sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ no problem, just need some info first00:00
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ lspci |grep -i vga00:00
FuriousMojoI have an ATI X1550 PCI-e00:00
xerxes1358Is it possible once in Live Session (LiveDVD) do a net install ? anyone experience with this ?00:00
FuriousMojo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV505 [Radeon X1550 Series]00:01
the-ermxerxes1358: I've never done a net install with kubuntu, usually you just install, and reboot, then update.00:01
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ yo, sorry doing work stuff too, ok, pastebin the output of xrandr -q as well00:02
FuriousMojoScreen 0: minimum 640 x 400, current 1280 x 1024, maximum 1280 x 102400:03
FuriousMojono problem00:03
sub[t]rnlthats all it shows?00:03
FuriousMojodefault connected 1280x1024+0+0 0mm x 0mm00:03
FuriousMojo1280x1024      76.0*00:04
unagi_prince_jammys: you still here?00:04
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ !pastebin it for me00:04
FuriousMojoyes, and the other res. which don't have a start00:04
sub[t]rnl!pastebin > FuriousMojo00:04
sub[t]rnlplug in your second monitor and turn it on, then run xrandr -q again00:05
FuriousMojoIt's plugged in, on00:06
FuriousMojojust mirroing at the moment00:06
FuriousMojoI'd like to drag content to it00:06
sub[t]rnlok, no problem00:06
sub[t]rnlwait 100:06
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unagi_any idea why my side buttons are reversed?00:07
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ go ahead and edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and in Section "Screen", under SubSection "Display" add Virtual 2048 204800:07
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ alt + f2 kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if you need the hand holding :p)00:08
FuriousMojoI found out about that file myself earlier...00:08
FuriousMojolet me undo my previous changes00:08
sub[t]rnlback that up first bro00:09
FuriousMojowill do00:09
FuriousMojoI did before :-)00:09
sub[t]rnlsudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.backup}00:09
FuriousMojo1 sec00:09
unagi_what maps the mouse buttons in kubuntu00:10
sub[t]rnl!mouse | unagi_00:11
ubotuunagi_: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto00:11
unagi_that doesnt answer my question sub[t]rnl my side buttons are reversed00:11
FuriousMojook done00:11
sub[t]rnlunagi_➜ check your xorg.conf and Option          "ZAxisMapping"00:12
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ have the virtual line added?00:12
sub[t]rnlah, you registered.. hehe ok pm's00:12
unagi_i dont have zaxismapping sub[t]rnl00:14
israelhi there00:17
Lionohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=699029  need help. any one arround to check it00:17
unagi_can anyone tell me what maps out mouse keys in ubuntu?00:18
sub[t]rnl!mouse | unagi_00:18
ubotuunagi_: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto00:18
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sub[t]rnl(it tells you in the page, I just read it)00:18
unagi_sub[t]rnl: my imwheelrc is configged correctly, the actual button is mapped wrong00:20
unagi_ie mouse 6 is 7 and 7 is 600:20
unagi_am i missing something else?00:21
FuriousMojosub, no go man00:22
FuriousMojoI could barely see my mouse cursor00:22
FuriousMojoI had to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg after rebooting00:23
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ Add the virtual line again, the pastebin your xorg.conf so I can look at it00:23
unagi_sub[t]rnl: ok man i dont get it00:24
sub[t]rnlunagi_➜ :/ me either.00:24
unagi_sub[t]rnl: i didnt have zaxismapping so i added it with 6 and 7, didnt work, switched it to 7 and 6, didnt work00:25
unagi_sub[t]rnl: so what in that link am i suppose to be looking at00:25
biovoreI think mouse wheel are normaly 4 and 500:25
unagi_not the wheel, the side buttons00:25
sub[t]rnlthey are00:25
sub[t]rnlunagi_➜ don't know, sorry00:25
biovoremight need to remap mouse buttons..00:25
biovorewhat mouse you got?00:26
unagi_logitech z22000:26
unagi_im trying to figure out how to remap00:26
unagi_everyone keeps pointing me to !mouse00:26
biovorexmodmap -e 'sadfasdfasdf'00:26
biovoregoogle on xmodmap mouse00:26
dwm_Running xev from a terminal window lets you click in the window it opens and see what mouse button is what00:26
unagi_isnt that a keyboar dremap?00:26
biovoreI have a logtech Mx518 here I got it remaped forrectly00:27
biovoredoes mouse as well00:27
unagi_dwm_: xev doesnt return a button which i find odd00:27
biovorethe -e00:27
biovoreevdev debug..00:27
FuriousMojoI guess the registration didn't stick for PM'ing00:27
FuriousMojosub, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56565/00:27
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biovorehave to authenticate avery time you connect to server..00:27
dwm_You may have the number of buttons limited to low in your xorg file00:27
FuriousMojohow do I address you and make it turn red like you do mine?  is there an easy way?00:27
dwm_In one system I have buttons up to around 18 just with a simple logitech 4 button wheel mouse00:28
FuriousMojoI'm using Konversation00:28
sub[t]rnlFuriousMojo➜ looks good from here.  just do sub[tab]00:28
unagi_i dont have buttons declared00:28
ubotuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:28
FuriousMojonice, thanks00:28
unagi_should i add Options "buttons" "7"?00:28
FuriousMojook, so the file looks good.  Does my vid card need to be returned for an nvidia to work with Linux?00:29
nosrednaekimhey fermions00:29
fermionsI got a problem,guys00:29
unagi_lemme try that brb00:29
fermionsi can't get in desktop after logging in with KDE mode00:29
fermionsi can only get in the save mode00:30
unagi_with buttons declared xev still doesnt report a button number00:30
nosrednaekimfermions » you can't log into kde?00:30
dwm_Lemme see if I can post the relevant section of my xorg.conf00:31
fermionsi tried to remove kde00:31
dwm_Section "InputDevice"00:31
fermionsand reinstall it00:31
dwm_        Identifier      "Configured Mouse"00:31
dwm_        Driver          "mouse"00:31
nosrednaekimfermions » ok, try "mv .kde .kde-backup" on the command line00:31
dwm_        Option          "CorePointer"00:31
dwm_        Option          "Device"        "/dev/input/mice"00:31
dwm_        Option          "Protocol"      "ExplorerPS/2"00:31
dwm_#       Option          "ZAxisMapping"  "4 5"00:31
dwm_        Option          "Emulate3Buttons"       "false"00:31
unagi_oooooh now it does00:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:31
unagi_its imwheel that isnt showing it00:31
nosrednaekimfermions » then try loggin back in00:32
unagi_i dunno why00:32
dwm_It likes to have ExplorerPS/2 as the option for that line00:32
fermionsi am gonna try it now00:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about imwheel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:32
x_linkHi all Kubuntu-uers =)00:34
x_linkWill KDE 3.5.9 come to the repo?00:34
unagi_OMG the buttons are still backwards!00:35
Tm_Tx_link: will be in kubuntu.org when done00:35
biovoreunagi_: http://web.mit.edu/answers/xwindows/xwindows_xmodmap.html00:35
xerxes1358Can someone help me through a INTERNET install of the Ubuntu ?00:36
x_linkTm_T: Alright, thanks man!00:36
x_linkTm_T: You think that we need to wait a long time?00:37
x_linkMust go now00:37
x_linkGood night00:37
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:37
Zombocomis there a way to get an animated destkop?00:45
Zombocomother than running the screensaver on it00:45
Zombocomlike i  have an animated .gif that I want to use00:45
Dr_willisZombocom,  not that i have ever seen.00:46
ArwenZombocom, you can run MPlayer in a loop and have it draw to your desktop00:46
Dr_willisI guess ya could also use tha web page desktop feature.00:46
Dr_willisBut gee . how far do you want to bend overbacwards for an animated wallpaper.. that you will rarely see00:46
Arwenanimated desktops are EYECANCER00:47
sca344newbie here....00:47
Flare183ok then.....00:47
nosrednaekimwelcome sca34400:48
fermionswell,i am back,but with xfce's desktop00:48
sca344can someone tell me how to convert avi to dvd format with avidmux and burn it with k3b00:48
fermionshello sca34400:48
sca344thanks for the welcome.00:48
fermionsnosrednakekim,it didn't work,man00:49
sca344anyone have a reference where i can read about it?00:50
nosrednaekimsca344 » I think you just say tell the Video to go to DVD and the audio to be copied00:50
fermionsi installed xfce desktop and use startx under recovery mode00:50
nosrednaekimfermions » ok, try starting kde, but when it fails,go to ctrl+alt+f2, log in and run "cat .xsession-errors" to see what went wrong00:51
fermionswhat's this,budd?00:52
fermionscat .xsession-errors?00:52
nosrednaekimfermions » sees what made kde blow up :)00:52
sca344im not seeing that.. i will look again00:52
nosrednaekim.xsession-errors is a file00:52
nosrednaekimin your home DIR00:53
nosrednaekimsca344 » its on the left side of the UI00:53
sca344i have the settings on the left side.. but under format it saves it as a avi00:54
Dr_willisto make a dvd video from an avi file. i normall use that devdvd program00:55
Dr_willisi thonk thats its name00:55
Dr_willis!find devded00:55
ubotuPackage/file devded does not exist in gutsy00:55
Dr_willisdevede - program to create video DVDs00:55
Dr_willisi never can spellit right00:55
Zombocomhow do I01:00
Zombocomview dvds01:00
Zombocomin linux01:00
Tm_T!dvd | Zombocom01:00
ubotuZombocom: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:00
sca344thanks dr willis01:03
sca344its working01:03
Dr_willisi set it to make the .iso file for the video that i then burn01:03
sca344dr willis01:04
Dr_willisbut you may just want to have it generate the dvd files.. or not. ;) depends on what you want01:04
sca344remember the name like DVD but put a e after each letter01:04
sca344i am having it create the dvd files01:04
sca344is doing the iso faster?01:05
sca344its only on like 5%01:05
Dr_willisthe time to make a .iso from the files is minimal01:05
will00ello, im havin an issue with amarok, anyone feel like givin me a hand?01:05
Dr_willisit proberly takes it 2-3 min to make the .iso01:05
Dr_willisbut its easier to just tell k3b to burn an iso image. then selecting the files01:06
Dr_willisand k3b would have to make the iso anyway01:06
arcticpenguin380will using JFSs improve speed01:06
will00i try to start amarok, and the process starts, but the specific window with my playlist and everything doesnt start01:07
will00anyone got any ideas?01:07
valeryhello. I need help. i must hide cursor, where X11 load. But I can't do it. help please.01:08
will00does anyone know what would make a process start but the window not open01:09
fermionsi am back,guys01:13
Tm_Twill00: well, do you have amarok icon next to clock01:13
will00itll start and show up in the process table, but beyond that it doesnt appear anywhere01:14
sca344dr willis so in devede make the avi an iso file?01:17
sca344another thing,. in kubuntu.. how do i make it where everything doesnt get dark? if i havent clicked on it01:20
oloughlin75After I installed compiz and restarted, I lost keyboard and mouse (but i could still move the mouse but not click)01:23
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bfroghow come cups isn't seeing my printer on my other computer01:29
bfrogit did just fine when I was running archlinux01:30
bfrogdid kubuntu do something stupid with cups? I thought I read something about that awhile back01:30
sca344what is a good image editor with linux?01:30
bfrogwhy'd ubuntu turn off the network sharing01:31
Flare183@lart bfrog01:32
bfrogof all the stupid things to do...01:33
bfrogwell whatever01:33
rdvonwhy is kde 4 so buggy!01:33
rdvonI need help.. I deleted the window manager on the bottom, and now I can't get it back.01:33
rdvonI forget what it's called, it's the app that shows all the windows you have. I tried right clicking the task bar but It doesn't work.. Settings doesn't help either01:35
fermionshi,guys,how long does it take to see you desktop from restart?01:40
xerxes1358How do I install LATEX on Kubuntu ?01:40
fermionsit takes long down here01:40
xerxes1358I dont find it in application finder01:41
ubotutex is a language for describing a document, commonly used especially for scientific publishing. Information and instructions for installing TeX and other related packages can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LaTeX01:41
rdvonMay I ask why they even released kde 4?01:42
Dr_willis_!find latex01:42
ubotuFound: auctex, dblatex, latex-beamer, latex-ucs, latex-ucs-contrib (and 55 others)01:42
Dr_willis_rdvon,  its for developers to use as a base to get  stuff going.01:42
Dr_willis_rdvon,  it was not intended for   the masses.. wait for 4.1 for that. :) or 4.2 or 4.99999999901:42
xerxes1358Dr_willis thanks01:43
Tm_T4.1 <301:44
oloughlin75has anyone used lg3d?01:44
Dr_willis_its proberly  not in the menys where you were looking - since its more of shell/command line tool perhaps.01:44
Dr_willis_I havent used TeX in years01:44
xerxes1358i installed MS true font type. How do I enable them?01:47
rdvon...still buggy. the zoom out feature doesn't even work :(01:47
xerxes1358is it normal for kopete to crash on when you try to load MSN accounts ? maybe there is a bug ?01:48
Dr_willis_they should be enabled if you installed them.01:48
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Dragnslcrxerxes1358- I think there is a known bug, though I haven't encountered it myself01:50
oloughlin75pidgin rules again01:50
oloughlin75Dr_willis_: have you used lg3d?01:50
Dr_willis_never heard of it.01:51
Dr_willis_!info lg3d01:51
ubotuPackage lg3d does not exist in gutsy01:51
oloughlin75java 3d desktop environment01:51
xerxes1358I keep getting an error when trying to install anything.01:51
oloughlin75!find lg3d01:51
xerxes1358possibly there was a problem with downloading bla bla01:51
ubotuPackage/file lg3d does not exist in gutsy01:51
Dr_willis_oloughlin75,  wasent that what sun came out with like 2 yeras ago>01:51
oloughlin75Dr_willis_: probably01:51
Dr_willis_I recall some live cd with it.. and  it wasent very goodl :) but that was some time ago01:51
oloughlin75yeah i think so01:52
rdvonIs there a program that will download podcasts and convert them to a given format? (i.e. .3gp2)01:52
oloughlin75im downloading it though =)01:52
Dr_willis_compiz has sort of gotten everyones attention. There was that mettis (sp?) thing - that looked better then compiz in ways.. but i aint heard of it in  ages either01:52
oloughlin75i install compiz and all was fine01:52
oloughlin75i restarted01:53
oloughlin75then my keyboard didnt work and mouse clicks didnt work01:53
Dr_willis_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxsUKX6xXyE metisse  in work01:53
oloughlin75it could move the mouse though01:53
Dr_willis_!find metisse01:53
ubotuPackage/file metisse does not exist in gutsy01:54
oloughlin75do you know what might have gone wrong?01:54
Dr_willis_I dont mess with compiz much.   all i know about compiz i learned from the.........01:55
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:55
Dr_willis_site :)01:55
oloughlin75iv tried installing twice01:56
oloughlin75both have given me problems01:56
oloughlin75first my mouse went invisible01:56
oloughlin75now it stopped responding01:56
Dr_willis_now you know why i dont mess with compiz much.01:56
Dr_willis_I will admint - ive not had many issues with it.01:57
ArwenI don't mess with compiz because a software 3d desktop kind of kills the point :-)01:57
Tm_TI don't mess with it just because I don't need it :))01:58
ryanakcaHmm. For the website, would you rather have a button with gradient that doesn't resize (bad accessability!), or a good looking button that does resize, but doesn't have a gradient ?02:02
ryanakcacrap, wrong channel, sorry02:02
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nosrednaekimyeah! another ubuntu dell!02:30
nosrednaekimone of every size: 15,14 and 1302:31
Tm_Tnosrednaekim: where's my "XXS" ?02:31
default_ophi all.  what's the solution to stop firefox trying to open php files on websites?02:32
Tm_Tnosrednaekim: no it's not :((02:32
biovoredefault_op: setup apache correctly02:32
nosrednaekimTm_T » the eepc isn't extra-extra small?02:32
=== HydroGONE is now known as Hydrogen
Tm_T!away > Hydrogen02:34
HydrogenI wasn't away02:34
Tm_T0433.10 -!- HydroGONE is now known as Hydrogen ;((02:34
HydrogenI was pretending to be a watery shape02:34
Hydrogenand I have bad spelling02:34
Tm_Tyou do indeed <302:35
=== Tm_T changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | Tutorials Day logs at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KTD | Please add ideas: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuSummerOfCodeIdeas | Ubuntu DeveloperWeek https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/
default_opbiovore: no I mean dfirefox tries to open php files from remote site02:40
default_opbiovore: rather then wait for ht esite to deliver the scripts results02:40
biovoredefault_op: yes.. thats do to a webserver miss configuration.. the php is server side.. not client02:40
Dragnslcrdefault_op- PHP scripts normally send regular HTML content02:41
DragnslcrThe browser has nothing to do with it02:41
biovoredefault_op: webserver is supose to run the php and send its output to the client..02:41
DragnslcrThe browser can't even really know that PHP generated the HTML02:41
arcticpenguin380did kubuntu patch that kernel vurablity?02:43
prince_jammysdefault_op: what happens when you go here www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=61618302:45
prince_jammyscomputer exploded02:46
default_opbiovore: &FDrag ok thanks.  I get it now02:49
default_opprince_jammys: it opens it02:49
default_opit seems when there isn't any attributes after the .php then it trys to download the file02:50
prince_jammysdefault_op: delete the stuff after question mark and try it02:51
prince_jammysdefault_op: including the ?02:51
prince_jammysdefault_op: what you can't do is save a php file and expect it to open02:52
prince_jammysdefault_op: actually, you can sorry02:53
prince_jammysdefault_op: you can't expect a php script is what i meant02:53
prince_jammysthe php extension just tells the server on their end to parse the file for any php, then substitutes the php with html output of the server-side php script ... on your end you only get html02:55
FXanyone running awn?03:02
nosrednaekimhey FX03:02
FXif so with my intel x3100 vid card can I run it?03:02
Arwenbut why you would want icons bouncing over your desktop is an entirely different question03:03
FXOk are there directions out there for dummies on getting it running?03:04
FXI'm not sure, really.03:04
nosrednaekimFX yeah.. search google03:05
regeyaArwen: one of the first thigns I shut off in os x is the bouncing; awn can be set up to not bounce.03:05
regeyaFX:  there's instructions on launchpad03:05
regeyaFX: one word of caution: it's REEEEEALLY aimed at gnome03:06
FXah well then I'll pass on it and just wait until KDE4 becomes more stable03:06
FXI used 4 a little but it didn't look really done yet.03:06
redshadowheroIs there a virtual machine app for kubuntu?03:14
Dragnslcrqemu, kvm03:14
nosrednaekimvirtualbox is good03:14
redshadowheroalright, thanks.03:15
redshadowheroI have a user that *has* to have windows 98 on his personal machine..03:15
redshadowheroI know.. >,>03:15
nosrednaekim200 won't do?03:15
nosrednaekim98 dosn't work well in VM's from what I have seen03:16
redshadowheroHe's a guy I'm comfortable enough to tell him that he's stupid.03:16
redshadowheroAh.. well... that sucks..03:16
nosrednaekimredshadowhero » you can give it a shot though.03:17
redshadowherowhich one is the easiest for a computer-illiterate person?03:17
BluesKajredshadowhero, let's just say your friend needs to get out of his rut and into this century :)03:17
nosrednaekimredshadowhero » you can even do seamless virtualization with virtualbox03:17
redshadowheroWell, he refuses to buy another version.. he's a cheap guy..03:17
vershow do i do a virus search?03:17
nosrednaekimvers » virus search? there are no viruses for Linux03:18
versi thought so but wasnt sure....03:18
BluesKajcheap..that's just plain miserly03:19
redshadowheroyeah... but I get to stay here for free as long as I fix his computers.03:19
versso i just should just keep up with the updates and i should be on point?03:19
redshadowherowell, fix them to his specs.03:19
jerwareumm... yea.  When i fullscreen streaming video it's skippy.03:23
jerwarei use firefox03:23
jerwarefullscreening invokes xine.  but xine can play dvd's fine. why not streaming vids ?03:23
oloughlin75jerware: could be your bandwidth03:24
BluesKajjerware, perhaps your stream is being interrupted03:24
jerwareby what?03:24
jerwaremy 3 other room mates, (who run windows) can play streaming vids fine.03:24
BluesKajbuffering isn't fast enuff to keep up03:24
jerwaresuch as youtube03:25
FuriousMojodumb question03:25
FuriousMojohow do I access my floppy disk?03:25
nosrednaekimFuriousMojo » pop it in?03:25
oloughlin75stick it in and go to wherever its mounted03:26
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone03:26
oloughlin75usually /media/xxx03:26
oloughlin75i havent seen a floppy in years03:26
FuriousMojowas tryign to get the HDD on my promise card to recognize03:27
FuriousMojogetting the damn uid 1000 error03:27
nosrednaekimFuriousMojo » "sudo chmod -R a+x mountpoint" usually fixes that03:27
FuriousMojonosrednaekim: just run that?03:28
FuriousMojonosrednaekim:  what does that do?  what tells it to do whatever it is doing to the floppy?03:29
Shirakawasunahey, does kubuntu use knetworkmanager by default/is it easy to set up?  I'm thinking of switching but I needs my easy network switching03:29
nosrednaekimFuriousMojo » uhh never mind.... follow the directions in that wikipage03:30
FuriousMojonosrednaekim: ok, thanks03:30
Shirakawasunaalso, does it have the irritating issue I've had since gentoo/archlinux, where it takes 2-3 attempts to stick to an AP?03:30
nosrednaekimShirakawasuna » yes, knetworkmanager is used by default (for better or worse)03:31
Shirakawasunanosrednaekim: for better!03:31
Lionowhere can i learn how to script commands in linux, what are ways to make bash scripts and execute them in different manner?03:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about scripts - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:32
andrew__Has anyone had trouble ripping Led Zeppelins Mothership with K3b  disc one works but not disc 203:32
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:32
nosrednaekimLiono » let me find you a good bash tutorial03:32
andrew__It skips as soon as I try to play it03:32
jerwareclassic shell scripting is a good book03:33
andrew__I'm encoding to ogg BTW03:33
Liononosrednaekim thanks03:33
nosrednaekimLiono » http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/03:33
oloughlin75kde4 seems slow03:34
Liononosrednaekim you learned all from it?03:34
nosrednaekimLiono » I don't know how to bash script :)03:34
FXI'm trying to figure out how to edit the menu in kde403:34
* BluesKaj begins to nod off...nite all 03:34
nosrednaekimFX » the simple menu cannot be edited03:34
FXwell that blows. lol03:34
nosrednaekimLiono » I can do anything that can be done in bash in python though03:35
nosrednaekimFX » except! if you edit the kde3 menu, which seems to transfer the settings03:35
ShirakawasunaLiono: you could also try installing gentoo on some old box03:35
nosrednaekimso running "kmenuedit" might be your best bet03:35
ShirakawasunaLiono: it takes you through all the basics just to install the bugger03:35
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: then whats the menu editor for?03:35
Liononosrednaekim Shirakawasuna can you help me with my loging problem?03:35
ShirakawasunaLiono: possibly03:35
elfshadowDoes anyone know why filetransfer halt when I try to copy oggs off a CD???03:35
ShirakawasunaLiono: what's it doing?03:36
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » kickoff03:36
FuriousMojoHere's my fstab file03:36
FuriousMojoI still can't see anything on it :-(03:36
FuriousMojoDo I need to restart anything after changing that file?03:36
