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miladencan any1 tell me why this isnt working: ./poweriso extract /home/miladen/Desktop/psi.iso -od /home/miladen/Desktop00:06
miladenit tells me "unregonized parameter: /home/miladen/Desktop"00:06
Daisuke_Laptopwell that wasn't a whole lot of fun :\00:07
miladencan any1 tell me why this isnt working: ./poweriso extract /home/miladen/Desktop/psi.iso -od /home/miladen/Desktop00:08
miladenit tells me "unregonized parameter: /home/miladen/Desktop"00:08
joe_hey yall, I am trying to install aMSN on Ubuntu and the instructions say I need to execute the comman ./configure . Where do I type that? in terminal?00:08
coreymon77Daisuke_Laptop: what did you do?00:09
flipstarmiladen: hm maybe becorse its an unregonized parameter ?00:09
coreymon77joe_: isnt amsn on apt yet?00:09
miladenthe manual itself tells me to do exactly the same flipstar00:09
joe_coreymon77: no idea what ya mean :(00:09
flipstarjoe_: right you have to type that in terminal00:10
coreymon77!apt | joe_00:10
ubotujoe_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)00:10
coreymon77Daisuke_Laptop: whats the ubotu command to search the repos00:10
joe_flipstar: what directory should I be in when I type it?00:11
flipstarjoe_: that dir where you extracted amsn00:11
joe_miladen: maybe try with a lower case d in Desktop00:11
coreymon77joe_: no, linux is case sensitive00:11
coreymon77!search amsn00:11
coreymon77!find amsn00:12
ubotuFound: amsn00:12
prince_jammysmiladen: i looked at the site, seems they want a / before -od00:12
oloughlin75!info amsn00:12
ubotuamsn (source: amsn): An MSN messenger written in Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97RC1+dfsg-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 3371 kB, installed size 10956 kB00:12
oloughlin75tht what you want?00:12
joe_coreymon77: thats why I suggested it, mine shows desktop with a lowercase d00:12
coreymon77thats it00:12
miladenprince_jammys no it errors00:12
miladenjoe_ nope ;)00:12
coreymon77joe_: try this00:12
coreymon77joe_: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install amsn00:13
prince_jammysmiladen:  blablab.iso   /  -od  /home/blah00:13
joe_coreymon77:  thats the ticket, thanx :D00:13
joe_coreymon77: it says amsn is already the newest00:14
coreymon77joe_: thats what i meant by isnt it on apt, unless you have a particular reason to compile, use apt00:14
joe_but my amsn wont start grr00:14
coreymon77joe_: well then apparently its installed00:14
joe_ok I guess I need TkCximage00:14
coreymon77joe_: huh?00:15
coreymon77joe_: whats the problem with amsn00:15
* coreymon77 uses mercury anyways, its better00:15
coreymon77a little slower due to being java based00:15
coreymon77but i like it00:15
flipstari prefer pidgin00:16
coreymon77mercury is cross platform, i can use it on all 3 oses00:16
joe_coreymon77:  I get an error saying loading TkCximage failed. This module is needed to run aMSN. Please compile aMSN first, instructions on how to compile are located in INSATLL.00:16
oloughlin75coreymon77: so is pidgin :)00:16
coreymon77!info TkCximage00:16
ubotuPackage tkcximage does not exist in gutsy00:16
coreymon77okay then00:16
joe_my aMSN was workin fine till I tried to update it00:17
coreymon77joe_: tried?00:17
coreymon77joe_: im assuming that meant everything didnt go as planned with the update00:17
joe_yeah it said there was an update, so I clicked to visit the site, I took the latest version and now it wont start00:18
coreymon77with that error huh?00:18
joe_yes sir00:18
joe_once I got that error, I read the install file00:19
joe_and it said I need to install tcl-dev and tk-dev packages, so i did00:19
joe_then it says I need to configure.00:20
joe_but cant seem to get it to do that00:20
joe_I cant seem to change directory to amsn00:20
coreymon77i take it you installed those with apt00:20
joe_I used system package management00:21
coreymon77you mean adept?00:21
joe_uummm I dont know :(00:22
joe_I went to system -> administration->system package management00:22
joe_marked those two things for install and clicked update00:23
coreymon77i think thats adept00:23
joe_I am VERY new to linux00:23
joe_like 1 week00:23
joe_so trying to learn00:23
joe_sorry :(00:23
coreymon77joe_: welcome!00:23
coreymon77joe_: no problem00:23
prince_jammysjoe_: the thing is you said that "it" said there was an update, and you had to visit a site00:23
joe_I just got sick of bill and all his windows00:23
coreymon77prince_jammys: amsn00:24
coreymon77prince_jammys: and to visit amsns website for the update00:24
prince_jammyscoreymon77: i see00:24
coreymon77joe_: sorry youre having problems so early on, hope this doesnt turn you off of linux00:24
prince_jammyscoreymon77: what form do those updates come in?00:24
joe_my terminal says joe@joe-desktop:/home$  how do I get it to say /home/usr/share/amsn?00:24
coreymon77prince_jammys: youre asking me, joes the one with the problem00:25
coreymon77joe_: the cd command00:25
coreymon77joe_: cd=change directory00:25
joe_coreymon77:  when I do "cd usr" it dont work00:25
joe_am I missing osmeting?00:25
flipstarhere cd /home/usr/share/amsn00:25
coreymon77you need the slash00:25
joe_ah shoot00:25
* joe_ smacks his own head00:25
prince_jammysjoe_: cd /usr/share/blahblah    unless you actually have a /home/usr00:25
flipstarwas just an example i guess00:26
joe_prince_jammys: thanx00:26
coreymon77flipstar, prince_jammys i think it means /home/username/share00:26
coreymon77flipstar: generic example00:26
coreymon77but probably /usr/share/amsn is more correct00:26
joe_yeah it should be00:27
joe_but it wont let me into share00:27
coreymon77joe_: youre gonna want the cd /usr/share/amsn command00:27
oloughlin75joe_: what are you trying to accomplish?00:27
prince_jammysyes, good question00:27
coreymon77oloughlin75: something messed up with an amsn update, and the readme for it says that he has to ./configure00:28
coreymon77now that he has the two packages he needs from adept00:28
oloughlin75coreymon77: i think you can configure when compiling from source00:28
joe_do I need the . in front of the / ?00:29
prince_jammysjoe_: yes00:29
coreymon77joe_: try this, sudo apt-get install tcl-dev tk-dev00:29
coreymon77im not sure if you actually installed the packages00:30
prince_jammysyes, you should not have to be compiling the stuff yourself if it's in apt00:30
joe_Package tcl-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.00:30
joe_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or00:30
joe_is only available from another source00:30
joe_E: Package tcl-dev has no installation candidate00:30
joe_man, I suck at linux00:31
oloughlin75joe_: try "sudo apt-get -f install amsn"00:31
joe_really sorry guys for not knowing a bit more00:31
prince_jammysjoe_: don't worry00:31
prince_jammysbe happy :)00:31
joe_just dont want to frustrate the people who are trying to help00:32
joe_amsn is already the newest version.00:32
joe_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:32
prince_jammysjoe_: if you're new to linux, it's too much for you to have to be compiling stuff00:32
prince_jammysyou should be able to install this through apt00:32
joe_gotta learn somehow though00:32
bobbyhey all, does anyone know how i could go about printing a pdf document with 6 pages to a sheet? kpdf doesnt seem to be able to do that.00:32
coreymon77prince_jammys: thats the problem00:32
prince_jammyslike oloughlin75 is saying00:32
joe_cant learn to swim without getting wet00:32
coreymon77prince_jammys: it is on apt00:32
coreymon77prince_jammys: and its installed on apt00:33
coreymon77prince_jammys: it just messed up after an update00:33
bobbyim using kubuntu 7.1000:33
joe_how do you uninstall with linux? maybe I will just uninstall amsn and start fresh with "apt"00:33
coreymon77joe_: normally you dont have to compile stuff, apt is pretty comprehensive00:33
oloughlin75joe_: lets try "sudo apt-get install amsn --reinstall"00:33
coreymon77joe_: that was my next suggestion00:33
joe_wooohoo, I thought of something you did :D00:34
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* joe_ feels proud00:34
loguser1if i dont have xorg installed. why can i see mouse and gui apps?00:34
coreymon77oloughlin75: i was going to suggest an uninstall+purge, but thats a better first step00:34
prince_jammysyou can stick the --reinstall after the name of the package?00:34
flipstarbobby: kpdf can print..just select it from menu or press ctrl + p ..00:34
oloughlin75loguser1: you must have xorg00:34
loguser1oloughlin75:  i uninstalled it.00:34
coreymon77oloughlin75: isnt the command apt-get reinstall [package]?00:35
miladenhow do i uninstall apps in wine?00:35
joe_Unpacking replacement amsn ...00:35
oloughlin75coreymon77: no00:35
bobbyno no i know that! haha, i want it to print 6 pages on a single piece of paper, and i only have an option for 4 pages. is there another app that i should try?00:35
oloughlin75coreymon77: man apt-get00:35
coreymon77oloughlin75: okay then, i was wrong00:35
flipstarcoreymon77: no it is apt-get --reinstall install00:35
oloughlin75loguser1: you wont have GUI at all if you install xorg... what did you do?00:36
joe_YEAH BABY!!!! it works thanx so very much coreymon77 oloughlin75 prince_jammys and everyone :D00:36
coreymon77joe_: you see, even i am learning new things00:36
oloughlin75joe_: does amsn work now?00:36
joe_oloughlin75:  it does00:36
coreymon77joe_: everyone is a linux noob at some point, even all of us00:36
joe_thanx so much :D00:36
oloughlin75joe_: thank you, come again ;)00:36
joe_oh I will00:36
coreymon77joe_: that will be $5 please00:36
* joe_ dcc's $5 CAD to coreymon7700:37
coreymon77thank you00:37
loguser1_  i have a mouse moving. a console .wallpaper. i can run gui apps by typing ther name in console like amasn.  despite i uninstalled xorg.. why ?00:37
prince_jammysnow what you did is use APT (which by the way is what you accept when you use "adept" and also "synaptic" and "aptitude")00:37
prince_jammysi have no idea why i typed accept00:37
coreymon77prince_jammys: neither00:37
coreymon77loguser1_: well then, apparently you didnt uninstall xorg00:38
loguser1_  i have a mouse moving. a console .wallpaper. i can run gui apps by typing ther name in console like amasn.  despite i uninstalled xorg.. why ?00:38
TownkHi guys, I'm not using kubuntu but I'm trying to configure the Qt theme of my Ubuntu and guys from #ubuntu told me that here is the best place to ask :), so... I'm trying to run qtconfig but this app is not installed. Which package should I install?00:38
flipstarloguser1_: did you restarted after uninstalling xorg ?00:38
prince_jammysits all the apt accept adopt adapt00:38
loguser1_flipstar:  coreymon77  i uninstalled that from console00:38
coreymon77loguser1_: apparently not, since you still have a gui00:38
loguser1_flipstar:  coreymon77 but i dont see any taskbar or kmenu.00:38
oloughlin75loguser1what did you do to "uninstall" xorg?00:39
flipstarso you can run gui's from a console ? without X ?00:39
coreymon77flipstar: no he cant00:39
flipstarhah would be great00:39
coreymon77flipstar: obviously it didnt fully uninstall00:39
prince_jammysTownk: just a guess (i dont know) gtk-qt-engine00:39
DFlameHiya folks, anyone want to have a crack at solving a samba problem here? 2 stations, hub link, both 7.10 and working VNC connection. Yet browsing into the share tells me it does not exist (it does, of course)00:39
loguser1_oloughlin75:  sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg00:39
loguser1_flipstar:  ya.00:40
Townkprince_jammys: actually this one make GTK apps looks like Qt. what I'm looking for is the opposite :P00:40
flipstarloguser1_: maybe you'll try xorg*00:40
oloughlin75!info xorg00:40
bobbyare you guys going to let me boot into windows just to print 6 pages on a single sheet?! haha00:40
ubotuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB00:40
loguser1_flipstar:  xorg* what do you mean?00:40
coreymon77bobby: nope, just be patient00:40
flipstarbobby as i said above kpdf can print00:40
coreymon77bobby: were a little busy00:40
oloughlin75loguser1_: xorg looks like just a single file. the * is a wildcard that will remove everything starting with xorg00:41
flipstarbobby: just select it from menu or press ctrl +p00:41
bobbyflipstar: kpdf wont let me print 6 pages on a sheet, only 4 max.00:41
oloughlin75flipstar: he wants 6 pages printed onto 100:41
loguser1_oloughlin75:  brb00:41
omalleddoes anyone know if there are ubuntu packages for BLAS and LAPACK?00:41
loguser1_oloughlin75:  flipstar  but what would i have to do if i want to reinstall it?00:41
oloughlin75loguser1_: why on earth are you removing and reinstalling xorg?00:42
loguser1_oloughlin75:  flipstar  do i still have kde? i dont know much how gui works. what are its components00:42
flipstarloguser1_: btw why do you want to uninstall X  ?00:42
oloughlin75loguser1_: sudo apt-get install xorg  i suppose00:42
loguser1_oloughlin75:  i had a problem. coudnt log in the gui. so now i can.00:42
loguser1_flipstar:  ^00:42
prince_jammys!info xserver-xorg00:42
ubotuxserver-xorg (source: xorg): the X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 409 kB, installed size 1272 kB00:42
oloughlin75you could have *fixed xorg.conf loguser1_00:42
loguser1_flipstar:  oloughlin75  prince_jammys  . i dont know why i didnt had kubuntu-desktop and xserver-org . when i cam to know that . when i typed apt-get remove     ?00:43
prince_jammysone more time?00:44
loguser1_flipstar:  oloughlin75  prince_jammys  .despite that. i ran kde. and guui..00:44
loguser1_how can that be possible00:44
oloughlin75loguser1_: they dont do the same thing! you need xorg to display stuff and kde is a desktop environment00:44
oloughlin75loguser1_: you didnt remove xserver, you removed one file, and apparently it isnt -needed-00:45
prince_jammysi'm a bit confused. is your X broken?00:45
oloughlin75prince_jammys: it was and he removed xorg00:46
loguser1_oloughlin75:  so what do i need to reinstall all. except kde. that seems working fine to me00:46
loguser1_prince_jammys:  yes i gues00:46
coreymon77prince_jammys: no, he purposely remove xorg00:46
loguser1_coreymon77:  ya00:46
oloughlin75coreymon77: because he couldnt log in using GUI00:46
oloughlin75so im assuming kdm wasnt loading00:46
coreymon77prince_jammys: so, yes, his x is broken :P00:46
loguser1_oloughlin75:  i can see a mouse. and i can run amsn00:47
coreymon77oloughlin75: thats not much of a reason to remove xorg though00:47
oloughlin75can you run amarok?00:47
loguser1_oloughlin75: wait00:47
oloughlin75coreymon77: does it look like he knows what hes doing?00:47
coreymon77oloughlin75: good point ;)00:48
loguser1_oloughlin75:  yes00:48
oloughlin75*no offence loguser1_00:48
prince_jammysi dont understand how you can run that stuff having removed xorg, so im staying out of this one00:48
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oloughlin75!info xorg00:48
ubotuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB00:48
oloughlin75prince_jammys: it looks like its a file00:48
oloughlin75prince_jammys: not the whole thing00:48
miladenwhat is the "new version" of beryl called?00:49
* loguser1_ cant see the taskbar..... or any other gui. or kde00:49
flipstaroptional it says00:49
prince_jammysbut X is optional00:49
flipstar!beryl > miladen00:49
SlimeyPetemiladen: compiz-fusion00:49
prince_jammysyou dont technically need X00:49
loguser1_oohh       ....... kdem daemon is runing i gues?00:49
Arwenyou don't technically need linux-image either00:49
Arwenif you wanted to, you could use GNU Hurd.00:50
ArwenIt wouldn't do a whole lot, but...00:50
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: help them!00:50
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: loguser1 removed xorg00:50
Arwenyeah, who and with what?00:51
nosrednaekimthats simple :)00:51
Arwenreinstall it, lol00:51
nosrednaekimloguser1 » run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"00:51
ArwenI think he meant you removed it as in apt-get remove00:51
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: he didnt remove xserver -- he did apt-get remove xorg00:52
oloughlin75!info xorg00:52
ubotuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB00:52
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: xorg looks like a single file or something00:52
nosrednaekimwell.... grab it again00:52
nosrednaekimmeta package.00:52
flipstarbtw loguser_ left ..00:52
Arwenwell, that would prevent us from helping him, wouldn't it?00:53
root-----what the heck is going on..  this is loguser1........     i had a problem with x. i though it was kde. but it wasnt. i couldn solve it. i uninstalled xorg. stil could use restricted gui. with no kde. then i removed xorg*. kdm damon stoped. i went to console only. typed 'startx' . now iam using full gui. and kde. whats going on................00:54
nosrednaekimroot----- » xorg is just a meat package.. it didn't remove anything00:54
root-----nosrednaekim ic.. so what is it for. and whats the read package?00:54
Arwenit's there to help upgrades00:55
Arwenthe real on is xserver-xorg iirc00:55
root-----xserver-xorg . i didnt had that when i tried to remove it00:55
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root-----can some one explain. whats the backbon. the working of gui00:56
nosrednaekimroot----- » so whats the problem exactly?00:57
root-----nosrednaekim just wana understand00:57
ArwenLet's see... it works something like this -> GRUB boots Linux. Linux runs init which usually spawns a bunch of consoles. You run X in one of these consoles. X starts KDE. You have fun.00:57
root-----nosrednaekim and btw, i have no xorg atm. still runing kde. how why?00:57
nosrednaekimroot----- » you do have X if you are running kde00:58
prince_jammysthat sir, is not possible00:58
Arwenprince_jammys, he could be using the Y Window System :-P00:58
root-----nosrednaekim i dont have xorg .. can i still run kde?00:58
prince_jammysArwen: was waiting for that :)00:58
flipstar<nosrednaekim> root----- » xorg is just a meta package.. it didn't remove anything00:59
nosrednaekimroot----- » you DO have X...00:59
root-----flipstar nosrednaekim ah ic. what x do i have?00:59
root-----whats a meta package00:59
flipstarX like X in Xorg00:59
Arwena metapackage is a backage that doesn't do anything by itself00:59
flipstara package with metainformations in it00:59
Arwenit just forces apt to download other ones00:59
nosrednaekimroot----- » a meta package just install a whole bunch of other packages01:00
root-----xorg installs and maintains X ?01:00
Arweninstalls, yes01:00
flipstarso its like a box..01:00
Arwendunno about maintaining01:00
nosrednaekimroot----- » yes01:00
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flipstarwhen you remove that carton the content still exists01:01
nzkWhat is a good GUI text editor?01:01
root-----nosrednaekim what x do i have.01:01
flipstari like kate nzk01:01
LjL!good | nzk01:01
ubotunzk: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.01:01
LjL!editors | nsk01:01
ubotunsk: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) | Terminal-based editors: vi/vim, emacs, and nano (user-friendly). | HTML/CSS editors: !html | Programming: !code01:01
root-----nosrednaekim something tells me i should reinstall xorg to maintain a good x ?01:02
prince_jammysroot-----: what is that something?  what is broken?01:02
nosrednaekimroot----- » yeah... you should01:02
nosrednaekimroot----- » tho its not real important01:02
root-----prince_jammys nosrednaekim ya. it was. i couldnt log in gui. it asked pwd again and again. but now its fine01:02
root-----nosrednaekim prince_jammys so. it was xorg fault. i uninstalled.  now i should reinstall it?01:03
prince_jammysroot-----: there are now no symptoms of breakage?01:03
root-----prince_jammys no.01:03
root-----prince_jammys my configs of desktop are changed thought . but its working01:03
prince_jammysroot-----: if i recall, you changed those configs earlier, right?01:04
root-----i see less apps too01:04
root-----in the kmenu01:04
prince_jammysthats normal01:04
root-----why so01:05
prince_jammysbecause you deleted your configs01:05
prince_jammysnormal as in expected01:05
root-----the system should restore01:05
prince_jammysthe stuff is there though, just not in your menus01:05
jeffy124anyone here know why Kubuntu doesn't come with GIMP pre-installed?01:05
root-----prince_jammys i dont know. my destop working is quite faster now.. why so?01:06
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » no room, and it uses GTK01:06
prince_jammysso unless you see symptoms that stuff is broken ,i suggest you leave it alone01:06
prince_jammysyou're gonna have to put the stuff back in the menu01:06
root-----prince_jammys but all my games are stil there01:06
root-----ooonly few have been missing01:07
prince_jammysthe menus can be a pain in the rear, yes01:07
prince_jammysbut reinstalling x would not solve this anyway01:07
root-----prince_jammys oh sh*t . i dont have konqueror instaled01:07
prince_jammysnot in the menu or just not installed?01:08
root-----prince_jammys reinstalling x.. i already have x i gues01:08
prince_jammysalt+f2  type       konqueror01:08
root-----The program 'konqueror' is currently not installed.01:08
prince_jammysinstall it01:09
root-----prince_jammys reinstalling x.. i already have x i gues ?01:09
nosrednaekimroot----- » run "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"01:09
prince_jammysyeah do that01:09
root-----lololol.. i dont have adept too01:09
prince_jammysyou will after you do that01:09
* root----- sniffes xorg faults?01:09
root-----dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:11
jeffy124nosrednaekim: so if i want gimp in Kubuntu i have to install all the gtk crap? that would slow down my computer a wee bit right?01:11
nosrednaekimjeffy124 » only when you were running it.... and if you were using firefox anyway, it won't matter01:11
root-----nosrednaekim i already have kde01:12
unagican mkisofs make an iso from a movie dvd?01:12
root-----guys........ what x do i have right now?01:12
nosrednaekimX11 7.201:12
mike18i just installed new Nvidia drivers via Envy in Kubuntu 7.04 and upon reboot my display has very blue tint as if no red is coming out. I'm using the s-video => component dongle connected to my HDTV01:12
flipstar!envy > mike1801:13
root-----nosrednaekim ok. and whats the package name for htat01:13
jeffy124nosrednaekim: ahhh cheers. i would buy you a beer... but this is irc...01:13
nosrednaekimroo t----- » not sure... but if you are running kde, you don'thave to worry about it, cause its already installed01:13
unagiis there a way for kaffiene to recognize media buttons?01:14
* root----- thanks all for the fish :)01:14
oloughlin75!info pydev01:16
ubotuPackage pydev does not exist in gutsy01:16
Riskbreakerdoes anyone know how to make kontact show emails with html formatting?01:16
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » yeah.... its a setting somewhere in kmail01:18
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:18
nosrednaekimprobably under account01:18
Riskbreakernothing under accounts...01:20
flipstarRiskbreaker: kmail settings->security->html01:21
flipstargood night everyone!01:22
Riskbreakerthere we g01:23
Riskbreakerthanks man01:23
bobbyCould anyone tell me an app that can print 6 sheets to 1 page? KPDF can only do 4max.01:23
Riskbreakeris there anyone using the fglrx 8.02 driver?01:27
Arwenno, because I know 8.01 failed a lot01:27
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » I'm using the 7.12.... should be close enough01:27
Riskbreakerit may be, it may not be. i have a problem where my compy hangs at a blank black screen whenever i shut down X01:28
Riskbreakerreboot, restart X, shutdown, can't do any of it. computer hangs.01:28
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » ah, I know how to fix that01:28
Riskbreakero rly01:28
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » you have to tell kdm to restart X on logout.01:28
nosrednaekimlet me fid that file01:29
Riskbreaker...say what.01:29
root----- when i go to consoleonly and type startx . it starts it good. but at regular boot , after giving username/pwd. i only see mouch . wallpaper and a console. no kde. why?   i only see kde in good if i select 'kde' from sessions while giving username pwd. is any thing wrong? (provided that i already have installed xorg)01:29
nosrednaekimroot----- » switch back to the normal KDE session... you are in failsafe01:30
nosrednaekimthere is a button on kdm for chooseing the session01:30
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:30
mike18!restricted devices01:30
nosrednaekimRiskbreaker » http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/kdm-logon-screen-resolution-and-logoff-issues-in-slackware-12.0-572836/01:31
jeffy124!restricted drivers01:31
root-----nosrednaekim iam not01:31
root-----nosrednaekim ohl ok. where is the buttion?01:31
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:31
Riskbreakeri will take a look01:31
unagihrm, i dunno what to do when a laptop only has wireless internet and it doesnt work on the livcecd01:32
Riskbreakerwhich post specifically should i look at?01:32
osirisanyone have an idea how i can tell what has my file system set to read only ?01:33
osirisi can ssh into the box, but for some reason the file system is read only01:33
root-----nosrednaekim ohl ok. where is the buttion?01:34
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto01:34
unagiis there a way to enable wireless without using the media button01:36
mike18my adept package manager is missing01:36
mike18i tried Alt+F2 and typing Adept it doesnt start... tries to search online. it's not in K-Menu > System > ... either01:37
mike18any ideas?01:37
eirikeylandsbranIm going to ask a quick question, im setting up a kubuntu server, how should I partition my disks?01:38
BluesKajmike18, try : sudo apt-get install adept , in the terminal01:39
mike18just did that :)01:39
mike18i'm learning01:39
Daisuke_Laptopyou're not missing much01:39
Daisuke_Laptopsynaptic sucks a whole lot less :D01:40
BluesKajmike18, not alt+F2 , open the Konsole in kmenu01:40
mike18i tried it in konsole typing adept said command not found01:40
mike18found it in k-menu > system now01:40
Daisuke_Laptopmike18: how about adept-manager (or adept_manager, i forget which)01:41
root----- i had mad a backup of my os by g4l and i have the image file. i just want to overwrite the home directory with the home directory of that backup . how can i do it?01:41
Riskbreakernosrednaekim: i put the line in kdmrc that i found in that thread and it didn't help01:41
Daisuke_Laptopbecause just going for adept isn't going to work.01:41
Riskbreakertried to restart X, still froze01:41
mike18i'm in it now01:42
mike18not sure which driver to use the wiki is unclear01:42
mike18theres nvidia-glx, glx-legacy, glx-new01:43
mike18i'm using 7600 GT01:43
Daisuke_Laptopmike18: use new01:43
Daisuke_Laptopnvidia-glx-new that is :)01:43
epsilomI have a problems with konqueror01:45
NickPrestaepsilom, what kind of problems?01:45
epsilomwhen I clik link (for example a link in kontact) the konqueror open link in temporal archive (for example /var/tmp/kdecache-xavier/krun/9048.0.150440 )01:46
