yao_ziyuanif a linux distro aims to conquer the world's desktop,07:53
yao_ziyuanit must appeal to app developers07:53
yao_ziyuanand the best to that,07:53
yao_ziyuanis to support cross-platform open-source RAD tools like Lazarus and Code::Blocks07:54
jendaMike_Feravolo: I always read when my name is mentioned :)12:57
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DPicnobody's added anything to the meeting agenda21:50
desertcWhere's the meeting agenda?21:54
desertcLet's get the link in the channel topic21:54
DPici think the channel topic is too long21:59
desertcIMHO, a meeting to get the group organized is way more important than anythhing in the /topic right now.22:04
desertc*announcing a meeting22:04
DPicthe message i sent to the lists didn't evoke much of a response22:06
desertcHey, tell me what you think of this poster I am putting together22:11
DPicit looks good22:13
DPiccan i play around with the source document? 22:14
desertc:)  That is the source document.22:14
desertcIt's Sans font22:14
DPicokay what do i use to mess around with jpegs? 22:15
DPici'm used to working with pdf's in openoffice22:15
desertcI am just using GIMP22:15
DPici think it's good22:17
DPicbut you should provide a few starting point. you mention firefox and ubuntu but you should actually direct them somewhere22:17
desertccall to action - good point22:18
DPicwho are the ops for this channel? 22:27
desertcWell, Jenda, for one22:44
desertcYou could go to #ubuntu-ops and see who is running things at this moment, also.22:45
DPicwhat do you think we should talk about at the upcoming meeting? 22:46
desertcI was just chatting with persia who game me a brilliant idea: Put a fake advertisement on employment bulletin boards with instructions to go to the a open source contribution website.  :)22:56
desertcNot sure that we want developers who can't find work in today's job market, but worth considering for the future if there is a recession like everyone predicts.22:57
desertcDPic: Well, I hope that fellow maco comes to the meeting, who had all the ideas before.22:58
desertcHe was sure telling everyone what is what -- yet I've never seen him in here before.22:58
DPicwhat do you think of this page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConvertFriends22:59
DPici just threw it together22:59
desertcAll the power to him if he wants to get this organized, but he'll have to do more than pop in for a couple minutes on one day.22:59
desertcNot sure if the word "convert" is the one you want.  ;)22:59
desertcYou may want to include this graphic.  I have permission from the author to use it.23:01
desertcThe words "convert" and "target" sound hostile.  It might sound better with "enlighten" and "uniformed"23:03
desertcBut you have some good information in there, nice work!23:03
desertcI personally find that showing off what it can do will get them interested more than an explanation of Free Software.23:05
DPicthat's why knowing the person and their interests is important23:05
DPicno matter what you have to decide what's appropraite23:06
DPicthat page is from like three different articles i've read23:06
desertcYou say not to be preachy in one part, and then you say to start by explaining Free Software in a later part.  Seems to contradict.23:06
desertcI would also add, "Don't promise the Moon."  Too often people will say using Ubuntu will make your computer do everything including wash the dishes.  As soon as a person gets disappointed with one failing, then it's back to Windows for them.23:08
desertcI would omit all the "explain free software" references, actually.  It's usually a waste of breath.  They are so wrapped up in a closed-system, that they can't understand the situation.  I like to say, "Come for the cost, stay for the freedom."23:10
desertcPeople are more able to understand Free Software once they are using it.23:10
desertcs/Some people don't understand how free software is better/ Some people cannot understand how free software is better/23:12
desertcUh, still there?23:13
DPicsorry about that23:18
DPici'm back23:19
DPici haven't had a problem explaining the basic concepts of free software to anyone23:20
DPicand it can be explained without being too preachy23:20
DPici think the only people who are incapable are understanding it are probably the technopobes23:20
desertcWell, I still think you mean cannot and not don't -- because if they simply don't understand then they will figure it out once you tell them.23:21
desertcI do know many people who simply cannot bring themselves to understand issues involving freedom.  I think it's due to the television conditioning.23:22
DPicalright i have to go rightn ow though23:25

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