purserjmorning/afternoon/evening all00:23
purserjgot a question, what are the minimum requirements for a stand alone installation of edubuntu? I can't seem to find them on the edubuntu site00:23
johnny_same as the regular ubuntu00:56
johnny_which i have actually never read00:56
johnny_unless you're using it as a ltsp server00:56
purserjright, I've just been contacted by someone who's interested in edubuntu but couldn't find the minimum specs. They didn't know about ubuntu so were a little confused01:00
purserjmight be handy to have that info on the site01:01
johnny_edubuntu is turning into a addon cd to ubuntu in later versions, so i guess there hasn't been alot of focus on such things lately01:02
johnny_it won't be it's own distro01:02
purserjah, didn't know that01:03
johnny_it's still in the works atm01:03
johnny_atm, all edubuntu is, is a way to have a ubuntu install with some extra graphics and programs preinstalle01:04
lnspurserj, as an informal, based-solely-on-experience opinion, if you want a nice fast system (i.e. no big sluggishness during regular usage), I'd go with a 1.5-2.0GHz system with at least 512MB RAM and a 40GB HDD01:16
lnsI have a 1.8GHz P4 running Ubuntu and it's fine - a bit sluggish when viewing flash pages (big surprise) and doing other things - but I usually have 3-4 fullscale apps (tbird, ffox, sunbird, xchat, multiple terminals) open at the same time01:17
lnsI do have 1GB RAM PC-3200 RAM though, that will definitely help01:17
purserjlns: thanks I'll pass that on01:18
kgoetzlns: thoe numbers sound about right (although hdd sie is moot over 5 gig)01:18
lnskgoetz, I was just thinking 40gb for a modest amount of storage space01:19
kgoetzlns: yep01:19
kgoetzafaik most pc drives over ~20 gig are 7200rpm01:20
lnspurserj, anything more than 2.0GHz will just make it run faster. =) Can't lose with that, but the *minimum* I would say is 1.5-2GHz01:23
kgoetzlns: are you thiking athe mmodern releases or all?01:24
lnskgoetz, modern yes01:27
lnsi'm using Gutsy (ubuntu) on my 1.8ghz01:27
kgoetz:/ thats irritating01:28
nixternalRichEd or ogra: Will the package in the repos still be called edubuntu-desktop?  I plan on emailing you all a copy of this chapter tonight so you can review it02:46
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achandrashekarhello im using the smbldap-installer and it errors out on smbldap-populate portion. Can someone assist04:24
kgoetzachandrashekar: what errores does it give you?04:27
achandrashekari ran it manually as well and that was far more descriptive.04:28
achandrashekarhere you go -04:28
achandrashekar(its short) no need for pastebin04:28
achandrashekarerreur LDAP: Can't contact master ldap server (IO::Socket::INET: Connect: Connection refuse) at /usr/share/perl5/smbldap_tools.pm line 28204:29
achandrashekarany ideas?04:30
kgoetzis it configured correctly?04:31
kgoetz'cant connect' sounds like the server is uncontactable04:31
achandrashekarmeaning?..i simply ran the script and followed the directions (so i believe) on the website04:31
achandrashekari ran the script on the same box that i want to install it. :)04:32
kgoetzdo you have an ldap server setup?04:33
achandrashekarkgoetz: no. the script does the full installation.04:33
achandrashekarfrom www.vcsvikings.org/docuwiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi04:34
achandrashekarsorry needs /FrontPage at the end04:34
kgoetzwww.vcsvikings.org/docuwiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/FrontPage ?04:35
achandrashekara bit strange...i think its a permissions issue of some sort... ill have to track it down.04:37
achandrashekari did run it as sudo su04:37
dayahi channel,04:38
dayaCan we build LTSP in debian as included in edubuntu 7.1004:38
achandrashekardaya: I dont see why not.04:38
kgoetzdaya: i think it is built for debian already04:39
kgoetzachandrashekar: sounds like the script is roken04:39
achandrashekarkgoetz: I figured something like that.. its "trying" to access ldap...but cant.ill have to hunt. because I want to set up an infrastructure setup for ltsp04:40
dayakgoetz, yes, but only 5.0 in ltsp.org, and backported one04:40
achandrashekarand i have the dhcp-failover working :)04:40
dayakgoetz, I am seeking without nfs,04:40
dayakgoetz, that one with squashfs and nbd04:41
kgoetzdaya: ah right04:42
dayakgoetz, is it built for debian,04:42
dayakgoetz, whats the lnk04:43
kgoetzdaya: unsure.04:43
kgoetz(unsure if its built for debian)04:43
dayakgoetz, most probably  ogra knows about it,04:44
dayaogra,can you help me to find out it,04:44
lnsdaya, google is your friend04:50
dayalns, :),04:50
johnny_ask in #ltsp04:54
johnny_but wait04:54
johnny_one of the folks in there maintains the debian packages04:54
achandrashekarkgoetz: figured it out.05:05
kgoetzachandrashekar: cool05:06
achandrashekarkgoetz: /var/log/syslog is your friend! :)   /var/run/slap.pid was not there and owned by openldap;openldap05:06
achandrashekarthanks for your help...sometimes just having someone listen and ask questions back gets you going in the right direction. :)05:07
