picard_pwns_kirkopenoffice crashes whenever I try to print a document to a CUPS server, terminal output: http://pastebin.com/m2e2b05000:20
picard_pwns_kirkfile a bug?00:25
Tuv0kbug #19299200:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299200:41
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LimCorelinux-image-2.6.22-14-generic  is still ownable by vmsplice exploit. is it ok?01:04
crimsun_sigh.  That kernel is not in hardy.01:04
crimsun_and, as I implied earlier, neither of the versions in hardy are vulnerable.01:05
LimCoreI wonder when this will be back ported to 7.10 then01:05
crimsun_to answer your off-topic question, however, the version in gutsy-security is not vulnerable to the appropriate CVEs.01:05
crimsun_note that both gutsy-updates and gutsy-security contain the fixed package(s).01:06
crimsun_linux-source-2.6.22 | 2.6.22-14.52 | gutsy-security | source, all01:06
crimsun_linux-source-2.6.22 | 2.6.22-14.52 | gutsy-updates | source, all01:06
LimCore2.6.22-14.52   in gutsy is the same as from 7.1001:10
LimCoreis it?01:10
Mark_MillimanDoes Hardy have a desktop manager that should be running?01:11
crimsun_LimCore: 7.10 == gutsy, yes.01:11
Mark_MillimanI don't have any desktop icons, context menu on the desktop, or File Manager when opening Places>Desktop.01:11
Mark_Millimanfor fear of being a noob (I just don't use IRC much anymore) how do I send a message to a person without opening a private chat window?01:13
Mark_Millimancompiz is running along with my panels but nothing else on the desktop.01:13
Mark_MillimanI can't even change my wallpaper01:13
spudratic0? how stable is hardy01:26
spudratic0at this momment01:27
spudratic0has to be more stable than 7.1001:27
bobesponjaI can't install or remove anything because of pythin-central bug, is there a way around this?01:32
sn0bobesponja the bug 192992 has a workaround in the comments, but i guess there will be a perm update/fix soon01:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299201:34
bobesponjasn0: thanks, what workaround? I tried the one here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/python-apt/0.7.4ubuntu4 but it didn't fix it01:35
sn0bobesponja what happens? you need to pin the package in /etc/apt/preferences also then try apt-get/aptitude update01:35
bobesponjasn0: I did that01:36
bobesponjasn0: and I still get the same error01:37
sn0bobesponja strange, could you add that to the bugreport01:38
bobesponjasn0: ok01:39
sn0bobesponja it would be useful to note is this a fresh install from a daily, or upgraded etc01:39
sn0im trying fix here too on today's daily01:40
bobesponjasn0: I've just upgraded to hardy, everything went fine exept for this01:40
sn0fix works here, but fresh install01:46
crimsun_to be clear, that's not a fix01:47
sn0sorry fix was the wrong word, i understand its a temp workaround crimsun_01:48
crimsun_well, not really a surprise.  /var/lib/pycentral/delayed-pkgs is zero-byte.01:56
DanaGOOooooh, look at HP Japan's wallpapers:  http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/portables/personal/zen_wallpaper/01:57
Dr_willis_DanaG,  how zen-full01:58
DanaGThe colors are nice, though.01:58
Dr_willis_ill stick with my wallpaper i grabbed from the national geographic site :)01:59
Dr_willis_Gotta have a nice 'safe' collection of 'faimly friendly' wallpaper.01:59
DanaGI'm using the background from the "Coming Storm" GDM theme.01:59
DanaGWhat's with the quote marks?01:59
Dr_willis_' " '"'' '' ''"  morse code. :)02:00
Dr_willis_One dose not want the wife and kids to find the anime paper02:00
DanaGI don't use anime characters as wallpaper; frankly, I'd find it kind of embarassing, for some reason.02:01
bobesponjasn0: do you know how I can undo the "fix" so I remove the python-central fix and get back the old one given that I can't install or remove anything?02:05
bobesponjaor will the "real fix" fix both case anyway?02:05
DanaGI try to avoid installing anything I haven't read changelogs for.02:05
bobesponjaDanaG: ok then you must install ubuntu in a month then :)02:06
DanaGNo, I read changelogs as packages come out in update-manager.02:07
DanaGHmm, 70 updates, zero changelogs.02:23
crimsun_got it02:26
crimsun_pyversion's parse_versions() fails to handle a string that is passed pkg info, ala vstring is 'python:Versions=2.4'02:27
emgentcrimsun_, see query :P02:29
crimsun_so, now it's down to whether pkgprepare() should sanitise strings of the above type and only pass in, say, '2.4' or '2.4, 2.5'02:29
crimsun_I think I'll temporarily hack parse_versions() to handle it.02:32
crimsun_Matthias can kill me later.  :=)02:32
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bofh80ok fixed the python error by simply pinning the version as advised in the bug. great stuff :)03:29
bofh80now could anyone tell me why my nvidia driver has died? :(03:29
bofh80i've had to switch back to NV, i used nvidia-glx-new (using restricted driver manager / now hardware manager) but apparently X doesn't seen nvidia driver at all03:30
bofh80oh and hardware manager doesn't list it anymore either03:31
DanaGHmm, I just downloaded the SAME version from nvidia's site, and installed it the manual way.03:31
DanaGInstalling the same version means you won't have to disable lrm-manager.03:31
RAOFI just ran OpenArena on nouveau :P03:34
* DanaG wonders which he'd be better with: ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 or NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600.03:35
RAOFATI.  It'll have better free drivers faster.03:36
RAOFNouveau doesn't really handle nv5x at the moment.03:36
ionstormnouveau any good?03:37
DanaGwtf?  I press ctrl-a, I get just the letter 'a'.03:37
RAOFBetter than nv for everything < nv5003:37
DanaGThen I press it again while still holding 'ctrl', and I get ctrl-a.03:37
RAOF*Substantially* better than nv on many cards.03:37
ionstormis it better than nvidia glx new03:38
RAOFOn my nv4B, nouveau's 2d is as fast or faster than the blob.03:38
RAOFSince there isn't really any 3d to speak of, that makes it better than the blob.  Unless you want 3d, at which point nouveau's 3d support is blocked while gallium is in development.03:39
DanaGTwo things I hope for by summer:03:39
DanaGMidrange ATI 3xxx series cards for laptops, and drivers (either open or closed; doesn't matter too much to me) better than nvidia's.03:39
DanaGXorg is being buggy -- I pressed CTRL+(a,a,a) and got the letter 'a' twice before select-all happened.03:41
RAOFI don't think the latter's likely; nvidia's blob is really quite good, especially compared to fglrx.  If you compare free drivers though, the ati will likely win easily.03:41
DanaGI'll just be glad to be rid of the screen flickering and the (rare) hard-lockups.03:42
ionstormi see your repo03:45
RAOFNo 3d support in there, although I'm considering it.03:45
ionstorm3d support would be nice03:46
RAOFBut basically there's no reason to ever use nv on < nv50.03:46
ionstormi got a nv3403:46
ionstormhow is the support03:46
RAOFShould be good.  You may even have 3d support.03:46
RAOF(But not with my packages, you'd need to build a mesa branch yourself).03:47
RAOFYou also get shiny new bicubic filtering for Xv.03:47
ionstormwhere do I find info on building/installing03:47
RAOFPretty much nowhere, sadly.03:48
RAOFYou can install the X drivers from my PPA.03:48
RAOFBuilding the mesa branch is actually rather easy.03:48
RAOFYou get this branch (http://cgit.freedesktop.org/nouveau/mesa/log/?h=gallium-0.1) of mesa, and build it with "make linux-dri-$(ARCH) DRI_DIRS=nouveau".03:49
DanaGDo you think the ATI drivers will be good by summertime?03:50
RAOFDanaG: Depends on what drivers you're thinking of.  Radeon/radeonhd sound like they should do decent 2d accel reasonably soon.  As for the 3d support, probably not so much.03:51
DanaGWell, are the closed-source drivers at least usable?03:52
RAOFI've heard it said that if gallium was finished right now, and you had 3 good developers working on it full time, 3d support for nv50 would take at least 6 months.  I'd expect r600 support to take about that time, too.03:52
RAOFThe fglrx drivers are getting better, yes.03:52
DanaGI'll make the actual purchasing decision around summer time.03:54
tumbleweed__get nvidia03:56
tumbleweed__plain and simple03:56
tumbleweed__it's less of a pain in the ass03:56
RAOFtumbleweed__: The question is: for how long?03:56
tumbleweed__it is for now03:56
tumbleweed__no point worrying about what might be03:56
RAOFHow about if you're buying in 6 months' time, as the question was :)03:57
spr0k3tmy only recomendation... if you want smashing fantastic 3D to play hard core games, get a decent nvidia that is well supported by the drivers in the repo.03:58
chrisb_i agree03:58
chrisb_my ati doesn't have driver support03:59
spr0k3tif you don't have a real need to do hardcore 3D, some of the latest Intel graphics chipsets are damn nice... and open.03:59
RAOFBut really, if you want to play hard core games, get a Wintendo.  Linux driver support doesn't matter very much.03:59
RAOFThe group who have to actually worry are people (like me) who do a little casual gaming, some WoW, etc in wine.  Hard core gamers use Windows.04:00
* tumbleweed__ nods04:00
spr0k3tI've got a board with built in 965 graphics that handles every bit of 3D I throw at it from things like compiz... granted it's not the best for FPS type games... but damn good for everything else.04:00
RAOFMy friend with an integrated Intel chipset is always envious about how much better WoW looks on this nvidia laptop when we play together.04:01
spr0k3tRAOF: which chipset though?04:01
RAOFIt's a year-old macbook.  What's that? :)04:02
spr0k3tthe 915 and 935 aren't that great.04:02
spr0k3tthat would be a 915 if it uses the intel chips04:02
DanaGI do gaming in Windows, but not any in Linux.04:02
RAOFAh.  So it's one of the crappy old intels?04:02
DanaGBig stopper: it doesn't get along with PulseAudio.04:02
spr0k3tDanaG: the intel chips?04:03
DanaGWine, I mean.  Sorry, I didn't specify what 'that' referred to.04:03
RAOFWine needs to learn that the default ALSA device is the default for a reason.04:04
spr0k3tI'm still trying to figure out a reason to use wine for my needs.04:05
Andre_Gondimdoes anyone have problem with python-apt_0.7.4ubuntu5_i386.deb, how to solve?04:21
VanDykeI have that problem04:26
VanDykeand I also have a problem with firefox crashing on howtoforge.com04:26
* DanaG doesn't have that problem because he hasn't tried to install that update -- no changelog == I don't install.04:26
ionstormhey check this out http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56581/04:33
ionstormI cant install update-manager in hardy04:33
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DanaGHmm, anybody here use HP business notebooks?05:23
DanaGI'm curious how well they work ... for example, working wattage reporting is a big thing.05:23
AtomicSparkalways people in here but nobody talks. interesting.05:26
ethana2that's how IRC goes..05:29
AtomicSparkhas anyone successfully got hardy running in KVM? the install is abnormally slow and then when i log in, it just shows the background and my mouse. :\05:31
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi like the new top-panel pull down animation and the pulse when u press firefox05:36
[Gutsy]TuTUXGanyone knows how do they implement those effects?05:38
AtomicSparkdesktop effects?05:40
[Gutsy]TuTUXGnot compiz05:40
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthere are some effects make the login process looks much smoother05:41
AtomicSparkhmm. i haven't gotten hardy to work so i wouldnt know :P05:42
