NigelSlllsondowlll: from there you can run your cmd line tests00:00
lllsondowllldoes this command look right? syrus recommened it "sudo nano /ect/x11/xorg.conf00:00
Led_Zeppelinis there a sound detection utility for Ubuntu?00:00
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test__<lllsondowlll> Have you installed glx driver ?00:00
lllsondowlllhe said to change it from nv/nvidia to vesa Is that a wise choice?00:00
test__nvidia is right00:01
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, u can use alsamixer to view the 'levels' of the current audio...00:01
NigelSlllsondowlll: that will put it in a bootable state00:01
test__but iam not shure00:01
lllsondowlllI haven't installed anything like I said I can't get a good video past the loading screen00:01
NigelStest__: have you even read his problem?00:01
xerxes1358danbhfive: I am prett y newb in linux00:01
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, want to make sure it detects my sound card first. I know it works, just not working now...00:01
Cyr4xhow to set up blue path and green computer name in .bashrc?00:01
NigelSlllsondowlll: yeah, in the recovery console select the vesa driver and then you will have graphics, from there you can try and work out why it didn't work to begin with00:01
test__load the vesa and start x server and install priporetiy driver ?!?00:01
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device00:02
NigelSlllsondowlll: nvidia cards should work correctly00:02
k4k_can someone tell me what the password for sudo is on a live cd?00:02
test__after that you can normal boot00:02
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, lspci will tel you if your soundcard is recognized... (please dont post any output from a command in the channel, use pastebin)00:02
test__when not dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and configure right settings00:02
Cyr4xk4k - no password00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lspci - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
danbhfivexerxes1358: can you run gparted in the live environment?  Can you access the net?  you gota answer at least some of my questions, otherwise, I can't help ya00:02
Cyr4xjust klick enter and it should work00:02
lllsondowlllIf nvidia cards should work correctly then why am I getting odd lines and colors when I boot into ubuntu 7.10?00:02
test__<k4k_>try   ubuntu00:02
k4k_Cyr4x: then how do you do sudo commands, I tried not putting in a password00:03
Cyr4xsudo command00:03
k4k_I've tried ubuntu, password, root, notroot, admin00:03
danbhfivexerxes1358: I would try a cd instead of a dvd if you can, cds are more reliable00:03
test__<NigelS> Yes00:03
Cyr4xand press enter when it asks for a password00:03
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, right. Its there.00:03
Cyr4xforks fine in kubuntu 7.10 live00:03
k4k_Cyr4x: I did that, it no work00:03
NigelSlllsondowlll: I can't explain that atm - you shouldn't be; when you get into gnome we can try and get the restricted driver working00:03
iceswordCyr4x is right00:03
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, did it work before, did you change something?00:03
k4k_then wtf00:03
NigelStest__: what?00:03
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cfeddek4k_: have you tried your own password?00:03
Pricey!ohmy | k4k_00:04
ubotuk4k_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:04
leeping2009Hi there, when I am cloning systems with systemimager I'm getting kernel panics.  What do you think the issue could be?00:04
Cyr4xtry passwd root your_password00:04
prince_jammysred22: i got something that might work00:04
Cyr4xand then type it in sudo00:04
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, http://pastebin.com/d75b5b42a00:04
lllsondowlllAlright well. I need to leave the irc to go run the command. Reason being is I am dual booting windows on this machine.00:04
k4k_Pricey: I didn't realize that was a bad word...00:04
test__NigelS:I have the Problehm also....   ||       Who is the Keyring saved as File???00:04
red22prince_jammys: i'm all ears/eyes00:04
k4k_it's a live cd...why would my password work?00:04
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, not sure what changed...but when I first installed Ubuntu sound was working...00:04
prince_jammysred22: i'll paste in a moment, want to test00:04
unagi_prince_jammys: are you here?00:04
unagi_ah there you are00:04
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, was it possibly a recent update?00:04
prince_jammysunagi_: yes00:05
unagi_any idea why my mouse buttons are reversed?00:05
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, yep, could be00:05
lllsondowlllAnything else I should know before I leave here?00:05
Led_Zeppelini did do an upgrade neverblue00:05
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, I just had someone in here about an hour ago... same issue00:05
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neverblueLed_Zeppelin, seems that latest kernel upgrade made some sound devices act buggy00:05
DflamingoGuess what?00:05
lllsondowlllAlright, if thats it then I am off to try this again.00:05
Led_Zeppelinoh great00:06
DflamingoNo one gonna guess?00:06
safiyyahhi all, I have installed something from the synaptic package manager and it isn't in any of the menus and the search facility returns nothing, how do I bring it up?00:06
neverblueLed_Zeppelin, not sure what to tell you, but you can check the forums...00:06
neverblue!enter | Dflamingo00:06
ubotuDflamingo: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:06
jonnymacany chance anyone would know how to get USB speakers to work in VLC & firefox, plz? I've tried what I can but am ubuntly challenged00:06
voltelhello, i've been digging through dmesg's output and found an error i do not recognize. could someone please explain whats this error means? ACPI Error (psargs-0355): [\CFGD] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND00:06
DflamingoI just installed Ubuntu00:06
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arbiri cannot change my window border style with the control buttons.. what ever theme i choose, those dont want to change00:07
karleetoOT: (all of #irssi is idle) i nned a quick easy hand on something. im using a sidekick mobile phone, and the ssh app im using only has white bg/black fg colors, is there a way to change to a default theme or something to make this more tollerable to use with these colors?00:07
k4k_Cyr4x: just out of curiosity. Would it make a difference if I used remastersys to make my own dist and am on that live cd as to what the password is?00:07
arbirIs there a way to reset everything and start from scratch ?00:07
arbirwithout re-installing :-(00:07
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Cyr4xcan be00:08
Cyr4xon default live cd there is no root password00:08
t0ny-p40From the command line how do I stop gnome from automatically logging in?00:08
Cyr4xbut if you do it own...00:08
arbirCyr4x: can you help me please ?00:09
arfonzohi all, how do I remove xserver, ubuntu-desktop, and everything related (everything X related)00:09
egcis there a limit to the file size of a tarball?00:09
Cyr4xyou want to reset all your cfg?00:09
neverbluearbir that would be a re-installation....00:09
egcsorry, i should say what is the limit00:09
Cyr4xor have clean system as just after install?00:09
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paul___ fuck you bitch00:09
arbirneverblue: i installed a new theme yesterday00:09
credible!ops | paul___00:09
ubotupaul___: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!00:09
safiyyahtony-p40 I know how to do it on the gnome GUI is that any good to you?00:10
arbirneverblue:  and now, i dont have a way to get back the default human theme..00:10
leeping2009Hi there: What's the meaning of RIP and RSP? It's an error that's occurring when I'm trying to clone systems...00:10
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unagi_what maps the mouse buttons in ubuntu00:10
arbirneverblue: when i change the theme, everything changes, excepting the window control bar00:10
leeping2009It's also happening when I try to install an operating system.  Could it be bad sectors on the hard drive??00:10
Wafflepaul__: what?00:10
neverbluearbir, im not helping, sorry00:10
LjLWaffle, he's long gone.00:10
fafaforzaunagi_: /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:10
Cyr4xarbir just delete your gnome configuration from home00:10
Wafflethat was weird00:10
arbirCyr4x: how do i do that ?00:11
crediblearbir: are you using emerald?00:11
Waffleanyway, anybody here know a way to put the GIMP into a single window?00:11
arbircredible:  i tried to make my config like leopard00:11
Cyr4xdelete ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gtkrc-2.000:11
asdasdasSomebody Help Me...00:11
Cyr4xit should work00:11
LjL!gimpshop > waffle    (waffle, see the private message from Ubotu)00:11
credibleCyr4x: that won't help if he's using compiz and emerald :)00:11
arbircredible: now, nothing can get back my original window bar with the control buttons00:11
crediblearbir: uninstall emerald00:11
Cyr4xso what?00:11
credibleif you're using that00:11
unagi_about what line fafaforza00:11
Cyr4xcompiz doesn't manage gtk2 themes00:11
arbircredible: yes yes, i think i installed emerald00:11
crediblearbir: get rid of it00:12
arbircredible: how come emerald is creating such probs00:12
credibleCyr4x: his problem is that his titlebars aren't changing00:12
arbiris un-installing emerald....00:12
crediblearbir: because emerald doesn't use your gnome theme, it has its own theme format00:12
fafaforzaI'm not really an expert on setting the mouse, you should look it up on google, you should be able to search for Mouse or Pointer within the file to see th erelevant stuff00:12
Cyr4xLjL this feature is only in windows gimpshop00:12
karleetoOT: (all of #irssi is idle) i nned a quick easy hand on something. im using a sidekick mobile phone, and the ssh app im using only has white bg/black fg colors, is there a way to change to a default theme or something to make this more tollerable to use with these colors?00:12
crediblearbir: in Alt+f2, run: gtk-window-decorator --replace00:12
crediblethat'll fix it for your current session00:13
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arbircredible: awesome. it worked like magic... how do you know these kind of commands ?00:14
ogrehey guys. i dropped my external hd and broke it. I have all my music on there. is there anyway to retrieve what I have on my ipod on put on new hd?00:14
arbirany doc page for this./. i would love to lap it up00:14
LjLCyr4x, Waffle: my bad00:14
leeping2009RIP / RSP appear to be a type of segfault on AMD systems, what are the implications?00:14
leeping2009Why would I be getting segfaults when cloning a system?00:14
WaffleLjL: ?00:14
mneptokogre: all your music is backed up on the iPod?00:14
arbirogre: if i am on windows, i use winamp to move files to and fro from ipod00:15
LjLWaffle: gimpshop wasn't a correct answer to your question, as was pointed out00:15
NemesisDwhats the default username and password for ubuntu installations?00:15
arbirogre: in linux, i think rythmbox should do the trick00:15
Cyr4xthat's no. 1 feature to implement in gimp00:15
Wafflei was wondering about that00:15
arfonzo... any help for removing all X-related packages?00:15
LjLNemesisD: actually, it asks you to select them during installation00:15
Cyr4xthere were many mockups on gimp forums00:15
ogremneptok:  well i have all the music stored on ipod. i just need to get it back off there somehow00:15
mneptokNemesisD: whatever you choose00:15
Cyr4xmaybe in 2.6 or 3...00:15
red22prince_jammys: no luck?00:16
NemesisDLjL, its kind of a special case because im referring to a persistent installation on a flash drive00:16
mneptokogre: you can switch the iPod connection setting so that it appears as a standard mass storage device. that way you don;t need iTunes.00:16
owhI'm trying to make an Atheros 5007EG/ar242x wifi card work under gutsy. I suspect that installing the svn trunk from madwifi will work, but I want it installed in such a way that I can upgrade it when a new Ubuntu version comes out - any suggestions?00:16
LjLNemesisD: on the live CD, the username is "ubuntu" and the password is ""00:16
prince_jammysred22: getting there00:16
crediblearbir: in compiz, there are two decorators you can use, gtk-window-decorator is the default one that uses your gnome theme, emerald is another one that has "flashier" themes00:16
egcmneptok: if you do that, do the menus still work?00:16
NemesisDLjL, thats a space?00:17
arbircredible: how come its so complicated.....00:17
Wafflei tried this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=240543 but i cant get it to work00:17
mneptokegc: AFAIK it doesn't affect the iPod functionality at all. dunno about iTunes.00:17
Jangariis there a forum on starting a window session on a remote server?00:17
ogremneptok:  nice. i dont have windows or osx anyways. is the setting in the ipod itself to change how it behaves when plugged in?00:17
egcmneptok: cool00:17
mneptokogre: on the iPod itself, i think.00:17
Jangarias in gui version of ssh tunneling into a server00:17
arbircredible: i was playing around with themes and this happened yesterday.. but i still have a problem in identifying the current window from the taskbar00:17
lllsondowlllWell that didn't work, I got to the command line screen and typed in "sudo nano /etcx11/xorg.conf but there was no option to change my video driver.00:18
LjLNemesisD: no, it's an empty string00:18
unagi_can anyone tell me what maps out mouse keys in ubuntu?00:18
egci do use rhytmbox with my ipod, but i dont believe its set as a mass storage dev00:18
mneptokogre: "Enable Disk Use:00:18
jonnymacMy question's bin slipping through the cracks for the last week or so. Why do my USB speakers work in Rhythmbox but not VLC or firefox? I know it's a pretty dumb question but I'm fairly ubuntly challenged00:18
mneptokogre: http://www.iconlockit.com/iPodDiskUse.htm00:19
LjLWaffle: that's pretty much a terrible hack anyway... couldn't you perhaps just use GIMP in its own virtual desktop?00:19
NemesisDLjL, would that not work on ssh for some reason00:19
Jangariegc: what are you trying to do?00:19
LjLNemesisD: unsure00:19
lllsondowlllSo anymore Ideas?00:19
WaffleLjL: how would i go about setting that up?00:19
LjLWaffle, it's already set up - your Ubuntu comes with two desktops (i think) by default, which can be selected from a switcher next to the notification area00:20
Waffleoh i thought you meant a third desktop within one of the two00:20
lllsondowlllGuess not?00:20
clic1QUESTION:  so I installed flash adobe shit, I have firefox and after watching a few youtubes, it just goes blank and won't come back, it works if I restart firefox, but how to fix?00:21
egcJangari: im trying to tar up my homedir, but i seem to be hitting a filesize limit00:21
egctar dumps car00:21
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:21
LjLWaffle: no, i just meant it may be simpler and, at the end of the day, equivalent to that hack, to just use a separate desktop for the GIMP00:21
Wafflethat makes sense00:21
Waffleunless i want to have something else quickly accessible in that desktop00:22
egcmy processor is 32bit, so its probably that 2GB limit00:22
capital86Hey guys I'm have a dual boot problem with xp and ubuntu00:22
lllsondowlllSo theres not a solution to my problem?00:22
iceswordcapital86, what is it00:22
owhegc: Ot00:22
LjLlllsondowlll: "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" (not /etcx11 by the way...) doesn't give you any "options", it's just a text file. the video driver choice *is* there, somewhere. but a better way to change the video driver selection, anyway, is to use dpkg-reconfigure00:23
LjL!xconfig > lllsondowlll    (lllsondowlll, see the private message from Ubotu)00:23
owhegc: It's more likely to be the file size limit of your filesystem, not your CPU.00:23
egcowh: sorry...i don't follow00:23
mIKEjONEScan anyone help me set up my postfix properly00:23
how_tohello! I have a question.. probably stupid, but how can I find out what I using edgy or dapper?00:23
prince_jammysred22: be right back, have to make a link or two from windows00:23
LjL!version > how_to    (how_to, see the private message from Ubotu)00:23
owhegc: If you are using a FAT or FAT32 file system, there is a 2Gb limit.00:23
egcowh: do you know of way to get large file support?00:24
iceswordhow_to, uname -a00:24
egcyoure right!00:24
capital86I just installed ubuntu yesterday. I have xp on one hard drive (160gig) and ubuntu on another (40gig). Linux loads fine when the boot menu comes up and I select it. But when I try to select other operating systems it says error 1100:24
mIKEjONESubuntu is chrooting postfix and sasl so when I try authorizing (AUTH PLAIN) with SMTP I get this error in mail.warn "SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory"00:24
LjLWaffle: well what happens when you try the forums hack anyway?00:24
egcowh: i'm creating the tar file on an external hdd formatted with fat00:24
iceswordcapital86, what is  other system ,xp00:25
WaffleLjL: its pretty much all the gimp windows compiled into one00:25
lllsondowlllThank you then, I will go try that. I am being jerked around being told many solutions that never work but I have faith in this one, I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks for putting up with me again folks. I will be back if it doesn't work.00:25
owhecg you could pipe the tar file through split00:25
capital86Error 11: unrecongnized device string....that is the exact error.....The other system is xp64x00:25
LjLWaffle: well yes, that's what it is, it just creates a desktop inside your desktop.00:25
how_tohello! I have a question.. probably stupid, but how can I find out what I using edgy or dapper?00:25
how_toany help?00:25
LjLhow_to: you were answered - twice00:25
LjL!version | how_to00:25
ubotuhow_to: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell00:25
icesword!dualboot | capital8600:26
ubotucapital86: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:26
Wafflehow would i go about editing gimps programming so it would automatically do that?00:26
LjLWaffle: err...00:26
luigii have to try my webcam with amsn... does somebody wants to help me?00:26
Cpudan80Does anyone know where the javadocs are in Ubuntu?00:26
Cpudan80WHen you install the docs package that is00:26
Wafflego to /usr/bin perhaps?00:26
capital86I have read that and It didnt help me00:26
Cyr4xWaffle: it's just imposibble to have one-window gimp at this time00:26
LjLWaffle: i'm afraid that turning the GIMP into a proper single-window applications would require more than a couple of tweaks to the code00:27
Cyr4xthis feature will be included in the future00:27
iceswordcapital86, u need to check u /boot/grub/menu.lst00:27
Wafflehopefully the near future00:27
luigiplease... i need to try to do a videocall....00:27
LjLWaffle: look at Krita for a raster editor with such a layout00:27
=== phoenicryxz is now known as phoenixz
capital86do I just type that command in terminal?00:27
egchow_to: type "cat /etc/lsb-release"00:27
luigiphoenix.... can you help me?00:28
Cyr4xkrita is nothing comparing to gimp00:28
Cyr4xjust see pixel image editor00:28
Cyr4xthat's probably what did you want00:28
how_toegc: thx!00:28
iceswordcapital86, less /boot/grub/menu.lst00:28
Cyr4x(veeeeeeeeery similar to photoshop)00:28
egchow_to: np00:28
LjLCyr4x: and slightly nonfree00:29
luigican you help me?00:29
Wafflei need free00:29
LjL!helpme | luigi00:29
Waffleeverything im running right now is free00:29
ubotuluigi: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:29
capital86okay I put that in the terminal and it came up with a bunch of suff00:29
xerxes1358danbhfive:  still there00:30
Waffleeven my hardware is free00:30
iceswordcapital86, secelt u windows xp 's boot order ,and put it here00:30
Cyr4xif you would develop an aplication quite like the professional one which costs a lot00:30
m1rhow to mount .bin file in ubuntu ?00:30
capital86secelt? select?00:30
how_towell, the problem is that with my laptop I cant get wireless. :( any have some help and time for me? Gonna appreciate any help! private me thx!00:30
Cyr4xwould you share for free?00:30
luigiI have to try to do a videocall with amsn who wants to try it?00:30
Cyr4xor sell for a small fee?00:30
iceswordcapital86, yeah00:30
jcg42How can I make Amarok look more like the human theme?00:31
capital86ohh, okay, how do I do that? lol sorry Im a noob with linux00:31
LjL!info bchunk | m1r00:31
ubotum1r: bchunk (source: bchunk): CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.0-6 (gutsy), package size 13 kB, installed size 68 kB00:31
how_towell, the problem is that with my laptop I cant get wireless. :( any have some help and time for me? Gonna appreciate any help! private me thx!00:31
WaffleCyr4x: if i make a program that can do that i will make it open source00:31
Waffleopen source = ftw00:32
xerxes1358danbhfive: are you still there man ?00:32
capital86Waffle do you play cs?00:32
* LjL points Cyr4x, Waffle and himself to #ubuntu-offtopic00:32
iceswordcapital86, i mean ,u find the tittle windows xp or something ,and put that part here00:32
m1rLjL , tnx i check00:32
luigimikeD ihave to try to do a videocall with amsn, can you ha a video call with me?00:33
mIKEjONESubuntu is chrooting postfix and sasl so when I try authorizing (AUTH PLAIN) with SMTP I get this error in mail.warn "SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory"00:33
capital86iceworld can you IM me?00:33
cubias8719i have some questions, can anyone helo?00:33
iceswordcapital86, what im .?00:33
capital86Instant message me?00:33
iceswordcapital86, i know ,what im u use00:34
cubias8719can anyone help me out?00:34
iceswordcapital86, i am on windows , and i do not use aim now,but i got a msn00:35
ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:35
how_toguys any help, cant get wireless00:35
Flare183how_to: broadcom card?00:35
Flare183how_to: 43xx?00:35
Flare183how_to: ok you need two files00:35
cubias8719i cant add any applications. it constantly says they're unavailable. can anyone help me with this00:35
gurtshello everyone00:36
Flare183how_to: both of which i have00:36
Flare183!anyone | cubias8719 (sorry)00:36
ubotucubias8719 (sorry): A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:36
xerxes1358Can someone help me through a INTERNET install of the Ubuntu ?00:36
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:36
Flare183how_to: transfer over dcc?00:36
leeping2009Hi there: I'm getting kernel panics when doing system cloning.  Could the Linux kernel be at fault? (I'm blindly troubleshooting)00:36
capital86im me on there....johnathon495@hotmail.com00:36
leeping2009Or, alternatively, could the hard drive be corrupted??00:36
how_toFlare183: yeah try00:37
cubias8719how can i get the applications installed and running00:37
Dr_willisleeping2009  ubuntu uses the 'uuid' of disks to mount them and even grub uses the uuid #;s - that may be your issue00:37
capital86did you get my name00:37
luigiI have to try to do a videocall with amsn who wants to try it?00:37
WaffleCyr4x: pixel looks ridiculously good, but im not willing to pay that much (i know, im cheap)00:37
luigisergio are you italian?00:37
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:38
Flare183how_to: accept it then it should work00:38
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:38
Flare183how_to: ok?00:38
mehmetis there any programs like photobooth from mac?00:38
leeping2009Dr_willis: I doubt that's the problem .. Otherwise, I wouldn't be getting errors halfway through, would I? I wouldn't even be able to start the cloning process.00:38
Flare183how_to: kk just checking00:38
mehmeti need a program to take pictures from my webcam00:38
LjLWaffle, my honest suggestion is to just stick to the GIMP and get used to the window managing... it's the best free raster editor around, and if many people like the multiple-windows interface, it must mean it can be got to terms with00:38
leeping2009Dr_willis: If that is the problem, how do I prevent Ubuntu from using UUID?00:38
Dr_willisleeping,  edit the files using them and replace them with /dev/hd## or whatever00:39
cubias8719ok then, how can i get my network and sound drivers installed00:39
Flare183ubotu: thanks00:39
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:39
LjLleeping2009: it might be the RAM as well, for all i know. should look at kernel panic and logs...00:39
Flare183how_to: is it workin?00:39
how_totry again00:40
Flare183how_to: or do need for me to upload it to somewhere else?00:40
how_totry dcc00:40
rhizogreetings, anyone figured out a workaround for the firefox profile manager bug in Gutsy ?00:40
burneri'm having some problems with my wireless card (intel 8800BG).. after i updated my kernel and restarted, i get this off dmesg;00:40
burneripw2200: Unable to load ucode: -6200:40
burneripw2200: Unable to load firmware: -6200:40
Flare183how_to: http://filebin.ca/czwbee/bcm43xx-firmware_1.3-1ubuntu2_all.deb00:41
Flare183how_to: that's the first one00:41
Flare183how_to: http://filebin.ca/wveegz/bcm43xx-fwcutter_20060501-5_i386.deb00:41
Flare183how_to: and that's the second one00:41
leeping2009LjL: I have another piece of information: I don't think it's a problem with the receiving computers.  They both received the same image and both got kernel panics00:41
leeping2009LjL: The error is: "Kernel panic - not syncing: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"00:41
* rhizo tried the usual "firefox -ProfileManager" or "firefox -a asdf" ( as per launchpad bug entry ) all to no avail :(00:42
cubias8719how can i activate my graphics driver00:42
Flare183cubias8719: modprobe it00:42
Darkmysterei cant get my computer to connect to my WEP network.. but it works as soon as i login in windows00:42
cubias8719and i would do that how?00:42
burnermodprobe <driver>00:43
egccubias8719: type "man modprobe"00:43
Flare183cubias8719: on the terminal type in sudo modprobe (driver)00:43
Flare183yeah that too00:43
rhizoopen a terminal window, cubias8719, and issue that command, feeding it your driver as an argument00:43
LjLleeping2009: wait, it's the sending computer or the receiving ones that are getting the panic?00:43
how_toFlannel: after install them wht shold I do next? or that`s it? thx00:43
leeping2009LjL: It's the receiving ones that got the panic.00:43
Flare183sorry Flannel00:44
rhizoso everyone here is happy with buggy firefox profile manager in Gutsy ?..00:44
Flare183how_to: it's flare18300:44
how_tothx dude00:44
Flare183no problem00:44
LjLleeping2009: how are you sending?00:44
Cyr4xi'm not using profiles00:44
Cyr4xjust have only one00:44
Flare183how_to: you try to connect using dhclient or gnome's network manager00:44
cubias8719k im trying, im new to ubuntu so that should explain my multiple questions00:44
how_toright, ok00:45
leeping2009LjL: I'm using systemimager-server.  Previously I was using dd through netcat.  When dd through netcat failed, I fell back to systemimager and I'm still getting panics00:45
rhizoCyr4x: and you should use them ( NoScript extension and separate profile for your secure email and online banking is a must )00:45
phibbitHELP!  I ran apt-get dist-upgrade from 6.1 to 7.x and now my Linux will not boot at all.00:45
mIKEjONESubuntu is chrooting postfix and sasl so when I try authorizing (AUTH PLAIN) with SMTP I get this error in mail.warn "SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory"00:45
leeping2009LjL:  When I use systemimager, I retrieve the image from the golden client onto the image server first; that occurs without errors.  It's when sending the image to the other clones that I get the error.  When I use dd and netcat, only the receiving end gets the error.00:45
LjLphibbit: that's not the way to upgrade...00:45
LjL!upgrade > phibbit    (phibbit, see the private message from Ubotu)00:45
Cyr4xi don't use online banking at now00:46
rhizophibbit: next time, try reading before you press the button...   you can only upgrade between immediately successive versions00:46
cubias8719how do i get a terminal up00:46
tritan_3how do you stop auto dialup connection when starting up the computer00:46
Cyr4xand for email i use evolition00:46
rhizoApplications > Accessories or some such00:46
phibbitrhizo:  well, what do I do now?00:46
Flare183yeah something like that00:46
cubias8719thank you00:46
rhizophibbit:  go on with your life ?00:47
amenadotritan_3-> remove the dial up entry in /etc/network/inerfaces00:47
phibbitit says, "Error 17:  Cannot mount selected partition"00:47
nickrudtritan_3: that is, comment out the auto ppp0 (or whatever ppp) line00:47
=== spr0k3t_ is now known as spr0k3t
leeping2009LjL: I'm about to do another clone with Systemimager across two different computers.  (i.e. the source and the sink are both different .. only the master server is the same.)00:48
Exershiohey everyone. I decided to do a fresh install on Gutsy, and I installed my Radeon 9550 drivers through the restricted drivers manager, and they're performing great (and 3d acceleration is installed), however, Compiz still wont work. >_> I enabled the composite extension in xorg.conf, and now it just says "failed to initialize desktop effects"00:48
iceswordnickrud, hi,is this (support this channel) your job?00:48
leeping2009LjL: Let's see what happens00:48
LjLleeping2009: well, to me that sounds like it's the networking, since you've tried different ways to transfer and different computers... i wonder if it could simply be that, for some reason, your computers miss interrupts from the network card, and when they miss too many (like when there's a transfer in progress), the kernel takes it badly. have you tried the standard universal medicines - "noapic", "noacpi", "acpi=off", and in this case specifically, i'd00:48
LjLconsider "irqpoll"?00:48
nickrudicesword: nah, my pasttime00:48
rhizophibbit: the "x" in "7.x" actually matters, or could matter in your case00:48
zelrikriandohi nickrud00:48
phibbitit's a dual boot system (lin & win)00:48
nickrudicesword: I'm in a competition with a person who will remain nameless ;)00:48
nickrudzelrikriando: hi00:48
mehmetis there a program for linux that'll let me take pictures from my webcam00:49
Cyr4xexershio afaik compiz on ati cards need aiglx00:49
* nickrud leaves 'nameless' in the dust, on quantity anyway00:49
phibbitrhizo:  what does apt-get dist-install get you when you go from 6.1?00:49
cubias8719now from this modprobe thing, how do i get the nvidia drivers goin00:49
leeping2009LjL: I'll try the standard universal medicines and get back to you in about 5 minutes. :)  Thanks00:49
TheZealotWhat is the GUI application that depackages?00:49
ExershioCyr4x: what is that?00:49
rhizoworkaround for the firefox profile manager bug in Gutsy, anyone ?00:49
Cyr4xit's built-in in compiz00:49
=== PmDematagoda is now known as PmDematagoda_
Cyr4xi mean xorg00:49
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:49
nickrudrhizo: use the firefox binaries from mozilla?00:49
=== PmDematagoda_ is now known as PmDematagoda
tritan_3file says, auto lo,  iface lo inet loopback,   iface ppp0, inet ppp,    provider ppp0,   what do i remove to stop auto dial out?00:49
Newbuntu2can anyone help me with VNC? If I try to open synaptic manager, or just wait a few minutes, it freezes my linux box...00:50
ExershioCyr4x: so how do I enable this?00:50
Cyr4xyou just have to set it up properly in your xorg conf00:50
leeping2009LjL: However I should mention that it doesn't always kill the interrupt handler, sometimes it doesn't get to the words "Kernel panic" and the system will hang .. in other instances it will quit because of an error in the rsync data stream00:50
egcrhizo: use a different browser00:50
ExershioCyr4x: Do you know how? Or should I check the forums00:50
nickrudTrioTorus: provider ppp0 iirc00:50
egcgo on with your life ;)00:50
amenadotritan_3-> anytying related to ppp000:50
Cyr4xjust google for "compiz+ati+aiglx"00:50
LjLleeping2009: i suspect my message got cut, i was saying "irqpoll" in this case specifically00:50
ExershioCyr4x: okay, thanks00:50
rhizophibbit:  i bet "man apt-get" has the answer...  get into a habit of *reading* before you issue commands at your prompt ( also, you'll probably find "aptitude" more to your liking as a newcommer to ubuntu / debian realm )00:50
ExershioCyr4x: it isn't that xgl crap that'll lag my computer to hell, is it?00:50
leeping2009LjL: I got that piece of the message, I'll include it00:51
Cyr4xi don't remeber how, i use nvidia card which provide it out of the box00:51
burneranyone around to help out with my ipw2200 driver...?00:51
nickrudamenado: I think the other stuff is set up for use with network manager, he'll have to reconfig if he does that00:51
Cyr4xno it's not xgl00:51
tritan_3will I still be able to use dial up connection?00:51
TheZealotAnyone know the name of the GUI version of dpkg?00:51
Cyr4xxgl is a separate x server00:51
rhizonickrud: looks like the only way out, yeah00:51
ExershioCyr4x: okay, I'll look into it. thanks00:51
Cyr4xaiglx is a module in xorg00:51
how_toFlare183: dpkg -i packet.deb ? or what was the command?00:51
* rhizo was hoping for a quick cli switch type of solution00:51
mIKEjONESubuntu is chrooting postfix and sasl so when I try authorizing (AUTH PLAIN) with SMTP I get this error in mail.warn "SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory"00:51
phibbitrhizo, right now, there's no apt anything nor man anything, it's "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition" Is it possible that the apt-get changed the boot loader & is trying to mount Windows?00:51
cubias8719how do i enable my graphics card00:52
rhizoegc: i don't use firefox;  need to support a bunch of users though ( company policy, blah blah )00:52
Crusader_TechHello everyone.  Another Ubuntu Newb question.  I seem to be struggling to set up a VPN to my office from within Ubuntu.00:52
amenadonickrud tritan_3 the ppp0 interface is normally associated to dial up, anyhow it is wise to save a copy of the interface file before modifications00:52
tritan_3thank you.. i will give it a try00:52
egcrhizo: i c00:52
MiVoHi, I get a message that gstreamer-properties can't be found when I want to install it. How can I install it ?00:52
Led_ZeppelinAnyone running AMD64 on Ubuntu?00:52
Zeddieahh damn just updated kernel on this box and it didn't keep the old kernel and has the wrong grub permissions00:52
Zeddiewell on another box :p00:52
rhizophibbit:  well, only indirectly, thru a complex chain of actions, triggered by it00:52
prince_jammysred22: i got it00:53
leeping2009LjL: I don't think the "new" pair of computers is getting the kernel panic - the old pair panicked in less than 5 seconds.  Now on the new computers, rsync has been running for >30 seconds.. I'll see if it finishes00:53
amenadoZeddie-> it normally keeps the old one, you looked in /boot ?00:53
prince_jammysred22: the final phase is to weed out all links to exe files, cuz there's a ton of them00:53
J-_can rysnc do local backups?00:53
Led_Zeppelinneverblue, got it working. Thanks brother00:53
hotmonkeyluvI'm installing kiba-dock, where do I install programs too? /*my_name*/home/.kiba-dock or somewhere else?00:53
spudratic0how do I get rid of unneeded file?00:54
TheZealotAnyone know why I can use dpkg in the command line, but I can't just double click on the file to depackage it?00:54
Starnestommyhotmonkeyluv: ~/.kiba-dock I think00:54
rhizophibbit: your installation is likely a lost cause ( i haven't a way of knowing, for you never specified the "x" ver. number, )00:54
amenadospudratic0-> rm filename00:54
usr13spudratic0: rm undeededfile00:54
spudratic0thanks amenado00:54
hotmonkeyluvStarnestommy: what does the *squiggly* and / mean?00:54
phibbitrhizo:  7.0400:54
spudratic0thnaks 1300:55
rhizophibbit: you could try to boot from another disk, and see if anything is left of your installation by attaching the harddrive as a slave, and trying to mount its extended type partition00:55
Starnestommyhotmonkeyluv: /home/username/00:55
hotmonkeyluvStarnestommy: I hate my laptop kb, no tilde00:55
hotmonkeyluvah, thanks00:55
leeping2009LjL: The system clone worked on the new pair of computeres00:55
Cyr4xthezealot check what gdebi-gtk saysi00:55
phibbitrhizo:  Live CD?00:55
Cyr4xmaybe it crashes?00:55
amenadoJ-_-> yes local backup with rsync is possible, just make sure destination is not same as your origin00:55
leeping2009Now for the old pair...00:55
zelrikriandohey nickrud00:55
how_toFlare183: /usr/bin/dpkg: cannot execute binary file after running dpkg -i package.deb00:55
rhizophibbit:  or that, yes00:55
cubias8719how can i enable my graphics card00:56
Flare183how_to: i don't know00:56
fiveironanyone know what font is in this screenshot:  http://incise.org/images/screenshots/2003-06-28-142739.png00:56
fiveironin the terminal00:56
egcphibbit: you could also use liveCD, mount hdd and save any data to usb drive, then reinstall00:56
Cyr4xcubias ati or nvidia?00:56
phibbitrhizo assuming it's still there, what's the fastest way to get it back?00:56
J-_amenado: cool, thanks dude00:56
BagelMasterI have gotten a new error using rubytorrent (a program used to create torrents).  I used it to make 5 torrents last night, but it doesn't work now, this is all I get in the terminal when I try to start it: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56561/00:56
Cyr4xjust change nv to nvidia in your xorg.conf00:56
rhizophibbit: what egc just told you: live cd + mount + save to usb storage00:56
amenadocubias8719-> if you go to a console and type  X :8  and you get the gui..may not be complete just an X in the midlle, but it shows your video is working00:56
how_toany help? :( /usr/bin/dpkg: cannot execute binary file after running dpkg -i package.deb00:56
Zeddie<amenado> Zeddie-> it normally keeps the old one, you looked in /boot ? <--- would love to unfortunately it only loads the initramfs00:56
Cyr4xif you have drivers installed00:56
amenadoZeddie-> huh? nothing left in your /boot?00:57
how_toany help? :( /usr/bin/dpkg: cannot execute binary file after running dpkg -i package.deb00:57
Dr_williscubias8719,  you can run the restricted-manager tool and it should be able to insall/configure them automaticially00:57
Cyr4xif not, first do sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new00:57
cubias8719i dont even know if they are. it seems like it. but i just installed this off of windows00:57
Crusader_TechHello everyone.  Another Ubuntu Newb question.  I seem to be struggling to set up a VPN to my office from within Ubuntu.00:57
