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Toma-troy_s? ping!05:07
troy_skwwii: http://www.osnews.com/story/18166/Interview_with_David_Turner_of_Freetype07:42
troy_skwwii: In particular, note the line:07:42
troy_skwwii: "Also, I still don't understand why Debian and Ubuntu keep distributing patent-infringing code in FreeType, while they keep MP3 and DVD playback out of their normal installs. I'm not even sure it's DFSG compliant..."07:43
troy_skwwii: We should probably get the boys to look into this.  I believe he is spot on with his estimation and that means patent issues.07:43
troy_skwwii: http://www.osnews.com/thread?25165107:44
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kwwiitroy_s: those patents are not being actively enforced (and expire in a year) so it is apparently not a problem (and debian still has it turned on, btw.)13:18
troy_skwwii: Good news.15:55
thorwilnand_: hi! should i send banners for brainstorm announcement to you or to henrik?20:32
nand_thorwil: hi! To henrik, he is in charge of spreading the news :)20:46
nand_thorwil: the date is not definitive yet, but it will be during next week20:47
thorwilnand_: ok20:50

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