Ubuletteif https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=414558 is really the cause of miro's folding weirdness, it seems it's there to stay :(00:09
ubotuMozilla bug 414558 in Layout "gmail titles shown below label when browser width is reduced. List of contacts is empty." [Major,New]00:09
cheguevara[reed], is inability of ff3 to use hotmail's full interface a hotmail bug or a firefox bug00:09
[reed]dunno, I've seen a bug on it, but I didn't read it00:10
[reed]check bugzilla00:10
asaccheguevara: afaik its hotmail00:10
asaccheguevara: you can use it by changing the user-agent00:10
asac(to windows or mac)00:10
cheguevaramozilla bug 39625900:11
ubotuMozilla bug 396259 in English US "hotmail.com - Hotmail (Classic interface) cannot be accessed from non-Firefox Gecko browsers" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39625900:11
[reed]asac: you're working on the dpi issue?00:19
asac[reed]: was dragged into something else today.00:51
asacbut yes00:51
asacstill on radar00:51
[reed]  inetutils-inetd 2:1.5.dfsg.1-401:50
[reed]  openbsd-inetd 0.20050402-601:50
[reed]which is better?01:50
asacopenbsd is in main02:08
asac[reed]: ^^02:08
[reed]that's what I figured out02:08
[reed]and picked :)02:08
* [reed] is setting up a pxe server so he can install ubuntu on his new laptop02:08
[reed]since it doesn't have a cdrom drive and usb flash install isn't working02:08
asac[reed]: usb?02:08
[reed]nope... it fails during partitioning02:09
[reed]and some other random stuff I had to kick to get to work02:09
asacstrange ... tried alternate CD?02:09
[reed]couldn't I put the netboot image on a floppy?02:10
[reed]I have a usb floppy drive02:10
[reed]and then I could netboot02:10
[reed]and install like that02:10
asaclet me know what worked out for you :)02:15
* asac sleeps now02:15
asacreally ... if i buy an X61 i want to know whats up ;)02:15
asacat best try not to use that floppy as I ain't have one02:15
[reed]well, pxe server would work02:17
[reed]just a pain to set up :)02:17
asactoo much imo02:17
asacusb should really work02:17
asaci mean why would partitioning break?02:18
[reed]could me just the usb flash drive I was using02:18
[reed]I'll try another one02:18
asacdid you run live image or alternate?02:18
asacyeah ... maybe alternate is more safe02:18
[reed]I'll try your page02:18
[reed]if it doesn't work, I'll try something else02:19
asacjust found that on google ;)02:19
asacthere is also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick02:19
asacbut maybe the first combined with network (like mentioned in the last section) looks like the most effecient approach02:21
[reed]oh, maybe I'm just running into a partitioning problem02:29
asacwanna keep vista?02:30
[reed]no, I'm going to replace it with XP02:31
[reed](for school stuff that requires Winblowz :()02:31
[reed]but there's also a recovery partition02:31
[reed]I guess I could just wipe the vista partition02:31
[reed]and then resize it02:31
asache? you can wipe everything i would say02:32
asacand then create partitions as needed ... like02:32
[reed]I like keeping the recovery partition02:32
[reed]it's only 5gb02:32
[reed]ok, that seemed to work02:32
asacfor what purpose?02:32
[reed]should I make the ubuntu partition first before XP or the XP partition before Ubuntu?02:33
[reed]/dev/sda2 versus /dev/sda302:33
asacthat shouldn't matter02:33
asacas long as you keep it _small_ :-P02:33
[reed]25gb should do02:34
[reed]since some of the engineering programs I have to install are several gigs02:34
asacfor XP ... thats huge ;) ... how many do you have in total? 80, 120, 160?02:34
asacah .. that should be fine then02:34
[reed]hmm, I crashed ubiquity02:36
[reed]whatever that is02:36
cheguevarathe installer :P02:36
asacDescription: Ubuntu live CD installer02:37
[reed]need to make a swap partition02:40
* [reed] does that02:40
cheguevarawhat kind of a laptop doesnt have a cdrom02:42
[reed]I was dumb and had separate partitions for / and /home on my main laptop02:43
[reed]that's starting to bite me02:43
[reed]since I'm running out of space on /home but I have plenty on /02:43
asacyeah ... sizing matters02:43
[reed]size _does_ matter!02:43
cheguevarasuse does that by default, always annoyed me02:43
[reed]I think I'll just do a 2gb swap partition02:44
[reed]and then everything else on /02:44
cheguevarahow much RAM you got02:44
asaci split partitions as well ... on laptop this is questionable, agreed02:44
cheguevarawill probably never need such a big swap02:44
[reed]at least I don't follow the stupid "double your RAM to get your swap partition size" rule02:44
[reed]cheguevara: what do you recommend? 1gb? 1.5?02:45
cheguevarai'd say 1 is enough02:45
cheguevaraunless firefox starts memory leaking :P02:45
cheguevarayeah some people got 4 gigs of ram02:45
cheguevaraand set their swap to 8 gigs02:45
[reed]asac: sound good?02:45
cheguevarai was like wtf lol02:45
asac[reed]: depends on your preference. running without swap is fine too ;)02:46
