jjesseanyone else having problems w/ sound returning after resuming from suspend on kde4 and gutsy?00:02
jjesseto suspend i'm using the command sudo /etc/acpi/suspend.sh00:03
coreymon77jjesse: ive been having sound problems for a long time now00:05
coreymon77jjesse: i gave up00:05
jjessecoreymon77: hrmm i'm having problems as well00:07
jjessei did figure out my hardy upgrade on my ubuntu box though so i feel somewhat successfull00:08
coreymon77jjesse: its wasnt hardy for me00:09
jjesseyeah sounds stinks for me on all builds :(00:10
coreymon77jjesse: whats the ubotu command to search the apt repos?00:11
oloughlin75coreymon77: !find package00:11
coreymon77as in !find amsn or !find package amsn00:12
oloughlin75!find amsn00:12
ubotuFound: amsn00:12
jjesseglad i could help :)00:20
jjesse!find jockey00:22
jjesse!info jockey00:22
ubotuPackage/file jockey does not exist in gutsy00:22
ubotuPackage jockey does not exist in gutsy00:22
oloughlin75jjesse: Do you know of a small open source project to help me learn either c or python with? I am familiar with java, but would like to learn one of those languages, and maybe contribute actual code. :)00:22
jjesse!info jockey hardy00:22
ubotuPackage jockey does not exist in hardy00:22
jjessekubuntu is a great place to learn python :)00:23
jjessewe use a lot of it :)00:23
jjesse!info jockey-kde00:23
jjesse!info jockey-kde hardy00:23
ubotuPackage jockey-kde does not exist in gutsy00:23
ubotujockey-kde (source: jockey): KDE user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2-0ubuntu5 (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 96 kB00:23
jjesseoloughlin75: i'm probablly not the best person to help you out00:24
jjesseas i do documenatation and mostly make a pest of myself to the real developers :)00:24
oloughlin75lol, alright00:24
jjessenixternal: can you help oloughlin75 out?00:25
jjesseafk eating dinner00:26
cheguevaraany php coders here00:41
oloughlin75jjesse: :)00:43
* ryanakca has officially decided that he hates rounded cornners00:44
oloughlin75ryanakca: dont look pretty enough for you?00:45
ryanakcaoloughlin75: nah, they're just a pita to implement00:50
nixternal_http://www.andlinux.org/index.php  <- that is pretty kick arse00:51
nixternal_ya, I am at skewl00:51
nixternal_this one classroom blocks all of our ports00:51
oloughlin75nixternal_: jjesse said to ask you so.....00:51
nixternal_said to ask me what?00:51
oloughlin75Do you know of a small open source project to help me learn either c or python with? I am familiar with java, but would like to learn one of those languages, and maybe contribute actual code. :)00:51
oloughlin75had to find it lol00:51
nixternal_you are like me, good with java :)00:52
nixternal_umm, I just make stuff up, I learned C++ in school, but I am learning Python now00:52
nixternal_there are plenty of projects, but there are a couple of hands-on electronic books for python which are good00:52
Riddellnixternal_: does that really work?00:53
oloughlin75im not great at learning programming through books, so i am looking for a small project to read through00:53
oloughlin75but i guess now that i am familiar with java ill understand a book a lot better00:54
ryanakcaoloughlin75: do you care if it has a frontend (ex: pykde, pyqt, pygtk, etc?)00:54
ugaoloughlin75: it's best to create your own project for that00:54
oloughlin75(havent tried lear)arning from a book in over a ye00:54
ugaoloughlin75: why not just create a (simple) application that you really need00:54
oloughlin75uga: a the moment i dont need anything :/00:54
ugaweird, everyone says "oh, if I had that app in linux..."00:55
ugathat's how I wrote my first proggie ;)00:55
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » go check out my compiz configuration program and take a look at how it works.00:55
nosrednaekimits fairly simple, and I can explan how it works.00:55
ryanakcaoloughlin75: look through http://www.spoj.pl/ for small exercises00:56
nosrednaekimwhere are the tutorial day logs?00:56
oloughlin75ryanakca: ill look at that site, many thanks00:56
ryanakcamethinks they're still in the #kubuntu topic00:56
ryanakcaTutorials Day logs at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KTD00:57
oloughlin75Scared by C++? Quite right too. Learn how to code graphical apps in an hour with PyKDE 4.00:57
oloughlin75looks good, lmao00:57
nosrednaekimryanakca » lol, I never read that :)00:57
Riddelloloughlin75: code a graphical editor for /etc/sudoers01:01
Riddellor, add a proxy question to ubiquity (copying the gtk frontend)01:01
oloughlin75whats /etc/sudoers?01:01
Riddellconfig file for sudo01:02
oloughlin75(been on linux llike a week)01:02
Riddelloloughlin75: ok, here's a better one, learn pykde then write tutorials for it on techbase.kde.org01:03
oloughlin75ahh, ill mis writing out GUIs ;(01:05
oloughlin75by hand01:05
nosrednaekimyou can if you want :)01:05
nixternal_https://downloads.channel8.msdn.com/Products.aspx   <- for all of you aspiring windows developers01:06
oloughlin75free visual studio for students?01:06
nixternal_and then some :)01:06
oloughlin75nixternal_: got to be a member to download ;)01:07
nosrednaekimi'l pass... i'd have to install windows :)01:07
nixternal_Riddell: does what work? learning from the hands on e-books?01:07
nixternal_I have learned a little bit from it..but actually I have learned more from the PyQt4 book and just trying stuff out on my own...only problem, I can't think of any itches to scratch for writing some code01:07
ScottKnixternal_: You may be the only aspiring Windows developer here.01:07
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!01:08
nixternal_I am probably the only Windows developer here, or ex-Microsoft employee01:08
Riddellnixternal_: want to add proxy setup to ubiquity?01:08
oloughlin75nixternal_: your an ex employee?01:08
nixternal_Riddell: I can look at it and see if I can work something up...as long as I have an idea of what is supposed to happen of course, and maybe a bit of hand-holding :)01:09
ryanakcaRiddell: for /etc/sudoers, don't we (Ubuntu) just add users to the "admin" group?01:09
nixternal_oloughlin75: yes I am an ex-emp01:09
oloughlin75nixternal_: how is it working over there?01:09
ScottKnixternal_: Here's an idea for you ...  How about an add-on for Kmail to make it pointy click to create your GPG key, add it so your sending acount and upload it to a key server.  IIRC there's still CLI needed for some steps in that.01:09
nixternal_scottk: KGPG01:09
oloughlin75lol, just making sure :)01:09
ryanakcaRiddell: btw, I'm interested in the visuder/keditsudoers/etc task... might take me quite a while though :)01:09
Riddellryanakca: there's many more options for finer grained control01:10
Riddellryanakca: I often want to set it to not ask for a password but I can never remember the syntax01:10
ScottKnixternal_: From in Kmail?01:10
nixternal_pay was OK, benefits were great, but the atmosphere was crappy because I was a nobody...we did some API testing crap and their alpha testing...and even while working there, I didn't use Windows01:10
nixternal_dunno about from kmail01:10
ryanakcaRiddell: set what? sudo / /etc/sudoers ?01:11
nosrednaekimRiddell » you just have to uncomment the one line :)01:12
oloughlin75nixternal_: whats a good python IDE? I just need a compile/run button01:12
nixternal_Riddell: is there any documentation (wiki page) of the proxy stuff that needs to be added to Ubiquity?01:12
nixternal_oloughlin75: Eclipse with PyDev01:12
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » python doesn't compile :)01:12
oloughlin75interpret and run***01:12
nixternal_there you go :)01:12
oloughlin75can it compile nativley though?01:12
nixternal_I have to admit, mibbit is kind of nice actually01:12
Riddellnixternal_: sent you e-mail01:13
oloughlin75im used to ecclipse01:13
nosrednaekimpython is not meant to be compiled...01:13
nixternal_Riddell: groovy, thanks..I will look at it when I get home..I should be leaving class in a little bit01:13
nixternal_my head is going to blow up with this DB class... 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF, BCNF...wth is wrong with the people who created DBs?01:14
nixternal_parent key, foreign key, component key, relations (and not with your girlfriend)01:14
oloughlin75nixternal_: shouldn't you be paying attention?01:15
oloughlin75tsk tsk01:15
nixternal_so far I have done pretty good faking like I know this stuff though01:15
* Riddell sleeps01:15
nixternal_k'nite Riddell01:16
nixternal_I just shake my head to make the professor think I know what he is talking about01:16
oloughlin75in python is it standard to keep GUI and logic separate?01:18
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » I don't....01:19
nosrednaekimbut there is always a separate .ui file that is imported that contains the actual GUI01:19
oloughlin75i mean separation by classes. in java you usually dont mix01:20
oloughlin75but i suppose this will be mor elike visual basic01:20
oloughlin75style isnt super important01:20
nixternal_I like to code keeping ui and logic separate no matter the language I use01:22
nixternal_even java01:22
nosrednaekimyeah.... I have to say, some of my personal use programs are ugly:)01:22
nixternal_muhahah, we were just asked what is NULL mean in DB/SQL, and I said "depends on the data type" because that is what it means to me in coding..and I was right01:23
nixternal_now the teacher really thinks I know what I am doing01:23
nixternal_ME THE WIN!01:23
oloughlin75whats mylyn/01:24
nixternal_people were saying "blank!" "0" "nothing"01:24
oloughlin75lydev says i need it01:24
nixternal_I have no idea01:24