epsilomI dont like this01:47
epsilomhave you any ideas?01:47
unagiis it possible to enable a broadcom bcm4318 wireless card without the button on the laptop?01:49
nosredna_ekimunagi » probably not01:50
mike18i just installed new nvidia drivers according to ubuntu community wiki using adept manager01:53
mike18now i reboot and all i get is flashing cursor in top left corner01:53
FXso what other desktops does people in here use beside kubuntu?01:54
nosredna_ekimmike18 » you didn't use the resticted-manager?01:54
nosredna_ekimFX QLWM01:54
FXqlwm? never heard of that01:54
mike18no using kubuntu01:54
mike18kubuntu has adept01:55
mike18not restricted-manager01:55
shooter26jemand aus deutschland da01:55
nosredna_ekimmike18 » it has restricted-manager as well01:55
mike18well shotskis01:55
mike18what do i do now that i have the flashing cursor? we've established i didn't use restricted-manager... can't do much with the flashing cursor01:56
nosredna_ekimanyway... go into recovery mode and run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"01:56
mike18k i'll try that now01:57
eirikeylandsbranFX: os x 10.4, windows, and now (hopefully) Kubuntu01:57
intelikeyERROR: [00000276] access_file access error: read failed (Input/output error)      anyone can tell me how to copy the .vob files off the dvd ?01:58
FXeirikeylandsbran: I ran Mac for a while and then got bored with it.01:59
mike18nosredna_ekim: i did that it brought up the configuration screen and the only selected ones are ones i know will work02:00
=== eirikeylandsbran is now known as Eirikeb
intelikeyis that what the .ifo files do?     fill in the bad sectors of the .vob files so they can be read ?02:00
root------i made a backup file by g4l . now  i just want to overwrite the home directory . how can i do it?02:00
EirikebFX: how is that even possible? Its fast, goodlooking, stable and works out of the box02:01
intelikeyhi root02:01
FXDon't know just did. I wanted back to Linux and didn't see the need to have a $1800 laptop to run linux on. So I sold it on craig's list and bought a cheapo laptop to run linux on.02:01
BluesKajintelikey, try avidemux02:02
intelikeyroot------ from another account ?    namely root ?02:02
root------intelikey same account02:02
intelikeyBluesKaj is it a restricted package02:02
intelikeyroot------ you are not listening.  try it from root02:02
BluesKajintelikey, I can't recall02:03
root------intelikey what do you mean02:03
Eirikebwell, I cant live without the adobe suit, so im kind of stuck02:03
intelikeyroot------  log out   kill ?dm     login as root or switch to root and run startx02:03
Eirikeband windows, meh, to shitty02:03
root------intelikey then?>02:04
intelikeythen your users home is not in use. and you can over write it.02:04
Eirikeb91% on installing system d : )02:04
root------intelikey i have reinstalled xorg. its working fine. but my configs are gone02:04
icanhasadminAnyone familiar with the new alsa drivers?02:04
icanhasadminok, newest lol02:05
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: whatcha doin?02:05
icanhasadminhey again oloughlin75 :)02:05
root------oloughlin75 i got my prob solved02:05
oloughlin75sound works?02:05
unagican kaffiene recognize dvd menus02:05
root------oloughlin75 i made a backup file by g4l . now  i just want to overwrite the home directory . how can i do it? using kkubuntu02:05
intelikeyroot------ i must not have understood your question "<root------> i made a backup file by g4l . now  i just want to overwrite the home directory . how can i do it?  <<< thought you wanted a way to "over write your home dir"   sorry.02:05
wolf08_Anyone familiar with paintEvents in Qt 4.3? I'm trying to update a rectangle of my QWidget with update(QRect()) but it is acting strangely02:06
oloughlin75root------: no idea02:06
icanhasadminThe command I was logging into tty to do... didn't work.02:06
prince_jammysroot------: i am completely baffled by what you are trying to achieve02:06
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: what was the command?02:06
wolf08_The rectangles are the correct size (between 2 points with a slight margin) but the screen update only happens where rectangles overlap02:06
oloughlin75wolf08_: try asking in #kubuntu-devel02:06
icanhasadminuhm.. sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload02:07
wolf08_Thanks for the tip, I will.02:07
wolf08_Is there a general KDE-devel or qt-devel?02:07
oloughlin75not sure -- try them02:07
root------prince_jammys oloughlin75 internet_ - configs. desktop settings are gone... thts in the home folder right?. i had made a backup of all the drive. and that had the home folder that had my configs in the way i want. now i want to overrite my current home folder by that g4l backup.02:07
prince_jammysroot------: ah02:07
* root------ thanks for understanting02:08
oloughlin75!info g4l02:08
ubotuPackage g4l does not exist in gutsy02:08
root------oloughlin75 ghost 4 linux02:08
icanhasadmin"sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload" doesn't really make sense to me.. where's the command? /sbin/alsa is a folder isn't it?02:08
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: did you restart your computer?02:09
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: i think itd do the same exact thing02:09
oloughlin75reload alsa02:09
root------ok. how can i browse and copy compressed files containing data?02:09
oloughlin75i dont know all the commands02:09
icanhasadminuhm. I did reboot.02:09
icanhasadminI think the drivers are even installed02:09
icanhasadmineverything seems to be installed perfectally02:09
icanhasadminjust no sound :()02:09
root------ok. how can i browse and copy compressed files containing data?02:09
BluesKajicanhasadmin, are trying to see if alsa is installed ?02:10
icanhasadminI believe it installed correctly but I have no idea.02:10
BluesKajicanhasadmin, type 'alsamixer' in the konsole02:11
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: open up console and run the command "lsmod | grep snd_hda_intel02:11
Eirikebsadface, seems to be stuck on first load after install02:11
root------how can i browse and copy bzip2 compressed files?02:11
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: does that give you stuff?02:11
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: is you sound muted? speakers plugged in?02:12
prince_jammysroot------: "ark" let's you browser through those02:12
icanhasadminit's a laptop.. and not muted :P02:12
oloughlin75volume turned up?02:12
icanhasadminyes sir...02:12
oloughlin75no sound?02:12
oloughlin75open up amarok and play something02:12
Riskbreakerany ati users. i need help with fglrx 8.0202:13
root------prince_jammys ok02:13
Riskbreakercurrently i cannot shutdown X without the computer freezing at a blank black screen. this affects full shut downs, reboots, ctrlaltbackspace. everything.02:13
Riskbreakeranyone know what i can do to fix it02:13
prince_jammysroot------: then extract them and copy what you need, which seems to be everything02:13
root------prince_jammys how should i overwrite my home directory then? if i have the files?02:13
prince_jammysroot------: you can just do it in the windows - extract first, and drag them in02:14
=== nzk_ is now known as nzk
prince_jammysroot------: make sure you "show hidden files" in konqueror02:14
icanhasadminnope, crim is helping me tho :) thank you again however. i'll let you know how it goes02:14
oloughlin75good :)02:14
oloughlin75and good luck02:14
root------prince_jammys i will be using the home folder at that point.wont it have problems?02:14
prince_jammysroot------: mmm02:15
prince_jammysroot------: yes, it could02:15
prince_jammysroot------: did you extract the folder?02:16
unagidoes anyone know how to play dvd .iso in kubuntu?02:16
root------prince_jammys no just opened it02:16
prince_jammysroot------: well, you could do this from a root account, which you probably don't have.   or you could do it from command line before logging in02:17
prince_jammysroot------: or you could try it while logged in as your current user02:18
root------prince_jammys i dont have much diskspace now02:18
root------to extract it02:18
BluesKajRiskbreaker, ati 8.02 driver ?...kinda old02:18
prince_jammysroot------: isn't it only your settings?02:18
RiskbreakerFebruary 200802:18
lascarwhat's a good Publisher clone?02:18
Riskbreaker= 08.0202:19
root------prince_jammys yes.02:19
BluesKajRiskbreaker, proprietary driver from the ATI site ?02:19
prince_jammysroot------: then only extract your settings into a temporary folder02:19
root------prince_jammys i dont have much diskspace now02:19
Riskbreakeryes it's the newest one02:19
root------its a 5g file02:19
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:20
prince_jammysroot------: there's more than settings there, then02:20
root------prince_jammys just settings02:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about publisher - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:20
prince_jammysroot------: 5 gigs of settings?02:20
BluesKajRiskbreaker, did you try the restricted ati driver in system settings/advanced ?02:20
prince_jammysroot------: really, why don't you just reset the stuff the way you had it?02:21
lascar(why on earth would kde 3.5.9 not be properly supported?)02:21
Riskbreakerthat is several months old, doesn't support aiglx, etc02:22
BluesKajlascar, I'm using kde 3.5.9....ok so far , after 4 hrs or so :)02:22
Riskbreakerin other words, switching to that means i might as well use the non-3d driver02:22
lascarblueskaj: 4 hours?02:23
matt____1Hello everyone. I've written a tutorial on ripping a DVD to and iPod. I want it to be as easy as possible, so if you would be interested in going over this with me and telling me if you have ran into anything that isn't right or could use improvement, please take a look at this: http://linuxhack3r.com/ipod.html Suggestions can go the email at the bottom of the02:23
matt____1 page, or ou can personally email me an d we can AIM or something to really discuss it. Just remember this, I'm trying to make this easy even for "noobs".02:23
BluesKajRiskbreaker, with a couple of edits to the xorg.config file the restricted driver will do DRI and 3D02:23
Riskbreakerbut not, under any circumstances, aiglx.02:24
oloughlin75matt____1: why not use linux native programs?02:24
root------prince_jammys what is the command to extract a bzip2 file to a specified locations?02:24
bobbymatt___1: the page looks like a mess! haha02:25
BluesKajRiskbreaker, check this :http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/23/191323902:25
BluesKajyeah lascar , I just installed kde 3.5.902:26
biovorematt____1: you can do that all with one line on the CLI using mencoder to encoder with ffmepg to make a mpeg4 video file.02:26
lascarblueskaj: why did it take 4 hours?02:26
RiskbreakerBluesKaj: that is the driver that was released in october, version 8.42. ATI does monthly driver releases; startnig the next month, they switched to a year-month version numbering scheme.02:26
Riskbreaker8.02 is the newest restricted driver, it does aiglx and runs beautifully, the only problem i'm having is i can't end an X session02:27
BluesKajlascar, I've been using it for 4 hrs , so far so good02:27
lascaroh ok02:27
BluesKajRiskbreaker, i don't pay much attn cuz I don't use aiglx ...not a compiz-fusion user02:28
matt____1bobby: i know that...02:28
Riskbreakerthat's okay02:28
matt____1biovore: really....02:28
matt____1oloughlin75: i've tried...i like "dvdbackup", but it doesn't get newer disks02:28
BluesKajRiskbreaker, but I do like my google earth and it needs DRI and 3D02:29
matt____1biovore: how would you do such a thing? would it even rip the dvd first?02:30
biovorematt____1: nope..02:30
matt____1biovore: so you would still need to rip it using shrink or such wouldn't you?02:31
unagican kubuntu not play friggen dvd .iso?02:31
biovorematt____1: 1 sec.. I'll figure out what the exact command line.. no need to rip..02:31
biovoreIf mplayer can play it.. you can transcode it..02:31
BluesKajRiskbreaker, you realize it may not be the graphics driver that's causing the hangup , it could be the monitor driver if you're using a desktop setup.02:32
biovoremencoder dvd://10 -vf lavcdeint  -ovc x264 -ofps 30000/1001 -oac copy -o filename.avi02:33
biovorethat does x26402:33
Riskbreakeri am on a laptop02:34
unagiis there a way to make kubuntu recognize a mount point as a dvd drive02:34
biovoredvd chapter 10 to filename.avi02:34
Riskbreakerit's fglrx though. if i switch back to a regular open source driver it doesn't hang02:34
BluesKajRiskbreaker, ok...another ATI bug to deal with :P02:34
biovoreuse -ovc lavc for mpeg4 from ffmpeg02:35
Riskbreaker what a shocker!02:35
biovoreuse -ovc help for list of codecs..02:35
matt____1biovore: but...i'm confused..slightly...02:36
root-----media/sda4Backup$ bzip2 -d klast.00002:36
root-----bzip2: Can't guess original name for klast.000 -- using klast.000.out02:36
matt____1so can i take the command...and simply "convert" the dvd to a mp4 playable on my ipod?02:36
biovorematt____1: I think so.. I do x264 for my cowon a202:38
biovoreI beleve ipod need mpeg402:38
matt____1biovore: mencoder...so is there a really good wiki for this? yeah it needs mp4, so can it specify resolution and such?02:39
biovorethere are also other options.. like you might need to resize the frames to the size of the screen..02:39
biovoreyeah you can using -vf02:39
biovore-vf scale=x:y I think02:39
biovorealso can do post processing filtering and such02:39
biovoreman mencoder02:39
biovoreThere are some howtos on line02:40
matt____1biovore: i'll definantly take a look at that...so it sounds like this may be the easy way...02:40
draikWhat is a good way of testing the FTP access to the server I'm trying to setup?02:40
biovorematt____1: it works from any thing that playable in mplayer can be encoding using that method.. no just dvd's ...  streaming video for instance :-P02:41
draikI want to make sure that it cannot be forced access entry.02:41
biovoreits ftp.. just snifft and you have access :-P02:41
biovoredraik: just try connecting to it.. konqueror works well on ftp02:42
matt____1biovore: so it sounds awesome...i'll try it...but i like the idea of handbrake. perhaps i'll just do a sudo mv /usr/bin/mencoder /usr/bin/handbrake ;)02:42
draikbiovore: I want to make sure it cannot be brute forced.02:42
intelikeyNo manual entry for avidemux02:42
biovoreits ftp.. it allways can be brute forced..02:43
BluesKajintelikey, k9copy ?02:43
biovoreunless you have some kind of firewall to limit access to the ftp02:43
biovoressh/sftp is a better bet02:43
draikbiovore: Put it this way. I want to brute force into it, but first I want to know how strong of a wall I can setup before I test it.02:43
icanhasadminwpa-psk can be brute forced too, if you can live 15 billion years.02:43
intelikeyBluesKaj ?02:44
biovoredraik: the main problem with FTP is the fact nothing is encryped.. when you send your login info to the server for authentication.. anyone listening can see them in plan text..02:44
biovoreif you want secure.. its highly not recommened02:45
intelikeyBluesKaj just trying to copy the .vob files from a dvd to hd    was told to try avidemux   but now i see that it's some sort of gui Kr-app02:45
draikbiovore: Hmmm. Interesting. Essentially I can test out the access for the username and password for the admin account easily?02:45
draikI want to make sure this doesn't happen.02:45
BluesKajintelikey, for copying the conrent files off a dvd , k9copy is prolly the one to use.02:45
biovoredraik: I think root user is disabled for FTP login.. (or should be)02:45
intelikeyBluesKaj k9copy is more gui kr-app   i don't have gui02:46
intelikeyi don't want gui02:46
icanhasadmini'm now going to screw with my DSDT. wish me luck.02:46
tckbhi kubuntu02:46
Arwenintelikey, AviSynth + VMWare :-P02:46
tckbi have a prob,em02:46
Arwenit's the complete opposite of GUI :-)02:47
draikbiovore: Sorry, I think of my login as admin/root. How can I test the FTP access with a brute force?02:47
tckbi dont see the splash screen while booting02:47
BluesKajintelikey, suddenly you're a CLI purist, what gives?02:47
biovoreintelikey: transcode.. all command line :-)02:47
biovoreand mencoder02:47
biovoredoes everything..02:47
tckbhelp me!!!02:47
ForgeAusok what is PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ ' actually doing? I mean how do I mod it to be username instead of username@computername (I think thats what its doing)02:47
biovoretckb: nvidia gforce 8?02:47
intelikeyArwen and this will help me copy the .mov files from the dvd ?02:47
Arwenintelikey, with a lot of effort, yes :-P02:48
ArwenAviSynth = programming language for video02:48
tckbi dont have any graphic accelarator02:48
ForgeAusin .bashrc02:48
biovoretckb: how you getting video then?02:48
intelikeyArwen looking.02:48
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
Arwenbiovore, with a software framebuffer maybe?02:48
Arwenintelikey, hint: it runs on Windows.02:48
biovorehas to have some video card in the thing..02:49
intelikeyi understand02:49
tckbi meant i have no external ... my board is intel 845 GVSR02:49
Arwenbiovore, doesn't necessarily have to be accelerated :-P02:49
biovoreah ok02:49
tckbit has onboard Graphic Acc/02:49
BluesKaj!cdrecord | intelikey02:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cdrecord - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:49
biovoreyou try disabling the start up graphics in grub ?02:49
tckbi didnt....02:50
BluesKajanyway intelikey , man cderecord02:50
biovoretckb: when it boots... hit esc to get into the grub menu..02:50
biovoretckb: press e02:50
BluesKajer cdrecord02:50
tckbafter that....02:50
biovoretckb: delete the splash and quite entries..  then press enter. then b02:50
biovoresee if it boots02:50
biovore(splash and quite are on the end of the kernel line)02:51
tckbyess it is booting ...  infact i actually  did it02:51
biovoreso it looks like the kernel framebuffer dosn't like your card... same probablem with some nvidia gforce 8 series02:51
tckbso what to do ?02:52
Arwenanalog hole for drmed text is... digitizing the words?02:52
tckbisnt there any way to see02:52
biovoreArwen: screen capture and OCR :-P02:53
biovoretckb: after pressing enter.. did a bunch of text go by?02:53
mike18my nvidia drivesr are all jacked02:58
mike18adept nvidia-glx-new didn't work quite right02:58
nosrednaekimquiet in here :)02:58
mike18can i do apt-get for nvidia package?02:58
oloughlin75mike18: you need to enable the right repos02:59
nosrednaekimnamely, restricted02:59
oloughlin75to do apt-get install nvidia-flx-new02:59
toyo|deskwow ubuntu chan is way busy02:59
nosrednaekimyeah.... 1100 people in there at times :)02:59
unagiyea its usually more active than here02:59
ArwenI wouldn't know, I'm banned :-\02:59
unagithey get angry when i ask questions about kubuntu03:00
Arwen#ubuntu can cause eye cancer :-\03:00
toyo|deskI need to find out if this usb chipset that I am looking at buying will work in kubuntu03:00
toyo|deskits an NEC03:00
Arwenwhat's a USB chipset?03:01
toyo|desklooked on ubuntuhcl.org didnt see it03:01
toyo|deskthe controller03:01
prince_jammys!hardware | toyo|desk03:01
ubotutoyo|desk: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:01
toyo|deskwoo hoo03:01
toyo|deskI will take a look03:01
intelikeydvdbackup - tool to rip DVD's from the command line03:02
unagiyea too bad kubuntu cant play dvds from iso03:02
Arwensure it can03:02
Arwenmplayer -dvd-device file.iso03:02
unagiwhy couldnt that be said earlier when i asked03:02
mike18couldn't find nvidia-flx-new package03:02
unagidoes that support menus too?03:03
=== dark_suic is now known as dark_suic_ZZZ
mike18oloughlin75: how do i enable restricted repos and which one?03:03
Arwenmplayer -dvd-device file.iso dvdmenu://03:03
Arwenalthough that probably won't work very well if at all03:03
bobbyits too bad kpdf cant print 6 pages to a single sheet!03:03
* toyo|desk uses the mplayer gui03:03
oloughlin75mike18: open adept and click adept -> manage repositories. Restricted is one of the ones listed03:04
mike18adept is what i used earlier to do the nvidia-glx-new and it didnt work03:04
toyo|deskgmplayer is what I use03:04
unagiit didnt play03:04
Arwenheh, MPlayer needs a special version of libdvdnav to be compiled in03:05
Arwenand it usually doesn't work03:05
icanhasadminHey, I"m getting a permission denied error while trying to write my dsdt to a file with cat.. any ideas?03:05
unagii did sudo mplayer -dvd-device MONSTERS__INC_.ISO but it didnt work =(03:05
unagidisplayed a bunch of options and goes back to $03:05
oloughlin75icanhasadmin: sudo ,,,03:05
icanhasadminI used "sudo cat /proc/acpi/dsdt > DSDT.dat"03:05
unagiArwen: any ideas?03:06
Arwenunagi, mplayer -dvd-device blah.iso dvd://103:06
Arwenyou forgot the urkl03:06
toyo|deskunagi, why are you using sudo03:06
nosrednaekimintelikey » yeah... you have to actually BE root in order to write there03:06
Arwenand yeah, NO SUDO03:06
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin » ^^03:06
unagito see if that was why it didnt work03:06
nosrednaekimintelikey » many pardons for using your nick in vain03:06
Arwenmplayer = major buffer overflow/lulz factor03:06
Arwenmplayer as root = lulz hax03:06
icanhasadminwas someone talking to me? with the no sudo? with "sudo cat /proc/acpi/dsdt > DSDT.dat" ?03:07
* toyo|desk sits back and waits for unagi's pc to burst into flames03:07
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin » yeah... you have to enable the root user and do it from there03:07
toyo|deskicanhasadmin, is your name unagi?03:07
icanhasadminunagi = yummy yummy yummy. I'm going to open an unagi stand in america03:07
Arwendoesn't unagi mean "the same"?03:07
icanhasadmincan you describe "enable root user" to a nubcake like me?03:08
toyo|desksudo su03:08
icanhasadminunagi... is eel?03:08
toyo|deskthat should do the trick03:08
unagino controls with mpalyer?03:08
Arwenicanhasadmin, root has no password by default03:08
Arwenyou can give him one with sudo passwd root03:08
nosrednaekimicanhasadmin » yeah.... you use sudo... which temorarily gives you admin priveledges.. but not the provieldge to write to /proc03:08
Arwenyou probably don't *need* to do that though03:08
unagimplayer wont play full screen?03:08
Arwenyou can't write to /proc with sudo?03:08
nosrednaekimArwen » no no.... just sudo passwd03:08
Arwenunagi, -fs?03:08
nosrednaekimArwen » nope03:08
toyo|desknosrednaekim, sudo su should suffice to write to proc03:09
Arwennosrednaekim, what about sudo -i?03:09
nosrednaekimArwen » no.. thats just sudo.... but toyo|desk may be right..03:09
mike18oloughlin75: i'm in manage repositories where do i see restricted as one listed03:09
toyo|deskthen when done type exit03:09
icanhasadminty very much03:09
toyo|deskit will make you root03:09
unagidang it03:09
unagino menus lol03:09
Arwenunagi, that's dvdmenu://03:10
Arwenwhich probably won't work03:10
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: whatre the restricted called for mike18?03:10
mike18oloughlin75: proprietary drivers for devices (restricted) is checked03:10
oloughlin75mike18: thats what you need03:10
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » restricted I think.... yeah thats the one mike1803:10
unagiok lets try again03:10
mike18it is checked03:10
unagiis there a way to do the same thing daemon tools does for windows03:10
nosrednaekimmike18 » and the package "nvidia-glx-new" isn't in your lists?03:10
mike18so before i installed the nvidia-glx-new and it didn't work03:10
mike18it is03:10
oloughlin75unagi: mount03:10
nosrednaekimunagi » what does that do?03:10
mike18u said flx a min ago03:10
mike18why don't i want to do apt-get03:11
unagiit mounts an .iso to a virtual dvd03:11
tckbbiovore: yess it did03:11
nosrednaekimmike18 » did you try using the restricted-manager?03:11
mike18cause i just went down this route03:11
unagimeaning windows sees it as a dvd03:11
prince_jammys!nvidia | mike1803:11
ubotumike18: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:11
nosrednaekimunagi » ah.. yes there is03:11
mike18i dunno how to use restricted manager03:11
unagiwhat is it?03:11
mike18prince_jammys thank i already tried that03:11
mike18if you would read what i'm saying03:11
nosrednaekimmike18 » run "kdesudo restricted-manager-kde"03:11
oloughlin75mike18: open up console then do "sudo apt-get update"03:11
unaginosrednaekim: do you know the name of it?03:11
tckbbiovore u there03:11
nosrednaekimunagi » ah....nope :)03:12
intelikeyArwen toyo|desk and nosrednaekim   sudo does not change the ownership of the fd (stdout)  so using sudo to redirrect output does not produce a root owned write   i.e.  sudo echo boo > /testing  will fail.    use a root owned process like tee    sudo echo boo | tee -a /testing     will write both to the userowned stdout and to the root owned process of writing /testing     ffr.03:12
unagiyou would think thered be an easy way to mount dvd movie .isos with linux03:12
Arwenok... brain overload03:12
nosrednaekimintelikey » gracias.... your name was not in vain :)03:12
mike18nosrednaekim: that command didnt work03:12
Arwenunagi, mount -o loopback file.iso mountpoint -t iso9660 ?03:12
nosrednaekimmike18 » are you using gutsy?03:12
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:12
mike18kdesudo not found03:12
mike187.04 feisty03:12
unagithat doesnt work Arwen i wish it did03:13
mike18i'm trying to run linuxmce on this machine they say not to update the OS03:13
intelikeysorry misplaced sudo in the second example.   echo boo | sudo tee -a /blah03:13
nosrednaekimmike18 » ah! ok, then run "sudo apt-get install restricted-manager" and then "kdesu restricted-manager"03:13
mike18but i just need the video driver03:13
nosrednaekimmike18 » this is the easiest way to doit03:13
intelikeybut you understand both how and why now     ^03:13
Arwenunagi, o.O03:13
mike18could not lock03:13
nosrednaekimmike18 » cloes adept03:14
icanhasadmineverytime you say his name i get hungry03:14
prince_jammysclose the other03:14
oloughlin75!adeptfix | mike1803:14
ubotumike18: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:14
mike18ah haa03:14
toyo|deskintelikey, yeah when I need to do things like that I become root with sudo su do my job and get out03:14
unagiArwen: im intrigued that many of m y problems with kubuntu, seem simple to me, yet are hard to communicate to the community03:14
unagiArwen: lemme try it this way03:14
oloughlin75unagi: are you the one who wants to mount an iso?03:14
mike18ok nosrednaekim: it tells me "Your hardware does not need any restricted drivers"03:14
nosrednaekimmike18 » ha.03:15
mike18this is such a bitch03:15
nosrednaekimmike18 » you sure you have an nvidia?03:15
intelikeytoyo|desk you can use as many processes as you like.  but  sudo su   is redundant.   sudo -i   is what you want.   or at least use   sudo su -03:15
unagioloughlin75: for sake of clarification i can mount an iso...........i would like linux to see it as a dvd03:15
mike18everyone tells me scrwe ATI nvidia is way to go03:15
