macoHi everybody. 00:53
macoWell - anybody from marketing team available for chat? 00:58
johnc4510-laptopdon't know if i can help you or not, but i'll try00:59
macoWhy is Marketing section on the wiki a total mess? 01:00
johnc4510-laptopthat i no nothing about, can you be more specific about which section please01:01
macoA sec. :) 01:01
macothere it starts01:02
johnc4510-laptoplooking    hang on01:02
macothe pages just does not lead anywhere - most of the links are broken01:03
macoand the information available is useless01:03
johnc4510-laptoplooks like someone edited on that page today quite a bit01:04
johnc4510-laptopwe'll get someone to look at it 01:05
johnc4510-laptopthx for bringing it to our attention01:05
macoWell generally speaking is actually Ubuntu Marketing team productive in any ways? Are there any comclusions/notes/minutes available I can go through? 01:07
macoI have found some notes from meetings. 01:08
johnc4510-laptopwe are still active   01:09
johnc4510-laptopagreed, meetings have been sparce of late01:09
johnc4510-laptopit looks like the next meeting is  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings/Minutes/2008-04-0101:10
macothat is more than 2 months from now. its a pity that marketing side of the community is not properly managed. 01:12
johnc4510-laptophere is the contact info of the person who last edited the page, you might email him with any questions at this point  danny.piccirillo@ubuntu.com01:14
desertcHi Maco.  DPic was working on that Marketing wiki page.  Might be able to provide some insight.01:14
johnc4510-laptophey desertc 01:14
desertcI just invited DPic here.01:15
desertcHeya, JC01:15
macoHi desertc 01:16
macohi DPic 01:16
desertcDPic: maco was asking about the wiki01:16
DPicmaco: hey, what's up? 01:16
johnc4510-laptopand the reason why so long before next meeting01:16
desertcDPic: Since you brought it up twice this weekend, I thought you could address his questions.01:16
DPicof course01:16
macodesertc, Im generally interested in Marketing side of things and I can find literally nothing that would help me to understand how Marketing team works01:16
desertcI believe DPic was working to update the format of the wiki.  Maybe he can take your thoughts and include them with his changes.01:17
desertc(Not to put any more words in DPic's mouth...)  ;)01:18
DPicha, no problem dessertc01:18
DPicmaco: yes, so what kind of information would help you? 01:18
macoI thing that the whole issue is that I can not find objectives defined for the Marketing team - the goals, achievements, anythinf...01:18
DPicthe mission is the fix bug #101:19
DPicwe just work to bring ubuntu to more people01:19
macowell :) that's nice - but are there any particular strategies and implementations to tackle problem no. 1 ? :) 01:20
johnc4510-laptoppart of the strategy is the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter01:20
johnc4510-laptopput out once a wk01:20
DPicmaco: you can see our projects on the projects page in our wiki01:20
DPicyou are also free to talk about any ideas you have or start a project of your own01:21
macoDPic, let me check the page once again so I am sure I did not miss anything. 01:21
desertcThe Weekly News Letter does seems to me the main focus of this group, other than providing a mailing list that accumulates unorganized ideas.01:22
desertc... at least as of lately.01:23
desertcIt is very quiet in the IRC channel, for instance.01:23
DPicdessertc, i'm hoping we can get organized and do more01:24
macomaybe it would be worthwhile to actually start aggregating those ideas and maybe compile a web site with them and start working on some proof of concepts and so forth01:24
DPicthat's why i redid the wiki01:24
DPicmaco: we do have an ideas page also on the wiki :)01:24
desertcI would love to be part of organized media campaigns.  I am already getting started with some independent communication projects.01:25
macoDPic, I think Wiki is not a way to go with marketing01:25
johnc4510-laptopMike_Feravolo: hey01:26
DPicmaco: what do you mean? the wiki is just for the team01:26
