ubotucredible called the ops in #ubuntu (paul___)00:09
naliothmneptok: you about?00:26
mneptokeye yam, kinda00:27
mneptok(on phone, but shoot)00:27
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, J-_ said: !pulseaudio is <reply> PulseAudio is a sound server for POSIX and Win32 systems. A sound server is a proxy for your sound applications. If allows you to do advanced operations on your sound data as it passes between your application, and your hardware. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pulseaudio - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:56
LjL!pulseaudio is <reply> PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions02:58
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL02:58
PiciPulse is in Hardy by default FYI02:58
* LjL will be stuck with arts he suspects :)02:59
nickrud lucky LjL 03:03
* Tm_T doesn't use arts or others03:04
Tm_TI even build KDE stuff with -without-arts option03:04
__Oz__Hello, all.03:19
__Oz__I registered my nick.  Um...  is that all I have to do to keep it my own?  I was hoping to get _Oz_ rather than __Oz__.03:19
__Oz__...  hello?03:20
* __Oz__ taps microphone.03:20
__Oz__Is this thing on?03:20
Tm_Tsee topic03:21
__Oz__I was led to believe I could come here to see about getting a 60-day old nick dropped so I could reg it.03:21
__Oz__Not true?03:21
Tm_Tprolly #freenode would be better03:22
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)03:22
Tm_Tmneptok: nownow03:22
__Oz__Nice...  I'll remember that !staff command when I need to shake things up and wake people up in here. :)03:22
mneptok__Oz__: you won;t last long on Freenode if you do.03:23
__Oz__mneptok: heh, heh.03:23
mneptok__Oz__: try screaming "EMERGENCY" at your local airport for a taste of what it will be like03:23
* __Oz__ chuckles.03:23
Tm_Tmneptok: everybody looks you like some maniac and then carry on with their own activities?03:24
Tm_Tperhaps pull little children bit further from you too03:25
nickrudhard to believe anyone wouldn't jump for mneptok 03:25
mneptokTm_T: that happens no matter whether i yell or not. i blame the tutu and Burger King crown.03:26
* __Oz__ is suddenly reminded of the song "Freaks" by Live.03:30
jussi01If someone is awake, you may want to look into #ubuntu+108:24
Tm_Tshame I don't have rights there08:30
jussi01!schedule-#kubuntu-kde4 is <reply> The KDE 4 release schedule can be found at http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule 08:31
jussi01I hate that bot bug... :(08:32
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MyrttiI wish I could stand being on more ubuntu channels currently08:39
Myrttias of now I feel all channels are too much, including those that I *have* to be on on IRCnet08:40
Seeker`Myrtti: what happened to make you feel like that?08:41
Myrttiif only people wouldn't have to be available and online all the time08:52
Myrttidamn this modern society08:52
Myrttidamn it all.08:52
Myrttiand this is *me* speaking, people. The Finnish community goddess, the person interviewed as the modern example of educated, communitybound consumer, the person who's been on five IRC networks simultaneously on 30+ channels with three languages, two mobile phone numbers, two msn accounts, icq, gtalk, jabber, jaiku, facebook, irc-galleria, irkkaajat.org, four blogs, three discussion forum administratorships and two moderatorships, three snailmail ...09:01
Myrtti... addresses and one head, two ears, eyes and hands and 24 hours per day.09:01
* elkbuntu huggles Myrtti09:02
elkbuntubut we luvs you anyway09:02
MyrttiI can't even count how many email addresses I've got09:04
MyrttiI've unsubscribed a whole lot of mailing lists09:05
tonyyarussoat last check I was at 909:05
Myrttiand requested deadminship at Finnish Wikipedia09:05
tonyyarussoI try not to think about how many mailing lists I have09:05
MyrttiI'm considering moving to Rovaniemi, selling all my junk and applying to the Santa's elf vocational college.09:06
Myrttithey actually do have an "elf academy" here for people in the tourist business09:07
Myrttiescapism <309:07
Myrttimedication good.09:12
Myrtti--> goes to read Mrs. Dalloway09:13
jpatrickany update on nzk?11:26
ubotuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (sti terrorist apology)12:18
jpatrick< ~Dudenumerone> hi dudes make money on http://www.biggestboom.com/ref.php?user=Bigbam12:35
jpatrickin #u12:36
kbrooks<ac1d> did you know that if you freeze a puppy and shove a stick in it somewhere, then you can sell it in mexico under the name Puppsicle # in #ubuntu12:44
kbrooksty 12:44
Picikbrooks: yeah, already saw it.12:45
PiciThanks though.12:45
DavieyIs nick Dave_is_sexy suitable for #ubuntu?13:27
Dave2Dave_is_sexy has been causing me unnecessary highlights for about a year :(13:27
PiciDaviey: Sure, why not?13:28
* Dave2 stabs xchat's highlighting13:28
DavieyDave2: you have been doing that to me. :)13:28
PiciPerhaps dave *is* sexy13:28
