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alumno02i havent sound in clients14:50
alumno02edubuntu gutsy 7.1014:51
alumno02i have edubuntu 7.10 but i havent sound in clients, what steps i should follow to solve this?14:55
GSKVMware bridged mode, someone can help me ? To configure it on my laptop. I want to bridged vmnet 1 on eth0 and vmnet 2 on eth115:02
alumno02i think everybody here are sleeping15:03
GSKi think too but you are not sleeping yet15:04
GSKso maybe you can help me ?15:04
RichEdalumno02: you using LTSP setup ?15:07
RichEdGSK: your problem is actually an ubuntu system problem ... not related to the edubuntu layer on top of that15:08
RichEdso GSK ask the question in #ubuntu ... lots of lively people in there15:08
alumno02riched, i succesully installed edubuntu, i have clients working with usb in clients, but no sound in clients but in server it worked fine15:16
RichEdalumno02: okay let me see if i can find a useful help page ...15:17
RichEdnot also that the LTSP in edubuntu is the latest core LTSP that is developed & maintained by the guys in #ltsp15:17
RichEdso that is also a good place to ask for edubuntu LTSP related assistance15:18
alumno02ok, thanks, i'll ask inthere15:18
alumno02join /#ltsp15:18
RichEdalumno02: at first i thought you were laughing at me ... "his way to help is to send people to other channels with their questions"15:21
RichEdthen I noticed your displaced slash in the join command15:21
alumno02i actually displaced slash, my mistake15:21
alumno02i have SOUND=true in lts.conf but isn't working :/15:22
RichEdalumno02: it's not just you with the problem ... see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60081215:25
alumno02ok, thanks15:25
RichEdalumno02: see /msg window15:28
RichEdalumno02: did you see the message15:34
alumno02yes i did, and i answer you too,thanks15:37
RichEd:) check your freenode server window ... it probably tells you that you can't send private messages if you are not authenticated15:40
* RichEd got no reponses15:41
alumno02I answered as follows: hummm, i think x11vnc is for watch screen of thin clients remotely, and isn't related with sound, may be timma should check if her/his lts.conf have the "SOUND=true".15:43
RichEdokay ... i suggest you hang around in LTSP until you see sbnalneav / jammcq arrive ... they are good to ask15:48
RichEdthey are on US time so will be in later i presume15:48
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alumno04hi, i havent sound in clients, i use edubuntu 7.10 (ltsp5)19:00
ogra_cmpcalumno04, you should really mention that you run icewm in such a line :)19:01
ogra_cmpcall of the alsa integration is with the default desktop ... so i have no idea what to tel you for icewm now19:01
ogra_cmpcif you say you havent sound which apps are you referring to ?19:02
ogra_cmpcthe swetup is in a way that it should work for all apps using alsa19:02
ogra_cmpc(including volume control with alsamixer)19:03
alumno04but gnome is too heavy for clients19:07
laga_alumno04: the whole point is that gnome runs on the server19:08
alumno04in fact, is heavy for any server->clients architecture19:08
alumno04humm, so, if i run gnome in a client, sound should work ?19:08
ogra_cmpcyou dont run anything on a client :)19:09
ogra_cmpcit all runs on the server19:09
ogra_cmpconly the display and input output stuff runs on the client, no matter what desktop you run19:10
alumno04yes i do19:10
alumno04i mean, i know19:10
ogra_cmpcbut the error you posted to #ltsp looks more like a HW problem19:11
ogra_cmpclets stay in one channel :) (over there)19:11
alumno04it seems to be a module problem (sis7019)19:13
alumno04i compiled the sis7019 but when i do "make install" i got "make: *** theres not rules to build.... - Stop"19:28
alumno04help pls ogra_cmpc19:33
alumno04i compile the driver with make19:33
ogra_cmpcalumno04, no idea, sorry19:33
alumno04now i got the .ko drivers19:34
ogra_cmpci know the driver stopped working with the 2.6.16 kernel19:34
ogra_cmpcwell, to try you can copy them into the module tree manually and run depmod -a19:34
ogra_cmpc(in the chroot)19:34
alumno04ok, then now i do chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 right?19:35
alumno04no, just copy the module into it19:35
ogra_cmpcthen you need to regenrate the initramfs and make ltsp copy the that in place19:35
ogra_cmpccopy it to /opt/ltsp/i386/tmp19:36
ogra_cmpcthen chroot19:36
alumno04do i need just the .ko files?19:36
ogra_cmpcthen copy it in the right place and run depmod -a and update-initramfs -u (in that order)19:37
ogra_cmpcthe .ko should suffice19:37
alumno04ok, thanks a lot19:37
alumno04a LOT19:37
ogra_cmpcexit the chroot and run sudo ltsp-update-kernels19:37
ogra_cmpcthats it19:37
alumno04before all steps do i have to backup anything or they are safe?19:38
ogra_cmpcwell, remove th e.ko file and run the depmod, update-initramfs and ltsp-update-kernels trio again to revert it :)19:38
ogra_cmpcbut if you care cp -a /opt/ltsp/i386 /opt/ltsp/i386.bak19:39
ogra_cmpc(with sudo indeed)19:39
alumno04ok, thanks19:40
alumno04im chrooted. Now, which should be the right place to put the modules?19:42
alumno04i though should be /usr/src but inthere there's nothing19:42
alumno04ok, i did it :)19:47
alumno04now i'll do    depmod -a and update-initramfs -u19:48
alumno04wow... errors...19:48
alumno04i did:           /tmp# cp * /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-386/kernel/sound/19:49
alumno04and then:   depmod -a19:49
alumno04but i got:      WARNING: Couldn't open directory /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic: No such file or directory  :S19:50
RichEd== edubuntu / education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting == 3 mins19:58
ogra_cmpcRichEd, you hope, eh ?19:59
RichEdogra ... do you mean probloem 1 = attendees or problem 2 = platform team running into our time ?19:59
* RichEd gets coffee20:00
ogra_cmpcplatform was "tonight" at 07:00 UTC (yawn)20:00
* stgraber waves20:01
RichEdPlatform Team Meeting * Start: 19:00 * End: 20:00 <- daswwatts fridge ses20:01
* RichEd waves back20:01
ogra_cmpcRichEd, fridge is wrong20:02
ogra_cmpc(at least i think i didnt dream that i got up after 5h sleep ...)20:03
alumno04ogra_cmpc:  when i do depmod -a i got an error:   WARNING: Couldn't open directory /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic: No such file or directory20:04
alumno04FATAL: Could not open /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/modules.dep.temp for writing: No such file or directory20:04
daishujinhey guys, are the logs of the meetings posted anywhere?20:25
stgraber!logs | daishujin20:26
ubotudaishujin: Channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »20:26
daishujinthat's twice that bot has nailed me20:26
* daishujin stuffs some straw back up his sleeve20:27
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