DPicthat doesn't mean we'll be marketing from the wiki01:26
johnc4510-laptopit spells out the focus of the team01:26
Mike_Feravoloi noticed that people are talking about marketing01:26
macoDPic, oh - never mind than - what about the actual people interested in Ubuntu - propagation is one of marketing objectives - or is that a part of some other team ? 01:26
DPicmaco: no that is our team, but i'm not sure what you mean by what about actual people...01:27
DPicactual people will be going to www.ubuntu.com not looking into the marketing team01:27
Mike_FeravoloI have a question; Who is the marketing team trying to target ?01:28
macoDPic, Im trying to get a grip of what actually Marketing Team does - it it is involve in actually WRITING the weekly NL it is more of editorial role than marketing from my perrespective01:29
DPic^ Mike_Feravolo01:29
macoDPic...everyone....its defenetely not everyone01:29
Mike_FeravoloOkay, Who is "everyone"01:29
DPicwe try to mrket ubuntu to whever we can01:29
DPicisn't that right? 01:30
DPicthe ubuntu weekly newletter is just one of our projects01:30
macoActually - maybe it is everyone since marketing can also make people "aware" of things01:30
Mike_FeravoloAnd how much money does the marketing team have to spend ?01:30
Mike_Feravolo0 ?01:30
macoDPic, there is this thing - focus group - focus goup should be defined01:31
johnc4510-laptopwell, we are no different than say the loco teams 01:31
DPicokay so our team should be a resource for anyone and everyone who want to spread ubuntu01:31
DPici'm hoping the new resources and materials pages i've created on the wiki will be useful for those people01:31
macoDPic, are there any particular resources f.e. LOCO teams were asking for? f.e. slideshow templates, posters, artwork, propaganda, statistics... ? 01:32
Mike_FeravoloSo far the best thing that I have found on the marketing DYI site is the Freedom Highway Poster01:32
macomaybe the team should focus foremost to support LOCOs and direcly involved individuals within the community 01:32
DPicmaco: i'm hoping those resources will come soon. there is an ubuntu wiki page with some presentations on it01:33
DPicbut it isn't ours01:33
macoDPic, yeah, I can see them. 01:34
DPicand helping individuals and loco teams is included in out mission01:34
johnc4510-laptopDPic: is there a chance we can move that april meeting up some, seems like it's a long way away. We should be working on things to boost the hardy release  ??01:34
macoMike_Feravolo, I cannot even find that poster01:34
Mike_FeravoloI got an 18 meg copy somewhere, that prints well01:35
johnc4510-laptopif we wait till april, we'll be to far behind for hardy01:35
DPicjohnc4510-laptop: i didn't make the date for that meeting. someone already had that set as the next meeting when i redid the wiki01:35
macoMike_Feravolo, 72dpi shot is fine :) 01:35
Mike_FeravoloI think you have to dig into the Do It Yourseld site and look for an 18 Meg PDF01:35
macolol :) 01:35
macowell thats not very flexible is it ? :) 01:35
DPicdoes this team have a leader or a couple people who tend to be mostly in charge?01:36
johnc4510-laptopDPic: kk, i think we should discuss that idea with whomever we need to, to try to get it changed maybe01:36
macowasn't there some king of "Spread Ubuntu" project going on ? 01:36
DPicmaco: yes01:36
DPicyou can see it on the projects page01:36
DPici'm not sure if it's still being worked on01:37
DPica lot of the projects have come to a standstill01:37
macoI think this should be dramatically changed. 01:37
Mike_FeravoloI googled the poster and all the links are dead,01:39
macoI reckon to move the meeting to sooner date - I am volunteering to help with the management and design end of things. 01:39
Mike_FeravoloA great example of the flaws in the Ubuntu Marketing Plan01:39
DPicshould the meeting be this month or march? 01:40
macoMike_Feravolo, link? 01:40
johnc4510-laptopDPic: end of this month, or first of next month01:41
Mike_Feravolojenda, from the marketing team was selling the posters in print about a year ago01:41
