root_____mssever:  then where is the problem?00:00
mssevermssever: I think it's X that's borked; you can try reinstalling it if you want00:00
warriorforgoddanbhfive: irssi00:00
danbhfivewarriorforgod: thanks00:00
bsheen_i have a question00:00
warriorforgoddanbhfive: np00:00
msseveralex___: Remind me what your issue was?...00:00
bsheen_i have a intel 845 chipset (del inspiron 1100) laptop00:00
bsheen_that does not like the xserver supplied with xubuntu00:01
root_____mssever:  then where is the problem?00:01
bsheen_i am downloading the alternate image00:01
Odd-rationale!enter | bsheen_00:01
ubotubsheen_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:01
msseverroot_____: see above00:01
alex___mssever: when i boot ubuntu, it is hanging on the "running local boot script"00:01
__Oz__alex: you can edit the conf files now00:01
root_____mssever: cant scrol00:01
Odd-rationalealex___: Can you switch tty's?00:01
bsheen_and would like to configure xorg.conf or replace the video driver so i can get xwindows working00:01
bsheen_yeah but my terminals are not full screen00:01
msseveralex___: Ah... I was asking that to see if you could get that far00:01
bsheen_its really annoying00:01
bsheen_right now00:01
bsheen_i am in knoppix hd install00:01
natlinuxnewbwhat prog can i use that is both Win and Ubuntu compatible to export all thunderbird settings and mail from winxp to ubuntu? I used Mozbackup but found out there is no Linux version.00:02
yaccJust wondering, is there something like dsaCheck for Ubuntu?00:02
bsheen_that works with my xwindows just fine00:02
msseveralex___: have you modified /etc/rc.local? That's the only thing that comes to mind00:02
mssevermssever: I think it's X that's borked; you can try reinstalling it if you want00:02
bsheen_i like xcfe and ubunutu better so .....00:02
root_____mssever: iam only here for 3 minuts. can you tell where is the problem?00:02
__Oz__tty = ?00:02
bsheen_hence my issue00:02
msseverroot_____: I think it's X that's borked; you can try reinstalling it if you want00:02
bsheen_the installer just crashes on my laptop00:02
alex___mssever: i might have modified the local, how do reinstall it00:02
root_____mssever:  ah. ic.00:02
root_____mssever:  how to reinstall x?00:02
bsheen_i can not get anywhere00:02
weeman13221warriorforgod: ok all that did was scew up my resolution and everything00:02
Odd-rationaleroot_____: sudo apt-get reinstall xorg ?00:03
msseveralex___: First, try commenting everything out and see if that fixes it00:03
bsheen_i can not even install xubuntu to the hard drive00:03
DevourerHow come I get this error "main.c:1:19: error: stdio.h: No such file or directory" when I try to compile with gcc?00:03
root_____Odd-rationale:  ok00:03
bsheen_i am downloading the alternate iso image as we speak00:03
prince_jammys__Oz__: when you do ctrl-alt-f1 for example, you go to a console (tty - teletype terminal) --- try it.. come back here with ctrl-alt-f700:03
bsheen_is that more conifgurable??????00:03
smelroynatlinuxnewb, have you tried just copying the data directory? I would think that would work00:03
kakeiwho can help me setting grub to be able to run vista00:03
msseverroot_____: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:03
bsheen_can i get to a command line without init=2 in grub boot parameters???00:03
warriorforgodweeman13221: You should now be able to go into the screen resolution setting and set it to what you want.  Also run glxgears and see if it is running correctly.00:03
Odd-rationalebsheen_: I beleive xubuntu comes with an xserver...00:04
__Oz__I know how the terminal works00:04
alex___mssever: i tried reconfiguring the x, it did not resolve my problem00:04
__Oz__just didn't know it was referred to as tty00:04
__Oz__thanks, prince_jammys00:04
usr13Devourer: Do you have build-essential installed?00:04
bsheen_that would work wonderfully once xbunutu is installed ... but with the current xubuntu 7.10 i can not get that far into the install00:04
prince_jammys__Oz__: no prob, the tty is terminology from old times00:04
root_____Odd-rationale:  shouldnt i sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg && sudo apt-get install xorg ?00:05
Devourerusr13, I'm not sure... how would I check for that in the console?00:05
bsheen_can i drop back to the command line with init=2 in boot parameters and reconfigure before the install00:05
bsheen_and will the install reflect my "live" changes00:05
