weltschmerzaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity00:11
weltschmerzso compiz is a window manager.  i thought it was just an effects..."engine"00:11
weltschmerzflipstar: "did you update?"00:12
weltschmerzit seems like compiz just isn't running.00:13
fdsajfdjkcan someone please pastebin me the sources.list for Hardy?00:13
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weltschmerzcompiz isn't working when i log in, and won't fall back to metacity.00:19
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:20
weltschmerzwhat is jockey?00:20
flipstar!info jockey-common hardy00:21
ubotujockey-common (source: jockey): user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2-0ubuntu5 (hardy), package size 38 kB, installed size 872 kB00:21
fdsajfdjkexactly how unstable is hardy lol00:23
weltschmerzto me..00:26
weltschmerzbut at least it allows me to see my mouse arrow as an arrow instead of a white block, so i'm stuck with it.00:27
flipstarhere it is rock stable00:27
flipstarexcept few exceptions00:28
RAOFHardy is not unstable as in "crashes a lot" (although this may well be the case, too).  Hardy is unstable as in "don't expect what works to day to work tomorrow".00:32
flipstargood point00:37
Tuv0kanyone have a bookmark explaining the difference in ubuntu kernels?00:50
flipstarrt is for realtime apps mostly00:50
Tuv0kupdates are finally fixed00:57
CarlFK(06:57:46 PM) Tuv0k: updates are finally fixed01:05
CarlFKcurrent topic is: Yes, python-central is broken (bug #192992). |01:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192992 in python-central "[hardy] pycentral crashed with ValueError in parse_versions()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299201:05
CarlFKis that that?01:05
flipstarit is fixed anyway01:05
CarlFKshouldn't the status be in Progress or Fix committed?01:07
flipstarright the topic also should have changed01:09
ConstyXIVhow do you mount a usb stick as /cdrom in the alt installer?01:10
RyanPriorWhy isn't Songbird packaged for Hardy?01:26
RyanPriorHow come Songbird isn't packaged for Hardy?01:26
RAOFRyanPrior: Because no one has packaged it yet?01:28
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RAOFRyanPrior: Because no one is interested enough to package it?01:28
RyanPriorI really need to learn how to create debian packages.01:30
* danielm updating01:30
RAOFRyanPrior: Heh.  That's why *I* know how to create debian packages :)01:31
RyanPriorRAOF: I've got a laundry list of programs I'd love to see packaged.01:31
RyanPriorNow I just gotta learn how to do it rather than filing needs-packaging bugs. :-)01:32
DanaGwtf/ my shift key is broken.01:44
DanaGand pgup is stuck.01:44
DanaGthis is really getting annoying101:44
DanaGcan't even ctrl-alt-backspace101:44
RAOFYour keyboard sucks.  I don't have any problems :)01:45
RAOFOr maybe compiz is messing with your head.01:45
DanaGI had to sysrq-k it.01:46
DanaGIt's not my keyboard.01:46
DanaGIt's Xorg.01:46
RAOFMy Xorg loves me.01:46
RAOFEven when I use compiz.01:46
DanaGTry going to this page in Firefox, and holding pgdn.  But make sure to save work first, since you may have to alt-sysrq-k Xorg.01:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185208 in ubuntu "Ctrl+Alt keys "stuck"" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:52
RAOFDanaG: Paged up & down several times all the way; no problems.01:53
DanaGHmm, this time it didn't get stuck.01:54
DanaGI mean, I just tried it again, and it didn't get stuck.01:54
DanaGokay, i think i figured it out;01:54
DanaGtry vscrolling with mouse and pressing pgup or pgdn at the same time.01:55
DanaG... and I got it unstuck again by doing the same.01:55
RAOFDanaG: oh, -that- worked.01:56
DanaGLast night, I got my ctrl key stuck, but then managed to sysrq-R and then reapply xkbconfig to unstick it...01:56
DanaGhowever, my touchpad still thought the ctrl key was stuck down.01:57
DanaGIt was reeally really odd.01:57
RAOFhow does one unstick it, again/01:57
DanaGsame thing.01:57
DanaGscroll wildly while holding the same key.01:57
RAOFAh, there we go.01:58
RAOFRight, bug confirmed.01:58
DanaGWhen I unstuck my keyboard last night, all keyboard shortcuts broke due to the magic-sysrq; however, ctrl-c and such in console still worked.... but, when I tried to click or scroll with my touchpad, I got ctrl+whatever.01:58
DanaGAnother thing that makes the keyboard stickyness worse is using evdev for keyboard.  When I did that, I'd get 'super' stuck just about every single time I used it.02:00
DanaGs/used it/used it with Compiz, especially on scrolling/02:00
DanaGgreat, ctrl key is being buggy.02:04
DanaGPress ctrl-a-a, you get the letter 'a' and then a select-all.  Oh, and key repeat isn't working.02:04
DanaGAnother odd thing is that holding both ctrl keys at once, and then pressing a letter, gives no output in xev.02:08
RAOFGah.  It breaks key-repeat.02:10
DanaGyeah, really irritating.02:11
Gninewhy dont you file bug reports instead02:11
RAOFBecause I've only just managed to reproduce it.  I will be hunting for a bug to add this to, though.02:12
DanaGAlso try typing stuff and then doing ctrl-a to select all.02:12
RAOFNah, that works for me.02:13
DanaGOften you'll get the letter 'a' three times before the ctrl-a takes effect.02:13
RAOFAs long as emacs & screen are sufficient guides.02:13
DanaGI mean, ctrl-a-a-a-a gives aaa<select-all>02:13
DanaG'xev' is useful, too.02:13
DanaGAnd 'CONTROL_L' + 'CONTROL_R' + 'a' gives nothing whatsoever.02:14
Gninehardy is broken at the moment. for those who are running 2.6.24-8 and all things python related. be patient/02:16
* DanaG hits ctrl-alt-backspace again... grrr.02:20
DanaGoops, didn't work.02:20
DanaGTime for magic sysrq again!  Lovely!02:21
DanaGstate 0xc, keycode 22 (keysym 0xfed5, Terminate_Server), same_screen YES,02:21
DanaGin XEV.  Odd... ctrl-alt-backspace is being passed to xev.  That's really odd.02:22
RyanPriorAre there Virtualbox kernel modules available for the latest Hardy kernel?02:23
DanaG(EE) Error loading keymap /var/lib/xkb/server-0.xkm02:23
crimsun_RyanPrior: debian 41243702:24
ubotuDebian bug 412437 in wnpp "ITP: songbird -- desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/41243702:24
crimsun_I believe I mentioned as much in #ubuntu-motu not too long ago02:24
RyanPriorThe debian bug tracker sucks. I'm not a member of the Debian community, don't intend to join, and so I can't even look at their bugs? Fuck them.02:24
crimsun_that Web page is very much public.  What are you on about?02:25
RyanPriorAh, it's a bug in my system. Fuck me for jumping to conclusions.02:25
=== crimsun_ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy in #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependencies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY | Help test LTS upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto
crimsun_(python-central fixed)02:26
RyanPriorThe main problem with Ubuntu at this point is lack of support for networking in Nautilus due to gvfs. I wish they had waited longer to integrate it.02:28
Gnineare python related upgrades available now02:31
DanaGTime to purge and reinstall xorg, after saving xorg.conf...02:34
DanaGWhat's the ubotu 'what package has this file' command?03:00
RAOF !find03:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about find - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:00
RAOFHey, ubotu.  I put a space in front of that so that you wouldn't catch it!03:00
DanaG!find /var/lib/xkb/server-0.xkm03:01
ubotuPackage/file /var/lib/xkb/server-0.xkm does not exist in hardy03:01
DanaG(EE) Error loading keymap /var/lib/xkb/server-0.xkm03:01
DanaGKeymap not loading might explain some of these issues.03:03
DanaG!find /var/lib/xkb/03:03
ubotuPackage/file /var/lib/xkb/ does not exist in hardy03:03
DanaGFor now, I'm booting Windows because having broken repeat is really a blocker for productivity.03:05
bderrlycan anyone else get help from chanserv?03:06
FlannelHey guys, I've got a question as to how Dapper -> Hardy upgrades are working if there's no linux-image-686 transitional packages in hardy? (or at least, not on the alt CD or in packages.ubuntu.com)03:09
bderrlydapper -> hardy?03:09
lamalexlts -> lts03:10
lamalexis being tested and perfected03:10
lamalexis ESSENTIAL03:10
lamalexbderrly: thanks for testing that03:10
bderrlylamalex, hmm?03:10
lamalexoh, I thought you were testing it sorry03:11
Flannelright, but I was under the impression (about a year ago) that itd just have appropriate transitional packages, and would be like anything else.  But I don't see those trans packages, so wondering how its actually done03:11
lamalexI have no idea03:11
lamalexdid you look in the wiki?03:11
lamalexor launchpad?03:11
FlannelThe don't really specify.  Unless I'm looking in the wrong places03:11
lamalexI actually just popped in for help with this -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/19356103:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193561 in rhythmbox "MTP plugin lacks proper permissions to interface with device" [Undecided,New]03:12
lamalexif anyone has an MTP based device with the same problem03:12
phroughyhello, i love firefox 3, but some of teh addons that i require to do my work (firebug in particular) do not work.  how can i install firefox 2?03:16
phroughyit upgraded to 3 a while ago03:17
lamalexphroughy: often you can install ff2 addons in ff3 if you just edit the file that sets a max version03:17
lamalexalso, check the development sites of the plugins you use for beta ff3 versions03:17
phroughylamalex: ok, i will try that, were is the file that sets a max version?03:18
lamalexi forget off hand, it's a .rft file03:18
lamalexjust save the .xpi to disk, open it with your archiver program and edit that file03:18
phroughyk, thanks03:18
lamalexgood luck03:18
bderrlyphroughy, i don't see any ff2 packages in the repos anymore, but i'm willing to bet there is some user that was annoyed by the switch and has made a ff2 deb03:18
lamalexor pull it down from mozilla03:19
DanaGI came back; office 2003 is too ugly for me to bear.03:30
AtomicSparkmiss the ribbons?03:31
phroughylamalex: well i edited the rdf inside the xpi, now how do i install it to ff303:32
DanaGActually, it's just that Office 2003 under Vista looks fugly.  It totally ignores the OS coloring, and draws its own controls.03:32
DanaGOh, and I figured out that error -- it's a decoy.  I was giving 'setxkbmap' an invalid parameter and it was manifesting as not creating a temp file it needed to create.03:35
lamalexdrag and drop03:35
lamalexopen up add-ons, and drop the xpi into it03:35
phroughyi figured it out (i think) by right click->open with-> then type firefox03:36
phroughyand it works like a charm!03:36
phroughythank you lamalax!03:36
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DanaGOh, another odd thing: my taskbar is showing all windows from all workspaces, despite me having set it to only show the current workspace.03:38
credibleDanaG: ensure that "number of desktops" is set to 103:40
