GPenguinpopey: so you want the entire story to be repeated on this channel?09:41
popeyI kickbanned GPenguin because I believe him to be Patrick Frank09:41
popeyfrom #ubuntu-uk that is09:42
popeyif he has a problem with that, then he should take it up with the people who run this channel09:42
popeyI am not willing to discuss it further until someone else steps in09:42
GPenguin[10:39] <GPenguin> popey: and then you seriously wonder why people react in a rude way to such violent attitude?09:42
GPenguin[10:40] <popey> GPenguin is I believe a certain patrick frank09:42
GPenguin[10:40] <popey> I kickbanned him from #ubuntu-uk09:42
GPenguin[10:40] <GPenguin> popey: you make up wild guesses about my real name and take violent action based on wild assumptions while there was no need to be massive09:42
GPenguin[10:40] <GPenguin> popey: thats not just unhealthy attitude, thats abusive09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <popey> raise it with the irc ops if you have an issue with me09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <GPenguin> popey: and the irony is that you claim Patrick Frank was rude because of such abuse09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <tonyyarusso> popey: loco stuff is handled in #ubuntu-irc now - this channel is just for #ubuntu, #kubuntu, et al and their offtopics09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <popey> oh ok09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <GPenguin> popey: why would i be interested in further escalation? i follow your invite to this channel to talk to you after you banned me without any reason09:42
GPenguin[10:41] <popey> GPenguin: take it to #ubuntu-irc :)09:42
GPenguinso the case is open09:43
GPenguinpopey: are you at least aware that _you_ are escalating a peaceful situation?09:45
Tm_TGPenguin: peaceful situation and kickban doesn't fit09:45
GPenguinTm_T: whats your role in the ubuntu community, please?09:45
Tm_TGPenguin: I'm the Overseer, but that doesn't matter09:46
GPenguini was having peaceful smalltalk on #ubuntu-uk and popey banned me with the comment "i suspect you are Patrick Frank". then invited me to #ubuntu-ops where he told he wont discuss. then invited me to #ubuntu-irc09:46
GPenguinTm_T: it does matter if i talk to the right person or some random popey fanboy09:47
Tm_Tno, I'm not any fanboy, sorry09:47
GPenguingood. so there is a chance that you manage this situation in a professional way09:47
GPenguinand to make this clear from the beginning. i am not claiming the right to be on #ubuntu-uk. since popey shows this hostile attitude i dont care to be there. what i care about is the abusive attitude09:48
Tm_TGPenguin: anyway, if popey or other ops in this channel discuss this matter with you, then do, if not, I can't help you other than point you to ubuntu irc council09:48
GPenguinTm_T: so you want me to spend time and efforts outside of IRC to deal with some abusive jerk on IRC?09:49
GPenguinTm_T: the behaviour of popey meets the classic "harassment policy"09:50
DavieyGPenguin: Please refrain from calling -uk operators jerks09:50
GPenguinTm_T: and i expect this to be fixed where the problem occurs09:50
Tm_TGPenguin: unfortunately I can't help you other way, as I don't have nor like to have powers to "fix them"09:50
GPenguinTm_T: i have seen network operators who k-line for the behaviour what popey did09:51
Tm_TGPenguin: then talk to them?09:51
DavieyGPenguin: if you are infact Patrick Frank - you are supposed to be on a kline09:51
GPenguinTm_T: simple question: what is the purpose of this channel here?09:51
GPenguinDaviey: says who?09:51
Tm_TGPenguin: talk and collaboration between irc operators of loco channels09:52
GPenguinTm_T: why was i invited to09:52
Tm_TGPenguin: we don't hold power over each other usually09:52
GPenguinTm_T: why was i invited to #09:52
Davieyoh come on, you know as well as the rest of us that you are supposed to be klined09:52
DavieyShall we ask freenode staff?09:52