msseveralex___: I don't think that it has anything to do with X; It's something to do with one of your boot scripts or something it's trying to start. The problem is determining which one.00:05
root_____mssever:  it says xserver-org is not installed00:05
weeman13221<warriorforgod>: i cant change resolution00:05
bsheen_and if so how the hell do i initate the install process from the bash shell00:05
msseverroot_____: xserver-xorg00:05
alex___mssever: how can i analyze the boot script?00:05
usr13Devourer: sudo apt-get install build-essential00:05
ubotuTo renew the configuration of a package when installing, sudo apt-get remove --purge <package> && sudo apt-get install <package>. Note that you will lose ALL config files for that package. WARNING: This is dangerous, don't do this with core packages00:05
smelroynatlinuxnewb, try this http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder and this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-29021.html00:05
prince_jammys__Oz__: the are numbered tty1 tty2, etc. like when you do ctrl-alt-f2, or f300:06
danbhfiveroot_____: what are you running, regular ubuntu?00:06
Devourerusr13, what is build-essentials for?00:06
msseveralex___: Well, the first thing I'd try is typing telinit 2 from recovery mode, and see if you get any telltale error messages00:06
weeman13221<warriorforgod>: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:06
weeman13221Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual00:06
__Oz__thanks, prince_jammys00:06
A[s]Hhelp: in my eeeXubuntu isnt knotify. how can install it?00:06
bsheen_i know that i get the low graphics mode error ...... then i press continue .... or any number of actions and my laptop completely freezes00:06
bsheen_after some screen flicker00:06
bsheen_no matter how concise i make my actions or how verbose00:06
alex___mssever: can you please rephrase i have to do please00:06
msseveralex___: telinit 2 will finish the boot process00:06
bsheen_by the way, nice job, (shame it dosent like my laptop at present)00:07
kakeiwho can help me setting grub to be able to run vista thats my grub: http://pastebin.com/m21f730e400:07
alex___mssever: i typed it and its still hanging at the boot script00:07
msseveralex___: from recovery mode, type      telinit 2     and look for any messages that might suggest what's dying00:07
A[s]Hhelp: in my eeeXubuntu isnt knotify. how can install it?00:08
msseveralex___: And it doesn't say anything about a particular program or give you an error message?00:08
=== yabba2borg is now known as yabba
alex___msserver: nope, it just stops at the boot script, the screen flashes a few times00:08
StarnestommyA[s]H: in a terminal, run sudo apt-get install knotify00:08
Devourerusr13, it worked, thank you.00:08
A[s]Hthere isnt00:08
weeman13221warriorforgod: my resolution is screwed now00:08
usr13kakei: Uncomment 39-4200:09
natlinuxnewbsmelroy: thnx bbl00:09
A[s]Hnhave u a resouce url00:09
Marti1A[s]H: there isnt what?00:09
A[s]Hin apt00:09
aroonihelp!  how do i fix this: Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings.00:09
msseveralex___: Well, if the screen flashes, that does sound suspiciously like X. back in recovery mode, type su <your username>, then startx and see if that works00:09
aroonithats what i get when i launch sound recorder00:09
alex___msseverL fatal I0 error 104 (connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0" after 0 requests (o known processed) with 0 events remainging00:09
bsheen_heh if it was a new dell i could call dell for support :)00:10
alex___mssever: it def is my X, start x doesnt work00:10
msseveralex___: OK, so we're having a networking error with X, apparently00:10
usr13kakei: Change line 199 (hd0,4) to (hd0,0)00:10
msseveralex___: have you messed with /etc/hosts?00:10
N86eALI have two 500GB discs, both are quite full(installer says unknown about used space). Is there an easy way to see what mount points leads to which physical drive? One is going to be formatted, and the other will not.00:10
usr13kakei: Forget lines 39-4200:10
alex___mssever: i dont believe so00:11
kakeiusr13, thanks i will try00:11
usr13kakei: That is, if MS is on the first partition of primary drive.00:11
msseveralex___: Hmm... Well, All I know to tell you is to try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. If that doesn't work, I'm stumped (even that-s a stab in the dark)00:12
CVD-PRcommand to view the processes?00:12
kakeiusr13 how do i check that00:12
msseverCVD-PR: htop00:12
alex___mssever: i tried reconfiguring the x countless times00:12
jeffery_Does anyone know how to install and configure inadyn in Gutsy ubuntu00:12
