mindframe-yeah blkid matches00:00
mindframe-/dev/mapper/klx-swap_1: TYPE="swsuspend" UUID="21056f41-d2c4-456f-86ab-ffa096ee3186"00:00
mok0mindframe-: here's mine:00:01
mok0 /dev/mapper/yeti-swap_1: TYPE="swap" UUID="b5b1e9d5-12a8-4779-bf38-ab852d781fce"00:01
mok0mindframe-: the TYPE is different00:01
mok0mindframe-: is yours a laptop?00:02
mok0mindframe-: you think the swap partition is for swapping memory during suspend mode, and not a normal swap?00:05
mindframe-i did test out suspension the other day00:05
mok0mindframe-: that's what the TYPE suggests00:05
mok0I don't have a laptop, so no experience there00:06
achandrashekarhello. Ive been fighting a libnss issue with ldap, and booting properly. It seems to hang on boot, and ive already that necessary "group" files, and passwd files have necessary system users. I cant seem to get it to boot when adding nsswitch parameter with ldap in it. Any ideas?00:47
achandrashekari know there is an official bug report. But what is the work around?00:47
achandrashekarIve tried to change the S18ldap to S10ldap in rcX.d files with no luck either.00:48
achandrashekarcan someone help out?00:48
achandrashekarhangs on kernel log daemon..when ldap is enabled. in nsswitch.conf01:15
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booferbillanyone able to help?02:09
foobooferbill: ask your question.02:09
fooAnd read the topic02:09
booferbilli am getting a PANIC: CPU too old for kernel error02:09
booferbillI am trying to put it on a DELL laptop approxamately 4 years old02:10
ScottKbooferbill: You're installing ubuntu-server in a laptop?02:38
pwnguinScottK: when xubuntu is too heavy ;)03:27
kgoetza 4 yr od dll cant handl [x]ubuntu?03:28
faulkes-eh now?03:29
sommerit's because the server kernel is optimized for i586 while the desktop edition is optimized for i386, making it available for more hardware03:29
faulkes-i586 is older than 5 years iirc03:29
faulkes-er, 4 years03:30
sommersure, but seems like you only see that error with the server kernel on old hardware, where the desktop kernel works fine :-)03:30
kgoetzhas ubutu made its i386 kerne i486 and over? i assume yes?03:31
kgoetz(sorry aout the splling, my links not great)03:31
* faulkes- nods03:31
sommerapologies, the server kernel is i686 and desktop is i586 and i68603:32
sommerI even wrote this: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/preparing-to-install.html#system-requirements03:33
sommermust be bedtime03:33
lamontScottK: so... how stable was tls in 2.2?03:49
lamontsommer: you realize that the compiler is emitting 486 instructions by default, yes?03:50
* lamont finishes reading scrollback... sorry03:50
faulkes-hmmmm, qemu+ppc != like hardy install04:01
faulkes-fall down go boom04:01
kirklandfaulkes-: i saw the same thing today04:02
kirklandfaulkes-: but, moreover, ppc install isn't working for me on baremetal either04:02
faulkes-bare metal I have working04:06
faulkes-7.04 is straight forward, 7.10 has ide issues but they are documented04:06
faulkes-well, 7.04 adds an extraneous line to yaboot.conf which causes it to fail to boot without manual intervention of the almighty <enter> key04:07
faulkes-although I think it has something to do with bochsbios as I've been looking at things in launchpad04:09
faulkes-re: qemu that is04:10
kirklandfaulkes-: ide issues, is this what you're seeing?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/18911404:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189114 in linux-meta "(hardy) powerpc installer lacks ide-pmac driver" [Undecided,New]04:10
faulkes-hrmmm, no04:11
kirklandfaulkes-: can you point me to such documentation?04:11
faulkes-7.10 was a module issue you needed to add at boot time04:11
faulkes-I'm unsure about hardy ppc04:11
kirklandoh, right, sorry04:11
faulkes-although if hardy ppc lacks an ide-pmac driver04:11
kirklandyeah, hardy is bust04:11
faulkes-that could be a significant issue04:12
faulkes-one might almost say a show stopper04:12
kirkland:-)  yep04:12
madrushwhat is the proper way to change the default switches for pure-ftpd? ... im using the /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd script ... do i change something in the script?04:14