nosrednaekimmike18 » how old?03:15
mike18GT 7600 device id 0x039103:15
mike18brand new03:15
mike18got in mail today03:15
oloughlin75mike18: what graphics card does your computer have?03:15
toyo|deskintelikey true sudo su - is more appropriate03:15
mike18ati onboard03:15
mike18but not using03:16
unagiArwen: i would like to mount a dvd movie .iso so that linux sees it as a dvd movie to which i can have kaffiene or something open the disk as if i had it in the dvd drive03:16
intelikeytoyo|desk and equal to  sudo -i03:16
nosrednaekimmike18 » did you disaable that in your bios?03:16
mike18nvidia PCI card03:16
mike18i will03:16
nosrednaekimmike18 » ah.... do that03:16
mike18k then what03:16
Arwenunagi, if you mount it, you can open the mount point as though it were the DVD03:16
mike18i'll still prob have same problems03:16
Arwenor you can play the ISO03:16
mike18u recommend tryign restricted-manager again or just do adept method03:16
mike18or apt-get03:16
nosrednaekimmike18 » ten try reinstalling the nvidia drivers.....last timeit was probably looking in the wrong place for the graphics card03:17
toyo|deskintelikey, never seen sudo -i before03:17
oloughlin75Arwen: you can play iso's directly?03:17
toyo|deskgood to know03:17
unagiArwen: it doesnt show up in storage media, nor can i seleect it as a device in media players, therefore they wont play it as if it is a dvd03:17
nosrednaekimmike18 » restricted manager if it tells you there is an nvidia card03:17
Arwensudo -i = bash with root's profile03:17
icanhasadminSo wait, how is sudo su different from sudo -i?03:17
toyo|deskI see03:17
Arwenoloughlin75, mplayer can03:17
toyo|deskI just tried it03:17
oloughlin75Arwen: cool03:17
Arwenunagi, ah.. hehe03:17
unagiArwen: how about graphically03:17
toyo|deskI always just did sudo su03:17
Arwenunagi, write a script :-)03:17
intelikeytoyo|desk that's what man pages are for      (real men use man pages!)03:17
oloughlin75unagi: locate the mount point03:17
ArwenSMPlayer works too03:17
unagioloughlin75: what will that do03:17
unagioloughlin75: meaning i know where i mounted it, i want it to be seen as a dvd  not a folder03:17
mike18nosrednaekim: u think in my bios "internal graphics mode" is it?03:18
mike18i dont see anything about onboard video other than that03:18
nosrednaekimmike18 » its possible03:18
oloughlin75unagi: select the folder03:18
mike18init display first was set to PCI slot03:18
unagiam i really not being clear?03:18
nosrednaekimmike18 » hrm...03:18
toyo|deskhmm well I am getting nowhere fast with this usb chipset03:18
toyo|deskmaybe I should just buy it and hope for the best03:18
nosrednaekimand expect the worst03:19
mike18well booting back to kubuntu now03:19
mike18give it a shot03:19
oloughlin75unagi: if mplayer plays iso's directly, why bother mounting? I understand what you are doing, but iv never actually -done- it ;)03:19
mike18i cant believe how much trouble i'm having getting video drivers to work03:19
mike18what a bitch03:19
toyo|deskmike18, what card03:19
oloughlin75mike18: restricted drivers should *just work*03:19
toyo|deskerm chipset03:19
nosrednaekimmy brother has the same card....03:19
mike18nvidia geforce 7600 gt03:19
unagioloughlin75: all i want is a graphical video player to play my .iso with media controls and menus03:19
intelikeyanagi "i know where i mounted it, i want it to be seen as a dvd  not a folder"   anything mounted is seen as a folder      or should i say EVERYTHING mounted is always seen as a folder.03:19
nosrednaekimmike18 » did you have the ati drivers installed previously?03:19
toyo|desknever owned nvidia03:20
mike18newegg had it higly rated03:20
mike18yes i did have ati drivers installed previously03:20
nosrednaekimmike18 » yeah.. its a nice one03:20
oloughlin75unagi: so poen mplayer?03:20
nosrednaekimmike18 » did you uninstall them?03:20
mike18i used envy to install them and then envy to uninstall03:20
nosrednaekimenvy! nooooooo!03:20
mike18yeah yeah03:20
mike18i heard it all before03:20
mike18too late03:20
nosrednaekimit may be03:20
mike18ppl recommended it for ATI03:20
=== draik_ is now known as draik
mike18maybe i'll just reinstall Kubuntu on this partition03:21
mike18shits pissing me off03:21
mike18proby would be faster that way03:21
mike18except the linuxmce install took forever03:21
oloughlin75unagi: open mplayer and open the iso03:21
unagioloughlin75: mplayer doesnt have menu support03:21
oloughlin75unagi: right click?03:21
toyo|deskwhy can you not install the nvidia drivers eg what error is it saying03:21
unagiseriously am i being vague03:21
mike18so nosrednaekim: is there anything i can do to make sure the ati drivers are uninstalled?03:21
oloughlin75unagi: you mean menu on the dvd or in the program?03:22
nosrednaekimmike18 » not really if you installed them with envy03:22
mike18in my xorg.conf under Device section the driver is listed as "nv"03:22
oloughlin75unagi: ill try it03:22
unagisure mplayer is playing my dvd...........but a. i cant get to the extra features and b. i cant even start the movie03:22
toyo|deskheh what happens when you manually change it to nvidia mike1803:22
unagiand i get a gnome_screensaver_control() error03:22
vanchuckkde is kicking me back out to the kubuntu login screen after I login-- it's getting to initializing system services then black screen, then login screen. This is a fresh install, except rebooting after apt-get upgrade03:22
vanchuckany ideas?03:22
nosrednaekimvanchuck » did you copy over a previous home partition?03:23
mike18i did that then i got black screen w/ cursor03:23
mike18went looked at log03:23
nosrednaekimvanchuck » or home folder03:23
vanchucknosrednaekim:  it was a previously-used partition, but no existing files in the home dir03:23
vanchuckjust a single backup dir03:24
mike18said failed to load NVIDIA kernel module!03:24
mike18so i changed back to "nv" and here i am03:24
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.03:24
mike18did sudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx-new03:24
toyo|deskmike18, open a command line and try sudo modprobe nvidia03:24
mike18is actually where i am now03:24
toyo|desksee what happens03:24
nosrednaekimvanchuck » ok. is your disk near full?03:25
prince_jammyswhat about dpkg -reconfigure x-server-xorg03:25
vanchucknope, it's a 1tb software raid5 using md, except for boot partition03:25
mike18fatal: could not open //lib/modules/2.6...../nvidia.ko no such file / dir03:25
toyo|deskmike18, ok so its not installed03:25
nosrednaekimvanchuck » well, if its a fresh install, run "rm -rf .kde"03:26
toyo|deskso you need to reinstall the nvidia driver03:26
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: what the -f?03:26
intelikeyvanchuck you may obtain information on what is failing if you  a) press crtl+alt+f1  b) login and run sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop  c) run startx    #note any error messages marked by EE  d) run sudo /etc/init.d/?dm start  # to return you to the present state of graphical login03:26
mike18yes toyo|desk: what method03:26
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: recusive and whats the f?03:26
mike18restricted-manager still tells me my hardware does not need update03:26
nosrednaekimoloughlin75 » force.... i.e., don't ask questions03:27
toyo|deskmike may need to do it through apt-get03:27
vanchucknosrednaekim and intelikey: trying stuff, thanks!03:27
mike18not adept?03:27
mike18its in there03:27
toyo|deskor that03:28
mike18shoudl i also select nvidia-settings03:28
nosrednaekimmike18 » that works too03:28
mike18and nvidia-xconfig03:28
unagii swear man kubuntu wigs out on me alot03:28
unagioloughlin75: did you make any progress?03:28
intelikeyunagi heh.  long time sense i heard that expression.03:29
oloughlin75unagi: nah, i dont feel like getting a dvd and trying it out03:29
bobbyare you guys going to let me boot into windows just to print 6 pages on a single sheet?! haha03:29
oloughlin75bobby: YES03:29
intelikeybobby yes03:29
nosrednaekimbobby » uhhhh..... I don't know how to do it..ut that doesn't mean its impossible03:29
toyo|deskso mike18 you can use adept to install it if you want03:29
toyo|deskwhen you do that then try to modprobe nvidia again03:30
unagidoes ANYONE know of a way to play dvd .iso with menus?03:30
Arwenuse VLC? :-P03:30
intelikeyunagi did you try vlc ?03:30
ArwenVLC can play ISOs03:30
ArwenVLC supports menus03:30
Arwenergo VLC can play ISOs with menus03:30
* intelikey uses vlc in the console03:31
nosrednaekimlater guys.... good luck with your troubles :)03:31
bobbysorry guys, thought it would be a relatively easy questions for people as experienced as you. didnt mean to be a pest03:31
unagihey so it does03:31
unagitoo bad it doesnt recognize media buttons03:31
unagibobby: what problems do you have?03:31
Shinigami_DraikIs anyone here CEH certified?03:32
intelikeybobby i have setup cups about three times in my life and used it about twice.    so printing questions   i normally ignore.03:32
bobbyunagi: trying to print 6 pages of a pdf on a single sheet.03:32
Shinigami_DraikWait, that's redundant.03:32
oloughlin75Shinigami_Draik: he means shrink the pages and place 6 on the paper03:33
unagibobby: why would you want to do that03:33
bobbyintellikey: then ignore it, the attitude isnt really needed.03:33
Daisuke_Laptopbobby: nor is yours03:33
intelikeybobby oh and i don't like/do pdf   so that's two reasons i didn't try to help.03:33
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: there are plenty of reasons03:33
oloughlin75bobby: but, youll keep pestering. you have for a while03:34
bobbyunagi: because i want to save paper, plus, each slide of this presentation has a huge solid black strip, im trying to cut down on the toner use as well.03:34
Daisuke_Laptopwhat are you using?03:34
Shinigami_Draikoloughlin75: huh?03:34
unagiyou arent going to be able to read it03:34
oloughlin75Shinigami_Draik: what were you talking about being redundant? :)03:34
toyo|deskShinigami_Draik, why are you looking for a certified ethical hacker03:34
Daisuke_Laptopunagi: that isn't necessarily true03:34
* intelikey wasn't offering any attitude, he only has enough for himself.03:34
Shinigami_Draikoloughlin75: CEH certified is redundant.03:34
Daisuke_Laptoppdf != bunches and bunches of text, not necessarily anyway03:34
Daisuke_Laptopi get slides of notes from school that i print out six to a page03:35
ForgeAusI hate pdf03:35
Daisuke_Laptopso...  yeah.03:35
ForgeAuskpdf is nice tho03:35
oloughlin75Shinigami_Draik: thought you were talking about the pdf thing... so nvm :)03:35
Shinigami_Draiktoyo|desk: I want to know the legalities to testing my FTP access. I have it with a certain provider that has my information but I want to test it legally.03:35
intelikeyDaisuke_Laptop correct could be a cartoon strip.  mostly pictures.03:35
ForgeAusI think its mostly adobe I hate03:35
icanhasadminanyone familiar with DSDTs? I just decompiled mine and it seems much odder than most examples i've seen03:35
toyo|deskShinigami_Draik, what do you mean "test it"03:35
intelikeyForgeAus ^503:35
Daisuke_Laptopintelikey: exactly, i'm saying there are plenty of reasons to print six pages to a page with pdf03:36
toyo|deskShinigami_Draik, in order to do any sort of "pen test" you need to have written permission signed03:36
icanhasadminis that a no on the dsdt?03:37
tckbanybody there?03:37
toyo|deskotherwise you risk severe legal action03:37
prince_jammys!info pdfsnup | bobby03:37
ubotubobby: Package pdfsnup does not exist in gutsy03:37
icanhasadminalways tck03:37
bobbyoloughlin75: true i have asked i think 4 times, i have been very patient though. I didn't realize i could only ask questions that you felt were worthy of a response in a irc room to support new users. geez..03:37
tckbguys i have prob while bootinng03:37
prince_jammys!info pdfnup | bobby03:37
ubotubobby: Package pdfnup does not exist in gutsy03:37
intelikeyDSDT ?03:38
oloughlin75bobby: you kept continuelly posting the go back to windows thing03:38
icanhasadminDifferentiated System Description Table03:39
Shinigami_Draiktoyo|desk: Thanks for the help.03:39
intelikeybobby is this guy hasseling you ?03:40
bobbyoloughlin75: you're right, and i am wrong. in fact i posted the message twice, easily verifiable by scrolling up. if continuously means twice. i bow before the kde god you are, please forgive me your majesty. oh my03:40
tckbi dont see my spalsh sceen while booting03:40
icanhasadminhey stop arguing like tehgays and lets just fix bobby's problem03:40
bobbyintelikey: yes, icanhasadmin: thank you03:41
Shinigami_Draikbobby: What seems to be the issue?03:41
bobbyshinigami_draik: can not figure out how to print 6 pages of a pdf onto 1 sheet of paper.03:42
Shinigami_DraikMy understanding is that you want to put a few presentation pages on a single sheet03:42
bobbyshinigami_draik: correct03:43
Shinigami_Draikbobby: Let me create a 6 page PDF and I will test it for you. Give me a little bit.03:43
bobbyshinigami_draik: thanks03:43
icanhasadminYeah, that isn't going to be easy.03:43
icanhasadminKill_yOuR_iDoL:  your nick seems angry03:44
Daisuke_Laptopbobby: what are you using?03:44
Daisuke_Laptopkpdf, evince, adobe's official reader?03:44
Daisuke_Laptopkpdf will only allow 4 sheets to a page03:45
icanhasadminhow do you know that03:46
Daisuke_Laptopicanhasadmin: i just tried03:46
oloughlin75bobby: the official adobe pdf reder should do the 6 oges03:46
Shinigami_Draikbobby: I am able to print 4 pages, but not 603:46
icanhasadminoh lol nice03:46
tckbanyone please help me03:46
bobbyDaisuke: kubuntu 7.10, kpdf03:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acroread - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:46
intelikey!find acroread03:46
ubotuFile acroread found in apparmor-profiles, gworkspace-apps-wrappers, zsh, zsh-beta03:46
Daisuke_Laptopevince will do 1, 2, 4, 6, or 1003:47
Shinigami_Draikbobby: 1, 2, and 4 per sheet.03:47
Daisuke_Laptopsudo apt-get install evince03:47
Daisuke_Laptopit's a gtk+ app, but certainly gets the job done03:47
intelikeyhummm.   there is an official package of acroread somewhere.  maybe i'm not spelling it correctly?03:47
intelikeytckb only if you give us more information to work with.03:47
bobbyoloughlin75: i'll try that, thanks. shinigami: thanks for trying03:47
Daisuke_Laptop!find acrobat03:47
vanchucktckb: you can get rid of the splash screen from appearing by removing "splash" from your /boot/grub/menu.lst file03:48
ubotuPackage/file acrobat does not exist in gutsy03:48
toyo|deskI have adobe reader 8 on here03:48
bobbyDaisuke: thanks!03:48
oloughlin75intelikey: whats it supposed to be?03:48
tckbi have provided the info 3 times03:48
prince_jammys!info acroread03:48
ubotuPackage acroread does not exist in gutsy03:48
vanchuckbut I have the same issue, it's because my nvidia card doesn't work until the kernel can load the nvidia module03:48
prince_jammysi'm showing it03:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adobereader - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:48
oloughlin75!find adobereader03:48
prince_jammysacroread - Adobe Reader - binary files03:48
ubotuPackage/file adobereader does not exist in gutsy03:48
tckbyess i know i can .... but i want to see the splash screen03:48
oloughlin75you can download it off adobe... the dev file03:49
intelikeyoloughlin75 acroread i think is the name.  it may not be in the official repos tho.  that's why i tried the !acroread first03:49
Daisuke_Laptopacroread's in the commercial repo03:49
Daisuke_Laptopand again, evince will do it03:49
toyo|deskgreg@p4killa:~$ apt-cache search acroread03:49
toyo|deskacroread - Adobe Reader - binary files03:49
toyo|deskacroread-escript - Adobe Reader - EScript plug-in03:49
toyo|deskacroread-plugins - Adobe Reader - extra plug-ins03:49
Daisuke_Laptopand do it easily03:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about evince - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:49
vanchucktckb: try looking up info on setting the resolution in the grub file... format is vga=###03:49
intelikeyah commercial   see i knew i had seen it.03:49
vanchucktckb: and setting mode to vesa03:49
bobbyDaisuke: where would i find that, apparently i already have it03:49
vanchucknever done it myself tho, sorry03:49
tckbhow to set the mode to vesa03:50
Daisuke_Laptopbobby: i don't use kde anymore, but check...  accessories or system03:50
prince_jammysbobby: type evince03:50
Daisuke_Laptopif neither work, hit alt-f2 and run it that way03:50
intelikey!usplash | tckb03:50
ubotutckb: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork03:50
tckbu mean like vga =vesa03:50
oloughlin75wow adobe reader runs so much faster on linux03:51
vanchucktckb: add vga=791 to the end of the kernel line in menu.lst03:51
Daisuke_Laptopbut it's still adobe reader :\03:51
vanchuck(info from http://home.nyc.rr.com/computertaijutsu/grub.html)03:51
prince_jammystckb: no splash when you start?03:52
tckbyesss <prince_jammys>03:52
intelikeyvanchuck the thing i don't like about the vga= dirrective is that it's kernel specific.   changes with time.03:53
prince_jammystckb: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#Fix_Slow_boot.2Ffaulty_splash_screen03:53
bobbydaisuke: pages per side is greyed out03:53
bobbydaisuke: n/m got it03:54
Daisuke_Laptopthere ya go :)03:56
intelikeyyou know.  the more i think about it.  there is a lot of software that i didn't like the first time i heard of them, and didn't even know why.   and every one of them have turned out to be propritary (non-free) .....      and linux didn't even exist back then so you can imagine...03:57
ibilicguys I am about to reinstall windows because of a stupid trojan... I have installed windows first, and then Kubuntu... is there anything I should watch out for?04:00
oloughlin75ibilic: youll have to reinstall grub if you want to use kubuntu again04:00
intelikeyibilic don't let it destroy the partitions  or reformat your linux install.  and you'll have to reinstall grub after04:00
ibiliclinux is on another partition04:01
vanchuck(if I were you, I'd reinstall kubutu first... and then just never reinstall windows :-P)04:01
ibilicwindows has its own partition04:01
intelikeyand will want to format both04:01
ibilichow do I reinstall grub?04:02
intelikey!grub | ibilic04:02
ubotuibilic: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:02
unagiwow vmware SLOWS down my pc04:02
intelikeyof course04:02
oloughlin75ibilic: that first link is what yoll have to do04:02
intelikeyit's a machine emulator04:02
unagididnt use to04:03
intelikeywell i kinda doubt that that is entirely true.  but by your preception ok.   and that would mean that something is misconfigured.04:03
intelikey"there is no such thing as a machine emulator that doesn't eat resources"04:04
unagithat woul dindicate it eats resources ALL the time04:04
unagiwhich it doesnt04:04
intelikeyall the time it's active it does04:05
vanchuckfor future reference, i would encourage everyone here to NOT upgrade directly from 7.10 to 8.0604:05
vanchuckit's been a long day of recovery, hehe.04:05
unagiwhat is 8.0604:05
unagiooooh 8.0404:05
=== alx1 is now known as alzZz
unagiwhen its 04 2008 im sure 7.10 to 8.04 will be ok04:06
intelikeyalpha/beta  year.month  so 8.4 == 8.04 == 2008.0404:06
vanchuckooh, it all makes sense now. thanks04:06
intelikeyand hardy is alpha  or is it beta now.  anyway  it's not a release yet.  so it isn't actually 8.4  it's just proposed 8.404:08
unagiwhen is kde 4 gonna be bug freeish04:08
oloughlin75unagi: i havent seen any bugs04:08
NickPrestaunagi, KDE 4.1?04:08
vanchuckI think Hardy is on RC4 now... definately nothing resembling a stable release04:08
intelikeybut it will probably me most stable just after kde5 comes out04:08
unagii guess04:09
unagii heard alot of bad reviews for kde 404:09
oloughlin75unagi: its not bugy... theres not enough to be bugy :/04:09
oloughlin75maybe the new effects04:09
unagiwhen is apt-get install kubuntu-desktop going to include kde 404:10
intelikey8.10 maybe04:10
oloughlin75unagi: it does if you have the right repos04:10
oloughlin75ooo nvm04:10
ibilicwhere does wine put files if I am downloading them into C:04:10
vanchuckso strange... my boot partition is on /dev/sda1, but grub for some reason sees that partition as hd(1,0)04:10
madrushhelp - id like to know how to change the default switches for /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd04:10
intelikeyibilic .wine/C04:10
intelikeyibilic ~/.wine/C04:11
prince_jammysibilic: your fake c drive is located at .wine/drive_c04:11
intelikeyprince_jammys hmm they've changed it...04:11
prince_jammysyou mean its c or drive_c04:11
unagiwine wont let me uninstall anything04:12
intelikeyprince_jammys i am assumeing you mean it is now drive_c   it used to just be C04:12
intelikeybut that was when wine was young04:12
unagiany good games for kubuntu?04:12
prince_jammysyes, i installed it last year and it went to drive_c04:12
intelikeyunagi   kolf is pretty good04:13
oloughlin75unagi: what kind of games are you after?04:13
unaginexuiz and open arena are pretty good04:13
unagisomething of that quality04:13
unagiitd be easier if i could sort them by rating in the adebt installer04:13
intelikeyquality !- type04:13
=== gota__ is now known as gota
intelikeyerr !=04:14
intelikeyquality != type04:14
unagioh i get it04:14
unagilike a script04:14
unagii dont know someonthing fun04:14
intelikeyyou can have a very high quality game of a type that you don't like at all.04:14
oloughlin75unagi: neverball can be a good timewaster04:15
intelikeyor a game you really like of poor quality04:15
vanchuckho hum, automatix website is down04:15
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »04:15
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/04:15
vanchucklol nice04:16
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php04:18
intelikeyi like that   http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/  page.  it kinda makes me want to tell people "it works for me"    lol04:19
unagiim ready to reformate04:19
intelikeynascar= go fast,  turn left.04:19
unagithis laptop needs more storage04:20
unagii think im going to get a 300gb hd04:20
unagiafter i get a job of course04:20
unagibeing uneployed sucks04:20
intelikeyput in the trunk of your car for a month.      oh not that kind of storage... never mind04:20
intelikeycomputer with most storage = vic 20 in cardboard box in warehouse never sold.04:22
oloughlin75arena is like warsow04:24
oloughlin75and warsow is in the repos!04:25
Deliantraintelikey: helps if you have a car04:25
=== Deliantra is now known as norv
intelikeynorv umm yeah04:25
intelikeyyou know most people in here seem to like text based games,  like....04:26
intelikeyirc = multiplayer notepad04:26
norvno, that'd be gorm.. or something, can't remember the name04:26
norvgobby. not gorm, which is a GUI editor04:27
intelikeyirc = multiplayer vim  ?04:28
geniibah, vim04:28
oloughlin75whats vim?04:28
intelikeyirc = multiplayer echo ?04:29
* genii settles in for The Editor Warz part n-104:29
intelikeyoloughlin75 be glad you weren't #debian when you said that....  :)04:29
oloughlin75KICK, right?04:29
sjckoloughlin75 warsow is in the repos?04:29
intelikey!info vim04:29
geniioloughlin75: Well, redicule at the very least04:29
oloughlin75sjck: yes! :D04:29
intelikeywhere'd the bot go ???04:30
oloughlin75!info vim04:30
sjckI was betatester once :) which version are they now?04:30
oloughlin75last time i played was on windows on .2004:30
oloughlin75im on a laptop now though04:30
oloughlin75too hard to strafe and stuff on a touchpad04:30
oloughlin75those special jumps04:30
sjckhehe :)04:31
oloughlin75they are on .41 now04:31
oloughlin75but repos are old04:31
geniiintelikey: You're hiding the ubotu aren't you?04:32
intelikeyoloughlin75 anyway vi > vim > vim-improved  is the linux "gold standard" of bare minimum text editor.   time was (until ubuntu)  every linux system had vi or some dirivative installed.04:32
intelikeygenii no.04:32
oloughlin75almost like nano?04:32
oloughlin75ubots not even in the channel?04:32
intelikey-:- SignOff ubotu: #kubuntu (Remote closed the connection)04:33
intelikeyit just pinged out.04:33
intelikeyoloughlin75 not as M$ edit like as nano  but in some ways very simular04:34
ses59I tried to load adobe reader on a 64 bit system not good.  Now if I open pdf it tells me acroread bad file.  How can I delete the acroread file?04:34
intelikeyoloughlin75 its probably installed on your system.   but if not, it is in the repos.04:35
oloughlin75intelikey: no saving? is an edit final?04:35
ses59do i look for a file named acroread and delete it?04:36
intelikeynot sure i understand that ????04:36
oloughlin75intelikey: are there shotcuts?04:36
geniises59: How did you install the reader?04:36
ses59it is on the menu when you tell the pdf to open with what file04:36
intelikeyin vi to save you do  [esc]!w04:36
ses59make install I think04:36
intelikeyoloughlin75 yes   it's a full grown text editor.  but very basic in it's look and feel.04:37
SecretLinecan i make kicker (taskbar) hide in other desktop, like desktop 2, and show it in desktop 1 ?04:37
geniises59: Go to the directory you wrote "make install" in, and do instead "make clean"04:38
intelikeySecretLine wasn't an option in 6.6   but that doesn't mean it can't be done.04:38
ses59i have both the rpm and gz on my computer not sure what I used to try to  install with04:38
geniises59: That should clean it out. Try and install things from the package manager when possible.04:38
geniises59: Ubuntu and Kubuntu do not use rpm04:39
ses59i will look for adobe file with make install04:39
SecretLineintelikey mmm but you know how ?04:39
ses59i know but i put rpm manager on to install rpm packages bad choice i know now04:39
SecretLineintelikey thx anyway :)04:40
intelikeySecretLine you are probably using 7.10 which is a year and a half later than mine04:40
geniises59: Try to install from Adept when possible.04:40
SecretLineintelikey im using hardy04:40
intelikeyok two years04:40
intelikeySecretLine and the channel for that is  #ubuntu+104:40
geniises59: I think the package name you are looking for is mozilla-acroread04:41
arunkaleCan someone please help me? My web host offers SSH access. However, when I go to the area of the control panel where I create an SSH user, I have four options -- /bin/bash, /bin/sh, /bin/ksh, /bin/tcsh -- which one do i choose? what are the differences?04:41
SecretLineintelikey ok...04:41
geniiarunkale: When in doubt choose /bin/bash04:41
intelikeybash arunkale04:41
arunkalethanks genii, intelikey :) what would the differences be, though?04:42
intelikeytoo numerous to list.04:42
=== ses59 is now known as ses59_
arunkalebash should be ok though, right?04:43
norvarunkale: bash has tab completion. sh doesn't I don't think. big difference04:43
intelikeycheck the source code for bash and there is a text file that enumerates the major differances in bash/sh   but for the others there is even more04:43
geniiarunkale: bash is the usual04:43
=== lord_sauron is now known as niradhak
arunkalemy host also recommends using SFTP over FTP04:44
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