ionstormi have a problem with nvidia-glx-new with the new hardy kernel but not 2.6.24-7-generic05:49
ionstormdo I need to remove 2.6.24-7-generic and reinstall glx-new for it to work?05:50
[Gutsy]TuTUXGhow to disable tracker at login?05:53
Mark_Millimanupdate-manager should take you to the -8 kernel05:54
Mark_Millimanuse the nvidia-new driver05:54
[Gutsy]TuTUXGalready disable it under there05:54
Mark_Millimanyou will have to make a symbolic link to get glx to work05:54
Mark_MillimanI am using the -8 kernel with the nvidia-new drivers and everything is working great05:55
Mark_Millimancompiz is flying around nicely05:55
* slackern stabs his ati card :P05:55
Mark_Millimanhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=698805 explains how to get the restricted nVidia drivers working05:56
Mark_Millimanyou will obviously have to restart X after the change05:56
Mark_MillimanI just need to get my desktop back05:57
Mark_MillimanI posted a query in the Ubuntu Forums but there is no response yet05:57
Mark_Millimananyone have their desktop disappear?  Wallpaper, desktop icons, right-click/context menu, and Places>Desktop all don't work.05:58
AtomicSparki just joined05:58
AtomicSparkgood job mark05:58
Mark_Millimannp Atomic05:59
Mark_MillimanI had the nVidia driver problem yesterday morning05:59
Mark_MillimanSaturday morning really05:59
Mark_Millimandays are going together05:59
AtomicSparkthe forum layout is odd :\06:00
Mark_MillimanSome how the schema of the %gconf.xml file for the desktop was corrupted06:00
Mark_MillimanI fixed it but I think I killed a process that starts the Nautilus desktop06:00
Mark_MillimanI agree on the forums06:01
Mark_Milliman...but this is an alpha06:01
Mark_Millimanshould there be some sort of Nautilus daemon running when Gnome starts after login?06:02
ionstormMark_Milliman, thans for the tip for glx-new06:04
AtomicSparki would agree06:04
AtomicSparksince gnome by default uses the nautilus file manager06:04
Mark_Millimangotta get that eye candy working ionstorm06:05
ionstormthe tut says cd /usr/lib/xorg/modules/06:06
ionstormI dont have the dir06:06
ionstormnm was still in a chroot06:07
AtomicSparkthats happened to me before06:07
* heret1c returns06:07
heret1cubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt$ uptime06:08
heret1c 06:07:40 up 13:38,  7 users,06:08
heret1c7 users?06:09
heret1crunning hardy from cd.06:09
heret1cmy hd died.06:10
AtomicSparkroot, liveuser, hmm... donno what other users there could be06:10
AtomicSparki am sure some apps have their own user06:10
heret1cas in "nhd 0,0 not found".06:10
AtomicSparkheh. poor you.06:10
AtomicSparki should just burn a cd and check out hardy.06:11
Mark_Millimanjust did 8 updates06:11
Mark_Millimanbut 3 didn't work because of pycentral06:11
Mark_Millimanpython still broken?06:11
AtomicSparkkvm doesnt even like gutsy :(06:11
AtomicSparkit used to work damnitt lol06:12
DanaG**** ctrl key got stuck again.06:13
AtomicSparkyou know what i dont get? this is not relevent to hardy at all, but why cant linux adapt windows key shortcuts? i mean.. it uses for some of the compiz stuff. it should at least have some of the others too.06:14
AtomicSparki miss my win + L, etc. fn key F6 is more lame.06:14
DanaGwin-E win-d win-F win-R win-L win-pause ctrl-shift-escape06:14
AtomicSparkyes those06:14
DanaGctrl-shift-escape is taskmgr even in domain.06:15
AtomicSparkso what features do you think they'll add in hardy? is there a proposed list? like features not added yet?06:16
* heret1c suspects it was the lack of DMA which fried his hd.06:18
AtomicSparkit would slow it down a lot06:18
AtomicSparkbut fry it?06:18
DanaGWell, stepping to PIO can kill CD drives, but I don't know about hard drives.06:18
heret1cit's noy in fstab. nor media. nor mount.06:19
AtomicSparkmaybe its a hardware issue06:19
AtomicSparkhave you tried another harddrive on that cable? tryed swapping cables (lols why not)?06:20
heret1catomicspark> it looks dead as a dodo.06:20
AtomicSparkusually you notice them dying first though...06:20
heret1cdon't have a såare.06:20
AtomicSparklike making noises, file system errors. etc.06:21
AtomicSparki know mine on my desktop is dying. i mean a clean install of xp has file problems. thats something.06:21
heret1chorrible noises indeed.06:21
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DanaGBest thing to do with a dying drive: STOP USING IT.  NOW!06:24
DanaGBuy a new drive and back it up before too late.06:24
AtomicSparklol in the other room, they're talking about how ubuntu will get them nerd sex.06:24
heret1cfana> use it? don't even see it.06:25
AtomicSparkgood plan06:25
DanaGSure hasn't helped me... but that's not even what I'm looking for.  Other things come first ... like real relationships.06:25
AtomicSparkdid you try to mount it manually?06:25
AtomicSparkis it even spinning up? :\06:25
DanaGBy "don't use it", I mean actually disconnect the power cable.06:25
heret1cyes and no.06:26
DanaGIt's one of those things you reeeeeeeeeally want to catch in time.06:26
heret1cdanag> spot on.06:26
AtomicSparkive never had a harddrive die on me, they just get worse lol.06:27
DanaGSomething I hate about USB hard drives is that you can't get SMART data from them; however, I've heard that even SMART data isn't foolproof.06:27
heret1cirony is, the alpha runs from CD without a glitch. up >13 hts, online for > 12.06:27
AtomicSparkhow often does ubuntu check SMART?06:28
DanaGHmm, if it runs fine from livecd with no hdd errors, then it's likely not a hardware failure.06:28
* heret1c dunnos. qtparted won't start.06:29
AtomicSparki'm still learning about ext3. mm self healing.06:29
heret1cOoo, uådatemanager is offerinh upgrades. 8-/06:33
DanaGDeadkeys, likely.06:33
heret1csorry. bad light/eyesight.06:34
heret1ccombination makes for frequent typos.06:35
heret1ch'm monitor & display in system settings complains of conflicting modules. there are none not suuppøied with the CD.06:36
DanaGHow do you typo those nifty international characters?06:38
AtomicSparkinternational keyboard06:39
heret1cdana> lang=no06:39
DanaGI mean, I can do them on purpose, but I don't think I could do it accidentally.06:39
DanaGAah, different.  Norwegian. (unless I'm misinterpreting 'no'.)06:40
heret1cdanag> spot on.06:40
AtomicSparkspot on!06:41
heret1cwhat is the hdparm command to list available drives, again?06:44
DanaGHmm, I wonder if there'd be any practical benefit to getting a FireGL instead of a Radeon.06:48
DanaG(I don't use AutoCAD in my major.)06:48
AtomicSparkunless you need it for a program, don't get it.06:54
AtomicSparkit actully runs games slower.06:54
AtomicSparkblame the drivers they release once a year06:54
aceany easy work around for python-central bug? or just wait?06:55
aceanyone know how to remove packages that will not autoremove? --purge gets stuck saying subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 106:57
ethana2how do I unsubscribe from bugs?07:01
ethana2I've linked my email inbox to the bug crushing machine that is ubuntu development07:02
RAOFWith the unsubscribe link on the bugpage? :)07:02
ethana2and I'm getting ..  where on the page is it?07:02
RAOFWhatever page you subscribed for it on.07:02
* heret1c tips hat at raof07:02
RAOFHave you done something like subscribed to *all* bugs in Ubuntu? :)07:02
ethana2i looked everywhere07:02
ethana2it almost seems like I did07:02
ethana2oh thank goodness07:02
ethana2that link didn't say that a minute ago07:03
heret1cubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt$ uptime07:03
heret1c 06:07:40 up 13:38,  7 users,07:03
heret1craif> know anything about hd forensics? looks as if ubuntu killed mine.07:05
heret1c  o07:05
Raspberryanybody else having gl screensaves locking the machine?07:07
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alteregoawhat the heck is those debug log? "username" kernel: 27989.145219 atl1 000:02:00.0 hw csum wrong, pkt_flag:1600, err_flag:8007:15
alteregoai use a p5k without WIFI07:15
alteregoahow can i get rid off wifi modules in kernel?07:16
alteregoapython has being crapped too07:18
heret1calteregoa> spot on.07:18
zqwedoes nvidia 100.14.19 driver still work in hardy? one of my games have problems with 169.0907:19
RAOFHey, cool.  Someone's put my webcam drivers in linux-ubuntu-modules :)07:21
RAOFzqwe: You can try nvidia-glx, which is a 96xx driver.07:21
zqwemmm probably new legacy broken too for this game07:22
heret1chttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/104535 )indirect proof it was ubuntu which zapped my hd, along with the DMA issue)07:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 104535 in ubuntu "Default HD power management settings will kill drive (dup-of: 59695)" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59695 in acpi-support "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Critical,Confirmed]07:23
alteregoaits kantastic07:23
zqwewait what is 96xx? its not legacy?07:23
heret1cwho do I sue?07:23
alteregoaheh i need a carbuntu version with low display res07:24
alteregoawith ganja earth and gps mouse, so i can always see where i am07:25
zqweheret1c: are you insist it is ubuntu fault? did you read ubuntu developers explanation? (about notebook manufacturers forcing incorrect config)07:27
alteregoai am a geocache player07:28
alteregoamuch better then 3dshooter07:29
heret1cubotu dead harddisk07:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dead harddisk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:34
alteregoahardisks alive!07:34
alteregoacall dr, mccoy07:34
heret1cubotu crashed harddisk07:34
heret1c[07:34] <ubotu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:35
heret1cubotu /dev/hda /dev/sda07:35
heret1chah. it wonæt incriminate itself07:36
zqweubotu hi07:38
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!07:38
alteregoaubotu smoke hemp07:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smoke hemp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:38
zqweubotu how old are you?07:39
heret1cgives a headache.07:39
zqwe alteregoa: what is geocache07:41
zqwei just downloaded some 3d shooters and 2 3d mmos07:42
zqweplaneshift and regnum07:42
alteregoasomeone deposit something in a box, and hiding it, the only thing you know is the locator ( geo coordinates )07:42
alteregoayou can share stuff, if you put your own crap into this box or something07:43
alteregoaits a adult form of kinderüberraschung07:43
alteregoaor suprise eggs07:44
alteregoaeaster eggs07:44
zqweyou mean it is game from REAL WORLD07:44
alteregoaof course07:46
alteregoabecause virtual insanity has gone weird07:46
zqwelol real world is a waste07:47
zqwemy headache killing me07:49
alteregoatry using alka seltzer with deuterium07:49
ethana2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule  ..three days?07:50
ethana2I think I'll count on twice as long, to be safe07:50
alteregoayeah the beta phasis ends at june 5th07:52
alteregoaeven if they call it final07:52
zqwebeta starts june 5th, before that its alpha :)07:53
alteregoaits like wine07:54
[Gutsy]TuTUXGis anyone get java plugin working with firefox3? not the java xcb problem07:59
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthere are so many plugin folder i dont know which one to put the link in07:59
sverihm, todays update of ghostscript seems to be broken08:00
* heret1c is using a german-language version of Kanotix08:01
Assiddoes anyone feel compiz to be a bit messed up08:01
Assidwhile opening a window.. it first shows up in black08:01
Assidthe previous compiz (before the xgl bug) didnt do much of that08:01
heret1cassid> wotcha.08:03
alteregoasupertux2 doesn't work i have no glue why08:03
heret1cKanotix won't see my /dev/hda, either.08:04
