norml_advocate, yeah, lots of coffee shops do that, they think someone might hack their stuff in the middle of the night with no one there watching the network02:00
bluefox83FourX4Luvn, you didn't have probs with a ati card?02:00
JouvaStill the wrong guy ;)02:00
FourX4Luvnbluefox83: No sir.  I run nVidia02:01
norml_advocatebut that would make them stupid cuz if i could hack i would do it while sitting right there and drinking there tasty coffee02:01
norml_advocateand using there interweb02:01
Jouvabluefox83: I think you're looking for nbourdeau02:01
bluefox83it was nbourdeau >.>02:01
nbourdeaubluefox83 : it's me!02:01
linux_trojanshouldnt that be "bourdeaux"?02:01
bluefox83nbourdeau, well then i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ati is very well known for not being very forthcoming with their drivers for the linux crowd02:02
komputessee you all later, i'm getting no love here. if a netadmin has time to look at this it would be very nice! :D       http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69987102:02
nbourdeaui know it is not linux friendly but was just gessing if someone succeded in configuring fglrx with this card02:02
bluefox83nbourdeau, so, you might be out of luck02:02
Freebeancan some1 who knows something answer something for me or else direct me to where I mite find the answer?02:02
norml_advocatebluefox83 thanks for the help.  im gonna go try and find a wireless network. if it doesnt work ill be back. will you be here in an hour02:02
FourX4LuvnFreebean: Just ask your question :)02:02
* bluefox83 makes a point to never buy ati, since they are notorious for not coughing up the drivers02:02
* Norther makes that note too02:03
linux_trojanati all in wonder is a nightmare in linux02:03
Freebeanyou know the standard Solitaire in ububtu?02:03
bluefox83norml_advocate, possibly, and you might want to download a little package called "wifi radar"02:03
Freebeancomes up with last version u played02:03
Hilikuscan anyone help me to install a hauppaufe wintv pvr 150 ir blaster? the remote is working but not the blaster, im using gutsy02:03
norml_advocatewhats that?02:03
linux_trojanI think there is a program called casas or something but I never made it work02:03
Frogzoobluefox83: since amd bought ati, there's been a commitment to decent linux drivers, & they're getting better02:03
bluefox83norml_advocate, helps you detect wifi networks ;)02:04
bluefox83Frogzoo, cool, doesn't AMD own ati?02:04
FourX4LuvnFreebean: Hrm.. Nope, afraid I don't02:04
Frogzoobluefox83: they do now, yes02:04
FourX4LuvnFrogzoo: When did that happen?02:04
bluefox83and didn't HP or someone just buy amd?02:04
Freebeanok   thx  anyway02:05
FourX4LuvnNo, no no.. don't say that, bluefox02:05
NortherWhat is this.. "Illegal block number passwed to ext2fs_test_block_bitmap ****** for multiply claimed block map". I'm running fsck and I have hundreds of these errors02:05
phac3hey my audio on my ubuntu just stop working now i have no sound what do i do to fix this?02:05
NortherIt's been scanning from the past 6 hours and still not done02:05
bluefox83it was IBM...they bought AMD02:06
norml_advocatebluefox83 just got it, do the connections automatically appear in the window?02:06
desertcphac3: what have you done to troubleshoot the issue so far?02:06
sparr_ive got a bunch of kubuntu 6.10 discs that i dont need.  is there anywhere i can send them that would want them?02:06
=== Norther is now known as dataloss
bluefox83norml_advocate, no, you have to refresh it once in a while to keep it looking02:06
phac3nothing yet02:06
FourX4Luvndataloss: Ouch.. I don't know anything about your problem, but I did find this.  May help you.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57848402:06
soulburneri have returned02:06
norml_advocatebluefox83 but if i go to a place where i know there is a signal, and open the wifi radar they will appear there?02:07
soulburnercan anyone point me in the direction how to share connection with my eth0 via my wireless usb adapter?02:07
matholum hello, does anyone know anything about the wxWidgets for c#, wx.net?02:07
zthin vlc, trying to play a dvd, all i get is a pixly view, u knmow the one when comp cant play the movie. i do hear the sound but cant see any pcture02:07
FourX4Luvnsoulburner: http://linux.about.com/od/ubusrv_doc/a/ubusg18t03.htm02:07
Dr_willissoulburner,  at one time - the 'ip masquerading howto' covered that.. but thats a long time ago. there may be better guides out now on doing it.02:08
fevelanyone have any luck transfering photos, videos, etc to a jailbroken Ipod touch???02:08
bluefox83norml_advocate, yeah...that's the idea02:08
soulburnerthanks four, and yes dr_willis.... i just tried that method02:08
soulburnerit stopped my usb adapter from working apparntely02:08
datalossHmm, odd, FourX4Luvn. It says it's a rare bug in the filesystem. I'm lucky02:08
norml_advocatebluefox83 how do you get to know so much about linux?  i must learn.  i want to learn how to program and stuff02:08
FourX4Luvndataloss: Lol.. What a way to be lucky, eh?02:08
Dr_willissoulburner,  just googled this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137002:08
norml_advocatebluefox83 any good books or college courses?02:09
datalossFourX4Luvn: The problems started after I resized my ext3 partition02:09
bluefox83norml_advocate, honestly? break stuff a lot...then spend hours fixing it :P02:09
norml_advocatebluefox83 well im broken lets see if i fixed it02:09
bluefox83norml_advocate, there are ubuntu tutorials all over for just about everything you can think of02:09
norml_advocatesign out02:09
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: I dunno about bluefox, but I went to the school of hard knocks.. Years of tinkering and breaking and fixing.  Best advice I can give?  Read a lot, tinker a little, read a lot.... ad nauseum.02:09
linux_trojanif something breaks just reinstall02:10
datalossFirst it wouldn't even mount, so I replaced the superblock with a backup using testdisk and fsck, and managed to get it to mount and backed up my important stuff. It still won't boot into Ubuntu and this fsck is taking slightly longer than forever02:10
dsnydersHi all! My k3b stopped working, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.02:10
norml_advocatefourx4luvn good advice but i want to learn fast.  im lookin for a school of soft knocks, or a nice big huge book02:10
norml_advocatethat starts out with linux is for computers02:11
norml_advocatecomputers are your friend02:11
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: Ok. .then you'll have to be a bit more specific about what you want to learn first.02:11
eltuxhey, I'm installing ubuntu onto my external drive yet i think i need to install a boot loader and I already have one on my hard drive, what should I do so I can boot into the external drive?02:11
norml_advocatestart with basics move on till i control the entire linux world02:11
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: For general Linux usage.. with an Ubuntu slant... http://www.amazon.com/Official-Ubuntu-Book-Benjamin-Mako/dp/013243594202:12
matt___how can i edit the name of a drive? like a flash drive or ipod?02:12
desertcnorml_advocate: tldp.org02:12
norml_advocatefourx4luvn how do you do that so fast?02:12
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: google :)02:12
FourX4Luvnnorml_advocate: For that one I just searched for "ubuntu books"02:12
desertcFourX4Luvn: yeah, that book is a good introduction --  I own it02:13
ubuntuuserhelp! just removed myself from sudoers list ^^02:13
FourX4Luvndesertc: I've heard that.. Haven't read it, but I've heard good reviews02:13
FourX4Luvnubuntuuser: Have you enabled the root account?02:13
desertcit gets in depth with what the ubuntu project is trying to do02:13
ubuntuuserFourX4Luvn: don't know what that means. but no i don't have a root password02:14
Starnestommyubuntuuser: which version of ubuntu?02:14
ubuntuuserif I go in safemode will I get back the root access?02:14
FourX4Luvnubuntuuser: 'shutdown now' will drop you to a root prompt.. then edit the /etc/sudoers file02:15
Starnestommyubuntuuser: ok, go into recovery mode, then at the command line, type 'adduser yourname admin', but replace 'yourname' with your username02:15
FourX4Luvnubuntuuser: Use something like pico02:15
ubuntuuserwill try that02:15
FourX4Luvnubuntuuser: Or Starnestommy's method will work too02:15
ubotuk3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto02:16
ubuntuuser"shutdown now" need to be root02:16
ubuntuuserI'll try the other option02:16
Crumb1st time ubuntu user...long time linux user....sound card option is not set in /boot/config....... download sources, set config optiona nd recompile or is there a better (more ubuntu) way?02:16
supersakoanyone here using virtualbox? how much space would be a decent amount to allocate for winxp? i think im going to do the dynamic allocation thing where it reserves but doesnt use all of it in the beginning02:16
FourX4Luvnubuntuuser: Ahh.. Ok.. yeah, just hit 'esc' when it loads grub and select the recovery option02:16
ubuntuuserI will02:17
FourX4Luvnsupersako: Depends on what you want to do with Windows02:17
datalosssupersako: I use 12GB in VMware just for testing stuff. I wouldn't use dynamic allocation again02:17
sjscan anybody help me with ubuntu installation? to why after i hit start installation it just crashes there?02:17
Crumbanyone familiar with getting snd_card_hda_intel module compiled and loaded?02:18
chris062689I have a question.02:18
amenadosjs from liveCD?02:18
chris062689I want to make a minimalistic Ubuntu install on my EeePC.02:18
FourX4Luvnsupersako: I use 10 gig for mine.. but again, depends on how much you want to install to the windows machine.  As dataloss said though, I wouldn't use the dynamic size.  Just set the size statically (forget what it calls the other option)02:18
sjsdesktop cd02:18
chris062689What Desktop Environment do you suggest?02:18
koreskosjs: I might be able to help with this one also.02:18
sjsi've winxp installed tho02:18
lyagsjs: What processor?  How much memory?02:18
Starnestommychris062689: xfce02:18
supersakoah i see any reason why the dynamic allocation is not smart?02:18
sjserm it's a presarrio v200002:19
linux_trojanwhen I have trouble installing a distro like that, its coz the drivers cant see the hardware, I just get another distro02:19
chris062689Starnestommy: Even EeeXubuntu only leaves about 1GB on my SSD.02:19
datalosssupersako: Compromises performance02:19
FourX4Luvnchris062689: Minimal and desktop environment are pretty mutually exclusive terms.02:19
danbhfivechris062689: you can also try fluxbuntu at #fluxbuntu02:19
chris062689I tried fluxbox02:19
ubotuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:19
sjssec let me boot it up to see what it has hmm02:19
chris062689I couldn't get anything more than a desktop though.02:19
VisinoniI want to provide a login for a user but restrict them to only their home dir02:19
lyagsjs: How much memory?02:19
linux_trojanthats why I use Mandriva, Fedora, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, I use them all02:19
Crumbfluxbox is just a desktop02:19
koreskosjs: You probably are having a kernel issue with your hardware.  Laptops can be especially tricky - they like to do weird things with the hardware....02:19
FourX4Luvnchris062689: I'd go with ubuntu-server install, then install blackbox or fluxbox02:19
VisinoniI dont want them to be able to even cd to anywhere else02:19
chris062689I tried that.02:19
Visinonihow do I do that?02:19
chris062689I'm getting errors when installing from a ubuntu-server install.02:20
fevelanyone installed warcraft 3 frozen throne?02:20
fevelit keeps asking for the cd02:20
amenadoVisinoni-> do you expect them do anything in the computer?02:20
koresko<sjs> The first thing to try is turn off a bunch of kernel features by editing the boot commandline.02:20
fevelthe cd id inserted02:20
Visinonino not really02:20
VisinoniI just want them to have a login02:20
datalossHas it ever happened to anyone where you hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and it rebooted the system instead of restarting gdm?02:20
supersakoi want to use virtualbox for adobe master suite and visual studio 2008 but now i think bout it.. i dont want those programs ;P02:20
amenadoVisinoni-> does that make sense?02:20
Visinoniand be able to see their own home folder02:20
ubotuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:20
sjs<koresko> ! how do i do that!!!?02:20
Visinoniso they can see things in their own folder02:20
Crumbanyone know how to get modules compiled ih ubuntu?02:20
robdigCrumb: what sound card do you have?02:20
Visinonimakes perfect sense02:20
reindI'm going to install ubuntu on a drive that has 3 existing linuxraid (raid5) partitions. Will the installer force a format of these drives (not desired) or will the data be maintained?02:21
FourX4Luvndataloss: Certainly hasn't happened to me.  ctrl+alt+del, yeah02:21
_Oz_Hullo, Ubuntu friends!02:21
benanzohow do I tell rsync to use a specfic private key when syncing via ssh?02:21
Crumbrobdig: thanks...its just onboard audio on an nforce card..i know the module i need...its just not enabled in the default config02:21
benanzosomething like the 'ssh -i id_rsa02:21
FourX4Luvnreind: Partition the drive before doing the install, and during the install select 'manual partition' and just set the mount points.02:21
dsnydersHi all! My k3b stopped working, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.  Anybody know what's wrong?02:21
Visinoniamenado - I want them to be able to read docs I put in their folder and that's about it02:21
koresko<sjs> Was a afraid you'd ask that.  I don't have the Ubuntu CD handy to remind myself, but for most distros you hit a Fn key to get a list of kernel options you can type at the boot prompt.02:21
reindFourX4Luvn: ok will do02:22
Visinonithey dont even really need to be able to edit anything in their folder... only read02:22
Crumbrobdig: long time gentoo user...looking for a simpler distro for a desktop but im used to being able to just compile my own kernel with what i want02:22
amenadoVisinoni-> it does not make sense for anyone even to log on, just create a web site for the user to view02:22
Visinonimakes sense to me02:22
Visinoniis it possible02:22
sjs<koresko> where do i do th at? like after i boot using the ubuntu cd?02:23
robdigCrumb: ok, the intel module i needed was already loaded. if you want to compile, you will need to download linux sources, plus build-essential02:23
lyagCrumb: You can still compile your own kernel.02:23
FourX4LuvnVisinoni: Anything's possible.  Just depends on how much you know or are willing to learn :)02:23
jribgrep Linux02:23
Crumbrobdig: # CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL is not set02:23
Visinoniwell it doesnt seem like it would be that difficult... is it just a matter of permissions?02:23
FourX4LuvnVisinoni: If you know much about creating dynamic websites though, then it wouldn't be too hard02:23
koresko<sjs> Probably when GRUB is up and showing a list of options (install Ubuntu, memory test, media test, etc)02:23
VisinoniI dont want to create a website... I Want them to be restricted to their home folder02:23
Crumblyag: thanks02:23
freakabcdhi all02:23
Visinonithat's all02:23
Crumbrobdig: thaks ill go get the sources and build the module02:24
datalossFourX4Luvn: Seems I'm a magnet for rare problems. I was checking out how stable Ubuntu is. I was restarting gdm that way once a week, just to free up RAM. It ran well for 3 months, and the next ctrl+alt+backspace restarted the system for some odd reason. It said in the console that the system's going to reboot. It wasn't a crash or anything02:24
FourX4LuvnVisinoni: Oh02:24
VisinoniI'm not sure what that has to do with what I want...02:24
FourX4Luvndataloss: Remind me not to have you play with my computers then.  ;-)02:24
Hilikushow do i uninstall a module??02:24
VisinoniI want them to log in... see their home folder, and if they try to access anything else, they are denied02:24
robdigCrumb: i made one typo, the linux source is called linux-source02:24
VisinoniI'm not sure why this is such a nonsensical idea02:25
FourX4LuvnVisinoni: Someone suggested to you that you just create a website to display their documents to them.. I thought that's what you were asking about.02:25
_Oz_If I want to try KDE but easily be able to go back to gnome, what's the best way to do that?02:25
koresko<Hilikus> use 'modprobe -r modulename'02:25
sjs<koresko> hmm let me try (installing it on my laptop, using another pc atm) btw my presario v2000 is running on a pentium M 1.5ghz 512mb shared02:25
Crumbrobdig: found it already thanks...was just trying to use default install...appreciate the help02:25
Visinonii dont want to create a website02:25
danbhfiveVisinoni: what's this for?02:25
FourX4LuvnVisinoni: Look at chroot then.  Chroot each user to their own 'jail'02:25
amenadoVisinoni-> and what tools do you expect the user to view their home directory? files there02:25
Dr_willisVisinoni,  Login with ssh?02:25
Hilikuskoresko thats to unload it from the kernel, i want to remove from my system to re-create it from scratch02:25
Visinoniit's for my coworkers to have a directory on my server02:25
koresko<sjs> I think the hardware spces should be fine02:25
Dr_willisevery time ive heard people wanting to chroot users into their home dirs.. they come back later saying it was more of a pain then it was worth.02:25
robdigCrumb: np problem, good luck02:26
Visinoniforget it then02:26
compyanyone use audacity?02:26
amenadoVisinoni-> it does not make sense,02:26
YodaHey all, I need a quick bit of help on IRC.  Could you explain to me how to switch to a new server and channel please?02:26
Dr_willisif the permissions are set on the other files/dirs - the users cant hurt the other dirs/files02:26
Dr_willisYoda,  /server whatever02:26
FourX4LuvnDr_willis: True.. FreeBSD's jail option would be better, but alas....02:26
lyagCrumb: sudo apt-get install build-essential02:26
Yodaalright, thanks02:26
Dr_willisYoda,  for the rest.. read the irc client docs for your cient02:26
sjs<koresko> k i'm at GRUB and pressing the Fn key isn't doing anything!02:26
dsnyderscompy, I've used it.  I'm no expert, but ask your question.02:26
Dr_willisFourX4Luvn,  degrees of paranoia i guess. :)02:27
matholumany mono users out there? what do i do with a .so file?02:27
_Oz_Is that dude who was having the GRUB problem still around?02:27
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ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:27
=== yop is now known as yo
ubotuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide02:27
sjs<koresko> wait i pressed F1 and it says this is a live cd for ubuntu. did i get the wrong image file?02:27
koreskoHilikus: Sorry, wrong context I guess.  Do you mean you actually want to recompile your kernel module?02:27
shiwarayahello, im trying to back up some pictures that are on my desktop running ubuntu live but it says i have no rights to copy them. what i can do?02:27
_Oz_g a b e02:27
FourX4LuvnDr_willis: True.02:27
Hilikuskoresko exactly02:27
compydsnyders, so im trying to record streamed sound but it wont... ie i dont think my input device is right02:27
_Oz_If I want to try KDE but easily be able to go back to gnome, what's the best way to do that?02:27
compyand i have no clue what device it should be02:28
amenadoshiwaraya-> the partition is mounted ?02:28
FourX4Luvn_Oz_: 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'02:28
andrew__Anyone care to lend me a hand with my sound problem? I think what I need to do it repair/revert my drivers/conifg but I don't know how to go about that.02:28
gabei'm switching over from windows to ubuntu on my desktop and i'm haveing a problem with the wireless networking02:28
yoalguien q sabe de un equivalente a flsh en feisty02:28
Dr_willisI mixx and match kde and gnome - so i always have kubuntu-dekstop and ubuntu-desktop both installed.02:28
koresko<Hilikus> You'll need the kernel sources and tools to do that.  Are you sure you need to?  What exactly are you trying to accomplish (install a patch?)02:28
Dr_willisnow removing the kde stuff.. can be a issue later _Oz_02:28
sjs<koresko> and it's showing a list of options F1-F10 like prereq for running ubuntu, special boot parameters etc.02:28
_Oz_fourx4luvn: shouldn't I use aptitude to install that?  Anyway, how can I easily go back to my CURRENT gnome desktop02:28
FourX4Luvn_Oz_: Then, at gdm login screen select options, sessions (I think it is) and select KDE02:28
shiwarayaamenado, yes, i can copy some files, but some others semms to have different rights, especially pictures02:28
Dr_willis_Oz_,  use aptitude to install  kiubuntu-dekstop, that may make it easier to remove kde later.02:29
koresko<sjs> Special boot parameters sounds like what you want.  You should be able to control a number of things about how the kernel behaves.02:29
Dr_willis_Oz_,  the gdm or kdm login tool has a menu for what desktop to use02:29
datalossNow fsck is showing hundreds of numbers. I don't what all this is02:29
_Oz_aptitude has better control over all the unused dependencies, right?02:29
datalossI wonder how long this is gonna take. It's been 7 hours already02:29
amenadoshiwaraya-> the partition is mounted  both source and destination?  and you were doing this as sudo when in liveCd ?02:29
FourX4Luvn_Oz_: Dr_willis Is probably right.  apt-get will work, but aptitude is probably better if you thik you're going to remove it later02:29
_Oz_dr_willis: I am afraid I won't be able to get back to my gnome install.  Is this an irrational fear?02:29
_Oz_fourx4luvn: very good02:29
dsnyderscompy, I don't believe audacity is the right tool for the job.  It's more for editing sound files, ie cutting and pasting sound bites.02:29
amenadodataloss-> a sign of dying hard disk02:29
Dr_willis_Oz_,  get back? whats to get back to? You tgell gdm to go to KDE or GNOME.. there ya go.02:30
Hilikuskoresko im trying to recompile the lirc_pvr150 module, the gutsy version is supposed to do what i need but i manually compiled it when i was using feisty, i upgraded today and the module segfaults when i load it so im suspecting the dist upgrade didnt upgrade it cause i manually compile it in feisty02:30
compydsnyders, do you know of a nix program?02:30
Dr_willisselect gnome session ya get gnome.. select kde session ya get kde.02:30
koresko<sjs> Typically when there's a hang on boot it's because of ACPI or APM, but if you send the list of params I will try to guess which ones are worth trying first.02:30
compyi have a mac and they have a few but are 60 bucks02:30
datalossamenado: I tried smartctl and it showed everything is okay02:30
shiwarayaamenado-> how can i run as sudo the graphic folder browser?02:30
sjs<koresko> go on!02:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:30
Hilikuskoresko so i want to remove it completely and let SOMETHING install the standard module from gutsy02:30
dsnyderscompy, what is your source?  What kind of stream is it?02:30
amenadodataloss-> then if you trust smartctl, go forward02:30
_Oz_thanks, dr_willis.02:31
FourX4LuvnDr_willis: Not sure, but I think he's asking if he can remove kde completely if he decides he doesn't like it.  Not necessarily how to log back into gnome02:31
amenadoshiwaraya-> gksudo02:31
compyor uhh actually i dotn know02:31
desertcI set up a new GNOME theme and now I have much wider window boarders.  Nice tweak for people with very high resolution monitors.02:31
datalossamenado: Well everything was okay. It got messed up after I resized my partition.02:31
MTecknologyoops, I uninstalled something... what package do I need to have window borders?02:31
compyskype conversations02:31
_Oz_does compiz work well with kde?02:31
amenadoshiwaraya-> btw try to learn the command line okay?02:31
koresko<Hilikus> Hm, you think your installed copy of the module might be corrupted then?02:31
Dr_willis_Oz_,  it can work with kde. :)02:31
datalossamenado: And the drive is hardly 4 months old02:31
Flannelshiwaraya: gksu nautilus, don't use sudo (use gksu).  And remember, close it as soon as you can.02:31
Hilikuskoresko yes02:31
FourX4LuvnI think KDE4 uses compiz by default now, no?02:31
komikIs there anyone here that can help me with a grub boot error?02:31
Hilikuskoresko it was fine for the older kernel02:31
Hilikusbut i upgraded today02:32
shiwarayaamenado-> thanks, but what is the aplication for browsing folders: gksudo _____?02:32
Hilikusand it stopped workinf02:32
Dr_williskde4 does NOT use compiz. it has similer features however02:32
FourX4Luvnoh.. ok02:32
shiwarayatx Flannel i didnt read u02:32
amenadodataloss-> oh well, as i have said if you trust it, go forward, carry on02:32
koresko<Hilikus> Oh wait, you mean you compiled it for the Feisty kernel and are trying to use the same binary for the Gutsy kernel?  That certainly would fail.02:32
shiwarayaim chatting on a spare pentium I and lines come very slow :)02:32
amenadoshiwaraya-> per Flannel its gksu nautilus  my type gksudo02:32
Hilikuskoresko im not sure02:33
amenadoshiwaraya-> per Flannel its gksu nautilus  my typo* gksudo02:33
dsnyderscompy, I'm not sure.  I know mplayer can play streams, and can dump to a file, but I don't know if it can do both at the same time.02:33
jerojasr1hi. I'd like to check the setup of my sound card, but I can'r find alsaconf anywhere. I already installed the alsa-utils package. Any hints?02:33
compyaww ok02:33
FourX4Luvndsnyders: It cannot.  One or the other.02:33
compyill check some out at google02:33
Hilikuskoresko i just want to make sure that the module is the new default module and no the patched one i created for feisty02:34
andrew__Can someone tell me if there is a way to repair/revert my sound drivers and config rather than reinstall the entire OS?02:34
sjs<koresko> so what do i do about ACPI or APM? what kinda param do i need?02:34
shiwarayaamenado--> thanks very much, i got it02:34
amenadoshiwaraya-> you're welcome, again try to learn command lines and not rely too much on gui02:35
koresko<Hilikus> Hm, the modules for a given kernel version are normally installed in /lib/modules/kernelversion so there isn't much chance the wrong one would get loaded unless you did something weird.02:35
krammerhi I am stuck in the shutdown process it is showing will restart but nothing is happening02:35
Hilikuskoresko i see02:35
dsnydersHi all! My k3b stopped working, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.  Anybody else having this problem?02:35
_Oz_dr_willis: re KDE and compiz, is it...  not ideal?  Is compiz best utilized in the gnome desktop?02:35
koresko<sjs> From (vague, unreliable) memory, ACPI=off, APM=off.02:35
tushydhey, my little battery button went away on my notification area... how do I get it back??02:35
amenadokrammer-> press the on/off switch for a few secs02:36
shiwarayaI backed up on different partition all that i needed from my home folder, do i need to back up something else02:36
FourX4Luvntushyd: Did it go away because your battery is fully charged?  Or you mean it's completely absent?02:36
krammerive tried that and rebooted then i tried to c if it would do it again and it did02:36
Dr_willis_Oz_,  i dont find compiz that useable at times...02:36
amenadoshiwaraya-> only the ones you consider important02:36
koresko<Hilikus> I've seen some modules segfault if they're given the wrong params.02:36
tushydFourX4Luvn... I'm a moron.02:36
tushydthanks anyways!02:36
