Panamaquonoxubuntu support channel?01:08
PanamaquonoI have a sound card issue01:09
PanamaquonoI have an Ensoniq ES1371 audio controller, I went through the wonderful online alsa stuff to get it setup - it worked great, I can listen through my headphones01:10
Panamaquonobut, I have a set of Speakers that works with a digital plug01:11
PanamaquonoI found another forum for the speakers for a guy running windows and there's some way to go into windows settings to output a digital signal01:12
Panamaquonoobviously there's some way to do that in xubuntu?01:12
Panamaquonohis exact words:  "Click on Advanced. Once here, you will notice Tone Controls to adjust the Bass and Treble, and below these, you will see "Digital Output Only." Click on the little white box next to "Digital Output Only" to put a check mark in there. Hit close. Make sure that your Main and Wave audio levels in the volume settings are high enough to hear something (I suggest at least half volume, or highest volume for testing pu01:13
Panamaquonobut that's windoz01:13
Panamaquonowhat'd I miss01:15
PanamaquonoI know it's a hard one01:15
Panamaquonothe alsa mixer didn't seem to have this setting01:15
Panamaquonosound card works great01:16
Panamaquonoam I the only one here?01:16
crimsun_and unless those controls are exposed in the driver, you can't use them.01:17
Panamaquonosorry to pull you away01:18
Panamaquonoif they're exposed?  as in?01:19
Panamaquonodon't know exposed01:19
Panamaquonolike a part of the gui?01:19
Panamaquonois the driver supposed to have some sort of user interface01:19
Panamaquonoor is that handled in terminal?01:20
Panamaquonojust a hint01:21
crimsun_exposed->viewable from a mixer.01:21
crimsun_e.g., amixer, alsamixer, aumix, etc.01:21
Panamaquonoso I should try a different mixer?01:21
crimsun_if amixer doesn't list them, you're out of luck.01:21
Panamaquonook I only have alsamixer01:21
crimsun_I doubt that.01:22
Panamaquonocrap, where's amixer01:22
Panamaquonook I got a long list, but I'm not even sure what I'm looking at, it looks like I can do all kinds of stuff including record01:26
Panamaquonoand one in particular seems out - PCM - is that it?01:27
Doogal*Fairly* large issue. My Desktop environment is completely blank. No panels, no icons, nothing. I can still run programs i know the name of, using the altF2 box. But it's a pretty major issue for enjoying my computer properly.01:45
Panamaquonoyou win01:47
DoogalI do?01:48
DoogalIs there a fluffy prize? :)01:48
* Doogal reposts, just in case.01:56
Doogal*Fairly* large issue. My Desktop environment is completely blank. No panels, no icons, nothing. I can still run programs i know the name of, using the altF2 box. But it's a pretty major issue for enjoying my computer properly.01:56
DoogalDoes anyone have some advice?01:57
soldatszoredache: i wanted to say thanks. i copmpletely forgot about the mini.iso install so i installed and im pretty much satisfied. just a few more apps and ill be set. thanks again  :D01:57
soldatsDoogal: try doing alt-f2 and typing xfce4-panel01:58
soldatssave your settings on logout and log back in and see if its normal. you need the desktoppp seetings box to tell it to do what youwant01:59
soldatsset the "allow xfce to manage desktop" and make sure you save settings Doogal02:00
Doogalsoldats: thanks. I've tried restarting the computer several times, even did a complete power down and unplug. Its persistent.02:03
soldatsdid you restart or did you run the commands i said then restart02:03
Doogalsoldats: I'm afraid i'm very new to linux at all. How would I get to the 'desktop settings box'02:03
Doogalsoldats: no, not entered those commands yet.02:04
DoogalI would normally get to desktop settings through a drop-down on the top panel, or a right-click on the desktop. How can i get them up otherwise?02:05
DoogalI'm happy to work in BaSH if that's easier, but I'd need a lot of guidance.02:05
soldatsDoogal: first do alt+f2 and type "xfce4-panel" and you should get your panels back. then in your panel go to settings >> desktop settings and choose save setings on logout and choose "allow xfce to manage desktop"02:05
DoogalWow. That was easy. At least the first part. I've got the desktop back but i didn't see a save settings option.02:09
soldatsits either in desktop settings or desktop preferences02:12
soldatsjust look around in the settings drop down menu02:12
briankoso why does my new 7.10 install have a "washed out" look?  Every theme seems to have the same look...02:13
