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MatBoysomeone using kiba-dock on a 64bits system here ?01:14
_Oz_Wasssssup Xubuntu friends!02:30
_Oz_I reaaallly like Xubuntu but I have to log a major complaint.02:30
_Oz_I can't believe that a lightweight OS like that comes without built in vnc support.02:30
_Oz_I have an old dell dimension desktop with a celeron processor and 1gb of RAM.  (I added a 512mb stick to make it 1gb but it's still REALLY slow.)02:32
_Oz_I wanted to use it as a "headless" media server.  I hooked it up to my HDTV via VGA cable and use it to watch movies.  I use VNC to control it like a remote control.02:32
_Oz_But Xubuntu has terrible VNC support built in, unlike the "stock" ubuntu.  This is really strange to me.  Xubuntu is IDEAL for what I want -- I don't care about flashy graphics or effects, just a barebones OS that outputs beautiful video to its screen.02:33
_Oz_Yet, in the end, I had to remove Xubuntu altogether and go back to Ubuntu -- because vnc just "works" out of the box.02:33
_Oz_I was able to get Xubuntu VNC to work -- sort of -- but not the way I needed.  I needed to be able to control the ACTUAL DESKTOP SESSION, not just open a new one.  I needed to be able to change the screen output of the actual box.02:34
_Oz_Tried for about a day to get it to do that, but no dice.02:34
_Oz_I like Ubuntu and all, it was just disappointing to have such a perfect application for Xubuntu spoiled by lack of support for out-of-the-box VNC capabilities.02:34
_Oz_You know what I mean?02:37
* _Oz_ kicks his foot in the dirt, picks some lint on his jacket.02:37
* _Oz_ coughs.02:37
_Oz_Well... damn!03:02
_Oz_This channel is dead.03:02
* _Oz_ runs through the channel, slapping everyone on the face in an attempt to wake them up.03:05
sgrovehey all, I did a apt-install openoffice.org-writer04:14
sgrovebut I keep getting: /usr/share/lintian/overrides/sun-java6-jre04:14
sgroverather: javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!04:15
sgroveI cannot seem to figure out how to get it to work04:15
Abominus69I have a question, are you ready?04:18
sgroveI'm afraid I'm not good with xubuntu04:18
sgroveI'm hacving problems as well04:18
sgrovethough they're ooo/jre problems, I guess04:19
Abominus69Okay cool, I'll put it out there anyway.  I have a celeron 1000, 512MB, Geforce 4 64MB running at 1920 x 1200.  Firefox runs at about 80%+ CPU utilization all the time.   Why is this?04:20
sgrovedefault install?04:21
Abominus69Pretty much, yes.04:21
Abominus69just changed res and vid drivers.04:22
NickManleyIs xfce 4.4.2 going to be backported to 7.10?04:29
NickManleyThe reason I ask is because Firefox always becomes a zombie under xfdesktop.04:31
Abominus69Do you have high Firefox CPU utilization?04:31
NickManleyWhen I close out Firefox, it just gets stuck as a zombie under xfdesktop.  That's about it.04:32
NickManleyI tried googling for some bug reports but they were all old from 2006 and they all ended saying it was fixed.04:33
ron_of. firefox. It sux. It's always crashing on me system.04:35
NickManleyFirefox used to crash on me, but I'm using Firefox 3 Beta 3 and it's been amazing.04:35
NickManleyFirefox 2 does suck though.04:35
ron_oI like Opera but haven't got it running yet on xubuntu.04:36
Abominus69When is the proper release of Firefox 3, any idea?04:36
ron_oI'll only use it if it's in the repo..04:36
NickManleyBeta 4 is going to be released before the end of February and then RCs until release.04:36
ron_obut I guess I can find a repository that has it.04:37
ron_oI don't get why *ubuntu doesn't come standard with a better sound setup.04:38
ron_othere's no reason I shouldn't be able to play sound from several sources from the start.04:38
NickManleyI guess I'm the only one having this problem.  I guess I'll just ctrl-alt-backspace every few days to clear it all out.04:40
ron_ocan't you $pkill firefox-bin ?04:42
ron_othat's worked for me when $killall doesn't work.04:42
NickManleyI'll try.  I did kill -9 and that didn't work.04:42
ron_obut usually if kill -9 doesn't work you need to reboot.04:43
ron_opkill is greping it, that's why it's so darn powerful.04:43
NickManleyI don't need to reboot.  Killing the xfdesktop process solves the issue.  Firefox is a zombie under it.04:44
NickManleyIt's annoying have to kill xfdesktop and restart it all the time though.04:44
ron_oyah, it shouldn't be.04:44
soldatsyou know, way back when i first installed xubuntu i could have sworn there was a textbased installer with a lot more options. the gusty livecd has none and does the installation for you. i dont really like that. should i just use the ubuntu installer with the ubunut livecd? i basically want the the ubuntu installation without any programs and no gui but i do want xorg-x11. should i just do the server install. i got bored so i wanted to do so04:52