intelikeyyes   but i reccomend ssh over *ftp04:45
arunkaleyou transfer files to your remote server over ssh itself?04:47
biovoreI do04:48
biovoresftp anyway04:48
biovorecan get a boost on some files if you turn on ssh compression :-)04:48
norvthought scp didn't require anything else but sftp did04:49
ses59_the file the acroread points to is not there usr/local/Adobe/a..t/&.0/bin/acroread but this director does exsit04:49
norvthose elipses meant to be there and the and sign? and was there a / before it all?04:49
ses59_i have unhide checked but under usr/local no file with Adobe listed04:50
arunkalewhat is the terminal command to move one directory up05:00
geniicd ..05:00
vanchuckcd ../05:00
geniiDon't forget the space between cd and the ..05:01
geniiubotu tell me about yourself05:01
geniiheh he's back online05:01
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:02
Agent_bobgenii heh you know that some distros setup a default alias cd..='cd ..'  and alias ls..='ls ..'05:02
geniiAgent_bob: Well, coming from DOS commandline it's a common error05:02
Agent_bobit was an alias there too   lol05:03
geniialias dir=`ls`     etc05:03
Agent_bobdir is a bash builtin05:03
geniiAgent_bob: Hah. Never use it05:03
Agent_bobme either05:03
geniiAlthough I tend to find myself bewilderd when ls fails on a DOS firmware disk for instance05:04
Agent_bobbut i just compiled a fully posix and static bash   so i read lots of things about bash.05:04
Agent_bobgenii lol   ten for05:04
geniiWeird. The bot reappears and intelikey times out and misses it05:05
AndreSTChow do i check what version of kubuntu im running?05:05
=== ubuntu is now known as keto
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
intelikeyno i didn't05:05
geniiAndreSTC: Kbutton.rightclick..Panel menu..help...About KDE05:05
intelikeyAndreSTC lsb-release -a05:06
geniiintelikey: Weird then: [00:04:46] <-- intelikey has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).05:06
k4everhi all.  where can i find a debian package version of ffmpeg with amr support built in?   i'm using kubuntu 7.10 and i'm trying to convert videos to 3gp05:06
intelikeygenii he may have wanted the kde version  but kubuntu version isn't shown in the about kde is it ?05:07
geniiintelikey: Nice one Agent_bob LOL05:07
AndreSTCintelikey that command wasnt found05:07
ketohi every one05:07
intelikeyglad you finally cought up.05:07
AndreSTCgenii it dowsnt show kubuntu version, only kde's05:08
geniiintelikey: Ah, true, it only shows the KDE version. the lsb_release -a of course will show the dist, etc05:08
intelikeyAndreSTC sorry it's not dash it's underscore05:08
intelikeylsb_release -a05:08
ketothere is people who help here_05:08
geniiAndreSTC: Then you want the lsb_release -a05:08
AndreSTCoh thanks05:08
intelikeyketo where ?05:08
ketoim trying to instal kubuntu but i cant05:09
intelikeywhy not ?05:09
ketothe machine run very slow05:09
ketoir get frezze on the first step05:10
intelikeypoint gun at machine, make run fast!05:10
intelikeyfreeze...  eeeuuww05:10
AndreSTCis there any article on updating kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10?05:10
intelikey!upgrade | AndreSTC05:11
ubotuAndreSTC: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:11
surgyintelikey: once again you beat me to the punch :)05:11
intelikeysurgy quick draw!05:11
intelikeyketo not fogetting you.   have you tried the alternate install cd/dvd ?05:12
ketothere is a way to install without run de cd as live cd just install_05:12
geniiketo: How fast is your computer and how much memory does it have?05:12
intelikeyketo it provides the 'venella' text based installer.05:12
ketowhat is that_05:13
surgyketo: ever think of xubuntu?05:13
ketoi dont understand05:13
geniiketo: For slower computers with less than 256Mb RAM, xubuntu is better.05:13
intelikeysurgy it sounds like he is trying to describe a problem with the live CD not with his computer.   i.e. installed it might not be a problem05:14
surgyintelikey: [23:09] <keto> the machine run very slow05:14
intelikeysurgy yes.  and point gun at machine....    blah blah blah05:14
intelikeyi do understand that ubuntu is becomming more bloated all the time  but 128m ram on a p1 will run kde just fine.05:16
ketoi got 256 of ram is it not suficient?05:16
intelikeyit just can't load all of the liveCD installer in 128m anymore.05:16
ForgeAusI wonder if fluxbuntu and/or ebuntu (or whatever the enlightenment edition) will become official Ubuntu distros (as in by the Ubuntu/kubntu/xubuntu/edubuntu people05:16
intelikeyketo yes.05:16
intelikeyketo but you still will probably have better luck installing with the alternate install cd/dvd05:17
oloughlin75fluxbuntu is a PITA to setup right05:17
ForgeAusI just noticed why is there an ubuntu based on GNUstep as a WM?05:17
oloughlin75heres a good vid though: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:180274005:17
ForgeAusgrr scrap the why there05:18
geniiketo: 256 should be OK for livecd. If you want a text-only cd to install from, as intelikey suggests get the alternate cd05:18
ketoalternate install cd/dvd??05:18
ketowhat is that_?05:18
intelikeyhttp://ubuntu.com  go see.05:19
ForgeAusahh there is Nextbuntu!05:19
geniiketo: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download  "Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer." <-- CHECK OFF THIS BOX05:19
ketoi think i got it05:20
intelikeytower of bable   sheesh.05:20
* genii ponders all the *buntus05:21
ketoit is like the windows cd? only for installation ok?\05:21
geniiketo: You boot the cd like before but ho graphic install. Only text.05:21
ketobut it is another cd ah? no thisone05:23
Xbehaveis the same core as the latest 3.* version ?05:23
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ktorrent - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ktorent - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
surgymust be broken05:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ktorrent - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
geniiketo: Yes, it is another CD.05:24
ketoalternate install cd/dvd thats tha name ah_?05:26
Xbehavesurgy im aware of ktorrent but my ISP shapes trafic so i need to use something eqivelant to http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Avoid_traffic_shaping level505:26
genii!info ktorrent05:26
ubotuktorrent (source: ktorrent): BitTorrent client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.1-0ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 2698 kB, installed size 9932 kB05:26
ketothanyouall so mucho05:26
* genii sips his coffee05:26
intelikeyketo si welcome.05:28
intelikey!es | keto05:29
ubotuketo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:29
intelikeyyou know. i can't read spanish for shucks.   but i can about half way make out what is being said in a conversation    "if they don't talk to fast for me."05:31
oloughlin75when do they ever talk slowly?05:32
geniiSome form of english seems to be what the internet mainly runs on05:32
Daisuke_Idosweet lord of all that is holy, it's me: http://xkcd.com/386/05:33
eddyhi people whit linux--- i have some problems here--- thw first is i need a uml disaigner  and download it05:33
oloughlin75lol Daisuke_Ido05:33
* genii hands Daisuke_Ido a coffee05:33
intelikeygenii well yeah, and internationalized north american english dialect of geek speek05:33
eddysomeone know about it05:34
geniiintelikey: Also most programming languages seem anglo-based05:34
intelikeygenii indeed they are.05:34
ketook i have another pc im in www.ubuntu.com_getubuntu_downlad05:35
intelikeydown lad !05:35
Daisuke_Idogenii: even moo?05:35
ketou undrestandme ??05:35
intelikeyeddy !i sorry.05:36
intelikeyketo yes05:36
geniiDaisuke_Ido: Moo is pretty much international :) Like meow05:36
intelikeycause i dont'05:36
ketoim sorry but i dont know where is te ling to download the image cd for alternate install cd_dvd05:37
intelikeyeddy oh. eheh.    !i == not I05:37
Daisuke_Idothere's always brain****05:37
eddyi only need a uml05:37
geniieddy: Dia is good for UML05:37
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal05:37
genii!info dia05:37
ubotudia (source: dia): Diagram editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.96.1-3 (gutsy), package size 187 kB, installed size 540 kB05:37
oloughlin75keto: http://tezcatl.fciencias.unam.mx/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/gutsy/05:38
oloughlin75keto: the alternative cd05:38
eddybut it doesnt show the code when i make the diagrams, i need  the code05:39
AndreSTChow do i check my disk space?05:39
Daisuke_Idoyou want it to code it for you automatically?05:39
genii!info umbrello | eddy05:40
ubotueddy: umbrello (source: kdesdk): UML modelling tool and code generator. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2083 kB, installed size 5648 kB05:40
eddylike "together" but to linux05:40
unagihow do you change what application opens a filetype05:41
intelikeyketo sorry it took me long.    http://releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso05:41
intelikeyso long05:41
intelikeylong time05:41
ketoi  can see the link now05:42
AndreSTChow do i check my disk space?05:42
eddyA URL plz or i can install it whit at-get05:42
ketoIwill try05:42
ketoillbe back05:42
intelikeyeddy if it says "In component ***"   that means you use the package manager05:43
geniieddy: sudo apt-get install umbrello05:43
geniiOr just use Adept05:43
intelikey!info bash | exapmle05:43
ubotuexapmle: bash (source: bash): The GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 3.2-0ubuntu11 (gutsy), package size 665 kB, installed size 1768 kB05:43
ForgeAusis ubuntu's bash really bash or dash? I'm confused05:44
intelikeybash is bash is bash05:46
intelikeysh can be any posix compliant shell05:46
ForgeAusgive it a bash05:46
intelikeybash doesn't actualy qualify any more but is still used in many cases05:46
ForgeAusbash, dash, ksh, csh, tchs, pdksh, sash, rash, rcsh, etc, etc, etc...05:46
zepeugahi! when running "Xephyr :1" i got the error "Extended Input Devices not yet supported. bla bla bla" whats the matter?05:47
ForgeAusI had real pains trying to get Xephyr working with Edgy a while ago05:47
intelikeyprolly a wacom error05:47
ForgeAusXnest was so simple in Zenwalk05:47
ForgeAus(but that was preconfigured already)05:47
AndreSTCis there a way to redestribute the space of the partitions?05:48
ForgeAusI found it handy to have as a root X-Server running alongside the user one05:48
zepeugaintelikey, how an i correct the wacom error ?05:48
ForgeAusAndre yes and no05:48
intelikeyAndreSTC not safely05:48
ForgeAusthe safest would be to back up your partitions and rebuild on an empty drive to the size you require05:49
intelikeyzepeuga edit the xorg.conf file and remove the referances to them ?05:49
ForgeAusthen restore the data back (as long as theres enough room for the restorations)05:49
zepeugaintelikey, ok thanks. Thats because i don't know what is a "wacom" ;)05:50
ForgeAusdoes norton ghost work with ext partitions?05:50
ForgeAus(as in e2fs or if you like ext2/3 to be more explicit)05:51
intelikeyAndreSTC i concur with ForgeAus on that.   if possable copy your data some place and rebuild your disk then restore the data.   be advised that normal copy procedures do not preserve links and permissions tho.05:51
intelikey!wacom | zepeuga05:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:51
zepeugai already know05:51
zepeugagoogled ;)05:51
intelikeywell they have removed the infonode05:51
ForgeAusIntelikey I tend to suggest backing up rather than copying05:51
intelikeyheh. but a backup is a copy  :)05:52
zepeugabrb gonna restart xorg05:52
ForgeAusintelikey depending on what program you use to back it up with it can be more :)05:52
intelikeyForgeAus yeah it can change perms and break links.   but we both understand all that already.05:53
ForgeAus(ie restoring from backup is preforable to copying for the exact reason you said about the deficiencies with copying and so on... )05:53
intelikeycp -a   :P05:53
zepeugaintelikey, wacom was not the problem. The whole error its: Extended Input Devices not yet supported. Impelement it at line 625 in ../../../../hw/kdrive/src/kinput.c05:54
zepeugaCould not init font path element /usr/share/fonts/X11/cyrillic, removing from list!05:54
intelikeyah kinput   ok05:54
intelikeyhelps when you see the whole message....    but now i dont have an answer.05:55
intelikeythat would be a kde4 thang!05:55
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde405:55
zepeugahmm ok thx05:55
intelikeytry in there ^05:55
intelikeythat's long A sound    "thAng"05:57
AndreSTCintelikey when i access /media i can see one hd partition, but the strange thing is that things are not being installed on this one... It has 50GB and is not being used(its name is sda3). When i run df -h i see that i have one partition called sda1, that is almost full...Since i can see the sda3 on /media/, can i send the files from sda1 to sda3?06:01
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:03
geniiAndreSTC: Since sda1 is normally the boot drive, sending the files from there to somewhere else is not a good idea.06:03
intelikeyAndreSTC yeah you can do that.   now let me tell you some of the things to look out for   copying to a submounted file system you need to be carefull not to let it "recurse" into the other fs   and you have to preserve permissions and ownership    as well you want to preserce links.     with the copy command some of that is not easy to do.  with the tar command however...06:04
geniiintelikey: Yer on yer own there then :)06:05
intelikeysudo tar --one-file-system -cf - "$1" | sudo tar -xf - -C "$2"06:06
intelikeygenii ok?06:06
intelikeybe sure to translate $1 and $206:06
geniiintelikey: I don't think he wants to back up sda1 there so much as mv them there ;)06:07
Alohahow do you change timestamp in konversation to 12 hour time?06:07
intelikeygenii yes and you have to back things up there first if you plan on deleting them in /  because some things have to change.   i.e. boot loader and fstab06:08
AndreSTCintelikey isnt there a way to "fuse" sda1 with sda3 ? So i get only 1 partition with 55GB06:09
intelikeywell you might be able to use gparted and delete the second and resize the fisrt  but i don't like the way things go if anything craps out on you.06:09
intelikeyAndreSTC also you can use unionfs to intermingle the two fs's   i.e. mounting them both on the same mountpoint / and seeing all that is in both of them.06:10
intelikeythat's convoluted as wine tho.06:11
intelikeythere are probably other more desireable options.  i.e. mounting the second fs on /home ?06:12
intelikeyin which case i sujest using cp -a /home/* /media//sda3    or what ever it was.06:13
AndreSTCintelikey what u think is the easiest way?06:13
intelikeythe last mentioned06:13
intelikeyand the safest06:13
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ yo06:14
intelikeyyou can do that in three steps.   copy the stuff form home to the mounted media fs   editing your fstable   deleting what's in /home and reboothing06:14
sub[t]rnlhey do you recall a way to update /etc/group without having to logout?06:15
AndreSTCintelikey so, after doing that, everything else i install will be on sda3?06:15
intelikeyyes.  but i dont' recall what it was...06:15
* sub[t]rnl nods06:15
sub[t]rnlcan't put my finger on it06:15
sub[t]rnlupdate-passwd was no joy06:15
intelikeyAndreSTC no.  everything in your home will be on sda3 and what is installed (system wide) will be on sda1   but that will probably never reach 6g    how big is sda1 anyway ?06:17
intelikeyAndreSTC can you do a df -h   and post the line with sda1 in it please06:17
AndreSTC[intelikey]: 5.1GB... it currentky has 3.7GB(im updating kubuntu, so it will probably get full)06:17
intelikeyyeah you'll be hard ressed to ever fill that06:18
intelikeyhard pressed06:18
AndreSTCinternet_ system wide, u mean, upgrades etc?06:18
AndreSTCops, intelikey thats for you06:19
sub[t]rnlpff, newgrp06:19
sub[t]rnlthere it is06:20
intelikeyAndreSTC yes.  now i have one other sujestion for you.  if you are a media tinkeror   you might want to split the big partition into three parts   one about 4g one about 3g and the other the rest of it.    then you can mount 3g on /var/cache/apt/archives   4g on /tmp  and the other on /home   that will expand the size of your system greatly and is a simple solution06:21
intelikeyyou just use gparted to setup the partitions and edit the fstab  copy your home to the new home and reboot06:22
linux_user400354how can i remove everything installed from the mediubuntu repository and undo all the changes it did? it also upgraded software and things do not work right. id really like to do more than take it out of my sources.list. i need to undo all the changes it did. could anyone please tell me how?06:23
intelikeythat will give you 4g of temp space and a place to keep your package cache incase anything goes wrong you don't have to dl them again.  and your home has how ever much room is left.06:24
AndreSTCintelikey i get it... ill try it later, cause im downloading kubuntu update... i cant install gparted while doing that06:24
intelikeylinux_user400354 apt-cache policy might tell you where things are from   idk.  i haven't messed much with medibuntu06:25
AndreSTCintelikey thanks for your help, i have to go down. ill try it at the morning06:26
intelikeylinux_user400354 ok   for Q in `dpkg -l | cut -d' ' -f3` ;do apt-cache policy $Q | grep -q medibuntu && echo "$Q" ;done06:27
intelikeythat should get you a list.06:27
cwzegarraSomebody is listening?06:29
cwzegarraI want to make a question06:29
intelikeyall it will do is list to stdout  so you'll have to plumb that into something else to be useful     | apt-get install --reinstall --force-downgrade   mabye linux_user40035406:29
intelikeyyou just did cwzegarra06:29
intelikey<cwzegarra> Somebody is listening? <<< albeit not gramaticly correct.  it's a question :)06:30
cwzegarrasorry, I'm not write english very well, I'm from Peru06:31
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:31
cwzegarrawell thks anyway06:31
intelikeyor is it !pt06:31
intelikeycwzegarra so ask your question.  and we'll do what we can with it.06:32
gundam_rx78nt1has anybody used the ubuntu customization kit?06:33
intelikeyi didn't know there was one06:33
cwzegarrawell. I try to upgrade Kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10. But i get an error06:33
intelikeycwzegarra ok.  what error says ?06:34
cwzegarrathe messege is the following: Failed to fetch http://www.getautomatix.com/apt/dists/feisty/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz 404 Not Found06:34
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »06:34
* jussi01 cries 06:34
* sub[t]rnl comforts jussi0106:35
intelikeycwzegarra try apt-get remove automatix06:35
jussi01cwzegarra: remove the line in your sources list06:35
gundam_rx78nt1oh oh. are we crying again.  this sounds like an "oops" moment.06:36
intelikeycwzegarra yes it is in the sources     sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list06:36
intelikeyput # in front of  line with 'automatix'06:37
Alohadoes anyone know how to change timestamp to 12 hour in konversation?06:38
sub[t]rnlok gundam_rx78nt1, i know your wanting it..    everybody oops..06:38
ubotuUCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/06:39
gundam_rx78nt1ok, so it is true about the customization kit.06:39
* genii sips his coffee06:40
intelikeygenii give jussi01 some coffee he's being emo again.06:40
gundam_rx78nt1I wonder if I can make a network bootable image to use PXE boot on a "thin client".06:40
geniiInterestingly, a TimestampFormat entry in ~.kde/share/config/konversationrc of h:m:s:z seems to give 1000th of a second for value z06:41
* genii slides jussi01 a nice large coffee06:41
jussi01Aloha: its under settings, cant quite remember exactly where, but look through there and you will find it06:41
gundam_rx78nt1genii, don't forget the biscotti with that.06:42
* jussi01 thanks genii and downs the coffee in one large gulp06:42
Alohajussi01: i see it, but it doesn't like whatever value i put there. like right now its hh:mm but if i put ii:mm it just puts a literal "ii" in timestamp06:42
geniigundam_rx78nt1: He/she will need to forage for their own grub :) I just make the coffee06:42
jussi01he :)06:42
gundam_rx78nt1mmm, grub... now I can go for that.06:43
geniiAloha: There is no 12 hour timestamp yet for konversation. I just spent the last few minutes looking into it06:43
gundam_rx78nt1I am pulling an alnighter here at work.06:43
Alohagenii: ok thanx. that would explain why it can't get it to work :)06:43
geniiAloha: Yup:)06:44
intelikeyAloha Hh:mm06:44
gundam_rx78nt1shouldn't that be part of the regional settings?06:44
intelikeynevermind wrong app06:44
intelikeybut you can try  HH:mm06:45
intelikeymight need /p  idk06:45
geniiintelikey: uppercase or lowercase, one or two h or m or s makes no difference. I just went through all this empirically in the konversationrc file06:45
geniiNo letters are valid except h m s and z06:46
intelikeythen it's poorly writen   ;/06:46
geniithe clock syntax of pH:MM:SS AMPM doesn't work either06:46
Alohajust gives a literal HH06:46
intelikeyok i tried.06:47
geniiOn the bright side I get now 1000ths of a second timestamps :)06:47
karllenzhi im new to kubuntu and linux i am curently installing it i have a visiontek x1550 video card is this gona be a big problem i could not find any info on it06:48
karllenzalso on the install my network autoconfig failed06:48
geniikarllenz: It's an ATI06:49
karllenzi know bad right06:49
gundam_rx78nt1aloha: did you try hh:mm:tt?06:49
intelikey!ati | karllenz06:49
ubotukarllenz: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:49
karllenzok kool06:49
intelikey!wifi | karllenz06:49
intelikeyand the bot is down again.06:49
ubotukarllenz: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:49
gundam_rx78nt1Aloha: check - http://books.google.com/books?id=MbHAnBh9AqQC&pg=PA67&lpg=PA67&dq=irc+timestamp+display&source=web&ots=c5rKmZluJN&sig=z517LZ-zReSw3zcypdj0T2_JzDs06:49
karllenzwhat can i do about my network config failing06:49
* intelikey kicks ubotu06:50
Alohajust gives literal tt06:50
geniiintelikey: I swear you answered the Q before it was asked06:50
karllenzi ust skipped the config for now06:50
geniiOh wait he asked under the line about his no-name ATI :)06:51
jussi01intelikey: dont!!06:51
intelikeyoh sorry.  it's me thats' down.06:51
* intelikey gets kicked by the bot.06:51
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!06:52
gundam_rx78nt1oh, almost got caught.06:53
intelikeyjussi01 don't which ?   what ?06:53
geniiAloha: I put a:b:c:d:e:f:g:h:i:j:k:l:m:n:o:p:q:r:s:t:u:v:w:x:y:z for a timestamp and only the h m s and z gave anything besides literal06:54
sub[t]rnlwhoa, whats z?06:54
jussi01intelikey: you were kicking the bot.  ;)06:54
geniisub[t]rnl: 1/1000th of a second06:54
sub[t]rnlew, nice find :>06:55
geniisub[t]rnl: I have it set that way now :)06:55
sub[t]rnlas do I my joe chugging amigo, as do i06:55
genii!helpersnack | intelikey06:56
ubotuintelikey: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:56
geniiintelikey: See, you hit the bot and it still feeds you06:56
Alohaarsenic cookie06:57
* genii ponders the co-dependent relationship06:57
geniiAloha: Hmmm, possibly :)06:57
intelikeyyeah yeah.   !opsnack and all that raw :)06:57
gundam_rx78nt1exlax cookies06:57
intelikeyarsenic is slow.  give me synanide!06:58
jussi01Aloha: try: pH:MM:SS AMPM06:58
geniiFor the persisten swearers we should have something like: Wow! You swear so much, here's a bar of soap to eat!             or so06:58
geniijussi01: I alreay stated a while back that doesn't work06:59
jussi01genii: ahh, i missed that06:59
Daisuke_Idocyanide, for that good ol' almond-flavored suicide06:59
Daisuke_Idojust like grandpa used to make...  once, anyway07:00
geniiDaisuke_Ido: You must have watched "the little girl who lives down the lane" before :)07:00
Daisuke_Ido...no, i don't think i've seen that07:00
jussi01Ok, guys, please take the offtopic talk elsewhere07:01
geniiAny pending tech support questions?07:01
gundam_rx78nt1any pointers on making a thin client boot Kubuntu via PXE boot?07:04
ForgeAus(maybe bootp) use tftp and um07:04
ForgeAushave a static IP07:04
ForgeAus(there is also a pxe linux kernel and a mini.iso of a linux base)07:05
geniigundam_rx78nt1: You can use a variation of the netboot install method and just use some variation of the livecd image to run instead of an install image07:05
ForgeAusthats also possible :)07:05
gundam_rx78nt1mmm. this might just become my next weekends project.07:06
geniigundam_rx78nt1: Some good reference I used for my own setup: http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install07:07
Daisuke_Idomy next big project will be linuxmce07:11
intelikeythat's what i do if i get bored07:12
intelikeyand jussi01 wont let me talk....  </pouts>07:13
geniiWell, 2:14AM here so I'd better go grab some sleep. Work comes early. Laters all07:16
gundam_rx78nt1Daisuke: linuxmce?07:21
ubotuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (support in #linuxmint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate07:22
intelikeythought i'd give that uck a look.... but alas     uck depends on bash (>= 3); however:  Package bash is not installed.     along with lots of other such like things07:25
intelikeyi go now07:32
intelikeyshalom !07:32
ecuehey do any of you know how to install vmware07:45
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers07:45
jussi01ecue: see the instructions url there07:46
jussi01!virtualizers > ecue07:46
jussi01no probs ecue :)07:47
ecuehey jussi, sorry i'm a newbie07:50
ecuecan you take a sec to walk me through?07:50
jussi01ecue: sory, not right atm, Im busy at work.07:53
ubotuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications07:53
default_opIs PSOTFIX only a sendmail end?07:54
ecuecool, sorry to bother07:54
default_opIs POSTFIX only a sendmail end?07:55
jussi01ecue: but irecoment to try virtual box07:55
ubotuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork07:55
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox07:55
=== patrick_ is now known as Dezine
DezineI install kubuntu, I have ubuntu, then I install kde4 but most of my programs are gray and the fonts seems a little blurry. Any reason for this?07:59
default_opDezine: because htat's how KDE4 works.  It pushes old apps away sot hat you know the diff08:00
DezineI figured out the window color issue08:00
DezineObsidian Coast looks good with the black menu bar08:01
default_optou are supposed to get kde4 versions of software, but alot of stuff will still work08:01
DezineCan I just remove all the old kde stuff or shouldn't I?08:01
default_opI was reading the kde4 dev stuff and they said that it was intended to grey out kde3 stuff08:02
DezineIs there an easy way to remove all kde3 stuff?08:02
DezineBecause it's a gray-Windows look and it's an eye sore.08:03
=== subtrnl is now known as sub[t]rnl
arunkale_what distinct advantages does sftp offer over ftp?08:12