GPenguinTm_T: why was i invited to #ubuntu-ops first and then taken from there to this channel then?09:52
Tm_TGPenguin: to discuss this matte09:52
popeyactually i asked him to come here to _escalate_ the matter09:52
Tm_TDaviey: please do if needed :))09:52
GPenguinTm_T: and the discussion is where?09:52
popeyI do _not_ want to discuss it and I'd rather the other -uk ops didnt either09:52
popeyits a monumental waste of time09:53
popeybut your time, so up to you09:53
DavieyTm_T: asked one staffer09:53
Tm_TGPenguin: like to discuss it now? ok, first calm down09:53
Tm_Tpopey: I'll try :))09:53
GPenguinpopey: right. you are intriguing to see a person k-lined. thats pretty weak ethics to be honest09:53
GPenguinTm_T: calm down if somebody behaves like a jerk?09:53
Tm_TGPenguin: yes09:53
GPenguinpopey: what do you think the community says about your ethics?09:54
Tm_TGPenguin: because if you do not, you might end up being a jerk yourself, I'm not qualified to say are you already09:54
GPenguinpopey: do you think your ethics meet the Ubuntu Code of Conduct?09:54
GPenguinpopey: or are you that much of a celebrity these days that such a Code of Conduct does not apply to you anymore?09:54
GPenguinpopey: you say you want escalation?09:55
Tm_Tsince when popey has become celebrity? =)09:55
GPenguinpopey: you want me to pick up this challenge?09:55
GPenguinpopey: you want escalation so you can cry later that i was escalating a harmless situation?09:55
Tm_TGPenguin: anyway, thus far you have only tried to make huge fight rather than discuss09:55
popeyGPenguin: I have already suggested what I think you should do09:55
GPenguinTm_T: i tried to fight or popey?09:56
popeytake it to the irc council GPenguin09:56
Tm_TGPenguin: you, calm down, son09:56
GPenguinpopey: so you are actively provoking a mud fight on the council mailing lists?09:56
popeyno, i am asking you to take it to the irc council09:56
Tm_TGPenguin: no, he is not asking any mud fighting09:56
GPenguinpopey: again - how does that fit the Code of Conduct what you do here?09:56
popeyas I have said many times, I am not willing to discuss it until you escalate it09:57
popeyI believe I am too close to the issue to be impartial09:57
Tm_TGPenguin: calm down, I think I said it before already09:57
GPenguinpopey: psycho logical explained what you do is begging for a punch in the face while there is no need09:57
GPenguinpopey: and now think back how the situation was before you turned abusive. there was a random person on #ubuntu-uk having small talk in a friendly and peaceful way09:58
Tm_Tstupid borky scripts09:58
popeysorry everyone09:59
Tm_T /remove GPenguin I said calm down09:59
Tm_Tpopey: thanks :))09:59
Tm_Tpopey: had fun for a moment there09:59
Tm_Ttomaw: hi hi welcome09:59
Davieytomaw: missed the fun :(09:59
GPenguinUbuntu Developers invite people to #ubuntu-irc after they abused them, so other Ubuntu Developers can abuse them, too? is that the master plan? and the complaint was what again? that i turn violent on such input?10:00
Tm_Ttomaw: ^^10:00
Tm_TGPenguin: no, no plan to abuse10:00
GPenguintomaw: is that the deal here?10:00
GPenguinTm_T: double check your behaviour10:00
Tm_TGPenguin: honestly, calm down, as long as you are raging around you can't discuss10:00
tomawGPenguin: I have only just joined10:01
Tm_TGPenguin: I do my job, no abuse there10:01
GPenguinTm_T: i am calm. even after your abusive behaviour10:01
Tm_TGPenguin: good then10:01
GPenguinTm_T: no you dont do your job.10:01
GPenguinTm_T: you are having ban fun like popey. and this abuse brought me to this channel10:01
Tm_TGPenguin: no, I am not having ban fun10:02
GPenguinTm_T: i dont care that you dont value the Code of Conduct that you signed when becoming an Ubuntu Developer. i care about people who abuse me. do you get it?10:02
Tm_TGPenguin: hmm, you do make hard accusations, son :)10:02
Tm_Twithout any arguments10:02
GPenguinTm_T: a start would be that you stop flooding me with crap like "calm down" while i am calm10:03
Tm_TGPenguin: good, good10:03