vickHello, i've been trying to install ubuntu 32bit on my hp pavilion laptop (with 64 amd althon 3800+ processor), however after a while in the setup CD i get a strange text prompt, Why is that happening ?00:57
Dr_williscubias8719,  system-> admin -> restricted driver manager00:57
cubias8719and this is a pretty old computer im using just to mess around with00:57
vickIs it because 32bit - 64bit thing ?00:57
Starnestommyvick: what is the text prompt saying?00:57
Crusader_Techis a VPN client included in the Ubuntu 7.10 standard install?00:58
vickStarnestommy: something about Busybox for starters00:58
LjLleeping2009: well, while it's unlikely that both computers would have hardware faults, i think it's possible that both fail with apic and friends00:58
ubotuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD00:58
vickStarnestommy: then it is giving me a strange shell00:58
Starnestommyvick: sounds like either a bad iso, a bad burn, or the cd or hard disk wasn't detected00:58
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> ssh client good enuff? its included00:58
Cyr4xif it is a real old computer (something below geforce fx) better try nvidia-glx drivers instead of nvidia-glx-new00:58
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
rhizoCrusader_Tech:  find out easily with "aptitude search vpn"00:58
egcCrusader_Tech: have you looked into vpnc?00:59
vickStarnestommy: There is check for defect CD option with the CD00:59
leeping2009LjL: What about the possibility that the source computer had bad sectors and the image that I got from it was corrupted?00:59
BagelMasterI have gotten a new error using rubytorrent (a program used to create torrents).  I used it to make 5 torrents last night, but it doesn't work now, this is all I get in the terminal when I try to start it: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56561/00:59
cubias8719its a geforce 2 MX40000:59
egci use vpnc to vpn into my company's intranet00:59
Crusader_TechI simply need a basic VPN client, like the one in Windows XP, to connect to my firewall at the office.00:59
vickStarnestommy: should i test for that and come back and tell you, or that isn't related ?00:59
egcit has a plugin for network-manager00:59
LjLleeping2009: and that would cause a *kernel panic* in the receiving computer? i find that unlikely00:59
leeping2009LjL: I'm trying the four boot parameters that you gave me00:59
Kalamansihello how to paste the updates? I have updates saved in my usb flash drives..how to paste it in ubuntu desktop 7.10?which folder? thanks00:59
leeping2009LjL: Hopefully it will do the trick :)00:59
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> ssh client is usually a good start00:59
Starnestommyvick: test that, and run 'dmesg' in the shell to look for errors00:59
Crusader_TechI've only tried to install one VPN client from the repository, and it asked for my Ubuntu CD?01:00
cubias8719explains why i got this comp for free01:00
Crusader_TechAmenado, Thanks, but where do I find that client?01:00
Cyr4xso try to install nvidia-glx or run restricted-driver-manager as said01:00
vickStarnestommy: k, brb01:00
Dr_willisKalamansi,  the package manager keeps its cache in /var/cache/* somewhere.  you could tyr copying them in there.01:00
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> ssh client is included as part of install01:00
cubias8719how do i do this. on the terminal?01:00
egcCrusader_Tech: vpnc works with cisco based vpns01:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:00
KalamansiDr_willis : how to navigate there?01:00
rhizoCrusader_Tech:  sudo aptitude install network-manager-vpnc01:01
amenadoKalamansi-> updates? these are deb files?01:01
Crusader_TechVPNC is telling me something's not installed one second01:01
Kalamansiamenado: yes all deb files01:01
Zeddie<amenado> Zeddie-> huh? nothing left in your /boot? <--- just dumps into busybox01:01
* rhizo -afk &01:01
zhanxwhat fun have to reinstall everything01:02
Crusader_Techwith vpnc, I first make a new connection, right?01:02
Kalamansiamenado:all the updates, I've saved it in my flash drive usb. how to paste and where in ubuntu desktop 7.10?01:02
amenadoZeddie-> you have not booted yet, so you were not able to see your /boot dir01:02
leeping2009LjL: I'm quite puzzled as well :) I'm getting a very similar error01:02
Dr_willisKalamansi,  the package manager keeps its cache in /var/cache/apt/archives - You will need to use the root user to write things to that place.   I would just use the bash shell to do the copying.   It may be very very worth while for you to read a bash guide or 2 befor messing with the system files in such a way01:02
egcCrusader_Tech: are you using wireless connectino?01:02
Crusader_Techor new profile I mean.  When I choose that, it asks me to pick from several different types.01:02
Crusader_Techegc, no, wired.01:02
egcoh i guess it doesnt matter01:02
amenadoKalamansi-> if they are .deb files, you can just type  dpkg -i /path/to/where/they/are.deb01:02
Zeddie<amenado> Zeddie-> you have not booted yet, so you were not able to see your /boot dir <--- yeah and unfortunately that stuffs me up01:03
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:03
leeping2009LjL: The system did not crash, I got an error in the rsync protocol data stream.  The top of the error output reads "general protection fault: 0000 [1] SMP CPU 0"01:03
Crusader_TechThe required daemon (vpnc) isn't available, you will not be able to use this connection until the daemon is not installed.01:03
Dr_willisKalamansi,  the basics.. sudo cp /path/tp/the/files/* /var/cache/01:03
egcyou can configure it through the network manager gui01:03
Crusader_Techthat comes up when I try to make a cisco type connection.01:03
Dr_willisoops ive the full path at the last . :)01:03
cubias8719i went on the restricted drivers and it said nvidia-glx is not enable. do you know how i enable it?01:03
red22prince_jammys: so you get a script going or what?01:03
amenadoZeddie-> you have the liveCD ? boot from it and go  to recovery mode, then mount your normal partition for /01:03
egcCrusader_Tech: did you use synaptic to install vpnc?01:04
prince_jammysred22: yes01:04
prince_jammysred22: seems to work01:04
LimCorelinux-image-2.6.22-14-generic  is still ownable by vmsplice exploit. is it ok?01:04
LjLleeping2009: that's still a kernel error as far as i can gather01:04
Crusader_Techno, it's kvpnc from add/remove01:04
DevoI'm trying to install Ubuntu for Dual boot with Windows and I'm at the partitioning part, and I have read guides and they say there should be an option that says "Guided - resize disk" or something like that, but mine only says "Guided - resize entire disk"... What do I do?01:04
Cyr4xdo you know any app that will scan chosen folder for mp3's and do a .pls or .m3u playlist from it?01:04
leeping2009LjL: I imagine so.  I will now attempt to load the image that "worked" for the "new" pair of computers, onto the computers that crashed01:04
egcCrusader_Tech: try going thru synaptic, it may process dependencies more fully01:04
egcit worked for me01:05
Crusader_Techdoing it now egc01:05
leeping2009LjL: The only issue there is that the "new" pair of computers have different hardware...01:05
red22i'm messing around with a script on a page given by Dr_willis but it needs a little tweaking... still working on it01:05
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> but at the server end, is it configured to run a corresponding server for kvnc?  or is sshd on it already?01:05
namelesssomeone know how to share file between ubuntu and osx ?01:05
red22can i see what you got?  paste bin it somewhere ?01:05
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:05
amenadonameless->  nfs  ?01:05
amenadonameless->  ftp, or scp...lots of ways01:05
leeping2009LjL: Maybe this info will help: I've gotten repeated segfaults when installing ubuntu over the network on this source computer that's causing the crashing01:05
namelessamenado, lan01:06
rhizonameless:  use ssh filesystem - you need sshd service on ubuntu, and there's a thingie for OS X01:06
Crusader_Technot sure.  It's an Astaro security gateway, and I normally connect by using the built-in windows XP VPN client.  No fancy settings. just an IP address and a login.01:06
egcCrusader_Tech: i also don't have kvpnc installed...just vpnc and network-manager-vpnc01:06
leeping2009LjL: I had to install with a CD to finally get it to work01:06
LjLleeping2009: but a googleable one, and one that when google shows promising hits. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/133575 to begin with, and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/147798 - both related to network copying of big files, regardless of medium. perhaps, uhm, perhaps is it just happening after 2/4Gb? (hope not). or, are the computers 64-bit?01:06
rhizoCrusader_Tech:  sudo aptitude install network-manager-vpnc01:06
amenadonameless nfs is network file system, you load the client and an nfs server on the other side sharing it01:06
LimCorelinux-image-2.6.22-14-generic  is still ownable by vmsplice exploit. is it ok?01:06
rhizonfs also sucks01:06
rhizossh for the win :)01:06
leeping2009LjL: Are you asking about whether it's happening after a certain amount of data transferred? No, it happens almost instantly.  And yes, the computers are 64-bit (Q6600 processor)01:07
KalamansiDr_willis : im in var/cache/apt/archives there is a folder there named "partial".. ill paste in the folder "partial"?01:07
amenadoLimCore-> you have other users on your system you dont trust? if by yourself dont worry too much01:07
Crusader_Techdoing it now Rhizo01:07
jumbersIf I connect 2 Ubuntu notebooks with a crossover cable, what would I have to do to be able to transfer files?01:07
leeping2009LjL: I'll look at what you came up with.  I wasn't able to find much on Google myself so that's why I came here :)01:07
LjLleeping2009: then, although it talks about old kernels, http://www.issociate.de/board/post/299182/general_protection_fault:_0000_[1]_SMP.html seems relevant01:07
* rhizo -afk --foreal &01:07
mehmeti have this error from camorama "Couldn't connect to video device (/dev/video0) Please check connection."01:07
egchaha oops01:07
amenadoKalamansi-> you can try installing just a few deb  from your usb pen drive..  dpkig -i nameofpackage.deb01:08
Zeddie<amenado> Zeddie-> you have the liveCD ? boot from it and go  to recovery mode, then mount your normal partition for / <-- nah found the fix :) refer to /dev/hda1 instead by the UUID :)01:08
amenadoZeddie glad you found it yourself01:08
mike-ethis is ridiculous, i did a fresh re-install because something on ubuntu screwed my sound up, it worked fine after the reinstallation, i let it do it's glob of 'updates' and now it's screwed up again01:09
leeping2009LjL: Oh, I think this might be the issue... 64-bit DMA causes data corruption with atl1.  That's precisely the network driver that I'm using!01:09
TheZealotHas anyone else ever not been able to double click on a .deb package to unpackage it? I can do it in the command prompt, but not the gui app...01:09
LimCoreAmaranth: well, user->root exploit is very serious... I would like to have it fixed :/01:09
Spencericalwow, I'm getting some pretty amazing torrent speeds right now for ubuntu :)01:09
prince_jammysred22: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56571/01:09
DevoHow do I partition my harddrive with the Ubuntu installer so that I can dual boot between Windows and Ubuntu?01:09
AmaranthLimCore: Err01:09
LjLleeping2009: maybe, but don't disregard the 4GB boundary even though it's happening before reaching that... bug #133575 is open for the *Gutsy* kernel01:09
prince_jammysred22: will not work if you have files with the same name in different folders01:10
Crusader_TechOk.  this is the first thing I've come across that is actually requiring some work in Ubuntu.  I'm used to the "click and it works" VPN client in XP.  What was that ssh you were talking about?01:10
prince_jammysred22: wouldnt be hard to make that change, though01:10
Kalamansiamenado : dpkig command not found ....01:10
LjLleeping2009: ah right nevermind, that *is* the bug you're talking about01:10
HitmanDevo, during the installation, it will ask you how much of the current disk you would like to dedicate to the installation of ubuntu. You just specify it there01:10
AmaranthLimCore: You mean the vmsplice thing? It tends to be a denial of service attack more than a privilege escalation thing01:11
DevoHitman: When does it say that?01:11
leeping2009LjL: Now for a novice question, can I update to 2.6.23 despite the fact that the newest Ubuntu kernel is 2.6.22?01:11
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> it dont matter if it was windows, the server side has to be running a server services, if it was vpn, a vpn server, in ssh case, sshd01:11
AmaranthLimCore: it's more likely to corrupt memory than let someone take over01:11
prince_jammysred22: obviously you have to change the mntpnt variable to whatever your mount point is01:11
mehmeti have this error from camorama "Couldn't connect to video device (/dev/video0) Please check connection."01:11
amenadoKalamansi->   dpkg -i   note the spaces and spelling01:11
HitmanOnce you boot from the live cd into gnome and initiate the install icon01:11
leeping2009LjL: I'm asking this because apparently the 2.6.23 kernel fixes the issue - it disables 64-bit DMA with atl101:12
DevoHitman: It gave me 3 options, Guided - Use entire disk, Guided - Use largest continguous free space, and Manual...01:12
Hitmanit lets you review it very well before you "commit" any changes so don't sweat it01:12
mike-eSomething on ubuntu is making my audio only as loud as a soft conversation, with master volume maxed, pcm maxed, speakes maxed. I just did a fresh install and it was fine, after ubuntu did it's updates it was screwed up again. PLEASE HELP01:12
LjLleeping2009: this channel doesn't support that sort of thing... you might be able to get it from the Hardy repositories, cross your finger, and have it work... but then you're kind of on your own.01:12
amenadoDevo select Manual01:12
leeping2009LjL: Thanks, by the way.  Finding the problem by myself was going to take weeks!01:12
amenadoDevo-> then adjust the partition sizes accordingly01:12
phibbitThe Live CD starts booting, goes through Loading essential drivers & mounting root file system, and then it stops (the first time, it eventually said "The drive appears confused).01:13
Hitmanit will detect the ntfs partition and should add it to the boot menu automatically01:13
Cyr4xhow to do an sh script that will scan chosen folder for mp3's and will save them to a text file (paths to them)01:13
Crusader_TechAmenado: In that case I need to find out what it's running.  But the fact that XP's VPN client doesn't ask me what kind of connection to use, doesn't help figure out what kind of connection it is?01:13
Kalamansihow to download all packages and updates in ubuntu 7.10 desktop? direct to the site...01:13
Devoamenado: Ok... Should I make the Ubuntu partition Logical or Primary?01:13
Kalamansiamenado : are you pinoy?01:13
amenadoCrusader_Tech-> off course it does, how do you know what is running at the opposite end?01:13
LjLleeping2009: nah, the last error you gave was the key, if you had got it before you'd have found it on google. anyway, to get the Hardy kernel, you can check http://packages.ubuntu.com for the packages that the kernel depends on, download all those, and dpkg -i. the comforting thing is that you'll still be able to boot from the Gutsy kernel if things go wrong... but that doesn't guarantee too much, either.01:14
mehmetcan anyone help?01:14
amenadoKalamansi-> what is that?01:14
LimCoreAmaranth: you are mistaken01:14
LimCoreAmaranth: it usually (always?) succedes to give root, I tried01:14
mike-eSomething on ubuntu is making my audio only as loud as a soft conversation, with master volume maxed, pcm maxed, speakes maxed. I just did a fresh install and it was fine, after ubuntu did it's updates it was screwed up again. PLEASE HELP01:14
LimCoreAmaranth: anyway, it IS fixed (my mistake) in ubuntu 7.1001:14
Pelomehmet, webcam in ubuntu are tricky specialy the cheap ones,  ( don'T mean your's is cheap) , the best i can do for you is give you the webcam tutorial link01:14
Pelo!webcam > mehmet check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu01:15
LjLleeping2009: or if you're in a hurry, you could just put the entire Hardy main/restricted in your sources.list, and install the kernel, but if you do that, be very careful in case it tries to slip other packages under your nose (and remember to remove those repositories when you're finished with them, as well...)01:15
amenadoDevo it does not matter, ubuntu can boot from extended or primary partitions01:15
spudratic0GET USED TO ITMIKE E LOL01:15
Kalamansiamenado : how to download all the packages (all the packages of 7.10 ubuntu desktop) from the beginning up to the end of packages)01:15
spudratic0sorry caps were on01:15
Pelowe noticed01:15
egcmike-e: figure out what your audio controller is, then google with its name and ubuntu01:15
=== jacob_ is now known as tvdxer
mehmetPelo:  these tutorial are mad confusing01:15
red22prince_jammys: thanks.. i'm looking through it right now.  i think there will also be issues with handling spaces in file names.  i'm also working on handling that.01:15
mehmetand it's a built in one01:15
prince_jammysred22: dealt with that01:16
Pelomehmet, you can also try looking up your model in the forum for extra instructions  www.ubuntuforums.org01:16
amenadoKalamansi  i guess you can attempt to use the synaptic and check all ?01:16
Devoarmando: It only gives me the options of Primary and Logical.01:16
prince_jammysred22: thats why it took as long as it did, tested with spaces01:16
red22prince_jammys: ok, i'll check that out.. the other script i was working didn't handle that so well... seems the spaces were output as underscores by default01:16
andresmujicahey anyone knows if i can request a receipt by DEFAULT for all the messages i sent? thnks in advance01:16
leeping2009LjL: I think I'll download the kernel manually, I don't want too many Hardy packages to be installed on the Gutsy system. :)  Thanks again, I appreciate it!01:16
red22prince_jammys: nice then01:16
andresmujicain evolution i mean01:16
amenadoKalamansi under add/remove software..when you select all, click all possible boxes for download, and then have a nice nap01:17
jacob_Anybody here know how to get the terminal (without X running) in 1440 x 900 resolution for my LCD?01:17
WhitorHi, What program can I use to see if my webcam is working / recognized ?01:17
KalamansiI check the cables and test it with cable tester (100% okay I tested it to other pc and I have internet).. but when I plug it in ubuntu, I don't have internet...how to fix this? thanks01:17
andresmujicawhitor:  cheese01:17
egcmike-e: did u get that?01:17
prince_jammysred22: it can definitely deal with spaces in the directory names -- did not test with spaces in the file names ... but should work01:17
Whitorandresmujica, ... ok01:17
Cyr4xjacob: that's impossible01:17
amenadoDevo-> amenado is the nick.. but yes you can install in primary or logical,  usually you try to make 3 primaries and 1 logical (that can be subdivided some more)01:18
egcjacob_: i second Cyr4x01:18
Cyr4xafaik text mode uses 720xSOMETHING resolution01:18
Devoamenado: Lol, sorry. =]01:18
jacob_Yeah, I noticed it was at 720 x 40001:18
andresmujicawhitor: probably yu'll nedd also to set it in v4l2. try with gstreamer-properties.. easiest i forgot about it01:18
Cyr4xand no other one01:18
red22prince_jammys: i found a package that transparently adds .lnk file handling ... but it's for kde.. not sure if there's a gnome alternative01:18
Jangariis there a forum for using lame on a command line?01:18
red22prince_jammys: it's called kfile01:18
Kalamansiamenado when I plug and unplug the cable it says im connected to wired internet connection.01:18
Cyr4xgoogle: lame+forum01:18
amenadoKalamansi-> you have an ip address on your hosts ? paste in pastebin  ifconfig -a and route -r01:19
amenadoKalamansi-> you have an ip address on your hosts ? paste in pastebin  ifconfig -a and route -ran01:19
Whitorandresmujica, ok.. installing cheese too :)01:19
egcjacob_: there may be a way to adjust your BIOS settings to do it01:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lame - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:19
Kalamansiamenado : okay sec01:19
egcjacob_: but i can't say beyond that01:19
Devoamenado: When I try and go forward I get this error "File system doesn't have expected sizes for Windows to like it. Cluster size is 2k (1k expected); number of clusters is 20017 (39957 expected); size of FATs is 79 sectors (157 expected)." What do I do?01:19
prince_jammysred22: seeing as the script turned out to be short, it's bound to be out there... as you see, no files are written anywhere except for the folder where you run it, so try it out01:19
jacob_OK, thanks01:19
mehmethow do i find out the driver for my webcam?01:19
amenadoDevo how big is the FAT partition that currently exist?01:20
Jangariby googling it, mehmet, but if it's logitech, chances are it'll never work01:20
mehmetnah it's a HP01:20
prince_jammysred22: oh and only links to drive C: as you see01:20
Devoamenado: The Fat16 or the Fat32?01:20
amenadoDevo both01:21
Devoamenado: Fat16: 33 MB and Fat32: 2300 MB.01:21
amenadoDevo and tell us, what is the layout of the existing partitions?01:21
Devoamenado: What do you mean by layout?01:21
Jangarimehmet, do some googling, find some pictures if necessary, to establish the model, finding a driver from there should be easy01:21
Kalamansiamenado : route -ran is not working. neither route -r01:21
amenadoDevo  is fat16  /dev/hda0  then fat32 /dev/hda1 ?01:22
mehmetJangari:  the model to the laptop or the webcam itself?01:22
amenadoKalamansi perhaps just  route -n01:22
Jangarior, mehmet, type lsusb and note the hardware number, which should be useful to identify which driver it uses01:22
Jangarithe webcam itself01:22
Devoamenado: Fat16 is /media/sda1 and Fat32 is /media/sda3.01:22
Jangarioh, it's built in?01:22
Devoamenado: Or rather... /dev instead of /media01:23
amenadoDevo wait a minute,01:23
amenadoahh okay01:23
arbiris back01:23
amenadoDevo  whats on /dev/sda0 and /dev/sda2 ?01:23
mehmetJangari:  Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0c45:62c0 Microdia01:23
mehmetBus 002 Device 004: ID 05ac:1209 Apple Computer, Inc.01:23
mehmetBus 002 Device 002: ID 0d49:3210 Maxtor01:23
mehmetBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:23
mehmetBus 001 Device 002: ID 045e:00e1 Microsoft Corp.01:23
mehmetBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:23
FloodBot3mehmet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:23
bruenighey the floodbot actually works01:23
vrkhansmy firefox is giveing my trouble, when i try to run it i got a msg that it is already running,01:23
vrkhanswhat should i do01:23
red22prince_jammys: yeah i see.  the other route i was taking was to run something similar but only for a sppecific file, then to associate .lnk files with the script so you can double-click em from gnome.  that should be possible and work too right?01:24
Devoamenado: There is no /dev/sda0 and on /dev/sda2 is the Windows partition with NTFS and a size that I want to make 216004 MB and 71400 use MB.01:24
arbirvrkhans: try to delete the firefox profile in your home directory01:24
arbirvrkhans: and then restart01:24
Boglizkarbir: Thats stupid01:24
arbirvrkhans: i forget there is a file which remains.. if you just delete that, then you dont even need to delete the profile01:24
prince_jammysred22 not sure what you mean .. the files created can be double clicked on01:24
amenadoDevo-> right, i forget sometimes..no sda0 , so you already have /dev/sda0 and set to how much?01:24
arbirBoglizk: i forget the file.... sorry for the misleading answer01:25
Boglizkvrkhans: Kill the process instead01:25
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:25
arbirtakes back his "delete the profile" answer01:25
Devoamenado: I don't have a /dev/sda0...01:25
vrkhansarbir which file01:25
arbirBoglizk: its not a process issue.. i have had this before.....01:25
amenadoDevo my typo ..whats the size for /dev/sda2?01:25
arbirvrkhans: let me google.. i dont remember it off my head01:25
exst_mhua[Question] If I installed the new Ubuntu Alpha version, is it upgradable to future alpha/stable release?01:25
prince_jammysred22: i can even preview them with nautilus :)01:26
Pricey!hardy | exst_mhua01:26
ubotuexst_mhua: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:26
Devoamenado: I'm setting the size to 216004 MB.01:26
vrkhansBohlizk i tryied ps x but there is no listing for firefox01:26
red22prince_jammys: your script runs all over the c drive and creates a folder full of links right?  well i was thinking of creating a prg that takes a single link and just follows/executes it.01:26
amenadoDevo what is the size now?01:26
Priceyexst_mhua, judging by the question, you should not be using it until its release.01:26
Devoamenado: Something around 250 GB.01:26
exst_mhuaPricey, i see, thanks01:26
arbirvrkhans: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_in_use01:26
red22prince_jammys: then you can have that script execute each time you double click a .lnk file in nautilus and it's like gnome can understand lnk files01:26
Devoamenado: Probably a little less.01:26
prince_jammysred22: oh01:26
arbirvrkhans: that link will tell you that there is a control file..... which needs to be deleted01:27
arbirvrkhans: and all would be fine01:27
Nissan_350Zok, how do i request the Alternative CD?01:27
red22prince_jammys: that'd be neat right?01:27
prince_jammysred22: i see, associate .lnk files with your prog01:27
Pricey!alternate | Nissan_350Z01:27
ubotuNissan_350Z: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal01:27
amenadoDevo those exist correct? not something you just have added?01:27
vrkhansarbir how i can open it my browser is not working01:27
PriceyNissan_350Z, you can find them at releases.ubuntu.com01:27
prince_jammysred22: yeah you could do that01:27
arbiroh vrkhans :-) sorry.. let me tell you the file01:27
Devoamenado: What do you mean?01:27
Nissan_350Zim at the Shipit page01:28
leeping2009LjL, my system booted up with the 2.6.24 kernel from Hardy.  It appears to be doing fine. :)  In about 5 minutes I'll let you know if systemimager successfully clones01:28
dsoffswhen issing airecrack-ng -3 i get this .... open(/dev/rtc) failed: Device or resource busy01:28
dsoffswhat's up with that?01:28
amenadoDevo they exist prior to you trying to do this install, ie you had an existing xp on /dev/sda2 ?01:28
red22prince_jammys: then you can use the same lnk files between windows and linux. and you'd find them in the same place in linux that you left them in windows.01:28
Nissan_350Zi cant download it, its too slow01:28
Devoamenado: Yes.01:28
arbirvrkhans: if you goto your $HOME/.mozilla/firefox directory01:29
prince_jammysred22: have you tried doing this already?  maybe they already took care of that (which would be funny)01:29
arbirvrkhans:you will see a weird looking directory name, that is your profile directory01:29
amenadoDevo-> okay now do you have /dev/sda4 as empty space basically? or you are trying to reduce what you have now to give room for linux?01:29
red22prince_jammys: but the strings line from your file is the heart of it all.. shouldn't be too hard to switch it.01:29
=== Sin[DW] is now known as Sindacious
toresni would like to make a keybinding for opening a new terminal and then 'screen -r'01:29
arbirvrkhans: inside that.... is a file named "lock" and .parentlock  -- delete both of them01:29
red22prince_jammys: hehe you mean double clicking a lnk file?01:30
Devoamenado: I am going to create /dev/sda4 from free space for Linux, this is a new partition I am making.01:30
arbiri have been trying to install a theme and i see this line in the directions... "Install the Beryl and GTK theme as usual"  what does this mean ?01:30
prince_jammysred22: yeah you wouldnt have to change that .. you would just scrap the whole "find" bit, and the prog would have to take the lnk file name as a parameter01:30
arbirGTK theme is something i am running, is it not ?01:30
prince_jammysred22: yes, doubleclicking a lnk file01:30
amenadoDevo okay, and you do have enuff free space yes? or you're attempting to take it from the existing ones?01:31
Devoamenado: I do have enough free space.01:31
red22prince_jammys: no it doesn't work.. i tried (more than once ;)01:31
jcg42How can I make Amarok look more like the human theme?01:31
Nissan_350Zanyone know how to request a Alternative CD on the Shipit page? that didnt help... my computer is too slow for the LiveCD01:31
k1nghow do i use firefox downloading a file via "open with" and bash script i try: mv $1 /home/k1ng/Desktop/ but no avail.. :(01:31
red22prince_jammys: you'd figure that they would have included this as default behavior by now though right01:31
amenadoDevo-> okay, then just create from the remaining free spaces,  a  / ,  a swap space and /home partition01:31
amenadoNissan_350Z-> computers are plenty fast, however dial connection maybe slow..01:32
Devoamenado: How do I create a swap... and do I have to make a /home partition and are those 3 seperate partitions?01:32
prince_jammysred22: yeah, fortunately after parsing the C: line in the link file, after converting \ to / and scrapping the C:, all you have to do is append the result to the mnt point to get the full path01:33
rhizoweird, the firefox ProfileManager issue maybe a *firefox2* issue, not an ubuntu bug01:33
amenadoDevo yes 3 partitions, somewhere in the selection you can tell it to make a swap partition01:33
Nissan_350Zamenado> i have the LiveCD but i need the alternative CD the text based installer ;)01:33
ubuntuga   hello01:33
RootyRootRootW00Hi, how do I update this code to work with Gutsy?01:33
Devoamenado: Ok.01:33
RootyRootRootW00mplayer -vo null -ao pcm -ao pcm:file=audio.wav:fast dvd://0101:33
Devoamenado: How big should I make the /home partition?01:33
amenadoNissan_350Z-> while on liveCD and if you have internet connectivity you can download it and save it to hard disk..off course you have to mount the partition before you can store to it01:34
Nissan_350Zamenado> when i start the LiveCD to install it locksup01:34
red22prince_jammys: i'm just worried about having to handle different file types... what command would send the file name to gnome for opening with the appropriately associated program?01:34
Nissan_350Zamenado> i have really slow internet, lol01:34
k1nghow do i use firefox downloading a file via "open with" and bash script i try: mv $1 /home/k1ng/Desktop/ but no avail.. :(01:34
amenadoDevo make / about 7-10gig  /swap about 2x your ramsize  and /home upwards of several gigs01:34
rhizolet me rephrase:  was anyone able to use n+1 firefox2.* profiles simultaneously under *any* OS ?01:34
Nissan_350Zi need a boot command to disable somethings so it ill run, know of any?01:34
vrkhansarbir i found the firefox directory in /etc , there is a profile directory but in that dir there is no lock and .parentlock file/01:34
RootyRootRootW00HI, how do I  update this code to wrok in Gutsy?     mplayer -vo null -ao pcm -ao pcm:file=audio.wav:fast dvd://0101:35
arbirvrkhans:  in ur home directory there should be a .mozilla directory01:35
prince_jammysred22: you can probably do this from the gui (move the final prog somewhere like /usr/local, for example)01:35
arbirvrkhans: can you confirm that ?01:35
prince_jammysred22: !defaultapp01:35
vrkhansin my home dir there is only the example dir01:35
amenadoNissan_350Z-> it may just be taking its sweet time to show you things, while booting, you can ctrl +alt+F1 F2 F3 .. to see what is going on, also you have to be patient..liveCD is slow indeed01:35
vrkhansno other dir01:35
prince_jammys!defaultapp | red22 might just do it on its own01:35
ubotured22 might just do it on its own: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting. In Kubuntu, Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure and then hit "File Associations"01:35
Nissan_350Zoh ok, amenado :D thanks a bunch, its running 160MB of ram though01:36
Nissan_350Zso i should continue with the LiveCD?01:36
prince_jammysred22: then when you click on it the shell would run :::   /usr/local/bin/your_prog  file.lnk01:36
vrkhansarbir in my home dir i have only two dir desktop and examples01:36
arbirvrkhans: ls -la01:37
Devoamenado: When I made my / partition from the free space and made it only 10 GB from the 30 GB of free space, it turned the leftover 20 GB into unusable space...01:37
amenadoNissan_350Z-> how else are you going to download the alternate cd?01:37
tanathi'm unable to type in a java-based app. anyone know why that might be? i've seen this before, but before i was able to fix it somehow01:37
prince_jammysred22: and the file name would be $1 in your prog01:37
leeping2009LjL: The systemimager worked !!!01:37
tanathi can click to change the focus, but it ignores my typing01:37
arbirvrkhans: you will have to open the prompt window01:37
Nissan_350Zamenado> i thought they would have a Alternative CD they could send me01:37
amenadoDevo-> you dont like to make a separate one for /home? how about /swap  ?  dont forget this /swap01:37
vrkhansarbir you mean the xterm01:38
amenadoNissan_350Z-> they probably do, ask them nicely :)01:38
Devoamenado: I can't make /swap... the free space turned into unusable space...01:38
vrkhansi am on that01:38
nano__what is the name of the bar in ubuntu which has "Application", "Places" , "Systesm"01:38
leeping2009LjL: Thanks again for helping out.  Now I can clone the system over to the other twelve computers01:38
tanathnano_, gnome panel?01:38
arbirvrkhans: any place where you can type in the commans from command line  basically a CLI01:38
clic1how to get to windows share from linux? I am linux newbie01:38
nano__tanath: so i guess the bottom bar is called the taskbar01:38
Nissan_350Zamenado> how do i ask them (and i am soo sorry if i am bugging you i am soo excited about ubuntu) :D01:38
nano__tanath: thn01:38
amenadoDevo-> these are now logical or extended partitions, are you sure you have plenty of left over spaces?01:38
vrkhansarbir i am there what you want me to do01:38
Scunizinano_, menu bar01:39
arbirvrkhans: cd .mozilla01:39
warcaptai1anyone can help me with questions regarding setting up a LAMP On ubuntu?01:39
amenadoNissan_350Z-> i thought you have to send an email and such to make a request yesh?01:39
red22prince_jammys: yeah like that it would, except that we wouldn't be clicking on it directly... we'd click on a .lnk file that is associated with our script, but then our script needs to actually launch what is being pointed to...01:39
krimAnyone know how to change font size of .ass subtitles in mplayer? I tried adding ass-force-style=FontSize=1 in /home/user/.mplayer/config but that didn't change anything. Also how can I reset the brightness/contrast/saturation settings?01:39
tanathScunizi, no, that's the "File, Edit, View" etc, in a specific app01:39
Devoamenado: I am sure, but it won't let me use 20 GB now...01:39
tanathnano_, it's the gnome panel01:39
nano__tanath: thnx , i guess it is01:40
dsoffscan anyone tell me how to use aircrack?01:40
Nissan_350Zamenado> on the ShipIt page you make requests for PC's and 64Bit computers but no Alternative01:40
amenadoDevo un-do what you have made and restart the partitioning01:40
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal01:40
warcaptai1unfortunately i fiddled around a bit too much with installing stuff for a LAMP server and now i think ive messed it up too much01:40
Devoamenado: Ok, done.01:40
tanathnano_, the actual app is 'gnome-panel'01:40
vrkhansarbir no such file or dir01:40
warcaptai1its not just as easy as removing packages because they dont completely remove stuff01:40
TopRamenhey guys, do remove vnc connections HAVE to be made via an ssh tunnel or can I forward port 5900 and have the remote user connect like that?01:40
vrkhansi am in /home01:40
tanathnano_, the menu bar is the bar with "file, edit, view' etc. in a given app01:40
red22prince_jammys: and in the program just "`$1" would launch the correctly associated program for the file being linked to?01:40
prince_jammysred22: right ..... mmm the launching part is what's difficult, unless you know how gnome works01:40
dsoffscan anyone tell me how to use aircrack?01:40
spudratic0ok people thanks I have enough of a log to read for tonight you guys are alright later all01:40
nano__tanath: so what is the bar at the bottom01:40
arbirvrkhans: goto your home directory01:40
amenadoTopRamen-> no requirements that VNC must use ssh,01:40
arbirvrkhans: just type in cd01:40
pawanhow to install oracle 11g on ubuntu01:41
astro76TopRamen: you can, but all text is transmitted in the clear01:41
arbirvrkhans: you should be in /home/yourusername/01:41
tanathnano_, well, that's the gnome panel too. same app, but it's referred to as the task bar01:41
emmaHi. My Nautilus keeps on crashing. The temporary solution is that I go to terminal and type:  killall nautilus. That fixes it. For a while...01:41
TopRamenamenado: ok01:41
amenadoTopRamen-> only if you want it secured01:41
dsoffscan anyone tell me how to use aircrack?01:41
atrusmy laptop's ps2 keyboard and touchpad occasionally stop working completely, usually with a key stuck repeating. i can plug in an external mouse to hit suspend & resume, at which point everything works right again. i'm sort of lost as to what to investigate. any ideas?01:41
emmaDoes anyone have any idea how to fix it for good?01:41
TopRamenastro76: ok, for some reason what I read made it sound like it HAD to be done via an SSH tunnel01:41
red22prince_jammys: i'm sure it's just some specific program to send it to.. whatever that gnome launcher is.. probably nautilus or some component of it.. will look this up, hold on01:41
emmaIf I were to open nautilus with terminal would it output some useful data when it crashes the next time?01:41
TopRamenamenado: so, after enabling the feature (don't have any firewall as far as I can tell) and forwarding the port... it should just work?01:42
clic1QUESTION: how to get to windows share from Linux? I am Linux newbie01:42
dsoffscan anyone tell me how to use aircrack?01:42
tanathemma, probably01:42
TopRamenamenado: do I need to install any specific packages?01:42
vrkhansok arbir i foud mozilla01:42
Nissan_350Zamenado> if you can find anyboot options that will speed it up, like hopefully disable the LiveCD and get on with installing it or run the LiveCD and speed it up so it will run. Thats why i need a boot option to type in01:42
