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Q-FUNKguys, are we including the CPUID patch from bug #180742 for Hardy?08:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180742 in xorg-server "xf86-video-amd: switching to a vcons fails" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18074208:18
Q-FUNKit's the last of 3 x86emu patches needed to bring x86emu back into line.08:19
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tjaaltonQ-FUNK: I'll add it today08:43
* tjaalton drops eyes to the floor... ati 6.8.0 released08:44
Q-FUNKhey :)08:52
tjaaltonbryce: I guess we want the new ati in hardy?-) Unstable already has it, I'm looking at the merge or sync08:53
brycetjaalton: yeah probably, but we should review the changelog to get a sense of the proportion of new features to bug fixes08:55
bryceand also testing results of course...  if there's a lot of confirmed bug fixes, we definitely want it08:55
tjaaltonit's a stable release, we have a six weeks old snapshot.. :)08:56
tjaaltonsorry, eight weeks08:56
bryceyes quite true08:56
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tjaaltonwe should be able to sync it09:08
tjaaltonthe only patch is from upstream09:09
tjaaltonNg: upstream want's you to try git master to fix the graphics bugs with 85509:10
tjaaltonwell, the last commit on the stable branch09:12
Ngtjaalton: can I build that independently of xorg*09:17
bryceNg, yup09:18
* Ng installs git09:18
Ngis it just git co http://thaturl     ?09:18
tjaaltonjust wget that patch and apply it on the packages09:18
tjaaltonor build the git version09:19
tjaaltonand copy the drv.so09:19
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mvotjaalton: I would like to talk to you about the fglrx issue when they drop support for cards (you filed a update-manager bug about it). do we have a list of pci ids available of the cards that are supported or where support got dropped?09:20
Nghmm, don't spose anyone still has a copy of xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.2.0+git20080107-1ubuntu2 lying around, do they? if this doesn't work I'd like to be able to revert back to the working driver ;)09:22
bryceNg, the (probably crude) approach I've taken when working with git drivers, when done is to do apt-get remove <driver>; apt-get install <driver>.09:24
brycethere's probably a cleaner solution tho09:24
tjaaltonmvo: hmm, what bug #?09:24
bryceI believe you can do apt-get install <driver>=<version> or something to force it to a particular version09:25
Ngbryce: sure, but aiui, older packages get purged from the archive, so apt won't be able to find it09:26
bryceNg, ahh, yes that's true09:27
brycesaispo: heya!09:27
mvotjaalton: #110388 you reassigned this one to update-manager on saturday09:27
saispolittle question: anyone know how can i do not invoke xorg postinst in gutsy installer ? because it build a xorg.conf automatically and i don't want it :)09:28
brycesaispo: there isn't a way to suppress the initial generation of it, however you should be able to delete it at any point during install by switching to a terminal console and deleting it.  (Perhaps I misunderstand what you need tho.)09:30
tjaaltonmvo: oh that one09:30
saispobryce: yes, i see no other solution :|09:30
saispobryce: you see right ;)09:31
saispobryce: i will use a d-i command for doing this09:31
brycesaispo: if you have X trouble during installation, another workaround is to use the alternate install CD, which does a text-mode install09:31
saispobryce: i use this, but it's for a custom distro09:31
saispobryce: with feisty i have no trouble09:31
tjaaltonmvo: lrm includes the modules.alias.override -files which could be used09:31
Q-FUNKseb128: could you tell me what was the name of the gnome componet that draws the bacground image?09:33
seb128Q-FUNK: depends, gnome-control-center or nautilus09:33
seb128what is the issue?09:33
tjaaltonbryce: do I file the sync request for ati?09:34
brycetjaalton: sure go for it09:34
tjaaltonok cool09:34
Q-FUNKseb128:  zoom image behavior changed. it used to center and zoom, now it left-aligns and zooms09:34
Q-FUNKseb128: in hardy09:35
seb128not sure, you can open it on gnome-control-center if you want, attach an example to the bug maybe, I don't notice the issue on my installation09:36
Q-FUNKseb128: I tried both with the left-click option on the dektop and with the appearnce dialog. the result is the same in both cases.09:37
* Ng goes with a ghetto solution of tarring up the contents of the current working package ;)09:38
seb128Q-FUNK: the left click option starts the appearance capplet09:40
Q-FUNKseb128: ok09:43
tjaaltonNg: just copying intel_drv.so is enough09:46
* Ng lost in a sea of version numbers. I want to be building, right?10:10
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tjaaltonNg: yes, and the patch on top of that10:12
Nghmm, then I reckon it's working. I thought I'd built the previous snapshot version that was working, but I seem to have build I'd like to try again with absolutely-definitely-guaranteed pristine source though ;)10:14
tjaaltonah :)10:14
NgI have some hardy updates to apply first too10:19