macoDPic, I reckon this month - give people 10-13 days notice. 01:41
johnc4510-laptopDPic: i could submit an email to the list and see what kind of response we get01:41
macojohnc4510, ideed01:41
DPici'm already working on an email :)01:42
johnc4510-laptopor we can talk to nixternal or beuno01:42
DPicwhat days of the week are generally best? 01:43
DPici think it would be better if we planned on a date, sent an email, and made sure it's okay01:43
johnc4510-laptopDPic: for me any day is ok, i'm flexible01:43
DPicmaco: is tuesday the only day that works for you? 01:44
maco4th of march? 01:44
macoDPic, no, Im rather flexible, but weekends are busy. 01:44
johnc4510-laptopDPic: in the email try to stress the point that we need to get to work on the hardy release campaign of some kind01:44
johnc4510-laptopie strategy for it01:45
macodesertc, the posters are gr8! :) very thematic - i like that kind of approach :) 01:48
Mike_FeravoloIt seems to me that there currently is no marketing plan, other then giving away CD's ?01:48
desertcah!  great!  glad for positive feedback01:48
Mike_FeravoloI hope that I am wrong on this01:49
desertcI'm following this discussion without much to add, but let me know how I can help out.  You've got another pair of hands here.01:49
DPichow about we have a meeting next tuesday?01:49
DPicfeb 2601:49
Mike_Feravolowhat time are the meetings ?01:50
johnc4510-laptopDPic: it's ok with me01:50
macoDPic, fine for me. 01:50
DPicwell 7pm ESt is best for me01:50
macoEST? UTC? 01:50
johnc4510-laptopDPic: you need to set it up in UTC time please01:50
maco00:00 UTC is it ? 01:51
macowel... 24:00 :) 01:52
johnc4510-laptopDPic: calendar of meetings is clear for tuesday the 26th http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event01:52
DPic7pm tuesday for me is 00:00 UTC wednesday01:53
DPiccan we do that? 01:53
johnc4510-laptopit's ok with me01:53
macoit will be 1:00 AM for me - but beat it! no prob!01:54
johnc4510-laptopwill, it be ok with the team leaders?01:54
macowho are the team leaders ? 01:54
Mike_FeravoloDoes this mean that there are going to be regular meetings ?01:54
johnc4510-laptopi hope so01:54
DPicmonthly, bi-monthly? 01:54
johnc4510-laptopteam leaders would be beuno and nixternal i think    not sure01:55
Mike_FeravoloI work in the Orlando Florida Area, and my business is Linux01:55
johnc4510-laptopDPic: lets decide that at the meeting ??01:55
macodepending on how individually people want to be involved in - I suggest to have meeting every 10 days 01:55
DPicalmost weekly?01:56
DPicit might make more send to go by a weekly schedule01:56
macoI think that should be discussed after the team evaluates its goals01:57
johnc4510-laptopas i said that should probably be an item for the meeting01:57
macowill somebody set-up an agenda page for the meeting? 01:58
desertcSome of the people who are usually active here are absent at present... popey and smirnov (sp?)01:58
johnc4510-laptoppopey is important01:58
DPicalready done01:58
Mike_FeravoloGiven the global nature of the team, floating the day of the week and time of day would allow more people to attend.01:59
Mike_Feravololike on a 10 day schedule01:59
Mike_Feravolosomething like 10th,20th,30th02:00
DPicMike_Feravolo: interesting idea but the problem is that if we follow that there might be some days where most people simply aren't available02:01
johnc4510-laptopagreed 02:02
Mike_FeravoloJust an idea,02:02
macowhat about very quick meetings every week ? 02:02
macoand one major meeting every month02:03
johnc4510-laptopactually, this channel is for discussions and idea exchanges between meeting02:03
maco15min, 15min, 15min, MAJOR and repeating02:03
desertcjohnc4510 Has marketing had a meeting lately?  I have not known of any.02:03
johnc4510-laptopme either02:03
DPicmaco: well not much can get done during a small meeting. it's just like the discussion that would happen otherwise02:04
johnc4510-laptopbut we should make sure the teams leads know about this too02:04
DPici'm a core member of the MA team and we have montly meeting and that's worked well02:04