bkudriawhen i open a chat window in kopete 4:3.5.8-1ubuntu4 (latest in hardy), my *entire X server* crashes.  log here: http://pastebin.ca/909566 .  this happens only with kopete.  anyone see anything like this before?08:04
heret1c[09:04:36] <-- sveri hat den Server verlassen ("Konversation terminated!")08:04
Assidheret1c:  ?08:05
* heret1c sniggers08:05
heret1cgerman language distro.08:05
alteregoayeah plattdeutsch distro08:05
alteregoaand the munchnerfreiheit distro08:06
alteregoaskandal im sperrbezirk08:06
zqwei missed your jokes, cuz i dont know this language08:06
heret1caber doch.08:07
Assidheret1c: you using compiz enabled? with an nvidia-glx?08:07
heret1cassid> I'm in Kanotix ATM.08:07
heret1cHardy murdered my HD, apparently.08:08
heret1craffiniert ist det herrgott, aber boshaft ist er nicht.08:08
alteregoayeah herrgott, ich bin atheist amen08:09
* heret1c is quite resentful towards the ubuntu development team. The have received HEAPS of warnings on the ide/scsi/dma bug, and has done nothing about it. Attitude stinks.08:10
jussi01heret1c: that attitude will get you no where08:12
Assidyeah just buy a new hard drive ;)08:12
heret1cjussi> U shall not respond to that. It would fry all reasonable limiys on netiquette. 8-#08:13
DanaGYou may have just been a victim of bad timing, though.08:13
heret1cIronic. Ytied doing a backup to DVD which FAILED because of no DMA - then the HD died.08:15
Assidsomeone wanna confirm this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/19318508:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193185 in compiz "compiz seems slower and the black windows are more apparent" [Undecided,New]08:15
DanaGBetter idea would've been to have stopped using the hard drive.08:15
heret1cdana> maybepossibleperhaps.08:15
Assidsup dana08:15
alteregoabananas from space08:15
alteregoai have to ask yngwie j malmsteens08:16
Assiderr.. nautilis is gone nuts08:17
Assidnow i need to double click on the left side places as welll?08:17
Assidcan anyone cfm trhat08:17
zqwei have no such thing as Load_Cycle_Count in smart08:19
Assidbuy the one that fits?08:19
zqweAssid: 1 click, but i pretty sure yesterday 2 was required :/08:22
Assidopposite here08:22
alteregoai think the communists sucks08:22
Assidwas 1 click.. now i need 208:22
zqwealteregoa: i think usa sucks08:23
alteregoai love USA08:24
alteregoachina and those other countries stinks08:24
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:24
zqwelets world war 3 begin08:24
alteregoanot neccessary, as usual08:24
* heret1c observes, loosing data when alphatesting is expected. loosing hardware is not.08:26
* DanaG is at 77514 load cycles after 1076 hours.08:29
bkudriawhen i open a chat window in kopete 4:3.5.8-1ubuntu4 (latest in hardy), my *entire X server* crashes.  log here: http://pastebin.ca/909566 .  this happens only with kopete.  anyone see anything like this before?08:29
zqwebkudria: lauchpad.net08:29
zqwebkudria: launchpad.net08:30
bkudriazqwe: file a bug? ok :)08:30
DanaGHitachi HTS722020K9SA0008:30
zqwebkudria: yeah it seems much of "bugreports" here is missed, cuz irc is not supposed for buf reporting08:31
bkudriazqwe: fair enough, i apologize08:31
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots08:32
zqwebkudria: no need for apologize, i prefer irc myself :)08:32
zqwe***DanaG is at 77514 load cycles after 1076 hours.  ---- did you disabled APM?08:41
zqweor you just waiting for your hdd death?08:42
DanaGYeah, I set it to disable.08:43
DanaGOr rather, I set it to 193 when on battery.08:43
DanaGI also changed my journal commit time to 15 minutes instead of 5 seconds.08:43
heret1czqwe> Think not the load cycle defaults should be a bit more sensibe? It's hardly settings the casusal user would fiddle with, never mind know about.08:47
BUGabundohi there08:48
* heret1c tips hat at bugabundo08:48
BUGabundocan someone please test bug #193195 ?08:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193195 in ubuntu "[hard] trickle upload limit blocks wget" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19319508:49
BUGabundohi heret1c!08:49
zqweheret1c: its hdds and notebook manufacturers to make sure devices preconfigured correctly, and from what ubuntu devs said, their fault becouse its not08:50
zqwemanufacturers responsibility08:51
heret1c2376.804000] attempt to access beyond end of device08:51
heret1c[ 2376.804000] sr0: rw=0, want=836368, limit=81395208:51
heret1c[ 2376.804000] printk: 1348 messages suppressed.08:51
heret1ckanotic prodding the corpse of my hd.08:52
heret1c     x08:53
AssidAmaranth: you around?08:57
sveriBUGabundo: ccol can you control bandwith of other downloaders too? like kget or the firefox downloader?08:59
BUGabundoif you use trickled (the daemon) it should be possible, sveri09:00
BUGabundoI've used it successulfy a few times to prevent damage on VOIP09:01
BUGabundobut its seems that the upload limit is borked!09:01
BUGabundocan you please give it a test with any tool?09:01
sverinot bad :-)09:01
sveriyea, i even did09:01
sverii got the same problems here09:01
BUGabundoplease confirm it on LP09:02
sverii am about to09:02
BUGabundothe strangest thing is that if I just run wget, I'll get many more upload acknolegs and bw usage09:03
BUGabundoif I do a wget with trickle and a download limit of the same bw I have, I use much lower upload bw09:03
sveriso, it is confirmed09:05
BUGabundoI forgot to put the package09:05
BUGabundoediting.... that's a LP usability prob.!!09:05
BUGabundoone doesn't see the package field if using search for similar probs09:06
sveriyea, i wonder why that is not possible, a long time i thought i was to stupid to find that option, but there simply is none :(09:06
BUGabundoits there!09:07
BUGabundobut FF just scroll to much down09:07
BUGabundoand one doesn't see the package field!09:07
BUGabundoin the past I've opened a bug agains LP about that...09:07
BUGabundogetting OOPS while addin the package!! hummm LP really needs to improve!09:11
BUGabundosveri: you wrote the you limited the upload rate for 1000K09:11
BUGabundoand that wget used that limit!09:12
BUGabundothat's the intended beahiviour! wight?09:12
sverino, i am sveri on launchpad09:12
Assiderr i got a major suggestion for the package managers09:14
BUGabundosorry sveri... I'm not understanding you09:15
BUGabundolets try again, ok»09:15
sveriok,no problem :-) i am not a native english speaker or writer ;-)09:15
BUGabundowhy did you set a download limit speed on that trickle test?09:15
BUGabundothe idea was to test the upload limit09:15
sverijust to show that it works corret when adding the -d option09:16
sveriit just was an amendment09:16
BUGabundobut since you set also a download limit, and said that you manage to obtain it, it doesn't prove my point09:16
sverito the problem09:16
heret1ch'm. qtparted can't see my hd.09:16
sveribut i wrote above that i reproduced the same behavior when only using the -u option, maybe its not clear enough?09:17
BUGabundocan you please just test it with the upload limit, sveri and see if it happens09:17
Assidi think whoever packages debs that need kernel modules.. should have a script that needs to be run by every updated kernel09:17
sveriBUGabundo: like i said, i did that, and stated it09:17
BUGabundoahh, so the results on the lp are from another test?09:17
sveriBUGabundo: should i add another comment to make it clear?09:17
BUGabundoI guess... because I miss understood it09:18
BUGabundoif you don't mind, that is...09:18
sveriBUGabundo: hehe, ok, wait a moment09:18
BUGabundodon't want to give you any extra work.09:18
sverino problem09:18
BUGabundothanks so much09:19
BUGabundoI seem to keep find probs with gnu tools09:19
BUGabundoin the past I've already reported two bugs against wget09:20
sveriBUGabundo: ok, i added another comment09:20
sverishit, i want an edit function09:21
zqweBUGabundo: its not clear enough why you trying to set upload limit while downloading with wget09:22
DanaGI do too, even if the time limit is only, say, 15 minutes.09:22
sverizqwe: i dont see why he sould justify for using the -u option09:23
BUGabundozqwe: as I mention on a 2nd post, is because of the use of VOIP here on the company09:25
BUGabundoif I set no limit, it would use 25KB/s or more of upload bw09:25
BUGabundoand that would ruin our VOIP calls.09:25
DanaGWhy would wgetting use upload?09:25
BUGabundoI'm not09:25
BUGabundoI'm using it for download09:26
DanaGAnd why not use QoS on switches and stuff to prioritize VOIP?09:26
BUGabundoit already happens09:26
sveriDanaG: *hrhr thats not the question09:26
BUGabundobut since I can't get ubuntu to sign on an Windows Server AD09:26
sveriDanaG: lp.net is about reporting a bug, and that definitely is a *bug*09:26
BUGabundoI'm rirectly connected to the router09:26
DanaGaah, I see... I'm reading just the end of a long conversation.09:27
BUGabundono prob DanaG09:27
BUGabundocan you please give it a test?09:27
BUGabundowith any tool that you like, not just wget09:27
BUGabundoI've even tried using it to limit my smtp usage in the past, and it also was not obbeyd!09:28
zqwelike curl09:28
BUGabundoanyone else besides sveri as this results?09:29
BUGabundoof course it should be adapted to your BW profile and limits.09:29
sveriBUGabundo: maybe you could correct the header? you wrote hard instead of hardy09:29
Raspberryis python central broken?09:30
henkjanRaspberry: see topic09:31
Raspberryi' mjoking09:34
BUGabundosveri: subject corrected and new comment posted, in reply to yours!09:35
fdsajfdjkWhat kernel does Hardy use?09:42
henkjanfdsajfdjk: 2.6.24-8-generic atm09:42
BUGabundoLinux rhino 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux09:42
AssidLinux intelquad 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux09:43
fdsajfdjkIs there any way to get 2.6.24 on gutsy without compiling it myself?09:43
Assidfind backports09:43
fdsajfdjkhow do i find backports? if i could get my kernel to be 2.6.24 without using hardy i would be so dang happy09:43
Assidwhy do you need 2.6.24 ?09:44
fdsajfdjknvidia 169.09 driver09:44
fdsajfdjkwont work on 2.6.2209:44
fdsajfdjkand 100.xx driver was made before my card, so the 3d rendering is surely not optimized09:45
BUGabundofdsajfdjk: you can put the hardy source, update the kernel, and reverse the sourses to gutsy09:45
fdsajfdjkohhh thats a GREAT idea09:45
fdsajfdjkBUG do you know what the hardy source (its a repository right)?09:46
Raspberrybrrr -11F here09:47
Assidokay i need to finish this code set this week09:47
fdsajfdjkis there a backports.deb file somewhere?09:48
zqwefdsajfdjk: hardy uses release candidate kernel it seems, better compile, it was easy with manual i found09:49
BUGabundoyes I know fdsajfdjk!09:49
BUGabundobut why do you ask? don't you think you can use it?09:50
fdsajfdjkok if its easy enough ill give it a shot09:50
fdsajfdjki can follow a howto pretty good lol09:50
zqwefdsajfdjk: plus, 169.09 driver from nvidia have problems compiling for RC hardy kernel, so you required to use hardy deb for nvidia driver too09:51
BUGabundoI think it would be pretty much easyer to just set the hardy reps, fdsajfdjk09:51
zqwebtw why nvidia driver not work with 2.6.22? :/09:52
fdsajfdjkok where do i get the hardy reps?09:52
mrtimdogfdsajfdjk: You say you can't use a 2.6.22 kernel and need a 2.6.24 kernel, hardy uses a 2.6.24-8 kernel, which surely *is* a 2.6.24 kernel. I'm confused at to what you're actually after!?09:52
fdsajfdjkill put those in and do a full upgrade09:53
fdsajfdjkim not on hardy09:53
zqwemrtimdog: 2.6.24-8 is RC for 2.6.24 kernel09:53
fdsajfdjkim after a 2.6.24 on gutsy09:53
mrtimdogIgnore me then! ;)09:54
BUGabundoI don't have to, fdsajfdjk09:54
