elmo# FIXME: Remove this LVM block after Etch releases00:18
elmo^-- mkinitramfs in gutsy ;-)00:18
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jdubbryce: unlikely ping (totally awesome X bug)04:03
* lamont wants a fix for debian bug#45779904:11
lamont(zenmap desktop file)04:11
jdubhey lamont04:15
lamonthowdy jdub04:15
lamontlong time no see04:16
calcasac: i finally got it all patched and tried to build ooo with lzma and xulrunner-1.9 and it failed, so i'm trying to debug it now04:38
calcasac: i'm not sure if it is actually related to xulrunner yet or not04:38
calcasac: i may end up sending you the patch and have you look over it to see if it looks right to you04:39
calcasac: i may have done something wrong since i haven't messed with autoconf stuff in a while04:39
calcasac: esp autoconf + pkgconfig code04:39
brycejdub: thanks :-)05:46
brycejdub: yeah it's surprising how many serious issues this one patch solves05:47
brycejdub: and I have a suspicion that if we use it for ALL intel graphics it may solve a slew of other similar bugs05:48
Hobbseegoing away is bad.05:59
TheMusoHobbsee: With all the email you have to catch up on, yes of course it is.06:02
HobbseeTheMuso: yeah...and updates.06:03
TheMusoMeh thats nothing compared to email.06:03
Hobbseeyeah, true06:03
jdubbryce: still there?06:12
brycejdub, yup06:12
jdubbryce: so here's why it's weird06:13
jdubthat black area is completely inactive (blacked out), 'cept for the mouse cursor06:14
jdubthen if i disable the metacity compositor06:14
jdubthe previously active area goes inactive (no more updates)06:14
jduband the previously inactive area becomes active (i can see the background and move windows into it)06:14
jduband i can switch between those areas by turning the compositor on and off06:14
jdubreproduceable after logout and reboot06:14
jdubit's wild :-)06:15
brycejdub, have you tried doing `xrandr --output LVDS  -off`?06:15
jdubbryce: yeah -- no change06:16
jdubnote that the whole screen area (1920x1200) is, uh, interactive... but isn't updated06:16
jdubyou can see the panel disappears into the black on the right there06:17
brycehmm, so by chance is the active area 1280x800?06:17
jdubyes, the size of the LVDS :-)06:17
bryceinteresting, so best bet is that the LVDS is confusing either X or metacity06:17
brycehave you tested running a different wm?06:18
jdubthe composite inversion thing is hilarious06:18
jdubno, just states of metacity06:18
jdubi'll try something else now06:18
* jdub finds something that is not objectionable06:18
bryceif I had to guess, I'd bet it's xrandr confusifying metacity06:18
brycewe've seen a variety of metacity and gnome bugs when resizing, disabling, etc. stuff through xrandr06:19
jdubaha, interesting06:20
jdubunder twm, it's all okay06:21
bryceahh, as I suspected06:21
jdubi am shocked and appalled that it's metacity :-)06:22
jdubthanks, i should've thought about running another wm06:22
bryceI suspect its looking at what outputs are *connected* rather than which are *enabled*06:22
jdubi'll bug marnanel about it06:22
nixternaluh oh, jdub is in da hizzy, hide your liquor!06:22
brycejdub, glad to help :-)06:22
jdubthis compositor switching thing will melt his face06:23
jdubif not his brain06:23
jdubmeanwhile, the vintage appeal of twm06:23
jdubalt-tab? HAHA. children.06:23
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brycehmm, wouldn't it be ironic if you switched compiz on and it worked fine there too?06:24
jdubthankfully, compiz just didn't start at all06:24
bryceah, whew06:25
brycemetacity is saved that embarrassment ;-)06:25
bryceslangasek: tjaalton and I have a couple questions about getting in some X package uploads for alpha5 if/when you're around06:50
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Hobbseebryce: ouch.  where are they?06:50
tjaaltonuploaded ~8h ago06:51
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bryceheya cjwatson06:51
slangasekbryce: ok, what packages?06:54
bryceslangasek: xserver-xorg-video-intel and xorg-server06:54
brycealso, we are considering syncing xserver-xorg-video-ati, which just had a new release yesterday06:55
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tjaaltona new _stable_ release, the first in 18 months or so :)06:55
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bryceright; we currently have a fairly recent git snapshot, but would like to get onto the official released version06:56
=== slangasek changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: Feature freeze, Alpha 5 freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy, #ubuntu+1 for hardy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
pittiGood morning06:56
bryceheya pitti06:56
Hobbseemorning pitti!06:57
Hobbseejust after i deleted all the package changes06:57
warp10Good morning06:57
slangasekbryce: please hold off the sync of the new -ati release until after the alpha.  The others would be uploads of targetted bugfixes?06:58
* pitti hugs Hobbsee and bryce, good morning06:58
* Hobbsee hugs pitti back :)06:58
pittiYokoZar: you're welcome06:58
bryceslangasek: ok.  Yes they're fixes for specific critical bugs06:59
YokoZarpitti: :)06:59
Hobbseebryce: i can't seem to find -intel.  where is it?  :)06:59
pittikeescook: fallout from the python-central goo; I think seb128 did a rebuild, I'll check it out today06:59
pittikeescook: hald virtual network> ah, that patch looks good; virtual interfaces are direct childs of computer? ok07:01
pittikeescook: I'll apply it after hardy-5, ok?07:01
bryceHobbsee: tjaalton uploaded it; it's also present at http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Uploads/07:01
pitti\sh_away: language-selector-common> if it was uploaded recently, it'll need a rebuild07:02
pitti\sh_away: hm, it was not; seems it'll just sort out itself07:02
Hobbseebryce: oh good.  that's a workable solution for hardy, then.07:02
keescookpitti: hal> yeah, I tried a few ideas (matching MAC addresses) etc, and in the end nothing really works well, and trying to represent a tree for network devices starts becoming non-trivial since you can have very non-tree relationships (vlan interfaces on different physical interfaces belonging to different bridges, etc etc)07:04
keescookso, due to madness, I just went the route of having them show up where other virtual devices do -- direct children of computer.07:04
pittikeescook: yeah, makes sense; the hal tree is organized by physical bus layout07:04
pittiso I'm fine with this solution07:05
pittikeescook: I didn't see upstream's comment on this, though?07:05
keescookokay, cool.  I'd _like_ vlan interfaces to show up as children of the physical dev, but i'd like that hinting to come from the kernel since I can't count on interface names showing the relationship.  Yeah, David hasn't commented still.  I pinged him on IRC, but no response there either.07:06
* ogra mumbles about the buildds not having http access to pull data from popcon at buildtime ...07:06
* Hobbsee grumbles about this keyboard bug.07:06
* keescook goes to bed07:07
slangasekbryce: so is 177492 is the only change not yet uploaded?  How soon could you have it uploaded if I said "yes" for alpha5?07:09
bryceimmediately; we have the packages ready to go07:09
bryceslangasek: the change (which involves one patch to xserver and two to -intel) essentially just flips a configuration option, and in the new config it solves 4 different issues07:10
slangasekok, please go for it07:11
brycecool thanks, tjaalton would you mind putting the upload in?07:12
tjaaltonok, let's try again07:12
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tjaaltonstill not getting them through07:18
brycetjaalton: where are you looking to see if they come through?07:21
tjaaltonmy inbox and the changes list :)07:21
tjaaltonsame thing 8h ago07:22
thegodfathersuperm1: ping?07:29
ograbryce, do you know if there is somebody anywhere in the world packaging the intel embedded graphics drivers (iedg) into .deb ?07:30