oloughlin75Pydev Mylyn Integration (0.3.0) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.mylyn (2.0.0.v20070627-1400)", or later version.01:24
nixternal_press the select required when you go to install PyDev through the Eclipse Installer01:24
nixternal_it will find it01:24
nixternal_OK, I am getting ready to head home....so I shall talk to ya in a couple01:25
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » I don't use eclipse... I detest java so I can't really help :)01:27
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: what ide do you use?01:27
nosrednaekimI use Kate.... not really an IDE01:27
oloughlin75whatre the command to run the file?01:28
oloughlin75python /file/?01:28
nosrednaekim"python file.py"01:28
oloughlin75thats simple01:28
ryanakcahmm... for the masthead, should it be sharpcorners or rounded corners?01:28
oloughlin75ill just use geany01:28
oloughlin75oh my oh my01:35
oloughlin75no class declaration01:35
oloughlin75no funstion.method declaration01:35
ryanakcaoloughlin75: in python?01:35
oloughlin75really weird looking lol01:36
ryanakcadunno what you're trying to do, but have you read http://docs.python.org/tut/node11.html or http://www.diveintopython.org/object_oriented_framework/defining_classes.html ?01:37
oloughlin75ryanakca: im following the tutorial from the tutorial days -- ill read the dive into python after01:37
oloughlin75its got the whole book01:37
ryanakcaAh, well, those two links talk about classes :)01:37
oloughlin75thats the thing, there arent classes in this program, unless they are implicit01:38
* ryanakca scratches his head, smiles and nods :)01:39
oloughlin75lol alright01:39
oloughlin75how would i get the module pyKDE4.kdecore?01:45
oloughlin75!find pykde401:46
ubotuPackage/file pykde4 does not exist in gutsy01:46
oloughlin75!find pykde4 hardy01:46
ubotuPackage/file pykde4 does not exist in hardy01:46
cheguevara!find python-kde4 hardy01:47
ubotuFound: python-kde4, python-kde4-dbg, python-kde4-dev, python-kde4-doc01:47
oloughlin75!info python-kde4-dev01:48
ubotuPackage python-kde4-dev does not exist in gutsy01:48
oloughlin75!info python-kde4-dev hardy01:48
ubotupython-kde4-dev (source: kdebindings-kde4): KDE4 bindings for Python - Development files and scripts. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.0-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 178 kB, installed size 2320 kB01:48
nosredna_ekimoloughlin75 » add backports or the kde4 PPA01:48
nosredna_ekimto get it for gutsy01:49
oloughlin75manage repos doesnt do anything:/01:50
oloughlin75the thing doesnt come up01:50
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde401:50
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: its not in backports for gutsy01:53
nosredna_ekimmm... ok, then its in the PPA01:53
nosredna_ekimpersonal package archive01:54
nosredna_ekimshould be on the announcement page01:54
oloughlin75http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main01:54
oloughlin75thanks nosredna_ekim01:55
oloughlin75and whats with the _?01:55
nosredna_ekimoloughlin75 » got disconnected and my other nick turned into a ghost01:56
dasKreechnosredna_ekim: So who you gonna call?01:58
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: /msg nickserv recovery password01:59
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: /msg nickserv recovery screenanme password01:59
oloughlin75nosredna_ekim: /msg nickserv recover screenanme password01:59
oloughlin75thats it ^01:59
wolf08_ Anyone familiar with paintEvents in Qt 4.3? I'm trying to update a rectangle of my QWidget with update(QRect()) but it is acting strangely02:07
wolf08_The rectangles are the correct size (between 2 points with a slight margin) but the screen update only happens where rectangles overlap02:07
oloughlin75Can somebody explain the following line to me?02:31
oloughlin75params = {"server":"mpilgrim", "database":"master", "uid":"sa", "pwd":"secret"}02:31
oloughlin75it -looks- like an array of strings02:32
oloughlin75but what are the colons?02:32
yuriyoloughlin75: python?02:38
wolf08_It looks like a dictionary02:39
oloughlin75and whats a dictionary?02:39
wolf08_server, database, uid, pwd are the lookup strings02:40
wolf08_the others are what you get when you look them up02:40
wolf08_params["server"] = "mpilgrim"02:40
oloughlin75so its almost like variable declaration:what it contains?02:40
oloughlin75and its making an array like that02:40
yuriyoloughlin75: a dictionary, more commonly known as a map02:41
nixternalthink this:  variable server = "mpilgrim", variable database = "master" and so on02:41
nixternalbut located inside the dictionary02:41
nixternalor damn, just like wolf08_ said, didn't see that:  [   wolf08_] params["server"] = "mpilgrim"02:42
oloughlin75i get it :)02:44
oloughlin75beginner books suck at explaining tihngs ;s02:45
wolf08_I learned python through examples more or less02:45
oloughlin75map = " a collection of ket-to-value mappings, where both key and map can be any object..."02:46
oloughlin75so much more easier to understand02:46
wolf08_Although ironically I find programming Qt4 with C++ easier than programming in Python because everything is so much more structured and concrete02:46
oloughlin75wolf08_: thats one thing i like about java02:46
oloughlin75more detail almost02:47
wolf08_I never got into java. Dunno why.02:47
oloughlin75syntax is similar to c++02:47
oloughlin75making classes is different but its more or less the same02:47
oloughlin75python is reminding me of visual basic a little :/02:48
wolf08_I do like the simplicity of python for quick scripting02:49
wolf08_I.E. in calc I'll be asked something that requires some sort of recursion or graph or anything that I can see a computer doing quickly02:49
wolf08_And I can model it with python almost instantaniously02:49
oloughlin75its take hours to write something like that in java02:50
wolf08_Converging series wher eI spet out every nth term? Yeah. Fractals? Yeah. Graphs? Yeah.02:50
oloughlin75to get the gui to draw02:50
vorianevening :)03:31
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zepeugahi! when running "Xephyr :1" i got the error "Extended Input Devices not yet supported. bla bla bla" whats the matter?05:43
nixternalhiya Hobbsee06:22
nixternalI am this >.< close to getting the proxy stuff in advanced working for ubiquity kde, but for some stinkin' reason, the kde frontend isn't detecting http_proxy :/06:23
yao_ziyuanone thing i have to talk directly here07:58
yao_ziyuana majority of people likes KDE07:59
yao_ziyuana totality of east asian people require automatic availability of input methods (SCIM)07:59
yao_ziyuanbut when these two requirements come together,07:59
yao_ziyuankubuntu fails to meet them both.07:59
yao_ziyuanthe solution?08:00
yao_ziyuanfirst, don't use skim.08:00
yao_ziyuanskim only makes trouble.08:00
yao_ziyuanuse scim directly.08:00
yao_ziyuanscim has a gtk2 front end that stays in the GNOME or KDE taskbar tray area08:00
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:01
yao_ziyuanall you need to do is to abandon skim and instead configure scim correctly08:01
jussi01seriously. It sucks to come into a channel and have it filled with a monologue08:01
hadsIt's not really Laugh Out Loud material either.08:02
yao_ziyuanlast line: fedora 8 kde livecd does this perfectly. they don't have skim and they just configure scim (along with its input methods) correctly for kde. here's a screenshot: http://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/fedora8.png?gda=NtqQQTwAAADWsl4Y8OducPseo6poK2clSxQ0LQgg5yz2tq3MgbcAIWG1qiJ7UbTIup-M2XPURDTzV980_yfTP0F2XnxqzJt208:02
yao_ziyuansorry for long link. but going to tinyurl is tough08:02
Jucatoskim is also not something for Kubuntu to abandon. Kubuntu didn't create it. in fact, skim is an official scim project: http://www.scim-im.org/projects/skim08:03
yao_ziyuani think it deserves a monologue because this really is THE LAST STEP you guys need to make toward world domination08:03
yao_ziyuanJucato: then either you guys haven't configured it with scim along with those scim input methods correctly or you should just get rid of it and directly work on scim auto-configuration08:04
Jucatoit would be better if you filed bug reports (or confirm already filed reports) on actual problems encountered with skim because "kubuntu fails to meet both" is very vague08:05
yao_ziyuanactually i filed one08:06
yao_ziyuani meant kubuntu failed to configure skim/scim/im-switch/etc correctly for kde08:06
Jucatohm... maybe freeflying can be of some assistance in this area (he's from China iirc)08:07
yao_ziyuanso that after i add Chinese in System Settings i can't see input methods available in the tray08:07
yao_ziyuancurrently, the chinese channel uses an improvised Guide to manually configure kubuntu for input methods08:08
yao_ziyuanwhich is not acceptable to me08:08
yao_ziyuanmy bug report is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/18130008:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181300 in unidistro-kde-desktop "Kubuntu East Asian language display and input not as good as Ubuntu" [Undecided,New]08:09
yao_ziyuanmaybe i should add this monologue to it as a new comment08:09
Jucatofair enough. but you also have to consider we don't have much Chinese/East Asian devs on the Kubuntu team... so any help we can get is much appreciated (it would be great if someone from the Chinese channel(s) helped)08:09
* Jucato is from SE Asia, but we don't have our own alphabet :(08:10
Jucatos/alphabet/writing method/08:10
yao_ziyuanyou just hack into redhat/fedora and see how they do it08:10
yao_ziyuanredhat is really the grandpa in linux commoditization08:10