soldatsthe themes only change icons and borders and basic fonts. you can configure everything else however youwant. just have a look through google.02:16
briankoI seem to recall xfce of past having a decent look on the stock install...02:17
Doogalsoldats: Thanks for the help by the way. "Save settings on logout" Seems to be something that appears on the shut-down menu.02:22
DoogalIt survived a log-out and a log-in.02:23
Panamaquonohey I do have a digital out, how can I make it work?02:24
Panamaquonoused the aplay -l02:24
Panamaquonogot a list02:24
Panamaquono0,1 is digital audio playback02:25
Panamaquononot the same guy02:25
Panamaquonohello sir02:25
PanamaquonoI come humbly before you02:26
Panamaquonoplease help, have sound card ES137102:26
Panamaquonohave digital speakers02:26
Panamaquonocan't make digital output to speakers02:26
Panamaquonohave new drivers02:27
Panamaquonosoundcards works through headphones great02:27
Panamaquononot through digital speakers02:27
PanamaquonoI found an article about my actual soundcard where if I had windows there's a output setting where I specify "Digital Output Only"02:29
PanamaquonoI don;t have windows anymore, where did the setting go?02:29
Panamaquonodid cat /proc/asound/devices02:30
Panamaquono5: [ 0- 1]: digital audio playback02:31
Panamaquonois there a better place to go for this?02:32
refused9150Hi im really new to this whole thing and i have ran into a big problem and was hoping someone could help03:21
fredsuagood evening04:58
fredsuacould anyone help me with a DVD playback problem?04:59
sleepwalkhey could ANYONE please tell me the best way to rebuild my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file???  My current video settings are correct, but when I reboot I loose the setup...I also noticed some minor errors in the xorg.conf file.  ANY ideas???06:03
CarlFKsleepwalk: post your .conf and .log to http://dpaste.com06:03
CarlFKand hope soemone is still around to help... I am off to bed any minute06:04
sleepwalkshoot jk06:08
sleepwalkim doing it...hold up if you can. CarlFK06:11
sleepwalkwhich file is .log?06:12
sleepwalkYou around CarlFK?06:12
CarlFKDriver"nvidia" - there is an nvidia channel - might be good to try there06:14
CarlFKyeah /join #nvidia06:14
sleepwalkI believe that second link is the right file06:15
CarlFKoh... loose the setup.. and you get "falesafe" or something?06:17
sleepwalkIt's really screwy06:18
sleepwalkI have to boot into text mode or wahtever06:18
sleepwalkand run "envy" in text mode06:18
sleepwalkit uninstalls the drivers06:18
CarlFKyeah, I have run into falesafe. look around for xorg.conf.falesafe or something.  delete it06:18
sleepwalkthen I have to reinstall, and reboot...then I have to log in and install "restricted drivers"(but I[am not sure if it helps)..then I have to log into screens and graphics and mess with the settings.  (My friend actually does this)  He is new to linux and is "exploring"...and making me fix many errors everyday.. it's fun though06:20
sleepwalkwhy should I delete x*.falesafe?06:20
CarlFKor rename it06:21
CarlFKi kinda remember that helping06:21
CarlFK but I may be dreaming.  I need to get to bed :)06:22
sleepwalkhmm..well it's worth a shot..It's just such a major pain in the ass to reboot and go through all the hell.  okay. Thanks man!!!!! Peace out.06:22
CarlFKsee ya06:22
aceupdating python-apt, upgrade-manager,-core, get stuck for anybody else? on hardy. says subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1 on all 3 packages06:52
aceother packages installed fine06:53
Geoffrey3is there a shortcut key to switch to the command line in Ubuntu?07:33
ere4siGeoffrey3, you can press ctrl-alt-F2 and then alt-F7 to get back07:34
Geoffrey3has anyone here had problems installing libexo from source?07:41
Geoffrey3there's about a half dozen header files configure insists aren't there, even though I know several of them are07:42
Geoffrey3including md5.h07:43
ere4siGeoffrey3, is the source a later version than the one in the repos?07:43
Geoffrey3ere4si: I believe so, 4.4.2.....07:44
ere4siI'm showing 0.3-0 in my synaptic... - is there a readme file that asks for a certain kernel?07:45
Geoffrey3oh, the exo library is version 0.3.407:46
ere4sishould say I'm using feisty07:47
Geoffrey3ah, xububtu gutsy here07:49
Carryhelp, i used sudo-apt install xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu-lamp, but now it's hanging... [42951174.840000]  [<c01033b5>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb08:25