superm1thegodfather, hey07:31
superm1i'm off to bed in a few min, is it quick?07:31
thegodfathersuperm1: hey dude... yes quick.. did you read my suggestion to make the Depends on libmyth (= version) instead of (>= version) ?07:32
pittikeescook: btw, David and other upstreams are much more likely to comment on the hal ML; no idea why they ignore the bug tracker so much07:32
thegodfathersuperm1: all plugins refuses to work if the lib is newer anyway07:32
superm1thegodfather, yeah while we are in trunk, that does make more sense07:32
thegodfathersuperm1: might as well avoid the update until it's all in sync on the same system07:32
thegodfathersuperm1: ok cool. that's it.. good night :)07:33
slangasekasac: any objections to a no-change rebuild of NM against the current libnl?07:34
bryceogra, no idea; in fact this is the first I've heard of iedg07:34
asacslangasek: has libnl been upgraded?07:35
ograbryce, yeah i heard about it last week first time and was told it improves the classmate ... i'll try it myself then .. saldy i dont seem to be able to find the actual source, they have a binary rpm and an exe :/07:36
slangasekasac: yes, we have libnl 1.1-1 in hardy now07:36
bryceogra, hrm, not a good sign07:36
asacslangasek: oh ... thast most likely more recent than 1.1-pre8, right?07:36
ograbut they asvertise its linux compatibility (at least for xorg 7.0 to 7.2)07:37
asacslangasek: i think it won't build then ... at least 0.6 branch needed apatch for pre807:37
slangasekasac: it's no longer pre-, so yes it's more recent07:37
asacslangasek: i added this to my todo list. feel free to prod me in case don't happen quick enough07:38
slangasekasac: ack, thanks07:39
slangasekpitti: libpam-mount was recently promoted to main but not libhx, which is mentioned as a build-dependency in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportLibPamMount - oversight?07:42
pittislangasek: ah, oversight, sorry07:45
pittislangasek: I'll review and either promote, or demote libpam-mount again and ask for an MIR07:46
slangasekasac: confirmed that n-m FTBFS currently; Debian does seem to have the package, so perhaps this would be a straightforward merge07:46
slangasekpitti: ok, cheers07:46
asacslangasek: well ... there is a patch patch available. but i think upstream had concerned with the debian one, but afaik they care for latest libnl in the 0.6.6 update they wanna release07:48
asacand most likely its alrady in the 0.6.6 preview release they did last week ... i'll look07:48
slangasekok, I'll shut up and leave it in your hands :)07:48
dholbachgood morning07:49
asacslangasek: hehe ;)07:49
gesergood morning07:54
cjwatsonslangasek: hostname => hostname -f basically ends up being localhost() => gethostbyname(localhost())->h_name08:02
cjwatsonslangasek: /etc/hosts might not be configured in the livefs chroot, which could be it?08:02
slangasekmmm, right08:02
slangasekok, I'll upload a quick 'hostname -a || hostname' fix08:03
TheMusough wrong tab08:05
slangaseker, hostname -f || ...08:05
cjwatsonslangasek: how about also having livecd-rootfs copy /etc/hosts from the build system?08:12
cjwatsonof course live fs building is chroot-within-chroot and I don't know if the middle chroot has an /etc/hosts either08:12
slangasekcjwatson: well, I can't actually reproduce the error by nuking my /etc/hosts in a chroot... so conversely, it doesn't seem that copying /etc/hosts would fix it08:17
slangaseknot that having a good /etc/hosts would be a bad thing08:17
cjwatsonwhere did I put my unpacked glibc tree08:17
cjwatsonoh, mind you, if we copied /etc/hosts during build we'd have to take care to clean it out at the end too08:18
cjwatsonterranova's /etc/hosts is probably not massively useful elsewhere08:19
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cjwatsonthank you, glibc, for calling the file containing gethostbyname() "gethstbynm.c"08:21
* cjwatson hands Ulrich some more vowels08:21
* slangasek trembles to think how they'll be applied08:21
brycehi seb12808:24
seb128hey bryce08:24
pittihey seb128, bonjour08:24
pittiseb128: thanks for taking care of the jockey rebuild08:25
seb128guten tag pitti ;-)08:25
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seb128pitti: you are welcome, I didn't manage to use the bzr correctly though I think, sorry about that08:25
pittiseb128: no, it was fine08:25
thekornpitti: hi, I think I broke the ubuntu-bugpattern branch yesterday, I useed bzr 1.x and did not know that the brnach format changed,08:26
pittiseb128: unlike apport and r-m, jockey has an orig.tar.gz, though, which makes it a little harder08:26
seb128pitti: I diffed the current package and bzr, and there is 3 examples which are in one and not the other and the ChangeLog you generate, but the gnu format doesn't work on my installation08:26
thekornso, this branch can't be used with bzr <1.x anymore08:26
pittithekorn: that's just the format of your local checkout, I assume08:26
thekorn$ bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/apport/ubuntu-bugpatterns08:27
thekornbzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar pack repository format 1 (needs bzr 0.92)\n'08:27
cjwatsondoes look like hostname -f || hostname is the right answer, anyway08:29
cjwatsonthekorn: that would normally only happen if you explicitly did 'bzr upgrade'08:29
cjwatsonbzr doesn't auto-upgrade branches just 'cos you use a newer version of bzr08:29
thekornI might be wrong but I think a simple   bzr branch ... ; bzr commit; bzr push   changes the branch format08:36
cjwatsonthekorn: it gives you a local branch with a different format, but it doesn't change the format of the remote branch IME08:38
cjwatsonhmm, python-central doesn't seem entirely fixed; bzrtools still refuses to upgrade or even install from scratch, even after rebuilding with absolute current python-central08:42
slangasekand that's not a bzrtools bug?08:42
cjwatsonthough it seems to be a different problem from the original python-central one08:42
cjwatsonit's something to do with the pycentral upgrade handling08:42
cjwatsonhmm, or maybe not, I'm investigating08:43
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sorenHm.. The kernel udebs are missing on the alternate installer. Is this known?08:54
cjwatsondoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4793/08:55
cjwatsondoko: is this a python-central bug or a bzrtools bug?08:55
dokolooking ...08:55
cjwatsonsoren: damn, I forgot to change the seeds again08:56
cjwatsonwill fix08:56
sorencjwatson: The oddest part (IMO) is that the cd build logs talk about -7.. We've been using -8 happily for at least a few days have we not?08:58
cjwatsonsoren: depends which bit of the CD build logs. Like I say, I only updated d-i and forgot to update the seeds too.08:59
sorencjwatson: Sure, got that, but AFAIR we updated both to -8 a few days ago, and now I see "! Allowing d-i kernel versions: ['2.6.24-7-386']" in the build logs. Maybe I just remembered wrong. :/09:00
cjwatsonsoren: we did not. we updated *only* d-i because *I forgot*.09:04
cjwatsonsoren: you seem to be saying "but you remembered" and it's clear I didn't because I only made the change just now.09:04
cjwatsonshould be fixed now, anyway09:04
sorenErm.. Ok. I thought you were updating it to -9 now.09:07
sorenI'm clearly confused.09:07
pittidoko: so the python-pysqlite2 package is 100% integrated into python2.5?09:08
pittidoko: it says "Python-Version: 2.4, 2.5" (unlike -celementtree, which only has 2.4)09:08
* soren wonders which kernel version the dailies from yesterday and the day before used09:08
TheMusosoren: afaik -9 has no meta yet.09:08
pittidoko: oh, seems it's called 'sqlite3' in python2.5, not pysqlite209:10
sorenTheMuso: You're probably right.09:10
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cjwatsonmjg59: your VT switch font restoration patch works beautifully. Thanks!09:24
dokopitti: afaik there are three versions of the sqlite module, 2.5 only comes with sqlite309:25