sub[t]rnlarunkale_➜ someone won't be able to do a man in the middle attack and sniff packet data on the interface if your using sftp08:13
arunkale_ah alright08:13
arunkale_thanks sub[t]rnl08:14
arunkale_my web host specifically recommends sftp over ftp, which is why i was wondering08:14
sub[t]rnlsftp is to ftp as ssh is to telnet.08:15
jussi01Hmmm, can someone help me connect to jabber through kopete? it hates me :(08:15
sub[t]rnljussi01➜ never used jabber here. :/08:15
vijay_slow net speed: whenaver i install kubuntu net speed is fine but after 1-2 days speed becoms to slow..08:15
vijay_any help08:15
sub[t]rnlvijay_➜ thats an awful lot to chew.  There could be a whole slew of things going on with your network.08:16
sub[t]rnlhard telling08:16
ubotuTo disable ipv6 read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv408:16
arunkale_isn't ipv6 supposed to be a good thing?08:20
vijay_whts for  ipv6?08:21
jussi01arunkale_: yeah, supposed to be. it can slow down the web with some routers though08:21
arunkale_jussi01: alright08:21
arunkale_any python programmers here08:25
arunkale_sorry, that's off-topic08:26
arunkale_hi nirma08:27
nevillevirtualbox^windowsxp on a seperate xserver -> ^____________^08:29
arunkale_where are you from, nirma?08:31
jussi01gday shepp08:54
default_opdoes disabling users totally stop the accoutn being used by the system or only hinders login use?08:54
sheppCan you tell me how to turn   echo on  during starting of kubuntu ??08:54
jussi01shepp: what do you mean?08:56
sheppi want to see what is being loaded  on boot up !!08:56
llutzshepp: boot with "nosplash" and remove "quiet" from grub-options08:57
sheppThank you08:57
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:57
jussi01Hi, Im getting: "There was a connection error: Operation is not supported" when attempting to connect to my google talk account through kopete. any ideas on how to fix?09:04
jussi01nm, I got it :)09:09
Tinasoni am trying to install a plasmoid, but cmake bombs out since it cant find the file FindKDE4Internal.cmake09:12
harmentalhi guys...09:13
harmentalI know that on a regular keyboard, you use the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. Laptops don't have that. How can a person on a laptop type accents like: é ê è and others like so under kubuntu?09:13
llutzharmental: use kcharselect or switch keyboards-settings09:16
Attilahi all09:22
AntiUSAwhere is the wireless connections config utility in Kubuntu?09:23
SlimeyPeteknetworkmanager is in the systray09:24
AntiUSAdoes kubuntu not have synamptic?09:34
llutzAntiUSA: install it if you like/miss it09:34
AntiUSAwell does KDE use something else?09:34
AntiUSAany advantage/disadvantage?09:36
Tm_TAntiUSA: hmm, like to change your nick?09:36
llutzno idea, i don't like/use both of them (aptitude rulez :) )09:36
AntiUSAno, I wouldn't Tm_T09:37
Tm_TAntiUSA: interesting09:37
Tm_Tsomeone might find it unfriendly I suppose09:37
AntiUSAI find what US imperialism does in the world to be unfriendly09:38
Tm_TAntiUSA: oh, but this is not place for politics, thank you09:40
fignewAntiUSA: you're from TEXAS!09:41
AntiUSAI am, haha09:46
AntiUSAthat's true09:46
=== xRaich[o12x is now known as xRaich[o]2x
ahmadguys can you help me fix my wireless connection?09:49
ahmadmy wifi cannot access any wireless network09:50
TheGentlemanhello. I'm trying to install kubuntu Gutsy on an old laptop which has a totally empty (unformatted) hard disk.09:52
TheGentlemanafter having discovered which parameters to give at boot to let the graphics work I face a new problem:09:53
ingo_ahmad, what does "sudo ifconfig" tell you? is your card recognised?09:53
TheGentlemanboot procedures hang up at a certain point showing (several times) the following message: "user not known to the underlying authentication module"09:54
TheGentlemanwhat should i do?09:55
ingo_TheGentleman - no idea, had this problem once and I chucked the CD...09:56
ActionParsnipjoin #windows09:56
ActionParsniphey all09:56
jeffy124i'm looking for a graphical SSH/FTP tool so that i can update my site... what program should i use?09:57
ubotuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd09:57
jeffy124konqueror counts? ok weird. i'll check it out.09:57
ingo_jeffy - konqueror does ssh and ftp all in the comforts of its interface09:58
ActionParsnip!konqueror | jeffy12409:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:58
ingo_for ssh use the protocol fish09:58
jeffy124found it! thanks all.09:58
TheGentlemaningo_ : I have seen your post on Ubuntu forums about the "user not known" isuue. You suggest it could be something bad on my CD?09:59
ingo_I haven't got a clue I'm afraid. It happened to me once and I was absolutely stumped, tried everything in my knowledge to make it work but couldn't...10:00
ActionParsnipTheGentleman, did you MD5 checkyour ISO before burning?10:02
TheGentlemaningo_ I have a Kubuntu alternate CD available too. You know if i can try use that disk instead? I only knew the use of "alternate" to upgrade from an older version10:02
TheGentlemanActionParsnip, that is something i do routinely for every burning. I also always set K3B to verify burnt CDs afterwards10:03
ActionParsnipTheGentleman, then it is very unlikely your cd is faulty10:04
TheGentlemanmay be a scratch on it....10:04
ActionParsnipgive it a looksee :D10:05
TheGentlemanwhat about using the "alternate" cd for installing?10:05
ActionParsnipTheGentleman, should be fine10:05
TheGentlemanwell, going to give a try.... many thanks!10:06
ActionParsnipTheGentleman, you could always use VirtualBox10:07
ActionParsnipTheGentleman, to test :)10:07
ingo_TheGentleman - this was not a remastered Cd but an original download?10:17
ingo_oh, he's gone :)10:17
ingo_anybody using splashy here?10:18
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ingo_ActionParsnip - whenever I try and install kubuntu on vbox I get a kernel panic - did it work for you?10:22
ingo_doesn't matter whether alternate or original CD10:23
ingo_any particular settings I ought to look out for?10:23
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=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
boubbinhow to upgrade to the latest kde3 release ?10:47
Divilinuxboubbin: just copy/past repository at kubuntu.org10:59
petowho can help with kubuntu please?11:01
boubbinDivilinux i always have to do this when im upgrading to the latest? there isnt any static repo that always has the newest version ?11:01
ingo_Divilinux - give us a try11:02
ingo_bollox, I meant peto...11:02
petoi tring to run a compiz11:03
Divilinuxboubbin:  this is the last upgrade11:03
petodesktop is workig now, that i can see, but the cube still not...11:03
Divilinuxbut i think as soon as possible 3.5.9 will come with kubuntu repo's by default11:03
boubbinDivilinux yeah prolly last time then :P11:04
Divilinuxso is no need to add right now..:)11:04
boubbinwell i kind of upgraded already11:04
petowhen i run compiz there is only white screen... i can rotate this screen, but thats it11:04
boubbinchangelog was not that big though..11:04
Divilinuxi'm upgrading too..just 10 minutes11:04
Divilinuxpeto you probabily check your /usr/bin/compiz wrapper11:04
praveenmhi everybody, UUID=b221227a-404a-4d60-9aec-1f9598108c8b /media/sda5 ext3 defaults,user 0 0 using this my partition is readonly, how to make it RW?11:05
Divilinuxcheck if your videocard is in withelist11:05
petoi am new in linux, can you help11:05
Divilinuxjust open "compiz" in /usr/bin..with a text editor11:06
Divilinuxand check the line about videocard driver11:06
Divilinuxjust add yours11:06
Divilinuxa try again...11:06
petoi dont know why, but there is no compiz file11:09
Divilinuxdon't you have a /usr/bin/compiz?..11:09
Divilinuxso probabily you need compiz-kde package ti install11:09
Divilinuxkubuntu comes without compiz by default..;)11:10
gladierhey guys - is there a multi-monitor setup utility for kubuntu?11:10
petothere is compiz kde installed already11:11
Divilinuxpeto: then you should have a file called compiz located in /usr/bin11:11
Divilinuxtry with "sudo kate /usr/bin/compiz"11:11
petoim sure, nothing there11:12
Divilinuxhumm..your 3d acceleration is ok?11:13
Divilinuxwhich card do you have?11:13
peto8800 gts nvidia11:13
Divilinuxnvidia-drivers should be fully supported by default11:13
petoi know11:14
Divilinuxcould you start compiz from konsole and put the output in a pastebin page?11:14
petoi dont know what to do11:14
Divilinuxjust launch "compiz"11:14
petowhen i launch compiz screen gonna be white11:15
petobut thats not a cube11:15
petojust one side...11:15
Divilinuxso try to paste the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file11:15
petoim not sure if you know what i mean11:15
Divilinuxwe take a look11:15
Divilinuxi know..i know..:)11:15
petocan you tell me how please11:15
petohow can i send it to you11:16
Divilinuxuse pastebin.com11:16
Divilinuxnow i must go..but if u stay here for awhile..we meet later11:17
petoi will11:17
petothank you for now11:17
Divilinux;)..se ya later11:18
Divilinuxbut most people here can help u11:18
petosee you11:18
marinaHow can I install the latest version of Wine?11:21
marinathe default one, 0.9.46 is not high enough for me11:21
schistemarina come to #kubuntu-fr :)11:22
andy_any one here know anything about ip2?11:26
apparlehow to access the parallel port in a sh script11:31
llutzapparle: echo blafoo >/dev/lp011:32
apparlellutz: and what will I get as the result11:32
llutzapparle: what do you want to do?11:33
apparlellutz: I want to check for a pulse at a bit of parallel port and want to send play/pause signal to kaffiene11:35
llutzapparle: i don't think that shell-scripts are a recommended way to do that. I guess you should use a "real" programming language11:36
apparlellutz: I am not good at any language. What if I read the port for a particular number and the execute the command dcop something11:38
llutzapparle: sorry, no idea11:38
blekoshello, will be KDE  3.5.x abandoed?11:39
apparleblekos: what do you mean by abondaned11:40
blekoswill KDE 4.x completely replcafe teh KDE 3.5.x?11:41
apparlellutz: Isn't there a simple command to read what data is on the parallel port (0x378)11:41
blekosor it will be a parallel developmnet of both (hmm, tha t sound pointless... :D )11:41
llutzapparle: since there isn't just  " a 4 waiting at lp0 to be read", i doubt that it is that easy11:42
apparlellutz: can you suggest any function for c++ then11:43
llutzapparle: maybe try a look at lirc.org11:44
apparlellutz: that site is cool thanks11:45
llutznp, maybe you'll find some ideas11:46
petowho can help with kubuntu please???11:47
apparlepeto: everyone is here either ro help or get help on kubuntu so ask the question right away11:49
Sevenhillhi there11:50
petoso... im tring to run compiz11:50
Sevenhillwhere is the kdm's session files in kubuntu hardy?11:50
petobut i am new with linux11:50
petobut... there is one side of cube working already...11:51
KnYazhi all11:51
KnYazplease help me11:52
KnYazroot@KnYaz:/home/knyaz# apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg11:52
KnYazReading package lists... Done11:52
petohelp with compiz----------------------------11:52
KnYazBuilding dependency tree11:52
KnYazReading state information... Done11:52
KnYazSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have11:52
KnYazrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable11:53
KnYazdistribution that some required packages have not yet been created11:53
KnYazor been moved out of Incoming.11:53
KnYazSince you only requested a single operation it is extremely likely that11:53
KnYazthe package is simply not installable and a bug report against11:53
KnYazthat package should be filed.11:53
KnYazThe following information may help to resolve the situation:11:53
KnYazThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:53
KnYaz  libxine1-ffmpeg: Depends: libxine1 (< 1.1.5) but 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 is to be installed11:53
KnYazE: Broken packages11:53
llutz!pastebin < KnYaz11:53
llutz!pastebin | KnYaz11:53
ubotuKnYaz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:53
peto------------ who can help with compiz ---------------11:54
jussi01peto: try #compiz-fusion11:54
llutzKnYaz: apt-cache policy libxine1-ffmpeg | grep Candidate11:56
KnYazbut it's big problem.. I want install libxine1-ffmpeg11:57
KnYazibxine1-ffmpeg: Depends: libxine1 (< 1.1.5) but 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 is to be installed         ------- why???11:57
llutzKnYaz: apt-cache policy libxine1-ffmpeg | grep Candidate11:57
KnYazCandidate: 1.1.4-2ubuntu311:58
llutzKnYaz: you're not on gutsy?11:58
=== afiestas is now known as BadDream
Xemanthmy touchpad has stopped working weirdly11:59
Xemanthi need to to press some keys and then touchpad works like a secon11:59
Xemanthand then i need to push again qwerty keys and then touchpad works again second11:59
apparlestdin: are you there11:59
Xemanthmy laptop's touchpad11:59
llutzKnYaz: lsb_release -a11:59
stdinhe's on feisty from that package version12:00
stdinapparle: yes :)12:00
KnYazNo LSB modules are available.12:00
KnYazDistributor ID: Ubuntu12:00
KnYazDescription:    Ubuntu 7.1012:00
KnYazRelease:        7.1012:00
KnYazCodename:       gutsy12:00
llutzKnYaz: check your /etc/apt/sources.list12:00
Xemanthim using gutsy12:00
KnYazall comments )12:00
llutzKnYaz: it should be libxine1-ffmpeg-1.1.7-1ubuntu1  from universe-repo12:01
apparlestdin: I asked you for a command to change the server of apt lists. How do I do that?12:01
llutzKnYaz: paste your sources.list to pastebin plz12:01
KnYazsec plz12:01
stdinapparle: change the server in sources.list or from the downloaded lists in /var/lib/apt/lists/ ?12:02
KnYazllutz http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56733/12:04
apparlestdin: yes12:04
llutzKnYaz: you're using feisty-repos for gutsy, correct that12:04
stdinapparle: which?12:04
KnYazllutz where?12:05
llutzKnYaz: lines 1-1012:05
apparlestdin: sorry  ;)12:05
apparlestdin: from the downloaded lists in /var/lib/apt/lists/ ?12:05
KnYazllutz it's my mirror servers in my university12:06
llutzKnYaz: that aren't official repos i think. try to replace "feisty" with "gutsy" in lines 3-10.12:06
KnYazllutz delete it?12:06
llutzKnYaz: and comment-out line 1 (deb-cdrom)12:06
stdinapparle: from what local to what?12:07
llutzKnYaz: after that "sudo apt-get update"12:07
apparlestdin: from gb. to in.12:07
llutzKnYaz:  "sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg"12:07
llutzKnYaz: and plz stop working as root if you don't know what you're doing :)12:08
stdinapparle: ok, something like this should work, first do "sudo -i", then "cd /var/lib/apt/lists/; for file in *;do mv $file $(echo "$file"|sed 's/gb\./in./');done"12:08
KnYazit's work! very senks!!!!12:08
KnYazok :)))12:08
erik__hey guys.. how do I remove the mouseover-info when I hover a task in the taskbar? KDE freezes ut for about 30 secs when I do that, and it's my only major problem with kde right now12:08
apparle$file $(echo "$file"|sed 's/gb\./in./')        this is the command right12:09
stdinapparle: "mv $file $(echo "$file" | sed 's/gb\./in./')" yes12:10
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de12:10
apparlestdin: I will give it a try12:10
stdinpaule118: /join #kubuntu-de12:11
apparlecan anyone help with LIRC12:11
Eirikebquick question: Got some problems with the install, found a solution that says I should irqpoll to the boot options. Okay, I press f6 to get acces to the boot options, they end with "quiet splash -- |". Where should I put irqpoll?12:12
stdinEirikeb: after the "--" should be ok, it generally doesn't matter about the order you put options12:13
Eirikebokay, was just thinking that the "--" was somekind of end argument equal to /> or something12:13
apparlellutz: LIRC has the function to send signals. I wanna receive them and control the media player like kaffiene12:13
KnYazcool! all work :)) very thanks llutz !!! :)12:14
Eirikebthen I'll give the innstallation a new try, thx stdin = (12:14
llutzKnYaz: welcome12:14
stdinEirikeb: I thought that too  when I saw it, but I recall putting options after it and it working12:14
Eirikeb@= )12:14
llutzapparle: lirc also recieves (if you have IR-receiver attached), it should do what you want. just read the docu12:15
apparlellutz: I there a channel for lirc where I can get more detailed help12:16
stdintry #lirc12:16
llutzhe'll be lonesome there12:17
philipp_hi there, i've got some problems compiling a package12:17
stdinthere's ##lirc too12:17
stdinphilipp_: have you installed build-essential? (you need that to compile anything)12:18
philipp_i'll check...12:18
EirikebSomebody has some smart thing to say about partisions and stuff for a local server?12:20
KnYazstill a question12:20
KnYazwhere to register proxy-server to connect in internet?12:21
apparlellutz: do you have any technical knowledge about electronics and microcontrollers12:21
llutzapparle: only some basics in electronics12:22
KnYazwhen I write in Konqueror.. him add http:// (12:22
llutzapparle: and i know which the hot end of a soldering iron is :)12:22
apparlellutz: I know that each PC has a Infrared port. Can't we ust use it12:23
stdinKnYaz: because http:// is the protocol that websites use12:24
llutzapparle: afaik no, because PC-infrared is irda, which is not compatible with remotes. irda isjust for data-link between PCs/pda/...12:24
KnYazstdin ok, but with http://proxy.server don't work12:25
KnYazstdin when I delete http:// it's work but 2-5 sec.12:25
KnYazand add http://12:25
stdinif you have a proxy you have to set that up in System Settings -> Network Settings -> Proxy12:26
philipp_seems as if it was the missing build-essential...thanks!12:26
KnYazstdin yes, I set.. but is also add "http://" :(( and don't work :(12:26
apparlellutz: http://usbirboy.sourceforge.net/ Can't we make this ckt to use 8051 family controller12:26
jordinateurHi I would know if in Hardy Heron there's already compiz like madrake12:29
KnYazwhen i write to Manually specify the proxy settings: zzz.xxx.ccc.vvv 3128 and put apply he add http://zzz.xxx.ccc.vvv why??? ((((((((((12:30
apparleanyone who has time please read this out http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56735/ Nice12:31
EirikebI chuckled12:32
apparleEirikeb: was that a reply to my post12:33
DexterFafter updating grub on another distro grub now points to that distro's menu.lst. how do I make it point to kubuntus menu.lst again?12:34
apparleDexterF: Nice name12:34
DexterFyeah, I know :)12:34
apparleDexterF: Its your actual name or just a nick12:36
DexterFapparle: nick. why so interested?12:36
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto12:37
stdinDexterF: see the 1st link12:37
apparleDexterF: One of my favourite cartoons on Cartoon Network "Dexter's Laboratory" You just reminded me of it12:38
DexterFapparle: actually my nick refers to Dexter Filmore - google :)12:38
karllenzhey how come when i boot kubuntu it goes in to a comand line??12:39
DexterFstdin: ok, good to knwo, but I can perfectly boot kubuntu, thought there's something easier. I tied update-grub that actually butchers my menu.lst since it won't leave my wiondows, slackware or debian intact12:39
DexterFkarllenz: broken X?12:40
karllenzmabye idk12:40
karllenznot to good with linux yet12:40
karllenzi think its my ati card thats gving me this problem12:40
karllenzhow can i fix this12:40
stdinDexterF: put those definitions before "### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST" or after "## ## End Default Options ##"12:40
karllenzvisiontek x1550 is the card12:40
llutzapparle: i'm using a serial-port-receiver with this interface http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html12:40
DexterFkarllenz: installed fglrx/catalyst?12:41
karllenzthis is a fresh install12:41
karllenz1st time booting12:41
karllenzmy screen says12:41
karllenzstarting up.....12:41
ZeuGiRDoRhello, I need a fast image viewer for KDE. What app should I use?12:41
DexterFkarllenz: I think, the entire x1000 series is only supported via vesa or atis closed src driver fglrx. guess you need to install that.12:41
karllenzloading please wait....12:42
LynoureZeuGiRDoR: fast in what way? Fast to load, fast to show slideshows, something else?12:42
DexterFZeuGiRDoR: i'd go with GThumb, tho its gtk, but runs in kde, too. if it has to be kde, maybe.. gwenview?12:42
karllenzkinit:no resume image, doing normal boot12:42
ZeuGiRDoRfast to load12:42
stdin!paste | karllenz, use pastebin to post it12:42
ubotukarllenz, use pastebin to post it: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:42
DexterFstdin: do kubuntu's grub parses those lines?12:42
XemanthZeuGiRDoR: gwenview12:43
ZeuGiRDoROk, I'll try Gwenview because I prefer a QT app. Thanks12:44
stdinDexterF: the bit between those lines will be auto-generated by update-grub, it won't touch things before or after it. I have my other distros static definitions after the "### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST" line12:44
DexterFstdin: ok, thanks12:45
DexterFabout time grub2 goes stable... config chaining...12:45
karllenzi put it into the paste bin12:48
apparlellutz: Can I send private msg12:49
llutzapparle: feel free12:49
Eirikebno wai!12:52
Eirikebsame old error message : (12:52
karllenzhas anyoone been able to look at this paste bin thing yet idk really what that is?12:52
amundsendoes anybody know which is going to be the kde version in the next kubutu release ?12:52
amundsen3.5.9 or 4.0 ?12:52
AndreSTCi just upgraded kubuntu to 7.10(from 7.04)... the load screen appears...but then, noting.... the screen is black12:53
Dr_willisI belive 4 will be optional.12:53
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.12:54
MrJigsawHello.. When i shutdown my PC using kubuntu, i get 'Will now halt...' and it stays there until i manually shuts it off... Anyway to fix this ?12:54
apparleI play a game counter strike. I runs very slowly. Can I give it more memory space13:01
jussi01where in xorg do the modelines go?13:01
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karllenzi installed my nvidia card so now i have both cards in my pc and my monitor plugged into my nvidia card and magically ubuntu seems t load13:05
karllenzoff the live cd13:05
poisonmaybe some acpi bug13:06
karllenzis there a way for my to get my ati cards tv out to work in ubuntu13:08
karllenzwhile using the nvidia card13:08
apparlehelp me to run a game more smoothly13:08
david_JAnyone know of any good websites on building a computer?  I've been thinking about it for the first time.  I know what I want to do, but have no idea of what parts to buy...13:13
david_JOr point me to a irc channel?13:13
david_JI want it to be a firewall/port forwarding/share a lot of crap lan....13:15
david_JI want it to be cheap as possible yet fast...  I'll install kubuntu on it of course....13:16
=== luigi is now known as ciaaa
prince_jammysheh, ive been meaning to make a website about that for a long time13:23
Alexxhello.  i have two questions. today i installed kde4-core and i like kde4 very much. i want to download kubuntu 8.04 and i have 2 questions: 1. does kde4 comes with 8.04 and 2. when 8.04 fully comes out (not alpha, not beta...) will i have an upgrade option or i will have to download 8.04 again?13:34
david_JAlexx: I donno13:37
david_Jnever played with 413:37
SlimeyPeteAlexx: you can upgrade from alpha/beta to full release very easily13:38
SlimeyPeteAlexx: it's just a case of telling Adept to install updates13:39
AlexxSlimeyPete: i though so. Tnx13:39
ridnowanany one know how to install gnome on kubuntu from ubunu's shiped cd13:40
ridnowanany know install gnome from ubuntu cd. plz help me13:45
jpatrickridnowan: not possible due to cd filesystem13:48
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
dhqcan someone hellp me with the bootsplash patch for the kernel14:00
warrendis it normal that gdebi-kde isn't able to install deb packages?14:00
warrendit is a bit annoying14:01
prince_jammysdhq: what's going on? no splash on startup?14:01
AndreSTCis there a way to access the console before kubuntu loads?14:06
petohow can i run icq in kubuntu?14:08
llutzuse Kopete or gaim/pidgin14:08
petowhen i was launching kopete before i was able to chose... but now its not working14:09
petothere was jabber, icq atc for chose...14:09
petobut i dont know how to get it back14:09
dhqprince_jammys: well i and using bootsplash in kernel mode14:11
llutzpeto: use kopetes configure-menu, accounts - add14:12
=== deshayesml is now known as Ops
AndreSTCis there a way to access the console before kubuntu loads?14:16
Xemanthi would like to see X server loading earlier than now14:16
Xemanthits almost last14:16
AndreSTCI just upgraded kubuntu(7.04->7.10). But now, after the loading screen, there is just a black screen. Its not showing the login screen, what can i do?14:22
DeadJonesi got issues14:44
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: /etc/rcS.d/S85urandom: Permission denied14:44
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: usplash_write: Permission denied14:44
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: sh: Permissoin denied14:44
DeadJonesinit: Unable to execute "/bin'sh" for rc-default: Permission denied14:44
DeadJonesinit: rc-default main process (3858) terminated with status 25514:44
DeadJoneson boot, after the spash/status bar14:44
DeadJonesusing kubuntu 71014:44
DeadJonesive replace the fstab a dozen times now, different commands to do the same thing, but in the end nothing has worked14:44
DeadJonesany worthwhile suggestions?  reinstalling is not an option14:45
ingo_DeadJones - do a cd /etc/rc2.d    and check permissions in there14:47
=== ubuntu is now known as b3RnY
=== b3RnY is now known as b3RnY2
AndreSTCI just upgraded kubuntu(7.04->7.10). But now, after the loading screen, there is just a black screen. Its not showing the login screen... Any ideas on how to solve that?14:49
ingo_AndreSTC - edit the kernel line of your /boot/grub/menu.lst and get rid of the word "splash"14:50
ingo_you should now see what is happening during boot14:50
DeadJonesingo: for every check i have to boot from livecd14:50
AndreSTC[ingo_]: how can i edit that? i dont know how to access the text mode14:51
DeadJonesi have no cli prompt since i got this error14:51
ingo_DeadJones - well, I'd boot into knoppix, change to the rc2.d directory and check all the permissions there, pain the royal behind it may be... - but that is where I would start14:52
DeadJonesso it takes a while for every check14:52
ingo_one boot and you can check the entire directory14:52
ingo_AndreSTC - google grub - it has a powerful cli14:52
ingo_command line14:52
DeadJonesbeen trying to find a log of errors but seems i didnt have logging enabled and cant change that until i get a good boot again14:52
llutzas it's only links in /etc/rc2.d they all are 777 root:root14:53
DeadJoneswould it be an issue if they're all 777 root:root as i dont boot into root?14:53
ingo_follow those links then?14:53
llutzthey all point to /etc/init.d (SysVinit)14:54
DeadJonesthank god for the livecd. i'd be crippled and screwed 2x without it14:55
DeadJonesgotta restart this xchat to get the colors working14:55