prince_jammysred22: the prog produces a full path, but who executes it?  that you could do one of two ways: hard-code certain file types (eg launch .txt with gedit, launch .doc with openoffice) or figure out how gnome does it01:42
arbirvrkhans: then change dir to firefox01:42
amenadoTopRamen-> install the vncviewer ..what about the other end? what you have there?01:42
tanathdsoffs, google it? check the man page?01:42
vrkhansarbir i am in side firefox/and some dir01:42
arbirvrkhans: you will see a weird looking dir01:42
dsoffstanath, ahah01:42
TopRamenamenado: I'm the host... don't I want vnc-server?01:43
vrkhansok there is lock01:43
vrkhansin there01:43
arbirvrkhans: inside that weird named dir, you will find a file called lock and .parentlock01:43
emmatanath no that doesn't work afterall. It looks like Nautilus automatically disowns the terminal.01:43
dsoffsi found a wireless acesspoing named "keep out" how can i find the WEP key with aircrack?01:43
arbirvrkhans: delete that file01:43
arbirvrkhans: delete both those files01:43
tanathemma, ah, yeah, some apps do that01:43
amenadoNissan_350Z-> I dont know of anyway to speed it up, its dependent on your cdrom, how fast it can read and how much ram you have to dump what it reads01:43
=== warcaptai1 is now known as Warcaptain
tanathemma, you can check the .xsession-errors file01:43
tanathemma, in ~01:43
dsoffsseeing how long i can go before getting kickd.01:43
amenadoTopRamen yes for the host, you need the vnc server01:43
jimcooncatTopRamen: do you want to share the screen you're working on, or forward a new session?01:43
emmaI'm not quite sure what to do. Every time it crashes I guess I can open terminal and type killall nautilus, but it shouldnt have to be like that.01:44
Nissan_350Zits a 52X CD-Burner but 160MB of Ram, so im running at minimal RAM to use the live CD01:44
Devoamenado: Why do I want a /home partition?01:44
TopRamenjimcooncat: share the screen I'm working on01:44
Dr_willis_Devo,  makes backups/upgrades/clean isntalls easier01:44
TopRamenjimcooncat: I just tried connection locally and it worked but the other user is trying to connect and it's failing01:44
amenadoDevo lets just say, if your / get screwed, your data in /home is safe, easily recoverable01:45
TopRamenhe's connecting from an OS x machine01:45
tanathi'm unable to type in frostwire. can anyone help?01:45
Devoamenado: haha, sweet! :)01:45
vrkhansarbir i did rm lock and rm .parentlock01:45
Dr_willis_tanath,  disable compiz if you are using compiz01:45
vrkhansnow what should i do01:45
arbirvrkhans: now startup your firefox01:45
tanathDr_willis, i am, but i'd really rather not... :/01:45
jimcooncatTopRamen: if you use gnome, you can use System->Preferences->Remote Desktop01:45
LeechzillaDoes mplayer use gstreamer plugins, or something else?01:45
tanathDr_willis_, is there a plugin i can disable instead?01:45
Devoamenado: I got this error again. "File system doesn't have expected sizes for Windows to like it. Cluster size is 2k (1k expected); number of clusters is 20017 (39957 expected); size of FATs is 79 sectors (157 expected)."01:46
d4rkmonkeyThis might be a bit of a weird question... but here we go... I have iTunes running in a virtual machine so that I could use the store (had a gift certificate). I'm burning the songs to a CD, so that I can rip the DRM off of them, but for some reason its either telling me that The CD is not blank(which it is...) or it runs through the checks then does nothing... anyone have any ideas on how I can get the CDs to01:46
d4rkmonkeystart burning? It recognizes my CD drive, and one CD burnt somehow...01:46
vrkhansok thanks but why it happeing , it never happend like this before01:46
Nissan_350ZAnyone know of any boot options to help with the LiveCD? Because it Always freezes. i need to type in a boot option to disable somethings on the liveCD01:46
Dr_willis_tanath,  no idea. theres bugs with java and compiz. Check the compiz site. There may be some tweaks ya can do in the ccsm tool.01:46
tanathemma, did you check your .xsession-errors file?01:46
tanathDr_willis_, hm. ok, thanks for the lead01:47
Dr_willis_tanath,  assuming it is a java/compiz issue01:47
emmaI need to find it..01:47
jimcooncatTopRamen: vncserver is more useful if another user wants to pop into their own account on your computer01:47
amenadoDevo I'd ignore it for now, somehow when you originally partitioned your hd, they were not in the expected boundaries, so it complained01:47
tanathDr_willis_, probably01:47
DocfxitI can't get to a web site. Why?01:47
Devoamenado: Will this mess up my XP partition? It won't break it?01:47
tanathemma, as i said, in your home dir01:47
usr13Docfxit: What website?01:47
DocfxitAny website.01:47
Nissan_350ZAnyone know of any boot options to help with the LiveCD? Because it Always freezes. i need to type in a boot option to disable somethings on the liveCD i am running 160MB of Ram on it.01:48
TopRamenjimcooncat: yah I'm running gnome and had set it up via System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop01:48
tanathemma, ~/.xsession-errors01:48
kostkonLeechzilla, you can make mplayer to use the windows codecs if you like. for all the other formats, it has all the codecs already.01:48
Jack_SparrowNissan_350Z: acpi=off, pci=irqroute, xmodule=vesa, vga=normal, vga=771, vga=791, pci=irqroute, framebuffer=false, ide=nodma, nomce, pnpbios=off, xdrvr=vesa, res=800x600, apm=off,pci=noapci, noapic, nolapic, all_generic_ide, nolapic, pci=assign-busses, pci=irqpoll, pci=biosirq, pnpbios=off, hpet=disable01:48
usr13Docfxit: can you ping your router?01:48
TopRamenjimcooncat: and I can connect from the local network but the other user cannot01:48
amenadoDevo it should not, just dont touch your sda1 to sda3, work only on your new unformatted free spaces01:48
Nissan_350ZJack, all of those?01:48
usr13Docfxit:  host av.com01:48
Jack_SparrowNissan_350Z: that is very marginal on ram01:48
TopRamenjimcooncat: I mean he cannot connect from a remote network01:48
=== bmeynellAWAY is now known as bmeynell
emmaHere we go01:48
emmaI'm getting a lot of this:01:48
TopRamenjimcooncat: let me make sure his remote traffic isn't firwalled01:48
jimcooncatTopRamen: is the other user going across the internet to you?01:48
=== tiborio_ is now known as tiborio
emma(nautilus:6242): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_width: assertion `pixbuf != NULL' failed01:48
emma(nautilus:6242): GdkPixb01:48
emma...Too much output, ignoring rest...01:48
TopRamenjimcooncat: yep01:48
tanathemma, don't paste a lot in here01:48
Nissan_350Zok, Jack i will type all of those in01:48
tanathemma, use a pastebin01:48
Docfxitusr13 » I can ping any IP address on the web.01:49
emmaThat was it.01:49
TopRamenjimcooncat: and he's connecting the the same session as me because he wants to show me something01:49
emmaThere's a lot in the log but I only pasted that much.01:49
Leechzillakostkon: Does the mplayer that comes with Ubuntu support VC1, or do I need to compile it from source? I'm getting only audio, and no video01:49
jimcooncatTopRamen: more than likely is firewalled, or you need to forward the port from your router01:49
emmathat's the last three lines of the log01:49
Nissan_350Zthanks sooo very much! you dont know how much i appreciate it!01:49
usr13Docfxit: Are  you just not resolving domain names?01:49
usr13Docfxit:  host av.com01:49
Docfxitusr13 » I can't ping a domain name.01:49
TopRamenjimcooncat: already forwarded the port on my end01:49
emmaeverything above that is just the same thing repeated01:49
Jack_SparrowNissan_350Z: YOu never use all, usually just one or two..  If you only have 160 megs and are sharing ram with onboard video you need to rethink things.01:49
Docfxitusr13 » yes.01:49
tanathemma, i've seen that before... i don't remember what the issue was or what fixed it though...01:49
amenadoJack_Sparrow-> were you not missing the ramdisk option? hehehe j/k01:49
outsanehas anyone here installed virtualbox?01:49
usr13Docfxit: Then just add nameserver(s) to /etc/resolv.conf01:49
nerdzoncrackI'm trying to customize my desktop and I can't check any box in the compiz configuration manager... Anyone got an advice?01:49
tanathemma, what version of ubuntu are you running?01:49
TheZealotAnyone know what might cuase .deb files not to open when i click on them?01:50
FourX4Luvnemma: You brokeded your computer again already?  ;-)01:50
tanathemma, i think you may need to update01:50
tanathemma, hmm01:50
jimcooncatoutsane: yes, but not at this location01:50
usr13Docfxit: Or, hit the dhpc server again; sudo dhclient01:50
emmaI did :|01:50
FlannelTheZealot: try dpkg -i [deb], see what errors it gives you01:50
emmaHow can I update, I'm running gutsy01:50
usr13Docfxit: dhcp not dhpc01:50
TheZealotflannel: it works fine that way01:50
kostkonkostkon, I don't really know. Since it seems to be a microsoft codec, maybe if you install the w32codecs (windows codecs) it will play fine01:50
TheZealotjust doesn't work when I click on it01:50
FourX4Luvnemma: "sudo apt-get update" "sudo apt-get upgrade"01:50
usr13Docfxit: sudo /sbin/dhclient eth001:50
jimcooncatoutsane: I use it at work all the time01:50
Jack_SparrowNissan_350Z: noapic is one of the more common options that works  apci=off is another common one01:50
outsanejimcooncat: okay, i'm installing the .deb file, but how will i open virtualbox once the deb file is done?  i've never used a deb file before.01:50
tanathemma, no, gutsy is the latest release01:50
kostkonLeechzilla, , I don't really know. Since it seems to be a microsoft codec, maybe if you install the w32codecs (windows codecs) it will play fine01:51
tanathemma, but have you been updating software?01:51
usr13Docfxit: cat /etc/resolv.conf01:51
tanathemma, keeping your system up to date?01:51
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:51
Jack_Sparrow!minimal > Nissan_350Z01:51
ubotuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate01:51
usr13Docfxit: see if the nameservers are in /etc/resolv.conf01:51
TheZealotit says, 'No run action specified for files of this type (application/x-deb) - you can set a run action by choosing 'Set Run Action' from the file menu'01:51
TopRamenjimcooncat: is the defailt port 5900?01:51
jimcooncatoutsane: I got mine from the repository. But you can open a command prompt, and try entering virtualbox01:52
usr13Docfxit: See if you can ping your nameservers01:52
kostkonLeechzilla, do you have the w32codecs package already installed in your system?01:52
TopRamenjimcooncat: or is 5900 default for internal connections and 5800 default for external01:52
tanathemma, actually, i think that's a gtk issue. possibly due to your theme. despite the warning about being critical, that shouldn't be a critical issue. shouldn't be crashing nautilus01:52
jimcooncatoutsane: When I got it from the repository, it set up a menu entry for me01:52
Leechzillakostkon: I don't think so. I don't see it in synaptic01:52
outsanejimcooncat: okay, at the risk of sounding very ignorant, what exactly is the repository?  i've heard it a lot but i don't actually know what it is.01:52
jimcooncatTopRamen: one is for regular vnc, one for java access. I'll check01:52
tanathemma, have you changed your theme or anything?01:53
kostkonLeechzilla, yes. you have to add the Medibuntu repository to your software sources. Please, go to http://medibuntu.org/ and follow the instructions on how to add it01:53
Nissan_350Z!minimal | Nissan_350Z01:53
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:53
amenadooutsane same english meaning of repository, where things are stored01:53
Leechzillakostkon, okay, will try that. thanks01:53
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:53
TopRamenjimcooncat: thanks01:53
jimcooncatoutsane, what ubotu said01:53
tanathemma, i found a command that may help. you can try this in a terminal: gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders01:54
jimcooncatTopRamen: I think its 590001:54
prince_jammysred22: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56572/01:54
outsanejimcooncat: are they stored on my computer or online?01:54
TopRamenjimcooncat: yah 5900 is correct... did some checking myself01:54
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal01:54
TopRamenjimcooncat: his outbound traffic isn't restricted at all yet he still cannot connect01:54
TopRamenjimcooncat: have no idea why01:54
TopRamenjimcooncat: my port forwarding rules are setup properly too01:54
jimcooncatoutsane, the repositories are where your computer gets it's updates from off the 'net01:55
emmaI got this: bash: /etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders: Permission denied01:55
tanathemma, ok, try with sudo then01:55
FourX4Luvnemma: prefix that with 'sudo'01:55
tanathemma, thought you might get that01:55
amenadoTopRamen-> what is his ip address? and how is he attempting to connect to your host?01:56
jimcooncatTopRamen, sorry, I can't figure that out either01:56
emmaI did it with sudo and got the same warning.01:56
tanathemma, if it doesn't seem to work right away, try logging out and back in first. if it still doesn't work, make sure your system is up to date01:56
TopRamenamenado: don't know his ip... he's using JollysFastVNC for Mac OS X01:56
tanathemma, what? that shouldn't be01:56
outsanejimcooncat: okay, but if i installed the .deb file without using a repository, where can i find it now?01:56
amenadoTopRamen-> what is his exact command to connect to you?01:56
soap7.10 is on the 2.6.22 kernel  8.04 is on the 2.6.24 kernel (IIRC) - how much am I likely to break if I install the 2.6.24 kernel on 7.10?01:57
red22prince_jammys: gnome-open is the app :)01:57
Flannelsoap: yes.01:57
prince_jammysred22: hah01:57
amenadosoap you can try and let us know01:57
jimcooncatoutsane, if you install the .deb file, you'd:01:57
emmaYeah with sudo first I get the same thing: bash: /etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders: Permission denied01:57
prince_jammysred22: well then you're pretty much set01:57
jimcooncatoutsane: following command from your terminal(Applications—>Accessories— >Termianl)01:58
jimcooncatoutsane: VirtualBox01:58
Nissan_350Zok leats try this again i used apci=off01:58
capital86is anyone in here familar with beryl?01:58
outsanejimcooncat: i didn't use the terminal, i have a program that installs them for me.01:58
soapI'm not asking about kernel issues - I'm asking about the rest of the system's dependence on one particular kernel.01:58
jimcooncatoutsane: capitalization would be important01:58
red22prince_jammys: yup and so are you, or you dont' think you'd find this useful? don't use windows often enough to find this useful?01:58
emmaI will try logging out and logging back in.01:58
jimcooncatoutsane, no, to start it up after installing01:58
prince_jammysred22: no, not useful to me other than improve my understanding of scripting (and gnome-open)01:59
amenadosoap you can try to run in on vmware or virtualbox and see the effect with no major impact, you can easily remove the virtual disk01:59
jimcooncatoutsane, mine also installed a menu entry under Applications, but I wouldn't know if yours would have01:59
red22prince_jammys: i'll put it all together and try it out in a bit, i gotta go have dinner though.  i'll bbl and let you know (if you're still here) if all's working fine.01:59
capital86is anyone in here familar with beryl? I want to install it but I dont know where to start. I'm a noob01:59
prince_jammysred22: the difficulty in the script (which i solved with the #bash faq) is handling the spaces in files01:59
tanathcapital86, beryl has been deprecated. it's now compiz fusion02:00
prince_jammysred22: ok, gotta get something to eat02:00
red22prince_jammys: well i'm glad we both were able to help each other out and learn something. thanks for the help.02:00
capital86how do I go about that?02:00
usr13soap: The rest of the system does not have dependency on a particular kernel version.  It's just that some kernel modules may be left behind, or need bo be rebuild, but that's not all that likely.02:00
prince_jammysred22: np02:00
fiXXXerMet!raid | fiXXXerMet02:00
tanathcapital86, just install compiz02:00
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:00
amenadoNissan_350Z-> why not try all those options Jack gave you? see what improvements you'd get02:00
Scunizicapital86, are you running 7.10? if so it's already there... sorta.. it's compiz fusion02:00
Nissan_350Zall of them, at once?02:00
capital86I'm running what ever is on the ubuntu site02:01
capital86I just dled it and installed02:01
amenadoNissan_350Z-> why not? see if it works02:01
capital86so what ever is the latest on the site02:01
Nissan_350Zok i will02:01
Scunizicapital86, what kind of video card do you have?02:01
capital868500 gt02:01
soapthank you usr13 , amenado, Flannel.  I'm trying to chase down a hardware issue, and I have a (naive?) belief that it has been addressed in 2.6.2302:01
OwnerHi , I have 2 Ubuntu computer in my LAN , I wanna use "rsh" to run a command on the other computer , but when I do this it ask me about a password and I enter root password everytime but It is not accept the password .... so what I ahve to do ?02:02
tanathcapital86, in that case, try enabling the 'desktop effects'02:02
Scunizicapital86, have you enabled the restricted drivers for nvidia yet?02:02
capital86i have02:02
Flannelsoap: Fire up a Hardy liveCD and see.  Thats the easiest, safest way.02:02
tanath!compiz | capital8602:02
ubotucapital86: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:02
usr13Owner: root password?02:02
usr13Owner: try user password.02:02
Ownerusr13 I tried bu It ask me just for a password and I enter that but it won't work :(02:02
SuperQOwner: You should use SSH and ssh-agent keys02:02
atrusOwner: unless you have a very very good reason to, never use rsh. use ssh instead.02:02
Scunizicapital86, ok.. now go to system/preferances/appearance02:03
capital86okay hold on02:03
capital86let me start linux02:03
fiXXXerMetHow can I use mdadm to raid1 my current install?  I have ubuntu installed to /dev/sda1 and an identical drive on /dev/sdb102:03
SuperQOwner: http://mah.everybody.org/docs/ssh02:03
Scunizicapital86, then the Visual Effects tab02:03
usr13Owner: Are you using the password of the host machine?02:03
amenadoOwner both machines have same username and uid ?02:04
thechitowncubsI just configured LDAP authentication for my home network and it takes forever for me to login, are there any known tweaks for this problem?02:04
Scunizicapital86, what's it set on02:04
=== bmeynell is now known as bmeynellAWAY
SuperQthechitowncubs: what is the ldap server?02:04
capital86one second02:04
barbujhello everyone02:04
capital86I just restarted02:04
amenadothechitowncubs-> but did it even authenticate you?02:04
thechitowncubsSuperQ: it is linux02:04
thechitowncubsamenado: yes it did02:04
SuperQthechitowncubs: you may need to install nscd, but unless it's a busy ldap server it shouldn't be that slow02:04
soapFlannel, duh!  That's a fine idea!02:04
barbujwhat is a good tool to write html documentation in?02:04
thechitowncubsSuperQ:  its Ubuntu 7.1002:04
Lgndryhrhey everyone. hope all is well02:05
Docfxitusr13 »Thank you. I knew I had DNS in the file. After you asked me to look in there I saw they were the wrong DNS. It's all fixed now. Thank you02:05
amenadothechitowncubs-> maybe you have to tweak  pam  and the /etc/nsswitch02:05
soapI've been doing binary hardware swaps one reboot at a time for 3 days now - and I never fucking thought of that!02:05
Owneris better to say , I have 1 Ubuntu and 1 Freebsd and I have to use "rsh" and I have to use that on the ubuntu machine, In ubuntu when I enter "rsh microsoft8.com" (which is domain name of my FreeBSD computer) it just ask me a Password !!!! what I have to do :((02:05
SuperQthechitowncubs: what's in /etc/nsswitch.conf on the client for passwd02:05
soapfeel like a dumbass.02:05
capital86okay, how do I get to it again02:05
capital86ubuntu is up02:05
Scunizicapital86, brb02:05
Lgndryhrhow come i can connect to my wireless internet on an older kernel but on my newest one02:05
Nissan_350Zwow the apci=off is making it run faster and its not making any noise like it normally does when it loads02:05
barbujanybody know a good tool that i can use to create documentation for a project?02:06
GunbladeIVanyone, why is my internet connection download rate is high while i'm doing nothing with internet?02:06
tanath!compiz | capital8602:06
ubotucapital86: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:06
GunbladeIVcould sumone help me?02:06
SuperQbarbuj: heh, there are 1000s of tools02:06
emmaTanath, well I restarted it. I don't know..02:06
thechitowncubsSuperQ: compat ldap02:06
barbujinterested in html output, with a table of contents and links to prev, next pages etc02:06
usr13Owner: use -l switch and specify username of host and then give corresponding password.02:06
barbujSuperQ: can you point out a few of them?02:06
Scunizicapital86, go to System/Preferances/Appearance/Effects02:06
emmatanath, nautilus always starts out working. It seems to work for a while and then unpredictably crash.02:06
tanathemma, what exactly happens?02:07
SuperQbarbuj: Hrm, docbook is probably more complicated than you want02:07
Ownerusr13 is there any other why becuase I wanna use pvm and there is no -l for pvm02:07
capital86it was set on none...but I changed it to extra02:07
SuperQthechitowncubs: try "files ldap"02:07
SuperQthechitowncubs: I find it works better02:07
tanathcapital86, that should do it02:07
amenadothechitowncubs-> maybe you have to tweak  pam.d or whatever pam module authenticate you02:07
usr13I don't know02:07
Scunizicapital86, ok.. now go to System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager02:07
tanathcapital86, ccsm is the plugin configure thingy02:07
barbujSuperQ: this project is really small, so nothing complicated... but I would still like to learn a good tool that could be used to document something  bigger projects, as well02:08
emmaThis is the way it goes: I'll be listening to some music, and clicking on the music icons to load another song, and all is well, and then I'll click on a music icon (a note) to play a song, and nothing happens, except the note turns into a piece of paper, and from that point on Nautilus is crashsed. No other files will open.02:08
tanathcapital86, you can just run 'ccsm' (press alt+f2 to get the run box)02:08
joecurleehi... running 7.10 and just installed e-geforce 7200 GS video card... using restricted driver nvidia... i'm plugged in to a 1920 x 1080 wide screen lcd tv via HDMI... for some reason i can't see the whole desktop (not seeing top or bottom bars)02:08
capital86okay I opened the package manager02:08
GunbladeIVcould sumone help me?02:08
thechitowncubsamenado and SuperQ: when I do getent passwd, the local returns come instantly, ldap returns take quite a few seconds02:08
GunbladeIVanyone, why is my internet connection download rate is high while i'm doing nothing with internet?02:08
GunbladeIVanyone, why is my internet connection download rate is high while i'm doing nothing with internet?02:08
usr13Owner: If both machines have same user, then you do not have to use  -l02:08
macabro22How do I switch between cursor themes?02:08
Scunizicapital86, once synaptic is loaded search for compiz. Then look for Compiz Config Settings manager. Right click and choose install then apply02:08
arfonzohi guys, can anyone tell me how to remove all X-related packages?02:09
tanathcapital86, there's also more plugins in there if you search for 'compiz'02:09
mneptok!repeat | GunbladeIV02:09
ubotuGunbladeIV: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:09
joecurleealso after closing windows I can see faint outlines of them left behind until i open other windows02:09
tanathcapital86, in synaptic i mean02:09
iceswordarfonzo, wht u want02:09
capital86I just found compiz02:09
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:09
arfonzoicesword: to remove xserver, ubuntu-desktop02:09
SuperQthechitowncubs: try apt-get install nscd02:09
Scunizicapital86, look for the configuration manager and plugins extra and main02:09
tanathcapital86, and he was telling you to install the ccsm i was just talking about, which i forgot02:09
arfonzoeverything gnome related, everything that uses X i want to remove02:09
emmanow X11 isn't working though.02:09
barbujSuperQ: besides docbook, what else could i try?02:10
iceswordarfonzo, why do you do that,isn;t x window good02:10
amenadothechitowncubs-> how about your adding an entry to your /etc/hosts  for your ldap server?  just thinking wildy here02:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apci - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:10
SuperQbarbuj: sorry, I don't really know02:10
macabro22alguém sabe como trocar o  tema do nouse?02:10
Nissan_350Zwhat is a apci?02:10
jimcooncatarfonzo: you don't have to remove it to just not use it -- unless you need the space02:10
barbujok, thank you though02:10
Scunizicapital86, are you installing?02:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:10
capital86hey scunizi could you make another channel02:10
hotmonkeyluvwhat's a good cool dock (like the apple dock) that has nice graphics and is basically a program launcher. I've tried Kiba-dock, but I get a core dump when it tries to run.02:10
capital86its hard for me to read in here02:10
arfonzojimcooncat: i wouldn't be asking unless i really wanted to remove it.02:10
iceswordarfonzo, maybe it is sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop02:10
Scunizicapital86, sure..02:10
arfonzono icesword02:11
usr13arfonzo: Probably; apt-get remove xserver-xorg02:11
macabro22How do I change between X cursor themes?02:11
mneptok!awn | hotmonkeyluv02:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:11
tanathemma, say what? sorry, i keep missing your comments. if you use a person's name, it highlights that comment for them02:11
arfonzono usr13, it doesn't remove gnome stuff02:11
mneptokhotmonkeyluv: AWN02:11
thechitowncubsamenado: yep, already there, will try the nscd02:11
arfonzoi haven't been able to figure it out02:11
Scunizicapital86, it's open.. do you see it?02:11
hotmonkeyluvmneptok: i'll check it out, thanks02:11
arfonzook, i guess i'll post to forums02:11
usr13arfonzo: Probably; apt-get remove xserver-xorg* *gnome*02:12
Agent_bobarfonzo "if you are sure you want to remove all non-essential packages"  for Q in `dpkg -l | cut -d' ' -b3` ;do apt-get remove --purge -y "$Q" ;done02:12
iceswordarfonzo, then why not use server edition without x pre-installed02:12
jimcooncatarfonzo: wish I could be more help there. I did same thing, just reinstalled after backing up.02:12
tanathemma, why is X not working? what did you do?02:12
jimcooncatarfonzo: I meant I installed the server setup instead02:12
arfonzoicesword: i started from that, somewhere along the way via dependencies it installed X, then gnome, and all this nonsense I don't need/want02:12
arfonzosomehow ubuntu-server has become ubuntu-desktop, i want to remove all that X crap02:13
Scunizicapital86, ???02:13
emmaI don't know. But before I logged out and back in my logitech trackerball mouse was working and now it isn't working right.02:13
Lgndryhri cannot connect to my wireless internet on my newest kernel, 2.6.22, but can on my next available one, 2.6.1702:13
n00banyone know a program who starts after gnome was started?02:13
arbirhow do i increase the size of the menu font ?02:13
emmaI really didn't do anything except log out.02:13
n00bI need to modify it02:13
LeechzillaDoes the mplayer that comes with Ubuntu support VC1, or do I need to compile it from source? I'm getting only audio, and no video02:13
n00bLeechzilla: do you get the codecs?02:14
arbirthe three menu items, Applications, Places, System are too small02:14
john_SuperQ: THANK YOU so much, nscd was the trick02:14
usr13arfonzo: Probably; apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop02:14
Leechzillan00b: I'm not sure which codec I need02:14
tanathemma, how long have you been using ubuntu?02:14
hotmonkeyluvmneptok: how do I find out if i use Xgl or AIXgl?02:14
n00bmay be you need the win32 codecs...02:14
arfonzono usr13 that is just a metapackage not a real package afaik.02:14
Leechzillan00b: I have it already02:15
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:15
tanathemma, did  you have to configure your mouse before? or did it just work02:15
DG19075n00b: go to System>Preferences>Appearance and then click the Fonts tab02:15
Agent_bobarfonzo "you can follow that command with"  apt-get install ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-base      "and that should put you back at 'server install' state"02:15
emmaI configured it before.02:15
SuperQjohn_: yea, nscd is good and bad in many many ways02:15
emmaI edited /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:15
Kalamansihello I check my cables using cable tester looks 100% okay.but when I plug/unplug it still no internet in ubuntu desktop 7.10....02:15
=== john_ is now known as thechitowncubs
tanathemma, how long ago was this? have you rebooted, or logged out and back in since then?02:16
emmaIt's very mysterious to me why it would suddenly stop working.02:16
SuperQjohn_: There are several replacement nscd servers out there that suck less02:16
usr13arfonzo: Probably; apt-get remove  ubuntu-desktop  xserver-xorg*02:16
thechitowncubsSuperQ: probably fine for my small home network, right?02:16
tanathemma, or is this the first time02:16
emmaYes several times. I've logged out and rebooted and even had the power off since then.02:16
capital86scunizi you here02:16
SuperQthechitowncubs: yea, probably fine02:16
tanathemma, ok, could be a few things.. arg02:16
SuperQthechitowncubs: nscd is prone to wedging in stupid stupid ways due to the way it was written02:16
DarkmystereI cant connect to my WEP Secured network with my WEP key but it connects right away in windows..02:16
SuperQthechitowncubs: and the glibc maintainers refuse to fix it02:17
SuperQthechitowncubs: http://code.google.com/p/gnscd/02:17
mohbanahey guys, where is that natbib for texlive found, because its not in mine02:17
Agent_bobusr13 you should really test that command before you recommend it...02:17
SuperQthechitowncubs: some people at Google wrote a new one from scratch02:17
usr13Agent_bob: haha, why don't you test it for us.  :)02:17
tanathemma, have you run any graphical (not terminal) apps as root? like, with sudo?02:17
arfonzousr13: thanks, do you guys have any recommendations to get rid of all these gnome libs? it doesn't seem to go with ubuntu-desktop02:18
usr13Agent_bob: But best that the user will test it and report back to us.02:18
Agent_bobusr13 i have,  and your command wont come anywhere close to what he asked for02:18
* rhizo solves multiple simultaneous firefox profiles problem02:18
rhizoalias fox='export MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1; firefox -ProfileManager &'02:18
rhizodid the trick02:18
emmaNo none.02:18
thechitowncubsSuperQ: interesting, thanks02:18
capital86hey guys I need help installing beryl02:18
tanathemma, 'sudo nautilus' perhaps?02:18
tanathemma, well, let's check this anyway02:19
usr13Agent_bob: Then what is the solution?02:19
emmaIt's possible I did that. I don't recall.02:19
rhizoadios ubunteros, happy tweakin =)02:19
tanathemma, in terminal, what does this give you: echo $XAUTHORITY02:19
Agent_bobarfonzo "if you are sure you want to remove all non-essential packages"  for Q in `dpkg -l | cut -d' ' -b3` ;do apt-get remove --purge -y "$Q" ;done02:19
Agent_bobarfonzo "you can follow that command with"  apt-get install ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-base      "and that should put you back at 'server install' state"02:19
Agent_bobusr13 i already told him way ^ up there  and just again.02:20
Lgndryhri cannot connect to my wireless internet on my newest kernel, 2.6.22, but can on my next available one, 2.6.17......help would be greatly appreciated02:20
FoxamemnonHello.  I'm looking for some help on setting up an encrypted disk with Ubuntu's alternate CD.  I can't use the "use whole disk" option because I need to preserve partition #1.  But I'm not sure what I should create in the empty space.02:20
tanathemma, now do this: export XAUTHORITY=/home/emma/.Xauthority02:20
usr13arfonzo:  apt-get remove gnome*02:20
mohbanabut when i try to use harvard style of referencing via natbib in latex i get "I couldn't open style file natbib.bst02:20
usr13arfonzo:  apt-get remove libgnome*02:20
toresnwhat is the difference between 'apt-get' and 'aptitude'?02:21
grezer34ok everyone I am having issues with my proftpd server, I just installed webmin, and i everthing but the ftp seems to be working, everytime i try and start it up I get a error02:21
tanathemma, then run 'xauth' and type 'list'02:21
xubinuxwhere can i find terminal in the file system...i neet to create a link02:21
=== gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius
grezer34indentlookups on line 3202:21
tanathemma, and tell me if you see something with a :002:21
grezer34what does that mean02:21
clic1QUESTION: how to get to windows share from Linux? I am Linux newbie02:21
usr13arfonzo: apt-get remove  ubuntu-desktop  xserver-xorg* libgnome* gnome*02:22
tanathclic1, should be able to do it in nautilus02:22
tanathclic1, might need to install 'nautlius-share' i think02:22
clic1what do I type?  \\\  ??02:22
thechitowncubsSuperQ: another basic LDAP question, if i assign my LDAP user a string of GIDs and my nsswitch is set up to look at files also, will it assign the groups in real time during login?02:22
tanathclic1, try browsing the network02:22
emmatanath -- i see it says about an MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE02:22
AHAWhenever i try to play a .m4p song (from my itunes library on my windows boot), i get "An error occured: This file is encrypted and cannot be played." ANy help?02:23
xubinuxubinux> where can i find terminal in the file system...i neet to create a link02:23
clic1where do I go for browsing the network02:23
clic1I can TS to the server02:23
Nissan_350Zthanks amenado and Jack for ALL of your help, you guys helped out Alot!! i think itsa going to actually run now :D02:23
arfonzothanks usr1302:23
tanathemma, yeah. tell me if you see any line with a :002:23
clic1and ping02:23
iceswordwhich is the fastest browser?02:23
clic1so I know I can get to it02:23
Agent_bobusr13 much better but still leaves about 200 packages not in the server install02:23
clic1I just don't know how to open share02:23
clic1cause I am newbie02:23
mneptokAHA: m4p?02:23
tanathclic1, should be in the panel on the left, in nautilus02:23
emmaBoth lines have that in there.02:23
tanathemma, two?02:23
usr13Agent_bob: leaving what packages?02:23
AHAxubinux, go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and left click on the terminal icon. Then click "add to desktop" and you can do what you wish with it there.02:23
iceswordwhich is the fastest browser?02:24
AHAmneptok, yes02:24
AHAits itunes default format02:24
mneptokAHA: is that some kind of playlist?02:24
tanathicesword, elinks :P02:24
emmait might just be one long line02:24
iceswordtanath, it is a text one02:24
AHAmneptok, nope. a song from itunes02:24
mneptokAHA: no, MPEG4 (.mp4) is the file default format ;)02:24
tanathicesword, you asked for a fast one :P02:24
AHAmneptok, nope02:24
iceswordtanath, i don' like it02:24
tanathicesword, epiphany is pretty fast, and good, but depends on firefox02:24
xubinuxAHA in xubuntu i can't do it...dx click do same as sx02:24
mneptokAHA: look again02:24
arbirwhen i change my theme, my window controls dont change.... any idea how i can do it02:24
iceswordi see02:24
b4seQuick question....02:25
iceswordhaha ,ie is a fast one02:25
MurrlinI need a term for something; the screen shown with the ubuntu logo, during boot, that scrolls boot/load messages. what is that called?02:25
tanathicesword, doesn't hurt to try a bunch out and see what you like02:25
b4seXchat, for one, how do i join multiple channels on one instance of xChat?02:25
AHAmneptok, i have looked at every song i own. They are all .m4p02:25
* Pelo just reinstalled compiz , to play with cause he was bored and now he only gets a quarter screeen 02:25
Murrlinso I can look it up to see how to make the lines showing the messages, show up02:25
mrtsunamib4se, /join ?02:25
Murrlin7.10's are blank, unlike 6.06's02:25
tanathb4se, /j #channelname02:25
mneptokAHA: oho. then those are purchased music from iTunes02:26
Murrlinthe screen with the status bar below "ubuntu"02:26
AHAmneptok, even if i change the file to *.mp4, i get the same thing02:26
AtomicSparkanyone know simple gui sqlite editor?02:26
mneptokAHA: they will only ever play in iTunes.02:26
jvaimneptok - http://media-convert.com/convert/02:26
b4setanath, but does that mean i can have multiple channels open at once?02:26
mohbanabut when i try to use harvard style of referencing via natbib in latex i get "I couldn't open style file natbib.bst02:26
tanathb4se, yep. they'll be tabbed at the bottom02:26
kakeiHello, i just installed ubuntu and i installed it over windows vista, now i reboot and try to run vista but it get stuck on the loader screen02:26
tanathb4se, you see them just under where you type02:26
mrtsunamib4se, yes, you can have multiple servers and channels open at the same time02:26
AHAkakei, because you installed it _over_ vista02:26
tanathb4se, ctrl+s if you want a new server02:26
emmaI'm going to reload x and see what happens.02:26
mneptokAHA: .mp4 is the default MPEG4 file format. .m4p is MPEG4 with DRM.02:27
AHAyou said you installed it over vista, which probably is the reason why it wont load02:27
b4setanath, thanks so much :p02:27
Agent_bobusr13 assorted applications and libraries that simply don't depend on nor match the things you listed.    i don't happen to have a list of them on hand   but they will still be there.      i have chased that rabbit several times usr13, beleave it or not it best to strip the system to the essential packages and reinstall the ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-base   that will put it back in server install state.02:27
tanathb4se, np02:27
kakeinono, not over, just other partition02:27
lindzeynHey, does anyone know of a good cheap wireless G card that will work w/ ubuntu right out of the box02:27
mneptoklindzeyn: form factor?02:27
FoxamemnonAre there any website or wiki pages I should look at for help setting up encrypted disks with the installer?02:27
b4setanath, is there anyway to have totem on top when playing02:27
tanathb4se, you can have any app on top02:27
b4setanath, kind of like WMP when you click on the 'Always on top' feature...02:27
riloI'm trying to stop my networking service by using "sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop" and while it says "OK", my eth0 is still up and active. wtf is going on? how do I keep it down02:27