pittidoko: python-pysqlite2 is still in main, built for 2.5, and has a different python module name, so I guess leaving it as a recommends doesn't hurt for now?09:26
dokohmm, if we don't need it, why keep it?09:27
\shdoko: ncurses FTBFS...it can't find the 32bit libs which were moved from /emul/ to /usr/lib32/ (ubuntu change)...I don't have the time to fix it myself...09:27
pittidoko: we could patch the upstream source to import s/pysqlite2/sqlite3/, but that would break with python2.4?09:27
dokopitti: I'll have a closer look later today09:28
pittidoko: ok, thanks09:28
FujitsuSomebody might want to throw the netbeans binary back to universe.09:29
pittiFujitsu: erk, done; thanks09:29
dokocjwatson: this time not pycentral, but bzrtools; there's a "workaround", which just removes all the preparation work done by pcentral. preparing a fix09:33
cjwatsondoko: ok, cool, thanks09:36
pittimvo: so you tried ndisgtk and think we can support it?09:47
sorenI've tried it.09:48
pittiit's shiny?09:48
sorenI like it.09:49
pitti. o O { bah, can we please have a su-to-root wrapper like Debian? those tiny debian deltas suck }09:49
sorenIt made setting up the nic in my d430 a breeze (I got the Dell 1505 wifi nic).09:49
pittisoren: why didn't you take a 3945?09:49
sorenpitti: DElivery time.09:49
pittisoren: well, in the interest of widening the scope of hw of the distro team that was a good choice :)09:50
sorenpitti: I needed this laptop before Boston (didn't want to be stuck on a plane for 20 hours with a non-kvm-capable machine).09:50
sorenpitti: That too :)09:50
mvopitti: I played with it a bit, I think its something that a lot of users find very useful, the code itself is relatively small, mostly running some ndiswrapper commands09:55
pittimvo: right; if it's actually working and DTRT, I'm all for it09:55
pittimvo: recently I was quite surprised to see ndiswrapper in main, so we should provide a GUI, too :)09:55
ogra_cmpcpitti, it was a SoC project and was in pretty good shape from the beginning :)09:56
mvopitti: :)09:56
pittimvo: btw, did you get an answer about the compiz session mgmt plugin?09:58
mvopitti: not yet :/09:59
mvopitti: I will keep naging about it09:59
pittidoko: ok, we are on top of the MIR stack10:16
pittidoko: I need to talk about elisa with Keybuk, all the others are incomplete or fully done10:16
* pitti ^5s doko10:16
dokopitti: cool, thanks!10:17
cjwatsonseb128: where does bug 192441 belong? it clearly isn't casper; I can reproduce the .spx problem on an installed system though not the .ogg problem10:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192441 in casper "Examples folder has files Hardy Ubuntu can't play" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19244110:33
pittidholbach: hm, I just tested add-5-a-day, which works fine10:33
pittidholbach: but update-signature breaks my signature10:33
dholbachpitti: how?10:34
pittidholbach: first, it adds a "-- " line to it, which shouldn't be part of .signature IMHO (the MUA should add it)10:34
pittisecond, it should append 5-a-day data, not prepend it (loks really nasty that way)10:34
dholbachpitti: let me check if evolution and thunderbird will do it10:34
pittiand third, it should leave a blank line10:34
pittidholbach: ok, let me cross-check with mutt10:34
seb128cjwatson: that's a duplicate, I closed it10:34
dholbachpitti: I'm happy to change the second part10:34
ion_Yeah, the MUA should definitely be the one that adds that IMHO.10:34
dholbachthunderbird is OK10:35
pittidholbach: hm, mutt adds "-- " unconditionally itself, thus I end up with two10:35
ion_What is this update-signature you speak of?10:35
dholbachion_: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day#Log10:35
pittidholbach: and it doesn't wrap the very long line10:35
pittidholbach: anyway, add-5-a-day works great! *hug*10:36
pittidholbach: so you think it's not worth the effort of adding some verbs to the bugs? just the package name?10:36
pittidholbach: WDYT about s/Bug /#/ for brevity?10:36
dholbachpitti: if you can think of a clever way update-signature can be used with adding comments10:37
dholbach# is fine with me10:37
pittidholbach: no, that would be entirely manual work10:37
tjaaltonhmm 5-a-day.. we've closed nearly 500 X bugs in the past 80 days, so it seems we're on track here :)10:37
pittilike "#12345 (fixed in hardy), #23456 (tested SRU), etc.10:37
dholbachpitti: how will the normal user use add-5-a-day and update-signature?10:38
dholbachwhere will this information come from?10:38
* pitti is speaking about "vi ~/.signature"10:38
dholbachcan't figure out evolution right now, I'll assume it adds "-- " itself10:38
pittibut if the general consensus is to just mention the package names, I'm fine with it10:38
pittidholbach: testing evo10:38
pittidholbach: meh - seems that evo doesn't even look at ~/.signature10:40
pittidholbach: I have to manually update it in evo10:40
pittidholbach: but I don't have "-- " in the signature field there, evo adds that automatically10:40
dholbachI think that jcastro did some symlinking somewhere and it worked10:40
dholbachok, so we're safe10:40
pittidholbach: so, drop "-- ", and s/Bug /#/, and auto line-wrap?10:41
seb128pitti: evo has its list of signature or can use a script10:41
pittiand maybe append the 5-a-day data, not prepend it?10:41
dholbachthe signature will be a bit big ten10:41
dholbachalready done10:41
* pitti hugs dholbach10:41
dholbachif you do the auto-line wrap, it might get a bit big10:41
dholbachbut I can do it10:41
* pitti tries to squeeze his former 3-line sig into fewer lines10:41
pittidholbach: hm; well, let's keep it like it is for now10:42
pittiit just looks a bit awkward, but I think that's more a mutt bug10:42
pittidholbach: BTW, I guess it is ok if "my 5 today" are really "my 5 yesterday", since I update the sig in the morning :)10:46
dholbachpitti: I think everybody can live with that ;-)10:47
dholbachpycentral crash10:52
* dholbach fetches ubuntu710:52
pittikeescook: I tagged your patch (Description: and Upstream:) and committed it to ubuntu's hal bzr; I'll upload it after alpha-510:52
MacSlowWhat could I do to check if a mail I sent to ubuntu-art was actually received or rejected?10:53
seb128pitti: did you upload the fix for duplicates battery?10:53
pittiMacSlow: you can check the web archive10:53
stgraberMacSlow: you can check the archives of the list10:53
pittiseb128: I'm just about to commit it10:53
stgraberbah, pitti was faster :)10:54
seb128pitti: ah ok, I was under the impression you had a pending upload when I pinged about that one week ago10:54
seb128pitti: good ;-)10:54
pittiwell, a TODO list item10:54
dholbachpitti: http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/five-a-day_0.7_all.deb - let me know if it's better and I'll upload to PPA10:54
seb128pitti: maybe you can upload that now? quite some users notice it10:54
pittiseb128: well, I think I can upload it now, too10:54
pittiit's just a bug fix, after all10:54
* seb128 hugs pitti10:54
geserpitti: what is needed to get icatalan, idutch, ispanish and ilithuanian back into the archive? It looks like it was promoted twice from universe to main which mislead LP to remove it completely.10:55
pittierm, you mean it's gone?10:55
geserpitti: e.g. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/icatalan/+index#10:55
pittigeser: I'll ask the soyuz guys10:56
Fujitsupitti: I filed a bug on that a couple of days ago.10:57
pittiFujitsu: oh, which? thanks10:57
* Fujitsu looks.10:57
geserpitti: I asked cprov about it and he said it needs archive admin approval to get them back10:58
FujitsuBug #19254710:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192547 in soyuz "Doubly-overridden binaries get eaten" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19254710:58
MacSlowhm... sending an email with my ubuntu.com-address apparently gets silently rejected by the ubuntu-art list... I know that I'm subscribed to it with my bangang.de-address10:58
pittiFujitsu: thanks10:58
