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MootBotMeeting started at 15:00. The chair is barry.15:00
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barryhi everybody, and welcome to this week's ameu reviewer's meeting15:00
barrywho's here today?15:01
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barry[TOPIC] agenda15:02
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:02
barry== Agenda ==15:02
barry * Roll call15:02
barry * Next meeting15:02
barry * Action items15:02
barry * Queue status15:02
barry * Mentoring update15:02
barry   * gmb graduates15:02
barry * Review process15:02
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:02
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:02
barrysame time next week?  anybody know they won't be able to attend?15:03
allenapI won't be here.15:03
barryallenap: k, thanks15:03
allenapOn holiday all week to move house.15:03
barryokay, same time next week15:04
barryflacoste: hi! :)15:04
danilosflacoste: yes, you!15:04
barry[TOPIC]  * Action items15:04
MootBotNew Topic:   * Action items15:04
barry * (continued) intellectronica to put cover letter draft on wiki15:04
* intellectronica stares at the floor silently15:04
intellectronicacarry over - i'll get to it one day :(15:04
barryintellectronica: ;)  ok15:05
barry * (continued) sinzui to look into running `make lint` and output PR stanza by default in `review-submit`15:05
sinzuimwhudson accepted by `make lint addition` I have not checked if it is in trunk15:05
flacosteoutput PR stanza by default is still pending?15:05
sinzuiI have not added the PR stanza by default. I'll submit that one line change next15:06
barrysinzui: great.  i'll leave this item on the list one more week.  sounds like next week we can kill it!15:07
flacostebarry: you can edit it though15:07
barryflacoste: yes, i'll remove the 'make lint' part15:07
barry[TOPIC] queue status15:08
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status15:08
barrythe queue looks pretty good from where i stand15:08
barrythe general queue has two 1.2.3 branches15:09
barryand only sinzui's branch is over the sla15:09
sinzuiMy branch is really needs-reply15:09
* sinzui was replying before the meeting15:09
intellectronicayeah, danilo and i should be able to finish the general queue by the end of today, if no one requests on call reviews15:09
barryintellectronica: excellent!15:10
barryany other comments on the queue status?15:10
sinzuiShould we have a limit to how long a branch can be15:11
sinzuiin work in progress15:11
flacoste3 days15:11
intellectronicasinzui: and if you're over the limit then what, you have to delete the branch and start from scratch?15:11
barryintellectronica: from PR at least :)15:11
bigjoolsguidelines are better than limits15:12
sinzuiintellectronica: I'm not certain some of these branches are valid15:12
barrywe should probably at least remove wips from people who are no longer with the company <wink>15:12
gmbI think it depends upon how people are actually using the WIP section.15:12
danilosI don't see how's that bothering us?15:13
gmbWhen I use it, it's to register that a branch which has been looked at by a reviewer needs more work before it can really be reviewed (i.e. it's been rejected for some reason).15:13
gmbDoes anyone use it for any other reason? For example, does anyone track every branch through WIP?15:13
barryi use it just to get pending-reviews to start tracking it15:13
intellectronicagmb: same. i never put a branch there until it's already entered the review process15:13
danilosgmb: it used to be a recommended practice to do that15:13
sinzuigmb: I have used it when I had to rethink a branch when the first review required a reimplementation15:14
gmbsinzui: Yes, I've encountered that situation too.15:14
danilosfor the reason barry mentioned (put it on pending-reviews, get more visibility to a branch, etc.)15:14
gmbdanilos: Well, that's okay, but does anyone here actually look at WIP regularly? It's not on my radar.15:14
barrygmb: i don't, and i don't think it /needs/ to be, except for the occasionally culling by the dev, or maybe in general to remove ex-employee branches15:15
barry[ACTION] barry will cull ex-employee branches from wip15:15
MootBotACTION received:  barry will cull ex-employee branches from wip15:15
BjornTi do look at wip branches15:16
barryBjornT: you mean you look at the diffs?15:16
BjornTbarry: yeah. to see that the implementation approach is sane.15:17
BjornTi don't do it that frequently, but it happens.15:18
barryBjornT: do you usually have contact with the dev first, to get some context for the branch?15:18
barrydoes anybody think we need to do more about wip?15:19
BjornTbarry: it depends. i usually contact the developer, since the branch might not be on pending-reviews, or it might not be up-to-date15:20