usr13kakei: reboot00:12
kakeiusr13 thats on my laptop00:12
kakeinot here hehe00:12
killown|awayhey I have installed ubuntu feisty and I want upgrade it for gusty anyone can give me sources.list of ubuntu gusty?00:12
kakeithis is an other pc00:12
=== jeffery_ is now known as LinuxRulez
Hydroxidehi, quick question: is aptitude or apt-get the "correct" / "officially preferred" best command-line APT frontend?00:13
msseveralex___: Have you looked in ~/.xsession-errors?00:13
FlannelHydroxide: Both.00:13
Marti1a[s]h: knotify is part of the core kde base i think00:13
LinuxRulezDoes anyone know how to install and configure inadyn in Gutsy ubuntu00:13
alex___msseve: i just installed ubuntu, so file loss does not matter, is there away i can just make it a clean slate w/o reinstalling everything00:13
usr13kakei: If MS windows is on the first partition of the primary drive, that should do it.00:13
Marti1you would need to install kde for it00:13
hw00djohnhey, a buddy of mine is looking to switch from Vista to UBUNTU 7.10 because he likes my computer.  he wants to know if he'll encounter any probs either dual booting or doing a full migrate...also, he d/l's a lot of music (particularly with bitTorrents) will that be supported and how can he be protected from malware?00:13
alex___mssever: i just installed ubuntu, so file loss does not matter, is there away i can just make it a clean slate w/o reinstalling everything00:13
HydroxideFlannel: really? mixing the two can have weird effects in my experience00:13
Flannel!upgrade | killown|away00:13
ubotukillown|away: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:13
msseverHydroxide: aptitude tracks auto-installed packages, so it's more advanced, but they're both official00:13
aroonihow do i fix this: [davies] gnome-sound-recorder --gst-debug-level=200:14
arooni0:00:00.162156000 29132 0x805e4d8 WARN                  alsa pcm_hw.c:1242:snd_pcm_hw_open: alsalib error: open /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c failed: Device or resource busy00:14
arooni0:00:00.162268000 29132 0x805e4d8 WARN                  alsa gstalsasrc.c:596:gst_alsasrc_open:<alsasrc0> error: Device 'default' is busy00:14
arooni[davies] gnome-sound-recorder --gst-debug-level=200:14
LinuxRulezDoes anyone know how to install and configure inadyn in Gutsy ubuntu00:14
arooni0:00:00.165709000 29141 0x805e4d8 WARN                  alsa pcm_hw.c:1242:snd_pcm_hw_open: alsalib error: open /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c failed: Device or resource busy00:14
FloodBot2arooni: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
arooni0:00:00.165821000 29141 0x805e4d8 WARN                  alsa gstalsasrc.c:596:gst_alsasrc_open:<alsasrc0> error: Device 'default' is busy00:14
mssever!paste |aroo00:14
ubotuaroo: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:14
jgiorgihey this is a stupid problem but i really need some help, i opened a file from the internet (rich text file) and i edited it and i hit save in open office and it just saved it but i cant find it00:14
aroonisorrya bout that00:14
kakeiusr13 well (hd0,0) looks like is a partition for test , i have an inspiron 152000:14
jgiorgiwhere are temporary files downloaded to?00:14
AkumaNoTsubasahi all00:14
shiftahi have a button (fn+f7) on my thinkpad that fixes a bug i have with the resolution, is it possible for me to put it in a script?00:14
LinuxRulezDoes anyone know how to install and configure inadyn in Gutsy ubuntu00:14
FlannelHydroxide: Not really, aptitude does some stuff with its own database, which you have to use aptitude only to reap the benefits of, apt-get has autoremove (for a while now) which fills that same gap (removing unused depends) which doesn't require you to use apt-get only.00:14
gyaresuI manually installed the nvidia 1.0-7185 driver. I re-installed the default 169.09 driver but now when I reboot I have to 'modprobe -r nvidia' then 'modprobe nvidia' to get the 169 version loaded. How can I get rid of the other one?00:14
shiftahi would like to use a script instead00:14
msseveralex___: are there any errors in that file I mentioned?00:15
FlannelHydroxide: aptitude really shows its benefits when used interactively00:15
HydroxideFlannel: I know they're both available in main and very well supported. I ask because e.g. Debian has said in its release notes since sarge that aptitude was preferred because it resolved complicated dependency situations better. I was wondering if that was applicable to ubuntu as well, especially in light of how the command-not-found subsystem tells people to install missing commands via apt-get00:15
