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crevettehello 07:16
dholbachgood morning07:49
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smagounamitk: have you talked to inuka_desk about getting the Beta 7 PSB drivers into Hardy or the PPA?14:39
amitksmagoun: not yet. It only got out last evening AFAIK14:39
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amitksmagoun: does it have something that you need very urgently?14:40
smagounamitk: it's not urgent, but we don't want to wait 2 weeks. I'm more interested in making sure that the kernel + userspace bits go in at the same time.14:41
amitksmagoun: then I propose we wait until next week when I am in lexington and bryce has had a chance to look at the userspace bits too14:42
smagounamitk: works for me14:44
slytherinAny core devels form bluetooth team here?15:17
slytherinMithrandir: Can you please take a look at the .diff.gz attached to bug 190405 when you get time?15:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190405 in bluez-gnome "please upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.18 " [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19040515:24
crevetteI think bluez-gnome should even upgrade to 0.2015:27
crevette(I'm the guy who opened the bug)15:27
crevette0.21 even15:27
crevetteI think ther a set of package to upgrade to have a nice stack, upgrade gnome-bluetooth to 0.11, obex-data-server to 0.2.0 and bluez-gnome to 0.2115:28
crevetteI need to ask a MIR for obex-data-server15:29
slytherincrevette: Well, I am the one who attached the .diff.gz. :-)15:30
crevetteah yeah15:30
slytherincrevette: Have you actually tested my .diff.gz. It will be good if more number of eyes go through it.15:31
crevetteslytherin: did you look at the fedora patches ?15:31
slytherincrevette: No. DO they have 0.21?15:32
crevetteslytherin: no I didn't had time, I'm working full-time and I'm only getting free time on week-ends something15:32
slytherinOk. No problem15:32
crevettelet me find 15:32
crevettethey have a bunch of patches for bluetooth stack, there have Bastien Nocera who taking care of the bluetooth stack on fedora / rh15:33
crevetteI don't know what's the use of http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/rpms/bluez-gnome/devel/main.c?rev=1.2&view=log15:34
slytherincrevette: One of the patch is not relevant. The other looks like not very much useful. I didn't face the issue it seems to fix15:36
crevetteI'm going to test your diff15:37
crevetteactually I package 0.21 on my own few days ago15:37
crevetteI didn't add time to test it and push15:37
crevettebut I 'm not a real packager, obex-data-server was only my 2nd package15:38
slytherincrevette: Does it matter. I prefer preparing/testing debdiffs to packaging from scratch. :-)15:41
dholbachUBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 15 minutes!15:45
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loolmjg59: I had a chat about pimlico with upstream and was wondering what your opinon on the current status of contacts-snapshot / contacts/hildo is?18:03
loolmjg59: I'm interested in any type of information on the topic, but one particular question I have in mind is what Ubuntu carries which upstream doesn't (the package has a large-ish .diff but seemingly with upstreamish chunks)18:04
mjg59We have a version that works with Hildon18:07
mjg59Upstream doesn't :)18:07
mjg59I need to tidy the diff up and push it to upstream18:07
loolmjg59: That would be excellent; upstream told me that libhito went forward with the openmoko port, but that hildon and vanilla were quite unmaintained18:11
WeRReDI have a windows mobile PDA, will it be possible for me to migrate to Ubuntu Mobile? 18:11
mjg59WeRReD: No18:11
WeRReDjg59: Thanks for a quick answer :) May I ask why? 18:12
mjg59Most basically, because it'll have an ARM processor and we don't have an ARM port18:12
mjg59And you'd need to port the Linux kernel to your hardware18:12
WeRReDoh I see... Thanks a lot18:13
WeRReDdo you plan to create an ARM port for the system someday? 18:13
mjg59It's a possibility, but there are very few Windows Mobile devices with a working Linux kernel port18:14
mjg59And that's a great deal of work18:14
WeRReDyeah, I understand18:14
WeRReDthanks a lot!18:14
suihkulokkimjg59: ehm, there is quite a few working arm devices with a linux port..18:15
bspencerbfiller, Mithrandir  am I supposed to upload a new mobile-basic-flash to the hardy ppa every release?19:55
bspencerlike the other apps?19:55
bspencerStevenK, you around?19:55
bspencerStevenK, just wondering how we can help with moko.  We could just upload the one that is working for us now until something better arrives19:56
bspencerthen we could update the media app19:56
bfillerbspencer, I believe so19:56
bspencerbfiller, ok, just wasn't sure how it might conflict with you19:56
bspencerI'll do it19:56
bfillerbspencer, thanks for checking19:57
tremoluxbspencer_: howdy Bob, I wanted to check in to see if you still have a plan to push the latest galculator fixes on moblin.org to the mobile PPA?20:52
tremoluxbspencer_: I have a small fix to add, so once it's up there I can add it20:53
bspencer_tremolux, yes, very soon20:54
bspencer_let me ping the person I asked about it 20:54
bspencer_s/asked about/asked to do20:54
tremoluxbspencer_: thx!20:54
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