samiHow come vim-full has been unsupported, or rather vim-common-gui, vim-runtime?00:38
Laibschwho can I bug about a nifty little program with nice packaging straight from the upstream source?00:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145007 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] anki" [Wishlist,Triaged]00:39
jdongLaibsch: usually "nice packaging" from upstream is a trap ;-)00:41
Laibschjdong: What do you mean?00:41
LaibschI think the package is indeed nicely packaged00:41
LaibschAnd I am not upstream00:41
Laibschif that is what you might be hinting at00:42
jdongLaibsch: no no, I was making a half-serious half-joking remark based on my experience with natively debianized packages00:42
superm1they're usually a stepping stone, but dont cover everythign that needs to be covered00:42
LaibschI don't get it00:43
LaibschWhat is the best way to get this accepted?00:43
RAOFBy uploading a candidate package to revu, and waiting until after Hardy has been released.  We're in feature freeze now, so you'll need a good reason why this software should have an exception.00:44
jdongwhat RAOF said, a good first step is to get it onto REVU00:45
jdongbut a major deadline (Feature Freeze) has been missed so the next chance to upload into Ubuntu would be the Hardy+1 release00:45
tsmitheScottK, i've uploaded to mentors. and sent RFS's to debian-mentors@ and debian-multimedia@00:46
tsmitheand now, i'm going to bed :)00:46
LaibschCan somebody please add http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0xB9D7E198&op=index to the REVU keys?00:47
FujitsuLaibsch: Add yourself to the ubuntu-universe-contributors group.00:48
LaibschFujitsu: Done three minutes ago00:48
FujitsuLaibsch: I'm syncing the keyring now.00:49
LaibschFujitsu: Cool, thanks00:49
emgentheya people00:51
Laibschanki uploaded to revu00:58
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ScottKLaibsch: We are paste feature freeze and so not taking new packages for Hardy.01:03
LaibschScottK: I am not shooting for hardy01:04
Laibschor any particular release01:04
ScottKLaibsch: OK then.01:04
LaibschJust trying to get things moving01:04
ScottKFair enough, just didn't want you to end up disappointed.01:04
Laibschno worries01:05
jdong    Present rate       : 13693 mW01:05
jdongoh Hardy how much leaner you be :)01:05
jdongseems like it's down a watt from Gutsy without much change to my config...01:05
jdongnow to consider throttling my CPUs01:06
Laibschhow long  before I can recover my PWW and log in?01:06
FujitsuLaibsch: The sync just finished.01:13
LaibschNo REVU account for oe-devel@rolf.leggewie.biz exists yet.01:16
jdongLaibsch: probably uploaded too early01:18
Laibschwhat do you mean too early?01:18
LaibschI'd understate too late, but too early?01:18
LaibschI'll run dput again, I guess01:19
jdongLaibsch: too early means that the keyring hadn't finished syncing when your upload arrived01:20
jdonghence it doesn't know who you are.01:20
FujitsuLaibsch: I see a rejected anki upload.01:21
Laibschwhich is fixed by "dput -f revu *changes", right?01:21
Laibsch^^^ done01:21
FujitsuShould be.01:21
FujitsuSo I see.01:21
jdongrm *.upload01:22
Laibschwhat is the name of the hardy+1 release?01:23
LaibschI made the package for gutsy now, which is what I run01:23
Fujitsuhardy+1 hasn't been named.01:23
FujitsuHence it being referred to as hardy+101:23
LaibschWill I be able to get my login in a few minutes or does it usually take a bit longer01:24
LaibschI am about to go to sleep01:24
FujitsuShould be happening in about 6 minutes.01:24
LaibschI just learned from my ppa that the latest code does not build01:26
LaibschThe package now depends on sqlalchemy01:27
jdongwell you've got plenty of time to figure all that out :)01:27
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LaibschOK, so here it is http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=anki01:37
LaibschCan somebody tell me why http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12093167/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.anki_0.9.2-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz does not fail due to unsatisfied build dependencies?01:41
LaibschIt really should since the version of python-sqlalchemy in gutsy is too old01:41
Laibschthe build fails later during compilations and it looks to me like python-sqlalchemy was never installed01:42
RAOFThat seems correct to me.  Do you actually have a build-depend on python-sqlalchemy?01:42
LaibschRAOF: Indeed, the build is correct01:44
LaibschIt looks like the package fails to declare the build dependency01:44
LaibschI was fooled by the runtime dependency declaration01:44
superm1Laibsch, see that's part of the reason why upstream's packaging isn't always reliable directly01:49
superm1little gotcha's like that :)01:49
LaserJockhi all!01:49
Laibschsuperm1: Well, it could be worse01:49
StevenKDear Firefox, please render pages.01:49
LaibschAnd the version has just been released01:49
superm1StevenK, nope01:49
RAOF...and because they ship a debian/ directory you need to repack the tarball, which is always annoying.01:49
superm1StevenK, especially not on ati hardware01:49
Laibsch0.4.2 built fine straight out of the box01:49
jdongLaibsch: building fine and meeting Ubuntu/Debian archive inclusion guidelines are often two very different things01:50
jdongthat combined with RAOF's comment about repacking comprise why I said earlier native debianized packages can be a trap01:50
StevenKsuperm1: This is Gutsy, not Hardy01:51
Laibschjdong: yes, I know about the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions01:51
LaibschI still prefer having the debian dir than having to recreate it all on my own01:52
LaibschI was/am unaware of the need to remove that debian dir from the source01:52
LaserJockhi Barry01:57
bddebianHeya gang01:57
bddebianHi Jordan01:58
bddebianAh, the cheerful welcoming atmosphere on Debian irc channels just warms my heart :-)02:01
LaserJockas always02:02
jdongbddebian: well now that I am not sniping down potential sponsors as they walk in, you can be more relaxed in here ;-)02:02
bddebianAck, the new muine is building freakin' windows binaries02:23
LaserJockhow so?02:28
bddebianDunno, I'm ending up with .dll and .exe files :)02:28
LaserJockwell, you should get .dll's at least02:29
jelmerbddebian: muine is mono02:29
LaserJocknot sure about the .exe's02:29
bddebianjelmer: I know but wtf02:29
jelmerbddebian: so you should indeed get dll's and .exe's02:29
jelmerbddebian: it's like that for all mono apps02:29
bddebianShould I ship them?02:29
LaserJockbddebian: it most likely won't work if you don't ;-)02:29
jelmeryou can invoke them by running "mono Muine.exe"02:29
bddebianUgh, fugly02:30
jelmerthough I believe muine comes with some wrapper script that does that for you02:30
bddebianYeah it has a /usr/bin/muine02:30
RAOFjelmer: Actually, you can run them with "Muine.exe", as long as you've got binformat support.02:30
jelmerbddebian: it's a lot like class files for java02:30
jelmerRAOF: ah, right02:30
RAOFDebian CLI policy states that you shouldn't install *.exe to bin, though.02:31
bddebianThe .exe isn't in bin02:31
RAOFThen you're laughing.  And should probably read the CLI policy anyway ;)02:31
StevenKBut bddebian doesn't laugh, he complains.02:32
* StevenK hides02:32
bddebianActually the damn thing is orphaned anyway and I seem to have run out of sponsors recently :-(02:33
* RAOF throws bddebian at StevenK 02:35
* Fujitsu throws bddebian at NM.02:35
LaserJockand bddebian never returns02:36
LaserJocksuch are black holes :/02:36
jelmerbddebian: is it actually still alive upstream? I thought they stopped doing releases02:36