Jucatoyay! I just love being commanded to do stuff :)08:11
* jussi01 hugs Jucato 08:11
jussi01double hilight Jucato :P08:11
Jucatoright... I'll just poke freeflying later about this. that's as far as I can personally do08:12
yao_ziyuanin my opinion, this bug is the one and only one thing you guys should attend08:12
Jucatoyay! I just love "my bug is the only bug worth focusing on" commands :)08:12
yao_ziyuanthere is english setup instructions on SCIM's official site08:12
jussi01yao_ziyuan: there are about 10000000 such bugs, depending on who you are08:12
yao_ziyuanJucato, jussi01: i mean it08:13
yao_ziyuanJucato, jussi01: no joking08:13
Jucatojussi01: c'mon! let's forget about the rest of the world08:13
jussi01Jucato: heheheheheh... meh Im in the frozen north, who cares about you lot over there :P08:14
yao_ziyuanit is very easy to test whether you have solved the problem08:14
Jucatoyao_ziyuan: your request was reasonable until now. now, it's no longer a request. and, after what you said, *if* I were the person working on it, I would seriously lose interest.08:14
Jucatojussi01: like I said, I'm not affected. we don't use a different script/alphabet here :)08:15
yao_ziyuanlet me help you guys08:15
yao_ziyuani will go download an ISO of Kubuntu 7.1008:15
yao_ziyuaninstall it as a virtual machine08:15
yao_ziyuanand figures out a procedure to configure scim correctly on it08:15
jussi01yao_ziyuan: why dnt you fix the bug, submit a deb diff and we can make sure it gets uploaded :)08:16
yao_ziyuanmy procedure will be totally without skim. just like fedora/redhat.08:16
yao_ziyuanwill you guys accept a patch like that?08:16
jussi01yao_ziyuan: you are monologuing again...08:16
yao_ziyuandiff? i don't know the syntax/format however08:16
yao_ziyuani can give you guys a procedure of console commands08:17
yao_ziyuanyou guys make it a script08:17
yao_ziyuanand on the event that the user adds an east asian language in kubuntu's System Settings,08:17
yao_ziyuanmake sure that script run08:18
yao_ziyuanall right?08:18
yao_ziyuanokay me and i will start working08:18
yao_ziyuanor give that link to your chinese peer and let him do it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InputMethods/SCIM/Setup08:21
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davmor2Riddell: do you have a stable image for testing yet?08:43
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yao_ziyuani wonder if anything ensued after my departure...10:11
Riddellhi yao_ziyuan, what's the problem with skim?10:12
yao_ziyuanfirst of all, we can do without it10:12
yao_ziyuanthere are two symptoms.10:13
yao_ziyuanthe first symptom is: when you freshly install a Kubuntu 7.10, and add language Chinese in it System Settings,10:14
yao_ziyuanand restart system, you get no input methods available in the tray area10:14
yao_ziyuanthe most typical symptom with skim is simply that when you left-click its tray icon, it shows an empty menu (the menu is supposed to be a list of input methods)10:15
yao_ziyuanthus, by default, skim does not provide any input method list10:15
Riddellare you using qt-language-selector?10:16
yao_ziyuansymptom #2 is mostly my personal problem. i somehow ruined skim configuration once and every time i click "Global Setup" in its Configuration dialog box, it crashed. never mind.10:16
yao_ziyuanqt-language-selector? i don't know. i know i added Chinese in Kubuntu's System Settings10:16
yao_ziyuani'm now redownloading the Kubuntu ISO file10:17
yao_ziyuanone good news i found last time with Kubuntu is that10:17
yao_ziyuanif i choose Chinese to be the "installation language" when installing the Kubuntu Live CD to my hard disk (actually the hard disk of a virtual machine),10:17
yao_ziyuani can get immediate availability of a correctly configured SCIM tray icon after installation10:18
yao_ziyuanbut it's not SKIM. so everything points that we have less trouble without SKIM10:18
yao_ziyuanwhen i left-click that SCIM tray icon, there will be a menu of some input methods10:19
yao_ziyuanbut that approach has its own problem: its font for displaying english is a monowidth one (a Chinese font) and i can't fix it10:20
yao_ziyuanto be more current,10:22
yao_ziyuani will download Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 410:22
yao_ziyuanand figure out what is missing for the input methods after adding Chinese10:23
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yao_ziyuanmy experience is that skim itself is buggy and is an additional weak point in the whole cycle10:26
yao_ziyuancurrently i know 3 ways to get scim working under KDE, and none of them involves skim.10:27
Riddellyao_ziyuan: hrm, trouble is we're a pure kde distro and don't install gtk apps by default10:27
yao_ziyuanway #1: install ubuntu, install chinese (this gets scim ready), and then install kubuntu-desktop, and then log in with a kde session, and now you can press Ctrl+Space to invoke an input method.10:27
yao_ziyuanRiddell: so you're so "pure"...10:27
Hobbseemodulo openoffice.10:28
yao_ziyuan#2: install kubuntu and choose chinese as the "installation language" at the very first page of the installation wizard. you will see the scim tray icon after installation.10:28
yao_ziyuan#3: install fedora 8 kde live cd and then add chinese language support in its Control Center.10:29
Riddelldavmor2: do give today's daily-live CD a shot10:29
jussi01wow, yet another monologue!10:29
Riddelljussi01: it's useful10:29
davmor2Riddell: np10:29
yao_ziyuanthese 3 success stories say that skim is unnecessary and only makes trouble.10:29
Jucatojussi01: let him be. Riddell's here to listen, so it's more appropriate. :) wonder if freeflying is around10:30
yao_ziyuani know there is a mood among western developers that "east asian features don't matter"10:30
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: weird I haven't seen that10:31
RiddellI wouldn't say that10:31
yao_ziyuanbut sophisticated companies like microsoft and redhat emphasize those things (e.g. localization) very much10:31
Jucatoyao_ziyuan: that's actually not true. but pointing out that your problem is the only problem that deserves to be focused on is not nice10:31
yao_ziyuani even see gcc's output messages totally localized to chinese in fedora 810:31
yao_ziyuanJucato: from the global perspective, this bug is the most important thing. if i were a westerner, i would think kubuntu is already perfect :)10:34
yao_ziyuanbut the world is somewhat interdependent now10:34
Jucatoyao_ziyuan: big difference between "very important and needs to be addressed ASAP" and "most important and all others pale in comparison"10:35
yao_ziyuanthe problem is that this distro has a name "human"10:36
yao_ziyuanso that makes this very funny10:36
yao_ziyuanRiddell: you're a pure kde distro and don't install gtk apps by default, but scim itself is a gtk app...10:39
yao_ziyuanand isn't kubuntu the one that can put a kde theme to all gtk2 apps?10:41
yao_ziyuantrust me, the end user doesn't really care if you're "pure"10:42
stdinscim is gtk+, skim is kde10:43
Riddellyao_ziyuan: if you install chinese from qt-language-selector it does install scim10:44
Tm_TI wonder why this "human" bit means we should stop everything else to fix scim/skim issue10:46
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
Riddellyao_ziyuan: in " #1: install ubuntu, install chinese", how do you install chinese?11:00
Riddellhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080220/   so...very...close...11:02
Riddellbut no universe :(11:02
danimohi, did anyone suffer from problems with suspend to ram?11:04
Riddellit doesn't work for me11:04
danimoRiddell: yepp, same here11:06
Riddellhibernate works but11:06
danimoRiddell: and the sound driver fails to switch to external sound output11:06
danimoit's the same crap over and over with every new ubuntu release :(11:06
Riddellpeople were moaning about that yesterday11:06
Riddelldanimo: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug11:08
Riddellor try #ubuntu-kernel11:08
danimoRiddell: yeah, you're right11:09
danimoRiddell: btw: is the plan to make kde 4.0.[123] the default in  hardy still current?11:10
yao_ziyuani'm back from supper11:10
Riddelldanimo: the plan is to have two CDs with the kde 4 CD the one we big up11:10
yao_ziyuan(6:44:38 PM) Riddell: yao_ziyuan: if you install chinese from qt-language-selector it does install scim << yes it does, but it does not correctly configure scim, im-switch, the input methods, skim, so that these things can really work together (left-clicking skim shows an empty menu of input methods)11:11
Riddellyao_ziyuan: what if you run "sudo qt-language-selector --mode select" and chose chinese, does that configure it right?11:12
yao_ziyuanTm_T: this "human" bit hints that ubuntu is for all humans to use but it actually rejects east asian users because it doesn't provide input methods on the desktop well, and therefore it implies some people are not human...11:13
danimodanimo@lenina:/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d$ cat resume11:13
danimoRiddell: does this corresond to any of your UUIDs?11:13
danimoRiddell: because it doesn't for me11:13
yao_ziyuan(7:00:59 PM) Riddell: yao_ziyuan: in " #1: install ubuntu, install chinese", how do you install chinese? << in ubuntu's System > Administration > Language, add Chinese and check "input support for complex scripts"11:14
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: hmm, if it fails to write some spanish special characters, are spanish out too?11:14
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan: I understand your headache, I'm sorry11:14
yao_ziyuanRiddell: currently i have no kubuntu installed; i'm downloading one11:15