geserthere is also bug #193202 complaining about the missing idutch package in hardy11:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193202 in dutch "Missing dependency idutch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19320211:01
cjwatsonseb128: thanks11:13
seb128cjwatson: you are welcome11:13
dholbachpitti: http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/five-a-day_0.7_all.deb - fixed another small bug11:13
pittidholbach: \o/11:13
dholbachpitti: let me know if it works for you and I'll push to PPA11:14
pittiNameError: global name 'fn2' is not defined11:14
pittiargh, pycentral11:14
seb128curses doko11:14
pittiI have 0.5.50ubuntu6, that's not recent enough, I guess11:14
dholbachpitti, seb128: try 0ubuntu7 - it's in LP already11:14
* dholbach had the same problem11:15
pittinot yet in dist-upgrade11:15
pittiI'll fetch it11:15
dholbachit's weird - how often does the publisher run?11:15
dholbachto me it seems like it's running only once a day11:15
seb128dholbach: I've no problem, I don't update that often, just speaking about all the python breakages since yesterday ;-)11:15
dholbachI had the same experience in the last days already11:15
cjwatsondholbach: it had some problems yesterday and some separate problems a few days ago, but AFAICS is working fine now11:15
dholbachcjwatson: great - thanks a lot11:16
cjwatsongb.archive seems behind for some reason; I thought it updated hourly11:16
cjwatsonarchive is up to date though11:16
dokoseb128: the fix is in -711:17
pittiyep, that worked11:17
seb128doko: ok11:19
pittiseb128: ok, hal patch works; my laptop lost a battery *sniff*11:20
pittidholbach: much better, but I still prefer having my original sig at the top, and the 5-a-day list at the bottom11:22
ion_Just remember that the evilness of an email signature is exponentially relative to the number of lines in it. :-)11:23
pittiseb128: uploaded11:25
seb128pitti: danke11:25
dholbachpitti: oh, I thought I fixed that - hang on11:28
dholbachpitti: sorry my bad, fixing11:30
dholbachpitti: fixed and uploaded11:34
dholbachthanks again11:34
pittidholbach: hm, I wget'ed and dpkg -i'ed again, no change11:35
pittidholbach: or did you upload to the PPA?11:36
dholbachpitti: to PPA, but just re-uploaded to holba.ch/temp again11:36
dholbachpitti: if you want to try, that'd be great11:36
pitti    f.write(text)11:37
pittiValueError: I/O operation on closed file11:37
pittion line 7611:37
dholbachok... that's what I get for trying to do too many things at once11:37
pittiyeah, that looks quite obvious :)11:37
dholbachyes it does :)11:37
pittidholbach: I swapped the f.close() and f.write(), looks great now!11:38
dholbachthanks a lot pitti11:38
dholbachI'll upload the changes to hardy ppa and gutsy ppa in a bit :)11:38
mjg59cjwatson_: Excellent11:57
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Sevenhillhi there12:00
Sevenhillcould anyone say where are kdm's Xsession files ?12:01
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jdstrandasac: hi!12:40
jdstrandasac: do you know of any workarounds for bug #19340512:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193405 in firefox-3.0 "firefox-3.0: doesn't work as a preferred application" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19340512:40
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
Ngjdstrand: custom application -> firefox-3.0 %s  ;)12:43
Ngfwiw, I think the xml file that lists the available applications is in gnome-control-center12:44
jdstrandNg: tried that already :P12:44
Ngjdstrand: works here12:44
jdstrandNg: it goes to use firefox, but firefox gives an error12:44
seb128pitti: bouhouh, the retracer is still crashing12:46
seb128pitti: didn't you fix the "ValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>'" issue?12:46
emgentjdstrand, ping12:50
jdstrandemgent: pong12:51
emgentjdstrand, cacti patch it'snt pubblic now12:51
emgenti will try to write this12:51
emgentand mail upstram, but i know that there are a rivate discussion about this vuln in cacti group12:52
jdstrandemgent: if the patch isn't public, I can publish what you have if you want12:52
jdstrandmeaning publish the patch for the 2 vulns, and when this gets sorted out upstream, we can do the rest12:53
emgentit's cool write this and mail upstram? or commit old patch and wait cactipeople ?12:53
jdstrandif you would rather wait, that is fine too12:53
jdstrandemgent: it's up to you, but I'd like to use the patch that upstream ultimately uses12:53
emgentjdstrand, oh ok..12:53
emgentwell, now is good commit old patch and i will reopen new bug for new vuln12:54
jdstrandso please, get involved, write the patch and submit it upstream12:54
emgentsure i will do!12:54
jdstrandemgent: ok cool-- thanks! :)12:54
emgentsomeone have docs about python-launchpad-bugs ?12:54
emgenti'd like complete https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPentest/ptreport12:55
emgentjdstrand, add in todolist ehehe :P12:55
geseremgent: I've added support to requestsync to use p-lp-bugs based on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugHelper/Dev/python-launchpad-bugs/Bug12:58
emgentgeser, big thanks12:58
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pittiseb128: yes, I did13:07
pittiseb128: but only the 'outside' one, not in the chroots13:07
seb128pitti: ah ok, will do that then13:10
seb128pitti: hum13:10
seb128pitti: the dup finder should be patched then?13:11
pittiseb128: I can fix it, yes13:11
pittiseb128: no, the outside instance *should* be fixed13:11
pittiit crashed there?13:11
seb128it chashed on "checking for duplicates"13:11
seb128which is the system instance I think13:11
pittiah, seems you are already attached to the i386 screen13:12
seb128pitti: detached13:12
StevenKpitti: You can share with screen -x13:12
pittiseb128: I just fixed one instance of the problem, thekorn fixed all of them upstream13:12
pittino, that was the bug I wasn't able to fix13:13
seb128ah ok13:13
pittiyesterday I fixed another crash13:13
seb128that thing is crash land :-(13:13
pittisure, any(empty set) must fail13:14
* pitti fixes13:14
seb128StevenK: thanks13:14
pittiseb128: apparently this bug does not have any attachment13:14
pittiseb128: restarted *crossing fingers*13:16
pittiseb128: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/python-launchpad-bugs/+bug/191963/comments/313:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191963 in python-launchpad-bugs "ValueError: Unsupported attachment-type '<type 'set'>' " [Undecided,In progress]13:20
seb128pitti: thanks13:21
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jwendellseb128, GNOME 2.22 will ship GDM 2.20 :)13:25
seb128jwendell: yeah, I know, we didn't update ;-)13:25
jwendellseb128, you knew it hehe13:25
jwendelldeja vu13:25
seb128jwendell: do you still read the tsclient bugs on launchpad?13:25
seb128jwendell: there is an user who reopened the warning on disconnect one you closed upstream13:26
jwendellseb128, yep, but some guy has asked for its maintence13:26
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\shseb128: known to you that somehow "network" places doesn't work?13:27
seb128\sh: yes13:27
pittiwow, most new python crash reports are duplicates13:28
jwendellseb128, tsclient needs more love, I can't supply it because I'm giving my love to vinagre13:31
jwendellseb128, I hope to support rdp in vinagre soon13:31
Colossus73 according to what I read here:http://www.gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.4.html the print option should be in the file menu and leading to a window allowing print preview and print WITHOUT gutenprint13:32
ogra_cmpcjwendell, the ltsp crowd would love you for that13:32
Colossus73but the print option is not in file menu of the gimp ubuntu package13:32
Colossus73how come?13:32
jwendellogra_cmpc, :)13:33
ticklerhow you get acer orbi cam working on ubuntu13:33
ticklerit uses bison drivers13:33
Colossus73does nobody know why?13:33
ticklermy wireless works fine after i patched madwifi13:33