DanaGit is set to 1, but it's not ACTING like it's set to 1.03:41
lamalexany one else having problems with gnome-clock?03:41
DanaGMy pager is switching between different cubes, it seems.03:41
DanaGHmm, if I set it to 2 and then back to 1, it works properly now.03:43
ethana2i see google earth and sketchup aren't in the partner repositories yet03:53
ethana2whoa, neither is picasa03:54
ethana2if they could take care of that before hardy is released, it'd be great03:54
ethana2i'm sure google would be quite happy to see that happen03:55
ethana2as well as everyone not 1337 enough to use blender03:55
ethana2..or who doesn't want to have to open a web browser just to install google earth03:55
ethana2should i put this in ideapool, or is it good enough just to have said what i did?03:55
lamalexisn't the partner repo generally lacking during the development phase?03:56
ethana2is there a masters of the multiverse channel?03:56
ethana2oh, well if that's the case, that's fine03:56
ethana2i just want to be sure those are in there before release03:56
lamalexubuntu-moto sorry03:56
lamalexmotu jeeze03:56
lamalexI'm getting tired03:56
DanaG=^_^=   //o_O\\04:00
ethana2the folks on #ubuntu-motu have no clue04:01
ethana2where i should go with this idea..04:01
lamalexemail someone at canonical04:06
lamalexthe partner repo isn't community maintained04:06
lamalexit's maintained by Canonical and their partners04:06
lamalexCanonical are generally pretty quick to reply04:07
DanaGHow does canonical make money?  Are they still on 'startup' funding?04:07
lamalexthey have a lot of commercial service to companies04:08
lamalexsupport I suppose is more accurate04:08
lamalexand Mark Shuttleworth is a multimillionaire04:09
lamalexhaha not the most flattering picture04:09
DanaGI first heard of Ubuntu in 2005, I think.04:11
DanaGOh hey, you know that new wallpaper?  I think that'd make an awesome laptop case skin.04:11
nemoforgot about the pycentral thing05:05
cwilluanybody else have their audio reversed after some recent updates?05:07
awalton__cwillu, my headphone port on my laptop isn't working after -5->-8.06:10
GumbyHello all.  I accidentally left a hardy repo enable and now I am trying to figure out which packages got installed (not many) so I can downgrade them back to gutsy. Is there an easy way to do this?06:29
Cyclonutquick Q - when is beta out?06:38
cwilluGumby, synaptic, remove the hardy apt line, and then pull up the 'local or obsolete packages' view06:53
Gumbycwillu: ah cool.  thak you06:53
Mark_MillimanDoes PulseAudio come with a mixer07:13
Mark_MillimanEveryone go to bed now that Python is fixed07:22
nrpi candie happy07:22
Mark_Millimanso is a bunch of other stuff07:23
DanaGOh hey, anybody here have the "ADI1981" audio codec?07:25
zqweAD1988 here07:25
DanaGHmm, I can't find anything for 1981, so perhaps it's a typo.07:27
DanaGI was looking at the specs in the service manual of some HP business laptop (considering future purchase).07:27
DanaGaah.  http://www.dsprelated.com/showmessage/10596.php?Sort=mostrecentfirst07:28
ethana2another anti-ISP Digg article07:31
ethana2all those poor people who don't know about copowi07:31
ethana2i hope we can put an end to this madness within the next year07:31
ethana2If I believed the time of birth made any difference at all in how human a person is, I'd really be supporting Obama about now07:32
ethana2But there's still a chance for a Huckabee/Paul ticket..07:33
ethana2well, my update manager isn't complaining at me..07:33
ethana2so i guess my hardy install is currently happy ;)07:33
ethana2...which is a bit of relief07:33
AtomicSparkmy god. the other room is always such a mess. :\07:33
AtomicSparkmakes me angry at times.07:33
ethana2Is alpha5 looking like it'll be on time?07:34
AtomicSparki hope so. :) i am excite!07:34
ethana2i waited up really late for alpha4 i think..07:34
AtomicSparkdid they fix the python thing? its no longer in the message topic thing.07:34
ethana2i'm prepared to give them an extra week though07:34
AtomicSparkmotd, whatever.07:34
ethana2i think they did07:34
AtomicSparkgood deal. now if only ubuntu would work in kvm. i would be more excite.07:35
AtomicSparki might just have to try a live cd. they run so slow though. :\07:35
ethana2i never virtualize07:35
zqweno kvm for me without intel VT07:35
ethana2do the C2D chips have VT?07:35
zqwelower end like my E4300 not07:36
ethana2i suppose that may come in handy07:36
AtomicSparkyou have to enable it in bios then reboot.07:36
ethana2but as WINE rolls on, it may not be needed at all07:36
AtomicSparkif you have a laptop you have to remove the battery and ac! hard reboot haha.07:36
ethana2it's a laptop07:36
AtomicSparki dont use it for windows apps. i use it for class.07:36
AtomicSparkah. do you have a option in bios?07:37
ethana2by the way, can we spoof the mac TPM yet?07:37
ethana2i haven't looked yet07:37
AtomicSparkyou should.07:37
AtomicSparkafaik all core 2's have it.07:37
AtomicSparkyou'll have to remove the battery (with ac cord unpluged) to get it to work.07:37
ethana2Apple should be split into two companies07:37
AtomicSparkthats the one step they dont tell you about. lol.07:37
zqweAtomicSpark: i've said you not all c2d support VT07:38
AtomicSparkare you sure?07:38
zqweIntel VT was officially launched at the Intel Developer Forum Spring 2005. It is available on certain Pentium 4 6x1 and 6x2 models,[2] Pentium D 9x0,[3] Xeon 3xxx/5xxx/7xxx, Core Duo[4] (excluding the T2300E and T2x50 models) and Core 2 Duo[5] processors (excluding the T52x0, T5300, T54x0, T5500 with stepping "B2", E2xx0, E4x00 and E8190 models).07:39
AtomicSparkwell there you go. lol.07:39
AtomicSparkmine is the T725007:40
* DanaG already has a TPM chip.07:40
ethana2no wait07:41
AtomicSparkanyways kvm is a quick and simple way to run linux/windows guests for testing/college :P07:41
AtomicSparkvmware server is nice for windows.07:41
ethana2 a TPM or mac TPM?07:41
AtomicSparkwhat is this... TPM07:42
AtomicSparkand obsession with macs07:42
ethana2apple is evil07:42
ethana2they use a Trusted Platform Module to see that OSX cannot run on non-Apple hardware07:42
ethana2..they should be split like Bell07:42
zqweAtomicSpark: 1st one should buy windows with approrpiate license, for example vista ultimate is required for runnin in VM07:42
AtomicSparkso they're doing what IBM did years ago.07:42
zqwebut will linux user buy a windows, thats a question07:43
AtomicSparkzqwe: business edition worked in my kvm. i don't get this "non-activation" issue07:43
DanaGDang, that adi1981 is only 48KHz.07:44
DanaGActually, apple doesn't use TPM.07:44
AtomicSparkoh would you quit poping in our conversation. yo're confusing me.07:44
ethana2spark: k07:45
zqweAtomicSpark: yeah business count too, but not home premium07:45
ethana2dana: close enough: evil chip that restricts stuff07:45
AtomicSparkwell. home is a joke. too many missing things i need.07:45
ethana2that's what i said about windows07:45
AtomicSparksee. all of you forget.07:45
AtomicSparkthis has all been done before.07:45
ethana2spark: shutting up07:45
AtomicSparkIBM had proprietary07:46
AtomicSparkso did dell07:46
AtomicSparkIBM had their own memory07:46
AtomicSparkno wait that was HP07:46
AtomicSparkthat was a big scam07:46
AtomicSparkmostly happened on servers though07:46
DanaGWhat about HP?  Sorry, missed the conversation.07:49
AtomicSparkhad proprietary memory in their servers07:49
AtomicSparkif you used other memory, it wouldnt boot07:49
AtomicSparkbut yes. apple is the scammer these days.07:50
AtomicSparkand microsoft is dying.07:50
DanaGOr at least, the OS division.07:50
AtomicSparkno. not talkinga bout windows.07:51
AtomicSparkthey're run out of ideas.07:51
AtomicSparkthats why they went after yahoo.07:51
AtomicSparktheir search engine failed. they're live thing didnt do so well.07:51
AtomicSparkthey just cant expand anymore.07:51
AtomicSparkthey need money bad D:07:51
AtomicSparkintel isnt doing well either07:52
AtomicSparkeveryone says how bad amd was doing but nobody notices that intel had to cut everything in order to keep its shares up07:52
AtomicSparktis bad. very bad right now.07:52
DanaGAMD is 'losing' right now, but they still have big OEM business, so they'll stay up.07:53
AtomicSparkwe're talkinga bout companies here. not whos processor is better :P07:53
AtomicSparkintel lost its networking, sound, everything cept for processors and soon to be video cards.07:53
AtomicSparkall because it decided to close a plant in india07:54
[Gutsy]TuTUXGfirefox3 is not saving my passwords07:54
DanaGWhat's wrong with Intel networking?07:54
AtomicSparkthey cut it.07:54
AtomicSparkto save money.07:54
AssidDanaG: expensive07:54
DanaGBy 'losing', I meant performance; by 'stay up', I meant, "who cares about the performance?  that's not all that makes a business."07:54
Assidconsidering you can get other cards for cheaper raters07:55
[Gutsy]TuTUXGlol, intel cut their networking line?07:55
DanaGAah, wireless.07:55
AtomicSparkthey're no longer making it. they are only making processors now. they cut everything else.07:55
DanaGI was thinking of the GbE.07:55
AtomicSparkthats why their stock is still up.07:55
DanaGIntel is discontinued?  Are you serious?07:55
DanaGLink me.07:55
[Gutsy]TuTUXGseems like it's due to the pressure of nvidia buying amd?07:55
Assidnvidia buying amd ?!?!?07:56
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthere are rumors...07:56
[Gutsy]TuTUXGamd is losing money since they got ati07:56
AtomicSparkthey've tried to before07:56
Assidi dont think nvidia can afford buying amd mate07:56
AtomicSparkit wont happen07:56
[Gutsy]TuTUXGamd is not worth that much anymore07:56
Assidthey can have a strategic alliance07:56
AtomicSparkthe technology market is very bad right now.07:57
AtomicSparkeverything is bad actually. :\07:57
Assidtrue.. all desktops are pretty much up2date07:57
DanaGOh, just RUMORS of intel closing wifi.07:57
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand if they keep delaying the release of new cpus, god knows what will happen07:57
Assidthe only place they can look into is mobile computing and variants and servers07:57
DanaGI just hope I'll be able to buy ATI video with confidence by summer.07:57
Assidperhaps even faster i/o communication07:58
AtomicSparkimma ask my source if he can link me to any articles07:58
[Gutsy]TuTUXGanyway, anybody here knows how to let firefox3 save my passwords?07:59
AtomicSparkbut yeah we were talking about amd/ati and my teacher said that intel cut a lot. maybe not everything but they aren't trying to expand out like they did before.08:00
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthere are rumors that ibm gonna buy amd too...08:00
AtomicSparkthats just as bad as microsoft getting yahoo08:01
AtomicSparkthings should never happen08:01
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbut i would like to see ibm comes back to desktop field08:01
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi don't really like intel that much.. personally08:01