yao_ziyuanRiddell: so i can't answer this for now: >> (7:12:47 PM) Riddell: yao_ziyuan: what if you run "sudo qt-language-selector --mode select" and chose chinese, does that configure it right?11:16
Riddellyao_ziyuan: qt-language-selector --mode select gives you that "input support for complex scripts" tickbox11:17
yao_ziyuanthat would be great11:17
yao_ziyuanif it then does exactly what ubuntu does, i will have input methods by pressing Ctrl+Space11:18
yao_ziyuanbut if it then does the skim way the problem will persist11:18
Riddellyou can also run ""qt-language-selector --mode select" from system settings -> languages -> select system lanugage11:19
yao_ziyuanbut way #2 is a minor problem: there is no scim tray icon although pressing ctrl+space does bring up an input method11:19
yao_ziyuanRiddell: what are you talking about? ubuntu?11:21
yao_ziyuancurrently i have ubuntu 7.10, fedora 8 w/ kde installed as virtual machines11:21
yao_ziyuanthe latter was installed by a fedora 8 kde live cd iso11:21
Riddellyao_ziyuan: I'm talking about Kubuntu11:22
yao_ziyuanin Ubuntu's System > Administration > Language Support11:22
yao_ziyuanin Supported Languages, check Chinese, while Default Language remains English (USA),11:23
yao_ziyuanand check "Enable support to enter complex characters"11:23
yao_ziyuanthis is how to enable scim tray icon in ubuntu11:23
yao_ziyuanafter this,11:23
yao_ziyuanif you install kbuntu-desktop on ubuntu, and log in with a kde session, you won't see scim tray icon in the kde taskbar but you can press ctrl+space to invoke an input method.11:24
yao_ziyuanmy kubuntu 7.10 iso download progress is 61%11:24
yao_ziyuanRiddell: select system language? i don't know if it would work11:25
yao_ziyuanbut i do know if in kubuntu i go to KDE Control Center and then click Regional & Language and then Install Language: Chinese and then Add Language: Chinese,11:26
yao_ziyuani will not be able to use input methods11:26
=== notUNG`afk is now known as GNUsomebody
Riddellyao_ziyuan: maybe it'll work with "select system lanugage" and tick that "input support for complex scripts" box then11:27
yao_ziyuanRiddell: by  system settings -> languages -> select system lanugage, you can see an input method by ctrl+space?11:28
davmor2Riddell: is there anyway you can set the default pcm volume down 10%? nearly blew my speakers11:29
Riddelldavmor2: no idea, themuso is our sound dude11:30
yao_ziyuanit will take half an hour to complete the kubuntu download and another half an hour to install it as a virtual machine11:31
jussi01davmor2: I beleive crimsun - the alsa maintainer, can do that11:31
davmor2I think it's mostly a hda audio thing but as most are hda now it doesn't help11:31
yao_ziyuanin the meanwhile i want to talk about the big picture...11:32
yao_ziyuanthere are similar slashdot stories recently like this one: http://rss.slashdot.org/~r/Slashdot/slashdot/~3/236763207/article.pl11:32
yao_ziyuan"Why Linux Doesn't Spread"11:33
yao_ziyuani spammed 5 comments of the same idea there11:33
yao_ziyuanmy rants were:11:39
Riddellyao_ziyuan: we'll sell it to you if you want11:50
yao_ziyuanRed Hat sells one11:52
yao_ziyuani have tried Fedora, Kubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Knoppix11:55
yao_ziyuanfor kde-based distros.11:55
yao_ziyuanonly fedora automatically sets up chinese input for me11:56
yao_ziyuanin high school i was a programming contest participant and used debian but only its console part11:58
yao_ziyuanand also Red Hat11:58
=== afiestas is now known as BadDream
yao_ziyuanrunning the live cd12:05
yao_ziyuanKubuntu Hardy Alpha 412:06
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
davmor2Riddell: 64bit live and install seems okay12:07
davmor2apart from volume12:07
Riddelldavmor2: excellent12:08
davmor2just trying 32bit now12:08
yao_ziyuanamong all kde-based distros,12:09
yao_ziyuankubuntu has the nicest boot screen, login screen, wallpaper, theme...12:09
yao_ziyuanthis is why despite the lethal input method problem i still tirelessly rant here for fixing that problem12:11
Riddellwhich we appreciate12:11
yao_ziyuanyeah, now i see "Enable support to enter complex characters" in "Select System Language"12:13
yao_ziyuani never noticed "Select System Language" before12:13
yao_ziyuannow i hit Install New Language and select Chinese12:14
yao_ziyuanit's downloading packages12:14
yao_ziyuanit's pretty confusing12:16
yao_ziyuanthere is a Default Language which is always the topmost one in the Languages list12:16
yao_ziyuanand there is a Select System Language button which i never feel any need to click12:16
yao_ziyuanbetter make it like this: if the Default (topmost) language is an east asian one, the system automatically enable support to enter complex chars12:19
yao_ziyuanor better: if ANY language in the Languages list is an east asian one12:19
Riddellyao_ziyuan: how's your python? :)12:20
yao_ziyuanthis is because if the user ever has a need to read east asian information, he might as well need to write in that language12:20
Riddellprogramming language that language-selector is written in12:20
yao_ziyuani've heard python has something to do with this12:20
yao_ziyuani don't know.12:21
yao_ziyuani googled for this bug, and some results said something about python12:21
yao_ziyuanbut if Select System Language's Enable Support to Enter Complex Characters doesn't solve this bug,12:23
yao_ziyuani think we should consult SCIM's official instructions12:23
yao_ziyuanif skim is still haunting around12:24
davmor2Riddell: is the language option meant to popup and obscure the menu?12:25
Riddelldavmor2: nope12:26
davmor2it is12:26
Riddelldavmor2: which CD does that happen with?12:26
davmor2on 32bit12:26
davmor2on the opening menu12:26
davmor2I thought it only did it if you hit the language button12:27
Riddellthat's the intention12:27
davmor2right not a bug, it's a feature ;)12:27
Riddelldavmor2: are you pressing the language button or is it doing it automatically?12:28
yao_ziyuanfailed to download a package12:28
davmor2Riddell: automatic I press no buttons12:28
Riddellright, a bug12:28
yao_ziyuanKubuntu's Install New Language feature is very buggy, it says "New language successfully installed" even if you manually canceled the package downloading12:28
davmor2do you want me to report it then?12:29
Riddelldavmor2: please do, although I'm not sure what on12:29
davmor2I'll take a quick snapshot of it too12:30
Riddelldavmor2: hang on12:33
Riddelldavmor2: cjwatson says it's intentional, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gfxboot-theme-ubuntu/+bug/3988812:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 39888 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu "Auto ask for languages" [Wishlist,Fix released]12:33
yao_ziyuaninstalling Kubuntu Hardy Alpha 4 to a virtual machine12:35
davmor2I suppose i makes sense but it looks bad at the moment12:38
Riddellyes, the UI is inconsistent12:39
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
davmor2Riddell: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/davmor2/UbuntuScreenshots/photo#5169041733872112:42
Riddell404 NOT_FOUND12:42
Riddellbut I believe you12:42
davmor2Riddell: sorry missed the end off http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/davmor2/UbuntuScreenshots/photo#516904173387214969812:44
Riddellyes, pretty ugly12:45
Riddellcurious how Arabic is written in English12:46
davmor2not nice at all and this is LTS it should look prettier than that ?12:46
Jucato(Kubuntu Hardy won't be LTS...)12:47
davmor2does it on 64 bit too I just missed it :(12:47
davmor2Jucato: I know that but if they're doing it across the board it's still looks bad :(12:47
Jucatoright :)12:48
smarterdavmor2: I'm pretty sure it's a feature12:57
smarterI saw it in a release note IIRC12:58
=== Igorot_ is now known as Igorot
yao_ziyuankubuntu hardy alpha 4 installed as virtual machine13:14
yao_ziyuano no13:25
yao_ziyuani downloaded the wrong thing13:25
yao_ziyuanalpha 4 is known for the python bug13:25
yao_ziyuanwhich doesn't allow me to change screen resolution, etc.13:25
yao_ziyuananything that requires administrative mode13:26
* yao_ziyuan goes bust his head onto the wall13:26
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: I believe the python bug was fixed recently13:34
yao_ziyuanbut i can't download a fixed version13:34
yao_ziyuancan i?13:34
jpatrickapt-get update && apt-get upgrade13:35
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: see topic in #ubuntu+113:35
yao_ziyuansounds interesting13:36
yao_ziyuantopic is: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto13:37
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: If you use hardy I recommend idling in that channel so you know if someonthing's wrong13:37
Hobbseeoops, you broke it (koffice2 ppa)13:38
Riddellkoffice2 is still building13:40
yao_ziyuanso are you guys going to put kde 3.5.9 in kubuntu 8.04?13:41
Riddellalready have13:41
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: we have13:41
yao_ziyuanwhy are major version numbers designated as 7.10, 8.04?13:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about versions - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:42
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: it's year.month13:42
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:43
yao_ziyuani read fedora 9's statement which swears to kick ubuntu 8.04's ass13:43
yao_ziyuanit will have kde4...13:43
Riddellso will 8.0413:44
yao_ziyuanah ha?13:44
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: decided ages ago13:44
yao_ziyuani heard "8.04 will be the last version with kde 3.5"13:44