ingo_llutz - so what do you reckon his prob is? seems odd that runlevel 2 is "off"14:56
llutzDeadJones: you talked about fstab, what did you change there?14:56
AndreSTC[ingo_]: ok, im on the command line.14:59
ingo_select your kernel and press "c"14:59
ingo_now you see the full kernel line - delete the word splash, press enter and boot15:00
ingo_and see what happens15:00
AndreSTCingo_ i supose its the newest version?15:00
VadiWhat is the command to switch to kde's window manager? "kwin --replace" ?15:01
ingo_AndreSTC - any changes are not permanent but only for this time round15:01
ingo_i.e. you cannot break anything :)15:01
BluesKajHowdy All  :-)15:02
DeadJonesok, ls -l shows all files in /etc/rc2.d with lrwxrwxrwx 1 root15:03
AndreSTCingo_ i dont get what you mean by deleting the word splash, sorry im slow =p15:03
DeadJonesand all files in /etc/init.d are  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root15:03
DeadJoneserrr, and all files in /etc/init.d are  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root15:04
ingo_DeadJones - llutz wanted to know something...15:04
llutzDeadJones: you talked about fstab, what did you change there?15:05
ingo_AndreSTC - if there is no "splash" then get rid of "Quiet" and boot15:05
DeadJonesused livecd to copy over default fstab from /etc/fstab to the /dev/sda1 partition15:05
DeadJonesi figured fstab was screwed again15:06
DeadJoneswhen playing with partitions i had the misfortune of accidently trying to disable /15:06
llutzDeadJones: *g15:06
sebastian^moin zusammen15:07
jpatricksebastian^: hallo15:07
DeadJonesthats when everything went to hell, btw.  and since ive replaced fstab with orig from livecd a number of times now, even doing sudo su - and then copying it over (as to avoid permissions error) it still wont boot15:08
DeadJonesi used to just say to hell with it and just reinstall. dont want to ever have to do that again.  so i'll find a solution eventually .. i hope :p15:08
BluesKajDeadJones, on the live cd you can re-edit and make /  active afaik .15:08
AndreSTC[ingo_]: i got it, i just dont get how im a suposed to delete it15:09
DeadJonesheh, havent tried doing that.  i set the sda1 to / and sda3 to /home15:10
DeadJonessda2 has 1.0Kb size.  dunno wth thats all about.  the others, sda5 and 6 are swap15:11
DeadJoneswish me luck15:11
DeadJonesif this works i'll be your sugar daddy for porn access :p15:11
BluesKajhmm, having / and / home on diff partitions is supposed to be so great , dunno why , it never worked out right for me , but then maybe i screwed up the OS upgrade the last time i tried15:12
DeadJonesi had it all on one partition once but never got it to install that way again15:12
DeadJoneswas on mandriva too.  go figure.  as screwy as that distro is, something worked right15:12
llutzBluesKaj: it's just easier to reinstall/upgrade with seperate /home, as you just don't need to configure all your apps again etc.pp15:13
DeadJonesnewp. same crap errors15:13
DeadJonesllutz: i can reinstall just the / ?15:13
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
llutzDeadJones: sure just reinstall and mount your old /home after that. just make sure the /home-partition will _not_ be touched (not formatted)15:14
BluesKajllutz, yes i understand the reasons , it just didn't work out ...my /home partition became very slow and clunky si i just did a clean install.15:14
BluesKajthe apps would take forever to launch etc15:15
DeadJonesi cant afford a clean install.  too much stuff on /home is irreplaceable. plus i have one of a kind custom scripts running15:15
llutzDeadJones: you should think about a good backup-strategy too :)15:16
DeadJonesafter this i plan to. perhaps some kind of ghosting15:16
llutzimages are not good backups, to much crap, hard to restore single files etc.15:16
DeadJonesperhaps i can condense the /home partition and burn it to a couple dvr's15:19
DeadJoneserr, dvdr's15:19
DeadJonesthen script a backup system to copy new stuff over every few days somewhere15:20
llutzuse something like rsnapshot15:21
DeadJonesheh, i actually put that on for that intent but forgot about it15:21
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: Pardon, but there doesn't seem to be a systematic approach to what you're doing.  You're just randomly trying stuff.15:21
DeadJoneswhen something breaks you try everything till it works again15:22
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: Not a good strategy.15:22
DeadJoneswell the one thing you didnt try could have fixed it15:22
DeadJonesdoesnt make it more broken15:22
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: For instance, the fstab from the live CD was a bad idea, that uses a completely different filestructure.15:22
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: What does it do when you try to boot it now?15:23
DeadJonesi would agree on that but ive seen it mentioned more than a few times in the forums15:23
DeadJonesgives errors15:23
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: /etc/rcS.d/S85urandom: Permission denied15:23
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: usplash_write: Permission denied15:23
DeadJones/etc/init.d/rc: 2: sh: Permissoin denied15:23
DeadJonesinit: Unable to execute "/bin'sh" for rc-default: Permission denied15:23
DeadJonesinit: rc-default main process (3858) terminated with status 25515:23
jpatrick!paste | DeadJones15:23
ubotuDeadJones: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)15:24
DeadJonesthats from screen that i would see.  if there's more to it i couldnt find it logged anywhere15:24
jhutchins_ltso permissions problems, particularly with sh.15:24
DeadJonesyes, would seem so15:25
DeadJoneslooking to see if i can reinstall just the /15:26
jhutchins_ltCould somebody with a funcitonal kubuntu system paste the fstab line for their root partition?15:26
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: Yes, if /home is a seperate partition, you can.  I would format the rest.15:26
jhutchins_ltI would, in fact, delete the two swap partitions and create a single one instead.15:27
Lynourejhutchins_lt: sure...  though I'm not sure what use it will be to you... "UUID=f431e05c-2650-4281-a865-f4807057af01 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       1"15:27
setuid_w00tIs it possible to launch applications so that they appear on a specific virtual desktop using the AutoStart mechanism?15:27
DeadJonesim at the prep disk space part of the installer.  chose 'manual.'  can choose partitions in /sda to format.  ive chosen to format /dev/sda1 ext3  /       and /dev/sda5 and 6 as swap15:30
DeadJonestrying to wipe out sda6 and add space to sda515:32
Daisuke_Idoyou want to get rid of your swap space?15:34
DeadJoneshave 2 swap partitions. making 115:34
AndreSTCigno i managed to do it now... but things pass to fast, i cant read... but i saw one Fail at the end15:34
Daisuke_Idoit would help if i read, wouldn't it?15:36
DeadJoneshope this dont screw up.  set / for format/install.  if i lose /home im screwed and out of a job :p15:37
=== pfffft is now known as [Weez]
DeadJoneswhat ya think of rsync?15:43
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
LynoureDeadJones: for what use? rsync is nice, in general, for backups I'll rather use something using it, like dirvish15:48
DeadJonesthanks, dirvish is a good starting point.  other than using livecd and doing a copy of /home partition to an external hdd, i dont have much history with doing real backups15:50
DeadJonesi have plenty of external usb hdd's tho, so can start doing something regularly for now on15:51
jpatrick"UBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 10 minutes"15:51
DeadJonesok, new install on /.  hope this boots15:52
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
DeadJoneslooking good so far.  doing forced check on sda3.  also its 2 6 22 14, minor downgrade from 16 but if it works it works15:54
DeadJoneswould it be more advisable in the future to use sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/<drive> /media/<name>        than to use the system settings / drives       ?15:58
MichaelRHow do I determine which version of kubuntu is installed on a system?15:58
pagMichaelR, ' lsb_release -a '15:58
DeadJonesmichaelr:  or help:/kubuntu/about-kubuntu/index.html15:59
MichaelRThank you15:59
MichaelRWhy no /etc/kubuntu-version or tht like?15:59
prince_jammysor help->about kde in any kde app15:59
fabihi @ all15:59
fabijemand deutsch ?15:59
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:59
DeadJoneswoooooooohoooooooooooo!  success16:00
MichaelRDeadJones:  Arrrgh, that's the Konqueror default start up page.   I've been Mac'd16:00
DeadJonesmac'd ?16:01
DeadJonesit shows your version16:01
DeadJonesmy home isnt my /home16:02
DeadJonesahh, its in /home/home16:02
DeadJoneshow do i move /home/home/dead to /home/dead ?16:02
jhutchins_ltDeadJones: Where did you set it to mount?16:02
DeadJonespartition 3 is set to /home16:02
DeadJones3 Partition 137.1 Gb   /home   ext3  /dev/sda316:03
DeadJoneswhat'd i do wrong?16:04
BluesKajhmm, sounds familiar16:05
DeadJonesdoing a sudo cp -r /home/home/dead /home/dead116:07
DeadJonescan just login as dead1 if that works16:07
jhutchins_ltBest to do this on a non-live system, boot from the live CD.16:07
jhutchins_ltmount the partition, and move dead from /mnt/home/dead to /mnt/dead16:08
DeadJonesedit the fstab you mean?16:08
DeadJonesin cat /etc/fstab it shows as /home not /home/home or /mnt/home16:10
DeadJonesi see .. can do rm -r /home/dead and then cp /home/home/dead /home/dead16:11
DeadJonesfrom livecd16:11
flipstaris anyone here using the real time kernel ?16:13
AndreSTChow can i boot kubuntu in recovery mode?16:14
BluesKajAndreSTC, it should be in grub menu16:15
AndreSTC[BluesKaj]: ok16:15
AndreSTClemme check16:15
AndreSTCBluesKaj recovery mode?16:16
AndreSTCops, found it16:16
=== deshayesml is now known as Gurs
BluesKajAndreSTC, yeah, second in the menu.lst but check your boot grub menu as well16:17
AndreSTC[BluesKaj]: i found it, thanks16:18
hagabakais it a known problem that adept fails to upgrade a package if the upgrade script asks you whether to overwrite configuration file?16:24
=== crookshanks_ is now known as crookshanks
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
jhutchins_lthagabaka: Not really.16:30
hagabakaseems to be a known problem, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adept/+bug/15804316:30
=== warren_ is now known as warrend
AndreSTCI upgraded to version 7.10 and now my wireless internet isnt working anymore, any ideas?16:34
warrenddoes flashplugin works again with kde 2.5.9????16:35
=== birk is now known as birk_
=== birk_ is now known as birk
malihi guys I am having troouble with my webcam seems like zc0301 is the probem when I stopped that everything is fine but how am I going to remove that16:44
warrendis it a module?16:45
maliI think so it is listed under lsmod16:45
warrendyou could edit /etc/modules.conf16:45
warrendor in /etc/rc.local16:45
warrendyou can simple put your command in /etc/rc.local16:46
maliwell actually when I type lsmod it is listed on the right of v4l2_common along with videodev16:46
warrendis it a shipped kernel module?16:47
malithere is nothing in rc.local just `exit 0`16:47
warrendput it :)16:48
maliI don`t understand how am I going to put in there. I am pretty new to linux :)16:49
warrenddo you know how to remove the module?16:49
warrendi thought you removed a module, sorry16:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Neumaennl
maliand when I type locate zc0301. I see it is in the linux headers and lib/modues16:50
maliI  think it`s shipped  with kernel16:51
warrendtype this:16:52
warrendand paste the last 3 lines16:52
warrendor simple open the log viewer :)16:52
mali[ 8985.968000] usbcore: registered new interface driver zc030116:52
mali[ 9012.860000] usbcore: deregistering interface driver zc030116:52
mali[ 9222.996000] /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-2.6.22/debian/build/build-generic/media/gspcav1/gspca_core.c: VIDIOCMCAPTURE: invalid format (7)16:52
Neumaennlhi, I just installed kubuntu on my external USB HDD - it even said that GRUB was installed successfully, all the necessary files are in /boot/grub too but my PC doesn't boot from the USB drive :/16:53
warrendyou didn't compile gspca yourself?16:53
malino I didn`t I tried but couldn`t16:53
AndreSTCany help on configuring wireless on 7.10?16:53
warrendyou could recompile gspca16:53
bomberNeumaennl,  have you checked your bios to make sure its looking to boot the usb before hdd16:54
malido you think I can find an how to for that16:54
NeumaennlI tried sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/disk --no-floppy /dev/sdc but it is saying /dev/sdc does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.16:54
Neumaennlbomber: yeah, I did check16:54
* warrend reboots16:54
NeumaennlI also checked with fdisk that the correct partition is made bootable16:55
NeumaennlAndreSTC: wireless Lan worked out of the box for me with the live dvd of kubuntu 7.1016:57
coreymon77wifi problems16:59
coreymon77whose got the issue16:59
[Weez]anyone know why i would get Exiting: FatalError'>: Invalid remote call: /home/weez/ when trying to get hellanzb working?16:59
Neumaennlbomber: any other ideas on what I could try to get my pc to boot kubuntu from the usb drive?16:59
bomberhmm not particularly17:00
Neumaennlcoreymon77: AndreSTC is the guy with the wlan problems17:00
Neumaennlbomber: have you ever got kubuntu to run from a usb drive?17:01
bomberi would try to remove the hd boot altogether in the bios so it only looks to the usb17:01
coreymon77AndreSTC: what seems to be the problem17:01
AndreSTCcoreymon77 hi, i upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 and my wireless stoped working17:01
bomberi havent done that17:01
bomberhave you tried different ports17:01
coreymon77!doesntwork | AndreSTC17:01
ubotuAndreSTC: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:01
bombersometimes it makes  a difference17:01
coreymon77AndreSTC: aka, details17:02
coreymon77AndreSTC: what do you mean by stopped working17:02
Neumaennlbomber: I haven't tried other ports yet but I can access the drive on this port without problems and I always have it on this port so it always has the same drive letter in windows17:03
NeumaennlI'll try different ports...17:03
Neumaennlsee ya17:03
Neumaennlwish me luck ;)17:03
bombergood luck17:03
coreymon77AndreSTC: can you be more specific? is your card no longer detected? did it stop connecting? is it connecting to the network but no internet?17:03
AndreSTCcoreymon77 i could detect the wireless but couldnt connect17:03
coreymon77AndreSTC: what card do you have17:04
AndreSTCcoreymon77 then i tried configuring on the knetworkmanager but i think i messed up. lol17:04
coreymon77AndreSTC: dont worry, knetworkmanager is awful anyways17:04
coreymon77AndreSTC: so, whats the card?17:04
AndreSTCcoreymon77 no idea, its my friends notebook17:05
AndreSTCcoreymon77 is there a way to check?17:05
coreymon77AndreSTC: type this into a terminal window17:05
coreymon77AndreSTC: lspci17:05
coreymon77AndreSTC: then paste the output in pastebin17:05
AndreSTCcoreymon77 let me find a cable and see if i can get to the pastebin and paste it17:06
coreymon77does the laptop have any internet connection at all?17:07
AndreSTCthats what im going to do17:07
AndreSTCcoreymon77 how do i copy something on the terminal?17:09
coreymon77AndreSTC: same way as you copy everything else17:09
AndreSTCyea, i figured out17:09
karthikpThis is probably an old issue, but why does Gutsy not recognize a storage medium, such as a DVD, if it's connected (or in the drive) at bootup?17:11
AndreSTCcoreymon77 http://rafb.net/p/4pMkxk39.html17:11
karthikpI usually have to eject the DVD and insert it back in to get it to automount.17:11
coreymon77AndreSTC: you sure thats the whole thing17:13
coreymon77AndreSTC: you sure you didnt miss a part?17:14
AndreSTCcoreymon77 yes, im sure17:15
AndreSTCis that bad? lol17:15
coreymon77AndreSTC: well, youre wireless card doesnt seem to appear there17:15
coreymon77AndreSTC: is it a usb or pmcia card?17:15
AndreSTClet me see if i can figure out17:16
coreymon77AndreSTC: try these17:17
coreymon77AndreSTC: lspmcia and lsusb17:17
coreymon77try those two seperately17:17
coreymon77then paste each in a pastebin17:17
AndreSTC[coreymon77]: lspmcia was not found17:18
coreymon77and what about lsusb?17:18
AndreSTCcoreymon77 lsusb found some stuff, let me paste17:18
AndreSTCcoreymon77 http://rafb.net/p/FKXNQy12.html17:19
coreymon77umm okay17:19
=== edgaras is now known as nerwas
coreymon77are you absolutely positive you pasted the entire lspci?17:20
coreymon77in that case17:21
coreymon77the wireless card isnt detected at all17:21
coreymon77as far as kubuntu is concerned, according to this paste, there is no wifi card17:21
* SlimeyPete reads up17:22
coreymon77do you know the manufacturers website for the laptop model17:22
SlimeyPeteit's "lspcmcia"17:22
SlimeyPetejust incase that makes a difference.17:22
coreymon77oh, whoops17:22
coreymon77AndreSTC: try that one17:22
coreymon77AndreSTC: lspcmcia17:22
coreymon77SlimeyPete: thanks17:22
SlimeyPetenp. Easy mistake to make.17:23
AndreSTCcoreymon77 http://rafb.net/p/6HFLSP24.html17:23
coreymon77how did capslock go on?17:24
boubbincan i somehow run amarok in "screen" or within simething similar, so shutting down the x-server wont stop the music playback ?17:24
coreymon77that still didnt help us17:24
coreymon77AndreSTC: once again, do you know the manufacturers website for the laptop/can you find it for us17:24
AndreSTC[coreymon77]: let me see17:25
coreymon77SlimeyPete: wifi problems are hard to fix when you dont even know what card you are working with17:25
SheeEttinboubbin: why do you need to shut down the X server?17:25
AndreSTCcoreymon77 its from amazonpc17:25
coreymon77AndreSTC: can you give me the link to the model's page?17:25
AndreSTCcoreymon77 i have a cd with drivers here, but well... my cdrom isnt working either after i upgraded17:26
boubbinSheeEttin if sometimes i restart kde to make some changes effect and try different desktops like gnome and xfce, but i would like to hear the music while im trying these things, is it possible ?17:26
coreymon77so, what card are we talking about?17:26
jussi01Ok, im getting this error when I try run glxgears: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".17:27
jussi01Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual17:27
coreymon77AndreSTC: doesnt the dirver cd say which card it is?17:27
AndreSTC[coreymon77]: hold on17:27
=== meduxa is now known as toscalix
AndreSTCcoreymon77 does this help? Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter17:28
coreymon77umm YES!17:29
coreymon77thats what i was looking for17:29
WunarI've got a weird problem with Kubuntu 7.10. I've got specified in "special window settings" that skype should be forced on desktop #2, yet after login its on the default desktop; I can move skype to any desktop I want. But, if I open special window settings dialog, it instantly remembers that skype should be on desktop 2, and moves it there. What could be the problem?17:30
coreymon77AndreSTC: sorry, i have to go17:31
=== SheeEttin_ is now known as SheeEttin
SlimeyPeteprobably the session-management. Try moving it to desktop 2 and then logging out while it's still running.17:31
coreymon77AndreSTC: class is gonna start soon17:31
coreymon77AndreSTC: get someone else to finish helping17:31
AndreSTC[coreymon77]: thats ok17:31
AndreSTCcoreymon77 thanks for ur time ;)17:31
coreymon77AndreSTC: im sorry17:31
WunarSlimeyPete: doesn't help, all the applications independent on where they were are back on the first desktop after logout/login17:32
SheeEttinWunar: You sure the window is being identified correctly?17:33
SlimeyPeteAndreSTC: http://globalsyzygy.wordpress.com/2007/12/30/fixing-your-rtl8187-netgear-wg111v2-in-ubuntu/    <-- mentions your chipset, might be worth looking at17:33
WunarYes. Seems like some process isn't running, or something, and when after login window settings dialog is opened, it kicks to life, applying changes17:35
Wunar^applying settings17:35
rysiek|plguys, what command can I use to check what DNS name has a given IP?17:36
rysiek|pli.e. reverse DNS lookup17:36
Wunarbecause after that skype is forced on desktop 2, as requested17:36
Dragnslcrrysiek|pl- dig17:36
AndreSTCSlimeyPete ok, thanks17:36
=== SheeEttin_ is now known as SheeEttin
rysiek|plDragnslcr: as far as I can see from the manpages, dig only does normal DNS lookups. I.e. I can get the IP of google.com, but I can't get the DNS name of
rysiek|plam I missing anything?17:39
BluesKajrysiek|pl, some IPs are hidden even from dig17:41
Dragnslcrrysiek|pl- you can try nslookup17:41
rysiek|plBluesKaj: I have my *own* local DNS server :)17:41
rysiek|plBluesKaj: and am trying to test the revdns17:41
SheeEttinExcuse me a moment.17:42
rysiek|plDragnslcr: I can't see anything on nslookups manpage about reverse dns queries17:43
Dragnslcrnslookup a.b.c.d should work17:43
jmichaelxhave any of you upgraded to KDE 3.5.9, and if so, what do you think of it?17:44
boubbincan i run amarok without x server but still be able to get the amarok session to my kde when x server is on ?17:45
rysiek|plDragnslcr: ** server can't find NXDOMAIN17:45
rysiek|plDragnslcr: seems like it's trying to do a regular DNS query17:45
BluesKajjmichaelx, yes and it seems ok, until the adept update is installed , then everything seems to hang for about 5-10secs before launching, that's my experience so far ...it's still buggy17:45
DragnslcrNo, it means it can't find a DNS entry for the address17:45
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ty17:46
Dragnslcrrysiek|pl- try nslookup for an example17:46
=== fahmi is now known as co_21_keren
BluesKajatleast it is on my setup, jmichaelx ..yours may be different17:46
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i'm going to go ahead and give it a try. gutsy has been one bug after another for me anyways17:47
rysiek|plDragnslcr: ok, you were right. so it's my server config's fault; sorry about that17:47
BluesKajhehe, jmichaelx yeah , I know what you mean ...i don't think Hardy is gonna be much better17:48
jmichaelxBluesKaj: if that is true, i'll be switching distros17:48
marcowismuthfirst time for me here17:49
marcowismuthwhat this ?17:49
jussi01marcowismuth: its a place to get help with kubuntu17:50
* rysiek|pl gtg, cu all17:50
jussi01marcowismuth: type: /topic17:50
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i run a few different distros, and and even though kubuntu is what i use primarily, fedora 8 has really impressed me, and has had FAR fewer hardware issue than kubuntu17:51
BluesKajjmichaelx, I do think the distro after Hardy will be fully supported like Dapper is , but my info so far is thet hardy won't be more than a 6 month thing just like gutsy17:51
=== SheeEttin_ is now known as SheeEttin
jmichaelxBluesKaj: : my understanding has been that Ubuntu would be LTS, but that Kubuntu hardy would not be, due to the introduction of KDE417:52
BluesKajyes jmichaelx , exactly what heard too.17:52
BluesKajI heard17:52
eserhi all17:52
marcowismuthjussi : it feels very strange to me to be in IRC17:53
marcowismuthit's been a long time17:53
SheeEttinjmichaelx: Hardy'll use KDE 4?17:53
eserI need help with ps3 kubuntu , i cant boot with kde on startup , i always go to shell and had to write startx to open kde .. any solutions _?17:53
jmichaelxi really want to stay with kubuntu, but if the devs are not going to care any more than they do about wireless, for example, then i'm out17:53
marcowismuthso it's a place where people using linus can talk ?17:54
jmichaelxSheeEttin: that is my understanding17:54
DragnslcrSheeEttin- not by default, but it will be in the repositories17:54
marcowismuthcan we talk to devs here ?17:54
BluesKajSheeEttin, jmichaelx , no hardy will stick with kde 3.5.8 or .9 afaik.17:54
jmichaelxDragnslcr: : i see. i thought KDE4 would be default in hardy. i must have been misinformed17:54
DragnslcrI doubt KDE 4.0 will be nearly stable enough to be the default for 8.0417:55
DragnslcrMaybe for 8.1017:55
flipstarDragnslcr: there will be one version with kde4, one without17:55
flipstarthat one with kde3 will have lts17:55
DragnslcrYeah, I've heard that, too17:55
jmichaelxi have KDE4.01 on this machine... i accidentaly removed the clock from the panel, and for the life of me, i cannot figure out how to put it back lol17:55
SheeEttinAccording to Riddell himself, 8.04 won't be LTS at all, but will ship with both KDE 4 and 3.5: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2007-December/002066.html17:56
DragnslcrI don't think KDE 3.5 is going to be supported for long enough to make 8.04 an LTS version17:57
marcowismuthone thing i don't understand : if ubuntu will be lts than kubuntu too, am i right ?17:57
Dragnslcrmarcowismuth- no17:57
jmichaelxmarcowismuth: apparently not17:57
marcowismuthi explain myself17:58
marcowismuthhow can ubuntu be LTS and Kubuntu non LTS ?17:58
jmichaelxok , i am going to reboot and see how things in 3.5.9 are17:58
DragnslcrBecause KDE 3.5 isn't going to be supported for 3 years17:58
DragnslcrKDE 4.x will be the only active branch by then17:59
karthikpI didn't see much that was different in 3.5.9. Except in kontact.17:59
=== SheeEttin_ is now known as SheeEttin
karthikpThe calendar app seems a bit more ... colorful.17:59
marcowismuthhi guys18:01
marcowismuthcan someone help me18:01
marcowismuthjust a small question18:01
steve__Is there a way to monitor a web page to get an ip address from another computer18:01
Dragnslcrsteve__- you might need to explain that some more18:01
marcowismutheach time i start kubuntu, the sound is turned off18:02
marcowismuthso i don't hear any sounds when starting kubuntu18:02
steve__someone got into my email and is still on it, so if possible i want to try and monitor that site and figure out his ip and get onto his computer18:03
steve__i don't know if that helps im bad with explanations18:04
DragnslcrDo you control the email server?18:04
marcowismutheach time i start kubuntu, the sound is turned off18:04
marcowismuthhow can i modificate it18:05
steve__no its a gmail account18:05
DragnslcrWell did you change your password?18:05
steve__yeah, but they were signed on when i did and havent signed out yet18:06
nzkHow do I enable 1440x900?18:06
DragnslcrYou'd have to contact Google then18:06
fabi_hallo hat jemand ne torrent site ?18:07
nzkI'm running 1280x800 now, and it's an uncommon resolution so there are few wallpapers.18:07
nzkfabi_: Speak engliush18:07
fabi_have anyone a good torrent sitze18:07
nzkThis is not the place to ask this18:07
flipstarfabi_: torrent.ubuntu.com18:08
=== SheeEttin_ is now known as SheeEttin
=== eser is now known as sicpis
ghostcubehi guys one question drive me nuts18:14
ghostcubeis it possible somehow to get dolphin to show the hidden files every time i start it ???18:15
ghostcubekde 3.5.9 :O18:15
SheeEttinghostcube: does it reset every time you close it?18:16
=== edney is now known as edneymatias