zoredachesoldats: are you talking about the altnerate-installer?04:52
zoredachesoldats: the alternate isntaller can be convinced to go into 'expert-mode' where you get to manually directly each portion of the installer task04:53
zoredachethe mini.iso also does that.  The mini.iso comes with a preseed for an extremely basici cli-only system where you can add anything you want04:54
soldatsoh man its been so long since ive seen the ubuntu install isos. thanks i thought i had the minimal installer.04:57
NickManleyWhen I launch firefox with --sync that seems to have solved the problem.  What does --sync do though?04:57
soldatson another disk04:57
zoredachesoldats: the url is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:58
zoredacheor, for the alternate disk choose the xubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso file from your favorite mirror04:59
soldatshmm thanks. i appreciate it. i basically wanted a more custom ubuntu from "scratch" or as scratch as it gets.04:59
soldatsi was how you say "not *too* sober the last time i looked which was a few years ago05:00
* soldats feels dumb now05:00
zoredachesoldats: if you really want to go from scratch you could use debootstrap from a livecd05:01
zoredacheyou basically have to everything completely manually05:02
zoredachethe installation is annoyingly difficult though05:02
soldatshmm didnt think of that. isnt that run from the grub promt05:02
soldatsin alternate settings05:03
zoredachedebootstrap can be ran from many places05:03
soldatsfrom the livecd splash screen?05:03
zoredachesoldats: I don't think so...05:04
zoredachebut then I haven't actually ever used the live-cd disk... I was always used to the installer that is on the alternate disk...  I have been using debian long before I started using *buntu05:05
soldatshrmm, thanks though. im still happy with my current xubuntu install. its pretty much they way i want it with DWM. ill probly keep it they way it is and maybe ill just do a LFS for fun or just do the mini.iso like you said. i hate livecds as well so i agree with you. :)05:07
speaker219LOL XUBUNTU FTW05:34
DaleH1985what's up with this damn os? every time i download a file and type in the install commands, i get these stupid messages about directories not existing, or files not found.05:39
zoredachehow are you downloading things?05:39
zoredacheand how are you trying to install?05:39
speaker219DaleH1985: Don't blame the OS, you probably did something wrong ;)05:39
zoredachewith *buntu/debian you usually should be installing things with apt-get or the add/remove programs05:40
DaleH1985i download install packages, and in the directions, it usually tells me to go to the terminal and type in command prompts, usually something like ./install or./config......but it always says no such file or directory, or command doesn't exist05:41
zoredacheDaleH1985: if you trying to manually compile/install then things will be difficult05:43
DaleH1985so, should i be using the package manager instead/05:44
zoredacheDaleH1985: I strongly reccomend you use packages from package manager unless there is no choice...05:44
DaleH1985ok....also, is there a flash plugin for the opera browser for xubuntu? All i can find is one for firefox05:45
zoredacheI don't know...  the opera page seems to have directions about how to install one though...05:47
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PupUser01can you run xubuntu from ram?06:48
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trentsterHey all, I am currently using "pon" and "poff" via cli to make my 3g usb dongle connect and disconnect.....can anyone recommend a lightweight xubuntu friendly gui frontend for this task?07:54
NullNameCan ANYONE please tell me why an scp transfer times out after 5 min or so?  I can send small files, but large or multiple small files stop transfering, and I get an error saying that the ubuntu ssh server is not responding.  I'm transfering through a local network.  Ubuntu is sending files and windows with cygwin is receiving files.  Any ideas??13:39
NEWKHey, I'm Xubuntu noob and I'm having a bit of trouble getting Compiz to work13:39
NullNameNEWK: Have you tried booting to the xubuntu live disk?13:40
NEWKI found a couple of tutorials that tell me to downlaod several packages, but when I try downloading them, it says that it can't find them13:40
NEWKI don't have disk. I installed Xubuntu with a thing called Wubi13:40