yao_ziyuanthen why will 8.04 have kde4?13:45
yao_ziyuani mean "ship with kde4"13:45
Riddellit'll have both13:45
Riddelltake your pick13:45
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: http://alioth.debian.org/~jpatrick-guest/kubuntu-meeting-20071222.pdf13:47
yao_ziyuanwhy should i read?13:47
yao_ziyuani've already known the general idea13:47
jpatrickdetails ;)13:47
Riddellanyone want to write the monthly team report?13:49
yao_ziyuannow installing Chinese language support in hardy 413:50
yao_ziyuanwill soon find out whether input methods work13:50
yao_ziyuanDefault System Language set to Chinese (China)13:53
yao_ziyuannow restarting system13:53
yao_ziyuanafter restart i will find out whether the input methods are there13:53
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
freeflyingJucato: hi14:07
Jucatohi freeflying! you're from China, am I right?14:07
freeflyingJucato: yes, and I just came back from linu seminar in China14:10
Jucatooooh nice! (wonder when there will be one in the Philippines again...)14:10
freeflyingJucato: meet with some kernel geeks, like Andrew, Johnason :)14:10
Jucatokool :)14:11
freeflyingalso, a kde girl involved in plasma :)14:11
Jucatohm.. Chani?14:11
Jucatohahah! :)14:11
freeflyingJucato: so, you ping me for what14:12
Jucatofreeflying: if you could take a peek into yao_ziyuan's bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/18130014:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181300 in unidistro-kde-desktop "Kubuntu East Asian language display and input not as good as Ubuntu" [Undecided,New]14:12
Jucato(you could also see the scrollback, his um... "discussion" has been going on for quite a while :D)14:13
Jucatofreeflying: basically he has issues with skim... didn't know who else to ask (this was before Riddell was around)14:13
freeflyingheh, some developer from Canonical is in charge of CJK now :P14:13
Jucatoboth for GNOME and KDE I hope?14:14
Riddellin theory..14:15
Jucatoah.. in theory... :)14:16
freeflyingRiddell: I need to have a scim conffile specific to skim under kubuntu, how about to ship it in kubuntu-default-setting, to solve the issue guys may encount with skim14:19
Riddellfreeflying: we could do that14:20
yao_ziyuanback from shitting14:20
freeflyingRiddell: to put it into ~/.scim, is that ok?14:20
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: hey14:21
yao_ziyuanhi hi14:22
davmor2Riddell: Both 32bit and 64bit seem okay14:23
yao_ziyuannow i see how it works14:23
yao_ziyuanif i Set System Language to Chinese,14:23
yao_ziyuanand restart kubuntu,14:24
davmor2Riddell: out of curiosity is there a kde equivalent to ndisgtk?14:24
yao_ziyuanthe aftermath = way #214:24
yao_ziyuani.e. choosing chinese as installation language during installation14:24
Riddellfreeflying: that would also need a change to the startkde script to copy the file14:24
Riddelldavmor2: great14:25
yao_ziyuanthis brings 2 new problems:14:25
yao_ziyuan1. all english letters are displayed in a monotype14:25
Riddelldavmor2: I don't know what ndisgtk is but if it's to do with ndiswrapper then jockey ought to do the job14:25
freeflyingRiddell: but this trick is something dirty  :)14:25
yao_ziyuan2. login screen has broken chinese chars (displayed as dots)14:25
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: 2 is a know bugs14:25
Riddell1. is also surely? I see that14:26
davmor2Riddell: and as a bonus no dodgy window opens saying that there is a drive available so nice one :)14:26
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: for 1 you may feedback to  ArneGoetje14:26
yao_ziyuani feedback to no one14:27
Riddellthen nothing will get fixed14:28
yao_ziyuani already found a kde-based distro that gives me perfect chinese display and input: fedora 814:28
yao_ziyuan now i will set system language back to english14:28
yao_ziyuanand try other methods14:28
yao_ziyuan(6:27:46 PM) yao_ziyuan: way #1: install ubuntu, install chinese (this gets scim ready), and then install kubuntu-desktop, and then log in with a kde session, and now you can press Ctrl+Space to invoke an input method.14:29
yao_ziyuanthis way is more promising14:29
yao_ziyuanwhy don't you kubuntu devel guys just copy how ubuntu installs and configures scim?14:30
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: seems you know quite few about the insight between ubuntu and kubuntu14:30
Riddellwhat's the difference?14:31
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: we have the same scim package for both ubunutu, kubuntu14:31
yao_ziyuanthat's good14:31
yao_ziyuanbut the devil is how you configure it14:32
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: it just work out-of-box14:32
freeflyingat lease you can have scim work correctly for you14:33
yao_ziyuani found myself unable to set system language back to english. the Set System Language dialog box has junk items in it and no one works14:33
yao_ziyuanfreeflying: no way14:33
yao_ziyuanfreeflying: if i install kubuntu with installation language = english,14:33
yao_ziyuanand then install new language: chinese14:33
yao_ziyuanand then add it to the Languages list14:34
yao_ziyuanthere will be no input methods14:34
yao_ziyuanno scim14:34
yao_ziyuanno nothing14:34
yao_ziyuanonly Ubuntu can set scim up14:34
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: you may have a try with install kubuntu with livecd, or alternatecd, but do remember to choose Chinese as your default language14:34
yao_ziyuanit sets scim up so well that even if i log in with a kde session i can still ctrl+space to invoke an input method14:34
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: and agree to download language support from internet14:35
yao_ziyuanchoose chinese during installation? i know that will enable scim input methods, but the 2 new problems it introduces are unacceptable to me14:35
yao_ziyuanthen you lack flexibity14:35
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: also you can set up language in systemsettings, its using the same language-selector14:36
jpatrickRiddell: http://alioth.debian.org/~jpatrick-guest/kubuntu-www3.diff14:36
yao_ziyuani know,14:36
yao_ziyuanRiddell told me that14:36
yao_ziyuanlet's copy fedora 8 kde live cd 's source code14:37
yao_ziyuanand rebrand it with kubuntu's wallpaper, theme, login screen :)14:37
yao_ziyuanthat's the quickest way to fix everything14:37
Riddelljpatrick: applied14:37
yao_ziyuanand catch up with the pioneer redhat14:37
jpatrickRiddell: thanks14:37
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: if you have problems with any distros, please feedback it, but not just complain it, thanks14:39
yao_ziyuanlet's figure out a way to manually set up scim14:40
yao_ziyuanwithout installing new language chinese and setting it as system language14:40
yao_ziyuanfreeflying: i'm not complaining. i'm always proposing good solutions :)14:40
yao_ziyuanif fedora 8 kde live cd publishes all its configuration scripts,14:41
yao_ziyuanwe should be able to know how it installs scim to its kde taskbar14:41
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: fedora using im-chooser to set up input method, but we use im-switch, im-chooser is an grk application, im-switch was writen in perl14:43
yao_ziyuanyou already know it!14:43
yao_ziyuanso all you guys go a purist path?14:44
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: I'd use two RPM based distro in my office, so how can I don't know it?14:44
yao_ziyuanthen adopt im-chooser...14:44
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: its not suitable for us14:45
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: I have already study this two years ago14:45
yao_ziyuantoo bad14:46
yao_ziyuanlet's surrender to red hat14:46
freeflyingyao_ziyuan: they have their ways14:46
yao_ziyuanfreeflying: so how do you get scim working in kubuntu?14:47
yao_ziyuanthe chinese ubuntu user community follows this tutorial to set up chinese input in kubuntu:14:51
yao_ziyuanit sucks14:51
yao_ziyuanit requires you to set system language to chinese14:52
yao_ziyuancurrently the only way to get kubuntu work with chinese input methods14:55
yao_ziyuanis to install ubuntu first14:55
yao_ziyuanthen chinese14:55
yao_ziyuanthen kubuntu-desktop14:56
yao_ziyuanlose nothing14:56
yao_ziyuanget everything14:56
Riddellyao_ziyuan: what's the difference when doing that?14:56
yao_ziyuanwhen doing that,14:56
yao_ziyuanscim is set up by ubuntu14:56
yao_ziyuanand if i log in to a kde desktop,14:57
yao_ziyuani can ctrl+space to activate an input method14:57
yao_ziyuanin this way, i don't have monotype problem and kde login screen bad chinese char problem14:58
Riddellso it's a difference of fontconfig settings14:58
yao_ziyuanhow does ubuntu sets up scim?14:58
yao_ziyuandoes it use im-switch or im-chooser?14:58
Riddellit's all the same language-selector14:59
yao_ziyuanif it uses im-switch,14:59
yao_ziyuanit can be said that im-switch works better with gnome14:59
yao_ziyuani'm beginning to think15:00
yao_ziyuanthat a separate brand "kubuntu" is unnecessary15:01
Riddellthat's not relevent15:01
yao_ziyuanubuntu and kubuntu may be using the same set up procedure for scim15:04
yao_ziyuanbut this procedure favors gnome15:04
yao_ziyuanand sucks for kde15:05
yao_ziyuansince ubuntu does so good a job setting up scim,15:05
yao_ziyuanwhy not put all such duties on ubuntu15:05
Riddellchanging the branding isn't magically going to change a technical issue15:06
yao_ziyuanmake gnome a required component for ubuntu15:07
yao_ziyuanand if the user wants to install chinese input methods,15:07
yao_ziyuantell him to log in to gnome desktop and install there15:07