GPenguinTm_T: the next step is that you dont look at me with the eyes of a ban happy jerk when i try to explain a problem10:03
Tm_TGPenguin: yes son10:03
GPenguinTm_T: the third step is that you learn about respect and stop calling me "son", so i dont have to insult you10:04
Tm_Tson, I do respect you, no need to insult10:04
GPenguinTm_T: the basic principle about de-escalation. you play the access dude, then you should know about it10:04
DavieyGPenguin: I believe you are Paddy Frank also - for this reason i don't want you unbanned from -uk anytime soon.10:04
GPenguinDaviey: keep out of this at this point. thank you10:05
GPenguini am sure Tm_T is mature enough to handle this on his own without support10:05
DavieyGPenguin: Would be good if you did also.10:05
GPenguinDaviey: remember - i was invited to this place after i was abused by popey10:05
GPenguinand the bottom line was "i suspect this person is Patrick Frank who was rude some months ago. so i must ban him now without cause"10:06
GPenguindo you get this so far?10:06
Tm_TGPenguin: I need some prove for this, as I can't see inside popeys head10:07
GPenguinTm_T: ask popey to provide you a log then10:07
GPenguini will take a break now so you have enough time to _think_ how to proceed10:07
GPenguinbut be warned. i am not taking anymore abuse from anybody10:07
GPenguinpost the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, too please. so all of you can re-read before you say _anything_10:09
popeyI dont need to read it, I already did that.10:09
Tm_TGPenguin: ok, now I have seen this situation for some depth10:10
Tm_TGPenguin: any comments about this matter?10:10
Tm_TGPenguin: ok, I'll make some hot chocolate in the meantime10:15
GPenguinis it on me now to comment, or is the situation right now that popey has to justify, why he takes violent action based on wild assumptions?10:15
Davieyanswer a question with a question?10:16
GPenguini hope we are past the ethics of the old wild wild west days where you fire and forget10:16
popeyGPenguin: what _exactly_ do you want to happen now?10:17
GPenguinthe first step is that popey justifies his actions, then i will comment10:17
popeyok, here goes.10:17
* Tm_T sips10:17
popeyI believe that you are someone who has in the past been k-lined from freenode. I also believe that you are Paddy Frank. a) ban evasion. b) unsavoury person who makes threats to people.10:17
GPenguinpopey: and try to avoid throwing mud and digging up old gossip. stick to facts10:17
popeyergo, I don't want you in the channel10:18
popey^^ facts10:18
GPenguinyes, that is your assumption10:18
* Daviey agrees with said belif10:18
GPenguinand your IRC ethics are, that you take violent action based on assumption and belief?10:18
Tm_TGPenguin: can you prove you are not this person they are talking about?10:19
popeyi gave you an opportunity to say you were not paddy frank10:19
popey(although given you are him [IMO] that's tricky)10:19
GPenguinpopey: my next question is - are you aware that _this_ is not acceptable regarding the Freenode Guidelines?10:19
Davieyand evading a k-line is?!10:19
GPenguinTm_T: i dont have to prove anything. we are not in front of court.10:19
popeyumm, you beat me - you broke guidelines by evading a kline10:19
GPenguinpopey: assumption10:19
Seeker`what is "this"?10:19
GPenguincan you prove it?10:20
popeycan I prove what?10:20
GPenguinand take note: i have to deal with 3 people the same time which is causing stress10:20
popeyi can prove that you are paddy frank "beyond reasonable doubt" yes10:20
popeythis conversation is pretty much proof10:20
Tm_TGPenguin: if you don't have to prove, why popey have to prove? anyway, you are just attacking atm10:20
popeyto be clear. I don't believe I broke the CoC, I dont believe I have gone against freenode guidelines.10:21
GPenguinpopey: you dont even know the difference between assumption and proof, but you are responsible for wife and kids. and you seriously wonder that i react to such people like you with patience, politeness and non-violent communication?10:21