AtomicSparkyeah. their huge mistake was letting microsoft make windows 1.008:01
AtomicSparkoh no. its just a simple shell for DOS. nothing to worry about.08:02
AtomicSparklol gates big scam.08:02
[Gutsy]TuTUXGit's pretty much for sure ms gonna buy yahoo08:02
AtomicSparkthats number 2 and number 3 combining. that cant happen.08:02
[Gutsy]TuTUXGyahoo is just holding back for a higher price08:02
AtomicSparkthats evil08:03
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi'd glad to see that happen, i dont think they gonna beat google anyway08:03
AtomicSparkbut see you cant suppor this stuff08:03
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand i'd like to c ms losing money due to bad decisions08:03
AtomicSparkall microsoft does is buy out companies and rebrand it08:03
AtomicSparkits like disney08:03
AtomicSparkso much wrong in the world.08:04
Assidclose your eyes and sit down08:04
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwe are just talking here, im not able to give u any source atm08:04
DanaGApple buys out companies and KILLS them, instead.08:04
DanaGLook at Fingerworks.08:04
AtomicSparkwell we all know apple turned into what microsoft was a few years ago08:04
AtomicSparkas long as apple keeps on pushing the limits of how users can interact with computers, good for them08:05
[Gutsy]TuTUXGfor me, ms is always making bad decisions since vista coming out08:05
AtomicSparkmicrosofts problem was that its a business company. business HATE change.08:05
AtomicSparkthats why their operating system hasnt changed since 199508:05
[Gutsy]TuTUXGms doesn't really know y they couldn't beat google08:05
AtomicSparkits just prettier. a few patches here and there.08:05
DanaGBring back fingerworks!08:05
AtomicSparkbecause google is awesome08:06
DanaGIt was a godsend for people with physical disabilities -- example: a person I know who has malformed fingers.08:06
zqwenvidia said they will be bigger than intel in some years08:06
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthey just think money can solve everything08:06
DanaGBut apple KILLED it.08:06
[Gutsy]TuTUXGand i would like to see ms spend all their money and reaches nothing and then DIE08:06
AtomicSparkthe world would end.08:07
Assiderr what did fingerworks do ?08:07
[Gutsy]TuTUXGya.. that's just my dream08:07
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbut really, even they eat yahoo, will that makes them stronger in search/web field?08:08
AtomicSparkwho knows.08:08
AtomicSparkmicrosoft kills things.08:08
DanaGgoogle for fingerworks.08:08
AtomicSparkagain with the nonchanges08:08
[Gutsy]TuTUXGgoogle gains money/reputations from nothing08:08
DanaGMulti-touch stuff.  Big (size of legal pad, I think) multi-touch touchpad with gestures.08:08
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthat's the way it should be08:08
AtomicSparkas long as google doesnt kill itself. all will be good.08:09
Assidactually thy gain it cause they are against ms08:09
[Gutsy]TuTUXGso anybody knows how to let firefox3 save my passwords?08:09
DanaGInfo bar?08:09
Assidthe number of people who hate ms is just increasing in the world08:09
[Gutsy]TuTUXGAssid, but u have to admit that google is better in anyway compare to ms live08:10
AtomicSparkdont hate microsoft. you just have to understand what kind of business they're in.08:10
AtomicSparkmicrosoft live failed.08:10
Assid[Gutsy]TuTUXG: i gave up searching on ms live / yahoo08:10
Assidms live only seems to index MORE ms sites08:10
AtomicSparkthis is going back to what i said about how microsoft has nothing.08:10
AtomicSparkit cant expand.08:10
AtomicSparktheres a term for this..08:10
[Gutsy]TuTUXGin the end the winner is still the one who got what people's need08:11
AtomicSparkbasically said it needs to find ways to get money.08:11
Assidand sometimes when you want results from ms sites (like a bug you have on windows) it doesnt seem to find accurate results08:11
AtomicSparklike its stagnant? something.08:11
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbill gates is a business man and ms is a business company, period08:11
AtomicSparkand what do business not like?08:12
[Gutsy]TuTUXGthey do business, they don't do technology08:12
AtomicSparknow class say "change"08:12
AtomicSparkchange = expensies08:12
AtomicSparknobody wants to send their empoyees back to training lol08:12
zqwehow much is linux european or american OS?08:13
* DanaG wants one of those **** fingerworks pads Apple so helpfully killed.08:13
AtomicSparkwith linux you basically pay for support. thats it.08:13
AtomicSparkthats how redhat makes money. a lot of money.08:14
* AtomicSpark shuts up08:18
zqwei'm trying to see politics reasons behind windows loosing favor, like it probably correlate with usa not been a richest country in a world, and thats why ubuntu HQ is located in EU, which becomes richest union in a world08:18
zqwewhats why i asking, is ubuntu european OS?08:19
AtomicSparkas far as i see it, EU just likes suing people. the europeans seem to have a lot of problems of their own.08:19
=== awalton__ is now known as edud_eoqqq
AtomicSparkoperating systems are usually world-wide. some people reconize a country of origin.08:20
AtomicSparkthe people who fund it is out of EU, so i guess you could call it that.08:20
zqwethere is windows update servers and activation servers located? who can disable all your windows with simple remote update command? US? this is who control windows08:23
zqweso i don't know how it may be called "world-wide"08:23
zqweOS is a weapon08:24
zqweof a new world order08:24
Assidthey were supposed to roll out their activation servers across akamai werent they08:26
Assidzqwe: thats a lot of crap..08:26
AtomicSparki meant linux is world wide :P sorry.08:27
AssidAtomicSpark: heres a free copy of linux from india08:27
AtomicSparkbut yes in non-usa countries, Microsoft is disappearing fast.08:27
Assidas of windows.. activation is done only once08:27
Assidalthough their explorer does seem to want to phone home every time08:27
DanaGNot always.... sometimes driver updates will prompt it.08:27
AtomicSparki've never had activation issues. i think its just a myth by piraters.08:28
Assidthe last i heard ubuntu wanted to open an office in india08:28
AtomicSparkindia. talk about a scam.08:28
AtomicSparkdid you know they write off everything? its a cultural thing.08:29
AtomicSparkits why intel closed their plant there and lost money08:29
AtomicSparkdidnt like indians getting paid to brush their teeth.08:29
AtomicSparkkindof funny actully.08:29
AtomicSparkso now only amd is the only processor without a FSB.08:30
AtomicSparkoh look back to intel vs amd again. i really shouldnt wonder. lol.08:30
AtomicSparkfront side bus08:30
AtomicSparkextremly slow08:30
AtomicSparkits very narrow and all instructions have to pass through it08:31
Assideveryone has a fsb08:31
Assiderr amd does08:31
AtomicSparkkindof. its worked into the processor itself.08:31
AtomicSparksee gotta stop making me remember what we discussed months ago. i start leaving out details lol.08:32
DanaGToo bad Intel doesn't adopt HyperTransport.08:33
DanaGThen you could do really interesting things: one Intel and one AMD on the same board.08:33
DanaGBut imagine trying to build a BIOS for such a beast.08:33
DanaGTomsHardware a while ago tested one dual-core plus one single-core opteron, and had odd crashes.08:34
DanaGWhat they didn't realize: one of the CPUs supported an instruction addon (SSE2 or SSE3, I think) that the other didn't.08:34
AtomicSparkthis core war is going to get ugly.08:34
Assidbah who cares08:34
Assidlet it08:34
Assidi'll just wait for the time i need to update again08:35
DanaGDefine "ugly".08:35
Assidthen compare price/performance and pickup08:35
DanaGCome summertime, I WILLLLLL be buying something new.08:35
Assidbesides.. i just bought a core2quad some time ago08:35
AtomicSparklol "quad"08:35
Assidshut up08:35
AtomicSparksorry intel, two dual cores on a single die sharing a FSB isnt a quad core. :P08:36
AtomicSparkbut maybe i just complain a lot08:36
Assidall i know is the Q6600 beats the pants on E6850 aleast in divx encoding08:36
AtomicSparkanyways cores are not the solution08:36
Assidyeah hence the 8000 series08:36
Assideverything adds to the problem :|08:36
AtomicSparkperformance + speed08:36
* DanaG hates how Intel numbering is overlaping NVIDIA numbering.08:36
DanaGGeForce 6600 + Core2 6600.08:37
AtomicSparkdid you know if they actully made a quality processor, you wouldnt need a heatsink?08:37
DanaGAnd I seem to recall Intel naming something "Quadro".08:37
AtomicSparkthey just came out with a 80 core cell processor or something that doesnt need one08:37
AtomicSparkand its like scary fast08:37
Assidalrite im outta here08:37
AssidAtomicSpark: < 2011 if im not mistaken is the availability08:38
=== edud_eoqqq is now known as awalton__
slytherinCan anyone please test VCD plugin in gstreamer and report status. I just want to make sure that I am not the only one facing problem before filing bug upstream.08:53
TronicMy laptop screen backlight is way too dark with Hardy.09:09
Gregmondtronic: try xgamma09:09
TronicIt seems to get darker at some point during the boot and after that it stays that way. It does adapt to ambient light changes, getting slightly brighter in very bright light.09:09
TronicIt is not a gamma problem, but a backlight issue.09:10
Gregmondalthough there may be a better way in Hardy Heron09:10
TronicIn Gutsy the backlight was OK.09:10
AssidTronic: laptop?09:10
TronicI suppose that this has something to do with vbetool.09:10
TronicAssid: Asus Z71 notebook.09:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193013 in ubuntu "LCD brightness goes up and down automatically" [Undecided,Invalid]09:11
Assidi told them  theres a bug.. they say its a feature09:11
TronicI tried setting the backlight directly with vbetool vbefp setbrightness, but that only says "Real mode call failed".09:11
Raspberrywhat's weird with the backlighting09:11
Assidsounds too much like microsoft saying blue screen is afeature to make sure your data doesnt get farked09:11
Raspberryis that if you suspend with 50% backlighting and then resume09:12
Raspberryoften times it won't ever go back to full brightness09:12
AssidRaspberry: goes up and down liike crazy even while im using it09:12
Raspberrynever had that09:12
Raspberrycheck your acpi09:12
Assidworked fine on gutsy ?09:12
Assidthis was a gutsy->hardy lappy09:12
Raspberrythat's what mine was too09:12
Raspberrywhat do you have?09:13
Assiddell d60009:13
RaspberryI've got a ThinkPad X651T09:13
Raspberryer X61T09:13
TronicI just upgraded to Hardy yesterday.09:13
Assidthey refuse to admit its a bug09:13
TronicHad no backlight issues before that (it would react to ambient light, and it was bright enough).09:13
RaspberryAssid: have you tried booting to the live CD?09:13
Raspberrydoes it do it off the live CD09:14
AssidTronic: if you reduce the backlight.. does it jump up again?09:14
AssidRaspberry: would have to check really09:14