lindzeynmneptok, I don't know what that means.02:28
b4setanath, even when i click on another window?02:28
AHAkakei, try booting off of the vista disk and seeing if you can find a "repair errors" option02:28
tanathb4se, you can right click on the task bar, or the title bar, and choose always on top02:28
Newbuntu2hello all!02:28
mneptoklindzeyn: PCI? PCMCIA? Cardbus? Express56?02:28
b4setanath, legend! thanks so much02:28
lindzeynUSB or PCI02:28
b4setanath, thats an awesome feature of linux02:28
b4setanath, im loving linux, just a bit newb with it lol02:28
mneptoklindzeyn: you in the US?02:28
tanathb4se, i believe windows has that too :P02:28
kakeiAHA that will erase grub?02:28
Newbuntu2I'm trying to run zoneminder with a hauppauge pvr 500 card, however, I can't figure out if I'm configuring the devices right. Can anyone help?02:28
bdsrilo: sudo ifdown eth0?02:29
tanathb4se, but yeah, linux has lots of great features :P02:29
AHAkakei, no02:29
arbiranybody here has changed their theme ?02:29
Peloarbir, most of us I expect02:29
mohbanaWhen i try using the harvard style of referencing via natbib in latex i get "I couldn't open style file natbib.bst", please help02:29
arbirPelo: i am having serious problems trying out a particular theme02:29
thechitowncubsSuperQ: any tips on mapping my ldap users to local groups?02:29
tanatharbir, er, i have02:29
Peloarbir, more details, were did you get the theme from ?02:29
arbirPelo: the window control buttons dont change02:29
b4setanath, whats your favorite feature then (im learning here lol)02:29
rilobds: I did sudo ifconfig eth0 down... and it didn't give me an error, but it's still busy! I need to make a change to it but I keep getting the device/resource busy error02:30
arbirPelo: i am trying this http://gnomestyle.blogspot.com/2007/05/make-ubuntu-look-like-vista.html02:30
Peloarbir, is this a compiz theme ?02:30
tanathb4se, uh... favourite for what? lol02:30
b4setanath, oh soz feature lol02:30
arbirPelo... is this a compiz theme? i have no idea02:30
tanathb4se, i really love compiz, and the negative plugin. light text on a dark background is so much easier on the eyes. great for reading02:30
b4setanath, trying to work out all of the good features...02:30
tanathb4se, heh, you'll learn as you go. there's too much to point out at once02:30
arbirPelo: if you will see step it three, it says "Install the Beryl and GTK theme as usual".. what does that mean ?02:30
mneptoklindzeyn: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683315616502:30
Peloarbir,  hold on02:30
tanathb4se, one cool thing that a regular person wouldn't notice is that linux automatically defrags on the fly02:31
Kalamansihello I don't have internet..i check already my cable 100% ok (cable tester). tried to plug it in other machine I have internet. but in ubuntu desktop 7.10 none.. http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc202:31
Nissan_350Zwell anyone know how to request the Alternative CD?02:31
mohbanaWhen i try using the harvard style of referencing via natbib in latex i get "I couldn't open style file natbib.bst", please help02:31
arbirmneptok: wishes if newegg shipped to canada as well02:31
Peloarbir, why don'T you just get an already made one from www.gnome-look.org ?02:31
arbirPelo: sure i can. tell me which one... there are too many ...02:31
Nissan_350Zwell anyone know how to request the Alternative CD?02:31
mneptokarbir: that's why we have a PO box in Plattsburgh ;)02:32
Peloarbir,  just do a search for vista in gtk themes02:32
Peloarbir,  in gtk2 themes02:32
arbirPelo: there are so many vista gtk themes and most dont work02:32
mneptokNissan_350Z: the .iso is on every mirror02:32
arbirPelo: let me see .. if you can recommend a few that would be super02:32
nomasteryodaNissan_350Z, find a Linux User group near you ... or a friend to download it for you...02:32
lindzeynmneptok, so that card has an easily recognizable chipset and ubuntu will automatically load the drivers?02:32
Nissan_350Zmneptok> i have very very slow internet02:32
Peloarbir, unpack it once,  chances are they were repacked to include instructions02:32
mneptoklindzeyn: correct02:32
mneptokNissan_350Z: ShipIt does not ship alt. CDs. use a torrent.02:33
rpj8How can I set up automounting for usb drives and/or CDs on a cli installed system?02:33
nomasteryodaNissan_350Z, my solution always works... someone has faster connection02:33
Warcaptainis there a way to run the LAMP installation script that runs when you install ubuntu-server only on a desktop?02:33
Nissan_350Zoh, mneptok02:33
arbirPelo: let me give it a go.. i have spent 2 days trying to figure out how to install the themes.02:33
nomasteryodayup, torrent is good02:33
Nissan_350Zok how do i get to torrent and what is it XD02:33
jrib!lamp > Warcaptain (read the private message from ubotu)02:33
arbirPelo: the screenshots they give is so good and when i install it, its nothing like that.....02:33
Peloarbir,  you just drag drop the tar.gz file on to the theme manager window02:33
lindzeynmneptok, thanks a bunch02:33
mneptoklindzeyn: no worries02:33
mneptokNissan_350Z: what OS are you using now?02:34
arbirPelo: let me try...02:34
Nissan_350ZWindows NT02:34
fiXXXerMetAnyone know where I can find the 0.9.55 ubuntu package?02:34
jribfiXXXerMet: package for?02:34
Nissan_350Zthis computer im using for internet is Windoes XP02:34
mneptokNissan_350Z: can you install software on it?02:34
rpj8Has anyone on here got automounting working after installing a cli system?02:34
fiXXXerMetSorry, for wine.02:34
fiXXXerMetAnyone know where I can find the 0.9.55 wine ubuntu package?02:34
rpj8fiXXXerMet: Doesn't exist yet.02:34
Warcaptainubotu: that does not have instructions for 7.10.. are there any differences?02:34
Nissan_350Zit doesnt have internet access the modem is messed up02:34
Warcaptainbot, cute02:35
Nissan_350Zand we only get 26.4 KBPS  for Dial-Up here02:35
Kalamansihello I cannot connect to the internet... http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc202:35
OmletteI have a minor problem: when I suspend my computer manually, it resumes fine. However, if my computer suspends automatically, it resumes, shows the desktop for about 5 seconds, then hibernates. Any thoughts?02:35
Agent_bobrpj8 don't care what you ask for, do you?    it can be done.   but you'll have to script "something" to watch hald or the devices them selves.02:35
reikalusikkaYou guys may be a bit biased but which is better for server use, ubuntu or debian? are there any major difference? I have no experience of debian, only heard it's "good".02:35
thechitowncubsreikalusikka: ubuntu02:35
arbirPelo: this is what i was looking at http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aero-clone?content=57352 and it leads me no where02:36
reikalusikkaok :)02:36
arbirPelo: what to download and what to install ?02:36
rpj8Agent_bob: First off, what? Second, what should I look up to see what ubuntu uses by default?02:36
Kalamansireikalusikka since you are here.ubuntu is cool02:36
=== Johnny__ is now known as IdleOne
reikalusikka:p well I'm using it atm02:36
Agent_bobreikalusikka debian02:36
Peloarbir, for the one you just linked to try this link for the dl  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/download.php?content=57352&id=1&tan=1165123702:36
reikalusikkaAgent_bob: what are the benefits etc02:36
rpj8reikalusikka: The only reason people will say debian is because they have a slower release schedule02:36
reikalusikkarpj8: oh ok02:36
rpj8reikalusikka: Making their packegs "more secure"02:37
=== n00b is now known as flacom
rpj8reikalusikka: Really it's all opinion. I say try both.02:37
Agent_bobrpj8 hal and the hal daemon hald02:37
Kalamansireikalusikka: I see... I haven't triy debian02:37
rpj8Agent_bob: I saw others like dbus and udev? Are these relevant at all?02:37
Kalamansireikalusikka: do you think same environment?02:37
Kalamansireikalusikka: I try to install it using gui.02:37
arbirPelo: i already got that file.. and only somethings have changed in my desktop..... the window control buttons have not changed....02:37
Nissan_350ZWindows NT is the one im installing Ubuntu on| The computer i am using is Windows XP, The internet we get is Dial-Up and we only get 26.4 KBPS02:38
arbirPelo: also my Applications, Places and System menus have decreased in font size02:38
=== nirmalh is now known as ^lam64^
mattholimeaui need to add echo to my sudoers... where's that file?02:38
Kalamansihello I cannot connect to the internet... http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc202:38
arbirPelo: In fact menu buttons have become small. .when i open nautilus, its all small.....02:38
Agent_bobreikalusikka stability as opposed to features.   ubuntu is "latest greatest..."   debian is "rock solid..."   if you want a desktop you might like ubuntu   if you want a server  you might prefer debian.02:38
Nissan_350Zmneptok, that was for you02:39
Peloarbir, go back in the theme manager, click the customize button at the bottom  go in the control and also the border tab and reselect the vista-aero ones (or wathever ) from those tabs02:39
Nissan_350Zand how do i use a Torrent thingy to get the Alt. CD?02:39
emmaI got my trackball working again. I think it is unrelated to the nautilus crashing.02:39
CosmoCan someone help me enable thumbnails in Ubuntu 7.10?02:40
KalamansiAgent_bob how to setup static ip in ubuntu? I have 10 static ips...02:40
CosmoThey used to work02:40
Cosmobut now they dont02:40
LeechzillaNissan_350Z: Download a Torrent client, like deluge-torrent, or rtorrent.02:40
arbirPelo: the window border tab does not like anyof those vista-aero items.... i have already looked into that...02:40
rilodamn, I just ran sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop ...and it appeared to deconfigure my network interfaces fine... except I'm still connected to IRC and everything else. what is the deal? :|02:40
emmaI do not understand it but by changing the background color in the login window that made my xorg.conf file go back to the backup02:40
Nissan_350ZLeechZilla> what does a torrent client do?02:40
Agent_bobKalamansi edit /etc/network/interfaces02:40
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo02:41
Peloarbir, I'm looking , please be patient , taht aero one is crap btw02:41
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P02:41
KalamansiAgent_bob: I have to use 10 NICs too?02:41
Nissan_350Zok then02:41
LeechzillaNissan_350Z: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_%28protocol%2902:41
Peloarbir, this one seems to work well enough but it is dark  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/VistaRevisedDark?content=3283302:41
CosmoCan someone help me enable thumbnails in Ubuntu 7.10?02:41
mattholimeaui'm trying to get this to work: sudo "echo -e \"blah\" >> /etc/hosts"   ... but i'm getting sudo: echo -e "blah" >> /etc/hosts: command not found02:41
mattholimeau     ....   any ideas?02:41
Nissan_350Zthanks, LeechZilla :D02:41
zhanxi hate resetting up my box.. this time i going to back it up02:41
dogpigeoncowhey i have a problem downloading programs from the add/remove service. i get the error "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:42
dogpigeoncowE: _cache->open() failed, please report."02:42
arbirPelo: I tried with OSX Leopard first....that was a complete failure after spending 6 hrs on it.. let me try your link02:42
OmletteCosmo: thumbnails in the file browser?02:42
Peloarbir, I did osx in 4 min02:42
OmletteLet me see..02:42
Cosmolike if i want to be able to preview pictures witout opening them up02:42
tricarichi! Anyone knows when the next ubuntu server LTS is going to be released?02:42
bdsmattholimeau: get rid of the " before echo02:42
zhanxdogpigeoncow:  you need ti run a terminal and put that in02:42
arbirPelo: how in 4 min ? i spent hours and nothing happened02:42
dogpigeoncowand then i get blank ">"s02:42
Agent_bobKalamansi well i'd sujest a switch.    or if you are refering to just the host addressing.   look in /etc/host*02:42
Peloarbir,  I have no idea why it would take you that much time02:43
OmletteCosmo: Edit -> Preferences -> Preview tab -> thumbnails02:43
Peloarbir, hold on i'm looking for the linkx for you02:43
riloarg, no ideas about stopping this networking service?02:43
OmletteFrom the file browser's menu.02:43
dogpigeoncowit says i need superuser privelage02:43
mattholimeaubds: that doesn't work, because then it seems it's the output of sudo going to /etc/hosts... i get permission denied02:43
nickrudtricaric: april is the schedule02:43
dogpigeoncowhow do i give myself superuser privelage02:43
Agent_bobKalamansi i'm not very network savy   might better consult someone that knows more than i do, on that.02:43
zhanxdogpigeoncow: open a terminal type in sudo dpkg --configure -a02:43
KalamansiAgent_bob do you know some channels here who have lots of network savy?02:44
zhanxdogpigeoncow:  then enter your pass02:44
mneptokNissan_350Z: download and install uTorrent in Windows02:44
dogpigeoncowok now wat02:44
Agent_bobKalamansi ##linux at times is really good for network issues.02:44
jimcooncatmattholimeau: maybe: sudo `"echo -e \"blah\" >> /etc/hosts`02:44
zhanxKalamansi: missed your question.02:44
Peloarbir, for mac osx  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/MacOS-X+Aqua+Theme?content=1354802:45
Nissan_350Z70Ping me02:45
dogpigeoncowzhanx, now wat?02:45
zhanxdogpigeoncow: it should finish reinstall and fixing it, then you can install what you wanted02:45
Agent_bobKalamansi at times it better for "trash talk"02:45
bdsmattholimeau: sudo -e /etc/hosts02:45
nschembrhas anyone used unionfs on a root file system under ubuntu/debian02:45
martin_any recommendations for a decent autocad replacement?02:45
Kalamansi\/whois zhanx02:45
arbirPelo: my firefox dies each time... i change theme :-(02:45
tricaricwhen is the next Ubuntu Server LTS going to be released?02:45
Starnestommytricaric: I think in april02:45
nickrudmartin_: ask pelo what he uses for cad02:46
* Nissan_350Z70 pings Nissan_#50Z02:46
Kalamansizhanx is that you?the one who help me in hardware?02:46
phuzionwhats the syntax to zip an entire directory into one ZIP file?02:46
Peloarbir, that can happen02:46
Agent_bobnschembr if that's a poll   then yes i have.02:46
zhanxlast week?02:46
dogpigeoncowzhanx, you da man!02:46
arbirPelo: vista revisited does not work.. for me.....it says, it installed correctly.. but nothing happened02:46
tricaricStarnestommy: thanks02:46
mattholimeaubds: wow, that pulled me into pine. that's neat, but not at all what i need, because i'm trying to put this into a script, not just edit my hosts file02:46
KalamansiAgent_bob for now I don't have internet. can you please check http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc202:46
=== Nissan_350Z70 is now known as Nissan_350Z
Kalamansizhanx http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc202:46
Nissan_350Zthere we go02:46
mattholimeaumore general form of my question... anyone know how to append to my /etc/hosts in a shell script?02:47
Kalamansizhanx I don't have internet02:47
martin_Pelo: nickrud recommended I ask you what your cad-app of choice is.02:47
bdsmattholimeau: don't put the sudo in the scipt, and execute the script using sudo?02:47
maddog39hey is there anyway to boot into a cd from a floppy02:47
mattholimeauooh... i probably just need to run by script with sudo...02:47
amenadoKalamansi-> do you take notes? we went over this a while back02:47
mattholimeauyeah, bds, thanks... i think that's what i was looking for02:47
joecurleeshould i be using restricted drivers for geforce 7200 gs or the drivers from nvidia's site?02:47
Agent_bobnschembr i don't reccomend it, unless you really really need it.   it's more of a hassel than a help    you can so easily just mount additional fs on various dirs   like   /home   /var   /tmp    /usr   /boot02:47
bdsmattholimeau: np :)02:47
mattholimeaubut that's lame...02:47
nschembrhow do you get the system to mount the root "/" ro under unionfs.02:47
mattholimeaubds: know how i force my script to sudo itself and prompt for a password?02:48
arbirPelo: i am trying the OSx theme.. let me see if it works for me or not02:48
amenadoKalamansi-> assign an ip address to your host, either static or dhcp assigned02:48
Pelomartin_, these days I am rather fond of  progecad smart! , it's an autocad clone,  for windows but works well on wine,  progecad smart is free , but does not support 3d02:48
Peloarbir, I'm looking for the icons for it right now02:48
rpj8Agent_bob: So I installed all the hal and dbus stuff, followed instructions off archlinux wiki, and still a no go.02:48
Agent_bobamenado i'm lagging really badly,  can you tend to Kalamansi for me please.02:48
zhanxKalamansi:  edit it /etc/network/interfaces02:48
bdsmattholimeau: if you chown/chgrp the script you will have to give a password02:48
_Oz_Good evening, Ubuntu friends!02:48
amenadomartin_-> umm, blender is not good enuff?02:48
martin_Pelo: Any recommendations for 3D cad apps? Otherwise I may just dualboot so I can use my older copy of autocad.02:49
bdsmattholimeau: ie chmod 755 my_script.sh02:49
martin_amenado: I have been trying to familiarize myself with blender but progress has been... slow...02:49
bdsmattholimeau: sorry, that should be 744 :)02:49
martin_amenado: any recommendations on where I could look for help?02:49
Pelomartin_, dual boot, or you could also try running your windows install in vmware02:49
=== _Oz_ is now known as __Oz__
mattholimeaubds: yeah, that would just force me to run it with sudo though, right?02:49
arbirPelo: yeah that link was not downloading the icons....02:50
amenadomartin_-> they have books and tutorials, both as html, and video via wink02:50
Agent_bobnschembr you need to take care of the origenal fs mounting of / before you bind the additional fs's to it.02:50
bdsisn't that what you want?02:50
TetracommI installed a sound card and now want to blacklist the old integrated one. Could someone help me do this?02:50
mattholimeaubds: that's great input, and i'll go with that if i need... but is there a way to easily make a script grab root priv's by itself?02:50
martin_amenado: Thanks I'll take a look.02:50
amenadomartin_-> blendernation.com02:50
Kalamansizhanx: how to edit this  /etc/network/interfaces .. im not good in scripting typos02:50
nschembri've worked with voyage linux ro file system. I would like to try ubuntu on eee with a ro root that I can update with apt-get02:50
Pelomartin_,  you can also try running the full non free version of progecad, it does support 3d but it cost 500$ ,  you can dl the trial version for free , it's 30 days02:51
tanathmartii, first 3 sites are good: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&num=30&q=blender+%7Eguide02:51
LeechzillaWhat command do I use to check what filesystem is used on a device or mount point?02:51
FrogzooKalamansi: man interfaces02:51
Kalamansiamenado : I tried to setup a static ip. still I cannot connect.but my p2 can connect to the net02:51
zhanxKalamansi: sudo gedit /etc/network/interface02:51
Agent_boband Kalamansi i doubt that i could open a web page without timming out right now.   0 free bandwidth02:51
zhanxKalamansi: sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces02:51
bdsmattholimeau: what is the goal?  if the script is running with root priviledegs you are giving everyone that runs that script root02:51
Peloarbir, here are the icons http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OsX_MoD?content=5485102:51
TetracommIs this what I should blacklist?: snd_ac97_codec02:51
mneptokzhanx: please use gksu with GTK apps02:51
Nissan_350Zumm how do i install a torrent?02:52
mneptokNissan_350Z: did you install a torrent application?02:52
mattholimeaubds: well, am thinking it should still be able to be secure by prompting for a password before it grabs the privs02:52
amenadoKalamansi-> is your p2 in same subnet ? then copy the configs if possible02:52
Nissan_350Zthats what i need help with02:52
tanathNissan_350Z, you don't install the torrents... you open them with a torrent client, like deluge02:53
mattholimeaubds: in other words, instead of ever seeing a "permission denied" i want to see a password prompt instead. and then only permission denied on an incorrect password02:53
arbirPelo: that downlod link somehow fails02:53
mneptokNissan_350Z: http://utorrent.com02:53
mneptokNissan_350Z: install that02:53
Nissan_350Zok thanks :D02:53
tanathNissan_350Z, i'd recommend installing deluge. then you can open the torrents you find on sites in that, to download what you're looking for02:53
bds-i  The -i (simulate initial login) option runs the shell specified in the passwd(5) entry of the user that the command is being run as.02:53
Nissan_350Zok :D02:53
bdsmattholimeau: that is from sudo02:53
Peloarbir, try this one02:54
Peloarbir, http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Mac4Lin+Leopard+GTK+Icon+Theme?content=6841302:54
amenadoNissan_350Z-> you need to tell em you dont have ubuntu installed yet!02:54
mneptoktanath: except he's in Windows. and Deluge on Windows is not for non-devs.02:54
arbirPelo: got it02:54
Kalamansiamenado it's a p2 windows machine actually02:54
tanathmneptok, oh02:54
mattholimeauyeah, that's just an "su - "02:54
mattholimeaubds: that will run a script as i log in... not log in as i run a script.02:54
Nissan_350Zyeah im using it to install the text based installation of Ubuntu02:54
tanathmneptok, he's looking to download the iso?02:55
mneptoktanath: -alternate, yeah02:55
amenadoKalamansi what ip does it have? what ip you assigned to your host?02:55
LeechzillaNissan_350Z: If you're on Windows, utorrent is the best02:55
Nissan_350Zim on Win XP02:55
Kalamansiamenado: is the router02:55
mattholimeaubds: but an interesting thought nonetheless02:55
Nissan_350Zyou sure Deluge isnt?02:55
tanathNissan_350Z, go with utorrent then02:55
Nissan_350Zok :D02:55
Agent_bobnschembr is it a private message yes.    please don't without invitation.02:55
LeechzillaDeluge is good, but never tried it on Windows02:55
amenadoKalamansi what ip does it have? what ip you assigned to your host?02:55
bdsmattholimeau: I don't know what the option is, but if you the time and patience you can put some logic in your script02:56
bdsmattholimeau: that prompts for a passord02:56
Nissan_350Zyou guys dont know how much i appreciate this :D02:56
mneptokNissan_350Z: my PayPal address is ...02:56
bdsmattholimeau: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ "Advanced Bash Scripting Guide"02:57
tanathNissan_350Z, he's implying he'll take donations ;p02:57
Nissan_350Zoh ok XD02:57
* mneptok cringes at the bash pimping02:57
eshaaseis it normal for screen to take up 10MB using the default settings?02:57
nschembragent_bob, can I mount  the unionfs in fstab or do i need to remake the initrd.img02:57
Kalamansiamenado: umm the router is .. pc2 is
capital86hey guys I have a question about compiz fusion02:57
arbirPelo: awesome02:57
Nissan_350Zhow do i download this?02:57
mneptokeshaase: forget everything Windows taught you about memory management.02:57
Kalamansiamenado: pc1 ubuntu must get but still cannot connect to the net02:58
tanathNissan_350Z, http://www.utorrent.com/download.php02:58
Nissan_350Zim on that page02:58
Nissan_350ZGet µTorrent 1.7.7 Stable (214 kB)02:58
Nissan_350Z(See list of changes) ? Help File02:58
arbirPelo: there are still a few issues02:58
capital86can anyone help me out with compiz fusion?02:58
Peloarbir,  and it took less then 2 min , if you exclud the time I spent looking for the links02:58
eshaasemneptok: i meant 10MB being alot02:58
Peloarbir,  like what ?02:58
arbirPelo: when i move my curose over the time and date, it disappears02:58
tanathNissan_350Z, right... 'get utorrent' is what you want to do, right? :P02:58
Agent_bobnschembr you can mount it in fstab   and that is the best way    imo02:58
amenadoKalamansi must? does it have that address assigned yet? also what is the route -n  results ?02:58
Nissan_350Zwow thats an awfully small file02:58
eluxthis is friggen annoying02:58
Peloarbir, I don't think that is theme related02:58
eluxi have ubuntu running over a virtualized image02:59
tanath!ask | capital8602:59
ubotucapital86: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:59
eluxwhen i reboot and go into recovery .. i can type in my root password and get in just fine02:59
mneptokeshaase: forget everything Windows taught you about memory management.02:59
eluxbut when im in gnome.. and i open a terminal type sudo -i02:59
eluxthe root password is always wrong02:59
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:59
eluxwhat is going on here02:59
Nissan_350Zi think so, ask mneptok02:59
arbirPelo: this theme is really super...... somehow.... can i make it look like as shown in that page?02:59
Dr_willis_elux,  sudo wants the USERS password. not the root users password02:59
eshaasemneptok: i'm not sure what you mean, i'm not really a big windows user02:59
Agent_bobnschembr there is a pretty good guide on the net,  i don't recall the address  but i think it was on http://linuxquestions.org    maybe.02:59
eluxhow the hell does that make sense?02:59
arbirPelo: the tool tip.. shows beside each window in the taskbar02:59
Dr_willis_elux,  su would want the root users password02:59
Peloarbir, what else is there on the page ? I don't have the link anymore02:59
jamesrdornHey guys, I am installing 7.10 from the live cd on this nforce MB. the installer fails right when it runs grub-install, running this manualy as "sudo grub-install --file-directory=/target /dev/sda gives me "grub-install: the file /target/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly" any ideas?02:59
mneptokeshaase: why do you think 10MB is a lot?02:59
Kalamansiamenado : here is route -n and ifconfig -a http://pastebin.com/m603c7cc203:00
amenadoelux what is virtualized image?03:00
eluxwhy would sudo want the USERS password? how is that secure03:00
tanathelux, 'cause you are the user asking for root priveledges03:00
Peloarbir, I don't know that part, sorry , try looking around in gconf-editor03:00
mneptokeshaase: what else is running? what state is the memory in? how much swap is used? how much free RAM do you have?03:00
Shirakawasunadistupgrades are scary, is there a simple-ish way to keep fairly recent apps in ubuntu without a distupgrade?03:00
eshaasemneptok: because 10MB is a lot =)03:00
Dr_willis_elux,  thats how sudo works.. if you dont understand why - read up on sudo03:00
arbirPelo: thanks a ton for this..... this is really super03:00
eluxwell that sucks03:00
Shirakawasunafor instance, let's say I want vlc 9 when it comes out soon03:00
mneptokeshaase: no, it's not03:00
tanathelux, what privs you have are configurable by root with sudoers03:00
Scunizicapital86, sorry.. I had to eat.. did you load up what I was talking about in synaptic?03:00
Dr_willis_elux,  no it dosent.  sudo is designed to do a lot of different things.03:00
Agent_bob!sudo > elux03:00
mneptokeshaase: on a machine with 8GB of memeory and only screen running, 10MB is NOT a lot03:00
amenadoKalamansi back to step 1 for you, no ip address assigned yet to eth003:00
Shirakawasunawill it be easy to upgrade vlc to 0.9 in the repos?03:00
Dr_willis_elux,  you could just give root and the user the same password.03:00
nickrudelux: not every user has sudo privs,03:00
eshaasemneptok: well i guess its a matter of perspective03:00
Nissan_350Zmneptok, now what do i do?03:01
Nissan_350Zits installed03:01
=== alanhaggai` is now known as I
eshaasemneptok: i only have 256M03:01
arbirPelo: the apple icon and the smiley are not visible03:01
CosmoCan anyone help me enable thumbnail previews for my files in Ubuntu 7.10?03:01
arbirPelo: are these things to be done manually ?03:01
mneptokeshaase: so let Linux manage it and stop worrying ;)03:01
mneptokNissan_350Z: install uTorrent03:01
Nissan_350Zit is :D03:01
Nissan_350Zits all installed on here now what do i do?03:01
eshaasemneptok: well i'd like to not hit the max so i'm wondering why it takes so much memory and if theres anything i can do to reduce it03:01
CosmoCan anyone help me enable thumbnail previews for my files in Ubuntu 7.10?03:01
mneptokNissan_350Z: http://ftp.science.nus.edu.sg/linux/ubuntu-ISO/7.10/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent  <--- download that and open it with uTorrent03:02
mneptokeshaase: stop. worrying. about. it.03:02
tanathCosmo, in nautilus (file manager), go to Edit > Prefs > Preview tab03:02
=== I is now known as alanhaggai
Cosmothen what?03:02
mneptokeshaase: i can't say this enough. Linux will do a better job managing your free memory than you will. stop worrying.03:02
tanathNissan_350Z, go to ubuntu.com and download the alternate disc. that's what you're trying to do, right?03:02
Nissan_350Zok its opening03:03
Cosmo@tanath: i have done all of that and set everything to always but i still dont get thumbnails just blank white files03:03
Agent_bobelux the default setup of sudo is "in my openion" less secure than a good root password,  BUT, if configured properly sudo is a very useful tool, and a box can be tightened far beyond the "normal" security levels...03:03
tanathNissan_350Z, you should be able to choose open at the prompt03:03
Peloarbir, not sure,  some things are part of the theme some are not , I don't think  tooltip positions are part of basic theming03:03
eshaasemneptok: well i meant in terms of settings, like maybe reducing the number of lines stored in the buffer or something03:03
mneptokNissan_350Z: that torrent download can be stopped and started as much as you need03:03
Nissan_350Znow what does this do, mneptok?03:03
tanathCosmo, hrm, not sure. i think it did it by default for me03:03
mneptokNissan_350Z: downloads the alternate CD image03:03
arbirPelo:  the apple icon instead of the Human one.. is not there... and the launch panel is still on the top....03:04
arbirPelo: do i have to manually move these around ?03:04
mneptokarbir: Apple icon = instant lawsuit03:04
tanathNissan_350Z, you burn that as an 'image' to a CD, which you can then install from03:04
tanathNissan_350Z, an image in this sense is a byte-for-byte copy03:04
arbirmneptok: instant lawsuit if USA, else.. who cares03:04
* mneptok growls at a (still) broken Hardy03:04
Nissan_350Zhow long will it take?03:04
Nissan_350Zdo you think?03:04
tanathNissan_350Z, burning? 5-10 mins03:04
mneptokarbir: i'll bet you'd get sued in Germany and lose03:05
tanathNissan_350Z, your download ETA should say in utorrent03:05
arbirmneptok: how about china ? or vietname ?03:05
Nissan_350Zno, downloading03:05
Cosmo@tanath: i had it too and then i lost it03:05
Nissan_350Zits a 26.4 KBPS internet speed here03:05
arbirPelo: can i get icon zooming like in the OSx ?03:05
tanathCosmo, maybe wrong permissions on your thumnail cache dir?03:05
Cosmo@tanath: you can preview pictures before opening them?03:05
Peloarbir, you can just drag the pannel to where you want it ,  changing the icon for the menu is something you do in gconf-editor,  in  apps > gnome-panel or panel >  somewhere03:05
mneptokarbir: most probably, yes03:05
tanathCosmo, shows the thumbnail...03:06
Agent_bobarbir get all your warez at
tanathfor an icon03:06
Cosmo@tanath: yes like it is not the same thumbnail for every file correct?03:06
mneptokarbir: but seeing that you're not in China or Vietnam, it's a moot point.03:06
Peloarbir, you do understand that yuou are not in osx right ? you're in linux,  not everyting is available , but it is not impossible that someone made a script to do that , might also be availalbe in compiz as a pluggin03:06
tanathCosmo, well, for me it shows the image instead of that03:06
Nissan_350Zok guys i guess i will go, its downloading, so, maybe it will work :D, thanks so so sooo much for all of your guys' help, its really appreciated03:07
Cosmo@tanath: how do i repair the permissions or what you said03:07
MidnighTokerhmm, any way i can get sound juicer to rip to MP3?03:07
=== blithe_ is now known as blithe
tanathCosmo, one sec.. gotta find the folder03:07
mneptokMidnighToker: sudo apt-get install lame ubuntu-restricted-extras03:07
Agent_bobPelo kde has icon zooming doesn't it ?03:07
PeloAgent_bob, I wouldn'T know03:07
riloWhat would cause "sudo ifconfig eth0 down" to execute without errors, but not bring the interface down?03:08
Peloarbir, sorry but I am off,  I have to get up in the morning , best of luck03:08
Pelog'night folks03:08
arbirPelo: thanks a lot03:08
nickrudMidnighToker: in the sound-juicer help, under preferences (at the very end) there's some info on setting up soundjuicer to rip to mp303:08
amenadorilo its purpose is to bring the interface down03:08
MidnighTokernickrud: ty03:09
riloamenado: I know, but I can enter it right now, and stay connected to IRC via eth0 without getting any error message03:09
CreationistOkay, I've looked all over the Ubuntu Wiki but still can't get this stupid laptop wireless working.  iwconfig shows the proper card, but I can't get any connection03:09
nickrudMidnighToker: mneptok's suggested install will make it simpler03:09
amenadorilo as root?03:09
Agent_bobrilo rootkit   bug   warpper script   kernel bug   ???03:09
mneptokrilo: what does ifcofig say you have for interfaces03:09
riloamenado: the problem is it's not bringing the interface down... I'm sudoing03:10
MidnighTokernickrud: i believe i already did that, i think i just need to set it up now.  -annoyingly the machine isn't here, and isn't connected to the internet at its home03:10
rilomneptok: : eth0, l0, vmnet1, vmnet803:10
tanathCosmo, ah, did you remove gstreamer?03:10
mneptokrilo: VMWare?03:10
Cosmoi might have03:10
rilomneptok: yea, but I'm not using it right now03:10
Agent_bobrilo oh   and    sudo error    to test that one   do    sudo echo boo     if it says boo it's not sudo03:10
arbirwhat is the name of the quick launch applet on the taskbar ?03:10
Cosmo@tanath: how do i reinstall it?03:10
tanathCosmo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31845903:11
nschembrAgent_bob, It looks like I'm going to have to mount / on tmpfs and then mount each directory with the bind command to make unionfs work on the /03:11
mneptokrilo: you mean VMWare is installed on Ubuntu, but not running?03:11
tanathCosmo, you can install/reinstall/uninstall apps with synaptic03:11
zhanxCreationist: you using wep or wpa?03:11
mneptokrilo: or Ubuntu is running in VMWare under another host, but not at the moment?03:11
tanathCosmo, or with the add/remove thing03:11
Cosmo@tanath: you think thats the problem?03:11
tanathCosmo, pretty sure you need gstreamer03:11
tanathCosmo, so make sure you have it03:11
j_humphreyI have a weird problem with my top panel, I have a picture as the background, but when I make a new panel, or have an application on the panel, theres a pin striping on it, heres a picture: http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/7113/screenshotpw5.png  How can I get rid of the pinstriping?03:11
amenadorilo so when you do   sudo ifconfig eth0 down  you get an error?03:12
prettyrickyIs there anyway to get Itunes in Ubuntu?03:12
rilomneptok: I installed VMWare to work on something a number of months ago03:12
Creationistzhanx: Not sure... with Windows, it just finds the network and connects (this is my neighbors laptop/connection)03:12
zhanxprettyricky: no03:12
riloAgent_bob: hm, it does say boo03:12
prettyrickycool thanks, what is everyone using for mp3's?03:12
amenadorilo so when you do   sudo ifconfig eth0 down  you get an error?03:12
mneptokrilo: try "sudo invoke-rc.d networking stop"03:12
Creationistzhanx: I'm thinking his network isn't secured at all (something I'll talk to him about once I get this working)03:12
riloamenado: nope, no error. it looks fine03:13
__Oz__Creationist: yeah...  Ubuntu's two biggest weaknesses are 1) wireless driver support and 2) video codec support...  neither are the fault of linux/ubuntu but they are big weaknesses.03:13
Agent_bobrilo oh   and    sudo error    to test that one   do    sudo echo boo     if it says boo it's not sudo03:13
rilomneptok: still here03:13
zhanxCreationist: whats it calling the interface03:13
Creationistzhanx: eth103:13
amicrawlerah i thougt i would never say this !!!! it is good to be back home with linux03:13
amenadorilo can you then paste what you get when you do type that  sudo ifconfig eth0 down ?  youmentioned about an error, kind of confusing what you are saying03:13
* Agent_bob is beginning to suspect sudo on rilo's box03:14
mneptokrilo: could be VMware modules holding the service open. *shrug*03:14
prettyrickyAlso can I just connect my Ipod to Ubuntu without suffering any damage?03:14
__Oz__Agent_bob: I'm with you.03:14
tanathamicrawler, lol... why's that?03:14
riloamenado: no error is given at all, it just gives me the prompt03:14
zhanxCreationist: iwconfig give you that03:14
amicrawlermac os x suck bigtime03:14
zhanxor ifconfig03:14
emmaMy nautilus sporadically keeps on crashing. It seems possible that it has something to do with playing music off of my external hard drive? Not sure. Is there any way to narrow down the cause?03:14
amicrawlerand so does windows03:14
amenadorilo what prompt?03:14
Agent_bobamenado he said "no error"03:14
tanathamicrawler, what's wrong with osx?03:14
amicrawleri don;t like sco03:15
Creationistzhanx: Right.  THere is "lo", "eth0" too... neither of those have wireless extentions.03:15
riloamenado: my shell prompt03:15
amicrawlerits bsd not freebsd03:15
willy-brgood night, anybody can help me?03:15
Shirakawasunasco != osx03:15
j_humphreyI have a weird problem with my top panel, I have a picture as the background, but when I make a new panel, or have an application on the panel, theres a pin striping on it, heres a picture: http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/7113/screenshotpw5.png  How can I get rid of the pinstriping?03:15
mneptokamicrawler: uh ...03:15
mneptokamicrawler: BSD has nothing to with SCO03:15
amicrawlermac was great back on os 903:15
tanathamicrawler, nobody likes sco... but they're dead, lol03:15
mneptokamicrawler: SCO has IP cliams on SysV, not BSD.03:16
Agent_bobrilo would you care to test sudo for us.     sudo echo boo03:16
kostkonj_humphrey, i think it's something to do with the gnome theme you use03:16
tanathamicrawler, i believe they're filing for bankruptcy, IIRC03:16
riloAgent_bob: why wouldn't sudo be able to use echo... I did say it returned "boo"03:16
zhanxCreationist: so sudo iwconfig eth1 essid -network name- does ?03:16
prettyrickyAlso can I just connect my Ipod to Ubuntu without suffering any damage?03:16
amicrawlerbsd   i just don;t like how os x is ran03:16
__Oz__prettyricky: unknown03:16
j_humphreykostkon, I have emerald to a custom theme, and the appearance to a custom theme as well03:16
