jcastroasac: any idea on how this mozilla messaging thing works out as far as relations with upstream?00:32
jcastroI mean, should I consider them a new, seperate entity or what?00:32
asacjcastro: sorry ... what messaging thing?00:35
asaci guess i miss a bit of context here ;)00:36
jcastroasac: they spun off tbird today as their own thing.00:36
jcastroasac: heh, it's ok, it's my job to keep you appraised. :)00:37
asacoh ... that was expected00:37
jcastroasac: you're coming to fosdem right?00:37
asacnot sure. will they be there?00:38
asacjcastro: i am not sure how this will technically evolve00:41
asaci assume that they will still use the same CVS tree00:41
asacand share the other infrastructure00:41
asaca good question would be to figure if there will be a separate security group00:42
jcastroasac: I will ask blizz man, I think he'll be at fosdem00:42
jcastrosurely some mozilla eu people will be there00:42
Ubuletteit's just tb officially maintained with new goals and fundings00:47
asacyes, still i wonder who the devs will be00:47
Ubulettemaybe they'll rename tb but if i understood it correctly, they'll start from tb3 (tb trunk)00:48
Ubulettethey want to integrate the calendar to match outlook00:48
asaci still think that this will not chaneg much, except that the staff is really dedicated to work on tbird - which is good00:49
asacin terms of how workflows and how they interact with the firefox devs00:49
Ubuletteyep, that's what i meant with "it's just tb officially maintained"00:49
Ubulettei haven't seen in their todo list to xulify tb00:50
Ubuletteand no plan to fork either so they'll probably continue to share the trunk as of today00:51
[reed]same CVS tree but they'll start having different infra02:06
asacok .... meetings at 0700 UTC are definitly a pain ;)08:14
* asac reboot ... kernel update08:42
asac[reed]: any idea if bug 193108 is known?14:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193108 in firefox-3.0 "Word spacing issue in Firefox 3" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19310814:20
=== asac_ is now known as asac
Ubuletteit's quiet in here those days21:00
Ubulettedespite the flood of ff3 bugs21:00
Ubuletteso 8.10 will be called Intrepid Ibex.. hmm. intrepid will be too long to type. maybe ibex then.. or ii22:14
Ubuletteii sounds good in japanese :)22:15
Ubulettecairo 1.5.10 released22:30
Ubulettemozilla bug 41835322:31
ubotuMozilla bug 418353 in GFX: Thebes "Upgrade cairo to 1.5.8-87-g21049a9" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41835322:31

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