Dr_willis_Oz_,  and kde4 is working on their own alternative. so use it if you want. just dont get too addicted to it. :)02:37
FourX4Luvntushyd: No worries.02:37
koreskoCould that be happening here?  You could test by loading the module from the commandline.02:37
shiwarayaamenado--> i will follow your tip, i got into ubuntu pretty fast and even though i can do many advanced things i did not know live version needed to run sudo, i forgot also the browser was nautilus02:37
Hilikuskoresko i dont give it any arguments, just modprobe lirc_pvr15002:38
_Oz_dr_willis: many of the plugins I find really useful.  I love the desktop cube "flicker" using the scroll wheel at the edges of the screen.  And I love being able to scroll through applications with that enlarged thingie.02:38
shiwarayaamenado--> tx again, im ready to reinstall then02:38
koresko<Hilikus> Is there anything interesting in your dmesg or /var/log/modules (you can 'tail' them to see)02:38
_Oz_kde4 is working on a compiz clone?02:38
_Oz_to be used solely in kde4?02:38
_Oz_Sometimes I wonder if there are too many variants of ubuntu.02:38
credible_Oz_: kde4's window manager has an opengl composite manager similar to compiz, yes02:39
FourX4Luvntoo many variants of Linux, period.. but then that's the freedom of choice, eh?02:39
min1mino: bla02:39
_Oz_edubuntu, xubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu-orangehat, etc02:39
_Oz_fourX4Luvn: hey, it's all (well, mostly) free, that's all I care about.02:39
FourX4Luvnubuntu-orangehat?  WTH?  Ubuntu with RPM instead of .deb?02:40
amenadobut they all have /root /etc/passwd /etc/group02:40
_Oz_If I could figure out a way to move on from photoshop and illustrator, I'd be open-source in all things.02:40
amenado_Oz_-> look into blender and inkscape02:40
soulburneroh wow02:40
soulburnerfirestarter is awesome02:40
lyag_Oz_: gimp02:40
FourX4Luvnblender for photos?  Umm.. no02:40
amenadoand gimp02:40
sjs<koresko> so like i press F6 (other options) then it's "Boot Options t=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quietsplash --"02:40
ubotugimpshop is a hack that makes The Gimp look and feel more like Photoshop.  A .deb for Ubuntu is available via http://plasticbugs.com/?page_id=29402:41
FourX4Luvnand the gimp is great for beginning stuff.. but it doesn't begin to touch Photoshop when it comes to advanced editing, sorry.02:41
krammernow my keyboard doesnt even work in a chat area any thoughts ???02:41
sjs<koresko> then ACPI=off?02:41
koresko<sjs> It might be worth a shot02:41
Dr_willis_Oz_,  i find the cube useless.. The wife does like the zoom in feature. and the invert feature.  Other then those 2.. i dont use the rest02:41
shiwarayaother question, when i start live cd, i always choose manually o ran VGA1024x768 but the screen goes 1280x1024 and installs on that resolution. is this a common problem?02:41
_Oz_lyag: yeah, I've messed around with gimp.  It's not bad, but...  well...  photoshop is pretty hard to beat.02:42
FourX4LuvnUnfortunately I have to go with _Oz_ on that one and say there's no equivelant in the FOSS world for Photoshop02:42
ubuntu_i installed windows xp after installing ubuntu and lost the grub thing and dont have high speed so i cant get an alternate cd but i have a fat32 partition in which i can copy files to but this live cd wont allow me to copy paste those files from my previous ubuntu installation! it copies the folder but never the contents!!02:42
_Oz_photoshop is the industry standard.02:42
FourX4LuvnBelieve me, I'd LOVE to ditch Adobe, too.02:42
sjs<koresko> still freezes after trying either one of them :(02:42
_Oz_Yeah, gimp is about...  oh... 50% of what photoshop is.02:42
=== magical_trevsky is now known as MRDANGER
danbhfiveubuntu_ do you have the live-cd?02:42
Dr_willis_Oz_,  photoshop really beats up on my checkbook also...02:42
Dr_willis_Oz_,  i will stick with gimp. :)02:42
lyag_Oz_: Yes and windowd is the defacto standard too, but ask me if I care.02:42
ubuntu_danbhfive: im using ubuntu 7.10 live cd02:42
danbhfive!fixgrub | ubuntu_02:43
ubotuubuntu_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:43
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.02:43
koresko<Hilikus> It looks like the lirc modules are part of the linux-ubuntu-modules package.  You can use Synaptic to reinstall that package, and you should get a fresh version.02:43
FourX4Luvnlyag: Difference here is Linux is more capable than the standard.. but the imaging standard is still the best out there02:43
fevelits all about going against industry standards02:43
=== gimme_snuggles is now known as meekolope
lyagwinword  sorry, I misspelled it.02:43
feveland doing better without them02:43
Hilikuskoresko ok, ill try that02:43
lilg111111_i have kiba dock running and its stuck in the top corner and will not move, how do i get it to move02:43
_Oz_lyag: it's not that it's the industry standard for that sake alone, it's just...  far, FAR better than anything out there.  FAR better.02:43
_Oz_gimp is...  well...  nice.02:43
koresko<sjs> Hm.  Have you googled for 'linux' and your PC's model number?  Sometimes that'll turn up a page with info on how to get the box to boot.02:44
_Oz_But if you're a graphics professional, you MUST use photoshop.02:44
ubuntu_do i have to make a new grub?? cant i just copy the files...i have no floppies02:44
fevelI will need a good example that proves adobes superiority02:44
_Oz_ubuntu_: http://apcmag.com/dualboot02:44
FourX4Luvnfevel: Do any pro level work with Gimp and you'll see02:44
feveland not that cmyk bull02:44
danbhfiveubuntu_:  if you can boot the live cd, you are all set02:44
_Oz_ubuntu_: there are instructions there for getting GRUB back02:44
fevelpro level work02:44
fevelwhats that?02:44
FourX4LuvnExactly my point :)02:44
koresko<sjs> I'm still thinking about what other params to try.  Sometimes changing the way the IRQs are assigned can help (e.g., turning off APIC)02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about duelboot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:44
ubuntu_danbhfive: omg, im saved! :D02:44
lyag_Oz_: Better stick with MS Windows then.02:44
_Oz_ubuntu_: that is normal when you install ubuntu first and XP second...  generally it's much easier to install XP FIRST and ubuntu second02:44
_Oz_lyag: I dual-boot.  It's the only way, really.02:45
shiwaraya when i start live cd, i always choose manually o ran VGA1024x768 but the screen goes 1280x1024 and installs on that resolution. is this a common problem? i cannot change the resolution after install02:45
ubuntu__Oz_: i no but im trying to share an internet connection and went to windows as a temporary solution02:45
fevelyoull have to boot up from live cd and reinstall grub02:45
FourX4Luvngimp is fine for cropping and layers and such..02:45
meekolopeubuntu: Oz is right about that, you will have to boot up a live cd and install grub or lilo to the MBR02:45
_Oz_I love Ubuntu and Linux.  It's one of the areas that are really hard for open-source companies to close the gap in.  Adobe has such a huge lead, and they have a huge staff working on the product.  It's a tough task for Linux to try to compete in that department.02:45
lyag_Oz_: Yep, that's what I have on my laptop.  But have KVM switch here and to PCs02:45
meekolopeubuntu_ : for a full fix that is02:45
sadacheck out #wbm 's webcast guys there is like over 300 people watching it its like crazyness02:46
fevel_Oz_: I dont believe you02:46
fevel_Oz_: I think youre lying02:46
lilg111111_i have kiba dock running and its stuck in the top corner and will not move, how do i get it to move02:46
_Oz_ubuntu_: you'll be able to get ubuntu and GRUB back.  M$ likes to trample every other OS...  linux is respectful of other installations, M$ is not.  So follow the instructions in that tutorial and your dual boot will be back.02:46
lyag_Oz_: But the Linux OS is far better in many many ways.  I rarely use MS Windows.02:46
sadaOZ wtf02:46
sadaits superior in every way02:47
=== _mcp is now known as mcp
_Oz_lyag: I agree with you.02:47
fevel_Oz_: it seems youve read that off a magazine02:47
_Oz_Read what?02:47
sadai still prefer slackware :p ubuntu though for my desktop02:47
_Oz_My man, I make a living in Adobe Photoshop.  I've used it since Photoshop 2.0.  :)02:47
fevel<_Oz_> I love Ubuntu and Linux.  It's one of the areas that are really hard for open-source companies to close the gap in.  Adobe has such a huge lead, and they have a huge staff working on the product.  It's a tough task for Linux to try to compete in that department.02:47
fevelI dont see their lead02:47
_Oz_fevel: that is the truth.02:47
fevelyou mean users?02:48
_Oz_Oh, they have a huge lead.02:48
_Oz_Trust me.02:48
sadawtf man use the Gimp02:48
fevellead in wat?02:48
_Oz_Gimp is cool.  No professional worth his salt will choose it over Photoshop.  Sorry.02:48
FourX4Luvnfevel: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/photoshopextended/features/allfeatures/02:48
meekolopeubuntu_: u understand that?02:48
sadau can do lots with the gimp02:48
sadau just need to rtfm02:48
ubuntu_meekolope: understand wat?02:48
fevel_Oz_: I guarentee you...that is not the truth02:49
koresko<sjs> You might also try turning on 'irqpoll' (kernel boot parameter)02:49
FourX4LuvnOk.. show me where you can do.. just as an example, something like CS3's Movie Paint in the gimp02:49
fevelif you tell me more graphics professionals use adobe rather than gimp, then I believe you02:49
FourX4LuvnIf you're not sure what that is, check out the link I just posted02:49
fevelbut they just grew up on that02:49
danbhfive!ot | sada fevel _Oz_ please try to take it to offtopic02:49
ubotusada fevel _Oz_ please try to take it to offtopic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:49
_Oz_fevel, I think you misunderstand me.  I think Linux is far superior to M$ Windows.  No two ways about it.  But in INDIVIDUAL APPLICATIONS, sometimes the Windows is superior and it'll be a long time before any open source company can begin to close the gap.  Photoshop is one of those mammoth products with many years of development that will be virtually impossible to beat with an open-source offering.02:49
_Oz_Right.  Sorry, danbhfive.  You are absolutely correct.02:50
fevelno I undrtstand...you just like ps! Dont get me wrong either02:50
fevelim not tryong to be rude or anything02:50
_Oz_No offense taken.02:50
FourX4LuvnNor I.. just so it's known02:50
fevelyou guys rock02:50
feveljust a little discussion =D02:50
FourX4LuvnI just have to take _Oz_'s side here, even though I'd love to kick Adobe to the curb02:50
fevela little itty flame =P02:51
J-_where can I get the w3c plugin for gedit?02:51
Dr_willisI just want my Good old Deluxe Paint  - from the Amiga days.. for Linux! :0 I dont need Photoshop to edit my icons. :)02:51
meekolopei am QUIET offended sirs!02:51
_Oz_Ah!  Amiga.  Videotoaster.02:51
_Oz_Great memories.02:51
FourX4LuvnRock on Amiga fans!02:51
meekolopeI recommend a duel!02:51
_Oz_Okay, too much offtopic chatter, my friends.02:51
_Oz_We will get booted if we don't cut it and get back to business.02:52
fevelI just think you can do every thing on gimp...but not off the box though...needs some tinckering and stuff02:52
fevelcut cut02:52
meekolopeWho has a problem they need help with?02:52
Dr_willisI do belive i saw a deluxpaint clone at one time . ages ago for linux.. but cant rember its name02:52
Dr_willisanyone recall seeing one?02:52
* FourX4Luvn joins ubuntu-offtopic02:52
shiwarayawhat is the lightest version of ubuntu to run on a pentium 400Mhz 512RAM and 4MB Graphics Card?02:52
fevelI do...any idea on getting videos on touch?02:52
Dr_willisshiwaraya,  i would say try xubuntu on that02:52
feveland photos and  other stuff rather than music02:52
_Oz_shiwaraya: xubuntu02:53
yellowSubMarI came here earlier with a problem on some keys (such as quotation marks or the letter 'g') not working with the shift key. I was told to turn on nodeadkeys, so I ended up just googling it and writing it in to my xorg.conf. however, the problem still remains. I don't look as 'professional' typing with lowercase letters. :(02:53
UbubeginDoes anyone know how to set up java in firefox02:53
Stargazer"Error (camorama) 'Could not connect to video device (/dev/video0). Please check connection.'" for philips spc325nc webcam, how do fix this ???02:53
shiwarayathanks, downloading now02:53
fevelyellowSubMar: have you checked your hardware?02:53
bulwynkl /msg ubotu etiquette02:53
dsnydersyellowSubMar, Are you sure your keyboard is working properly?02:53
yellowSubMarI guess I should check on another computer before coming back. thanks!02:54
Flannelamenado: gksudo and gksu both work02:54
sjs<koresko> hmm reading off this site where he said he tried installing kubuntu on this same model and stalls upon bootup. http://www.geocities.com/kingttx/Linux/FC5onPresario.html02:55
bulwynklHi all... trying to get an old IOMEGA zip 100 drive connected.  tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IomegaZIPDrive but on mount it complains mount: special device /dev/sda4 does not exist any suggestions?02:55
omegachaoslol... why do you guys love Ubuntu02:56
feveli just love open source02:56
koresko<sjs> Hm, you might try just copying the kernel params he used (the ones that start with "noapic")02:56
omegachaosha ha... that's true02:56
fevelI happen to use ubuntu on my lappy02:56
omegachaosI want it on my iBook G3 Clamshell.02:57
fevelI do Find it rather awesome02:57
omegachaosI find Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard awesome as well.. :P02:57
TrelI don't think Leopard will run on a G302:57
koresko<sjs> It's not guaranteed to work since he was using a pretty old kernel (couple of years old I think)02:57
omegachaosI know that.02:57
omegachaosI said I want UBUNTU on my iBook g3.02:57
fevelomegachaos: I dont...try opening a directory with 10000 files on finder02:57
TrelSo install it :)02:57
Dr_willisMy iMAC makes an awsome doorstop!02:58
coreyo_is there  a way to keep ubuntu from automounting one specific usb device when I insert it into my computer?02:58
omegachaosAll you linux users are sooo technical. lol02:58
koresko<omegachaos> Just FYI, I run Gutsy on a g3 iMac with 128 MB.02:58
omegachaosMac users are dense.02:58
fevelyour mac will blow turning your face black and your hair spicky02:58
omegachaosWe are02:58
omegachaosI admit it02:58
shiwarayaI choose to run live ubuntu in fixed 1024x768 resolution but it runs in much bigger so i cant read. does setting VGA at live startup works?02:58
mandarinbonsoir  do you speak french ?02:58
omegachaosMy Mac is awesome. I love it.. best colaboration of hardware and software ever.02:58
omegachaosSame with the iPhone.02:59
fevelhow the heck do I get an ipod touch working on an open system??? ...not to mention that02:59
omegachaosApple simply doesnt care about you guys left out in the dark.02:59
omegachaosYou have you own community.02:59
fevelI now use my touch as a flashlight02:59
omegachaosWe have ours.02:59
TrelDoesn't gtkpod work with the Touch?02:59
fevelyes it does02:59
fevelbut cant figure out how to add videos and photos02:59
ChrisieEvening, Anyone find that Trackerd in Gutsy doesn't index everything it should in Evolution whem compared to beagle02:59
sjs<koresko> shucks still not working, let me read around some forums and see03:00
Basimwhat is the best linux for runing games?03:00
Trelfevel: Jailbreak and SSH I'd imagine.03:00
shiwarayahow much is iphone in your countries? here in spain is so expensive nobody has it03:00
fevelI can access my computer remotely though...using touch...whydidnt apple think of that omegachaos???03:00
omegachaosit would be great if linux could run on the iPhone03:00
omegachaoswouldn't you say?03:00
fevelit does03:00
Trelomegachaos: Just wait for Andriod.03:00
fevelbsd dubsystem03:00
omegachaosTHat's true.. but not on there by default.03:01
KlownerNokia N810s look nice03:01
omegachaosewww.. Nokia.03:01
koresko<sjs> Sorry to hear it's still a no-go.  Forums might help.  Probably possible to boot with the right combination of params but I think it may come down to trial and error.03:01
garryopiaif i set up thunderbird to access my gmail account, will emails that I read in thunderbird appear as read in my actual gmail inbox?03:01
x10-deadi need help trying to get ess1879 sound to work on ubuntu 7.1003:01
Klowneromegachaos: eew mac.. :/03:01
klownishgarryopia: yes.03:01
feveli like macs03:01
omegachaoswhat? eww.. linux in general.. you are such an os racist03:01
feveldont like the software though03:01
Starnestommygarryopia: if you have gmail set up correctly03:01
Basimwhat is the best linux for runing games?03:01
ubuntuuserhi. I downloaded an binary ATI driver from their official page, and after running the .run file I got two options: generate distribution specific driver pakage or install driver, what should I choose?03:01
garryopiaStarnestommy, how would I go about doing that?03:02
Klowneromegachaos: I own a mac too, just irked by your polarized system views03:02
Klownerthere's nothing inherently wrong with nokia03:02
Nissan_350Zo need help with installing Ubuntu03:02
omegachaosAre macs hackable? Answer me.03:02
meekolopeooooo Android looks cool03:02
omegachaosI just want to know03:02
danbhfive!ot | omegachaos03:03
ubotuomegachaos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:03
meekolopeomegachaos: yes03:03
mmjackHi. how can i change the splashscreen that comes up before and just after the login to somthing else?03:03
fevelyou see omegachaos... I cant really love some thing thats not actually mine. So I have a big problem there03:03
omegachaosOh.. yeah well ok.03:03
omegachaosI'm at the worst possible place for a Mac user.03:03
Basimwhat is the best linux for runing games?03:03
fevelbut I think the hardware is pretty03:03
Trelx10-dead: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=604060&highlight=ess187903:03
ubuntuuserhi. I downloaded an binary ATI driver from their official page, and after running the .run file I got two options: generate distribution specific driver package or install driver, what should I choose?03:03
omegachaosApple = show off.03:03
fevelBasim: they are pretty much the same03:03
Starnestommygarryopia: in gmail, Settings > Forwarding > Pop Download should be set to "Enable pop for all mail that arrives fron now on" and select "Archive Gmail's copy" in the dropdown03:03
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:03
fevelI do show off my touch a lot03:03
x10-deadi need help trying to get ess1879 sound to work on ubuntu 7.1003:04
fevelthe dumb girls love it03:04
Trelx10-dead: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=604060&highlight=ess187903:04
omegachaosApple's OS is very nice.. but I feel it's turning into vista. O_O03:04
garryopiaStarnestommy, thanks a lot!03:04
feveldumb but pretty03:04
Klownerubuntuuser: you should be installing xorg-driver-fglrx03:04
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:04
Starnestommygarryopia: and make sutre imap is enabled03:04
mmjackHow to i change the brown splash screen just before and after loading?03:04
ubuntuuserKlowner: I can get this with apt-get, ?03:04
Klownerubuntuuser: yah03:05
box-is there a program out there that is something like the vista sidebar for ubuntu ?03:05
Nissan_350ZOk i have the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and when i go to the Live CD it freezes when i get to the Step one, umm any ideas on how to Bypass the Live CD thing?03:05
Starnestommybox-: gdesklets?03:05
Klownerubuntuuser: or use the restricted driver manager03:05
fevelso Pricey... any ideas how to get videos onto ipod touchon ubuntu?03:05
Klownerubuntuuser: System > Administration > Restricted Driver Manager03:05
Priceyfevel, no idea03:05
Chrisiescreenlets box-03:05
feveloh ok then03:05
x10-deadanyone else watching knight rider?03:05
ricky_clarksonbox-: So there are people who don't disable those? ;)03:05
Klownerx10-dead: it's ruining my childhood03:06
x10-deadit's ok so far03:06
fevelomegachaos: ever try getting ubuntu onto a mac?03:06
Basimwhat is the best linux for runing games?03:06
Nissan_350ZOk i have the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and when i go to the Live CD it freezes when i get to the Step one, umm any ideas on how to Bypass the Live CD thing, like type i different boot option?03:06
KlownerBasim: they're all the same03:06
FloodBot1omegachaos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
ubuntuuserKlowner: yes I got this driver, but compiz is now working with it.03:06
eggyhm - I'm expericing problems loading snd-bt-sco - it has problems locating symbols - I'm running Kernel 2.6.22-14-generic (2.6.22-14.52), any suggestions?03:07
box-is there a program out there that is something like the vista sidebar for ubuntu ?03:07
fevelbox-: there is...cant remember the name though03:07
Chrisiewww.screenlets.org box-03:07
feveloh yeah03:07
meekolopefevel: check this out. mostly the comments at the bottom03:07
danbhfivewoohooo! you go floodbot!03:08
fevelthats one choice03:08
meekolopefevel: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/01/01/convert-dvds-for-your-ipod-touchiphone-with-handbrakegtk/03:08
fevelthanks a lot friend!03:08
Klownerbox-: or gdesklets03:08
Nissan_350Zno one?03:08
Klownerthank you floodbot03:08
meekolopefevel: no problem, i just found it but it might be of help to u03:08
KlownerNissan_350Z: ask a question :)03:08
Nissan_350ZOk i have the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and when i go to the Live CD it freezes when i get to the Step one, umm any ideas on how to Bypass the Live CD thing, like type i different boot option?03:08
yellowSubMarI'm having some keyboard issues with the shift keys and certain characters. I use a Saitek Eclipse II which I have tested to work without these problems on another machine, and I have gone into the xorg.conf file to enable 'nodeadkeys'. I use gutsy, and I cannot figure out how to fix this problem.03:08
_Oz_freezes? hmm.  do you have any weirdo USB devices attached, Nissan_350Z?03:09
pajamianNissan_350Z: download the alternate install CD03:09
KlownerNissan_350Z: have plenty of ram?03:09
_Oz_yellowSubMar: do you have an el-cheapo keyboard you can try?03:09
Nissan_350Zits got 160MB of ram03:09
eggyhm - I'm expericing problems loading snd-bt-sco - it has problems locating symbols - I'm running Kernel 2.6.22-14-generic (2.6.22-14.52 gutsy), any suggestions?03:09
pajamianNissan_350Z: 160M is pretty low for the live CD, you should be able to install from the alternate install CD03:09
Nissan_350Zi need a boot option (to type in) that will get me right to the Setup03:10
Basimhow can i choose the best linux for me?03:10
fevelyellowSubMar: try anther keyboard on the machine03:10
KlownerBasim: keep installing new distros until you find one that you like03:10
fevelyellowSubMar: without issues youll be sure its a software related bug03:10
Nissan_350Zany ideas?03:10
fevelstill cant believe it is though03:10
codenameI have a question, what does it mean, if your desktop suddenly goes to a black screen, like it does right before it boots up, and then it takes you back to the login screen?03:10
billytwowilly what is the linux equivalent of fdisk /mbr ?03:10
KlownerNissan_350Z: download the alternate install cd and boot it03:10
fevelbillytwowilly: its really not that simple03:11
meekolopeNissan_350Z,: check out this web site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions03:11
fevelbillytwowilly: whats the actual problem?03:11
ClintZ28I'm running Ubuntu 7.10...just compiled the latest alsa drivers from a snapshot in hope of getting my creative X-FI soundcard to work..when I try to load the module (after a successful compilation, I get errors saying uknown symbol...how do I go about fixing this?03:11
spudratic0code name check your screen saver and power settings03:11
Nissan_350ZKlowner> i would have to order it, wouldnt i? i only get 26.4 kbps of Dial up internet, lol03:11
billytwowillyfevel: It's complicated. I want a clean mbr so I can reinstall kubuntu.03:11
yellowSubMar_Oz_: I'll go find it right now.03:11
KlownerNissan_350Z: ah.. I've been there before :[03:11
codenameI was watching a video and doing the cube at the time.03:12
dsnydersHi all!  I'm having problems with k3b.  I get a DCOP aborting message.  I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling k3b with no change.  Any suggestions?03:12
pajamianNissan_350Z: you can download it from ubuntu and burn it yourself if you have a CD burner.03:12
codenameI'm on a destkop.03:12
billytwowillyfevel: right now when I try and reinstall none of my partitions show up. It's because I have a wonky mbr I think.03:12
Nissan_350Zok meekolope03:12
ubuntu_Hi, since the LiveCD is loaded into RAM, can't I eject the disc while I'm on the live session?03:12
kostkonubuntu_, when you'll try to run an app it will need the cd again03:12
spudratic0codename:system admin screen saver03:12
fevelbillytwowilly: do you have any operating systems installed?03:12
KlownerNissan_350Z: grab the bittorrent for it and download it over the span of 5 or 6 nights like I used to do, or find a friend with dsl/cable :03:13
codenameHey spud, you think it could be a X crash?03:13
billytwowillyI have windows vista  currently. I blew away gutsy already.03:13
ubuntu_Any other live distro that'll let me eject the disc?03:13
pajamianubuntu_: it is not all loaded into RAM, just parts of it.  You would need a lot mroe RAM if the entire CD were to be loaded into RAM.03:13
fevelso you can log into vista?03:13
billytwowillyI suppose I could boot into windows and use fdisk /mbr03:13
HallageHow do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you configure the utility in the alternate install with the ncurses interface? [Which of the following keys does your keyboard have, that kind of thing]?03:13
ubuntu_pajamian: I have 2GB RAM03:13
clint_I'm running Ubuntu 7.10...just compiled the latest alsa drivers from a snapshot in hope of getting my creative X-FI soundcard to work..when I try to load the module (after a successful compilation, I get errors saying uknown symbol...how do I go about fixing this?03:13
codename<spudratic0>: because at the time of the incident I was watching a video and doing the desktop effects.03:13
billytwowillyoh yah, is 32 bit linux as lame about more than 2 GB of ram as windows is?03:13
pajamianubuntu_: still the Live CD is designed to be used in as little as 200 megs or so.03:13
spudratic0codename:sounds like you have it set for you to log on after the sceer saver comes on03:13
fevelbillytwowilly: are you trying to install ubuntu on another partition?03:13
Nissan_350ZKlowner> its ok, meekolope go the website i needed, thanks a bunch guys :)03:14
norml_advocat1hey dudes03:14
norml_advocat1i am back03:14
ubuntu_pajamian: Any other distro that'll let me eject the disc?03:14
codenameI know, but I wasn't idle.03:14
norml_advocat1and my wireless works now03:14
norml_advocat1you like that?03:14
norml_advocat1do ya?03:14
Klownerbillytwowilly: no03:14
pajamianubuntu_: I don't know, I haven't tried them.03:14
HallageHow do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you configure the utility in the alternate install with the ncurses interface? [Which of the following keys does your keyboard have, that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works03:14
norml_advocat1linux is the bomb03:14
billytwowillyfevel: I will be I had it originally. I think I can just boot into windows and blow it away that way.03:14