AkumaNoTsubasaI would like to apply change to every sessions on my computer (ubuntu gutsy) how to do it?00:15
darwichCan anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:15
NET||abuseHey guys.. weirdness.. downloading a sizable file in firefox,, my download progress bar is missing.00:15
HydroxideFlannel: as far as I know the advanced dependency resolution features of aptitude have not yet made their way into apt-get00:15
AkumaNoTsubasaI want to activate the same 3D effects, have the same Templates and do on00:15
msseverHydroxide: I prefer aptitude, but opinions probably differ00:15
FlannelHydroxide: Thats a moot point once autoremove came about, and still, aptitude loses that advantage when you start mixing aptitude with update-manager/synaptic/adept/etc00:15
NET||abusejust says "Starting..." the whole time..00:16
NET||abuseBut the download is happening,, i just have no reading00:16
alex___mssever: how do i check the ~/.xsession-errors?00:16
NET||abuseno progress reading in firefox download manager00:16
=== shiftah is now known as rawwah
aroonihow do i get my microphone working in ubuntu00:16
aroonigconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Resource busy or not available.00:16
Marti1NET||abuse: got to prefrences and click show download window while downloading a file00:16
msseveralex___: Use the less command. I just looked at the time. I have to go. Sorry I can't stay longer.00:16
alex___mssever: wait00:16
Marti1NET||abuse: its under the main tab00:16
alex___mssever: one more quick00:16
NET||abuseMarti1, yes.. that is ticked00:16
HydroxideFlannel: I agree about the downside about mixing with update-manager/synaptic/adept but that's less relevant for ubuntu servers. how does the availability of autoremove in apt-get eliminate the benefit of the advanced dependency resolution features?00:17
msseveralex___: k00:17
Sadi1@abuse: Check if you can download the file using wget00:17
alex___mssever: is there away i can have ubuntu back to the way it was when i just installed it00:17
alex___mssever: like the idea of factory settings if you get what i mean00:17
FlannelHydroxide: Sorry, autoremove fills in the aptitude removal thing, nothing in way of dependency handling for installation, only removal.00:17
NET||abuseMarti1, the download manager window (Ctrl+Y) shows up,, but the download is listed there with just "Starting... " listed under it.00:17
msseveralex___: There's no system restore like in XP, if that's what your'e asking00:17
NET||abuseSadi1, no, the download is happening, i just have no progress meter,, the file in the directory is steadily growing00:17
alex___mssever: i wish life was easier take care00:17
Flannel!backup | alex___00:17
ubotualex___: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:17
AkumaNoTsubasacan anyone help me please?00:17
Marti1NET||abuse: ah sorry i misunderstood that very weird00:18
msseveralex___: thanks. Bye00:18
NET||abuseindeed :)00:18
=== mssever is now known as mssever|away
Flannel!away > mssever|away00:18
weltschmerzcompiz isn't starting for me when i log in, and it's not falling back to metacity either.  so i have to run metacity or can't use machine.00:18
alex___i dont want to back up my system, i have a corrupt  boot script, and id rather do some system restore00:18
darwichCan anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:19
HydroxideFlannel: right. according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackageDependencyManagement there is a branch of aptitude that shares it's autoinstalled-info database with apt-get. do you know if that's become the mainline version (ideally in both upstream/debian and in ubuntu) since that wiki page was edited in October '06?00:19
Flannelalex___: which boot script?  Just reinstall that particular package/boot script.  You needn't roll back everything.00:19
NET||abuseyep,, file is up to 47MB of 350MB,, repeatedly doing ls -l in the download dir shows the file is downloading00:19
kakeihey usr13 i made it work by running it on hd(0,2) but something werid happens, it get stuck on the loader screen, :s00:19
darwichCan anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:19
FlannelHydroxide: No I don't.  You may ask in #ubuntu-devel (or they may be able to point you elsewhere more appropriate)00:19
AkumaNoTsubasa I would like to apply change to every sessions on my computer (ubuntu gutsy) how to do it?00:19