StevenKColossus73: It is in the File menu if you right click an open image13:34
Colossus73there is no print option in the file menu of the image13:35
Colossus73I tried it13:35
Colossus73StevenK: which package do you have of gimp?13:35
StevenKI just tried it and it worked13:35
Colossus73StevenK: can you tell me the version and the package please?13:35
StevenKColossus73: 2.4.2-0ubuntu0.7.10.113:36
* Colossus73 checking13:36
StevenKColossus73: Do you have gimp-print installed?13:37
Colossus73ok i understand what you mean13:37
Colossus73StevenK: I DON'T mean Gutenprint13:37
Colossus73StevenK: please go here:http://www.gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.4.html13:37
Colossus73and look for improved printing13:37
StevenKRight, okay, you're talking the native plug-in13:37
Colossus73you will see that the print window is not the one of gutenprint13:38
Colossus73so where is the native plug-in?13:38
Colossus73there is even a print preview!13:38
StevenKNot enabled in Gutsy, it wasn't suitable to enable when Gimp was updated.13:38
Colossus73ah ok13:38
StevenKSince it was about two weeks before Gutsy's release.13:38
Colossus73thanks for the explanation13:38
StevenKColossus73: No problem, happy to help.13:38
Colossus73StevenK: will be ok for Hardy then?13:39
jwendellseb128, ogra_cmpc when it happens, we can replace tsclient :)13:39
StevenKColossus73: It was enabled for Hardy. By me, actually. :-)13:39
Colossus73good !13:39
Colossus73Thank you!13:39
StevenKColossus73: No problem13:39
Colossus73do you think I can download the gimp hardy package on gutsy?13:39
ogra_cmpcjwendell, well, i was pondering that for edubuntu for this release already ...13:39
seb128jwendell: cool13:40
Colossus73StevenK: I mean installing the gimp hard package on gutsy?13:40
ogra_cmpcColossus73, you can grab the source package and try to build it in gutsy13:41
jwendellogra_cmpc, the problem is rdp support13:41
StevenKIt wouldn't work.13:41
ogra_cmpcjwendell, pfft, windows13:41
Colossus73ok, waiting for Hardy then.13:41
StevenKIt requires changes to gutenprint to not provide the plugin13:41
Colossus73StevenK: thank you so much, bye.13:43
StevenKColossus73: No problem13:43
* ogra_cmpc wonders why evolution exchange has to run all the time after he once started an app using e-d-s13:52
* ogra_cmpc uninstalld13:53
warrendis it normal that since that gutsy is out gdebi-kde doesn't work?14:04
Riddellwarrend: no14:04
warrendit would be nice to fix the bug :)14:04
ogra_cmpcseb128, whats the reason for the above ? seems e-d-s properly stops if i close the app ("dates" in this case) evo-xchange doesnt and hogs 8M14:04
warrenda friend said kubuntu wasn't able to install debs14:05
warrendi found this bug on launchpad but it doesn't move :)14:05
seb128ogra_cmpc: bug?14:05
seb128ogra_cmpc: or lack of feature14:05
Riddellwarrend: what's the bug14:05
ogra_cmpcseb128, so its supposed to stop ?14:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156031 in gdebi "Kubuntu - GDebi fails to install .deb package" [Undecided,New]14:06
mvo_warrend: it seems to be working for me14:06
warrendwith kubuntu?14:06
mvo_warrend: hardy, gdebi 0.3.5 (latest bzr version, but the kde bits didn't change compared to the released version)14:07
warrendow but i use gutsy14:07
mvo_warrend: oh, sorry14:07
warrendbut i've read the bug still exists on hardy too14:07
ogra_cmpcseb128, i mean, its rather thyeoretical anyway ... i dont assume if people have to used dates as their calendar app they even would have evo-xchange installed ... but on the classmate 8M RAM are quite a lot :)14:08
Riddellwarrend: works for me14:08
warrendon gutsy?14:08
Riddellwarrend: what version of kde do you have?14:08
Riddellno on hardy14:09
warrendi don't use hardy, yet14:09
Riddellwarrend: kde is installed from where?14:09
seb128ogra_cmpc: there is a bug about "evolution-exchange should not be started if the plugins is not activated14:09
warrendfrom ubuntu's official repos14:09
ogra_cmpcseb128, well, i would like it to stop if nothing uses it anymore ... thats a bit different14:09
warrendit looks like a problem with encoding14:10
seb128ogra_cmpc: it should, that's a bug14:11
Riddellwarrend: what error does it give when you run gdebi-kde on the command line?14:11
ogra_cmpcseb128, i'll file it if i'm back on my workstation ... i guess upstream is better here, right ?14:12
warrendeuh i am not at home but i can't remember the error14:12
warrendbut it is the same as on launchpad14:12
warrendbut gdebi-kde launchs and when you want to install a package it crashes14:13
asacpitti: are the retracers running? (bug 193247)14:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193247 in firefox-3.0 "firefox crashed with SIGSEGV in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19324714:15
seb128ogra_cmpc: yes14:15
warrendwhen i will be on my pc i will come back with the error14:16
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seb128dholbach, pitti: is the python-launchpad-bugs api documented somewhere?14:36
dholbachseb128: best to ask bdmurray and thekorn - in a call right now14:37
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geserseb128: there is an example how to work on bugs with p-lp-bugs in the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugHelper/Dev/python-launchpad-bugs/Bug14:52
dholbachpydoc launchpadbugs  has some holes in it but is much better than it was14:53
dholbachI usually copy and paste stuff I've used before ;)14:53
pittiasac: yes, again; they crashed earlier14:57
pittiseb128: I don't know either; maybe still in the GSoC wiki docs14:58
seb128dholbach, geser, pitti: I was wondering if there is some function returning the packages maintained by a team but that doesn't seem to be the case14:58
asacpitti: ok thanks.14:59
dholbachseb128: no, unfortunately not afaik14:59
pittiseb128: it's primarily focused on bugs still14:59
dholbachmaybe there's a hidden   team/+rdf-bugs    something *shrug*15:00
dholbachmight be a good idea to ask in #launchpad15:00
slytherinany core developer from bluetooth team here?15:15
dholbachslytherin: #ubuntu-mobile might be a good idea15:16
pittilool: any idea why elisa doesn't work at all on hardy? the process is running, but it doesn't produce any window15:30
loolpitti: I have no idea, but as a lot of opengl hackery is involved, I would suggest checking with metacity if you're running compiz15:31
pittilool: I am running metacity15:31
pittilool: Scott just tried on compiz, and there it just kills all windows15:32
pittion my box it just sits there15:32
USN1520I fully understand this is not the place for newbs to discuss development, however15:32
loolI didn't try it under hardy at all yet; it worked fine on sid though15:32
USN1520I love ubuntu and want to help15:32
pittilool: so that's not just the standard pygtk app, I figure :)15:32
loolpitti: Oh you might have to wipe your config15:32
USN1520how do I get started15:32
pittilool: which config?15:32
loolpitti: ~/.elisa15:32
azeemUSN1520: see the /topic15:32
pittilool: I didn't have an ~/.elisa before15:32
loolpitti: Ah15:32
pittilool: today was the first time ever I tried it15:33
loolpitti: I'm out of the idea, but a new upstream is pending15:33
pittilool: ok, thanks; just thought I'd check with you :)15:33
loolpitti: Thanks for telling me it's broken, I'll test the new upstream (which upstream wants into hardy) under hardy asap15:33
pittiUSN1528: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu has some useful entry points15:34
pittioh, gone already15:34
pittilool: thanks15:34
pittilool: I prepared some dependency fixes in Ubuntu which also apply to Debian; I think I'll just report them to the BTS then, maybe we can even avoid a fork15:35
loolpitti: With pleasure15:40
dholbachUBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 15 minutes!15:45
crevettehello dholbach15:49
dholbachhey crevette15:50