TronicAssid: I cannot adjust it. The Fn-combinations do nothing (they never did).09:14
Raspberryuse the gnome brightness applet09:14
Raspberrythat will allow you to adjust if your Fn keys don't work09:14
Assidim telling you theres something wrong with this09:15
TronicRaspberry: Where is that?09:15
RaspberryTronic: right click on the top panel and choose add applet09:15
Raspberrythere's a choice for Brightness09:15
Raspberrysorry it's "Add to Panel"09:15
RaspberryAssid: I'm not denying that it ISN'T a bug09:15
RaspberryAssid: but if you don't troubleshoot I can't help09:15
Assidk gimme a few09:16
TronicIt seems to be stuck at the minimum.09:16
RaspberryAssid: go boot off the live CD that you installed with and see if you can reproduce it09:16
TronicDoes not allow adjusting.09:16
Raspberrythat will determine if it's the package or if it's something that got changed or updated09:16
RaspberryTronic: hmmm -- I guess I'd google "cannot adjust laptop brightness ubuntu 8.04 brightness setting locked"09:17
Raspberryor something like that09:17
Raspberrylooks like it's an issue :)09:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 43572 in linux "Dell Laptops don't talk to HAL about brightness correctly" [Medium,Fix released]09:17
Raspberryoh wait Tronic do you have a dell too?  that was assid09:18
Raspberryyou know -- I have a bunch of extra money -- I want to fund specific development fixes -- is there a way I can do that?09:18
RaspberryI can hire a developer, but it'd be better if I could contribute to the developers already working on the particular modules / code09:19
Raspberrybrb, gotta go shower09:19
Raspberryi know there are sites that offer prizes / cash for fixing particular bugs -- but they don't give a forum for people to offer money together for any bugs they want ... like a prosper or ebay for bug fixing09:21
Oli```Raspberry: it's pretty easy to find a project's maintainer and/or programmers, either through sourceforge (et al) or through the email addresses at the top of its source code.09:27
* heret1c wakes09:28
Assidgo back to bed09:33
heret1cerk. hardinfo crashes when it's supposed to show "filesystems".09:36
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
RaspberryOli```: right, but who says they're open to doing work or that they want to get paid09:39
RaspberryAssid: did the live CD fix your issue?09:39
Assidlooking for the live cd09:39
Assidmy laptop doesnt have a dvdrom.. and i burned a copy on a dvd..09:40
Raspberryya know Konversation would be much more useful if you could have two channels up at once instead of having to flip between tabs... OSD gets distracting09:40
Assidso i gotta iso it first09:40
Assidcause my desktops' dvd burner was messed up and doesnt read cds09:41
Raspberryputting Konversation on the system tray just dumped the whole panel09:43
Raspberrybrb gotta relogin to fix this09:44
RaspberryI suppose I should register that as a bug although I'd guess most people would say ... why are you using Konversation in Gnome09:46
Raspberryoooh 27 new updates ... let's see what breaks :)09:49
Assidstupid nautilis needs double click to open  "Places" on left side09:50
Assidused to be single click left side.. double click right side09:51
RaspberryI love my MythTV box09:52
Raspberrybest thing I ever built :P09:52
Oli```Raspberry: They do. You need to ask them! If they turn you down you have the choice then to hire somebody else09:52
Assidi think mythtv is broken for me09:53
Assidi gotta check09:53
Assiderr can i copy a dvd content to cd directly . or do i have to make an iso first?09:54
Assidits actually cd iso burned on dvd media09:54
Raspberrydepends on if you want it to boot or not09:55
Assidyes bootable09:55
Raspberryyou can burn a CD iso to DVD09:55
Raspberryit's just an ISO09:55
Assidthats not my question09:55
Assid"can i copy a dvd content to cd directly . or do i have to make an iso first?"09:55
Raspberryfrom my understanding you can't just copy because there's some boot information that needs to be set ... or at least that's how disk images used to work09:56
Raspberryso I would say on09:56
njol10 kB/s updating ubuntu09:56
Oli```Assid: I don't think that'll copy the boot sector correctly (if this is a livecd you're talking about)09:56
Assidwtf?!?! it doesnt recognise that dvd burner now09:57
Raspberryit's weird how sometimes when I boot X it's choppy and slow and other times it's like greased lightning10:00
Raspberrywhen it's choppy, it never gets better until you restart X10:00
RaspberryI'll heopfully be able to track it down10:00
* heret1c wonders, as a general observation, if it is wise to match the OS on a machine, release-date-vise.10:01
heret1ci.e they're about the same age10:01
Raspberryupdates are done... I'm going to restart X and see if the X updates break crap10:01
heret1cDapper suits Dell Latitude D500 best?10:02
Raspberrywell it still starts up10:03
rskheret1c: probably their cd-spin of ubuntu suits best :)10:04
heret1crsk> since gutsy (I think) ubuntu interprets ide drives as scsi, sometimes with grave consequences.10:08
rskheret1c correct10:08
njollike what?10:08
rskyea hehe what consequences10:09
heret1cdead hd.10:10
heret1cas in "toast". fubar. gone to meet its maker.10:10
njolsound strange10:10
Raspberrythe hard drive is fine... it's just sleeping10:12
Raspberrypining for the fjords10:13
heret1c: Bug #5592910:13
heret1cubundo Bug #5592910:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 55929 in linux-source-2.6.17 "DMA not enabled for IDE disks" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5592910:13
heret1craspberry> it's not a norwegian blue. 8)10:14
Raspberryflash doesn't work in firefox anymore since the updates an hour ago10:22
loahow i can record sound from mplayer and listen10:23
loafor example internet radio10:23
Raspberrywith a microphone and some speakers10:23
loai now how i can record sound from internet radio10:25
loabut how i can listen it too10:25
rskmplayer url -dumpstream loa10:26
rskmplayer file10:26
hitanyone here tried murrine engine?10:27
qziohm, anyone but me that lost mp3-support in rhythmbox?10:37
Assidit plays it10:38
Assidbut it says it needs codecs10:38
qzioright... so i need the gstreamer-fluendo-mp3 thingy..10:41
qzioisn't there like a meta-package to get all that non-free stuff working?10:42
AssidRaspberry: you about10:47
Assidjust abt to check it now10:49
Raspberryubuntu really needs to figure out how to add flash to firefox10:50
qzioRaspberry: huhe?! install the flashplugin-nonfree ?10:50
Raspberrybecause this constant works / broken / works / broken is frustrating -- when it's easier for me to just copy the libflashplayer.so from the official adobe tar.gz  than install a package it is sad10:51
Raspberryqzio: doesn't work anymore10:51
Raspberryjust broke10:51
loasudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:52
loaand all is ok10:52
Raspberryubuntu had installed the alternative flash plugin into my firefox plugin directory instead of the non-free from /etc/alternative10:52
Raspberryit's fixed permanently now :P10:54
Raspberrywhat's up with the crazy 3 firefox directories in /usr/lib now?10:54
Assidoh only 3?10:54
qzioloa: i have that package installed, still no mp3-sound10:54
loa<qzio> strange10:54
Raspberry... /usr/lib/firefox ... firefox-addons ... firefox-3.0b310:54
loaI delete firefox 3 :D10:55
qzioloa: you have latest and you have mp3-sound?10:55
AssidRaspberry: okay just checked..the brightness goes loco on alpha4 as well10:55
qziowoha, thats fun, it works  now :)10:56
loa<qzio> =)10:56
qzioand i havnt done anything \o/10:56
qziobesides installing xmms...10:56
Assid[16:08:10] <Assid> hrm10:56
Assid[16:08:12] <Assid> it plays it10:56
Assid[16:08:23] <Assid> but it says it needs codecs10:56
Assidi thiunk i said that earlier10:56
RaspberryAssid: does it only do it in X?10:56
qzioAssid: i think too :)10:56
Raspberryor does it do it during boot?10:57
RaspberryAssid: boot the laptop in recovery mode10:57
AssidRaspberry: only X10:57
Raspberrysee if the "safe mode X" has the same issue10:57
Assidhow do i go to safe mode x10:58
Assidfrom the disc?10:58
Assidor grub (recover)10:58
Raspberryboot to the (recovery) kernel10:59
Raspberryand it'll start X and say it's running a reduced version of X10:59
Raspberryclick Continue through that10:59
Raspberrydon't configure it10:59
Raspberrysee if it works fine11:00
Assiddoesnt reach there11:00
Raspberrywhat does it do?11:00
Assidsays recovery menu - resume/root/xfix11:00
Raspberryhit CTRL+D to continue11:00
Assidresume ?11:00
Raspberrywhere DOES it get?11:00
Assidresume - continues and drops me back into x11:01
Raspberrywhat resume?11:02
Raspberrywhere does resume occur11:02
=== hit is now known as hit`
Assidrecovery menu ?!11:03
loahit escape!11:04
loaand choose recovery mode11:04
Raspberryyou have to be THIS tall to ride this ride11:04
* Raspberry shakes his head11:04
Raspberrymaybe there's some lag here11:04
Sebastianhttp://www.grillbar.org/wordpress/?p=246 would be great to have.11:13
Assidloa: thats howi got there11:18
regeluh, sudo is giving me an error: unable to resolve host11:19
AssidRaspberry: ?11:25
Assidthe weirdest part is.. it worked fine in gutsy11:26
Xemanthis hardy atm as stable as that I do update-manger -d uprade to it ? :)11:49
Xemanthdpkg ain't broken etc... ?11:49
Xemanthok enough stable for me, let the distribution upgrade begin11:50
=== twilight_ is now known as twilight
SevenhillHi there , could anyone say where are kdm's Xsession files ?12:02
Sevenhillstdin: i have added a new session information file to there12:03
Sevenhillbut kdm didn't show that option12:03
stdinis it formatted correctly?12:03
loahello, i have my hibernate mode broken after update12:03
loawhat is it(12:03
Sevenhilli have just copied original kde.desktop to kde4.desktop12:03
Sevenhilland try to change it12:04
stdinSevenhill: http://stdin.pastebin.com/d5157ee19 < my kde4.desktop looks like that12:04
loahelp me please... someone have such bug as i?12:05
Sevenhillstdin: hmm i think there are some problems about my compiled kde12:07
stdinSeveas: try running it manually from an Xephyr session, see if you get any errors12:08
Sevenhillany idea about this bug : http://stdin.pastebin.com/d52dc8a6012:19
Sevenhillstdin: http://stdin.pastebin.com/d52dc8a60 have any idea how can i overcome this problem12:21
njoli use mpeg2 tv-tuner to capture playstation 2 and only way for me to have no input device lag is to use mplayer to capture raw video instead of mpeg 2 stream, but i would like to use some GUI software, any ideas? from what i know mythtv for example not support rawvideo, or maybe i wrong?12:23
stdinSeveas: nope, I don't see that error when upgrading. try filing a bug report on it12:23
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:23
heret1cubotu Bug #5592912:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 55929 in linux-source-2.6.17 "DMA not enabled for IDE disks" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5592912:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bug #55929 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:31