kgoetzachandrashekar: have fun05:08
achandrashekari will let you know how the whole thing goes. I basically followed the steps to get a failover ltsp system going05:12
achandrashekarif it works well..i will do a "re-write up" for standalone ltsp setup. there are many "gotchas"05:13
achandrashekarkgoetz: okay on the second ldap client, I set it up to authenticate and rebooted it. I know receive a message that simply says "Starting Kernel daeomon" and it gives me a console prompt for login instead of typical graphical login. Any ideas?05:54
achandrashekarldap install issue...part 2...after rebooting the master ldap server, the system hangs at the following "Starting kernel log daemon"06:14
achandrashekarcan someone help?06:14
achandrashekarhello..in the ldap cofiguration of edubuntu..the system seems to hang on boot...anyone else experience this?07:20
johnny_you're going to find a smaller subset of folks who use ldap with their setup i imagine07:21
johnny_prolly going to have to wait til later07:21
johnny_to get a response07:21
pygiachandrashekar, hello07:26
pygihave you tried doing any debugging?07:26
pygiI had a small setup of computers like that (read: something like 40)07:27
pygipurserj, sorry, did you got your response yesterday on the requirements?07:27
pygiI'll be back in 15 mins, so you might poke me if you want answers :)07:28
achandrashekarpygi: sorry for delay..it appears to be a nsswitch issue and boot up..something to do with compat being replaced with files ldap07:49
achandrashekarim trying to work on a workaround07:49
achandrashekarokay...it appears there is a bug that has been posted for ldap09:03
achandrashekarand it then further causes more headaches for those trying to install ltsp in infrastructure mode for 7.1009:03
achandrashekarconsider that ltsp5.0 is so wonderful..hopefully someone will fix the damn libnss issue that plagues ldap09:04
ograachandrashekar, did you ask in #ubuntu-server about it ?09:10
ogratheer are the ldap experts ;)09:10
achandrashekari see...i ask them as well... this is a major impact to the edubuntu community as most of us guys are looking to make a solid move in an infrastructure setup. with ldap not working properly the management of accounts across boxes becomes a nightmare09:12
achandrashekaranyhow..will ask there as well09:12
ograwell, a *lot* changed with ldap in gutsy09:12
ograthey are preparing for the auth server implementation in hardy+109:12
achandrashekaryeah.....im so impressed with ltsp 5, and i got the dhcp-failover working09:12
achandrashekarlast piece of the puzzle here09:13
ograso they adjusted the infrastructure to their needs for the future09:13
ogralots of things might work different09:13
achandrashekari see.. im still a trooper :)09:13
achandrashekarbeen working like over a week on this09:13
achandrashekarive learned an incredible amount09:13
achandrashekarand im close :)09:13
* johnny_ reads bzrarchives blueprint and thinks of monotone09:16
purserjpygi: yes I found out the information that I needed thanks09:25
achandrashekarill try to ask in the morning again...gdnight09:40
pygiachandrashekar, sec :P09:40
achandrashekarno problem whats up?09:40
pygijust reading what you posted :)09:41
pygiah, gutsy setup with ldap ....09:41
achandrashekaryeah...giving me fits09:41
pygihm, didnt upgrade to gutsy yet (/me had dapper in place me thinks)09:41
pygipurserj, oki :)09:41
achandrashekarand that is ltsp 5 as well?? or09:41
achandrashekar4 right09:42
pygiI think it was 4?09:42
achandrashekaryeah 409:42
achandrashekarits that damn libnss package. I even tried to move S19slapd in all of the rc.X files to S10slapd and it still gives me fits.09:43
kwakdoes edubuntu have issues with broadcom wireless adapters09:43
johnny_just as much as ever other distro09:44
achandrashekarbroadcom has issues with linux in general :)09:44
achandrashekaranyhow guys..i need a tad bit of sleep here..and maybe ill come up with another mechanism to manage these accounts.09:44
achandrashekaracross two boxes.09:45
achandrashekarthanks for all your help see you l8r09:45
johnny_i'm sure it is possible to get it working09:45
achandrashekari finally got the dhcp part working with failover and it was a learning curve09:45
achandrashekarbut now this....:(09:46
achandrashekarid REALLY like to figure this out. on standalone09:46
achandrashekaranyhow..im spiraling.09:46
achandrashekarand tired.09:46
achandrashekarc you guys l8r09:47
achandrashekarkwak: ndiswrapper is your friend09:47
ograkwak, you should have a little icon in your panel telling you that the system found HW it needs external stuff for, click on it and it will walk your though the process to get the broadcom working (note that doesnt work for all broeadcoms, but most)09:49
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juliuxogra, that was a quick reaction16:04
ograwell, i wish i had been faster16:05
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