amicrawlerthe termanal is broken03:16
Cosmo@tanath: i have most of the gstreamer packages installed according to synaptics03:16
tanathprettyricky, damage?03:17
EmmerPshould it be possible to seek in an asf file (streamed), with vlc, totem or mplayer?03:17
mneptokamicrawler: anyhow, you should be discussing this in #ubuntu-offtopic03:17
Creationistzhanx: I don't know the name of his network.  Like I said, Windows just listed local networks... I can't even get that.03:17
amicrawlerany rock on ubuntu03:17
prettyrickyYeah I dont want to connect my Ipod then lose all my data :n(\03:17
tanathCosmo, just a nitpick, but it's synaptic, not synaptics. synaptics is an app for laptops ;)03:17
__Oz__prettyricky: I'd avoid it.03:17
kostkonj_humphrey, try changing it to a different one, the gtk theme I mean, just to see if the panel back will appear ok03:17
amicrawlerwere we know what are bugs are and are not afraid of them03:17
__Oz__I ain't afraid of no gho-- er, bug.03:18
BIOSboilerhi, how do i install php5? with apt-get?03:18
prettyrickyOk, ty03:18
mneptokamicrawler: please, move to #ubuntu-offtopic for such talk. (strike two)03:18
__Oz__prettyricky: yw03:18
Agent_bobrilo sorry i didn't see your first post of "it returns boo".   ok. that rules out it being sudo.   you did    ifconfig      just to see that the eth0 is still up ?03:18
nschembrAgent_bob thank you for your time03:18
tanathemma, that could be it, but i'm not sure what to do about it at the moment. you could try copying some music off it, and playing off the installed hard drive and see if it still does it03:18
Creationistprettyricky: I've been able to use all my different mp3 players without too much trouble.03:18
Cosmo@tanath: yeah i soon realized that...my touch pad is synaptics :P03:18
__Oz__Creationist: INCLUDING an ipod?03:19
amicrawlerthe lirc  does that work right off the bat?03:19
riloAgent_bob: yea... I brought down the two vmware interfaces and that worked fine... eth0 still hanging on strong though03:19
amicrawleri have a mac mini running 7.1003:19
emmaTanath, yeah I think I will move the music to the internal hard drive, and disconnect the external for a while and see if it still happens.03:19
Cosmo@tanath:any other ideas?03:19
Creationist__Oz__: Well, the iPod Shuffle IS still technically an iPod ;)03:19
edwinanyone know of a good gamedev channel?03:19
tanathCosmo, did you check out that thread?03:19
emma(the scientific method for the win)03:19
J-T-Wcan i pm someone 'bout runnin' ubuntu on my lap'?03:19
Creationist__Oz__: I certainly wouldn't even bother with a newer iPod03:19
Agent_bobnschembr welcome,  and sorry i'm lagging so badly right now.     i have about 7 more hours of full bandwidth usage to go.03:19
tanathemma, yeah, if it doesn't, then you've narrowed down the problem. if it does... then i guess you should come back here and find some more help03:20
prettyrickyCreationist----> did you just plug and played your Ipod?03:20
tanathemma, you can also try the ubuntu forums03:20
emmaOkay tanath.03:20
Cosmo@tanath: Yes03:20
mneptokprettyricky: you need to use iTunes to put the iPod into "Disk Mode"03:20
prettyrickyI dont want to plug it and like I said earlier lose all my data........03:20
Creationistprettyricky: If I remember correctly, yes.  The only player I've had trouble with was my Sansa.03:20
__Oz__Creationist: now you're talking.03:20
emmaI've been looking through Ubuntu Forums quite a bit I don't find anything very clearly related.03:20
mneptokprettyricky: and if it was formatted on a Mac, you'll want to reformat it03:20
tanathemma, did you try posting about your problem?03:20
trusatoRiprettyricky: Been using my ipod with ubuntu for a couple of years now, never had any corruption issues and that's been with lots of gtkpod use03:21
Creationistmneptok: Have you tried RockBox?  Not sure how it works with "disk mode" and such, but it's a new firmware for iPods... worked great on my Sansa03:21
prettyrickyOh no dont want to reformat cause then I will wipe everything03:21
emmaNo I haven't posted the problem.03:21
mneptokCreationist: i've used it for months on an e280.03:21
BIOSboilerhi, how do i install php5? with apt-get??03:21
prettyrickywhats gtkpod? sorry newbie03:21
Creationistprettyricky: Well, before you try anything, you should ALWAYS make a backup of whatever data is on your iPod.03:21
tanathemma, well, that's what i meant. you can try that if you still have problems03:21
jrib!lamp > BIOSboiler (read the private message from ubotu)03:21
tanathif not, you might want to file a bug report03:21
willy-brtanath, we're i can find some help in ubuntu?03:21
trusatoRiprettyricky: gtkpod is an app to transfer music to an ipod03:21
prettyrickyCreationist---> that is very true thank you!'03:21
Creationistmneptok: Ah.  I had the e260, I believe (4gb)03:22
prettyrickycan I get that of the apt-get03:22
tanathwilly-br, usually here, or on the ubuntu forums. or by filing a bug report if you have a bug03:22
willy-brtanath, i mean, live help03:22
Cosmo@tanath: if it helps, sometimes when i view pics, then the thumbnails show up03:22
starkedDoes anyone here have any idea how to get Anjuta working?  I can get it to compile my code, but it won't enable the "build" option03:22
tanathwilly-br, well, that would generally be here03:22
Creationistzhanx: No more ideas for me, eh?03:22
emmaI suppose I should try that if need be.03:22
CaptainMurphyHey, I'm haveing a bunch trouble installing ubuntu03:22
amicrawleri have a qestion about sound card03:22
trusatoRiprettyricky: yessir03:22
willy-brtanath, you don't respond your private?03:22
Creationistwilly-br: Most people here won't.03:22
tanathCosmo, ah, yeah i think my system used to do that originally... but some time ago it started doing it automatically for all of them03:23
CaptainMurphyWhich sounds kind of retarded becuase it should be easy right?03:23
tanathwilly-br, you need to be registered to PM03:23
zhanxCreationist: sorry in the bathroo,m03:23
eluxhey guys03:23
Agent_bobrilo check the process table to see what might be running interfearance there ?    i'm like you.  that's a new can of verms,  very interested in what is causing it...03:23
prettyrickytrusatoRi----> Thanks a bunch.. so do I just sudo apt-get gtkpod?03:23
CreationistCaptainMurphy: It's easy for MOST computers... on others it's absolute hell ;)03:23
eluxdoes anyone here run the ubuntu applicance on vmware fusion? i installed vmware tools but i cannot get my network to work.. it works just fine on windows.. ive tried everything03:23
Creationistzhanx: Well, that's not allowed :P03:23
amenadorilo try sudo ip link set eth0 down03:23
trusatoRiprettyricky: exactly03:23
willy-brcreationist, its a total mess to describe my problem here and get the adequate response03:23
zhanxCreationist: by chance you got aircrack-ng installed cause you could use airodump to get the essid03:23
trusatoRiprettyricky: actually, sudo apt-get install gtkpod03:23
prettyrickyoops thanks lol03:24
Creationistzhanx: Not unless it's installed by default.... the lappy has no internet to install anything with ;)03:24
cr4z3dhmm.. i'm trying to launch a script everytime something connects via bluetooth. any one know if this is possible?03:24
amicrawlerwhere do i black list a device ?03:24
CaptainMurphyI'm doing a dual boot ubuntu/xp. I'v already loaded xp, and I want to have ubuntu partion itself 35gigs, with a 4 gig swap and the rest of my harddrive (like 160 gigs) into fat32 so that both xp and ubuntu can get at it.03:24
zhanxCreationist: thinkabout, what is his router and the defualt essid name? linksys?03:24
edwindon't most of the jukebox programs come with ipod integration too? i know amarok, exaile and rhythmbox do03:25
Cosmo@tanath: I'm desperate please help :[03:25
tanathCaptainMurphy, you can use ntfs in linux too03:25
prettyrickywill give it a try!03:25
Creationistzhanx: Well, crap... I don't know any of that.  I suppose I could just boot into Windows and take a look...03:25
trusatoRiCaptainMorgan: Sounds easy enough03:25
tanathCosmo, desperate for thumbnail icons? doesn't seem all that important to me, lol..03:25
starkedDoes anyone here have any idea how to get Anjuta working?  I can get it to compile my code, but it won't enable the "build" option03:25
Creationistzhanx: I seem to remember the network being something like "SoftTouch"03:25
CaptainMurphyhowever every time I try to do that i get this message "the attempt to mouth at file system with type vfat in scsi1 (0,0,0), partition #6 (sda) at /share failed03:25
Agent_bobCreationist no eth card/port ?03:25
zhanxCreationist: really need the essid to connect to a wireless u know03:25
tanathCosmo, alright, lemme check for something03:25
CreationistAgent_bob: Built-in03:25
amenadorilo that did it right?03:26
CaptainMorgansure does trusatoRi03:26
CaptainMurphyI don't understand why it won't format the rest of my harddrive03:26
susseli have installed ubuntu 7.10 in my notebook, but the firefox navegator have a problem, in scream make dark03:26
Creationistzhanx: Well, I can't even get a list of networks....03:26
Agent_bobCreationist crossover cable is handy03:26
trusatoRiThis is during installation of Ubuntu?03:26
edwinCreationist: what kind of card do you have again?03:26
tanathCosmo, run gconf-editor03:26
zhanxCreationist: in windows? then it might be managed by differentt software03:26
amenadoAgent_bob-> that eth0 must me killed, he is not responding.03:27
tanathCosmo, go to 'desktop > gnome > thumbnailers'03:27
Creationistedwin: He has a Broadcom BCM4318 AirForce One 54g03:27
tanathCosmo, make sure you don't have 'disable_all' checked03:27
edwinCreationist: oh god... i'll sit this one out :-\03:27
CaptainMurphyCan anyone help me understand why ubuntu refuses to format the rest of my harddrive in fat32?03:27
[chr0n0s]how can i assign ATL+F5 to some program ?03:27
Creationistedwin: lol yeah, that's what I've read03:27
Cosmo@tanath: Where is that option?03:27
Agent_bobamenado ping him ?03:27
trusatoRiCaptainMorgan: What are you using to format?03:27
IdleOneCaptainMurphy, why fat32?03:28
islanI finally have my ubuntu machine working again!03:28
tanathCosmo, click 'thumbnailers' on the left03:28
amenadoAgent_bob-> nah..03:28
CaptainMorgantrusatoRi, please, use the correct handle :)03:28
GunbladeIV[chr0n0s], set it to your system>preferences>keyboard shortcut03:28
CaptainMurphyI'm doing a dual boot03:28
tanathCosmo, it should show on the right03:28
CreationistIdleOne: I don't think he cares to learn how to fish ;)03:28
edwinCaptainMurphy: well, you could always try setting up your partitions manually then run the installer03:28
Frijoliehey all, anyone up for helping me install a new laser printer?03:28
prettyrickytrusatoRi-----> when I plug my Ipod will it show up automatically or where do I go to use it?03:28
trusatoRiCaptainMorgan: hahaha03:28
edwingparted i think03:28
Frijoliedanbhfive: hola!03:28
IdleOneCaptainMurphy, ubuntu works great with NTFS03:28
CaptainMurphy35 gigs is xp, 35 is ubuntu, 4 gig swap, rest fat3203:28
zhanxCreationist: your in luck https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4318_%5BAirForce_One_54g%5D03:28
trusatoRiCaptainMurphy: And what app are you using to format this with?03:28
[chr0n0s]GunbladeIV, i want open firefox with ATL+F5, and firefox is not there in that list03:29
trusatoRiCaptainMurphy: The installer?03:29
CaptainMurphyI'm using the installed03:29
edwinIdleOne: isn't ntfs preferred over fat anyways?03:29
CaptainMurphyon the ubuntu cd03:29
IdleOneedwin, yes03:29
Creationistzhanx: Right, I saw that page too.... however, no internet connection03:29
trusatoRiHe's trying to have a shared part for both xp and linux03:29
islanso I just upgraded to 7.10, and the visual effects have been such a huge improvement, I was wondering if there were more effects that I was not aware of...?03:29
Agent_bobCaptainMurphy ummm mtools installed ?03:29
IdleOneedwin, in windows it is at least03:29
willy-branyone knows why i can't delete some files on my hard drive runnin ubuntu live cd?03:29
tanathtrusatoRi, ntfs-3g03:29
danbhfiveFrijolie: hi03:29
zhanxCreationist: umm grab your lan cable03:29
CreationistHmm... I suppose I could break my connection to this system and move it there.03:29
Creationistzhanx: Yeah, I figured that too.03:29
edwinIdleOne: i thought that was implied, :-P obviously there are better fs's03:29
BIOSboileri need help please, i have installed postfix, and dovecot imap server, they both work, now i am trying to get squireelmail to work has anyone ever gotten squirrelmail to work in here if so please i just have one question03:30
Agent_bobCaptainMurphy but i have one question for you.   why not let windows format it's own crap ?03:30
trusatoRiCaptainMurphy: You may want to try to partition first using something like the gparted livecd, if you wanna go the fat32 route, or you can format it ntfs and use ntfs-3g, as tanath said, or use ext3 and use the windows driver, either will get what you want done03:30
edwinwhoever was asking about visual effects, you'l have to download cssb from synaptic03:30
Frijoliedanbhfive: you good at getting printers installed?03:30
nemikanyone here got an ATI HD 2400 pro card working with ubuntu and compiz?03:30
zhanxCreationist: your getting paid at least a 12 pack for this right03:30
trusatoRinemik: I have an HD 385003:30
Scuniziedwin, ccsm03:30
prettyrickytrusatoRi-----> when I plug my Ipod will it show up automatically or where do I go to use it?03:30
Creationistzhanx: Actually, this is pro-bono.03:30
Cosmo@tanath: Nope thats fine.  Another thing is like if i have a .pdf or a .txt it shows the same blank icon for both..thats why i am desperate becuase it gets confusing03:30
__Oz__nemik: Compiz really dislikes ATI cards.03:31
trusatoRiprettyricky: It should show up on the desktop03:31
edwinoh, Scunizi caught it already, thanks03:31
Frijoliedanbhfive: i can't seem to get my new wireless laser printer intsalled / working properly03:31
nemik__Oz__:i know. that's why i'm asking03:31
tanathCosmo, well you can have a column showing the file type, but i see your problem. i'm still looking03:31
Creationistzhanx: He gave me his Windows notebook to stop the porn from popping up every time he turns it on.  So I fixed that issue and installed Ubuntu on the side ;).  Can't really charge for a service he didn't ask for.03:31
nemiktrusatoRi: is it working with compiz?03:31
CaptainMurphyAgent_bob, I already formated one partion in xp, I'm trying to let ubuntu do the rest of the work becuase this was recomended as the easyest way03:31
BIOSboileri need help please, i have installed postfix, and dovecot imap server, they both work, now i am trying to get squireelmail to work has anyone ever gotten squirrelmail to work in here if so please i just have one question03:31
NW2190Hey, could anyone explain to me, or show me a website that explains, how ubuntu handles USB devices?03:31
[chr0n0s]__Oz__, with new drivers, they seem to be fine03:31
zhanxCreationist:  your evil03:31
Agent_bobCreationist dutch treet eeh...03:31
Creationistzhanx: He's one of those people that delights in shelling out subscription fees to SYmantec and such to stay "protected"03:31
Acoustykquick question03:31
trusatoRinemik: yessir, well enough, used envy for drivers, and that was about all the config it needed03:31
rilosooo... that worked lol. I just kept executing "sudo ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0" over and over again until it actually went down03:32
NW2190I've been having trouble finding some devices and I think the problem is that I just don't know how USB devices are handled.03:32
dsoffsi found a wireless acesspoing named "keep out" how can i find the WEP key with aircrack?03:32
edwinsymantec = satan..no thanks03:32
Acoustykmy window title bars are red and wont change when I open the appearance manager what do I do?03:32
__Oz__chr0n0s: which new drivers?03:32
amenadoCaptainMorgan-> dont let it use the default "use all" partitions , try to manually pick and choose03:32
Creationistedwin: Yeah... hence the reason I removed it from his Windows install. :P03:32
[chr0n0s]Acoustyk, install emerald03:32
edwinCreationist: lmao03:32
nemiktrusatoRi: cool, thanks. hopefully 2400 pro is not much different03:32
CaptainMurphyI've been doing it in the manual part03:32
Creationistedwin: Upon doing so, though, it notified me that uninstalling may cause him to lose his remaining 303 days of subscription.  What the crap kind of business is that??03:33
tanathCosmo, check /apps/nautilus/preferences > thumbnail_limit03:33
Agent_bobCreationist i like to ask that type "protected from what?"03:33
prettyrickyWhat if it doenst... where can I look for it?03:33
tanathCosmo, in gconf-editor03:33
zhanxCreationist: doing your part to save the world from spam one pc at a time03:33
trusatoRiprettyricky: We can try to figure that out if it happens ;]03:33
CreationistAgent_bob: Well, protected from the porn spyware that he asked me to take care of for him, apparently ;)03:33
Agent_bobrilo nfs shares ?03:33
prettyrickyWell lol it just did????03:33
edwinCreationist: thats crap, what if he just wanted to move the software to a different machine (i mean, i'm sure that loading it on dual machines is forbidden, similar to the windows liscence)?03:34
riloAgent_bob: nope03:34
trusatoRiIs it set to be used as a disk drive using itunes in windows?03:34
prettyrickycheck the packages and it gtkpod was installed03:34
edwinCreationist:  +1 for open source03:34
Creationistedwin: Yeah, I was appalled to read that when uninstalling.03:34
CaptainMurphyIs it possible to go in later and format the free space on my HD after I've installed all this03:34
__Oz__I have that sort of thing, Creationist.03:34
Creationistedwin: But I hit continue anyway ;)03:34
CaptainMurphylike will it mount ...etc... even if I don't tell it a mount point right now?03:34
edwinCreationist: ha03:34
Agent_bobCreationist yes like i said -- i like to ask that type "protected from what?"    after about the third time they start to get the idea.03:34
trusatoRiCaptainMurphy: Sure, but I'd suggest the use of the gparted livecd to do whatever partitioning you want, and then select them manually in the installer03:34
prettyrickydo I need to ctl-alt backspace?03:35
trusatoRi(doing the partitioning first)03:35
CaptainMurphywhats the gparted livecd03:35
CaptainMurphydo I get that offline?03:35
trusatoRiLike a free partition magic03:35
edwintrusatoRi: isn't gparted on the ubuntu livecd anyways?03:35
Cosmo@tanath:It is set to 10.5 million03:35
trusatoRiprettyricky: probably not, but make sure it's set to use as a disk drive on your windows comp, in itunes03:35
zozobrahow can i change the default shell for a user?03:35
CreationistWell, I figured he's the kinda guy that uses his laptop for pictures, surfing, email... the basics.  Why not try giving him a stress free OS?  Of course, this means tons of stress for me.03:35
[chr0n0s]Norton is the most spread virus, you don't need a virus to hog down your pc, norton will do it for you and will make you pay subscription fee to do it too!03:35
chrisb_i'm trying to build ubuntu, and hit a snag, does anyone have any ideas?03:35
prettyrickyoh ok thanks!03:35
zozobrai'm looking to change it to a shell that's non-existent so as to disable ssh access03:35
trusatoRiedwin: yeah, but I've had better luck for some reason with the seperate one, besides the fact it's far less bloated and quicker to boot :P03:36
Agent_bobrilo hmmm   samba ?       i'm trying to think of anything that might possably hi-jack a network interface...03:36
riloCreationist: are you really a creationist or are you just trolling? :)03:36
=== bobby is now known as epssy
edwinzozobra: system > preferences >preferred apps i believe03:36
Scunizichrisb_, pull gently on the line with increasing pressure until it either comes loose or snaps the line.03:36
Starnestommyzozobra: sudo usermod -s /path/to/shell user03:36
riloAgent_bob: nope! hardly anything on here03:36
Creationistrilo: Well, I'm no troll.... so I'll go with the former ;)03:36
tanathCosmo, uh, wow03:36
edwintrusatoRi: touche03:36
dsoffsi found a wireless acesspoing named "keep out" how can i find the WEP key with aircrack?03:36
dsoffsi found a wireless acesspoing named "keep out" how can i find the WEP key with aircrack?03:36
chrisb_@Scunizi  thank you03:36
dsoffssomeone help me hack!03:36
BIOSboileri need help please, i have installed postfix, and dovecot imap server, they both work, now i am trying to get squireelmail to work has anyone ever gotten squirrelmail to work in here if so please i just have one question03:36
spikemccis there a msn client that actually just work on linux ... all ones that i have tried don't start ...03:36
dsoffssomeone help me hack!03:36
chrisb_@Scunizi  i think that'll fix everything03:36
dsoffsi need free interne!03:37
BIOSboilerhelp please03:37
Picidsoffs: This isn't that type of channel.03:37
tanathCosmo, mine is set to 524288003:37
dsoffsyeah it is03:37
zhanxdsoffs: go research it03:37
Pici!illegal | dsoffs03:37
ubotudsoffs: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o03:37
BIOSboileri need a serious linux dude to help please03:37
dsoffsit's a help channel03:37
BIOSboileri need help please, i have installed postfix, and dovecot imap server, they both work, now i am trying to get squireelmail to work has anyone ever gotten squirrelmail to work in here if so please i just have one question03:37
ogrewhere can I get  ruby-gtk2 and ruby-libglade2 packages?03:37
edwindsoffs...oh god..03:37
tanathCosmo, try that. maybe it's too large03:37
Scunizichrisb_, you have to be more specific in your questions..03:37
chrisb_@Scunizi  specifically, when i build the menu config  (make menuconfig) it crashes03:37
Agent_bobrilo i'll second the band wagon, i'm no troll either.03:37
Creationistdsoffs: Go read The Complete and Utterly Inept Criminal's Guide to Stupid Fanboy Hobbies.03:37
dsoffsacutally i've hacked many WEP and WPA accesspoints.03:37
Scunizichrisb_, are you building from source?03:37
dsoffsjust wondering how you guys reply.03:37
prince_jammyslike that03:37
edwinCreationist: LMFAO03:37
riloAgent_bob: so does that mean you're really an agent? :)03:38
chrisb_@Scunizi   yes i am,  i'm building it the "Old fashion debian way"03:38
tanathdsoffs, what if someone needs 'help' doing something to your system? ;p03:38
edwindsoffs: ganking wireless is hardly considered hacking03:38
CreationistOkay, that guy was the most pointless little nuisance I've ever seen in here... lol03:38
spikemccis there a msn client that actually just work on linux ... all ones that i have tried don't start ...03:38
Agent_bobdsoffs join the mil.  free inet.  free food.   free bullets...03:38
[chr0n0s]spikemcc, use pidgin03:38
dsoffsit's the beginning of a huge understanding.03:38
Creationistspikemcc: aMSN and Pidgin work well for me.03:38
IdleOnetanath, edwin dont feed the trolls please03:38
Scunizichrisb_, well... you're WAY beyond my capabilities.. sorry I can't help more.03:38
zhanxAgent_bob: no we have to pay for internet03:38
tanathIdleOne, aw :P03:38
IdleOne!ohmy | BIOSboiler03:39
prince_jammysoh my03:39
ubotuBIOSboiler: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:39
spikemccno hope for me it crash ...03:39
BIOSboilerhas anyone ever installed squirrelmail?03:39
edwinIdleOne: fair enough03:39
BIOSboilerubotu have u installed squirelmail03:39
dsoffsspikemcc, might be your router or firewall, aMSN works on everyone elses network except thru my router/firewall.03:39
StarnestommyBIOSboiler: ubotu is a bot03:39
Agent_bobrilo heh.  yeah and a creationest.  which is what i was refering to.03:39
ogrewhere can I get  ruby-gtk2 and ruby-libglade2 packages?03:39
riloAgent_bob: haha, oh :D03:39
edwinmsn is a horrible protocol to begin with, but thats beside the point. gaim, kopete, and amsn all worked out of the box for me. what kind of problems were you having?03:39
BIOSboileris this room just newbies?03:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about squirelmail - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:39
chrisb_@Scunizi   thanks, i'll see if i can't find a developer irc chat03:39
Cosmo@tanath:still nothing.  For example my tar.gz files that are set to open with archive manager used to all be litle carton boxes, but now they are just blank white files like everything else, so i have to rely on the extension which is horrible.03:39
pygmymathBIOSboiler: nope... some of us are non newbies helping newbies :)03:39
spikemccpidgin amsn kopete and kmess all don't work03:40
NigelSchrisb_: what are you building?03:40
Scunizichrisb_, maybe  #ubuntu-dev.. not sure if it's correct but it's something like that.03:40
tanathCosmo, yeah, i understand the problem. i'm just not sure if it's a configuration/preference problem, or if something is missing or what03:40
jonesi run an exchange server 2007 at work. when i am at home i do not have any access at all to the exchange server. all i can use is an OWA webmail page. is there a way to use evolution to access this account?03:40
edwinspikemcc: why? i mean, running them from command line, what error do you get?03:40
Creationistspikemcc: Then I suggest you fix whatever you broke on your system....03:40
Agent_bobBIOSboiler mostly tho03:40
NigelSchrisb_: if you had an error building menuconfig most likely you don't have the ncurses dev lib03:40
tanathCosmo, i've been looking through settings, but those haven't worked yet03:40
amicrawlerhey how do i black list a device ? i don;t want it broadcasting any more03:40
Picijones: I've only actually been able to get Evolution to access exchange via OWA, so, yes, it should work fine.03:41
BIOSboilerpygmymath---- do u know anything about squireelmail?03:41
dsoffsare there any programs that'll make my wiener bigger?03:41
slopEvery time I try to cd to /cdrom, I get this message: bash: cd: /cdrom: Permission denied.  Any ideas?03:41
Creationistdsoffs: Yep -   sudo rm -rf /03:41
spikemccseem that pidgin work but it crash a lot03:41
DG19075It's because of folks like dsoffs that I yanked my wifi card and went wired. Best thing I ever did03:41
dsoffsi was told to take a pic and use gimp to enhance, then tape on.03:41
CreationistMan, I never tell anyone to do that either...03:41
ScuniziCreationist, :)03:41
Staggerhi, my other partitions have disappeared from the desktop. While I was erasing some files from the data partition (NTFS), I got an error msg (cant show all the content in this folder), and now looks like I cant acces any folder at all03:41
CreationistProbably never should have written that.... sorry, guiys.03:41
Cosmo@tanath: I know and im so thankful for all of your help03:41
TurtleOfDoomslop: ls -l /cdrom03:41
edwinCreationist: you're my hero03:41
slopTurtleOfDoom: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 2008-02-16 23:36 /cdrom -> media/cdrom03:42
tanathCosmo, ok, the thumbnails aren't working for anything, so it's not gstreamer. it doesn't seem to be a preference/setting issue...03:42
jonespici: when i put in my username/password and the OWA URL it says that it is incorrect. i have even tried w/ the domain as well03:42
CreationistPici: I do know better... hence the apology. :)03:42
bullgard4Why is dd a process in Gutsy although I did not instruct any dd command?03:42
CreationistPici: Couldn't resist....03:42
TurtleOfDoomhmm, world readable and writable03:42
mneptokCosmo: do you have thumbnailing turned on in gconf? what is the cache size limit?03:42
Picijones: Hmm.. It could be the setup that I have at work, the server admins aren't exactly the best with sercurity.03:43
edwinCreationist: youre like the anti-chri... anti-troll03:43
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!03:43
jonescould be. this is actually for a very large US telco03:43
Creationistedwin: Hmm... part of me wants to laugh, b ut the other part has no clue what you're talking about lol03:43
ogrewhere can I get  ruby-gtk2 and ruby-libglade2 packages?03:44
Agent_bobbullgard4 they are using it in a logging script   klogd i think03:44
edwinogre: sudo apt-get install ruby-gnome203:44
TurtleOfDoomslop: give me a minute03:44
slopTurtleOfDoom: ok03:44
jonespici: i tried find an irc chanel for evolution but all i could find was the openoffice.org and it is dead in there. do u know of another channel that maybe able to help?03:44
Cosmo@mneptok: Yea my settings are fine.03:44
CreationistRuby is fricken awesome.... just wish I knew more than hello world :)03:44
Agent_bobbullgard4 look at what it's reading and where it's writing and you'll understand it.03:44
mneptokCosmo: you ran gconf to check?03:44
Picijones: I beleive the Official evolution channel is on irc.gimp.org03:45
edwinCreationist: you're like the troll anti-christ. you know, leading all the trolls into false salvation in reality cursin them into eternal damnation03:45
Cosmowhat settings do you want me to chekc03:45
TurtleOfDoomslop: the command works fine for me, are you typing "cd /cdrom"?03:45
mneptokPici: irc://irc.gnome.org/evolution03:45
tanathCosmo, do you have a .thumbnails directory?03:45
edwin<<newbie rubyist.. LOVE it03:45
spikemccanyone got a tutorial how to remove and rebuild amsn-aa (latest) and add some skins and addons ?03:45
Berylliumhey mneptok, ltns03:45
mneptokBeryllium: heya03:45
Berylliumhow's life treating you?03:45
Creationistedwin: Well, they've earned it :)03:46
slopTurtleOfDoom: yeah.  and i could access the last cd i was using just fine.  the cd i'm having problems with is actually disk 2 (as well as disk 3) of quake 403:46
slopTurtleOfDoom: disk 1 would let me access though03:46
mneptokBeryllium: 2 months to release. you tell me. ;)03:46
Berylliumyikes! :)03:46
MylonWas gonna ask a question, but let me validate the disk first.03:46
Creationistedwin: That's the only "salvation" a person CAN earn, actually... but that's an #off-topic topic ;)03:46
Cosmo@tanath: Yes i do have a .thumbnails directory03:46
bullgard4Agent_bob: klogd is a process too. So klogd needs dd for functioning?03:46
TurtleOfDoomslop: try putting disk one back in and see if that works03:46
tanathCosmo, you can try renaming it. if that works, then just delete it03:46
Berylliummneptok: I'm not normally in here, but it turns out that one of my coworkers at my new job is a regular in here ... :)03:47
tanathCosmo, strangely, i don't seem to have one, lol03:47
mneptokCosmo: ls -la ~/ | grep thumbn03:47
edwini wish the ruby channel was this active. i'd love to be a part of a project team and make something coding stuff by myself is kinda boring03:47
tanathCosmo, er, wait, yes i do03:47
Zarathuhow can I find what the WEP key is for a wireless connection I have saved into the network manager?03:47
choudeshedwin, sometimes I wish that is WASN'T so active. ;-)03:47
ZarathuI need to retrieve it.03:47
slopTurtleOfDoom: Yup. I can still access disk 1.03:47
CreationistHmm... okay, the network I'm connecting to in Windows is called "SpeedTouch"  How would I get Ubuntu to connect to that network?03:48
edwinchoudesh: well, the troll to helpful_user ratio isn't as bad as some places i've seen (ie mint, yvd, etc)03:48
Cosmo@mneptok: drwx------  4 cosmo cosmo   4096 2008-01-23 16:20 .thumbnails03:48
mneptokCreationist: NetworkManager03:48
__Oz__edwin: yeah, we take pride in that here.03:48
chrisb_does anyone know where i could get developer help03:48
choudeshedwin, the channel tries it's best. ;-)03:48
tanathCosmo, just rename it, then close nautilus and try again03:49
MylonUbuntu CD is crashing on me... Even trying to do the defect check.  It says, "HP-Bios bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC03:49
__Oz__You talk about some off-topic sum'n sum'n, we're gonna make sure you learn not to do that again.03:49
TurtleOfDoomslop: what does typing "mount | grep cdrom" give you?03:49
__Oz__On the flip side, if you have a question, we will help you.03:49
choudeshchrisb_, developer help03:49
choudeshchrisb_, developer help?03:49
mneptokCosmo: chmod 755 ~/.thumbnails03:49
slopTurtleOfDoom: with which disk in?03:49
zhanxCreationist: iwcofing eth1 essid SpeedTouch03:49
edwinZarathu: assuming you own the router, why not navigate to the router through your browser and change the key.. or  reset the router assuming you don't remember it03:49
MylonIt suggests to try booting using "noapic" option, but I just picked something with the menu.03:49
Creationistmneptok: Right, but I don't know the WEP key or anything OTHER than the network name.  In Windows I don't need anything... just select the network and I'm good to go.03:49
TurtleOfDoomslop: take your pick03:49
edwinseriously fellas (ladies too) this is one of the few channels i can visit and stay for a few hours even if i'm not getting help with my own issues03:49
Zarathuedwin: because I don't own the router.  it's the key to my school.  they gave it to me once, but I bought a new laptop.03:49
Creationistzhanx: WOuldn't need a key or anythning for that?03:50
choudeshchrisb_, what do you need help with?03:50
tanathmneptok, better to rename it. could be corrupt files03:50
slopTurtleOfDoom: with disk 2 in, that command returns: /dev/scd0 on /media/cdrom0 type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev,user=slop03:50
joecurleehi all... any idea about Envy for nvidia driver installation ?03:50
joecurleeis this a good thing or a bad thing?03:50
=== mrnotproper is now known as peterfile
__Oz__You will need that key, Zarathu.03:50
choudeshedwin, PM please.03:50
tanathmneptok, it'll recreate it03:50
Creationistjoecurlee: It's probably unnecessary.  Look at the Restricted Drivers Manager.03:50
Zarathu__Oz__: Yeah, I definitely will...so how do I get it?03:50
zhanxCreationist: you said it was open no encrytion03:50
TurtleOfDoomslop: take the cd out and try the command with an empty drive03:50
__Oz__Zarathu: contact your network admin.03:50
__Oz__You said it's not your router, right?03:50
=== prince_jammys is now known as prince
bullgard4Agent_bob: As ps axf shows, dd and klogd are independent processes.03:50
__Oz__Do you have PHYSICAL access to the router?03:50
=== prince is now known as prince_jammys
sipherI have an nvidia gfx card...nvidia-settings claims I'm not using the restricted driver03:51
Creationistzhanx: As far as I can tell, correct... I don't have to enter any passwords.  But in Windows, it's still reported as a WPA network.03:51
sipherany ideas?03:51
Zarathu__Oz__: yes, I have physical access.  I just don't want to go through the trouble of asking them for the key again when I can just do it myself.03:51
joecurleeCreationist: I was using Restricted Drivers but it's not working right03:51
Shirakawasunaok, I'm thinking of switching to ubuntu (I'm sure you love answering these questions), and have some questions: 1) How strictly are the packages kept at certain versions?  I was under the impression that if I get ubuntu 7.10, say, I'll be stuck with a certain version (with security patches/minor upgrades) until the next distupgrade.  I like newer packages for some apps.  2) Along these lines, how easy is it to upgrade/downgrade the03:51
Shirakawasunakernel?  My laptop sometimes runs into issues with a new kernel version.03:51
Zarathuparticularly because it takes them a day to approve the form.03:51
slopTurtleOfDoom: with empty drive, it doesn't return anything.  Just takes me back to prompt.03:51
mneptokCreationist: uh...03:51
__Oz__Zarathu: can you get into the admin page of your router?03:51
sipherI have changed driver to nvidia vs nv03:51
zhanxCreationist: you need to install more then03:51
ShirakawasunaCreationist: psst, heaven and hell are fairytales03:51
xopeyneed help: Java apps hang on load. If I give them enough time, it'll eventually work, but just a pain03:51
Zarathu__Oz__: if I don't have the key, no.03:51
joecurleemy desktop has top and bottom bars cut off... can't get to correct resolution or something03:51
* Shirakawasuna whistles off into nowhere03:51
tanathCosmo, you can rename it to .thumbnails-bak or something, and see if it works. if that fixes it, then you can just delete the directory and needn't worry any more03:51
mneptokCreationist: you have a WEP key, but Windows has never, ever asked for it? that's ... some interesting "security"03:51
ubuntui have the ubuntu 7.10 live cd...can sum1 guide me step by step on wat i should do to reput grub bcuz i installed windows xp after ubuntu 7.10 (my previous install which I cant boot)03:51
__Oz__Zarathu: then you can always take a paper clip, straighten it out, and poke the "reset" button on the router, which will force it back to factory defaults03:51
Creationist!off-topic | Shirakawasuna03:51
ubotuShirakawasuna: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:51
zhanx!wpa > Creationist03:52
=== clay is now known as twoshadetod
sleepsterhow do I help ubuntu?03:52
__Oz__Downside is, anyone who was using it besides you will be screwed.03:52
TurtleOfDoomslop: that's what i expected, it seems to be automatically mounting it correctly, I have no idea why it doesn't work strage, I'm out of ideas sorry. Perhaps someone else can help you?03:52
sleepsterI want to help ubuntu03:52
Zarathu__Oz__: that's not what I asked.  This is the router to my *school*03:52
edwinhow do i register to irc server again? this thing is so ancient that it's been forever since i've used it03:52
Creationistmneptok: Not my laptop or network ;).  My neighbors... I'm fixing it up for him.03:52
=== john_ is now known as thechitowncubs
prince_jammysok, help ubuntu03:52
Kalamansisleepster: by donating your wife to us03:52
Zarathu__Oz__: Are you trying to adjust my morality or do you genuinely not know?03:52
slopTurtleOfDoom: ok, thanks anyway :)03:52
NigelSCreationist: he's not offtopic03:52
joecurleei have an nvidia e-geforce 7200 gs have been working to get it displaying correctly for several hours now03:52
ubuntusleepster: tell me the commands i need to plz03:52
edwinnickserver something, right?03:52
Cosmo@mneptok: drwxr-xr-x  4 cosmo cosmo   4096 2008-01-23 16:20 .thumbnails after running chmod 755 ~/.thumbnails03:52
sleepsterKalamansi I am not married though :(03:52
__Oz__If you don't have the key, and can't log in to the router, why do you think there is any other option other than resetting the router, right?03:52
ubuntusleepster: the commands i need to type*03:52
thechitowncubsWhat is the proper way to assign LDAP users to local groups?03:52
choudeshsleepster, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingUbuntu03:52
joecurleeon ubuntu 7.1003:52
mneptokCosmo: any change?03:52
Kalamansisleepster : donate your gf to us03:52
Kalamansiedwin : you are connected to ird03:53
sleepsterKalamansi c'mon.. I am a computer dork.. I don't have a g/f either03:53
sleepsterI am fat.. short03:53
