lifelessso is pycentral horked or what ?00:02
lifelessanyone fixing it, or should I break out pdb?00:07
crimsun_I started looking at it but was distracted by PulseAudio.  So, the latter.00:08
superm1slangasek, when would be a good time to look over the changes to cdimage that I had proposed?  cjwatson had asked me to ask you to look into merging them in00:53
slangaseksuperm1: mmm, today is archive duty day and tomorrow I'm off, so I guess Wednesday?01:01
superm1slangasek, okay sounds good to me.01:01
superm1slangasek, while you are archive duty'ing, you can nuke the first upload of libnet-upnp-perl to save yourself catching the error in it (there are two in NEW).  it was uploaded as arch any rather than all (the second one is fine)01:03
slangaseksuperm1: thanks, kicking it out so I don't get confused later01:04
superm1ok thanks01:04
crimsun_johanbr: still having issues with bz headset and PA?01:10
johanbrcrimsun_: Yes, I'm afraid so. Even getting it to work without PA has been challenging.01:11
johanbrSadly, it seems like the bluez developers are not very interested in the issue. I've had more luck with headsetd than with the bluez audio service.01:12
cody-somervilleIs there any reason why thunar-svn-plugin hasn't been accepted yet? It did make it before the FF, right?01:27
_MMA_Still sitting in the queue. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue Might take a bit to clear.01:31
_MMA_And only been 4 days. (it looks like)01:31
Chipzzslangasek: is that in the standard gconf? I just did a quick google for gconf ldap and only found references to some evolution specific stuff?01:42
slangasekChipzz: I didn't look too closely at how gconf was using ldap01:42
azeemlifeless: ping01:42
azeemlifeless: so, people asked me to upload opensync-0.22 for hardy, as it's pretty clear 0.40 won't be ready in time01:45
lifelessthink 0.22 is an unambiguous improvement ? :)01:45
lifelessif so then yeah, JFDI01:45
azeemof course, there's still the issue that the plugin configuration and the database changed etc.,01:46
azeembut what about a 1-line patch telling it to use ~/.opensync-0.22 rather?01:46
lifelessyeah, I like that01:46
azeemif time permits, I/somebody else could try to port the plugin configuration converter from 0.3x that dgollub committed last week01:46
azeem(for 0.22->0.3x)01:46
azeemnow, should I upload that to Debian unstable first and get somebody to sync?01:47
azeemopensync appears to be in main01:47
lifelessupload and sync is easiest01:47
lifelessI think hardy is frozen now anyhow01:47
azeemonly the lib01:48
azeemright, it'd need an exception01:48
azeemI have to admit that while evo2<->file works, I had no luck trying to sync my mobile via bluetooth or irda01:48
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azeemconnection refused, something which at least works slightly better with 0.3x01:48
azeemlifeless: do you remember why you changed the test suite (create_case->CREATE_CASE, which is a macro)01:49
azeembecause that got rejected during update01:50
johanbrcrimsun_: With the bluez audio service I can get simple things working, like playing a wav file. But ekiga segfaults and Twinkle fails to open the device.01:50
lifelessazeem: blink, debian changelog01:51
azeemlifeless: AFAICT it was in from the beginning, so "Intial upload" would be the entry...01:52
azeemhrm, or not01:53
lifelessI'm pretty sure someone gave me a patch for that; might be in the bzr changelog, one sec01:53
slangasekisn't that codehelp's patch?01:53
azeemoh indeed01:54
azeemlifeless: oops, sorry01:54
Chipzzslangasek: apparently it only does this for certain (evolution-specific) settings: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gconf/trunk/backends/README.evoldap?revision=1966&view=markup01:55
slangasekChipzz: to be honest, I don't really care about the gconf backend at all, my only concern is that it not get misbuilt and become a source of bug reports :-)01:55
Chipzzok :)01:56
ChipzzI actually was kind of interested ;)01:56
Chipzzhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2008/02/msg00048.html -> *sigh* :)01:58
FujitsuWordpress! YAY!01:59
StevenKOh, that mail.01:59
FujitsuI wish they'd hurry up and remove it from the archives so that we can too...01:59
TheMusolifeless, azeem I know for a fact I need to use 0.22 to sync with my mobile, so 0.22 would be welcome.02:08
slangasekI know I need > 0.22, so I'd like > 0.22 please ;)02:09
TheMusoslangasek: I can live without, I just build locally, but nevertheless.02:09
slangasekTheMuso: what mobile?  I think we really ought to be moving opensync forward, and getting fixes for any plugins that aren't ported yet02:10
TheMusoslangasek: Nokia 5700 Xpress Music.02:10
slangasekTheMuso: which plugin does that use in 0.22?02:12
azeemslangasek: problem is, 0.22 is sort of a dead end02:12
azeemthe few developers who hack on opensync concentrate on 0.3x02:12
lifelessproblem is, opensync has never had a stable release that they actually stand by02:13
azeemand I see mentionings of "let's get 0.40 out before I switch jobs and go MIA, maybe somebody else will pick up"02:13
lifelessthey've routinely broken disk compatibility and api compatibility, and while thats ok if you provide migration - they aren't.02:13
azeemlifeless: there's now a migration tool from 0.22 to 0.3x02:13
azeemthey actually say it's a requirement this time02:14
slangasekazeem: hmm?  I'm aware 0.22 is a dead end, this contributes to me wanting something newer...02:14
azeemslangasek: ah, ok02:14
slangaseksince the plugin that supports my phone is 0.3x-only02:14
TheMusoslangasek: Syncml.02:14
azeemunfortunately, there's no nice GUI for 0.3x yet either02:14
azeem3-4 half-finished ones02:14
TheMusoProbably expalins why opensync in Debian has stayed where it is for so long. :)02:16
slangasekTheMuso: I think that's explained by "upstream keeps screwing around with build systems"02:20
TheMusoheh right02:20
azeemthey're really happy with cmake now that they reimplemented pkg-config and libtool in it02:21
Chipzzazeem: isn't pkg-config written in C? :)02:25
TheMusoslangasek: What plugin do you need to use with your phone?02:46
slangasekTheMuso: moto-sync, which has no working 0.22 version AFAIK02:47
TheMusoNo, I don't remember seeing that plugin for 0.2202:48
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Amaranthdid the x86 retracer die?03:21
pwnguinif i wanted to find which applications ubuntu packages that use Xinput, would "apt-cache showpkg libxi6" be appropriate?03:31
mjg59pwnguin: rdepends03:33
azeemhow can I tell libtool to use libopensync.0d as soname?03:56
azeem(after re-reading Debian #429798)03:57
ubotuDebian bug 429798 in libopensync0 "opensync: please use library versioning" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/42979803:57
StevenKDear tarfile, please become 200% faster. No love, Steve03:58
azeemoh wait, nm04:00
chrisb_is this the right place to be for help with building source?04:02
StevenKlifeless: This isn't Linda, this is moblin-image-creator.04:12
lifelessStevenK: ah; creating tars ?04:13
lifelessStevenK: are you using python's gzip support ?04:13
StevenKlifeless: It is using python's bz2 support.04:14
lifelessare you setting a compression level ?04:14
* StevenK paws through the code04:15
StevenKtar_file = tarfile.open(tar_filename, "w:bz2")04:15
StevenKI doubt it.04:15
lifelesswrite, thats your problem04:15
slangasekTheMuso: well, moto-sync is a separate upstream, and I think the current, working version only builds against opensync 0.3x04:15
StevenKlifeless: Hm? Don't write? :-)04:16
lifelessah, I was going to suggest something like TarFile.bz2open(tar_filename, mode='w', compresslevel=5), but checking my docs bzip2 doesn't scale like gzip04:18
lifelesspython's GZipfile uses -9 by default, not -6 which gzip does; so pythons gzip wrappers are insanely slow by default04:19
lifelessStevenK: run lsprof over it04:19
lifelessStevenK: if you need glue code to do that and get a kcachegrind file look at bzrlib.lsprof04:20
lifelessyou can trivially get a cachegrind file from there :)04:21
StevenKI don't think I care that much. :-)04:22
CarlFKalt-installer, is a python stack dump an error, or is this allowable?  http://dpaste.com/35856/04:44
CarlFKthe installer aborted, but much later and I think for an unrelated problem04:45
superm1that's a different bug04:46
superm1someone broke python central today04:46
superm1a lot of hardy is broke because of it04:46
lifelessno lube on that upload04:47
CarlFKsuperm1: so no need to file report - just wait ?04:48
superm1CarlFK, there's an open bug already if you want to subscribe to it04:48
superm1let me grab it04:48
lifelessmany open reports :)04:48
slangasekhrm, that's the sort of bug that should be milestoned for the alpha that's due in, oh, 3 days04:48
superm1but 19299204:49
CarlFKthis is what caused the installer to abort   http://dpaste.com/35857/04:49
superm1bug 19299204:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299204:49
CarlFK"This bug has            16 duplicates"04:50
CarlFKI feel so behind :)04:51
superm1i'm surprised its only 1604:51
CarlFKbut is it confirmed? :)04:53
ScottK2superm1: Did you know you set the pycentral bug back to Medium at the same time slangasek set it to High?05:14
* ScottK2 thinks you might put it back.05:14
superm1ScottK2, I didn't change it?05:14
superm1i only changed the milestone05:15
slangasekrather, you targetted it to a release05:15
superm1well i did that by accident looking for the milestone, and then i changed the milestone :)05:15
slangasekah - so yes, I had done that just before you :)05:16