bddebianjelmer: Dunno, there is a 0.8.8 release02:42
bddebianFujitsu: I'm sitting idly in NM :-)02:42
FujitsuMy AM hasn't responded in about 3 months...02:43
bddebianI don't have one :)02:43
bddebianI think StevenK warned them about me :)02:43
jelmerbddebian: if you're uploading muine to Debian, you may want to consider #debian-mono and the pkg-cli-apps team02:43
TheMusobddebian:, Fujitsu, its things like this that make the desire for becoming a Debian maintainer for meat least, rather minimal. I have more luck working with package maintainer directly, and having them upload any changes etc.02:45
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bddebianTheMuso: I hear ya02:52
ScottKTheMuso: virtkey FFe confirmed02:55
TheMusoScottK: Shit did isubscrbe the wrong team? Let me check.02:57
TheMusough tyis keybord has to go02:57
ScottK2Is that one in Main?  I didn't even look.02:59
TheMusoScottK: Yes it is.03:00
TheMusoNo I subscribed the right team.03:00
LaserJockheh, ScottK2's been promoted?03:02
ScottK2Then why the heck did I get bugmail...03:03
* ScottK2 looks03:03
TheMusopythoneers probably.03:03
ScottK2Urgh.  Sorry.03:04
TheMusoScottK: heh thats ok. Thats why its good to sort bugmail for different teams into folders. :p03:05
ScottK2Or at least to actually read the bugmail all the way to the end.03:05
ScottK2Unconfirmed now.03:05
LaserJocksometimes I wish they'd put a one line <package> <component> <reason> at the *top* of the bugmail03:06
TheMusoLaserJock: That wouldn't hurt actually.03:07
TheMusoThey already have binary package hint03:07
ScottK2I love the ones that just say I got it because ubuntu-server or some team is a direct subscriber of the bug, but say nothing about which package it involves.03:07
ScottK2TheMuso: Not always.03:07
TheMusoOne could easily put the component in brackets or something similar after it.03:07
TheMusoScottK2: heh fun03:08
LaserJockyeah, I get a lot that don't have much of anything, just flipping Importance or Status or maybe a new comment03:08
ScottK2My favorite LP mail I got recently was one letting me know that some team couldn't join LP mailing list beta testers because bugsquad is signed up for that team and I'm stuck as an indirect member of that due to MOTU/core-dev.03:09
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ethana2is there a masters of the multiverse/parters repos anywhere03:57
ethana2or should i just submit my request/idea here?03:57
Fujitsuethana2: MOTU covers multiverse as well, but Canonical controls partner.03:58
ethana2Canonical needs to parter with google to deliver Google earth, picasa, and sketchup..03:58
ethana2via apt03:58
ethana2i would expect them to be considering that already03:58
ethana2but in case they weren't, there's the idea03:59
FujitsuI don't believe any of the Canonical partner people are in here.03:59
ethana2could you direct me to the right place to submit this idea?03:59
FujitsuI have no idea.03:59
nxvlis there any problem with ubuntuwire?04:00
nxvli can't access it04:00
ScottK2Most of the developers you'll find here are interested in Free Software.04:00
ethana2of course04:00
ScottK2nxvl: Yes.  It's down.  Dunno why or when it will come back.04:00
Fujitsunxvl: The primary server is currently down, and has been since the local root exploit.04:00
ethana2root exploit?04:01
FujitsuWhy it's not up yet I don't know, but imbrandon hasn't been around.04:01
ethana2that thing with elevated local priviledges04:01
ScottK2That one.04:01
nxvlis ubuntuwire a canonical server or a community one/04:01
ethana2i remember everyone making a big deal about that04:01
FujitsuWe do have another new server, but we don't have control over DNS or anything at this point.04:01
ScottK2nxvl: Communicty.  Canonical has nothing to do with Ubuntuwire.04:01
nxvlhe isn't on the jabber also04:01
nxvlmm so i can't ping Ng for that :S04:02
nxvlok, i will try to find imbrandon04:02
Fujitsunxvl: UbuntuWire people are in #ubuntuwire.04:02
ScottK2Fujitsu: I wonder if we should just move forward until he turns up.  I can server DNS from reliable commercial hosting for ubuntuwire.kitterman.com and whatever subdomains are needed.04:02
FujitsuScottK2: We can't redelegate.04:03
FujitsuHe holds the keys to the kingdom.04:03
FujitsuI see.04:03
ScottK2Yeah as a place holder.04:03
ScottK2So at least we can move forward.04:03
FujitsuWe're planning on making stratos master DNS eventually, rather than having a mess like we do now.04:03
superm1we ran into very similar issues with mythbuntu.org when he was MIA. only we were down for multiple weeks04:04
FujitsuI should have console access to orko, but the host is rejecting SSH for some unknown reason...04:05
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TheMusoIs it possible to do simple maths in a shell script to be run by dash? If so, whats the syntax? (I've forgotten.)04:50
StevenKecho $((1 + 2))04:51
StevenKTheMuso: ^04:51
TheMusoStevenK: I knew it was something like that, thanks.04:51
joejaxxfirefox3 blocks you from going to sites that have self signed certs?05:16
RAOFYou get to scramble through the preferences to hunt down the button to make an exception, yes.05:17
pochuyou can do that now from the warning05:18
joejaxxthat stinks05:18
pochuwith beta305:18
joejaxxi rather have the dialog05:18
RAOFpochu: Yeah.  Do we have b3 in Universe yet?05:19
pochuRAOF: in main rather :)05:19
RAOFOh, of course.05:19
jetsaredimhow do I find the packages that all depend on a given package?05:21
bddebianapt-cache rdepends <pkg>05:22
jetsaredimk thx05:23
LaserJockgrrr, I don't understand why ldconfig finds a lib by ldd <binary> doesn't05:33
StevenKIt isn't in a standard location?05:35
LaserJock it's in /usr/lib/05:36
RAOFIt's the wrong arch?05:36
LaserJockwell, that could be05:36
LaserJockI'm running amd6405:36
LaserJockI don't know how exactly that works though05:37
RAOFEveryone loves dpkg multiarch!05:37
RAOFBasically, 32bit stuff requires an entirely separate library stack.05:37
RAOF(As does 64bit stuff, but that's kinda the native stack).05:38
StevenKEven down to the C library. Fun, huh?05:38
LaserJockok, soo05:38
LaserJockI have a 32-bit app05:38
LaserJockso what do I need to do?05:38
* LaserJock is starting to curse his bad eyesight in downloading the amd64 .iso05:39
RAOFia32-libs has a huge stack of 32bit libraries.  If you've already got that installed, and your app wants something more...05:39
RAOFYou can file a bug against ia32-libs requesting that it gets added, and in the meantime you can download the i386 deb containing $LIB_OF_CHOICE, extract it, and put the .so into /usr/lib32.05:39
LaserJockit want's libmotif3 which is in Multiverse05:39
RAOFThere's a script somewhere on the forums which automates this process.05:40
LaserJock*cough* 64-bit sucks *cough*05:41
RAOFA proper multiarch dpkg would be fun.05:41
RAOFLaserJock: Only really for 3rd party binaries.  But that's a fairly large 'only'.05:42
* RAOF goes to do the washing up.05:42
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Hobbseedarn.  i'll actually have to put in my own uvfe now.06:44
LaserJockkinda sucks when you gotta play by the rules ;-)06:47
Hobbseeyeah, i know.06:48
* Hobbsee wonders what jockey-common is06:49
StevenKJockey is the new name for restricted-manager06:49
Hobbseewell, it doesn't upgrade well, that's for sure06:50
StevenKDue to python-central?06:50
StevenKI think it's more python-central's fault06:50
warp10Good morning06:58
tsmithehi; is there a way to have dput upload my .dsc and .diff.gz, but not the orig tarball?06:58
warp10tsmithe: try debuild -S -sd06:59
LaserJocktsmithe: if you don't do -sa it shouldn't06:59
tsmitheright, thanks. what do "-sa" and "-sd" do? "all" and "diff" or something?06:59