brycetjaalton: wow, long changelog for -ati.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's stable10:59
tjaaltonsure it is11:07
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* Ng up to date. building driver again...11:25
tjaaltonbryce: btw, the changelog was 6.6.3 -> 6.8.0, so it's considerably shorter for 6.7.197 -> 6.8.015:24
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ubotuNew bug: #187645 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 (restricted) "Evolution calendar consumes 100% CPU with mouse-over info" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18764516:36
seb128I reassigned this evolution calendar issue16:51
seb128that's basically cairo rendering being slow on fglrx when not using composite16:51
seb128not sure if that's cairo, xorg or the driver to blame though16:51
Ngtjaalton: it looks to me like that patch works17:04
Ngeither that or I'm utterly confused about versions ;)17:04
brycetjaalton: ahh, that explains it17:05
tjaaltonNg: cool, I'll let upstream know17:23
Ngcan has a new upload with the patch? :D17:23
tjaaltonjust apt-get reinstall the driver to see it really was the patch that fixed it?17:24
tjaaltonwe'll see :)17:24
NgI'll do the reinstall when I get home (couple of hours)17:25
NgI'd prefer not to break things while I'm working ;)17:25
tjaaltonheh, ok17:28
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mvobryce, tjaalton: what is the latest status with regard to i965 and exa/xaa ? I got some mails asking about this for compiz and I was wondering if there is a decision about this yet20:22
brycemvo, in fact I'm just now working on my patch for it20:23
brycemvo, so I should have more news by the end of the day20:24
mvobryce: the patch that makes it happy with exa?20:24
tjaaltonwell, 96520:24
tjaaltonbut the rest should use XAA20:25
brycetjaalton: aside from my patch, is there anything else we need to do to ensure <965 are using XAA?20:25
mvoI have still distorted window shadows on the 965, but I guess you know about this, right?20:25
mvo<i965 should be fine, as long as the patch I did for gutsy to use the hardware overlay for Xv is still applied20:26
mvo(compiz-wise all should be fine for those)20:26
tjaaltonbryce: yes, there's a commit which switched EXA on, so revert that and then add to your patch the rule to use EXA for 96520:26
bryceyup, in fact that's what I'm using to check if this is working20:26
brycemvo, I have a simple patch to fix those borders which has been tested to work, but if this greedy patch solves it, we don't need that patch20:27
* mvo nods20:27
brycetjaalton: hmm, sounds like I'll need to also do a patch to force EXA for 965... currently I just check if both those are enabled, and then turn on greedy too20:27
mvogreat, thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to it20:28
tjaaltonmvo: ah so it was your patch :)20:28
tjaaltonbryce: right20:28
mvotjaalton: eh, did it broke anything :) ?20:28
tjaaltonmvo: no, I was just wondering where it came from :)20:28
mvoaha, ok :)20:29
mvoI think we talked about it when I uploaded the packages, but it was a while ago. it bugged me to no end that i965 wouldn't work, until I discovered that the hardware is missing20:29
mvoyeah for no docs from intel (fixed now fortunately)20:29
brycethere's an article on lwn complaining that the community invests more resources in things like reverse engineering nvidia drivers where there aren't docs, and none in -intel where there are (now) plenty of docs.20:32
bryceI don't know if I would agree there - I suspect it's just that Intel ends up hiring everyone that works on -intel ;-) - but an interesting point of view20:32
pwnguinid argue as well that nvidia drivers are more valuable20:36
pwnguingiven that the chips are more capable20:36
brycepwnguin: do you mean because of nvidia's hardware performance potential?20:36
pwnguinunless intel has some magic i havent read about since i last went laptop shopping20:37
Q-FUNKintel voodoo incantation required.20:38
brycethink I got it working...20:38
bryceyup :-)20:38
brycetjaalton: ok with my greedy patch, borders are now correct, and I've verified greedy is turned on for 96520:39
brycetjaalton: what else do we need to check?20:39
tjaaltonthat should be enough for now, if it forces EXA as well?20:43
bryceno I still need to code up that patch20:43
brycefirst want to finish up this one and get it in20:43
bryceI figure I'll do the two things as separate patches so it'll be easier to drop one or the other independently in the future if we need to20:44
brycehmm, doesn't fix the glxgears issue but I guess that's separate.  Movie playback is a lot better20:46
tjaaltonwhat issue?20:46
tjaaltonbtw, someone said that setting EXNoComposite true would improve the performance, but I couldn't tell the difference20:47
brycethe issue is, run glxgears, then move the window, and it doesn't clear the screen properly20:50
tjaaltonisn't that true for all free drivers atm?-)20:51
tjaaltonmaybe the cleanup works with xaa though20:52
bryceoh is it?  I didn't see it on gutsy with -ati, but maybe it's a 1.4 issue?20:52
bryceoh and I'm not running compiz, duh20:52
mvobryce: that is unfortunately a known issue with compiz :(20:56