NET||abusehmm, right click on download,, select properties.. there's no "Started" time property00:19
alex___flannel: how do i reinstall the local boot script?00:19
darwich? Can anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:19
HydroxideFlannel: ok. thank you for your answers. have a good day.00:19
Flannelalex___: you'd reinstall the package that owns that script, which would depend on what the script is.00:20
danbhfive!repeat | darwich00:20
TownkHi guys, I'm trying to make my Qt apps (e.g. skype) looks like my GTK ones and somehow they are different! Any clue on this?00:20
ubotudarwich: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:20
NET||abusedarwich, disable your touchpad and use external mouse00:20
alex___flannel: what do i type in the tty to reinstall a script00:20
N6REJhow do I disable the time stamping in Xchat?00:20
NET||abusedarwich, i had that happen on a nc600000:20
darwichNet: Its not a laptop :s00:20
NET||abuseoh.. hmm00:20
NET||abusethen that's really weird00:21
fdsajfdjkim doing a dist-upgrade to hardy with linux mint lol00:21
* N6REJ nm I found it00:21
gyaresuI manually installed the nvidia 1.0-7185 driver. I re-installed the default 169.09 driver but now when I reboot I have to 'modprobe -r nvidia' then 'modprobe nvidia' to get the 169 version loaded. How can I get rid of the other one?00:21
darwich? Can anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:21
N86eALHow do you enter a partition, only knowing its mount point?00:21
PhotocopyQ: What can I use for flash and java in ubuntu?00:21
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support00:22
Flannelalex___: You'd use package management to reinstall the package.  AGain, it depends on what script you're reinstalling.00:22
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:22
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.00:22
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:23
darwich? Can anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:23
alex___flannel: my problem is that start up is hanging at local boot script, and its def the x thats the problem00:23
iceswordstop it00:23
Photocopy"!flash" doesnt tell me what I need it to00:23
alex___flannel: but i reconfigured x so many times and its not working00:23
iceswordPhotocopy, what u want00:23
darwichcan anyone gief channel name for ATi or something like that ?00:23
spudratic0any web browser i load can't post on any forum loaded them all any ideas00:23
Photocopyicesword: Something to MAKE flash and AS stuff on... er ubuntu. Like at school we use flash mx, but here I need something for ubuntu00:24
computerexlunar eclipse today guys00:24
norvPhotocopy: flash is so very unstandard, you will have to see !wine00:24
iceswordPhotocopy, i am afraid u have to use wine00:24
Jangarichmod, is it r = 1, w = 2, x = 4?00:25
squarebracketcomputerex: tomorow00:25
norvPhotocopy: and then pay for a copy of flash mx or otherwise obtain it00:25
computerexsquarebracket - yep,sorry00:25
N86eALWe are talking about while inside the installation program of Ubuntu 7.10. Need to differentiate between two "identical" drives, where the only info that differ is their mount point.00:25
willwork4foocomputerex, where and when?00:25
darwichcan anyone gief channel name for ATi or something like that ?00:25
Photocopynorv: And if i get the copy of mx from my teacher, how do I install it through wine off a disc? I can install from an installer exe through wine but IDK how from that00:25
squarebracketcomputerex, i'm really looking forward to it00:25
norvPhotocopy: the disc would contain the installer exe00:26
logyatihello, anybody here is familiar with vmware server? im using vmware server 1.04. I cant get fullscreen to work! My host is Ubuntu 7.10 and the guest is Windows XP with vmware tools installed. when i click fullscreen, it says i should add the guest mode to xorg.conf. i dunno how to do it.00:26
Itakuwhats a web browser for ubuntu other then firefox00:26
Photocopynorv: Oh, never really looked at installer discs.. thanx00:26
PhotocopyItaku: Epiphany? I think Opera too00:26
logyatii thought that i could ask it here cos in opensuse (my desktop) it works perfectly. Now im trying it on my laptop00:26
Itakuopera sucks...00:26
norvItaku: konqueror, dillo, mozilla/seamonkey, epiphany, opera...00:26
aroonican someone please help me get my microphone working?  when i try to open up sound recorder, i see "Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings".... alsamixer says that the mic inputs are unmuted.  i have gutsy and a sound blast live card.00:26