warp10tsmithe: -sa includes the original source, -sd doesn't.07:01
Hobbseetsmithe: man dpkg-buildpackage07:01
warp10tsmithe: man dpkg-buildpackage07:01
tsmitheah, thanks :)07:02
tsmithewell, if anyone has time to upload http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=fluid-soundfont in accordance with bug 193496, i'd more more than grateful. presumably, as it's been through the two-advocation stage of revu previously, that shouldn't be necessary, and it's thus good to go.07:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193496 in ubuntu "Feature Freeze Exception for fluid-soundfont" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19349607:16
tsmithepersia, ^ (since you did the previous upload)07:17
tonyyarussoIf anybody's bored and looking for something to check out, I have a FFe request sitting at 193605 that needs someone to test the build.07:39
db-keenHow do folks write manpages? The only editor I can see is ManEdit, which depends on an outdated version of GTK.07:47
dholbachgood morning07:49
slangasekdb-keen: usually, by writing them in a different language (docbook, docbook xml, perldoc) and generating the manpages07:49
warp10morning dholbach07:51
dholbachhey warp1007:52
gesergood morning07:54
slytherinWhen will qa.ubuntuwire.com be available again?08:05
Fujitsuslytherin: No ETA at this stage. Our single point of failure has failed.08:08
geserslytherin: what service from qa.uw.com are you missing?08:11
slytheringeser: Usually I check FTBFS page08:11
geserslytherin: let my rerun it locally and scp the output somewhere else08:12
Fujitsukeescook: Are you likely to be around for the SRU/Security UDW session?08:17
geserslytherin: http://members.ping.de/~mb/hardy_build_status.html08:20
slytheringeser: thanks08:22
slytherinCan anyone please test VCD plugin in gstreamer and report status. I just want to make sure that I am not the only one facing problem before filing bug upstream.08:46
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slomo_slytherin: what happens?  i don't have a vcd but maybe i can still help08:55
slytherinslomo_: It simply doesn't play. Totem doesn't play because the support is disabled in totem I believe. I also tried gst-launch, didn't work either.08:57
slomo_slytherin: this is in hardy? output of gst-launch-0.10 playbin uri=vcd://whatever_needs_to_be_there?08:57
slytherinslomo_: Yes in hardy. I can not provide output right now. But I think I discussed this few days ago in #gstreamer. May be I have outout lurking around somewhere in pastebin. Let me find it08:58
slomo_slytherin: i have a feeling that the vcd plugin is broken, let me take a closer look at the source ;)08:59
slytherinslomo_: This is only partial output of - gst-launch-0.10 -v vcdsrc device=/dev/cdrom1 ! typefind ! fakesink - as suggested by __tim on #gstreamer. Do you want me to post the conversation somewhere?09:01
slomo_slytherin: yes, that would be nice09:01
asabilhi all09:04
asabilanyone got packages for mspgcc ?09:04
slytherinslomo_: http://pastebin.com/m5c536c1c As __tim suggested looks like cdxastrip is not yet ported.09:04
slomo_slytherin: ok, file a upstream bug so it doesn't get lost, i'll ask tim for the status later when he's online09:06
slytherinslomo_: But he is not a gstreamer developer right? AFAIK, he is thoggen developer who seems to have lot of insight in gstreamer code09:09
slomo_slangasek: he's one of the core gstreamer developers09:10
slomo_slangasek: sorry09:10
slomo_slytherin: ^--- this was for you :)09:10
slytherinslomo_: I didn't know that. :-)09:11
slomo_slytherin: np :)09:12
slytherinslomo_: By the way, cdxastrip is not even installed on hardy setup. Di I need to first make sure that it is not a installation problem?09:12
slomo_slytherin: it's simply not ported to 0.10 yet, thus non-existing09:13
slytherinslomo_: ah,ok then I will fiel a bug09:13
slomo_slytherin: hm, it might be the same as cdxaparse though... not sure09:13
slytherinI wonder how much effort is involved in porting09:13
slomo_not much i guess09:13
dholbachLucidFox: thanks for closing that bug09:15
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slytherinpersia: I see that netbeans is in main, is that intended?09:24
ubotumir is Main Inclusion Report - see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess for more information.09:28
Fujitsuslytherin: That is what we call a Launchpad lack of feature.09:28
Fujitsuslytherin: pitti just fixed that.09:30
slytherinIa m planning to file MIR for obex-data-server. How do I find if any binary has suid or sgid bit set?09:33
slomo_superm1: ping?10:02
TheMusoslomo_: I'd say he's in bed now.10:09
persiaslytherin: Fujitsu: Thanks :)10:26
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slomo_superm1: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=516672  <--- so maybe we should support gmyth-upnp and package it? :)11:43
ubotuGnome bug 516672 in Plugins "gmyth upnp" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]11:43
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HobbseeScottK: do i need to resend my mail as "Sarah Hobbs" for you to see it?12:28
Hobbseeapparently i agreed - but my mail says that i didn't on some of the points.12:28
StevenKHobbsee: Try "Long Pointy Stick of DOOM"12:28
Hobbseeoh.  is that the idea.12:29
emgentheya people12:39
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mtaylorso, ${source:Version} and ${binary:Version} don't exist in Dapper... and I've already forgotten what those used to be.. was is source-Version?13:04
ScottKHobbsee: I took your mail as, it's not ideal, but I'm on vacation so whatever.  Sorry if that was wrong.  I think it should be discussed/decided for real at the next MOTU meeting.13:04
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* ScottK will be AFK most of the day, so I'm not ignoring anyone.13:05
HobbseeScottK: ...right.  i agree with the idea - but i think that filing a bug for a bugfix only release isn't overly helpful13:05
Hobbseeif it was an "i'm on vacation, so i really don't care", i wouldn't have replied at all13:06
brooniemtaylor: that's about right IIRC. There's a lintian warning for the old form.13:07
mtaylorbroonie: yeah... I changed it to the new form because of that warning... but now I can't remember the old and google search for source:Version is not helpful :)13:08
mtaylorbroonie: I guess it's time to go slog through old commit messages...13:09
hellboy195Hobbsee: around?13:11
Hobbseehellboy195: yes13:11
hellboy195Hobbsee: you are archive-admin right?13:11
Hobbseefor some of it, yes13:12
hellboy195Hobbsee: would you mind queue 'ebug-http' again? It FTBFS for several times because of a broken libcatalyst-perl package (which is fixed now)13:13
Hobbseehellboy195: done13:14
hellboy195Hobbsee: thank you :)13:14
geserhellboy195: give-backs are handled by build admins, but Hobbsee is also one13:14
Hobbseehellboy195: btw, you needed a buildd admin for that13:14
Hobbseeyou're welcome13:14
hellboy195ah true, sry ^^13:14
hellboy195geser: and if you have time you could help me with another problem ;)13:15
geserwhich one?13:16
hellboy195geser: I'm working on LP:#193649 but the problem is LP:#163603. I thought latest debian revision fixed it but no :(13:16
hellboy195ubotu: ?? show the links !13:17
sorenbug 193649 bug 16360313:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193649 in axiom "Merge axiom 20050901-10 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19364913:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 163603 in axiom "FTBFS: axiom_20050901-9ubuntu1 on hardy/i386" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16360313:17
hellboy195soren: ah, thx :)13:17