elfshadowI think it has something to do with the stuff that KB3 shut off to rip???03:36
LionoShirakawasuna nosrednaekim - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69902903:37
elfshadowwhen KB3 shuts off things to rip it start working03:37
FXkmenuedit doesn't do anything and I don't see a terminal icon either. :(03:37
spikemccis there a msn client that actually just work on linux ... all ones that i have tried don't start ...03:38
ChaosMachinespikemcc, have you tried aMSN?03:38
ShirakawasunaLiono: dunno, sorry.  I use a different distro and running stuff at boot depends on the script system, which is distro-specific03:38
LionoShirakawasuna its about kde and screen saver problem03:39
oloughlin75theres to much.... pizaz in kde4 with the effects on03:39
spikemccpidgin amsn kopete and kmess all don't work03:39
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » you obviously wouldn't like compiz then03:40
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: just the exploding windows03:40
oloughlin75its over the top03:40
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » turn them off :)03:40
FXI'm still trying to figure out where everything is in 403:40
oloughlin75nvm, its the fall apart, not the explosion03:40
oloughlin75explosion isnt quite as much03:41
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » did you eventually get compiz working?03:41
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: yeah, until i restarted03:42
unagiis there an expression in the terminal for current directory03:42
unagiie mkisofs -o myiso.iso expression?03:42
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: then i lost keyboard and couldnt click, only move03:42
nosrednaekimunagi » "."03:42
unagiwith or without quotes03:42
nosrednaekimunagi » shouldn't matter, but without works03:43
unagiis that python?03:43
nosrednaekimunagi » no... thats bash03:44
nosrednaekimor rather...UNIX03:44
unagii see03:44
unagiive been finding it hard to learn bash language03:44
biovorebash programming howto03:44
nosrednaekim.. is previous DIR TW03:44
nosrednaekimunagi » http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/03:44
unagii would like to write a script to change my background to the time of day03:45
Picinosrednaekim: .. is parent directory.  cd - is previous directory ;)03:45
spikemcc>anyone got a tutorial how to remove and rebuild amsn-aa (latest) and add some skins and addons ?03:45
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: is there a way to configure the taskbar in kde4?03:46
nosrednaekimPici » thanks:)03:46
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » nope03:46
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » you want double lines as well?03:46
oloughlin75cant even move i?03:46
oloughlin75double lines?03:46
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » yeah.. you can move it.... remove it and then put a new one in the location you want it.03:46
unagikopete crashes on me too much =(03:46
nosrednaekimoh... you mean the whole panel?03:46
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » not yet03:47
oloughlin75but i guess i can add widgets and remove the panel03:47
oloughlin75itll acomplish the look i want03:47
oloughlin75except the open windows03:47
oloughlin75is there a widget to show the open.minimized window slike the taskbar?03:48
oloughlin75open or minimized03:49
nosrednaekiminsetad of just all of them?03:50
oloughlin75like the list of windows03:50
oloughlin75all of them03:50
=== mrnotproper is now known as peterfile
nosrednaekimdon't you have a taskbar?03:50
oloughlin75but if i remove the taskbar i cant see them03:50
nosrednaekimwell, alt+ta will cycle hough them03:50
=== prince_jammys is now known as prince
=== prince is now known as prince_jammys
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: not the same03:51
nosrednaekimhave to go.... later guys.... oloughlin75,come to the kubuntu devweek seminar tomorrow03:51
oloughlin75whats that?03:51
FXlmao No wonder why I couldn't find anything. I forgot there is alike a back arrow on the menu. DUH!!03:52
oloughlin75oo there is a widget for it03:52
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » learn some about kubuntu, what makes it different, how ou can helpout....etc:)03:52
oloughlin75in this channel?03:53
nosrednaekimno.... let me find the channel03:53
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » #ubuntu-classroom03:54
oloughlin75now ig to to figure out how to remove the bar03:54
nosrednaekimthe panel? edit the plasma-appletsrc03:54
nosrednaekimin .kde4/share/config03:55
oloughlin75whats that? lol03:55
nosrednaekimits the only way to get rid of the panel03:55
oloughlin75  k03:56
FXNot that it ever worked, for me anyways, but I miss kweather03:56
nosrednaekimworked for me... but without a systray, you are lost :)03:57
gtti'm having the biggest pain in the neck problem with quanta03:57
gttdriving me nuts03:57
unagii left my mouse at my parents business how the heck can i play open arena =(03:59
biovoreunagi: bind everything to keys04:00
unagiwhat are some other good games for linux04:01
FXnot much04:01
biovoreholy net split04:10
will00help! i cant get amarok to work04:10
biovoreI guess zelazny went down..04:10
unaginnn nnn nnn netspliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit04:10
will00cant get amarok to work can anyone help?04:11
oloughlin75will00: whats it not doing?04:11
oloughlin75check the taskbar04:11
oloughlin75for the amarok icon04:11
will00not there04:11
oloughlin75what happens when you click start?04:12
will00tried uninstalling, reinstalling, compiling from source, rebooting04:12
will00nothing, it tries to load and then stops04:12
will00when i launch from terminal it eventually tells me that amarokapp has crashed04:12
oloughlin75not sure04:13
mixedI'm about to boot up using a live CD, how would I mount my SATA drive so I can configure grub?04:13
DarthFrogmixed: It's probably already mounted.04:14
mixedDarthFrog --- im going to boot up using a LIVE CD04:14
DarthFrogIt'll probably be /media/sda or somesuch.04:15
mixedDarthFrog ok so then I could just sudo -i and edit menu.lst then04:15
DarthFrogShould work fine.04:16
mixedDarthFrog, is sda used for SATA drives only?  I only have one SATA drive but it's showing up as sda2 and sda304:17
mixedDarthFrog, it looks like my devices are mounted twice LoL04:17
DarthFrogsda would also be used for SCSI drives.04:18
DarthFrogsda2 and sda3 are partitions on sda.04:18
mixedDarthFrog, that makes sense, I have quite a few partitions04:18
DarthFrog/dev/sda is the whole drive.04:18
mixedDarthFrog, I just booted up my old machine, im going to reboot this one, be back in a second04:19
DarthFrogand /dev/sdb would be your second SCSI/SATA drive.04:19
DarthFrogHave fun.04:19
mixedLoL be back in a sec04:19
unagisigh, anyone know how to get the touchpad to turn off when im typing04:28
DarthFrogunagi: You used to be able to just disable the Synaptics driver but I've not figured out yet how Xorg handles that abomination.04:29
DarthFrog<= hates touchpads, especially on his laptop.04:29
unagiDarthFrog: i dont want it off all the time04:31
DarthFrogNeither would I.  However, I normally have a mouse attached when I use the laptop.04:31
unagiid like it to just shut off when im typing04:32
unagilike most OS do04:32
abortdis super karamba gone04:32
abortdis it compiz now?04:32
oloughlin75abortd: no. you just need to install it04:32
abortdinstall what04:32
abortdoh i know04:32
oloughlin75unagi: have what shut off?04:33
abortdbu i thought they merged or some shit04:33
oloughlin75abortd: superkaramba04:33
abortdabout language04:33
oloughlin75abortd: thats beryl and compiz04:33
oloughlin75i think they merged04:33
abortdberyl hm04:33
abortdi've been away from this for too long04:33
oloughlin75superkaramba is like widgets, compiz is a window manager04:33
abortdwhat was the one for gnome?04:34
abortdor wait04:34
abortdwhat i should say04:34
abortda few years back04:34
abortdi remember this snazzy 3d desktop04:34
abortdberyl maybe?04:34
oloughlin75compiz and beryl both work on gnome and kde04:34
oloughlin75beryl merged or something, im not sure04:35
abortdi need to remember how i got that to work04:35
oloughlin75!compiz | abortd04:35
ubotuabortd: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion04:35
abortdi remember i think it took me alot of bs04:35
oloughlin75install and run 2 commands04:36
ForgeAusgrr this gentoo-izing my interix is starting to get messy04:36
abortdi dont think it was that easy last time04:36
abortdi   have always had display issues04:36
ForgeAusapparently I can debianize it thats another option04:36
oloughlin75compiz always gives me problems, but it works for some04:36
ForgeAusand apt-get has to be simpler than portage04:36
oloughlin75apt-get instal programname04:36
ForgeAuscompiz can be like that oloughlin04:36
oloughlin75follow the link04:37
oloughlin75theres a couple more things you need04:37
=== gota__ is now known as gota
biovorecompiz is very picky about what hardware you run it on..04:37
ForgeAusinterix comes with basically nothing... its so barebones04:37
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:37
alannahey, I am installing wine, why do I get this while ./configure : checking for C compiler default output file name04:47
abortdi cant minimize windows now :/04:50
Liono_ pam is the pluggable authentication modules framework used by some unix(-ish) systems. it logs unsuccessful screen unlock events but not succesful ones in auth.log. i need succesful ones too. can i replace this pam with the one that does logs? or any other solutions --   ?04:53
jcgkffycsdoes any one know where Xvnc is? I am trying to follow a tutorial on ubuntu forums on getting xrdp working, xrdp relies on xvnc, it says to just apt-get install Xvnc, Ive tried Xvnc, and xvnc, and apt-cache search vnc, and there doesn't seem to pe an xvnc package in the repos, anyone know?04:59
setuid_w00tI keep getting this error in my mail.log file from dovecot:   "Time just moved backwards by 9 seconds. This might cause a lot of problems, so I'll just kill myself now. http://wiki.dovecot.org/TimeMovedBackwards"05:00
setuid_w00tThe wiki page indicates that something is probably changing my clock, but I don't know what it is.  Any ideas?05:01
dthackerjcgkffycs: an adept search on vnc shows many results.....05:03
dthackervncserver, vncviewer may be appropriate05:03
dthackersetuid_w00t: do you have ntpd running on your machine?05:04
Agent_bobntpd ?     a network time server ?05:05
setuid_w00tdthacker: no, but ntpdate is installed.  I am going to try to remove it (even though it's part of ubuntu-minimal)05:06
dthackerAgent_bob: yep05:06
dthackersetuid_w00t: is ntpdate running on cron?  if not, leave it be05:06
dthackersetuid_w00t: ntpdate does not run automatically and is probably not resetting your time05:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntpd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:07
Agent_bobi've never thought of setting up a network time server   ubuntu linux is so sloppy about time i wouldn't dare use it for a time server05:07
setuid_w00tdthacker: I don't see it in cron05:08
dthackerAgent_bob: you sync your local server against others05:08
dthackersetuid_w00t: ok, how often are you getting this error?05:09
Agent_bobyeah but, i mean; i have had 9 computers that the cmos clocks kept time well while powered off or running that other os.  but couldn't keep time for a day with ubuntu linux05:09
dthackerAgent_bob: and that's why I run a time server.05:10
Agent_bobi finally started making /etc/adjtime /etc/localtime symlinks to /dev/null and not installing ntpdate   they stopped messing with the hardware clock05:10
setuid_w00tdthacker: every time I restart, so I think it may be startup related05:10
Agent_bobi'm more of a "get rid of the problem" kinda guy.  than a "just add more processes to cover up the problem" kinda guy05:11
dthackersetuid_w00t: how far apart are your hwclock and your system time?05:12
setuid_w00tdthacker: how can I check?05:13
dthackersetuid_w00t: hwclock;date05:13
jcgkffycswhoops, my bad, turns out vnc4server actually contains xvnc05:13
sjckhey, where can i setup the column of konqueror (name size type group..)?05:15
setuid_w00tdthacker: about 11 seconds05:15
dthackersetuid_w00t: as the Dixie Chicks would say: "There's your trouble"05:15
dthackersetuid_w00t: man hwclock to tell how to set it, then head out to http://time.gov to get a good time to set it against05:17
setuid_w00tdthacker: I'll try that05:17
dthackersetuid_w00t: does your isp have a time server?05:17
dthackersetuid_w00t: for instance, I use ntp.cox.net05:18
* dthacker wishes he could ignore time... but these darn developers get so fussy about their log files.05:19
Agent_bobhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d2099be46 cli time sync script05:19
dthackerooo, shiny!05:20
Liono_ pam is the pluggable authentication modules framework used by some unix(-ish) systems. it logs unsuccessful screen unlock events but not succesful ones in auth.log. i need succesful ones too. can i replace this pam with the one that does logs? or any other solutions --   ?05:20
dthackerLiono: does pam have a log config file?05:21
Agent_bobpam has config files yes05:22
dthackerThat's where I'd start my treasure hunt.05:24
sjckhow do i get my toolbar back when i clicked on hide toolbar? :(05:25
Agent_bobvisit the edge of the screen05:25
sjckwhat you mean?05:26
Agent_bobmove the mouse to the edge where kicker went05:27
Agent_bobif it don't show up on it's own look for the small handle and click it.05:27
^CatMan^how do i schedule a playlist to open and play at a specified time?05:27
Agent_bob^CatMan^ ummm at ?05:28
sjcksorry, I cant see what you mean05:28
^CatMan^i've read all of the "at" man pages, they are no help05:28
^CatMan^if they were, i wouldn't be here05:28
Agent_bobsjck ok then make sure kicker is running.   alt+f2   kicker05:28
setuid_w00tdthacker: The two times are the same now, so hopefully the error will go away now.  Thanks05:29
sjckthat works05:29
sjckbut i dont see how that gives me back the toolbar05:30
dthacker^CatMan^ what about "at" is causing you a problem?05:32
dthackersetuid_w00t: np, and thank05:32
dthackerAgent_bob for the nifty script....05:32
^CatMan^it keeps coming back "invalid options last token seen k05:32
dthacker^CatMan^: what program are you using to play music?05:33
Tinasoncould anyone recommend a widget program, like a karamba / plasma alternative?05:33
Agent_bob^CatMan^ i haven't used at in years   and only a few times then.    but the time must be the last thing on the commandline05:33
Agent_bobat -f script.sh 00:1205:34
Agent_bobsomething like that.05:34
^CatMan^isn't there a graphical interface for scheduling with at?05:34
dthacker^CatMan^: Can you start kaffeine from the command line and tell it to play a specific list?05:34
Agent_bobyes there is.05:34
^CatMan^dthacker: yeah, that works just fine05:34
^CatMan^i just can't get at to do it05:34
dthacker^CatMan^: then you are most of the way there.05:35
Agent_bob^CatMan^ there is also cron   but that's overkill if you don't want it to do the same thing day after day05:35
Agent_bobor week after week05:36
^CatMan^with cron i can use it to do it a couple times a week tho, right?05:36
dthacker^CatMan^: type "at XXXX" where x is the time you want to play the tunes and hit enter05:36
dthackeryou should get an at> probmpt05:36
dthackerprompt even05:37
Agent_bobpro bitmap t  :)))05:37
^CatMan^dthacker: ok, got that at> prompt and typed in kaffeine --play myplaylist.m3u05:38
dthacker^CatMan^: now hit control-D to save. it will say job x at .....05:39
^CatMan^yeah, it did that, but the time i typed in was 2 minz ago :/05:40
dthackerhmm, can you tell it to play Jethro Tull's living in the past?05:40
dthackertry again and give it some lead time.05:40
Agent_bobor the theme to back to the feuture05:41
alannacan someone please help- what does this mean checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables05:41
Agent_bobmeans install "build-essential"05:41
^CatMan^dthacker: no laughing at me cuz i can't type very fast :P05:42
alannaAgent_bob: thanks, how can I download build-essential with apt-get?05:42
^CatMan^i left it 2 minutes lead time now :)05:42
Agent_bobi can't type fase either.  but i can typo 100 mistakes a minute05:42
dthacker^CatMan^: ok, I'll hum the jepoardy theme.....05:43
* dthacker considers typing are we there yet 10 times, but would probably get banned....05:43
Agent_bobfor only two minutes ?    shouldn't that be 30 times ?05:44
alannahow do I get build-essential?05:44
Agent_bobsudo apt-get install build-essential05:44
Agent_bobor any other dpkg FE05:45
^CatMan^ok, it's been past that 2 minz, and when i typed in atq, it doesn't show anything that is scheduled05:45
^CatMan^and it didn't start kaffiene either05:45
Agent_bob^CatMan^ probably because you didn't set the 'display'05:46
dthackerlook for an error in root's mail, you may have to use a full path to kaffiene05:46
Agent_bobcan't start gui apps from outside the gui without setting the display varable05:46
dthackeryup, that too05:46
Agent_boband setting the gui to accept rogue apps too05:47
Agent_bobpath shouldn't be the problem.   iirc at uses root's path varable05:47
Agent_bobwhich only excludes games by default05:48
* dthacker has found cron to not always have much of a path on different *xes05:48
^CatMan^no mail for root05:48
dthackermail for ^CatMan^?05:48
Agent_bobdthacker yeah it is defined by the distro05:49
Stofferso I formatted my external usb hard drive with mkntfs, but then windows claimed it was unformatted... any idea why?05:49
^CatMan^no mail for my username either05:49
^CatMan^ok, how do i go about setting this up thru the graphical display?05:50
Agent_bobi don't know, i don't have one.05:50
* dthacker hates to not fix things and run, but my pager is going off.05:50
dthackerargh....later all05:52
Agent_bob^CatMan^ i think at will work if you'll use   > DISPLAY=':0' kaffeine --play /full/path/to/myplaylist.m3u05:52
Agent_bobcause it's not going to know where myplaylist.m3u is.05:52
alannawhat's the default root password for kubuntu05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about none - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
Agent_bobthere isn't one05:54
alannathis is weird, my password isn't working for the root account05:55
alannacan I reset the root password?05:55
Agent_bobwould you like to read about it ?05:55
alannayes please05:55
Agent_bob!sudo | alanna05:55
ubotualanna: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.05:55
Agent_bobpage             ^05:55
alannathanks :D05:56
alannasudo make install was what I was looking for05:56
Agent_boband the short answer to your question is    yes.05:56
Agent_bobbut you should probably still read about it05:56
alannawell for some reason su won't log in to root05:56
Agent_bobit will if root calls it   :)05:57
Agent_bob(this is not the ubuntu way, but)   example;   sudo su -05:57
Agent_bobsame thing is achieved via   sudo -i05:57
Agent_bobi'll be back.05:58
=== sven_oostenbrink is now known as phoenixz
Agent_bobwhere's my  C:\ ?06:01
sleepwalkhey could ANYONE please tell me the best way to rebuild my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file???  My current video settings are correct, but when I reboot I loose the setup...I also noticed some minor errors in the xorg.conf file.  ANY ideas???06:01
sleepwalkAgent_bob: in liunx the drives are not organized by letters06:01
unagilose the setup sleepwalk?06:01
sleepwalkC:/ is usally just /06:01
Agent_bobsleepwalk sorry. that was a joke.06:01
sleepwalkoh . hehe there are a lot of newbs in these rooms..06:02
sleepwalkThere is some program that auto configures my etc/x11/xorg.conf file.  I've actually used two different commands but don't remember them06:02
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:03
Agent_bobsleepwalk indeed.      sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg     and if you want it to be sticky  after you finish   sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and remove some to the commented out lines.06:03
alannaWhenever I attempt to start a song in amarok or kaffeine, it just freezes. I downloaded the newest version of ALSA, still notin06:03
unagisigh, anyone know how to get the touchpad to turn off when im typing06:04
unagialanna: whats the error06:05
Agent_bobhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d581f2475 <<< i guess i'm up to date...06:06
alannaunagi: kaffeine and amarok just freeze06:06
Agent_bobunagi ace of spades ?06:06
alannaunagi: no error06:06
unagialanna: are you new?06:06
Agent_bobunagi i lay a playing card over mine.06:06
alannaunagi: yes06:07
unagirun them in a terminal06:07
ecuesurgy, are you in here?06:08
Agent_bobunagi but i think there is a switch...  for xorg/kde    i'm in console so it's a different story.06:08
alannaunagi: X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 16706:08
unagiwhat kind of switch06:08
unagialanna: !google06:08
Agent_bobunagi ummm a xset something  i don't recall.06:09
Agent_boband i don't like to talk through my hat.06:09
sub[t]rnlOption "SHMConfig" "on" under touchpad device in xorg.conf, then syndaemon -i 1 -t -d (-i is the delay before its enabled, -t will just disable tapping, but not movement))06:09
ubotuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad06:09
unagisub[t]rnl: what are the incriments below 106:10
unagiso u cant do .5 or .2506:10
sub[t]rnlyup, you can06:10
sub[t]rnl0.5 0.2506:11
Agent_bobsub[t]rnl da man.06:11
sub[t]rnl^5's ab06:11
sub[t]rnlAgent_bob➜ u da man06:11
sub[t]rnli'm just a spectator :D06:11
Agent_bobno no.  this is the internet.  where men are men.06:12
Agent_boband women are men06:12
* sub[t]rnl cackles06:12
Agent_boband children are agent bot06:12
tonybreweriocan smbdy help me? every time i'm trying to install smthing with adept it gives me error like   "There was an error committing changes. Possible reasons include problems downloading some of the packages or that the commit would break other packages."06:13
sub[t]rnlsudo apt-get -f install06:13
unagisub[t]rnl: how do i add that syndaemon string to load at startup06:13
sub[t]rnlunagi➜ save it in your session manager, put it in /etc/rc.local before the "end", or make an /etc/init.d/ script (recommended)06:13
sub[t]rnl!autostart | unagi or this06:14
ubotuunagi or this: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.06:14
Agent_bobor in ~.kde/autostart06:14
Agent_bobi like the /etc/rc.local myself06:15
sub[t]rnlAgent_bob➜ i attempted writing up some flash .swf pages for my apache today. *phew*06:15
Agent_bobheh i bet.06:15
sub[t]rnlyeah, not quit sure if its for me...06:15
Agent_bobi know it's not for me.06:15
Agent_bobjust html is too time consumming for me.06:16
unagisub[t]rnl: by end do you mean exit -0 in rc.local06:16
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion06:16
sub[t]rnlyeah, and i'll spend 3 hours on one little flash animation cause i'm crazy like that...06:16
sub[t]rnlunagi➜ yehps06:16
unagiis there a proper syntax?06:17
Agent_bobunagi the file is executed line by line  when it finds exit # it quits.  so anything after that is ignored.06:17
sub[t]rnl^^ just add it in like you would execute it from the cli06:17
sub[t]rnltis ran as rewt06:17
Agent_bobunagi anything after a    #   on a single line is ignored too06:17
Agent_bob# this is a comment that doesn't exit the script06:18
unagiAgent_bob: he means exit #06:19
unagias in number06:19
Agent_bobexit 1 # this is also a comment but the exit 1 does exit the script.06:19
Agent_bobthis is seen as a command string   #followed by a comment (this will error out cause it's not a command)06:20
Agent_bobhello  please state the nature of the emergency06:21
gundam_rx78nt1I can't see my screen.06:21
* Agent_bob wonders if the man is blind or if all the lights are off and the monitor not lit ....06:22
gundam_rx78nt1Agent_bob: you are a sharp one.  I was going down that route... LOL.06:23
unagii dunno if its working or not06:23
gundam_rx78nt1Just saying hello.06:23
unagiwhile im typing i can still tap =/06:23
unagihow do i know if syndaemon is working06:24
Agent_bobunagi ctrl+alt+esc ?06:24
unagioh wait06:24