Carryand some error's...08:25
ere4siCarry, the command should have been   sudo apt-get install08:44
ere4sican you reboot Carry ?08:45
Carryere4si: reboot, now installing :)08:53
ere4siyah Carry08:53
Carrysudo apt-get update08:53
Carrysudo apt-get install08:53
ere4siwhat's the issue Carry ?08:54
Carryere4si: thank you..08:54
* AlgorithmicContr can't sleep.10:30
* ere4si suggests warm milk10:32
LetsGo67I cannot boot my hard drive by itself, I need to insert the Ubuntu CD, then go to "boot from first hard disk".  Is there a way to fix that?11:06
ere4siLetsGo67, let the live cd boot into the desktop - then open a terminal - type  sudo grub - then type   find /boot/grub/stage1 - and we'll go from there11:10
LeAstralehi ppl12:22
ichdoes anyone know how to fix the md5 checksum flashplugin issue?12:32
ichmd5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz12:32
gabkdllyich: hi, this seems to happen quite often, whenever Adobe makes an update to the player, but then it takes some time for this change to get updated in the package in the repositories. Either wait for the update, and use a free alternative in the meantime, or install manually using Adobe's instructions12:43
ichgabkdlly, okay, thanks for your feedback. i'll try adobes instructions soon12:45
theThemeHey everyone, I have a question, I am running kubuntu now and I've been reading on the xubuntu site but I don't quite understand what make xubuntu different from other distributions15:26
TheSheeptheTheme: different set of default settings and applications than ubuntu15:27
theThemeI see, if I switched over could I get kde apps (like kontact) to work? or would that defeat the point of switching15:28
TheSheeptheTheme: you can even install it alongside your kde15:29
theThemeSo when I boot in I'd choose which?15:29
TheSheeptheTheme: but yes, it defeats some of the strong points of xubuntu15:29
TheSheeptheTheme: yes, at login15:30
theThemeThat's nifty, how would I set something like that up?15:30
TheSheepjust install the xubuntu-desktop package15:30
TheSheepthere are ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop too, btw15:30
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AlgorithmicContrgood day gentlemen15:40
TheSheephi AlgorithmicContr15:41
maxamillionTheSheep: sorry .... i didn't catch that one15:57
schlumpfhi how can i find out if i have java on my os?16:20
TheSheeptype 'java' in the terminal16:20
schlumpfeasy one :) thanks16:22
maxamillionschlumpf: does the command 'java' return anything about gij? ... because java (iirc) defaults to alias to gij16:23
schlumpfyes i does return about gij16:24
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's a java implementation too, right?16:24
schlumpfvia gif --version it says me java version 1.4.216:24
schlumpfwhich leads me to the next question is that a uptodate version?16:25
maxamillionTheSheep: well ... yes, but i've never been able to get any application written in java to work16:25
maxamillionerrr... to work using gij*16:25
maxamillionTheSheep: have you tried the OpenJDK/IcedTea JVM project? ... its pretty awesome :)16:26
TheSheepmaxamillion: I don't do java often16:31
maxamillionwell, gotta run ... bbl16:33
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Angel_GrHi everyone...17:27
Angel_GrI have a x86 64 bit Intel Pentium processor (3.00Ghz) and I would like to install xUbuntu 7.10. In the ubuntu download site I can find 2 versions. The first one is for a Standard personal computer (x86 architecture) and the other one is for 64 bit AMD (and Intel?). Which should I download?17:32
roehow do I create desktop shortcuts from the applications menu items?17:45
roeright click doesn't bring up a context menu17:45
TwinkletoesUsing 6.06 Desktop, I've just done some updates, and now when I try and start *certain* admin tools, it won't accept my password.  Some tools work, some don't.  The error is: "The entered password is invalid"17:49
TwinkletoesAdditionally, /var/log/auth.log says "User is not in sudoers file!" but it most certainly is17:50
zoredachethat doesn't sound good...17:55
zoredachedid you use visudo to edit the file?17:55
zoredacheyou might triy a 'sudo visudo -c' perhaps the file is somewhat broke?17:56
Twinkletoeszoredache: Trying now...17:59
Twinkletoeszoredache: /etc/sudoers file parsed OK18:00
Twinkletoeszoredache: I created a new user, added to the admin group (using vigr) but still the same.  some utils work, some don't18:00