sorenhellboy195: axiom can build now?13:18
hellboy195soren: no :( that's the problem13:18
sorenhellboy195: I've asked the Debian maintainer for help, but he hasn't responded.13:18
soren(months ago)13:18
geserhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/axiom/+builds show successfull builds13:18
hellboy195geser: strange, but my pbuilder fails ...13:19
sorengeser: Yes, but that was back in feisty.13:19
geserit's possible that it would fail now too if somebody tries to rebuild it13:19
sorengeser: it ftbfs now.13:19
hellboy195I thought * Bug fix: "i386 build of axiom is missing all shlibs dependencies", from latest debian fixes it but no ... :(13:20
geserhellboy195: boy can you reproduce the FTBFS with the last version from Debian? (in a pbuilder or similar)13:23
hellboy195geser: yep, I already reproduced it ;)13:24
geserthen try to find out why it the file is missing13:25
hellboy195ähm ok, I doub it that I'll find it but I'll try13:26
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geserhellboy195: I usually login into the pbuilder and build it there to the point where it fails13:27
hellboy195geser: docs around for that?13:28
geserand try then digging in Makefile to find the place where it should get build13:28
brooniemtaylor: If you look through the lintian warnign text...13:29
geserhellboy195: I don't know of any, but it isn't difficult: pbuilder login, copy the source package from outside (or apt-get source it), unpack it, start building with dpkg-buildpackage -b (it will complain about missing build-depends so install them)13:30
hellboy195geser: k, thx. Will try it13:30
geserif you add -nc to dpkg-buildpackage -b it will skip clean so it doesn't start from fresh every time you try to get further (saves time, especially here)13:31
geserif you exit pbuilder all your changes are gone, so don't forget to save your changes outside13:33
hellboy195geser: well, it's the first time I'm doing that so I *will* make mistakes but nvm. I'm here to learn13:33
jdongtjaalton: does reverting intel to XAA affect video playback with compiz (IIRC xv didn't work when I tried that as an xorg.conf option some time ago in Hardy)13:40
tjaaltonjdong: 965 uses EXA, so it shouldn't be a problem13:41
tjaaltonjdong: could be that we'll end up using EXA for !965 too13:41
jdongtjaalton: well I have a 950 and I distintly remember setting XAA cause Xv+compiz to bork13:42
jdongcurrently I'm using EXA + greedy migration13:42
jdongwhich has worked well for me13:42
jdonganyway, I'll be able to tell you for sure once I apply the updates :)13:42
tjaaltonjdong: heh, ok.. it's just a matter of dropping one patch to use EXA again13:43
persiahellboy195: Thanks for taking on wxwidgets2.6.  Good luck!13:45
hellboy195persia: I'll need it ^^ but if I have problem I can ping you?13:45
geserhellboy195: hmm, axiom failed for me on amd64 because of an other reason as in the bug :(13:46
persiahellboy195: There are a few of us who have looked into that package in the past: given our relative timezones, you'll likely do better to ask generally, but I'll answer if I'm around.13:46
hellboy195persia: k, thx13:47
jdongtjaalton: confirmed, XAA + Xv + Compiz is no good13:47
jdongtjaalton: just a huge stream of BadAlloc messages in media player, blue screen13:47
hellboy195geser: bad, *stupid* question. how can I copy the source from outside? apt-get source is complaining that I need 'source' in my sources.list13:48
geserhellboy195: cp files /var/cache/pbuilder/build/<pid>/tmp/13:49
FujitsuDoesn't XAA not implement Xv at all?13:49
geserhellboy195: pbuilder tells you which pid it uses when you login13:49
jdongFujitsu: on the 965, correct13:49
jdongFujitsu: on the 950 and lower, seems like they broke Xv+Composite....13:49
FujitsuNor on the i915, as far as I can tell.13:49
jdongXAA+Xv used to work on Gutsy13:50
FujitsuHmm, not for me.13:50
jdongFujitsu: or maybe my memory is on crack and I'm in some fantasty Linux world :D13:50
FujitsuI'm using greedy EXA here, and even turned on textured video just for kicks.13:50
hellboy195geser: ähm. after pbuilder login I haven't got a /var/cache/pbuilder :\13:50
jdongFujitsu: greedy EXA works great here too13:50
geserhellboy195: in one terminal: pbuilder login and in a second copy the files into the dir pbuilder used for chroot-ing13:51
gesera second terminal13:51
hellboy195geser: ah ok13:51
* jdong says --bindmount ;-)13:52
hellboy195geser: finally got it xD thx again13:53
geserhellboy195: for me it's the easiest way to get an interactive build environment for debugging where I don't need to clean it up afterwards13:55
persiahellboy195: If you are an sbuild user, schroot -c <target> also works.13:55
tjaaltonjdong: ok, I'll let bryce know about it then.. thanks for testing!13:55
hellboy195persia: ähm. I'm a first time user at all ^^13:56
jdongtjaalton: yep, sure thing :)13:56
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
tsmithehi, can someone upload http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=fluid-soundfont in line with bug 193496?13:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193496 in ubuntu "Feature Freeze Exception for fluid-soundfont" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19349613:59
hellboy195geser: http://pastebin.com/m67ef1db514:06
geserhellboy195: install the listed packages14:06
hellboy195geser: ah k, this so totally new for me -.-14:07
RainCTtsmithe: I've to go but will be back in 3 hours, ping me later if nobody uploads it14:07
geserhellboy195: usually pbuilder does it for you but here you're building by hand so it's your task :)14:08
tsmitheRainCT, thank you14:08
hellboy195geser: ah :) now it's compiling. let's see14:09
tsmithehmm, looks like revu isn't happy with uploads built with dpkg-buildpackage -sd...14:12
DktrKranzhellboy195: ebug-http has been built! \o/14:15
sistpoty|workhi folks14:16
tsmithehiya sistpoty|work14:17
sistpoty|workhi tsmithe14:17
* tsmithe is annoyed that revu doesnt seem to support dpkg-buildpackage -sd sources, and so he'll have to reupload fluid's huge 130MiB tarball before pestering for uploads14:18
sistpoty|worktsmithe: if the orig.tar.gz is unchanged, we can tweak things a little bit...14:19
sistpoty|worktsmithe: you can build a full source upload, but only upload the diff.gz, dsc and (as last file) the .changes via ftp14:19
sistpoty|worktsmithe: I'll put the orig.tar.gz in place then, to complete the upload ;)14:20
tsmitheoh that's very good of you  :)14:20
tsmithei had just started a fresh, full, upload, so you may have to clear incoming14:21
sistpoty|worktsmithe: cleared14:22
tsmithesistpoty|work, so it's ok for me to just put the files in /incoming?14:24
sistpoty|worktsmithe: sure, I'll fiddle the rest together14:24
tsmithethanks :D14:24
tsmithek, done14:24
sistpoty|worktsmithe: should be all up now14:32
hellboy195geser: ehm. I get exactly the same build error as with the normal pbuilder build14:38
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
hellboy195DktrKranz: yeah I know ^^14:39
=== asac_ is now known as asac
geserhellboy195: the same error as in the log in the bug?14:41
hellboy195geser: yep14:41
geserthe next step would be figure out why14:47
hellboy195geser: haven't you said that building inside pbuilder should show me the missing depencies? ^^14:48
=== kiko-zzz is now known as kiko
geserhellboy195: the missing build-depends, you got there already (see you pastebin)14:49
hellboy195geser: well I refer to the missing ones which cause the FTBFS14:49
geserhellboy195: no, pbuilder will you show nothing in this regard14:50
geserhellboy195: you can now cd into src/algebra and running make should get you to the same error14:50