ScottKlamont: IIRC I never had any problem with it.04:48
lamont        Unable to get printer status (client-error-forbidden)!04:58
* lamont kicks cups04:58
faulkes-interesting, booting hardy into my laptop via qemu tells me it has no modules05:35
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sorenfaulkes-: "has no modules"?07:16
faulkes-heh, I was just thining of email you07:21
faulkes-7.10 running kqemu booting 8.04 current07:22
faulkes-it pops up a message saying that the kernel does not match the kernel in the archive and that modules are not available07:22
faulkes-I fought with qemu+ppc -> hardy all day to no avail, I also noted I needed to upgrade the bochsbios07:23
faulkes-so I figured I would give native x86 -> native x86 a try07:24
faulkes-I got a jeos image to boot/install07:24
faulkes-but no luck with installing off an 8.04 iso (and yes I checked the iso via the tool provided)07:25
faulkes-I don't have it handy right now, but I can recreate it tomorrow at some point and take some screenshots for you if you'd like07:25
faulkes-I also went through a good portion of the LP based bug reports looking for solutions07:28
sorenfaulkes-: Oh, the installer is b0rken?07:29
* faulkes- thinks that may be the case07:30
faulkes-soren: I'll gather some more information for you tomorrow, right now, tis late here and I need my beauty rest07:33
* _ruben isnt even awake yet ;)07:35
[miles]morning all08:21
sergevngood morning08:21
sorenfaulkes-: Installer was b0rken. Should be fixed real soon now.08:59
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frippzI've got Ubuntu 7.10 set up on a VPS. I'd like to see if I can optimize the system a bit since we're limited to 256MB RAM. any tools you might recommend for this task?09:29
`6og'optomise'? how?09:33
`6ogbrb. switching computers09:35
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frippzwell, see if there is any process that is hogging more memory than neccessary for example09:36
frippzI've disabled innoDB i MySQL, for instance09:37
frippzthat took away about 100MB09:37
frippzat least according to the docs09:37
kgoetzso your trying to minimise memory useage? if your after making certain apps more memory efficent you should probaby ask the apps irc channel09:39
[miles]totally off topic, but this is amazing http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=4023+10:01
[miles]foolano, hola muy buenas10:02
kgoetzi'm suffering a bad case of 'sysadmin house' :|10:23
* kgoetz wonders how he's got to the stage where his networks so badly setup10:23
faulkes-kgoetz: blame the interns10:24
kgoetzfaulkes-: hehe10:25
sorenJeg bridger.10:34
faulkes-soren: thanks for the update10:34
* faulkes- wonders why he went to bed 3 hours ago and is awake again10:34
sorenfaulkes-: No worries :) Thanks for pointing it out.10:34
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_rubenany reason why the snmp tools arent configured with openssl support? this would enable the use of aes128 for example12:59
henkjanlicensing issues12:59
_rubencryptography export thing or something else alltogether?13:02
sorenopenssl's license and the gpl are not friends.13:03
henkjanand thats very annoying :(13:03
_rubenbut how come openssl itself is avail as a pkg then?13:04
_rubenheh .. on my suse machines the man page only lists DES, snmpget --help shows DES/AES but AES isnt available either .. but with ubuntu --help doesnt AES, but does show in manpage but with the appropriate comment that it might not be available .. then again, doesnt show much more than ubuntu being 'better' than suse ;)13:06
_rubenguess i'll just congifure my switches with des instead of aes then13:06
soren_ruben: Because openssl on its own is ok, and certain things are ok to link against openssl.13:11
soren_ruben: Just not plain gpl stuff.13:12
zuljdstrand,foolano: ping13:49
zulhi jdstrand ebox developers have several problems with the apparmour stuff in openldap13:50
jdstrandzul: have bugs been filed in LP?13:50
zulnot yet13:50
_rubensoren: bugger ;)13:51
foolanothe thing is we can't do slapcat -l /foopath cuz slapd is only allowed to write under /var/lib/ldap13:51