mvowe tried to come up with a workaround, but its (unsurprisingly) pretty difficult20:57
brycehmm, this is odd - I rebooted my 965 laptop without installing any greedy patched versions, which had the tearing issue and so forth, and now I cannot reproduce the issues20:59
tjaaltonusing the defaults?21:02
bryceI think so... doing some more testing...21:03
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brycebtw, here are the deb's I just tested, which seem to work:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/Greedy/21:13
bryceso far testing is confirming it, but would be nice for independent verification21:15
bryceperformance seems about the same either way, hm21:17
tjaaltontry scrolling in firefox21:19
bryceah, nastiness21:21
bryceaha, ok all issues reproduced on test hw without patch... now trying with patched driver...21:22
bryceahhh, yes that's much better21:23
brycecool even the screen tearing's gone21:23
sorenDid something get updated in gutsy relatively recently that could cause my wife's laptop's X to die a few times of day?21:33
tjaaltononly the security patches a month ago21:41
tjaaltonhm, unless the intel driver got in updates21:41
brycedon't think that's happened21:43
brycetjaalton: ok, the xserver patch portion of the fix is ready to be uploaded:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/21:47
tjaalton3 is uploaded already ;)21:48
brycehmm, apt-get source only pulled a 2 for me21:51
tjaaltonI uploaded it earlier today21:55
bryceok, here is an xserver 1ubuntu3, and -intel 2ubuntu5: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/21:57
brycecould you upload both of those?  Next I'll do the force-exa-on-for-965 patch21:57
Ngtjaalton: ok, that patch is needed, it stops the weird 16-bit look-a-like pixmaps22:22
Ng(which seems to affect 2d and 3d, weirdly)22:22
NgI see it on the ubuntu logo in gdm and on the photo icons on my desktop without the patch22:23
Ng(I also tried with/without the migration config bits in xorg.conf)22:23
tjaaltonNg: thanks, I'll add that to the upstream bug22:25
brycetjaalton: oh, hmm I forgot, but maybe the depends for -intel should be increased to require that newer xserver22:26
Ngtjaalton: is there likely to be another upstream drop into hardy before release?22:26
bryceI've got the xaa-default-except-i965 patch ready to go, I'll roll that depends update into it too if that sounds good to you22:26
tjaaltonNg: likely22:26
Nghmm, I don't remember if I actually filed that as a bug22:29
brycetjaalton: could you remind me why we prefer XAA for <i965? stability or performance?22:29
tjaaltonNg: yep you did22:30
tjaaltonNg: I'll apply the patch on our intel for now22:30
Ngwrt XAA/EXA, subjectively i think EXA is as fast on 855 with the greedy migration doodad22:31
tjaaltonmaybe it doesn't hurt to let alpha5 be with EXA+greedy for all22:32
brycecould be, although iirc there are some hardware specificness for EXA performance22:34
tjaaltonit would be nice to not go back to xaa22:35
tjaaltonif possible22:35
tjaaltonI mean staying as close to upstream as possible22:36
bryceok, well I'm almost done with the revert back to xaa by default except i965 patch...  let me complete that22:38
bryce...ok done - http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/ 2ubuntu622:39
bryceoh, btw I built the above but didn't test to ensure it goes to xaa on <96522:40
brycebut the patch looked very straightforward, I'd be surprised if it didn't do exactly what's intended22:40
bryceoh crap, I forgot to update the depends... one sec22:41
tjaaltonof the driver?22:42
tjaaltonI can do it locally22:42
bryceoh okay cool22:42
bryceif we even want to do that... the driver will build and work against older 1.4 drivers, just will not be using greedy in that case22:43
bryceso yeah, probably no need to change depends I guess22:43
tjaaltonyep, so I'll just upload this one22:43
tjaaltonman, I hope all those drm fixes are backported to the hardy kernel.. should fix a number of intel suspend/resume/hibernation issues22:48
brycetjaalton: ok!  I've uploaded a third patch which would do greedy for ALL chipsets, to bug 17749222:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "EXA is balls-achingly slow" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17749222:59
brycetjaalton: all else being equal, I think shipping all-EXA on would be ideal, however I'm not sure what effect turning greedy on for everyone would have23:01
brycetjaalton: but all the patches now exist to take whichever route seems best23:02
tjaaltonat least 945 suffers from performance issues23:02
brycewith greedy?23:02
tjaaltonI uploaded ubuntu6, so 965 should be covered now23:02
tjaaltonah no, with plain EXA23:02
bryceok cool; will those bugs auto-close or should I mark them fix released myself?23:03
tjaaltonthey'll auto-close23:03
bryceokie.  --> lunch23:04
tjaaltonhmm, I wonder if 'dput -u foo' was enough, I can't see those packages on the list yet23:23
tjaaltoninstead all vdr plugins are there, and those were uploaded a few minutes ago23:24
tjaaltonanyway, time to get some sleep.. night!23:25
Ngcya tjaalton 23:25
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