yao_ziyuanand back to kde desktop and he will automatically have input methods15:07
Riddellthat's hardly a solution, finding the difference would help create a solution15:08
yao_ziyuanyou guys must have access to ubuntu's procedure of installing/configuring scim15:09
Riddellwell yes, we use the same tool15:11
buzare there already alpha5 cds for testing?15:14
jjessenot until friday i heard15:14
buzok i'll wait with reinstalling hardy until then, i guess15:15
buzmine seems pretty broken15:15
Riddelljjesse: where did you hear that?15:15
buzreleaseschedule says the 18th15:15
jjessewasn't that due to launchpad downtime?15:15
jjessethought i saw that in an email?15:15
Riddellyes indeed https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2008-February/000381.html15:18
Riddellbut testing can still be done15:18
jjesseyes that's right15:18
Riddell"And so I'd like to introduce you to the Intrepid Ibex.."15:19
jjesseis that the next release?15:19
Riddellpicked because this one looks like jono http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Capra_ibex_ibex_–_03.jpg15:19
jpatrick"kmediafactory-kde4 (0.6-0ubuntu1) ibex; urgency=low"15:20
jjesseso 8.10 will intrepid ibex15:21
DaSKreechI had voted for Incontinent Ibex :-(15:22
buzRiddell: so where to get isos for testing15:23
yao_ziyuanif i set all fonts in System Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts to Sans Serif 8,15:24
yao_ziyuanall chinese displays well everywhere15:24
yao_ziyuanso the conclusion:15:25
Riddellbuz: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20080220/15:25
Riddellbuz: those are entirely untested, I've no idea if they work, but it would be interesting to find out15:25
buzwill that become alpha5?15:25
Riddellbuz: if there's no problems with it15:25
buzonly alternate is there15:26
Riddellbuz: the desktop ones have been tested15:26
yao_ziyuan1. install ubuntu; 2. install chinese language support and enable to input complex characters in ubuntu; 3. install kubuntu-desktop in ubuntu; 4. log in ubuntu with a kde session; 5. make sure in System Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts that all fonts are set to Sans Serif 8.15:26
yao_ziyuannow, you will get perfect chinese display and input in kde...15:26
buzah well i can try alternate15:26
yao_ziyuanthe only thing missing is a scim icon in the tray area15:27
yao_ziyuanbut that doesn't matter since every chinese knows ctrl+space can activate an input method15:27
yao_ziyuanbottom line: abandon kubuntu and keep working on kubuntu-desktop15:27
yao_ziyuanfinally! we made it! scim with kde!15:29
jpatrickabandon kubuntu?15:30
jjessejpatrick: because scim doesn't work correctly w/ kde15:31
DaSKreechWhat about skim?15:31
yao_ziyuanyes yes15:31
yao_ziyuankde should only be available as a package15:31
yao_ziyuannot as a distro15:31
yao_ziyuankill skim!15:31
smarteror make it better...15:32
jpatrickwb Nightrose15:35
yao_ziyuani'm uploading a screenshot15:35
yao_ziyuanubuntu with kde15:35
yao_ziyuanwith scim working15:36
yao_ziyuanusing the method i said above15:36
Nightrosehey jpatrick ;-)15:36
yao_ziyuanyou're too good to be true15:37
yao_ziyuanthe screenshot15:42
yao_ziyuanthe existence of kubuntu as a distro is blocking kde's spread in asia15:44
jjessehow does that work?15:45
yuriyRiddell: still working on system-config-printer? all the problems i mentioned when you put up the test package are still there15:45
yuriyi'd file bugs, but basically nothing works15:45
yao_ziyuanhow wonderful life is with kubuntu-desktop and without kubuntu in the world...15:45
yao_ziyuanjjesse: east asian users won't accept kubuntu at all15:46
yao_ziyuanjjesse: currently the only way is give them ubuntu + kubuntu-desktop15:46
jjessei'm not understanding why or how that works15:46
yao_ziyuanthis screenshot is a nice example of ubuntu + kubuntu-desktop15:47
yao_ziyuanso we get both kde and chinese input15:47
smarterThis doesn't mean anything15:47
jjessewhy not fix what is causing the problem15:47
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: same thing basically15:47
jjesseinstead of complaing15:47
smarterYou need an ubuntu app to make scim work right?15:47
smarterand skim doesn't work?15:48
smarterso skim must be fixed15:48
buznot knowing any east asian language fixing this is kinda hard15:48
yao_ziyuanthis working scim was installed by ubuntu15:48
smarteryou can install it under kubuntu15:48
smarterbut a fill a bug report about skim not working15:48
yao_ziyuanthus spake our president: skim is not the solution; skim is the problem!15:48
smarterso it should be fixed15:48
smarternot removed15:48
yao_ziyuanbuz: you don't need to know one15:49
yao_ziyuanbuz: there is a simple way to test if your scim works fine15:49
buzhow would i test input method without knowing what should happen15:49
smarterwhat's exactly the problem with skim?15:49
Riddellyuriy: yes I'm still working on it, I don't think bugs are useful at this stage there's a lot missing15:49
jpatrick"< dholbach> UBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 15 minutes"15:49
yao_ziyuanbuz: that is, open a Kate or KWrite, press Ctrl+Space, and type a pinyin syllable, such as "wo", and you should see a candidate window like shown in the screenshot15:49
DaSKreechyao_ziyuan: Could you file a bug report with the way to test skim properly for Asian languages ?15:49
yao_ziyuanif you see, it works...15:50
smarteryao_ziyuan: what doesn't work with skim?15:50
* DaSKreech heads to work15:50
smarterI don't have anything special installed but when I right-click in a text field I get an input methods menu with scim inside15:51
* buz goes to reinstall from 20080220 alternate15:51
yao_ziyuansmarter: once i got scim + skim + scim-pinyin to work fine15:51
yao_ziyuanso if configured correctly, skim indeed can work15:51
yao_ziyuanthe problem is, kubuntu nether configures skim nor skim nor skim-pinyin correctly15:52
yao_ziyuanthe whole thing breaks15:52
smarterfill a bug report15:52
yao_ziyuansmarter: you have a fresh install of kubuntu and you can see scim in right-click menu?15:53
smarteryao_ziyuan: yes15:53
yao_ziyuansmarter: but if you type "wo" can you see the candidate window?15:53
yao_ziyuanyou should see a candidate window containing a list of chinese strings as in http://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/ubuntu-kde.png?gda=bA2SCD8AAADWsl4Y8OducPseo6poK2clUCs6sGOtvEZ8vKsw5JO8ImG1qiJ7UbTIup-M2XPURDRbc336TSoxjX0fZc4FmgOo15:54
yao_ziyuanor more simply,15:55
yao_ziyuanif you type "wo",15:55
yao_ziyuanand a new floating window appears,15:55
yao_ziyuanyou're ok15:55
smartertype wo where?15:55
yao_ziyuanin a Kate or KWrite15:55
yao_ziyuanor Konsole15:56
yao_ziyuanany K app that has a text box15:56
yao_ziyuanbut not Firefox15:56
yao_ziyuanFirefox is kinda GTK15:56
yao_ziyuani don't think ubuntu also uses that qt-language-selector to install scim15:58
yao_ziyuanqt is for kde15:58
yao_ziyuannot for gnome15:58
yao_ziyuanubuntu and kubuntu use different ways to install scim15:59
yao_ziyuanand associated input methods15:59
yao_ziyuanand kubuntu installs skim as a unnecessary front-end for scim15:59
yao_ziyuanwhich further complicates the problem15:59
yao_ziyuanscim itself has a front-end15:59
Riddellit uses gtk-language-selector16:01
yao_ziyuanthen that's the difference!16:01
yao_ziyuankubuntu should use gtk-language-selector as well16:01
buzkubuntu-alternate 20080220 iso is broken16:02
buzsays kernel modules dont match the kernel16:02
Riddellyao_ziyuan: they're the same code16:02
yao_ziyuanand make sure kubuntu download all the packages that ubuntu downloads16:02
Riddellbuz: hrm16:02
yao_ziyuanRiddell: something must be different16:02
Riddellyao_ziyuan: yes16:02
yao_ziyuanubuntu, kubuntu, fedora-gnome, fedora-kde,16:03
yao_ziyuanthese 4 distros,16:03
yao_ziyuanthey all have a minimal gnome and a minimal kde16:04
davmor2Riddell: Jockey only lists nvidia gfx card and not the wifi16:05
Riddelldavmor2: I seem to remember that's still on pitti's todo16:06
davmor2I'll ask :)16:06
yao_ziyuankubuntu should reuse as much ubuntu efforts as possible16:09
yao_ziyuanfedora 8 kde live cd does it this way16:09
Riddellit does16:10
yao_ziyuanits core heavily uses gnome apps16:10
Riddellyuriy: on the other hand, plenty of development opportunity :)16:10
yao_ziyuanthe Network Manager, the SCIM,16:10
yao_ziyuanthe Update Manager, Add/Remove Programs16:10
=== Daskreech2 is now known as DaSkreech
yao_ziyuani see that kubuntu can re-skin all gtk2 apps with the kde theme...16:14
yao_ziyuanisn't that enough reason to abandon skim?16:14
yao_ziyuansince you can skin scim as a kde app...16:15
jjessestupid question but what does debian use?  does debian use skim?16:15
Riddellyao_ziyuan: gnome-language-selector also leaves me with monospace fonts16:15
yao_ziyuanRiddell: what about reset the fonts to sans serif 816:16
Riddellyao_ziyuan: still monospaced16:16
yao_ziyuanthen you didn't simulate a pure ubuntu procedure...16:17
yao_ziyuanor your distro is dirty now16:19
yao_ziyuanuninstall all languages but english16:19
yao_ziyuanset system language to english16:19
yao_ziyuanrestart system16:19
yao_ziyuansimulate ubuntu's process of installing chinese language support16:19
yao_ziyuanthen install chinese in kubuntu's system settings16:20
yao_ziyuanthen make sure all fonts are set to Sans Serif 816:20
smarterI just installed scim-skim-pinyin16:20
yao_ziyuanSans Serif 8 is supposed to display chinese correctly16:20
smarterthen right click -> select input method -> scim16:20
smartersomething popped up16:20
smarterI typed something16:21
smarterand it looked like chinese ;)16:21
yao_ziyuansmarter: that simple?16:21