ScottK2superm1: Activity log says different (it's a refresh issue).05:16
superm1yeah suppose so05:17
ScottK2Just thought I'd mention it so it'd end up set where it was wanted to be.05:18
TheMusoOuch. The latest live CD appears to still be using an old version of casper.05:18
TheMusoYeah, latest live CD has casper 1.115.05:21
TheMusoAnd 1.118 is in the archive.05:21
TheMusoSame with a lot of packages I think, including artwork.05:23
TheMusoSo much for my a11y testing this afternoon. :)05:23
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsonTheMuso: check http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/05:47
cjwatsonTheMuso: this is usually because later livefs builds failed and somebody needs to focus on getting them back into shape05:47
StevenKIt may be related to the python-central breakage ...05:48
StevenKI win, it is.05:48
ScottK2I have a theory on the python-central breakage, but no good way to test it and I'm about to go to bed.  Anyone interested in hearing a shot in the dark?05:49
StevenKScottK2: No chroot you can upgrade?05:50
ScottK2StevenK: I've got a machine, just it's almost 1am and I've got an early meeting.05:50
TheMusocjwatson: Ah right, it took me a bit to work that out, but looks like they are failing. Latest is from the 18th, for i386 at least. Ppc and ia64 have builds from the 19th.05:51
CarlFKScottK I have a box I czan test on05:51
ScottK2StevenK: My shot in the dark is to revert the changes in python/sourcelist.cc in the last python-apt upload.  The pyversions.py file the python-central keeps dieing on is unchanged from the last to the current versions..05:51
CarlFKer... I take that back.  I have a gutsy box...05:52
ScottK2You could do it in a Hardy chroot.05:53
ScottK2http://pastebin.com/m63ba51ca is the change that I'm guessing needs reverted.05:53
ScottK2But it's just a guess.  Doing that may eat you children.05:53
ScottK2Good night all.05:53
ionstormyea that bug is a bit annoying06:02
pittiGood morning06:42
pitticjwatson: language-support split> that happened last Thursday06:42
ion_Good evening.06:42
pitticjwatson: it's all done06:42
pitticjwatson, asac: BTW, I wonder whether I should continue to test the n-m 0.7 packages? will we get it for hardy, or shall I go back to dogfooding the 0.6 ones?06:45
dholbachgood morning06:46
ion_Good evening06:49
* pitti hugs dholbach06:49
* dholbach hugs pitti back06:49
tseliotgood morning06:55
pittiargh argh, seems that the new python-central is on a 'break postinsts' rampage06:56
superm1yes, yes it is06:57
dholbachon the master bug there seems to be at least a workaround - no idea if it's "the real fix"07:01
dholbachbug 192992 comment 3207:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299207:01
=== hunger_t_ is now known as hunger
pittiapport bugpattern for bug above bug added07:19
pittino more dups from now on07:19
pittihm, current hardy's bzrtools is 1.0, which is incompatible with 1.1~rc107:40
pittibut when I sync from Debian, I get bzrtools 1.207:40
pittibecause Debian already has bzr 1.207:40
StevenKDrag in both bzr{,tools} 1.2?07:40
pittislangasek: ^ Since bzr gets so exceptionally well self-tested, WDYT about syncing 1.2 for both?07:40
pitti(a lot of people will want 1.2 anyway)07:42
slangasekpitti: we probably ought to take 1.2 for hardy, yes07:43
pittiok, then I'll flush my syncs, thanks07:43
warp10Hi all!08:07
* pitti hugs warp10, his favourite MOTU aspirant08:08
* warp10 hugs back pitti, his favourite mentor and UDW speaker :D08:10
seb128mvo: is you or doko looking at bug #192992?08:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299208:24
mvoseb128: possible, I don't know08:28
seb128mvo: I asked you or doko, I'll take it as you are not ;-)08:29
seb128where is doko? broke hardy and ran away? ;-)08:29
mvoseb128: I can check it out now if he is not around08:29
seb128mvo: there is already 30 duplicates so would be nice if somebody could look at it, upgrades are broken for everybody08:30
dholbachbug 192992 comment 32 has a workaround (maybe even a solution) for it08:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299208:31
seb128mvo: there is a comment pointing a preinst change, not sure if it's correct though08:31
dholbachseb128: doko is at some OOo meeting08:31
seb128ok, so we better don't wait on him to fix the issue08:32
pittiseb128: I added an apport pattern for it now, BTW08:35
mvoseb128: looking at it now08:36
* seb128 hugs pitti08:36
* seb128 hugs mvo08:36
seb128pitti: good idea, I almost forgot about bug patterns ;-)08:37
seb128we don't use those often08:37
pittifor cases like these they are really handy08:37
pittiI recently sent an announcement about putting them in bzr08:37
pittiso more people can use them08:37
seb128right, I read this one08:39
seb128Amaranth: stop reassigning all the compiz bugs to libwnck ;-)08:46
seb128I'm pondering making a compiz sucks bug there and duplicating everything08:46
=== fabbione is now known as thegodfather
Amaranthseb128: the one that i think i moved over a couple times is libwnck not paying attention to window extents08:47
Amaranththen there are the usual "libwnck doesn't handle viewports correctly" bugs08:47
seb128well, if they have the same cause and you know which one that would be nice to comment to say that and duplicate those08:47
Amaranthright, i planned to go through them afterward, had like 50 compiz bugs open in tabs at the time08:48
seb128ok, thanks08:49
Amaranththat'll probably be a few hours though, gotta sleep soon :)08:49
Amaranthbut i'll take care of it, libwnck probably has a bunch of compiz-related dupes hanging around08:49
seb128btw, the broken move to workspace n, are you sure it's due to libwnck?08:49
Amaranthupsteam says yes08:49
AmaranthI know one of the problems was not taking window decorations into account when figuring out how far to move08:50
Amaranththe window extents i mentioned08:50
Amaranthseb128: ooh, bug 184998 looks easy to fix08:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184998 in libwnck ""Move To Another Workspace:" moves to Desk 3 in Desk 2 when selectin Desk 1 in Compiz" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18499808:56
Amaranthit seems to just move the wrong way, the reporting just happened to get lucky enough to have so little viewports it wrapped around08:57
Amaranthprobably a + needs to be a - somewhere, i'll look later08:57
seb128Amaranth: thanks08:57
asacpitti: looks like we will stay at 0.6 in hardy09:03
seb128asac: :-(09:03
tjaaltonasac: so upstream doesn't have a release schedule yet?09:03
slytherinHi all. I am not sure if this the place to discuss this but is anyone working on getting latest bluez-gnome in Ubuntu? I think the recent releases also have file transfer support using obex-data-server and libopenobex-glib (none of them present in Ubuntu).09:03
asactjaalton: more or less yes.09:04
asacotoh, NM 0.6.6 is planned for end of this month ;)09:04
tjaaltonbah, 0.7 has all the goodies ;)09:05
seb128slytherin: obex-data-server is in NEW09:06
slytherinseb128: Damn. I always forget to make sure before I ask09:06
seb128slytherin: I think there is a sponsor request about the new bluez-gnome but the other one needs to be accepted first09:06
seb128slytherin: dunno about libopenobex-glib09:06
slytherinseb128: Thanks for info. I will try to explore what all is possible with obex-data-server.09:07
seb128you are welcome09:07
pittiasac: oh, then I better downgrade09:18
Mithrandirseb128: I'll NEW obex-data-server, since I was the one who rejected it last time.09:18
mvoseb128: I uploaded a fix that is hopefully correct09:18
pittiasac: too many regressions?09:18
asacpitti: too much uncertainty09:20
beby s tat09:21
bebur 4rm09:21
ssamon https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/linux/2.6.24-9.15 under builds it says 'failed to upload' what does that mean? will there be afix before the next alpha?09:21
gesergood morning09:22
asacpitti: we don't know _when_ upstream will release ... and if we release a random snapshot we might end up with a code base in a LTS release that upstream has no clue about (e.g. sec patches might not apply et al)09:22
pittiasac: ah, I see09:22
asacpitti: we discussed that in -platform meeting and came to this conclusion09:22
bebgud morning09:22
seb128Mithrandir: thanks!09:22
pittiI wasn't aware of the release status of 0.709:22
* seb128 hugs mvo09:23
Mithrandirseb128: accepted now.09:23
seb128mvo: thanks for the quick fix09:23
MithrandirI should probably do a MIR for it09:23
seb128Mithrandir: rock on ;-)09:23
* pitti hugs mvo09:23
seb128that would be nice09:23
bebwat would be nice09:24
slytherinmvo: I have another question about python-apt if you are not too busy.09:24
bebya sure09:24
saispoanyone from xorg team ?09:24
geserssam: something went wrong with the upload of the debs build by the buildd. the uploader should got a mail with the errror message, others can currently only guess about the reason.09:25
bebi dont know09:25
mvoslytherin: sure, fire09:25
mvoslytherin: I may be a bit slow answering, but will do my best :)09:25
ssamgeser, thanks09:26
beby thanx09:26
seb128saispo: #ubuntu-x09:26
slytherinmvo: I see in the examples installed in package python-apt, apt_pkg.Architecture is used to retrieve architecture. But when I try to use it I get some error, something that sound like api is not present (probably removed). Is this a bug or problem in examples?09:26
saisposeb128: thanks09:27
mvoslytherin: that sounds like a bug, I wouldn't mind a bugreport. use "apt_pkg.Config.Find("APT::Architecture")09:29
slytherinmvo: I had tried Config.Get instead of Config.Find. :-D09:30