crevetteI would like to propose obex-data-server to be included in main; from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess I need to ask here beofre do the MIR15:50
slytherindholbach: ^^15:53
dholbachslytherin: better ask the guys in #ubuntu-mobile - I'm not taking care of any bluetooth related packages any more - they took over15:54
slytherindholbach: I am not doing MIR, I just directed him to the wiki page. But yes I have interest in that MIR. I suppose there should be a generic discussion in devel lists or channel right?15:56
dholbachslytherin: I haven't filed a MIR in a while, maybe somebody else knows better?15:56
dholbachMainInclusionRequiremens on the wiki should know15:57
dholbachor UbuntuMainInclusionQueue15:57
slytherinOk. crevette: be patient then. SOmeone here will answer sooner or later. :-)15:57
dholbachsorry :)15:57
slytherincrevette: Or you can also send mail to ubuntu-devel-discuss list15:58
pittilool: bug+patch sent15:58
loolpitti: Thanks!15:58
slytherinpitti: Can you help crevette? He plans to file MIR for obex-data-server. He wants to discuss it here first (as per the process).16:00
crevetteslytherin: okay16:01
pitticrevette: o-d-s sounds pretty reasonable, so please go ahead16:01
crevettehello pitti16:01
pitticrevette: I just want to point out that it's subject to Feature Freeze and thus needs an exception16:01
crevetteI'll do that tonight16:01
crevettepitti: yeah, I understand; o-d-s 0.1 release came few days before FF16:02
slytherinpitti: Just for the record ... It is required for the file transfer functionality of latest bluez-gnome.16:03
loolpitti: From upstream:16:05
lool17:04 < philn> yes it's a known bug wrt a deadlock in xcb16:05
lool17:04 < philn> in svn of pigment we have a workaround to avoid it16:05
pittilool: good to know!16:06
davmor2pitti: Should Jockey install ndis or is it a todo?16:07
pittidavmor2: neither nor ATM16:07
pittidavmor2: if you have some recipes how to do some useful things with it, I'm all ears :)16:08
keescookpitti: hello!  yeah, hal irc seems to be an idling contest.16:08
seb128carlos, pitti: do you know if not having locales like "en_US" is a bug or what is expected? we have en_US.UTF-8 but not en_US and similar with other locales16:08
pittiseb128: it's expected, we only support UTF-8 locales16:08
carlospitti: isn't en_US supposed to be an alias of en_US.UTF-8 ?16:09
davmor2pitti: No development skills sorry :( I just test Riddell wasn't entirely sure if ndis should be detect and installed or not and recommended asking you :)16:09
seb128carlos: that's sort of my question16:09
seb128the setlocale() manpage says it should work with en_US16:09
pittidavmor2: not necessary; writing down the steps for making a particular piece of hw work is enough (like, install this package, configure that file like this, etc.)16:09
seb128but it returns NULL on ubuntu16:10
slytherindavmor2: which cards still need ndis?16:10
pittigrep 'en_US\>' /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED16:10
pittien_US ISO-8859-116:10
pittiseb128: ^16:11
seb128hum, k16:11
pittiso I think it's correct for our purposes16:11
seb128pitti: the issue is that gdm calls setlocale() on the values it gets from LANGUAGE16:11
seb128using LANGUAGE is likely wrong there16:11
pittiof course you can always manually create it, but we don't support it16:11
seb128but I'm discussing with upstream16:11
pittiright, it is16:11
pittiit probably wants setlocale(LC_ALL, "")?16:12
pittikeescook: your patch is in hardy, btw16:13
davmor2slytherin: broadcom bcm4328 series16:14
pittidavmor2: uh, that doesn't work with b43 or at least bcm43xx?16:15
Longfieldhello there ... I have a question about the opensync packages: why are they still with the 0.19 version, even for Hardy, although the development is already at 0.36 and the 0.22 version is considered stable ?16:15
davmor2pitti: not detected I just followed the info off the wiki16:15
seb128pitti: could be, they had setlocale (LC_CTYPE, NULL) and changed for whatever reason, anyway I'll sort that, thanks for the reply, I was not sure if en_US was supposed to be an alias to the utf8 locale or not16:16
slytherindavmor2: Are they not supported by new b43 drivers? I myself haven't looked the 'supported cards list', so please provide some more info.16:16
davmor2slytherin: pitti: I will gladly provide you with what ever info you need if you let me know how/where to get it16:17
davmor2need to reboot be right back16:18
* slytherin wonders why people keep buying broadcom wireless hardware. :-(16:19
davmor2slytherin: What info do you need?16:21
slytherindavmor2: Can you paste output of dmesg somewhere?16:22
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
davmor2slytherin: yes hang on16:23
davmor2slytherin: for lspci -vvnn go here http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11798811/lspci.txt  and for dmesg goto http://www.davmor2.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/dmesg.txt16:28
davmor2hang on I get an error with the dmesg one16:29
davmor2slytherin: that's fixed it it had wrong permissions16:30
davmor2same link16:30
davmor2slytherin: currently testing Kubuntu on the machine16:31
slytherindavmor2: I don't see even a mention of broadcom in dmesg output16:31
davmor2slytherin: that's what I'm saying it isn't detected at all until I use ndisgtk/wrapper in order to enable it16:32
davmor2slytherin: then it works flawlessly16:33
warrendcan someone say if flashplugin works again with kde 3.5.9 ?16:34
slytherindavmor2: Ok. I have to leave now. You better bug pitti about this since he is developer. Make sure you document the steps to make the card work and contact him.16:35
Riddellwarrend: yes.  #kubuntu for user support16:35
davmor2slytherin: ta16:35
warrendbtw thanks :)16:36
davmor2pitti: any ideas?  the card is listed under the lspci.txt file.  Normally I just use ndisgtk and the drivers I got off the forums to make my wifi card work.16:37
pittidavmor2: do you see it in lspci?16:38
pittidavmor2: if yes, then it's possible to make it work with jockey16:38
pittidavmor2: please open a bug, paste your lspci output, and describe the steps to configure the card for you16:38
pittiArneGoetje: I fixed langpack-o-matic to generate correct changelogs for updating already existing language-support-* packages, and now it doesn't update them any more if nothing changed16:39
pittiArneGoetje: so following the procedure in operator-guide.txt works now16:40
keescookpitti: thanks for adding it.  :)  virt-manager will work for me now.  :)16:42
* \sh wonders who sits at canonical hq and toture his brain and comes up with names like "Intrepid Ibex" 16:42
davmor2pitti: np's16:42
pittidavmor2: cool, thanks16:42
ArneGoetjepitti: ok, thanks a lot16:48
pitticarlos: how come that the gutsy 20080208 update tarball is so incredibly big? we had a full export on 2008020516:48
pittiArneGoetje: that is, if my bzr push ever finishes (will happen eventually)16:48
ArneGoetjepitti: I will check it out tomorrow16:49
carlospitti: that's a mix of the number of new package updates uploaded into Ubuntu's archive and the new feature we introduced to invalidate cache with each template update16:49
pitticarlos: but in three days, gutsy can hardly accumulate 200 MB worth of new translations?16:50
pitticarlos: with update packages that big we don't actually need them any more...16:50
carlospitti: yeah, but template updates mean that all translations are exported again16:50
pitticarlos: ok, but even if that is justified, the templates in gutsy don't change16:51
pitti(why does it need to happen, though? that sounds inefficient)16:51
carlospitti: with the optimisation I told you about last month, it shouldn't grow so much16:51
carlospitti: agreed, the problem is that we need to add an extra optimisation16:52
carlosto invalidate the cache only when new messages are added/removed16:52
pitticarlos: what's the rationale for invalidating the .pos in the first place?16:52
pittiadding new strings to the template doesn't need to change them16:52