NigelSShirakawasuna: packages are kept at approx the version of release bar bug fixes and security - there is an ubuntu backports repo though so that you can get packages ported into the currently running distro03:53
Shirakawasunasleepster: document all bugs you find, check bug reports, then write your own03:53
sleepsterwith glasses03:53
Zarathu__Oz__: you seem to be suspicious of me possibly doing something wrong.  the laptop is mine and I already have the key, it's just encrypted.03:53
Kalamansisleepster : hehehe.its okay03:53
Zarathu__Oz__: so how do I get it?03:53
Kalamansisleepster : where you at?03:53
mneptoksleepster: head over to Launchpad and look around03:53
__Oz__Zarathu: I'm trying to adjust your sense of reality.  Unless you want to start trying guess a 10 or 12 digit passkey, the ONLY solution is to get the key again from your school or whomever generated it for you.03:53
slopTurtleOfDoom: just as a side note...i'm in k3b.  when i put the disk in, it pops up on the desktop...then i have to right click/mount to mount it.  is there a way to mount it some other way (e.g. in cli) that might give me access to it?03:53
sleepsterKalamansi LA03:53
NigelSShirakawasuna: even then ubuntu releases are not very far apart - ~6 months and they usually manage to get the latest gnome/ubuntu in with that03:53
chrisb_@choudesh   sorry for taking so long,  i need help building the ubuntu source03:53
sleepsterKalamansi everyone in LA is hot except me03:53
slopTurtleOfDoom: when i say k3b, i mean kde lol03:53
Picichrisb_: What source?03:53
Zarathu__Oz__: that makes no sense at all.  if my network manager is able to get the key from the keyring, why can't I do that?03:53
sleepsterShirakawasuna okay thanks03:53
Lionoif i see a technical problem. or some thing i want or i think in some way about ubuntu . where can i say it?03:53
Kalamansisleepster : hehehe03:54
edwingo figure theres an irc help page ^o)03:54
ubuntucan sum1 tell me here cuz i cant understand im too tired for guides and i need a real working comp to edit video for a project thats due after tomorow and i have alot of work not to mention i dint eat and im starving :(03:54
chrisb_@Pici    the UBUNTU source code03:54
__Oz__Zarathu: I do not think you're doing anything wrong.  And you're probably on better ethical ground than I am, because if I were in your shoes I'd just reset the router so I could get online and claim ignorance.  You're not doing that, so you're a better person than I.03:54
chrisb_@Pici    (the kernel)03:54
choudeshchrisb_, describe what you are trying to do03:54
Pici!kernel | chrisb_ read03:54
ubotuchrisb_ read: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages03:54
ShirakawasunaNigelS: ok, but let's say I want a package like teewars that requires the most recent version to be playable (pretend it's in the universe repo or something).  Does that kind of thing get updated often, or do I need to find another repo like that backports thing?03:54
sleepsterhow difficult is it to setup my own apt repository03:54
Creationistedwin: Nothing like a man page for the manual, huh? ;)03:54
edwinhey has anyone tried lostirc or loqui?03:54
sleepsterlike I have 6 machines all running ubuntu.. and I would like to auto update them all03:54
red_onewhen i start apps, their title bars are hidden behind the top panel. why is this, and how do i fix it?03:54
edwinCreationist: i fell in love with man at first sight (not to sound gay)03:54
joecurleealso: nvidia has released drivers for linux and they claim the restricted drivers need to be completely uninstalled... which I have done, but I'm unable to install the nvidia downloaded drivers because i'm told I'm missing libc header files which I swear are already installed03:54
TurtleOfDoomslop: "mount /dev/xxx /media/cdrom" should do it, you have to put in the proper value for xxx of course03:55
Cosmo@tanath: Renamed it to .thumbnails-bak and nothing happened03:55
edwini bet the woman command gets me lost03:55
sleepsterjoecurlee you need to install the headers03:55
Kalamansisleepster: got my pm?03:55
__Oz__Zarathu: describe what you mean when you say "my network manager is able to get the key from the keyring."  What does that mean, exactly?03:55
Kalamansiedwin are you gay?03:55
chrisb_@ubotu    i have, but my problem is that when i follow  those directions, it won't build the menuconfig03:55
Kalamansiany gay here?03:55
dannyHello all. Im having issues with installing Photoshop CS2 using Wine. When I click on the setup.exe I get an error that says .\AutoPlay\main.ini then I click on ok from that and I get MAIN_FILE_VERSION>click ok >PRODUCT_REGISTRY_PARENT. Any ideas?03:55
joecurleesleepster:  i already did via synaptic03:55
NigelSShirakawasuna: I wouldn't expect major updates between releases tbh but this is the case for most distros - you can usually find debs for anything that absolutely isn't in backports03:55
Lionoif i see a technical problem. or some thing i want or i think in some way about ubuntu . where can i say it?03:55
choudeshsleepster, not hard. mirror ubuntu's or your own packages? Any easy way is to create a launchpad account and use a PPA03:55
NigelSShirakawasuna: what sort of background are you from distro wise?03:55
tanathCosmo, did you close nautilus and start it again?03:55
ShirakawasunaNigelS: running release, both gentoo and archlinux.  I'm sick of some things just not working right, like suspend/resume, hibernate, networkmanager...03:56
sleepsterjoecurlee you need your kernel headers too03:56
Zarathu__Oz__: that means I specifically have the key saved onto my computer.  "sudo network-admin" <--- It's saved as the location "School" and the key is saved onto the HDD, which allows it to connect to that SSID without me having to type the key in over and over again.  When I go home, I switch to the "Home" location.03:56
bruenigwoops wrong channel03:56
dannyCan anyone help me?03:56
* Liono thinks if i see a technical problem. or some thing i want or i think in some way about ubuntu . where can i say it?03:56
danc3Liono: right here03:56
devilsrogueHey guys03:56
FlannelLiono: launchpad.net03:56
Cosmo@tanath: start nautilus again?03:57
danc3danny: how do we know, if you don't ask your question?03:57
Zarathu__Oz__: just a miscommunication? :]03:57
__Oz__I don't think that's designed to ever show the unencrytped key.03:57
dannyIm having issues with installing Photoshop CS2 using Wine. When I click on the setup.exe I get an error that says .\AutoPlay\main.ini then I click on ok from that and I get MAIN_FILE_VERSION>click ok >PRODUCT_REGISTRY_PARENT. Any ideas?03:57
tanathCosmo, close it and reopen it03:57
Zarathu__Oz__: gah, dammit.03:57
Ububeginwhen i do this in ubuntu ...update-alternatives --config java ... the options are '*' and '+' .. .it states there '*' means default but what does '+' mean03:57
joecurleeso via synaptic just noticed that libc-dev is not installed... attmepted to install and was given an error "could not find linux-libc-dev_2.6.22-14.51_amd64.deb 404 not found"03:57
__Oz__A slight miscommunication, yes, but the situation remains unchanged.  You must request a copy of the unencrypted key again.03:57
danc3danny: yeah.  Run it in windoze.03:57
NigelSShirakawasuna: yeah, ubuntu doesn't run at the level of bleeding edge that gentoo tends to operate at but what is released tends to work together - obviously they can't overcome hw problems with recalcitrant hw manu (i.e. nvidia problems with suspend/resume)03:57
Cosmo@tanath: Ok i closed and reopened nautilus now what?03:57
Picisleepster: apt-cacher sounds like what you want, see: http://www.nick-andrew.net/projects/apt-cacher/03:57
tanathCosmo, might need to log out and back in, 'cause it draws the desktop too..03:57
joecurleesleepster: what are kernel headers called in synaptic?03:57
dannyAnyone think they can help with my issue?03:57
tanathCosmo, i take it that didn't work? lol03:57
slopTurtleOfDoom: weird...when i do that, it just hangs, and never goes back to prompt03:58
danc3danny: I just did03:58
__Oz__Zarathu: are you expecting them to give you a hard time when you call and ask for the key?03:58
dannydanc3: no you  didnt03:58
NigelSShirakawasuna: tbh, debian sid always used to be as cutting edge as it was safe to be, gentoo tended to push it to the point where sw just wasn't ready03:58
ShirakawasunaNigelS: I have all-intel hardware, so I'm thinking it'll probably work a bit better in ubuntu/kubuntu03:58
slopTurtleOfDoom: i can't even ctrl-c out of it03:58
Cosmo@tanath: well the thumbnails that i did have for pictures that were opened are gone03:58
Zarathu__Oz__: I was just kidding.  There is no form.  I cracked the wireless key by tapping into one of my teacher's laptops, and I really don't feel like going through the hassle again. :]03:58
Ububeginwhen i do this in ubuntu ...**update-alternatives --config java** ... the options are '*' and '+' .. .it states there '*' means default but what does '+' mean03:59
NigelSShirakawasuna: yeah - you can check the online hw db to see if there are any reported issues03:59
Lionodanc3 Flannel not to ubuntu.com ? who made it03:59
ShirakawasunaNigelS: perhaps I'll try debian first and see if those issues I have are resolved, as testing is rolling release, eh?03:59
tanathCosmo, yeah, as expected. hold on03:59
danc3danny: yes, I did.  If you want to run Windoze software, then run Windoze.  Ubuntu is Linux.  Make up your mind which you want to run.03:59
albertohey guys i have a problem with 'q' DVD-AUTHOR... when i get a project to burn on a DVD i gives me back an error message saying: /tmp/execute.sh: line 3: mkisofs: command not found03:59
alberto/tmp/execute.sh: line 3: dvdrecord: command not found... somebody is familiar with this app so it could help me? thanks03:59
__Oz__zarathu: Ahhhh...  now you're starting to warm the cockles of my heart.03:59
=== edwin_ is now known as EnvoyRising
danc3Liono: huh?03:59
CreationistWell, zhanx, mneptok, edwin... thanks for the help.  I'm off to bed.... everyone have a great night/day.03:59
dannyHello all. Im having issues with installing Photoshop CS2 using Wine. When I click on the setup.exe I get an error that says .\AutoPlay\main.ini then I click on ok from that and I get MAIN_FILE_VERSION>click ok >PRODUCT_REGISTRY_PARENT. Any ideas?03:59
NigelSShirakawasuna: I would try ubuntu personally - I've used debian for years but ubuntu is better for the desktop03:59
seamus7Hi ... I have a dialup modem ... I use one command to activate it ... how can I make this happen automatically upon startup?? Here's the command "sudo martian_modem --country=us03:59
__Oz__Well, your mistake was storing it in encrypted fashion.03:59
danc3danny: yes, I did.  If you want to run Windoze software, then run Windoze.  Ubuntu is Linux.  Make up your mind which you want to run.03:59
ShirakawasunaNigelS: ok, thanks! :D03:59
TurtleOfDoomslop: wierd, try it with the disc1 that works, but I'd say the problem is linux doesn't want to mount that cdrom, wierd03:59
Lionodanc3 Flannel http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69902904:00
Shirakawasunadanny: no idea, I would find a guide04:00
__Oz__You do realize that if you could withdraw the key, unencrypted, it'd be unsecure, right?  Sort of a catch-22.  So that's why you can't retrieve it unencrypted.  You should have written it down on a scrap of paper or emailed it to yourself or something.04:00
Shirakawasunadanny: there's bound to be photoshop install guides for ubuntu all over the place04:00
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
sleepsterhas anyone used any other window's manager besides gnome and KDE.. and are there any really nice stable, sexy ones04:00
NigelSdanc3: wine is a legitimate compatibility layer, there's no need to discourage people from using it04:00
tumbleweed__sleepster : openbox or xfce04:00
Picidanny: Join #winehq for specific application help under Wine.04:01
dannyShirakawasuna: I was following a guide when I got the error04:01
NigelSdanny: have you checked the winehq guide?04:01
__Oz__However, I highly respect the fashion in which you felched the key, Zarathu.04:01
sleepstertumbleweed__ are they pretty stable?04:01
EnvoyRisingmuch better. all registered04:01
TurtleOfDoomsleepster: try xfce, nice stable and sexy are really matters of opinion04:01
Shirakawasunadanny: hmm.  I *always* use the command line when using wine, you may want to try it as wlel04:01
dannyThank you for ur help04:01
Zarathu__Oz__: thanks :]04:02
ZarathuI think I might just have to do it again :<04:02
dannyShirakawasuna: What command?04:02
TurtleOfDoomsleepster: there is a whole ubuntu distribution built around xfce04:02
Zarathueither that or use aircrack :/04:02
Ububegindanny: here U go ... http://luiscosio.com/how-to-adobe-photoshop-cs2-on-ubuntu-10-steps .. enjoyz04:02
bruenigTurtleOfDoom: but it's poor really04:02
bruenigTurtleOfDoom: if you want a serious xfce distro, zenwalk is the way to go04:02
TurtleOfDoombruenig: I wouldn't know, I used it for all of 30 min04:02
Ububeginwhen i do this in ubuntu ...**update-alternatives --config java** ... the options are '*' and '+' .. .it states there '*' means default but what does '+' mean04:02
dannyUbubegin: Thanks. That's the exact guide I was following that told me to right click the .exe04:03
tanathCosmo, google is being surprisingly unhelpful with this04:03
* TurtleOfDoom does have any silly x servers on his ubuntu install04:03
* TurtleOfDoom meant to say "does not"04:03
__Oz__Zarathu: next time, write it down!04:03
danc3danny: then use one of the 4,556, 791 other guides out there04:03
NigelSdanny: yeah, I would agree - I never trust wine to work with the gui as it may swallow erros - use the CLI i.e. wine ./setup.exe04:03
sleepsterTurtleOfDoom thanks.. do you know if xfce works with compiz04:03
__Oz__I have all kinds of hacked info I store by emailing it to myself in gmail or using gmail docs04:03
__Oz__Linux/Ubuntu is all about the spirit of hacking at the end of the day04:03
TurtleOfDoomsleepster: no idea, perhaps someone else here does04:04
dannyNigelS: Thank you04:04
Zarathu__Oz__: haha, well, I don't think it should be very difficult to guess, because I remember it was something like 1234567890ABCDEF04:04
lynxxwhats the help channel?04:04
PiciUbubegin: I beleive + is the original one.04:04
TurtleOfDoomlynxx: for what?04:04
EnvoyRisingirc recommendations? xchat just seems clunky04:04
ubuntucan sum1 plz help me use ubuntu 7.10 live cd to reput grub so that i can access my old ubuntu 7.10 installation so i can get my files as well as do my project for skool??04:04
Zarathu__Oz__: yep, unless we're trying to get into OpenBSD ;]04:04
__Oz__zarathu: heheheheheheh04:04
Picilynxx: Ubuntu help or irc help?04:04
danc3EnvoyRising: xchat04:04
NigelSEnvoyRising: I use irssi but its console based04:04
ScuniziEnvoyRising, irssi with screen?04:04
TurtleOfDoomEnvoyRising: you want a graphical one or a command line one?04:05
UbubeginPici: hmm, yeah. makes sense... Tks,mate04:05
* TurtleOfDoom also uses irssi with screen04:05
NigelSubuntu: what has overwritten grub on the mbr? windows?04:05
lynxxubuntu help pici, running fluxbuntu and have some questions04:05
EnvoyRisingcommand line is sexy, but i think i wanna start with graphical for now. on xchat already, but a little overwhelmed04:05
Cosmo@tanath: I know been there done that04:05
danbhfive!fixgrub | ubuntu have you seen this?04:05
EnvoyRisingi'd like something kiss like04:05
ubotuubuntu have you seen this?: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:05
TurtleOfDoomlynxx: this is the channel, ask away04:05
seamus7Any Linux Geniuses can tell me how to make a script out of "sudo martian_modem --country=us" ... it's to activate a dialup modem04:06
EnvoyRising#! /usr/bin/bash04:06
EnvoyRisingthen save with .sh extension.. correct me if i'm wrong04:06
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: while I don't fit the category, perhaps you could elaborate on why you want a script for that04:06
EnvoyRisingwtf? like 100 people just disconnected04:09
EnvoyRisingdid i miss something?04:09
seamus7The above is a question.04:09
BerylliumEnvoyRising: netsplit04:09
bruenig_this sucks04:09
EnvoyRisingBeryllium: oh ok04:10
bruenig_I can't identify because nickserv is on the other side04:10
magickI'm having trouble booting. Specifically, it takes 10 minutes to boot. I tried bootchart, but its before bootcharg loads as bootchart shows only 23s or so. "Starting up..." appears for 10 minutes before it actually boots. If I disable ACPI, it boots up quickly.04:10
danc3ubuntu: figure it out, and get it done04:10
nickruda bot calling a bot, loverly04:10
NigelSubuntu: that page tells you how to restore grub; alternatively you could in windows install the ext3 driver and copy work accross that way04:10
chrisb_@NigelS  when i run   Make menuconfig # i get a bunch of errors around a missing library  (sys/types.h)04:10
* __Oz__ screams incomprehensible words.04:10
Cosmo@tanath: I'm greek so we say do you have family around here..no article "a" lol04:10
joecurleewtf just happened?04:10
ubuntu__Oz__: step by step which commands do i put in order to get my grub back using the 7.10 live cd04:10
NigelSdanc3: this is a support channel - if you don't want to help him fine but please don't keep implying that he should go away04:10
nickruddanc3: ease up04:10
bruenig_I assume the non underscored bruenig is too04:10
lgcI need the advice of someone familiar with qtparted.04:10
eluxhow can i add another mirror to the package manager? im trying to do an update and 23 packages are failing to download04:10
tanathCosmo, ah04:10
tanathtry this04:10
__Oz__That was one hell of a roller coaster ride.04:10
__Oz__That scroll was...  craaa-zay!04:10
Jack_Sparrow__Oz__: .. Behave.. :)04:10
NigelSchrisb_: paste the full error please on the pastebin04:10
choudeshchannels been idle for a few...04:10
Cosmo@tanath: Any more ideas?04:10
* __Oz__ 's pulse is up, his breathing is rapid and his eyes are wide. He feels... ALIVE!04:11
tanathCosmo, go to your ~/.thumbnails directory and delete them all. Then go to Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor > desktop > gnome > thumbnailers, and enable them all04:11
EnvoyRisingCosmo: ideas for what04:11
chrisb_@NigelS  ok, one moment04:11
__Oz__Jack_Sparrow: heheheh.  Always. :)04:11
magickI'm having trouble booting. Specifically, it takes 10 minutes to boot. I tried bootchart, but its before bootcharg loads as bootchart shows only 23s or so. "Starting up..." appears for 10 minutes before it actually boots. If I disable ACPI, it boots up quickly.04:11
EnvoyRisingkinda lost conversation in all this mess04:11
ubuntufind /boot/grub/stage104:11
Kalamansi magick reformat it and reinstall04:11
tanathCosmo, rename it back if it's wasn't recreated, or you want your old one back04:11
__Oz__ubuntu: can you find menu.lst?04:11
magickKalamansi, the livecd does this as well.04:11
zozobrahow is it that i can access a directory through ftps but not when logged on locally at the system?04:11
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: make this the first line of the file "#!/bin/sh" put your line as the second one and save it with a name, then run chmod +x "nameofscript"04:11
nickrud!training | EnvoyRising (this book will get you going pretty quickly)04:11
ubotuEnvoyRising (this book will get you going pretty quickly): A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training04:11
KalamansiI see...04:11
Kalamansi magick problem with the player I guess04:12
ubuntu__Oz__: wats menu.lst?04:12
lgcnickrud, hi.04:12
seamus7TurtleOfDoom: then I can just double click it to run it?04:12
magickKalamansi, player?04:12
chrisb_@NigelS  scripts/basic/fixdep.c:107:23:error  sys/types.h: No such file or directory04:12
__Oz__ubuntu: it's where you edit your grub menu choices.04:12
nickrudlgc: you're back, oh my :)04:12
Kalamansi magick dvd player04:12
NigelSchrisb_: use the pastebin please there are more lines than that I would think04:12
chrisb_@NigelS  it does that with all the libraries, even common ones like stdio04:12
lgcnickrud, I bet you missed me....:):04:12
magickKalamansi, a dvd player? what?!04:12
Cosmo@tanath: Frankly, I don't care.04:12
ubuntu__Oz__: how do i find that?04:12
chrisb_@NigelS  pastebin?04:12
NigelSchrisb_: do you have libc6-dev?04:12
EnvoyRisingnickrud: wait.. this looks more like a 7.10 newbie guide... not so interested04:12
chrisb_@NigelS  i don't think so04:12
Jack_Sparrow... /boot/grub/menu.lst04:13
sleepsterhow difficult is it to build ubuntu from source?04:13
seamus7TurtleOfDoom:how would I quit my modem .. normally I just close the Terminal window that command is running in ??04:13
epssyyou don't04:13
nickrudEnvoyRising: works thru some good stuff later on. What in particular are you looking to learn?04:13
tanathCosmo, i assume you mean about the old icons. in which case you can delete the old one04:13
Cosmo@tanath: should i delete it then just make another folder with the name".thumbnails"?04:13
EnvoyRisingjust my irc stuff04:13
Jack_Sparrowsleepster: No harder that building any distro from scratch04:13
nickrudsleepster: why do that?04:13
NigelSsleepster: there's really no need to - but it isn't very hard to build apps if you really wanted to - theyr'e provided int he source repo and come with software to do it all for you04:13
tanathCosmo, it didn't recreated it?04:13
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: the script should open a window the exact same way04:13
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /boot/grub/menu.lst04:13
ubuntubash: /boot/grub/menu.lst: No such file or directory04:13
tanathCosmo, if not, then yeah04:13
EnvoyRisingnickrud: used to be a mirc junkie, but now i can't remember anything. like how to disable certain server messages, etc04:13
__Oz__ubuntu: locate menu.lst04:14
nickrudEnvoyRising: ah. Well, I just typed for years, let xchat do the work for me.04:14
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: nm, scratch that04:14
prince_jammysubuntu it's a file, not a command04:14
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /boot/grub/menu.lst04:14
ubuntubash: /boot/grub/menu.lst: No such file or directory04:14
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ locate menu.lst04:14
EnvoyRisingnickrud: lazy :-\ (kidding)04:14
lgcnickrud, do you happen to know if I risk the integrity of my system if I format the free space beyond my ext3 and swap partitions from within the mounted system?04:14
tanathCosmo, click on the application@pdf one, and tell me if you have the command entry, and the enable entry04:14
prince_jammysoh boy04:14
Jack_Sparrowubuntu: Please use the pastebin instead of pasting into the channel04:14
__Oz__ubuntu: it should be in /bott/grub04:14
__Oz__ubuntu: it should be in /boot/grub04:15
eluxare there mirrors the third party software apts?04:15
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: maybe you'd be better off setting up an alias so that when you type "inet" in a terminal for example, it expands it to the command you want04:15
Cosmo@ tanath: Ok i just deleted the .thumbnail-bak...now i dont have any .thumbnail folder04:15
nickrudlgc: never format a mounted partition; if it's not mounted you can change partition size, format, etc no problem04:15
Cusoon959Can anyone help with this?04:15
ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /boot/grub04:15
ubuntubash: /boot/grub: No such file or directory04:15
Cusoon959Trying to compile something with gcc...04:15
nickrudEnvoyRising: you're not far off the mark :)04:15
lgcnickrud, no, it's not formatted. It's just free space now.04:15
alberto/tmp/execute.sh: line 3: dvdrecord: command not found... somebody is familiar with this app so it could help me? thanks04:15
tanathCosmo, ok, make one, then make sure thumbnails are enabled in the configuration editor04:15
__Oz__ubuntu: are you using 7.10 ubuntu?04:15
nickrudlgc: sure, do anything you like to it.04:16
ubuntu__Oz__: ya but live cd04:16
NigelSCusoon959: yes, pass -lm to include the  math library04:16
__Oz__oh, you're on the CD?04:16
seamus7TurtleOfDoom: basically I just enter the command I mentioned then "sudo wvdial" and voila I'm connected to the net (by the way I have broadband but I'm setting up a friends's clunker who only has dialup)04:16
Cusoon959thanks NigelS04:16
ubuntu__Oz__: ya04:16
__Oz__ubuntu: so what is your problem again?04:16
NigelSCusoon959: you need to fix those warnings too but only you can see that :)04:16
nickrudlgc: personaly I prefer cfdisk for partitioning, and then mkfs.* for formatting. I don't care for gparted myself04:16
ubuntu__Oz__: i had it on the hd then i installed windows on another partition so i lost the grub now i want to get it bak using this live cd04:16
queuetueDoes Ubuntu have a built-in mechanism for rebuilding a kernel module with different options?  (I need to enable USB verbose debugging.)04:16
__Oz__Yeah, gparted is pretty messed up.04:16
albertoHey guys i'm having some problems with 'q' DVD-Author, when i get it to burn a DVD Project it gives me back this error message: /tmp/execute.sh: line 3: dvdrecord: command not found... somebody is familiar with this app so it could help me? thanks04:17
Cusoon959NigelS: I get http://pastebin.com/m619d593a now... is that what you mean?04:17
=== clay is now known as TwoShadeTod
EnvoyRising__Oz__:  ubuntu needs to reinstall grub. mbr overwrote it after windows install me thinks04:17
lgcnickrud, it's just that the QTparted message 'make sure you unmount all partitions before making any changes' intimidates me.04:17
__Oz__ubuntu: okay, I want you to read a tutorial at this URL:04:17
Cusoon959NigelS: Oh but it compiled :P04:17
ubuntu__Oz__: exactly wat EnvoyRising said04:17
TurtleOfDoomseamus7: if you want the shell script idea, then yes, put "#!/bin/sh" as the first line and your two lines in it04:17
NigelSCusoon959: yes, they were there before. You're passing arguments with the wrong type04:17
__Oz__envoyrising: yes, I understand04:17
chrisb_@NigelS   i posted all error messages into the PasteBin04:17
NigelSCusoon959: yes, it's a warning not an error - but your program may now crash :)04:17
Scuniziubuntu, for restoring grub see http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm  It's always worked great for me.04:17
NigelSchrisb_: you need to give me the link :P04:18
chrisb_@NigelS   ok, one moment04:18
__Oz__here's the url, ubuntu04:18
__Oz__for the record, it's much easier to install XP FIRST and then Ubuntu SECOND04:18
EnvoyRisingubuntu i could have sworn that reinstalling grub was only two lines of code.. that involved getting into the grub command line04:18
nickrudhermanzone is very nice stuff04:18
ubuntu__Oz__: i no but its for other reasons04:18
__Oz__this is because grub will find and 'respect' the windows install while the windows boot manager will trample all over your ubuntu settings04:18
lgcnickrud, I thought that flannel was the only one around stuck in barebones Ubuntu.04:18
ScuniziEnvoyRising, pretty much.. check out my link above for grub04:18
__Oz__ubuntu: that's okay, you can get both working with ubuntu installed first04:19
ubuntu__Oz__: ya i no all these things04:19
chrisb_@NigelS   paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5657904:19
Jack_Sparrow__Oz__: Add to that .. once you have dual boot setup, make a copy of the mbr using the dd command04:19
__Oz__just follow the instructions at http://apcmag.com/5459/dualboot_ubuntu_and_windows_xp04:19
Erebu1Hey guys, I know i'm not an IRC regular, but I was wondering if you could give me a hand. I'm having issues detecting my scanner. It's a lexmark X1185 Scanner/Printer combo. Printer works in CUPS for the most part. Scanner worked like shit under the Synaptic database Sane (1.0.14). So, (skipping the long details for just a sec) the current stand is that every trace of any older SANE has been expunged, the newest sane source compiled and i04:19
__Oz__Aye! Do as the captain suggest, ubuntu.04:19
Cosmo@tanath: How do i make sure...as in where do i check?04:19
ubuntu__Oz__: itll be done off of this live cd tho, right? i have dial-up so i cant burn other things...04:19
nickrudlgc: bare bones? I prefer non gui tools for system stuff. Reminds me that I've got to be cautious and correct04:19
__Oz__no, ubuntu04:19
__Oz__you won't need to use the livecd04:19
tanathCosmo, go to Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor > desktop > gnome > thumbnailers, and enable them all04:19
__Oz__again, just follow the instructions at http://apcmag.com/5459/dualboot_ubuntu_and_windows_xp04:20
__Oz__it will tell you exactly how to get grub back04:20
ubuntu__Oz__: i have no floppies, etc04:20
__Oz__and you can then boot into ubuntu, etc.04:20
tritium!enter | __Oz__04:20
__Oz__Ye shan't need floppies et. al., ubuntu.  (People still use those things?)04:20
ubotu__Oz__: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:20
__Oz__ubuntu: did you get all that?04:20
tanathCosmo, also, in System > Prefs > File Management > Preview tab, double check your settings04:21
Cosmo@tanath: All of them were already enabled04:21
=== edwin is now known as EnvoyRising
ubuntu__Oz__: ya im reading....my eyes r burning :(04:21
tanathCosmo, only for files smaller than 5Mb, or something reasonable?04:21
__Oz__ubuntu: it's not that hard, man04:21
NigelSchrisb_: do you have build-essential?04:21
__Oz__but as you can see, it's much easier to do the windows xp first, ubuntu second install04:21
tanathCosmo, and set it to local files only04:21
lgcnickrud, well yes, and work at least twice as much. I migrated to a bigger disk that way, instead of using GUIs. But I must've done something wrong, since my disk makes funny noises all the time ('end of device' or some cr*p -come and get me, censors!- like that).04:21
EnvoyRisingxchat is killing me :@ looking up irsii as we speak04:21
norty I have a question that isn't ubuntu related but thought someone here might know, i want to define a function such as f(x) = x^2 and then find its derivative, how do i define functions in matlab, without using a .m file ?04:21
Cosmo@tanath: i dont have file management04:22
tanathCosmo, could be hanging on something else04:22
zetheroohow do I have every folder opening in a new window?04:22
__Oz__norty: try #matlab04:22
tanathCosmo, ok, well it's in nautilus preferences in the edit menu04:22
tanathCosmo, you can change what shows in the menus with the menu editor04:22
TurtleOfDoomnorty: you might want to try #math04:22
chrisb_@NigelS   build-essential?  (sorry i'm a little new to linux development)04:22
Cosmo@tanath: yeah i know i got it04:22
ScuniziEnvoyRising, open terminal, type sudo apt-get install irssi.. wait.. type irssi .. once loaded type /connect irc.freenode.net04:22
NigelSchrisb_: it's a package - apt-get install build-essential04:22
Erebu1Any one with any ideas on my scanner problem?04:23
nickrudlgc: mn, (takes off sensor hat) not sure what you did, but  sudo fdisk -l might give you a clue (better error messages maybe) (puts censor hat back on, and chides lgc :)04:23
ScuniziEnvoyRising, then once connected type /join #ubuntu04:23
norty__Oz__, I am in #matlab, just thought id ask here just in case someone might know04:23
Cosmo@tanath: 5MB and Local Files Only...Done04:23
EnvoyRisingScunizi: no go. file not found04:23
urfaceI'm trying out evolution mail and am havign a pretty seirous problem04:23
EnvoyRisingthats why i'm going to the site04:23
chicagonpg_Memtest shuts down computer does anyone know why? Running 64bit AMD athlon X204:23
__Oz__norty: nah, we all hate that application in here.04:23
tanathCosmo, and restart nautilus04:23
urfaceI have roughly 1500 emails to download and says there is an input output error after every roughly 25 msgs04:23
IdleOne!repos | EnvoyRising04:23
ubotuEnvoyRising: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:23
EnvoyRisingDOH! typo04:23
ScuniziEnvoyRising, you need to enable universe and multiverse repos.. in system/administration/software sources04:24
ubuntu__Oz__: i think my problem is solved! thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!04:24
urfaceThunderbird had no problem downloading the same exact msgs04:24
__Oz__ubuntu: no problem, my friend04:24
ubuntu__Oz__: well i still have to ckeck lol04:24
nickrud!gutsysources | EnvoyRising04:24
ubotuEnvoyRising: gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).04:24
Cosmo@tanath: Just by closing and then opening?04:24
ubuntu__Oz__: :)04:24
EnvoyRisingIdleOne: all correct repos are enabled irc newbie, yes. linux/ubuntu newbie, no04:24
lgcnickrud, it just does it when the disk is idle. But haven't been able to start Windoze ever since. Any experience with VMWare?04:24
__Oz__ubuntu: good luck, enjoy your dual boot install, and remember: when in doubt, use ubuntu over windows!04:24
fredsuaI am having trouble viewing a dvd movie.  I've gone to many forums and tried everything and it still does not work.04:24
tanathCosmo, should work...04:24
tanathif it doesn't, you might try logging out and back in to be sure04:24
devoHow do I burn a .avi onto a DVD so the DVD is like a movie that I can put in a DVD player and it will play?04:25
ubuntu__Oz__: ubuntu is better its just i needed sumtin from windows, anyway, im restarting comp and thx again :)04:25
chrisb_@NigelS    sorry, it's taking a little while04:25
__Oz__fredsua: download restricted extras package04:25
tanathCosmo, 'cause nautilus handles the desktop too04:25
nickrudlgc: yes, I use vmware (vista inside). gparted ruined my vista partition, I had to reinstall04:25
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
__Oz__!medibuntu | fredsua04:25
ubotufredsua: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:25
Cosmo@ tanath: Nothing.04:25
fredsuaI have downloaded the extras, and nothing04:25
tanathCosmo, if it doesn't, you might try logging out and back in to be sure04:25
Jack_Sparrow__Oz__: dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.backup bs=512 count=104:25
__Oz__devo: most use gnomebaker and DeVeDe.  However, it will require some tweaking.  Unfortunately, Ubuntu is not very good for burning DVDs, but it can be made to work.04:25
fredsuaI included medibuntu, should I remove it?04:26
__Oz__fredsua: absolutely not!04:26
Cosmo@tanath: Ok here i go..ill be back04:26
__Oz__what will that do, jack_sparrow?04:26
tanath__Oz__, well, i prefer k3b...04:26
lgcnickrud, I've read that Vista is especially restrictive with fumbling with partitions.04:26
__Oz__tanath: eh, I could never get that pile of junk to work.04:26
tanath__Oz__, never really had probs with it04:26
jay-oh-encan some body help me with my internet being so slow04:26
nickrudfredsua: after you've gotten what you want from medibuntu, it's no problem if you disable it again04:26
devo__Oz__, why is this? Isn't it easy to burn a DVD?04:26
tanath__Oz__, pile of junk? k3b is the best04:26
EnvoyRisingah... vintage, yet so beautiful04:27
__Oz__tanath: sorry, it's just my perception.  I couldn't do jack squat with it.  Plus it gave me errors.  I do better with gnomebaker and DeVeDe.04:27
achandrashekaranyone familiar with smbldap-populate when installing smbldap-installer04:27
tanath__Oz__, other apps sometimes make coasters :/04:27
Berylliumjay-oh-en: Well ... I can chant in latin to help speed it up, but I don't think it will help.04:27
fredsuaThe problem is I can't make my movies work04:27
__Oz__devo: for various reasons, most of which have less to do with linux/ubuntu than with the competition04:27
dogpigeoncowhey i have a program i downloaded called Liquid wars 6 and i have the same problem i have with every program i download wtihout hte add/remove thing. i cant install it. i have the " ./configure      make      make install" command but i dont know how to use them coz nothing happens in terminal04:27
nickrudfredsua: you mean play them?04:27
NigelSBeryllium: worth a shot04:27
__Oz__devo: it's just an inherent weakness of ubuntu.  Well, that, and wireless support.04:27
lgcnickrud, can VMW write a virtualized OS to a reiserfs partition?04:27
fredsuayes, I can't play any movies04:28
BerylliumKLAATUS BARADUS NIKTUS! KLAATUS BARADUS NIKTUS! ... naw, doesn't seem to be helping.04:28
jay-oh-enBeryllium, its usually really fast04:28
nickrudlgc no clue04:28
tritium__Oz__: neither are specific to ubuntu04:28
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: make sure to have the build-essential package installed04:28
nickrudfredsua: go to: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#head-381bea41610683e5e26322fd7028e7aef85e310504:28
devo__Oz__, at least it recognizes it's a DVD in there... My Windows thinks it's a CD.04:28
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: which is usually what?04:28
nickrudfredsua: install that library, and you should be able to play dvd movies04:28
tanath__Oz__, gnomebaker or brasero would be my second choice, but k3b is my first04:28
__Oz__tritium: maybe not "specific", but they are certainly weaknesses many associate with Ubuntu and/or linux.  I realize it's not linux/ubuntu's fault, but it is frustrating.04:28
fredsuaI'll give it a try right away04:28
IdleOnedogpigeoncow, in terminal type sudo apt-get install build-essential04:28
tanath__Oz__, maybe you didn't have it set up right. it can be touchy about permissions04:28
__Oz__devo: heh, heh.04:29
Berylliumjay-oh-en: Is it possible that your network cable has been damaged, or your wireless connection is catching interference?04:29
eluxwhen i "reload" in synaptic, i notice every server fails when trying to load: Package, Translation-en_US http://security.ubuntu.com gutsy-security/universe04:29
eluxwhat is goin on here?04:29
__Oz__tanath: maybe.04:29
prince_jammysnickrud: libdvdcss2?04:29
__Oz__tanath: I wasted a few hours trying to get it to burn a dvd. Finally gave up.04:29
nickrudprince_jammys: yes04:29
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"from command line04:29
dogpigeoncowyes i know04:29
__Oz__I had a problem with DeVeDe distorting the audio but found a flag to include as a workaround in the command line to fix that prob, so that's what I use.04:29
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: then perhaps i misunderstand your question04:29
jay-oh-enBeryllium, its not wireless and i just bought this cable 30 days ago and no damage on it from what i can se04:29
=== MeggyBit is now known as Osiris2014
chrisb_@NigelS    thanks, that fixed most of it04:29
Berylliumis it in tight on both ends04:29
fredsuanickrud: I've done that already and didn't work04:29
devoWhat's the hotkey for changing desktops?04:30
dogpigeoncowit now wants me to put the ubuntu disk in, is that normal?04:30
chicagonpg_ Memtest shuts down computer does anyone know why? Running 64bit AMD athlon X2 thanks04:30
Osiris2014any one here in LinuxSA?04:30
chrisb_@NigelS    i still got some more errors, but on later scripts with different header files04:30