slytherinmvo: Ok, .Find works. I will log a bug for the examples09:32
mvoslytherin: thanks09:32
cjwatsonpitti: ah, ok, thanks, I checked but must have missed it somehow09:33
pitticjwatson: well, the split of language-support-* into fonts/writing aids etc. is done; not the per-country split of language-pack-zh09:34
cjwatsonright, that I knew09:36
cjwatsonI think I just misread apt-cache show (since it also showed my installed package)09:36
ogramvo, what would you think about a note that is displayed if users run apt-get dist-upgrade, pointing them to update-manager(-core) ? i guess we'd avoid a lot of breakage with a tiny change09:39
ogralike: "if you want to use this command to upgrade to a new distribution release, please rather use update-manager"09:39
Keybukpitti: I have *THE BEST* apport bug09:39
pittiKeybuk: apport crash on apport crash on apport crash?09:40
Keybukno, even better09:40
ion_ogra: It probably should also mention do-release-upgrade (it’s the same thing with a text UI, isn’t it?)09:41
ograion_, i thought that was -core09:41
ion_ogra: Ah, right :-)09:41
Keybukpitti: http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/apport-doh.png09:41
ograin any case we shouold give users being used to dist-upgrade a hint imho09:41
mvoogra: yeah, I think that makes sense09:42
ion_keybuk: :-D09:42
mvoogra: something more clever would be even better that can see if a actual release upgrade is performed or "just" some random upgrading09:43
ograKeybuk, are you sure we're not violating a M$ patent here ?09:43
pittiKeybuk: "upgrade to a known-broken version! now!" :)09:43
Keybukpitti: that's exactly what failed ;)09:43
ogramvo, that would be the second iteration :)09:43
Keybukthe report is the failure to upgrade python-central09:43
Keybukwhich it can't file, because I need to upgrade python-central09:43
Keybukbut I can't upgrade python-central, because it fails09:43
Keybukgenerating a problem report which I can't file, because I nee*BOOM*09:44
pittiKeybuk: interesting self-referential case :) I think we shuold disable that check if ProblemType == Package and Package == obsolete Package09:44
Keybukand I got a problem report because I ^\'d an app09:45
Keybukbut I think I'll ignore that ;)09:45
Keybukawn crashed with SIGQUIT09:46
pittiwhat was it again, SIGSTOP or SIGQUIT?09:46
pittiworth a bug report, though09:46
Keybuka but that apport reports it?09:47
Keybukit's a valid report for most things I would have said09:48
Keybukdid you know, btw, that apport is actually an English word? :)09:48
pittiit's actually supposed to ignore SIGQUIT09:48
pittiKeybuk: yes, it's a German word, too09:48
pitti"apportieren" -> a dog fetches somethign you throw09:48
cjwatsonit's a property of pets in nethack ;-)09:48
cjwatson(meaning pretty much exactly that)09:49
pittithat's why I chose it as a name, it fitted well09:49
Keybukin English, it means "to transfer something by mysterious means"09:49
* Fujitsu finds apport mysterious enough.09:49
pittisounds about right :)09:49
pittiKeybuk: so, anyway, I expliticly have "if signum == str(signal.SIGQUIT): sys.exit(0)" and even test cases for it09:49
Keybukgood name :-)09:49
Keybukpitti: hmm, maybe I did something very strange that confused it09:50
KeybukI'm good at that09:50
pittiKeybuk: that's why I wonder why you still got a report; can you mail me your /var/log/apport.log?09:50
tjaaltonasac: is there a bug against FF that if I have both GNOME & KDE installed, FF uses external applications randomly choosing either a KDE or GNOME equivalent depending on the phase of the moon :)09:52
tjaaltonstrike the moon stuff, it wouldn't be random then ;)09:53
Keybukpitti: sure, it's my home machine09:57
asactjaalton: not that i know of09:58
pittiKeybuk: toghether with an explanation which application you ^\ed09:59
tjaaltonasac: it can offer file-roller five times in a row, then the same for ark ..09:59
Keybukit was avant09:59
Keybukit was annoying me09:59
tjaaltonasac: when trying the same archive, for instance09:59
pittiKeybuk: just tried it here, I don't get a report for ^\09:59
Keybukpitti: I'm wondering whether it didn't respond fast enough, and I did something else :p10:00
asactjaalton: if you have a minute, please file a bug about this10:00
tjaaltonasac: sure10:00
Keybukpitti: in fact, arguably any upgrade failure should be filed whether or not there are obsolete packages?10:03
pittiKeybuk: true that10:03
Keybuk. o O { if only Launchpad tracked versions }10:03
pittiKeybuk: in fact the obsolescence check already applies *only* to ProblemType: Crash10:04
pittiKeybuk: apparently your report wasn't a package install/upgrade one, but a crash report10:04
Keybukso python-central crashed while it was upgrading itself?10:04
Keybukdoes python-central's postinst run python-central?10:04
pittiand I don't generally want to disable the obsolescence check, since we very deliberatly introduced it10:05
pittiKeybuk: yes, so it seems10:06
pittiif /var/lib/pycentral/delayed-pkgs exists10:06
mvoKeybuk: I uploaded a fix for the python-central issue some minutes ago10:09
pittiArneGoetje: hm; I was just told that openoffice.org-hyphenation is the *old* way of doing things, and that it was split into several sources for easier maintenance; so we shuold migrate the language-support packs away from it10:11
sorenThe locale generation bug yesterday doesn't happen if I give the virtual machine a GB of RAM.10:17
sitiyeah that bug is weird10:20
sitiit has killed my machine before :(10:20
ogramvo, that didnt fix it completely it seems10:21
ogramvo, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56598/10:21
ogra(i just grabbed your upload from LP)10:22
stgraberconfirmed ^^10:23
mvoogra: thanks! doko took care of it and uploaded a new (better) fix10:29
geserpitti: please give-back: libept. I got hit by graphviz being uninstallable. Thanks10:29
mvoogra: could you please grab that latest version https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-central/0.5.50ubuntu3 and check if that helps?10:31
pittigeser: done10:31
dokoogra: you need to rebuild with this version10:34
geserpitti: please also give-back: xen-3.2. Got also hit by graphviz. Thanks.10:35
ogradoko, you mean i need to rebuild python-apt ??10:35
dokoogra: yes10:35
dholbachdoko, mvo, ogra: just installing the new python-central (ubuntu3) made installation work for me10:36
ogradholbach, well, stgraber sees it as well10:36
dholbachogra: ubuntu3?10:36
ograthe first error was gone for me after ubuntu310:36
dholbachhm, weird10:36
ograbut introduced the byte_compile error10:36
dokodholbach: yes, for python-apt it does work10:36
mvoogra: could you please check ubuntu3? if that is ok we are good, otherwise we need to look at it again10:38
ograwell, that takes some more effort ... let me see to get python-central ubuntu3 into my pbuilder somehow10:39
mvoogra: pbuilder login --save-after-login and install it there10:40
ograthats what i'm doing :)10:40
dokoogra: rebuilt package: http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/tmp/python-apt_0.7.4ubuntu5_i386.deb10:40
ograoh, wow, thats even better :D10:40
pittigeser: done10:40
ogradoko, mvo, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56603/10:41
dokoogra: http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/tmp/python-central_0.5.50ubuntu3_all.deb10:42
ograogra@ceron:~/Desktop$ dpkg -l python-central|grep ii10:43
ograii  python-central                             0.5.50ubuntu3                       register and build utility for Python packages10:43
ograbut i'll try your package10:43
ograsame thing10:44
ogra  File "/usr/bin/pycentral", line 624, in byte_compile10:44
ogra    rt.byte_compile(files, bc_option, exclude_regex)10:44
ograAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'byte_compile'10:44
dokoogra: please could you try to remove the package first?10:45
* ogra tries10:46
ion_I also get that error.10:46
ograthats a lot of deps10:46
mvopython-apt? yeah :-D10:47
* pitti claims the trophy for the first LZMA-enabled upload10:47
pittiia32-libs shrinks to less than 50% (!)10:48
* mvo hands pitti a gold star10:48
ion_The crowd cheers.10:48
ogrameh -central removes nearly everything10:48
dokoogra: sorry, can't reproduce here, neither with an update from the broken, nor from the old version10:48
ograespecially xchat ...10:48
ion_doko: Still the same error after purging and reinstalling python-central.10:48
dokoion_: python-apt, not python-central10:48
* ogra ctrl-C's quickly10:48
ogradoko, same error10:49
* ogra reinstalls ubuntu-desktop10:49
ograhrm ...10:50
stgraberI dpkg --purged python-central and reinstalled, doesn't seem to help10:50
stgraber(assuming that dpkg --purge + dpkg -i does the same as using the aptitude way)10:51
ograit should10:51
mvoogra: is that some special environment (pbuilder) or do you see it on your regular system?10:51
ograthats my regular system10:51
ograi fear to log out now ... half of my desktop is gone and not installable anymore10:52
mvoogra: could you please check the last lines in /var/log/pycentral.log ?10:52
mvoogra: there should be something like "bc for v%s (%d files)" in it10:52
stgraberdoesn't seem to work when reinstalling python-apt (except that now I don't have python-apt installed and all the packages depending on it are now broken ...)10:53
ion_ogra: I just forced the purge without removing the dependees since hey, the very next thing i’d do was to install the package back.10:53
ograion_, the deps are still broken10:54
mvoogra: could you please try setting PYCENTRAL=debug and running the command again?10:55