dsnydersSigh!  Anybody know an alternative to k3b?03:14
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:14
billytwowillyhmm. damnit, I can't because  I don't have grub installed anymore.03:14
codenameany ideas?03:15
billytwowillyso how do I blow away grub and the mbr in linux?03:15
kostkonubuntu_, boot the livecd, run the app(s) you like from the cd and then remove it, it may work03:15
spudratic0code name: ahh I just came to read and see your comment it's best to wait for someone who knows better than me just thought I could help03:15
fevelbillytwowilly: knew it03:15
ubuntu_kostkon: The eject button's not working03:15
ubuntu_I need to write DVDs03:15
clint_I'm running Ubuntu 7.10...just compiled the latest alsa drivers from a snapshot in hope of getting my creative X-FI soundcard to work..when I try to load the module (after a successful compilation, I get errors saying uknown symbol...how do I go about fixing this?03:15
billytwowillyfevel:  so tell me how to blow away the mbr then.03:15
Nissan_350Zbye guys thanks a bunch!03:16
Klownerbillytwowilly: replace with a windows mbr you mean? not just "blow away"03:16
pajamianubuntu_: you may be able to create a ramdisk and copy the live CD image to it, then switch over, but I honestly don't know how to do that, I've never tried.03:16
koreskokostkon: What happens if you just type 'eject' in a terminal?03:16
fevelbillytwowilly: just boot from ubuntu live cd reinstall it on a blank partition, it will automtically locate vista partition and add it to grub03:16
sneedlyhow do I open a folder in terminal03:16
bulwynklnever mind, I worked it out... (bit noisy in here)03:16
sneedlyi did the dir03:16
fevelbillytwowilly: just DONT BLOW YOUR VISTA PARTITION03:16
billytwowillyKlowner, no I don't care what it does. I just want it gone. Doesn't have to be windows mbr, just has to have current mbr obliterated.03:16
HallageHow do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you'd use the  configure utility in the alternate install (with the ncurses interface)? ["Which of the following keys does your keyboard have", that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works03:16
kostkonkoresko, no clue03:16
ubuntu_k I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu then to write my CDs before I format yet once again03:16
newbuntu22how can i check what version of xorg xserver i have?03:16
faprilhow do you properly remove a usb disk so that every time i re-mount it i have to "reset the $logfile"03:17
billytwowillyfevel: yah, I know. I'm not a linux idiot. I've been using linux for a decade and a half.03:17
codename<spudratic0>: because at the time of the incident I was watching a video and doing the desktop effects. I was not Idle.03:17
billytwowillyI just wan the simple answer to "how do I delete my mbr?"03:17
fevelcant see the problem then03:17
codenameI was watching a video and doing the cube at the time. I was not idle.03:17
Newbuntu2can anyone help me with VNC? If I try to open synaptic manager, or wait a few minutes, it freezes my linux box...03:18
sneedlyI am a linux idiot that came to the good side a few days ago03:18
codenameI have a question, what does it mean, if your desktop suddenly goes to a black screen, like it does right before it boots up, and then it takes you back to the login screen? I was not Idle, possibly a X crash?03:18
Klownerbillytwowilly: so write zeroes to it using dd03:18
pajamianubuntu_: maybe you can borrow a friend's computer, heh.  I would give knoppix a try, though.  I still don't know if it will let you eject the CD.03:18
coz_hey guys  in feisty  and installed everything but all of a sudden gimp-svg plugin is no longer aviable   any  solutions?03:18
ubuntu_pajamian: I could, but the files I need to write are on my hard disk03:18
newbuntu22newbuntu2: you copied my name03:18
billytwowillyKlowner: ok, how do I do that?03:18
spudratic0codename: I'm new to ubuntu myself lol so your guess is as good as mine>i'm a noob also.thats why I'm here to read lol03:18
HallageHow do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you'd use the  configure utility in the alternate install (with the ncurses interface)? ["Which of the following keys does your keyboard have", that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works. Anyone?03:19
codenameohh nice03:19
codenameI've used Ubuntu for about a year now03:19
sneedlyHow do you find a folder in terminal and go to it03:19
codenamebuttt first time this has happened to me03:19
pajamianubuntu_: check distrowatch, you may be able to find a distro there you can use.03:19
newbuntu22codename: how can i check what version of xorg xserver i'm using?03:19
Klownerbillytwowilly: you need to retain the partition table though?03:19
spudratic0codename I would say you were not touching any keys or the mouse and it went off vlc used to do this to me in windows03:19
yellowSubMarfevel: I have two cheap ps/2 keyboards, but I don't have a converter or port on my computer03:20
sneedlyi need to find my desktop a folder then open the install file03:20
codenameasiest way is to just look at Xorg.0.log03:20
newbuntu22thank you :)03:20
billytwowillyKlowner: yes, I need the partition table.03:20
eekranosneedly, cd ~/Desktop03:20
codename<newbuntu22>: easiest way to check your Xorg.0.log file03:20
codenamenp newbuntu03:20
codenameyou know how to do that right?03:20
newbuntu22once i find it, gpedit it03:21
codenameI think I had VLC going.03:21
Klownerbillytwowilly: I think dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourdrive bs=466 count=1   would do it, I think..03:21
sneedlyeekrano: ty I have been at a cmd promp since i was 6 windows kill more of my brain cell than pot03:21
Klownerbillytwowilly: that should erase the code area of the MBR, according to wikipedia03:21
billytwowillyKlowner: You don't sound very confident;)03:22
spudratic0codename check your settings in both vlc and the screensaver settings might help03:22
bulwynklxrandr dual head question...  This works...03:22
bulwynklxrandr --output DVI-0 --mode 1600x1200 --right-of VGA-003:22
bulwynklon an ATI radeon 9550 - but seeming settings in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf don't..03:22
koolkatHow do I become a Documentation Member?03:22
eekranosneedly, welcome back =)03:22
_Oz_koolkat: join #ubuntu-dev03:22
Klownerbillytwowilly: well the mbr contains the partition table as well, but I'm pretty sure the partition table is the last 66 bytes of the 512B mbr03:22
codenamehey newbuntu2203:23
spudratic0codename there was always a glitsh with vlc I think it was to disable the screen saver option in vlc03:23
koolkat_Oz_: Im wondering because I post alot of stuff in the help.ubuntu.com03:23
newbuntu22codename: yes?03:23
codenamenewbuntu22 if this helps /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:23
codenamethats where it is03:23
Klownerbillytwowilly: to be safe, you could dd if=/dev/yourdrive of=mbr_backup.img bs=512 count=1  and copy it off somewhere safe03:23
_Oz_koolkat: we'd be pleased to have you in that case.03:23
ClintZ28Guys, have a general question...what causes errors about Unknown Symbols when trying to load a module?  I'm getting some when trying to load alsa-modules03:23
newbuntu22thanks codename.. i just used search, but that would have been easier.. thanks again :)03:23
codenameIt will tell ypu :D03:23
codenameSorry about that03:23
Klownerbillytwowilly: then write the zeroes, and if it somehow fails miserably, just write the backup back ala dd if=mbr_backup.img of=/dev/yourdrive03:24
codenamenewbuntu22 next time as well you can do it through terminal03:24
codenamenewbuntu22 nano /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:24
havok73Is there a command for echoing driver information?03:24
HallageHow do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you'd use the  configure utility in the alternate install (with the ncurses interface)? ["Which of the following keys does your keyboard have", that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works03:24
billytwowillyKlowner: Sweet! I think that did it!03:24
newbuntu22codename: i'll try it this time to see how it works.. thank you03:24
eggyI'm expericing problems loading snd-bt-sco on 7.10; It has problems locating symbols - I'm running Kernel 2.6.22-14-generic (2.6.22-14.52 gutsy), any suggestions?03:24
outsanehey guys, i've got a quick question about installing apps.  when you save a .tar.gz file, where are you supposed to save it?03:25
sneedlynow the hard part i need to open a folder on the desktop I tried the samething but its not liking life? am i just a shitty typer03:26
Klownerbillytwowilly: for using linux since it was 2 years old, one would think you'd be more familiar with dd, but I'm glad it worked ;)03:26
newbuntu22codename: i see i'm using 1.3.0.. supposedly a bug was fixed in xorg xserver 1.4.1... i want to update but (1) which download should i choose from synaptic package manager?  (just the xserver-xorg or one of the hundreds of other options?)  and (2) is there any way for me to 'roll back' the install if i have problems??03:26
Flannelsneedly: You're in ~/Desktop, right?03:26
Chrisiehave a good evening all03:26
pajamianoutsane: wherever you want, I usually save them to my home directory.03:26
codenameI would try the Synaptic, that's your best bet.03:26
havok73anyone? looking for a command line command to return video driver info03:26
codenamenewbuntu22: I would try the Synaptic, that's your best bet.03:26
codenameHE JUST JOINED03:27
eekranosneedly, try the first part of the name then <Tab>   ... (autocomplete) (spaces and suck need to be escaped)03:27
billytwowillyKlowner: crap, you're right, it was 97 ish, which is 11 years, not the better part of 1503:27
billytwowillymy bad.03:27
Flannelnewbuntu22: You'll need to wait for the new version (hardy) to get 1.4.1, Gutsy has (and always will have) 1.3.003:27
outsanepajamian: i tried that, but when i install them i never know where they go or where i'm supposed to install them.  i've been using the synapic package manager up till now, and i've looked at guides and even though i follow the directions the apps never work03:27
Klownerbillytwowilly: heh, about when I started I think03:27
_Oz_Linus Torvald is in the channel, folks.03:27
codenameLinus I got some questions.03:27
pajamianoutsane: what app are you trying to install from source, and why?03:27
biouserhe is always here03:28
billytwowillyI've been using the user friendly distros though;) Redhat, then suse, then ubuntu03:28
codenameAre you making a new Kernel as we speak?03:28
mannytu!System Information Commands03:28
Flannel!offtopic | codename03:28
ubotucodename: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:28
biousernot me03:28
billytwowillyI never used linux because I wanted to, I used it because I hated the windows licence... Linux just recently got good enough to not make me regret that decision..03:28
jazzhi, does any know how to install ati graphic drivers?03:28
newbuntu22flannel: thanks for the information.. how will i get hardy when it is released?  will it show up on the 'update manager' ?03:28
codenameSoooo a 1337 Java Scripter Walks into a bar.03:28
sneedlyeekrano, hmm didnt do anything03:28
Flannelnewbuntu22: When hardy is released, you'll be notified in Update Manager, yeah.03:28
Klownerbillytwowilly: actually 1999 for me, now that I check the SuSE release history03:29
spudratic0codename lol03:29
newbuntu22flannel: thank you :)03:29
codenameHardy will be amazing.03:29
newbuntu22i am.. as the name implies. a newbaby03:29
outsanepajamian: well, i've just been trying small things to try to teach myself, but they never work.  i wanted to go with unimportant apps so that if i screwed them up it wouldn't matter, you know?03:29
pajamianHeh, Linux Torvald ... connecting from a Telecom Indonesia IP ... yeah, right.03:29
sneedlyeekrano, same cd ~/install  {then tab}03:29
bulwynklI'm having a bit of trouble here - I've tried using this channel multiple times over the last few years and rarely do I get anything like a response...03:29
pajamianerrr Linus03:29
eekranosneedly, try hitting <Tab> twice. If there are multiple matches it will list them to help you03:29
billytwowillyKlowner: I don't think suse was even around when I started using linux...03:29
TrelHave any of you ever used a monitor at a resolution around 1680x1050?03:29
Klownerpajamian: he spelled his name incorrectly too ;)03:29
biouserthis channel is full of noise, here's some more03:30
=== linus-torvald is now known as hans-reiser
newbuntu22why will hardy be so good?03:30
Klownerbillytwowilly: 1.0 in '9403:30
Klownermy first exposure to linux was suse 6.303:30
billytwowillyKlowner: mine was redhat 4.2 or 5. It was crap;)03:31
mzuverinkno matter what I do, I did the a2enmod userdir forced restart but it wont show user pages, whats the correct perms for public_html?03:31
pajamianoutsane: ok, well usually they will install in the /usr/local directory, and you can specify the install location for most source packages in the ./configure state by specifying a --prefix=/path/to/where/you/want/it/installed03:31
chapoceroHey guys, can somebody give me a hand? I am currently running of the live portion of a dvd for the 64-bit AMD version of Ubuntu. And as I am trying to install the operating sytem to the second partition of my hard drive, I am getting a "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu." error. I have my single hard drive partitioned in 4 parts. With one 30gb for Vista, and two 10gb partitions for Ubuntu and fu03:31
sneedlyeekrano, I dont know what happened but I got there ( I think)03:31
eekranosneedly, hitting tab twice there would list the contents of the ~/install folder03:31
nickrudmzuverink: your usual user perms03:31
pajamianoutsane: for example, if I were going to install pidgin from source and wanted it in the /usr/local/pidgin directory then I would do: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pidgin03:31
mzuverinknickrud, ok03:32
eekranohehe. if you do the command `pwd` what is the output?03:32
sneedlyeekrano, no its a really long name install_flash_player_9_linux03:32
dark-knightI can't for the life of me run amule as user03:32
nickrudchapocero: at some point you need to identify a partition as  '   /    '03:32
KlownerTrel: does 1600x1200 count?03:32
TrelI assume so03:32
luckyonehello all03:32
TrelDo you see any compiz performance issues?03:32
dark-knightI have tried uninstall and reinstall03:33
outsanepajamian: whenever i tried the ./configure it didn't work.  i did the gunzip it worked fine, and then (as far as i know) the next step is to do ./configure in that directory, right?  it just doesn't work.03:33
luckyonedoes anyone know how to make f-spot scan for new files in the Photos directory?03:33
KlownerTrel: ah, I don't use compiz.. too slow03:33
TrelI'm fairly certain this onboard video is going to struggle with it, but I was just curious if anyone else had seen some fade in/fade out issues.03:33
nickruddark-knight: ls -ld ~/.aMule , what's the permissions on that?03:33
pajamianoutsane: usually if ./configure doesn't work it means you are missing libraries on your computer that are needed to compile the program.03:33
iceswordoutsane, what error it gave u03:33
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:33
eekranosneedly, <Tab> attempts to complete whatever it is you are typeing, so you must first start typing "inst" then <Tab> should fill in the file name03:33
outsaneicesword: i believe it said that there was nothing to configure, i'm trying to get back to the window right now03:34
luckyoneany f-spot users?03:34
dark-knightnickrud drwx------ 403:34
nickruddark-knight: and you're the user, not root?03:34
mzuverinknickrud, it still says dir/~user not founf, any idea?03:34
Xbehavehow do i fix this? "FATAL: Error inserting acpi_cpufreq (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/arch/i386/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/acpi-cpufreq.ko)"03:34
havok73Anyone able to tell me how to find my video driver Version?03:34
pajamianoutsane: you usually have to install lots of extra -dev packages to get a program to compile from source.03:35
nickrudmzuverink: did you restart apache? I simply did sudo a2enmod userdir03:35
KlownerTrel: I have an nvidia geforce gt 7600 and it stutters a bit when beginning a window drag, etc.03:35
dsnydersIs anyone familiar with DCOP?03:35
mzuverinknickrud, forced restart03:35
nickruddark-knight: try moving that dir03:35
pajamianoutsane: if that program has a source package in one of the ubuntu repositories then there is a command that makes installing those packages a lot easier, but I forget what it is (unfortunately).03:35
dark-knightas user or root?03:36
nickrudmzuverink: and you went to  localhost/~user03:36
mzuverinknickrud, yes03:36
TrelKlowner: This is just a 945G onboard video system. EXA acceleration helps a great deal, but it is still a bit shaky from time to time.03:36
nickruddark-knight: if it's owned by you, you can remove it03:36
KlownerTrel: I don't think it's a resolution issue so much though.. I attribute it more to compiz immaturity03:36
outsanepajamian: how do i know if i need more packages to make another work?03:36
nickrudmzuverink: I don't know what would be causing that. wierd03:37
mzuverinknickrud, doing a hardrest03:37
TrelThat might be the case. I still think the resolution is going to play a role as the system seems to struggle more with higher resolutions.03:37
TrelNo great surprise there though.03:37
sneedlywhat does :Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the03:37
sneedly       Adobe Flash Player installer.03:37
sneedly  mean in english03:37
nickrudmzuverink: i'd do sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 restart03:37
dsnydersoutsane, this is why you use apt-get or synaptic.  They manage the package dependencies for you.03:37
KlownerTrel: well yah, somewhat.. either due to fill-rate problems when redrawing the screen or rendering windows to textures03:37
pajamianoutsane: usually it will tell you in the output from ./configure what else you may need to enable certain features or just to get it to compile at all, but not always.  Sometimes it will go through ./configure just fine but die in the make stage if something is missing.03:37
mzuverinknickrud, ok, thanks03:37
outsanepajamian: here's the error message i get when i try ./configure: No such file or directory.03:37
eekranosneedly, are you on a 64 bit system?03:38
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jim_beamhas anyone used keytouch with microsoft office keyboard or other special keyboard03:38
eekranohavok73, what kind of video card?03:38
pajamianoutsane: how about starting from the beginning, what program are you trying to install?03:38
sneedlyeekrano, I think so.03:38
havok73eekrano: intel x3100 (965)03:39
JoshJugh i forgot how much of a headache setting up ndiswrapper is :(03:39
nickrudsneedly: it means you can't use the adobe installer directly, run   sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree03:39
eekranonickrud, ty03:39
sneedlyeekrano, where is that??03:39
outsanepajamian: i'm trying to install a code called tesseract, it's an OCR program.  i got it off google codes, just as my tester.03:40
eekranosneedly, from a command line- run the cmd nickrud just gave you03:40
BeastSE7can someone give me a walkthrough on how to get atheros wireless working???03:40
melinateevening folks... anyone know why running 'host servername' could return 7 different IP addresses [none of which are the correct address]?03:40
outsanepajamian: i saved it to my desktop and unzipped it, but when i tried to do the ./configure it told me No such file or directory.03:40
pajamianoutsane: ok, and you have a tarball (.tar.gz) file for it?  and you expanded the tarball into a directory already?03:40
pajamianoutsane: you have to do the ./configure from inside the directory you unzipped to.03:41
outsanepajamian: so when i type gunzip ~.tar.gz, that's not expanding it into a directory?03:41
trollboycan you use a unhacked ipod with ubuntu yet?03:41
pajamianoutsane: you have to use tar to expand it03:42
iceswordtar zxf03:42
outsanepajamian: how do i do that?03:42
BeastSE7can any one help me please!03:42
eekranotrollboy, yes03:42
DrBanzaiDoes anybody here know why my programs take a long time to launch?  Fresh install of 7.10 on brand new hardware.  When I click the icon for Firefox for instance, it will say "stating firefox" for a while, then that goes away, and it just sits there for a while, the firefox finally comes up.  Does that same thing no matter what program I launch, even a terminal window.03:42
pajamianoutsane: tar xzf packagename.tar.gz03:42
Hammer89anyone know why I can't adjust my screen's brightness? It doesn't appear in gnome-power-manager.... but I started gcong-editor and the option is there... but doesn't do anything if I change it03:42
sneedlyeekrano, E: Couldn't find package flashplayer-nonfree03:42
sneedlyeekrano, thats what it said03:43
eekranosneedly, which repos do you have enabled?03:43
eekranohavok73, not sure exactly with the intels, what are you looking to do?03:43
nickrudsneedly: eekrano sorry, it s flashplugin-nonfree, that was an old name I gave03:43
outsanepajamian: i typed that and it says: "gzip: stdin: not in gzip format / tar: Child returned status 1 / tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors03:44
JoshJit doesn't help that i have to deal with keyed wireless networks, which just makes it that much harder to test >:[03:44
supersakohmm im having trouble getting a metacity theme installed?03:44
pajamianoutsane: probably because you already gunzipped it03:44
dark-knightnickrud worked03:44
outsanepajamian: so i wasn't supposed to gunzip it at all?  i am just supposed to type tar xzf?03:44
pajamianoutsane: in that case do: tar xf packagename.tar03:44
dark-knightnow frostwire anyreason it would not connect?03:44
pajamianoutsane: correct03:44
pajamianoutsane: tar does it for you03:45
supersakoi follow the directions, says the theme installed correctly and i dont see the new theme in the list for metacity03:45
sneedlynickrud, ty its working03:45
outsanepajamian: aha.  thank you.  i've got it working now.  thank you very much!03:45
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pajamianoutsane: yw03:45
pajamianoutsane: let me know when ./configure fails03:46
outsanepajamian: one last question!  once it's installed, where can i find it?  will it be under my applications menu?03:46
outsaneicesword: it didn't fail.03:46
iceswordoutsane, ?03:46
eekranonickrud, heh, didnt even notice- and I double checked to be sure hehe... plugin and player look about the same when you look quickly03:47
pajamianoutsane: nope, probably not.03:47
outsaneicesword: ./configure worked fine.  :)03:47
krimLet's say I have file1.txt and file2.txt, I want to rename them to file1.jpg and file2.jpg in cli, how would I do that?03:47
pajamianoutsane: I said that03:47
nickrudeekrano: especially when I checked for flashplayer-nonfree, and apt-cache still shows it ;)03:47
iceswordkrim, mv *.txt *.jpg03:47
outsanepajamian: so, where do i find it?03:47
notyetahey, all, i wanna install ubuntu throw ISO, could u give me some advice?03:47
pajamianoutsane: I recommend you run configure this way, though...03:47
outsaneicesword: sorry, read that wrong.  thought you said it.  :)03:48
iceswordnotyeta, throw iso?03:48
pajamianoutsane: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/tesseract03:48
pajamianoutsane: then you will know where it is installed03:48
elm1hey people03:48
iceswordnotyeta, donno wht is it03:48
notyetanow, i have this iso image, but i don't know how to do03:48
eekranonickrud, well at least you have an excuse- i went right a head with apt-cache search flashplugin-nonfree and didn't see why it wasnt working for him ;)03:48
outsanepajamian: aha.  can i move it after i use the make command?03:48
pajamianoutsane: no, you have to run make again03:49
iceswordnotyeta, do u want to burd cd03:49
krimicesword: mv: target `*.jpg' is not a directory03:49
spudratic0notyeta you have to burn it to cd/dvd03:49
notyetano, i didn't burn it03:49
shazow_oh hi, sound in flash isn't working for me -- I have two sound cards, so i have /dev/dsp1 and /dev/dsp2, I tried setting /etc/firefox/firefoxrc's FIREFOX_DSP="aoss", "auto" and "no" but no help... any ideas what else I could try?03:49
outsanepajamian: thank you!03:49
havok73eekrano: just want to see the version number of the driver03:49
iceswordkrim, are u now in that dir which holds u *.txt03:49
nickrudkrim: renaming a group of files is kinda tricky on the cli, you need to write a little script03:49
sneedlynickrud, now its saying its out of date but ill come back tomorrow i have things to do for class. thanks for all the help guys03:49
krimicesword: Yes03:50
sneedlygoodbye all03:50
spudratic0notyeta you have to burn it theen boot up with the cd or dvd in the drive03:50
notyetaokay, lunch time03:50
eekranohavok73, have you chacked your xorg logs?03:50
iceswordkrim,did u try that command,if u only got *.txt in that dir03:50
iceswordnotyeta, where are u03:51
krimicesword: yup03:51
havok73eekrano: nope03:51
iceswordnickrud, u still there03:52
BeastSE7i need help on WIFI03:52
nickrudicesword: yes03:52
icesword!wifi | BeastSE703:52
ubotuBeastSE7: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:52
havok73eekrano: just checked em,...say the driver name, but not version03:52
jack-desktopfrom this line: "where 'snoopy' is the name of the machine, and '2' is the display number of the VNC server on that machine. Either the machine name or display number can be omitted. So for example ":1" means display number 1 on the same machine, and "snoopy" means "snoopy:0" i.e. display 0 on machine "snoopy". what is a display?03:53
iceswordnickrud, i want to ask how to rename some *.txt to *.jpg03:53
eekranohavok73, sry, a little out of my realm- I can see my version in dmesg- if you'd like to try that as well03:54
OwnerHi , there is no any PVM Package for Ubuntu ? how can I install that  please help03:54
Owner;[]p'   7 \tg 5rfAS z\03:54
nickrudicesword: looking at some utils; gprename, mrename seem like they may do the job03:54
arbiris back03:54
eekranohavok73, (i have nvidia btw)03:54
arbirdoes anybody use Xmms here ?03:54
talonzi read this howto on the the forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370&page=16 worked great but every time i reboot i have to do it again can someone tell me how to make that stick please03:54
jebbluearbir i do03:54
outsanearbir: i have xmms03:54
nickrudicesword: the times I've had to rename a bunch of files I've used gui tools like prefixsuffix03:54
eekranohavok73, i have intel on my laptop- but thats in the car right now..03:54
StarnestommyOwner: there are a few in the repositories.  Run 'aptitude search pvm' to find them03:55
arbirjebblue: how can i increase the size of the window03:55
jebbluearbir am right now too03:55
havok73eekrano: u just use dmesg or you grep something?03:55
arbirjebblue: with my resolution, its super small.. even squinting does not help much03:55
dsnydersarbir, I use mplayer.  One app to rule them all...03:55
BodOmLaWi have a bizzare problem03:55
MrSmurfingjoin #cisco03:55
arbirjebblue: i manged to increase the font size.....03:55
jebbluearbir i dont think you can?03:55
eekranohavok73, i grep NV but obviously that is for nvidia03:55
arbirdsnyders: xmms is super light....03:55
Owner<Starnestommy> I did right not , I got nothin :(03:56
arbirdsnyders: xmms is like the little hobbit , which cannot be rule by all ;-)03:56