unagiit has to be 0.25 not .25 doesnt it06:24
sub[t]rnleverybody oops06:26
Agent_bobthere are three people you never want to hear that from    the sergon  the banker and the guy with the red button for the nukes.06:26
gundam_rx78nt1oops, what oops?  I don't like oops.06:26
sub[t]rnlAgent_bob➜ lol06:27
gundam_rx78nt1Agent_bob: the surgeon is when he say oops and then cover the patient with the white bed sheet.06:27
Agent_bobor detaches internal parts...06:28
sub[t]rnlwhat are those medical paddles called? that you charge and zap people with06:28
* sub[t]rnl sucks on his teeth06:28
gundam_rx78nt1code blue, code blue.06:29
gundam_rx78nt1Nobody has questions?06:29
FXWhats two plus 2?  :D06:30
gundam_rx78nt1FX: dual 24" lcd monitors!06:30
Agent_bobFX two+-0.2706:30
alannahi again, I got sound working :D06:31
gundam_rx78nt1oh, darn... my math is off.  that would have been 600.06:31
sleepwalkThanks Agent_bob!!! Sorry for the delayed thank you.06:32
gundam_rx78nt1alanna: good work.06:32
Agent_bobsleepwalk it's ok.  i don't even recall what i did to you now.   heh06:32
Agent_bobother than ask about my C:\06:32
gundam_rx78nt1brb.  got to get something to drink.06:33
Agent_bobyou know i can't find any partitions on this hdd...06:33
Agent_bobsladigar hola06:33
sladigarat least you can find your hdd06:33
sladigari'm missing 206:33
Agent_bobreally?      sudo fdisk -l06:34
sub[t]rnlspeaking of missing.. I lost a pc06:34
sub[t]rnl...i mean.. i can ping it.. i'm just not sure where it is06:34
sladigardid that, it sees them, but i can't access them06:34
sladigari'm a noob, btw06:34
=== npurciful_ is now known as npurciful
Agent_bobsub[t]rnl ssh root@thatbox eject06:34
sub[t]rnllol, and then turn the tv down06:35
unagisub you know how to get my function keys working?06:35
unaginamely lock and brightness?06:35
Agent_bob!ntfs | sladigar maybe you need this page?06:35
ubotusladigar maybe you need this page?: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE06:35
sladigarin the root folder, under the dev menu, disk, by label, i can see the missing partitions, but they won't open06:36
sub[t]rnl!info hotkeys06:36
ubotuhotkeys (source: hotkeys): A hotkeys daemon for your Internet/multimedia keyboard in X. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 142 kB, installed size 384 kB06:36
alannaI'm trying to install vbox at the moment and not having much luck because of dependencies. I need to get libxalan110 but sudo apt-get install libxalan110 depends on libxerces 27 which depends on libxalan110 apparently :S06:36
sladigarkk, i'll try that06:36
Agent_bobsub[t]rnl yeah you could just    ssh root@ip until false ;do echo -e "\a" ;done    and go listening....06:37
Agent_bobsladigar you don't access the device node  you mount the file system on the device and then access the mountpoint06:37
Agent_bobsladigar the page will help  ^  > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions06:38
sub[t]rnlbingo!, i ssh'd an eject and some papers fell off the shelf in the den06:38
unagi how do i find out what keyboard type i ahve sub[t]rnl06:38
sub[t]rnl!info hotkeys-setup06:38
Agent_bobsub[t]rnl see  :)06:38
ubotuPackage hotkeys-setup does not exist in gutsy06:38
sleepwalkAgent_bob: You gave me a command to reconfigure my xorg.conf file, which I for some reason couldn't find on google easily.06:39
Agent_bobsleepwalk oh  yeah.     sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:39
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:40
sub[t]rnlmember dselect?06:40
* sub[t]rnl coo's06:40
Agent_bobdselect  yup06:40
Agent_bobsleepwalk oh by the path.   you do know about bash history,  don't you ?06:41
Agent_bobsleepwalk you can use the up arrow key to scroll through the commands you have typed,   that way if you forget a command you can go back and look for it in your own bash history.06:43
Agent_bobso i typed that for myself i guess.06:43
gundam_rx78nt1you can also type history for the listing06:43
alannaAgent_bob: I am trying to install libxalan110 but it needs libxerces27 which needs libxalan11006:43
alannawhat do i do?06:43
sladigarAgent_bob, you rock06:44
Agent_bob!find libxerces2706:44
ubotuFound: libxerces27, libxerces27-dev, libxerces27-doc06:44
Agent_bobalanna sudo apt-get install libxerces2706:44
ubotukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts06:44
Agent_bob!find libxalan11006:45
ubotuFound: libxalan110, libxalan110-dev, libxalan110-doc06:45
Agent_bobalanna sudo apt-get install libxalan11006:45
sladigarany idea on how to rename the newly fount hdd?06:45
sladigarpermission denied in properties06:45
Agent_bobsladigar the name of the mountpoint ?06:45
Agent_bobsladigar mount points are simply directories that the file system is attached to06:46
sladigarwhat used to be known as /media/MyBook is now known as sda106:46
Agent_bobi.e. dismount it   change the name of the directory and the mount point option in the /etc/fstab file and remount it.06:47
sladigarerm, i dunno how06:48
gundam_rx78nt1man fstab06:48
sladigarin terminal06:48
Agent_bobsladigar in the konsole terminal emulator type this#  sudo umount /media/sda1 ;sudo mkdir -p /media/MyBook ;sudo nano /etc/fstab  #nano is a text editor  it will be displaying the content of the file system table "fstab" you look at the line with /media/sda1 and change it to /media/MyBook   then save and exit.06:51
Agent_bobsladigar when you get that done call me.06:51
gundam_rx78nt1man,  thinking about the old days of linux... how can I survive w/o amarok?06:53
sub[t]rnlmpg123 ftw!06:53
* sub[t]rnl hums06:53
sladigarhow do you save in nano?06:55
gundam_rx78nt1sladigar: you can also look on the web for rute.pdf, it has a good example and explanation of the fstab file.  It's a little outdated but, explains things very well.06:55
unagii cant figure out how to get the k menu to open with the windows key06:56
Agent_bobsladigar ^X     the rafter ^ is shorthand for the ctrl key06:56
Agent_bobsladigar sudo mount -a06:56
sladigarok, got that far06:56
gundam_rx78nt1unagi, did you follow the multimedia keys howto?06:56
unagiyes but the k menu isnt in the list of shortcuts06:57
Agent_bobyou should now access your  /media/MyBook   with konqueror   or your file manager06:57
sladigardo i need to unmount all the partitions in order to rename them, or can i just edit the fstab file?06:58
Agent_bobyou can just edit the fstab  but for it to take affect you have to umount/mount them06:58
sladigarso there were 4 commands you gave me06:59
sladigarcreate directory06:59
sladigaredit hdd name06:59
gundam_rx78nt1pop up launch menu06:59
sladigarand then mount06:59
gundam_rx78nt1unagi ^06:59
Agent_bobsladigar yup06:59
sladigarwhat was the last command though, just mount all unmounted hdd?07:00
Agent_bobmount -a   will mount anything that is not mounted that would be mounted automaticly at boot time.07:00
sladigaris the mkdir needed?07:00
gundam_rx78nt1unagi: did you get my last message?07:00
Agent_bobthe -p switch on the mkdir command will either make a dir or a dir and it's parent if they don't exist, or if an inode of the given name does exist it will silently exit without doing anything07:01
livenicelyi want some help plz?07:01
gundam_rx78nt1livenicely: just ask away.07:02
Agent_bobsladigar and yes the dir must exist or mount can't mount anything there.07:02
sladigarAgnet_bob, thank you very much, you were awesome, gundam, ty for you help as well07:02
Agent_bobsladigar some scripts that control /media/* via hald run mkdir -p each time...07:03
livenicelywot is mean by depmod in linux07:03
livenicelywarning: /home/livenicely/Documents/Cx88/cx88-kmdl-2.4.21-47.0.1.EL-0.0.4-9.1.2.el3.i686.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 66534c2b07:03
livenicelyerror: Failed dependencies:07:03
livenicely        /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.21-47.0.1.EL is needed by cx88-kmdl-2.4.21-47.0.1.EL-0.0.4-9.1.2.el3.i68607:03
livenicely        /sbin/depmod is needed by cx88-kmdl-2.4.21-47.0.1.EL-0.0.4-9.1.2.el3.i68607:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about depmod - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:03
Agent_bobin which cases the script will remake the mountpoint for you.   but normal   mount -a will not07:03
Agent_bobsladigar and you're welcome.07:04
sladigarso, when you create the dir, and then rename the hdd, the mount -a command puts them together07:04
sladigarwhere is a good place to learn this stuff07:05
Agent_bob!cli | sladigar07:05
ubotusladigar: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:05
gundam_rx78nt1sladigar: rute.pdf is a good introduction.07:05
Agent_bobfor indepth research of sommands   http://tldp.org07:05
sladigarthey both will help a newb07:05
Agent_bobcommands ^07:06
* Agent_bob is typo king of channel #kubuntu07:06
eatThisAndDieguys, anyone with any knowledge on xoops?07:06
gundam_rx78nt1there we go again... oops.07:06
sub[t]rnleverybody oops07:06
gundam_rx78nt1long story07:07
=== bAgent_bo is now known as intelikey
gundam_rx78nt1what is xoops?07:07
eatThisAndDiea CMS07:08
eatThisAndDiedo NOT ask me what's a cms..07:08
Stoffercan someone help me find my external hard drive?  I deleted the partition table on it and now it disappeared on me07:08
Stofferit used to be /dev/sda107:08
abortdcms is a counter measure system07:09
intelikeysladigar not that it's something that would be useful to you but just to peek your interest.    i have hdd with linux installed dirrectly to the disk,  no partitions at all.  encripted file system and encripted boot loader can also improve security.    try that with windows....  :)07:09
eatThisAndDieStoffer: uh... try /dev/sdb107:10
intelikey!virus | and a really good read on this page.07:10
ubotuand a really good read on this page.: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2107:10
abortdthe day i have a webserver i will worry about that much security07:10
gundam_rx78nt1eat: what is the problem that you are having with it?07:10
eatThisAndDienot a problem, not even ubuntu related, i jsut wanna know how to use it.07:10
eatThisAndDieto add modules, etc07:10
StoffereatThisAndDie, no, doesn't exist, just like sda107:10
intelikeyabortd heh.  i run a cherokee server  but it's local access only atm.07:11
eatThisAndDiedo u have /dev/sd<anything> ?07:11
Stofferbasically how does one mount or edit a drive that isn't partitioned?07:11
intelikeyStoffer you don't mount partitions.  you mount file systems.07:12
eatThisAndDieStof: plug it out, plug it back in. it doesn;'t need to be partitioned to be mounted AFAIK07:12
sub[t]rnlStoffer➜ fdisk can list and partition whatcha need07:12
intelikeythe cdrom the floppy disk and the file.iso image are some examples07:12
sub[t]rnlsudo fdisk -l07:12
Stoffersub[t]rnl, fdisk doesn't list it07:13
eatThisAndDieI'm gonna ask something really stupid....... are you sure it's turned on?07:14
gundam_rx78nt1eatThisAndDie: did you take a look at the xoop wiki page and documentation?  I use dragonfly and like how it works.07:14
intelikeyi'm going to ask something equally stupid...... is it plugged into the box ?07:14
sub[t]rnlok, i'll bite...... do you really have an external harddrive?07:15
eatThisAndDiegundam_rx78nt1: DragonFLY huh? I'll lookitup.07:16
nicolasalgun colombiano07:16
eatThisAndDiestoffer: also  try eda, edb , xta, xtb07:17
gundam_rx78nt1nicolas: no, boricua07:17
nicolasq tal?07:17
nicolasmucho trasnochar...!!!07:17
intelikeysub[t]rnl i did try for over two hours to help one guy get an external drive to work..... wasn't plugged into the back of the box.   the usb cable had been pulled out of the computer and he didn't know....07:18
sub[t]rnlouch, yeah.07:18
intelikeythat will almost make a fellow loose his religion07:18
sub[t]rnlhonestly though, you asked the right question07:18
eatThisAndDieStep 1 in My-Computer-Doesn't-Work diagnosis: is it turned on07:19
sub[t]rnlkiss system07:19
eatThisAndDieStep 2: is it plugged in07:19
Stofferok, first of all ... it's plugged in07:19
Stoffersecond of all07:19
Stofferit used to be /dev/sda107:19
Stofferwhy would it change?07:19
intelikeyStoffer cause you unpluged it and repluged it.   and usb is wierd that way07:19
eatThisAndDieStoffer: Had that problem before, but mine just moves to sdb07:19
sub[t]rnl*cough* uuid's *cough*07:20
eatThisAndDieis sda or sdb available anyway? forget the numbers, just the dev07:20
dystopianrayis flash supposed to be working in konqueror now?07:20
intelikeyeatThisAndDie right and if you unplug and replug it may move to sdc or back to sda07:20
Stofferisn't there something that'll tell me what device is instead of me going through every four-character combination?07:20
eatThisAndDieStoffer: yeah, "ls"07:20
gundam_rx78nt1ls -l07:21
intelikeyStoffer cat /proc/partitions         dmesg | tail07:21
intelikeyeither might show you07:21
nicolasthks gundam07:21
eatThisAndDieStoffer: GUI: kmenu>system settings>advanced >Disk and File Systems07:21
gundam_rx78nt1ooh,  intelikey, good one07:22
dystopianrayflash only works about 10% of the time for me and often causes long pauses and crashes in konqueror07:22
dystopianrayit works perfectly in firefox07:22
gundam_rx78nt1no problemas nicolas07:22
StoffereatThisAndDie, well, at least the GUI way isn't reading it07:22
StoffereatThisAndDie, it's just not there07:22
intelikeyStoffer unplug the usb cable from it and replug   then    dmesg | tail07:23
dystopianraydoes anyone else have working flash in konqueror?07:23
intelikeyStoffer if it doesn't show up there   then you have a major mality07:23
eatThisAndDiecat /proc/diskstats07:24
gundam_rx78nt1Stoffer, did you do a lsusb to see if it is detected?07:24
Stofferintelikey, something shows up in dmesg related to sda07:24
intelikeydystopianray short answer not i,   long answer i don't have konqueror.07:24
gundam_rx78nt1if it is a usb.07:24
StofferBus 004 Device 061: ID 0d49:7350 Maxtor07:24
intelikeyStoffer ok    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt ;ls /mnt07:24
intelikeyif that gives errors   pastebin them07:25
Stoffermount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist07:25
intelikeyok   ls /dev/sda107:25
intelikeydoes it show a yellow device node ?07:25
eatThisAndDiei think it should be ls /dev/sd*07:26
Stofferall I have is /dev/sda07:26
=== s90653 is now known as marcus_aurelius
intelikeyStoffer oh   you did mention no partition...   sudo mount /dev/sda07:26
Daisuke_Laptophas it been formatted yet or is it straight out of the box?07:26
intelikey /mnt07:26
eatThisAndDieits not FORMATED isn;t it07:27
Stofferit was formatted07:27
intelikeystupid enter key....07:27
Stofferuntil I screwed it up07:27
eatThisAndDieso it's a WAS?07:27
intelikeyStoffer oh   you did mention no partition...   sudo mount /dev/sda /mnt07:27
Stofferit asks for a filesystem07:27
Stofferfs type that is07:27
intelikeyStoffer ok.  this is what that means.   there is a disk at that address but there is nothing mountable there.    i.e. no fs07:28
intelikeyStoffer so what do you want now ?07:28
gundam_rx78nt1so, stoffer: what you want to do is recover the partition table?07:28
Stofferformat it07:29
intelikeywhat fs ?07:29
Stofferwell that's the compicated part07:29
Stofferntfs ideally07:29
Stofferbut that's a whole other story07:29
StofferI'll settle for fat3207:29
gundam_rx78nt1oops again.07:29
Stofferand convert to ntfs later07:29
intelikeysudo mkntfs /dev/sda07:29
intelikeysudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sda07:29
Stofferyeah, see, when it was working before, I tried mkntfs07:29
Stofferbut windows would tell me it wasnt' formatted07:30
Stofferafter mknfts would say it's done07:30
StofferI need the thing to read in windows07:30
intelikeywindows can access ext2 also07:30
gundam_rx78nt1did you try to create a partition on it?07:30
Stoffercan it?07:30
intelikeygundam_rx78nt1 why ?07:30
Stofferwhat's the max file size in ext2?07:30
intelikeyStoffer yes.07:30
gundam_rx78nt1w/o a partition table, windows will detect it as a new drive.07:31
intelikeyidk.   ....   i have never thought about that...    4t or something ?07:31
gundam_rx78nt1and ask to format it.07:31
gundam_rx78nt1I was just wondering....07:31
Stoffergundam_rx78nt1, it won't for an external usb drive07:31
Stoffergundam_rx78nt1, windows doensn't see it at all07:32
* Stoffer dual boots, btw07:32
Stofferis mkntfs the same program as mkfs.ntfs?07:32
gundam_rx78nt1well, I had to create a partition table on mine once I wiped it clean (zeroed the drive).07:33
gundam_rx78nt1in order for a drive to be formated (high level format), it needs a partition table.  No matter the drive.07:34
nicolasno have sound gundam07:34
Stofferintelikey, the reason I asked about the max file size is because I'll be using this hdd to transfer large files, which is why I wanted to get away from fat3207:34
Agent_bobok i'll have to accept that, gundam_rx78nt1 cause i don't do windows, can't prove it by me.07:34
Stofferintelikey, which I heard had a max of 2 or 4 GB07:34
Agent_bobStoffer 2g max on vfat07:35
gundam_rx78nt1you have an enclosure with a hd that is either sata or eide with an usb interface.  So partition the thing and then format it.07:35
* Agent_bob doesn't use partitions. but he's wierd anyway07:36
Agent_bob!sound | nicolas does the troubleshooting page here not help ?07:37
ubotunicolas does the troubleshooting page here not help ?: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:37
gundam_rx78nt1that is why when a usb drive is "automounted" it has a partition on it already, hence forth: sda1, partition 1 of the sda drive07:38
Agent_bobgundam_rx78nt1 usb dirve ?   do thumb drives not qualify ?07:38
Stofferok, well, mk.ext2 didn't seem to accomplish anything, but at least now gparted recognized /dev/sda and is creating an ext2 parition on it07:39
Agent_bobwhich often don't have partitions.07:39
gundam_rx78nt1flash memory works a little differently.07:39
Agent_bobStoffer it's not mk.ext2      mke2fs /dev/sda#07:39
gundam_rx78nt1that porition of drives I haven't explored yet because it always works for me.07:39
Agent_bobnot flash memory the little dirves.07:40
StofferAgent_bob, oh...well gparted seems to be working now07:40
gundam_rx78nt1What is a thumb drive?  Isn't it chips that acts as non-volatile memory drives?07:41
Agent_bobthe ones with a disk about as big as a dime ?   or the ones with the ram chips ?07:41
Agent_boboh!   never mind.07:42
Stofferok, I have an option now.  Gparted will let me format it as ext2 or NTFS.  I'm sure ntfs will work fine with windows, which I need, but ubuntu has issues mounting ntfs external drives.  Should I just do ext2?  No drawbacks right?07:42
Stofferok, i'm just gonna format it ext2 and deal with it in the morning07:44
Stofferthanks for all your help07:44
gundam_rx78nt1now, I have a question?  since when does windows recognize ext2 fs?07:45
gundam_rx78nt1I can't see my drives on my dual boot pc.  Only saying unknown healthy.07:46
jussi01gundam_rx78nt1: since you loaded the ext2 driver07:50
gundam_rx78nt1there is a ext2 driver for linux?07:51
ere4sigundam_rx78nt1, windows doesn't recognise linux - but sees that there is a partition07:51
jussi01!ext3 | gundam_rx78nt107:51
ubotugundam_rx78nt1: ext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org07:51
gundam_rx78nt1sorry, windows.07:51
jussi01gundam_rx78nt1: there it is07:51
sub[t]rnljussi01➜ hey bro, do you use k3b?07:52
jussi01sub[t]rnl: yes07:52
gundam_rx78nt1jussi01: thanks.07:52
sub[t]rnlmind showing me ls -l /usr/bin/wodim /usr/bin/cdrecord; and the permissions on your burning device in /dev/?07:53
jussi01-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 359116 2007-09-17 01:17 /usr/bin/wodim07:54
jussi01I dont have a /usr/bin/cdrecord07:54
gundam_rx78nt1-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 384424 2007-09-16 16:19 /usr/bin/cdrecord07:54
gundam_rx78nt1-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 359116 2007-09-16 16:17 /usr/bin/wodim07:54
gundam_rx78nt1if that helps sub[t]rnl07:55
sub[t]rnltx, and the permissions on your burning device too07:55
sub[t]rnljussi01➜ thanks07:55
sub[t]rnljussi01➜ whats the perms on /dev/hda07:57
jussi01sub[t]rnl: you are welcome :)07:57
jussi01brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 3, 0 2008-02-19 10:29 /dev/hda07:57
bkudriawhen i open a chat window in kopete 4:3.5.8-1ubuntu4 (latest in hardy), my *entire X server* crashes.  log here: http://pastebin.ca/909566 .  this happens only with kopete.  anyone see anything like this before?08:00
jussi01bkudria: hardy help andd support in #ubuntu+108:03
bkudriajussi01: i'll give it a try, thanks08:04
soonI need advice: I have to allocate x number of individual to y number of offices over a periode of z weeks, each individual spending 1 week in office y=3, etc .... is there a planning/project management app or otherwise you would recommend ????08:05
gundam_rx78nt1is there a file download limit on firefox?08:05
gundam_rx78nt1I can only download 2 files at a time.08:05
soongundam : http://www.lytebyte.com/2007/07/30/how-to-increase-the-number-of-simultaneous-download-limit-in-firefox/08:07
spiroosome know when KDe 4.0.2 will come?08:21
jussi01spiroo: I suggest you ask in #kubuntu-kde4 ;)08:23
emilsedghspiroo: afaik, minor releases for 4.0 are planned to be released everymonth.so probably 4.0.2 will come in the end of feb08:23
spiroookay thanks08:24
jussi01!it | che08:24
ubotuche: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!08:24
spiroojussi01, that channel is kind of dead :P08:24
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shirishdoes anybody know of a good site to learn kubuntu installations from zero, with screenshots & stuff.08:47
emre_Türk Olan Varmı Sorum Olacak08:49
emilsedgh!tr | emre_08:50
ubotuemre_: Turk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:50
emre_orası bomboş:S08:51
emre_Linux Forever:D08:52
Lynoureemre_: Do you have any support questions? :)08:53
emre_!tr ÷  ami_08:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tr ÷  ami_ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:57
emre_!tr | ami_08:58
ubotuami_: Turk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:58
peto_who can help with kubuntu?09:03
jussi01!ask | peto_09:04
ubotupeto_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:04
oemnwes about a bug python-apt updating ???09:05
oemI wrinting from italy, thank you09:05
Sbucatonepeto_: what's your problem ? and peto_ azz what nick lol09:05
oemupdated yesterday?09:06
peto_i got kubuntu 7.10 but i still dont know how to install driver for graphic09:07
Sbucatonepeto_: and whicht is your graphic card ? nvidia ati intel ?09:07
peto_8800 gts09:07
Sbucatonepeto_: i have intel but i think that is a nvidia right ?09:08
peto_not sure09:08
Sbucatonepeto_: have you tried to read some wiki tutorial ?09:08
peto_a lot09:08
peto_nothing working09:08
peto_i tried to install from forum but it doesnt work too09:09
Sbucatonepeto_: mm well if you have installed something i can't help you because i don't know what you have made but the easiest way to set up your card is09:09
Sbucatone:) second i lost link09:10
peto_i installed kubuntu again... its new now, without instalation graphic09:10
Sbucatonepeto_: well the sure way is this u Sistem -> Administration -> restricted driver---->Driver  NVIDIA09:12
Sbucatonethat is for gnome09:13
Sbucatonesystem and settings09:13
twosouls82good morning09:13
Sbucatonepeto_: sorry that was for gnome today is not a nice day for me go in your kde bar09:13
Sbucatonepeto_: then system settings09:14
Sbucatonepeto_: advanced09:14
Sbucatonepeto_: restricted driver09:14
peto_there is  stop mark and nvidia not in use09:14
Sbucatonepeto_: now on the botton you can see administrator mode09:15
peto_well :)09:15
Sbucatoneclick on it09:15
Sbucatonepeto_: now set checked driver nvidia  or something like that09:16
peto_you mean that small square09:16
Sbucatonepeto_: well i think yes09:16
peto_i got a error09:17
Sbucatonewhat error ?09:17
peto_the software source for the package09:17
peto_is not enabled09:17
Sbucatonepeto_: have you every repository turned on ?09:17
peto_how can i check that please?09:18
Sbucatonepeto_: and you have pc connected with internet ?09:18
Sbucatonepeto_: you should go in adept do you know something about adept ?09:19
peto_manage packaging09:19
Sbucatoneon that software there is a menu09:19
Sbucatonego in adept menu---09:19