hellboy195geser: so I don' need to do it?14:51
geserso you can then look into the Makefile and try to understand how the missing file should get build and why it failed14:51
geserhellboy195: do what?14:51
hellboy195geser: nvm. I'll try that14:51
slytherinhas anyone tested the likewise-open tools? I was wondering if it is worth promoting to main provided it satisfies all criteria. This would make Ubuntu integration in Active Directory Domain easy if the tool does what it says.15:01
\shhmm...did anyone managed to tell gnome-terminal to open a tab from the command line in the last opened window? just as --tab explained in g-t --help-all?15:03
=== LucidFox_away is now known as LucidFox
=== spectie is now known as spectei
geserslytherin: we're in FeatureFreeze already, so it won't happen for hardy15:16
slytheringeser: what?15:16
geserslytherin: about promoting likewise-open to main15:17
slytheringeser: Ok.15:17
LucidFox"Intrepid Ibex" sucks. :(15:19
LucidFoxI so hoped it would be Itchy.15:19
nxvl_workdholbach: good posts about the UDW, and nice quotes :P15:19
hellboy195geser: I know a MOTU should have detective skills but I have *really* no idea whats wrong. or in other words: if I look at the build log I don' even come to the mistake because I can't find serveral files in the folder xD15:31
dholbachnxvl_work: thanks :)15:33
geserhellboy195: I could reproduce it in my i386 pbuilder, so I will try to look at it after lunch and try to help you to find the problems15:41
geserhellboy195: it's no shame if you can't fix it, I also failed already at other FTBFS to fix them15:42
hellboy195geser: k, thx for you support :)15:43
dholbachUBUNTU DEVELOPER WEEK Session starting in #ubuntu-classroom in 15 minutes!15:45
sistpoty|workdoko: did you have time to look at bug #192887 yet and tell if we should allow or reject the FFe?15:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192887 in ubuntu "FeatureFreeze exception request for sun-javadb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288715:47
mruizhi all15:53
\shhellboy195: what source? :=)15:54
dokosistpoty|work: I don't mind, but the license for sun-javaN forbids replacement of some bits with external replacement bits, so we cannot depend on it. besides that, the package as found on revu has missing b-d's, ignores naming standards for java libraires, and maybe more ...15:54
mok0heh. Intrepid Ibex...15:54
hellboy195\sh: don't want to give you another piece of work since wine isn't fixed yet ;)15:55
\shhellboy195: oh for wine...neverending story..I need (or doko when he has time) to fix ncurses first ;)15:55
sistpoty|workdoko: ok... I guess then I'd rather reject the FFe, as the package doesn't seem to be in good shape enough... thanks!15:55
dokosistpoty|work: I'd rather set it to incomplete15:56
doko\sh: yes, on my list ...15:56
hellboy195\sh: ^^ k, bug 193649 bug 1636015:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193649 in axiom "Merge axiom 20050901-10 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19364915:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 16360 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Ubuntu live Linux does not run on Siemens Scenic Mobile 5" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1636015:56
hellboy195\sh: no, second one is false15:57
hellboy195\sh: I forgot a number ^^ bug 16360315:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 163603 in axiom "FTBFS: axiom_20050901-9ubuntu1 on hardy/i386" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16360315:58
bddebianHeya gang15:58
jdstrandemgent: how did you build your tikiwiki feisty update?  it's FTBFS here16:00
jdstrand(both it and the previous update)16:00
sistpoty|workhi bddebian16:00
bddebianHi sistpoty|work16:01
emgentjdstrand, with dpatch16:03
emgentat home i have .deb (builted) in the virtual machines16:03
jdstrandemgent: did you use pbuilder, sbuild, something else?16:03
emgentworked fine i remember, this night i can send to you this .deb16:04
jdstrandI don't need the deb, I just can't get it to build16:05
emgentfrist to make debdiff i always pbuilt and test package16:05
jdstrandthe debdiff applies cleanly16:05
jdstrandit just won't build (and all versions in feisty won't build here)16:06
emgentuhm? strange16:06
jdstrandit is, I'm looking into it-- it might be my build env16:07
LaserJockman, my system did *not* like whatever I did to it last night :(16:10
LaserJockabout every file I worked with last night is corrupted16:10
\shhellboy195: it looks like something is wrong in the makefile of axxiomm...especially in src/algebra/Makefile.pamphlet16:12
\shhellboy195: there is no mentioning of any source with the name "OUT" but "OUT" is a env var in the Makefile and something goes wrong there...16:13
hellboy195\sh: but why can Debian folks build it then?16:14
\shhellboy195: binary uploads ;)16:15
hellboy195\sh: we should do the same ^^16:16
\shhellboy195: nope16:16
tsmithepersia, looking at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/queue/hardy/new/fluid-soundfont_3-0ubuntu1.diff.gz it seems that it's still the old version. is there a different location (for the new queue files) that i should be looking in?16:17
jdstrandemgent: tikiwiki blew up for me because my build invironment uses dash and the rules file has bashisms16:21
\shhellboy195: http://people.debian.org/~pkern/axiom_20050901-10_20080112-1808 it works there...so something is different with our source16:22
emgentjdstrand, ok :)16:22
jdstrandemgent: I'm wondering if if didn't fail for you because perhaps you didn't specify --variant=buildd16:22
jdstrandto pbuilder create?16:22
emgentpossible :|16:23
jdstrand(from PbuilderHowto)16:23
LaserJockI think pbuilder should do that automatically16:23
hellboy195\sh: wth? but I also tried debian -10. and also geser can reproduce the FTBFS16:23
* jdong blinks16:23
\shhellboy195: try it with a sid chroot please .)16:23
jdongis the mono compiler supposed to spit out NullReferenceExceptions? :D16:23
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
geserHi bddebian16:24
\shhellboy195: or "mkdir hardy_chroot ; sudo debootstrap hardy hardy_chroot ; sudo chroot hardy_chroot ; <edit apt-sources-list> ; apt-get update ; apt-get build-dep axiom ; apt-get source axiom ; cd axiom-Ü ; dpkg-buildpackage ;)16:24
geser\sh: see src/algebra/Makefile in axiom16:25
geserbut I didn't understand what it tried to do16:26
jdongoops silly jdong, you can't compile a null file reference16:30
\shgeser: you mean src/algebra/Makefile.pamphlet...16:33
\shgeser: ${MID}/%.o: ${MID}/%.lsp16:37
\shgeser: that's the target which compiles the spad file...and this failes nicely for out.spad16:37
\shand I wonder why they use elisp for this somehow ;)16:38
LaserJockhmm, sthat sounds oddly familiar16:39
LaserJockI wonder if we had this problem before with axiom16:39
\shLaserJock: god knows what is the diff between sid and hardy...just because on sid it builds perfectly as it looks16:40
\shwoosa...Intrepid Ibex16:41
\shwelcome o.10 ,-)16:41
\shhmm.. 8.10 much more likely16:41
LaserJock\sh: I believe we had a similar problem last time16:41
LaserJockat least I think it may have been axiom16:42
LaserJockis it just me or is Mark progressively making these release names harder to type? ;-)16:43
geserLaserJock: be happy we don't use egyptian gods: Nephthys, Sekhmet or Ptah :)16:51
bddebianOops, heya geser16:54
bddebianSo, who's the resident mono packaging expert? :)16:54
LucidFoxWhat a stupid package. debian/rules includes commands for copying config.guess/config.sub despite the fact that the upstream build system doesn't even use autotools.16:54