__Oz__devo: ctrl-alt-left arrow or right arrow04:30
Scunizidevo, ctrl+alt+arrow04:30
NigelSchrisb_: yes, probably ncurses-dev for one04:30
nickrudfredsua: hm, what happens when you insert a dvd?04:30
EnvoyRisingctrl + alt + right arrow/ left arrow04:30
devo__Oz__, thanks.04:30
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: it asks for the ubuntu cd, is that normal?04:30
chrisb_@NigelS    you're right, of course04:30
Osiris2014any one here in LinuxSA?04:30
chrisb_@NigelS    installed with the apt-get?04:30
dogpigeoncowas in south africa? yes im from south africa :)04:31
fredsuawant to go into chat room?04:31
ph0rensicwhats up suckas04:31
Les_Caesarshey, is there a way I can eject a CD drive with just one key on the keyboard? Like in Mac04:31
tickbeeAnyone have any ideas? I just built a software raid 5 with mdadm and 3 drives, after rebooting, one of the drives goes missing, but i can see the drive as /dev/hdd, but it has no partition on it anymore, /dev/hdd1, i can see my other two just fine, /dev/hde1 and /dev/hdg1, what happened to the first drives partition?04:31
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: just go to synaptic and disable cd from repos04:31
nickrudfredsua: I prefer to keep it here, in case someone catches something I miss04:31
lgcnickrud, someone told me I can clone a Windows partition to a virtualized one instead of installing it fresh. Was it you?04:31
__Oz__devo: we thrill to chill here at #ubuntu.  You are welcome, and ask questions of us here anytime.04:31
NigelSchicagonpg_: it could on that architecture be accidentally triggering your CPU to shutdown - that would be funny - but have you googled?04:31
BerylliumLes_Caesars: You could use xbindkeys to alias a keycode to the eject command04:31
Osiris2014i mean LinuxSouthAus04:31
NigelSchrisb_: yep04:31
nickrudfredsua: helps if you use my nick in your replies, it's red in my client04:31
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: then sudo apt-get update && sudo-apt get install build-essentials04:31
NigelSchrisb_: this one: libncurses5-dev04:32
Les_CaesarsBeryllium: does eject toggle? If I press it while the tray is out, will it bring it back in?04:32
nickrudlgc: nope. I've heard that as well, but never tried04:32
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: with the cdrom disabled from repolist, it should fetch most recent stable version from internet isntead04:32
fredsuanickrud: okay, when I insert a DVD movie, the drive pops up in the desktop with the movie name, then VLM opens up to play it and I get an error04:32
BerylliumLes_Caesars: I believe it has an option to do that, yes04:32
emmaMy nautilus just crashed again, this time without the external hard drive mounted. So it's not the external hard drive.04:32
ph0rensiclgc, I know you can create a virtual image of your disc to use in vmware04:32
dogpigeoncowit wont let me into synaptics04:32
chicagonpg_NIGels yes I have and I have found nothing. This is a new system build and I have no problem other wise04:32
nickrudfredsua: vlc? what's the error?04:32
dogpigeoncowcant get exclusive lock04:32
gary4garicannot open portable USB hdd, http://pastebin.com/d632be11604:32
chicagonpg_Only in memtest04:33
chrisb_@NigelS    thanks, i've started tracking down a few other missing ones aswell04:33
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: cant get exclusive lock04:33
lgcph0rensic, you mean a virtual image of your partition?04:33
Osiris2014any one here in LinuxSouthAustralia?04:33
ph0rensicdogpigeoncow, You have something installing on command line?04:33
fredsuanickrud: yes sorry, VLC.  The error reads:  Unable to open 'dvdsimple:///dev/scd0'04:33
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: what else do you have running?04:33
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: if you are currently apt-getting something else or running an update, it'll say that04:33
ph0rensiclgc, well yes i believe that would be the case, but i think I've only seen it for vmware04:33
* __Oz__ suddenly and inexplicably freaks out.04:33
nickrudfredsua: that's definitely not a libdvdcss error. This happens with every cd?04:33
ph0rensiclgc, what are you trying to do exactly?04:34
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: if you are and don't want to stop those processes, you can always just comment out the cdrom repo from your/etc/apt/sources.list file04:34
fredsuanickrud: yes it does04:34
EnvoyRisingbe sure to sudo gedit/nano/vim or whatever into it so you can save changes04:34
nickrudfredsua: try using file->open disc on the vlc menu04:34
dogpigeoncowok i am in synaptics04:34
=== edwin_ is now known as EnvoyRising
lgcph0rensic, clone an operating Windows partition into a virtualized one without having to install Windows from zero in the virtualized partition.04:35
emmaI think it might be happening because of 'too many open files'04:35
dogpigeoncowwhere do i do that?04:35
fredsuanickrud: I have used that and nothing.  I have every single libdvdcss out there, LOL04:35
EnvoyRisingopen up a command prompt (or if you already have one open but it's busy, ctrl+alt+t04:35
prince_jammysfredsua: are you able to view the contents of a data cd?04:35
EnvoyRisingthen "sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list"04:36
nickrudfredsua: not libdvdcss, it's something at the hardware level. Does the dvd show up on your desktop?04:36
ph0rensiclgc, yah thats possible from what I understand, with vmware. Basically it will make an appliance of your windows partition to be used in the player04:36
fredsuanickrud: yes I can see the files in the DVD04:36
EnvoyRisingctrl+f then look for CD. comment that line out04:36
Bert_Hi i need help with my wireless network on Ubuntu, i cant get any internet04:36
NigelSchicagonpg_: it could be a fault with the memory - possibly - have you tried testing the sticks individually?04:36
ray_hey i have a creative zen 4gb i have tried gnomad2 to get my music on there and it isnt working any help?04:36
fredsuanickrud: yes the DVD pops up in the desktop04:36
EnvoyRisingdeb cdrom:[Ubuntu 7.10.... <line starts like that04:37
chicagonpg_Nigels no I haven't but that is a very good Idea, I will try that. Thanks04:37
nickrudfredsua: try opening it in totem:  totem dvd://04:37
NigelSchicagonpg_: yes, make sure they're operating at correct voltage etc04:37
Bert_Hi i need help with my wireless network on Ubuntu, i cant get any internet04:38
dogpigeoncowok envoy i have disapbled CDROM in repos04:38
dogpigeoncowlets do it again04:38
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: dont' forget to sudo apt-get update as well04:38
dogpigeoncowthe other stuff04:38
tickbeeAnyone have any ideas why one of my hard drives formatted in ext3, would suddenly lose it's partition?  I see the disk as /dev/hdd but there is no /dev/hdd1 anymore.  This drive was part of a software raid 5 using mdadm, somehow ubuntu lost the partition after restarting.  When I do fdisk -l, i can see the /dev/hdd1 though???04:38
fredsuanickrud: I deleted totem since it was giving me the same error.  The reason I got rid of it is because I read that VLM is much better04:38
chicagonpg_Nigels I'm kind of a dummy on that how will I know the right voltage?04:38
nickrudfredsua: it's better for dvds, totem has it's uses04:39
chrisb_@NigelS    thanks,  it looks like it's going to work04:39
EnvoyRisingtickbee: not a hd genius but does manually mounting produce errors?04:39
=== devo is now known as Devourer
NigelSchicagonpg_: SPD should configure it but I wouldn't trust it - check out your mem manufacturer's site for exact specs-  I would try out each stick individually first though, see if that's it04:39
nickrudfredsua: type mount in a terminal (with the dvd inserted) and tell me what device (dev/<device>) the dvd is mounted as04:39
fredsuanickrud: when I had it, it did not work.  I've tried opening movies with Mplayer and others similar and I get the same result04:40
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: side not, if ./configure produces errors about a package not being found, make sure you have the "-dev(el)" version of that package installed as well04:40
EnvoyRisingside note*04:40
=== Johnny is now known as IdleOne
nickrudfredsua: I believe you :)04:40
chicagonpg_Nigels sound like a good plan you have been very helpful04:40
NigelSchicagonpg_: np04:41
tickbeeEnvoyRising: trying to mount it manually just gives me an error saying it can't find the device04:41
ajushihi, how i remove postgresql-8.1?i want to install 8.204:41
tickbeeEnvoyRising: in either /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab04:41
gary4gari cannot open portable USB hdd, http://pastebin.com/d632be11604:41
fredsuanickrud: I'm not sure so I'll send you the results04:41
EnvoyRisingtickbee: that was going to be my next question :-\04:41
fredsuanickrud: Unable to open 'dvdsimple:///dev/scd0'04:41
EnvoyRisingexactly when did it stop recognizing your device?04:42
nickrudfredsua: you can put the output from mount on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org04:42
urfaceDoes anybody know if I can make the Icons in Evolution Mail at the top smaller?04:42
urfacethus use up an aweful lot of room04:42
DevourerWhat's the console command to see all the processes running?04:42
emmaMy nautilus just crashed again. This time I found some info in the xsession-errors, could someone take a look? --- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56582/04:42
Liono_pam is the pluggable authentication modules framework used by some unix(-ish) systems. it logs unsuccessful screen unlock events but not succesful ones in auth.log. i need succesful ones too. can i replace this pam with the one that does logs? or any other solutions    ?04:43
crhyloveHi I just got booted into failsafe gnome, after updates.  Any help?04:43
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: couldnt find package build-esentials04:43
crhylovei mean, regular login just goes right back to login screen after brief black screen.04:43
urfaceDevourer, ps -ax04:43
crhyloveany idea how to get my regular gnome back?04:43
DoYouKnowdogpigeoncow, two "s"04:43
fredsuanickrud: open your chat really quick so that I can copy and past the results04:43
Devourerurface, thanks.04:44
jrodhow would someone go about backing up their entire ubuntu system applications and all?04:44
crhyloveAlso, upon boot, the screen seems set to 640x480.04:44
Osiris2014any one here in LinuxSouthAustralia?04:44
nickrudcrhylove: clt-alt-f2 , sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg , clt-alt-f7. Should reset everything to normal for you04:44
crhyloverather than the normal 1280x 102404:44
DoYouKnowdogpigeoncow, build-essentials04:44
crhylovenickrud: thanks!04:44
Hammer89Hello... I've been having some issues with stuff initializing properly on my computer... my last issue I couldn't get nautilus to run... and it returned a message saying it was a problem with bonobo-activation-server... so I killed bonobo-activation-server and re-ran it... then everything worked properly.... thing is, this keeps occurring... and I'd appreciate any help I could get in figuring out what the root of the problem is, or an04:45
Hammer89y possible fixes04:45
dogpigeoncowsudo apt-get update && sudo-apt get install build-essentials04:45
dogpigeoncowi mean04:45
dogpigeoncowE: Couldn't find package build-essentials04:45
nickruddogpigeoncow: no s on essential04:45
DoYouKnowthere's no s04:45
DoYouKnowyeah, lol04:45
emmaMy Nautilus is crashing chronically. I have a pastebin if anyone thinks they could help me figure out what's going on.04:45
nickrudDoYouKnow: you said essentials ;p04:45
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: thats my mistake, dunno why i put an s there. installed the package so many times :P04:46
fredsuanickrud: is posted now04:46
nickrudfredsua: could you tell me the url to look at?04:46
EnvoyRisingemma. whats the url?04:46
DoYouKnowafter much discovery, there is apparently an extra s at the end of what you said and an "s" lacking in the meat of the word04:46
Kalamansihello how to configure my 10 statics ip of my isp? I have 4 NICs...i want to use my static isp04:46
simpsDoes anyone know how to add to the clipboard or see the clipboard via terminal commands?04:46
FourX4LuvnThat is why you 'apt-get install build-essen<tab>'  :)04:46
fredsuanickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56583/04:46
Overlord_DavidI have a few questions about product functionality on Ubuntu... I just ordered a Wifi Link brand Wifi dongle and I'm a bit worried about it not working on my Ubuntu. Also I'd like to know if Gamebridge works on it, and if not what would work to record gameplay vids?04:46
emmaEnvoyRising,  here it is -- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56582/04:46
fredsuanickrud: sorry, I'm new at this04:47
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: but now it doesnt say anything is installed04:47
Osiris2014any one here in LinuxSouthAustralia?04:47
nickrudfredsua: no problem. And I'm beginning to think I'm stumped.04:47
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: so it says 0 packages to install or that the package can't be found?04:47
dogpigeoncow0 packages to install04:48
nickrudfredsua: thinking, sorta04:48
Overlord_DavidDoes anyone know about that sort of thing?04:48
crhyloveIt's telling me xserver-xorg is not available, and there is no information available.04:48
simpsDoes anyone know how to add to the clipboard or see the clipboard via terminal commands?04:48
ac1ddownload a networking tool called 'Dynamips' in a .bin form but when i try to use it it says... 'No app suitable for automatically installing this app'04:48
ac1dwhat do i do?04:48
emmawow it looks like even the ubuntu-pastebin isn't working right.04:49
N6REJanyone know anything about the ubuntu-studio 64bit not working on install?04:49
fredsuanickrud: I ran this software called gxine which does a check of the drive04:49
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: then its already installed it woudl seem04:49
alannahey, I am installing wine, why do I get this while ./configure : checking for C compiler default output file name04:49
prince_jammys!info xserver-xorg04:49
ubotuxserver-xorg (source: xorg): the X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 409 kB, installed size 1272 kB04:49
N6REJac 1d .bin is for mac04:49
EnvoyRisingjust need the devel packages to meet dependencies so you can build whatever it is you want to build from source04:49
alannawhat package do I get for: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables04:49
nickrudfredsua: and? gxine is a decent dvd player also04:49
crhyloveI'm not very good with the command line, is there a way to reconfigure xserver-xorg in the gui?04:49
ac1dN6REJ: then what could i use?04:49
jeebsuhm...how do i switch to super user on fluxbuntu?04:49
nickrudcrhylove: no, you have to use that command to reconfigure X04:50
ac1dN6REJ: it only comes in a .bin or a .exe form... and i really need this program called 'Dynmaips' how else could i install it?04:50
N6REJac 1d i take that back there are some *nix files that are that way too but few04:50
crhyloveWhen I did that it said package doesn't exist.04:50
jrod@ crhylove try sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.cong04:50
fredsuanickrud: when I run the wizard setup the drive is not found and the DMA is not found04:50
jrod* xorg.cong04:50
prince_jammysjeebs  sudo <command>04:50
LeechzillaThough my sound works, there is no output from the headphone jack and SPDIF port. Do I need to compile ALSA from source or is there another alternative?04:50
LiraNuna<nickrud> crhylove: no, you have to use that command to reconfigure X04:50
N6REJac1d what is it?04:50
EnvoyRisingemma i couldn't really gather anything from pastebin except for the obvious "maybe you're opening too much at once" assumption. anyone else got any ideas?04:50
LiraNunaI think he means sudo dpkg-reconfigure zxserver-xorg04:50
fredsuanickrud: could be something with the DMA?04:51
Overlord_DavidDoes anyone know?04:51
nickrudfredsua: yeah, it's about the hardware, and I'm not real good at hardware issues.04:51
ac1dN6REJ: a cisco networking simulator kind of like Packet tracer except more advanced04:51
Kalamansihello how to install adobe player in ubuntu? so I could read some adobe products04:51
N6REJac1d: did you check the repository?04:51
ac1dN6REJ: nope...04:51
ac1dN6REJ: ill have a look04:51
nickrudcrhylove: you probably mistyped:   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg  (or I mistyped, this is spelled correctly)04:51
N6REJand its dynamips04:51
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: i know i always have to change the output under preferences to headphones to get my stuff working04:51
ac1dN6REJ: gosh, i have great spelling lol04:52
EnvoyRisingi assume you've already tried that though04:52
fredsuanickrud: if it was working fine in windows xp, do you really think it would be a hardware problem?04:52
N6REJac1d: http://swik.net/User:blindhog/Tips+and+Tutorials+-+Linux+.%3A+Cisco+%3A.+VOIP/GNS3+-+Installation+Tutorial+for+Linux/b1z4304:52
nickrudfredsua: I've got to punt this one myself. When you describe the error, add the exact error from vlc and from gxine to your question04:52
EnvoyRisingac1d: its ok, we aren't spelling/grammar junkies here04:52
LeechzillaEnvoyRising: How do I do that?04:52
nickrudfredsua: reading hardware by linux I mean04:52
emmaIt seems unusual that a person could open too much at once. I'm just opening music. But some times I switch between them quickly. Could it be that when you click on music to open it, it doesn't really close the other one so to speak?04:52
Kalamansihow to install a pdf? so I could view pdf files of ebook and flash player?04:53
N6REJnope only said it so he'd find it int he repo04:53
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: right click on the volume control in the notification area (top right by default) and click preferences04:53
Liono_pam is the pluggable authentication modules framework used by some unix(-ish) systems. it logs unsuccessful screen unlock events but not succesful ones in auth.log. i need succesful ones too. can i replace this pam with the one that does logs? or any other solutions --   ?04:53
N6REJKalamansi: install the adobe reader from repo or use the one in FF04:53
EnvoyRisingclick on Headphones in the little box at the bottom04:53
ac1dEnvoyRising: hehehe, much love!04:53
Overlord_DavidWow... nobody at all?04:54
LeechzillaEnvoyRising: And select Headphones from there? That's it? It's supposed to detect a headphone plugged in instead of me having to do it manually. Not just that, the SPDIF port also doesn't work.04:54
EnvoyRisingac1d: now, that might change once you visit the ubuntu-english-class channel\04:54
fredsuanickrud: I really like linux ubuntu, but if I can't play a DVD movie on my drive then is worthless04:54
N6REJOverlord_David: what?04:54
N6REJfredsua: ubuntu can play dvd04:54
* jeebs pounds the keyboard into his face04:54
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: well, i've had mixed results with mixed hardware. on my desktop it did it automatically, but with this hp laptop (intel hda audio) it didn't04:54
nickrudfredsua: don't take my failure as a letdown, I'm no expert on dvd playback. Others that pass through here know a lot more than I do.04:54
ph0rensiceveryone with their "if I cant X i'm going back to windows..."04:54
LeechzillaEnvoyRising: I'm using a laptop too04:55
nickrudfredsua: also, you might find some smarter help on #vlc04:55
Overlord_DavidAs I asked. I ordered a wifi-link (wifi max) wifi dongle. I'm afraid of it not working. Will it work? And also does game bridge work? If not what could I use for ubuntu to make gameplay videos?04:55
fredsua:-) thank you04:55
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: ah. then, i've lever really investigated much further, being i don't often use headphones04:55
selig5fredsua: get vlc media player, it can play dvds04:55
ph0rensicnickrud, he has the latest libdvd and all that?04:56
EnvoyRisingi'm sure theres a way to automate this04:56
NigelSOverlord_David: have you checked the info at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport04:56
fredsuanickrud, I'll try going there now04:56
N6REJOverlord_David: your asking if this new engine your designing will work in your chevy!  IDK, nobody does, it depends on the card... check the compatiblity list b4 u buy04:56
nickrudph0rensic: yes, it's not even seeing his dvd's. None of them are. Errors opening them04:56
jroddoes anyone know how to backup a ubuntu install programs settings included?04:56
LeechzillaEnvoyRising: Most importantly, it's SPDIF that I really need to get to work04:56
N6REJjrod: are they encoded in ur region?04:56
Overlord_DavidI don't really understand that kinda stuff.04:56
KalamansiN6REJ: I don't see "adobe" and "FF" words there. I tried to find them04:57
DevourerHow do I adjust my sound levels?04:57
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:57
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: well, while not spdif, it appears that just leaving it on headphones lets me autoswitch04:57
ubotupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)04:57
EnvoyRisingthat is, headphones recognizes when i have it plugged in or not, while all other options seem to ignore head pohones04:57
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins04:57
nickrudEnvoyRising: I see you're discovering the joys of ircing in #ubuntu already04:57
emmaI often switch between songs but clicking the icons for the songs themselves. Could it be that when I don't let one song finish, and click on another one to start a different one, etc, that this is accumating some how?04:57
LeechzillaEnvoyRising: Doesn't work for me :[04:57
emmaI always assumed that when I cant hear the song playing then it's not open any more.04:58
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: well, i hate to do this, but if no one else can give you a hand, the forums are really good04:58
dogpigeoncowits not04:58
dogpigeoncowits not at all04:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adobe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:58
EnvoyRisingLeechzilla: though, searching them kind of sucks.. google is better ala site:ubuntuforums.org <search term>04:58
ubotupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)04:58
dogpigeoncowenvorising: i needed to install something else to run it called GMP04:59
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: gmp? justa sec04:59
Overlord_DavidWhat's a chevy anyway?04:59
dogpigeoncowso now im installing GMP and after ./configure i do 'make' and nothing happens04:59
dogpigeoncowit doesnt know wat i mean04:59
* N6REJ *smashs head on keyboard*05:00
jroddo u have gcc installed?05:00
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: you have to install the gmp dev package05:00
prince_jammysemma in nautilus::: Edit> Preferences> Preview> "Preview sound files:" - Never05:00
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: specifically libgmp3-dev05:00
Overlord_DavidAlso I don't even know what a wifi dongle would qualify as on that wiki page.05:00
EnvoyRisinglike you do with all the other packages silly via synaptic OR  sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev05:01
EnvoyRisingor sudo aptitude lib-gmp3-dev05:01
qedi have a 2 partition drive on my laptop from work               -- the 2nd partition is like 60 gigs, does an05:01
qed              ubuntu live CD repartition so I wont lose data on               that second partition?  I want to repartition and05:01
qed              put a 20gig Ubuntu install on the 2nd partition05:01
thechitowncubsIs there any way to revert to my entire filesystem back to how it was when I installed it?05:01
qedwhoa sorry for how broken that is05:01
EnvoyRisingqed:  the livecd lets you select which partition to instal onto and how much of that partition to dedicate to ubuntu05:02
Exershiohey, I'm having such a hard time right now. I did a fresh install of gutsy, tried doing a binary install of 8.02 radeon drivers, then reverted back and tried using the restricted driver manager to use the proprietary drivers that are in the repository, but it keeps using Mesa! I don't know why it doesn't get the fact I want fglrx05:02
dogpigeoncowenvoyrising: are those commands the same?05:02
N6REJOverlord_David: if you use a well known wifi card you probably will be fine.  You can always check with the manufacturer to see if they have linux drivers05:02
tickbeeAnyone have any ideas why one of my hard drives formatted in ext3, would suddenly lose it's partition?  I see the disk as /dev/hdd but there is no /dev/hdd1 anymore.  This drive was part of a software raid 5 using mdadm, somehow ubuntu lost the partition after restarting.  When I do fdisk -l, i can see the /dev/hdd1 though???05:02
N6REJstay away from belkin05:02
Overlord_DavidIt isn't a wifi card05:02
Overlord_Davidit's a dongle you plug into the USB port.05:02
dogpigeoncownow i need sudo GUile 1.805:03
EnvoyRisingdogpigeoncow: essentially. aptitude just remembers dependencies better so that when you uninstall packages you don't have a whole bunch of extra packages left over. supposedly apt-get does this nowadays, but i'm not sure how well05:03
N6REJOverlord_David: dude it is a card!! what do you think is in that dongle??05:03
Overlord_DavidIt's designed specificly for things like a PSP or Nintendo DS.05:03
EnvoyRisingapt-get is the defacto though, so i'd go with that one since you're more familiar with it05:03
Overlord_DavidHeck if I know. hah05:03
N6REJOverlord_David: kk, so you want to use a psp dev on a pc?05:03
dogpigeoncow*** Liquid War 6 needs Guile 1.8 (05:03
Overlord_Davidyeah so I can use X-link Kai05:03
Overlord_Davidbut I also use Vonage05:04
simpsDoes anyone know how to add to the clipboard or see the clipboard via terminal commands?05:04
N6REJOverlord_David: why not jsut use a reg wifi card?05:04
KiD_ChAoShow can i update my repositories? For instance i want to download and install KDE 4 but if i go to add/remove programs i only see older versions05:04
N6REJtrying to save $$?05:04
EnvoyRisinginstall that dev package s well dogpigeoncow :(05:04
Overlord_Davidso instead of getting a second router with wireless05:04
Overlord_Davidbecause they don't seem to have phone jacks05:04
Overlord_Davidthis seemed to be the cost effective way.05:04
dogpigeoncowyes i know but wat is the command for that? isnt it also some fancy name with nubmers?05:04
Overlord_Davidas it was 10 bucks.05:04
dogpigeoncowwhere do i find the name to use in code05:05
Magishenhey guys how do i see what scripts load when ubuntu starts05:05
N6REJwth??? wait a minute what are you talking about lol now you've got me totally lost.....05:05
EnvoyRisingyou have access to your synaptic yet?05:05
N6REJyou've already bought the device?05:05
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)05:05
qedso just to clarify, as i understand it, ubuntu comes with partition tools to repartition an existing partition with data on it to prevent data loss, and still install ubuntu assuming enough free space exists?05:05
qedis this correct?05:05
emmaprince_jammys,  oooooh.. That makes a lot of sense. That could really be it!05:05
emmaprince_jammys,  how do you know all of these things??05:05
prince_jammysemma i am a google master :)05:05
exst_mhuaIs there a good tutorial or article about remote desktop (for accessing & to access) for Ubuntu?05:06
prince_jammysemma   googled ubuntu flac too many open files05:06
Magishenhow do i see what starts up when ubuntu starts05:06
EnvoyRisingprince_jammys: lmao i suppose i always assume people have already tried google before coming here05:06
emmaprince_jammys,  i really did look around on google for this one, but you must have really looked in the right place.05:06
Overlord_DavidIt basicly plugs into my hard wired PC and sends a wireless signal from that.  If vonage sold wireless routers with phone jacks this wouldn't have came up. As my computer can also receive wireless signal.05:06
prince_jammysemma i know, the flac is what did it05:06
exst_mhuaMagishen, under System > Admin > services05:07
prince_jammysemma you have been unlucky05:07
EnvoyRisingflac is a sound codec, right?05:07
prince_jammysemma finding all the bugs05:07
emmaprince_jammys,  i was googling:  nautilus ubuntu crash  and then for a while:  nautilus ubuntu external hard drive.05:07
EnvoyRisinghi mcalautt what you need?05:07
qedso just to clarify, as i understand it, ubuntu comes with partition tools to repartition an existing partition with data on it to prevent data loss, and still install ubuntu assuming enough free space exists?05:07
mcalauttwas installing server edition05:07
emmaprince_jammys,  yeah from my perspective Feisty was so much better :) But I have to believe people when everyone is saying Gutsy is better.05:07
prince_jammysemma i know, it was the flac that brought up the post05:07
EnvoyRisingemma: with google, too vague of searches gets you no where. usually, if you type in the exact error, you'll find an answer pretty quick05:08
prince_jammysemma you have been exceptionally unlucky05:08
mcalauttskipped over my network card .. said it wasnt detected.05:08
emmaI always kind of thought I was exceptionally unlucky..05:08
MagishenDoes anyone know when I start ubuntu why it freezes within like 15 seconds.. is there anyway i can stop this?05:08
prince_jammysemma  lol05:08
EnvoyRisingemma: in fact, i usually just cut and paste from the command line the error i get and get brought to the exact post05:08
emma*nods* you guys really have a knack of this.05:09
tickbeeAnyone have any ideas why one of my hard drives formatted in ext3, would suddenly lose it's partition?  I see the disk as /dev/hdd but there is no /dev/hdd1 anymore.  This drive was part of a software raid 5 using mdadm, somehow ubuntu lost the partition after restarting.  When I do fdisk -l, i can see the /dev/hdd1 though???05:09
fredsuaneed help getting my movie DVDs to work05:09
KiD_ChAoSwhats the easiest way of installing the KDE desktop enviorment05:09
exst_mhuaMagishen, heres a good read where to look for apps & services that run during startup http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#Speed-up_Ubuntu05:09
EnvoyRisingKiD_ChAoS: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop05:09
samuelsup guys05:09
martin_Someoen just helped me with this the other day, do'h. How do I add a user to a group? I'm trying to run VirtualBox but the user needs root privledges05:10
KiD_ChAoSEnvoyRising, will that install all the components to? like my wifi manager and all that05:10
mcalauttwas installing server edition and it skipped over my network card .. said it wasnt detected... its a known card..  3com 3c509.  do I need a driver disk or something ?05:10
EnvoyRisingKiD_ChAoS: yeah, just install and log out, then click kde from sessions05:10
LeechzillaThough my sound works, there is no output from the headphone jack and SPDIF port. Do I need to compile ALSA from source or is there another alternative to get the latest version?05:11
mcalauttu can use usermod to add a user to a groujp05:11
KiD_ChAoSEnvoyRising, ok05:11
mcalauttusermod -G <group> <username>05:11
KiD_ChAoSthank you EnvoyRising05:11
=== macogw_ is now known as macogw
MagishenAlright thanks a lot exst_mhua im gonna restart and see if this works..05:12
exst_mhuaMagishen, np05:12
EnvoyRisingKiD_ChAoS: np05:14
EnvoyRisingfinally settled down in here, lol05:15
erudifiedHey all, is Hardy stable enough to use yet?05:15
Ububeginhei guys any recommendations for a great theme like Ubuntu-satanic edition like that05:16
erudifiedLast I tried it, I believe XGL was broken (some gtk sudo permissions error?)05:16
tickbeeIf only there was a hard drive/fs guru :(05:16
erudifiedUbubegin, I love the Murrine engine and MurrineLoveGray05:16
emmaThis is really the page that seems to have people with a similar problem as me -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=592626&page=305:16
emmaso that's good that Ubuntu is aware of this.05:16
Ownerwhat kind of shell is goin to use on remote machine we we use "rsh"?05:16
prince_jammysemma some general google tips: start with the word "ubuntu" -- paste a chunk of the literal error message (try both within quotes and without) -- if a long error message doesnt work, just a piece that you think is descriptive -- and if that doesnt work, a keyword of what you're doing when the error happens (ie. mounting, playing music) ...05:16
prince_jammysemma yes, thats the page05:16
EnvoyRisingtickbee: yeah, sorry man. you lost me at raid :(05:16
Ububeginerudified: engine.... i am just looking for a visual theme...05:17
prince_jammysemma but it only turned up early with the keyword "flac" included05:17
tickbeeEnvoyRising: ya, the problem is i don't know if it's the raid that screwed it up, or ubuntu05:17
erudifiedYes, GTK has theme engines05:17
erudifiedMurrine uses Cairo for drawing, so it's fast if you have compositing05:17
erudifiedand it looks great, especially with G-Flat SVG icons ;05:17
EnvoyRisingtickbee: you could always try running a livecd and see if its recognized. that would at least let you know that its a config problem and not hardware failure05:17
Ububeginerudfied: hmm, maybe worth a look... tks05:18
carpediemUbubegin: what theme are you looking for?05:18
prince_jammysemma anyway it doesnt seem that the sound preview thing is fully reliable , but maybe it works05:18
Ownerhow can I get shell name - get name of the shell (bash - csh ,etc) thatm I'm using now ?05:18
erudifiedWhat version of the FGLRX driver is currently in Hardy?05:18
prince_jammysemma that definitely qualifies as a bug05:18
Ububeginsomething like satanic edition... where they change everything like sound, artwork and so forth...05:18
macogwOwner: "ps" will show it05:18
erudifiedLast time I tried it, XGL was broken and AIGLX was slow as hell05:19
macogwOwner: without any arguments it just shows whats running in that shell05:19
tickbeeEnvoyRising: it's worth trying, though I'd still be effectively stuck, I have a feeling it's not hardware failure, everything looks fine in fdisk -l, and mdadm is finicky enough that it most likely then not, is part of the problem05:19
prince_jammysemma notice that the bonobo thing appears in the same thread05:19
Owneroh yeah05:19
Ububegincarpediem: something like satanic edition... where they change everything like sound, artwork and so forth...05:19
EnvoyRisingtickbee:  i know you say mounting fails but have you tried a forced mount?05:19
carpediemUbubegin: no such thing, as far as I know.  I could be wrong, but most of the time themes are specific to one part of the overall system05:19
erudifiedcarpediem, check out gnome-look.org - like I said, I use the Murrine engine, MurrineLoveGray, and the G-Flat SVG Icon themes, with Kiba dock05:20
Ububegincarpediem: Oh, so Ubuntu Satanic is currently the only one... :O05:20
EnvoyRisingprince_jammys: geez, i thought they were deprecating bonobo anyways :-\05:20
erudifiedif your card supports compositing, it's silly nasty omg fast ;)05:20
prince_jammysEnvoyRising: i dont know what it is05:20
tickbeeEnvoyRising: even forcing it still gives it an error that it can't find it05:20
erudifiedFirefox 3.0b3 is recommended too, it integrates really really nicely with your gnome icon theme05:20
own1xHeya, I was wondering if anyone in here has gotten q3.nrg to mount successfully ?05:20
carpediemerudified: he said something that includes new sounds.  I've tried every single theme on gnome-look, and as I said, no such thing I know of05:20
Liono_pam is the pluggable authentication modules framework used by some unix(-ish) systems. it logs unsuccessful screen unlock events but not succesful ones in auth.log. i need succesful ones too. can i replace this pam with the one that does logs? or any other solutions --   ?05:21
tickbeeEnvoyRising: it's all really weird, if the partition didn't show up in fdisk -l, i would think something with the hardware is up, but since it shows up fine, and everything looks right, i just don't see what differentiates it from any of my other hard drives which have no problem showing up05:21
erudifiedcarpediem, I guess you didn't click the "SYSTEM SOUNDS" button eh? ;)05:21
MagishenOi I restarted and I noticed the file where I can go to my windows documents is gone and ubuntu keeps freezing :l05:22
Ownerin which file can I set environment variables for all user for sh shell ?05:22
EnvoyRisingtickbee: damn, i'm stumped. **flashes the hd guru man signal and waits for help**05:22
tickbeeEnvoyRising: lol, well thanks for the suggestions anyways, i hate problems like this, i don't even know what to google for, it's such an obscure problem, looking for "detect disk but not partition" and things like it gives me nothing useful05:24
tickbeeirc was my last bastion of hope05:24
jay-oh-enwheres java located05:24
jay-oh-ensun java05:24
erudifiedwhich java05:24
EnvoyRisingjay-oh-en: or if which shows nothing "locate java"05:25
samuelis it possible to share a unionfs directory via nfs kernel server?05:25
simpsDoes anyone know how to add to the clipboard or see the clipboard via terminal commands?05:25
EnvoyRisingtickbee: i hear ya. i just hate when people come here and CAN'T find help. back of my head i'm thinkin "darn, and thats one of the few things we have over microsoft"05:25
prince_jammystickbee: you have a device that you can see with fdisk -l but you cant mount it?05:26
MagishenDoes anyone have any ideas why Ubuntu keeps freezing on me? It keeps freezing, the only thing I can move is the mouse..anyone?05:26
Magishensimps: right click05:26
erudifiedfew things? hahah, I guess you haven't tried vista ;)05:26
tickbeeprince_jammys: yes, it shows up fine in fdisk -l, /dev/hdd and /dev/hdd1, but when i look in /dev, i only see /dev/hdd05:26
pjm491Anyone know how to get a Nvidia 8800 Card working in Ubuntu?  I am new to Ubuntu....but it appears that the system is not detecting my card....I found instructions on Google that did not seem to help me...I am using Ubuntu 7.10 and AMD64 bit edition......05:27
EnvoyRisingerudified: i was assuming that vista wasn't in the consideration as a representation of windows, as much as kde4 isn't a representation of kde or linux :P05:27
tickbeeprince_jammys: fdisk -l see's all my disks fine, no problems whatsoever, but trying to mount or do anything with /dev/hdd1, all i get is device not found errors05:27
EnvoyRisingfyi vista came preinstalled on this laptop05:27
simpsMagishen, but i want it so that i can type a command and it'll show the clipboard05:27