peto_do i need to install something from there09:19
Sbucatonepeto_: no i think you should only turn on some list of software = repository09:20
Sbucatoneso run adept09:20
Sbucatoneadept menu09:21
Sbucatonemanage repositiory09:21
Sbucatonewell the fist tab must have  multiverse universe ..checked09:22
Sbucatonecheck every thing you can check xD09:22
=== level1_ is now known as level1
Lionoglxinfo | grep direct09:23
LionolibGL error: XF86DRIQueryDirectRenderingCapable returned false09:23
Lionodirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)09:23
LionoOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect09:23
peto_i checked everything but...09:23
peto_i cant see multiverse universe09:23
Sbucatonepeto_: than you should try again with system settings-----advanced--- restricted driver----admnistrator mode---set check drive nvidia09:23
Sbucatonepeto_: one second plxz09:24
=== Liono is now known as Liono_
peto_ok... still the same error09:24
Sbucatonepeto_: you should see Software restricted by copyrtihg etc etc (multiverse)09:25
peto_ok.. just give me a sec downloading is still running09:25
emre_yok mu09:26
emre_ ya09:26
Alohahow do i use rewrite header filter in kmail?09:26
oemsomebody use kubuntu 804 here?09:26
emre_ türk yokmu09:26
Sbucatonepeto_::) i am sorry for my english but it is not my first language :)09:26
peto_thats all right mate... its not my first as well09:27
Liono_can any one help me with drm. its no enabled for my vga...?09:27
peto_anyway thx a lot for helping me09:28
Sbucatonepeto_: but where are you from ?09:28
peto_downloading finish09:28
Sbucatonepeto_: italy..peto in italian means xD farth09:28
Sbucatoneso i have asked for that i thinked you was italian09:29
oemciao sbucatone09:29
Sbucatoneoem: hola'09:29
peto_thats ok09:29
peto_what now09:30
peto_downloading finish09:30
emre_ne dion lan:D09:30
oemwhere are u from sbucatone?09:30
peto_something happening09:31
Sbucatonepeto_: well now you should follow the automatic set up09:31
Sbucatoneoem: verona09:31
peto_i checked that nvidia square again and its working now09:31
peto_something is downloading09:31
Sbucatonepeto_: :) now it should appear something and automatic set up should lead you to your target09:32
peto_ok mate...09:33
Sbucatonepeto_: after automatic set up you should restart pc09:33
peto_i got a message that i need to restart computer now09:33
Sbucatonepeto_: :) and that is all09:33
peto_you thing its ready09:33
Sbucatoneyes if that appear it means it is finished09:33
Sbucatonerestart pc and good luck09:34
peto_do you think its realy gonna work09:34
peto_because i tried to install before and when something happend i never came back to system09:34
Sbucatonepeto_: i have read an italian official wiki and on that official wiki it said this is the easiest way to run nvidia driver09:34
Sbucatonepeto_: well09:35
Sbucatonepeto_: when that append09:35
peto_if this is working, you the best09:35
Sbucatonepeto_: well if that append you should see only a terminal09:35
peto_that right09:35
Sbucatonepeto_: but you don't neeed to reinstall09:35
Sbucatonejust a command line09:36
Sbucatonetype a command line09:36
peto_but i dont know what to do than09:36
peto_i dont know how to get a system back09:36
Sbucatonepeto_: you should wait a moment because i don't remember i must read my note09:36
peto_i mean that normal graphic mode09:36
Liono_i have    (II) I810(0): [drm] drmSetBusid failed (8, pci:0000:00:02.0), Permission denied   probelm.. what can i do?09:37
Sbucatonepeto_: with this  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:39
peto_what is it09:39
bladyjest tam kto ?09:39
Sbucatonepeto_: if you made some mistake with your graphic card and you can 't do log in09:40
Sbucatonepeto_: and you see only a terminal09:40
Sbucatonepeto_: you can reconfigure your graphica card with that09:40
Sbucatonepeto_: like DOS mode , it should ask to you many things09:41
peto_yeah, and thats a problem :)09:41
peto_because i dont have a answers for this things09:41
Sbucatonepeto_: but you just leave what you see written by computer it can automatically set up but it ask to you if you want change09:41
Sbucatonepeto_: just leave what you see written or leave empy if it is empy09:42
Sbucatoneand ti should be work09:42
peto_ok thank you09:42
peto_i gonna try now09:42
Sbucatonepeto_: god look09:42
peto_thank you my friend :D09:43
Liono_i have    (II) I810(0): [drm] drmSetBusid failed (8, pci:0000:00:02.0), Permission denied   probelm.. what can i do09:44
Sbucatonedrm file ?09:44
Sbucatonein linux omg09:44
SbucatoneLiono_: what do you trying to do ?09:45
Sbucatonewhat are you trying to do ?09:45
Liono_Sbucatone i dont have drm enabled09:45
Liono_glxinfo | grep direct09:46
Liono_libGL error: XF86DRIQueryDirectRenderingCapable returned false09:46
Liono_direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)09:46
Liono_OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect09:46
SbucatoneLiono_: are you setting your graphica card ?09:46
Liono_Sbucatone some one told me to type it09:46
peto_sbucatone: are you still here09:47
Liono_my wine game graphic was not doing wel09:47
Sbucatonepeto_: right09:47
peto_ok.... i am back09:47
Sbucatonepeto_: worked ?09:47
peto_how do i check now if driver is working proper09:47
peto_if 3D is enabled too09:47
Sbucatonepeto_: :) if you go in system setting and advanced and restricted driver you should see driver ndvidia in use09:48
Sbucatonepeto_:  glxinfo | grep direct09:49
SlimeyPeteor do "glxgears -info" and check for DRI info09:49
SlimeyPeteor that09:49
peto_you are the boss09:49
peto_it is in use09:49
Sbucatonepeto_: now try glxgears09:49
Sbucatonepeto_: it should be  to work fine now :)09:50
peto_yes it is wohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa09:50
Sbucatonepeto_: prrrrr09:50
Liono_Sbucatone glxinfo | grep direct09:50
Liono_libGL error: XF86DRIQueryDirectRenderingCapable returned false09:50
Liono_direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)09:50
Liono_OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect09:50
peto_do you know how to set up a compiz as well09:50
damien__ya des français ?09:51
Sbucatonepeto_: try to run compiz -----kde bar -----run command------compiz09:51
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.09:51
peto_i got this back......... could not run the specified command09:52
Sbucatonepeto_: if you have not installed just open a terminal and write : sudo apt-get install compiz , or better open adept and install compiz core o something like that09:52
Sbucatonepeto_: ok you have to install compiz with that09:52
SbucatoneLiono_: yoi have an old graphic card ?09:53
Liono_intel built in09:53
ActionParsniphey all09:54
SbucatoneLiono_: lspci  on a terminal09:54
SbucatoneLiono_: then use paste09:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:54
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:54
peto_ok its installed09:55
Liono_Sbucatone  lspci | grep -i graphics09:55
Sbucatonepeto_: install this too : compizconfig-settings-manager09:55
Liono_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)09:55
SbucatoneLiono_: mm i am sorry that video card i think is a bit old and you should use some old driver i don't know nothing about that you should find out some information on the wiki09:56
SbucatoneLiono_: i am sure there is a tutorial for old video card09:56
ActionParsnipLiono_, wassup man?09:56
Liono_ActionParsnip when iam here. that means i am in trouble :)09:57
ActionParsnipLiono_, whats the trouble?09:57
peto_ok, its installed too09:57
SbucatoneActionParsnip: he must set up his graphic card09:58
Liono_can any one help me with drm. its no enabled for my vga...?09:58
Liono_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)09:58
Sbucatonepeto_: now go on you kde bar and ----run a comand-----compiz09:58
sarah87hi i just installed kubuntu, and it says "network cable unplugged"; but its plugged in09:58
ActionParsnipdrm = data rights management (?). what do you mean by drm?09:58
Liono_ActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/m180deb3709:58
peto_ok, but nothing happend just blink screen09:59
Liono_direct rendering mang09:59
Sbucatonepeto_: open a terminal and write compiz09:59
Sbucatonepeto_: if you have problem you can write kwin --replace10:00
peto_xgl not present10:00
Sbucatonepeto_: mm i remember one thing just a second10:00
ActionParsnipLiono_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31982 may help some10:00
Liono_ActionParsnip thanks10:01
Sbucatonepeto_: sudo kate  /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:01
peto_there was checking for some things, everything was prexent exept xgl10:01
ActionParsnipLiono_, have you installed the 915resolution package?10:02
peto_what now....?10:02
Sbucatonepeto_: if you open that file you should  see driver nv for nvida card but10:02
peto_nothing opened10:03
ActionParsnipLiono_, and do you have xserver-xorg-driver-i810 ?10:03
peto_there is something wrong now10:03
ActionParsnipSbucatone, please dont use sudo kate, use kdesu kate10:03
SbucatoneActionParsnip: yes you right10:03
peto_i cant move with windows10:03
peto_i cant close them...10:03
peto_i lost that bar10:03
Sbucatonepeto_: ups10:04
Liono_ActionParsnip no that forum is for resolution.10:04
Sbucatonepeto_: close kate10:04
peto_what does it mean10:04
peto_its not open10:04
Sbucatonepeto_: ok if you have problem rememer this open a terminal and write : kwin --replace10:04
ActionParsnipLiono_, are you on a widescreen lappy?10:04
Liono_i need it for gamming and wine10:05
Liono_good graphics10:05
Liono_and hardware accelaration10:05
peto_still the same10:05
ActionParsnipLiono_, do you have xserver-xorg-driver-i81010:05
Sbucatonepeto_: you can manage something ? or your system is bad ?10:05
ActionParsnipsudo apt-cache show xserver-xorg-driver-i81010:05
peto_its back now10:05
peto_its ok10:05
Liono_ActionParsnip i dont know.. iam new at this.10:05
peto_what about that xgl10:06
Sbucatonepeto_: well , remeber you can restart only graphic card with CTRL ALT BACKSPACE , but anyway this only if you have problem10:06
* abortd is away: Gone away for now. sleep hospital or hell not sure yet10:06
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* AborttD is back.10:07
=== AborttD is now known as abortd
peto_i it will bring me backt to graphic mode10:07
Sbucatonepeto_: another thing it's better use kdesudo instead of sudo10:07
Liono_ActionParsnip k10:07
Liono_ActionParsnip nothing showed up10:07
* abortd is away: Gone away for now. sleep hospital or hell not sure yet10:08
ActionParsnipLiono_, http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/x11/xserver-xorg-driver-i81010:08
Sbucatonepeto_: well peto i can't do anymore for you because i don't know about nvidia i think you have only a little problem for compiz but i am not sure so , i see you are not so expert and so i want made something you can't repear10:08
ActionParsnipLiono_, applies to gutsy too10:08
ActionParsnipLiono_, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-driver-i81010:09
peto_thats ok... we can try if you dont mind10:09
Sbucatonepeto_: i think you should see for some tutorial on forum, because if i say to you and then you cannot fix that is bad10:09
peto_i something happend i can still reinstall10:09
* abortd is back.10:10
peto_dont be worried about that10:10
Sbucatonepeto_: mm ah no in linux you don't need ;)10:10
peto_i am very thanksfull for your help10:10
Liono_ActionParsnip i already have latest. xserver-xorg-video-i810 is already the newest version.10:10
Sbucatonepeto_: jst a second10:11
ActionParsnipLiono_, can we have a pastebin of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:11
peto_what about to install everything from adept for compiz10:11
peto_i mean if will write down compiz in adept, there is still a lot of files not installed10:12
peto_what do you think?10:12
Sbucatonepeto_: mm open a terminal and write sudo apt-get install compiz10:14
ActionParsnipLiono_, what happens when you modprobe i81010:14
Sbucatonepeto_: it should say it is installed10:14
Sbucatonebut anyway you have installed so10:14
Liono_ActionParsnip FATAL: Error inserting i810 (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/char/drm/i810.ko): Operation not permitted10:14
ActionParsnipLiono_, ok sudo modprobe i81010:15
ActionParsnipLiono_, this may help http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/dri-howto.xml10:15
Liono_loguser1@pc1:~$ sudo modprobe i81010:15
ActionParsnipcheck section 310:15
ActionParsnipLiono_, thats cool :D10:15
ActionParsnipLiono_, or you could backup your xorg.conf and add Option "RenderAccel" "true" in your display adapter settings10:16
peto_it said unable to lock administration directory10:17
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peto_what do you think?10:17
Liono_ActionParsnip hmm. ill take a while10:18
Sbucatonepeto_: ok you should try this but before i want explain if doesnt' work how to fix10:18
Sbucatonepeto_: if doesn't work you will not able to log in and you should work with a terminal10:19
Liono_ActionParsnip how about following the link you gave you first?10:19
Sbucatonepeto_: you  must edit a file with this :  sudo nano  /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:19
peto_ok, just let me write it down10:20
Sbucatonepeto_:  and replace an old line10:20
Liono_ActionParsnip  brb10:20
ActionParsnipLiono_, if you are playing with xorg.cong10:20
ActionParsnipLiono_, use sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak10:21
=== mishell is now known as TancoR
peto_what does it mean replace old line10:21
ActionParsnipLiono_, so if it screws your rig you can copy it back10:21
Sbucatonepeto_: to exit to that program you must press these button CTRL X , than it said do you want save you write y etc etc and it exit10:21
peto_how do i know, which one is old10:21
Sbucatonepeto_: we are trying to replace a line10:22
Sbucatonepeto_: so if doesn't work you must replace that old line10:22
Sbucatoneand restart pc peto_10:22
Sbucatonepeto_: ok now kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:22
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:23
peto_kate is open10:23
Sbucatonepeto_: now select all  and paste in that link yu can see above10:24
peto_what link you mean10:24
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:24
peto_it open a new window10:25
peto_you want me to put a source to this text10:26
Sbucatonepeto_: so you must paste in that link what you have in that file  /etc/X11/xorg.conf that yoi have opened with kate10:26
SbucatoneDivilinux: heya10:26
cicero123hello room.10:27
peto_ok.... uff10:27
peto_i press paste10:27
Sbucatonepeto_: you must write a title xD10:27
peto_and i got 124 lines of new text10:27
cicero123is there a recommended user id number range?10:27
Liono_ActionParsnip  back.10:27
Liono_ActionParsnip  what were you saying10:27
Sbucatonepeto_: after you have pasted you must show me the link :)10:28
Liono_ActionParsnip i did sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak10:28
peto_can you see that10:28
Liono_ActionParsnip if i screwed it up now. what should i do?10:29
peto_what does it mean10:29
peto_do you think there is no problem because of my resolution is widescreen10:30
Sbucatonepeto_: just a second i am writing10:31
ActionParsnipLiono_, sudo cp xorg.conf.bak xorg.conf10:32
Liono_where to insert "RenderAccel" "true"10:32
Sbucatonepeto_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56601/10:32
Sbucatonepeto_: remember i am not sure !!!10:33
ActionParsnipLiono_, just below where your graphics card is detailes10:33
ActionParsnipLiono_, just under where it says venorname intel10:34
peto_ok :)10:34
Liono_ActionParsnip like this ?   vendorname "Intel"10:37
Liono_"RenderAccel" "true"10:37
Liono_ActionParsnip if it screws up. what should i do next?10:38
peto_i am back in here, but graphic driver is not working again10:38
peto_i got same NVIDIA not in use10:39
Sbucatonepeto_: you have said you have this card ?Nvida 8600M GS10:39
Sbucatonepeto_: replace the old line10:39
peto_8800 gts10:39
ActionParsnipLiono_, you need to copy the original file back at command line like i said earlier10:40
Sbucatonepeto_: go in adept and install this  nvidia-settings10:40
ActionParsnipLiono_, save the newly editted file andreboot10:40
Liono_ActionParsnip how10:40
Liono_ActionParsnip ok10:40
peto_do i have to restart first?10:40
Liono_ActionParsnip how to copy .bak to original?10:41
Sbucatonepeto_: do you have replace old line ?10:41
ActionParsnipLiono_, sudo cp xorg.conf.bak xorg.conf10:41
ActionParsnipLiono_, I told you earlier (scroll up)10:41
Sbucatonepeto_: have you replaced old line10:41
Liono_oh ya10:41
Sbucatonepeto_: CTRL ALT BACKSPACE10:41
peto_and after that10:41
peto_it will bring me back?10:41
Sbucatonepeto_:  that restart graphic card10:42
Liono_ActionParsnip this wil make a .bakup file. and if .conf fails. it will load .bak automatically ?10:42
Sbucatonepeto_: then you came here another time and install  nvidia-settings from adept10:42
ActionParsnipLiono_, no, you do it yourself10:42
Liono_ActionParsnip ok. ill be there in a minut10:42
Liono_shoult i just ctrl+ alt + backspace?10:43
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
se7ensomebody know how to sync my nokia 6120c10:43
Sbucatonepeto_: try to find out if you have restricted driver in use10:43
Liono_ActionParsnip never mind. brb10:44
peto_its still the same10:44
peto_like before this restart10:44
peto_nvidia not in use10:44
peto_sorrry .... is in use already10:44
Sbucatonepeto_: well restart pc then , and if you see another time restricted nvidia is not in use do the same thing you have done to enable it10:44
peto_is in use10:45
Sbucatonepeto_: ok10:45
Sbucatonepeto_: perfect10:45
Sbucatonepeto_: try to install  nvidia-settings from adept10:45
peto_but it doesnt look like10:45
Sbucatonepeto_: you have a damned card xD10:46
Sbucatonepeto_: :)10:46
peto_but for gaming is great trust me10:46
Sbucatonei know10:46
se7enis kde4 stable to use it10:46
Sbucatonese7en: i can use without big problem10:47
Agent_bobse7en i've been hearing "stable but incomplete"10:47
se7enok thanks i wait for a bit longer10:47
peto_its done10:47
ActionParsnipse7en, its ok but you'll be running kde3 libs as well as not allapps use kde4 yet, depends how much space you have free10:47
Sbucatonepeto_: now find out somewhere nvidia-setting in kde bar10:47
twosouls82how do I give a user sudo rights without resorting to editing the sudoers configuration file?10:48
Agent_bobtwosouls82 add them to the adm group10:48
ActionParsniptwosouls82, just use sudo <cli command>10:48
ActionParsniptwosouls82, or kdesu <gui app>10:49
twosouls82ActionParsnip: for that I need Agent_bob's answer10:49
twosouls82Agent_bob: thanks, that's what I was looking for10:49
Agent_bobtwosouls82 adm or admin    which ever it is..   cat /etc/sudoers will tell you10:49
twosouls82Agent_bob: "Members of the admin group may gain root privileges" so "admin" it is10:50
twosouls82Agent_bob: merci10:50
peto_i cant find it10:50
peto_i just found compizConfig settings manager10:51
Agent_bobtwosouls82 but the   %adm* is what counts  not the comment above it     just so you know.10:52
peto_so what do you think?10:52
drayenmorning all10:52
Sbucatonepeto_: mm  i have no idea....  i am sorry but i can't help you  you must wait someone more expert than me ... i am sorry i have a shit intel and it works automatically10:52
Agent_bobpeto_ don't know who is/was helping you.   but i'm the cli guy not the gui guy10:52
Sbucatoneso i am not so expert on nvidia10:53
Agent_bobsorry spoke to soon.10:53
blekoshi, i've installed kubuntu with vmawre on my xp laptop. Is there a way to see from within kubuntu the ntfs partions?10:53
peto_thats ok, you helped me already thx a lot10:54
drayeni'm about to buy a laptop with 2x160gb disks, which is a bit much - i was thinking of having a play with software raid to setup raid0 on say 60gb of each disk then raid1 on the last 100gb - what do people thing - crazy or brilliant + any good tutorials / links for this kind of madness :10:54
SbucatoneAgent_bob: if you have nvidia try to help that guy10:54
Agent_bobblekos there should be.  but i don't know what you might have to switch on in vmware10:54
Agent_bobSbucatone i have an nvidia card but it's not supported, and i don't have x installed,  so i'm useless there.10:55
SbucatoneAgent_bob: :)10:56
twosouls82Agent_bob: hehehe.. I quoted the comment, but it doesn't lie about the configuation option in this case: "%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL" ;)10:57
blekosif a vm is treates as another pc then I might have to do smg with sambaa10:57
Agent_bobright.   just wanted you to be aware of that.10:58
Agent_bobblekos you can use ssh or ftp or samba    lots of ways to get there.10:58
Agent_bobsshfs  is margenally slower   but seems stable enough to call safe     (sort of)10:59
Agent_bobftp is either anon. or permisc.11:00
Agent_bobsamba i don't know cause i don't do windows11:00
Agent_bobbut i still think that vmware can allow linux to access dirrectly via the device nodes.11:01
Agent_bobi said i think.11:01
gundam_rx78nt1drayen: you will have a raid 0 drive with 120G and a mirrored raid 1 drive but you wouldn't have an increase in performance if that is what you are looking for.11:03
gundam_rx78nt1drayen: it will still be up to the processor to do most of the work.11:04
drayengundam_rx78nt1: yeah i was hoping for increased performacen11:05
drayenperformance even11:05
drayenthe increased throughput of the raid 0 drive11:05
gundam_rx78nt1now if it was across 2 different controlers, then we would get some benefit.11:06
LetsGo67I cannot boot my hard drive by itself, I need to insert the Ubuntu CD, then go to "boot from first hard disk".  Is there a way to fix that?11:06
gundam_rx78nt1I have a software raid 5 on my home pc.11:06
drayenIts SATA if that helps11:06
drayeni dont have the laptop in my hands yet11:06
gundam_rx78nt1It works fine until I have to copy large files to it... because it's processor driven/intensive, it slows down during file transfer.11:07
Agent_bob!boot | LetsGo6711:07
ubotuLetsGo67: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:07
LetsGo67Thank you!11:07
gundam_rx78nt1!software raid |drayen11:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about software raid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:09
=== cpk1_ is now known as cpk1
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:10
gundam_rx78nt1drayen: I think this will help you out ^11:12
gundam_rx78nt1wow, it's gotten quiet here.11:18
gundam_rx78nt1you know that you are living in the 200x's when wow means world of warcraft for you.11:19
gundam_rx78nt1you know that you are living in the 200x's when you can order your custom linux distribution from a web page and download it as an iso.11:20
gundam_rx78nt1gone are the days of carrying a shoe box with 100 floppies so you can install linux w/o X windows...11:23
twosouls82I thought "sudo usermod -g employees <username>" would make "employees" the primary group of the user with username <username>.. it does not seem to work11:26
twosouls82or do I need to logout and in for it to be visible to me?11:27
Lynouretwosouls82: check what your /etc/passwd says on that...11:28
Lynouretwosouls82: if it is right there, then yes, it will take effect when the user in question logs in11:29
Agent_boblogout/in is required   or some command that escapes me atm.11:29
Agent_bobenv or something.11:30
Agent_bobLynoure that wont affect the primary group tho will it ?11:31
twosouls82Lynoure: thanks, it confirms that I need to relogin or.... etc etc.. "newgrp is used to change the current group ID during a login session." :) handy11:31
twosouls82Agent_bob: I will tell you in a sec11:31
LynoureAgent_bob: not sure, actually... too lazy to check :)11:32
twosouls82Lynoure: Agent_bob: thanks, it indeed works for primary groups too11:32
hardikHello , I m new to kubuntu (y'day installed version 7.10), with help to search engine I able to install scim, and I m able to switch lang in kopete, but not in another applications like kate11:32
twosouls82hardik: use "kcmshell language" in a terminal client to configure those settings desktop wide11:33