barrysalgado: hi!15:20
barryanything more about wip branches?15:20
barryor the queue in general?15:20
BjornTwell, speaking of wip branches15:21
BjornTi wouldn't mind if there was an easy way of looking at current diffs. i don't think PendingReviews is the way to go, though; i rarely add my branches there, since i'm too lazy15:21
danilosBjornT: do it for all branches in /code/*/launchpad/*?15:22
gmbThat's a looooot of branches.15:22
danilosi.e. show diffs for them, having developers move them out once they land15:22
barrydanilos: but devs would have to be more diligent about clearing out devpad (which i don't do very often)15:22
danilosbarry: I don't either, but I know some who do (like jtv :))15:23
danilosit shouldn't be too hard to do a 'mv branch archive/' once you land something, imo15:23
* barry only does it when there's a naming conflict with one of his old branches ;)15:23
BjornTdanilos: no. i'd rather have some meta-data to track which branches are wip15:23
gmbbarry: push --overwrite ;)15:23
barrygmb: yay!15:24
danilosBjornT: people will still be lazy to update meta-data15:24
BjornTdanilos: not if it's done pretty much automatically :)15:24
danilosBjornT: I guess you have some idea about how that would work then15:25
BjornTfor example. when a branch is created, it's wip. when it's submitted for review, it's needs-review.15:25
salgadoall branches could be considered wip until you review-submit them15:25
bigjoolsflipping a state from wip to needs-review would be nice15:25
danilosthat's meta-data saying that a branch is _not_ wip :015:26
barrywell, unless there's a specific proposal, maybe we should move on?15:27
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update15:28
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update15:28
barry   * gmb graduates15:28
barryyay, gmb!15:28
* flacoste cheers15:28
bigjoolswell done15:28
intellectronicagmb: do you keep the same review shift?15:28
salgadointellectronica, good question15:29
salgadogmb, I think one of us should change the shift15:29
gmbsalgado: I agree.15:29
salgadosince always when we were doing the same shift I was mostly mentoring your reviews and there as nothing else for me to review15:30
gmbActually, we've got pretty good coverage on most days. Hmm.15:30
gmbsalgado: I'll change shift. I think it's better that you stay on on Thursdays.15:30
bigjoolswe need more on-call euro reviewers monday, tuesday and Friday for Europe AM15:30
salgadoif that's the case I guess we could both stay on Thusday...15:30
* flacoste votes for friday15:31
danilosyeah, before sinzui arrives on Friday :)15:31
bigjoolsmonday only has barry PM15:31
flacosteyeah, but nothign is left on monday :-)15:31
gmbI'll happily take Friday if that's okay with sinzui.15:31
flacosteand nobody is ever rushed to get something reviewed on monday15:31
barrygmb: i'd love to get another monday asiapac or eu slot at least to cover for us holidays, which tend to be on monday15:31
sinzuiflacoste: I leave branches that are over 800 lines for barry15:31
gmbbarry: Monday's good for me too.15:31
barrysinzui: :)15:31
sinzuigmb: \o/15:32
gmbbarry: I'll leave the choice to you; you're best placed to know where I'd be more useful.15:32
barrysinzui: you gotta stop working weekends, man!15:32
sinzuibarry: ...and do what, crosswords?15:32
* sinzui hacked on his editor on the weekend15:32
barrygmb: let's try mondays and see how it goes.  it's easy to switch15:32
intellectronicasinzui: i hear gedit development is stalled since you started doing review shifts ;)15:32
gmbbarry: Okay. I'll update the OCR page.15:33
barrygmb: thanks!  though i think it's gonna be a while before the next us holiday (easter maybe?)15:33
barry[ACTION] gmb to take eu monday OCR slot15:34
MootBotACTION received:  gmb to take eu monday OCR slot15:34
barry[TOPIC] review process15:34
MootBotNew Topic:  review process15:34
barrywell, i really have nothing here.  anybody have any further comments or observations?15:34
flacosteour review team tocks!15:35
gmbAnd ticks15:35
flacosterocks even!15:35
flacostebig round of applause for the team!15:35
* barry claps15:36
flacostenot golf applause barry: footban hooligans style please!15:36
* barry slams his hands raw and screams his voice hoarse15:37
* flacoste rocks the casbah15:37
* barry ignores the concerned look from his cat15:37
* sinzui just bangs the rocks together.15:37
* bigjools sings songs about the referee being a wanker15:37
* barry thinks this meeting might be over15:38
barryanything else?15:38
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:39.15:39
bigjoolsthanks barry15:39
intellectronicathanks barry15:39
barryyay, thanks everyone... especially danilos :)15:39
danilosthanks guys, especially barry :)15:39
barrysee ya15:39
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