desertcAny proposal for a meeting would be better than the absence of any.02:04
macoDPic, those 15 minute meetings shoulb be focused only for evaluation of what have been done02:04
maco...and what havent02:04
macoDPic, can you please clarify "MA"02:05
DPicsorry, massachusetts02:05
DPica state in the US02:06
macoDPic, cheers :) 02:06
desertcMaco -- aren't you from Massachusetts?  :)02:06
macodesertc, far from it :) 02:06
Mike_FeravoloSince, this team works on a zero dollar spend, something that would look good in a full page magizine as would get the message across02:06
Mike_Feravolothen people could print them and get there out there in their local marketplace02:07
Mike_Feravolothe freedom poster meets those requirements02:07
macoMike_Feravolo, we however need to evaluate if the whole process in not counter productive. 02:09
Mike_FeravoloExcuse me ?02:09
macoWhat would you write on the poster? desertc has great ideas for posters, however that message is hardly followed on the wiki pages. 02:09
Mike_FeravoloSorry, for being abstract I was just suggesting the format02:10
macoMike_Feravolo, sure thing. 02:11
Mike_FeravoloAll I know is passing out CD's has not been effective, unless the objective is to give away coasters02:11
desertc(... maco ... not same as mako ... sigh)02:12
macoI don't get it. 02:12
DPicyou aren't Mako02:12
DPicdessertc confused you for him02:12
macoAh. I can see that :) 02:13
desertcyep.  but please continue...  this is a great conversation02:13
Mike_FeravoloPrinted material is more cost effective, the leaflets are also good. But I would go broke in red toner 02:13
Mike_FeravoloI pay people to layout ads, since I suck at it02:14
macoThat's what LOCOs are. Marketing should support LOCOs and other teams, not to directly execute the propaganda. 02:14
Mike_FeravoloI am a programmer, not an artist, however as a business owner I have to sell like it or not02:14
desertcI like to say, "A CD-ROM works only when the person is convinced to put it in their computer and install it.  A poster works as soon as someone looks at it."02:14
macoYes, but with poster you have to be VERY specific about the focus group you are attracting. Where do you put the poster? How do you attract that particular group with 4 words on the poster? 02:16
Mike_FeravoloAlso, the Software Freedom angle is a good sell, since people run away as soon as you say Linux02:16
macoWhy not to tink about Ubuntu as fun thing to do? Hobby, passion - all of the things you are not able to experience in other OSes? 02:17
Mike_FeravoloI go to a lot of local chamber of commerce and business networking events and get to talk one on one to people in business02:17
desertcIt'll be great to have a selection of posters -- that way a LoCo can choose the one that suits the occasion.02:17
Mike_FeravoloAwesome, a central collection of posters for the LOCO's to draw from is a great idea02:18
Mike_Feravoloor anyone else that likes Ubuntu02:18
macoWell - as has been said before - Marketing Team has to FOREMOST define its focus group. Mike_Feravolo is talking business. I am talking individuals ...02:18
desertcBut there are also news papers and other communication methods that can be considered and digested by this team.02:18
macoArticles? Interviews with developers? 02:19
Mike_FeravoloI talking how to take on a mutli-billion dollar software monpoly with zero dollars02:19
DPicwe should post stuff to there02:19
DPiccan someone pload that poster? 02:19
desertcImagine if we had a generic press release about the Hardy release, and this team worked with all the LoCos to get that pushed into their local papers, all at one time.02:19
DPicdessertc, that would be great! 02:20
desertcJust think about how effective that distributed work would be.02:20
DPicyeah! 02:20
Mike_FeravoloRight now I want people to know that you can buy a computer without that tax stamp on the side02:20
macodesertc, I like the idea. 02:20
Mike_Feravolosecound that02:21
macocreate series of press releases from 10 words long one to full page one. 02:21
desertcEach LoCo could re-tool the generic press release so it was specific for their own team, thus giving the paper a chance to do a "local" story.02:21