yao_ziyuansmarter: you just installed a single package scim-skim-pinyin (and it's depended packages) and you have chinese input now?16:22
yao_ziyuansmarter: what about Ctrl+Space?16:22
yao_ziyuansmarter: can you switch on and off chinese input mode by Ctrl+Space?16:22
yao_ziyuanthen it's all right16:22
yao_ziyuanso the conclusion is: a fresh kubuntu, plus scim-skim-pinyin16:23
yao_ziyuani don't believe the solution is so simple16:23
smarterbut it is.16:23
yao_ziyuansmarter: you haven't even installed chinese language support in System Settings, have you?16:23
jpatrickyao_ziyuan: that's Kubuntu for you :)16:23
smarterand I'm sure that qt-language-selector would have installed that pinyin thing16:23
smarteryao_ziyuan: nop16:23
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
seeleRiddell: does the nightly build have your printing changes in it?16:25
yao_ziyuani can't confirm this since i don't have a fresh kubuntu16:25
Riddellseele: yes, should do16:25
seeleRiddell: kk16:26
yao_ziyuansmarter: start a new Kate or KWrite, and then directly press Ctrl+Space, and then start typing, can you still make chinese chars?16:26
yao_ziyuansmarter: i mean, not via the right-click menu16:26
jpatrickbddebian: http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2008/02/msg00487.html - I was working on a kguitar package :)16:26
yao_ziyuansmarter: and you use kubuntu 7.10?16:27
smarteryao_ziyuan: I'm on kubuntu 8.0416:27
Riddellseele: it's full of bugs and obvious problems still (including usability problems)16:27
smarteryao_ziyuan: no, and I don't have the option in the right click menu of Kate16:27
yao_ziyuansmarter: hardy alpha 4?16:27
jpatrickbddebian: in fact I packaged the new upstream release, the DD's didn't take it16:27
smarteryao_ziyuan: latest update16:27
bddebianjpatrick: Why?16:28
yao_ziyuansmarter: you can't type chinese by ctrl+space now?16:28
smarterbut as far as I can remember I always could choose scim16:28
smarternot in kate16:28
smarterbut I can with Konversation16:28
jpatrickbddebian: "please relibtoolize"16:28
yao_ziyuanthen it's not perfect still16:28
bddebianjpatrick: Ah, really? :)16:28
jpatrickbddebian: and I tried everything I know and nothing worked for the debian-qt-kde guys16:29
yao_ziyuaneven the ubuntu-assisted way of installing scim is not perfect, since it doesn't install a tray icon in kde16:29
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
yao_ziyuanwhat i wanted to say was,16:30
yao_ziyuansince every distro has a basic gnome and a basic kde,16:30
yao_ziyuankubuntu should remake itself in this way:16:31
yao_ziyuantake ubuntu,16:31
yao_ziyuanremove all unnecessary gnome apps16:31
yao_ziyuanbut keep the system settings ones16:31
yao_ziyuanlike System -> Administration -> Language Support16:32
yao_ziyuani.e. let gnome apps manage system settings16:32
yao_ziyuanthen add k apps as accessories16:33
yao_ziyuanthis is exactly fedora's way16:33
yuriyfeel free to start your own distro with that idea :o16:33
Riddellas I've said multiple times we do use the same language-selector16:33
yao_ziyuando not let k apps manage the system configuration16:33
yao_ziyuanthey suck in this aspect16:33
yao_ziyuanand since kubuntu can skin gtk2 apps with kde theme,16:34
yao_ziyuani don't see a reason why you can't let g apps manage the system settings16:34
* DaSkreech waves at smarter and seele16:35
jpatrickDaSkreech: :(16:35
smartero/ DaSkreech16:35
* DaSkreech hugs jpatrick16:35
yao_ziyuanthus spake yao_ziyuan:16:35
smarteryao_ziyuan: missing input method choice in kate is a known bug: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9586916:35
ubotuKDE bug 95869 in kwrite "Missing Select input method in kwrite and kate" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]16:36
yao_ziyuanthy shall never conquer east asia16:36
yao_ziyuanuntil thy accept my advice16:36
yao_ziyuansmarter: yes, true, i don't see input method menu in kate either16:37
Riddellbuz: new CDs, I think this should solve it http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20080220.1/16:37
Riddellbuz: rsync for a faster download16:37
yao_ziyuansmarter: but i can ctrl+space to invoke an input method to type chinese in kate16:37
davmor2Riddell: new cd's already you do supprise me :)16:38
Riddelldavmor2: only alternate ones16:38
bddebianjpatrick: Well I guess we'll see what happens :)16:39
yao_ziyuanRiddell: you have some wrong conceptions16:40
jpatrickbddebian: just don't let pusling see that mail16:40
Riddellyao_ziyuan: as do you :)16:41
yao_ziyuanRiddell: from its name, i think "qt-language-selector" or "gtk-language-selector" doesn't do everything16:41
Riddellmostly they run im-switch16:43
smarteryao_ziyuan: I found how to use scim with kate16:44
smarterI just launched kate with QT_IM_MODULE=scim kate16:44
smarterit also works in firefox with GTK_IM_MODULE=scim firefox16:45
smarterand that's all16:45
yao_ziyuanthese 2 lines are in most tutorials for chinese users to manually set up scim16:45
yao_ziyuanbut i still suggest,16:46
yao_ziyuanthat kubuntu let ubuntu apps manage system settings16:46
yao_ziyuanincluding language stuff16:46
smarterI don't see why16:46
smarterit works perfectly fine16:46
smarterand I don't want gtk libs on my system16:46
yao_ziyuansmarter: then, ok, convert your knowledge to a patch16:46
yao_ziyuansmarter: fix kubuntu's chinese input problem with your experience :)16:47
smarterI may try :P16:47
smarterlet see what this qt-language-selector-option do...16:48
yao_ziyuanalso, it would be nice if there is a scim or skim icon on the tray area16:48
smarterthere's one when I right click -> select input method -> scim16:48
yao_ziyuanwhich is an alternative way to activate an input method, than using ctrl+space16:48
yao_ziyuansmarter: the icon should be always there, regardless whether an input method is activated16:49
yao_ziyuanthe icon is used to select an input method from a list of all available input methods16:49
jpatrickwhere's dear apachelogger?16:49
emonkeydunno ask Nightrose ... *stups*16:50
Nightrosejpatrick: dunno - he is online in jabber - not sure he is at his pc - want me to ping him?16:51
yao_ziyuana dream kde-based distro should look like this (fedora 8 kde live cd installed to hard disk): http://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/fedora8.png?gda=YM5Y1TwAAADWsl4Y8OducPseo6poK2cl_1-QJ7zXPc4a95G-J9TtMWG1qiJ7UbTIup-M2XPURDTzV980_yfTP0F2XnxqzJt216:51
yao_ziyuannote the "keyboard" icon in the tray area16:51
yao_ziyuanthat's the SCIM icon16:51
yao_ziyuanleft-clicking it will show a list of input methods16:52
yao_ziyuani don't know how fedora adds scim to the kde taskbar16:53
yao_ziyuanmaybe as an "applet"16:53
yao_ziyuanthat's all for today. i believe you guys will soon finish this16:54
coreymon77hi everyone16:56
jpatrickNightrose: just wanted to tell him I've forwarded his kgrubeditor package to the Debian guys16:56
Nightrosejpatrick: sorry got disconnected - if you answered please repeat16:57
Nightrosejpatrick: ah ok - so no need to ping him?16:57
jpatrickno thanks :)16:57
Nightroseok ;-)16:58
coreymon77so the meeting is at 6 huh??16:58
jpatrickcoreymon77: yep16:59
coreymon77i should be able to actually make this one17:00
coreymon77i usually eat dinner at 617:00
coreymon77so i might be a little late17:00
coreymon77jpatrick: how long do the meetings usually go for17:00
jpatrickcoreymon77: 30 minutes -> 1 hour, depends on the agenda17:01
smarterthis guy was right, ticking "Enable support to enter complex characters" in qt-language-selector doesn't work17:02
smarterpython crashes17:02
smarter"UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 37-38: ordinal not in range(128)"17:02
DaSkreechhunger: ping17:05
yuriyoh yuck what's with planet.u.c mangling wordpress titles17:12
yuriyi thought only planetkde did that17:12
DaSkreechI think chani figured out a way to stop it doing that17:14
yuriyi don't think i've seen it on planet ubuntu before though17:15
yuriyhmm looks like she did, doesn't say how though17:17
DaSkreechCheck her earlier posts from I think late last week17:18
hungerDaSkreech: pong.17:19
DaSkreechhunger: Hey ya17:19
DaSkreechcan decibel make connection tunnels?17:19
hungerDaSkreech: ho. What can I do for you?17:19
hungerDaSkreech: Dunno.17:20
hungerDaSkreech: It should if telepathy supports it.17:20
DaSkreechHmm ok17:20
DaSkreechI'm looking at the jaiku plasma applet and trying to be lazy17:20
hungerjaiku applet?17:20
DaSkreech they have a way of talking to a jabber server and sending commands17:20
DaSkreechhunger: You know the twitter applet?17:22
hungerDaSkreech: nope. I tend to not know applets.17:23
DaSkreechwell just know that it's cool :)17:23
DaSkreechI guess I'll use the API instead17:23
DaSkreechI'll look at having the decibel method as a bcakup17:23
hungergrundleborg has writen a decibel dataservice for plasmoids. It gives access to account info AFAIK.17:25
hungerDaSkreech: That might be useful (or maybe not;-)17:26
DaSkreechWell I'll try and actually think it out later.17:26
yuriyDaSkreech: according to her post clee fixed it on planetkde17:26
DaSkreechLots of back and forth on the mailing list  :)17:26
DaSkreechyuriy: Ah ok17:26
nixternaljeesh, sabdfl is releasing the next releases code name already17:26
DaSkreechnixternal: I guessed Incontinent Ibex17:27
DaSkreechhunger: Nice to see Matt compiling it :)17:27
nixternalit isn't no fun when you name it this early17:27
nixternalisn't no == double negative! it isn't any fun***17:27
DaSkreechnixternal: Lets see if it sends Digg nuts again17:28
DaSkreechDon't use no Double negatives nixternal!!17:28
=== meduxa is now known as toscalix
Nightrosejpatrick: there is apache|mobile for you ;-)17:33
DaSkreechhunger: How many apps link into it now?17:34