DavieyPici: Have a guess why i raised it?13:28
jpatrickhaha, MsK` [n=troll@lywenn.eu.org] has joined #kubuntu13:36
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ubotuOdd-rationale called the ops in #ubuntu ()13:55
jpatrick!staff | ~mIRCLan-mIRC6774 www.mirclan.net www.mircmerkezi.net www.sohbet-turk.org www.forum.mirclan.net13:55
ubotu~mIRCLan-mIRC6774 www.mirclan.net www.mircmerkezi.net www.sohbet-turk.org www.forum.mirclan.net: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)13:55
ubot3_ubotu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
Dave2got him13:56
PiciThanks :)13:56
Picijrib: ^klined13:56
jribweechat must not tell me these things like irssi did... hmmm13:56
jribthanks Pici13:57
Picijrib: it was after he left anyway.13:57
white_eagle_just leave the ban at #ubuntu-offtopic for a week, OK?14:16
white_eagle_I need to make my senses to work14:16
LjLi was thinking slightly longer14:16
PiciWhat does that mean?14:16
LjLPici: any idea how yesterday's CTCP ban got removed? the BT lists it as still active14:16
Pici"I need to make my senses to work"14:16
LjLPici: his brain is striving to start existing14:17
PiciLjL: ompaul removed it.14:17
LjLwell this time he really can't claim he didn't knew14:17
LjLand the bantracker has a *hideous* amount of removes on him14:17
PiciWe discussed it, white_eagle said he was testing clients and accidentally did /ping14:17
PiciHes a hyper kid.14:18
LjLPici: yeah well, irssi does/did CTCP PING to the current channel when typing /ping14:18
LjLbug is filed14:18
LjLand fixed upstream IIRC14:18
PiciAnd he was told that yesterday.14:18
LjLstill, you do it once...14:18
no0ticLjL, latest stable still pings the channel14:19
LjLno0tic: right, it wasn't fixed upstream, it was fixed in ubuntu14:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 96758 in irssi ""/ping" with no arguments CTCP PINGs the channel" [Low,Fix released] 14:20
PiciI'll try it here...14:20
LjL(i should know, i reported it... but my brain is somewhat lacking in storage space too)14:20
Pici"Irssi: Not enough parameters given"14:20
LjLPici: you recklessly on hardy?14:20
PiciLjL: Yeah14:21
ubotufaileas called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:06
ubotuArelis__ called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:07
ubotuemilsedgh called the ops in #kubuntu ()15:25
zwnjhi there15:32
zwnjping Mez15:32
zwnjseems we got another one15:32
zwnji'm handling it15:32
zwnjjust wanted to let you know15:32
zwnjit's *@91.98.88.*15:32
zwnjhe changes username as well15:32
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Tm_Tumm, chanserv died?16:00
Tm_Tnaah, lagged only16:00
Myrtti/me changed her screenaway message17:31
Myrtti/set screen_away_message Don't argue with an op, woman or cat. You'll lose. If they're combined, say your prayers.17:32
jussi01Hello Myrtti !!17:32
Myrttihullo jussi01 17:32
jussi01Long time no speak!17:32
MyrttiI've tried to keep radio silence since I've had too much worries and depressing other people with them would've been silly17:33
MyrttiI've noticed the percentage of my irc communication being whining has been way too high17:33
jussi01Myrtti: you are welcome to whine at me whenever... as long as I can whine back ;)17:34
* Pricey tries to imagine a +o catwoman17:34
jussi01Pricey: hahahah, nice17:35
Priceythat's no meow17:35
Seeker`Myrtti: Are you a catgirl?17:39
Myrtti/me purrrs in agreement17:39
PriceyWoooohoooo I have a house for next year.17:59
jdongPricey: pricey@hobbsee.house?17:59
* jdong ducks17:59
Seeker`Pricey: cool.17:59
Seeker`Pricey: Was it you that was having housemate problems?18:00
naliothSeeker`: you arguing with nickserv again?18:00
PriceySeeker`, indeedy18:00
Seeker`nalioth: client disconnected / reconnected last night18:03
Seeker`Pricey: How many people are you living with next year?18:03
Pricey4 n6w18:03
jdongPricey: the o key is one down 3 right18:04
Priceyaccidentally put numlock on18:04
jdongPricey: are you a chess player?18:04
Priceywell acciadentally forgot to take if off18:04
Priceyjdong, on occasion18:04
jdongPricey: king me.18:04
PriceyAmazing thing happenned today. Had a shower, dried hair quickly then went off to lecture. Was barely 20 metres from the house before I noticed my hair had frozen.18:06
jdongPricey: they're meters by SI definition, metres are not recognized as a valid SI unit :P18:07
no0ticPricey, you had a shower! amazing18:08
naliothSeeker`: they make an autoidentify script for irssi18:08
no0ticnalioth, who are "they"?18:08
jussi01Pricey: thats normal here18:08
naliothno0tic: irssi script makers18:08
Priceyjussi01, where are you again?18:09
Picinalioth: Why not just use the server password for irssi?18:09
jussi01Pricey: northern finland18:09
PiciAt least for freenode...18:09
Seeker`nalioth: I've got a shell on someone else's computer, and, even though I trust them, would prefer not to have my password in plaintext on a computer not under my control18:09