Mike_Feravolomake them easy to find, not like now02:21
macoShall we say "Local" to be the theme for hardy? 02:21
desertcPapers like giving copy space to local efforts.02:21
macofocusing on helping LOCOs to grow? 02:22
desertcYes, but in addition to writing the press release, I think it is equally important to push the content onto the LoCos to get the word out.02:22
macoLOCOs can than do all work for us if somebody will be interested :) 02:22
Mike_FeravoloCan the group get the press releases for Hardy over the wires02:23
macodesertc, indeed - maybe it would be worth to create template which every loco will use to produce their own short press release and tham gather them together to create huge poster for the community ? :) 02:23
desertcYeap -- their mission is already to promote Ubuntu intheir communities.  They should, in theory, want to do this.02:23
macoand ask them to make the press release very local-specific02:24
macoinclude some local attachement02:24
desertcAnyway, I think I sidetracked the conversation.  I'll bring this up at the meeting we are planning.02:24
DPicmaco: see our news and press page on the wiki02:25
macoa sec02:25
DPicactually https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PressReleaseTemplate02:25
maco:) 02:26
DPici made that from a guide from the sierra club02:26
Mike_FeravoloDo people know what "open source" means ?02:27
macoDo we know how active the LoCos are? Do they write their own press releases ? 02:27
macoIt would be fine to get in touch with every individual LoCo asking them about their propaganda strategies and if they work -  gather some know-how. 02:29
Mike_FeravoloI know people that can get press releases over the wire, but it costs money.02:30
DPicmost people don't know what open source or free software is, no02:30
desertcEven if we reach out to a dozen on this go-around, then we can get in contact with more next time.02:30
DPicmost loco's don't write their own press releases02:30
DPicsome do02:30
DPiccan someone give me a link to the highway to freedome poster? 02:31
Mike_FeravoloExactly, why "Open Source" is on the list of terms to avoid on the FSF site02:31
macoDPic, I haven't found it. 02:31
DPicjust found it http://gasteropod.deviantart.com/art/ubuntu-highway-4399691502:31
DPicbecause open source isn't about freedom02:32
DPicit's merely about "open source" not about software freedom02:32
Mike_Feravolobeacuse open source is means nothing02:33
Mike_FeravoloJust one of those west coast terms02:33
macoLet me have some sleep. Will see you soon. I have just signed-up to the mailinglists so will stay in close touch. 02:35
macoG'nite. 02:35
DPicjust sent out the email02:42
DPiccan you look at the calendar i created linked to from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings using the google calendar link to make sure the data is correct? 02:56
DPicand that nothing is screwed up by the time zones? 02:57
boredandbloggingDPic: send an email to fridge-devel about the meeting03:01
boredandbloggingso other teams don't schedule something at the same time03:02
johnc4510-laptopDPic: calendar shows 10pm mst on tuesday the 26th03:08
johnc4510-laptopDPic: schedule on marketing page shows the 27th  wed03:08
boredandbloggingunder upcoming meetings it says April 1st03:08
boredandbloggingon the wiki03:08
johnc4510-laptopactually, it says both  lol03:09
DPicjohnc4510-laptop: is 10pm MST the same as 00:00 UTC? 03:10
johnc4510-laptopno, it's 5:00am UTC03:12
DPicalright i know the problem03:12
johnc4510-laptop^^ conversion table if you need it03:12
DPicis the calendar correct now03:14
johnc4510-laptoplooks right here03:15
johnc4510-laptopshows 5pm mst and 00:00 UTC03:15
johnc4510-laptopbe sure to get this on the fridge as boredandblogging said, we'll get it in the UWN next sunday if it is03:16
DPici sent an email but it bounced03:18
johnc4510-laptopi've actually never send anything to that list03:19
johnc4510-laptopboredandblogging: why would it bounce an email to the fridge list?03:19