mvoogra: you need to be on "sudo -s" first, otherwise sudo eats the environemt10:56
mvo(^--- or stgraber or ion_)10:56
ograstill empty10:57
mvoPYCENTRAL=debug apt-get install python-apt10:57
mvoand nothing printed on the terminal?10:57
ograah, now its better :)10:57
* soren likes the old python-central much better :)10:58
sorenogra: Oh, oh, what did you do?10:58
ograsoren, wasnt me10:58
mvoogra: out of curiosity, does it go away if you install python2.4?10:58
* ogra whistles innocently10:58
sorenogra: No, but you said it was better. I thought you fixed it :(10:59
sorenI have python2.4 installed and I'm seeing the same thing.10:59
mvosoren: better == more output (more output is always better :)10:59
ogramvo, snap, thats it10:59
stgraberhmm, ogra was faster :)11:00
mvostgraber: do you have python2.4 installed? does it help if you install it?11:00
mvosoren: oh? you get this with python-central 0.5.50ubuntu3 and python2.4 installed? the same error?11:00
ografor me 2.4 fixed everything it seems11:01
mvodoko: is this fallout of the incorrect settings in the preinst or is this a different problem (i.e. will this go away after the packages got rebuild against the latest python-central)?11:01
stgraberI don't, let me install it11:01
sorenmvo: I can't really install 0.5.5ubuntu3, apparantly.11:01
mvoogra: still a bug, but we now know what the problem is11:01
sorenmvo: Er.. hang on.11:02
* mvo really needs to go for lunch now11:02
sorenmvo: Sorry, I'm an idiot.11:02
* soren tries again.11:03
* mvo hugs soren11:03
stgraberhere I seem to get the crash when installing python2.4 now ...11:03
* pitti wonders how he can damage an ext3 file system in a way that fsck -a fails11:03
* dholbach hugs soren11:03
stgraber(though python-apt and update-manager installed correctly :))11:03
mvodd if=/dev/random of=/dev/pittis_hdd11:03
sorenEr.. Yes, I *do* get the same error.11:03
sorenii  python-central                   0.5.50ubuntu3                    register and build utility for Python packages11:03
sorenii  python2.4                        2.4.4-7ubuntu1                   An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.4)11:04
pittimvo: well, that won't even remotely look like an ext3 partition any more :)11:04
mvosoren: same debug output as well?11:04
sorenmvo: You mean lines the start with "pycentral:"?11:05
mvopitti: use skip and count to just make it broken on random bits :)11:05
mvosoren: yes11:05
pittimvo: ah, will try taht11:05
sorenmvo: No, all it says is: pycentral: pycentral pkgremove duplicity11:05
sorenmvo: ...which is probably the first package in pycentral's queue.11:05
ogramy system beahves weird now11:05
ogranow pitti's jockey upload breaks on pycentral11:06
ograsame erros11:06
pittiogra: my bzrtools sync as well (FTBFS)11:06
pittiI'm collecting the logs for a later give-back11:06
stgraberI somehow managed to install python2.4 and I now get the crash when removing it :)11:06
sorenmvo: The stacktrace is the same, though.11:06
ograpitti, no, its pycentral thats broken11:06
mvoI need to go for lunch now, sorry. but when I'm back we can debug this further, looks likethere may be more issues hiding here :/11:06
pittiogra: ah, you mean it built, but it doesn't install?11:07
ograpitti, yeah11:07
stgraberhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4753/ <--- When removing python2.4-minimal11:07
pittiright, it built successfully11:07
emgentheya people :)11:08
ograstgraber, looks like "buffer" is empty11:08
sorenI don't get it.11:09
sorenIt reads through the preinst..11:09
sorenand only if it says '[python-package]' on a line by itself, it sets the buffer to something other than None.11:09
sorenWhy would preinst have a line like that?11:09
sorenI'm having trouble seeing how this *wouldn't* fail ?11:10
ogracreated by some dh_python helper ?11:10
sorenHow can "[python-package]" on a line by itself be valid in a general preinst?11:11
ograogra@ceron:~/Desktop$ grep python-package /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.preinst|wc -l11:11
ograonly 6 packages11:12
sorenSure, if the interpreter was set to pycentral or something.11:12
soren..but then you couldn't put general stuff into the preinst.11:12
soren..and possibly require a pre-depends on pycentral (not sure about that, though)11:12
ArneGoetjepitti: hum... then where are the new sources?11:13
pittiArneGoetje: e. g. hyphen is the new one (the one we removed recently)11:14
pittiI haven't checked in detail for other languages11:14
sorenAh... inside a heredoc.11:15
ogracjwatson, i'll take myself out of bin/daily-checks for now (since it only sends the same as the report has)11:16
ArneGoetjepitti: uah... sometimes it's oo.o-dictionaries, somtimes myspell and sometimes ispell besides hyphen... :( that's a mess11:16
ogracjwatson, also what do we do about the DVD ?11:16
sorenWell, I'm no python-central expert, but it seems that a "if not buffer: return None" in read_preinst_pkgconfig would be useful..11:16
sorenRight after iterating through the preinst.11:17
sorenThe current implementation seems to assume that any package that has a preinst must have pycentral magic in there.11:17
sorendoko: Opinion?11:18
cjwatsonogra: daily-checks> sure11:18
cjwatsonogra: Edubuntu DVD doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense any more?11:18
ogranot sure11:18
cjwatsonogra: I'm not sure, I know we need to at least sort out DVD seeds11:19
ograi suspect it will take some effort to get it in shape size wise11:19
cjwatsonI didn't try to do it at the same time as everything else since it was complex enough already11:19
ograi'll talk to RichEd about the expectations from his side about DVD11:21
sorenYay, working python-central.11:22
ograsoren, what did you break to make it work ?11:22
sorenogra: I added the fix I suggested 6 minutes ago11:23
soren12:16:47 < soren> Well, I'm no python-central expert, but it seems that a "if not buffer: return None" in read_preinst_pkgconfig would be useful..11:23
sorenI could upload it, but I'm scared :(11:24
sorenI'd like to head doko say "good idea" or something before I become TIL for pycentral and it breaks the world.11:24
soren*hear* doko say..11:25
pittiKeybuk: I uploaded a new sysvinit for usplash fsck magic for checkroot.sh FYI11:25
* soren hugs pitti 11:25
Keybukpitti: ok11:30
Keybukpitti: the root is fixed?11:30
sorenmvo: ping11:30
pittiKeybuk: I confine it to ext2 and ext3 (other fs'es don't benefit from it anyway)11:30
pittiKeybuk: I tried for two hours to track down why reiserfsck kills your partition when being called in the background, without success11:31
pittiKeybuk: but since I only tested it with 4 file systems, and only ext3 actually matters wrt. clean fsck, I think this is acceptable11:31
mvosoren: I'm checking your fix out currently11:31
StevenKpitti: Being backgrounded is something that happens to other processes?11:31
YokoZarWhere can I find a good PPA howto?  I've spent a bit too long on google and wiki search looking for something that should probably be in an obvious place on launchpad...11:31
mvosoren: I think it is a good idea11:31
sorenmvo: I'll prepare an upload an wait for your "Ok, go!".11:32
pittiStevenK: I don't understand what you mean?11:32
StevenKpitti: Heh, sorry, I'm trying to be funny. Being backgrounded is something that only happens to other processes, not reiserfsck?11:32
mvosoren: I have a upload ready here based on your suggestion11:32
pittiStevenK: apparently :)11:33
pittiStevenK: well, if I & it on a shell, it even works fine11:33
sorenmvo: Oh, even better! It keeps my name off of it! :)11:33
mvosoren: with "if buffer is None: return []"11:33
mvosoren: but otherwise idential :)11:33
StevenKpitti: It needs a tty, then?11:33
pittibut if usplash is active (and thus I can't see what it's doing), it totally wrecks the partition11:33
sorenmvo: Oh, ok. I just wanted to act exactly as though there was no preinst at all.11:33
sorenmvo: ..but I haven't a clue :)11:33
mvosoren: right, that sounds sensible11:34
mvosoren: this dosn't fix the "apt-get install python-apt" with no python2.4-minimal crash, I look into that one now11:34
pittiand this is just an reiserfs -a /dev/bla &11:34
pittion a readonly fs11:34
pittireiserfsck, I mean11:34
pittiso I better leave its evilness alone, I figure11:34
sorenmvo: I've taken a quick peek at the rest of the code and it seems to be the only bug of its kind. (there's nothing similar for {pre,post}{inst,rm})11:35
mvogreat, thanks soren11:35
dokosoren, mvo: ok, the fix for the preinst without having the config looks fine11:36
mvodoko: if you don't beat me to it, I upload this change in a few minutes11:37
dokoI can't see the failure "apt-get install python-apt" with no python2.4-minimal crash11:37
dokomvo: please go ahead11:37
=== DrPepperKid is now known as MacSlow
pittiStevenK: </dev/null works fine, >/dev/null, too11:39
pittiStevenK: as I said, I haven't been able to reproduce it with usplash being disabled11:39
mvodoko: it looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4754/ - I can reproduce it here. I think I will just add checks that ensure that rt.byte_compile is not called if the runtime is not available11:39
StevenKpitti: That's wierd as hell.11:40
tjaaltonumm, why isn't mdadm included on amd64 ubuntu-standard?11:42
tjaaltonthe changelog says it was removed from all, but at least feisty standard-i386 has it11:44
pittiStevenK: exactly my thoughts11:44
tjaaltonwhoops, sorry11:45
tjaaltonI was looking at a dapper box11:45
mvoogra, stgraber, doko: new version uploaded that works for me (tm) - please test ubuntu4 and let me kow if that fixes the issues for you too11:49