tsmithehey, you people are quite knowledgeable; do you people know of a tool i can use for inspecting the open file handles of a process?16:55
LaserJockLucidFox: that's what happens when you just take the dh-make template16:55
sistpoty|workbddebian: /me only knows of slomo_16:55
sistpoty|worktsmithe: not too sure if lsof can do that16:55
bddebiansistpoty|work: Aye, is he around much anymore?  I rarely see him :-)16:55
sistpoty|workbddebian: *shrug*, I guess only sometimes16:56
\shgeser: actually the new release names includes my zodiac sign ;)16:56
tsmithesistpoty|work, well, i deleted a file, but it's still open in an application, and the application is still able to access it. i presume that the application didn't cache it in memory, so it must still exist on disc somewhere.16:56
sistpoty|worktsmithe: I assume, that lsof can help you then16:57
sistpoty|worktsmithe: at least to find out if the file handle is still open16:57
LucidFoxLaserJock> At least the maintainer moved them from clean to configure16:58
LucidFoxI hate it when these files end up in the diff.gz16:58
LaserJockthat's my biggest gripe with the dh-make debian/rules16:59
sistpoty|workbddebian: there's also the motu mono team, as I've just found out... https://launchpad.net/~mono17:00
\shtsmithe: fuser?17:00
geser\sh: re axiom: when you try to build it you get a Makefile in that dir17:04
\shgeser: ah...during dpkg-buildpackage...hmmm17:06
bddebiansistpoty|work: Yeah, I thought about that, thanks17:06
geser\sh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4800/ is the trace file where it redirects the output17:08
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
tsmithehuzzah for /proc/fd17:30
* tsmithe hugs linux17:30
LaneyWhat can/should I use for a .desktop file icon if a program doesn't ship with one?17:33
hellboy195Laney: make one?17:36
LaneyHaha, I really don't think that would work17:36
LaneyIs there any system iconset that is guaranteed to be installed? Or should I just leave it without one?17:40
geserLaney: gnome or kde?17:47
Laneygeser: I thought .desktop files applied to both, or am I mistaken?17:48
geserLaney: they apply to both, but I don't know if there is a common icon theme17:48
Laneygeser: Right. I was considering stealing an icon from tango, would that be OK?17:49
LaneyOr would they look wrong on !gnome?17:50
LucidFoxLaney> What is the icon name?17:51
awen_where in the rules file should dh_icons be called?17:51
LucidFoxawen_> you mean qtoctave, right?17:52
awen_LucidFox: exactly :)17:52
LucidFoxcall it between dh_installman and dh_link17:52
awen_LucidFox: thanks... i'll do that17:53
LucidFoxand it's better to bump the debhelper build-dependency accordingly, to >= 5.0.5117:53
geserLaney: I guess it should be ok17:53
awen_LucidFox: yep... google provided me with that information, hehe ... but not where to put it17:53
hellboy195persia: around?17:54
LaneyLucidFox: I'm not sure yet, perhaps apps/package_edutainment.svg.17:54
LucidFoxthat's not a name from the Tango specification... it doesn't have underscores17:55
LaneyLucidFox: I know, I'm talking about the actual file. I guess I'd have to copy it into the package as I can't be sure that Tango will be installed, right?17:56
LucidFoxCan you do that, though? The Tango theme is CC-BY-SA 2.517:56
LaneyI have no idea, hence why I'm asking17:57
LaneyI don't know if it'd be better to leave it without an icon17:57
LucidFoxCan't you find an icon with a compatible license? Look at the GNOME theme, it's LGPL17:59
LaneyAha, I didn't know about that :)17:59
hellboy195LucidFox: hey, you can help me. maybe ^^18:02
LucidFoxhellboy195> yes?18:03
hellboy195LucidFox: you are in the Motu-Mono team :) please look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11778257/beagle_0.3.3-1ubuntu1.interdiff18:03
hellboy195LucidFox: why did he replaced -find debian/iceweasel-beagle/usr/lib/iceweasel/extensions -type f -exec chmod -x {} \;18:03
hellboy195 with find debian/thunderbird-beagle/usr/lib/thunderbird/extensions -type f -exec chmod -x {} \;18:03
LucidFoxhe replaced iceweasel with mozilla, and icedove with thunderbird18:04
* sistpoty|work heads home18:04
LucidFoxyour comment makes sense18:04
LucidFoxit should have been mozilla, not thunderbird18:05
hellboy195LucidFox: firefox ;)18:05
hellboy195yeah mozilla-beagle and the rest firefox18:05
hellboy195but am I right?18:05
LucidFoxyes, /usr/lib/firefox, not /usr/lib/thunderbird18:06
hellboy195LucidFox: :) another question. How can I brake unzip thunderbird-extension/beagle.xpi -d $(CURDIR)/debian/thunderbird-beagle/usr/lib/thunderbird/extensions/{b656ef18-fd76-45e6-95cc-8043f26361e7} ? It's too long for 1 line18:07
hellboy195divide ^^18:08
james_whellboy195: you realise there's a new upload of beagle in Debian?18:08
geserhellboy195: try line continuation with \ at the end of the line18:08
LucidFoxper geser18:08
hellboy195james_w: yeah I'm doing that merge ;)18:08
hellboy195geser: thx18:08
james_whellboy195: no, there's a newer one.18:09
geserjames_w: I guess hellboy195 want to understand the changes in 3.3-1ubuntu1 for the merge of -218:09
james_whellboy195: my apologies.18:09
hellboy195geser: +118:09
hellboy195james_w: np18:09
LucidFoxhellboy195 is quite a fan of merges, ne? :)18:11
hellboy195LucidFox: hmm. my mentor said: Merges are the best start on the long jorney to become a motu ;)18:11
LucidFoxwell, you do seem to handle merges well :)18:12
hellboy195And I haven't heart something for a while from him so I'm continuing doing merges ^^18:12
LucidFoxwho is it?18:12
hellboy195LucidFox: Andrea Veri (bluekuja)18:13
LucidFoxit would be even better if you advocated non-Ubuntu-specific changes back to Debian ;)18:13
hellboy195LucidFox: which ones?18:14
LucidFoxjust speaking in general18:14
james_wThere are none left in beagle, but I agree.18:14
hellboy195ah k18:15
LucidFoxfor example, for conky, the compat and debhelper version18:15
hellboy195LucidFox: ah finally I found one who approved it. thanks ;)18:16
LucidFoxapproved what?18:16
hellboy195LucidFox: my merge18:18
LucidFoxyes, I did18:18
hellboy195LucidFox: I'll report the changes back to Debian :)18:20
awen_LucidFox: reuploaded qtoctave and resubscribed u-u-s18:21
LucidFoxawen_> thanks, will look18:22
LaneyHrm, is there a way to build a .deb without cleaning? I'm using `debuild -B -us -uc' but this package takes ages to build.18:32
ScottKHobbsee: I'm back, so we can discuss further if you want.18:38
hellboy195geser: would you mind? http://pastebin.com/m65aa01f818:38
ScottKHobbsee: Sorry again for misunderstanding.18:38
hellboy195LucidFox: still around?18:45
jdongLaney: should go without saying, but do a clean build once you're done hacking.... Partial builds and full builds don't always work the same result :)18:46
LucidFoxhellboy195> yep18:46
hellboy195LucidFox: would you mind helping me? http://pastebin.com/m65aa01f818:46
Laneyjdong: Of course :)18:46
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
LucidFoxhellboy195> well, duh :)18:47
LucidFoxthe \ will only work in place of a space18:47
ScottKRainCT: You know when you assign a spec to MOTU, every single MOTU get's mailed every single change?  Please don't assign me work unless you are paying my consulting rate.18:47
LucidFoxhellboy195> http://paste.ubuntu.com/4805/ <-- this will wor18:48
hellboy195LucidFox: so what should I do now?18:48
hellboy195LucidFox: ah. thanks :D18:48
RainCTScottK: oh, sorry18:51
ScottKRainCT: Not a big problem.  I figured you didn't know.18:52
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
hellboy195LucidFox: If you feel like it, beagle debdiff uploaded ;) mind the strange changelog18:56
LucidFoxhellboy195> too tired for this right now, but I'll look at it tomorrow if nobody else takes it18:58