foolanoslapd ships a slapd.backup script and it doesn't work due to its apparmor profile13:51
jdstrandfoolano: would you mind filing a bug against openldap2.3 following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingApparmor?13:52
foolanono problem13:52
jdstrandfoolano: we can then work to get an appropriate fix13:52
jdstrandfoolano: if the slapcat and slapd.backup are separate issues (and it sounds like they are, then they should be separate reports13:54
foolanobut it's basically the same problem13:54
foolanoslapcat only can write in /var/lib/ldap13:54
* jdstrand nods13:54
foolanoso there's no way to use the slapd.backup script13:54
foolanoit's  not very difficult to workaround but...13:55
jdstrandslapd.backup as shipped should work, so that is clearly a bug13:55
jdstrandslapcat to arbitrary locations is exactly what apparmor protects from, so it will need to be thought about more (perhaps allowing write to /tmp)13:56
foolanoyeah, slapd.backup tries to write to /var/backup/slapd13:57
foolanogonna file a bug13:57
jdstrandfoolano: great!13:57
faulkes-appropriate tz greeting all15:38
jjessehello faulkes-15:47
spiekeyhow can i flush all routes easily?15:52
faulkes-probably best to write a shell script16:00
faulkes-iirc I don't recall route having a flush command similar to iptables16:01
faulkes-although you could also try /etc/init.d/networking stop16:01
faulkes-which *might* remove the routes16:01
spiekeyyeah...thats whats not working :P16:04
spiekeycould someone do me a favour please?16:20
spiekeyhave a look on gutsy if netcat has the -k option there16:20
spiekeythe option is unknown in dapper16:20
krautnetcat: invalid option -- k16:21
krautnc -h for help16:21
krauton dapper16:21
krautroot@kaya:~# netcat -k16:21
krautno destination16:21
krauton gutsy16:21
mok0I am trying to debug the boot process in hardy, but I can't seem to find the log of all the various init.d scripts... where is that?16:22
mok0(not dmesg, syslog, messages...)16:23
faulkes-iirc init.d scripts are not logged, other than specific service level messages, such as daemon startups16:27
faulkes-which would be in syslog/messages16:27
mok0faulkes-: I think I got it: you have to enable bootlogd in /etc/default16:27
mok0faulkes-: and it should log in /var/log/boot16:28
mok0I will try it now... so long....16:28
spiekeykraut: so you have the -l option on gutsy?16:36
spiekeyermm... -k16:37
Stonekeeperhi there. Not sure if you already know this but on gutsy server, if you install php5-mysql when php5-cgi is not installed it will install apache also. if php5-cgi IS installed, it wont.16:59
faulkes-iirc that is because php5-cgi is multi-use with different httpd implementations17:03
faulkes-so it may not be appropriate to assume that apache should be installed, but that is just a inference on my part17:04
Stonekeeperfaulkes-: i would have thought, by that statement, it should not install any webserver.17:17
nijabafaulkes-: I modified the survey wiki to point to an export of what is currently in LimeSurvey.  Hope you like it.17:28
* faulkes- perks up17:43
faulkes-eh now?17:43
faulkes-nijaba: explain, sorry, coffee hasn't kicked in yet17:47
nijabafaulkes-: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Survey#preview17:48
faulkes-nijaba: ah, that makes more sense re: wiki export17:50
nijabathought it would be easier if people want to see the current form of the questions17:52
* faulkes- nods17:52
mok0Hrmphh. No matter what I do, NIS hangs at boot, but when I log on the first time, it's on. However some boot items (i.e. autofs) have failed because of that.17:53
mathiazzul: the ubuntu-server-bugs mailing has been created. Would you like to be a co-moderator/admin of the list ?17:56
zulmathiaz: sure..17:56
mok0huh? What's up (down) with ubuntuwire?18:18
zulmok0: check on #ubuntu-motu18:20
zulthey admins usually hang out there18:20
Goosemooseanyone gotten likewise-open to work with gutsy yet?18:35
Goosemoosedantalizing, i cant get your version to work18:36
dantalizingI don't have a version of likewise-open18:40
dantalizingbut if I did, I'm sure it would work18:41
Goosemoosesorry, it wasn't you, it was a guy with a similar name18:41