* heret1c notices ubotu feigns ignorance in an obvious matter12:32
heret1cassid> https://launchpad.net/bugs/5592912:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 55929 in linux-source-2.6.17 "DMA not enabled for IDE disks" [Undecided,Fix released]12:33
heret1cwe're in 2.6.24, and it still hasn't been fixed.12:34
Dr_willisfile a bug on the bug?12:34
* heret1c wonders, is it possible to take netbots to court12:35
=== twilight_ is now known as twilight
heret1cdr_willis> it'd take more self restraint than I possess to do so without a torrent of adjectives, speculating on the ancestry of the coders resposible, etc.12:36
heret1cas lonh as there IS a fix - why haven't they implemented ot?12:37
Dr_willisFrom what i recall reading about aht ide 'bug' the ide drives are now getting accessed using the scsi system and  DMA is enabled by default.. but since the changes to the  (libata?) stuff. its not getting reported as being enabled.12:38
Dr_willisat leat i think thats the gist of the whole issue12:38
Dr_willisbut i do have some machines that show the ide disks as  sd##i, and some other machines that still show them as hd##12:38
heret1cdoc> that's falsified by hdparm -Tt /dev/*da!12:39
Dr_willisI do not think that hdparm is reliable way to test if dma is enabled any more.12:39
Dr_willisdue to the changes...12:39
Dr_willisbut all this is from the huge amounts of stuff i read onforums and trhreads.. I couldbe wrong.12:39
heret1c -Tt is.12:39
heret1cmust skedaddle off to a meeting, bb in a couple.12:40
Xemanthwill kde 3.5.9 be by default in hardy?13:18
Xemanthkubuntu hardy*13:18
RayRaspiI thought 4 was going into Hardy13:19
Xemanthhopefully not13:19
Xemanthits way too unstable13:19
Dr_willisi though kde4 was going to be OPTIONAL in hardy13:25
Raspberrynope they're going to make you floss too13:32
Assidokay new updates out13:32
RaspberryThunderbird is having some issues13:32
Assidand i still cant shutdown X without CTRL ALT BKSPACE13:33
AssidRaspberry: and yes.. this used to work before some updates13:33
Raspberryso then register a bug13:33
Assidtill 2.5 weeks odd ago13:33
Assidi did13:33
Raspberryso CTRL+ALT+BKSP works on the live CD for you?13:33
Assiderr i dont need to CTRL ALT BACKSPACE there to logout/shutdown13:34
Assidhere for me to logout/shutdown/reboot (basically to kill X) i need to C+A+BKSPC13:34
Raspberrycan't shutdown without it...13:34
Assidit just hangs till i do it13:34
RaspberryAssid do an  ..   rm -rf ~/.g*13:34
Raspberrydelete all your .gnome stuff13:34
Raspberrywhen you're logged out of gnome13:35
Assiderr.. my settings?!?13:35
Raspberrythen do this13:35
Raspberrymkdir ~/gnome-backup | mv .g* ~/gnome-backup13:35
Raspberrydo that while logged out of your X session (aka sitting at the gdm login page)13:35
Raspberryyou can do that by doing CTL+ALT+F113:36
Assidyeah .. hold up.. doing soemthing in virtualbox13:36
Assidwill do it as soon as the installation is done there13:36
RaspberryI've had programs hang13:36
Assiddecided to leave wine alone.. and use virtualbox's seamless mode13:36
Assidcommon issue ?13:39
Raspberryso KVM is what Ubuntu is using13:46
Raspberrythat's a bummer13:46
Raspberrysince all my corporate clients run Xen13:47
Raspberrynow I get to learn a new virtualization method :)13:47
Assidokay Raspberryim gonna go try this13:52
=== twilight_ is now known as twilight
AssidRaspberry: didnt work :(14:05
Assidi lost my settings tho14:05
Assidbut its alrite14:09
AssidRaspberry: you there?14:16
=== andatche_ is now known as andatche
* heret1c returns14:18
Assidso that didnt fix it.. i still have tl kill X to logout etc14:18
Raspberrywhat happens when you click on logout14:19
Assidwell.. it just hangs14:19
Raspberryhow long have you let it sit?14:19
Assid5 mins ?14:19
Raspberrywhat applications are you opening up while you're in X14:19
Assidatm.. kvirc.. amsn.. thuderbird..firefox..  (bluetooths running as well) and google desktop on login14:20
Raspberrydo you close the applications prior to loggin out?14:20
RaspberryI run firefox and thunderbird and occassionally they can hang X14:21
Raspberrywhile shutting down14:21
Raspberrywhen you're shutting down and you have to force restart14:21
Assidi shut almost every application i started down.. still no luck14:21
Raspberryare you at an empty desktop?14:22
Assiderr as such yes..i got a few files on my desktop14:22
Raspberrythat's not what I mean14:22
RaspberryI mean when you choose logout... what happens?14:22
Raspberryassid you should be running Gutsy 7.10 if you can't troubleshoot a lot of these issues14:24
Raspberryi'd suspect google desktop might have something to do with the hang up -- but I have no idea14:24
Raspberryyou'd have to check the processes that are still open and owned by you when it's "hung up"14:24
Raspberrybecause that'll answer the question as to what oculd be killing it14:24
Raspberrythen potentially kill those open processes one by one14:25
Raspberrybut this is basic troubleshooting14:25
Raspberrysorry to get snippy, but I've got a couple of projects I need to work on today -- so I won't be of much more help for while14:25
AssidRaspberry: this issue started after an update if im not mistaken..14:26
Assidbut hold on.. im onna kill everythign before that14:27
Assidnope.. no luck14:33
Assidi killed compiz.. google.. eveyrthing..14:33
Assidavant as well14:33
heret1coh ah14:34
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
nemoAssid: say, out of curiosity.  Does Firefox only hang on pages with plugins?14:41
Assiddidnt say firefox hangs14:42
nemo09:20 < Assid> atm.. kvirc.. amsn.. thuderbird..firefox..  (bluetooths running as well) and google desktop on login14:42
Assiderr. thats for x hanging14:43
nemothat's just the apps you're running14:43
nemoAssid: do you happen to have a synaptic touchpad?14:43
Assidon my laptop yes14:43
nemois the laptop the one with X hanging?14:43
Assidnope. desktop14:47
Assidlaptop has excessive cpu usage tho :(14:47
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Assidokay heres what happens14:48
Assidi can login fine.. use it fine..  but when i want to logout.. or anything which requires X to restart/shutdown. it just gets hung14:49
Assidi tried without compiz... killed a few processes.. even shut down the ones i manually open. Nothing helps14:49
Assidthis problem arised 2.5 weeks ago approx14:49
nemoAssid: I had a similar situation with my laptop is all14:54
nemoAssid: it would hang on exit, but only if I used an opengl application14:54
nemoAssid: I ended up having to disable ACPI on it.14:54
nemoirqpoll pci=routeirq14:55
nemothat's the one I used on the laptop14:55
nemoACPI was on another one :)14:55
nemoAssid: yours might be unrelated, but couldn't hurt to try it?14:56
Assidtrue.. err let me try that..saving that info for later14:56
ubotuFreedesktop bug 2345 in Input/Mouse "usb mouse freezes repeatedly" [Normal,New]14:57
nemoAssid: symptoms are different, but disabling apic/acpi and mucking irqpoll etc do seem to help in some cases14:58
nemoAssid: unfortunately, doing so obviously screws with various functions :-/14:58
nemoAssid: the annoying friggen' thing about the freeze was that X dumped *nothing* to logs14:58
Assidim gonna boot into my older kernels.. lets see which one works14:58
Assidor if its X .. not sure if ANY works14:59
nemoI never got around to adding debug symbols and seeing if it was doing anything14:59
Assidbut will do that in a bit.. i need to get some work done.. cant report bugs more than 4 hrs a day14:59
nemoAssid: well, nice thing about slapping in a bunch of kernel params is it is quick and easy14:59
nemoyou just reboot, edit the grub boot line and add all of 'em in.  if it works, you can narrow 'em down :)14:59
nemoif it doesn't, well, only took a couple of minutes14:59
Assidbut this used to work. so gotta be either kernel .. or x .. or nvidia drivers14:59
Assidyeah even15:00
nemodoes X dump any errors for you to log or stderr15:00
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Assidnemo: nope.. it just sits there looking pretty doing absolutely nothing15:19
Mark_M|Awaynot true15:20
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
Mark_MillimanX dumps into a couple of log files15:21
AssidXorg.0.log shows nothing which indicates this15:21
Mark_Millimanlook in .xsessions_error and Xorg.0.log15:21
Mark_MillimanXorg.0.log indicates how X started15:22
Mark_Milliman.xsessions_error describes the entire X session after user login15:23
Assidsoi should clean it first and then crash it15:26
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daz31hi is this the channel for help to solve probs with ubuntu15:34
flipstarthis is the channel for ubuntu 8.0415:38
flipstarsee topic15:38
dholbachUBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 15 minutes!15:45
nemoMark_Milliman: personally, both STDERR and Xorg log were empty after my freeze15:50
nemoMark_Milliman: heck. there wasn't even anything interesting in strace15:50
nemoMark_Milliman: and as far as I can tell, no dev interest either - so I guess if I'm ever to get it fixed, I'll have to do it myself :)15:51
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Longfieldhello there ... I have a question about the opensync packages: why are they still with the 0.19 version, even for Hardy, although the development is already at 0.36 and the 0.22 version is considered stable ?16:25
[chr0n0s]what is the kernel version in hardy ?16:36
PiciLinux romulus 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:36
nemoLongfield: no one has nagged the maintainer? :)16:38
nemoLongfield: I find e-mailing maintainers works wonders ;)16:38
nemo... often times the debian upstream maintainer :-p16:39
Longfieldnemo: well, I am going to e-mail the debian upstream maintainer then16:42
Longfieldbut it's very strange, because the version has been the same since 3 releases or so ...16:43
nemoLongfield: perhaps you will become the maintainer16:44
Longfieldnemo: why not ... but I'm not even a MOTU and have done very few packaging ... anyway, I am going to mail the debian maintainer16:45
RotlausAre there any problems known with wine? It segfaults here.17:31
RotlausNever mind. Seems to be a known problem.17:37
MFenregarding seahorse, is there a way to add arbitrary passwords to it?17:39
MFenfor example, website passwords, or server passwords for apps that don't support a keyring arch17:39
MFeni just want to hit "add" and type in some details and a sekrit password17:39
MFenso that i can look them up again later17:40
Assidanyone wanna confirm this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/18644117:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186441 in nautilus "[Hardy] Recursive directory deletion doesnt work for external mounted drives" [Low,Incomplete]17:40
MFenomg you added a 5MB video of the error?17:41
MFenthat's amusing17:41
Raspberrywhy'd you choose Delete instead of Delete All17:42
RaspberryDelete All to me would be recursive17:42