hardikthanks twosouls82, what I want is to able to keep default english as it is but can use native lang in various application11:35
hardikwhen I writing msg to kopete, there is in mouse right-click menu select input lang, so I can chat with others in native lang through kopete, but same is not happening in other sw like kate11:36
hardiki.e. if I want to make docs in native lang then what to do?11:36
twosouls82hardik: depends on the application, for kate; use the "Tools" menu, followed by "Settings...", in the new dialog you can set the language for the document using the "Language" listbox11:39
Enissayhow to execute *.run package?11:57
SlimeyPetesh blah.run11:58
SlimeyPeteyou may have to do "chmod +x blah.run" first11:59
EnissaySlimeyPete: and then..?12:01
hardiktwosouls82 , I look at kate, kwrite & quanta but I m not able to find native lang selection (ofcourse there is highlighter for computer lang selection)12:02
twosouls82hardik: I meant: Tools -> Spelling...12:03
SlimeyPeteEnissay: after you've done "chmod +x blah.run" then "sh blah.run" it should run.12:03
hardiktwosouls82 thanks, I m able to find it, and select it but then my kate crash and when I restart that program no popup :(, I m rebooting my system as looks like I did some mistake in installing scim12:08
hardikthanks for your time, I will come back here to give u feedback12:08
twosouls82hardik: that sounds nasty12:09
twosouls82good luck12:09
hardikthank you , avajo12:09
Lionocan any one help me how to enable direct hardware acceleration for good graphics. direct rendering managmnet is disabled in m case. how to enable it? i have intel p4 builtin vga?12:20
SlimeyPeteyou need to find out what VGA chipset you have. There might be a better driver available.12:20
SlimeyPeteyou can run "lspci" in a terminal to list such things.12:21
Lionocan any one help me how to enable direct hardware acceleration for good graphics. direct rendering managmnet is disabled in m case. how to enable it? i have intel p4 builtin vga?12:30
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ehnytürkiye kubuntu12:32
ehnyirc adresi nedir12:32
ehnykubuntu türkiye12:32
ehnyTürkiye Kubuntu Adresi Nedir12:33
ehnyTürkiye Irc Kubuntu12:33
ehny!tr I ehny12:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tr i ehny - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:33
jeanwhat's up12:36
Beren78the sky and Mary MAgdalene12:36
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=== nilesh__ is now known as nilesh
twosouls82hi there12:41
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde412:48
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TrapperDaveHello, just wondering if anyone can help me with Amarok. I was told I'd be best off trying in here.12:55
TrapperDaveIt freezes on the splash screen.12:55
Enissayi've just installed my card driver and compiz.... how can i activate desktop effects?12:56
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE12:59
tekteenEnissay: open a konsole and type "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" then press enter12:59
Enissaytekteen: already done... what's next?13:00
andy_is there any way of getting kubuntu to automatically mount my ntfs external hard disk?13:00
tekteengo to the kmenu >> settings13:01
tekteenthen there should be Advanced Desktop Effects13:01
tekteenthat is how you configure it13:01
gundam_rx78nt1andy, add it to your fstab file.13:02
Enissayand when i check an effects it should wroks... that's it?13:02
tekteento start it type alt+f2. and then the run box will appear. in that box type compiz --replace13:02
tekteenthat is how to TRY compiz13:03
andy_gundam_rx78nt1: ok but what do i need to add i.e command?13:03
tekteenyou do not want it to start automatically until you have tried it13:04
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions13:05
gundam_rx78nt1also you can read the fstab man page.13:05
gundam_rx78nt1usually it would be <device>  <mount point>  <fs type> <options>13:06
gundam_rx78nt1I am sorry if I am not clear... I have been working all night long...13:07
Enissaytekteen: i got nothing.... :'(13:08
tekteenyou typed compiz --replace?13:09
tekteendid all of the window bars disappear?13:09
tekteenthen reappear?13:10
Enissaytekteen: no, nothing happens13:10
tekteenEnissay: if anything I say stops kubuntu from working... use crtl+alt+backspace to reset x (it will log you out but not restart)13:11
tekteenopen a konsole13:11
tekteenand try to run compiz --replace13:11
tekteenwhat is the error13:12
Enissaytekteen: .: 3: Can't open /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager.ubuntu13:12
tekteendid you install compiz or compiz-kde?13:13
tekteenalso just to check. gutsy?13:13
Enissaytekteen: i've installed : compizconfig-settings-manager compiz compiz-core compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-gnome compiz-plugins libcompizconfig-backend-gconf libcompizconfig013:14
tekteenremove compiz and install compiz-kde13:14
tekteenI assume you use kde :-)13:15
Enissaytekteen: i've installed compiz-kde... but nothing change.... do i have to reboot?13:17
tekteenyou tried compiz --replace in the konsole?13:18
tekteenwhat was the error again?13:18
Enissaytekteen: yes, the same13:19
tekteenalso did you reinstall the plug-ins?13:19
Enissaywich mones?13:20
Enissaywich ones?13:20
tekteenkubuntu prob uninstalled them13:20
Enissaytekteen: adept says that they still installed13:22
tekteenrestart and try13:22
snarkstergood morning13:24
snarksterso i installed some games and amarok kde3 and now ndiswrapper isnt working..13:24
snarksterjuust locks up the computer. Have to do that sysreq to reboot the system.13:25
Enissaytekteen: no change.. :'(13:28
tekteenwhat was the error?13:29
Enissaytekteen: the same13:30
tekteenEnissay: what was the error13:30
tekteenI forgot :-)13:31
Enissay.: 3: Can't open /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager.ubuntu13:31
tekteenit should be opening compiz-manager13:32
tekteennot compiz-manager.ubuntu13:33
Enissaywich does not exist13:33
tekteentype ls -l /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager.ubuntu in the konsole13:33
tekteenwhat is the output?13:33
Enissayls: /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager.ubuntu: No such file or directory13:34
tekteenI am not sure13:34
MsK`I have a problem with an external ntfs hard drive, when I plug it and click open, dolphin says "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000", how can I correct that ?13:37
EnissayMsK`: right click on the drive>properties>uncheck:mount as user.....13:38
EnissayMsK`: so what?13:44
MsK`Enissay, I don't see any checkbox about that13:47
Enissayproperties>Mounting>uncheck:mount as user13:47
MsK`there is no "mount as user"13:48
MsK`ho I see13:48
twosouls82can I safely change "/etc/default/useradd" so that "SKEL" contains our foundation's skeleton without messing things up (other scripts, postinst, postrm etc.)?13:48
MsK`wow, it's worse now13:48
MsK`ha ok, I know what it is13:48
theThemeHey everyone, I'm having an upgrade problem.  I installed from the repository and now I am trying to upgrade to 1.05 with svn.  when I type in ./autogen.sh it returns ./autogen.sh: 22: autoreconf: not found13:52
theThemeCan anyone help me?13:53
theThemeSorry...I am trying to upgrade Transmission...forgot that part :)13:53
ActionParsniptheTheme, do you have autoreconf installed?13:55
theThemeActionParsnip: I am not sure, whenever i try to apt-get install it, it says Couldn't find package13:56
ActionParsniptheTheme, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade13:57
theThemeActionParsnip: ok, did both of those and tried autoreconf again, but still returns not found13:58
ActionParsniptheTheme, do you need updates?13:58
ActionParsnipso you are updating Transmission?13:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about transmission - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:58
theThemeActionParsnip: yes13:59
ActionParsnipdo you have a link to the developers homepage?13:59
theThemeActionParsnip: I can put the readme in a pastebin if you think it would help, I've never used svn before13:59
* selckin watches the internal strugle of jpatrick14:00
ActionParsniptheTheme, why not just use ktorrent?14:00
theThemeActionParsnip: I've been using it, and I really like it, but for some reason I can't get it to forward my ports anymore, I'm living in a dorm without access to the router so I've got to be able to do it from the client14:01
theThemeActionParsnip: If you know how to fix that, that'd be just as good :)14:01
=== delian is now known as guitarking
ActionParsnipbitlord wil never forward ports14:02
ActionParsnipport forwarding is done on the router14:02
ActionParsniphow do you mean by "forward ports"14:03
theThemeActionParsnip: by using the UPnP widget in ktorrent14:03
theThemeplugin rather, not widget14:03
ActionParsniptheTheme, and without it your torrents dont work?14:06
ActionParsnipi connect to my router without anything other than a vanilla install and its fine14:06
ActionParsnipsorry for my confsion Ive not come across uPNP for LAN14:06
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
theThemeWithout it I'm not connectable, I can download but not seed14:07
ActionParsniptheTheme, i see. sorry ive no idea. quite weird how you cant seed14:09
theThemeAh well, that's ok, I don't know why it stopped working (the plugin) it was quite nice when it worked14:11
ActionParsniptheTheme, id make sure you have the kernel-devel modules and it may compile14:13
ActionParsnipas well as g++14:13
pfeinanyone else had trouble with konq sometimes using 100% CPU after recent updates?14:14
pfeinmaybe flash related?14:14
RogueJediXHey. I got a motherboard replacement just recently, so do I need to update anything?14:21
AmerioI need help with Gparted14:26
Ameriois it possible to merge 2 unallocated paritions into 1 unallocated parition ?14:26
Ameriobut both in different SDA's14:26
geniiAmerio: If they are next to each other merging them is easy. If you have some partition between them it's more problemmatic14:28
Ameriogenii they arent next to each other14:28
BluesKajHiyas all :-)14:28
Ameriothe 1st one under ext3 filesystem / SDA1 and the other under extended file system /SDA214:29
* genii hands BluesKaj a coffee14:29
BluesKajthankyou genii :)14:29
geniiBluesKaj: Anytime14:29
BluesKajfinally some sun here14:30
geniiAmerio: sda1 and sda2 should be next to each other14:30
Amerioyeah but inside sda2 there are ntfs paritions14:30
geniiBluesKaj: Yeah here too :)14:30
geniiAmerio: You said unallocated partitions.14:31
Ameriogenii yeah there are ntfs paritions and unallocated parition too14:31
dergringoI'm looking for something like ChronoSync on KDE14:34
luserGood morning sunshine(s)14:34
AmerioSDA1 has 8 GB of unallocated space, SDA2 has 11 GB of unallocated space , I just wanna make a new parition with 19 GB , but it doesnt allow me to use more than 8 GB14:34
geniiAmerio: if you have for instance sda1=ext3 sda2=ntfs sda3=unallocated sda4=unallocated     you can merge sda3 and sda4 into 1 no issues. If you have something like sda1=ext3 sda2=ntfs sda3=unallocated sda4=ntfs sda5=unallocated and you want to merge sda3 and sda5 then it becomes tricky14:35
Amerioaah thats confusing14:36
geniiAmerio: So your ext3 filesystem on sda1 has 8Gb free on it without data that you want to extract and then add to 11Gb of free space on the ntfs partition?14:37
geniipartition <> filesystem free space14:37
Amerioi want to add the 11gb unallocated 1 to the 8 GB unallocated one to make a new partition under sda114:38
Ameriogot it?14:38
geniiAmerio: But you have filesystems on these so-called "unallocated" partitions?14:39
Ameriounder SDA1 there is ext3 parition and unallocated place , under SDA2 there is 3 NTFS paritions and unallocated space14:40
AmerioSDA2 is extended and contains the other paritions under it14:42
Amerioand I cant take a screenshot to show u because im using the livecd14:42
geniiAmerio: OK. After sda1 how big is the unallocated space. Is it as large as the ntfs part sda2?14:45
Ameriook hold on please14:45
BluesKajAmerio , genii , perhaps he should take the GParted Live CD approach to organizing and resizing the partitions. It's much easier and effective than the qtparted app on the kubuntu live cd.14:46
Ameriowhere can I upload a screenshot?14:47
geniiAmerio: tinypic.com14:47
geniiBluesKaj: I think the main problem is that he has dead space at end of sda1 which the ntfs partition needs to occupy to make the unallocated areas contiguous14:48
ubuntu_Salut tout le monde14:48
geniiAmerio: If the image is too large for tinypic.com  try then imageshack.us14:51
Amerioits uploading not too much large but was trying to take a clear one by phone14:52
Ameriogenii http://i25.tinypic.com/5dnntt.jpg14:52
theThemeHey everyone, can someone help me compile ktorrent 2.2.5  when I type ./configure it goes through the checks but finalyl returns, ""checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!"14:53
BluesKajgenii, yeah agreed ,it's always best to have the ntfs on the sda1 from what I've learned so far.14:53
BluesKajtheTheme, why not just install it with adept or apt ?14:55
llutztheTheme: install libx11-dev14:56
* BluesKaj needs to read with more concentration :)14:57
* BluesKaj gulps coffee to get rolling 14:57
Ameriogenii as shown in the image I just want the merge the unallocated space which the mouse is pointing on to the above one and make a new partition14:57
theThemeBluesKaj: the version in the repository is 2.2.114:58
BluesKajtheTheme, that's perfectly good version...it works well .14:58
BluesKajnewest isn't always best14:58
theThemeBluesKaj: yes, of course, just like to upgrade14:59
theThemeBluesKaj: I was hoping that the newest would help get the upnp plugin working for me again, it mysteriously stopped about a week ago14:59
BluesKajtheTheme, which kubuntu are you running ?15:00
* llutz iterates "uPnP is evil"15:00
theThemellutz: ok, it returned a list of packages that have unmet dependecies, but someone of them I can't find15:00
theThemeBluesKaj: Hardy15:00
BluesKajllutz, as is DHT15:00
llutzBluesKaj: what's DHT?15:00
BluesKajHardy should default to 2.2.515:01
theThemeit's the same one that came with when I did the fresh install. the about says it's 2.2.115:01
theThemellutz: figured it out :)15:02
llutztheTheme: i did ;)15:02
theThemeWhy do you guys not like upnp and dht?15:02
geniiAmerio: Since the unallocated space the mouse is on there is within an extended partition you cannot merge it directly to some primary partition. If you shrink the sda2 by the 11Gb then it can be merged with the 7.84 below it. But to use the spae between sda1 and sda2 you would need to shift the sda2 up so the free space falls all together at the end.15:02
llutzuPnP is a security nightmare because you lose control about your security-settings15:03
geniiSorry for lag, work calling me back and forth a bit15:03
BluesKajllutz, distributed hash table : a type of distributed system that provides hash table-like functionality.. wiki definition15:03
theThemeoh, didn't realize that, I'm rather new to linux and bittorrent15:03
llutzBluesKaj: i found it at wikipedia, thanks ,)15:04
Amerioso I shift all and by default it should be 1 unallocated space right?15:04
BluesKajllutz, as did I :)15:04
llutztheTheme: who/what prevents malware from using upnp-mechanisms to open your system to the internet?15:04
theThemellutz: No idea15:05
llutztheTheme: what seems to be a nice feature of p2p-clients, media-clients etc. is evil, very evil for your security.15:05
BluesKajllutz, i've been informed by some folks at thebo.bzx torent site that enabling DHT can muck up you DL speed and introduce unwanted sources15:05
BluesKajerr thbox.bz15:06
theThemeIsn't that a private site that doesn't allow dht?15:06
llutzBluesKaj: maybe, i'm not using p2p very often15:06
BluesKajtheTheme, yes i believe so15:06
geniiAmerio: If you have some other drive large enough to temporarily store sda2 then you can copy it to there with dd command, then free it up and create a new partion of same size directly underneath sda1 and then dd back the partition sda2 to that. Then you will have all the free space in one area at the end.15:06
Ameriogenii yeah I thought of that too , I have an external HDD but u know it takes ages to move all the data lol15:07
geniiAmerio: Without being able to put the sda2 contents somewhere though, best can do right now is shrink sda2 by the 11G of free space on it and then merge that with the 7.8Gb at end of drive15:07
Ameriogenii anyway thanx for the help , I'll try shifting if it doesnt work , then I'll move the data to external hdd15:07
theThemeOk, I got libx11-dev installed, but I am still getting the same error when I try ./configure for ktorrent15:08
stdinThecks: you need xorg-dev, you probably want to so "sudo apt-get build-dep ktorrent" to get all of the packages you need15:09
Ameriogenii shifting worked =) thanx alot mate15:09
BluesKajtheTheme,I have to ask the obvious. Have you updated your sources.list to hardy ?15:10
theThemeBluesKaj: I don't know how to do that, so...probably not15:10
BluesKajI mean multivers univers etc15:10
differentrealitycan someone help me set up my wireless card with kubuntu ? I have Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG  and it should work without any drivers to be needed15:10
geniiAmerio: Good :)15:11
pfeinanyone else had trouble with konq sometimes using 100% CPU after recent updates?15:11
Ameriogenii thank you so much , have a good day , ciao15:12
BluesKajtheTheme, the best way without editing directly is : Open Adept Package Manager.  On the menu of that screen, click on Adept -> Manage  Repositories. Click the Kubuntu software tab, check all the boxes "X". The same goes for the third party software tab. Close, and then in the terminal: "sudo apt-get update" .15:12
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
theThemewoot! it worked, after it resolved the dependencies ./configure worked15:17
BluesKajtheTheme, yes , that's why using adept or apt is always safer.15:20
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:20
theThemeThanks BluesKaj and llutz, you were both a huge help :)15:21
roosterI want Fatima (prophet Muhammad's daughter) so bad15:22
roosterme so horny15:22
roosterme fucky fucky Fatima Zahra15:22
roosterme fucky fucky Fatima Zahra15:23
roosterI want Fatima (prophet Muhammad's daughter) so bad15:23
roosterme fucky fucky Fatima Zahra15:23
roosterme fucky fucky Jesus' mom15:23
roosterme fucky fucky Mary (Jesus' mom)15:23
roosterme fucky fucky Mary (Jesus' mom)15:24
ubotuHelp! Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or jussi01!15:25
pfeincan an op ban that waste pls?15:25
Meztoo quick stdin15:25
alexk_IS there any better windows emulator then WINE?15:26
=== deshayesml is now known as Ops
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.15:27
stdinWine Is Not an Emulator ;) try vmware or VirtualBox for a full emulator15:27
alexk_because i like Voyage Century Online and cant play it on my new kubuntu install :)15:28
alexk_but was so tired of windows15:28
alexk_1 month now with kubuntu and no problems but that one game :)15:28
alexk_ok i have one other problem15:30
alexk_i had ot put in my old NVIDIA card because my newer ATI Radeon 9550 wont work on Kubuntu15:30
alexk_how to make Radeon 9550 work and obey me? :)15:30
Kohlrabiwhat do you mean with "won't work"?15:31
alexk_it uses a default setting15:31
alexk_"fglrx" or something15:31
OpsHow i can delete kde3=?15:31
alexk_and doesnt like 3d stuff15:31
alexk_for example i tried that 3d desktop beryl15:31
alexk_its a great card and worked fine under windows xp15:32
alexk_there is no exact driver for radeon 9550 which works i did a search on it15:33
alexk_many hours and it keeps changing desktop back to very low resolution every reboot15:33
BluesKajalexk_, open system settings/advanced , check if the restricted driver is enabled.15:33
alexk_i did that15:34
alexk_i have to do that every reboot15:34
alexk_so i stopped bothering and put in the nvidia card15:34
alexk_one time setup and no problems but its old geforce 4 with 64mb eww15:35
noaXesshas anybody seen this? http://files.wmx.ch/upload/jpg/70_gkrellShoot_08-02-19_160700.jpg15:36
noaXessi think its a memory dump before the machine crashes..15:36
alexk_it is15:36
noaXesswhere can i see the whole dump?15:36
BluesKajalexk_, in oder to use the restricred default driver , you have to install the Radeon card of course , but I have a cheap X200G onboard and 3D and DRI work on mine using that driver.15:37
alexk_thats the linux version of blue screen of death15:37
noaXessalexk_: ok.. and where to see the whole information?15:37
alexk_blueskaj, I use restricted driver but it still says no 3d capability after restart15:37
alexk_noaXess i do not know yet as im learning linux myself only 1 month on it15:37
noaXessalexk_: :)15:37
alexk_but that is definitely a memory dump before a crash15:37
alexk_what did you do to make it mad? :)15:38
noaXessalexk_: thats what i need to know.. and whant have mor information..15:39
alexk_virtualbox i was just told abuot a minute ago15:40
alexk_its supposed to be like WINE somewht right?15:40
BluesKajalexk_,  you have to edit your xorg.config file to get it to work. Perhaps if you posted you xorg file on pastebin i could suggest some changes.15:40
Daisuke_Idonot even close15:40
Daisuke_Idovirtualbox is what it says it is15:40
alexk_perhaps you can help my newfound friend noaXess then15:41
Daisuke_Idoa virtual machine.  it's more like vmware or virtual pc than wine15:41
alexk_he's got this memory dump problem before a crash15:41
noaXessDaisuke_Ido: jep.. but the error is in the machine..15:41
Daisuke_Idono idea -_-15:41
Daisuke_Idothat's way way beyond me15:41
alexk_now ive used vmware15:41
alexk_on windows15:41
noaXessmy question is where to find the mem dump info's15:41
alexk_perhaps you go to their website15:41
alexk_this virtualbox place15:42
alexk_and do a search of FAQ first15:42
alexk_blueskaj where do i find this xorg.config file?15:42
hawkeyelook at : /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:43
alexk_under root?15:43
hawkeyeif u wanna change sth yes15:44
hawkeyeuser can see .conf-file but cant change anything i think15:44
alexk_i have my xorg.conf file15:44
alexk_yes a guy said he can help make changes15:44
alexk_very exciting :)15:44
Saiedemilsedgh: where is that guy? banned15:44
alexk_some changes to make such as make the Radeon 9550 work and maybe change this "plugnplay" to a proper monitor for my flatpanel LCD15:45
emilsedghSaied: yeah15:45
alexk_Hey BluesKaj?15:47
alexk_BluesKaj I have that x file open. What now?15:49
alexk_BluesKaj I have that x file open. What now?15:53
DreadKnightanyone knows if i can find the drupal theme used here http://nepomuk.kde.org/ in the kde svn ?16:08
elvis4791yeeeeee =)))16:09
elvis4791Есть живой кто?16:10
jussi01!ru | elvis479116:11
ubotuelvis4791: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:11
bjwebbif i build a newer version of an app from source16:11
bjwebbwill apt be able to rewrite it if an even newer version appears in the repos?16:12
elvis4791Hi guys wtf is goion?16:12
jussi01bjwebb: there is a way to get apt to recognise it, but i hesitate to recomend it16:12
jussi01!wtf | elvis479116:12
ubotuelvis4791: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.16:12
bjwebbjussi01: ah16:12
bjwebbbut if i just make install, will apt rewrite it if it finds an update, leave it alone, or complain?16:13
jussi01elvis4791: This is the Kubuntu support channel. If you just want to chat, try #kubuntu-offtopic16:13
elvis4791Ok =))16:13
jussi01bjwebb: the latter two16:14
bjwebbis the way you don't recommend checkinstall?16:14
jussi01bjwebb: correct16:14
bjwebbhmmm, how tricky is it to build packages properly?16:15
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports16:15
=== r00t_ is now known as t00r
xerxes1358I have installed Kubuntu. How do I install GNOME so I can switch to Gnome?16:38
senorpedroaptitude install ubuntu-desktop16:38
pagxerxes1358, ' sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop '  and then choose 'Gnome' at login screen16:38
senorpedrobetter use aptitude16:39
senorpedrosudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop16:39
senorpedroor install it via adept if you dont like the terminal16:39