Goosemoosei saw your name real quick and thought it was18:41
dantalizingno probs18:41
Goosemooselike dendradite or somethgin18:41
Goosemoosehe's working on it for hardy18:42
Goosemooseim trying to get it to work with gutsy18:42
root-----hi guys19:49
root-----any one home19:49
root-----Hi, i have a server and 30 clients. (10 windows 20 linux.) i want to pxe boot them all (so every time its rebooted. i get same os and confgs. making linux as my server. 2. i want to make a user account (in all those 30 machines) stop or screen lock after every 30 minuts (runing apps should not be closed) the user just have to enter password again.19:50
root----- 3.for every such event of unlocking screen and giving pwd.(i 'guess' thats logging in?) i get stats on server.. possible? do i need any thing else. like ldap ? any suggestions?19:50
fooSo you want to run them as thinclients?19:51
faulkes-ltsp will do linux clients19:54
faulkes-I'm not sure about windows19:54
faulkes-as for pxe booting windows, I don't even want to touch that kind of nightmare19:55
faulkes-I mean, as a base install, say for network deployments, sure, but for thinclients?19:56
* faulkes- fears19:56
faulkes-for windows you would like be better off using an ldap configuration to control login / logout timeframe19:57
dho_ragusmy network has disappeared from udev.  how do i repair that?19:57
root-----no. i dont use thins19:57
root-----faulkes-  ok19:58
root-----faulkes- will that be possible with ldap. to lock screen19:58
faulkes-iirc it's actually something you would setup in windows19:58
faulkes-which you could prevent disabling via admin privileges19:59
root-----but i need to lock down after 30 mins of usage. not like script19:59
faulkes-that may be more difficult20:00
root-----and apps shold not close. oppertunity should be there to resume20:00
faulkes-and I don't have any suggestions for that20:00
achandrashekarHello. I have been fighting an ldap installation that uses libnss. It stops on boot up when encountering the kernel log daemon. I have the necesary /etc groups,passwd files and even did the soft_boot yes parameter in nsswitch to no avail. I also made the rcX boot up at S10 instead of S18.  Any help would be appreciated.20:05
root-----achandrashekar i need an ldap help too.20:07
root-----Hi, i have a server and 30 clients. (10 windows 20 linux.) i want to pxe boot them all (so every time its rebooted. i get same os and confgs. making linux as my server. 2. i want to make a user account (in all those 30 machines) stop or screen lock after every 30 minuts (runing apps should not be closed) the user just have to enter password again.20:08
root----- 3.for every such event of unlocking screen and giving pwd.(i 'guess' thats logging in?) i get stats on server.. possible? do i need any thing else. like ldap ? any suggestions?20:08
root-----achandrashekar  ^ ?20:08
achandrashekarim here..sorry20:09
achandrashekaryes...I did the first part of your setup with dhcp failover/load balancing which PXE boots to an LTSP image20:10
achandrashekarbut where I am stuck is the LDAP implementation for single login in management purposes.20:10
achandrashekarthe issue being their is a BUG with that ldap bomponent.20:11
achandrashekarSO...in the final installation of the environment, it doesnt help to run into this problem.20:11
achandrashekarroot: dont knwo if that helps any...I  know the pxe boot part is not that difficult to do..the auth part is the difficult part.20:13
c1|freakyhi all. what is a good firewall generator and management application for a server using iptables?20:24
zulor ubuntu-firewall same thing20:26
ScottKSomeone had to say it.20:26
zulvim works as well20:28
spiekeyfirewallbuilder is great20:29
ScottKHaving a buddy with a good script that you cargo cult onto your box is another method.20:30
root-----badly need help with networking. please need your 5 mins.. http://pastebin.com/m2fbb2d0520:31
ScottKHello ivoks20:32
zulhi ivoks20:32
ivoksroot-----: this is network problem?20:33
ivokseverything is possible, except maybe windowse20:35
ivoksi don't know about that20:35
ivoksso... i want to ask single detail about packaging20:36