jebbluearbir how about options | double size03:56
arbirjebblue: let me see that03:56
BodOmLaWwhenever i try to play a video file that was extracted, I get a pink corrupted video, but only the second time and after. but not first wtf?03:56
StarnestommyOwner: are you using ubuntu 7.10?03:56
faprilI hit delete on a folder and its not in my trash... where's the 'undo' option ???03:56
arbirjebblue: you are the best ;-)03:56
Owner<Starnestommy> yes03:56
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jebbluearbir thx :)03:56
StarnestommyOwner: do you have the universe repositories enabled in System > Administration > Software Sources?03:57
arbirnow jebblue..... tell me.. how can i increase the playlist window size03:57
arbirjebblue: the resize arrow does not appear03:57
Owner<Starnestommy> no I'm new in Ubuntu I don't know what I have to do03:57
faprilHELP... I hit 'del' key on a folder and its not in my trash... where's the 'undo' option ???03:57
arbirjebblue: i spoke too soon03:57
arbirjebblue:  i got it.. thanks .. you rock, and so does xmms03:57
nickrudfapril: what folder was the folder you deleted in?03:57
arbirjebblue: a few more things to discuss about xmms ?03:58
faprilnickrud: it on my usb hdd03:58
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elm1fapril: its deleted to ur usb trash03:58
nickrudfapril: what format was the usb drive?03:58
spudratic0ok all my eyes can stand and my nose has been on the monitor to long lol later all03:58
faprilnickrud: Its a windows external hdd03:58
nickrudfapril: a sec03:59
Owner<Starnestommy> OK I did that , and it gave me a list , how can I install pvm on that?03:59
dsnydersHi all!  I'm having problems with k3b.  I get a DCOP aborting message.  I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling k3b with no change.  Any suggestions?03:59
StarnestommyOwner: run 'sudo apt-get install pvm' in a terminal04:00
BodOmLaWwhenever i try to play a video file that was extracted, I get a pink corrupted video, but only the second time and after. but not first wtf?04:00
jebbluearbir ok04:00
Owner<Starnestommy> I wrote "sudo aptitude install pvm" is it wrong?04:00
BodOmLaWits only the ones from .r00 archives04:00
StarnestommyOwner: that should work, too04:01
jack-desktopis there a reason why my menus dont update when i install new programs?04:01
nickrudfapril: there should be a directory at the top level of the usb directory, .Trash-username , you  need to turn on hidden files (ctl-h)04:01
faprilnickrud: I don't see a recyle bin on my usb hdd04:01
rikkimaruI'm attempting to get my mic to be able to record sound.  When I turn the mic playback on full, the mic works (very soft), but when I try and use it in Ventrilo (via WINE) I cannot seem to get sound.  Is there a sound recording app I can use in xfce that will let me test whether or not the mic is capturing?04:01
elm1jack-desktop: wat r using to intall ther=m/.04:01
dsnydersrikkimaru, Make sure your microphone is plugged into the right port.04:01
elm1jack-desktop: sorri install them04:02
Xbehavewhat chan would i go to to find out about cracking my bios?04:02
faprilnickrud: a sec04:02
jack-desktopelm1, anything, apt-get, deb file, snaptics..04:02
elm1hm, and nothing shows up in applications?04:02
StarnestommyXbehave: ##hardware ?04:02
rikkimarudsnyders, I'm pretty sure it is, and it does the same thing with the internal mic04:02
jack-desktopelm1, no04:02
elm1hm, one sec, i doh if i can help but lemme check huh04:02
BodOmLaWwhenever i try to play a video file that was extracted, I get a pink corrupted video, but only the second time and after. but not first wtf?04:03
BodOmLaWits only the ones from .r00 archives04:03
dsnydersrikkimaru, Usually those symptoms are from plugging the mic into the line in instead of mic in.  But if you get the same thing with the built in mic...04:03
elm1jack-desktop:refer to this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8219804:04
elm1hope it helps04:04
faprilnickrud: Got It... thx. I just installed ubuntu yesterday and loving it. Got AWN, Compiz going and loving all of it.. thx again +rep04:04
dsnydersIs K3B working for anyone?04:04
jack-desktopelm1, well after i restart my computer, they show up, so that's not the problem04:05
dark-knightQuestion how can i check what version of java I have frostfire complains about version of jre04:05
bastid_raZordark-knight; in a terminal type java -version04:05
elm1jack-desktop:wat do u mean?04:05
nickrudfapril: yw. Good on you, getting all that up so quickly04:05
BodOmLaWwhenever i try to play a video file that was extracted, I get a pink corrupted video, but only the second time and after. but not first wtf?04:06
BodOmLaWits only the ones from .r00 archives04:06
dark-knightjava version "1.5.004:06
BodOmLaWneed i reapeet?04:06
rikkimarudsnyders: well, I know it works because I can crank the playback on the mic, and it comes out the speakers.  I'm just trying to see if it's being captured properly.  Know of any programs I could use to do that?04:06
rikkimarudsnyders: I need to figure out if it's WINE/Ventrilo that's messed up, or ALSA04:07
dsnydersrikkimaru, Have you tried audacity?04:07
rikkimarudsnyders: nope, lookin at it now04:07
nickrudBodOmLaW: yes, but not so often. It might help if you specify what type of video, a little more detail. But I don't know the answer04:07
faprilnickrud: yea I used to run debian servers way back for things but hadn't touched it in years.. and I never used the gui. I just trashed vista on my Dell xps 1210 and installed this. It took me a few installs, I tried kubuntu but didn't like it.. I find it tries to much to be windows.04:07
BodOmLaW.avi i think they were all .avis that i extracted from .r00 files04:08
* nickrud bites his tongue, he's been told not to badmouth kde04:08
BodOmLaWthey work once, then the second time no04:08
BodOmLaWi delete the file and reextract but same shit04:08
BodOmLaWpink blocks instead of the video04:09
nickrud!language | BodOmLaW04:09
ubotuBodOmLaW: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:09
BodOmLaWoh, it has audio though04:09
dsnydersBodOmLaW, what are you using to play the video?04:09
ahorriblemesshey.... uh... I have a pretty long list in Synaptic Package Manager under "Not installed (residual config)" what should I do with all of these?04:10
BodOmLaWno way04:10
BodOmLaWall the sudden they work again04:10
BodOmLaWmessed up04:10
BodOmLaWthanks anyway04:10
dsnydersBodOmLaW, Glad we could help :-)04:10
yellowSubMarhello, all. I'm still having keyboard issues. Another keyboard works fine on this computer, but this keyboard works fine on other computers. however, this keyboard does not work as it should all the time with the shift button on this computer. I'm using a Saitek Eclipse II with the default US 104-key layout, and I set 'nodeadkeys' in the xorg.conf. this did not start happening until a few days ago, and I've had ubuntu installed 04:11
pajamianyellowSubMar: what is the actual problem?04:12
dsnydersyellowSubMar, Is it a consistent problem, or intermittent?04:12
yellowSubMarIt is a consistent problem where some characters + shift will not register. Some work fine with both, some work with one or the other, and some don't work at all. From what I use, alt and ctrl work fine.04:13
iceswordnickrud, yeah,thank u04:13
nickrudicesword: I take it one of those did the trick04:13
dsnydersyellowSubMar, are you having problems with both shift keys, or only one?04:14
Starfishis there any way to stop a certain program from updating ?04:14
nickrudStarfish: yes, you put it on 'hold' , or in synaptic terminology, 'force version'04:15
DrBanzaiDoes anybody else experience slow program launches in 7.10?04:15
yellowSubMarWith some characters only one shift key is affected. With others, both are. With others still, none are. For example, g and ' don't work with either. T works with the right one only. C only works with the left key. But W works with both.04:15
nickrudDrBanzai: how slow?04:15
sjsok i give up. i can't seem to install the ubuntu live 7.10 cd. everytime i hit start or install ubuntu it crashes after that.04:16
sjsi read that it's cause of the vid drivers or something04:16
nickrudsjs: have you run the check disk option on the cd?04:16
ahorriblemesssjs: when you get to that main screen, click the down arrow on your keyboard to highlight "safe mode"04:16
sjsit crashes too!04:16
sjstried safe mode too!04:16
nickrudsjs: that's not the vid.04:16
ahorriblemesssjs: then click F6, move the cursor to "quiet splash"04:16
ahorriblemessdid you do that?04:17
reindI just installed ubuntu, noticed there is inetd or xinetd are not installed by default. is there a ubuntu recommended alternative for these, or?04:17
ahorriblemessand delete Quiet Splash04:17
dsnydersyellowSubMar, Do the keys work in the <alt-F1> terminal?04:17
yellowSubMarI used "XkbOptions" "nodeadkeys" in the xorg.conf (I had to copy and paste those quotes!)04:17
sjsya i replaced with break=bottom04:17
ahorriblemesssjs: don't do that04:17
chapoceroCan anyone help me to get my sound card working for Ubuntu 7.10? I have an onboard sound card that I want disabled, and a PCI sound card that i wish to use... It seems to have picked up the drivers for my PCI card, but its still not giving me sound.. I have a feeling I have to disable my onboard card, but I don't know how. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im a total Linux noob.. PM please04:17
sjshmm? what to do?04:17
nickrudsjs: try some of the other options in f604:17
ahorriblemesssjs: if it's anything like my computer, you just delete those two things, leave the space before "--" move the cursor after the "--" and press enter04:17
* Ghost|BTFH waves04:17
Ghost|BTFHHowdy all.04:17
yellowSubMarThey do not work in the <alt-F1> terminal, dsnyders.04:18
krimchapocero: I think you could turn off the internal soundcard in BIOS04:18
nickrud!md5 | sjs (you should also check you got a good download)04:18
ubotusjs (you should also check you got a good download): To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:18
ahorriblemesssjs: i forget what it says, but it'll be like "(whateverthecommand) -- " there's a space after that last word before "--" do you know what I mean04:18
cyphaseDoes anyone know of a Rhythmbox 0.11.4 .deb for Gutsy?04:18
yellowSubMarhowever, the keys work perfectly fine on other computers04:18
TerrorBiteI'm enquiring about eeeXubuntu, I want to know if I can use apt-get dist-upgrade or something similar to install it. Currently I have Ubuntu Gutsy on this EeePC04:18
narothepharohwhat are some cool war games free?04:18
sjsopening those 2 links04:18
ahorriblemesssjs: yeah that too... did you burn the live CD on 4x speed? I hear that can effect it04:18
sjserm and crashed again lol04:18
sjserm burnt at max speed04:19
nickrudnarothepharoh: wesnoth, alien-arena is a popular team shooter04:19
ahorriblemesssjs: yeah I hear you shouldn't go over 4x04:19
sjsok i'll burn another cd right now04:19
Mixx[21:31:21] <Dr_willis> I mixx and match kde and gnome - so i always have kubuntu-dekstop and ubuntu-desktop both installed.04:19
GunbladeIVi need sum help here04:19
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: It's currently 11.2, but I'm sure there's a deb package around for the newer versions if you do a google search.04:19
krimGunbladeIV: Just tell us _what_ you need help with.04:19
GunbladeIVi wonder why my wireless(which is connected to internet) do have download rate about 200++kbps while i'm idle04:20
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: And basically, any .deb package (most) will install fine in Ubuntu.04:20
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: GetDeb.net has 0.11.304:20
narothepharohnickrud: where do i get wesnoth?04:20
nickrudnarothepharoh: it's in the repos04:20
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: but i can't find 0.11.4, except in the hardy repo, and that won't work04:20
GunbladeIVkrim, and a weird application is running on background which is ntos_wq/004:20
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: Mmm...then I'd say that's probably the best you're going to find without going beta or worse, CVS.04:21
dsnydersyellowSubMar, I'm thinking that the keyboard uses a non-standard mapping.  I think there's some sort of keyboard driver/config somewhere, but I'm not sure where.04:21
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: If you're not a google master, I guess I could do a quick check for ya.04:21
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: i have checked04:21
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: but if you don't mind, sure. maybe i missed something04:21
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: And you thought perhaps one of us was hiding one under our skirts? ^_^04:21
sjshmm my minimum speed avaliable is 8x04:21
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: I'll be happy to, I'm bored right now.04:21
sjswhat should i do?04:21
yellowSubMardsnyders: I looked in the list, but I could not find it. however, on the windows machine, it did name the keyboard instead of using generic.04:22
sp0roWhat packages do I need to install with aptitude to use GTK2.x themes?04:22
nandoHi. I'm here to ask if there is any way to remove the "-" that appears at the top of a signature. I really need to figure out how to remove it as it doesn't look too professional at the end of an e-mail to people of importance.04:22
=== nando is now known as Fbern
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: i may have found a repo..04:22
nickrudsjs: check you got a good download, then try some of the kernel options in f6. Try searching for 'your motherboard' ubuntu , you might find some clues04:22
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: http://ubuntu2.cica.es/ubuntu/ubuntu/pool/main/r/rhythmbox/04:23
sjsnickrud: ok!04:23
dsnydersyellowSubMar, Many companies release their drivers to Microsoft, but keep them proprietary to everyone else.04:23
Ghost|BTFHcyphase: I'm almost scary.04:23
StarfishI'm a bit confused as to why entering a command in a terminal works, but using the same shortcut in one of the drop-down menus doesn't do anything ?04:23
yellowSubMardsnyders: the odd thing is that this has only recently started to happen.04:23
tbbottleHi.  I was wondering if enyone knew which package contains, or how I can get my hands on the module i2c_nforce?  Is there a module listing somewhere?04:24
nickrudStarfish: drop down menus? Some detail?04:24
Starfishnickrud :: the 'Applications', 'Places', and 'System' menus on the top of the screen by default04:24
Starfishnickrud :: I added an item to the 'Applications' menu, but it doesn't do anything04:24
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: What is acting oddly on the menu, but fine in cli?04:24
nickrudStarfish: what did you add to the command line?04:25
dsnydersyellowSubMar, sounds like my k3b problem.  It was working fine about a month ago.  Now it won't start.04:25
Starfishnickrud :: in both cases, it's '/home/user/.rubyripper/rubyripper_gtk2.rb'04:25
narothepharohwhat are some cool war games free?04:25
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: thanks04:25
Starfishwhen executed in a terminal, it pops up a little GUI, when run from the menu, nothing happens04:25
yellowSubMardsnyders, what do you recommend I do to fix this?04:25
nickrudStarfish: hrm04:26
cyphaseGhost|BTFH: i think i found a few more as well04:26
Starfishnickrud :: could it possibly be affected by my mostly nonfunctional nautilus ?04:26
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: methinks you need to do: ruby /home/user/.rubyripper/rubyripper_gtk2.rb04:26
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: I tried that as well, same effect04:26
Ghost|BTFHThat's how it is with most programming languages I know.04:26
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Did you try it with quotes?04:26
nickrudStarfish: I'm not clueful enough about ruby to know what it requires.04:26
tbbottleHi.  I was wondering if enyone knew which package contains, or how I can get my hands on the module i2c_nforce?  Is there a module listing somewhere?04:27
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: quotes don't change it04:27
nickrudtbbottle: i2c-nforce (note dash) is in the linux-image-$(name -r) package04:27
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: as in ruby "/home/user/etc" or "ruby /home/user/etc" I'm not sure which one does it, but one of them should...04:27
dsnydersyellowSubMar, I have no suggestions other than google, and just using a plain old keyboard.04:27
n8tuserwhats the command to ignore join and parts on an XChat client?04:27
blbrownis there a #ubuntu preferred bittorrent client?04:27
blbrownI was thinking azureus04:27
nickrudtbbottle: i2c-nforce.ko to be specific04:27
yellowSubMarThanks for your help, dsnyders. :)04:28
dsnydersblbrown, I use ktorrent.04:28
bazhangblbrown: transmission will be the default starting in Hardy, the next release04:28
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: the first has no effect, the second gives an error as the file doesn't exist04:28
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Quotes change how it's read when you click. Like for me, to run WoW from a shortcut, I have to tell it: wine "/home/me/WoW/WoW.exe" --opengl04:28
tbbottleThanks nickrud, any reason that it wouldn't be modprobe(able) one a default gutsy install?  I can't seem to find it in /usr.  I'll have a look in the package.04:28
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: yeh, I know, everything inside the quotes is read as one parameter04:29
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Hmm...so you have ruby installed, but it's not working by calling on ruby...hmmm...04:29
Starfishthat shouldn't affect this, though, as there are no special charactes04:29
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: I'll enumerate that it does work from a command-line04:29
nickrudtbbottle: it's in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/i2c/busses04:29
n8tuserwhats the command to ignore join and parts on an XChat client?04:29
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: my nautilus is non-functional, that might have something to do with it, I'm not sure04:29
nickrudtbbottle: try modprobing it as a dash, not underscore04:29
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Hmmm....and you don't need to do a ./ to run it, or even a "run" command?04:29
rikkimaruhow would I go about reinstalling ALSA?04:30
TazbobuMy LAN is working over Gigabit ethernet, and Wireless LAN, but I can't see machines listed in network on either XP or ubuntu side.. however I can access both sides by IP.. how do I fix this?04:30
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: executing from a command-line via '/home/user/...' or 'ruby /home/user/...' both work fine04:30
bazhangn8tuser: depends on the chat client04:30
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Because genereally, I can't get ANYTHING to run cli without telling it ./ or run or sh or python etc.04:30
Hallag1How do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you'd use the  configure utility in the alternate install (with the ncurses interface)? ["Which of the following keys does your keyboard have", that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works.04:30
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Okay, that's farqed up. ruby "/home/user/.." should work fine then.04:30
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: yeh, it doesn't04:31
StarfishI think I have other problems04:31
Starfisheh, guess it's back to the command-line fo rme04:31
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Okay, here's a weird attempt to try...04:31
sp0roAnyone have any idea why I can't install GTK2.x themes even though the gtk2.x package and engines are installed?04:31
ShuggleWhen I take a screen grab of a window the border around the window is not included as long  compiz is enabled. Can this be changed?04:31
Ghost|BTFHStarfish ALT+F2 and type it into there.04:31
Ghost|BTFHSee if it runs.04:31
n8tuserbazhang--> Xchat04:31
dsnydersHi all! My k3b stopped working, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.  Anybody else having this problem?04:31
Ghost|BTFHIf it does, there is something you're missing with the shortcut.04:32
nickrudah. a path test, wise04:32
tbbottleStarfish:  Have you tried configuring the launcher to run the command in a terminal, and searched for any relevant output?04:32
bazhangn8tuser: is there not a preferences dialog you can access for that? my chat client has one (not Xchat)04:32
Ghost|BTFHI'll be back04:33
xyblorWhat's the best place to execute script to change xrandr settings for dual-heal? xinitrc?04:33
Starfishtbbottle :: well, i can select that, but it opens and closes to quickly to see anything, how do I make it stay ?04:33
n8tuserbazhang--> nope, nothing, i googled and the closest one, irc_common_conf 1 dont work04:33
cgegnerAnyone here using Ubuntu on a thinkpad with working suspend?04:33
Ghost|BTFHI'm back.04:33
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: So what happened when you used ALT+F2 and ran it?04:34
nickrudn8tuser: right click the channel tab, and untick show join part04:34
Javidcgegner, it works for me04:34
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: it doesn't do anything visible04:34
StarfishGhost|BTFH :: how can I make the terminal stay open if I've run it via alt-f2 ?04:34
christylezcan sum1 help me my double click doesnt work04:34
tbbottleI am not sure, but you might be able to redirect the output from the command into a text file, to see if there is something there you aren't catching.  Tryi appending " > /tmp/ruby_out.txt " to the command in the launcher config and then check to see if anything shows up in the text file04:34
tbbottleyes Mulder04:34
Muldersleep worked fine on my thinkpad04:35
* Mulder has a t4304:35
cgegnerI'm having problem with my R61.  Sometimes it doesn't go to sleep, sometimes it doesn't wake up.  Other times it'll wake up but my network manager is borked.04:35
Javidi dunno, my a31p works like a dream04:35
Starfishtbbottle :: output file is empty04:35
christylezi cant double click to open04:35
Mulderif it doesnt wake up after sleep, try pressing power button04:35
cgegnerI do04:36
sp0rocgegner, take note that  network manager doesn't refresh most of the time, regardless of coming out of sleep mode or not.04:36
christylezcan sum1 help me?04:36
bazhangn8tuser: right click should do it04:36
tbbottleNothing relevant from ruby then (it tends to use standar out, not standard eror, so we should have caught it).  Shame. Sorry, I am out of ideas for now.04:36
rikkimaruhow would i go about updating to a newer version of ALSA?04:36
bazhangwhat is the issue christylez04:36
xyblorchristylez: are you having trouble with double click in a file manager, or everywhere?04:37
usrlA LiveCD iso can be burned to a DVD-R and run with no problems, right?04:37
christylezwen i put an icon on desktop i cant open it by left clicking04:37
Ghost|BTFHusrl: I hope so, or the custom DVDs I've done are worthless. ;)04:37
usrlGhost|BTFH: ok, thanks04:37
bazhangchristylez: what icon and how did you put it there04:38
cgegnersp0ro: network manager shows as connected, however the interface stays down and I cannot coax it to life using network manager gui (changing wireless networks doesnt respawn etc)04:38
Mulderi hope there's enterprise security support for wireless in gnome newtork manager soon04:38
chris062689Hello :)04:38
Ghost|BTFHusrl: Just remember, if you burn it to a -R dvd, don't expect a +R machine to read it. ;)04:38
xyblorchristylez: left click, go to "open with...", select the program you want, then click always use this program04:38
dsnydersIs K3B working for anyone?04:38
christylezany icon04:38
bazhangyes dsnyders04:38
sp0rocgegner, try "ifconfig INTERFACE up"04:38
Berzerkercan linux read a FAT32 drive on a GUID partition scheme?04:38
dsnydersbazhang,  I'm having problems with k3b.  I get a DCOP aborting message.04:39
xyblorchristylez: do that for whatever type of file you want to associate with a particular program04:39
bazhangdsnyders: doing what when you get that message04:39
Newbuntu2can anyone tell me where I configure my system to run a ssh server when booting up?04:39
bazhangdsnyders: this is gutsy or feisty04:39
Viktoriousanyone know where u can get more applets for awn04:39
dsnydersbazhang, Starting k3b.04:39
Ghost|BTFHBerzerker: It "should".04:40
christylezdouble left click wont work at all04:40
BerzerkerGhost|BTFH: Meaning?04:40
mkarHello all!  I'm looking for a little assistance repairing samba.04:40
bazhangdsnyders: what version of ubuntu and k3b I seem to recall that problem in the past04:40
dsnydersbazhang, 7.1004:40
MulderNewbuntu2, apt-get install ssh-server ?04:40
Sup3rDup3rsup ghfreak5104:40
Ghost|BTFHBerzerker: Well, unless GPT does something insanely weird, Ubuntu should read the FAT32 partition just fine.04:40
BerzerkerGhost|BTFH: I want to be able to use it to transfer files between OS X and *ubuntu while still being able to live partition it.04:40
dsnydersbazhang, it was working a month or so ago.04:40
lethihaquaii cu04:40
bazhangchristylez: what does right click do?04:41
christylezopens the standard menu04:41
bazhangenglish please lethiha04:41
BerzerkerGhost|BTFH: What about iTunes, can I run that on *ubuntu/04:41
mike_I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am trying to get Kopete to work with msn(with webcam for my wife).  I don't have a computer with windows/msn, is there a person that has msn/windows that I can send a message to and test if the cam is working?04:41
bazhangBerzerker: only under wine04:41
BerzerkerThat's fine.04:41
Ghost|BTFHBerzerker: That you're asking the wrong guy *Points to ogg collection* however, that being said, I believe you can under wine.04:41
Newbuntu2I have ssh installed, but I'm used to the CLI to configure sshd.conf. I was wondering if in Ubuntu it is done differently, via a gui or something04:42
Sup3rDup3rsrry I need to reg my nic04:42
Sup3rDup3rso its done?04:42
bazhanggot to go, back in a while04:42
Newbuntu2I don't want my system to end up confused04:42
sp0rocgegner, did you get it back up?04:42
BerzerkerAs long as I can run it and play my [*sigh*]DRM'ed music [/*sigh*].04:42
Scunizimike_, why not load up aMsn from synaptic?04:42
ghfreak51yea finally04:42
dsnydersbazhang, ubuntu 7.10 is Gutsy?04:42
n8tuserbazhang--> i think i found the solution, run a perl script then close xchat and rerun.. darn xchat is not so user friendly04:42
Ghost|BTFHNewbuntu2: I like the nick! :D04:42
Sup3rDup3rso unzip the ubuntu appliance04:42
christylezthis all sarted after i installed kiba dock04:42
Sup3rDup3rand install vmplayer04:42
ghfreak51yup.. it took like 10 min to unzip04:42
ghfreak51yup both done04:42
mkarIf in network, I can see my machine, but not my network shares, where should i look?04:42
mike_it works with kopete and amsn perfectly,but not with my wifes friends online04:42
cgegnersp0ro: this time it worked fine on it's own04:43
sp0rocgegner, if you don't know the interface run an ifconfig -a in a terminal04:43
Scunizimike_, ah.. could it be a router problem.. open ports and such?04:43
bazhangdsnyders: yes; I have to go away for a bit now the other fine and more knowledgeable folks here can likely help04:43
Ghost|BTFHStarfish: Find the issue?04:43
cgegnersp0ro: it should be eth104:43