MFenanyway, if seahorse can't do this, i'll have to use revelation, which would be a real pity17:43
MFeni dunno why nobody ever gets the keyring manager right17:43
MFenos x screwed theirs up too17:43
RaspberryI've mounted an external drive17:43
RaspberryI'll try this now17:43
AssidRaspberry: danag wasnt able to do it either17:48
Assidsaw this bug weeks ago17:48
Raspberrynope, I can't do it either17:49
Raspberryerror removing file: file exists17:49
Raspberryshouldn't that be a good thing :P  you want the file to exist if you're removing it17:50
RaspberryDelete all doesn't work either17:50
istergiouhave you tried to mount -t smbfs using plain text password authentication? It was working for feisty and gutsy but now that I am running hardy it fails. I have compiled the module with the options required to do this and it still fails.17:50
Assidi just remembered that bug existed17:51
Assidlaunchpad needs filters17:51
Assidlike "my bugs" and then filter by open/closed/etc17:51
Assidgreat.. i just broke gutsy's knetworkmanager17:52
RotlausMy xorg.conf is empty, it says in its sections only 'Configured Mouse' 'Configured Video Device' and so on. Where are the configured in Hardy?17:52
RaspberryRotlaus: good question :P17:52
RaspberryRotlaus: when you find out, let me know too17:52
Assidempty ?17:53
Assidhow can it be empty ?!17:53
Assidcheck ~/.xorg ? or something similar ?17:53
RaspberryRotlaus: apparently you can modify the xorg.conf file and add in anything you want, but it's supposed to basically work with autodetection17:53
AssidRaspberry: yours is an external drive totally.. right17:54
Assidnot one of those USB-IDE type adapters17:55
Assidi think if oyu use those they work fine17:55
Raspberrythe dual desktop stuff needs to get fixed ... if you try to do anything involving opengl or direct rendering it treats dual displays as though they were overlayed onto each other with the rendered content only filling the area covered by Screen 1... i.e if Screen 1 is 1400x1050 and Screen 2 is 1920x1200 -- any full screen 3d effects  (compiz ring window rotation, full screen games) only use the area for screen 1 ... on KDE4 -- both17:56
Raspberrydesktops overlay and you can't see what's on the desktop for screen 2 because it's underneath screen 117:56
RaspberryAssid: yes, External USB2 NTFS 320gb drive17:56
Raspberryhotswap / mounted on the fly17:56
Raspberrynot mounted at boot17:56
AssidRaspberry: okay but is it an actual external? or make shift external17:57
Assidcause i think my "makeshift" works17:57
Raspberrywhat's the difference17:57
Raspberryexternal to me is plugged in via USB in an external enclosure17:57
Raspberrywhat is makeshift to you17:57
Assiderr something similar17:58
Assidexternal enclosure/ usb-ide cable17:58
Assidwith a regular drive17:58
Raspberrywhat's an irregular drive?17:58
Raspberryyou're using relative terms17:59
Assidokay generic external drives are those laptop drives in enclosures.. effectively. they dont need an external power source17:59
Assidhttp://www.dansdata.com/usbadapt.htm <-- ide to usb convertor18:00
Raspberryhow does that effect how it's connected to the pc?18:00
Raspberrythey both have external controllers18:00
Assidbut 1 drive was able to delete recursively 1 didnt18:00
Raspberryand 1 drive was...  and the other was...18:00
Raspberryyour bug report doesn't mention any of that18:00
Assidjust tested it18:01
Assidwilll test it again18:08
Assidfrom what i "can" think18:08
Assidis the way the ntfs partition maybe created18:08
Assidthey seem to be primary and extended18:08
Assidnot sure which is which18:09
Assidbut that could be a reason18:09
Assidwill check in a bit and report18:09
Assiderr.. which drive uses which i.e.18:10
Assidokay my bad.. it deosnt do it in either18:27
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RotlausRaspberry: Modifying the xorg.conf as you suggested worked just fine.18:33
Assidamarok sounds soo much better for audio than any other player..d ont know how18:34
Tuv0kits all in your head18:34
Assidi think so18:34
Assidbah.. i dont know what to do about this xorg bug.18:37
Tuv0krecompile your video driver18:38
Assidyou think so18:38
* Assid gets it from nvidia then18:38
okinawainstroctoi am trying to install ubuntu server edition, its work fine 4-5 time the past couple weeks but lately it keeps failing when the install gets to grub.  Any ideas?18:39
Piciokinawainstrocto: 8.04?18:39
okinawainstroctoyes, 8.0418:39
okinawainstroctoPici: its been working fine with the exception of this week, for some reason grub is not cooperating18:42
Piciokinawainstrocto: Are you using daily builds?18:42
bardyrhmm grub2 is working without a problem18:43
okinawainstroctoPici: I do not think so, the iso i downloaded was from the ubuntu website.  (I am still new with linux)18:44
Piciokinawainstrocto: If you are still new to linux, you probably shouldnt be running 8.04, we are still in Alpha status.18:45
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu18:45
okinawainstroctolol.. i understand that its just my coworker who got me started on ubuntu isnt able to get on line to help18:46
flipstarbtw when will 8.10 pre alpha availible :P ?18:46
okinawainstroctobut thanks for the help any ways18:47
AtomicSparkflipstar: a funny guy eh?18:47
flipstaroh i just love to deal with the latest development features18:48
AtomicSparkyes. i am excited.18:52
AtomicSparkthe new features are things that would be really handy for me. :D18:53
flipstarwill be great i bet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Capra_ibex_ibex_%E2%80%93_03.jpg18:54
AtomicSparki dont get it.18:55
flipstar8.10 will be called intrepid ibex18:56
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AtomicSparkso alpha 5 should be out soon. there wont be many changes after that according to their development release schedule.18:56
AtomicSparki hope its a good list!18:56
bardyris disk manager still being included in alpha5?18:57
AtomicSparknot sure. found a blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy19:02
bofh80oh dear. i'm back..... :( . ok i compiled my nvidia drivers yesterday, and they installed and worked fine. When i restarted today tho, i get this lovely msg in dmesg : NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 169.09 ||| NVRM: this kernel module has the version 71.86.04.. i've done latest updates now, and tried removing nvidia-glx and depencies, and reinstalling. same error msg :(19:04
bofh80what the hell have i done for it to think it has those old kernel modules?!19:04
AtomicSparkokay found it. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule19:04
bofh80**nvidia-glx-NEW sorry19:05
AtomicSparkaccording to that, the feature lock will be in effect for the next release. id say whatever is in it, will be what's in the final.19:05
bardyrAtomicSpark, its a alpha5 milestone19:05
void^bofh80: disable the nvidia module in restricted-modules, configfile in /etc/default19:10
AtomicSparkso if this new firewall is disabled by default, how will they let end users know the feature is there and that they should use it?19:11
bofh80void^,  ok DISABLED_MODULES="nvidia" . now what? :)19:11
mrtimdogIs there a way of stopping the gnome system monitor resource graphs from smoothly scrolling? Just showing the graphs is puting my cpu to 75%.19:12
void^reboot? (or just delete the offending modules and depmod)19:12
void^(and rmmod nvidia && modprobe nvidia)19:12
AtomicSparkmrtimdog: use top in terminal.19:13
njoldosnt look like "smoothly", more like "jumply"19:14
mrtimdogAtomicSpark: I usually do (htop actually) but it was just an observation really as it's an integrated part of the desktop.19:14
mrtimdognjol: agreed! :)19:14
bofh80void^, ok. modprobe now says "not loading nvidia_new module" .. . . . .19:14
void^i blame /etc/modprobe.d/lrm-video19:15
bofh80void^, will this fix the nvidia driver?19:16
void^it will stop the ubuntu packaged module from interfering19:18
void^(there's probably a more elegant way.)19:18
AtomicSparkmrtimdog: so the new resource monitor uses a lot of resources itself huh?19:19
bofh80void^, should i reinstal the 169.09 drivers ? (the nvidia downloaded ones?)19:20
mrtimdogAtomicSpark: Seems so.19:23
Assidokay i loaded up the nvidia pakage from the site.. and it didnt do anything..19:26
Assidso i tried to reinstall nvidia-glx-new  and my x didnt work19:26
AtomicSparkDoes installing Compiz + xserver-xgl disable Direct Rendering? I just did a test and says no. I have the restricted driver installed.19:27
Assidand now i have to use nvidia package19:27
Assidwill this be a problem in the future?19:27
Assidhow do i get it to use the packages itself19:30
mshooshtariHello all19:33
mshooshtariI've done some research for non functional USB keyboards/mice.  I'm finding lots of problems with lots of versions, but nothing tied specifically to the latest kernel update in Gutsy, and what is present in Hardy alpha19:34
mshooshtariI'm just bummed, my USB keyboard and mouse stopped working, and I decided, maybe the Hardy alpha had it working, tried that but without luck, the livecd is also not working so I don't believe it to be a configuration problem on my part.19:35
bardyrmshooshtari, what keyboard/mouse is it and does it work in windows?19:38
Assidanyone ?19:39
Assidi think i might have to reinstall xorg as well wont i ?19:40
mshooshtaribardyr yes it works in windows, microsoft intelipoint and microsoft keyboard19:40
AtomicSparkAssid: what's your issue again?19:41
bardyrAssid, dont install the nvidia binary from nvdia.com its bad :)19:41
Assidbardyr: i wasnt able to logout..X would just get hung.. someone suggested to recompile the drivers/19:41
mshooshtariYes that's right Assid, you will get messed up looking openGL19:41
Assidso i used the nvidia ones..and now if i load up nvidia-glx-new .. my x would be messed up19:41
bardyrAssid, but you should be able to do a nvidia-binary.run --uninstall and aptitude install nvidia-glx-new19:41
mshooshtariunreal looks horrible..19:41
Assidbardyr: ? nvidia-binary.run ??19:42
AtomicSparkholy crap. whats this aptitude.19:42
AtomicSparkgui in term!19:42
Assidnvidia-installer ?19:42
Assidthat seems it19:43
PiciAtomicSpark: Never seen ncurses before?19:43
Assiderr.. bbl19:43
Assidif i make it back19:43
AtomicSparkPici: apparently not.19:44
punQ-arThello did someone have problems with hardy and b43 driver?19:44
mshooshtaridmesg not showing anything about USB other than hubs.19:49
=== punQ-arT is now known as s0u][ight
=== s0u][ight is now known as punQ-arT
mshooshtariIs there a way to test if the kernel is detecting the keyboard and mouse?20:02
Unksiputting in a ps/2 keyboard and typing lsusb to terminal?20:03
mshooshtariI will give that a try20:04
mshooshtariI've tried dmesg, but I don't understand if it has a driver, just that it's detected hubs. I'll brb.20:05
mshooshtarionly 5 bus entries20:06
mshooshtari001 through 005 come up with lsusb20:06
mshooshtarinothing showing up in /proc/bus/usb when plugging and when unplugged20:11
mshooshtaridev/bus/usb stays the same20:11