NullNameyou probably need the repositories....13:42
NullNamegoto your menu at the top....13:42
NullNameand click system13:42
NullNamethen click software sources13:42
NullNametype your password in13:43
NullNameclikc the tab ubuntu software13:43
NullNameand check everything but source code13:43
NullNameMake sure it's downloading from a server13:44
NEWKLooks like that's already been done13:44
NEWK@check everythign but source13:44
NullNamek, click the thirdparty tab13:44
NullNamewhat is there?13:44
NEWKUm...it says somethign about a dcrom13:45
NullNameuncheck it13:45
NEWKIt is13:45
NullNamethen close the box13:45
NullNameclose "software sources"13:45
NullNamedon't click "revert".13:45
NullNameHopefully it will make you reconect to your software source servers13:46
NEWKOK, do I hit the X at the top or hit the close button?13:46
NEWKbecaus eI hit the X13:46
NullNameIt shouldn't matter13:46
NullNamewhat error are you getting when you try and install new software?13:46
NEWKYeah, I got a warnign when it closed. Soemthign about somethign beign out of date13:46
NEWKthe error I get is "E: Couldn't find package compiz-fusion-plugins-main"13:47
NullNamecan you install other packages?13:47
NEWKYes. I installed VLC earlier13:48
NEWKI watched my first DVD in Linux today! :D13:48
NullNamehehe nice.13:48
NullNameI don't see the package compiz-fusion-plugins-main13:48
NEWKYeah, well, this tutorial told me to download it13:48
NullNameyou might have to manually add the server that has that package to your software sources13:48
NEWKTwo tutorials told me to get it13:48
NullNameoh okay13:48
NullNamewhat kind of file did you download?13:49
NEWKPerhaps they're out of date13:49
NEWKwhat file?13:49
NullNameusually when you download sofware for linux, you download a compressed file13:50
NullNameyou have to decompress the file.13:50
NEWKI just use synaptic or do apt-get13:50
NullNamethat's much easier13:50
NullNamethe problem is...13:50
NullNameI don't think the servers your are using has the package you want13:51
NEWKand I haven't even installed anything yet. I've just been entering those commands and it gives me an error sayign it can't fidn the package13:51
NEWKand the funny thing is, I can see screenshots on these websties of those packages in synaptic13:51
NEWKSo they must have existed at some point, but maybe those tutorials are out of date13:51
NullNamemaybe that person has the server on their sources that contains the package....13:52
NullNamehold up13:52
NullNameI found your package13:52
NullNamejust download the .deb file13:52
NullNameand open it...it's very straightforward13:52
NullNamescroll down to "Downloads" and select your proper architecture13:52
NEWKYeah, I had to open a .deb file for the DVD library for VLC earlier13:52
NullNameUsually you'll want to select "i386"13:53
NEWKLots of mirrors13:54
NEWKOK, I got it13:54
NullNamenow open it...it will make you type in your password13:54
NEWKNow, I jsut click on it?13:55
NEWKIt gave me an error13:55
NullNamewhat error?13:55
NEWK"dependancy is not satisfiable: libc6"13:55
NEWKShould I apt-get "libc6"?13:56
NEWKand once I get this package installed, there might be other ones that don't work too13:57
NEWKI can't install the package13:59
NEWKWell, I've tried some other things. It still won't work14:08
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vinay_is xubuntu worth trying out?17:13
TheSheepvinay_: try it out to find out ;)17:29
vinay_ if I want to someday work on linux, including "improving" a distro, HOW SHOULD I BEGIN??17:47
crimsun_start with bug triaging in whichever distro17:48
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lovemedohello TheSheep18:16
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lovemedoHello, other than the first email Linus Torvalds sent with regards to his hobby which became Linux, do you guys know any other article of discourse that had an impact on the development of Linux?18:20
vinay_lovemodo, this is a movie on linux...................must watch.........(http://www.revolution-os.com/)..for download, use http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3211770/Revolution_OS                   U have No copyright problem.18:49
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maxamillionvinay_: please don't post pirated material in this channel19:07
thiemsteris alpha 3 a big step up from xubuntu 7.10?21:06
BrainsOkay, anybody else seen the huge drop in performance with a change from Feisty to Gutsy?  I can't seem to find anything wrong other than everything seeming to take far more CPU than seems reasonable.  Advice on things to check welcome...21:24