=== crookshanks_ is now known as crookshanks
sveriwhy is aptitude prefered over apt-get?16:46
bjwebbsveri: its nicer16:46
bjwebbone command for a load of different stuff16:47
bjwebbjust aptitude install or aptitude search, instead of apt-get install, apt-cache search16:47
sveribjwebb: ok, thats a usability reason, but are there some technical reasons?16:47
bjwebbit automatically removes uneeded dependencies, would you class that as technical?16:48
kaanhey everyone16:48
bjwebbsveri: is there a particular reason why you want to know?16:48
kaancan someone tell me what to install to be able to watch .wmv movies16:48
XbehaveCan virtualisation be used to crack a bios password?16:48
bjwebbproabably w32codecs16:48
ubotuThe Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages16:48
dmwhat is the "kicker" called in KDE416:49
bjwebbdm: was it krunner ?16:49
bjwebbXbehave: i shouldn't think so, but im no expert16:49
xerxes1358Guys can someone help me out here. I am getting crazy16:49
dmbjwebb no thats the alt F2 "run"16:49
bjwebbdm: oh16:49
dmbjwebb im looking for the name of the bar on the bottom16:49
sveribjwebb: i just want to know if i can run into errors mixing apt-get and aptitude16:49
bjwebbsveri: well apt-get install and aptitude install are practically interchangeable16:50
sveribjwebb: ok, thank you :-)16:51
=== francesco_ is now known as CruelInyention91
bjwebbxerxes1358: whats the problem, you want gnome?16:51
kaanthanks bjwebb16:52
bjwebbxerxes1358: install ubuntu-desktop16:52
bjwebbif you can do command line, run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop16:52
xerxes1358I think I got it. I had to disable the DVD source16:54
xerxes1358I think I got it. I had to disable the DVD AS source16:54
xerxes1358I have to enable Meta City also during startup (when GDM/KDM loads) because everything is misformed and fonts and letters look all huge.16:55
Riddell** Next up is "MOTU Processes"  in #ubuntu-classroom17:01
RiddellKubuntu talk in 1 hour17:02
nosrednaekimhey jairoubuntu17:11
jairoubuntucomo estan??17:12
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:12
jairoubuntuhey amigo17:13
jairoubuntunecesito ayuda17:13
jairoubuntupara una web cam17:13
jairoubuntume puedes ayudar17:13
BluesKajjairoubuntu,  Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:14
BluesKajanother guy who doesn't read all the text ,without being prompted :)17:15
norml_advocateI just installed kde, and my login screen was changed, but I cannot find my login window program thingy under administration anymore.  how do I change my login window settings?17:21
nosrednaekimnorml_advocate » you can switch back to gdm17:22
sravinorml_advocate: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm17:22
norml_advocateis that gnome?17:22
Authoritynorml_advocate: what do you mean "under administration"?17:22
norml_advocatesravi what does that do?17:23
encrypt128bitis it better to use guided partition normal, or guided LVM?17:23
norml_advocateauthority the administration menu17:23
nosrednaekimnorml_advocate » goes back to the old login screen17:23
sravinorml_advocate: that will prompt you to select kdm/gdm. you select gdm to restore your gnome login manager17:23
Authoritynorml_advocate: norml_advocate, run kcontrol, then go to system administration17:23
Authoritynorml_advocate: then choose login manager17:24
norml_advocateAuthority: where is kcontrol?17:25
Authoritynorml_advocate: run it from a command prompt17:25
norml_advocatetype kcontrol?17:25
norml_advocaterun kcontrol?17:25
kaanokay so Kubuntu is able to see my windows drive which is formatted in NTFS but cannot see the files inside my external harddrive which NTFS as well Does anyone know why?17:26
nosrednaekimkaan » why can't it? any errors?17:27
kaanhal-storage removable17:27
kaan-mount-all options refused17:27
kaanuid 100017:27
kaanthis is what it says at the bottom17:27
kaanany idea nosrednaekim?17:27
Domentarioni have a problem with my kubuntu17:28
Domentarioni have install some new updates and now in won't boot anymore17:28
norml_advocateAuthority:  The login manager will not let me edit any of the preferences17:28
nosrednaekimkaan » yeah.17:28
Authoritynorml_advocate: did you click the "administrator mode" button at the bottom?17:29
norml_advocateyeah and then i typed in my password17:29
LimCorewill ubuntu support fonts in near future?17:29
kaanokay what is it?17:29
bjwebbLimCore: ubuntu does do fonts17:30
nosrednaekimkaan » go into system setting->advanced-> disks and filesystems17:30
LimCorebjwebb: no, fonts in ubuntu are broken17:30
LimCorebjwebb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ttf-bitstream-vera/+bug/1118017:30
Authoritynorml_advocate: does the window now have a red border?17:30
LimCoreis there a work around?17:30
Authoritynorml_advocate: when then it didn't properly switch to roor17:31
kaanokay do u want me to tell you whats here?17:31
Authorityor you switched to a different menu item17:31
nosrednaekimkaan » ok find your external device listed there17:31
kaanokay yea my external drive doesnt say anything where it says enabled or not... its blank there17:31
kaanshould i modify?17:32
kaani dont wanna loose my data in it though17:32
nosrednaekimkaan » yeah, go into admin mode17:33
kaandid that17:33
snowdonkeyHi.  How do I install the U.S. International keyboard layout?17:34
nosrednaekimkaan » ok, edit it, enter some place in "/media" for the mount point17:34
Xbehaveive heard ktorrent isnt a very good torrent program for people who d/l alot? is there a good alternative? (id rather not use java bassed stuff due to the overhead17:34
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P17:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about us_intl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:35
acee1234what do i need to allow to be able to browse the internet through the guarddog firewall?17:36
Xbehaveany recomendations?17:36
nosrednaekimkaan » allow it to be mounted by any user17:36
jussi01acee1234: port 80 I suppose...17:36
kaanhm ok17:36
Xbehaveacee1234: port 8080 or 8017:36
Xbehaveand i think ssh ports are used for https but im not sure17:37
Xbehaveyoull also need dns17:37
acee1234TCP or UDP?17:37
kaansweet thanx a lot nosrednaekim!!!!!17:37
nosrednaekimkaan » that worked?17:38
kaanum 1 more question17:38
kaani enabled my DVD player/writer but now i think it crashed its still tryin to enable it... :S17:38
nosrednaekimkaan » dont enable/disable cds or dvds.... it doesn't work, esp if you don't have disk in there17:39
kaanlol okay thats what i thought lol silly me... :)17:39
acee1234Xbehave:  UDP or TCP?17:39
kaanum while talkin to an expert17:39
kaan:) how do i watch windows wmv/avi movies17:39
kaanwhich package should i install?17:39
kaanthey said win32 but i cant find it in packet manager17:39
=== luke_ is now known as coggz
Xbehavei dont know i jsut noticed that dns was used when i used iftop i dont no much about firewalls17:40
jussi01!avi | kaan17:40
ubotukaan: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:40
ubotuThe Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages17:40
nosrednaekimkaan » try install kubuntu-restricted17:40
kaansearch for that in adept manager?17:40
nosrednaekimkaan » yup17:41
=== coggz is now known as lc
kaanokay adept manager crashes everytime i try to install it :S17:42
=== lc is now known as lc_
nosrednaekimkaan » run, from the command line "sudo apt-get install packagename"17:43
lc_nosrednaekim: I finally got kde working17:43
nosrednaekimlc_ » cool17:43
lc_I had to reinstall17:43
=== lc_ is now known as coggz
nosrednaekimnot cool17:44
acee1234how do i get things to startup with ubuntu?17:45
coggzya, pain in the ass, but got most of my stuff back17:45
coggzdo you know any really usefull 3rd party repositiories17:46
kaannosrednaekim >> this is what i got:17:46
kaanE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)17:46
kaanE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?17:46
JoshOvkiacee1234: wat do you meanby  get things to start?17:47
nosrednaekimkaan » close adept,if itsclosed, run17:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adetpfix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about aptfit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:47
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:47
kaancouldn't run the specified command...17:48
kaani typed !adeptfix in the command line17:48
acee1234JoshOvki: poked around a bit more figured it out was session manager, missed it for some reason thank you though17:48
jussi01kaan: no  sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a17:48
JoshOvkiacee1234: ok no problem17:49
kaansweet got it!!17:50
coggzdo you know any really usefull 3rd party repositiories17:50
kaanthanx so much nosrednaekim and jussi0117:50
tckbhello  kubuntu's17:51
nosrednaekim!mediuntu | coggz17:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mediuntu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:51
nosrednaekim!medibuntu | coggz17:51
ubotucoggz: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org17:51
dellhello world17:51
tckbcan anybody help me out17:52
jussi01!ask | tckb17:53
ubotutckb: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:53
tckbhow to install  kde4 in kde3.5.817:54
jussi01!kde4 | tk17:55
ubotutk: KDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde417:55
dellwhy in ubuntu/kubuntu 7.10 neostrada tp not connect17:55
jussi01tckb: sorry, see above17:55
dellI connect ubudsl17:55
tckbyeah i saw that ...17:56
nosrednaekimtckb » something not working?17:56
tckbhow to install it through terminal17:56
flipstarread that announce website ;)17:56
nlakshmai am running into a very annoying problem. i installed keytouch and selected a wrong keyboard model. now if i press ctrl, its opening dolphin. anyone know how to fix this?17:57
nlakshmamy keyboard model is not listed there.17:57
coggzhave u tried uninstalling17:57
nosrednaekimtckb » just add the repsoitory to the /etc/apt/sources.list17:57
nlakshmai haven't tried uninstalling. but i believe it modified some config file17:57
Riddell** Kubuntu talk about to begin in #ubuntu-classroom17:57
tckbwich repository???17:59
flipstarppa.launchpad see http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php for details17:59
tckbu mean to add the ftp sites at http://download.kde.org/download.php?url=stable/4.0.1/18:01
tckbin sources.lst file?18:01
hawkeyej #mr-lug18:01
nosrednaekimtckb » yes18:02
nosrednaekimtckb » wait... no18:02
flipstarno that there are the sources provided18:03
tckbso alernatives/?18:03
nosrednaekimtckb » no... get the sources off that kubuntu page18:04
flipstar!kde4 > tckb follow the first link18:05
flipstarthat bot just opens a query to you18:05
tckbu mean  ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/4.0.1/18:05
flipstaragain: no18:06
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
tckbthanX for your help guyzz18:10
tckband 1 more Question ...does the latest comes wid kde 418:11
tckblatest kubuntu 7.1018:11
szakulechow can I check how long a commandline process has run for?18:11
trappistszakulec: ps aux18:12
sravimy laptop's touchpad enable/disable key generates XF86Launch0 key and it launches khelpcenter. does anyone know how to disable it?18:12
tckbhmm <szakulec> try ps18:12
szakuleci tried that- which column is the time the process has run?18:12
flipstartckb: there will be an kde4 version of hardy 8.04 i dont know about gutsy..guess not18:13
tckb<szakulec> 3rd col18:13
tckbokie... flipstar18:13
szakulecmaybe I'm doing something wrong, so here's what I'm doing: I'm recording from my vcr currently (using cat /dev/video0 >movie.mpg) and so I'd like to see how long it's running for18:16
tckbwat o/p ur getting on ps18:16
differentrealityan someone plz help me set up my wireless card with kubuntu ? I have Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG  and it should work without any drivers to be needed..18:18
szakuleczakulec 6545 0.0 0.1 2896 588 pts/0 S+ 13:07 0:00 cat /dev/video018:18
flipstar!wireless | differentreality18:19
ubotudifferentreality: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:19
flipstarszakulec: so it runs since 13:0718:19
szakulecokay- that makes sense18:19
tckbtry like ps -f <szakulec>18:22
tckbu will get the start time18:22
tckbk bye18:25
norml_advocatehow do I get my quick user switch applet back?18:25
trappistnorml_advocate: use kdm?18:25
norml_advocatei jsut switched back to gdm18:25
trappistnorml_advocate: that's why you don't have the applet18:25
norml_advocatebut  I want it18:26
norml_advocateso how do i get my quick user switch applet back?18:26
trappist... use kdm18:27
norml_advocatebut when I use kdm  and type kcontrol i cannot use the administrator mode for some reason18:27
norml_advocateso i cannot edit the login window18:28
trappistwell you won't get that applet without kdm, so my advice would be switch back, then troubleshoot that other problem18:28
trappistalso, don't type kcontrol.  iirc that's obolete.  use systemsettings18:29
trappistor if you must, try kdesu kcontrol18:30
=== weneli is now known as c0demonkey
c0demonkeyhi folks whats up ?18:31
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:32
sigma_1234what do you install to play wma?18:34
oloughlin75sigma_1234: you need w32codecs from medibuntu18:34
oloughlin75!medibuntu | sigma_123418:34
ubotusigma_1234: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org18:34
nzkHow do I untar a .bz2 file in the command line?18:52
selckinman tar18:52
nzkI looked there18:53
flipstarnzk: tar -xf <file>18:53
nzkAhh, I was missing the f18:53
flipstarnzk: it is also mentioned in man tar ;)18:54
orbitizeIs there anyone here that could help me with PHP5 on Apache2 please?19:16
Tm_Torbitize: don't ask to ask, just ask ;)19:16
orbitizeThank you Tm_T: The problem is that I cannot get PHP to work on my apache installation19:16
paule118don't ask to ask, just ask ;)19:16
orbitizeI tried installing the normal packages from adept_manager19:17
orbitizebut it still wont register in apache19:17
paule118 installing the normal packages from adept_manager19:18
orbitizephp5 and apache2-mod19:18
orbitizesorry, that last one is: libapache2-mod-php519:19
orbitizeand php5-common19:19
ScuniziIs there a channel for Kontact?19:19
orbitizewhen I try to load index.php, it gives me an "open file" dialog19:20
paule118skype installing the normal packages from adept_manager ???19:20
ThomasDorbitize: try #apache19:20
orbitizethank you ThomasD19:21
paule118Read error: 11019:21
paule118Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 110 Read error: 11019:21
hydrogenIs there a qt-4.4 build for gutsy in a ppa somewhere?19:25
Tm_Thydrogen: not that I know, I did build qt-copy :(19:27
bobbyive been using ubuntu for a couple months, the other day i apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, so now im using kubuntu, im having some difficulties though. First, I find the window redraw to be very slow!19:40
kaanany C programmers?19:41
nosrednaekimbobby » and...19:41
bobbycould anyone help me fix that? I installed the restricted drivers while under gnome and everything seems fine there.19:41
kaanor does anyone know which channel i could get help for C programming19:41
oloughlin75kaan: how advanced is the question?19:41
kaanvery simple actually19:42
oloughlin75whats the question? i -might- be able to help if its simple19:42
hydrogenkaan: #c19:42
kaanim tryin to store whatever is in argv[i] in a string19:42
hydrogenoloughlin75: wrong channel for it :)19:42
hydrogenmight be ##c19:42
oloughlin75!ot | kaan19:42
ubotukaan: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:42
oloughlin75happy hydrogen? :)19:43
kaanany idea oloughlin?19:43
hydrogenkaan: ##c :)19:43
oloughlin75java has a String class, so im not sure about c.19:43
nosrednaekimbobby » just slow window redraw(not that thats not a problem)19:44
bobbyah yes, i was having problems with comboboxes flashing but found on aseigos blog that it was a problem with the polyester style so i changed that, but yes, very slow redraw,19:45
bobbywhen i stretch windows or move windows over others or when changing tabs, you can see the redraw happenning, while it's only a couple seconds and not minutes it's still very distracting.19:47
nosrednaekimbobby » hum, I hav heard complaints about that, but I never did see anyone fix it. you could of course switch to compiz as a window manager if you have the graphics power19:48
nosrednaekimbobby » it seems hardware specific19:48
bobbythats the thing, in gnome i have set up the restricted ati drivers and i have all eye candy on and it works great so it cant be a hardware issue, it has to be the way i have kubuntu set up. (i havent done anything to tweak it as this is my first experience with it)19:50
kaanhow da fuck do i register and talk in #c channel19:50
kaanthis is so gay19:50
bobby(dont yet know how)19:50
kaansorry for bad language19:50
kaanim just really mad19:50
oloughlin75kaan: /msg nickserv register password19:51
nosrednaekimbobby » try turning on compiz in kde ("compiz --replace"_19:51
nosrednaekim"compiz --replace"19:51
kaanit says my nickname is already registered19:51
kaanwell duh....19:51
bobbyok, i'll try that!19:52
kaani mean why such a stupid system is needed...19:52
kaananyways so what do i do?19:52
nosrednaekimkaan » change your nick19:52
oloughlin75kaan: are you going to use String.h or a char array and call it a string?19:52
nosrednaekimwith "/nick newnick"19:52
kaanchar array19:52
kaanhm actually maybe string.h might make things easier cause im not limited19:53
oloughlin75kaan: make a new array the same length as argv and then use a for loop to copy its contents19:53
=== kaan is now known as joker
jokerokay im kaan19:53
bobbyChecking for Xgl: present.19:53
bobbyChecking for nVidia: not present.19:53
bobbyChecking for Xgl: present.19:53
bobbyEnabling Xgl with fglrx ATi drivers...19:53
bobbylibccs: dlopen: /usr/lib/compizconfig/backends/libkconfig.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:53
bobby/usr/bin/compiz.real (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format19:53
jokerhm okay will try that thnx oloughlin19:54
bobbythe title bars on my windows have disappeared now! :(19:54
oloughlin75bobby: do kdm --replace19:54
flipstarbobby just start emerald or your window manager19:54
nosrednaekimbobby » run "sudo apt-get install emerald" and then try again19:55
bobby"--replace" is an unknown option or is missing a parameter19:55
nosrednaekimbobby » oh! there you go, I know why its so slow :)19:55
oloughlin75emerald --replace, compiz --replace, kwin --replace, or metacity --replace; whichever you use19:55
nosrednaekimbobby » you are running XGL without a compositing window manager.... no wonderits slow :)19:56
bobbyok so install emerald? or...?19:56
=== joker is now known as kaanselhep
nosrednaekimbobby » yeah.. install emerald19:56
jeffy124hi all, i've just installed Kubuntu Gutsy and Kopete crashes when i try and sign in. has anyone else had this problem?19:56
flipstaremerald is already great19:56
oloughlin75jeffy124: its a bug, im not sure if theres a fix or workaround yet19:57
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » yup... tons.... run all system updates:)19:57
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » it was fixed the day after relase... but it made it onto the CDs regardless <_<19:57
flipstari just wrote me an script http://pastebin.com/m3d33cd3a that starts compiz after login :P19:57
oloughlin75i hate kopete anyway :)19:57
bobbyAH! nosrednaekim, it works, no more redraw delay, woo hoo!19:58
bobbythanks a bunch!19:58
nosrednaekimbobby » yeah.... tis cause you are using XGL, so you need compiz running or its awful slow19:58
jeffy124oloughlin75: yep. i'll use amsn is kopete doesn't work...19:58
bobbyah good to know! will i have difficulties if i go back into gnome now?19:59
nosrednaekimbobby » nope19:59
LamerManhi everyone! where does wine keep its fon settings? i can't set russian font for some menu text20:00
bobbyproblem! if i close the terminal, it reverts back, the emerald theme disappears and no more title bars20:00
LamerMan*hi everyone! where does wine keep its font settings? i can't set russian font for some menu text20:01
oloughlin75bobby: hit alt+f2 and type in emeral --replace in there and hit enter20:01
nosrednaekimbobby » right.... do "alt+f2" and run compiz --replace there20:01
ubuntu__I just booted from an ubuntu image cd and I have to say that kubuntu is awesome!20:01
oloughlin75ubuntu__: Its true :)20:01
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » afaik, emerald --replace only works if compiz is running20:02
=== Arwen is now known as anon32
ubuntu__I want to install kubuntu on my external hdd but20:02
ubuntu__it doesn't show up in the menu when I want to choose the drive20:03
jeffy124ok, Kopete crashes and won't run. what's the next best IM client? can i run GAIM in Kubuntu, or should i use amsn? opinions please!20:03
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » what doesn't show up in which menu?20:03
oloughlin75jeffy124: i prefer pidgin (gaim has a new name)20:03
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » did you grab all system updates?20:03
oloughlin75jeffy124: kopete will work if you get all the updates20:03
ubuntu__my external hdd does not show up in the menu where i can choose the drive to install to20:03
oloughlin75ubuntu__: is it mounted?20:04
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » that bug was fixed a long time ago run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"20:04
jeffy124ok i'll try updates first...20:04
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » did you choose manual partitioning?20:04
ubuntu__I dont know, when i switch it on it aks what to do so I assume it is20:04
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » after running the updates, you will have to log out, and then back in20:04
ubuntu__I did20:04
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » and it was on the list of drives?20:05
ubuntu__only my windows partition20:05
nosrednaekimthere wasn't sda?20:05
ubuntu__Ill run the install dialog and see20:06
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ok, say what there is there under manual partitioning... i'll BRB20:06
bobbynosrednaekim: thanks for your help today, take care.20:07
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » learn alot?20:09
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: not really20:09
ubuntu__Ok I have hda, hda1(ntfs), sda, sda120:10
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: i was lucky i signed in when it began....i didnt know what time20:10
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » yeah.... this session wasn't as good as the one we had back in November...20:10
knyazõàé àëë20:10
oloughlin75ubuntu__: you want to use sda120:10
ubuntu__no I want to use the external drive20:10
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ok, you are going to have to put shrink sda1 and add a 1GB partition at the end for swap20:11
ubuntu__but idk if its mounted and whats its name20:11
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » sda1 is the external drive20:11
oloughlin75sda1 is the external, right nosrednaekim?20:11
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » unless of course you have two internal hard drives20:11
ubuntu__no I have only 120:11
nosrednaekimok... sda is the external.20:11
ubuntu__theres a mount point displayed( at hda1)20:12
flipstarError: "slice end not reached but screenspace end (8 left DF0000, score=-71744" anyone knows what this means ?20:12
oloughlin75ubuntu__: is it like /media/hda1?20:12
oloughlin75ubuntu__: that just means itll mount to that location automatically20:13
oloughlin75ubuntu__: so you can access it20:13
ubuntu__and another thing20:13
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » thats fine... just don't check "format"20:13
ubuntu__there is already some stuff on hda120:13
oloughlin75ubuntu__: you want sda1 to have mount loaction /20:13
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » first, shrink sda1 for the swap partition though.20:14
oloughlin75and you need to resize sda1 to be a gig smaller, and make a new swap partition thats a gig20:14
davebvhi! has someone upgraded to the kde 3.5.9?20:15