BUGabundoyou can just update the packages YOU want09:54
zqwe fdsajfdjk: i'm pretty sure 169.09 work with gutsy, i tested it09:54
zqwewith 22 kernel09:54
BUGabundoto be sure download the LIVE CD and test it09:54
fdsajfdjkcan you not me zqwe, it kills x, gets me stuck in generic driver09:55
zqwehttp://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/169.09/README/chapter-02.html    Min Requirement  Linux kernel 2.4.709:56
fdsajfdjko shizzle it does say it09:57
zqweyou may have a better way with fixing your error, what Xorg.0.log says?09:58
zqwebut i agree, sometimes i have a problem with installing nvidia driver too, 169.07 killed my X, i have to reinstall ubuntu, 169.09 installed ok09:59
fdsajfdjkhmm i have a partimage backup lol09:59
fdsajfdjki restore that thing almost daily sometimes09:59
fdsajfdjkhmm if i go on the nvidia website, there is no linux driver at all for the 8400M GS10:01
fdsajfdjkthere is for the 8400 gs, but not 8400M10:01
zqweGeForce 8600M GS 0x042510:01
zqweGeForce 8400M GS 0x042710:01
ionstormwtf is up with glx-new10:01
ionstormwont even run10:02
fdsajfdjkglx-new works for me10:02
ionstormlatest kernel?10:02
fdsajfdjkyou're right zq, i couldn't find it in the select list, but there it is on that list10:02
enycfdsajfdjk: coo you look like a qwerty user10:05
slytherinis anyone here using any 'HDCP Ready' card with Ubuntu?10:05
* enyc should log on as something like ihtiunetihtu ;-)10:05
fdsajfdjkmost english people are10:05
enycbecause im not a qwerty user ;-)10:05
fdsajfdjkyoure a backlog reader10:06
fdsajfdjkhows dvorak working for you10:06
enycfdsajfdjk: bautifully ;-) I can type both nicely ;-) but this is a lot easier for me .10:07
enycfdsajfdjk: c jab yfl. ',.pyf crr10:08
enycfdsajfdjk: (i can type qwerty too)10:08
enychrrm errors in that but you get the idea ;-)   anyway i havent played with ubuntu hardy !!!10:08
Oli```slytherin: is a nvidia 8800 hdcp ready? I thought it was, so if so, then yes. I am.10:19
Oli```But I'm not using it with a "trusted" display10:20
slytherinOli```: That si what I wanted to know. So that means you get a reduced resolution right?10:20
zqwelol you missed a point of hdcp10:20
Oli```slytherin: that only applies for media that demands a "secure" route10:21
slytherinzqwe: Can you please explain it?10:21
zqweslytherin: you should get normal resolution with linux desktop10:21
zqweand worry only if you play blu ray, but i dont know if blu ray players for linux even exist10:22
slytherinOli```: zqwe: My friend is planning to buy an nvidia 8800 card or ATI 3800. And he plans to install Hardy when it is released. So I wanted to confirm if he will get more than 1024x768 HD on his TV attached to PC.10:22
Oli```slytherin: I can. On certain types of media (AACS protected) providers can demand that the equipment is secure for full res playpack and if not, it defaults to a lower resolution. It has *nothing* to do with the operating system's resolution as that doesn't demand a trusted system10:22
Oli```slytherin: if his tv supports it, sure10:23
slytherinOli```: But what happens when you rip the AACS protected media to hard disk?10:23
Oli```slytherin: you bypass all the protection, removing it and its demands. you get full-res playback10:23
slytherinOli```: That is a good one. Thanks. :-D10:24
sveriBUGabundo: i looked into the source of trickle, and the problem is, donwlimit is hardcoded to 10 k/s and if its not set via the command call it remains at 10 k/s10:26
zqwe Oli```: btw is HDCP encryption required for running linux on PS3?10:27
Oli```zqwe: I doubt it but I could be wrong... It is a customised graphics chipset after all10:28
slytherinOne mroe question. Does ATI 3800 have any linux drivers at all (open source or not)10:31
zqweslytherin: no one will recommend you to buy ATI for use in linux10:32
zqweeven if they claim thay have a "driver" for it10:32
slytherinzqwe: Considering that they now have open source drivers, there is at least a chance that drivers will improve10:32
zqweyeah and they opened the specs... just wait a few years for open source driver to be able to run quake 310:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192382 in alsa-driver "alsamixer broken in hardy - intel hda" [Undecided,New]10:39
Infectoi try to install alsa from source10:39
Infectoand didnt help10:39
Infectosome issue?10:39
Infectoissue :) bad word, how to resolve the problem and what can be wrong with it?10:41
Oli```slytherin: I've got to agree with zqwe. AMD/ATI are still miles behind in getting a decent linux driver to market.10:45
slytherinOli```: Ok. I have conveyed the info to my friend. I am trying to be kind of free software purist :-P so I will stay with ATI.10:47
zqweactually i found that "radeon" open source driver can run 3D on OLD cards, but new radeonhd driver not support 3D at all yet... and there is new "noveau" or something open source driver for nvidia, which is demonstrated on running quake 3 on some cards10:50
zqwe"radeon" claim full 3D support for cards like 7000-9200, and even not for 9500, and 9500 is really old itself...10:52
zqwefor a software purist its probably better go with intel, they opened their driver, and... open source driver for real video cards will always be years behind closed sourced10:55
zqwebecause of complexity of video hardware10:56
qzioanyone using synergy under ubuntu/hardy?11:04
qzioanywas, im using it at work... friday it was all good, but now it laggs _alot_11:04
zqwei wondering how fast nvidia will be able to suppot 9600 GT for linux which is releasing this week... since they still have problems supporting 8800 in linux11:28
Oli```is it wrong that I see that model number and think of the old (well old enough) ATI cards?11:29
sverizqwe: 8800 gts works great under linux, i have it running one year without problems11:29
Oli```yeah my 8800 was no hassle way back when I got it11:30
zqwewell i read about problems on a forums, and from recent talk in #ubuntu they still have no driver for new 880011:34
zqwehttp://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_18897.html no 8800 GT mentioned11:35
zqwegood it run ok for you11:36
zqweit took more than a year for nvidia to release fully featured driver for 7900 GTX for WINDOWS11:36
zqweit was a pain not having fixed aspect ratio working correclt11:37
=== vega-- is now known as vega-
zqwemmm no, they added support for 8800 GT and GTS 512 in in 169.07... which was very buggy for me... better say 169.0911:47
zqwe169.07 Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 8 series GPUs.11:47
UnksiOli```: i still have one 9600 in my desktop :P so no, its not that old11:47
Unksithey were good cards few years ago11:47
Unksiand are still, though they don't compare to current cards11:48
zqwei owned 960011:48
zqwewas very happy then i got it, but it was never high end card11:50
zqwe*never was11:50
LimCoreis anyone doing something about the bug -  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/179230    (which appear to be also in hardy)?12:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179230 in openoffice.org "problems with set and show variable. after change, the variables is showed displayed incorrectly (blank field)" [Medium,Confirmed]12:09
Oli```Unksi: I had a 9800XT. That was superb - but I've had a x800XT and my nvidia 8800 since then and I don't upgrade my graphics *that* often12:13
Unksiyea thats the original one on that comp as well... if its gonna be upgraded, then the whole machine will get as well12:14
verb3kWho can help me report a bug in Xorg ?12:18
BUGabundothanks sveri12:19
BUGabundoso if I set -you 8 and -d 1024 it should work?12:19
loaI have an error on last update, with python-apt12:19
loahow i can fix it12:19
loapython-apt, update-manager, update-manager-core12:20
Oli```Does anybody have...12:20
loaall with same error12:20
Oli```oh yeah, loa does =) I was just about to ask about that =)12:20
BUGabundoloa: look at the topic12:20
BUGabundobug 19299212:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299212:21
Oli```yeah thanks12:21
sveriBUGabundo: yes, thats how i understand it12:22
BUGabundosveri: I tried but it didn't work12:22
BUGabundo~$ trickle -d 2048 -u4 wget -c http://neacm.fe.up.pt/pub/ubuntu-releases/gutsy/ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso12:22
BUGabundowill use 22KB/s of upload12:22
BUGabundobrb, skype probs on a user PC. brb12:22
sveriBUGabundo: here it works12:23
BUGabundodo try this : ~$ trickle -d 2048 -u4 wget -c http://neacm.fe.up.pt/pub/ubuntu-releases/gutsy/ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso12:24
sveriBUGabundo: oh sry, i cant see how much upload it uses12:24
BUGabundoand see with nethogs if it limits12:24
loa<BUGabundo> i need update python?12:25
loaor what12:25
loathere are no solution12:25
slytherinverb3k: what bug?12:25
sveriBUGabundo: ah, cool tool, and no, it doesnt work, it uses constant around 36k/s12:25
BUGabundothat's no bad... still no 4KB/s12:26
verb3kslytherin, not sure if it's in xorg or nvidia, but acceleration does not work for me after installing the driver from Restricted Drivers Manager12:26
BUGabundoloa:  reverse to old version then using synaptic12:26
sveriBUGabundo: yes, thats not how it should be12:26
slytherinverb3k: Don't have nvidia card, so can't help you there.12:26
verb3kslytherin, I see, thanks for your time12:26
heret1cbugabundo> r u formally afiliated with hardy development?12:32
loahmm, who use firefox 3 for web develop12:36
loais there extiction for javascript debug12:36
heret1cubotu spin cycle12:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about spin cycle - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:37
heret1cubotu pio ide dma12:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pio ide dma - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:38
erudifiedHey all! Wondering if there's a fix in the works for the python-apt upgrade issue? Great work by the way ;)12:39
erudified(No, it's not a show-stopper, I don't particularly miss any combination of update-manager, command-not-found, etc., I'm just curious ;)12:40
loainstall this12:41
erudifiedoh, awesome, thank you!12:41
erudifiedThat was the only minor niggle moving up from 7.1012:43
erudifiedI consider that pretty good for a pre-release!12:43
PiciIts an alpha still.12:43
heret1c   "potentially hd-frying12:44
erudifiedVery pleasantly surprised by the new ATI drivers12:44
erudifiedLast I tried them, it was pure fail12:44
erudifiedLike, "uhhh we can't give you native resolution. And, uhm.... compiz will only work at 15fps. And, just in case you thought of trying XGL instead of AIGLX, it's broken by some obscure gtk setuid issue. Also, I hate you."12:45
picard_pwns_kirkerudified: lol12:45
cwilluerudified, I hate you12:46
c1|freakyim having problems to upgrade with the following error: dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von /var/cache/apt/archives/update-manager-core_1%3a0.87.8_i386.deb (--unpack): which means12:46
cwilluc1|freaky, ya, I've got the same12:47
* heret1c sez "wake me when that bloody ide/sda/dma bug has been fixed."12:49
BUGabundoheret1c: just a casual user/tester12:57
BUGabundoloa: the one and only: firebug12:57
heret1cbugabundo> r u formally affiliated with hardy development?12:57
BUGabundoheret1c: just a casual user/tester12:58
* heret1c puts his bazookiod 3000 in rest mode12:58
heret1cmust buy a new hd.12:59
erudifiedYep, very impressive!13:07
erudifiedCongrats again, this looks to be another great release13:08
heret1cOooo. google:hesus chrishna - and b amazed.13:11
heret1c /offtopic13:11
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!13:11