asaci mean if 2 gig of active mem gets swapped out you are lost anyway02:46
asacon desktop02:46
asacbut same for 1gb02:47
asacits more like a backup for cases where you rather want severe slowdown instead of OOMs02:47
asacbut 2 don't hurt nowadays ;) ... as there is plenty of space02:48
cheguevarabasically 1 or 202:50
cheguevaradon't really make a diff :P02:50
asac[reed]: oh i remember that if you want to suspend to disk you need at least mem amount of swap :)02:51
* [reed] sighs02:51
* [reed] waits for the installer to give him a cancel button02:51
cheguevaranever thought of that02:51
cheguevarasorry :P02:51
asac[reed]: i would even add a bit on top of your mem to be safe02:52
[reed]think I can kill it while it's trying to partition? :)02:52
[reed]I agree02:53
cheguevaraJust like Paul Thurrott, I'm re-evaluating why it really is necessary for me to have two browsers. Really, why? If Mozilla can't make an application to suit the look and feel of my Operating System then why should I bother with their product? I'm over the stage where I feel somehow better because I use browser 'A' instead of browser 'B'.02:53
cheguevarasome guy at neowin.net02:54
cheguevarastarted an 11 pages forum thread discussion02:54
asacisn't ffox 3 look on win more native now too?02:54
cheguevarawhy would you pick your browser based on how it looks02:54
[reed]except for the theme, yes02:54
asacwell, there is certainly a huge market for that ;)02:54
cheguevaraicons yeah, but the total looks is still quiet out of place on vista02:54
[reed]we have an icon set02:55
[reed]we're just not using it yet02:55
[reed]patch is waiting on review :)02:55
asacis vista detected?02:55
[reed]yes, we can override chrome based on os version02:55
[reed]Linux can do the same thing with kernel versions02:56
asacok so winstripe will stay the same?02:56
cheguevarayeah there's some bug with chrome redirects or something02:56
[reed]what do you mean?02:56
[reed]vista and XP will have different icons02:56
asacah ok02:56
asacbut XP will get new ones too?02:56
[reed]it already has, but they are still a work in progress02:56
asachasn't winstripe theme been used on windows too?02:57
[reed]winstripe theme is for Windows...02:57
asac(and ... is it still the fallback for gnomestripe?)02:57
[reed]on toolkit it is02:57
[reed]not browser02:57
cheguevarayeah the new windows icons are quiet pixalated imho02:57
asac[reed]: ok that might have caused confusion on my side then02:58
asacdidn't except  a split of those02:58
cheguevarahere's new vista icons02:58
asaclooks good enough imo :)02:59
cheguevarathe icons or the total look?02:59
[reed]think 2051MB is enough for swap?02:59
[reed]for 2048MB of RAM03:00
asac[reed]: i don't know :) ... consider that maybe there is some meta info dumped to swap too03:00
asacbut otoh you usually won't suspend right when the mem is completely utilized i guess03:01
cheguevarajust do 2100 :P03:01
[reed]50MB of meta info?03:02
[reed]I doubt it03:02
[reed]I'll go with this for now03:02
cheguevaraam not saying it will be, its just a safe round number and i doubt you'll miss the extra 50 megs03:03
[reed]why am I getting 50kb/s to one of the mirrors03:32
cheguevaraarchive.ubuntu.com ?03:33
[reed]back up to 400 now03:34
asacBug 19299209:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299209:10
[reed]asac: mozilla bug 413695 -- you need to comment09:30
[reed]see the last comment09:30
ubotuMozilla bug 413695 in Build & Release "mothball old tinderbox perf test machines" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41369509:30
* asac looking09:35
[reed]wrong bug!09:41
[reed]asac: mozilla bug 41134109:41
ubotuMozilla bug 411341 in Build & Release "mothball 1.8.0 Firefox and Thunderbird build machines" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41134109:41
[reed]both had mothball in it09:41
asacaren't those perf machines for 1.8.0 branch as well?09:42
asacasac: is there a bug against FF that if I have both GNOME & KDE installed, FF uses external  applications randomly choosing either a KDE or GNOME equivalent depending on the phase of the  moon :)09:59
asac[reed]: ^^ ?09:59
asacever seen something like this in bugzilla?10:01
[reed]that's really weird10:16
asache files a bug now. no idea if thats the fault of new gio or something10:16
asacbug 19322510:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193225 in firefox-3.0 "FF: general exception for firefox 3 extension packages signed off by the mozillateam" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19322510:49
* asac lunch13:15
asacUbulette: bug 19322513:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193225 in firefox-3.0 "FF: general exception for firefox 3 extension packages signed off by the mozillateam" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19322513:58
asacubotu: wake up!13:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wake up! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:58