nosrednaekimdavebv » some have.... I haven't personally20:15
ameriogenii u there?20:15
nosrednaekimI don't use 3.5.x anymore :)20:16
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: is a recompile of alsa needed for kde upgrades?20:16
AndreSTCwhats kdewallet default password?20:16
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » nope... on kernels20:16
oloughlin75good :)20:16
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » uhh there is none, it prompts you for one on its first run20:16
ubuntu__another point is20:17
davebvI just did it (upgraded) and when I use amarok, it does not autodetect the ipod20:17
davebvor any other device20:17
amerioI just formatted a parition to ext3 but cannot seem to create folders inside it or copy files to it20:17
amerioany help?20:17
davebvit says something about dbus and hal20:17
ubuntu__when I want my comp to boot from the external I have to set it in the bios right?20:17
ForgeAuswow #debian are snobs!20:17
ForgeAusthey banned me for asking help to get dpkg working on interix and mentioning kubuntu20:18
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » or use the boot menu (usually f12 during the BIOS splash)20:18
ubuntu__yeah I know how to get this menu up, but I cant select the booting device to usb/external20:18
ubuntu__maybe I should upgrade my bios?20:19
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » how old is your computer?20:19
ForgeAusubuntu carefully :)20:19
ubuntu__sony vaio, about 3 years20:19
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » and the device has to be plugged in when you do f1220:19
AndreSTCnosrednaekim is there a way to see the kdewallet password?20:19
amerioI just formatted a parition to ext3 but cannot seem to create folders inside it or copy files to it.. does any1 have any idea how to fix that?20:19
nosrednaekimAndreSTC » no. but I think you can reset it somehow20:19
Powerking89670Is there a way to restart my sound devices so I do not need to reboot to use them again?20:20
flipstaramerio: you propably have to set permissions to acces the partition - or mount it as user20:20
amerioflipstar how to do that ?20:20
amerioflipstar its mounted but cannot create folders or copy files to it20:21
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ok, that shoul be able to do it20:21
ubuntu__ok thx20:21
ubuntu__but one last thing20:21
ubuntu__when I try to acces the external device via dolphin20:21
ubuntu__it says at the bottom20:22
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » putting the removeable device first in boot priority could be easier though20:22
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » don't try to access it while you are installing!20:22
=== Thug is now known as Thug_Nasty
dorkfaceHi all.  I love the20:22
ubuntu__hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 99920:22
ubuntu__yeah Im not installing atm20:23
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » why are you trying to read it? is there data on it?20:23
flipstaramerio: you could open konqueror with root right <kdesu konqueror /media/> and then right click on the directory where your mounted partition is in and set permissions20:23
dorkfaceHi all, I love the CLI as much as anybody, and that means whenever I am typing and some other program comes up in my way, it becomes VERY frustrating.  Is there a way to prevent ANY program from taking focus away from konsole?20:23
amerioflipstar I use gnome , dont have konqueror20:24
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ah.. in that case, go into systemsettings->advanced->disks and partitions, enter admin mode, click edit on sda1, and allow it to be mounted by anyone20:24
nosrednaekimamerio » in that case..... #ubuntu20:24
dorkfaceother than keeping the window at the top20:24
ubuntu__ok... give me two secs^^20:24
amerionosrednaekim yeah I know , but they never answer :(20:24
nosrednaekimdorkface » uhh go to ctrl+alt+f2 :)20:25
dorkfacenosrednaekim: hehe20:25
flipstaramerio: then replace konqueror with your file browser20:25
nosrednaekimamerio » well, we can't really help you here since you do not have the tools we have20:25
nosrednaekimdorkface » but seriously.. there is a way to enable focus stealing prevention20:25
nosrednaekimhello Alen20:25
amerionosredanekim thats true , i thought some1 could help me , thanx anyway20:26
Alencan i add repo on Feist Fawn to update my Kubuntu ?20:26
nosrednaekimAlen » update or upgrade?20:26
AlenKDE 3.5.920:26
Alennot upgrade20:26
nosrednaekimAlen » no, thats not available for fiesty20:26
Alenok :(20:26
Alenthank anyway20:27
ubuntu__what mountpoint should I set?20:27
nosrednaekimAlen » its just a bug-fix release20:27
ForgeAusalen the easiest way is to go into adept20:27
ForgeAusand manage packages20:27
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » /media/something20:27
ubuntu__and enable at boot?20:27
ForgeAus(or is it manage sources) something like that20:27
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » don't worry about that, since the liveCD will forget your settings20:28
=== jerome_ is now known as Jahromeo
Aleni trayed to manage but they dont want to update it is unsuported new version on FF20:29
dorkfacenosrednaekim: sweet, found it in window behavior.  Take that would-be focus stealers!  *glee*20:29
ubuntu__it says that the drive is not active20:29
=== soldier is now known as Soldier
ubuntu__and not mounted20:30
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ok...click enable.20:30
Thug_NastyOkay retarded question for you when you have a minute. I have an HP printer and in the printer settigns I have printout mode as like draft grayscale. But when I pring something, the black text is printed green. It's not a hardware problem because when I print stuff on XP it comesout fine. Any ideas what I need to change settings wise? Thanks.20:32
Thug_NastyThe problem happens when on Kubuntu*.20:32
ForgeAushmmm how do I get myself unbanned from #Debian?20:32
oloughlin75ForgeAus: you don't?20:32
ForgeAusguess not :(20:33
ForgeAusI wonder how long their bans last20:33
kaanselhepcan anyone help me with KDevelop20:33
ubuntu__-.- just noticed that the drive does not show up in the systemsettings and konqueror all the time, its like on, off, on, off/switches20:33
ForgeAusKDevelop rocks!20:34
kaanselhepwhy line/code completion doesn't work though?20:34
trappistForgeAus: I once got banned from #debian for politely disagreeing with an op on a technical issue.  then I switched to ubuntu (and #ubuntu)20:34
kaanselhepdo i have to enable it after first install?20:34
ForgeAusum kaansel I think #Kubuntu-dev or #KDE-dev are more likely useful to you20:34
flipstarkaanselhep: yes20:34
flipstarinstall bash_completion20:34
nosrednaekimThug_Nasty » you have to set the mode to greyscale20:35
trappistflipstar: bash_completion doesn't handle code completion in IDEs20:35
ForgeAusdoes kdevelop even have code completion?20:35
ForgeAussomething like komodo probably does (dunno if theres a linux vers of that tho)20:35
oloughlin75eclipse does and supports c i think20:35
trappistForgeAus: there's a linux version of komodo, and it rocks20:35
kaanselheplol okay how do i enable it?20:36
Thug_Nastynosrednaekim: When I do that, would that completely disable color? Like if there is black and color in the same document or whatever, how can I get both?20:36
ForgeAustrappist  sounds like it should be my next project :)20:36
trappistForgeAus: of course, it's not free20:36
flipstarkaanselhep: trappist sorry i overread that kdevelop line20:36
ForgeAusit makes for an awesome Python editor :)20:36
nosrednaekimThug_Nasty » well, usually when that happens, the black is printed with the color cartridge (dumb, I know)20:36
Thug_Nastynosrednaekim: Okay, good to know. Thanks.20:37
ubotuxfs is a high-performance journaling filesystem originally developped by Silicon Graphics for their IRIX OS. It is now fully supported by Linux so you can install Ubuntu on it if you wish. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFS20:38
nosrednaekimForgeAus » python editor? i'm looking for one...20:39
ForgeAusnosred theres always Eclipse20:39
ubuntu__Ok finally It isnt switching anymore, when I click in mount, it says indicated unclean shutdown etc, Ill boot windows and "safely remove hardware" and after, ill try this again20:40
ubotuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS20:40
ubuntu__anyway, thx alot nosrednaekim!20:40
nosrednaekimForgeAus » yeah... but i'm on amd64... I don't think java is going to be fun20:40
nosrednaekimubuntu__ » ok20:40
* nosrednaekim wats ZFS20:41
anon32God I want native ZFS... I don't even care if it violates GPL. To hell with that.20:41
* ForgeAus shrugs20:41
nosrednaekimyou can get it....with FUSE20:41
anon32which is SLOW20:41
ForgeAustheres a wiki site with python ide's20:41
anon32therefore making it USELESS20:41
ForgeAus(and that of many other languages too20:42
ForgeAusunless its not a wiki lol but there is defienitely a site that lists IDE's for various languages...20:42
=== luke_ is now known as coggz
anon32oh yeah, and why do filesystems have character encodings? that doesn't make sense.20:42
nosrednaekimbut I don't have time to test them all out20:42
coggzhelp needed with printers20:43
nosrednaekimalrighty...... bye everyone20:43
coggzdoes anyone know anything about lexmark printers?20:44
jussi01coggz: linuxprinting.org20:44
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
coggzi have looked, my printer is 'paperweight'20:45
coggzanyone got any workarounds?20:45
Tm_T!print | coggz20:48
ubotucoggz: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows20:48
trappistcoggz: if your printer is listed as unsupported, you may be out of luck.  but just for fun, what model is it?20:49
coggzi know how to do that, i have a hp printer working over a samba share20:49
valeryHello. Where i can set number tty? (Ctrl+Shift+F1..F2..F3)20:49
coggzit is a Lexmark X235020:49
kaanselhepbye everyone thnx for hlep20:49
ubuntu_lexmark printers cause nothing but trouble, but that's always been the case20:50
coggzyes, its a pain. Do you fancy the challenge? It is my only colour printer20:51
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Neumaennl
Neumaennlwhy did you buy a lexmakr in the first place?20:52
coggzi had it for over a year, when the whole house used windows20:52
Neumaennlthey may only cost 30€ but they come with almost empty ink cartridges and those cost 40€ and up :P20:52
coggznow i have switched, but the print server is win20:53
ForgeAusis there a way to install .deb's without dpkg?20:53
coggzno, ink is only £1020:53
ForgeAus(ie manually?)20:53
flipstarForgeAus: gdebo can install debs but i guess everything with packages on debian depends on dpkg but im not sure20:54
Neumaennlcoggz: I don't know anything about Lexmark apart from that I only hear complaints about them20:54
ForgeAushmmm this box doesn't have gdebi20:55
trappistcoggz: if you can extract the ppd from this mac driver, you may be on to something: http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/231862/lexmark-x2230-x2250-all-in-one-driver-v1.0.7-mac-os-10-free-download.html20:55
ForgeAusreally isn't a .deb just a compressed file?20:55
coggzok, i will give it a shot20:55
ForgeAus(with scripts to install binaries/source with?)20:56
sj_hi! I#ve got a strange problem after upgrading kde to 3.5.9: the path ist set to the rootfolder (/) instead my desktop folder (/home/user/desktop). I can't use the kcontrol module "Paths" to change the path, because it tries to move all the systemfolders into the new Desktop folder :)20:57
sj_Does anybody knows where the path can be set manually?20:58
ForgeAusyou can use export keyword20:58
ForgeAusto set environment variables20:58
trappistsj_: are you talking about the PATH environment variable?20:58
ForgeAusbut to put it in a script I aren't sure20:58
ForgeAuspossibly something like bash.rc ?20:59
flipstarForgeAus: right a .deb is only a compressed file with control.tar.gz, data.tar.gz, debian-binary20:59
sj_no - im talking about the configuration of the folder containing the files you see on the Desktop20:59
ForgeAuswhats control.tar.gz and data.tar.gz ?21:00
ErtainHello everyone.  I once saw an applet for the desktop which organized your icons into "baskets".  It's not the program "basKet", though.21:00
ForgeAus(does one of them contain binaries, are some source packages?)21:00
vsudilov_hey guys, if I want to ssh into a machine, start a process, logout of that machine, and still have that process running after the logout, what must be done? I'm using bash21:00
trappistcoggz: actually it looks like those are the wrong drivers - usually if there are mac drivers for a printer, you can use the ppd in linux, since macos uses cups.  but it doesn't look like those drivers support that printer, and it doesn't look like there are any mac OR linux drivers for that printer.21:00
ForgeAusand what kind of compression is the .deb itself (I get the internal tarballs) but how to decompress .deb without dpkg?21:00
trappistForgeAus: I've never done it, but I imagine it's similar to rpm, where you have to use cpio tools21:01
coggzso those mac drivers are wrong21:01
ForgeAusI have cpio21:01
martijn81ForgeAus: you can probably use ark fot that21:01
trappistcoggz: well, for your printer, yeah, it seems so21:01
anon32ForgeAus, I believe it is a shar archive containing two gzipped tarballs21:01
anon327-zip can open it21:01
flipstarForgeAus: data contains the data..control.tar.gz contains control md5sums postinst postrm prerm21:01
trappistForgeAus: I don't think it's cpio, I just think that like rpm it's more than just a compressed archive21:02
ForgeAusI don't have 7z21:02
coggztrappist: ill have to keep looking21:02
sourcemakerare you using kde 3.5.9?21:02
ForgeAusyes it is like an rpm that much I know21:02
anon32ForgeAus, 'man deb' gives a description of it21:02
sj_repository: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-kde-3.5.9/ubuntu gutsy main21:03
sj_XDG_DESKTOP_DIR[$e] in .config/user-dirs.dirs is set to the right directory21:04
unagianyone here know inkscape well?21:05
Tm_Tdefine "well"21:06
sourcemakersj_: Is it stable?21:06
* jussi01 can use it21:06
* Tm_T hates these metaquestions21:06
* jussi01 hugs Tm_T 21:06
anon32gah, ppa repositories need signing keys...21:06
Tm_Tanon32: no, ignore it21:07
jussi01anon32: dnt mind the error21:07
sj_its stable, released today21:07
unagihrm, well enough to edit gradients and cut shapes?21:07
anon32Tm_T, jussi01, I don't want to ignore it21:07
Tm_Tunagi: I wonder when this leads to "kubuntu support" question21:08
anon32it also kills update scripts...21:08
Tm_Tanon32: you have to21:08
anon32bah, screw it21:08
Tm_Tanon32: or, hummm, I dunno, is there key in launchpad page? check21:08
anon32nah, no keys anywhere21:09
anon32I'll just install KDE4 when Hardy is out21:09
jussi01unagi: you might find someone in #ubuntustudio to help, but its pretty quiet21:09
unagiso is #inkscape21:09
stdinPPA's can't sign repos yet, you do indeed have to ignore it21:09
anon32ignoring it leaves you open to a man-in-the-middle attack21:09
stdinuse --force-yes with apt-get to force apt to ignore the message21:09
anon32and then you also force it to b0rk your system21:09
anon32real smart21:10
stdinno amount of complaining is going to magically make the PPA be signed21:10
anon32I bet you're also the guy that recommends running everything as root21:10
Tm_Tanon32: reasons why stuff like "stable release" stay stable, I hope21:10
stdinum, no21:10
jussi01anon32: careful ;)21:10
anon32why not? if you get rooted, "touch luck"21:11
stdinif you don't like it, simple, don't use it.21:11
Tm_Tanon32: nownow, we just try to help, there's things we can't change even we wanted to21:11
BluesKajjust installed kde 3.5.9 . Seems stable so far.21:12
NeumaennlI thought KDE 4 was out?21:12
anon32stdin, whether or not I use it doesn't change the fact that it's broken. That's enough for today...21:12
Tm_TNeumaennl: it is21:12
jussi01BluesKaj: what are the major improvements?21:12
anon32Neumaennl, it is, that's for people scared of KDE 4.21:12
Tm_Tjussi01: bugfix release21:12
Neumaennlok ;)21:12
stdinanon32: it's broken ey? fine21:12
BluesKajjussi01, dunno for sure , I just got an RSS feed anouncing it's "official release "21:13
Tm_Tjussi01: see kde.org ;)21:13
stdinhttp://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog3_5_8to3_5_9.php :)21:13
anon32according to them, it's mostly merging in kde-pim21:13
Tm_Tstdin: thats the one, thank you sir21:14
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
BluesKajanon32, I tried kde4, but it wasn't for me I'm afraid...maybe my setup wasn't quite ready for it.21:18
Tm_TBluesKaj: you should try KDE 4.1 ;)21:19
anon32doesn't KDE4 require *less* resources?21:19
anon32Tm_T, vaporware21:19
anon32it doesn't exist21:19
oloughlin75BluesKaj: it looks like it will be great once its major features are finished, though21:19
Tm_Tanon32: well it does, as "work in progress"21:19
Tm_Tanon32: not as stable release, I know, I know it very well, but it does exist in some sense21:20
BluesKajTm_T, 4.1?21:20
Tm_TBluesKaj: 4.0.90 or so atm but you got the idea21:21
anon32does .90 mean 90%?21:21
Tm_Tanon32: no21:21
* anon32 understood that idea21:21
* anon32 never understood that idea*21:21
Tm_Ttrunk in kde svn, it's bit b0rky atm but it has more features than stable does21:22
sj_sourcemaker: Even in is no clue how to set the Desktop Folder: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=KDE_System_Administration/Environment_Variables21:23
sourcemakersj_: thanks21:24
NeumaennlI just tried to install kubuntu on my USB HDD, but for some reason GRUB didn't seem to get installed although the GRUB installer reported success21:24
Neumaennland I did _not_ install GRUB on my internal HDD ;)21:24
BluesKajTm_T, what kde4 are you running ?21:24
anon32how do I set a custom wallpaper for the login window? It seems to fail when I choose something in my home directory21:24
=== colin__ is now known as kernco
Tm_TBluesKaj: trunk, so "soon to be 4.1 one"21:25
BluesKajTm_T,I mean  what version21:25
NeumaennlBluesKaj: I think he used the most up-to-date version available from CVS or SVN or whatever version control system ubuntu is using21:26
sj_seems to be an older problem, i found a forum posting fromm 2003 describing the problem21:27
BluesKajSVN , more likely ...a bit of PITA  for me21:27
Tm_TBluesKaj: svn ofcourse, I can't wait packages, if I try to fiddle with upstream21:28
BluesKajI think i'll wait for the "official release" :)21:29
Tm_Theh, you should, as said, currently b0rky21:29
Tm_Tbut this is slipping to way too offtopic21:29
BluesKajaltho betas like firefox are easier to dump if they get problematic , so FF3 b3 is quite good21:31
BluesKajso far21:31
wromichhi people:)21:33
NickPrestahi icanhasadmin22:06
jpatrick!hi | icanhasadmin22:06
ubotuicanhasadmin: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:06
icanhasadminThanks.. I have a lil problem but I don't think it's kde related, should I ask in #ubuntu?22:07
NickPrestaicanhasadmin, are you running Kubuntu or Ubuntu?22:07
icanhasadminUbuntu 7.10, but I installed KDE afterwards. Gnome is still my default tho.22:07
tekteenyou can ask it on both if it is not kde related.22:07
icanhasadminlol well thanks i guess :D22:07
tekteenwhen you installed kubuntu-desktop did you make kdm or gdm the default login manager?22:08
tekteendo you know how to switch to kde?22:09
icanhasadminYes :)22:09
icanhasadminBut that doesn't involve my problem, lol. My audio doesn't work.22:09
tekteenI think this is more of a gnome question22:09
jpatrick!sound > icanhasadmin22:09
icanhasadminOk then.22:09
tekteenis sound not working in kde22:09
icanhasadminWell I know a little about what I'm doing, but thank you jpatrick :)22:10
icanhasadmintekteen: it's not working in either22:10
jpatrickicanhasadmin: see ubotu's pm for more info :)22:10
icanhasadminI did, I've been reading through those files most of the last hour..22:10
icanhasadminI guess I'm having trouble figuring out if maybe it's just not supported? It's a HDA SB45022:13
tekteenI will look it up22:14
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: just started reading. Whats your problem? Sound card not working? Does it work in gnome?22:14
icanhasadminthank you22:15
icanhasadminIt works in neither kde or gnome. ubuntu seems to recognize it, i can mute and unmute and change volume22:16
icanhasadminjust no sound. no OS sounds, no audio from videos or music22:16
oloughlin75intel hd audio?22:16
icanhasadminyou guessed it22:17
sfiredoes anyone know if the problems with ATI video cards and kaffeine have been fixed?22:17
ArtimusIs there anyway to set the default ethernet connection in KNetworkManager?  When I resume my computer, it tries to get an ip address with eth1, meaning I can't get on the internet until I manually tell knetworkmanager to connect with eth0.22:17
icanhasadmini can't figure out the right modprobe command for it, ATI HDA SB45022:17
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: I didnt deal with it. The newest alsa drivers work great, but youll have to recompile every time theres a kernal update. :/22:18
holasameone help me to configure my webcam?22:18
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras22:18
oloughlin75Check if it supported hola22:18
holaoloughlin75: problably not by it seem stange that it is not possibile to allow it works22:19
icanhasadminoloughlin75: so wait, it works... if you do something?22:19
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: i used the latest alsa drivers -- not officially support by ubuntu and you have to reinstall them every time theres a kernal upgrade22:21
oloughlin75but they work great :)22:21
=== deshayesml is now known as Ops
jeffy124hi again everyone. i want to report a bug in Kopete. where should i report the bug? bugs.kde.org or launchpad?22:22
icanhasadminok, is there a guide to installing the new alsa drivers somewhere? i'm guessing i might have to remove the old ones?22:23
icanhasadminand do I have to compile them INTO the kernel?22:23
oloughlin75dont have to remove the old ones22:23
kaminixWhat's the name of the power manager application for KDE? I want to restart it. Does it require sudo?22:23
Maxim000Where can I see (edit) command that execute when I press Log out - hibernate in KDE?22:24
tekteenkaminix: /usr/share/python-support/kde-guidance-powermanager/guidance-power-manager.py22:24
tekteenand I do not know about sudo22:24
kaminixThanks tekteen :)22:24
kaminixSeem to work without sudo fyi :)22:25
arcticpenguin380is p933MHz and 512mb ram enough for kubuntu?22:25
oloughlin75yes arcticpenguin38022:25
icanhasadmintek, "cp /downloads/alsa-* ." returns an error, am i missing something?22:25
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: should be cd22:26
oloughlin75i think22:26
icanhasadminoh, yep, i'm an idiot22:26
jeffy124arcticpenguin380: i'm using an old intel celeron with 512MB of ram, and KDE runs alright. just takes a few seconds to load up things.22:26
icanhasadminwait no, it says cp22:26
jeffy124it's a dell btw, pretty average.22:26
holaoloughlin75: problably not by it seem stange that it is not possibile to allow it works22:27
holasameone help me to configure my webcam?22:27
arcticpenguin380i might go back to my old p3 if i sell my new computer22:27
oloughlin75!es | hola, lo siento pero su ingles es un poco dificil para entender....22:28
ubotuhola, lo siento pero su ingles es un poco dificil para entender....: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:28
jeffy124i want to report a bug in Kopete. where should i report the bug? bugs.kde.org or launchpad?22:28
oloughlin75jeffy124: whats the bug?22:28
jeffy124it crashes when i try and sign in22:28
oloughlin75for msn???22:28
jeffy124it works on 7.04 though22:28
icanhasadminit says "cp /downloads/alsa-* ." verbatim. do i need to have something i don't have?22:28
jeffy124ya, for msn.22:28
oloughlin75jeffy124: its been fixed... did you update everything? sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade?22:29
jeffy124errrrrrrr... how long would that take on a 30kb connection?22:29
oloughlin75a while22:29
icanhasadminday or two22:30
jeffy124the updates said >200MB worth of crap.22:30
oloughlin75jeffy124: open adept package manager22:30