* heret1c sneers at a certain bot13:11
slytherinheret1c: what bug are you talking about? Is it reported anywhere?13:12
heret1cslytherin> the bug which causes an ide disk to be identified as scsi, which makes hdparm -d1 impossible, which forces pio-mode, which fried my hd - that bug.13:13
Piciheret1c: Is there a bug #?13:14
heret1cpici> my hd died. it's gine to meet its maker.13:15
cwilluheret1c, forcing pio-mode seems like the bug, ide's have been sd*'d in the mainline kernel for some time now13:15
Piciheret1c: You are referring to a 'bug' its not going to get fixed if the developers don't know about.13:15
* heret1c is on a 6.11 live-cd atm13:16
heret1csorry, that's 7.1113:16
PiciTheres no 7.11.13:16
* heret1c blinks13:16
cwillu7.10 I presume?13:16
heret1cmust be 6.11, then. can't open tray to check while running.13:17
heret1ccwillu> possibly, yes.13:17
Picilsb_release -a13:17
cwillu6.06, 7.04, 7.10, 8.04?13:18
heret1cit's gutsy.13:18
heret1cqtparted won't spot the hd. must be toast.13:19
heret1cit's a dell box. should think they were better supported.13:20
PiciDoes your bios see it?13:20
cwilluheret1c, what does sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda say?13:21
heret1cpici> van't access bios.13:21
Piciheret1c: Why not?13:21
heret1c HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed: Invalid argument13:22
heret1cpici> don't have pwd for it.13:22
cwilluheret1c, or whatever the device is13:22
cwilluheret1c, /dev/sd<tab> or hd<tab>13:23
heret1ccwillu> it's not listed on #mount13:24
cwilluheret1c, is it listed in /dev/?13:24
cwillusda/b/c/d, or hda/b/c/d13:24
* heret1c looks13:24
heret1cnor in fstab/mtab.13:25
heret1c HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed: Invalid argument13:26
cwilluheret1c, k, check the /var/log/{dmesg/syslog/kern.log} for related messages13:26
cwilluheret1c, doesn't look like the kernel is seeing the drive at all13:26
cwillu(it'd need to show up in /dev/ before anything related to hdparm, mount, mtab, etc. will work)13:27
heret1cthere are lots of "13:30
heret1c135.064000] bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode4.fw" not available o13:30
heret1cr load failed.13:30
heret1c" -'s.13:31
cwilluthat's wireless13:31
cwilluhave a broadcom card?13:31
nanonymemeh, brcm43xx is deprecated13:31
nanonymetried b43?13:31
heret1cyeah, internal. don't use it. have an external ralink-based wifi stick.13:31
cwillunewer version of b43+fwcutter works great for a bunch of cards that I've otherwise had no success with without ndiswrapper13:32
nanonymeb43 is slowly getting a wider support though13:32
heret1ccurrent setup works fine, qed.13:32
nanonymeunfortunately too slowly for Hardy to actually benefit much of it though13:32
* heret1c peruses his dmesg file13:33
nanonymethe whole broadcom situation might be fairly different in a year from now :)13:33
cwillunanonyme, actually, a slightly newer fwcutter's been making hardy work perfectly for me (as far as wireless finickery tweaks go, it's one of the easier tweaks)13:33
cwilluheret1c, pastebin the logs if you want13:33
heret1cubotu pastebin13:35
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)13:35
nanonymecwillu, i'm personally waiting for b43 and AP mode functionality to go stable13:36
nanonymewill allow me to put 2.6 kernel on my firewall router13:36
heret1cxvillu> it's at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56617/13:37
heret1ccan't see any referents to a hd ay all.13:41
cwilluata1: device not ready (errno=-16), forcing hardreset13:41
cwilluata1: port is slow to respond, please be patient (Status 0x80)13:41
cwilluata1: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x000101f0 ctl 0x000103f6 bmdma 0x00013:41
cwillu1bfa0 irq 1413:41
cwillu(in reverse order)13:41
cwilluhow big is the drive?13:42
cwilluokay, sda, if it ever showed up, was a thumb drive of some description;  doesn't look like the physical drive ever responded13:43
qzioanyone knows when python-apt will be fixed?13:43
heret1cyou're right.13:44
heret1cit's in Harddisk Heaven.13:44
cwilluyou could try booting with lapic, and maybe try unplugging the computer for a couple hours (power, network, powered usb hubs, etc)13:44
cwilluif it's electrical, that might bring it back long enough to recover any data you need13:44
heret1cthink it'd work? it made some awful sounds.13:45
cwillutry freezing the drive for a couple hours13:45
heret1cput lappy in fridge? 8)13:45
heret1cit'r a dell latitude D500.13:46
cwilluyou really just want the drive in the freezer, in a static bag sealed so you don't get frost on it13:46
cwilluthen when it's nice and frozen, stick it back in the laptop, fire it up13:46
dmakalskyHi, I was wondering if it's possible to update evolution from 2.12 in gutsy to the one in hardy 2.2113:46
dmakalskyor do I need to update everything?13:46
cwilludmakalsky, check gutsy-backports13:46
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:47
cwilluheret1c, no guarentees on that though, and it certainly won't make it useable for day to day13:47
cwilluheret1c, there's a package smartctl, which lets you see all sorts of neat info the drive keeps on hand (only works if the drive is talking to the computer though)13:48
heret1ccwillu> I was in the process of making a backup right nefore it died. k3b insisted on dma for the (external) dvd burner, which I couldn't turn on. k3b failed after 10% - then the hd died.13:49
cwilluheret1c, I have an external 500gb usb drive that I do a backup to every night;  harddrives aren't reliable, and laptops are even worse.  not that it helps in your current state though :/13:51
cwilluheret1c, try leaving it off for a while, you might get lucky13:51
cwilluheret1c, do you have another machine on the network?13:51
heret1chave an ancient compaq armada. have no way of connecting the two.13:53
cwilluyou can pipe the device directly over the network to another machine if it comes up, but that doesn't help you if you don't have another machine13:53
heret1ch'm. u may have a peek trogh rdesktop, if it works.13:53
heret1c /is any point.13:54
cwilluheret1c, install x11vnc, and then x11vnc -connect cwillu.com -nopw13:54
cwilluI've got a vncviewer -listen running13:55
heret1ccan't find package.13:55
cwillubah, probably in universe13:56
heret1cit may not be in my (cd) sources.list.13:56
cwilluyou can enable it though13:56
cwilluhowever you want13:58
heret1ciit's installing.14:01
heret1cx11vnc -connect cwillu.com -nopw ...14:03
heret1cwhat then?14:04
cwilluheh, showed up on a different workspace just as I was switching away from it14:04
cwilluyou've got the thumb drive plugged in right now?14:05
cwilluI _think_ that this tree is just the ide interface14:11
cwillubut certainly the kernel thinks it's toast (the drive)14:12
* heret1c nods14:12
cwilluI'm almost tempted to try to rmmod the ide junk and re modprobe it14:14
cwillubut that'd disconnect me for sure (have to do it from single user mode, ro14:14
cwilluit's the same effect as rebooting, really14:15
heret1cb my guest.14:15
* cwillu 's thinking out loud more than anything :p14:15
cwilluhave you rebooted at all since it stopped working at all?14:16
cwilluseveral times?14:16
heret1cran kanotix a bit.14:16
cwilluno luck there I presume?14:16
heret1cspot on.14:16
* cwillu grimaces14:17
cwilluanything irreplacable?14:17
heret1csmells fubar.14:17
heret1cnot really.14:17
heret1cnothing a few hrs amuling can't fix.14:18
cwilluI've got nothing left but voodoo and data-recovery services left to recommend :p14:18
* heret1c brings out his dried herbs, etc14:18
cwilluthe fact that it wasn't going into udma modes was probably the drive refusing to on 'I'm about to die' grounds14:18
cwillugot a rubber chicken?14:18
heret1ccan order one.14:19
heret1cit refused dma long before that.14:20
heret1cor rather, hdparm did.14:20
cwillua drive can start giving smart drive errors years before it finally croaks14:20
heret1cthought it were a scsi drive.14:20
cwilluthat's normal14:20
cwillumainline kernel started using the scsi subsystem for ide drives a year or two ago14:21
cwillusince edgy at least14:21
cwillu2.6.18 I think?14:21
heret1cha. yes. fma workef in fapper.14:21
cwilluhdparm -d isn't the magic incanctation anymore, but on the other hand, it shouldn't be necessary in the vast majority of cases anymore either14:22
heret1cmust have some music...14:22
heret1cis it at allpossible to install to dvd rw?14:25
* cwillu recommends http://jwz.livejournal.com/842153.html14:25
cwilluheret1c, you can install to a thumbdrive I know14:25
cwilluor an sdcard if the laptop has a reader14:25
heret1ca 4gb pendrive is 4 beers these days.14:26
qziohai, jockey-gtk/jockey-common seems to be broken? or is it just my machine?14:30
heret1cah - music :-)14:37
heret1capt-get install xmms tunapie didit14:37
LaneyAnyone else seeing gconf schema errors?14:50
Laney(when upgrading)14:50
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
theholyduckwell THAT was freaky..15:06
theholyduckTOP suddenly started usiing 100% of my cpu15:06
qziojockey-common seems broken for me.. doing a regular dist-upgrade .. >_<15:07
theholyduckwhen i was trying to diagnose what was using all my cpu. and killed those apps. top suddenly started using all my cpu instead15:07
qziopython-central bug seems to be fixed?15:07
pro-rsoftis there a quick 'n dirty way to upgrade to the new version?15:12
pro-rsofti mean to the alpha?15:12
ysth1so, months ago when I first upgraded to Hardy, my laptop shut down in the middle of the upgrade.  for whatever reason, the xorg.conf file was screwed up thereafter, and when I rebuilt it I had no touchpad scrolling support.  can someone with a touchpad put their xorg.conf somewhere for me to compare?15:12
SebastianIs http://phpfi.com/297449 a known issue?15:13
valbergi've been trying to upgrade to hardy heron and i've posted this bugreport: https://bugs.launchpad.net/update-manager/+bug/19330015:13
ccookeysth1: I don't think that's configured in Hardy at all, currently15:13
valbergit failes when installing language-selector-common15:13
ccookeysth1: wasn't automatically enabled on my system, certainly15:13
ysth1ah.  I was hoping that was it for a while.  thanks, anyway15:14
pro-rsoftwhat's the quick way to update from gutsy to hardy alpha?15:14
ysth1ccooke: did you get it working some other way?15:14
ccookeysth1: I haven't bothered, yet15:15
pro-rsoftnvm, found it using "update-manager -d15:15
ysth1valberg: don't have permission to see that bug15:15
valbergysth1, hmm... why ? i haven't made it hidden or anything15:18
valbergi checked that the maintainer of the package should see it,,, something about security issue15:18
ysth1that would be it, presumably15:20
ysth1something like *only* the maintainer should see it15:20
xstAre there any plans on fixing the broken display config in Kubuntu hardy (#173768)? The bug has persisted since alpha 1 even though one could argue that screen configuration is especially important to test in hardy with the conversion to xorg7.3. Whats the plan with this bug?15:22
valbergysth1, http://pastebin.com/fdc1ad16 there as a paste15:22
Mark_MillimanAnyone alive in here?15:24
pro-rsofti accidentally did "killall -HUP #ubuntu"15:24
theholyduckpro-rsoft, how could you..15:25
Mark_Millimanoh well15:26
Mark_MillimanDoes anyone know where Nautilus is executed on login?15:26
Tuv0kso part of this python bug is to make ~ unavailable?15:26
Tuv0kno nautilus15:26
Tuv0kno mc15:26
Tuv0kno ls -l from cli15:27
Mark_MillimanNautilus no longer runs when I login.  I don't have any desktop icons, right click/context menu, etc.15:27
Tuv0knot from ~ anyway15:27
Mark_Millimanjust no Nautilus15:27