mshooshtarishouldn't something show up in /proc/bus/usb no matter what?20:12
mshooshtarieven if it's the same look as /dev/bus/usb?20:12
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punQ-arThi guys20:36
mshooshtariHow is that Hardy Alpha5?20:43
mshooshtariI'm going to boot with Gutsy livecd again and make sure the problem I'm having is not hardware or system related.20:43
mshooshtariit just stopped working after that kernel update, I read something about hot plug being changed in that kernel, I think that might be the cause but I don't know where to start.20:44
mshooshtariI also haven't seen hundreds of angry people like I did with the python problem a couple days ago.20:45
punQ-arTu mean that python hardy.sh script?20:45
mshooshtarisomething about the version not being what was expected and the pkg install throwing up.20:47
Gninepycentral was fixed. but there are issues with a number of applications (firefox, openoffice, wine, to name a few)20:47
punQ-arThmmm i'm having issues with b43 driver :|20:47
punQ-arTthe bug is known but the howto fix it ain't working for me20:48
mshooshtarithat bug specifically was 19299220:49
mshooshtaribut nothing about this USB problem, I hate that crappy keyboard :P20:50
mshooshtariwhat's the bug number punQ-arT?20:50
mshooshtariI could read it over20:50
punQ-arTow dunno20:51
mshooshtaribut if your looking at the bug reports your as able to help yourself as I am.20:51
mshooshtariI just know to look things up and research before raising a stink.20:51
punQ-arThmm in fact i'm just hearing and looking around right now20:52
punQ-arT5 hours today trying to fix it :(20:52
punQ-arTi'll continiou tomorrow20:52
mshooshtarithat can be stressfull20:57
punQ-arTyeah first i just wasted my time with bcm43xx driver and then i realised it won't work20:58
mshooshtariI had a decent gutsy 2 days ago, but upgraded because I thought maybe I could upgrade past what broke my mouse/keyboard20:58
punQ-arTafter that i used ndiswrapper , took me some time but i was able to fix it20:58
mshooshtarithat's a wireless card right?20:58
mshooshtariI remember having issues with that a while back, I had to get firmware and install that20:59
punQ-arTyeah i know20:59
mshooshtaribut still no joy, that's strange.20:59
mshooshtaria lot of people forget the firmware.20:59
punQ-arTwith bcm43xx the best thing i had was retrieving signals20:59
punQ-arTno chance to connect :(21:00
mshooshtariany oppertunity to switch the mpci with an intel card?21:00
punQ-arTaaah then i have to do a bios hack i guess not interested :(21:00
mshooshtarithat's never fun, I also strongly dislike proprietary laptop hardware21:01
punQ-arTi wonder how much a sony viao costs21:01
mshooshtariAsus makes some not so proprietary ones.21:01
punQ-arTthey say it works fine with linux21:01
mshooshtariHP notebooks tend to work well also21:02
punQ-arTnaaah i have a hp g5002ea21:02
punQ-arTsound issues21:02
punQ-arTdamn bcm4311 card21:02
mshooshtariyou might have better luck conquering those sound issues21:02
mshooshtariI remember having to install the source alsa drivers.21:03
mshooshtariI have nc640021:03
punQ-arThmm wonder why ubuntu doesn't have alsa-conf?21:04
mshooshtariI wish I knew what kernel update happened last week21:04
mshooshtariit does, but the binary drivers were missing something dealing with plugin detection (if you've got a headphone or mic plugged in)21:05
punQ-arTnice way of thinking :D21:06
punQ-arTi'm wondering why linux is started being developed by gouvernment institutions :s21:07
punQ-arTlike someone told me that in turkey they made their own linux based os :|21:07
mshooshtaria lot of places do that21:07
mshooshtariThe red star linux is a good distro made in china.21:07
mshooshtarithere is also a larger encompassing project I think asianux or something like that.21:08
punQ-arTi'm looking for the time where microsoft is down21:10
punQ-arTlinux will rule :D21:10
humboltI am having the following problem with hardy: The screen and graphics preferences application does not show any device!21:11
finalbetayes, removing any competition will make sure linux is the best :/21:11
mshooshtariI don't think they will ever be down, they will just make micronux21:11
mshooshtaribuy up the best distro at the time and just leech off the community after laying off half their developers.21:12
punQ-arTwell they keep on steeling from the unix core :D21:12
humboltIt seems this has something to do with the empty xorg.conf (as xorg does not need much config anymore). I had some more options in there just before and then at least one monitor showed up.21:12
punQ-arTlike mac and linux21:12
mshooshtarion and their closed source linux, they will never return anything to the free versions.21:12
humboltdoes anybody have an idea how to fix that?21:12
mshooshtariLike Redhat without fedora.21:12
punQ-arThmm redhat21:13
punQ-arThow come that became popular?21:13
mshooshtariThat's the one thing I love about Ubuntu, it's a good and active distro, but the Idea is to make money off support and with the enterprise customers.21:13
mshooshtariAll fixes finds and details go into Ubuntu, there is no Commercial Ubuntu.21:14
punQ-arTand they are based on bedian :D21:14
punQ-arThope no commercial ubuntu will be relaised21:14
mshooshtaribrb need to get a blank DVD, time to see if the mouse and keyboard come back.21:15
punQ-arTi just read that madwifi driver isn't fully opensource :|21:17
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases21:21
ConstyXIVisin't alpha5 due out tomorrow?21:23
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
regelone month till beta :)21:27
HetaUmaone day till alpha5 :D21:27
regelmy lirc still isn't working21:28
regeldunno what's wrong with it21:28
regelit just keeps crashing21:29
punQ-arTi'll reinstall my ubuntu tomorrow :D21:29
regeli just reinstalled mine a few days ago21:29
AtomicSparkregel: got pidgin installed?21:29
regelyep, pidgin is up and running21:30
AtomicSparkyou can use that for irc21:30
punQ-arTwell i've reinstalled ubuntu 3 times in the past week21:30
regellirc is for the ir-remotes21:30
ConstyXIVis there a time they usually put the .isos out, or is it just when sabdfl gets around to it?21:30
AtomicSparkoh. haha.21:31
punQ-arThow do i install the kernel headers?21:31
regel:) it's a confusing name, come to think of it21:31
regelsudo apt-get install *package* ?21:31
AtomicSparkif heard it before.. figured it was an irc client. :P21:31
AtomicSparklight-weight internet relay chat program21:32
regelcant blame u, I did the exact same thing first time around21:32
* AtomicSpark patents21:32
ConstyXIVpunQ-arT: linux-headers-`uname -r`21:32
punQ-arTwell i know how apt-get works but what's the name of the kernel headers?21:32
ConstyXIVand the `s are backticks, not quotes21:32
AtomicSparkbackticks? single quote?21:32
humbolt3d effects working21:33
regelpunQ-arT, linux-headers-*version*21:33
regelor kernel-headers-*version*21:33
regelor something similar21:33
punQ-arTsrry my english is'nt that well what's the difference between those backticks and quotes?21:33
ConstyXIV`uname -r` comes out to "version"21:33
ConstyXIVpunQ-arT: it's on the key with the ~21:33
humboltI can not see any monitors or video cards in screens and graphics config app21:33
punQ-arTusing azerty :P21:33
AtomicSparkthere is no backticks on us keyboard. >:O21:34
regelI think the new xorg.conf sucks21:34
AtomicSparkoh wait21:34
regelI cant use fglrx anymore21:34
AtomicSparkdurr right below the tildy21:34
AtomicSparki didnt know anything used them. hmm. interesting.21:34
regelthe restricted driver manager sucks imho21:35
regelit just messes everything up21:35
regelI had to install everything manually in the end21:35
punQ-arTat me it only gives things for bcm43xx even if i don't use that driver :|21:35
ConstyXIVpunQ-arT: judging by this picture here, i think it's on the 7 key21:35
ConstyXIVit's the thing that looks like a single quote, but isin't21:36
punQ-arTwell can't i just first type uname -r21:36
AtomicSparkrestricted driver fails in hardy?21:36
regelyes u can21:36
punQ-arTand add what i get to the next command21:36
ConstyXIVit's a command, so you'd have to cut/paste21:37
regelit doesn't really install anything that works on my rig21:37
AtomicSparkfor mr punQ-arT21:37
nekostardo te do te dummmm21:37
* nekostar pads around21:37
punQ-arTybe because you don't have a remote clue you should install a package?21:37
punQ-arT[22:30] <_rene_> (btw, build-essential installs you all the essentials for a build)21:37
punQ-arTdoing something essentially wrong21:37
punQ-arToops srry21:37
regelu know, you're a bit late21:38
nekostari wish i could move through time and see if im gonna win this qx6700 ; ;21:38
nekostarTime Left2d 03h 09m ........21:39
* nekostar stabs ebay and bidding addiction21:39
regeli decided not to buy a new desktop PC anymore21:39
regelswitched to console gaming21:39
nekostarim getting one of those too21:39
nekostarlater tho21:39
punQ-arTi first have to reinstall gusty then use ndiswrapper to get connection and then use the hardy.sh script to upgrade to alpha 5 and hmm then i'll try to fix my b43 driver :|21:39
regelI got fed up with Vista21:39
nekostardamn expensive hobby21:39
* AtomicSpark is disappointed in regel21:39
punQ-arTvista is just sucking soo good21:39
punQ-arTi only could shrink 5 gigs :|21:40
regelM$ so made me buy an PS321:40
AtomicSparklawl. i cannot play FPS games on consoles.21:40
AtomicSparkit makes me angery.21:40
punQ-arTregel did u hear about yellow dog linux?21:40
regelbut they really need to optimize things21:41
punQ-arTi just read about it a few months ago21:41
regelas ps3-linux has always a limited hardware access21:41
AtomicSparkubuntu is on the ps3 now21:41
regelso it's not that fast21:41
theAtomI run Ubuntu from external HDD.  It shows my internal HDD partition D: but not C:   How can I tell Ubuntu to show C: as well?21:41
punQ-arTregel not if they make specific drivers for the cell technology21:41
regelthey wont21:41
regelit's not worth it21:42
punQ-arTregel why?21:42
punQ-arTit's a nice idea to have linux running on a ps321:42
regelthey wouldn't get any money from it21:42
regelit sure is21:42
punQ-arTfrom what?21:42
nekostarps3 is plenty fine as a inet computer21:43
regelsony from helping with cell-drivers21:43
nekostarin fact compaired to most older systems it works fine indeed21:43
nekostarjust dont expect to have 3d going - so no compiz properly or so21:43
regeli'll be getting an hp tablet PC, though21:43
nekostarbah on hp tablets21:43
punQ-arThmmm i'm going to get a new lappy soon i want it to be a sony viao21:44
regelonly one with a resonable price21:44
nekostarbah on sony too21:44
regelDell ftw, eh21:44
AtomicSparki have the new compaq line on hp business laptops21:44
AtomicSparki am pretty impressed21:44
nekostaroverpriced and made in china21:44
regelevery laptop is overpriced21:44
punQ-arThp is not good believe me21:44
regelI wish they made quad-core tablets with 10h+ battery life21:45
* regel is dreaming21:45