emmaprince_jammys,  yep I think it's a bug. I posted a message to the last person there, because they still think they have to logout completely to fix it.  I found  you can open a terminal and type killall nautilus and that fixes it as long as restarting does, but without having to interupt any apps.05:27
thechitowncubsCan someone tell me if I just completely borked my install, i just uninstalled ldap on my server while i was logged in as a client05:27
thechitowncubsand i have no other users on my install besides root05:27
thechitowncubsbut I can't login as root05:28
prince_jammysemma hope it works ... it made sense because i remember you mentioning that you had a lot of music on one drive05:28
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:28
erudifiedEnvoyRising, Same thing applies to XP - no real shell, circa 1995 UI, weakest file manager on any platform, etc05:28
Les_Caesarsis there a way I can keep track of what a program does in the terminal? I'm trying to figure out what makes the "EJECT" emblem come up when I hit the eject key. I want to make the same emblem come up in a bash script I'm making05:28
EnvoyRisingerudified: true. lmao.. imagine my surprise trying to grep on cmd05:28
emmaWell a goodly amount. 1.7 Gigs in one directory.05:28
erudifiedThe only thing any version of windows has going for it is Office and the Adobe suite05:28
EnvoyRisingerudified: but they have crysis :P05:29
erudifiedYeah, games, but I think most people have a console nowadays05:29
thechitowncubsAnyone have any idea if i can get back into my system05:29
pjm491Anyone know how to get a Nvidia 8800 Card working in Ubuntu?  I am new to Ubuntu....but it appears that the system is not detecting my card....I found instructions on Google that did not seem to help me...I am using Ubuntu 7.10 and AMD64 bit edition......05:29
AtomicSparkerudified: second05:29
erudifiedExcept FPS/RTS folks I suppose05:29
prince_jammystickbee: have you tried mounting it thru fstab?05:29
EnvoyRisingerudified: let us also keep in mind i was speaking specifically on a community/customer service point of view05:29
EnvoyRisingspeaking of file manager >when will gnome fix the horrible file chooser dialog05:30
tickbeeprince_jammys: yes, that's how I was normally mounting it, then one time when i restarted, it didn't mount, and hasn't mounted ever since05:30
erudifiedhehehe, I like the type-ahead find in the gnome file dialog05:30
emmaprince_jammys,  something else I read there sounded like maybe Nautilus starts the preview on mouseover, which would make sense since I putz around with the mouse while I'm sitting here listening, my mouse really goes everywhere.05:30
thechitowncubshelp please05:30
thechitowncubscan i login as root somehow?05:31
EnvoyRisingas for the person asking about the 8800, download the nvidia proprietary drivers and restart05:31
prince_jammysemma yeah05:31
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:31
erudifiedemma, check out the nautilus scripts on gnome-look, maybe you can find a replacement?05:31
erudifiedand what the hell are audio previews, any way?05:31
prince_jammystickbee how is it identified in fstab?  as /dev/blah   or UUID?05:31
dehspehlEnvoyRising: I believe it's in GTK so you would have to change that manually.05:31
erudifiedI think it's a gnome/nautilus thing, not a gtk thing (could be wrong though)05:31
pjm491anyone using a Nvidia 8800 GTS card with Ubuntu?  How did you get it to work properly???05:32
dehspehlEnvoyRising: I take it you are talking about the GTKFileChooser or whatever05:32
EnvoyRisingdehspehl: ha, like the dev team would even accept that as a patch... "but it's too complicated for users" they'd say05:32
KLinCan anyone tell me why Gimp 2.2 hangs at the search for plug-ins in version 6.06 (Dapper)?05:32
EnvoyRisingdehspehl: yes i am05:32
erudifiedEnvoyRising, what's wrong with it?05:32
erudifiedI don't really like the left pane myself05:32
LeechzillaHow can I update my alsa to the latest version without compiling it from source? I can get it from hardy repositories or something?05:32
Jigshello there, how to change the dual boot menu? i wanna make my xp the as the primary and make my ubuntu as my secondary.. and how to change the time delay?05:32
tickbeeprince_jammys: Ok, backstory, it's not mounted directly, it's mounted as part of a /dev/md0 device that uses /dev/hdd1, /dev/hde1, /hdev/hdg1, and that uses /dev/md0 uses a UUID loaded from a mdadm.conf05:33
erudifiedI do prefer it to the windows file dialog simply because of the type-ahead find, but in the file path text box, if you put in a directory and hit enter the dialog doesn't switch to that dir, and that is The Suck05:33
prince_jammystickbee: ah05:33
EnvoyRisingerudified: the pane, the lack of a tree view05:33
tickbeeprince_jammys: all three of those, hdd1, hde1, hdg1 show up fine in fdisk -l, hde1 and hdg1 show up in the /dev folder, but hdd1 does not05:34
erudifiedEnvoyRising, It may actually be gconf-editable, worth looking into05:34
EnvoyRisingjust seems lacking in features compared to kde's05:34
dehspehlEnvoyRising: that's why you have to replace it manually. keeping forks and patches are common in open source, but at least they are possible05:34
AtomicSparkhere is a question i've been wondering, when installing new software and it comes with dependencies, when uninstalling said software, it doesn't remove the dependencies that it installed. is there any way to get rid of anything safely?05:34
tickbeeprince_jammys: so when it goes to mount /dev/md0 at startup, it can't find /dev/hdd1, it only sees the other 205:34
AtomicSpark*everything not anything05:34
erudifiedI used to be a KDE user, but they've kinda jumped the shark with KDE4... I go for more of a minimalist desktop, not lacking in eye candy (I love the cube/scale compiz effects, and they're silly fast) but there's minimal screen real estate wasted05:35
EnvoyRisingdehspehl: i should count my blessings that at least i can change things manually instead of having to wait 3 years for a release that botches it up futher, huh? (**cough, vista** cough)05:35
erudifiedthe new KDE dock/menu just eat wayyy to much screen for my taste05:35
tickbeeprince_jammys: i'm pretty confident "wiping" out the hard drives would fix it so they detect again, but after i setup the raid again, i will most likely be back to square 105:35
erudifiedI'm sure it'll get much better though05:35
erudifiedI like how compositing is more integral to the desktop05:35
dehspehlerudified: no, it won't05:35
EnvoyRisingerudified: i like e17 myself. i cant wait until that gets into a usable state05:35
erudifiedYeah, E17 is philosophically where I want to be05:36
AtomicSparkerudified: i could never use KVM because everything is way too big for me. :P05:36
dehspehlerudified: but someone will make a replacement or we can keep around legacy apps (legacy apps that just so happen to be half of the DE)05:36
prince_jammystickbee: i see. i'm not familiar with that mounting setup.05:36
dehspehlEnvoyRising: personally I don't care much for file chooser05:36
tickbeeprince_jammys: not sure if your familiar with mdadm, but it seems to me, that's there's nothing i can do using mdadm to reassemble it until it can actually SEE the /dev/hdd1 partition, and not being able to see that partition in /dev makes me think something outside of mdadm is affecting it05:36
erudifiedThe KDE guys aren't dumb, they're getting the APIs right05:36
tickbeeprince_jammys: :( well, thanks for trying at least05:37
ganeshhow to get calender settings in thunderbird05:37
erudifiedwhen it's all ironed out they'll start to really pull ahead of GNOME again I think, then GNOME will put out 3.0 ;)05:37
macogwEnvoyRising: its plenty usable05:37
AtomicSparkerudified: what's wrong with gnome?05:37
prince_jammystickbee: yeah i'm sorry.  i'll probably end up learning about that setup by watching what happens with you :)05:37
erudifiedIt's not quite configurable enough for my taste05:37
dehspehlis it just me or are DEs going back to the idea of "lots of space to put xterms in"05:38
erudifiedI don't really like gnome-terminal very much either, or rhythmbox05:38
EnvoyRisingmacogw: not on its own. the file manager is beyond unstable05:38
EnvoyRisingnot to mention way too simplistic05:38
AtomicSparkerudified: didn't know gnome and kde had different terms05:38
erudifiedEnvoyRising, You might like http://rox.sf.net/05:38
prince_jammysuh oh desktop war05:38
tickbeeprince_jammys: lol, everything was working beautifully, until *poof* one time i restarted, and now i have this odd error of a "ghost" partition that's there but not there05:38
erudifiedYeah, I much prefer konsole and juk05:38
EnvoyRisingprince_jammys: hardly. i certaintly don't mean it to be anyways05:39
dehspehlprince_jammys: it's worse than that05:39
erudifiedNah, I mean, I don't really use KDE or GNOME05:39
erudifiedI use gnome-session05:39
t0ny-p40How do I find out what version of ubuntu I'm using?05:39
prince_jammysgo kde05:39
EnvoyRisingprince_jammys: i'm not saying "gnome sucks" or "kde sucks"05:39
dehspehlt0ny-p40: cat /etc/issue05:39
erudifiedNautilus is way too slow for me... I use Rox to manage the root window and Kiba-dock for a task manager/start menu05:39
dehspehlt0ny-p40: i think...05:39
t0ny-p40thanks dehspehl05:39
macogwEnvoyRising: oh. i dont use file managers.05:39
prince_jammysEnvoyRising: i know, just kidding05:39
erudifiedI probably use compiz window grouping more than anyone alive lol05:40
prince_jammysmacogw: console only?05:40
EnvoyRisingmacogw: hard core command line person yeah?05:40
AtomicSparklol console only desktop05:40
macogwEnvoyRising: yes05:40
macogwprince_jammys: ^05:40
prince_jammysi use them les and less myself05:40
AtomicSparkerudified: nautilus slow? are you kidding me? do you remember xp/vista?05:41
erudifiedAtomicSpark, try using Rox for a few minutes05:41
erudifiedNautilus is dead slow ;) it blocks when generating previews, etc05:41
mithrowhere can I find information about creating diverts in debs?05:42
EnvoyRisingmacogw: maybe some day i'll be as good as you then, but i'm spoiled :| at least with file operations05:42
CrazyPhil_Hi. Do they exist a program to view powerpoint .pss and .ppt that don't require wine? (I only know PPTView and he require it..)05:42
EnvoyRisingi did go through a "command line only web browsing is the sh**" phase for about a week thioguh, lol05:43
AtomicSparkCrazyPhil_: open office should beable to open them. :\ not sure.05:43
EnvoyRisingCrazyPhil_: open offic or koffice05:43
EnvoyRisingAtomicSpark: your'e right05:43
dehspehlerudified: i haven't found a single non trivial app that doesn't block on images and etc05:43
mithroa google for things like "apt divert" and "dpkg divert" didn't turn up much useful05:43
AtomicSparkerudified: so explain this blocking of previews?05:44
erudifieddehspehl, ones that spawn separate threads and load the previews lazily allow you to do whatever you want while previews are getting generated05:44
CrazyPhil_Open office open them in "editing" mode.. :\ I am looking for a slide show mode.. maybe an open office option?05:44
amenadoCrazyPhil_-> you can put the openoffice into slide mode after05:44
erudifiedNautilus just freezes while it loads however many image previews are in the dir05:44
Jigsis it ok to used firestarter as my firewall?05:44
dehspehlerudified: well perhaps my box just sucks at multithreaded and it's really the time to fork05:44
CrazyPhil_amenado, ok! ty :)05:45
dehspehlerudified: err, the time it takes to fork is what I'm noticing05:45
n2diyHow can I restart/reset a comm port? Every couple of weeks my external modem appears to be busy to Ubuntu. Even when I disconnect  the modem, kppp tells me it is busy, so it seems to be a software issue?05:45
buffdaemonhello shashi sir05:45
AtomicSparkerudified: huh. havent seen this problem. :P maybe i'm not stressing it enough.05:45
erudifieddehspehl, it doesn't matter how long it takes to init the thread or fork or whatever05:45
magickI'm having trouble booting. Specifically, it takes 10 minutes to boot. I tried bootchart, but its before bootcharg loads as bootchart shows only 23s or so. "Starting up..." appears for 10 minutes before it actually boots. If I disable ACPI, it boots up quickly.05:45
chrisb_does anyone know how i can speed up a build  other than make -jn05:45
ac1dhelp! i need to install 'Dynamips' but... i can only find a .bin and a source file... so how do i compile things from source?05:45
erudifiedAtomicSpark, download 3000+ images, stick them in a directory, browse to it, change a few, upload it, etc, it becomes obvious quickly05:45
erudifiedmanage images with subversion and update, half the directory changes, etc05:46
AtomicSparkhmm. makes sense.05:46
erudifiedit does the same thing with text file previews, it's less noticable though05:46
ac1dcompiling source code in Ubuntu how do i do it?05:46
prince_jammys+compile | ac1d05:46
Ububeginwhere is this located... System->Preferences->Appearance ... is this gutsy..but i have fiesty.. so where can i find it05:47
erudifiedand, uh, i feel like text file previews are pretty retarded anyways so I just turn them off =(05:47
prince_jammys!compile | ac1d05:47
ubotuac1d: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:47
n2diyacld, download the file, and read the README docs.05:47
prince_jammysUbubegin: what are you trying to change?05:48
plong0hello friends05:48
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   sorry to call you out, but do you know how to speed up a build process?05:48
plong0oh wait, I am not in the terminal any more05:48
Ububeginprince_jammys: Gnome-themes05:48
prince_jammysUbubegin: Pref->Themes05:49
plong0I am having a problem with my boot after performing a dist-upgrade05:49
AtomicSparkchrisb_: build process of what?05:49
prince_jammysUbubegin: is it there?05:49
EnvoyRisingchrisb_: speed up the build process: play a round of urban terror or some other addictive thing05:49
liranhey im trying to compile apache 2.2.*05:49
Ububeginprince_jammys: but i cant seem to ubuntu satanic there... i just followed the tutorial and installed it... :|05:50
liranand im getting this error while configuring05:50
liran/bin/bash: /root/httpd-2.2.8/srclib/pcre/configure: No such file or directory05:50
liranconfigure failed for srclib/pcre05:50
liranwhat i need to do  to fix this05:50
prince_jammysUbubegin: mm i don't know.  some downloaded themes dont seem to work05:50
ac1dubotu: need some help compiling05:50
EnvoyRisingliran, can you paste the exact command you use and the output to pastebin?05:50
plong0liran: do you have pcre in your /root/httpd-2.2.8/srclib directory?05:50
P1rowhat is the default root passwod atfer the install of ubuntu ?05:51
prince_jammysUbubegin: that is the correct way to install them05:51
towliehas anyone here installed an encrypted ubuntu partition05:51
ac1dubotu: i need help compiling this file here: http://www.ipflow.utc.fr/dynamips/dynamips-0.2.7.tar.gz05:51
nickrud!root | P1ro (there is none)05:51
ubotuP1ro (there is none): Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:51
TurtleOfDoomP1ro: :there is no root password05:51
Ububeginprince_jammys: :( ... so much for that $hit...05:51
chrisb_@EnvoyRising   haha...  I like it!05:51
plong0towlie, don't forget to bring a toweeeel05:51
liranplong0: yes there is a dir called pcre in srclib05:51
ac1dneed help compiling this file here: http://www.ipflow.utc.fr/dynamips/dynamips-0.2.7.tar.gz05:51
ac1dplease help05:51
AtomicSparkis he talking to ubotu? lols05:51
plong0liran, it has the configure file in it?05:51
prince_jammysUbubegin: :) sorry05:51
towliei set up ubuntu with an encrypted partition but i forgot the encryption password...05:51
plong0towlie, happens to me all the time lol05:52
AtomicSparktowlie: you're sol sorry. :)05:52
liranplong0: nop05:52
plong0liran, that is your problem then05:52
towliesol because its encrypted ?05:52
prince_jammysac1d: did you read the link?05:52
liranplong0: why its empty then? i downloaded the source from apache website05:52
plong0liran, what is inside of that directory?05:52
liranplong0: nothing05:52
TurtleOfDoomtowlie: without the password there is nothing you can do, that's the entire point of encryption05:52
Ububeginprince_jammys: yeah nway i followed this page.... http://happylinuxthoughts.blogspot.com/2007/10/ubuntu-satanic-edition.html.... hmm, wat went wrong... though the visuals look impressive...05:52
fuffalohow do i make a wine application go in full screen?  currently my top and bottom bar are overtop of it05:52
nickrudliran: have you looked at the docs in the build directory?05:53
ac1dprince_jammys: yeap, i did, i dont understand im still to much of a linux newb05:53
AtomicSparkman this sucks. i can't get ubuntu to work in kvm now.05:54
prince_jammysac1d what is that package you are trying to install?05:54
plong0liran, you could maybe try downloading the pcre modules from pcre.org (make sure you get the write version!) and extracting them to that directory05:54
erudifiedVista could have been pretty awesome if they'd made WinFS as cool as it sounded and incorporated Interix (basically a Unix kernel running alongside NT)05:54
chrisb_@AtomicSpark   i'm building Ubuntu from source, and I know I can use make -jn, but I'm wondering if there's another way05:54
erudifiedAnd that Monad shell, that sounded kickass too05:54
liranplong0: thanks i will try05:54
plong0liran, if you don't need pcre, you could comment that line out.... or maybe read the docs, there is probably a command line option to disable it05:54
erudifiedInstead they left everything that was remotely interesting out of it and added ribbons to office05:54
erudified./configure --help|grep pcre05:55
* TurtleOfDoom actually likes the ribbons05:55
prince_jammysUbubegin: this theme - is it a login theme?05:55
* AtomicSpark likes the ribbons too05:55
ac1dprince_jammys: im trying to get Dynamips working05:55
* AtomicSpark some of them... somtimes finding something is hard05:55
nickrudac1d: basically sudo provides user access to things that normally require a root password, on a user or command basis, as configured. In ubuntu, the first user has rights to run everything, with his/her own password05:55
ac1dprince_jammys: I can conly find source tho05:55
erudifiedI didn't make any ribbon value judgements ;) I just feel the other stuff was a bit more... integral05:55
Ububeginprince_jammys: login, gnome, screensaver and etc... all together...05:55
liranhow can i extract tar.gz to the same directory that im on ?05:56
nickrudliran: tar xf <file>05:56
plong0liran, it's always a good idea to read - and understand - the docs when installing...  or else find a tutorial on the web (probably loads for installing apache2)05:56
prince_jammys!info dynamips | ac1d05:56
ubotuac1d: dynamips (source: dynamips): Cisco 7200/3600/3725/3745/2691 Router Emulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.2.7-1 (gutsy), package size 316 kB, installed size 896 kB05:56
TurtleOfDoomliran: tar -xzf filename05:56
erudifiedtar xzf <file>05:56
prince_jammysac1d: that?05:56
n2diyliran, are you in Nautilus?05:56
* AtomicSpark wants ribbons in open office05:56
ac1dprince_jammys: duno, what does that do? sorry, really really big linux newb here05:57
ac1dubotu: yes!05:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about yes! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:57
ac1dubotu: thats whay i need05:57
plong0I was wondering if anyone could help me... having a bit of a weird problem after dist-upgrade05:57
prince_jammysac1d: hey05:57
nickrudac1d: ubotu is a bot :)05:57
prince_jammysac1d:  ubotu is bot :)05:57
erudifiedWhat version of Gnome is in Hardy?05:57
ac1dprince_jammys: dam it, i just worked that out :p05:57
ac1dprince_jammys: lol05:57
Newbuntu2hello all05:57
TurtleOfDoom!hi | Newbuntu205:58
ubotuNewbuntu2: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:58
prince_jammysok ac1d: you can get it from apt-- you dont need to compile it yourself05:58
prince_jammysac1d: do you know how to do that?05:58
EnvoyRisinggrrr! i love ruby, but there seems to be no community outside of rails.. its all python :(05:58
Newbuntu2I'm moving my server from gentoo to ubuntu, and I want to add my RAID 5 array. can anyone help me so I don't lose all my information?05:58
nickrud!info libgnomeui-0 hardy05:58
lirani meant how i extract the files from the tar.gz to be in the same directory that im on and not create a new dir05:58
ubotulibgnomeui-0 (source: libgnomeui): The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - runtime files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.21.91-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 240 kB, installed size 736 kB05:58
ac1dprince_jammys let me guess... sudo apt-get dynamipcs?05:58
ac1dwithout the c05:58
plong0my /dev/hda1 drive doesn't show up after I upgraded...  it boots grub off it, but then ends up in my ubuntustudio install on sdb1 and I have no way to get to hda105:58
nickruderudified: 2.21.9105:58
prince_jammysac1d: sudo apt-get install dyn.....05:59
prince_jammysac1d like that05:59
erudifiedI was thinking it'd have 2.605:59
EnvoyRisingac1d: when in doubt, apt it out05:59
n2diyEnvoyRising: have you checked out #ruby-lang?05:59
AtomicSparkEnvoyRising: I just just PHP. I am a simple guy. :P05:59
erudified2.22 is slated for inclusion I take it?05:59
nickruderudified: that's gtk05:59
sleepwalkhey could ANYONE please tell me the best way to rebuild my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file???  My current video settings are correct, but when I reboot I loose the setup...I also noticed some minor errors in the xorg.conf file.  ANY ideas???05:59
TurtleOfDoomliran: you could just move the file after you extract it05:59
=== sven_oostenbrink is now known as phoenixz
EnvoyRisingn2diy: no, was in ruby. i'll give it a shot, thanks!05:59
prince_jammysac1d: and if doesnt work, it's because you need to enable "multiverse" in System->Admin->Software sources05:59
nickrud!info libgtk2.0-0 hardy | erudified05:59
ubotuerudified: libgtk2.0-0 (source: gtk+2.0): The GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.12.8-1 (hardy), package size 2014 kB, installed size 4952 kB05:59
ac1dprince_jammys: okay, done... know where does it install to on a linux machine?05:59
n2diyEnvoyRising: GL05:59
towliehey guys06:00
prince_jammysac1d somewhere inside /usr/share , probably06:00
plong0hey towlie06:00
erudifiedhttp://www.gnome.org/start/2.6/ they are confusing =(06:00
towliewho told me that u was sol06:00
prince_jammysac1d why?06:00
ac1dprince_jammys: see if it works06:00
nickruderudified: ah, that's really really old :)06:00
prince_jammysac1d: try installing it now06:00
erudifiedahh, 2.22 is newer than 2.6? hehe06:00
erudified2.06 I guess06:00
=== marcial is now known as own1x
nickruderudified: read that way, yes06:01
towlieplong0,  were you the one who said I was sol cause i forgot my password ?06:01
ac1dprince_jammys: i did the apt-get but now how do i get into it?06:01
plong0towlie, no, I was the one who reminded you to bring a towel06:01
Newbuntu2help with starting my RAID array, anyone?06:01
own1xis there a bash command that will display your current kernal build?06:01
nickrudown1x: uname -a06:01
starkedWould anyone here know how to get SDL working with Anjuta?06:01
erudifiednickrud, can you comment on fglrx/xgl? Last I tried hardy, it seemed to use aiglx and maybe the xrender drawing backend? It was much much slower than xgl/fglrx on 7.1006:01
prince_jammysac1d: check to see if you have something new inside your menus06:01
towlieim back in ubuntu06:01
n2diynickrud: uname -a06:01
nickruderudified: not in hardy, no06:01
samuelanyone know why a unionfs directory cannot be exported with nfs??? whats the problem with this?06:01
erudifiedxgl wouldn't work at all (some gtk sudo error)06:02
nickrudn2diy: lol06:02
prince_jammysac1d: probably in "internet"06:02
EnvoyRisingjeez, it took me forever to remember GL was not just openGL but also good luck06:02
ac1dprince_jammys: nope06:02
prince_jammysdoes gnome use internet or networking in the menus?06:02
prince_jammysmenu names06:02
nickruderudified: but I did find that the aiglx in the fglrx from ati sucked06:02
n2diynickrud: wrong nick, right answer, :)06:03
prince_jammysac1d: mmm06:03
ac1dprince_jammys: when  i ran the apt-get it says 'dynamips is already the newest version.'06:03
erudifiedYeah, very disappointing06:03
prince_jammysac1d: ah you had it installed already06:03
nickrudn2diy: I read my post three times, looking for the error.06:03
prince_jammystry typing --> dynamips06:03
n2diynickrud: things move fast here.06:04
=== edwin_ is now known as EnvoyRising
ac1dprince_jammys: did that06:04
prince_jammysac1d: did anything happen?06:04
EnvoyRisingok, so now i have a question, what would case me to get automatically logged out every few hours or so?06:04
ac1dprince_jammys: nup, but im trying a 'remove' then 'install' it again06:04
prince_jammysac1d i dont think you need to06:04
alannaWhenever I attempt to start a song in amarok or kaffeine, it just freezes. I downloaded the newest version of ALSA, still nothin06:05
starkedWould anyone here know how to get SDL working with Anjuta?06:05
MagoonDI am having problems mounting some usb flash drives in gutsy, specifically ones with fat or fat32 but other drives that are the same filesystem work can someone help me?06:05
nickrudac1d: if you're removing for a reinstall, do a 'complete removal' in synaptic, or sudo apt-get remove --purge <package> (that gets configuration files as well)06:05
prince_jammysnickrud: do you know anything about that package?06:05
nickrudprince_jammys: enough to know it's about cisco :)06:06
Jigshello there, how to change the dual boot menu? i wanna make my xp as the primary and make my ubuntu as my secondary.. and how to change the time delay?06:06
exst_mhuaalanna, check if the song is not corrupted, or try other working songs to see if the player is not broken06:06
prince_jammysnickrud: he installed it, doesnt appear in the menus, wants to access it06:06
ac1dprince_jammys: still not working :(06:06
achandrashekarhello...i installed an ldap server on ubuntu...and after reboot...it locks up on boot and drops to a terminal login..can someone aid?06:06
AtomicSparknickrud: know how to remove the dependencies if the program installed added them (not being used by another)?06:06
ac1dprince_jammys: no idea where it is06:06
ogrei am trying to compile ettercap because the repos have a stripped down version. i tried "make" but am getting this error make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.    I am in correct directory with makefile in there06:06
nickrudprince_jammys: any docs probably would be in /usr/share/doc/<packagename>06:06
alannaexst_mhua: nope, the songs are working and I tried other songs. Could it be because I don't have an mp3 decoder?06:07
EnvoyRisingogre, you have to ./configure first. besides that, you should make sure you're in the correct directory06:07
nickrudAtomicSpark: if they aren't used by anything else,  sudo apt-get autoremove should do it06:07
exst_mhuaalanna, that's possible06:07
n2diyogre: try ./make06:07
ogreEnvoyRising:  already did ./configure06:07
prince_jammysac1d: yes, read what nickrud said::: also try typing dyn(and then the tab key to see if it autocompletes)06:07
CarlFKi installed u-server, then installed ubuntustudio-video, but I have no desktop   what is the quickest way to install a desktop, (gnome is fine, just don't want all the apps, like openoffice06:07
ogren2diy:  no luck06:08
AtomicSparknickrud: wow thanks. i just removed 100mb worth of crap lol06:08
n2diyCarlFK: use the Alternate CD06:08
EnvoyRisingogre: and no errors06:08
erudifiedCarlFK, installing gnome-panel ought to get most of the desktop06:08
ac1dprince_jammys: yeap dynamips is in there06:09
Newbuntu2how do I check if my system detects my harddrives? (ie, how do I look at my IDE bus)06:09
erudifiedCarlFK, gnome-panel, nautilus, and maybe apt-cache search gnome-session and get any session management packages06:09
n2diyogre: try sudo ./make?06:09
ac1dprince_jammys: got a couple of changelog.debian.gz files and suc06:09
prince_jammysac1d: what kind of files are they?06:09
nickrudCarlFK: sudo apt-get install xorg metacity gnome-panel (yeah, gnome-panel seems a good entrypoint for gnome)06:09
ogreEnvoyRising:  that must be it. for some reason its saying i need libpcap but I already have it06:09
ac1dprince_jammys: readme.debian06:09
mkquistJigs: get ur answer yet?06:09
ogren2diy: its saying no such file or dir06:09
prince_jammysac1d: try ::: man dynamips (or whatever the exact name is)06:09
ac1dprince_jammys: okay06:10
ac1di g2g but i shall try again after tafe06:10
nickrudac1d: readme.debian is always a good start06:10
ac1dprince_jammys: thanks tho06:10
exst_mhuaalanna, this might help w/ your problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52003606:10
ac1dprince_jammys: i shall try06:10
Jigsnot yet sir by am am reading now in the forum looking for answer06:10
n2diyogre: did you install build-dev?06:10
nickrudogre: try installing libpcap-dev06:11
CarlFKthnaks guys06:11
erudifiedbuild-essential ?06:11
livefoniksJudy Garland?06:11
mkquistJigs: just edit your menu.lst in /boot/grub06:11
EnvoyRisingogre: you'll need the libpcap-dev package06:11
Owner_is there any command that return shell Name that we are currently work (just return the shell name nothing else)06:11
mkquistJigs: and its better to direct you answer at the person u are talking to.06:11
Jigsok ty06:11
orph_hi, my ubuntu install is completely hosed, and the install CD requires a reformat.  Is this the place to get help?06:12
ogren2diy: ahh its libpcap-dev that im missing. im almost positive06:12
nickrudOwner_: what do you mean by the shell name? like bash?06:12
Jigssorry dont have an idea... how to make it yellow :D06:12
prince_jammysac1d check this::::  http://7200emu.hacki.at/viewtopic.php?p=18350&sid=1887977156ddb87a151ed819f6826d4806:12
n2diyogre: GL06:12
Owner_nickrud yes06:12
EnvoyRisingruby-lang was scary06:12
mkquistJigs: just start typing there nic and hit tab should autocomplete their name for u06:12
nickrudOwner:  env | grep SHELL06:12
EnvoyRisingthey're so...unfriendly06:12
Jigsmkquist: ok thats the secret thnx06:12
EnvoyRisingi guess they all can't be ubuntu-like communities **sigh**06:13
mkquistJigs: np... =)06:13
nickrudsounds like they're debian types06:13
Owner_ok thx06:13
mkquistorph_: this would be that place06:13
plong0what's wrong with debian, nickrud?06:13
erudifiedgreycat is wrong with #debian lol06:13
erudifiedI've been flaming that guy since 9606:13
nickrudplong0: not debian, #debian. Should have been specific06:13
Jigsmkquist: sir another question... is grub had trouble with NTFS format in dual boot system?06:13
mkquistuh oh... flame war?06:14
plong0I've never been06:14
erudifiednah he's a good guy06:14
plong0should I?06:14
erudifiedI just like to screw with him06:14
Jigsmkquist: got an error 18 last yesterday06:14
Jigsmkquist: yesterday i mean06:14
plong0Jigs, that means she was too young06:14
mkquistJigs: im not sure what you mean 'is grub had trouble with NTFS format in dual boot system?'... not usually, linux will usually see the other install, but sometimes it does need help... is that what you mean?06:14
achandrashekarldap install issue...part 2...after rebooting the master ldap server, the system hangs at the following "Starting kernel log daemon"06:15
achandrashekar can someone help?06:15
EnvoyRisingooh ooh flame war! whats the topic this time?06:15
mkquistJigs: if it booted before, then it should still boot.06:15
mkquistJigs: has it booted windows before for you?06:15
plong0EnvoyRising, sex kittens who forget to wear mittens06:15
=== Jafk is now known as Javid
Jigsmkquist: yes, but after i installed xubuntu then restart then updated then start, problem came out... grub error 1806:16
anrkycan i boot ubuntu off a cd?06:16
orph_mkquist: okay, so i don't want ot reformat and my dependencies are totally messed up.  glib seeems to have missing symbols, gconftool-2 fails, half the .debs are removed and the other half failed to install or remove06:16
EnvoyRisingplong0: oh. i know nothing of the mitten-less kitten variety. i'll sit thisone out06:16
plong0anrky, yes06:16
anrkyor does it have to be installed?06:16
mkquistplong0: lol, no help, but funny =p06:16
nickrudanrky: yes06:16
n2diyanrky: yes06:16
mkquistorph_: what did you do?06:16
nickrudanrky: releases.ubuntu.com/7.10 , get the desktop cd06:16
orph_mkquist: tried to update to gutsy from a system i've been updating since breezy06:17
KiD_ChAoShas anyone got Kontact to work with exchange? evolution can why Kontact?06:17
anrkyok, so i just download it, burn it on cd, and i can boot from it, without installing it or anything06:17
MagoonDI cannot mount a fat32 usb hard drive it says invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume does any1 know how to fix this?06:17
=== Pinky is now known as ls
plong0anrky: yes06:17
orph_mkquist: it was a functioning feisty before the mess06:17
nickrudanrky: it will boot on most systems. Ones with really recent video cards might not run, or other recent hardware06:17
plong0anrky:  there will be a desktop icon to install it if you want to06:17
KiD_ChAoShas anyone got Kontact to work with exchange? evolution can why Kontact?06:17
anrkyi rather just boot from d06:18
n2diyKiD_ChAoS: I don't use either of them, try korganizer?06:18
mkquistorph_: wow thats a load, I'd say at this point it would probably be quicker to just back up ur stuff and install gutsy.  I mean you could probably fix it, but it would probably take longer to sort it out.06:18
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: possibly because no one's written a plugin for kontact?06:18
plong0anrky: I made a usb thumbdrive boot ubuntu.  it was cool.06:18
anrkyatleast till i'm really comfortable with it06:18
anrkya thumbdrive?06:18
orph_mkquist: there's no --ignore-depends-and-reinstall-the-world option to dpkg? :-)06:18
anrkydo you need something special for that?06:19
KiD_ChAoSnickrud, write me a plugin real quick...06:19
plong0anrky: it has been my experience you'll never get really comfortable with it till you "take the plunge" so to speak and load it full time06:19
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: a plugin06:19
MagoonDanyone I know its now hard to do i just need to find out how to mount the drive?06:19
plong0yeah it took a bit of work to get going... there was a tutorial.  I'd suggest just go for the standard CD/DVD edition for now.06:19
anrkyi know what you mean, but i just wanna give it a test drive first, know what i mean?06:19
EnvoyRisingMagoonD: sudo mount <partition> <mount point>06:20
plong0have you ever used linux before?06:20
plong0or a mac?06:20
anrkyi've used unix06:20
anrkydid webhosting06:20
anrkyworked with unix servers06:20
plong0oh k... so you know your way around the terminal a bit then?06:20
Jigsmkquist: ryt now am using ubuntu in this machine... in my other machine, am trying to install ubuntu but no luck it always stop in 57% when installing.. so i planned to install it with xubuntu.. and it was successfully.. xp and xubuntu installed nicely, but after xubuntu updated, grub 18 error came out to that machine06:20
nickrudMagoonD: did you ever have that drive mounting automatically?06:20
MagoonDEnvoyRising, how do I find out the partion and mount point06:20
ogreEnvoyRising:  heres is the output for ./configure http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56587/06:20
plong0that's definitely a big head start on most people06:20
anrkyi bet...lol06:21
plong0you might find ubuntu coddles you a bit :P06:21
MagoonDnickrud, no I did not but in win xp it works fine06:21
MagoonDits formatted as fat3206:21
EnvoyRisingMagoonD:  fdisk -l06:21
nickrudMagoonD: well, that leaves out the idea I had about why it didn't automount06:21
anrkyyea i've heard alot of good things about ubuntu06:21
EnvoyRisingas for mount point, thats for you to decide. you may have to make it actually06:21
anrkyreally looking forward to giving it a shot06:21
EnvoyRisingmkdir /mount/<any name you want>06:21
MagoonDok thanks let me try that06:21
sleepwalkhey could ANYONE please tell me the best way to rebuild my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file???  My current video settings are correct, but when I reboot I loose the setup...I also noticed some minor errors in the xorg.conf file.  ANY ideas??? xorg.conf file at: http://pastebin.com/m7f70ba8106:21
plong0yeah, ubuntu is sweet.06:22
nickrudEnvoyRising: /media is the normal place in ubuntu (puts an icon on the desktop)06:22
Owner_how set environment variables permanently in BASH ?06:22
orph_anrky: why not just boot the live cd? it'll let you play with the desktop, run apps and firefox to browse the web, etc06:22
mkquistJigs: did it boot after the update to linux?06:22
erudifiedI think Ubuntu has image problems ;) It should look cooler!06:22
Jigsmkquist: yes sir06:22
chrisb_@sleepwalk  what happens to the setup?06:22
plong0I want my Ubuntu to look like sex06:22
mkquistJigs: if it did, then grub is probably confused about where windows is...06:22
nickrudOwner: add the definition to ~/.bashrc06:22
Jigsmkquist: aw06:22
n2diyOwner: ~/.bashrc?06:22
erudifiedYes, a default ubuntu installation should be capable of getting your average nerd laid06:22
Ownernickrud I wanna do that for all users not just for a specific user how can I do that?06:23
anrkyorph_: what do you mean?06:23
Jigsmkquist: anyway... i formatted it again, i changed it fat3206:23
plong0erudified, anytime I mention linux to girls they seem to get a bit awkward06:23
mkquistJigs: changed what?06:23
EnvoyRisingnickrud: grr.. damned gentoo/other linux habits06:23
chrisb_sleepwalk:    are your settings going back to what they were, or are they just failing?06:23
nickrudOwner: add it to /etc/bash.bashrc06:23
erudifiedpersonal qualities such as dedication, willingness to commit, parenting abilities, etc, should be conveyed by the default Ubuntu theme06:23
Jigsmkquist: i changed it to fat3206:23
orph_anrky: if you download and burn the ubuntu install CD, then boot it, you'll get a fully functional Ubuntu desktop you can play with without installing anything06:23
Owneralright thnk06:23
mkquistJigs: you didnt need to reformat ur windows drive... =\06:23
lynxxalright just installed xbuntu and updated it...but what do i need to play the dvix codec...06:23
EnvoyRisingogre: you need libnet-dev..let me look for the exact name real quick06:24
nickrudEnvoyRising: 99.44% of what you know transfers, it's always the little stuff that trips :)06:24
Jigsmkquist: thats sad i already did...06:24
plong0erudified, I'd prefer if my default Ubuntu theme was a naked lady06:24
orph_anrky: if you like it, you can click the "Install" link on the desktop and it'll run you through the process of getting it on your hard drive