n8tuserNewbuntu2--> same cli commands work to configure sshd or ssh client04:43
sp0rocgegner, yeah network manager is bug prone ;)04:43
Sup3rDup3rso I put the ubuntu folder in C:\Program Files\VMware04:43
dsnydersbazhang, You've been the only one to respond.04:43
sp0rocgegner, easier just to learn the ifconfig(iwconfig commands if you use a wireless nic) and go from there04:43
mkarScunizi, it's my own shares that I can't see.  Would that be a router thing?04:44
mike_the ports might be the issue04:44
ghfreak51i put mine in my d:04:44
Sup3rDup3rok make a link04:44
gold44on win xp, after i defrag the 30 gig C drive. there are files towards to end of the disk.  will ubuntu's repartition tool move those files upward? so that i can creat a 10gig partition for ubuntu?04:44
mike_but I can't test that locally??04:44
Sup3rDup3rso when you start vmplayer you can find it04:44
ghfreak51make a link to what04:44
Sup3rDup3rcreate a shortcut of the ubuntu folder04:44
Scunizimkar, mike_ am I talking to the same person?  Your own shares meaning within your lan on your network?04:45
Sup3rDup3rand stick it in the VMware dir04:45
n8tusergold44--> nope, use gparted to relocate and move/resize partition04:45
mkarSorry scun, I ircjacked, go ahead!04:45
mike_no not a lan04:45
ghfreak51k hold on04:45
mike_i only have one computer04:45
Sup3rDup3ronce thats done check out this doc http://www.linux.com/feature/5441104:45
Scunizimike_, so you're going from your machine to the outside world to someone elses machine.. right?04:45
mike_i instaled kopete and amsn on one computer a04:45
gold44n8tuser: ah... right gparted was the tool in ubuntu live cd.04:45
xyblorCan anyone tell me if it's a bad idea for me to mess around with "xinitrc"?04:46
gold44n8tuser: too bad it won't compact my files04:46
mike_the cam does not work when i connent to some one over the internet04:46
Sup3rDup3rthat tells you all the settings you need to update in the ubuntu vmplayer config file04:46
sjscd is working fine, starting ubuntu and it freezes04:46
sjswhat should i do!04:46
n8tusergold44--> use tar with -C option or gzip or any other file compression tools04:46
Scunizimike_, use my nick in replys so I can "see" your answer .. type partial then "tab" to complete.. Sound like your issue could be ports on your router and possibly on the other persons router..04:47
n8tuserxyblor--> nope, not bad, you just have to know what you are adding or deleting04:47
Scunizimike_, text does work though04:47
Marupais there any sort of 'GUI' web analyzer for ubuntu?04:47
Newbuntu2can someone help me with VNC setup?04:47
xyblorn8tuser: I want to execute a script from there to enable dual-heal with xrandr before the window manager starts04:47
n8tusersjs you are still at it? what kind of hard disk do you have?04:48
MarupaNewbuntu2, vnc is set up at the start....or it should be.04:48
mike_Scunizi: the roughter should be set up correctly; i had the cam working before with the router04:48
gold44n8tuser: no, i don't mean compressing the files. i want to compact (collapse) the files so they all "sit" at the first 20gig of the hard drive. want to get a 10gig partition for ubunut04:48
notyetaicesword: here?04:48
Scunizimike_, going to the same person?04:48
jw144000How do I install Hebrew support in Ubuntu?04:48
christylezi can even double click to onpen im in pidgin04:48
Jordan_Ugold44, Do you just want to resize the partition?04:49
=== godfreyhk is now known as godfreyhk_
n8tusergold44--> thats where xp gets you, it stashes files in specific locations..hard to relocate them or else xp wont work04:49
mike_Scunizi: it worked over the internet before.... butthe cam driver was bad so i stoped using it04:49
gold44Jordan_U: yes.04:49
JoshJwhat's the compiz thing called where drop-down boxes (like the URL box in firefox) fades in and out?04:49
* JoshJ wants to turn that off04:49
Jordan_Ugold44, use gparted ( from a LiveCD if you need to change the drive you normally boot from )04:49
mike_Scunizi: the cam's driver seems to work now though :) so I wan to get it working again04:49
rainwalkerJoshJ: do you have ccsm installed?04:49
gold44n8tuser:  Jordan_U     want it to look like this --> http://www.theeldergeek.com/images/Disk%20Defragmenter/Disk%20Defrag%2004.gif04:50
JoshJlooking for where IN ccsm it's at04:50
=== godfreyhk_ is now known as godfreyhk
Newbuntu2marupa: it is, but it makes my box crash after a short while04:50
n8tuserJoshJ--> can you visit #compiz for more specific help?04:50
Scunizimike_, you really need to ask what has changed from then to now.  new router on either end ? IP firewall setup etc.. I'm loading win in my vm for msn.. I'll give my address to you pm in a sec.04:50
rainwalkerJoshJ: ok well then go into your animations section and take out the part for dropdown menus under the "open animation" tab04:50
=== godfreyhk is now known as godfreyhk_
jbinderWhat is runlevel 1 and runlevel 3?04:50
prettyrickydoes any logitech webcam work with ubuntu 7.1004:51
JoshJrainwalker, thx04:51
gold44n8tuser:  Jordan_U     but after i run defrag, files still sit toward the end of the drive04:51
rainwalkerJoshJ: no prob04:51
jw144000How do I write in Hebrew in Ubuntu?04:51
JoshJbtw rainwalker do you know what folder these are stored in? i've got two computers and i'd like to be able to make the settings identical04:51
rainwalkerprettyricky: I have a quickcam communicate something-or-other with amsn04:51
Sup3rDup3rghfreak51 ... how goes it?04:51
n8tuserjbinder--> i assumed you have done some research via google?  fedora uses like 6 levels, ubuntu only  uses basically 304:51
=== godfreyhk_ is now known as godfreyhk
emmajanejw144000: Do you have your keyboard set up yet?04:51
rainwalkerJoshJ: I'm not sure, but you could ask in #compiz-fusion04:52
prettyrickyso I need amsn? newbie04:52
jbindern8tuser: THe nvidia installer says I am in runlevel 1 and tells me to go to runlevel 304:52
jw144000emmajane: Yeah04:52
Starfishanybody else have problems with flac 1.2.1 ?04:52
Scunizimike_, check your dialogue windows for a pm from me.. I'll give you my msn addrss there.04:52
n8tuserjbinder--> typically runlevel 1 is no gui (X) , no network, level 3 has X04:52
Jordan_Ujbinder, Is there a reason you aren't using restricted manager? Did RM not work?04:52
jbinderWould recovery mode use 1?04:53
Jordan_Ujbinder, Yes04:53
emmajanejw144000: and the language pack?04:53
jbinderI haven't gotten any GUI stuff working yet04:53
emmajanejw144000: i.e. the locale....04:53
n8tuserjbinder--> on ubuntu 2-5 is same levels04:53
Scunizimike_, did the private message window open?04:53
jw144000emmajane: I don't know if I have the language pack installed.04:54
mike_Scunizi: yes04:54
emmajanejw144000: Give this page a try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HebrewLocalizationHowto04:54
Hallag1How do I reconfigure my keyboard, in a similar manner to the way you'd use the  configure utility in the alternate install (with the ncurses interface)? ["Which of the following keys does your keyboard have", that kind of thing]? I have done it before, and have tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup, but none of that works.04:54
Scunizimike_, type something in it ..04:54
emmajanejw144000: I think it's what you're looking for...04:54
ghfreak51k i'll let you know when i'm done with it04:54
n8tuserjbinder--> before you can get gui, X has to be installed..or framebuffer (i think)04:54
jw144000emmajane: OK, thanks.04:54
Scunizimike_, my address is in there now.. can you see it?04:55
vermawhat package do I need to install for development docs?04:55
Jordan_UHallag1, Not sure exactly but 'locale' may ( or may not ) be a helpful search term / starting point04:55
emmajanejw144000: I haven't played with language switching in a while, but it used to be that you could install two different keyboard layouts for two different languages. I had french and english at one point and would switch between the two by pressing both "shift" keys at once. Is that what you're looking for?04:56
xyblor Hallag1: there's "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"04:56
n8tuserverma--> for which development tools?04:56
Hallag1xyblor: Tried it, no help. Ditto console-setup04:56
verman8tuser, I want to be able to refer to C documentation through man04:56
Hallag1Jordan_u: t's a keyboard setting, not a locale thing, I THINK04:56
dsnydersHi all! My k3b doesn't start, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.  Anybody else having this problem?04:56
Hallag1Actually, I might try that04:57
xyblorHallag1: do you have an unusual keyboard type?04:57
Hallag1xyblor: No, not at all.04:57
jw144000emmajane: Yeah04:57
n8tuserverma--> i assume if you install build-essential  will install man pages04:57
reindI just installed gnome, every window I open is positioned so the title bar is offscreen, so i cant drag it into view, any ideas how to fix this? or move the windows at the least04:57
emmajanejw144000: it was an internationalization option in KDE, but I don't know how it works in gnome. Hang on and I'll see if I can find it.04:57
Jordan_UHallag1, I think xyblor is right about dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ( though that may not help at a tty )04:57
Piciverma: manpages-dev04:57
xyblorHallag1: you want to remap keys globally?04:57
vermaPici, ah04:57
Hallag1xyblor: For some reason, though, when I hit the key labelled ' it gives me nothing. Hitting it twice give me ' . Hitting it once, plus any other letter key, gives me an accent. e.g. créme brulée04:57
vermaPici, let me try04:58
prettyrickyNew to amsn, How do I start an account -  user name and password?04:58
Piciverma: That should be the C documentation stuff04:58
Hallag1This has done this with three different keyboards, xyblor04:58
vermaPici, ahaa .. it worked .. thanks04:58
n8tuserprettyricky--> umm this is not amsn support, tried reading their register page?04:58
Hallag1So I am just intending to try and reconfigure it, because I think I did something wrong in my initial install about a year ago04:58
xyblorHallag1: wow that's weird, I have no idea what could cause that04:59
Hallag1It is useful because I can type accents easily04:59
Hallag1OTOH, I have to type " + " + shift + alt to type "04:59
prettyrickyn8tuser - was hoping someone new how. thanks!04:59
TazbobuHow do you fix LAN if it is working by IP but not by name?04:59
Viktoriousanyone know of a good program to record ur desktop but not miss frames05:00
n8tuserprettyricky--> get on to their web site for registering and there should be instructions05:00
xyblorHallag1: so do you want to chang the behaviour of ' or not?05:00
Hallag1xyblor: Yes05:00
rainwalkerViktorious: there are lots of them, but none are guaranteed not to miss frames05:00
Neronioushow do you force terminate an application (ie Firefox) ?05:00
n8tuserTazbobu--> you either use /etc/hosts or the name server05:00
Hallag1xyblor: I know not much about bindings, though05:01
bmeynelli have a 36 gig windows partition... can I merge with my current filesystem or should I keep it as a separate partition? if the latter, how do I format the windows partition into a linux filesystem?05:01
prettyrickyn8tuser ----> thank you!05:01
saxofonerNeronious: you can use xkill, but going through the system monitor in the administration menu is more complete05:01
saxofonerIt will complain it is still running if you just xkill05:01
Neronioussaxofoner: ty05:01
bmeynellor point me to a HOWTO somwhere....05:01
n8tuserprettyricky--> sowee not too helpful05:01
Hallag1xyblor: Is there a HOWTO or something you could point me at? I've been searching on and off for an answer for about a year05:02
emmajaneHallag1: for mapping?05:02
n8tuserbmeynell--> what about the existing data on it? okay to trash it?05:02
xyblorHallag1: I'm not an expert at all, it sounds like you might have some accent utility installed.05:02
Hallag1Yeah, for remapping, emmajane. It would at leasr be a starting point05:02
ClintZ28I'm trying to compile the latest kernel, with Ubuntu Gutsy...after I extract the linux source, configure it, then run make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --initrd --append-to-version=-some-string-here kernel-image kernel-headers, the kernel is not compiled that I get the message, "No work to be done."  I have done this with an older kernel, 2.6.22, and it worked...05:03
Hallag1Haven't installed anything, it has worked like this since the start05:03
emmajaneHallag1: I'm looking for the same thing for jw144000. Hang on a sec.05:03
bmeynelln8tuser: yeah, i can kill everything on it... i have all my important files from windows on my linux partition now05:03
n8tuserClintZ28--> isnt there like a configure step you have to do before asking make to make?05:03
Crumbanyone have any luck with SND_HDA_INTEL?05:03
Hallag1Thanks, emmajane05:03
xyblorHallag1: does the behaviour of ' change with a different window manager?05:04
ClintZ28n8tuser, I just figured out the problem...I actually left off kernel-image and kernel-headers05:04
coolbhaviIf I want to give a user the ability to start and stop DNS, how would I go about doing so using Sudo?05:04
n8tuserbmeynell--> then just go ahead and reformat that partition or if you want to merge, do it..and reformat adn make a file system on it05:04
mateuszIs there working Sun Java for 64bit systems?05:04
bmeynelln8tuser: if I merge is all my linux data trashed?05:04
xyblorHallag1: what happens to ' in console mode? (ctrl-alt-F1)05:04
mateuszI mean plugin for firefox 64bit05:04
Jordan_U!flash64 | mateusz05:05
ubotumateusz: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava05:05
Hallag1xyblor: No. At least, I used the XFCE window manager on my last Ubuntu install on same computer, and same thing. Thing is, I did the same thing in that setup utility on the install CD05:05
Hallag1xyblor: Same deal05:05
n8tuserbmeynell--> it is wiser to have separate partitions, dont merge them into one big pile05:05
mateuszJordan_U: I dont want 32bit hacks05:05
emmajaneHallag1: what language/locale do you want it to be?05:05
xyblorHallag1: well at least you know it's not the window manager to blame then05:05
Crumbare there more focused ubunto channels here?05:05
Hallag1emmajane: English/Australian05:05
n8tuserbmeynell--> once one partition go bad on you, you at least have other partitions..05:05
Jordan_Umateusz, I think the most recent version of iceTea is native 64 bit05:06
bmeynelln8tuser: so the question is how to turn the windows partition into linux... is there a simple command or ?05:06
mateuszJordan_U: it doesnt work05:06
mateuszJordan_U: I tried it05:06
mateuszJordan_U: and none of Java applets work05:06
emmajaneHallag1: what window manager are you using?05:06
n8tuserbmeynell--> once you get into fdisk or gparted, its pretty straightforward... gparted must be installed if you dont have it yet05:06
emmajanejw144000: Are you using the default Ubuntu install?05:06
Tu13esany ideas how Ubuntu works with a Tablet PC?05:07
totopunkrockerhay algun argentino aca???????????05:07
=== mateusz is now known as Usiu
Pici!br | totopunkrocker05:07
ubotutotopunkrocker: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:07
Crumbthis irc makes me want to install gentoo...peace out05:07
UsiuJordan_U: and none of Java applets work05:07
bmeynelln8tuser: ok cool... i want to keep my linux data and turn my windows partition into a linux partition so to do that I run 'fdisk'05:07
emmajanejw144000: Try this: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layouts -> Add... and choose the right layout05:07
n8tuser!es | totopunkrocker05:07
ubotutotopunkrocker: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:07
bmeynelln8tuser: and how will the change affect GRUB?05:08
iceswordnotyeta, yeah05:08
n8tuserbmeynell--> yes, and delete old windows then create new linux id 83 type05:08
iceswordnotyeta, i am back .sorry05:08
n8tuserbmeynell--> you dont have grub installed on your windows partition right?05:08
emmajanejw144000: I don't see how to do the double-shift short cut in Gnome though. :(05:09
IdleOneneed some help with http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56446/05:09
bmeynelln8tuser: i don't  believe so.... but i don't know for sure... GRUB runs right after the BIOS runs and lists all my linux installations and my windows boot option at the bottom of the list05:09
Geoffrey2I'm trying to build libexo from source, ./configure keeps telling me it can't find md5.h or md5global.h even though both are already installed....05:10
n8tuserbmeynell--> check your /boot/grub/menu.lst and it should tell you where you have grub installed05:10
emmajaneHallag1: I dont' see an Australian locale installed by default in a plain vanilla Ubuntu install...05:10
n8tuserGeoffrey2--> umm check your Makefile to make sure it points to correct header directories?05:11
saxofonerso I've got my virtualbox all set up with my windows partition to run inside of ubuntu, but I get a hard disk error.  It doesn't even make it to the "choose hardware profile" menu  I know it has something to do with SCSI and SATA, but that's all I know.05:11
emmajanejw144000: http://raviratlami1.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-add-another-language-and.html might also be useful.05:12
n8tusersaxofoner--> try #virtualbox for additional help?05:12
emmajaneHallag1: You might find this useful too: http://raviratlami1.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-add-another-language-and.html05:12
saxofonern8tuser: I'll do that05:12
bmeynelln8tuser: it says windows xp is at "root     (hd0,1)"05:12
xyblorsaxofoner: how do you get virtualbox to boot a hard disk rather than an image file?05:13
n8tuserbmeynell--> thats 1st hd, 2nd partition05:13
IdleOne!es | totopunkrocker05:13
ubotutotopunkrocker: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:13
saxofonerxyblor: I'll get you a link, hang on05:13
xyblorsaxofoner: thanks05:13
saxofonerhttp://blarts.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-to-run-virtualbox-using-a-physical-partition-using-ubuntu-feisty-fawn/ xyblor05:14
xyblorsaxofoner: great, maybe now I can boot my virus-infested XP from Ubuntu ;-)05:15
bmeynelln8tuser: so I'm good to go? you agree?05:15
n8tuserbmeynell--> i do not doubt it05:15
saxofonerI read about some guy running all these viruses in wine, he lost his whole partition05:15
bmeynelln8tuser: thanks05:15
xyblorsaxofoner: yikes, maybe I shouldn't do it then05:15
stupidgirlHow do I check my RAID controller's serial number?05:15
iceswordnotyeta, it seems u are from hangzhou?05:16
xyblorsaxofoner: I wonder how you get viruses in Wine?05:16
saxofonerrun them yourself05:16
rainwalkerxyblor: just like you would in windows, probably05:16
HallageMy apologies, emmajane. My X windows crashed05:17
HallageI've tried every bit of fiddling with the keyboard settings that is possible, emmajane05:17
saxofonerthey shouldn't spread unless you try to cultivate them or something... with moisture and heat05:17
daspahThere is a computer in my house running Ubuntu. I have my laptop running (ubuntu too) and want to ssh to that other computer. How can I do it? We share the same network. The Internet IP is not dynamic.05:18
xyblorsaxofoner: I thought viruses depended on flaws in memory usage and network security in Windows. Those vulnerabilities wouldn't be present if you're running wine apps through linux, right?05:18
saxofonerit could effect the virtual drive_c I think05:18
rainwalkerxyblor: yes they would, because wine creates a virtual windows drive05:18
saxofonernot your actual OS05:19
ph0rensicdaspah, You want to only have a shell or remote desktop? Because yiu can use the terminal server client thing05:19
daspahph0rensic, Shell05:19
xyblorbut linux is still in control of networking and memory usage with Wine05:19
dsnydersHi all! My k3b doesn't start anymore, and I'm getting a DCOP aborting message when I run from a terminal.  What's wrong?05:20
xyblorunless you deliberately run a virus executable with wine...05:20
ph0rensicdaspah, I haven't done it in quite some time, so off-dand Im not sure.. do you have ssh running on the host machine?05:20
saxofonerWine is SO awesome it can get viruses.  Just leave it at that.  ;)05:20
vircusergot a question about preinstalling Ubuntu on systems our company wants to sell05:20
EADGMy lappy powered down when I had nano open, the text was un-named and not saved yet. Any chance it's still on my system? If yes, where?05:20
daspahph0rensic, i have installed ssh there05:20
vircuserdoes anyone know if there are any restirctions05:20
Gary_inNYChi, does anyone here play pok3d?  i just wanna know if it's safe to install05:20
xyblorsaxofoner: yeah, you get an authentic windows experience with wine05:20
vircuser(e.g. on the side of canonical?)05:21
rainwalkervircuser: none05:21
daspahph0rensic, I have changed the sshd_config to Port (myport)05:21
dsnydersEADG, I doubt it.05:21
Hallageemmajane! Thank you for all of your help, I just got it fixed05:21
vircuserwhat if we package a CD of ubuntu along with the system?05:22
ph0rensicdaspah, hmm see if any one else knows off-hand cause I'd have to look around for a while.. and I don't have a pc to test to remember05:22
stupidgirlHow do I check my RAID controller's serial number?05:22
EADGdsnyders: bummer05:22
IdleOnevircuser, you can always ask canonical www.canonical.com but I believe you are free to use reproduce, modify ubuntu as you please05:22
CountDownI'm using gparted  to look at a USB hard drive that I'd like to repartition/format, but it's not letting me delete some partitions even though I'm running gparted via gksudo.  Do I have to mount the drive as root?05:22
KuroachiaI'm attempting to run virtualBox and when I try to run a virtual machine I get an error saying that the kernal driver is not accessible to the current user. I was told to run this app in root but I was wondering if I could give user permission to use the app. Yes? No?05:23
vircuserthing is I can't find any direct contact from their webpage05:23
n8tuserdaspah--> whats the ip address of each host?05:23
rainwalkervircuser: the good thing about only using free software, is that there aren't restrictions on using it (unless you actually modify the code)05:23
iceswordCountDown, yeah,u need root privelige05:23
IdleOnemneptok, you here?05:23
CountDownicesword: But how do I get that if not through gksudo or sudo?05:23
daspahn8tuser, There is a router, and this computer uses it wired and mine uses wireless05:23
n8tuserdaspah--> whats the ip address of each host?05:24
vircuseranyone got an official email address from which I could get definitive answers?05:24
iceswordCountDown, sudo fdisk /dev/sda eg05:24
xyblorKuroachia: I have no problem running virtualbox without being root05:24
jw144000emmajane: I found out how to enable Hebrew using the switch key thing. I wish I could find a way to make the keyboard homophonic for Hebrew05:24
vircuser(i.e. official answers ;))05:24
xyblorKuroachia: I didn't do anything special05:24
CountDownicesword: Thanks, I'll try that.05:24
Kuroachiaxyblor: Simply installed it and ran it?05:24
iceswordvircuser, #ubuntu-ops05:24
vircuserthanks for the responds so far anyways ^^05:24
xyblorKuroachia: yep, from apt-get05:24
xyblorKuroachia: wait, actually I installed it from their website05:25
moaddoes ubuntu always split the CPU into two ?05:25
xyblorKuroachia: so it's not the "open source version" (OSE)05:25
Gary_inNYCi wanna play a nice game of poker online, i found pok3d but am not sure if it's safe to add them into my sources.list... can anyone confirm its' a good game?05:25
charlieDoes anybody know how to fix the crashing with flash video on firefox?05:25
iceswordmoad, what u mean05:26
rainwalkerKuroachia: sudo gpasswd -a [username] vboxusers05:26
Tw|sTKuroachia : is your userid a member of the ADM group?05:26
xyblorKuroachia: i followed this guide: http://www.techthrob.com/tech/linux_virtualization.php05:26
daspahn8tuser, why?05:26
poningrucharles54: is it all flash videos? or just some?05:26
iceswordcharlie,check u flash version05:26
nano__how can i tell i have compiz fusion installed as opposed to just compiz05:26
poningrucharles54: most likely its your flash05:26
n8tuserdaspah--> do you want assistance?05:26
poningruyeah what he said05:26
Tw|sTah, didn't think about that one... good answer05:26
moadicesword, somehow i have a problem with CPU , i open fire fox with lets say 4 tabs and i check my CPU usage and its already 100% on CPU1 and 4% on CPU2 , why is it this way ?05:26
charlieicesword: what version should i have? I have     Shockwave Flash 9.0 r4805:26
daspahn8tuser, how can I know? ifconfig?05:26
rainwalkerKuroachia: run that to add you to the vboxusers group, which you apparently have to be05:27
blistov hey, why is the ubuntu livecd automatically killing all my mbrs from every disk it finds, on boot? 09:51:40      I put in the cd, booted off it, the framebuffer never loaded correctly, waited 5 minutes till i was sure nothing was going on, tried again in safe mode (i assumed that wouldn't use a splash, no change, took the cd out, rebooted, and of my the mbr's from both raids, and my one single drive, were all wiped out. 09:52:13      05:27
blistovmbr to all disks, reboot, everything works again. boot the ubuntu cd, and once again, the mbr's all die. 09:52:36      any ideas on this? is ubuntu cleverly installing something to the mbr of every disk it see's?05:27
IdleOnevircuser, http://www.canonical.com/node/2205:27
n8tuserdaspah--> thats one of the ways yes05:27
Kuroachiarainwalker: thanks05:27
rainwalkerKuroachia: no problem, I had the same issue05:27
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iceswordcharlie,check www.adobe.com05:27
daspahn8tuser, which one should I pick?05:27
jw144000emmajane: n/m, I figured it out05:27
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daspahinet addr (eth1)?05:28
n8tuserdaspah--> both ends05:28
iceswordmoad, u use dual core ?that is the way it acts05:28
daspahn8tuser, inet addr (eth1)?05:28
IdleOneneed some help with http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56446/05:28
n8tuserdaspah umm you know what an ip address looks like right?05:28
moadicesword, i dont think i have dual core ...05:28
daspahn8tuser, of course05:28
Kuroachiarainerwalker: I'm sure I could have figured it out, I just have a bit of a headache after a long day so I thought I'd try the easy way first tonight haha. Thanks a ton.05:28
daspahn8tuser, tell what should i do05:28
iceswordmoad, u have two cpus05:28
moadicesword, how do i check the specs ?05:29
n8tuserdashua--> read what is the ip address assigned to your host, at both ends05:29
iceswordmoad, specs?05:29
moadicesword, the specs of my computer , i dont remember having two cpus05:29
n8tuserdaspah--> got it yet?05:30
iceswordmoad, haha,what makes u believe u got two cpu ,less /proc/cpuinfo05:30
dsnydersmoad, a dual core cpu will show up as two cpus.05:30
daspahn8tuser, tell me what to do05:30
daspahn8tuser, i know the ips05:31
n8tuserdashua--> read what is the ip address assigned to your host, at both ends05:31
slackernA Pentium 4 with HyperThreading enabled shows up as 2 also if i remember correct05:31
n8tuserdaspah--> whats the ip address of each host?05:31
reindJust installed 7.10 and gnome. I can't get audio to work properly. The "Sound Preferences" tests all work when I choose (PCM - using a coaxial out on sblive), but xmms or vlc do not output any audio, any ideas what's wrong?05:31
moadicesword, and why does it get black while only using firefox ? i have a relatively good pc ....05:31