ivokswe want bacula in main, but atm only -mysql, -pgsql and gnome tray monitor are possible to move to main20:37
ivokseverything else must stay in universe20:37
ivoksis that doable?20:37
ivokscan we have source in main that depends on universe build deps?20:38
ivoksor source in universe with binaries in main? :)20:38
mathiazivoks: source in main that depends on universe packages as build deps is *not* possible20:38
ivoksok, that means we will drop QT and WX console20:39
mathiazivoks: WFM20:39
ivoksmove everything to main, except -sqlite version, which will stay in univere (cause it depends on sqlite, which is in universe)20:40
root-----ivoks ?20:41
mathiazivoks: sqlite is in main20:41
ScottKivoks: Build-deps all have to be in Main.  Main source can have Universe binaries.20:41
ivokssince when? :)20:41
mathiazivoks: since dapper at least20:41
ScottKsqlite or sqlite3?20:41
mathiazivoks: both are in main.20:42
mathiazivoks: the libraries are in main.20:42
ivoksnot libsqlite20:42
ivoksbut binary20:42
mathiazivoks: some of the binaries are in universe20:42
mathiazivoks: that's the sqlite binary20:43
mathiazivoks: the libraries (and thus source package) is in main20:43
mathiazivoks: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libsqlite3-020:44
ivoksi'm talking about:20:45
ivoksit depends on sqlite binary20:45
mathiazivoks: ok. Does bacula-directory-sqlite,3 really need the sqlite binary to work ?20:46
mathiazivoks: could it be dropped to a Suggestion ?20:46
Koonnijaba: ping20:47
nijabaHello Koon20:47
Koonnijaba: quick suggestion on the server survey20:47
nijabamathiaz: sqlite binary is now into main20:48
ivoksmathiaz: well, package scripts relay on it20:48
Koonnijaba: on the number of servers, the low segment might not be precise enough20:48
ivoksi'll dig into it a bit more20:48
nijabaKoon: 1-10?20:48
Koonnijaba: 1, 2-5, 6-20 could be more precise20:48
ivoksi've replaced dbconfig-common20:49
Koonnijaba: rather than 1-10, 11-2020:49
Koonnijaba: you might want to know how many run a single Linux server being Ubuntu Server20:49
nijabaKoon: ok, I'll fix that right away20:49
nijabaKoon: thks20:49
Koonnijaba: with 1-10 you might catch too much SMBs20:49
Koonnijaba: np20:49
mathiaznijaba: when was sqlite moved to main ?20:50
nijabamathiaz: when Matthias was at my place20:50
mathiaznijaba: ok - so the seeds need to be updated.20:51
nijabamathiaz: we had a short discussion about it, and he came to the conclusion it was stupid it was not20:51
mathiaznijaba: sqlite is still in universe.20:51
nijabamathiaz: that what I just was20:51
nijabamathiaz: * that what I just saw20:51
nijabamathiaz: will check with him20:51
* ivoks installed gnupanel yesterday and totally wrecked his laptop20:54
ivoksroot-----: yes?20:56
root-----is pxe bootingand ldappossible in windows and linux both. and clients and linux as server?20:57
root-----is pxe booting and ldap possible in windows and linux both. and clients and linux as server?20:57
ivokspxe booting of linux is possible; i don't know about windows; don't that OS looks for exchanged hardware?20:57
mok0root-----: don't know about windows, but you can boot linux using bootd and tftpd20:58
ivoksi've pxe booted 60 linux clients from one server20:58
nijabamathiaz: doko hadn't had time so far to complete it, but that still in his todo20:58
* mok0 whips ivoks with a stick20:59
ivoksyou can have single image for most of the system, but you need some customization per computer20:59
ivoksand that's easy to achive, just create init script that will extract IP address, and link /etc/custom_settings to appropriete directory21:00
nijabaivoks: does bacula need a specific version of sqlite?21:00
nijabaooops, meeting starting21:00
ivoksnijaba: it supports both version21:00
ivoksnijaba: we can move one version to main, and leave the other in universe21:01
nijabaivoks: thanks21:01
owhI'm trying to backup a server (with over a million files) using rsync to an embedded NAS which is running out of memory. Any suggestions on how I might "encourage" rsync to use less memory and store temp files on disk? I'd rather not split the transfer into parts.23:38
Goosemooseyou around?23:44

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