koolkatARE YOU IN HERE????00:59
jjessehe might be eating dinner01:01
jjessecan i help you?01:02
koolkatjjesse: how do I get noticed in the help.ubuntu/community by the leaders....because i like to post there and I wanted to me a doc team member.01:08
koolkatdid i miss anything?01:11
koolkatjjesse: did you respond to my question....because i just signed off.01:12
jjessesorry wife was tlaking to me01:16
koolkatjjesse: ok01:16
koolkatjjesse: did you get my question?01:18
jjessekoolkat: yes i did wife is talking with me01:18
koolkatjjesse, oh...sorry01:18
jjessekoolkat: you just need an account on launchpad to edit or add to help.ubuntu.com01:24
koolkatjjesse, i know that but there is an actual Documentation team.....isnt there01:25
koolkatjjesse, i already have the launch pad account01:25
jjessekoolkat: yes there01:26
koolkatjjesse, thats what i thought01:26
koolkatjjesse, who determines if you are on that team?01:26
jjessehave you applied to the team on launchpad?  have you emailed the doc team mailing list introducting yourself?01:27
koolkatjjesse, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-doc where is the apply link?01:30
jjessethere should be a join01:31
koolkatjjesse, either i need glasses or its not there (probably the first one)01:32
koolkatjjesse, it says administrator approval required, but where do i apply?01:37
jjessesend an meail to the doc team introducing yourself and what you would bring to the team01:38
koolkatjjesse, I CANT FIND THE ADDRESS!!!!01:42
jjessekoolkat: please relax, ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com01:43
* koolkat takes deep breaths 01:44
koolkatjjesse, Ok i sent an email to them.01:53
koolkatjjesse, are you in the wiki team?02:00
jjesseyes koolkat i am part of the wiki team as well02:43
koolkatI registered for that too02:43
koolkati hopefully get invited02:47
* koolkat sleepy02:48
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sommermdke: hello, is it still cool to commit some new sections to the hardy branch?15:02
jjessesommer: i think we haven't hit string freeze yet15:48
jjessewhich is when we have to stop committing15:48
sommerjjesse: ya, but with the new proposed "soft freeze", I guess you'd call it, I wanted to make sure15:49
sommerplus with all the translation work Matt's doing I wanted to make sure :-)15:49
sommererrr... double sure15:50
jjessesommer: i totally undstand15:55
jjessei think the work matt is doing is jumpstarting the process i htink he did it last release w/ great success15:55
sommergotcha, sounds good to me16:03
ubotuNew bug: #193380 in ubuntu-doc "crashes when opening on internet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19338018:20
LhademmorHey, is the doc-team responsible for the IdeaPool?18:53
LhademmorBecause it sure as hell needs maintenance/cleanup!18:54
sommerLhademmor: I don't think the Doc Team is responsible, mostly the doc team covers help.u.c and the system documentation18:57
sommerwiki.u.c is the development wiki used to coordinate Ubuntu development18:57
Lhademmorsommer, then who should I poke in order to get it cleaned up? It seems like a joke that it has such big a role at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate/19:23
sommeryou might try #ubuntu-dev and see if anyone knows there... I could also be wrong and it is part of the doc team, but I've never seen any discussion about it19:26
sommerfrom the doc team that is19:26
mdkesommer: yep, what jjesse said19:39
sommermdke: party!19:40
mdkesommer: to respond to your email, sure if you'd like to have a go at the ppa thing, that would be great. No time constraints, it's just a neat new feature20:11
sommermdke: cool, I'll try and do some testing this weekend20:11
mdkemaybe see if there is another ppa session in the Developer Week and see if you can catch it :)20:12
mdkesommer: another thing I wanted to discuss with you... Do you think it's worth the effort to make a distinction between serverguide and server in the tree?20:14
mdkethe latter was supposed to be the same except without the sections which are irrelevant to a desktop system, such as those which are included elsewhere in the help center20:14
mdkei don't know whether that distinction would affect any of the new sections in the guide which you guys have added this cycle20:15
sommermdke: I don't think there'd be much affect on the new sections20:15
sommerhow would you make the distinction?20:15
mdkewhat is currently done is that "server" is installed in the help center, while serverguide is installed as html for the server edition20:15
sommermdke: right, I'm with ya20:16
sommerI'm not sure it would make much difference to the tree20:17
sommerare you thinking of new contributers?20:17
mdkeif we remove it, we don't have to sync the two each release, and we don't have the confusion that you guys have experienced about which one to contribute to20:17
sommermdke: heh... I'm with ya20:18
sommerI guess I'm cool with either way, I believe there was discussion at UDS boston about seperating the server guide20:18
sommerit is kind of handy to have it in yelp though20:19
sommerbut maybe it's only handy for me :-)20:19
mdkeyou mean separating it into a different repository20:19
sommerno I was thinking what you were, but I believe the UDS discussion was along those lines20:21
mdkei do think it's handy to have the guide in yelp, I'm just not convinced that there is any reason to maintain slightly different versions for that purpose, we could just use the whole of the serverguide in yelp20:22
sommerI guess if we send a message to the server ml and the doc ml to see if anyone else has to have it, and if not I agree we can just use serverguide20:23
sommermdke: I agree20:23
mdkeok, fair enough20:23
sommermdke: I'll send a message this evening... should have an idea of how to proceed by the weekend I'd think20:24
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