pittiand for removing a string the overhead of duplicating the .po/.mo is much bigger than just keeping the now unused string16:52
carlospitti: old templates that are only updated in later versions16:53
asacRiddell: gnash folks told me that qt has fixed some licensing issue for gnash recently (for both qt3 and qt4) ... can you confirm that there was a licensing change?16:53
carlosthat produces that old .po version miss some translations16:53
carlosonce the template is fixed and the new version appear16:53
carlosthe new added strings will be exported too16:53
carlosremoved strings would be ignored too, given that they only cause waste space16:54
pitti(and waste much less than having two copies)16:54
carlosso that's something else to consider to optimise it even more16:54
carlospitti: indeed16:54
pitticarlos: can this be disabled until it is fixed properly?16:54
pittii. e. only include a new .po if the .po itself changed, not the template?16:54
carlospitti: is more easy to fix it properly, I will discuss with jtv and kiko whether we could get it fixed with a cherry pick16:55
pittiso that we can continue to build daily updates to stables, and put them into the archive as well?16:55
carlospitti: this shouldn't affect stable releases16:55
pitticarlos: ah, ok; it sounded pretyt complex :)16:55
carlosonly development ones16:55
pitticarlos: well, I'm talking about gutsy16:55
carlosis gutsy big again?16:56
carlosI was talking about Hardy...16:56
pitticarlos: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11847269/ubuntu-gutsy-translations-update.tar.gz (20080208) -> 293 MB16:56
pitticarlos: with 20080205 (three days earlier) being a full export16:56
carlospitti: oh, that!16:56
carlosthat's just that 20080205 is not yet on -updates16:57
carlosso I didn't set it as the base one to get updates from...16:57
carlosyou told me that next Monday it should move into -updates, right?16:57
pitticarlos: hm, 20080205 is shown as 'full export being tested'16:57
carlosright, but is not yet the base package in Gutsy16:58
pittiwell, it is in -proposed16:58
pittiso it'll be small again once it moves to -updates?16:58
carlosis not hte way the system works, if you have a use case to do it in that other way, I'm happy to discuss such change16:58
pittiif it's meant to work that way, I'll shut up16:58
carlospitti: yes16:58
pittiI was just a bit concerned and thought that there was something wrong16:59
carlospitti: it's designed in that way, but I'm open to improvements, you are the main user of that feature, so it should work as you need it to work...16:59
pitticarlos: I don't particularly mind, I disable the daily updates while we test -proposed16:59
pittibut for clarity and for internal testing it might be more useful to produce small ones right after doing a full export16:59
pittieither the full export is good, then we'll use it16:59
pittior it is bad, and then we'll need a new one anywa17:00
pitticarlos: at least I'm relieved; thanks for the heads-up!17:00
* pitti hugs soren for the kvm upload17:01
carlospitti: however, in Hardy, is actually a problem, should I push for a fix as soon as possible or could you wait for next month's release?17:01
sorenpitti: Oh, I was just about to tell you :)17:01
pitticarlos: I think we can wait17:01
carlospitti: ok, thanks17:01
pitticarlos: given the size of current update packages we should put new -base packages into hardy soon anyway17:02
cjwatson\sh: release names? let's just say his name begins with M17:02
LaserJockand ends with an ark17:02
LaserJockI'm pretty sure this must be some passive-aggressive way to get us to use release numbers more instead of code names ;-)17:03
LaserJockI like the name but I just know I'm gonna slaughter it in some important changelog or doc17:05
Keybuk\sh: it takes a lot of effort to come up with something that's not "Itchy Iguana" ;)17:06
\shKeybuk: hehehe...I think a good whisky helps too17:07
* \sh 's rushing home17:07
Keybukpitti: an fsck idea occurs17:10
Keybukthere's no particular reason that we have to force it on mount count in the disk options17:10
Keybukwe could just expose the "last checked" attribute through HAL, and if it's been a particularly long time, notify the user graphically (or by e-mail on server) that a check could be a good idea17:12
Keybukand offer them a chance to decide when to schedule it17:12
ogra_cmpcsounds great17:12
Keybuk"Your filesystem has not been checked in six months, we recommend periodic checks to detect disk errors early and avoid data loss.17:13
Keybuk Would you like to schedule a check?17:13
Keybuk (o) no17:13
Keybuk ( ) yes, when I next restart17:13
Keybuk ( ) yes, in [ ] hours17:13
Keybuktype thing17:13
ogra_cmpchow would you technically do the last ?17:13
ogra_cmpcforce a reboot ?17:14
Keybukogra_cmpc: shutdown to single user mode, or force a reboot17:14
ogra_cmpcremount the disk17:14
mathiazseb128: how did you setup the desktop-bugs mailing list ?17:16
seb128mathiaz: we asked IS if we could get a list, why?17:16
mathiazseb128: right - I've done that step.17:17
Keybukarguably we should have a little notification icon pop up if some other admin does "shutdown -r +60" anyway17:18
carloscjwatson: Hi, I did a debian-installer update for Hardy today based on what you have in people.ubuntu.com17:19
davmor2pitti: bug 193731  having issues with the driver files though17:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193731 in jockey "Broadcom bcm 4328 install details for hp pavillion dv9657em laptop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19373117:20
hungerthat aptitude keeps crashing is really annoying:-(17:21
davmor2pitti: is there anything else other than the drivers that you need?17:21
Keybukcjwatson: d-i doesn't love me17:24
carlospitti: should I accept translations for https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/x264/1:0.svn20071224-0.0ubuntu1 ?17:25
carlospitti: it's in multiverse17:25
slangaseksomerville32, mr_pouit: you're aware that xubuntu dailies are oversized?17:26
pittiKeybuk: you can also trigger it after a regular time interval AFAIR17:40
pittiKeybuk: 'tune2fs -i 1m' or so17:41
pittiKeybuk: but it doesn't change the overall situation?17:41
carlosseb128: hi, is gnome-settings-daemon a new package split from gnome-control-center ?17:42
seb128carlos: hey, yes17:43
carlosI'm approving new .pot files that are still waiting for hardy17:43
ogra_cmpcpitti, dropping the bootcount would improve it a lot17:44
seb128ah ok17:44
seb128anyway I was just going for dinner, see you later17:44
carlosand saw things like gnome-vfs2 being rename to gnome-vfs17:44
carlostoo late ;-)17:44
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Keybukpitti: why wouldn't it change it?17:58
Riddellasac: yes, qt is now GPL (2 and) 318:06
pittiogra_cmpc: you can interrupt it now18:30
pittigood night18:30
ogra_cmpcoh, i didnt know that18:31
MacSlowKeybuk, btw... I will have to skip exposing shortcuts for compiz-plugins zoom or ezoom as they are usually only bound to a mouse-button plus modifier... and I don't want to start parsing the values I get form gconf or libcompizconfig18:45
MacSlowKeybuk, and instead of having a binding like "<Super>Button3" be exposed as "Super+" I'd rather not show it at all18:46
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mvodoes "Fetching and installing the upgrade can take several hours and cannot be canceled after the download is finished." sound ok or can it be improved (context is the release upgrader)19:03
mjg59I'd make it two sentences19:04
mjg59"Fetching and installing the upgrade can take several hours. Once the download has finished, the process cannot be cancelled"19:05
mvothanks, that sounds better19:05
* mvo updates19:05
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crimsun_davmor2: regarding your query, there does not seem to be a suitable level that's consistent for "most" codecs20:15