popeyergo, we have a difference of opinion10:21
GPenguinpopey: i believe that you have to learn a lot about social ethics before you carry on playing the Free Software Developer10:22
popeytake it to the irc council please10:22
popeyI am done here10:22
GPenguinpopey: no thanks10:22
Tm_TGPenguin: you are still just attacking, son :(10:22
popeystop wasting my time then10:22
GPenguinpopey: i have better things to do than playing the mud fights low life suckers like you bring up10:22
Tm_Tthat is not sensible way to discuss, GPenguin10:22
GPenguinpopey: and now have fun on #ubuntu-uk as the jerk that you are :-)10:23
Tm_Ttomaw: isn't he lovely?10:23
GPenguinTm_T: dont worry. i am done10:23
popeyhave a nice day10:23
Tm_TGPenguin: shame :(10:23
GPenguinpopey: you too, sweetheart10:23
GPenguinpopey: and never forget: the color pink is with you10:23
popeyI am more of a blue person myself10:23
Tm_The couldn't back up his words I notice, so time to retreat10:24
Tm_Tanyway, to me it's look like ban-on-sight now on10:24
Tm_Twhy people can't sit down and talk like adults, instead of trolling and attacking untill get kille10:26
popeyhe is a special case10:27
Tm_Taren't they all? ;--P10:28
Tm_Tglad I'm not a human10:29
Tm_Twhat we should do to him in -classroom channels?10:34
Seeker`kick him?10:35
Seeker`he clearly isn't pleasent10:35
Tm_Twho wants to do it? ;)10:35
Tm_TSeeker`: go ahead :)10:36
Seeker`ban as well?10:36
Tm_Twhy not10:36
Seeker`you sure?10:36
Tm_The will come around soon enough but why not10:36
popeybah, i dont have ops in #ubuntu-doc10:37
Tm_Tme neither10:37
Seeker`-10:39:06- GPenguin: more escalation that is absolutely not necessary10:41
Seeker`-10:39:18- GPenguin: you fail in understanding the Freenode Guidelines10:41
Seeker`-10:40:59- GPenguin: maybe what you do is useful to come closer to a friendship with popey10:41
Seeker`-10:41:17- GPenguin: but your behaviour creates any enemy as tradeoff10:41
Seeker`-10:41:36- GPenguin: thats not just weak ethics, thats dumb10:42
Seeker`I haven;t replied to him10:43
Tm_Tnor need to10:44
jussi01elektronik123: you need to ask your question12:01
elektronik123i can`t join to #ubuntu-pl12:10
Mezelektronik123, you need to speak to pressenter who is the person that set your ban12:14
Mezthere unfortunately is no bantracker for that channel, so I cant find out why this happened12:14
jpatrickLjL: oh, lord, no, Crysis is at it again15:41
jpatrickat least I think it's Crysis, same real name..15:42
Picijpatrick: set a realname ban then?15:46
jpatrickPici: don't worry, I've kicked him out and told him what he did wrong15:47
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=== dodobas_ is now known as dodobas
jpatrickAzag: cuando te expulsaron?17:11
jpatrickno veo nada en el backlog..17:12
Azaghace 1 hora, o algo asi17:12
Azagsi expulsan a alguien q usa la misma conexion me expulsan a mi?17:12
jpatrickeso lo explica17:13
jpatrickTipXxi [n=xxy@] has left #ubuntu-es [requested by jpatrick: "no spam"]17:13
AzagTipXxi es un vecino qu se cuelga de mi Wifi17:14
jpatrickAzag: lo siento no lo quieria hacer para ti, por no se premite spam en los canales de #ubuntu*17:14
jpatrickAzag: te quito el ban ahora17:14
Azagok, thnx17:14
Azagle voy a decir, q pare el spam, y q deje de usar mi conexion...17:14
Darksiteevilmas bien protejela17:14
jpatrickAzag: ya esta, puedes entrar en el canal17:15
jpatricklo siento por las molestias17:15
Azagningun problema17:16
Azaggracias y nos vemos en ubuntu-es17:17
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no0ticquestion of the day: I banned an IP. Can a cloaked user join if he connects with that iP?18:47
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naliothno0tic: no19:02
erUSULMyrtti: boing www.boingboing.net home of Doctorow XD20:12
LjLno0tic: if you ban the host, yes, if you actually ban the numeric address, no20:31
* P3L|C4N0 saludos21:17
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