* soren hugs mvo11:53
soren"  * do not crash if the"  ?11:54
pittisoren: ...editor saves a file? :)11:54
* soren chuckles11:54
* mvo coughs11:58
ion_iRon: I want my R back.11:59
iRonion_: no problem11:59
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
etretyakion_: take your R ;)12:05
\shRiddell: grmpf..12:07
\shquestion to our release team in general: is it feasable to re-upload a NEW package which was rejected, because of a silly mistake by me inside the license file, without prior approval? :)12:09
pitti\sh: sure; NEW uploads don't generally require prior approval12:10
Riddell\sh: yes that's fine12:11
\shpitti: and it's likely that the package will be processed for include into hardy still? I thought new packages only until FF sday12:11
frafudoko: Could you please tell me whether it is the fact that mousetweaks installs a daemon that makes you hesitate? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/19020812:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190208 in mousetweaks "Main Inclusion Report for mousetweaks" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:11
Riddellpitti: motu says they do12:11
Riddell\sh: today is my archive day, of course it'll be processed!12:12
\shRiddell: ok, you are fine that I bugfix this mistake and reupload? :) I mean it was already approved actually :)12:12
Q-FUNKhowdy!  could anybody tell me where are the latest how-to for building a customized ubuntu CD, as applying to gutsy?12:12
Riddell\sh: of course12:12
\shRiddell: cool..thx :)12:13
pittiRiddell: great goals; I spent hours and hours on NEW on Friday already12:13
RiddellTarget: New queue zero!12:14
Riddellonly 49 to go12:14
\shRiddell: hmm...if I say that it is licensed as GPL (version 1 or greater) or artistic (same lic as perl) then it's ok for you to include GPL-2 instead of GPL-3 right? :)12:15
pittiRiddell: hm, following that spirit I should continue the MIR crunch :)12:15
Riddell\sh: so long as upstream really is that12:15
\shRiddell: upstream is same licences as perl...which means GPL 1 or greater or artistic12:16
\shRiddell: upstream itself doesn't provide a license file in general and I'm using the infos on cpan for it12:17
danimo\sh: any updates on the wine crash?12:17
\shdanimo: nope...I have a report, that it works magically after the last dist-upgrade...I'll check just now12:17
\shdanimo: but I'm not sure if this has something to do with the crash in general..0.9.54 works still, but 0.9.55 doesn't and my debugging didn't give me any clue what is going wrong12:18
Riddell\sh: you should point to that in debian/copyright then12:19
\shRiddell: ok12:20
Riddell\sh: and include a GPL, perferably version 112:21
* Riddell tsks at slangasek for leaving backports in New12:21
\shRiddell: I'm just searching for it :)12:22
Riddell\sh: apt-get source perl12:22
\shRiddell: reuploading the same version or should I inc the rev no?12:28
Riddell\sh: doesn't matter12:28
sorencjwatson: Ok, so I can totally reproduce the alternate installer failing if I only have 128MB... What to report that against? There's a kernel bug involved somewhere, so maybe that's a good starting point?12:42
\shRiddell: re-uploaded libfile-flock-perl and libdaemon-generic-perl12:45
\shpitti: thx for adding the other libs to ia32 :)12:47
pitti\sh: feedback appreciated if it actually works now12:47
\shpitti: well, the crash comes from something else..I think12:48
\shpitti: I really wonder if it's the preloader thing with its strange memory mapping or something like that12:48
danimo\sh: unfortunate,  I kinda need wine for online banking13:07
\shdanimo: well, I need it too for my tax application ;)13:12
erudifiedHey, congrats on all your hard work - Hardy is looking awesome!13:15
frafudoko: ping13:19
stgrabermvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4756/ <-- I get this one with pycentral -ubuntu413:32
stgraberthat's when installing jockey-gtk13:32
=== Igorot_ is now known as Igorot
pittifrafu: I'll have another look at MIR later in the afternoon13:35
frafupitti: thanks13:35
mvostgraber: woah, this is still another one13:36
mvostgraber: thanks, I can reproduce it too13:38
* ogra_ got the same here13:38
CarlFKbug #19299213:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299213:42
mvostgraber, ogra_: thanks, have it and have a fix13:42
* mvo uploads another python-central and hopes for the best13:46
cjwatsonsoren: I'm not sure. Kernel might be worth a start13:53
sorencjwatson: Mkay. I was hoping to not depend on that. The bug list for the kernel is not very encouraging :/13:54
sorenpitti: Have you managed to access the magic sysrq thing on your d430?13:55
cjwatsonsoren: I know, I'm just conscious that chances are there's not going to be a whole lot we can do from the installer end13:55
cjwatsonshort of not running localedef, which doesn't sound like a great option either13:55
sorencjwatson: Well, sure, and there's no doubt there's a kernel bug involved somewhere. I just hoped you had some magic trick up your sleeve that could narrow it down a bit. :)13:56
cjwatsonsoren: hang on - exactly when did you say it was failing?13:58
cjwatsonwhat installer step?13:58
sorencjwatson: When it's running localedef (during finish-install)13:58
=== danimo_ is now known as danimo
cjwatsonsoren: yeah, the weird bit is that localedef is run from post-base-installer, way earlier than finish-install14:07
cjwatsonsoren: a process tree might help ...14:07
sorencjwatson: Er.. ok?14:08
cjwatsonpost-base-installer:    log-output -t localechooser chroot /target /usr/sbin/locale-gen "$LOCALE" || true14:08
sorencjwatson: Ah, localedef is put into the background, I guess?14:08
cjwatsonpost-base-installer:    log-output -t localechooser chroot /target /usr/sbin/locale-gen $EXTRAS || true14:08
sorenWell, the way it looks from the UI is that it gets stuck when it says "Storing language".14:09
sorenWhen I switch to vt2 I can see localedef running at full steam.14:10
sorenstrace and ltrace are both silent, it's in R state and can't be kill -9'ed.14:10
cjwatsonlike I say, a process tree might help establish what's going on14:10
sorenAttaching gdb to it gave me no love at all.14:10
sorencjwatson: True.14:11
sorenNevertheless, process in R state, that can't be killed => kernel bug, but let's see if we can narrow it down a bit.14:11
cjwatsonlocalechooser's finish-install ought not to be doing much at all14:12
cjwatsonI think it is probably actually the post-base-installer script that's running, in which case there is no confusion14:12
sorencjwatson: It's the finish-install script that says "storing language", though, isn't it? Or why do I think it is?14:13
cjwatsonwell, the template is finish-install/blah14:13
cjwatsonbut actually base-installer uses that template as a fallback too14:13
cjwatsonto save duplicating it14:13
sorenbusybox has not pstree, afair. Oh, well, I'll whip something up based on /proc.14:14
cjwatsonI don't think it's needed14:15
cjwatsonthis is pretty clearly p-b-i AFAICS14:15
mok0lamont: ping14:20
mok0lamont: can you tell me what cpp predefines exist on hppa?14:21
lamont__hppa__ iirc14:22
mok0lamont: I am guessing __hppa14:22
mok0lamont: ah, ok14:22
lamont__${arch}__ is pretty much always there14:22
mok0lamont: great, thanks, thats all :-)14:22
MacSlowhm... I'm just updating and get tons of error-messages about python- and apt-packages not correctly installing... trying to generate bug-reports fails too14:24
CarlFKbug #19299214:24
MacSlowanybody got a clue what I just ran into there?14:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299214:24
mvoMacSlow: its a known issue14:24
mvopython-central had a bad day today14:24
MacSlowmvo, do I have to feel guilty not knowing this?14:24
mvono :)14:24
ogra_cmpcs/python-central/mvo/ ?14:25
mvoogra_cmpc: *pfff* I'm fixing it14:25
* ogra_cmpc hugs mvo14:25
* seb128 hugs mvo14:25
* MacSlow has "fun" fixing wncklet's tooltips14:26
mok0lamont: the hppa platform in the buildd is running Linux, yes?14:26
Keybukasac_: so, err14:27
Keybukfirefox 3.014:27
Keybukwhere's the Home button?14:27
lamontmok0: yes.14:28
azeemKeybuk: it's the MyFacebook button now14:28
mok0lamont: ... and big endian?14:28
pittisoren: hm, if you ask me like that, no14:28
lamontof course14:29
lamonthppa/linux is always BE14:29
=== sato_ is now known as arekkusu
stgraberKeybuk: have a look at the bookmark toolbar :)14:30
KeybukI don't have a bookmark toolbar?14:30
ogra_cmpcKeybuk, ++14:30
stgraberyou have to enable it, then move it back to the main one :)14:30
Keybukthat's a bit silly14:31
ogra_cmpcthe most useless waste of screen space ever14:31
Keybukwhy did they take away the Home button by default?14:31
stgraberI wondered the same14:31
azeemI didn't notice I don't have a Home button with Epiphany for years now14:31
Keybukepiphany has a Home button14:31
PiciProbably because they wanted to put it near the Smart Bookmarks and Places folder buttons14:31
Keybukwhen it's not busy crashing14:31
azeemKeybuk: maybe I removed it then :)14:31
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacKeybuk: its on the bookmarks toolbar ... but upstream is working on improving this: bug 192505 + mozilla bug 41715214:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192505 in firefox-3.0 "Where's my home button?" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19250514:34
ubotuMozilla bug 417152 in Toolbars "move the Home button only if the bookmarks bar is visible" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41715214:34
Keybukthe bookmarks bar is invisible by default?14:35