hellboy195LucidFox: don't worry. There is also a merge from yesterday and nobody want it ^^18:58
LucidFoxyou mean proftpd?18:59
hellboy195true :)18:59
LucidFoxawen_> qtoctave uploaded, please also push the changes upstream19:02
DRebellionHow can I set up my pbuilder so it builds packages under hardy?19:10
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=== ember_ is now known as ember
mok0ubuntuwire appears to be down. Any admins here?20:04
gesermok0: still waiting on imbrandon20:04
mok0geser: ok20:05
ScottKmok0: In general #ubuntuwire is a good place to check on such things.20:11
mok0ScottK: ah, ok20:11
RainCTwhat's the section for console emulators? otherosfs?20:37
RainCTwell, new question, get archive admins angry if you change a package's section? (ie, does this need some manual intervention from them or something producing extra workload?)20:53
geserRainCT: I guess the Section isn't important in Ubuntu20:55
geserRainCT: afaik you can change it like you want20:55
hellboy195geser: any progress about axiom?20:58
geserhellboy195: no, I've no idea how to fix it20:58
hellboy195geser: :\20:58
hellboy195geser: who could know it? so I'll ping this person tomorrow :)20:59
geserno idea21:02
geserperhaps upstream has some ideas where the problem is21:03
hellboy195geser: k, We'll see. thx for your support :)21:03
RainCTgeser: no? could you elaborate on this pls?21:05
geserRainCT: ???21:07
RainCTgeser: "I guess the Section isn't important in Ubuntu" ;)21:07
geserRainCT: I don't any place in LP/soyuz/archive where the Section is used21:09
geseronly in synaptic/aptitude/etc.21:09
Fujitsugeser: Is it used anywhere else in Debian either?21:09
geserI've never seen any requests about changing the Section21:09
FujitsuRainCT: It does require manual intervention by the archive admins. THey need to update the overrides.21:09
Fujitsugeser: I've done in a couple of times.21:09
geserRainCT: then trust Fujitsu21:10
FujitsuYou can change it in the source package,  but it won't have any effect.21:10
RainCTFujitsu, geser: thanks :)21:11
geserFujitsu: I don't know, all I know that the Debian FTP Master has the option to override it21:11
Fujitsugeser: It's not an option to override it.21:11
FujitsuIt must be overriden.21:11
geserFujitsu: ok, they specify it in the first place21:12
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
LaneyCan someone take a look at my patch on bug #191574 please :)21:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191574 in fet "Doesn't have a .desktop file" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157421:16
InsClusoeHi all.. I have picked up this bitesized string-fix bug.. Bug# 181860. It has to do with console-setup. How do I test my changes?21:19
LaneyInsClusoe: I usually build packages with debuild -B -us -uc in a VM and then install the .deb to see if I've fixed it.21:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181860 in console-setup "spelling or grammar issue" [Low,New]21:20
InsClusoeLaney: oh.. I don't have a VM installed.21:21
LaneyInsClusoe: Erm, well I don't know then. I guess you could just install it on your box if you're daring (and have all the dependencies) ;)21:22
LaneyMaybe others do it differently21:22
LaneyBut VMware (and others, but that's what I use) are available in the repos if you want to go the VM route21:23
RainCTLaney, InsClusoe: have a look at pbuilder ;)21:24
InsClusoeRainCT: ok..21:24
RainCTInsClusoe: and for now, if it hasn't many build dependencies you can just install them and run 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot' to get the .deb21:24
InsClusoeLaney: I don't have enough space to install a VM. So, that's out of the question, anyway.21:24
LaneyRainCT: I've seen that, but isn't it just for building the packages?21:25
LaneyOr can you run stuff inside the chroot?21:25
RainCTLaney: Ah, right, you also use it to test them.. Then your option is better in your case :).21:26
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie_jayx
InsClusoeThere are only 5 dependencies.. Not much I guess..21:27
RainCTLaney: you can log into the chroot and run stuff there, but only on the terminal (no X server); pbuilder is for building, not testing21:27
LaneyRainCT: Yes, that's what I thought. Do most people do their testing in VMs then?21:28
* RainCT has really no idea about this :P21:29
InsClusoeI will take the PBuilder route.21:29
LaneyHaha, OK.21:29
LaneyNever mind21:29
Laneyhrm, I'm not too sure about Intrepid Ibex...21:29
RainCTLaney: me neither.. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBEX_3521:30
RainCTInsClusoe: please respect a max. 80 chars per line limit in debian/copyright, debian/control, etc.21:31
slangasekwell, it's better than 'Intrepid IDEXX'21:31
LaneyI was holding out for Iguana :(21:32
* ScottK was hoping for an Iguana.21:32
InsClusoeRainCT: ok.. Sure.21:32
RainCTInsClusoe: btw, if you install ubuntu-dev-tools from hardy (if it even installs on Gutsy, I'm not sure :P) you'll get a get-build-deps command and pbuilder-dist (to have different pbuilder chroot's at once), beside other useful stuff (like update-maintainer to do the Maintainer field change)21:34
mok0the abbreviations for the latest releases have been the first of the two words: feisty, gutsy, hardy... all short words. Now we have "intrepid" :(21:34
RainCTInsClusoe: ah, and say (in debian/changelog) that you changed the maintainer field ;)21:34
InsClusoeRainCT: ok.. Does that mean I can build fixes for hardy even though I'm on Feisty or Gutsy?21:36
mok0InsClusoe: yes21:36
RainCTInsClusoe: yes, for any Ubuntu or Debian version you want21:36
InsClusoeRainCT: Today, I have set the DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL fields correctly.21:36
InsClusoeRainCT: wow.. thats great. Then, the pbuilder create command will take different params to indicate which chroot I want?21:38
InsClusoeRainCT: I think I got it. I need to pass the correct argument for --distribution option to pbuilder create.21:40
mok0InsClusoe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto21:41
RainCTInsClusoe: pbuilder by default only supports one distribution (if you want more you have to pass it many arguments each time)21:41
InsClusoemok0: Yeah.. I am following the howto. :-)21:41
RainCTInsClusoe: but there is pbuilder-dist in ubuntu-dev-tools which is a wrapper arround this (just create symlink to it names pbuilder-hardy, pbuilder-gutsy, etc., as many as you want and you will then be able to do pbuilder-hardy create, pbuilder-hardy build *.dsc, etc.)21:42
InsClusoeRainCT: oh... I already installed pbuilder and it's creating my chroot for feisty now..21:44
mok0ScottK: pgadmin3 in debian is hopelessly out of date21:49
ScottKmok0: This would be because they don't have wxwidgets 2.8.  Fortunately we do.21:51
ScottKmok0: If you'd prepare an upgrade package I can virtually guarantee an FFe.  It'd be bad form not to support our default pg release with pgadmin.21:52
mok0ScottK: I could update it from 1.4.3 to 1.8.221:52
mok0ScottK: I agree. For the LTS it is needed21:53
ScottKmok0: Please do.21:53
mok0ScottK: should I prepare it as a debdiff?21:53
ScottKmok0: No, diff.gz for the new package.21:53
mok0ScottK: ... and attatch to a bug report I gues21:54
mok0ScottK: I'll get on it right away21:54
ScottKmok0: Once you're a MOTU you'll be able to just upload these, so please give us a .diff.gz you'd be happy to upload if you could ...21:55
mok0ScottK: ok. Any tags on the bugreport?21:55
ScottKAlso fill in all the stuff for an FFe21:56
ScottKSubscribe motu-release for the FFe before you subscribe uus21:56
mok0ScottK: got it21:56