iceswordwe do wantt o know the port05:31
n8tuserdaspah its obvious you want to be difficult05:31
daspahn8tuser, i dont need to tell u05:31
xyblordoes xinitrc run before the xserver is started or after?05:31
n8tuserdaspah okay no problem..05:32
iceswordmoad, what is getting black05:32
slackernxyblor: I belive it's called after it's loaded after drivers and everything has been loaded05:32
Messia00Hey do you guys provide support on installing ubuntu on the ps3?05:32
moadicesword, the firefox windows get black and stuck and i have to force quit05:32
xyblorreind: maybe you have the wrong soundcard selected by default. that happened to me05:32
moadicesword, when i check the system monitor it tells me one of the cpus is at 100%05:32
slackernxyblor: remember using it way back for launching different WindowManagers and Desktop Enviroments05:33
ManjyHello, can anybody help me? I downloaded the alternate CD for Ubuntu 7.10 and wrote it to a CD-RW using a program called "BurnCDCC", and when i ran it on my other older computer which had problems with the live CD, after it got to 6% on the install, it failed, is there anything i can do to fix this, my old computer used to use Windows XP and was very slow, however it was erased by the Ubuntu...05:33
Manjy...disc, so if i cant install Ubuntu now, i'm pretty much in a tight situation since my family uses i05:33
iceswordmoad, never seen it before,what version u use?05:33
xyblorslackern: no i don't remember05:33
Manjyit gave various errors about corrupted .deb files05:33
slackernxyblor: Oh sorry ment that I remember :)05:33
moadicesword, firefox version ?05:33
IdleOnedaspah, if you are concerned about us finding out this ip dont worry I just told everybody. your internal ip like doesnt make a difference to us because we all use them so.....05:33
reindxyblor: where can i set the default?05:33
prettyrickyNew to linux, but how do I get permission to install file such as usr/share/amsn/plugin   it says no permission!05:34
iceswordmoad, yeah,or u got confused,why not ask in #firefox05:34
xyblorreind: I can't remember05:34
IdleOneprettyricky, use sudo05:34
Tw|sTManjy : You'll probably need a different replacement disc, written with Nero, Roxio, or K3B.05:34
FbernGuys I accidentally removed the system tray that is to the right of the power button. How do I bring it back?05:34
reindxyblor: thx anyways05:34
ManjyTw|sT: Are any of those programs free?05:34
prettyrickyyou mean on the terminal, I'm just trying to drag a file to the folder...05:34
moadicesword, i dont think its a firefox problem ... because it also happens with other programs , kopete , pidgin ...05:34
Tw|sTK3B is a KDE app05:35
prettyrickydo I have to login as sudo?05:35
Tw|sTNero, nor Roxio are free05:35
Tw|sTbut, you might be able to get a functional demo copy05:35
Tw|sTcheck www.nero.com05:35
xyblorslackern: I want to run something after the xsession has started, but before the window manager has started05:35
prettyrickyIdleOne can you specify how to do it please.05:35
FbernGuys I accidentally removed the system tray that is to the right of the power button. How do I bring it back?05:35
ManjyTw|sT: Thanks, i'll check it out :)05:35
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Tw|sTIt's pretty much the defacto standard in disc writing for win32 systems05:36
Silveira_NetoWhat I need to do to a gDesklet be initialized everytime I enter in my ubuntu?05:36
xyblorreind: try alsactl05:36
daspahIdleOne, i give up, nobody helps05:36
TerrorBiteFbern, right-click the panel, select Add To Panel, and drag it back on05:36
phuzionhow can i play real media files?05:36
iceswordmoad, it is hard to explain,maybe ram is enough,or bad,or harddisk is bad something05:36
n8tuserdaspah--> do not be difficult so we can assist you05:36
ManjyWow, Nero is a large download, this may take a while, XD05:37
daspahn8tuser, could you just tell me the steps?05:37
moadicesword, ram is 1gig and i have a swap of 2 gigs05:37
nickrudFbern: right click the panel, select notification area05:37
Fbernwhere is it to drag back on?05:37
iceswordmoad, most likely,u got some program conficting with u system05:37
TerrorBiteFbern, it's under Utilities, called Notification Area05:37
n8tuserdaspah--> it requires you telling me the ip address of your host05:37
IdleOneprettyricky, add sudo in front of the command you are using to copy the plugin to the directory05:37
speaker219* BritneySpears has quit (Remote closed the connection) <-- Oh gawd they've sent her to the mental institution again05:37
n8tuserdaspah--> but if you are unwilling, then..05:37
ph0rensicManjy, Why you downloading nero?05:37
IdleOnedaspah, n8tuser was trying to but you refuse to answer his questions05:38
Tw|sTManjy:  yeah... it's a fat download alright05:38
Manjyph0rensic: to write the iso for the alternate installer05:38
prettyrickyIdleOne -----> ok thank you05:38
ManjyTw|sT: I read about several other people with the same error only with the alternate CD on the forums, but could find no answer, so hopefully this works05:38
ph0rensicManjy, Your using linux right now right?05:38
hk2999i need to record a screencap of my desktop05:38
daspahIdleOne, hahaha05:38
Fberni just removed the REGULAR panel05:38
daspahIdleOne, i have it working05:38
Fberncuz i put it in a wrong place05:38
ManjyNo, not now, I'm trying to install it to my other PC05:38
Fbernhow do i get the panel back uptop?05:38
IdleOnedaspah, glad to hear it05:38
daspahn8tuser, IdleOne thanks05:38
Tw|sTwhen you install it, just install Nero burning rom.  the rest is all unnecessary for cranking out a new disc image05:38
hk2999i need to record a screencap/movie of my desktop, what program should i use?05:38
n8tuserdaspah no problem, come back again05:38
ph0rensicManjy, Ok you're on a win box then eh05:38
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nickrud!resetpanel | Fbern you can do this to return panels to default05:39
ubotuFbern you can do this to return panels to default: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:39
Manjyph0rensic: unfortunately05:39
xyblorreind: try "asoundconf list"05:39
slackernxyblor: hmm i guess .xinitrc would do it for you, but not sure if "whatever launches the windowmanager" waits for xinitrc to finish before loading05:39
ph0rensicManjy, heh k..05:39
Manjyph0rensic: i used to dual boot, but i switched back to windows permanently cause WoW is a pain to run with wine05:39
Viktoriousdoes anyone here use xvidcap..?05:39
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jbinderHow can I make it so it uses the restricted driver, nvidia-glx-new by default?05:39
prettyrickyIdleOne----> I'm just trying to drag a file, not in the terminal. Can I just do it that way. There are no commands involved.05:39
xyblorslackern: hmm, I guess I'll just have to try it and see.05:39
jbinderLike, if I have it installed but it doesn't use it.05:40
Fbernwhere do i type resetpanel?05:40
nickrudFbern: apps->accessories->terminal05:40
ph0rensicManjy, ahh I just put my dual boot back on.. I used to only use windows, then dual, then only ubuntu, not I set up xp again so I can use the cd-print function of my printer05:40
slackernxyblor: sorry for not being able to provide more info, only time i used it was to launch everything in .xinitrc for a specific user and xinitrc ended with launching the windowmanager (fluxbox in that case to be specific)05:40
Fbernevent not found nickrud05:40
Kitar88http://wiresmash.com a great site to check out if you are bored (gaming tips,increase your internet connection,videos,funny,pics....) really great http://wiresmash.com05:40
ph0rensicManjy, How else Am I going to label my inkjet printable ubuntu disks?05:40
Tw|sTI find it's good to keep around different machines for different tasks.  I run several systems, winxp, win2k3, Kubuntu, DD-WRT, Debian.  All my linux systems are integrated with Active Directory, and I have Microsoft services for Unix installed on my AD controllers to work with the Linux systems.05:40
IdleOneprettyricky, yeah you should be able to. if not close out nautilus and then hit alt+F2 and type in gksu nautilus then try dragging the file05:41
TerrorBiteFbern, do what ubotu said: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel05:41
TerrorBiterun that instead05:41
Manjyph0rensic: i would hate windows much less if i didn't just lose my XP install due to ubuntu failing, and not having money to replace it05:41
xyblorslackern: I'm trying to set up dual-head display *before* Enlightenment starts, because it behaves incorrectly if I run my xrandr stuff after it's started, then I have to "restart Enlightenment"05:41
nickrudFbern: apps->accessories->terminal, type in there:  gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel05:41
ph0rensicManjy, Why did you lose your windows install.. probably just need to fix the boot record05:41
xyblorslackern: thanks for the info, I'll just give it a shot05:41
stupidgirlAre kernels backward compatible? I'm using 2.6.22-14-generic. Can I use the UDF 2.50 patch? It's available only upto 2.6.1605:41
Fbernok now i dont have any panels.....05:41
slackernxyblor: ahh, xinitrc should be the place for you then i guess, same place for setting up mice/keyboards and everything there before the wm is up and kicking05:41
Fbernwas that a prank?05:41
nickrudFbern: no, they should restart automatically05:42
Tw|sTManjy : did you format the Windows partition(s)?05:42
Fbernwell they didnt05:42
slackernxyblor: only one way as you said, give it a try :)05:42
TerrorBiteFbern, if your panels don't come back, run this: gnome-panel &05:42
Fbernhow do i bring up a terminal05:42
n8tuserstupidgirl--> am curious, if you do apply it and compile, are you getting any kind of error?05:42
xyblorslackern: is relogging enough to get xinitrc to run or do I need to reboot?05:43
TerrorBiteFbern, try Alt+F205:43
nickrudFbern: the thing I had you pull up already05:43
Manjyph0rensic: Tw|sT: i was going to resize my windows partition, but it was acting weird so i just decided to use the whole thing, and then it formatted and started installing, then the .deb errors started coming up, so i can't fail installing ubuntu now, or my family will kill me05:43
FbernALT+F2 isnt bringing anything up i tried that05:43
KittHello, I'm having a problem with my computer not detecting my dvd drive on startup (so i can't install ubuntu).  I can use the dvd drive once I've booted (browsing, burning ect.) but the computer is not detecting it on startup?  I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience?05:43
stupidgirln8tuser: I haven't done it yet. Thats why Im asking05:43
nickrudTerrorBite: doesn't work with no panels ;)05:43
Tw|sTtry CTRL+ALT+F205:43
reindxyblor: thanks, that listed both my sound cards, still trying to figure out how to select one of them tho :-/05:43
TerrorBiteFbern, wait05:43
slackernxyblor: relogging should be enough, never used it at the same time as gdm/kdm though so can't really say05:43
nickrudFbern: apps->accessories->terminal , type in there:   gnome-panel &05:43
IdleOneKitt, do you mean you are not able to boot to the live cd?05:44
xyblorreind: asoundconf "set-default-card *card-name*"05:44
ph0rensicManjy, hmm so your installing ubuntu over the whole drive and you had deb errors?05:44
n8tuserstupidgirl--> it would not hurt i guess trying to compile one...cept for time loss..05:44
xyblorreind: sry quotes in wrong place...05:44
Manjyph0rensic: Yeah, it was a bit weird, but hopefully it's only because of me burning it wrong...05:44
iceswordstupidgirl, :)05:44
GenericGamerso i wanna do full ubuntu, no windows patriotion, but my wireless card doesnt seem to work Product TypeRealtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC05:44
Tw|sTah, gotch Manjy05:44
TerrorBiteTw|sT, you should have told him FIRST to use ctrl-alt-F7 to get back again05:44
Tw|sTrough situation there05:45
xyblorreind: for me it was "asoundconf set-default-card Audigy"05:45
ph0rensicManjy, We'll help you get everything installed k?05:45
xyblorreind: and then I had to unmute "analog/didgital out" in alsamixer05:45
Tw|sTmaybe he'll go thru the list of keys and figure it out05:45
nickrudTw|sT: been doing this for 3 years here, sometimes I still forget that very important thing ;)05:45
Manjyph0rensic: thanks, i'll try to figure it out on my own, but i'll ask you if i have any problems05:45
reindxyblor: that did it! thanks very much05:45
ph0rensicLOL nickrud05:45
prettyrickyIdleOne----> did that but I still get error while copying and the permission thing comes up.. The file is on the desktop I had downloaded it, Does that matter??05:45
xyblorreind: no prob :-)05:46
ph0rensicManjy, Ok no problemo05:46
n8tuserGenericGamer--> try the liveCd first and see if your wireless works05:46
xyblorreind: that gave me a headache for hours a few days ago05:46
ph0rensicGenericGamer, Saying goodbye to the ol win partition? Why not dual boot until your comfortable w/o windows?05:46
reindxyblor: heh ya thanks for helping me skip hours of pain05:47
IdleOneprettyricky, open a terminal , cd Desktop > sudo cp filename /destination/dir05:47
Manjyph0rensic: I really just wanted ubuntu because i was hoping it would be faster than XP on my old desktop, i was getting tired of my brother complaining about it all the time, but i'm thinking this may be more trouble than it's worth, lol05:47
TerrorBiteFbern, Tw|sT forgot to tell you it's Ctrl-Alt-F7 fo get back again05:48
GenericGamern8 -> alright, ph0--> sick of it05:48
Tw|sThey... has anyone here ever played around with setting up Ubuntu or Kubuntu to boot from a detachable USB hard drive?  I did up a Fedora system like that a few years back on a 60GB drive.  made it sorta like a better Knoppix, but with full account support.05:48
Tw|sTI've been wanting to do the same thing with Kubuntu05:48
FbernHey. it worked!05:49
TerrorBiteTw|sT, I have a Ubuntu Live image on my flash drive, used it to put Ubuntu onto this EeePC05:49
ph0rensicnickrud, Hey question.. say I already dualboot and I wanna give the 64-bit version a go. I already have my drives partitioned and everything... When I install the 2nd linux operating system on my machine, does GRUB reconfigure for me automatically to show the new 64-but kernel?05:49
stupidgirlIs there a way to tell mount what filesystem to use when I mount a DVD?05:49
nickrud!install | Tw|sT there's one here05:49
ubotuTw|sT there's one here: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:49
Fberni had to reboot05:49
IdleOneahh the old reboot trick05:49
Fbernanyone know how to get some programs to automatically be Tray-Able with KDOCKER?05:49
TerrorBiteFbern, rebooting would do it05:49
n8tuserTw|sT--> it works on a toshiba laptop my friend has and using a 60gb external usb drive05:49
nickrudFbern: fyi for next time, you only have to log out and back in to reset your gui05:49
Fberno i didnt know that thx05:49
Fbernim a noob05:49
ph0rensicManjy, I think you will end up thinking it was worth the trouble of figuring out.. there is some getting used to it, but rarely do people go back05:49
TerrorBitenickrud, logging out without panels = pretty hard for a newbie05:49
vircuserthere is a tut on the web on installing ubuntu gutsy on a USB stick05:50
codenameWhat does it mean, if you were watching a video, then it goes to a black screen, like right before it boots up into the login screen. then it takes you back to the login screen?05:50
prettyrickyIdleOne ---> no such file or directory05:50
codenameX11 crash?05:50
ph0rensicTerrorBite, crtl-alt-backspace?05:50
TerrorBitevircuser, I know, I used it05:50
nickrudTerrorBite: true that. Wanna tell him about cab ?05:50
prettyrickyI go to terminal. type cd desktop and get no such dir05:50
Tw|sTI imagine it's the same process as the Fedora install... do the full install, then boot from the disc in rescue mode, and chroot the filesystem, then build the USB boot image, etc.05:50
IdleOneprettyricky, you have to edit that command to point to the correct dir05:50
nickrudprettyricky: its Desktop , caps matter in linux05:50
ph0rensicprettyricky, Desktop is case sensitive "D"05:50
TerrorBiteph0rensic, that works, thoughit's not really a "clean" logout05:50
ph0rensicTerrorBite, True05:50
Tw|sTI gotta try that as soon as I have time to backup my 120GB USB HD.05:51
nickrudwaiting for apps to actually close on logout.05:51
Fbernanyone know how to get some programs to automatically be Tray-Able with KDOCKER? For example get Evolution to automatically tray when I minimize it?05:51
prettyrickyThat works----- : )05:51
n8tuserTw|sT--> nope, i just clicked install and choose the external usb drive..it worked, at boot, I just made sure bios is pointing to external usb drive05:51
ph0rensicnickrud, Did you get my last message to you?05:51
nickrudph0rensic: mised it05:51
Manjyph0rensic: Oh I've used it before as i mentioned earlier, i just mean the hassle of setting everything up, it's mostly just my brother who uses it for the internet, and he won't have much problems adjusting to firefox, and my brother and sister can use banshee for their iPods and buy music online05:51
TerrorBiteTw|sT, so you're looking at a fullsize USB HDD, rather than just a live boot from a flash drive05:51
Tw|sTWhen I do though, I wanna set it up where the first half is Kubuntu, paired up with the NTFS kernel mod.05:51
dsnydersI'm going to install kde to see if that gets k3b going.05:51
nickrudph0rensic: yes, it does05:52
DrBanzaiAre there any internet backbone issues tonight?05:52
Tw|sTright on05:52
Tw|sTn8tuser: thats badass05:52
Tw|sTI'll definitely check it out soon then.05:52
ph0rensicnickrud, So then when os would be in charge of grub, the new one or the first installed one?05:52
Tw|sTonce it has the NTFS driver integrated, I'll be able to use about half the space on it for a universal storage partition05:53
nickrudph0rensic: the last installed os05:53
IdleOnereally need some help with http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56446/05:53
Tw|sTthe rest, about 60GB, will be dedicated to the portable linux05:53
ph0rensicnickrud, That is what I was thinking .. ok thanks05:53
Tw|sTI'll just put the NTFS on the tail of the drive, and let the Ext3 occupy the first half05:54
caleb_yauHello, I was having some problems with my Xubuntu virtual terminals. I looked up a potential fix on google and find these command line fixes "sudo modprobe vga16 sudo modprobe fbcon" this made the problem totally totally crazy and i just want to know how to disable what i did05:54
ph0rensicManjy, I'd say its a alot easier and faster to set it up compared to windows05:54
=== pyrak_ is now known as pyrak
nickrudph0rensic: if you want a different one to do it, while that os is active do  sudo grub-install /dev/hda (or sda)05:54
ph0rensicManjy, I just reinstall my dual-boot setup the other day and I still dont have my win setup finished yet05:54
Starnestommycaleb_yau: sudo rmmod vga16 then sudo rmmod fbcon05:55
prettyrickyIdleOne---> Sorry got to ~/Desktop then I go to cp amsnplus which is the file and then do I enter destination/dir? Very confused, newbie05:55
n8tuserIdleOne--> which step you got stucked?05:55
stupidgirlHow do I specify what filesystem to use when I mount from Terminal?05:55
IdleOneprettyricky, where do you want to put that file?05:55
Manjyph0rensic: ouch05:55
faprillooking for a good partition manager that I can 'apt-get'05:55
nickrudph0rensic: um,  sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install /dev/<device> that is, so all the os's will be listed05:55
ph0rensicnickrud, got it thanks bro05:55
IdleOnen8tuser, step 505:55
prettyrickyI want to put it with the amsn05:55
caleb_yauthanks Starneystommy but i just got this error :ERROR: Module vga16 does not exist in /proc/modules05:56
[RUsh]Hello. I have /etc/init.d/networking script being disabled. But when I start my ubuntu, I have network configuration: http://paste.org/index.php?id=2051. If I switch my script on, ubuntu doesn't read config from /etc/network/interfaces (so, I have the same strange net config)05:56
nickrudstupidgirl:  like   sudo mount /dev/<device> -t <type> /mountpoint05:56
prettyrickyI want to put it here   /usr/share/amsn/plugins05:56
n8tuserIdleOne--> referring to drivers/net/Kconfig  ?05:56
Manjyouch, this Nero install may take a while05:56
IdleOnen8tuser, yes05:56
rhaag71anyone experincing the need to reconfig vmware after reboot?05:57
IdleOneprettyricky, sudo cp amsnplus /usr/share/amsn/plugins05:57
[RUsh]to make OS read config, I have to do # ifdown -a && ifup -a05:57
n8tuserIdleOne--> yours does not have that file?05:57
IdleOnen8tuser, nope05:57
[RUsh]ifup -a makes no effect05:57
stupidgirlnickrud: I get a wrong fs type error. How do I mount UDF 2.5?05:57
Manjyph0rensic: This is going to sound n00bish but, on Ubuntu, is there anything similar to the windows task manager, you know, for viewing/ending processes and checking their memory usage and such05:57
IdleOnen8tuser, unless it is hidden05:57
stupidgirlManjy: htop05:58
nickrudstupidgirl: try -t auto05:58
rhaag71manjy look for 'process manager'05:58
stupidgirlnickrud: Same error05:58
nickrudstupidgirl: or udf, according to the mount man page05:58
prettyrickyTried that and get no such file?05:58
no0ticstupidgirl, -t udf05:58
stupidgirlnickrud, it's UDF 2.5 actually05:58
iceswordnickrud, stupidgirl said udf ,wht is it05:58
ph0rensicManjy, are you talking about system monitor? Check system-admin-system monitor05:58
stupidgirlnot UDF05:59
prettyrickythe file is on my desktop05:59
n8tuserIdleOne--> am on 2.6.22-14-generic and it has that Kconfig file05:59
nickrudicesword:  udf is the "Universal Disk Format" filesystem defined by the  Optical  Storage  Technology05:59
nickrud       Association, and is often used for DVD-ROM.05:59
jgmcmasterhey does anyone know what to do to get midi files to play on ubuntu>05:59
Manjyph0rensic: thanks, i'll check that out after i install it :)05:59
IdleOnen8tuser, I have same kernel but dont see the kconfig05:59
rhaag71sorry manjy, ph0rensic had it right, 'system monitor'05:59
nickrudicesword: copied from the mount man page05:59
ph0rensicManjy, Yes that is probably what you are looking for05:59
caleb_yauwhen i write "sudo rmmod fbcon" i also get "ERROR: Module fbcon is in use"05:59
IdleOnen8tuser, is it hidden?05:59
IdleOnen8tuser, on windows right now so I cant check06:00
Jordan_Ujgmcmaster, use timidity06:00
vidohi all06:00
FbernAnyone ever have problems with GDESKLETS not booting right when its on the left?06:00
n8tuserIdleOne--> nope, its in /usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r`/drivers/net/Kconfig   note the cap K06:00
jgmcmasterwhere you find timidity?06:00
ph0rensicFbern, I stopped using gdesklets and started using screenlets06:00
stupidgirlnickrud: dmesg shows --- [ 6256.880000] UDF-fs: minUDFReadRev=250 (max is 201)06:01
Bakefyis it possible to use the web gui feature of utorrent with the wine install?06:01
saryi only use screenlets never try gdesklet befor06:01
IdleOnen8tuser, I will have to take another look. will be back06:01
ph0rensicHAS anyone tried using clonezilla yet?06:01
iceswordstupidgirl, where a u from06:01
vidoany one can use the sound in the yahoo chat rooms06:01
saryi got major lag when i install world of warcraft06:01
ph0rensicsary, I found gdesklets to not work that well06:01
stupidgirlicesword: India06:02
n8tuserstupidgirl--> you can verify your current running kernel if it supports UDF by  grepping for UDF the /boot/config-`uname-r` file06:02
iceswordstupidgirl, but your ip points to german06:02
stupidgirlicesword, no it doesn't06:03
stefano_i have a really weird problem06:03
caleb_yauany Ideas on how to fix my virtual terminal to back to normal?06:03
ph0rensicAnyone know if I can have a thumb-drive apache server running on a pc that has apache already running on it?06:03
vido  can any one use the sound in the yahoo chat rooms06:03
iceswordstupidgirl, yeah,i see,sorry06:03
stefano_i can't get on the internet from my laptop, i am on the network but everything on the internet doesnt work suddenly06:03
stefano_can anyone help?06:04
nickrudstupidgirl: good question, I did a google search for udf 2.50 ubuntu, it leads me to believe it's not in the kernel. You'd have to add support for it06:04
n8tuserph0rensic--> umm you want your thumb-drive to be written frequently by apache?06:04
Fbernwhats a screenlet ph0rensic06:04
ph0rensicFbern, Kinda same thing as a desklet, but works way better06:04
n8tuserstefano_--> paste in pastebin your ifconfig -a and route -n06:04
stupidgirlnickrud: Okay, thats what I needed to know. Cause the guides I found for UDF 2.5 were for Fiesty, and none for Gutsy06:05
iceswordstupidgirl, i see,u got u 80 port open,what do u use it for06:05
Fberndo i just google screenlet?06:05
stupidgirlicesword: router06:05
ph0rensicn8tuser, No I want to run an apache-web-server on my thumbdrive for some apps I am working on, and we-sql driven calendar and stuff I access not too often. Also could be used as a bootable resume type thing06:05
stupidgirlicesword: Feeling a bit nosey today, aren't you?06:05
iceswordstupidgirl, i see,i will stop it06:05
saryanyone having problem with video with intel video card?06:06
stefano_n8tuser, even though it just occoured all the sudden? i havent made any changes at all. i was just watching a video on stage6 when my internet connection got disconnected (24h disconnect from the provider) when i was back on line, suddenly it wouldnt work. i am now using xchat and firefox on another machine via x forwarding06:06
ph0rensicn8tuser, My webserver on my pc is one that will be used more often... but I want my thumbdrive for switching between laptop and elsewhere06:07
stupidgirlnickrud: The patch I found for UDF 2.5 is for an older kernel. Is it possible that it might work on Gutsy? I have no idea if kernels are backward compatible06:07
cavemanIm trying to automount a drive, but it wont let me put it where I want it, keeps saying has to be below /media???  its alwase worked in the past, and editing fstab doesnt do it06:07
prettyrickyHow can I just drag files without getting denied permission?06:07
n8tuserstefano_-->  its common for me, my ip address changes often, my ISP resets their system often06:07
nickrudstupidgirl: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=295&atid=300295 has patches for current kernels06:07
stefano_n8tuser, what is common for you?06:08
Seveasstupidgirl, ubuntu kernels have UDF support, no need to patch06:08
stefano_n8tuser, http://pastebin.com/m7f070826 here they are06:08
n8tuserstefano_--> that my ip address change06:08
stupidgirlSeveas, UDF 2.5, not UDF06:08
Fbernph0rensic:  where do i find thse screenlets06:09
stefano_n8tuser, thats not the problem, it happens every 24 hours for me, but after the last one i can't get on the internet with that one machine and thats very strange06:09
n8tuserph0rensic--> you can use your thumb drive, am just reminding you that the life cycle of thumb drive diminishes if you do read/write often to it06:09
ph0rensicFbern, I believe the package is enabled in the ubuntu repos.. try at terminal: sudo apt-get install screenlets06:09
stefano_as i said, i havent made any changes whatsoever06:10
Geoffrey2I'm trying to build a program in xubuntu, it's looking for md5.h, and md5global.h, I had to manually specify the directory for the ./configuration routine to find it, now it's telling me md5.h is present, but can't be compiled06:10
ph0rensicn8tuser, oh i see.. thanks for the concern... I doubt it will be used so much to cause any irregular usage .. is there a preferred method to setting this up?06:11
