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infinitydoko: Around?17:25
dokoinfinity: yes17:27
infinitydoko: When we demoted gcc-3.3 to universe, we ended up with broken/mismatched overrides, since libgcc1/hppa still comes from gcc-3.317:28
infinitydoko: Suggestions?  Drop libgcc1/hppa from gcc-3.3 entirely, build it from a newer gcc, promote gcc-3.3 back to main?17:28
dokoinfinity: it should not be needed anymore. packages depending on it should be rebuilt17:30
infinityNothing depends on it, I checked that.17:30
infinitySo, you'd opt for "drop it completely"?17:30
dokohmm, that would mean to remove gcc-3.3 for hppa from universe17:31
infinityI can't imagine anyone complaining...17:31
dokosure, but I'd like to avoid a new upload to just disable it17:31
infinityI take it that building libgcc4 and libgcc1 from gcc-4.2 is a technical impossibility?17:31
infinityAnyhow, override mismatches cause DAK to explode, so we need to do something to fix this.17:32
dokobut then you should remove 3.4 and 4.0 as well (but maybe too much fortran stuff still depends on it=17:32
dokoso just remove it, and don't upload 3.3 again?17:33
infinityRemoving it will probably just cause a new build to happen on hppa.17:34
infinity(I could P-a-s it out, but I'm not sure Debian would be keen on that change..)17:35
dokowell, try to upload a new version, which fails for hppa17:35
dokobut it should still work for the other archs. maybe upload to the ubuntu-toolchain ppa first?17:36
infinityI imagine it would fail on hppa quite convincingly if I just removed the libgcc1 stanzas from control...17:39
infinityAlternately, I could change every single arch:any binary to arch:i386,amd64,powerpc,sparc,lpia,ia64 ...17:40
dokowell, just let the build fail17:41
dokoI think there's something like this for alpha17:42
infinity#ifeq (,$(filter $(DEB_TARGET_ARCH), $(build_only_archs)))17:43
infinity#       @echo "The package is not built anymore for $(DEB_TARGET_ARCH)"17:43
infinity#       @exit 4217:44
infinityThat stuff?17:44
infinityI can just replace that with "ifeq ($(DEB_TARGET_ARCH),hppa)" and uncomment it.17:46
infinitydoko: http://people.ubuntu.com/~adconrad/gcc-3.3.diff17:54
infinitydoko: Look good?17:54
infinitylamont: Any complaints about the above?17:55
* lamont looks17:56
infinitylamont: I would just P-a-s it out of hppa, but Debian might not like that (and we don't maintain our own P-a-s, for sanity's sake...)17:57
infinityKay, that's two +1s, uploading.  Thanks.17:58
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infinitydoko: Hahaha.  I didn't even have to change the package at all, oh well. ;)23:04
infinitydoko: gcc-3.3 build-depends on itself, so removing it from the archive was enough to permanently break it.23:04

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