AtomicSparki like hp's business line. i wont talk about their personal.21:45
punQ-arTmy hp's battary only stays 15 minutes alive21:45
punQ-arTi only have it for 6 months21:46
regelsend it back21:46
AtomicSparkmine lasts ~3 hours21:46
AtomicSpark2 if you turn up the monitor to full bright lols21:46
regelluckily here in finland we can even make the shopkeepers to fix our computers after the warranty ends21:46
regelnice laws :)21:46
AtomicSparkyeah i got the extended warrenty on mine.. one year was a joke.21:47
regelthey started internet censorship, though :(21:47
AtomicSparkmade it 3.21:47
punQ-arTand hacking is not illegal too in finland right?21:47
regelI mean, we dont even have to get the extended warranty21:47
AtomicSparkyeah. censorship is getting bad.21:47
regelthat's illegal, im afraid21:47
regelthey even censored that one critic21:48
punQ-arThmm in finland?21:48
punQ-arTi got a finnish friend who says not21:48
regeldepends what are you hacking21:48
AtomicSparkoh children lets not throw that word around.21:48
regelbetter =) ?21:48
AtomicSparkif you mean breaking into one machine to steal or cause damage, thats wrong peroid. i dont care where you are. lol.21:49
regelI think our law says that I could return my games to stores after I tried them, just because I dont accept the "EULA"21:50
regelit's fun21:50
AtomicSparkyou can do that with windows here21:51
regelthe End use agreements dont concern us, they have no power over finnish folk21:51
AtomicSparksay no, return the disk, they have to give you money back.21:51
regelhell, we can even get our broken TVs fixed after 3 years (if the warranty is 1 year, for instance)21:52
regelfor free21:52
punQ-arTregel i'm moving to finland tomorrow :D21:53
regelThe law is on the customer's side most of the time21:53
punQ-arTturkmenistan if a very cheap land man allmost everything is allmost free21:53
punQ-arTlike electricity gas petrolium21:53
regelwater's free21:54
regelwho pays for water21:54
punQ-arTi was chocked too when i heard it21:54
punQ-arTbelguim turkey netherlands germany france21:54
regelLike... why?!?21:55
punQ-arTregel may i ask how oldd u are?21:55
regeland you?21:55
punQ-arThmmm wanna join a channel21:55
punQ-arTi'm 16 allmost 1721:55
regelwhat channel?21:56
AtomicSparklol. kids.21:56
regelold enough to drink goat's milk :D21:56
punQ-arTwell i'm only in linux for less then 6 months and i got improved a lot21:56
regelYou can learn a lot in 6 months21:57
punQ-arTyeah i did :D21:57
joeaminedpun+-art: you discovered freedom in a early age :)21:57
=== punQ-arT is now known as s0u][ight
AtomicSparkto learn linux you really just have to install it and force yourself to learn it. you can't just use a live cd once in awhile. :P22:01
joeaminedlinux is more and more easy22:02
=== s0u][ight is now known as punQ-arT
asdrubalThe 2.6.24 kernel has a broken module22:02
asdrubalI'm stuck using 2.6.24-422:02
punQ-arTso regel ur realy helping ubuntu?22:03
regelI do my best22:03
regelsmall stuff22:03
regelbut important whatsoever22:03
* punQ-arT bows :D22:04
regellast year I did a lot translating stuff22:04
muszekanyone knows if GVFS is stable already?  I want to dist-upgrade, but don't want to mess up my data22:04
regelthis year I thought I could do some testing and workarounds22:04
punQ-arTto finnish i guess?22:04
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu22:04
regelmuszek, wait till april if you need a stable platform22:05
regelor install on another partition, if you want to test22:05
muszekregel: the thing is that gutsy is quite unstable for me... ipw3945 crashes my laptop once a day on average22:05
Gnine!topic | muszek22:05
ubotumuszek: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic22:05
muszekregel: and hard reboots are never fun22:06
regelmuszek, maybe dapper is the right one then?22:06
regelit should be stable by now :)22:06
muszekGnine: I've read the topic (I think it hasn't changed in at least 2 months :) )22:06
punQ-arTregel how can i help translating to dutch and hmmm turkish etc.22:07
punQ-arTnot french i hate  that language22:07
regelpunQ-arT, in launchpad, you have to apply for the translating team22:07
muszekI bought this laptop (dell 1720N) because I thought that since 1420N comes with ubuntu, then 1720 is basically the same thing, only with bigger screen...22:08
muszekon feisty sound card was misbehaving (external mic didn't work at all), on gutsy I have those ipw3945 crashes...22:08
regelpunQ-arT,  launchpad.net/22:09
muszekcan someone please answer my question about GVFS?  does it still cause data loss?22:09
punQ-arThmm i remember it22:09
punQ-arTmuszek back up ur data22:10
AtomicSparkmuszek: no idea.22:10
regelthere you can file bugs, translate stuff, everything :)22:10
muszekI guess I'll wait a bit longer, until GNOME is in RC...22:11
punQ-arTregel i'll do a  during the summer vacation probably22:11
AtomicSparkmuszek: you should just use gutsy :P22:11
punQ-arTtoo much stuff going on school atm :|22:11
regeltell me about it22:11
punQ-arTmath is just getting fun and complex at the same time22:12
regelI got my matriculation exam coming up soon22:12
* nekostar tosses coolermaster 690 case on bed22:12
* nekostar gets ready for work ;-)22:12
muszekquit school if it gets in the way :)22:12
regelI wish I could22:12
punQ-arTregel blackhat or MNZ from the channel could help you with it i guess22:12
muszekI quit Uni during the final year (after 8 years of getting there)22:12
punQ-arTif u would need help22:12
punQ-arTthey're both at university22:13
punQ-arTow no MNZ not22:13
punQ-arTblackhat is in his last year22:13
regelhe's studing master degree?22:13
regelor candidate?22:13
regelor doctor?22:13
regellast year of.... master degree I guess22:14
punQ-arTi don't have an idea22:14
regelI want to be able to introduce myself as a doctor22:14
regel"hello, I'm doctor Regel... doctor of philosophy!!!"22:14
punQ-arTi want to be a student for ever22:15
punQ-arTa professor at MIT for ever22:15
AtomicSparknot to be an ass but you two should move over to the off topic channel. :P22:15
regelthis is sometimes related to hardy22:15
AtomicSparkyeah yeah.22:15
punQ-arTi have to go22:16
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!22:16
regelthen i'll keep talking to myself22:16
regeluh, i think i'd better go to bed. i have a class in seven hours22:17
AtomicSparksee i was waiting for a regular to get that bot after you.22:18
humboltI hope the NVIDIA bosses rot in hell!22:23
humboltThis fsck proprietary driver! Never works as it should!22:23
AtomicSparkwell dur.22:24
Gnine!fsck | humbolt22:24
AtomicSparki bet you cant think of one company that actully has a good driver.22:24
ubotuhumbolt: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot22:24
Gninenothing to do with anything nvidia22:25
AtomicSparkyou must learn to ignore half of what people say in here. ;)22:25
humboltGnine: well if you want I can also write fucking proprietary driver.22:26
AtomicSparki mean, could more peoplec all xserver startx or xterm.22:26
humbolthow can I make the nvidia driver work properly on dualhead.22:27
Gnine!ohmy | humbolt22:27
ubotuhumbolt: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:27
humboltI just bought a new LCD and I just want it to be my primary display when I am at home and the Laptops LCD to be the primary display when I am on the road.22:28
humboltWhen I extend my desktop via xinerama the external LCD works. when I try to make it the only display it does not.22:29
humboltCan't be a modline issue if it works when using both LCDs.22:30
humboltanybody any idea?22:31
Cyclonuthumbolt: I think you can make it work using xrandr22:39
Cyclonuthumbolt: set LVDS to -off and you should be good22:39
Cyclonuthumbolt: you may have to set up a script to handle it22:40
humboltwhen I have two displays without xinerama I have compiz working on both screens, but the window decorator only working on the primary screen.22:52
humboltdoes that sound familiar?22:53
RAOFhumbolt: Yup, known bug.22:53
humboltRAOF: no way around? It also seems like the nvidia driver does not support compiz when xinerama is enabled.22:54
RAOFhumbolt: Expanding on what Cyclonut had to say, you may be interested in http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1222:54
RAOFhumbolt: Oh, the nvidia driver.  Yeah.22:54
RAOFI'm pretty sure that nvidia should support compiz + xinerama, but it's likely that you actually want TwinView.22:55
humboltIf the GPUs in Laptops where not soldered in I would have long ago ripped this damn nvidia chip off the board.22:56
humboltTwinView, does seem to make problems too.22:56
RAOF...and replaced it with an Intel chip, yeah :)22:56
humboltintel or ati22:57
RAOFATI suck approximately as much as nvidia.22:57
RAOFHowever, I'm running Compiz + twinview on my laptop _right now_.22:57
humboltbut at least there is radeonHD under way22:57
RAOFSo it's certainly possible :)(22:57
humboltso what is twin view?22:58
RAOFhumbolt: And nouveau, for nVidia :).  Which is seriously good, if you only want 2d.22:58
RAOFhumbolt: TwinView is nvidia's dynamic dual-screen thing.  Basically, run "sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview", and have the second screen plugged in while you boot.22:58
humboltand now, when I will have setup my config just right for two monitors, what again will happen, when the external display is not connected?22:59
RAOFFailing that, run the nvidia-settings program, which will allow you to dynamically enable & disable stuff.22:59
RAOFWhen the external display is not connected nothing will break; you just won't have a second screen :)22:59
WelshDragonHi, whenever i try to play HD movies my CPU usage goes up to 100% and the video freezes all together, Any idea why and how to fix?23:01
t0n2WelshDragon: player?23:10
WelshDragonI've tried VLC, mplayer and totem23:10
WelshDragonall the same23:10
loahello friends, if i have my hibernate mode broken after update.23:11
t0n2do you have installed your graphics drivers?23:11
loawhat i can do,23:11
t0n2WelshDragon: hm... confusing...23:11
WelshDragonIt happened on gutsy once when i was running that23:11
WelshDragonYou know any other players to try?23:12
t0n2WelshDragon: sorry, i dont know any solution... you can try kaffeine... but i mean that the problem doesn't come from the player you use...23:13
t0n2WelshDragon: ill go to bed. good luck WelshDragon ;)23:14
ubotuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications23:14
WelshDragonI'll have a look at them app's23:15
WelshDragonany idea on the problem Gnine ?23:15
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs23:16
Gninethis is the one i was looking for23:16
Gnineand check your23:17
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats23:17
void^i spent hours trying to figure out why none of my ralink based wireless devices could find/associate with my ap..23:46
void^turns out i had switched to channel 13 some time ago and mac80211 uses fcc as default regulatory domain23:47

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