jpatrickapache|mobile: kgrubeditor shown to Debian devs..17:34
hungerDaSkreech: KCall, nothing else that I am aware of.17:34
DaSkreechhunger: What's this with akonadi. What's the issue of querying decibel?17:35
jpatricknow comes teh Spanish inquistion: "< pusling> and how does it interact with update-grub ?" ;)17:35
apache|mobilejpatrick: not at all17:38
bddebianjpatrick: It just got uploaded. ;-)17:42
jpatrickbddebian: whichh?17:43
jpatrickwhich version*17:44
bddebianOh, just 0.5-3, sorry17:44
bddebianHmm, I guess I didn't look at the new upstream17:45
jpatrickbddebian: upstream makrs the new release as a "major  bug fix relesase" :)17:48
jpatrickbddebian: I can give you what a have of a source package to work on17:49
nixternaldid k-d-s also get uploaded for Gutsy that broke the KDE 4 stuff? If so, someone needs to update the Gutsy package17:50
nixternalbug 19349817:51
nixternalbug #19349817:51
nixternalstupid bot is broke17:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193498 in meta-kde4 "KDE4 programs won't start" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19349817:51
nixternalthere you go17:51
smarterqt-language-selector is seriously broken17:52
smarteryay for unicode weirdness17:52
DaSkreechhunger_t: Doesn't Decibel save last seen data?17:56
DaSkreechAww cmon17:57
=== John4rper is now known as GNUcoso
yuriysebas: thanks for your fix.18:18
yuriysebas: will you be around today for hug day? (supposed to be for power management applet)18:18
yuriyi mean, in case people are actually working on it so they can ask questions18:19
buzhmm ubiquity seems kinda confused by luks partitions18:25
buzits claiming it has -2900MB and wants to use it as ext318:26
buz(but does not plan to format it)18:26
buzhow come todays livecd claims to run kde3.5.918:32
Riddellguess :)18:35
Riddellsmarter: what's wrong with it?18:36
smarterRiddell: I got UnicodeDecodeError18:36
smarterI fixed them18:36
smarterbut I can't install some languages because the name of the language contains accents18:37
davmor2Riddell: why is wine under office in add/remove?18:37
smarterwhen they are translated to french18:37
buzbut first things first, it actually works18:37
buz(unlike the alternate one)18:37
smarterand qt-language-selector use the name displayed to install the language18:37
Riddellbuz: did you try the new alternate one?18:37
smarterSo I get errors like: "ERROR: can not find new_locale: 'Français (France)'"18:38
buztried 20080220 as of 1700 GMT18:38
smarterI'm trying to fix them18:38
davmor2Riddell: I'll try them as soon as they have finished rsyncing18:39
buzanyway i will reboot and come back18:39
Riddelldavmor2: it's set in /usr/share/app-install/desktop/wine.desktop18:41
Riddellwhich will come from the wine package18:41
Riddellso probably just upstream's decision18:41
Riddellbuz: there's a 20080220.1 alternate which should fix i18:42
davmor2Riddell: ah okay I suppose if it is mostly used for Office 2xxx then that could be why18:42
buzRiddell: will try in virtualbox18:42
Riddellbuz: thanks18:42
davmor2Riddell: I'll try out on h/w as soon as it is rsynced18:43
Riddelldavmor2: thanks too :)18:45
smarterRiddell: fixed!18:46
smarterno more accents problems18:47
smartershould I fill a bug with my patch?18:47
Riddellsmarter: ooh?18:47
Riddellsmarter: you can yes18:47
Riddellsmarter: or you can do a branch and tell us to merge it18:47
Riddellwhatever is easiest18:47
smarterstill some things to fix18:47
nixternalRiddell: I am almost done with the ubiquity proxy stuff...I am working through a couple of tests and I should be finished...I think all I have left to fix is a textChanged() to setEnabled() on the spinbox18:52
Riddellnixternal: cool!18:52
nixternalI don't have a proxy set so it is kind of hard for me to test it 100% though18:53
nixternalbut it is pretty much the qt version of what Collin did18:53
nixternalright now I am trying to find some upstream kde4 bugs to link against on my 5-a-day18:53
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
* buz curses the alsa devs18:57
buzquite clearly they hate my soundcard18:58
buzi wonder if its a good or a bad sign if downloading the updates is faster than installing them19:02
mhbhi folks19:14
jpatrickhi mhb19:15
buzreinstalling hardy seems to helped19:20
buzat least my kopete icons are back :P19:20
buznote to self: stop copying .kde to .kde4 :P19:28
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
ugabuz: at some point we'll have kde3 to kde4 import tools?19:33
buzrealistically, right now you want to copy over kwallet and kopete19:33
buzmaybe even want to symlink kwallet19:33
buzmagically, the system seems much faster now19:34
ugaI'm thinking about korganizer, kmail and quite a few other apps19:34
buzright now we dont have those in kde4 so its hard to say19:34
buzkopete seems to work with simply copying over the old files19:34
ugaoups, sorry, wrong chan. I was thinking I was in kde-devel ;)19:35
ugabuz: svn here19:35
davmor2Riddell: any preference on which kub alt (32/64) you want testing?19:35
buzoh yeah i was about to test that19:35
buzi'll test 32 in virtualbo19:36
davmor2buz: okay I'll start with 64bit then19:36
buzi dont think i can even try 64bit in vbox on a 32bit host right19:36
davmor2buz correct19:37
sebasyuriy: Unlikely, I'm pretty busy these days19:41
sebasI've got like 60 emails in my guidance inbox alone that need going through and harvesting patches19:41
* buz wished someone would port domino to kde4 or oxygen to kde319:55
jpatrickbuz: in process (according to the kde-look page, checked today)19:55
buzwhich way19:55
jpatrickoh, domino to kde419:56
buzi dont care much either way, it just has to match19:56
buzfor the time being some color fiddling may do19:58
buzRiddell: alternate-20080220.1 seems to work20:00
buzin virtualbox anyway20:00
buzthat is for 32bit20:00
davmor264bit just finishing burning20:01
Riddellbuz: great20:08
jpatrickoh my god, Canonical saids documents in Application/MSWORD format..20:09
Riddellmeh, is what happens when taking on experienced staff, they bring bad habits :)20:10
Riddelljpatrick: UDS invitation?20:12
jjessethe travel one correct20:13
Riddelloh that's from the travel agency20:13
jpatrickRiddell: ah, ok, phew20:13
* jpatrick considers getting asking someone to install Ubuntu on their computers20:14
jjessewhat is everyone thoughts on an upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04?  is it pretty safe now?  any problems with upgrading from kde4 on gutsy to hardy?20:21
Riddellnever tried it20:21
jjessesafest way through apt-get dist-upgrade or safter way?20:21
nareshovjjesse: I did an upgrade from gutsy to hardy with kde4 a couple of days ago20:34
nareshovfirst, you need to get rid of /etc/kde4rc. And when I did it apt-python or something similar was broken, the update to that has come, so shouldn't be a problem now.20:35
jjessenareshov: how did it go?  did you just change the source list and do a dist-upgrade?20:48
davmor2Riddell: 64bit alt wont let you use a weak password for encrypted lvm even when you tell it too it just locks up.20:56
davmor2buz: can you check encrypted lvm and type in a 6 digit password.  See if it carries on or locks up.20:59
buznever tried that20:59
buzbut can do20:59
milianis there a kubuntu package for kblogger kde4 ?21:00
milianI can't find one and was wondering wether it's inside one of the bigger kde4-packages21:00
davmor2buz: ta21:01
nixternalRiddell: I will have a bzr diff for you momentarily with a working Ubiquity KDE w/ Proxy support21:02
mhbjpatrick: how's it going?21:02
* nixternal twittles thumbs while bzr goes through the stages of a checkout21:02
jpatrickmhb: not bad, mate, yourself?21:03
mhbtoo much school21:03
buzdigits or chars21:03
davmor2buz: by the way incase you don't know cancel the wipe disc you'll be there all day else21:04
mhbI wish I had the time for Kubuntu, I have so many "debts"21:04
buzi was just ognna ask that21:04
davmor2buz:  either 8 characters is what it recommends so use 6 instead so it throws up the warning message21:05
nareshovjjesse: no, I used adept21:05
buzi get past the warning21:05
buzit formatting now21:05
nixternalis there any way in which to make bzr any faster? hell, I can check out kde trunk/ before I can check out ubiquity from bzr21:05
ScottKI quite updating my Hardy install when python-central went south.  Updating today has only 144 updated packages...21:05
jpatrickmhb: yeah, I have that too. but looking forward to Prague!21:05
buzdavmor2: installing the base system ...21:06
buzno crash so far21:06
davmor2buz: right so it might just be a 64bit thing then :) thanks21:06
nareshovHow do I reload KMenu?21:06
nareshovI uninstalled a bunch of apps and it still shows old entries >_>21:06
buzwhat do you mean21:06
buzrestart kicker?21:06
* nareshov tries21:07
nareshovkicker isn't running21:07
buzmhh may want to restart plasma21:07
nareshovit worked21:08
nareshovcrap, linuxdcpp lost its tray-icon21:08
buzsometimes kded craps out21:09
buzother times kde4d21:09
davmor2Riddell: I got a plain blue background no image.......21:15
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davmor2Riddell: Infact it looks like a default kde install rather than Kubuntu :/21:29
davmor2Riddell: good news 2 out of 3 worked for the encryption so not a bug21:31
nareshovHow do I limit the number of simultaneous http connections in Konqueror ?21:49
coreymon77i actually made it to a meeting!23:00
coreymon77theres a meeting now isnt there?23:01
Riddellif people want to meet I suppose there can be23:02
coreymon7723:00 utc=6:00 pm est23:02
coreymon77it says so in the topic23:02
Riddellso it does23:02

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