Mark_MillimanPlaces>Desktop doesn't work either15:27
Tuv0kI'm using fluxbox just for these types of emergencies15:27
Mark_MillimanI can open up a Nautilus window from the places menu15:27
Tuv0kand I can't get a ls of my /home folder15:27
Mark_Millimanother users don't have this problem15:28
Tuv0kI can't open nautilus from anywhere15:28
valbergysth1, can you see the error ?15:28
Tuv0kthere is no error to see15:28
Mark_MillimanI can open it from a terminal15:29
Mark_Millimanit starts well then crashes15:29
Mark_Millimanthen file manager opens and closes 8 times15:30
Mark_Millimanvery annoying with compiz going15:30
Tuv0kdoes not open in the slightest15:30
Tuv0kscrew nautilus, I should still be able to get a dir listing from term15:30
Mark_Millimanfrom terminal I see that nautilus-share extension is initializing15:30
Mark_Millimanso is seahorsw hautiluse module15:31
Mark_Millimanseahorse nautilus that is15:31
ysth1valberg: I see your paste, dunno if this is different from things being screwed up right now15:31
Mark_Millimanthen I get a warning unable to add monitor.  I think that is typical because X already has 015:31
valbergysth1, which things? are there any special things that are screwed up ?15:31
Tuv0kits gvfs15:33
Tuv0kit also added itself to fsta15:33
Tuv0kit also added itself to fstab15:33
Mark_Millimanwhat's gvfs Tuv0k?15:34
Mark_Millimanwhat do you mean?15:34
ysth1python-central,  jockey-common jockey-gtk python-apt update-manager-core update-manager15:34
blue|palmhi, i am on hardy but for some reason running anything with sudo, or gksu fails, and returns unable to resolve host laptop...15:34
blue|palmis there anything i can do to fix this15:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gvfs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:34
Mark_Millimanoh I thought that response was for me Tuv0K15:35
Mark_Millimancheck your network configuration blue15:35
Mark_Millimando you have network connectivity15:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185756 in nautilus "Couldn't display "network:///" - Nautilus cannot handle network:locations" [Unknown,Confirmed]15:36
ubotuGoogle is a very popular search engine: http://www.google.com  -  Google also has a Linux-specific search engine: http://google.com/linux15:36
Mark_MillimanI know of the network:/// and fonts:/// problem but mine is different15:37
Mark_MillimanI don't have a desktop manager15:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gvfsd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:38
Tuv0kstupid bot15:38
pro-rsoft!learn gvfsd15:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about learn gvfsd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:39
Tuv0kthanks, bot needs to be brought up to speed on the packages15:40
Pici!info gvfsd15:46
ubotuPackage gvfsd does not exist in hardy15:46
Mark_MillimanWhen I run Nautilus from the command line it crashes a little after saying "caller wants GKeyFile."  What is this file?  It could be corrupted like my %gconf.xml file was corrupted.15:47
* Tuv0k smoke break15:48
Tuv0kat least i still have my mythtv15:48
Mark_Millimanso no one in here knows anything about how Nautilus functions15:52
Terrasqueanyone having problems with installing the new python-apt package?15:53
Mark_Millimanyes Terrasque because it depends on python-central15:54
Terrasquenoticed that15:54
* theholyduck hits head against wall15:54
theholyduckWINE doesnt work in hardy15:54
theholyduckor atleast. i cant get it to work15:54
theholyduckit segfaults the instant you try to do anything with it15:54
theholyduckknown error?15:55
Terrasquetheholyduck: its the new windows emulation feature :)15:55
theholyduckim going to compile from source then15:55
theholyducksee what happens15:55
theholyduckgot to love apt-get build-dep15:57
Terrasqueany ETA on the next alpha / beta release? And any idea when they will start stabilizing it?15:58
flipstarhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule alpha 5 in about 2 days15:59
Terrasquethanks :)16:00
externI keep getting AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'byte_compile' error when upgrading python-apt16:04
externand that causes some missing dependencies16:04
Terrasquesame here, seem to be a known problem16:05
externis there a solution?16:08
dholbachUbuntu Development Week is up and running in #ubuntu-classroom!16:11
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
Nuke_are there functional freenx packages for hardy?16:27
Assidsomeone wanna confirm that bug16:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193333 in kopete "Kopete crashes X specially if compiz is running" [Undecided,New]16:27
Solarionboy this python-apt bug is annoying16:28
flipstarSolarion: http://snapshot.debian.net/package/python-apt16:28
Assidanyone having that bug?16:29
flipstari have this bug with wine16:29
flipstarnot X but compiz is crashing16:29
Assidwine is broken16:29
PiciEr... I woudlnt install any packages directly from debian...16:29
theholyduckflipstar, lol16:30
flipstarim using an old version anyway16:30
theholyduckflipstar, well16:30
theholyduckwine + compiz16:30
theholyduckis not16:30
theholyduckto say the least16:30
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:30
flipstari see16:30
theholyducki have another issue with wine though.16:30
theholyduckit keeps segfaulting16:30
rskyes known bug theholyduck16:30
Assidrsk is responsible16:31
Assidcatch him16:31
ubuntuxhi, i have kernel:  2.6.24-8-generic16:31
ubuntuxand rt61pci is causing kernel panic16:31
flipstartheholyduck: some time ago both were working great..16:35
theholyduckflipstar, well compiz is known to cause errors in wine. and wine is known to cause errors in compiz16:35
theholyduckeven IF they can. work together16:35
theholyduckthey still dont alot of the time16:35
flipstarhm at kwin my windows program doesn't work in wine :/16:36
flipstarso i hope they will better it out :P16:36
shirishcan anybody help me out, I'm still facing python-central bugs after the update done by doko17:20
LimCorewill Hardy provide working fonts?17:26
LimCoreit would be nice to have working fonts as appose to current, broken font17:26
LimCore(bitstream - invalid glyphs for latin characters ; dejavu - very thin - invalid hinting?)  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/17915717:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179157 in ubuntu "ugly (thin/gray) and/or broken (latin-2) fonts" [Undecided,New]17:27
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto17:31
juliuxhas somebody else problems with language-selector-common_0.2.10_all.deb ?17:47
shirishcan somebody tell me what is main inclusion report?18:05
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
Pici!mir | shirish have you read this?18:08
ubotushirish have you read this?: mir is Main Inclusion Report - see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess for more information.18:08
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:20
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter18:20
DaemonikWhy is it that when I run stunnel it just exits and pgrep or ps shows nothing?19:18
DanaGHow about strace'ing it?19:21
DanaG(don't bother pasting the output, but do look for anything unusual.)19:21
DanaGoh, and random link to my bug: bug 12183319:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183319:23
DanaG(I've memorized the number by now.)19:23
DanaGNote that I've added info about upstream patches that fix it.19:23
bofh80so, python central fixed then?! works for me now :) jockey don't install tho, bug logged already again lol. i really don't want to install the nvidia driver manually from the website, i don't see what else to do tho, cos i want to play my games :(19:33
theholyduckto fix the nvidia driver19:33
theholyduckin the reps19:33
theholyduckjust fix the softlink19:33
theholyduckthe entire issue is 1 broken softlink19:34
theholyduckjust relink it19:34
theholyduckand it works19:34
theholyduckbofh80, on the other hand. wine instant segfaults19:34
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:34
theholyduckbofh80, you need help finding the correctone?19:35
bofh80theholyduck, i got myself into this mess because of wine segfaulting, so decided to update :((( hjahahah19:36
bofh80theholyduck, in fact, a bug in wine was the only reason i upgraded to hardy in the first place :S19:36
flipstari still have the problem in pycentral ..19:36
theholyduckwell. wine segfaults like MAD. on hardy19:37
theholyduckfor me :P19:37
bofh80theholyduck, but no i should be able to install the one from the website ok i guess, i don't understand why the nvidia-glx-new package doesn't make the driver availble :(19:37
theholyduckits because it installs it differntly19:37
theholyduckyou need to redo the softlink19:37
theholyducklike ubuntu reads the glx driver from a softlink.19:38
theholyduckbut on hardy. that link points to the wrong place19:38
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGI guess I should assign the task "Linux" to that bug.19:40
bofh80theholyduck, that's ALL? :D any ideas where the link is or a website with some info? or what do i search for ? :P19:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Low,Incomplete]19:42
DanaGyay, added "Linux" task; now hopefully it'll be fixed.19:43
DanaGOr at least commented on.19:43
theholyduckbofh80, il check my command history19:43
theholyducki forgot where i found it:P19:43
bofh80theholyduck, cool. holding here :) thx19:44
theholyduckrm /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so and19:46
theholyduckln -s /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so.169.09 /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so19:46
theholyducki THINK that was all i did19:47
bofh80theholyduck, very cool. i'll give it a whirl19:47
theholyduckand then restart xorg19:47
theholyduckbofh80, actually.19:49
theholyducki think they fixed this one.19:49
theholyduckif you update ALL your packages19:49
theholyduckto the newest one19:49
theholyduckcome to think of it. i didnt link it like that19:49
bofh80good timing, i was just tappin in the first line :)19:50
theholyducktry updating all the packages.19:50
DanaGwme:wme_qdiscop_enqueue ht_queue=4,queue=2 pool=0xF qdisc=f727be8019:50
bofh80jockey errors, which apparently is supposed to control the nvidia / ati drivers now, jockey is the only package that won't update19:50
DanaGdmesg is being spammed.19:50
theholyduckbofh80, i think i softlinked it into /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libglx.so instead19:54
theholyducki think that was the old convention19:54
theholyduckbut the new one seems to remove that softlink. and add a new one into /extensions19:54
flipstarlibglx.so have to link to libglx.so.169.0919:55
flipstarthat was correct19:55
bofh80sod it. i'll try it. and let you know . cheers theholyduck and flipstar  :)19:56
theholyduckflipstar, well i think it was in another directory now :P19:57
theholyduckthan it was when i fixed it before updating all the nvidia and xorg stuff19:57
theholyduck*it is19:57
bofh80in my /extensions i have this : lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      16 2008-02-19 19:48 libglx.so -> libglx.so.169.09   //////////    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  762092 2008-02-17 11:02 libglx.so.169.0919:59
flipstarthat means libglx.so is already linked20:00
bofh80flipstar, right, but i don't have an nvidia driver to select at all, Hardware Manager lists nothing, and if i type nvidia manually as the driver into the config file, then X won't start and goes into low graphics mode . . .20:01
bofh80*Hardware Drivers that is20:01
theholyduckbofh80, whats the output of lspci |grep vga20:02