n8tuserstefano_--> do you use the vnic0 as some kind of tunnel to get to the internet or thats just a tunnel for special apps you use?06:11
nano__is there a specific chatroom for discussing compwiz fusion06:11
Jordan_UGeoffrey2, What program?06:11
ph0rensicnano_, type /join #compiz-fusion06:11
stefano_n8tuser, i think it's for parallels but i'm not sure, i havent had problems before though06:11
FbernE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)06:11
FbernE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:11
Fbernph0rensic:  thats for u06:11
Geoffrey2Jordan_U: libexo06:12
ph0rensicFbern, Oh do you have synaptic open right now?06:12
Fbernyea sorry06:12
nano__ph0rensic: how is it that you know so much....thnx06:12
ph0rensicfbern yah close that out .. they cant be open at the same time06:12
n8tuserstefano its hard for me to tell, i dont know if you are using a tunnel to get to the internet or you have a dsl as your access..which?06:12
Fbernwhere do i find screenlets now in the menu06:13
nano__ph0rensic: that room is empty06:13
ph0rensicnano_, I know very little compared to my colleagues such as nickrud and Jordan_U .. I guess I've learned much from the community06:13
ph0rensicnano_, OK hang on06:13
stefano_n8tuser, i have changed the DNS server from the routers ip to the real one, now it works, but how the heck did it stop working the old way all the sudden :O06:13
Manjyph0rensic: i just downloaded the alternate installer again from bittorrent, is there anyw ay to see if it's corrupted or not?06:13
nano__ph0rensic: its actually #compiz06:13
n8tuserstefano_--> assuming it is tunneled via vnic0  then perhaps the far end is not able to connect06:13
Fbernph0rensic:  I did the apt-get install. Where do I go to find it?06:13
ph0rensicnano_, _ show 187 people in compiz-fusion06:14
n8tuserstefano_--> maybe your router was not getting a dns feed? so replacing it with a real one, worked06:14
ph0rensicfbern did it install ??06:15
ph0rensicFbern, I think its in apps-accessories06:15
stefano_n8tuser, really weird. however, it works now thanks for your help06:15
nano__ph0rensic: thnx dude06:15
FbernI dont see screenlets under accessories. I see gdesklets tho06:15
n8tuserstefano_--> well if your router was not getting the dns feed, then yeah you can not resolve address so youd be stuck06:15
ph0rensicnano_, If yours was empty perhaps the named was typed wrong or something???06:16
nano__ph0rensic: perhaps06:16
nickrud!screenlets | Fbern06:16
ubotuFbern: Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have !Compiz Fusion, !Beryl, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/06:16
nano__does anybody know how to change the transparency of window title bars in compiz-fusion06:16
Fberni have compiz06:16
ph0rensicnano_, I think that takes place in emerald06:16
ph0rensicnano_, Do you have emerald installed?06:17
ManjyAnyone, i just downloaded the alternate installer again from bittorrent, is there anyway to see if it's corrupted or not?06:17
Fbernso no clue on screenlets?06:17
nano__ph0rensic: i haven't activated emerald yet06:17
ph0rensicManjy, Test the md5 hash06:17
Manjyph0rensic: how can i do this? (sorry)06:17
nano__im looking at compiz-fusion-config and i cant seem find it06:17
ph0rensicnano_, Do that... you have much control over the look of your system with this06:17
ph0rensicManjy, No problem your on windows right?06:17
iceswordpawan, hi06:19
pawannot getting splash screen of ubuntu while loading on startup06:19
zenomy computer has lots of broken packages, whats a util to fix them?06:19
ph0rensicManjy, Trying to locate the program06:19
wlnetis there such thing as a social contract for ubuntu?06:19
ph0rensicicesword, win doesn't come with an md5 command line tool does it?06:19
caleb_yauHello, I was having some problems with my Xubuntu virtual terminals. I looked up a potential fix on google and find these command line fixes "sudo modprobe vga16 sudo modprobe fbcon" this made the problem totally totally crazy and i just want to know how to disable what i did06:19
n8tuserpawan on yhour menu.list try to remove or uncomment hiddenmenu and also remove splash06:20
iceswordph0rensic, yeah,06:20
prettyrickyIdleOne----> Thank you very much got it working!06:20
ph0rensicicesword, its md5sum?06:20
n8tuserpawan save a copy 1st before modification okay?06:20
iceswordph0rensic, google it ,then download06:20
caspertechi am thinking of trying out linux but first i want to know if my hardware will work i have a hp tx1000 tablet pc the devices i want to know will or wont work is touchscreen, intergrated webcam and mic, fingerprint scanner and the tvtunner remote06:20
pawani try06:20
Ububeginwhat is the difference between "locate" and "find" command06:20
ph0rensicicesword, Ahh thats the one where you can drag and drop in the icon?06:21
nano__ph0rensic: i did enable it; however, I still can't find how to change the transparency of my window titlebars06:21
ph0rensicManjy, http://etree.org/md5com.html download md5sum.exe06:21
n8tusercaspertech--> do you ever go in a dark alley with that? i may just rob you..hehe06:21
bluefox83Ububegin, the spelling :P06:21
nickrudFbern: what irc client are you using?06:21
caspertechn8tuser lol06:21
iceswordph0rensic, i canno t quite follow u06:21
wlnetubuntu will not support non-free software at all?06:21
pawanno such option06:21
Ububeginbluefox83: :|06:21
ph0rensicnano_, You have to go in and edit the current emerald theme .. also make sure you type emerald --replace in terminal to use emerald06:22
n8tuserpawan look carefully, they are there06:22
iceswordwlnet, what u mean06:22
nano__ph0rensic: im pretty sure emerald is running as the changes that i am making take almost immediate effect06:22
wlneticesword, i have asked two questions, which one you refer to?06:22
iceswordwlnet, the last one06:23
n8tuserwlnet--> off course it does, you just have to pay06:23
ph0rensicicesword, Oh Manjy is the guy who wanted to check is alternate-disk download to make sure it wasn't corrupted .. i have used one of the md5 tools a long time ago in windows, where you drag the file yo want to check the md5 of onto the program icon which runs it and outputs the hash06:23
wlneticesword, like non-free packages in debian.06:23
pawancannot save the file06:23
Cusoon959wlnet: Ubuntu entirely support non-free.06:23
n8tuserpawan sudo or become root06:23
xybloris there any way to debug xorg.conf?06:24
ph0rensicicesword, and i believe you are correct that this was that particular md5 tool06:24
ph0rensicManjy, You get it?06:24
n8tuserpawan you should know by now, system file mods require root access06:24
Manjygetting it06:24
nickrudwlnet: most of debian's non-free end up in multiverse06:24
nickrudwlnet: if not all06:24
iceswordph0rensic, i used it before,but now i use ultraiso06:24
n8tuser!sudo |pawan06:24
ubotupawan: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.06:24
wlnetnickrud, what is multiverse?06:24
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:24
nickrudwlnet: it's the repo for non-free stuff :)06:25
caspertechi am thinking of trying out linux but first i want to know if my hardware will work i have a hp tx1000 tablet pc the devices i want to know will or wont work is touchscreen, intergrated webcam and mic, fingerprint scanner and the tvtunner remote06:25
n8tuser!who | pawan06:25
ubotupawan: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:25
Manjyph0rensic: so from cmd line, cd to where i downloaded it and do md5sum.exe file-to-check?06:25
nickrudwlnet: the components link is clearest06:25
iceswordcaspertech, u pc is great,why u try linux,maybe u can try virtual machine firest06:25
Trelcaspertech: You will need to get a list of the chipsets and hardware in the system to check for compatibility.06:25
wlnetin ubuntu, do i download packages with apt sources-list which are specify non-free?06:25
ph0rensicManjy, yah06:26
ph0rensicManjy, drop the .exe part though06:26
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)06:26
pawani double clicked on menu.lst file and try to save it but06:26
caspertechicesword because i am sick of waiting for vista sp206:26
wlneti mean "which i can specify 'non-free'?"06:26
Trel!apt-get | wlnet06:26
ubotuwlnet: please see above06:26
n8tusercaspertech--> we suggest you try using liveCD to get a feel06:26
TrelThat didn't quite work as I'd hoped it would.06:26
iceswordcaspertech, isn't xp good enough,or enough for u life06:27
wlnetTrel, didn't work.06:27
Trelicesword: Windows is never good enough.06:27
=== Zyklon-B is now known as stupidgirl
nickrudwlnet: if you enable multiverse, you're enabling the equivalent of debian's non-free06:27
n8tuserpawan do you read? can you not type the nick as prefix?06:27
Cusoon959icesword: Are you an idiot? Linux isn't for bad computers. Linux is for any computer.06:27
froldhowto enable a program to load on startup? I would like pidgin to start on startup06:27
Cusoon959icesword: XP blows.06:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sessions - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:27
iceswordfirst i am sorry to say that06:27
caspertechicesword its but i have seen vids with xgl and compiz that bring the only good things about vista to a sable os06:27
Manjyseems like md5sum is going slow...06:28
Trelfrold: System, Preferences, Sessions, and then add the program there.06:28
nano__does anybody know how to change the transparency of window title bars in compiz-fusion06:28
iceswordbut someone need to run some progaram that won't run on linux ,then hwo06:28
Cusoon959caspertech: Compiz fuckin' rules :D06:28
Trelcaspertech: Don't listen to the troll.06:28
Cusoon959nano__: Ask in #compiz-fusion06:28
n8tusercaspertech--> we suggest you try using liveCD to get a feel for how ubuntu runs on your tablet06:28
nickrud!language | Cusoon95906:28
ubotuCusoon959: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:28
wlneti am running debian lenny. i have a free partition. if i install ubuntu in this partition, will i be able to access the lenny partition to transfer data files over?06:28
Cusoon959icesword: WINE, dual boot, virtual machine, or find an alternative.06:28
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I've got a hdd that just had a partition go fobar on me .. I've got more hard drives but I'm not sure what directories I need to copy to the new one. I would like to get away from a total re-install so if I can just save/backup what I need to pug it in and reboot that would be best. all but /dev maybe?06:28
xyblorHow do I end your X session, and shut down the X server?06:29
nickrudwlnet: sure. Just mount it somewhere06:29
Cusoon959sorry nickrud :)06:29
Trelcaspertech: You may see some compatibility issues with unusual hardware, but you might like it anyway. Try the LiveCD and then go from there.06:29
iceswordi won't bother dual boot any more06:29
iceswordi run vm instead06:29
ph0rensicicesword, You use qemu, virtualbox, vmware?06:29
iceswordph0rensic, then what?06:30
n8tuserno one mentioned kvm ?06:30
Manjyph0rensic: how long is this expected to take?06:30
nickrudxyblor: log out, clt-alt-f2 , log in and type   sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop .  sudo invoke-rc.d gdm start to restart the gui , alt-ctl-f7 to get back to the gui if needed06:30
wlnetnickrud, no filesystem incompatibility problem? assuming i choose the same fs, ext3, for my ubuntu?06:30
=== stupidgirl is now known as Aparna
NineTeen67CometIs the new Hardy kernel going to support kvm out of the box? I've got a friend that would like to know ...06:30
xyblornickrud: thanks very much06:30
nickrudwlnet: none.06:30
ph0rensicManjy, Umm may take a while06:30
Manjyph0rensic: k then...06:30
ph0rensicManjy, Its a big file06:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kvm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:30
caspertechtrel i like ubuntu i have had it running on my desktop for about a month but ive googleed all i can i will try live cd when the tablet gets hear it i bought a cto so it takes like 2 weeks just trying to pre solve any problems06:30
nickrudwlnet: ext3 is ext3, no matter the distro06:30
ph0rensicicesword, hhmm? I was asking what vm you use06:30
iceswordph0rensic, i use virtual pc06:31
n8tuserNineTeen67Comet--> i believe 7.10 already does, just make sure your cpu is capable..06:31
wlnetis there a tutorial on switching from debian lenny to ubuntu?06:31
Trelcaspertech: Try to look on Google for some technical information about chipsets and then look for compatibility issues with those chipsets.06:31
ph0rensicicesword, is that linux in windows or visa? versa?06:31
=== Aparna is now known as Aparna_
NineTeen67Cometn8tuser: I beleive he is using a Pentium D so it should .. (I'm the PIII guy of the group)06:31
froldTrel: ty06:31
caspertechtrel thanks06:32
Trelcaspertech: You may find others that have put the output of certain commands onto webpages where Google can index them.06:32
frold!session > frold06:32
iceswordph0rensic, linux in xp06:32
n8tuserNineTeen67Comet--> it has to be dual core or the virtual something in the cpu supported..06:32
ph0rensicicesword, oic.. i used to do that.. now Im in linux more than xp.. so I go the other way hehe06:32
=== playya__ is now known as playya
* NineTeen67Comet off to struggle with a failing web server .. 06:33
Manjyph0rensic: do you know of any smaller programs for writing ISO images to discs, nero is taking forever to install and such....06:33
n8tuserNineTeen67Comet--> http://www.michaeldolan.com/1030  article on it06:33
iceswordph0rensic, coz i cannot run vm in linux,my mem is low06:33
wlnetno tutorial  or write-up on switching from debian lenny to ubuntu?06:33
NineTeen67Cometn8tuser: thanks, I'll pop him the link ..06:33
nickrudManjy: infrarecorder is good, reasonably small (and Free)06:33
ph0rensicicesword, oh06:33
n8tuserManjy--> do not be so impatient,  :P06:33
ph0rensicManjy, in windows?06:33
Manjyph0rensic: yeah06:34
Manjyn8tuser: i have to be when i'm going away on vacation  in the morning, and my family will kill me when we get back if i still have to fix the computer06:34
n8tuserManjy--> forgo the vacation, you'll have more fun with ubuntu guaranteed..hehe06:34
tenekhi i just started using ubuntu and when i rebooted the computer it would just start the bash, does anyone know how to star the gui?06:35
nickrudrflol n8tuser06:35
iceswordtenek, startx?06:35
Manjyn8tuser: lol, i have used ubuntu, it's just giving me problems on my other comp cause i cant use the live cd i ordered for this one, too slow06:35
teneki tried gdm06:35
froldIn pidgin howto change my name? I use msn messenger login and my friends see this name: Frold @ work - I would like to edit that.....06:35
wlnetdebian has 18733 packages. does ubuntu come close to that?06:35
prettyrickyWhen I type gksudo nautilus and try and copy paste file it wont do anything? Any suggestions?06:36
Geoffrey2trying over here again, I'm trying to build libexo, which is part of the xfce desktop, ./configure keeps insisting md5.h and md5global.h don't exist....06:36
bluefox83tenek, if it doesn't start up on it's own, then you have a configuration problem someplace...you need to fix that before starting up gdm06:36
no0ticwlnet, I think debian has way more packages06:36
prettyrickyIm just trying to drag and drop a file06:36
tenekok then06:36
iceswordwlnet, u ask this and that ,why not give it a try06:36
ph0rensicManjy, Not any open-source/free ones that I can think of06:36
n8tuserGeoffrey2--> have you looked at the suggestion made earlier? look at the path defined in the Makefile ?06:36
markgreeneHey guys. I want to make it so that I can play my music on my laptop, but to use the speakers on another computer. They are both running Ubuntu06:36
Manjyph0rensic: i'm trying...InfraRecorder now06:37
ph0rensicManjy, hmm http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm maybe06:37
wlneticesword, that is why i am asking first. i don't want to end up losing everything i have.06:37
iceswordwlnet, open source,if u lose anything,u can build one yourself06:38
wlneticesword, sure, but the time it takes.06:38
ph0rensicManjy, Roxio is a commercial one that is good .. wait lemme think does iso buster burn?06:38
vircusermark why  not share the files and play them from the other machine?06:38
no0ticwlnet, you won't loose time06:38
n8tusermarkgreene--> freenx supposed to be able to do that, try and see if you can make it work06:39
no0ticwlnet, simply.. give it a try06:39
wlnethow to download a minimal ubuntu to a new partition, online?06:39
ph0rensicManjy, isobuster is also another commercial one06:40
iceswordph0rensic, do u want to burn something06:40
iceswordph0rensic, burnatonce is a good choice06:40
ph0rensicicesword, No Manjy was asking for suggestions for windows burning programs06:40
ph0rensicManjy, ^^06:40
ph0rensicicesword, He was having problems with nero06:40
PupUser01is it true that cpu usage, mem usage isn't accurate when shown during linux?06:41
iceswordph0rensic, there a stiill lot of things,ultraiso,alcohol,burnatonce06:41
P1rowhere i can find linux-uvc package for ubuntu ?06:41
ph0rensicicesword, oh yah alcohol is good too06:41
=== xapolox is now known as anachronoks
anachronokshi,what's the best email client for handling massive amounts of email, i want to backup my gmail account06:43
Geoffrey2n8tuser: any particular listing I should be looking for in there?06:43
threefcatahow to do screenshot in mplayer?06:43
anachronoksit's over 60,000 messages06:43
rabiddachshundI've got 2 hard drives in my computer: one with ubuntu and one with windows. How can I get Windows to see my Ubuntu disk?06:44
n8tuserGeoffrey2--> for directory where it looks for headers? make sure wherever md5.h is, its path is included06:44
iceswordph0rensic, it seems burnatonce is free,not sure06:44
tenekso, about the gui that wouldn't start i tried the startx command and worked, sortof, but i dont have turn on or reboot options06:44
tenekand when i rebboted it it started only the bash again06:44
ph0rensicrabiddachshund, Windows does not read linux filesystem by default.. you have to find another software to do this .. look up captain nemo06:44
n8tuserrabiddachshund--> you have to install an ext3 support to your xp06:44
iceswordi use total commander now06:45
tenekdoes anyone know how i shuld configure it so it won't happen again?06:45
ubotuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors06:45
ubotugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.06:45
nano__how can i get a screen shot in ubuntu?06:45
iceswordprintscreen button06:46
n8tusertenek if you get on a terminal and type sudo shutdown -r now, that will reboot -h for shutdown only06:46
nano__and then06:46
nano__icesword: then wnat06:46
tenekyeah i know06:46
teneki did that06:46
iceswordnano_save it06:46
nano__to what?06:46
goldenfoxnano_: printscreen?06:46
nano__what program can i save it to?06:46
tenekbut what i'm asking is how do i get the gui running everytime i turn the computer on06:47
PupUser01can you run xubuntu from ram?06:47
UbubeginHei guys, I am having problems running java applets in firefox(ubuntu)... I have already installed java-6 ... after googling the whole morning, i am still confused..Can someone give me a hint or a tutorial link.06:47
goldenfoxnano_: i think it will save directly to computer in png format06:47
Geoffrey2what's the command to find a particular file?06:48
anachronoksdoes anyone use an email client for email backup?06:48
iceswordtenek, don't no why u desktop don't start auto06:48
nano__goldenfox: where abouts will it be save06:48
rabiddachshundCaptain nemo gives error file handle too large. ??06:48
CVD-PRi have to use a antivirus, in linux or its not necesary?  'avast'06:48
teneknope i just rebooted the computer and it happened06:48
goldenfoxnano_: it will ask you where to put the file06:48
UbubeginGeoffrey2 : find pathtofind -name "HelloWorld"06:49
teneki said something about a session it couldn't restore06:49
xyblorhow do I change the video mode of the console, like when you do ctrl-alt-f2?06:49
teneksomething like that06:49
n8tuserGeoffrey2--> find or locate if you have enabled updatedb06:49
iceswordrabiddachshund, google"read ext3 in windows"06:49
ph0rensicrabiddachshund, maybe try another tool see iceswords message ^^06:49
saffhey all, how do i enable direct rendering? think there was a problem or something in my driver install... glxinfo shows direct rendering = no06:49
ph0rensicsaff, what type of card..06:50
saffbut i can play some games with fine FPS that i'm pretty sure software wouldn't be able to handle06:50
saffnvidia 790006:50
UbubeginHei guys, I am having problems running java applets in firefox(ubuntu)... I have already installed java-6 ... after googling the whole morning, i am still confused..Can someone give me a hint or a tutorial link.06:50
wayahI am new to ubuntu. I have a toshiba Satelite L35. and I would like some help getting my sound to work06:50
ph0rensicsaff, did you upgrade the drivers? What ubuntu version you using06:50
saffgutsy, and yea i did06:50
saffinstalled the proprietary drivers06:51
nano__goldenfox: im trying it and it is not asking me to do so06:51
ph0rensicsaff, I would consider reinstalling the drivers.. seems something didn't go right..06:51
saffhmm ok06:51
ph0rensicsaff, I've had that card and when it installs, it should enable direct rendering06:51
wayahI am new to ubuntu. I have a toshiba Satelite L35. and I would like some help getting my sound to work. Please PM me if you can help.06:51
tenekyeah it says: kinit triying to resume from "a rather long location"06:52
ph0rensic!patience | wayah06:52
ubotuwayah: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:52
chronosI'm having an issue with my NVIDIA card. I installed the restricted drivers and restarted, but the biggest resolution I'm getting is only 1074*768, which is way off what I can handle. How can I get my larger resolution back?06:52
tenekthen: kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot06:52
saffph0rensic, I'm using compiz, does that have anything to do with it? i seem to remember something about DR when getting it working06:52
rabiddachshundicesword = win06:52
ph0rensicchronos, Did you check your xorg.conf to see what mode is enabled?06:52
iceswordrabiddachshund, ?06:52
iceswordrabiddachshund, what?06:52
FbernAnyone here use facebook screenlet?06:52
rabiddachshundyou win. Thakns06:53
chronosWhere's that at ph0rensic?06:53
ph0rensicsaff, umm compiz needs direct rendering to work from what i remember06:53
iceswordrabiddachshund, when u said u win,how i win?06:53
ph0rensicchronos /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:53
rabiddachshund:facepalm: nevermind. :D06:53
luke403hey, is this the help channel for ubuntu06:54
ph0rensicLuke, yes06:54
luke403okay i have a question about compiz fuzion06:54
chronosph0rensic: It shows my card listed, and my larger resolutions are listed06:54
saffph0rensic, weird, i have compiz-fusion working fine06:54
ph0rensicsaff, Try glxgears from a terminal06:55
saffi'm overdue for a drivers upgrade anyway though06:55
FbernAnyone here use facebook screenlet? Its not logging into my facebook i dont THINK06:55
luke403i set up all of my settings and then they dont come into effect, i am thinking it is my graphics card because it is on an older computer, do  you think that is what it is06:55
saffph0rensic, hmm terrible fps06:55
FbernHow do I check my temperatures06:55
saffph0rensic, but like i said, i can play games fine06:55
Fbernone of my fans just definitely died lol06:55
ph0rensicchronos, hmmm...try system-admin-screen ang graphics06:55
Fbernthis fan is really loud06:56
Lukeph0rensic: huh?06:57
chronosIt shows my card listed and I can select the resolution up to the 102806:57
ph0rensicsaff, that is odd.. i believe direct rendering should be enabled when the driver installs.. so when it says it isn't that bugs me.06:57
ph0rensicLuke, sorry it was for the other luke40306:57
Lukeah np06:57
Darkmystereis there a way to control my car from my labtop..06:58
Darkmysterei have like a remote where i can turn car on and off and unlock with it..06:59
Darkmystereso i was thinking it would work on labtop too06:59
vjecyes you do06:59
ph0rensicDarkmystere, haha yah.. with servos and stuff06:59
Fbernph0rensic:  how do i check my temperatures06:59
froldwhat program do you use to connec to and edit mysql databases?06:59
luke403 i set up all of my settings and then they dont come into effect, i am thinking it is my graphics card because it is on an older computer, do  you think that is what it is06:59
ph0rensicfrohike, phpmyadmin06:59
ph0rensicFbern, oh umm.. there should be a screenlet for that07:00
luke403on compiz fuzion that is07:00
Fbernknow the name?07:00
ph0rensicFbern, no07:00
ph0rensicluke403, hmmm... whats the card again07:00
Darkmysterelol How..07:00
DarkmystereItd be cool to drive my car :D!!07:00
Darkmysterewith a GPS hooked up to my labtop and then google earth07:01
Darkmysterehooked to that then interlinking it all07:01
ph0rensicDarkmystere, you want to just remote start or remote drive?07:01
Darkmystereso i can see where im going07:01
luke403i am not sure, all i know it is an intel chipset07:01
DarkmystereRemote start for beginging07:01
Darkmystereeventually remote drive07:01
luke403how can i tell in ubuntu?07:01
Darkmysterelspci -v07:01
iceswordDarkmystere, is it exting07:01
iceswordDarkmystere, exciting07:02
ph0rensicluke403, have you tried to reconfigure x?07:02
DarkmystereLol im sure it will be07:02
DarkmystereItd be cool if i could inter link with google earth07:02
luke403umm, no07:02
Darkmystereso im getting live feed of car moving and i can see07:02
Darkmysterearial map of where im going07:02
ph0rensicDarkmystere, Im pretty sure it could be done, but it would take a crap load of bandwidth money and time .. and I have 0 of the 3 hehe07:02
Darkmysterelike the stop sighns and stuff :D!07:02
ph0rensicluke403, you may want to try that,07:03
ph0rensicluke403, oh what is it .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i believe07:03
luke403how do i do that? (sorry i am very new and just experminting with trial and error07:03
luke403o ok that is good07:03
caleb_yauHello, I was having some problems with my Xubuntu virtual terminals. I looked up a potential fix on google and find these command line fixes "sudo modprobe vga16 sudo modprobe fbcon" this made the problem totally totally crazy and i just want to know how to disable what i did07:03
ph0rensicLuke, it will take you through a process to re set up your x server07:04
iceswordph0rensic, where are other guys,you are the only person answering questions here07:04
ph0rensicicesword, I have no idea.. i hope im not screwing anyone over hehe07:04
DarkmystereLol i havent done it yet :/ i want to know how to07:04
ph0rensicDarkmystere, watch mythbusters.. they have a remote driving through use of servos.. then implement some cam feeds and laptop controls and wahlah07:05
ph0rensicDarkmystere, of course its easier said than done07:05
Geoffrey2is there some kind of linker database that needs to be updated periodically?07:06
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, eh?07:06
ph0rensicmanj your back07:06
ph0rensicManjy, and using chatzilla i see07:06
Manjyph0rensic: wanted to come back and thank you for your help, i downloaded and wrote the CD and i'm checking for defects now, the md5 was right too07:07
ph0rensicManjy, fantastic.. your quite welcome07:07
wayahis there anyone that can help me please :)07:07