ghostcubeSheeEttin: yes and thats strange18:16
ghostcubeits a nice tool but this drive me nuts18:16
ghostcubeahh and i got an feature request is it possible to sort by file types ? :)18:18
ghostcubehavent found the option till now so i just ask18:18
oloughlin75does manybody know why amarok might not display my collection? Its still playing my playlist from last session, but no collection?18:19
ghostcubeim on gutsy 7.10 fresh install upadtes from today18:19
MrJigsawoloughlin75: try #Amarok :-)18:20
oloughlin75MrJigsaw: weird... the folder with my music isnt selected :/18:20
ghostcubemaybe just select it :)18:20
oloughlin75ouhh  the pain in rebuilding the collection18:21
jhutchins_ltghostcube: Dolphin is a KDE project, not kubuntu.18:21
ghostcubejhutchins: i know about this i thought anyone knows about here18:21
oloughlin75ghostcube: whatre you trying to do?18:21
ghostcubei wanna get dolphin to show hidden files every time i launch it18:22
ghostcubei must enable the feature every time18:22
ghostcubebut i can ask in kde :)18:22
oloughlin75theres got to be a way..18:22
oloughlin75ghostcube: try save view properties for every folder18:23
nzkHmm. gnome-terminal stopped opening links recently.18:23
oloughlin75and show hidden in whatever ones yoyu want18:23
ghostcubeoloughlin75: i tried doesnt help18:23
ghostcubethats the starnge part18:23
oloughlin75there arent a lot if settings to try :/18:24
ghostcubeyes :)18:24
ghostcubeand no safe as default session or so18:24
=== ubuntu is now known as buz
ghostcubeoh kde4 dolphin sorts by file types heh :) one prob less18:28
josephdoes anyone know of a good review page of password managers for kde?18:34
jhutchins_ltjoseph: There's something besides kwallet?18:39
josephjhutchins: does kwallet generate passwords and such?18:39
jhutchins_ltDunno, I can't stand using it.  Save's em.18:39
josephjhutchins: so do you just memorize all your passwords?18:40
=== family is now known as dwidmann
dwidmannHmm, has anybody else been having trouble with cups and/or foomatic printing lately?18:41
jhutchins_ltjoseph: Mostly.  I try to use meaningful ones.18:42
jhutchins_ltdwidmann: Yes, trouble remote printing to cups.18:42
josephjhutchins: OK.  Thanks for your help.18:42
dwidmannjhutchins_lt: I can't even get local printing(usb) to work at the moment ... dies with this error:18:43
dwidmannE [20/Feb/2008:13:38:55 -0500] PID 9355 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip) stopped with status 1!18:43
dwidmannE [20/Feb/2008:13:38:55 -0500] [Job 150] Job stopped due to filter errors.18:43
flipstarjoseph: there was something like kpass..you might google it..i didnt tried18:44
jhutchins_ltdwidmann: I lost my parallel connection when I did my last upgrade (on another distro).18:44
josephflipstar: i'd like to have something that is already in the repos, if possible.18:44
dwidmannCome to think of it .... there is a package I forgot to downgrade ... I'm going to try that now18:44
beheadingpainhi i've been eating kfc chicken wings 3 weeks straight is that bad for my body? how long can i continue?18:46
dwidmannjhutchins_lt: hmm, no juice there either :(18:47
* dwidmann looks for more packages to downgrade18:48
dwidmannbeheadingpain: You can continue until you die or get sick of it, whether I'd recommend that or not is another story altogether.18:50
flipstarjoseph: it is in the repos.. called 'keepassx' ..18:51
flipstar!info keepassx > joseph18:51
josephflipstar: Thank you.18:51
buzbeheadingpain: you may want to watch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Size_Me18:51
buzeven if its pretty sensationalist18:51
buz(on the off chance that you arent trolling)18:52
beheadingpaindwidmann how woul di die from it18:52
beheadingpainfeels so good to eat that18:52
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:53
dwidmannbeheadingpain: I didn't say you'd die from it, I said you could eat it until you die, completely different :P18:53
jhutchinsdwidmann: Replies are also offtopic.18:53
dwidmannjhutchins ... I know, but it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot else that one might call "productive" going on here either ....18:54
vampyricpenguinQuick question. How do I install/uninstall a package and not run the script?18:54
beheadingpaindwidmann wouldn't i get healthy from it and gain meat and muscles?18:54
pete_Hi does anyone know how to sync an Ipod Touch Jailbroken with Kubuntu?18:55
vampyricpenguinPete, did you try amarok?18:56
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
pete_nope not yet18:56
pete_ill take a look at it18:56
kalorinhas anyone tried an iPhone with amaork?18:56
pete_i havent18:56
pete_trying ot do it with ipod touch18:56
holowho design this amarok gui?18:56
kalorinI've heard that you _MUST_ use iTunes to activate an iPhone18:56
holoits the most crappy media interface i ever saw..18:57
kalorinwhich I find very disappointing18:57
pete_so with amorak does it work like iTunes?18:57
cloakableHi, I'm planning an install on an AMD 64bit laptop tommorow. Do you reccomend I use the 32bit or 64bit edition?18:57
dwidmannvampyricpenguin: hard to say ... might be easier to rebuild it from source, without the scripts included.18:57
vampyricpenguinNo, amarok does not work with Itunes.18:57
pete_does it work like it?18:57
josephholo: i'd ask the folks in #amarok.18:57
pete_in the same way18:57
holocloakable: it depends, are you going to run matlab?18:57
cloakableholo: Not that I know. Would I want to run/install it for anything, though?18:58
pete_So does kubuntu find the drivers for ipod touch ?18:58
oloughlin75pete_: amarok can sync with ipod i believe18:59
vampyricpenguindwidmann, I have a cups driver I converted from an rpm file using alien I'm trying to remove.18:59
holocloakable: think about the proprietary software you need.. check their support for amd64.. if positive, procced to install. if you make the wrong choice, expect extreme hacking18:59
pete_ok so its jsut a case of pluggin it in ?18:59
cloakableholo: Flash, java18:59
vampyricpenguinThe uninstall script won't run successfully. It's marked for removal and I can't unmark it.18:59
holocloakable: no, java is ok19:00
cloakableholo: I'm under the impression there's no amd64 support for those?19:00
cloakableOr is it only flash?19:00
beheadingpaini have high cholesterol how long till i'll die if i don't lower it and keep eating chicken wings and sit on my leg all day?19:00
holocloakable: flash, matlab (if you get a matlab release of 2007a is ok though) that i know19:00
vampyricpenguincloakable.. Flash is 32bit only. You probably wanna install the 32 bit version of Firefox so you can use adobe's Flash player.19:01
oloughlin75beheadingpain: ~2 years19:01
cloakablevampyricpenguin: No konqueror support? :/19:01
vampyricpenguinNot for 64bit Konqueror.19:02
beheadingpainoloughlin75 what if you quit one day before 2 years?19:02
oloughlin75beheadingpain: uhh, itll be a bit too late19:02
oloughlin75!ot | beheadingpain19:03
ubotubeheadingpain: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:03
vampyricpenguinYou can have a 64bit system and a 32 bit browser. But you can't use a 64bit browser and a 32 bit browser plugin.19:03
beheadingpainoloughlin75 when is it to not too late?19:03
cloakablevampyricpenguin: Probably use the 32bit version, then :P Firefox is ugly under KDE19:04
buzcloakable: if in doubt, go 32bit19:04
beheadingpainis heart attack painful if so how much?19:04
buzunless you really need more than 3G of ram, 64bit is not worth the troube IMHO19:04
cloakablebuz: 32bit coming down the pipe :D19:04
oloughlin75beheadingpain: You should talk to your physician for your approximate lifespan :/19:04
buzcan someone kick him already19:04
vampyricpenguincloakable, I would install amd64 version of Kubuntu, but use the 32 bit version of Firefox.19:05
rohanthe kde 3.5.9 packages from the ppa repository are not gpg signed, right?19:06
buzrohan: ppa is never signed19:06
cloakablevampyricpenguin: How come?19:06
buzyou get 64bit bragging rights19:06
rohanbuz: ok, thanks for confirming :)19:06
rohanwhy do you need 64bit anyway, cloakable ?19:07
rohanare you going to do some heavy compiling or so?19:07
cloakablerohan: No compiling, but the laptop is amd6419:08
vampyricpenguincloakable, Optimized code runs a wee bit faster.19:08
rohancloakable: that still is not reason enough to go for 64bit version of linux :)19:08
=== edulix_ is now known as Edulix
cloakablevampyricpenguin: ahh.19:08
cloakablerohan: Heh.19:08
hydrogennot really worth it19:08
hydrogenunless you happen to have more than four gigs of ram19:09
hydrogenwhich in a laptop would be a bit stupid19:09
rohanimo, it's fine with distros like fedora or suse where you can install packages from different architechtures without any pain. but on debian based systems, it's an unnecessary pita19:09
cloakablehydrogen: only 1gig :P19:09
vampyricpenguingotta go.19:09
jeismamy knetworkmanager doesn't show the wireless connections available anymore19:10
jeismaanyone know how i can get them to show?19:10
SlimeyPetejeisma: did you use the "manual configuration" option at some point?19:12
jeismaSlimeyPete yes, i did, but this is after my wireless stopped showing up19:12
jeismaSlimeyPete to be specific, i started up my linux one day, the wireless around showed up, and then they all went away19:12
jeismaSlimeyPete so i went into manual config and it said my wireeless was disabled, i enabled it, and now nothing comes up still19:12
SlimeyPetecheck the file "/etc/network/interfaces". Check that there are no interfaces named like "ath0" or "wifi0" or similar.19:13
SlimeyPeteif there are any, networkmanager stops showing networks19:13
angelhow are you??19:14
angeli am new user if kubuntu19:14
jeismaSlimeyPete: these are the last 2 lines19:14
jeismaiface wlan0 inet dhcp19:14
jeismaauto wlan019:14
SlimeyPetejeisma: aha. Put a '#' before each of those lines.19:14
jeismathanks slimeypete19:15
SlimeyPeteno problem.19:15
gary_I've just managed to get my rt2870 based wlan usb stick going 802.11n in ubuntu. This card rox!19:15
gary_Native driver with built in wpa.. No supplicant.19:15
gary_Does anyone know how to access the sd-card in my Windows Mobile phone through usb?19:17
gary_When i connect it, it created eth1 and if i assign an ip i can connect using sftp. I have no idea how to log in though.19:21
Picigary_: you may want to try asking in #ubuntu as well if you don't get an answer here.19:23
gary_Ok.. I'll try.19:24
unagiwhat is the shortcut for kill app?19:28
Daisuke_Laptopterminal - killall <processname>19:29
jhutchinsunagi: Ctrl-Alt-Esc?19:29
Daisuke_Laptopor alt+f2, xkill19:29
jhutchinsor pkill <processname>19:29
unagictrl alt esc is what i was looking for ty19:29
jhutchinsOr maybe you just wanted Alt-F4?19:30
Pablo_32Hi all.19:30
jhutchinsDo we have too many options?19:30
unagium ok19:30
flipstarctrg+q also works19:30
Daisuke_Laptopkill <pid> is another option19:30
Pablo_32Anyone can tell me if it's possible configure a wpa wireless network on Kubuntu?19:30
jhutchinsDaisuke_Laptop: You still have to specify a signal to kill, don't you?19:30
jhutchinsPablo_32: Possible? Yes.19:31
Daisuke_Laptopjhutchins: iunno, never used kill on its own19:31
Pablo_32jhutchins: Thank you. How can i do that?19:31
Daisuke_Laptopi use killall because it's somewhat human readable19:31
flipstar!wpa > Pablo_3219:31
cvano siganl needed, it defaults to 1519:32
flipstarprob is you have to gather the pid first ..19:32
JontyI'm trying to get jackd working low-latency using realtime-lsm, but I just can't get it working. Is there a guide somewhere or better way of doing it?19:32
Pablo_32Thank's a lot19:32
jhutchinscva: Used to prod you.  And it used to require capital letters if you wanted an alpha signal, which is why most of us know the numbers better.19:33
ketokonqueror do  not show the internet pages complete?19:36
ahmosHi, I need to install a dictionary..does anyone know a good one,and I preffer not to be an online dic.?!19:37
abedsalutations all19:38
=== abed is now known as Abooda
ketodo  i have to  install another web explorer?19:39
Aboodause firefox19:39
Aboodathat's crazy that you mentioned that19:39
AboodaI've just gone through that problem myself19:39
ahmosyeah firefox is preety good19:39
Aboodait's easy, free, etc etc19:39
Aboodaand if you're using kubuntu19:39
Aboodaadept manager-->search19:40
Aboodait's easy19:40
jussi01keto: is it just the flash parts or java or other bits??19:40
ketoim know im just installl kubuntu19:40
jussi01!enter | Abooda19:40
ubotuAbooda: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:40
ketoso  i have to install java  from the koqueror19:41
=== FTB is now known as FTB|ARSENAL
jussi01!java | keto19:41
ketoso  i have to install java  from the koqueror?19:41
ubotuketo: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.19:41
jussi01!flash | keto19:42
ubotuketo: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash19:42
root-----hi gues19:43
jpatrickketo: just install kubuntu-restricted-extras19:43
root-----whats up19:43
Aboodauhm, silly question, but does anybody know how to message a channel? is it "msg #CHANNEL NAME <message here>"?19:44
jpatrick!info kubuntu-restricted-extras > keto19:44
jpatrick!ot > root-----19:44
jhutchinsAbooda: What would you expect to happen if you did that?19:44
jpatrickAbooda: /msg #channel <text>19:44
jhutchinsIs that a way to drop a text into a channel you're not currently watching?19:45
root-----Hi, i have a server and 30 clients. (10 windows 20 linux.) i want to pxe boot them all (so every time its rebooted. i get same os and confgs. making linux as my server. 2. i want to make a user account (in all those 30 machines) stop or screen lock after every 30 minuts (runing apps should not be closed) the user just have to enter password again.19:45
root----- 3.for every such event of unlocking screen and giving pwd.(i 'guess' thats logging in?) i get stats on server.. possible? do i need any thing else. like ldap ? any suggestions?19:45
Aboodagood point19:45
AboodaI need to ask for an invite19:45
* root----- thanks jpatrick19:45
jpatrickroot-----: nice setup...19:45
root-----jpatrick thx. but how can i do it19:46
jpatrickroot-----: no idea sorry, I'm not a sysadmin :)19:46
kapitonhi all19:46
jhutchinsroot-----: Not too hard.  Launch a script at login with a timer.19:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about blu-ray - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:47
jpatrick!msgthebot > unagi_19:47
kapitonis there a firewall in kubuntu 7.10 by default?19:47
kapitoncant find19:48
SlimeyPetewell, there is but it's turned off19:48
SlimeyPeteyou can install & use guarddog to turn it on19:48
kapitonso whats its name?=)19:48
kapitonand from console i cant?19:49
root-----jhutchins ya but the script will lock screen after every 30 mins. i can do that. but suppose a persone sits for 30 mins. then 15 min game. and other person comes . after 15  min. the script will close the screen since 15 mins of usage have passed19:49
SlimeyPetethe firewall is known as iptables. If you want to do it in the console then you'll want to google for an iptables HOWTO.19:49
ketokubuntu-restricted-extras? how to  install?19:49
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).19:49
root-----jhutchins need detail. and how to log that on server?19:49
jhutchinsshorewall's an iptables manager for console, but probably overkill.19:50
ketokubuntu-restricted-extras? how to  install?19:50
jhutchinsroot-----: Frankly, that sounds like work, and I'd have to charge you a fortune for it.19:50
SlimeyPeteketo: use adept19:51
jhutchinsroot-----: http://tldp.org/LDP/sag/html/index.html19:51
root-----jhutchins just pooint me19:51
jhutchinsroot-----: see also: http://tldp.org/LDP/sag/html/index.html19:52
ketowhats adept??19:52
jpatrick!adept | keto19:53
ubotuketo: adept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto19:53
ketoi am in adept19:57
ketoi   heve to choose something?19:58
jhutchinsketo: No, you don't have to.20:00
ketoinstal any package?20:01
jpatrickketo: install kubuntu-restricted-extras if you want java, flash, etc20:04
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:06
ketook i find kubuntu restricted extras how can i install it?20:09
SlimeyPeteright-click, select install20:09
SlimeyPetethen press "apply" at the top20:10
=== siof is now known as siofwolves
ketoty smily20:12
=== flipstar is now known as apostropheor1equ
Aboodawho knows where support files for foreign languages (scripts) can be found?20:13
=== apostropheor1equ is now known as flipstar
=== raidu is now known as Raidu
RaiduHey guys can anyone help me with vine ? I cant get photoshop to work with it  :(20:16
=== Aranel is now known as Aranel[Uzakta]
=== flipstar is now known as or
=== Aranel[Uzakta] is now known as Aranel
=== or is now known as flipstar
jpatrick!es | ramon20:17
uboturamon: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:17
gary_Anyone using kexi?20:18
gary_I'm missing the default templates.20:18
StrangeletHow do I change what my name appears to be when I send IMs in Kopete? Using the AIM protocol, I do not want my name to be "Strangework3005", I want it to say "Nick". How do I do that?20:20
jhutchinsStrangelet: Get lucky and grab the "Nick" account name in about, oh, 1992.20:21
Strangeletjhutchins: Tried, I was too late20:21
=== edulix_ is now known as Edulix
* jhutchins has abandoned nicks on networks here and there.20:21
BluesKajStrangelet, perhaps #kopete chat can help20:22
Strangeletgary_, I have set to Nick there, but it doens't change20:22
StrangeletI will give it a shot there BluesKaj, thanks20:22
jhutchinsThe client has to be set to show the nickname instead of the username too.20:22
jhutchinsStrangelet: Which means people are going to be able to see your username anyway.20:23
Strangeletjhutchins: Oh, that is fine, I would just like to see 'Nick' as my own alias20:23
ketothe adept found a fail and close..... im try to open it again and i cant20:24
BluesKajmaybe your nick was nick'd :)20:24
SlimeyPete!aptfix | keto20:25
ubotuketo: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:25
SlimeyPeteketo: you could try "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" from a terminal instead of adept20:25
gary_Could someone please send me the default templates for kexi and tell me where to put them?20:27
keto"sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" from a terminal instead of adept...20:28
ketohow i can do  that?20:28
BluesKajketo, open kmenu/konsole20:29
ketogot it20:30
root-----badly need help with networking. please need your 5 mins.. http://pastebin.com/m2fbb2d0520:31
BluesKajketo, yes terminal=konsole20:32
ScorpKingroot-----: can we chat in private?20:32
root-----ScorpKing sure !20:32
ketook i am in the Konsole20:33
BluesKajketo, type, or copy and paste this into the konsole : sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras20:34
bastid_raZoris there a way to find out why a package was put on hold if the user did not hold it?20:36
keto"sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" i did20:36
ketoE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.20:38
=== aleksanteri_ is now known as aleksanteri
BluesKajketo, don't use the "20:38
BluesKajok, keto. dpkg --configure -a , in the konsole20:39
AndreSTCWhere can i configure standby options(im on a notebook). Its not working because everytime i close the note, it turns off.20:42
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox20:42
trappistAndreSTC: I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the script that does it is /etc/acpi/lid.sh - if you can find what's calling that I think you'll be on the right track.20:43
keto<BluesKaj>ok, keto. dpkg --configure -a , in the konsole20:43
ketohow to configure-a in the console20:45
AndreSTC[trappist]: COuldnt atgtach to DCOP server!20:45
AndreSTCCouldn't attach*20:45
trappistAndreSTC: not sure what you're talking about20:45
AndreSTCthats what happaned when i looked for the script20:46
BluesKajketo, type or copy and paste , dpkg --configure -a   , in the konsole , understand?20:46
=== npurciful_ is now known as npurciful
trappistAndreSTC: how did you look for the script.20:46
ketoi got it20:46
ketoi did20:46
AndreSTCnvm, forgot to "cat" trappist20:46
ketonow i give enter??20:47
venikIs there a program similar to SCP or winSCP with a nice GUI running under kubuntu?20:47
venikSCP (secure Copy)20:47
llutzvenik: konqueror20:47
BluesKajketo ,yes20:48
venikllutz-- let me try..20:48
emilsedghvenik: fish:// or scp command20:48
llutzname of the used protocol20:48
ketoit says need privilege superuser20:49
emilsedghvenik: go in konqueror and type fish://hostname20:49
BluesKajketo, use your login password20:49
venikwhen I did that, I got my own file system20:50
trappistvenik: what did you put for hostname?20:50
gary_Where does Kexi look for templates?20:51
venikthe name of the server I wanted to copy files to20:52
ketoit shows me my paswor when i type it after keto@ubuntuketo:~$20:52
=== roxana is now known as roxana_
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:52
BluesKajketo, press enter20:53
SheeEttinBluesKaj: Perhaps he should also use sudo...20:53
ketoi did20:53
venikwhat am I supposed to type after fish? Which hostname?20:53
trappistvenik: the remote host.  use the ip address if it doesn't resolve.20:54
BluesKajSheeEttin, that's why it asked for his pw20:54
encrypt128bitCan someone tell me if using LVM is superior to having seperate partitions made20:55
jhutchinsJust to throw another opinion in...  fish://user@remotehost20:55
jhutchinsOtherwise it assumes current username.20:55
jhutchinsfish should not require root privileges.20:55
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:55
BluesKajketo , close and reopen the konsole , type : sudo dpkg --configure -a20:56
trappistjhutchins: in my opinion, unless you're taking advantage of lvm features, no - you're just adding another point of failure and some (light) additional overhead.20:56
jhutchinstrappist: Sorry, what was that in response to?20:57
trappistjhutchins: oops, sorry, meant for encrypt128bit20:57
trappistencrypt128bit: in my opinion, unless you're taking advantage of lvm features, no - you're just adding another point of failure and some (light) additional overhead.20:57
jhutchinstrappist: ah, I see that now.20:57
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: lvm is evil.20:58
ketoit works20:58
jhutchinsketo: Of course it does!20:58
jhutchinsketo: It's actually very handy, I'm quite out of the habit of hand-hacking my web pages now, I just use fish and quanta.20:58
encrypt128bitjhutchins: Thanks. heh, if/when i get ubuntu to install i want to be sure im using the best way to handle the system. So, in your opinion would making a 10 gig ext3 root, a 3gig swap and the rest of the space avaible /home ext3 be a wise decision?20:59
ketowhat i do now?20:59
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: in my experience, it's best to have just / and swap.21:00
jhutchinsBack up the data in home so reinstalling isn't an issue.21:00
MrJoeyIn the Ubiquity (default) installer, if you use the first partitioning option (like in this dialog:  http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=feistydual06rw5.png), and there's a Windows NTFS partition, will it automatically shrink the Windows partition and install Linux in the free space specified?21:00
encrypt128bitjhutchins: Thanks21:00
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: I don't store much in /home/jhutchins, mostly it's on a server symlinked to there.21:01
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: I've hit a lot of systems that ran out of space in / or /var because they put all the space in the /home partition.21:01
ketosudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras ??21:01
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: My gentoo samba server at the law office has some wierd symlinks to fix that problem.21:01
encrypt128bitjhutchins: Ahh, heheh. good point.21:02
ketoi did it and works21:02
jhutchinsMurphy's law says that if you partition, the space you need will be on the wrong partition.21:02
ketobut it says sun-java6-bin: Depende: sun-java6-jre (= 6-03-0ubuntu2) pero no va a instalarse21:02
trappistencrypt128bit_: http://blog.linuxkungfu.org/blog/index.php?/archives/15-My-Partitioning-Preferences.html21:03
=== encrypt128bit_ is now known as encrypt128bit
encrypt128bitthanks trappist21:03
BluesKajketo, maybe #kubuntu-es will help you21:04
trappistketo: try, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin21:04
jhutchins!java | keto21:05
ubotuketo: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.21:05
encrypt128bitIs there a maximum space you can set your swap to? like, double your ram or what.21:05
jhutchinsencrypt128bit: It can be whatever you want, rule-of-thumb has been 2x RAM up to 2G.21:06
trappistencrypt128bit: there's a maximum you *should* set your swap space to.  that number is hotly debated and depends on how you'll be using the machine, how much ram you have, etc.21:06
encrypt128bitThanks again. Heh21:07
trappistencrypt128bit: if you're using a 32bit OS, and your ram+swap exceeds 4GB, you can't use anything more than that.21:07
jhutchinsIf you're going to do something that, say, pokes a 6G video into /tmp, it had better be plenty.21:07
jhutchinsHowever, if you actually _use_ more than 2x RAM you'll spend an awful lot of time swapping.21:08
ScorpKingroot-----: http://www.outkastsolutions.co.za/outkast/index.php?option=com_openwiki&Itemid=45&id=outkafe21:08
trappistI like to have 32MB of physical ram and put my swapfile on a samba mount21:09
trappisthelps prevent boredom21:09
karl_when i am installing libc6 i get "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place, /sbin/ldconfig.real: Cannot mmap file /lib/libc.so.6."21:11
root-----ScorpKing ok21:11
karl_any idea how to reconsile so libc6 will install?21:12
ubuntumy first time using kubuntu21:15
ubuntuanyone there21:15
=== hkoseoglu is now known as m1fcj
ScorpKing!hi | ubuntu21:16
ubotuubuntu: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!21:16
TimSHow do I kill pid 1654121:16
ScorpKingTimS: sudo kill 1654121:16
ubuntuso how do i fix my screen21:16
m1fcjhi all, I have a problem with Compiz, every time I login, if freezes my KDE session, logging in with Gnome, I can see a config which was different than mine21:16
m1fcjhow do I prevent Compiz from being initialized after I login?21:16
SlimeyPeteubuntu: what's wrong with it?21:17
ScorpKingm1fcj: look in .kde/Autostart if there isn't a script that starts it when you log in21:17
m1fcjScorpKing: Autosstart directory is virtually empty (apart from a .directory)21:18
DaSkreechubuntu: Welcome!21:18
ScorpKingm1fcj: does it freeze straight away?21:18
m1fcjI touched a $HOME/.config/compiz/disable-compiz but didn't work out21:18
m1fcjScorpKing: KDe starts up and loads, when it's loading my session, it attempts to start compiz, after that keyboard and mouse is out of action, CTRL-ALT-Fx doesn't work21:19
m1fcjunfortunately it's on wireless so I can't get on to it using ssh either (knetworkmanager kicks in at one point and asks for the key)21:19