boredandbloggingit shouldn't bounce03:20
boredandbloggingfridge gets plenty of email from non-subscribed members03:20
boredandbloggingspecifically to put events on the calendar03:20
johnc4510-laptopDPic: are you a member of that list?03:21
johnc4510-laptopsubscribed to it?03:21
DPicit said no subscription necessary but it's pretty obvious that isn't true03:23
boredandbloggingit is true03:23
boredandblogginglet me put it on the fridge calendar03:23
DPicthe email i got said that i had to be subsribed :03:24
DPic:/ *03:24
johnc4510-laptopDPic: nick will take care of it :)03:24
DPicokay cool03:25
boredandbloggingassume we are going to do the meeting in here?03:25
johnc4510-laptopty nick03:29
johnc4510-laptopDPic: i changed the wiki page to show the correct meeting date and time with a link to a conversion table for other time zones03:34
DPicyou did? i thought i'd already updated the wiki to the correct date like ten minutes ago..03:34
DPicwhen you first mentioned it03:34
DPicor idk if it was you03:34
DPicwhere did you fix it? 03:35
johnc4510-laptopthere's where i corrected it03:35
johnc4510-laptopunder upcoming meetings03:36
DPicyeah, i'd already fixed it. you just deleted the link to the meeting page03:36
johnc4510-laptopoh, well the time link was wrong03:37
DPicno problem, i added the link back. thanks for catching that error in the link to the conversion table03:38
johnc4510-laptopok, put the link back in then but correct the day to the 26th03:38
johnc4510-laptopinstead of the 27th  :)03:39
DPic26th? 03:40
DPicdidn't we agree on wednesday? 03:40
DPicthe 27th? 03:40
johnc4510-laptopmaybe i'm wrong   looking back up the page to see03:41
DPici found it-- look around 2 hours ago03:42
johnc4510-laptopok, it's 00:00 UTC which is wed. but tues here03:42
DPichaha yeah03:43
johnc4510-laptop:)   i always get somewhat confused by UTC  hee hee03:45
johnc4510-laptopit's on the fridge calendar now03:48
DPici think we need to clean up our projects04:01
DPicsome of them never happened and never will04:01
boredandbloggingDPic: there is content at http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/DIY%20Material/ that could probably be reused for hardy04:04
boredandbloggingor anything under http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/04:04
johnc4510-laptopi'm new enough to the team not to know about older projects, i work on the UWN the most04:04
johnc4510-laptopDPic: both of those nick pointed to look ok to reuse for now04:07
johnc4510-laptopall kinds of posters and artwork04:08
johnc4510-laptopwatching alien vs predator, people are getting abused04:09
jendaMike_Feravolo: Indeed... unfortunately, I no longer have time for that.10:50
jendajuliux: ping10:50
juliuxjenda, pong10:51
jendajuliux: so, I can get your stickers made.10:51
jenda5000 for you and 2000 for a US loco10:51
jendaI'm thinking it's the least I can do, since I've been neglecting my Ubuntu work for a long time now :D10:52
jendaWhat ratios (U:K:X:E) would you like?10:52
jendajuliux: and it should cost you about €32010:53
jendaWith shipping, max €33010:53
* MenZa ships jenda10:54
MenZahey, juliux10:54
jendaheya, Menny-Z :)10:55
MenZaNice to see you.10:55
jendalikewise :)10:55
MenZaHow's you?10:55
jendaBusy ;(10:57
jendaNeed to hand in a translation on thursday...10:57
jendaand have a ton more to do10:57
jendano way I can make it :D10:57
jendaAnd I'm off to India early Friday morning.10:57
jendaso... off to work :)10:58
jendajuliux: and I need those numbers before I leave, if you want them made.10:58
juliuxjenda, we want 3000 ubuntu, 1000 kubuntu, 750 edubuntu, 250 xubuntu10:59
juliuxjenda, for 330€ inkl. shiping to de10:59
jendathat was quick :)11:00
jendadoes the price sound fair? should be roughly the same as last time.11:00
juliuxprice is ok11:00
juliuxno discussion from my side11:00
juliux5000stickers for 330€ incl. shiping is a fair deal11:02
jendajuliux: I'll order them now, and i'll have them shipped either to me when I get back from India (Mar 10) and will send them to you right afterwards, or, hopefully, I'll convince the guy to ship them to you directly, while I'm away if he makes them on time, or after.11:02