ph0rensicManjy, you know the alternate installer is text based right07:07
Manjyph0rensic: yes, i know07:07
ph0rensicwayah, perhaps just ask and well see07:08
wayahI have...lol07:08
Manjyph0rensic: my old computer is too slow to run the Live CD from the disc to install it07:08
Manjyph0rensic: ...just the installer is text based right...the actual OS has a GUI right...lmao07:08
wayahWell, I have a Toshiba Satelite Laptop with no sound. I am a linux noob and would like someone to guide me with what to do07:08
ph0rensicManjy, yes of course haah07:08
Manjyph0rensic: XD07:08
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: spitballing here..../configure can't find over a half dozen header files that are actually installed....here, I get told to check the make file, over in #xfce they say it sounds like my system is broken07:08
ph0rensicwayah, oh yah.. haven't had to troubleshoot sound07:09
wayahIs there anyone here that can troubleshoot sound?07:09
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, what exactly are you trying to do?07:09
DarkmystereLol ok....How can i use my labtop as a tv remote?07:10
Manjyph0rensic: i've been looking into installing ubuntu on my other comp for a while, and after i found banshee for linux to manage my brother/sister's iPods, i decided to switch, lol07:10
Darkmysterewith Ubuntu installed07:10
saffph0rensic, still around?07:10
ph0rensicsaff, yep07:10
ph0rensicDarkmystere, look into uh.. mythtv or mythbuntu07:10
saffhah i just reinstalled my drivers and nearly fubar'd X07:10
saffguess the drivers were the problem07:11
* Manjy is in shock that a "Furbuntu" is being developed...whats next, AnonBuntu? ScientoloBuntu?07:11
ph0rensicsaff, I reinstalled drivers the other day and it screwed x .. first time ever.. i had to reinstall again.. umm did you make sure to -purge when you removed the package?07:11
saffno, no i didn't07:12
ph0rensicManjy, wth is furbuntu?07:12
ph0rensicsaff, or did you use the restricted driver manager?07:12
tenekso, i rebooted, when it booted again it appeared the message "kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot" then it started the bash, and does this everytime, startx works to start the GUI, but two error message appear (failed to initialize HAL! and something about user switcher) plus no network connection works, wireless or ethernet, should i post this somewhere?07:12
Manjyph0rensic: http://furbuntu.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page linux for furfags >>07:12
saffneither, just downloaded the .sh off nvidia07:12
saffand ran in07:12
ph0rensicsaff, Oh yah you have gutsy right07:12
* Manjy prepares to run from agnryfaic'd furries <<07:12
ph0rensicsaff, I would make sure you purge when you remove, then use the restricted manager to install the drivers07:13
saffnow compiz doesn't work either,, hm07:13
ph0rensicsaff, that is what has worked for me07:13
saffok, i'll try the manager07:13
Geoffrey2run ./configure on libexo, O/S is xubuntu 7.10....md5.h, md5global.h, mminttrin.h, mnttab.h, and ucred.h not found...07:13
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, hmm what package are you trying to install??07:14
Geoffrey2furbuntu - Ubuntu with Furbish as the default language? :)07:14
ManjyGeoffrey2: No, Ubuntu made for furries -_-07:14
sp33nkerhello everybody07:14
ph0rensicstill have no idea what furbuntu is07:15
ph0rensichi sp33nker07:15
ph0rensicManjy, what is it ubuntu for tree-huggers?07:15
sp33nkercould someone please help me with always-on issue: intel hda(reltek alc883) souncard mute07:15
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: libexo, it's a dependency for xfce07:15
Manjyph0rensic: "Noone gives a f*** about the environment"buntu07:15
nonix4sp33nker: tried alsamixer to start?07:16
sp33nkersure. does not work07:16
sp33nkermy problem is this one:07:16
Ptolemaioswhy do you call yourself ph0rensic?07:16
nonix4sp33nker: and maxing all volumes & unmuting all channels?07:16
sp33nkerwhen i plug the earphones, the speakers does not mute07:16
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, Trying to install xfce by making it from source?07:16
ManjyMaybe Catholicism can make an OS, Jebusuntu07:16
sp33nkeryea, and the windows will be devil-buntu...:)))07:17
ph0rensicManjy, Jewbuntu07:17
SindaciousThe iRaq!07:17
Manjylol hi Sindacious07:17
ManjySindacious: Stalker from dAmn?07:17
Viktorioushi is anyone in here familiar with vmware07:17
SindaciousNononono I'm always on Fr33N0D307:17
ManjySindacious: And last time i checked, it's iRack <<07:17
ph0rensicPtolemaios, Its just a name i came up with.. there was this guy I ran into who had a band called phorensic ..07:17
sp33nkerph0rensic: you have any idea why is it happening?07:18
nonix4sp33nker: Hmm, might even be that it lacks detection for them earplugs being plugged - or that some of the mixer channels are mixed up07:18
Sindaciouspffft q makes better IMHO07:18
flajannemacs under ubuntu python-mode does not work for me, despite having installed with ape-get twice. Any ideas? (Ubuntu 7.10)07:18
ph0rensicsp33nker, Nope07:18
ph0rensicPtolemaios, how come?07:18
Ptolemaiosi was just wondering07:18
tenekso, i rebooted, when it booted again it appeared the message "kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot" then it started the bash, and does this everytime, startx works to start the GUI, but two error messages appear (failed to initialize HAL! and something about user switcher) plus no network connection works, wireless or ethernet, can anyone here help me? should i post this somewhere?07:18
Viktorioushi is anyone in here familiar with vmware??07:19
ph0rensictenek, sounds like a load of problems07:19
ph0rensicViktorious, shoot07:19
teneki can imagine it's to complicated07:19
ph0rensictenek, HAL is hardware abstraction layer07:19
tenekit was working just fine07:19
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:19
ph0rensictenek, what did u do07:20
ManjyCD verifying is taking a while -_-07:20
SindaciousI've seemed to stick myself in \dev\null halp me :>!07:20
teneki was installing tcl07:20
tenekbut i had problems with tk07:20
ph0rensictenek, what is tcl?07:20
Aparna_I need help patching my kernel. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56450/plain/ <-- What do I do from here?07:20
ManjySindacious: i didn't know you used linux or i would have asked you for help on dev :p07:20
xyblorhow do I change the resolution of a frame buffer device (i.e. console mode)07:20
tenekso i just rebooted to log in to my normal user07:21
ph0rensicManjy, what kind of dev u do07:21
xyblorI tried fbset but it doesn't work07:21
tonyyarussoxyblor: Currently, you don't.07:21
SindaciousManjy: Eh, I'm more less working on learning it from what I do know :>07:21
Manjyph0rensic: oh, i meant deviantart, me and him are member on it, lol, >>07:21
=== Zeronius is now known as Estreyela
tenekit's a compiler or something, i don't really know07:21
xyblortonyyarusso: that sucks, my console is using the wrong resolution07:21
ph0rensicManjy, Oh that place is cool07:21
teneki was trying to install amsn07:21
EADGxyblor: are you running Gutsy?07:21
tenekso my cousin could use the computar07:21
xyblorEADG: yes07:21
tonyyarussoxyblor: yeah, it's one of the larger userbase bugs I've seen.07:22
Manjyph0rensic: I'm ManjyomeThunder from dA, i wrote the #iRPG channel on the chat network and i get 100 pageviews a day for nothing, and i cant do art for crap07:22
SindaciousLOL There is a dA channel on FreeNode07:22
teneki said it needed tcl/tk07:22
ph0rensicManjy, haha07:22
EADGxyblor: Gimme a minute to look up a post. It's not as easy to change res now as it was in Dapper, Fiesty...07:22
xyblortonyyarusso: resolution is detected incorrectly at boot-up.07:22
Manjyph0rensic: i wrote a bot for the dA chat network, it's similar to IRC but the protocol is different, same ideas though07:23
Sindaciousph0rensic: Manjy haz ub3r c0d1ng skillz07:23
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: pretty much07:23
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: xfce 4.4.207:23
ph0rensictenek, I dont know what tcl/tk does...07:24
Manjytcl/tk is a scripting language07:24
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, What was your original desktop manager07:24
tenekit's something like ruby and rails form what i understood07:24
ph0rensicManjy, You were gonna install it just to use amsn?07:24
Manjyph0rensic: huh?07:25
tenekthe amsn (msn messenger clone) said it needed it to be installed07:25
xyblortonyyarusso: , EADG, whenever I do ctrl-alt-f2, I get a console where I can't see the bottom part of the display. I tried different video modes in grub's menu.lst, but that didn't change anything07:25
Manjyph0rensic: wrong user?07:25
EADGxyblor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=585454&highlight=framebuffer+resolution07:25
Manjyph0rensic: he would have to install tcl/tk to use AMSN, without it, it would be like trying to run MediaWiki without PHP, or jEdit without Java :p07:26
xyblorEADG: thanks a lot, I'm checking it out07:26
ubuntu_Alguien de México?07:26
tenekbut the tk make didin't work07:26
ph0rensicManjy, Oh, i thought amsn was just a messenger program07:26
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: xfce 4.4.107:26
tenekso i just rebooted07:26
Manjyph0rensic: it is, but it's written in an interpreted language07:27
tenekand the situation i told u happended07:27
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, Oh you were trying to upgrade your xfce.. I can't help u there sorry07:27
ph0rensicManjy, Why not use midgin?07:27
ph0rensicManjy, pidgin**07:27
sp33nkeri am a c++ programmer. what ide do you recommend me for serious projects?07:27
Manjyph0rensic: i like pidgin, but idk, ask whomever was asking about amsn07:27
htedromwell that didn't work... i had to reinstall the nvidia drivers from the .sh just to get X back07:27
=== htedrom is now known as saff
Manjywho was it, tenek?07:28
tenekyo soy de mexico pero muy probablemente no te pueda ayudar, soy un pinche newbie07:28
ph0rensicsaff, whats up07:28
saffhow would i go about starting completely from scratch07:28
Sindaciouspidgin FTW?! there there is...trilian :>07:28
saffwith my vid drivers07:28
ManjyTrillian sucks07:28
SindaciousTrue that07:28
tenekwho was what?07:28
ManjySindacious: ...Stop failing07:28
SindaciousManjy: I'm enjoying it...do I have to?07:29
saffpurge every package that says nvidia and remake my xorg.conf?07:29
ManjySindacious: yes07:29
Manjy9001.times { users.delete('Sindacious') }07:29
ph0rensicsaff, exactly I would purge the nvidia files do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, then use the restricted manager to get the newest nvidia that works with ubuntu and compiz etc07:30
* Sindacious throws Manjy into the \dev\null07:30
SindaciousEat that bacon :>07:30
ph0rensicsaff, That should get everything working how you want, with acceleration and direct rendering on07:30
saffok, here goes nothing07:30
ph0rensicsaff, goodluck07:31
* Manjy installs Furbuntu on Sindacious's comp, yiff in hell07:31
karmelekhttp://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre3/71993-3.jpg what is the name of this file manager?07:31
SindaciousOH MY GAWD07:31
* Sindacious 's computer starts to fail hard07:31
ph0rensicsaff, you can use the generic vesa driver driver until the nvidia proprietary drivers are installed through the manager07:32
SindaciousI prefer07:32
ph0rensicsaff, I know its a pita .. I had to do it yesterday hehe all is well now07:32
prettyrickyhi I was trying to use gksudo nautilus to add a plugin to my amsn, but I get denied no permission? Can someone help07:32
Sindaciousand if it's still around http://manjy.mustbedefeated.com/07:32
Sindaciousoh fail it's not07:32
ManjySindacious: the youaremighty is perfect for me, show it about me to Kyogo on dA07:32
saffhey synaptic's 'complete removal' is the same as a command line purge right?07:32
EADGkarmelek: looks like default Gnome file manager, forgot the name... just themed diffrent.07:33
ajushihi, how do i change my gateway in the command line?when i enter "route" my it show where it should be
ph0rensicsaff, I would think so heh07:33
ManjySindacious: As you know, on dA, i am programming god, epic lulz and such07:33
warchief_ryanlook at netstat -nr07:33
EADGkarmelek: that would be the one.07:33
karmelekEADG: but this tabs...07:33
SindaciousManjy: Oh, I know....I KNOW!!?!?!!11!07:33
saffok, see you soon i hope07:33
warchief_ryanyou have to add the new route t the gateway07:34
TrekCyclingdoes anyone know how to get Sound Juicer to rip MP3s using VBR new in Gusty?07:34
SindaciousManjy: Glad to have someone like you as a _friend_07:34
TrekCycling10 year Linux vet, new to Ubuntu and having trouble with this07:34
ph0rensicTrekCycling, really? all the know it alls aren't in atm but what you got07:35
ph0rensicTrekCycling, oh ahha07:35
ph0rensicTrekCycling, whats VBR?07:35
Aparna_I patched the kernel and have the source on my desktop. How do I enable it now?07:35
TrekCyclingthis is my GStreamer Pipeline currently07:35
TrekCyclingaudio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc mode=0 vbr=new ! xingmux ! id3mux07:35
TrekCyclingshould work07:35
TrekCyclingor audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc mode=0 vbr=new ! xingmux ! id3v2mux07:36
TrekCyclingvariable bit rate07:36
EADGkarmelek: Hmm, your right. Konqueror has tabs.07:36
warchief_ryanajuchi: add your new route, but remove the old one07:36
prettyrickyHow can I get permissions to add and drop new files?07:36
ph0rensicTrekCycling, yah a lil over my head hehe07:36
xaxxonhow do I make a "generic" ubuntu system into a development system?  I'm trying to build some stuff and I'm missing all sorts of libraries07:36
EADGkarmelek: Had a quick look in Nautalis, didn't see any options for tabs.07:36
ph0rensicxaxxon, did you try sudo apt-get install build-essential07:36
xaxxonnope, but I will now07:37
ph0rensicxaxxon, there could be an s at the end of that07:37
Aparna_I patched the kernel and have the source on my desktop. How do I enable it now? Should I just do ./configure && make && make install?07:37
karmelekEADG: ok-thx, it is quite strange for me because it is gnome-look :P07:38
warchief_ryanwow irssi hurts my eyes07:38
EADGkarmelek: there is an icon on that picture named PCMan File Manager :)07:38
ph0rensicManjy, whats the word, that disk check done yet?07:38
Manjynot yet07:38
SindaciousI'm giving my fail computer another week07:39
Sindaciousit starts failing anymore07:39
SindaciousI'm sticking Ubuntu on it07:39
Sindaciousend of story07:39
warchief_ryancant go wrong with ubuntu07:40
EADGwarchief_ryan: grab a theme from irssi.org  I liked madcow and evilkat07:40
EADG.... after abit of editing :)07:40
ajush1i get a SIOCADDRT: File exists whenever i try adding a new route how do i add my router?07:40
warchief_ryanoh there themes for it lol :p07:40
Aparna_I patched the kernel and have the source on my desktop. How do I enable it now? Should I just do ./configure && make && make install?07:40
faprilhey guys, I'm looking to install my HP printer. Its connected to my router. When I select 'windows printer via samba' and select browse, it doesn't apear07:40
ph0rensic!patience | Aparna_07:40
ubotuAparna_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:40
Sindaciouswarchief_ryan: Yeah, only think I have heard is that it can be annoying to get wireless to work right07:40
caveman24im having trouble mounting a drive in a folder on my desktop, I treied editing fstab, but that didnt work, tried doing it through the drive properties thing in KDE and it says I can only mount it under /media... I never had a problem mounting it in previous versions of ubuntu07:41
warchief_ryanroute -add07:41
caveman24im using gutsy btw07:41
warchief_ryanroute -add (router ip) gw (your ip) i believe07:41
ajush1warchief_ryan: i did a "route add default gw eth0"07:41
psionhrm, has anyone here gotten mplayer to go to full screen correctly on a second monitor via dual heads?07:41
edwin_caveman24: is the drive a windows partition?07:41
caveman24no, its reiserfs07:41
warchief_ryandid it work07:41
nonix4caveman24: updated or clean install?07:42
ajush1it returns: SIOCADDRT: File exists07:42
edwin_updated :-\07:42
psioncaveman24: what's the drive?07:42
ph0rensicpsion, hold on lemme check07:42
Geoffrey2what's the xfce equivalent of gedit?07:42
psionph0rensic: ty07:42
bluishgreenfolks, I am having this problem : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=353533, i am not able to follow the resolve given. can anyone explain.07:42
prettyrickyHow can I get permissions to add and drop new files?07:42
warchief_ryanlol never seen that before, did you remove the old route07:42
caveman2420GB quantum fireball, /dev/sdb507:42
zackieHaving a problem with playing games using wine and screen blinks.07:42
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psionGeoffrey2: I just use vim07:43
ajush1warchief_ryan:i'll try to remove the old one07:43
prettyrickyTrying to add a plugin to my amsn... permission denied07:43
ph0rensicpsion what u see when u do it07:43
xyblorwhat's the safest color depth to use on a Radeon 8500 as a framebuffer device?07:43
psionprettyricky: sudo chmod u+w07:43
psionto allow users to write07:43
silvernodeguys im trying to install itask but when i try and automake it says ./autogen.sh: 8: aclocal: not found07:43
EADGxyblor: I don't think you need anything higher than 8bit07:44
psionph0rensic: it maximizes, but it's like the screen is too small to display it all, it cuts off the bottom and right07:44
caveman24I never had a problem seting it to automount before, but for some odd reason the only way to get it mounter where I want it is to do it manually07:44
Manjyone more then i start the install07:44
prettyrickypsion=== that will allow me to drag and drop files?07:44
xyblorEADG: ok I'll try that, I'm still working through that how-to you linked to07:44
zackieHow do I fix a screen to quit blinking while in a game useing WINE??07:44
psionprettyricky: that will give you permissions to write in a directory07:44
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ph0rensicpsion, I just loaded an HD clip and it maximized but looked widescreen (top and bottom black)07:44
silvernodei have a problem and it looks like this ./autogen.sh: 8: aclocal: not found07:45
psionph0rensic: was it skewed?07:45
=== sin[away] is now known as Sindacious
caveman24I did magage to get compiz working in KDE though :)07:45
prettyrickyhow can I just drag and drop files?07:45
EADGxyblor: did you find res/color depth numbers for grub?07:45
psionprettyricky: using nautilus?07:45
xyblorEADG: also, I think you are a bass guitar player ;-)07:45
ph0rensicpsion, Nope, Im thinking the resolution fits for how it looked07:45
xyblorEADG: that's what I'm doing07:45
Estreyelasilvernode: sudo aptitude install automake autoconf build-essential07:45
prettyrickyI tried that and did not work. wont ask me for a password07:45
xoqacan someone help me get real player to work in either konqueror or firefox? firefox plays the audio but doesn't display graphics, konqueror just doesn't know what to do with the file even though it has already recognized the helix plugin07:45
EADGxyblor: hehe, ya.07:45
nonix4zackie: refresh rate type of blinking or bug type of blinking?07:45
ph0rensicpsion, Umm perhaps I should try another media07:45
prettyrickyseems to me like its not working07:45
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psionph0rensic: did you modify or do anything special with mplayer?07:46
silvernodeEstreyela, thanks07:46
computer_how do i do what this person is doing? http://youtube.com/watch?v=i9JC5NQ7G0o07:46
xoqaaaand, finally java works in firefox! but... it doesn't work in konqueror. it's odd because it worked once in konqueror and never again after that one moment07:46
ph0rensicpsion, nothing I had never used it till itried lol07:46
psionph0rensic: I'm trying to figure out if my problem is with mplayer or my config of xorg07:46
zackienonix4: Refresh.07:46
Manjybrb, installing07:46
saffwell back, but i'm not too sure what happened...07:47
xoqacomputer_: install compiz07:47
Geoffrey2when you modify ld.so.conf, is there anything else you need to do?07:47
computer_do i need to install something? to do this? http://youtube.com/watch?v=i9JC5NQ7G0o07:47
xoqacomputer_: aptitude search compiz07:47
saffxfce won't start, and glxinfo/glxgears dont work07:47
ManjyThanks so much for your help ph0rensic07:47
zackienonix4: I'm trying to play the game Infantry (Sony's) If that makes a difference07:47
ph0rensicManjy, your welcome07:47
ph0rensicpsion, wht about totem?07:48
FbernDoes  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature return the CPU temp?07:48
nonix4zackie: which type of monitor in use?07:48
ph0rensicsaff, what are you in gnome?07:48
computer_compiz seems to be installed, so how do i do it?07:48
saffph0rensic, yea, gnome failsafe07:48
TerrorBiteOkay, I just ran the eeepc scrips for my Ubuntu install. So now the wireless works, but the wired ethernet doesn't anymore.07:48
ph0rensicYou reconfigure x?07:49
zackienonix4: What do you mean? Like my screen monitor?07:49
ph0rensicsaff did you use restricted manager?07:49
psionph0rensic: totem?07:49
crwebhas anyone seen imbrandon lately?07:49
saffand the manager says they're working now07:49
xoqacomputer_: there's a compiz channel ... check out #compiz and ask them what channel to ask your question. it's a really helpful community07:49
ph0rensicpsion, its another player07:49
psionoh, let me try it real quick07:49
ph0rensicpsion, or try vlc thats a good one07:49
xoqacomputer_: i'd tell you but i forgot what i did way back when07:49
baxteris there a particular place I can go for compiz questions?07:49
ph0rensicsaff, but it isn't?07:50
c0mp13371331337TerrorBite - Congrats on the excellent eeepc.  Just got mine last week, LOVING it.  Xubuntu flies on it!07:50
nonix4computer_: you prolly want emerald, python-compizconfig & some others...07:50
zackienonix4: just a flat screen LCD HD Monitor i guess07:50
ph0rensicsaff, they require a full restart after you install the nvidia drivers07:50
baxterah wait you've just said sorry07:50
saffyea, rebooted07:50
TerrorBitec0mp13371331337, thanks. I'm using ordinary Ubuntu though07:50
alex_hey guys, for some reason flash content in firefox is really slow. i've flashplugin version installed. is this a known issue?07:50
saffi shouldn't have to reconfig x again after the install, should i?07:51
* Manjy has a lot to install on his new ubuntu install07:51
FbernDoes  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature return the CPU temp?07:51
alex_whenever i browse flash content the cpu usage goes up, and framerate of youtube videos is low07:51
ph0rensicsaff, after the install you have to reboot...Out of the 5-6 times Ive set this up i had to reconfigure x 1 time after installing the drivers.. but always a reboot07:51
Manjyhmm, install may take a while07:51
Manjywhat to do...07:52
c0mp13371331337TerrorBite - How does regular Ubuntu run on it?  I wanted to keep it nice and light, but I may make the switch to plain Ubuntu if it runs alright.07:52
ManjyBenny Lava tiemz07:52
EADGcomputer_: You should also install compizconfig-settings-manager. It will let you tweak all the settings and let you change kb short-cuts.07:52
saffhmm well i'll try doing a reconfig and rebooting again07:52
FbernDoes  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature return the CPU temp?07:52
saffthen i'm just gonna try envy07:52
TerrorBiteQuestion: Does Ubuntu support WPA with corporate login? i.e. username/pass07:52
TerrorBiteFbern, no idea07:52
bluishgreenwhen trying to install vlc, i get this .." You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these:07:52
bluishgreenThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  language-support-writing-en: Depends: openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us but it is not going to be installed" any clues as to how to resolve this please ..07:52
EADGFbern: does on my sys.07:53
ph0rensicsaff, lame that didn't work for you i dunno what i could be missing.. unless one of the packages or configurations is getting in the way07:53
Fbernwhats ur temp say07:53
zackienonix4: Or did you mean something completley different?07:53
nonix4zackie: video card & driver in use?07:53
EADG48 C07:53
Fbernmine says 74c07:53
Fberni have a fan that is acting up07:53
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saffi'm looking at my x log file... it doesn't load GLX07:53
Fbernor maybe its just the fact that i have a TOshiba qosmio that is known for getting really hot.07:53
zackienonix4: where can I find that?07:53
TerrorBitec0mp13371331337, it runs quite nicely - compiz effects work without a hitch - only downside is that it takes most of the space on the SSD (with both KDE and Gnome installed, anyway)07:54
warchief_ryanwould the irssi theme work over ssh?07:54
EADGwarchief_ryan: yes07:54
ph0rensicsaff, lemme look at my file07:54
psionph0rensic: it appears to work fine in totem, odd07:54
nonix4zackie: /var/log/Xorg.0.log most likely07:54
ph0rensicpsion yah mplayer prolly just sux07:54
singlesunanyone know how to add an ubuntu pc as a member of a workgroup so it can access my samba fileserver?07:54
saffph0rensic, no sorry not the config file, the log file, in /var/log07:54
saffanyway i'm gonna reboot before trying envy07:54
warchief_ryannetwork manager07:55
Manjy64% done on install07:55
psionph0rensic: mplayer is my fav player, I just have to figure out how to get it to work dualhead07:55
Manjytime flies when your listening to Prahbu Deva Sundaram07:55
zackienonix4: nothing there its an NVidia something like 9800 gfx or something but i'm not super sure on that07:55
TerrorBiteunfortunately, uninstalling KDE is not as simple as apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop07:56
silvernodei have an error trying to install itask but my error is to big and I don't want to spam it here, would anyone be willing to help me in a PM?07:56
TerrorBitepsion, likely there will be a way, mplayer can do almost anything07:56
nonix4zackie: if you run xvidtune & press the next button repeatedly, can you repeat the flicker?07:56
TerrorBitesilvernode, ue pastebin07:56
TerrorBite*use pastebin07:56
silvernodeoh yeah...forgot how tho07:57
silvernodebeen awhile07:57
zackienonix4: i don't think i have xvidtune07:57
TerrorBitesilvernode: read the topic. "Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org"07:57
Fbernthat command has to be wrong07:57
Fbernnow it says 63c07:57
ph0rensicbrb all07:57
amicrawlerah much better07:57
nonix4zackie: well "apt-get install xvidtune" then :)07:58
TerrorBiteFbern, try running the 'sensor' command?07:58
amicrawleri can see what i'm typing now07:58
amicrawlerhow come bittorrten sucks07:58
TerrorBiteer, 'sensors'07:58
c0mp13371331337TerrorBite - Hmmmm..... Thanks for the intel! :-D  I just may make the switch then.  As far as internal space goes, I've pretty much decided to limit the SSD to OS/programs, and use flash drives for files and storage.  With the exception of the 8GB model, you're pretty much forced to use external storage if you're going to be watching movies or anything on it.07:58
amicrawlervery slow come pair to ftp or http07:58
Fberncommand not found07:58
warchief_ryanwell bittorent depends grealty on the quality of peers and number of leechers07:59
TerrorBitec0mp13371331337, indeed, I'm looking at doing the same thing myself. Perhaps getting a MMC card and leaving it in the slot permanently with /home mounted on it