asacKeybuk: no its visible, but some users disable it14:35
ogra_cmpcno, its visible14:35
stgraberI don't think so but I didn't reset my FF profile for a long time14:35
Keybukit's invisible for me14:35
Keybukand I only installed firefox-3.0 a few hours ago14:35
ogra_cmpci disable it as first thing usually14:36
stgraberit probably took your settings from your FF214:36
asacKeybuk: maybe an old profile setting?14:36
Keybukasac: laptop was fresh installed with hardy14:36
Keybukand I use epiphany normally14:36
Keybukso if I have a firefox profile, it's an empty one from when firefox has been started by mistake by some application that has it hard-coded14:36
stgraberwell, that probably created a FF2 profile then which was taken by FF3 at first start ...14:38
cjwatsonMithrandir: could you visit https://launchpad.net/casper/trunk/+source and set the Bazaar branch for the series to ~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk, please?14:39
ogra_cmpcbut the default ff2 profile has the bookmarks toolbar enabled as well14:39
asacKeybuk: hmm ... just tried with a fresh profile: bookmarks toolbar is visible here. do you do backups of your home? we could look at the profile then?14:40
Mithrandircjwatson: done14:41
superm1Riddell, the author of libnet-upnp-perl lists the terms of his license in the README14:52
superm1he just doesn't explicitly have a "COPYING" file that he put them in14:53
Riddellsuperm1: doh, so he does14:53
Riddellsuperm1: ok accepted, sorry about that14:54
superm1Riddell, okay thanks.  Well it's good I was still around when you rejected it :)14:54
ogra_now i know why my addon seems so full ... its full of windows software15:01
rhpot1991_laptopcan an archive admin look at something that failed to build for me: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atomicparsley/0.9.0-0ubuntu115:02
rhpot1991_laptophas some errors about section unknown, but the section should be misc on the latest version15:02
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
stgraberogra_: how ?15:03
ogra_stgraber, well, the winfoss stuff is on it15:04
ogra_openoffice, inkscape, celestia, firefox and tuxpaint15:04
stgraberright, openoffice taking a lot of space I guess :)15:05
ogra_hmm, i wonder what icon to take for edubuntu-desktop in the addon metadata ...15:07
stgraberogra_: Can't you simply take the standard edubuntu logo ?15:08
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Keybukthought of the day15:18
Keybukwe should inhibit reboot/shutdown/logout/gdm etc. when dpkg is running15:18
slytherinHi all. I have packaged latest bluez-gnome and will upload a .diff.gz soon. Just let me know if we should disable the 'Browse Device ...' menu in the applet as gnome-vfs-obexftp doesn't work as of now.15:19
jdongKeybuk: interesting... though what would be the use case?15:21
Keybukthe person who signs our pay cheques rebooted her laptop while the kernel was being upgraded, and then it wouldn't boot because the initramfs was truncated15:22
Robot101true indeed15:23
pittiKeybuk: oops15:24
pittiKeybuk: I hope she had at least one older kernel still?15:24
\shpitti: lib23ncurses5 should install a /usr/lib32/libncurses.so.* lib, right? but according to packages.u.c it doesn't ship with it, but lib32ncurses5-dev comes with /usr/lib32/libncurses.{a,so}15:24
pitti\sh: hm, it should at first sight, yes15:24
Keybukpitti: happily so, I booted it with /bin/bash and dpkg --configure -a15:24
mjg59\sh: The .a and .so should be in -dev. The .so.foo should be in the main package.15:24
Keybukbut it shouldn't be *that* easy to shoot yourself in the foot15:24
Keybukyou should have to be trying to15:25
\shmjg59: yes, the .a and .so are in the -dev package, but the .so.major.minor are not in the main package15:25
pittiasac: is the 'firefox' (2.0) build dependency of firefox-themes-ubuntu on your radar?15:27
pittiasac: it's the only thing that keeps firefox in main still15:27
rhpot1991_laptopany archive admins around to look at something?15:27
pittirhpot1991_laptop: you need to be a little more specific :)15:28
rhpot1991_laptoppitti: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/atomicparsley/0.9.0-0ubuntu115:28
rhpot1991_laptopfailted to build15:28
slytherinHi all. I have packaged latest bluez-gnome and will upload a .diff.gz soon. Just let me know if I should add patch to disable the 'Browse Device ...' menu in the applet as gnome-vfs-obexftp doesn't work as of now.15:29
rhpot1991_laptopactually this is a link with the build info: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atomicparsley/0.9.0-0ubuntu115:29
\shpitti, mjg59 : http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10730655/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-amd64.ncurses_5.6%2B20071124-1ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz the 32bit package for amd64 doesn't ship with a libncurses.so.* lib...15:30
pittirhpot1991_laptop: you should ahve gotten an upload rejection mail15:30
pittirhpot1991_laptop: it's built, but failed to upload for some reason15:30
rhpot1991_laptopI did15:30
pittirhpot1991_laptop: and the reason should be explained in the mail15:30
asacpitti: firefox 2 currently has no binaries in main ... all have been replaced by firefox (>=3). anyway, it just became a prominent object on my radar ;)15:31
rhpot1991_laptop13:10:31 WARNING Unable to grok section 'unknown', overriding it with misc15:31
rhpot1991_laptop13:10:31 WARNING Upload was rejected:15:31
rhpot1991_laptop13:10:31 WARNING        atomicparsley_0.9.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb control file lists section as main/unknown but changes file has main/misc.15:31
rhpot1991_laptopbut its set as misc in my debian/control15:31
asacpitti: interesting that this package has firefox as build-dep anyway15:32
ogra_rhpot1991_laptop, does it have a control.in by chance ?15:32
pittiasac: oh, indeed15:32
pittiasac: want me to remove the firefox source then?15:32
asacpitti: i guess that should be removed from seeds?15:32
rhpot1991_laptopI am using cdbs, not sure that matters15:33
pittirhpot1991_laptop: it shouldn't; cdbs doesn't care about/touch Section:15:33
asacpitti: please keep it, but demote it to universe ... firefox-2 binaries will go to universe ... several people requested that they need this or that extension and i want to serve that need somehow15:33
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pittiasac: but if the binaries are all shadowed by the firefox-3.0 source, what's the purpose?15:33
rhpot1991_laptopI had it as unknown originally, but changed it cause unknown isn't alloud15:34
asacpitti: new binaries will grow :)15:34
frafupitti: thanks for the review and the promotion of mousetweaks. Point 1 of what has to come next is already done because it has been added as a dependency to the gnome control center and accepted. However I think that your second point of your reply about making LP kick in might not be correct because mousetweaks is not hosted in GNOME since its integration into it.15:39
pittifrafu: I mean stripping the translations (*.mo) out of the .debs and importing htem into LP15:40
pittifrafu: so that language-pack-* will have the translations, and you can use LP to translate15:40
slytherinCan anyone please look at .diff.gz attached to bug 19040515:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190405 in bluez-gnome "please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.18 " [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19040515:42
geserrhpot1991_laptop: looking at the .diff.gz I still see Section: unknown in debian/control15:42
frafupitti: but mousetweaks is not hosted anymore on launchpad (has been abandoned) ; it is hosted on gnome svn. Does this not matter?15:43
pittifrafu: no, it doesn't15:43
pittifrafu: the Ubuntu packages are hosted on LP15:43
pittiand the language-pack-* refers to the Ubuntu packages, not the upstream project15:43
frafupitti: ok.  Do I have to ask for a feature freeze exception?15:44
pittifrafu: what for?15:44
frafuto get mousetweaks included?15:45
asacpitti: i subscribed ubuntu-archive to bug 19332115:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193321 in firefox "please demote firefox source to universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19332115:45
pittifrafu: no, that's fine; it was requested and discussed before FF15:45
pittifrafu: take my approval if you feel better :)15:46
pittifrafu: (I'm still in the release team, although not the primary RM any more)15:46
pittiasac: ah, I just did that :)15:46
asacpitti: oh ok ... then don't bother15:46
asaci will close it15:46
pittiasac: alrady done, thanks15:46
frafupitti:  cool B)15:46
rhpot1991_laptoppitti: hmmm, I just got the latest diff.gz from my box and it looks different than the one from LP15:48
pittirhpot1991_laptop: uh, that's disturbing15:48
pittiforgot to rebuild the source package before upload or so?15:48
rhpot1991_laptopwell I didn't rebuild now15:49
rhpot1991_laptopso that shouldn't be the case, unless I somehow did upload this one, but I swear that a MOTU made me change that15:49
asaccarlos: ping ... firefox locales ;)15:50
warp10Hi all!15:51
asachi warp1015:51
carlosasac: I'm on the phone, will ping you once I'm done.15:51
warp10hey asac!15:51
asaccarlos: oh ok ...  i have a conf call in 10 minutes too ;)15:51
carlosasac: or even better, talk with jtv, he's my manager and should be able to provide all information... ;-)15:51
rhpot1991_laptoppitti: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=atomicparsley15:52
rhpot1991_laptoppitti: has misc in there15:52
