evandcjwatson_: yes.  It was a simple bug.  I obviously want to test it some more tonight, given the extent of the damage it created, but I'll upload it before I go to bed.03:13
evandobviously was the wrong word03:13
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CIA-44netcfg: cjwatson * r620 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog netcfg-common.c):06:21
CIA-44netcfg: * Backport from trunk:06:21
CIA-44netcfg:  - RFC 2181 clarifies that host names may be as short as one octet, so06:21
CIA-44netcfg:  allow that (LP: #193054).06:21
CIA-44ubiquity: cjwatson * r2470 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs):06:23
CIA-44ubiquity: * RFC 2181 clarifies that host names may be as short as one octet, so06:23
CIA-44ubiquity:  allow that (LP: #193054).06:23
CIA-44ubiquity: evand * r2471 ubiquity/ (7 files in 6 dirs): * Added a new tzmap widget. Ubiquity now shrinks to 674x434 (LP: #38442).08:03
cjwatsonevand: woo09:37
cjwatsonthough that's still wider than 640x480, but not by too much I guess09:37
cjwatsonbeing shorter is the main thing09:37
evandoh?  Are we targeting 640x480?  We might be able to shave off a few more pixels.09:38
cjwatsonwouldn't hurt but can wait until the bug-fix period09:40
saispocjwatson: why not icedove or iceweaseal in gobuntu ?09:43
cjwatsonwe settled on epiphany. and this is not the appropriate channel.09:44
cjwatsoniceweasel is not feasible because we want firefox in Ubuntu and having two firefox-a-like packages indefinitely is not acceptable.09:45
CIA-44partman-auto: cjwatson * r251 partman-auto/ (debian/changelog recipes/atomic recipes/home recipes/multi):09:50
CIA-44partman-auto: * Drop the bootable flag from i386/amd64 recipes; it can break existing09:50
CIA-44partman-auto:  Windows installations when autopartitioning only free space rather than09:50
CIA-44partman-auto:  a whole disk (LP: #14244). This reinstates the change from 40ubuntu3 now09:50
CIA-44partman-auto:  that grub-installer ensures that there is one bootable partition.09:50
evandxivulon: yay!  Newest daily live CDs have a working umenu.  That is, your fix for the Invalid CD issue definitely worked.10:13
CIA-44base-installer: cjwatson * r325 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.86ubuntu210:23
cjwatsonevand: could you incorporate the new tzmap widget into oem-config too when you get a chance?10:28
evandcjwatson: sure thing10:28
evandxivulon: wubi doesn't seem to work from umenu now.  Curiously, when I enable debug mode, it says it's launching D:\wubi.exe, but never does.  Dumping D:\wubi.exe in a command prompt works fine.10:41
xivulonevand having a looj10:43
xivulonthere is a typo in umenu.nsi10:44
xivulonExecShell "open" $dir\${WUBI_COMMAND}"10:44
xivulonExecShell "open" "$dir\${WUBI_COMMAND}"10:44
xivulonquote was missing10:45
evandah, nice catch.  Ok, I'll make the change, commit, build, and push.10:45
xivulonevand in wubi/src/info_iso.nsh > ExtractIsoInfo, can you add10:47
xivulonpop $010:47
xivulonafter error_handler:10:47
evandhow exactly does one bump the revision number in NSIS?10:49
xivulonthen make10:50
evandpop $010:52
xivulonthat is basically to get rid of msg in the stack10:52
xivulonwhen the call is in an inner loop of another function accessing the stack, without that it may create problems10:53
evandxivulon: ok, I've built, uploaded, and updated the symlinks.  Shall I trigger a new cd build, or would you like more time to look over the code?10:59
xivulonI cannot test on my side atm but should be fine11:02
xivulondon't see the pop thingy in LP though11:03
evandoh, thanks for reminding me.  I haven't pushed.  Though I should bind those branches anyway11:03
evandok, pushed11:04
jgonzalezhi... is it safe to activate the backports respository in an automatic installation? I mean, does the installer install the specified pacakges from the CD, or it connects to the real repos to get the packages? I need to install a backported package in an automatic installation, but I want to do it while keeping the rest of the system stable, so I'm creating a preferences file pinning the packages I'm interested in in preseed/late_coma11:16
CIA-44netcfg: cjwatson * r621 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.40ubuntu411:16
CIA-44partman-target: evand * r698 partman-target.ubuntu/ (commit.d/clear_partitions debian/changelog): * Fixed major bug in 60clear_partitions and re-enabled it.11:18
evandcjwatson: I've tested that quite a bit, and I'm quite confident that it's safe.  However, if you have a free moment, can you glance over the clear_partitions code and let me know if anything jumps out as being horribly wrong?11:20
evandI'd just like to get another pair of eyes on it other than my own, to be certain this time.11:20
evandjgonzalez: using the desktop CD?11:20
jgonzalezevand, using the server CD11:20
cjwatsonevand: ok, in a meeting now but will do11:22
evandcjwatson: thanks!11:22
cjwatson+           if $(echo $mp | grep -wqs ^/$x$) || $(echo $mp | grep -qws ^/$x/*); then11:23
cjwatsonthat could definitely use some quoting11:23
cjwatsonin general I'd be more comfortable if every shell expansion was surrounded by "" except in cases where it's definitely not right to do so11:23
xivulonevand, using current ISO, when I look into .disk/info I see some binary garbage11:29
xivulonmd5sum for it does not match either11:31
evandxivulon: works fine here.  I'd check your download.11:32
evandwell, for the 20080219 amd64 cd, that is11:32
jgonzalezcjwatson, btw, thanks A LOT for your help and patience yesterday, I had to leave as my wife and my two years old son were calling me so I didn't have the chance to thank you11:32
evandjgonzalez: not sure11:32
evandsorry to be so late in reply, I'm doing several things at once11:32
jgonzalezevand: have tried it, and it seems to work ok11:32
jgonzalezevand, no problem, thanks a lot11:33
xivulonevand can you try to download the ISO via wubi and check the md5?11:38
evandxivulon: momentarily, yes11:39
CIA-44partman-target: evand * r699 partman-target.ubuntu/commit.d/clear_partitions: Fix quoting in clear_partitions.12:24
xivulondownloader seem good, might have used a partial file from an old iso12:44
xivulonAs mentioned previously I would like to add gpgv to wubi, the binary is 340K, is that any problem?13:28
cr3when I preseed a dapper installation (testing dapper to hardy upgrade) and security.ubuntu.com cannot be reached, I get prompted for a proxy even though I have this string in my preseed file: d-i mirror/http/proxy string18:59
cr3I could check if the behavior is the same later on hardy but I wonder if there's a workaround for now on dapper19:00
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cr3nevermind that, the problem is that the preseed file wasn't even being retrieved because the kernel param on dapper is preseed/url. does that still work in hardy for backward compatibility purposes?19:34
cjwatsonpreseed/url continues to work; url is an alias for it20:49
cjwatsonalthough in general backward compatibility of preseeding is not guaranteed and it wouldn't surprise me if something else breaks if you try to use the same setup for dapper and hardy20:50

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