davidwinterhi all. I'm trying to get compiz to work with xfwm4. I've run compiz --replace, but I don't get any window borders. in the compiz settings, I set xfwm4 as the command for window decorations. I'm out of ideas now :( does anyone know how to get it working?21:25
TheSheepBrains: run top in terminal and see if there's something at the top all the time21:25
TheSheep!compiz | davidwinter21:25
ubotudavidwinter: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion21:26
BrainsTheSheep:  Nothing hangs at the top but many things will run up CPU %s that seem silly (for example, launching a term stays over 50% for several seconds before I get a prompt).21:27
TheSheepBrains: you can try to run strace in a text console to see what occupies them so much21:29
davidwinterTheSheep: the wiki doesn't seem to have any details on using xfwm4 with compiz21:29
TheSheepdavidwinter: see details on using compiz with nvidia cards21:30
BrainsTheSheep:  Even top takes ~10% on a quiet system...21:30
TheSheepBrains: what if you run in text mode?21:30
TheSheepBrains: or just switch to text mode with alt+ctrl+f121:30
davidwinterTheSheep: I've had it working with gnome + metacity fine. just since switching to xfce and xfwm4 it doesn't work21:32
BrainsTheSheep:  Heh, even getting to the text mode console took a while.  I've got top running via ssh so I can see it on another box and, after xorg maxed out for a while and I finally get the console, top is still running 10%21:32
TheSheepok, can you strace it?21:36
TheSheeprun ps x to see what pid it has, and then strace -p PID21:37
TheSheepin a text console, never do it in X21:37
Brainsstrace top?21:38
TheSheepBrains: yes, or if you have a simplier application that you could test...21:39
BrainsTheSheep:  I went ahead and straced top for a bit.  Anything in particular that I should look for or just things that look odd?21:40
TheSheepBrains: things that make it stop for a moment21:40
TheSheeptop is probably a bad idea, lots of system calls21:41
TheSheepBrains: btw, what cpu, memory and graphics card?21:42
BrainsTheSheep:  Toshiba Portege 7220CT, P3-600 184MB.  I'm not expecting stellar performance, just what I was getting under Feisty....21:43
TheSheepBrains: what graphcs card?21:43
BrainsTheSheep:  Sorry 'bout that...  Savage IX21:44
TheSheepBrains: if you do /etc/init.d/gdm stop, does it get any faster?21:44
BrainsIt doesn't change the amount of time top is taking but I don't know if that changes the interaction.  One sec...21:47
BrainsTheSheep:  Okay, I don't think xorg is the problem now...  Type in nonsense at the command line and it takes 5-8 seconds to come back with command not found.  Python shows up in top going as high as 80%.21:52
Brains(Heh, I needed a sec..  My 5 month old is struggling against his need for sleep and making life interesting.  *chuckle*)21:52
TheSheephow does 'free' look like for you?21:54
Brains119 used, 66 free...  looks like 31 of that is cache,  33 in swap.21:55
BrainsI'm not seeing a lot of disk activity either.21:56
TheSheepok, in top press O, then o, then enter21:56
TheSheepwhat's on top?21:56
BrainsIn order, NetworkManager, sshd,sshd,bash,hald...  NetworkManager is using 12560, sshds are in the 8000s, bash and hald in the 5000s.21:58
TheSheepnothing peculiar :/22:00
TheSheepBrains: there is one more thing, although you usually would't want to do it, we can try and at least see if something changes22:01
TheSheepBrains: I think that gutsy has added an AppArmor, try removing it22:01
TheSheepBrains: sudo apt-get remove apparmor22:02
TheSheepBrains: and same with apport, aonce you're at it22:02
BrainsTheSheep:  I was wondering if AppArmor might be a suspect but I've never paid any attention to it and didn't want to jump to conclusions.  It is in progress...22:23
TheSheepBrains: I don't know either, and what little I know about it I doubut it would be it. but you can try22:31
BrainsTheSheep:  Yeah, I'm about ready to pull off the wife's data and reinstall fresh to see if that solves the problem.  I have an almost exactly similar laptop running Gentoo and doing fine.  (Gentoo is my usual choice, I through XUbuntu on the wife's laptop as a turnkey setup I thought she might like.)22:33
BrainsTheSheep:  No luck...  Thanks for the help, I'm going to see if a full install fixes it.  Maybe it was just a bad upgrade from the gui update app.23:10
* Brains starts copying the data off.23:10
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:16
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning23:16

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