crimsun_davmor2: at least three different AC'97- and HDA-based ones will react differently: some Analog Devices ones driving the former will distort horribly above %80, others be barely audible, etc.  The situation only becomes more muddy when one considers the inconsistency also appears across Realteks, Vias, ...20:17
slangasekstgraber: the edubuntu 'product' on iso.qa.ubuntu.com needs to be adjusted for alpha-5, the server CDs have been reduced to a single 'addon' CD named 'hardy-addon-$arch'20:21
stgraberslangasek: I don't think I'll have a code/SQL update ready soon enough for Alpha-5 but that'll be fixed for Alpha-6 (I also need to move the LTSP testcase from Edubuntu server to Ubuntu alternate)20:23
slangasekstgraber: ok; is there a good way to collect feedback on edubuntu addon out-of-band, then?20:24
slangasekif not, we can forego it since the add-on CD isn't installable at all20:25
stgraberslangasek: I'll test it myself (Install Ubuntu Alternate with LTSP (extra boot parameter) and try the Add-on)20:25
slangasekthanks :)20:25
slangasekstgraber: otherwise, alternate CDs are up for testing now20:29
stgraberslangasek: thanks, I'll ping people in #ubuntu-testing20:30
TheMusoslangasek: How long till live CDs are likely to land?20:32
slangasekTheMuso: the first of them should land within the hour, I think20:33
TheMusoslangasek: Great, thank.20:33
davmor2crimsun_: Right okay.  Thanks for letting me know.20:33
cjwatsoncarlos: cool, thanks20:39
cjwatsonKeybuk: d-i> -v20:39
Keybukcjwatson: was having a really hard time persuading it to resize an NTFS filesystem20:43
Keybukit didn't help that it appears to be almost impossible to run chkdsk in vista20:43
cjwatsonKeybuk: odd, hardy? should be fairly ok now20:49
cjwatsonI haven't tried it in a bit though20:49
Keybukit worked after about the third attempt20:49
KeybukI had to boot windows in safe mode20:49
Keybukrun chkdsk /f20:49
Keybukagree it to it doing it on reboot20:49
Keybukand then boot windows again20:49
Keybukand then shutdown20:49
cjwatsonntfsresize is a bit picky20:50
cjwatsonfile a bug, we can have a look and see if that can be smoothed out20:50
* cjwatson &20:50
NafalloKeybuk: you may :-)20:54
NafalloKeybuk: 5 min late, but anyway ;-)20:54
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jablkoam having some trouble maintaining a mixed gutsy / hardy system21:18
jablkoi added all the gutsy / hardy repositories to my sources.list21:18
jablkobut only want to get updates from gutsy21:18
jablkohowever apt wants to upgrade all the packages to hardy21:19
jablkois maintaining a gutsy / hardy mixed system documented anywhere?21:19
ScottKIf it works it's only by luck.21:20
ScottKSupport is in #ubuntu for Gutsy and #ubuntu+1 for Hardy.21:20
jablkoScottK: ok, thanks21:20
seb128slangasek: do you remember the webpage you pointed me about LANGUAGE the other day?21:21
slangasekseb128: I think I only pointed you as far as locale(7); someone else had the webpage, I think?21:22
seb128might be21:22
seb128I replied that the manpage has no information about LANGUAGE21:22
seb128and somebody came with a webpage21:22
torkelseb128: http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Locale-Categories.html#Locale-Categories21:23
seb128torkel: thanks21:23
seb128so we set LANGUAGE incorrectly21:24
seb128it's supposed to be a list of valid locales21:24
slangasekhmm, I think that's a retcon then21:26
seb128torkel: not sure if that was the one I read the other day though, anyway it's clear21:26
seb128"the LANGUAGE variable's value can consist of a colon separated list of locale names"21:27
seb128on http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Using-gettextized-software.html#Using-gettextized-software21:27
seb128<halfline> seb128, i don't think that's right21:27
seb128 seb128, i checked with uli21:27
seb128 seb128, he said  LANGUAGE and LC_* take the same format21:27
seb128 21:27
seb128that's confirmed by the libc upstreams apparently21:28
slangasekseb128: that page accurately documents why the values passed to LANGUAGE is *not* supposed to be a list of locales21:28
slangasekit's supposed to be a list of subdirs to use for message catalogs, which are almost always not valid locales!21:28
slangasek"If now the user set in her/his environment the variable LANGUAGE to de the gettext function will try to use the translations from the file     /usr/local/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/test-package.mo21:28
torkelseb128: that was the one I pasted to you on the 11th21:30
seb128torkel: ok, that was likely this one then, thanks ;-)21:30
seb128slangasek: "de" is a valid locale21:36
slangasek$ LANG=es ls moo21:42
slangasekls: cannot access moo: No such file or directory21:42
slangasek$ LANGUAGE=es ls moo21:42
slangasekls: no se puede acceder a moo: No existe el fichero ó directorio21:42
slangasekseb128: ^^21:42
seb128slangasek: that's because we don't install non-UTF8 locales21:43
slangaseker, the point is that LANGUAGE=es is not being resolved as a locale, and isn't meant to21:43
sorenNot "u"?21:46
* soren 's Spanish must be rusty.21:46
slangaseksoren: it should be "o"; something's goofy with the Spanish translation that we're shipping, and I keep forgetting to file a bug about it21:46
sorenIt turns into "u" after a word that ends with "o" doesn't it?21:47
seb128slangasek: do you have a translation for ls in /usr/share/locale/es?21:47
slangaseksoren: before a word that begins with "o"21:47
slangasekseb128: /usr/share/locale-langpack/es/LC_MESSAGES/libc.mo21:48
seb128k, don't have this one21:48
seb128do you have a local build? ;-)21:48
slangasekno, I just have language-pack-es installed21:49
seb128ah, right21:50
seb128anyway I pointed it to halfline who asks uli21:50
seb128I think uli is Ulrich Drepper21:50
seb128who said that LANGUAGE and LC_* are supposed to use the same format ;-)21:50
slangasekseb128: I haven't tested, but I expect that installing the es_ES.ISO8859-1 locale will still give you the same results with LANG=es, because "es" is /not/ a well-formed locale name; all locales are ll_CC[.enc][@dongle]21:51
slangasekseb128: the syntax of LANGUAGE was defined for GNU well before Uli was involved, he's not welcome to change it now :-P21:52
cjwatsonseb128: 'info gettext' has a much more sensible definition of LANGUAGE22:14
cjwatsonamong other things, it says:22:14
cjwatson   In the `LANGUAGE' environment variable, but not in the other22:14
cjwatsonenvironment variables, `LL_CC' combinations can be abbreviated as `LL'22:14
cjwatsonto denote the language's main dialect.  For example, `de' is equivalent22:14
cjwatsonto `de_DE' (German as spoken in Germany), and `pt' to `pt_PT'22:14
cjwatson(Portuguese as spoken in Portugal) in this context.22:14
cjwatsonI trust gettext upstream over libc upstream when it comes to this kind of thing22:15
cjwatsonperhaps Ulrich is just speaking loosely and being overly strictly interpreted22:15
seb128cjwatson: thanks22:16
seb128I think I got the other redhat guys agreeing with me, they will ping Ulrich against asking for precisions22:16
=== herb changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Launchpad is going down from 00:00 UTC until 03:00 for a code update. | Archive: Feature freeze, Alpha 5 freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy, #ubuntu+1 for hardy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWi
pipegeekHmm.  Something just changed... when I try to import certain python modules now, I get "RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module <module name>"23:13
pipegeekincluding modules that end up getting imported when python tries to print an error.23:13
pipegeekDid the python2.5 package just change?23:13
ScottKpipegeek: #ubuntu+1 for support if you are running Hardy.23:18
pipegeekHmm.  I wonder what broke.23:19
pipegeekBecause I'm not.23:19
pipegeekAll relevant packages are from gutsy.23:19
ScottKThen #ubuntu for support23:20
pipegeekand if I (very vaguely) suspect a broken package?23:26
pipegeekwell, off I go.23:26

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