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kwwiiandreasn: would you mind if I put the icon ideas you made into a bzr repo and launchpad page so that we people can start working on the new set?10:58
andreasnnot at all10:58
kwwiicool, thanks :-)10:59
andreasnit is free software after all11:00
kwwiihehe, but I still don't want to piss you off :-)11:00
andreasnso, what is the plan?11:02
andreasnmonochrome notification area stuff for hardy+1/gnome 2.24?11:02
kwwiiyeah, that is what I would like to see happen11:03
kwwiiguess I should talk to jimmac about this stuff11:03
andreasnprobably yes, and also mizmo11:04
andreasnthe idea have been bounced back and forth so many times its time someone take action :)11:05
kwwiiyou'll have to introduce me to mizmo11:06
andreasnshe runs the fedora artwork stuff11:08
kwwiiahhaaa, right11:12
kwwiiI wish I could have met her while I was in Boston11:12
andreasnI dont think she was at uds actually, she was attending to some wedding or something if I recall correctly11:17
andreasndid I miss that meeting btw? or is that coming up?11:19
kwwiiwell, one day we should all meet - it would be kinda interesting to get jimmac, myself, mizmo, you and a couple other in one room for a day or two11:20
kwwiithe next UDS, you mean? it will be in prague in may11:20
kwwiiahhh, you mean the artwork meeting11:20
kwwiinope, haven't had one yet11:20
kwwiisince nobody really seems interested I put it off11:21
andreasnI got some message that I was unsubscribed to the mailing list today11:22
kwwiii see little reason in talking to everyone when nobody does anything :-)11:22
kwwiihrm, that is freaky...I wonder why11:22
andreasnso I totally missed the whole discussion11:22
kwwiiwell, there really was no discussion about it11:22
kwwiiI can forward you the emails if you want11:22
andreasna bunch of us are planning to go to the Libre Graphics Meeting in Poland in May, perhaps it would be nice to have a brainstorm there11:23
kwwiithat would be cool, I will be there as well11:25
kwwiiwe should probably set up a meeting before it starts :-)11:26
thorwilkwwii: hi! i don't know if and what role you played, but now we have the OK to use the bugs/brainstorm artwork as it is :)16:14
kwwiithorwil: good to hear that :-)16:15
kwwiiI just asked the right questions of the right people16:16
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thorwilkwwii: cool, thanks!16:16
kwwiihenrik is not used to dealing with art stuff so when someone says something to him he takes it as-is, I on the other hand tend to open my mouth16:16
thorwiltoday i came across http://www.ubuntu-forum.de/16:30
thorwilnow there you can see a truly problematic use of the logo ;)16:31
_MMA_It would at least be better if they had the copyright notices at the bottom.16:56
thorwil_MMA_: are you aware the the top and bottom strokes of the studio logo are not symmetrical?17:06
_MMA_thorwil: One of the 3 outer pills?17:06
_MMA_In what way? Not the same shape or alignment?17:07
thorwil_MMA_: yes. right side / top and bottom17:07
_MMA_Ok. Fix if you like and send back.17:07
thorwil_MMA_: distance to the center. in fact both do not share their center with the inner circle17:07
thorwil_MMA_: will do17:08
* thorwil sometimes misses CAD-like abilities in inkscape17:08
thorwilbut someone was not paying attention here17:09
* kwwii reports _MMA_ to the branding police17:40
kwwiihere is an interesting way to get hardy on a ppc machine....17:40
kwwiiit had dapper on it, and I have just kept dist upgrading17:41
* _MMA_ wouldnt put Hardy on anything but a test box atm.17:41
kwwiiI'm at Gutsy - no stopping me now!17:41
kwwiiI am amazed that it actually worked so well17:42
kwwiibtw...about 10 people have pinged me with how much they like the feta kuli wallpaper17:44
thorwilit seems to be very polarizing17:45
* _MMA_ goes to find 20 people who hate it.17:45
* thorwil -> food17:46
kwwii_MMA_: just post an obnoxious thread on the forum, they will respond in turn17:48
_MMA_Im sure someone has beat me to it. :P17:49
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thorwil_MMA_: oh, you might want to move the o of studio a bit to the left. bad kerning18:29
_MMA_kwwii: But I'm damn sure you *can* set those icons in a theme. So you could at least throw 'em in Human somewhere to override the defaults.19:55
kwwii_MMA_: you might have a point20:03
kwwiiI'll try that first20:03
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