sistpoty|workasac: bug #193319 is just a demotion from main to universe? or are there other changes as well?15:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193319 in firefox "FF exception: firefox source will be revived to produce firefox-2 binaries in universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19331915:54
asacsistpoty|work: binary package renamed15:54
sistpoty|workasac: oh, heh, well I guess that isn't really exception worthy imo15:55
asacsistpoty|work: its basically the same package ... only difference is package name and the binary name is now /usr/bin/firefox-215:55
asacsistpoty|work: yeah ... i just don't want to ignore motu-release :)15:55
awen_calc: hi. i've tried looking further into bug 192310 regarding openoffice.org-hyphenation and openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us containing the same file...16:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192310 in hyphen "package openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19231016:08
awen_calc: I can't really figure out what the best solution could be; from what Martin-Éric Racine has said in the bug, compared to the current state of the openoffice.org-hyphenation-* packages, it seems quite of a mess16:08
frafupitti: concerning the next upload : I prepare the package, submit a bug  (supplying the diff.gz) and subscribe ubuntu main sponsor to it correct? What title should I give to the bug? Next monday, a new upstream release is due: should I wait for the new release or package the current release? (I will prepare a package after the new release even if you tell me to meanwhile post the current package)16:09
pochufrafu: is that mousetweaks? If so, you can add it to the DesktopTeam TODO16:10
dholbachUbuntu Development Week is up and running in #ubuntu-classroom!16:11
awen_calc: I was told in #ubuntu-motu that you might have an opinion on that16:11
frafupocho: yes mousetweaks; do I get you right: instead of subscribing it to ubuntu-main-sponsor, I add it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/TODO?16:14
pochufrafu: to the weeklyTODO, yes16:15
frafupochu: sorry for the typo16:15
pochufrafu: with a link to the dsc, or to a bug where it is16:15
pochuno probs :)16:15
frafupochu: ok16:16
pochufrafu: feel free to drop by #ubuntu-desktop and ask any questions you may have16:17
frafupochu: ok; thanks for the tip16:18
mario_limonciellpochu, good news: gmyth is in debian now (at least in NEW), we'll be able to sync the gstreamer bad plugins soon again16:19
pochumario_limonciell: yeah, nice work!16:22
mario_limonciellpochu, slomo helped rush it in. so thank him :)16:22
pochuI already did :)16:22
calcawen_: i'm going to talk to the debian maintainer and see what he thinks about i16:28
calcawen_: er it16:28
awen_calc: thanks, sounds good... just give a sound in the bug or poke me in #ubuntu-motu and i'll be happy to help out with some repackaging if needed16:29
slytherinShould I also add the bluez-gnome bug to Weekly TODO page?16:38
slytherinCan please someone tell me what the course of action should be? I have added .diff.gz to a bug for bluez-gnome. I have subscribed main sponsors. Will someone look at it?16:40
seb128slytherin: that's the sponsoring team idea yes16:41
seb128slytherin: you are speaking about the desktop team WeeklyTODO? No need to update that no16:41
slytherinseb128: Ok. So nothing left form my side right?16:41
seb128correct, just wait for a review now16:42
slytherinOk cool16:42
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rhpot1991_laptopanyone have any idea why my diff.gz is different on LP than on revu?16:50
geserrhpot1991_laptop: have you asked the motu who did the upload for you?16:50
\shSetting up ttf-opensymbol (1:2.3.0-1ubuntu5.3) ...16:52
\shUpdating fontconfig cache...16:52
\sh/usr/share/fonts: failed to write cache16:52
\shetc. just update gutsy with -security and -updates (latest)...16:52
seb128do you have some clock issue on this box?16:52
\shseb128: nope...17:53 UTC+116:53
\shseb128: clock is correct16:53
rhpot1991_laptopgeser: left them a message, thanks16:53
seb128there is some bugs about fonts cache update failing if the directory timestamp is newer than the system clock16:53
seb128dunno who the issue is in your case though16:54
\shseb128: oh yes16:54
\shseb128: I see that the /usr/share/fonts dir is set at least one hour later...18:22 in this case16:55
\shseb128: what can cause this? machine clock is set to UTC...installer settings: also choose UTC (german time is the result)16:57
seb128\sh: the CD might assume your computer clock is on UTC where the installed system doesn't, evand or cjwatson likely know better16:59
cjwatsonrhpot1991_laptop: it's normal for a .diff.gz to change if it's rebuilt; .gz files contain a timestamp17:00
cjwatsonthere are various bugs around UTC handling, certainly, which we need to look into for hardy17:01
rhpot1991_laptopcjwatson: the one on LP seems to have some old code in it17:01
rhpot1991_laptopcausing a failure in uploading17:01
rhpot1991_laptopcjwatson: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atomicparsley/0.9.0-0ubuntu1 if you want to have a look17:01
rhpot1991_laptopand: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=atomicparsley17:02
cjwatsonI don't, just mentioning a generality :-)17:02
rhpot1991_laptopheh, ok17:02
carlosasac: did jtv talk with you already?17:02
rhpot1991_laptopI'm still new to ubuntu dev, so kinda lost when I run into problems17:02
* ogra wonders where mvo's python-central 0.5.50ubuntu5 upload went 17:05
ogra(uploaded 13:50 UTC ... still no trace on a.u.c)17:06
seb128pitti: could you do a jockey no change upload? the fixed python-central is available now17:08
stgraberogra: it's on LP, I downloaded it one hour ago17:08
geserogra: looking at the timestamps it looks like a.u.c doesn't get updated anymore again17:09
ograstgraber, there is no binary on archive.ubuntu-com17:09
seb128ogra: like mirroring issue17:09
stgraberogra: not the first time this week that archive.u.c is laggy17:09
mvoogra: Accepted: python-central 0.5.50ubuntu517:09
\shcjwatson: fyi, clock set during installation to UTC, localtime is UTC+1 (CET) and files were written with UTC+217:09
ogramvo, i know i got the source package here from LP17:09
ograbut the users dont get it17:10
stgraberouch, according to apt-cache the current version of python-central on archive is still ubuntu3 :)17:12
ogra4 has the source available but no binary17:12
cjwatsonstgraber: the previous cause of archive.u.c failed updates is fixed, and has not recurred17:13
cjwatsonbut there seems to be a stale lock17:13
cjwatsonI don't have time to fix it now but will raise it with others17:13
\shhow nice...ncurses FTBFS..17:14
ScottKslangasek: I notice from reading planet that once again LP has scheduled and outage/upgrade on the same day as an Ubuntu milestone release.  This has proven to be a painful thing in the past.  I thought I'd mention it to see if maybe the two events could be separate a bit in time ...17:16
cjwatsonScottK: there are some discussions in progress about that17:19
cjwatsonit may be that this is still most convenient for other reasons17:20
asaccarlos: no he didn't17:20
ScottKOK.  Just wanted to make sure the right people were aware and if we have to suck up any pain it wasn't just by accident.17:20
asaccarlos: any issues?17:20
\shpitti: language-selector-common prerm script crashes with a BT :)17:22
\shpitti: during upgrade from gutsy to hardy17:22
\shpitti: to be more precise: pycentral failes...and I can't start a ff now for filing the bug..will do later17:25
carlosasac: well, the news are not too good for Hardy, but he just told me that he just sent you an email17:33
asaccarlos: whats his email?17:34
carlosasac: jtv@canonical.com17:35
RiddellNew Queue Zero achieved!17:35
_MMA_Nice. :)17:42
* ScottK looks around for some backports that'll need Newing.17:44
jdongScottK: btw, on a related note, how would you like to handle queuing source change backports?17:45
jdongScottK: shall we redefine the triaged state for this purpose?17:45
ScottKLet me think about that.17:46
jeromegjdong: by the way you are the only one suscribed to gutsy backports, shouldn't the whole backport team be suscribed ?17:53
jdongjeromeg: indeed, I guess that's a oversight17:53
jdongam I the only one who can correct that </laziness>17:53
jeromegjdong: as you are the owner of the project, I guess so17:54
jdongjeromeg: what do you think, -backporters or -backports-testers17:54
jdongdo you think testers would mind the spam err bug mail?17:55
jeromegjdong: I odn't think that there are many of them, and I see only a bunch of active testers, that could remind the others that this project exists :)17:56
jdongok let's do it!17:56
jdongdone kthxbye *vanish*17:56
* jeromeg is going to suscribe to backport testers :)17:56
\shmvo: you uploaded the last python-central, right? I just had to install the new one from LP and now during upgrade I see this message17:57
\shmvo: pycentral: byte_compile: python version '2.4' requested but not available17:57
\shbrb rebooting17:57
jdong\sh: bug 192992? :)17:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299217:58
jdongor is that the "fix" erroring out :D17:58
jdongit's a feature (oh wait that's not allowed either)17:59
jeromegjdong: could you please ack bug 190471 and bug 193374 ?18:02