ScorpKingm1fcj: try - echo "kwin --replace" > .kde/Autostart/disable_compiz.sh21:19
ScorpKingm1fcj: and delete that file if it works21:20
ubuntucan anyone help me fix my monitor21:21
ubuntui started kubuntu21:21
ubuntubut i cant see the left side of the screen21:21
ScorpKing!ask | ubuntu21:21
ubotuubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)21:21
ubuntu1/5 of the screen21:21
m1fcjattempting that now21:22
ubuntuso i do i get into administrator mode21:22
jpatrick!sudo | ubuntu21:23
ubotuubuntu: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.21:23
jpatrick!kdesudo | ubotu21:23
ubotuubotu: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)21:23
ScorpKingubuntu: press alt+f2 and run kcontrol. look uner peripherals --> monitor & display21:23
m1fcjnope... didn't work... still ended up with a completely blank scren21:23
ScorpKingm1fcj: that should have disabled compiz. weird. look on google how to disable it from konsole21:24
ubuntualt + f2 gives me the run command window21:24
m1fcjthere are no good stuff on the google about disabling it... most of the people are fighting to enable it :)21:25
m1fcjcompletely removing compiz now to see if I can get something back!21:25
Black_Monkeywoah, it changed to kdesudo in gutsy? O_o21:25
Black_MonkeyI swear I've still been using kdesu...21:26
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: kdesu is linked to kdesudo21:27
=== cassandra is now known as athena
Black_Monkeyah right21:27
Black_Monkeyis there any difference between the two?21:27
m1fcjok, someone explain to me why I still have compiz in /usr/bin after purging anything that has compiz in the name? :-)21:27
athenahi...what the apt get to update the software? I jjst installed21:27
ScorpKingm1fcj: aptitude search compiz and see what's still installed21:27
athenawell the first thing i want to do is make sure i don't need to use aptitude...i prefer synaptic21:28
BluesKajathena, sudo apt-get update21:28
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: in konsole run 'which kdesu' and the ls -l /<where_it_is21:28
=== simon_ is now known as absalom
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: ls -l /usr/bin/kdesu ;)21:29
Black_Monkeyjust shows me that file...21:30
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 2003-01-05 02:02 /usr/bin/kdesu -> kdesudo21:30
Black_Monkeymine doesn't say that21:31
twosouls82file /usr/bin/kdesu => /usr/bin/kdesu: symbolic link to `kdesudo'21:31
Black_Monkeyjust shows it as a normal file21:31
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: weird. maybe you have it installed21:31
twosouls82Black_Monkey: cat /etc/issue21:32
Black_Monkeybut I mean, is there any difference between feisty's kdesu and gutsy's kdesudo, or just a name change?21:32
twosouls82what version do you use?21:32
Black_MonkeyUbuntu 7.10 \n \l21:32
ScorpKingBlack_Monkey: kdesudo has a few changes and is more secure that kdesu21:32
m1fcjafter some dpkg -P's... now my user can log in...21:32
Black_Monkeyhm, I don't have kdesudo21:33
athenawhat would i type in to get the synaptic package manager? I think i can do it from there21:33
ScorpKingm1fcj: hehe. what else was installed?21:33
m1fcjScorpKing: any idea where KDE stores its compiz config? I suspect it is different than where gnome stores...21:33
athena(it was adept, not aptitude i didn't like)21:33
m1fcjAll bunch of Compiz libraries and core binaries, they're all gone21:33
BluesKajathena , in the konsole : sudo apt-get install synaptic21:33
ScorpKingm1fcj: no idea. try grep -r compiz /home/you/21:33
m1fcjhmm, I did find . -iname *compiz* but that's a good idea...21:34
* ScorpKing doesn't know how to use find..21:34
BluesKajathena, perhaps you need to enable more repositories in your sources.list21:34
twosouls82use "find $HOME -iname '*compiz*'"21:34
athenaagain thanks :-)21:35
m1fcjnaively I thought it must be in a file including the name compiz! :)21:35
m1fcjOK, grepping through the home dir now21:35
m1fcj(actually I loved compiz, flaky but very flashy :) )21:35
denis_Hi, guys. Please, help me. After update to 3.5.9 from this repo: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-kde-3.5.9/ubuntu I see / folder on my desktop instead ~/Desktop.21:36
* ScorpKing figures out how to play widelands..21:36
Black_Monkeydenis_: in System Settings>About Me>Paths, there is an option to change your desktop folder21:37
denis_No, this can't help21:38
martijn81denis_: i had that too until i rebootted21:38
BluesKajdenis_, the /Documents folder is empty , right ?...dunno why it's there either21:40
denis_reboot doesn't help21:40
denis_~/Desktop isn't empty21:40
BluesKajdenis_, I have it in my System Menu list..  /Documents21:41
BluesKajHmm, that /home/user/documents folder is new , and it exists in the system settings path for some reason, but i can't figure out why ?21:51
BluesKajthere's no need for it afaik21:51
tcmIs some one here runing Kubuntu on a Dell 1420N. If; how well does it run?22:03
Daisuke_Idotcm: yes, and awesome22:04
Daisuke_Idoi love my 1420n22:04
DaSkreechBluesKaj: XDG I think22:05
Daisuke_Idoyou *will* have problems with svideo out, the 965 drivers aren't perfect yet22:05
BluesKajDaSkreech, XDG ?22:05
DaSkreechBluesKaj: Freedesktop spec22:05
DaSkreechYou gotta have certain Folders like Desktop, Documents etc22:06
BluesKajyesssss , annoying ...already have my own desktop folders setup22:06
BluesKajactually the folders you mentioned weren't on my desktop they were in /home/user22:07
DFlameCan anyone give me a recommendation on what to use to stream music over a LAN? Cheers22:08
trappist!info mpd22:08
ubotumpd (source: mpd): Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.0-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 137 kB, installed size 416 kB22:08
trappistDFlame: check out mpd22:08
=== encrypt128bit_ is now known as encrypt128bit
DFlamecheers :)22:09
DFlameI'll have a gander22:09
DaSkreechBluesKaj: /home/user/Desktop /home/user/Documents /home/user/Music etc that's XDG22:09
DaSkreechDesktop is one of them22:09
DaSkreechEven though KDE4 doesn't even use that any more22:09
BluesKajDaSkreech, , that all came with kde 3.5.9 upgrade22:10
* DaSkreech gets his goose22:10
Daisuke_Ido3.5.9 is out?22:10
twosouls82Daisuke_Ido: it's in the topic22:11
BluesKajyesterday , Daisuke_Ido22:11
Daisuke_Idotwosouls82: i rarely see the topic, but thanks SO much22:11
Daisuke_Idoi might check it out22:11
* BluesKaj deleted all those folders ,cuz din't need 'em22:11
Daisuke_Idola vie boheme!22:12
BluesKajexcept for the annoying documents folder in ' system menu '22:12
cryhi =)22:13
BluesKajDaisuke_Ido, things are considerably slower with this so called upgrade :{22:13
wadHi, folks. I have a moment now to try and fix my sound woes. First step seems to be to figure out what hardware I actually have on this laptop. I don't know where to look, however. Help?22:13
cryгы епть22:14
Daisuke_IdoBluesKaj: then i don't feel bad for not using kde anymore22:14
Daisuke_Ido!en | cry22:14
ubotucry: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat22:14
BluesKajwad , lspci , look for audio controller in the list22:14
BluesKajDaisuke_   xfce ?22:15
BluesKajthen yer on ubuntu...what are ya doing here ? :)22:15
Daisuke_Idoi like you guys :D22:15
wadBluesKaj, thanks!22:16
BluesKajwad, then , k-menu/system settings/sound system/enable sound system,then choose hardware tab/select the audio device/Advanced Linux Sound Architecture,click apply22:17
orbitizeHow can I get KDM to start automatically? When I power up, I first have to log in, then run 'sudo kdm'22:17
ThomasDhmm, my laptop wont play mkv files, kaffeine nor vlc and I got libmatroska installed22:18
twosouls82orbitize: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm", I guess it will configure start up links for you22:18
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke22:18
ArwenThomasD, what happens?22:19
orbitizetwosouls82: I have tried that, but it doesnt seem to help22:19
* DaSkreech hugs Daisuke_Ido22:19
ThomasDArwen: in kaffeine I get a blue sceen and only sound, vlc crashes22:19
BluesKajwad, after setting ALSA , then :  in the terminal type ' alsamixer ', make sure the Master, PCM, Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key', then set the volume ctrls to 7122:19
wadBluesKaj, Thanks!22:19
jeffy124hi all. i'm configuring guarddog right now, and it says that a protocol with a blank checkbox means it is blocked. but a checkbox with a cross means the protocol is rejected. what is the difference between blocked and rejected?22:19
* wad snags all this for future reference22:20
DaSkreechDaisuke_Ido: Why the move?22:20
ArwenThomasD, error log please...22:20
Daisuke_Idoas much as i do like kde, gnome is just better integrated22:20
Arwenand try MPlayer (self-compiled edition)22:20
Daisuke_Idohowever, it's not quite as configurable, this is true22:20
ThomasDArwen: hmm I see22:21
ThomasD[00000314] ffmpeg decoder error: more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame (computer too slow ?)22:21
Arwenis it?22:21
ThomasDdual core 1.93 Ghz22:21
Arwenok, hmm...22:22
Arwencan you upload a sample of the file?22:22
DaSkreechDaisuke_Ido: How is it better integrated?22:22
ThomasDArwen: its 4.6 Gb22:22
ubotuHvis du vil diskutere Ubuntu paa norsk, venligst gaa til #ubuntu-no. Takk!22:22
Arwenif it's Matroska, the first 10MB or some will do22:22
twosouls82orbitize: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58633822:22
ThomasDArwen: and I'm to lazy to mencode it22:22
twosouls82the fix might be there22:22
ArwenThomasD, just upload the first 10-20MB22:23
Arwenno encoding required22:23
orbitizetwosouls82: Thank you, I will have a look!22:23
BluesKajThomasD, perhaps the cpu stepping speed is in effect ...had the same problem , I disabled powernowd (actually I think I removed it )22:23
ThomasDBluesKaj: okay, gonna kill it now ^^22:23
BluesKajThomasD, cpu scaling is a gfood idea if it works but it seems broken in feisty and gutsy22:24
Arwenok, just go ahead and ignore me then...22:24
ThomasDthomas@linuxbook:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/powernowd stop22:24
ThomasD * Stopping powernowd:                                           [ OK ]22:24
emilsedghis there any recover tool for deleted files?22:24
ThomasDok lets hope this worked22:24
emilsedghfor ext3?22:24
Arwenemilsedgh, no orthodox ones, consult a data recovery service22:25
ThomasDBluesKaj: still not workin, but I'm gonna try on my desktop later on, I'll try to figure it out then22:25
ThomasDthanx Arwen BluesKaj22:25
jeffy124i'm configuring guarddog right now, and it says that a protocol with a blank checkbox means it is blocked. but a checkbox with a cross means the protocol is rejected. what is the difference between blocked and rejected?22:26
jeffy124one is silently drop, and the other sends an error... right?22:26
rysiek|plguys, who wants a good laugh22:27
twosouls82jeffy124: depends on the settings you set on the "Logging" tab22:27
wadBluesKaj, I found this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto22:27
rysiek|plwell, hold on to yer chairs... http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/hero/ ;)22:27
DaSkreechrysiek|pl: SCO lawyers22:27
rysiek|plDaSkreech: M$'s "Source Force" beats them all22:28
rysiek|plDaSkreech: "SQL Server Gal" just cracks me up22:28
Arwenos-tan ripoff >_>22:28
Arwenand I detect some Comic Sans MS on that page22:29
Black_Monkeyhi, grub's taking ages to boot for me - it shows "Grub loading stage 1.5" for about 30 seconds, then "Grub loading please wait" for another 30, without really doing anything22:29
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: Does it eventually boot?22:29
rickestI detect an entire marketing department that needs to be fired22:29
Black_Monkeyjhutchins_lt: yeah, boots after that22:30
Black_Monkeybut it's just a long time for grub to take...22:30
jhutchins_ltI think the first thing I'd do is check the disk.22:30
rysiek|plrickest: o rly? ;)22:30
jhutchins_ltsudo shutdown -rF now22:30
Black_MonkeyI've always had this problem, with Fedora and then after wiping the disk to install Ubuntu22:31
rickestrysiek|pl: that's just me  :)22:31
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: What was on it before?22:31
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
rysiek|plrickest: I detect an entire management that needs to be fired... preferably without the chairs, so that nobody gets hurt ;)22:32
Black_Monkeyjhutchins_lt: FC5, then Kubuntu 6.0622:32
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: problem with all of them?22:32
rickestrysiek|pl: safety first. remove chairs, distribute pink slips. I like it22:32
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: Have you tried lilo instead of grub?22:32
RogueJediXIs there a guide for sharing samba shares on kubuntu to windows anywhere?22:32
Black_Monkeyjhutchins_lt: no, would it be tricky to install lilo?22:33
rysiek|plrickest: yup. and if "SQL Server Gal" is around, just watch for those SQL Injections...22:33
rysiek|plplay safe, kids ;)22:33
rickestRogueJediX: google for 'ubuntu swat', that might be a good starter22:33
RogueJediXCheers, rickest22:33
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: Should be pretty much apt-get install lilo, check /etc/lilo.conf, run lilo, reboot.22:33
rysiek|plBlack_Monkey: plus, liloconf (or something similar, don't remember right now)22:35
jhutchins_ltMy guess would be that there's something wrong in hardware, and/or the BIOS is having trouble initializing the drive.22:35
rysiek|plBlack_Monkey: upon installing lilo you'll get the info on-screen22:35
jhutchins_ltrysiek|pl: That's probably a conf generator.  apt should generate a workable file, I'm not sure.22:35
Black_Monkeythe only lilo.conf file is /usr/share/doc/memtest86+/examples/lilo.conf22:36
Black_MonkeyI don't see any info after installing22:36
Daisuke_IdoRogueJediX: you're better off installing SFU on the windows side and using NFS, far more reliable in my experience :)22:36
ketoen español?22:39
rysiek|pl!es | keto22:40
ubotuketo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:40
Arwenhey cool, ext4 will support defragging22:40
rysiek|plArwen: huh? afaik ext3 "supports" defragging, but it's simply not needed22:41
Arwenerr... not needed my ass22:41
Arwenand ext4 will support in that it will come with an actual defragger22:41
miladenHow do i uninstall wine apps?22:41
Arwenmiladen, run the uninstaller22:41
RogueJediXDaisuke_Ido: What's SFU? And yeah, Samba is a total pain22:43
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: Sorry.  Ok, there may be a util called liloconf that generates one, try that.22:44
Daisuke_IdoRogueJediX: Services for Unix22:44
jhutchins_ltdpkg -configure lilo?22:44
ketoen español22:44
Black_Monkeydpkg-configure: command not found22:45
jhutchins_ltActually, I've run samba for years, I support a small office that replaced their NT server with Gentoo/samba.22:45
Daisuke_Ido!es | keto22:45
ubotuketo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.22:45
Black_Monkeythere's a "lilo-conf" package, puts configuration in kcontrol22:45
=== chronos_ is now known as bobdole102
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: That's pretty good.22:46
Xbehavecompiz seams to be breaking suspend resume is this a known issue? im on intel drivers22:47
jhutchins_ltWith samba, it helps a lot to use Squid to configure it.22:47
jhutchins_ltSquid has links for each config command that jump to the relevant portion of the docs.22:47
jeffy84963yay, IRC is now allowed through my firewall :-)22:48
jhutchins_ltXbehave: compiz breaking just about anything is pretty much a known issue, but you might find help in #compiz.22:49
Black_Monkeyjhutchins_lt: so is there anything I'd need to change in that?22:49
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: I couldn't be sure, I could look at the file it generates.22:50
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:50
Xbehavelol thx22:50
Black_Monkey:-S it won't let me access lilo.conf...22:50
Black_Monkeyoh, nvm22:51
Black_Monkeyjhutchins_lt: http://pastebin.ca/91180522:51
eplandWhen i try to run adept i get database error; "Another process is using the packaging system database" but i have closed all other programs, someone know how to fix it?22:52
SlimeyPete!aptfix | epland22:53
ubotuepland: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:53
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: Ok, did it run lilo?22:53
jhutchins_ltI've got to go feed horses.  To be sure, you can sudo lilo, then just reboot.22:53
jhutchins_ltBlack_Monkey: I'd consider removing some of the extra kernels too.22:53
Black_Monkeyok, thanks22:54
jhutchins_ltgtg, bye.22:54
Black_Monkeyanything below 2.6.22?22:54
wadBluesKaj, Okay, so that helped.22:55
wadBluesKaj, I can control my sound with the alsamixer22:55
miladenHow do i run a .sh file?22:55
wadKMix is broken, though. Does yours work?22:55
rickestmiladen: sh name-of-file.sh22:55
rickestmiladen: or 'chmod +x name-of-file.sh' then './name-of-file.sh'22:56
hydrogenbetter to run it with bash22:56
hydrogenas a lot of scripts make silly assumptions that thats really what you mean22:56
rickestdash anyone? :)22:57
Daisuke_Idowhy the change to dash anyway?22:58
rickestDaisuke_Ido: it's much faster for many tasks22:58
Daisuke_Idois there something inherently wrong with bash?22:58
twosouls82dash is for system scripts, it is faster.. bash is for user scripts.. because most authors of those use Bash specific functions22:58
Daisuke_Idotwosouls82: capt. obvious?22:59
Daisuke_Idobash is for user scripts because users use bash.  groundbreaking stuff, that :)22:59
rickest[15:58:20]      rickest | Daisuke_Ido: it's much faster for many tasks23:00
rickest[15:58:33]  Daisuke_Ido | is there something inherently wrong with bash?23:00
rickestI'm guessing he thought you needed a simplified answer23:00
Daisuke_Idorickest: so...  there's nothing *wrong* with bash.23:00
Daisuke_Idoi was typing that before you answered :)23:00
rickestDaisuke_Ido: no, although some define 'slow' as 'wrong'. depends I suppose23:00
Daisuke_Idojust wondering if the broken installer scripts (lokigames, i'm looking at you) that require bash are worth the improvement acquired in dash23:01
rickestDaisuke_Ido: bash has a TON of incredibly useful functionality which most *basic* scripts simply don't need. that's what the whole dash/bash thing is about23:01
bobdole102My KDE system is eating resources off my computer. I'm running a 2.8 ghz machine with 2 gigs of ram and I can barely stay afloat. Help, please.23:01
rickestpoint being all that useful functionality costs dearly in terms of startup time, etc.23:02
nosrednaekimbobdole102 » uhh what does "free -m" say?23:02
bobdole102nosrednaekim: used: 690, free: 133723:03
rickestDaisuke_Ido: regardless of that, it's practically undebatable that if a script NEEDS bash, it should be '#!/bin/bash' not '#!/bin/sh'23:03
bobdole102That's for memory23:03
nosrednaekimbobdole102 » thats hardly "sinking"23:03
Daisuke_Idorickest: i agree23:04
Daisuke_Idoi guess it's like the kde 4.0 release in a way23:04
bobdole102It seems not, but the memory usage on ksysguard is horrible. It's up in the high two millions. My buds computer running t he exact same system and software isn't topping 50000023:04
Daisuke_Idoyes, things are going to be broken, but it has to be done at some point.23:04
Bauldrickcan i get a static ip with knetworkmanager wpa223:04
rickestDaisuke_Ido: whether or not moving *buntu to dash to force that issue is yet another valid debate :)23:04
dZen|n|I have trouble with wine, can I update it so i can use xp programs, right now it's only win2000 support on it?23:05
hydrogenrickest: well, it shouldn't be #!/bin/bash... as bash is not guaranteed to be in the bin directory23:05
Daisuke_IdodZen|n|: uh...  what?23:05
JohnFluxbobdole102: what program is using all the memory?23:05
JohnFluxbobdole102: according to ksysguard23:05
Daisuke_Idosince when does wine only support win2k?  maybe 4 years ago23:05
rickesthydrogen: I disagree. if it uses bash features, it MUST be '#!/bin/bash' meaning bash is a dependency of that script23:05
bobdole102kiohttp is running 5 instances of itself with 20000 used each23:05
hydrogendZen|n|: run wineconfig23:05
hydrogenrickest: no no no, you completely missed my point23:05
hydrogenbash is _not_ required to be located at /bin/bash23:06
hydrogensh is required to be at /bin/sh23:06
dZen|n|Daisuke_Ido: wine only supports win2000, I try to install voipbuster and is only supported on xp and vista23:06
rickesthydrogen: ahh, yes23:06
hydrogenbash can just as easily (and rightly) be installed in /usr/bin23:06
Daisuke_IdodZen|n|: so go into winecfg23:06
Daisuke_Idoand click the little dropdown that says windows 200023:06
rickesthydrogen: well there is that 'env' syntax that should do it23:06
Daisuke_Idoand change it to xp!23:06
BluesKajwad, sorry i was having some dinner open kmix and enable Master & PCM on the output tab , then CD & IEC playback (if listed) in the Input tab , next make sure Mix & IEC958 (if IEC958 is listed) are enabled in the Switches tab , then click on Settings/Configure Kmix and apply23:06
twosouls82hydrogen: is env always at "/usr/bin/env" ?23:06
rickesttwosouls82: hehe, that's the next logical question23:07
twosouls82"#/usr/bin/env bash" would work in that case23:07
hydrogentwosouls82:  I think so.. except for when env is network shared and perhaps not availible.. (but that should only occur during bootup when using scripts that depend on whatever /bin/sh is23:07
rickesttwosouls82: apparently that's more portable than #!/bin/bash but, naturally, it's still not foolproof23:08
twosouls82it was just a though23:08
Daisuke_IdodZen|n|: not to mention, that brings up a problem with the way windows programs are written - if it runs on XP, there's almost no reason (barring some games) that it shouldn't run on 2k.  so...  that's also partly the software author's stupidity for putting in an artificial version limitation23:09
bobdole102JohnFlux: I also can't seem to kill the kiohttp processes without them restarting23:09
Daisuke_Idobobdole102: are you using konqueror as your browser?23:09
JohnFluxbobdole102: close konqueror maybe?23:09
miladeni just installed crossover but i have no idea how to start it? i dont know where it is23:09
Daisuke_Idomiladen: did you buy it?23:10
Daisuke_Idobecause if you did you got ripped off23:10
bobdole102JohnFlux and Daisuke_Ido: Konquerer isn't running23:10
Daisuke_Idowine will do the same thing just fien23:10
Daisuke_Idowhat are you trying to run23:10
miladenno its because i have an app wine cant run23:10
miladenPortrait Professional23:10
dZen|n|Daisuke_Ido: ok23:10
dZen|n|when I run wineconfig it tells me that wine isn't installed :p23:11
dZen|n|But it is23:11
hydrogentry asking in #kcrossover miladen ?23:11
Daisuke_Idowinecfg, not wineconfig23:11
twosouls82nice mistake :)23:12
miladencrossover did the trick even though wine couldnt do it :D23:16
miladenbut i still know wine is nicer ;)23:16
tcmDaisuke_Ido: What hardware did you get for your dell 1420N?23:18
* BluesKaj watches for total moon eclipse from the window by my desk ...well in about 2 1/2 hrs :)23:25
Flare183BluesKaj: yeah me too23:25
BluesKajcool eh , Flare18323:25
Flare183BluesKaj: yeah you in eastern standard time?23:26
* nosrednaekim whispers that its called a "Lunar eclipse" and ducks23:26
=== tcm is now known as The_Cable_Man
Flare183same here23:26
karthikpSo, when does it start, again?23:26
Flare183|Ange|us|: yes?23:27
Flare183g2g bbl23:27
|Ange|us|i want to make a script which runs ffmpeg -i origin.mp3 -ac 1 -ab 12 -ar 8000 destination.amr , but uses kdialog to input origina.mp3 and destination.amr23:27
|Ange|us|any help?23:27
* karthikp googles for when the eclipse starts...23:27
* BluesKaj assumes nosrednaekim talks the lune when referring to the moon ...like a full lune , not a full moon , or a blue lune :)23:27
=== The_Cable_Man is now known as tcm_
nosrednaekimBluesKaj » lol23:28
BluesKaj8:43 EST23:28
karthikpLunar eclipses are slower than solar ones, generally.23:29
nosrednaekimits cloudy here.... and snowing23:29
Daisuke_Idoyeah, it's going to be visible all night23:29
karthikpSo, I supose checking up around ten would be nice (Eastern).23:30
BluesKajyeah Flare183, nosrednaekim , very cold & clear evening here in Ontario , so the eclipse should be quite a sight23:30
BluesKajkarthikp, yeah ,that'll be the full eclipse , 10pm23:31
Flare183i'm eating supper23:31
Dr_willisWe was supposed to get 1 inch of snow here.. got about 523:31
BluesKajsnowing in kentucky eh ...that jet stream still dipping down23:34
ForzaPalermoanyone have any idea how to get port 5900 to work with x11vnc instead of 5901, it used to work, but now its display 0, port 590123:37
ForzaPalermoi would like to kill that pid so to speak23:37
BluesKajForzaPalermo, router ?23:37
ForzaPalermoBluesKaj, yes have one, and have everything set for port 590023:38
ForzaPalermonow x11vnc uses port 5901 display :123:38
ForzaPalermoi think there i s away to kill dispaly 0 to use it again?23:39
BluesKajport forward TCP port 5901 in port mapping on your router settings page, if you have access23:39
ForzaPalermoi do, but i dont want 590123:40
ForzaPalermoi want it to be 590023:40
DragnslcrUnless you've specified x11vnc to use display :0, it's probably starting a new display23:40
ForzaPalermoDragnslcr, right23:40
michaelHey all, konqueror is crashing my session, how do i go about filing a bug report?23:40
DragnslcrYou might also have something else already listening on port 590023:40
ForzaPalermobut i want  it back to display :0 , not display :123:40
ForzaPalermohow can i kill whats listning on port 590023:40
Daisuke_Idolet's see, it's using one port up and one display up...  is it already running?23:41
Dragnslcrsudo netstat -ltp23:41
DragnslcrSee if something is already using 590023:41
michaelas soon as i go to "view" then "most often visited" i see a menu, full width, blank, then, session crashes. anyone know? i'm using kubuntu 7.10, kde 3.5.923:42
BluesKajmaybe there's 2 instances of x11vnc running23:42
ForzaPalermotcp 6 - sshd23:42
ForzaPalermocan it be that23:43
ForzaPalermoi tried configuring a ssh tunnel along time ago to no avail23:43
DragnslcrCould be, if you tried setting up a tunnel for VNC23:43
ForzaPalermodo i uninstall ssh?23:44
ForzaPalermoor can i stop it from using that port23:44
DragnslcrYou should be able to just kill the process23:44
ForzaPalermothat did it23:45
root-----is there any app (else than screen saver) that can be run as system service and locks screen and a password has to be given to unlock. (not the user pwd)?23:46
ForzaPalermothanks guys, i guess i should uninstall openssh23:46
ForzaPalermoand all that stuff since i couldnt get it to work23:46
tcm_root-----: search for xlock23:48
root-----tcm_ ya. i have it but it asks for the current user s pwd23:48
root-----tcm_ i have xlockmore23:49
tcm_root-----: what do you want it to do?23:49
root-----tcm_ http://pastebin.com/m4a948402   3.23:52
BluesKajTV with wifey ..BBL to watch eclipse :)23:59

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