oloughlin75click the fetch update button22:30
oloughlin75search for kopete and request update or reinstall22:31
oloughlin75im not sure if it gives you an update option22:31
oloughlin75but that shouldnt take long22:31
jeffy124oloughlin75: ok, so the version in the repos will be more recent than the copy on my 7.10 install cd?22:33
jeffy124cool. hopefully there's a fix :S22:33
icanhasadminoloughlin75: "cp /downloads/alsa-* ." isn't getting me anywhere, is it referencing something i don't have?22:34
oloughlin75its where you downloaded alsa22:34
oloughlin75that tut looks old and confusing :/22:34
icanhasadminit is lol22:34
icanhasadminso i can't download it from the command prompt?22:34
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: that tut is for installing and compiling alsa from scratch22:35
icanhasadmini see, is that neccesary?22:35
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: which is what i did and works22:35
icanhasadminok.. so where do i download the source code?22:35
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: is a pain to get it working with the alsa in the repos as far as i know22:35
oloughlin75on the right -- you need the driver, lib, and utils22:36
icanhasadminthis is going to suck isn't it?22:36
oloughlin75its not bad22:36
oloughlin75but youll need two packages22:36
crimsun_it shouldn't if you use module-assistant with hardy's alsa-source.22:36
icanhasadmincrimsun_: elaberate a bit?22:36
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: your on 7.10 right?22:37
oloughlin75the repos source is version 1.0.14 i think... latest is 1.0.1622:38
crimsun_I think I may be able to relax the versioned depends so that users can install hardy's alsa-source directly into gutsy.22:38
icanhasadminthat sounds nice, but it might as well be in russian :/22:38
oloughlin75crimsun_: thatd be easier, but does it work?22:38
crimsun_oloughlin75: that's what I'm testing22:39
crimsun_I can't make my computer go faster22:39
root_____hi. me in  a deep trouble . i am in console with irssi.  i cant login to kde. when i enter username pwd. it waits for 5 secs and again asks the username and pwd. last time some msg came when i was runing kde. "cant lauch klauncher" and something about dcop. i think i deleted a .file . may be dcop in /home folder. (but the ather accounts are not working too. help pls.......22:39
oloughlin75crimsun_: lol alright22:39
holasameone help me to configure my webcam?22:39
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: otherwise, installing froms source just takes a while to compile, but its not difficult22:40
icanhasadmini wouldn't mind but i'll probabaly need help. i don't really get it.22:40
oloughlin75let crimsun_see if the easy way works ;)22:40
jeffy124ok i got Kopete reinstalled but i still have the same problem. and also, amsn sucks really bad. does Pidgin work with KDE?22:40
icanhasadminkk :D22:41
* root_____ waits for help22:41
oloughlin75pidgin will tke you a year and a half to download jeffy12422:41
oloughlin75youll need ~40-50MB of gnome libraries22:41
crimsun_it actually works all the way back through edgy.22:41
crimsun_so - hooray, no extra work on my part.22:41
jeffy124because of the dependecies related to Gnome?22:41
oloughlin75jeffy124: yep22:41
icanhasadminnice.. so what do i download/type and where crim?22:41
karthikpAnyone else have this problem with akregator - it can't seem to display pictures.22:42
karthikpPics in a webpage are okay.22:42
jeffy124bugger. looks like i'll have to use amsn *shudder*. thanks for the help anyway.22:42
root_____hi. me in  a deep trouble . i am in console with irssi.  i cant login to kde. when i enter username pwd. it waits for 5 secs and again asks the username and pwd. last time some msg came when i was runing kde. "cant lauch klauncher" and something about dcop. i think i deleted a .file . may be dcop in /home folder. (but the ather accounts are not working too. help pls.......22:42
karthikpBut, just a pic (a link to a jpg from one of the feeds) and it just shows unicode.22:42
karthikpOr something.22:42
NickPrestakarthikp, I use akregator. Can I have the feed in question? Let me try it.22:42
karthikp(Think it's unicode...)22:42
oloughlin75root_____: whats happens when you do the startx command?22:43
karthikpTry any of the reddit stories that show up with [pic] in the subject.22:43
karthikpThey often link to a jpg file.22:43
icanhasadmincrimsun_: ?22:43
crimsun_icanhasadmin: sudo apt-get install module-assistant debconf-utils && wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/alsa-driver/alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb && sudo dpkg -i alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb22:43
root_____oloughlin75:  iam in recoverymode . using irssi. how can i type the startx command?22:43
oloughlin75root_____: in the termal type in startx and hit enter22:44
root_____oloughlin75:  i also reconfigured xorg by dpkg...22:44
flipstarroot_____: just use tty222:44
oloughlin75root_____: thats your problem22:44
root_____oloughlin75: flipstar  i would have to quit irrsi then?22:44
root_____flipstar:  tty2 ?22:44
oloughlin75root_____: dont bother trying it22:44
NickPrestakarthikp, I added the reddit feed and searched for "pic". I can open all related articles just fine.22:45
oloughlin75root_____: what was wrong with xorg in the first place for you to rebuild it?22:45
karthikpTry the one that says, "The adventures of Lord Mario [img]'22:45
root_____oloughlin75: some one ask me to. i have a problem with graphics. but any how . what now?22:45
root_____oloughlin75:  its something about dcop too i gues22:45
icanhasadmincrimsun_: thank you, will i have to reboot or log out/in?22:46
root_____flipstar:  whats tty2?22:46
oloughlin75root_____: you need to replace the xorg.conf with the backup (named xorg.conf.bunchofnumbers)22:46
NickPrestakarthikp, a prompt opens and asks me if I want to open with Gwenview or save22:46
karthikpIn my case, it just goes ahead and loads the image.22:46
root_____oloughlin75:  i already did. by sudo cp xorg.conf.bak xorg.conf22:46
flipstarroot_____: tty2 is the virtual terminal number 2 .. ctrg+alt+f222:46
karthikpAnd it shows a screen full of unicode like characters.22:46
oloughlin75root_____: and it still wont load?22:47
karthikpEither behavior is bad, right? In a normal browser, it should just go ahead and show the image...22:47
root_____oloughlin75:  nop22:47
root_____flipstar:  thanks!22:47
oloughlin75root_____: im not good enough in the console to help you22:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seach - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about search - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:48
unagihow do i search for files22:48
oloughlin75unagi: !find name22:48
unagiin the command?22:48
karthikpNickPresta, is there some setting that will let akregator just go ahead and render the image as an image, rather than as a bunch of unicode?22:48
flipstaruse locate unagi22:48
icanhasadminok I can't tell if this worked or not.. it downloaded 2 things but at the end it said Cannot write to `alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb' (Permission denied).22:48
oloughlin75no, locate filename22:48
oloughlin75unagi: locate filename22:48
flipstaror find or whereis or which..there are many commands22:48
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: i can walk you through cimpiling from source22:49
crimsun_icanhasadmin: pwd22:49
crimsun_icanhasadmin: and you haven't even begun; you're just fetching the preliminary bits.22:49
icanhasadminpwd huh?22:49
crimsun_yes, that's a literal command22:49
crimsun_troubleshooting 'Permission denied'22:49
icanhasadminoh i'm in the wrong folder22:50
crimsun_right, thought as much  :=)22:50
icanhasadminhow do i get back?22:50
Arwenuse "cd"22:50
flipstarcd ..22:50
flipstarcd takes you to home dir22:50
karthikpOne more question about akregator. I start it up inside kontact. When I start kontact, it used to start akgregator as well. Just like it starts kmail. But that doesn't seem to happen since Gutsy.22:50
NickPrestakarthikp, I don't know. I don't subscribe to any feeds that frequently show lone images. Try asking in #kde.22:51
holasameone help me to configure my webcam?22:51
root_____oloughlin75:  i got a msg. when i typed startx. cound not init font path element /user/share/fonts/x11/cirillic22:51
karthikpNickPresta, thanks for you help! I'll head to #kde, then!22:51
icanhasadminok running that last one again at root folder22:52
wadHi, folks! So I got a new computer for home, and it's running Kubuntu. It's in the kitchen right now. I'm at work, and I was just able to dive in and get to it through my home network. I want to do something geekish to impress my wife, like have it pop up a photo of myself, or something like that. I have shell access to it, she's on the GUI. What are my options?22:52
oloughlin75hola: ¿por que no preguntío en #kubuntu-es?22:52
flipstarroot_____: dont know whats the exact problem but you could try dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig22:52
holaoloughlin75: why espanol22:52
root_____flipstar:  ok22:52
Arwenwad, do it right now?22:52
icanhasadminit says i need debhelper22:53
Arwenuse some VNC hacks22:53
wadI can install a VNC client on it, is that what you're thinking?22:53
Arwen(incidentally, the only way you could do this is it were set up really insecurely)22:53
wadOr use it to take over her mouse?22:53
oloughlin75hola: no puedo entenderle su ingles22:53
Arwenwad, no, you need remote access to the existing X11 session22:53
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:53
Arwenwhich would mean compromising her login somehow22:54
NickPrestawad, `display -display XSERVER IMAGE` replace XSERVER and IMAGE where appropriate.22:54
oloughlin75wad: im asking him why he hasnt asked in there, as iv posted that several times22:54
wadAh! That looks good!22:54
root_____flipstar:  conflicting actions -e control -r remove22:54
holaoloughlin75: spea italina22:54
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!22:54
NickPrestawad, or just run `eject` in a loop, sleeping a couple seconds in between :)22:54
ArwenNickPresta, that would incidentally only be possible if he were root, but...22:54
wadI've got root. :)22:55
holaoloughlin75: boh.....i can't understand you22:55
Arwengo for it22:55
* Arwen 'll bet she'll close it as soon as it appears22:55
flipstarroot_____: that is the error message when you try dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig ?22:55
* wad decides to try the display image thingie.22:55
Arwenthen she'll complain about popups :-P22:55
root_____flipstar:  yes22:55
Arwenhttp://www.informationweek.com/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=206800512 <-- Thunderbird isn't dead?22:56
amigoHI ppl! why 3.5.9 not in official repositories?22:56
root_____flipstar:  fontconfig is not installed . its says...22:56
NickPrestaamigo, These packages are not well supported. Security and other updates may not be applied promptly.22:56
Arwenamigo, because the developers decided not to bother22:56
flipstaruhm..you using kde on 7.10 ?22:56
root_____flipstar:  oloughlin75  how to reconfigure the whole kde?22:56
root_____flipstar:  yes22:56
flipstarroot_____: dpkg-reconfigure -a22:57
amigo3.5.9 - unofficial? oO22:57
NickPrestaamigo, http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-3.5.9.php22:57
root_____flipstar:  that wil help?22:57
flipstardont know22:57
flipstari dont know what the exact prob is22:57
amigoNickPresta: I see it22:57
oloughlin75flipstar: hes got a bad xorg.conf and some other problems22:57
NickPrestaamigo, I would assume the packages would be available in the next couple of days after testing and what ever else is completed.22:57
flipstaroh then just reconfigure the x-server..?22:57
crimsun_icanhasadmin: "sudo apt-get -f install" should fix that22:58
flipstaror reinstall graphic drivers22:58
NickPrestaamigo, is there a reason you need http://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog3_5_8to3_5_9.php _right now_?22:58
amigoNickPresta: ok22:58
oloughlin75flipstar: thats what broke it in the first place22:58
crimsun_icanhasadmin: now, after that last command completes successfully, use: "sudo m-a clean,a-i alsa-source"22:58
|Ange|us|someone here knows how to get the QCELP codec installed on linux?22:58
miladenEy guys is it possible to connect to my kubuntu desktop from remote like windows22:58
Arwen|Ange|us|, what media player are you trying to use? Does it have a Linux version?22:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rdp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:59
oloughlin75crimsun_: does hardy include alsaconf?22:59
amigoNickPresta: yes. I need it chlogs22:59
SlimeyPetemiladen: well, yes, you can use vnc22:59
flipstari prefer vnc22:59
flipstar!vnc | miladen22:59
ubotumiladen: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX22:59
miladenso i should just google it?22:59
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX22:59
crimsun_oloughlin75: no, and there are no plans to ever include it, since it is 1) broken, 2) superceded by udev.22:59
Arwen|Ange|us|, in case there is no Linux native version, you might want to consult <http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/codec-importing.html>22:59
amigothx ppl. bb23:00
root_____dpkg-reconfigure -a is working. i hope it will solve all problems. oloughlin7523:00
miladenbut i can't connect to it from a windows machine?23:00
flipstarjust ran vnc server on the kubuntu box23:00
root_____flipstar:  saying that vnc thing to me?23:01
flipstarno sry for miladen23:01
miladenflipstar :S that cant be right?23:01
flipstarmiladen: the app is called krfb23:02
flipstarjust run it and then connect to it23:02
root_____flipstar:  oloughlin75  its stuck on starting automatic crash report generation :apport .....23:02
miladenflipstar what app?23:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about krfb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:02
flipstarmiladen: the vlc server on kubuntu23:02
flipstar!info krfb | miladen23:02
ubotumiladen: krfb (source: kdenetwork): Desktop Sharing for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 933 kB, installed size 1676 kB23:02
root_____flipstar:  oloughlin75  its stuck on starting automatic crash report generation :apport .....23:03
flipstarroot_____: there should be timeouts specified..just wait a sec23:04
sourcemakeryear... I have just installed kde 3.5.9.... everything is working fine :-)23:04
root_____flipstar:  nop. none23:04
flipstaror is there an error ?23:04
root_____flipstar:  no23:04
oloughlin75sourcemaker: is it just a bug fix release?23:05
icanhasadminyou still here crimsun_?23:05
crimsun_icanhasadmin: briefly, yes.23:05
sourcemakeroloughlin75: I do not know... but it's working well23:06
root_____flipstar:  oloughlin75  i have a backup of a previous kubuntu install . i did it by g4l . i have the file. can i boot by live cd and past the home dir files from that backup file to the home folder. will that do any good?23:06
icanhasadminok, sorry i had to go find my ubuntu cd, said it needed it23:06
oloughlin75root_____: you could try it23:06
root_____oloughlin75:  how to open that backup file?23:06
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: remove the CD from your repos23:06
crimsun_icanhasadmin: for debhelper?  You don't need your cd per se; it's likely due to your apt-cd line(s) being active in sources.list(5).23:06
wadNickPresta, hmm, I'm learning stuff. What do I put for XSERVER? localhost doesn't work...23:06
wadI'm trying it on my laptop first, to see how it works.23:07
root_____flipstar:  still stuck23:07
icanhasadminsorry i obviously had no idea what i'm doing, heh.23:07
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: you can open adept and go to third part sources and remove the CD23:07
NickPrestawad, put the DISPLAY. (echo $DISPLAY to see your current display. Something like :0)23:07
oloughlin75go to manage repos then remove it23:07
* wad tries it23:07
icanhasadminopen adept.. like it's a launchable application somewhere?23:07
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: under system23:08
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: Adept Manager23:08
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: then click manager repositories, then click the third party tab, and remove the CD23:08
icanhasadminer, i have to run it as admin23:08
unagi_anyone here know anythign about the kopete msn crash?23:09
root_____can any one tell how to reconfigure KDE?23:09
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: ya23:09
wadroot_____, click the K button, go to system settings.23:09
icanhasadminhow exactly... i'm loggin in as admin i thought23:10
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root_____wad:  i cant log in kde. iam talking from console . by irssi. deep trouble.23:10
=== oloughicanlin75 is now known as oloughlin75
unagi_root_____: what did you do23:10
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: just open adept and itll ask you for the password23:10
icanhasadminit didn't23:10
root_____unagi_:  may be xorg or may be some fontconfig or dcop problem23:11
icanhasadminjust told me i had to be admin23:11
flipstarhow did you start it icanhasadmin ?23:11
icanhasadminapplications -> system tools -> adept23:11
root_____unagi_:  wad what should i do. i think reconfigureing all kde would doo good?23:11
SlimeyPeteicanhasadmin: try pressing alt-f2 then typing "kdesudo adept"23:11
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: it alt + f2 and type in "kdesu adept_manager" without the quotes and hit enter23:11
SlimeyPetesee if that works23:11
oloughlin75need adept_manager23:12
flipstaricanhasadmin: hm it should be in menu like that23:12
SlimeyPetealso need kdesudo I think.23:12
flipstarkdesu is right23:12
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: it alt + f2 and type in "kdesu adept_manager" without the quotes and hit enter23:12
oloughlin75manage repositories23:13
flipstarhm kdesu is same as kdesudo23:13
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: the adept menu23:13
icanhasadmincdrom isn't in there23:14
icanhasadminunder third party23:14
oloughlin75as one of the options? itll have CD somewhere in the name23:14
icanhasadminno just a gusty partner url23:15
icanhasadmincanonical.com or something23:15
oloughlin75when was it asking for the cd?23:15
holasameone help me to configure my webcam?23:15
icanhasadminuhm, i was running,... something.. apt-get install -f?23:15
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: i have no idea what you were doing lol23:16
icanhasadminapt-get -f install23:17
oloughlin75fix broken packages23:17
icanhasadminit said i needed debhelper23:17
oloughlin75idk why though23:17
icanhasadminso crim told me to apt-get -f install23:17
Arwenactually, "apt-get -f" just bypasses integrity checks23:18
icanhasadminlol, that sounds very counter productive23:18
icanhasadminis it possible i just don't have debhelper? :P23:18
crimsun_Arwen: no.23:18
Arwennah, if your setups is broken, it will have failed integrity checks23:18
Arwenhence the need to use it23:18
crimsun_-f == --fix-broken23:18
icanhasadminoooohhh! he told you :P kidding!23:18
Arwencrimsun_, "man apt-get" --> -f  Attempt to continue if the integrity check fails23:18
oloughlin75i dont see it Arwen23:19
* icanhasadmin whistles23:19
icanhasadminso.. i still need debhelper...23:19
crimsun_Arwen: no, -f does not bypass any sort of "integrity checks".23:19
Arwenit doesn't really matter either way, but...23:19
oloughlin75Arwen: your talking about -m23:19
Arwencrimsun_, type "apt-get" without options.23:19
* crimsun_ chuckles23:20
Arwen-m is "Attempt to continue if archives are unlocatable"23:20
jerwareare there dj programs where i can make techno music ?23:20
crimsun_I'll certainly file a bug to fix that description23:20
crimsun_but as someone who digs into apt's guts, it's not "integrity checks" that's at issue there.23:20
icanhasadminHI. HOW ARE YOU.23:21
icanhasadminWhy does apt-get ask me for a cd?23:21
LjLi'm very uppercase23:21
RogueJediXjerware: A couple, yes. You might want to check out Ubuntu Studio23:21
Arwenicanhasadmin, it's in your sources list23:21
crimsun_icanhasadmin: check /etc/apt/sources.list.  See a cdrom line?23:21
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icanhasadminonly 2/3 of you it would seem23:21
LjLicanhasadmin: because it has been instructed to search for it. open your Software Sources and change that, if you want.23:21
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu23:21
icanhasadminit's not in my sources.list23:23
LjL!no repos-#kubuntu is <reply> The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories23:23
unagimy lord kopete is the worst program ever written23:23
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:23
oloughlin75unagi: yep :)23:23
LjLicanhasadmin: pastebin it please23:23
flipstarif you just removed it you have to do an update first icanhasadmin23:23
icanhasadminpastebin it.. how and where?23:23
icanhasadminI didn't remove it, it was never there23:23
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:23
unagioloughlin75: why must they tease me with the thought that i might be able to use my webcam23:23
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras23:24
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out23:24
icanhasadminITS THE FIRST LINE23:25
icanhasadminTHE ONE THAT SAYS CDROM23:25
icanhasadminplease hit me23:25
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.23:25
* oloughlin75 smacks icanhasadmin23:25
icanhasadminsorry, i was using the caps to make fun of myself, i'll refrain in the future23:25
unagibomber: good luck my man23:26
icanhasadmini deleted that line23:28
icanhasadminruning apt-get now23:28
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: got to run apt-get update23:29
unagihow do i figure out where in /dev my webcam is23:29
icanhasadminwell it worked, i'm running sudo apt-get install module-assistant debconf-utils && wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/alsa-driver/alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb && sudo dpkg -i alsa-source_1.0.16-0ubuntu2_all.deb now23:29
icanhasadminok that worked too23:30
crimsun_icanhasadmin: now, "sudo m-a clean,a-i alsa-source"23:30
oloughlin75woah! hardy has the latest alsa!23:30
icanhasadminok.. now i'm suppose to sudo m-a clean,a-i alsa-source23:30
icanhasadminyeah ok23:30
crimsun_of course.23:30
icanhasadminanyhting after this finishes?23:30
crimsun_(it's actually newer than 1.0.16, but that's slightly off-topic.)23:31
crimsun_icanhasadmin: well, yes.  You'll need to log out of the GUI environment, log into a tty (text-only), and use "sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload", then log back into the GUI env.23:32
unagiwhy cant kubuntu do webcams....23:32
miladenwhat do i do with a .daa file? what tool do i use?23:32
icanhasadminer, i can select tty in the options after i log out right?23:32
oloughlin75miladen: i think thats for poweriso (on windows)23:32
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miladenoloughlin75 linux can open it too, is there a linux mount tool?23:33
oloughlin75miladen: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-open-daa-direct-access-archive-files-under-linux-or-unix-oses/23:33
oloughlin75dont know if anything will mount it though23:34
miladenwhats it called when i install a .deb file? rpkg then what?23:34
icanhasadminok, i'm logging off x-window to force-reload23:39
icanhasadminwish me.. uh.. that this works :P thanks again, i'll be back23:39
miladenwhat do i do with a .daa file? what tool do i use? acetoneISO does not work23:41
miladenwith .daa files23:41
Arwenmiladen, boot Windows and save it in a more sane format23:42
miladen>Arwen i dont have windows23:43
Arwenthen you're kind of SOL (stuck on a lifeboat) aren't you?23:43
niallwhat's a daa?23:43
niallI've never even heard of that23:43
Arwenor you can read the link posted by oloughlin7523:43
miladenArwen arent you helpfull :D23:43
niallit's a proprietary file format used by PowerISO? You should probably get PowerISO then ;o23:45
niallit even has a linux version23:46

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