theholyducknot vga20:02
bofh80also to note, if you didn't see is that jockey aint installing, which i think is the problem here :)20:02
theholyducki think my jockey is broken20:03
theholyduckor atleast it WAS20:03
theholyduckuntil i  like manualy uninstalled it.20:03
bofh8001:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G73 [GeForce 7600 GS] (rev a2)20:03
theholyduckand then reinstalled all the apps it depended on20:03
theholyduckand then reinstalled itself20:03
bofh80sounds like fun20:03
theholyduckdidnt take much time20:03
flipstarsorry i didnt even knew what joker was until today..i just install nvidia driver 171.05 manally ..20:03
theholyduckif you're running hardy,20:04
theholyduckyou need to expect to get down and dirty20:04
theholyduckwith dependencies20:04
theholyduckevery now and then20:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193408 in jockey "package jockey-common 0.2-0ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New]20:07
bofh80that's the same bug i get20:07
DanaGHmm, cool art here too:  http://hp.skinit.com/skins/styleskins/animal_prints&resourceId=183920:08
flipstarwhat does "slice end not reached but screenspace end (8 left DF0000, score=-71744" mean ?20:14
mrtimdogIf I drag a link from firefox to the desktop to create a text/html type link and then click on it I get a terminal starting up with lynx. How can I change this to start firefox? My default applications are set to firefox.20:15
flipstarright click propertys ->change filetype setting or similar20:16
mrtimdogA gnome-open on the URL works.20:16
mrtimdogflipster: Hi, there's no option to change the app to run it, I suspect as it's a .desktop file.20:17
mrtimdogflipstar even, sorry!20:17
flipstarthere is a tool right from typ: just click on that20:18
mrtimdogflipstar, sorry, you've lost me there... a tool right from type?20:19
flipstarright .. a tool symbol20:20
mrtimdog? No tool symbol. Are you meaning somewhere in a Nautilus browser window?20:22
flipstarwait a sec20:23
DanaGI don't see 171.05 on nvidia's site.20:25
DanaGI've heard that that one is only for Tesla GPGPU.20:25
flipstarmrtimdog: it should be something like this http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/6254/screen2mv6.png20:28
flipstarDanaG: it is a beta release but its working great here20:28
flipstarnotice:this is the german version dont know how it is different from the english one ..20:29
DanaGEek, German.20:30
DanaGI can find the english one myself.20:30
mrtimdogflipstar: ok, mine looks a little different... http://www.mr-dog.net/files/ScreenshotProperties.png20:32
DanaGI don't see that one on the English site.20:32
DanaG(I also want the changelog, not the download link.)20:32
mrtimdogflipstar: Assuming that was the properties dialog?20:33
flipstarmrtimdog: yes20:33
flipstarmrtimdog: maybe in a other tab ?20:33
DanaGaah, I had to google for the number.20:33
mrtimdogflipstar: No, checks those too.20:33
DanaGhttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=987&num=1   --  aah, yes, for gpgpu.20:34
sveriDanaG: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=987&num=120:35
sveriDanaG: there is no changelog to 171.05 according to this site20:35
flipstarmrtimdog: hm then i dont know..maybe you can change the filetype and edit it under general program associaton ..20:35
mrtimdogflipstar: Can't change it as it's a .desktop file containing the URL, etc..20:36
mrtimdogflipstar: Thanks for looking though :)20:36
=== jacobmp92 is now known as jacob
flipstarforgot to mention im using kde..so things are different..sorry cant help you detailled20:37
mrtimdogflipstar: ok. Seems it's trying to run /usr/bin/www-browser which is an alternatives link to lynx!20:39
paulri'm thinking of moving to ubuntu for linux dist (having bounced aruond everything else) - would probably just run a hardy alpha as it's a dev box -- is it 'easy' to move between releases without doing a full box reinstall in ubuntu? ;/20:40
flipstaryes it is paulr20:41
flipstarit just get comlicated when you overjump a release20:41
flipstarbut in general its no problem20:41
paulroverjump as in move from an alpha to a final or as in move from 6 -> 8 ?20:42
flipstarno from edgy to gutsy for example20:42
flipstar6 -> 8 is still the same release20:42
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
FlannelHey guys, I've got a question as to how Dapper -> Hardy upgrades are working if there's no linux-image-686 transitional packages in hardy? (or at least, not on the alt CD or in packages.ubuntu.com)20:49
paulrflipstar: now to work out how I want to get from gentoo to hardy ;)20:49
flipstarjust run the live cd and check out how it works ;)20:50
paulrdont think running any live cd's gonna help me with that ;)20:50
paulror any linux distribution either :P20:50
theholyduckemerge debootstrap20:51
theholyduckthen use that to install the base system20:51
theholyduckthen install the ubuntu-desktop package of your choice in that chroot20:51
theholyduckadd the required lines to grub.20:51
theholyduckand you're good to go20:51
flipstarhmn few more with debootstrap ..20:52
flipstarjust did that a week ago becorse of raid20:52
paulrtheholyduck: erm, something makes me think your being serious :)20:52
* paulr goes to hit google20:52
theholyduckpaulr, i am20:53
theholyduckyou can install just about ANY linux distro from any linux distro20:53
theholyduckgiven the right tools20:53
theholyduckto install debian based distros. you need debootstrap20:53
theholyducki bet there is a simelar tool for rpm based distros20:53
theholyduckinstall cd's are just frontends to other tools20:53
theholyducklike the ubuntu installcd is just a frontend for chroot and debootstrap20:54
theholyduckpretty much20:54
theholyduckand some disk tools20:54
theholyduckand t3h likes20:54
theholyduckbut in the end. anything that can be done by a cd. can be done by hand20:54
MenZaIs anyone else experiencing broken python-apt, update-manager(-core) and language-selector-common problems?20:56
MenZagood, good20:56
theholyducki think EVERYONE is :P20:56
MenZaI was expecting that20:57
MenZaJust making sure20:57
jpatrickMenZa: /topic?20:57
bofh80oh, i feel like such a nub, trying to install the nvidia driver manually, says no matching blah blah, compile yourself, so i downloaded and unpacked the kernel header, but nvidia installer can't find /linux/versions or some such inside that folder, (the /linux/ is there, the versions aint) so it says bye bye :(21:02
bofh80*kernel source rather21:02
flipstarsure you have the right headers ?21:03
nemobofh80: that's rather hard to parse...21:03
nemoflipstar: (or any headers)21:03
flipstarsearch for $uname -r headers21:03
theholyduckbofh80, why did you..21:03
theholyduckdl and extract21:04
theholyduckwhy not install the linux-headers package21:04
theholyduckfor your arch?21:04
nemotheholyduck: isn't that in apt?21:04
flipstarit is21:04
nemo /lib/modules/2.6.24-8-generic/build/include <- that appears to be the one my Hardy install is on.21:05
nemoand I wasn't doing anything creative with it21:05
theholyducknemo, thats just a softlink though21:05
nemoyes :)21:05
nemobut is the *standard* softlink :-p21:05
theholyducki wonder if bofh80 feels like MORE of a noob21:06
bofh80cos i thought i had em21:06
bofh80i have generic21:06
bofh80i'm bootin 386 kernel :(21:06
bofh80thanks for leading me back down the right path again theholyduck :D21:06
bofh80bbs :D hopefully.21:07
nemogentoo uses a differrent softlink to maintain the standard location21:07
nemo# ls -l /lib/modules/2.6.23-gentoo-r8/build21:07
nemolrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 31 2008-02-15 12:45 /lib/modules/2.6.23-gentoo-r8/build -> /usr/src/linux-2.6.23-gentoo-r821:07
theholyducknemo, and /usr/src/linux21:07
theholyduckon gentoo21:07
theholyduckis usually a link to your current kernel21:07
nemoI still use that one21:07
theholyducknemo, its easier to type21:07
nemotheholyduck: that used to be the norm back in the day21:07
nemotheholyduck: yeah, but at some point it occurred to people that folks might use more than one kernel :)21:07
theholyduckpaulr, so. did you learn something about debootstrap21:08
* MenZa nods at jpatrick 21:09
nemo$ ls -l /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build21:09
nemolrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 2008-02-16 17:32 /lib/modules/2.6.24-8-generic/build -> /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-8-generic21:09
nemohm. I guess that's how ubuntu does things21:09
jpatrickMenZa: ?21:09
nemointeresting. I never bothered really to look before21:09
MenZajpatrick: python-central.21:10
* MenZa nods21:10
MenZaI'm going to continue trying to check how to fix my synaptics touchpad21:10
nemoMenZa: wassup with it?21:10
nemo'cause my synaptics touchpad was a pain21:10
MenZaI just need to find out what to do to get gsynaptics to work21:11
theholyducki need to upgrade my bios21:11
theholyduckone of these days21:11
theholyduckacpi is broken21:11
theholyduckfirst of all.21:11
MenZaI mean, my touchpad *works*, but I don't have a scroll on the right, tap and drag and such21:11
theholyduckit reports false cpu temps21:11
theholyducklike the instant the kernel activates ACPI21:11
theholyduckif i have it on21:11
theholyduckits like21:11
MenZa!enter | theholyduck21:11
ubotutheholyduck: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:11
theholyduckCPU TEMP IS 85C!!!! SHUTTING DOOOOWN21:11
nemotheholyduck: woah21:12
theholyduckwhile. bios says my cpu temp is 30 degrees. and my fan spining nice cool air into my hand says its not 8521:12
nemo$ cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature21:12
nemotemperature:             40 C21:12
theholyducki even have my bios to cut power at 45 degrees C21:12
nemowhich, on my board, is reported from the AMD chip.21:12
theholyduckbut yeah. my bios seems to be horribly broken in terms of acpi21:13
theholyduckso i just opened up bios and disabled all acpi functions21:13
theholyduckbut there is probaly a upgrade i can do.21:13
theholyduckto fix it21:13
nemoMenZa: want my synaptics xorg conf?21:14
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
nemoMenZa:         Option      "VertTwoFingerScroll" "1"  and all that?21:14
paulrtheholyduck: found a howto the other way around21:14
paulri.e.ubuntu - > gen21:14
theholyduckthats way easier21:14
theholyduckANY distro with chroot + mount21:15
bofh80*sob* - well it compiled. and configured everything. then flicked, and flicked and dropped. sigh :(. did someone say they had a newer nvidia driver i could try? :P21:15
theholyduckcan install gentoo21:15
nemotheholyduck: heh. heck, I helped a friend install gentoo on a sun box using the sun network boot :)21:15
theholyduckbofh80, loaded the nvidia kernel module?21:15
nemotheholyduck: machine didn't have an external cdrom drive or any other way to launch it, since it was SANS sun OS21:15
MenZanemo: sure :)21:15
theholyduckits much more fun to install ubuntu from gentoo21:16
bofh80theholyduck, it appears you have me again, what is it i'm supposed to do? :) install it? i'll check synaptic now . . .21:16
theholyduckbofh80, no :P21:16
theholyduckjust modprobe nvidia21:16
nemoMenZa: http://m8y.org/tmp/synaptics.txt21:16
theholyducktry that atleast21:16
theholyducknvidia should have COMPILED the kernel module. but i dunt know if it loads it21:17
nemoMenZa: My S.O. doesn't like her touchpad doing anything but basic mouse stuff. so I disabled most of those.21:17
* MenZa nods21:17
theholyducknemo, thats alot of config21:17
MenZathat's definitely better, nemo, thanks21:19
MenZanow to find out how to enable tapping on it21:19