jeromegjdong: earlier versions of those packages are already in backports18:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190471 in gutsy-backports "Please backport scribes from Hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19047118:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193374 in gutsy-backports "Please backport sonata 1.4.2-1 from Hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19337418:02
jdongjeromeg: not atm, I don't have the information at hand to confidently ack things :)18:02
jeromegjdong: ok18:03
jeromegi think we can close bug 183678 and bug 19035818:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183678 in gutsy-backports "mono runtime 1.2.5 needs to be upgraded to 1.2.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18367818:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190358 in gutsy-backports "Please backport Alsa 1.0.16 from gutsy." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19035818:03
jeromegwhat's your opinion on this ?18:03
jdongjeromeg: agreed, both are unreasonable backports18:04
jeromegjdong: ok, I'll close them as won't fix18:05
jdongthank you18:05
\shjdong: after that error ;)18:08
jdong\sh: + except: pass18:08
\shjdong: I installed the new pycentral and then restarted my upgrade...and the 2.4 warning came18:08
jdongthere problem fixed.18:08
mvo\sh: yes, that message is where it crashed before. do you have python2.4 python2.4-minimal installed?18:13
\shmvo: nope...it was an dist-upgrade from gutsy to hardy...totally clean18:14
\shoh and compiz with an intel card works...but the shadows are, well, crap :)18:15
mvo\sh: yes and yes18:16
mvo\sh: :) where is gives the message it used to crash, doko will likely modify my fix again, but at least its working again18:16
\shmvo: cool...now I need to fix ncurses package somehow, that it will build again18:17
\shbut first...leaving the office :)18:17
\shasac: btw..upgrading from gutsy to hardy...and ff3 upgrade leaves an empty launcher on the gnome-panel...(formerly ff2)18:19
* \sh heads home...bbl18:20
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jeromeggot to go18:21
jeromegbye all18:21
asac\sh_away: i have that in my mind, yes.18:25
asac\sh_away: if you could file a bug and set it blocking some milestone i would much appreciate it18:25
keescookpitti: hi!  Can you look at a hal patch?  David Zeuthen hasn't commented on it yet, and I'd like to get it into Hardy if it's sane: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1453718:29
ubotuFreedesktop bug 14537 in hald "hald ignores virtual network devices (e.g. vlan and bridge ifaces)" [Normal,New]18:29
mjg59Epiphany doesn't want to open https sites for me18:29
mjg59Oh, right, it's the self-signed cert thing18:30
asacmjg59: workaround for now: accept cert permanently in ffox and copy the ffox cert*.db to your ephy profile18:31
mjg59asac: Heh18:32
mjg59asac: I'm getting some weird layout issues in ffox3 - the BBC news website has continuous bars split up, for instance18:33
asacmjg59: like http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/corrupted1.png ?18:38
asacor "really" layout?18:39
asacmjg59: have to go now. if its not like the pic above, i would appreciated to get a bug with a screenshot ;)18:39
mjg59asac: Not that, I'll grab a screenshot18:40
selckinlp down?18:41
awen_is it okay when making a .desktop-file to link it to an icon, that the package depends on?18:42
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awen_is it okay when making a .desktop-file to link it to an icon, that is contained in another package, that this package depends on? (this Q should be more clear)18:46
awen_(sry... wrong channel; intended to ask in motu; disregard)18:48
hellboy195hi! Any archive admins around? Can somebody rebuild 'ebug-http' . It FTBFS for several times because of broken libcatalyst-perl package (which should be fixed now).18:51
emgentheya all18:52
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Amaranthdid something bad happen in bug 193382?20:03
ubotuBug 193382 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/193382 is private20:03
AmaranthOr is that just to stop "me too" posts?20:03
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lamontslangasek: add autofs_4.1.4+debian-2 to the impl-conversion list. :-)20:47
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wasabiI have a problem with a bad DSDT. Is this a reasonable bug to file against the kernel? Basically, how would you all fix it anyways, specific override of some sort?21:11
keescookpitti: hi! seems jockey-common isn't installable (193408)21:12
mario_limonciellkeescook, that looks like the python-central bug that's out21:13
keescookmario_limonciell: oh! eek21:13
keescookjockey must have been unlucky -- it's the only thing that failed for me.21:14
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rhpot1991_laptopmario_limonciell: did you get my pm earlier?21:17
mario_limonciellrhpot1991_laptop, no i didn't21:17
rhpot1991_laptopthe diff.gz on LP and REVU are different21:18
rhpot1991_laptopthe LP one seems to have some old stuff in it, hence the error showing up21:18
mario_limonciellthat's interesting.21:18
mario_limonciellnothing should be different, i pulled it right from revu21:18
mario_limoncielli'll repull when i get home and try it again then21:18
mario_limonciellyou sure that's the cause?21:18
rhpot1991_laptopya, the one on LP has "+Section: unknown" in it21:20
rhpot1991_laptopthat got changed to misc at some point21:20
mario_limonciellah okay.21:20
mario_limonciellwell i'll take care of it when i get home21:20
rhpot1991_laptopwhenever you get a chance21:20
rhpot1991_laptopI think the ffmpeg on your ppa might not be doing aac right too21:20
mario_limonciellfor which release?21:20
rhpot1991_laptopcomplaining about unknown codec 'aac'21:21
mario_limoncielli shouldn't have ffmpeg on gutsy on my ppa, if so that was a mistake21:21
rhpot1991_laptopI'm rolling back to medibuntu stuff by hand to verify I'm not doing something stupid21:21
rhpot1991_laptopmy machine slurped it up when I was trying your mythtv build21:22
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rhpot1991_laptopsuperm1: verified that the gutsy ffmpeg on your ppa doesn't do aac, might want to check your hardy one just incase21:28
mario_limonciellrhpot1991_laptop, yeah i shouldn't have an ffmpeg there.  it was intended for dapper, but for debugging only when the dapper build failed21:29
mario_limoncielli'll remove it later21:29
rhpot1991_laptopthink the weekly build mythtv and your ppa mythtv will communicate fine?21:30
rhpot1991_laptopat work so I can't check and see if they are working21:30
geserrhpot1991_laptop: as your (source) package got accepted (even if it didn't build/upload) an new upload with a new version is necessary21:32
rhpot1991_laptopgeser: a new upload to where, LP from REVU?21:38
rhpot1991_laptopor do I need to make a new one into revu and get it ack'd again21:39
geserrhpot1991_laptop: into the archive, as -0ubuntu221:43
geserrhpot1991_laptop: an new round through REVU isn't needed, a debdiff with the changes attached to a bug in LP and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors is enough21:44
rhpot1991_laptopalright, I'll do that when I get a chance later, thanks21:45
YokoZarpitti: thank you for the new ia32-libs :)21:56
* jdong kicks Amaranth 22:11
* Amaranth looks around22:11
AmaranthWhat'd I do?22:11
jdongAmaranth: ok, in compiz scale mode, when I miss a window and click empty space, all my open windows go scattering minimized22:11
jdongit's like I'm some nazi window hunter and the persecuted windows go into hiding22:12
AmaranthYes, you chose to view the desktop22:12
jdongAmaranth: pfft no, I have bad hand-eye coordination!22:12
xivulonslangasek, was anything decided on metalink urls?22:12
jdongany way to turn off that behavior?22:12
xivulonalso can I assume that md5sums and md5sums.gpg will be provided?22:12
jdongAmaranth: http://jdong.mit.edu/~jdong/day_in_matlab_hell.png <-- for something like that, it's quite costly to miss ;-)22:12
Amaranthjdong: scale options "Click Desktop to Show Desktop"22:13
* jdong hunts for said option22:13
Amaranthof course you could just hit ctrl-alt-d to undo the Show Desktop action if you miss22:13
jdongAmaranth: you could've told me that sooner and saved me 40 mouseclicks22:14
jdongbut anyway, love ya!22:14
Amaranththat's only been a standard thing since...how long has metacity existed?22:14
Amaranthat least that long :)22:14
* jdong goes back to remembering what the hell "figure 11" is22:14
Amaranthhave fun22:14
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YokoZarIs there any reason why backports shouldn't add new packages?23:35
_MMA_YokoZar: #ubuntu-motu might be the better channel but they do add new packages.23:35
ScottKYokoZar: We do it all the time23:35
ScottKThey just have to get into the developmental release and then we can backport them if they are new23:36
YokoZarScottK: I'm a little bit confused as to why there's a time between feature freeze and release where we don't let new packages in then, since they can come in later through backports23:36
ScottKBecause backports aren't enabled by default, so users have to go out and get them.23:37
YokoZarCould we add to backports before release?23:37
ScottKNo, because it does actually have to be backported from an Ubuntu release.23:37
ScottKThat's a hard and fast QA rule.23:37
YokoZarheh, ok23:38
lamonthow do I tell stupid gnome-panel to always group like apps?  these 10-pixel wide window names on the bottom bar are pretty useless23:41
Fujitsulamont: Right click on the window list widget, hit preferences.23:43
lamontFujitsu: "window list widget"??23:44
lamontah, found it23:44

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