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asac[reed]: how can i search in bugzilla for all "approval1.8.0.15?" ?15:27
asac(or approval1.8.0.15+)15:27
* asac conf call16:14
armin76put that on the whiteboard16:22
armin76i think...16:23
armin76asac: http://tinyurl.com/2kgoys16:25
[reed]asac: still need help?18:01
asac[reed]: nope :)18:01
[reed]asac: k18:01
asacfound out18:01
[reed]I created a bugzilla group18:01
[reed]for you and caillon18:01
[reed]for driving18:02
asacwhat purpose?18:02
asacah ... cool18:02
[reed]see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=permissions18:02
asachas that been a request?18:02
[reed]well, dveditz was abusing security18:02
asaci think dveditz now just set security-group as drivers for 1.8.0 branch18:02
[reed]yes, that's changed now :)18:02
asachehe ... right :)18:02
[reed]mozilla-1.8.0-drivers group now18:02
asacso people complained about spam ;)18:02
asacjtv: welcome18:09
jtvasac: thanks :)18:09
asac[reed]: i have to go soon, just a short question: did you already associate all the required flags (blocking/approval/wanted) with that drivers group?18:10
[reed]asac: ^18:10
asacgreat ... you rock!18:10
asacok out18:32
Ubulettei should not have subscribed to bug 19299219:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299219:16
Ubuletteflood bug19:17
cheguevaralol should be all fixed now19:17
Ubulettepart of it only19:17
cheguevarasudo apt-get dist-upgrade just completed fine for me after stealing latest python-central from launchpad19:18
Ubulettenow bzr is totally broken19:19
Ubulettei hate python19:19
cheguevarainstalled here somehow19:20
cheguevaracheguevara@cheguevara-laptop:~/Desktop$ bzr version19:20
cheguevaraBazaar (bzr) 1.2.0.candidate.119:20
Ubulettemy bot complained a lot today :(19:21
cheguevaralol so now the mirrors are breaking :P19:21
Ubulettestill broken: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4776/19:30
Ubulettehm, fresh bzr to come: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/bzr/1.2~rc1-1build119:34
cheguevarahey armin7620:23
cheguevaraUbulette, did you get the latest python-central?20:24
Ubulettepython-central | 0.5.50ubuntu3 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages20:24
Ubulettepython-central | 0.5.50ubuntu4 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Sources20:24
cheguevaradpkg -i that20:25
cheguevaraand you should be good to go20:25
cheguevarawould be funny if one day both apt-get and dpkg broke20:27
Ubulettearent' jockey-common and jockey-gtk broken for you too ?20:29
cheguevaraUbulette: when installing?20:30
Ubuletteupgrading. i never installed that myself, it's a dep of something20:30
cheguevaraof ubuntu-desktop20:31
cheguevarabut yeah its fine for me20:31
cheguevarawell i don't have jockey-gtk20:31
cheguevarai had to get python-central first though20:31
cheguevaranow why doesn't my sound work, this is really pissing me off20:33
cheguevaraoh headphones need to be un-muted20:34
cheguevarathats new20:34
cheguevarawas about to embarrass myself and file a kernel bug :P20:35
Ubulettefor some reason, bzr 1.2~rc1-1build1 has been built but does not appear in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/bzr/20:35
cheguevaraits just a rebuilt anyway 1.2~rc1-1 installed fine for me with new python-central20:36
cheguevarabut here it is20:37
cheguevarathings take some time to get to archives20:37
Ubuletteit's usually fast20:37
Ubulette(expect for ppa)20:38
Ubulettei can't installed that manually, i need my bot to do it20:38
Ubuletteand i don't want to patch it for that20:39
cheguevaraoh right didn't realize that20:39
cheguevaranow if only someone fixed wine...20:40
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
cwong1asac: ping21:39
cwong1asac: got your emails.  Sorry for the late response. Monday was a holiday..21:40
Ubulettecheguevara, good, full upgrade is now fine. retrying my bot now22:27
cheguevaraw00t :P22:27
Ubuletteyep, good too22:32
Ubulettemozilla bug 7537523:08
ubotuMozilla bug 75375 in Style System (CSS) "support for :nth-*() pseudo-classes" [Enhancement,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7537523:08
asaccwong1: no problem.23:09
Ubulettemozilla bug 40129123:09
ubotuMozilla bug 401291 in Style System (CSS) "optimize handling of dynamic changes for advanced CSS selectors" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40129123:09
Ubuletteoh, i thought nth-*() changed from NEW to RESOLVED/FIXED23:10
Ubulettetoo bad23:10
asaccwong1: i see two issues we need to fix asap: 1. backout changes in toolkit and to it differently23:10
asaccwong1: 2. upgrade to beta323:10
cwong1asac: we definitely need to upgrade to beta 3 asap23:11
asaccwong1: ok ... i have merged things locally ... there are a few glitches, but we can work that after that23:11
cwong1asac: do you know another way to doing what Jimmy did to the download dialog?23:11