nemoMenZa: 6 of the options in that config have to do with tapping :)21:19
MenZayep, the question is which to fiddle with :D21:20
MenZagsynaptics does it for me21:20
theholyducktapping is when you hit the pad and it clicks?21:20
nemoMenZa: man synaptics   ? :)21:21
theholyducki never manualy configured synaptic.21:21
MenZagsynaptics <321:21
MenZaI never had to before, theholyduck21:21
theholyduckbut.. my debian autoconfed21:21
theholyduckit :P21:21
nemowow. there are a lot of values21:21
theholyducki only have 2 laptops. 1 runs debian the other runs gentoo console only :P21:22
theholyduckconsole only gentoo is shmeexxy21:22
nemotheholyduck: screen ?21:22
theholyducknemo, well that too21:22
theholyduck+ framebuffer console21:22
nemotheholyduck: screen + w3m + centerim :)21:22
theholyducki love how mplayer has a framebuffer output21:22
theholyduckand links -g21:23
nemoI like w3m's UI better21:23
nemonavigation and tabs are more pleasant to use21:23
nemotheholyduck: you're aware you can run gtk apps directly against the framebuffer? :)21:24
theholyducki just never been arsed trying to21:24
theholyducki dont really have any apps that REQUIRES me to have a gui21:24
MenZaworks fine now21:25
MenZathanks, nemo!21:25
theholyduckdo you know any live cd that has support for the broadcom chipsets included?21:25
theholyduckso that i could install gentoo on em. over wifi21:26
nemotheholyduck: ubuntu's doesn't?21:26
theholyducki havent tried21:26
theholyduckbut ubuntu is not OPTIMAL for gentoo install :P21:26
MenZaroll your own then, theholyduck21:26
theholyducki GUESS i could21:26
nemoyeah, actually...21:26
theholyducki dont like ubuntus default terminals21:26
nemoisn't that hard to unpack the gentoo ISO21:26
nemoand repack it with the wireless drivers on it21:26
nemoalthough why you wouldn't just put them on a usb memory stick...21:27
nemotheholyduck: waitasec. I've install gentoo using ubuntu and knoppix before21:27
theholyduckid need em compiled for the distro atleast21:27
nemotheholyduck: pretty much anything will work21:27
theholyducknemo, hmm. last time i tried knoppxi21:27
theholyduckthe wifi didnt work21:27
theholyduckon the broadcom laptop21:27
nemotheholyduck: ok. you're a gentoo user and you can't figure out how to compile a generic kernel mod that matches the kernel version of the live cd you are using :)21:27
theholyduckanything will work. but ubuntu has such ugly terminals21:27
theholyducknemo, :P21:28
theholyducki can figure it out :)21:28
theholyduckits just lazy21:28
nemognome-terminal is ugly?21:28
theholyducknemo, yes21:28
* nemo shrugs21:28
theholyducki prefer something like aterm21:28
nemodoes aterm finally support utf-8?21:28
* nemo checks21:28
theholyducki dont do much in terms of utf-821:29
theholyduckterminal wise21:29
Gnineall hail theholyduck view of terminals21:29
theholyduckGnine, why?21:29
bofh80theholyduck, guess what :) - (modprobe nvidia) FATAL: Error running install command for nvidia :( - i rebooted. same .... any ideas?21:29
nemotheholyduck: utf-8 kicks ass on the terminal21:29
nemotheholyduck: http://m8y.org/tmp/ibmfilter.txt  <- for example, my nethack remap to make it purtier :)21:30
lavishJouva: hi :)21:30
nemothe actual script not being mine21:30
nemoI think Fwiffo made it21:31
Jouvalavish: I was just joining to ask something else but I was going to let you know the first thing in the topic was probably what you just asked about ;)21:31
lavishJouva: ahah I'm reading :)21:31
bofh80ok i just read up, hey flipstar where'd you get that driver from?21:32
JouvaIs anybody aware if the USB issue with Dimension E310s has been fixed in Hardy? Some were blaming it on a bad USB driver in the Linux kernel, yet Knoppix supposedly boots and installs just fine.21:33
flipstarbofh80: which one ? the 171.05 ?21:33
bofh80flipstar, yes pls, the 169 is giving me fatal error21:34
flipstaryou can find it on nvidias ftp ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/171.05/21:34
bofh80flipstar, nice one thank you21:34
flipstarbofh80: but remember its a beta driver21:34
bofh80flipstar, yeh well the stable one aint working :). and hardy is alpha ;p21:35
bofh80flipstar, there are 2 packages?21:35
bofh80flipstar, i'm still waitinf ro the read me to load, ftp is slow ass :)21:36
flipstarpkg is the right one21:36
flipstaryou could use prozilla to accelerate ..21:36
bofh80flipstar, ohh it kicked into like21:37
bofh80life *21:37
bofh80here we go again :) cheers flipstar21:37
lavishJouva: ok I read the entire bug report. Now I see there's no offical fix. What's the best thing to do?21:40
paulrtheholyduck: thinking a format might be easier ;P21:41
paulralthough, does http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/Debootstrap_Ubuntu_from_Gentoo look like a reasonable set of steps to follow as a process (also the link under 'why')21:42
=== ubuntu_ is now known as heret1c
theholyduckpaulr, its pretty simple eh21:45
flipstartheholyduck: did you ever tried it ?21:46
bofh80hey up. right, needed to install the linux-restricted-modules, i missed the fact of the 386 version again till i checked on the command line :(. all sorted thanks for your help theholyduck and flipstar got me there :D21:46
theholyduckflipstar, i've installed debian21:46
theholyduckthat way21:46
theholyducka couple of times21:46
theholyduckubuntu would be even easier21:47
Jouvalavish: I'd know as much as you ;) I was hoping to give Hardy a try myself.21:47
flipstarhm i just installed ubuntu that way and needed about 3 attemps..21:47
flipstarmissed little details every time21:48
theholyduckhow can you miss details...21:49
theholyduckmaybe ubuntu is more complicated than debian like that21:50
weltschmerzsuddenly my windows have no borders, and i cannot select things or really do much of anything.  failsafe works.21:50
flipstarlike remount proc+sysfs21:50
flipstarso i occured wired errors21:50
weltschmerzanyone know what this could be, or could some sort of xorg.conf reconfiguration fix it?21:50
theholyduckflipstar, well21:51
theholyduckanyone whos EVER done a gentoo install21:51
theholyduckknwos you need to mount proc and /dev21:51
theholyduckinto the new chroot :P21:51
flipstarweltschmerz: you probably using compiz without window manager..try install emerald21:51
flipstartheholyduck: right i did that but you need to remount after updating..21:51
nemoweltschmerz: do you use compiz fusion?21:51
flipstari missed that21:52
nemooh. flipstar guessed same thing21:52
theholyduckflipstar, you do?21:52
nemoweltschmerz: they answer the "no borders" thing about twice a day in the compiz fusion channel21:52
flipstarone time, yes21:52
weltschmerznemo i was using compiz (desktop effects, right)21:52
nemoweltschmerz: you can of course switch to metacity while fixing.21:52
weltschmerznow it says the composite module or something like that isn't available.21:52
weltschmerzlemme try to install emerald.21:53
theholyduckflipstar, im fairly sure i never did that21:53
nemoweltschmerz: naw. just go to #compiz-fusion21:53
theholyduckwhy would you need to remount. and after updating what?21:53
nemoweltschmerz: they've covered it before21:53
flipstarafter apt-get update and i dont know21:53
theholyduckflipstar, i dont THINK i had to do that21:53
nemoweltschmerz: well. I guess I should say, you don't have to *not* use emerald :)21:53
theholyducknor did i run apt-get update21:53
nemojust don't remember that being in their suggestions21:53
flipstarhmn i had to install dmraid so i had to ..21:54
weltschmerzwhat is emerald?21:54
flipstaran windows manager21:54
flipstarem decorator21:54
flipstar!info emerald | weltschmerz21:54
ubotuweltschmerz: emerald (source: emerald): Decorator for compiz-fusion. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.2+git20080205-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 250 kB, installed size 1312 kB21:54
weltschmerzwhy would it help me?21:55
flipstaryou just said you have to windows decoration..21:55
nemoflipstar: specifically an unmaintained window manager, but whatever :-p21:56
weltschmerzErrors were encountered while processing:  python-apt, update-manager-core...21:56
nemoflipstar: hm. well, I may be lying there.  n/m.21:56
flipstaremerald depends on python-apt ?21:57
weltschmerzthat happens no matter what i do with apt-get21:57
theholyduckweltschmerz, yeah.21:57
theholyduckbut it doesnt STOP21:57
flipstaryes just ignore that :)21:57
theholyduckwhat youre installing21:57
theholyduckso just ignore it :P21:57
weltschmerzPackage update-manager-core is not configured yet.21:57
theholyduckweltschmerz, again. ignore it :P21:57
flipstarweltschmerz: see topic21:57
theholyduckthose packages are broken. and will show up with all apt-getting. but just ignore em21:58
theholyduckyour original install will till work21:58
theholyducklike if i installed mplayer through apt-get. that error would come. but mplayer would still be installed21:58
flipstari hope that will be fixxed soon..i have issues with programs that depend on that..21:59
flipstarlike update-manager or command-not-found ..21:59
blueyedIs KDE3 and KDE4 crashing for somebody else currently?22:00
weltschmerzhow will i be limited by running in failsafe mode?22:02
flipstarweltschmerz: when you select failsafe from login you just have a shell22:13
flipstarthe python-apt thing is fixed.22:35
lavishflipstar: great!22:37
lavishflipstar: sorry for the question... how? :P22:40
flipstarsorry, ask an developer ;)22:40
flipstarjust realized it with an apt-get update22:40
ionstormdoes wine work in hardy22:44
ionstormI cannot seem to get it to work22:44
flipstaryou might try an older version..22:45
seeitcomingSorry to be a pain (I can read the topic...) but does any fix exist for #192992? The lp page is full of useless 'me too' comments and I can't filter out a decent workaround23:04
ConstyXIVinstalling from alpha4 cd, i got a "grub-install hd0 failed, this is a serious error".  anything i can do?23:05
flipstaryes seeitcoming23:05
flipstarjust update23:05
seeitcomingflipstar: unconventional fix, I must say :)23:07
seeitcomingonly to be replaced by some jockey errors. YA23:08
weltschmerzi think my problems with having no window borders began after i first started using compiz yesterday.23:16
flipstaryou started emerald ?23:17
ConstyXIVweltschmerz: are you getting compiz-like effects?23:20
ConstyXIVweltschmerz: pull up a terminal (applications->accesories->gnome-terminal), then type "ps auxw | grep compiz23:22
ConstyXIVno quotes, of course23:22
weltschmerzconsty i was getting them yes.23:40
weltschmerznot now.23:41
weltschmerzthat ps produces nothing but the search itself.23:41
ConstyXIVweltschmerz: then you're not running compiz at all.  run "compiz" in a terminal and see what happens23:45
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthe pycentral bug still not fixed? it has been around almost 2 days...23:47
flipstarit is already fixed [Gutsy]TuTUXG23:49
[Gutsy]TuTUXGflipstar, the bug is still open23:49
flipstardid you updated ?23:49
[Gutsy]TuTUXGflipstar, "Sorry, the program "pycentral" closed unexpectedly ... "23:52
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthat's what i got23:52
dan__Hello There. Been looking at the hardy blueprints. Is the new theme still going ahead, i thought it read somewhere that it was postponed till 8.10. Or are the blueprints a little behind? thanks23:52
flipstar[Gutsy]TuTUXG: here it is working23:53
[Gutsy]TuTUXGflipstar, so it's not officially "Fixed"?23:53
[Gutsy]TuTUXGI know there are patches, work arounds, what i need is real fix23:54
flipstari just updated few hours ago..since then it worked again23:54

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