Twinkletoeszoredache: That's strange, I can't see my 2nd user in the admin grou pwhen I do vigr -s, but it appears normally in vigr18:02
Twinkletoeszoredache: How do I link them again?18:02
Twinkletoeszoredache: Basically, /etc/gshadow and /etc/group are different (in only one place).  I could edit it the same manually, or is there a tool I can run to correct them?18:06
zoredacheI don't know about that..18:08
Twinkletoeszoredache: Wait... there is a command called 'grpconv'...18:08
TwinkletoesWell, that's corrected the discrepancy, but not the original problem :(18:09
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=== maxamillion is now known as notMax
Yamatohow much faster would Xubuntu 7.10 be then Ubuntu 7.04 on a VIA C7-D?19:20
Yamatoi'll take the silence as "Haha! You just wasted $75 on a crappy board/cpu!!!!"19:23
zoredacheyou could take it that way... you might also take it, that we have no idea19:29
Yamatoi'll install Xubuntu anyway19:30
zoredacheof course you asked 'how much faster', and you told us the new item, but not your old mb...  So how can we compare19:30
Yamatoi'll just VM it19:30
zoredacheI have no experience with a via c7-d though, so I can't tell you.  Personally I think you should just install and try it19:31
Yamatoi shoulda just saved more money19:31
Yamatoand bought a better board and cpu19:31
Yamatothe original reason i wanted to switch to Linux was "so i could have a cool fake mac osx desktop"19:34
TheSheepYamato: you should have switched to macos19:58
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xubinuxwhere can i find second life folder please?20:52
LiENUSsecond life?!20:53
march~/.secondlife ?21:04
holoI downloaded the latest release of xubuntu21:07
holowhy can't I go through the language choice?21:07
holois there some bug i should be aware?21:07
TheSheepholo: what do you mean "can't get through21:10
holoTheSheep: I choose the language21:12
holoTheSheep: I mount the cd-rom, he asks me again for language21:12
holoin the other items from the menu happens the same21:13
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
holoI hope the reason has nothing to do with the underlying emulation abstraction I am using: bochs21:15
holobochs shouldn't know anything about this, so I assume its an error from me or the installer21:15
holoSo, when i select an Item or an option of an item, I always press <space>21:16
holois anything wrong with this?21:16
holo"execute a shell" also prompts me for the language21:16
TheSheepdid you try to select a language?21:17
holoTheSheep: also21:17
TheSheepholo: you use the alternate cd or the livecd?21:18
holoTheSheep: alternate cd21:18
TheSheepholo: gutsy?21:18
holoTheSheep: a moment, i will check21:19
TheSheepholo: or hoardy alpha3?21:19
holoTheSheep: gutsy yes.21:19
holoI can see from the string "7.10"21:19
holosince I am getting paranoid, the whole filename is: xubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso21:20
TheSheepand what happens when you select a language? (and which language you're selecting)?21:20
holoTheSheep: It goes back to the main menu where all options are. I choose english21:21
holoBtw, "abort installation" selecting also prompts me with "language"21:22
TheSheephave you try to verify your cd?21:22
holoI will, but I bet 5euros here that it will prompt me for language :D21:23
TheSheepnot likely21:23
holoTheSheep: it prompted me for the language. And it didn't also proceed to the suposed task21:24
TheSheeplooks like something is very wrong with it21:26
TheSheepcan you verify the image you downloaded?21:26
TheSheep!md5 | holo21:26
ubotuholo: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:26
holoubotu, TheSheep, i'm just solving an issue here, I will go back to this subject in an instant. sorry for this delay21:41
TD-Linuxhi, I am planning on installing xubuntu on a friend's ancient laptop tomorrow (during lunch hour)22:55
TD-LinuxI am not sure exactly what the laptop is, but it runs win98 at the moment, has no ethernet port, and is about 2 inches thick22:56
TD-Linuxit has about 4 gigs of hard drive space free22:56
TD-Linuxis there anything I should be worried about?22:56
TD-Linuxshould plain old xubuntu desktop install cd work fine? should I burn the alternate just in case, or is desktop reliable enough by now?22:57
TheSheepI'd burn the alternate just in case it has low memory22:59
TD-Linuxalso, does xubuntu have a widget or whatever for displaying battery status23:16

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