juliuxjenda, cool11:02
juliuxjenda, what are you doing in india again?11:02
jendanot much, really :D11:02
jendaJust looking around.11:02
jendaHaving a beer or two11:02
jendaor twenty11:02
juliuxbtw we will have 800 coffee mugs at the end of the week11:03
jendahow much for a few shipped here? :)11:03
juliuxi don't know yet11:03
jendabah, nevermind, I'll just hope you still have a few when I pass through in the summer :D11:03
juliuxbut i am not longer living in dresden;)11:04
jendaWhere are you at these days anyway?11:04
jendaShouldn't matter, my schedule will be flexible :D11:04
juliuxthe city where cebit is;)11:04
jendaThe problem will be keeping it secret that the real reason for the detour are UBuntu mugs... :)11:04
jenda(from the gf :))11:04
jendaIs there anything interesting around there which would be "worth" the detour? :D11:05
juliuxtake your gf to an ubuntu events and everything is fine11:05
jendano chance ;)11:05
jendaI want to stay with her, you know :)11:05
juliuxi take my gf to last ubucon11:06
juliuxand she enjoins it11:06
juliuxbut now she want to come to the next events with me :(11:07
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desertcThere was this nice picture from UDS Boston that I am trying to find, of a large table of developers with Mark Shuttleworth addressing them.  Everyone is using laptops.15:57
desertcI saw it on the 'net a while ago.  I've been searching for it for the better part of an hour.  Any idea where it is?15:57
leoquanthow to make a ubuntu paypal account====>donate  :donations@ubuntulinux.org?18:32
beunoleoquant, I don't understand18:32
leoquantok i want to make a donation. 18:34
beunoleoquant, right. You need a paypal account or a credit card18:36
leoquantyes ok where???18:37
leoquantubuntu is very organized, is this is very difficult question?18:39
beunoleoquant, looking for the link, seems it's been hidden18:40
beunoleoquant, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/donations18:41
leoquanti have got an emailadress.......ok thx beuno18:41
beunoleoquant, np18:42
desertc_hehe - trying to dig up some more poster ideas and unearthed these... I especially thought the third was funny.18:45
desertc_nice, there's more!  :)18:47
desertc_sorry, big fan of derivative works18:48
beunodesertc_, lol18:50
juliuxbeuno, do you know who gets that donations?19:01
beunojuliux, canonical, of course19:02
juliuxi think you can't make a donation to a company19:02
beunojuliux, maybe it goes to the foundation, I don't know19:03
beunomaybe an email to inf@ubuntu.com?19:03
desertc_he's left anyhow19:13
Mike_Feravolojenda: too bad the posters where cool, i see you read the log from last night19:14
desertc_what posters?19:15
Mike_FeravoloThey were the Highway to Freedom Poster, I liked them because they look kind of like my OnA1A lgo19:16
desertc_yeap -- that's a pretty good one19:16
Mike_FeravoloI had that logo made back in 1997 when I registered the domain OnA1A,com19:16
Mike_FeravoloWhich is parked right now19:17
desertc_Working on some new posters right now, actually19:18
Mike_Feravologood, I wish I could think up something cool not just for ubuntu, but for GNU/Linux and free software in general19:20
Mike_FeravoloLook's like GNU/Linux in general19:22
Mike_FeravoloThe caption could read something to the effect of:19:23
Mike_FeravoloSo freindly even gramma loves him or something along the those lines taking the fear away from the word linux19:25
Mike_FeravoloI have no clue of the exact wording, just throwing in my two cents for what it's worth19:26
desertc_Yeah, sounds good.19:26
Mike_FeravoloUncle GNU is a little scary, sometimes I think Stallman is bit out there; But that's okay old hippie programers are cool19:27
Mike_FeravoloEMACS is still a good application, I first used it on a PDP-10/20 running TOPS19:29
desertc_Mike_Feravolo: still around?19:41
desertc_Well, I made a bunch more posters this morning.  *cheesy grin*20:45
juliuxdesertc_, which size you will make?21:04

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