PriceySeeker`, they're sent in plaintext... they could just monitor things to sniff it.18:10
naliothPici: because it only works when you connect18:10
Seeker`Pricey: But theres a difference between it being in 1 packet and being stored permanently18:11
nalioththe script automatically notices you when you become unidentified and actively makes sure you are identified18:11
jussi01Pricey: 65 degrees north :D18:11
Seeker`jussi01: What latitude is the arctic circle?18:11
jussi01Seeker`: not sure exactly, but 200ks approx from here18:12
jussi01to the north18:12
LjLjussi01: thanks for specifying18:12
Seeker`jussi01: so you still get some nighttime then18:12
Picinalioth: ah18:12
jussi01Seeker`: no18:12
Priceyjussi01, i'm off to norway for a week next month which'll be fun... only as north as oslo though.18:12
Seeker`jussi01: I thought that the arctic circle was the southernmost point at which the sun didn't set /rise (dependning on the season)18:13
no0ticnalioth, nice thing18:15
no0ticSeeker`, even if sun sets, light remains. sun never goes under 10° below the horizon18:16
LjLcould have given a couple of minutes advance notice >:18:21
LjLfun thing it still replies to PING so the bots are relaxing in non-emergency mode :o)18:23
PiciGood thing chanserv isnt in #ubuntu... we dont need 500 people talking about it quitting.18:27
jdongAHHHH CHANSERV DIED! (kidding)18:27
LjLheh yeah18:29
Priceyjdong, what're we gonna do :'(18:29
LjLtell me a way to stomp onto my own TCP connection and send a MODE +o line :)18:30
PiciL3W1S: How can we help you?19:14
L3W1SHello, Last week i was banned from ubuntu after using the wrong version of mirc which was running a bot, Would it be possible if i could be un-banned?19:15
LjLL3W1S: are you script-free now?19:15
L3W1Syes 19:17
LjLL3W1S: how come, however, you were banned so many times?19:18
Tm_Tslow learner? or easy forgetter?19:19
* Tm_T hides19:19
L3W1Si believe the bot was running a script that welcomed every user to each channel 19:19
LjLL3W1S: yes, it was. however i'm wondering about previous bans19:19
L3W1Si have previous ?19:20
LjLL3W1S: several19:20
L3W1Sas far as i can remeber this is the first time19:20
LjLL3W1S: is your internet address shared with other people?19:20
L3W1Snone that would be using freenode19:21
LjLL3W1S: is it dynamic?19:21
L3W1Swell ive only switched to this provider lately19:22
L3W1Sand its been set up with static ip and dns for the past week or so19:22
LjLL3W1S: you can rejoin19:24
L3W1Sthank you, this shouldnt happen again19:24
Tm_TI'm too nervous, so time to take a walk outside, see you in the otherside ->20:22
Seeker`what is he nervous about?20:24
elkbuntufsk... that was a failed Ctrl+f20:35
Seeker`what is ctrl+f meant to do20:35
Tm_TSeeker`: myself20:38
ubotuIn ubotu, trappist said: forget xfs20:40
Tm_T!life > trappist20:40
ubotuIn ubotu, trappist said: xfs is xfs is a high-performance journaling filesystem originally developed by Silicon Graphics for their IRIX OS. It is now fully supported by Linux so you can install Ubuntu on it if you wish. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFS20:40
ubotuxfs is a high-performance journaling filesystem originally developped by Silicon Graphics for their IRIX OS. It is now fully supported by Linux so you can install Ubuntu on it if you wish. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFS20:41
Tm_TI don20:41
Tm_T't get it20:41
jpatrickTm_T: that makes two of us20:43
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jdongit's not "fully supported"20:53
jdongwell, "supported" is a loaded term20:53
jdongoh s/developped/developed/20:54
PriceChildhmm, I'm now known as PriceChlid21:06
mneptokmmm ... fresh chlid sliced from the hock on a cool autumn evening ...21:07
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
Seeker`Pricey: why do you keep on swapping between those two nicknames?21:15
Priceysilly client settings. Shouldn't change anymore21:15
Seeker`likely story. pebkac :P21:16
Tm_TPricey - the problem child21:16
jussi01Pricey: what are you going to be, Pricey or Pricechild?21:17
Seeker`he could be a mix - PriceyChild21:18
PriceyWouldn't you like to know.21:18
Davieynick spam :)21:21
Seeker`Daviey spam :O21:21
* Tm_T hides21:22
jussi01Pricey spam (and eggs, on toast)21:23
Tm_Tplease do21:24
Tm_TEarl Grey with cream too thanks, two sugar21:24
TheSheepew, team with cream :/21:27
Seeker`isn't earl grey a non-milk tea?21:27
TheSheepSeeker`: it was until now ;)21:28
Tm_TSeeker`: it is NOT21:28
Tm_Toh, and "Twinnings English Breakfast" tea is great with honey, cream and just a hint of brown sugar21:29
jpatrickLjL: -youth coming along well if you ask me21:35
Seeker`quick, hide?21:39
Tm_Ttoo shaky and nervous to hide21:39
ubotuIn ubotu, Nrrd said: alien is RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous). http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/09/23/installing-using-an-rpm-file/23:59

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