asachowever, i cannot commit anymor :(23:11
asaccwong1: haven't looked, but it should be possible.23:11
cwong1asac: I will look into the commit issue with Johh and get back with you23:12
asaci think its just css tweaks?23:12
cwong1asac: but what about the file location?23:12
asaccwong1: yes ... its wierd, i definitly have my name in the commit message, but apparently you do some debcommit check or something backend ... i have no idea if i need to commit debian/changelog in the same commit or what :)23:12
cwong1asac: I don't think you can do this in css, can you?23:12
asaccwong1: which file location?23:13
asacah i remember a bit23:13
asaclet me look at the commits23:13
cwong1asac: we want to put media files in some pre-define location media/auio/piture/viedo23:13
cwong1asac: btw, please don't check anything one until I create a branch for our internal beta 3 release (for this friday).23:14
asaccwong1: ok ... ididn't want to commit the merge :)23:15
asaccwong1: let me know when the branch is open again23:16
cwong1asac: ok23:16
cwong1asac: does it make sense to have a xulrunner for mobile and one for desktop?23:16
asacwell ... we should first try to either eliminate or get it into main xulrunner23:19
asacfor instance: different default download directories for medias might be something upstream wants23:19
cwong1asac: when you say unstream, do you mean Ubuntu or Mozilla.org?23:20
asacmozilla+ubuntu  ... they are not really independent in this regards23:21
asacbut usually i refer to mozilla as upstream23:21
cwong1I dont think mozilla would want our default download directories.  These directories might not be appropriate on other Linux Platform.23:22
asacwelll ... afaik there similar directory names available by xdg23:22
asacbut i agree that its unlikely23:24
cwong1asac: I also have another problem that might required changes in the toolkit directory.  I might have to modify the widget creation routine so that I have to create a widget container based on "MOKO" and then place the regular widget inside it.23:26
cwong1MOKO is a finger scrolling library widget that we have and it is being used by many of our applets23:27
cwong1Here is the situation:23:27
cwong1right now with the preference, download and addon windows up, and if you bring up the virtual keyboard, it will obscure part of the windows and there is no easy way to navigate to the control that you want in the window.23:28
cwong1If we put those windows inside a moko widget, it will automatically allow the user to scroll to any part of the window using the touch of the finger.23:30
cwong1This is another reason why I suggest to have a special build of xulrunner for the mobile platform.23:30
asaccwong1: ok i think i understand a bit.23:31
asac(though i don't understand the point of virtual keyboard hiding parts of the window ... i always thought that the window just resizes)23:31
asacbut that isn't important23:32
asacin general i agree that it might make sense to fork xulrunner for mobile23:32
cwong1asac: ok then.  one for mobile.23:32
asacthe only risk i see is that things are done in a hacky fashion23:32
asacand in the end we will end up in a situation where we cannot get back to mainline23:32
cwong1well, Any change we make here, I will run it by you from now on.  Will this help?23:33
asacfor instance: the media folder feature could be done in toolkit/ without breaking the normal firefox: e.g. introducing a new autodownload variant, which you can setup and configure23:33
cwong1asac: ok,  I will let Jimmy know about this.23:34
asaccwong1: i am fine with this for now. but experience shows that code that landed once will not be touched unless it breaks.23:35
asacand usually nobody will want to put more resources into something that already works more or less :)23:35
cwong1btw, what is responsible for building the xulrunner?23:35
asaccwong1: at best we could always keep changes to toolkit so minimal that we can maintain .patch files for the _few_ issues we tackle23:35
asacin that way i can use the same source package.23:36
asacjust patched a bit more for lpia or something23:36
asaccwong1: what do you mean by "what is responsible" ?23:37
asacgood question.23:37
cwong1sorry, I was aiming with my daugther on anther pc :(23:37
asaclet me chew this night on this and think about our options23:37
asaccan we chat tomorrow?23:37
cwong1btw,  I tried building it using my midbrowser source tree and it didn't work23:38
asacok good. pleas create the branch ... then i can commit the beta 3 merge23:38
asaccwong1: xulrunner? ... hmm ... maybe we don't have all23:38
asacsources ... actually for sure we are lacking some files23:39
cwong1yes I dont think we have all the files for building Xulrunner23:39
asacbut we should really reconsider how we maintain those two23:39
cwong1I will let you know tomorrow on the branch creation.23:39
asaci will think about it till tomorrow23:39

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