kirklandregarding bug #44836, I reproduced the problem, and applied the fix suggested in post 14, which solved the problem.  i grabbed the source packages for initscripts, applied the change, updated the changelog, and incremented the version.  now I have updated packages.  next, do I put them in my PPA and show them to someone for acceptance?22:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44836 in sysvinit "NFS mounts on clients don't appear in `mount` or `df` output" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4483622:17
mathiazkirkland: you should attach a debdiff to the bug.22:41
mathiazkirkland: and subscribe the ubuntu-main-sponsor (or ubuntu-universe-sponsor)22:41
mathiazkirkland: team22:41
kirklandmathiaz: okay, thanks.22:42
mathiazkirkland: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess22:42
InsClusoeI am working on Bug#181860 -- a bitesized, spelling and grammar change.22:58
InsClusoeEven for such a minor change, do I need to increase the ubuntu revision number?22:58
DktrKranzInsClusoe, yes22:59
InsClusoeok.. Thanks.22:59
geserInsClusoe: every upload to the archive needs a new version else it will get rejected23:01
InsClusoeI have set up chroot using pbuilder. I have made the changes as mentioned in bug report. Now I can use dch -i to mark my changes in changelog and then do a pbuilder build. Am I on the right path?23:01
gesermore or less23:02
geserInsClusoe: does the package have already a ubuntu version and changed Maintainer?23:02
InsClusoegeser: Yes23:02
geserok, so no need to change the Maintainer this time as it was already done23:03
geserdon't forget to build the new source package (debuild -S) before pbuilding :)23:04
InsClusoegeser: Alright.. :-)23:04
InsClusoeGeser: Another silly question... In the changelog, do I need to use my real name or can I use my IRC handle?23:15
NafalloInsClusoe: RN23:16
blueyedInsClusoe: a good shortcut for this is "pdebuild", which does this for you already.23:17
InsClusoeNafallo:  thanks..23:18
InsClusoeblueyed: I was going to use dch -i23:18
blueyedInsClusoe: I've meant for "debuild -S + pbuilder build"23:19
InsClusoeblueyed: sorry. I misunderstood. Great.. That means one less step I have to run.23:20
blueyedInsClusoe: bug 139710 is also for console-setup and has a patch. You may want to include it :)23:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139710 in console-setup "ckbcomp cannot handle multiple consequents in xkb rules" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13971023:20
blueyedThe same for bug 13971223:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139712 in console-setup "no way to specify alternate xkb rules in setupcon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13971223:21
InsClusoeoops... I didn't know. Will check it out.23:22
blueyed..you don't have to. But it's a good idea to search for bugs with patches in a package you are going to upload (or get sponsored). You can do so by going to the packages bugs' advanced search and tick "has patch" at the bottom.23:23
InsClusoeblueyed: ok..23:24
LaserJockdoes the Sun Java plugin work for amd64?23:25
RAOFLaserJock: I think that icedtea does.  I've not noticed the lack of java.23:27
LaserJockhmm yeah, it tells  me to get icedtea, but I see no Sun plugin23:27
LaserJockI'm starting to wish I could "convert" my install to i38623:28
* StevenK is quite happy with his 64 bit install23:28
LaserJockbeing able to have an amd64 pbuilder is nice23:29
LaserJockbut that's about all the good I've found so far23:29
LaserJockvmware and virtualbox don't seem to be able to handle 64 bit23:30
LaserJockso if I test on my laptop I have to make amd64 .debs and if I want to test in vmware I have to rebuild for i38623:30
slangaseka plain i386 chroot will work fine on amd64, FWIW23:31
StevenKAnd if vmware and virtualbox have worked fine on my machine, albeit without 64 bit guests.23:32
StevenKYou can't run long mode code from protected mode, so if you boot 32 bit, all you get is 32.23:32
LaserJockslangasek: true, but that's another chroot I need to have just for that23:33
slangasekLaserJock: as opposed to having a dedicated image for it?23:33
LaserJockslangasek: as opposed to just running it on my laptop23:34
slangasekwell, ok; but you were talking about vmware and virtualbox, I was pointing out there are alternatives to those that work just fine for package building/testing23:34
StevenKLaserJock: So it seems your main problem with amd64 is "It isn't 32 bit"23:34
LaserJockStevenK: well, basically :/23:34
LaserJockthis is just my first amd64 experience and I didn't realize how much I'd need to workaround23:35
StevenKThen install the 32 bit one? If you partitioned your disk sensibly, you won't lose /home or anything23:35
mok0LaserJock: why don't you use kvm?23:36
LaserJockslangasek: ah right, I could have a i386 chroot so that I can just build once23:36
LaserJockmok0: doesn't work on my processor I don't think23:36
LaserJockcould be wrong, but I thought only certain processors ran kvm23:36
StevenKYup, you need processor extensions.23:37
StevenKMy machine doesn't have them either23:37
slangasekI thought you just needed a bios that didn't hobble them23:37
mok0LaserJock: what does egrep ‘(vmx|svm)’ /proc/cpuinfo  say?23:37
LaserJockmok0: nada23:37
RAOFAnd if you're going to try kvm, check out virt-manager.  It rocks.23:38
mok0LaserJock: :-(23:38
RAOFWell, that scuppers that briliant plan :/23:38
mok0kvm runs without it be s.l.o.w.l.y23:38
LaserJockI've got one of the Core 2 Duo's that doesn't have vmx23:38
StevenKHrm, I thought all Core processors had the extensions ...23:39
StevenKAh well23:39
LaserJockthere are about 5-10 that don't23:39
mok0StevenK: the older ones don't23:39
RAOFAnd the low-end newer ones, too, I think.23:39
mok0I just got a Q6600 and it rocks! Not very expensive23:40
LaserJockI've got a T525023:40
LaserJockin any case, it's not a big deal, I just wonder if 32bit is a better way to go23:41
LaserJockI got the amd64 .iso by accident and figured I should at least try it out23:41
LaserJockand most things work, but when you gotta deal with the binary/3rd party stuff it gets interesting23:42
StevenKOnly because most binary/3rd party assume the world == ia3223:42
InsClusoeI get this error after running dch -i and saving my changes: parsechangelog/debian: error: badly formatted trailer line, at file debian/changelog line 823:43
LaserJockStevenK: heh, of course23:43
mok0We got a significant speed gain on several programs under amd6423:44
InsClusoegeser: any clues? It's not over the eighty character per line limit...23:44
LaserJockmok0: what kind of programs?23:44
mok0LaserJock: cpu intensive, calculations23:45
LaserJockInsClusoe: can you pastebin the changelog?23:45
geserInsClusoe: did you change something in line 8?23:45
InsClusoeI edited the DEBFULLNAME field after starting dch.. could that be the reason?23:46
gesercan you show me that line only?23:47
InsClusoeHere's tht line...  -- Gnanaskandan R<jalsa_gujals@yahoo.com>  Thu, 21 Feb 2008 04:43:04 +053023:47
gesermy guess it a missing space before the email address (between R and <)23:48
InsClusoeyes... An additional space fixed it.23:49
* InsClusoe thanks geser23:49
InsClusoeThe version number in changelog is 1.13ubuntu13. If there are no changes in debian, shouldn't the version number be 1.13-0ubuntu13?23:52
LaserJockit depends on if it's a native package23:53
LaserJockif it is (there's no .orig.tar.gz) then 1.13ubuntu13 is alright23:53
LaserJockas 1.13 would be the Debian version23:54
InsClusoeLaserJock: You are correct. There's no .orig.tar.gz.23:55
KasimirGabertwould it be possible to have the REVU keyring resynced?23:59

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