dholbachgood morning06:46
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bigonHi, is there again a general FF exeption for telepathy packages?12:28
Mithrandirbigon: I don't believe so, but it should be possible to grant exceptions if we need them?13:49
bigonit was scottk who was asking for telepathy-salut actually13:52
MithrandirI'm happy with us pulling in good new releases from upstream, but that requires somebody to actually do the QA on them13:57
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smagounLooks like there's a new LUM that supersedes what's in the PPA. This breaks Menlow systems, since the latest PSB patches aren't in the new LUM. I'm building a new LUM for the PPA now.14:51
amitksmagoun: who uploaded it?14:57
smagounamitk: Tim Gardner, maybe?14:58
smagounIt looks like Jay's PSB patches went into the Hardy LUM tree just after 2.6.24-8.13 went out14:58
amitksmagoun: I misread your first statement. It makes sense now. Yes there is a new LUM in Hardy. And yes, uploading it to the PPA will fix the problem.15:00
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amitksmagoun: are the x drivers changes in hardy yet?15:04
amitk*X driver15:05
crevettehello there15:15
crevetteI packaged obex-data-server and now it is uploaded to the archives; would it be possible to make bluez-gnome depends on it ?15:16
dholbachUbuntu Development Week is up and running in #ubuntu-classroom!16:11
smagounamitk: sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don't think the X driver changes are in Hardy yet, that is a question for bryce.16:12
amitksmagoun: i noticed you haven't uploaded LUM yet, need help?16:12
smagounamitk: I had a call. I'm back working on it now; I'll let you know if I need anything. Thanks!16:13
smagounamitk: I just realized I don't have commit access to kernel.u.c, so I'll need someone to upload to the hardy-ume-lum tree when the time comes.16:14
amitksmagoun: i can do that, if you pass me the changesets16:15
smagounamitk: ok, thanks.16:15
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smagounamitk: I posted a diff of the hardy lum-->PPA lum: http://people.ubuntu.com/~smagoun/hardy-ume-lum-2.6.24-8.13-update.patch22:33
smagounamitk: If you'd prefer another format, please let me know22:33
amitksmagoun: 'git format-patch -o /tmp origin'  please?22:34
smagounamitk: Would you prefer I email those patches or post them to people.u.c?22:38
amitksmagoun: how many are they?22:38
smagounamitk: 1222:38
amitksmagoun: just attach them in an email to me22:38
smagounamitk: will do. Thanks for your help on this.22:38
amitksmagoun: np, thanks for taking care of lum22:39
bspencerlaunchpad question.  When creating a bug, can I add multiple attachments to it at the same time?  (e.g. with some delimeter ";" ? )23:42

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