PhotocopyItaku: I dont know, you asked, didnt specify.00:27
erat123i just got a .docm file (damn microsoft) and cant open it on ubuntu... does anyone know of a converter?00:27
=== bort is now known as nclife
Jangariwhat are the numbers for the modes again?00:27
squarebracketerat123: .docm???00:27
Jangaripermissions, i mean00:27
darwich? Can anyone help me with my Ati Radeon 1950Pro with ubuntu 7.10 ? .. when i activate the driver my GFX sowly gets warm .. and my cooler begins to spin .. even when idleing @ desktop.. what should i do ?00:27
norvItaku: there might even be a limited browser based on WebKit00:27
erat123squarebracket: yeah, that's their new ooxml crap00:27
erat123for office 200700:28
Photocopynorv: What about java?00:28
samiHow come vim-full has been unsupported00:28
darwichi give up ..00:28
alex___when the video card isnt compatible during installation, what do i type into the command line?00:28
norvPhotocopy: Eclipse is pretty much industry standard, even though it's hell of bloated00:28
squarebracketerat123: oh, ok, i've only seen .docx00:28
Bingsterhello, I am having trouble setting up grub. somebody could give me assistance?00:28
samiOr rather vim-gui-common and more.00:28
loguser1hi mssever|away  Odd-rationale  . i am root--- i have uninstalled xorg and i can now login to kde. but i gues its not kde. i just have terminal windows. so what shouold i do now?00:28
Photocopynorv: Thanks, ill try it anyway00:28
squarebracketBingster: i might be able to help. can you be a bit more specific?00:28
spudratic0again no mater what web browser i use in ubuntu will not submit a post in any forum any ideas how to fix this unstable pos operating system00:29
erat123squarebracket: hmmm.... i wonder if .docm is some variation of docx00:29
Bingstersq: I have 3 sata discs, one with xp, probably there was the mbr (even though it is not on position 0)00:29
norvloguser1: you expect to log in graphically after you just removed xorg?00:29
samiHow come vim-full has been unsupported, or rather vim-common-gui, vim-runtime?00:29
gyaresuLast try: I manually installed the nvidia 1.0-7185 driver. I re-installed the default 169.09 driver but now when I reboot I have to 'modprobe -r nvidia' then 'modprobe nvidia' to get the 169 version loaded. How can I get rid of the other one?00:29
LjL!away > mssever|away    (mssever|away, see the private message from Ubotu)00:29
TownkHow do I make my Qt apps uses my GTK theme?00:29
BingsterI installed grub there, but when I bootup, I only get GRUB GRUB GRUB.... the whole screen00:30
loguser1norv:  i got screwed with kde. now what to do?00:30
jimmygoonI have no gnome-panel and I can't Alt+F200:30
credibleTownk: that's not possible (qt's theming support isn't flexible enough), but there is a theme engine for gtk that makes it use a qt theme00:30
Starnestommyspudratic0: does enabling or disabling javascript make any difference?  Also, is this just on one forum or on several?00:30
spudratic0who marked thos gusty as stable should go read the fdefinition of the word00:30
loguser1norv:  i have a mouse moving. a console . despite i uninstalled xorg.. why ?00:30
squarebracketBingster: as in, you don't get the grub screen? just GRUB repeated all over the screen?00:30
Bingsteryes, exactly00:31
gyaresuBingster: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/grub-error-guide.xml?style=printable00:31
socialdtkIf you disable javascript you can't see java content lol.00:31
Townkcredible: ok, but do you know how do I tweek the Qt themes? I mean, do you know which file should I change?00:31
socialdtkThat's all00:31
squarebracketBingster, then no, i can't help. sorry.00:31
socialdtklet me rephrase myself... You can't see JavaScript content00:31
spudratic0I star I tried every thing i know of it is with out a doubt athe os00:31
credibleTownk: run qtconfig ?00:31
aroonican someone please help me get my microphone working?  when i try to open up sound recorder, i see "Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings".... alsamixer says that the mic inputs are unmuted.  i have gutsy and a sound blast live card.00:31
loguser1  i have a mouse moving. a console .wallpaper. i can run gui apps by typing ther name in console like amasn.  despite i uninstalled xorg.. why ?00:32
norvloguser1: not sure, but reinstall kubuntu-desktop if you want KDE00:32
=== jimmygoon is now known as jimmygoo2
gyaresuBingster: half way down the page "grub grub grub"00:32
Townkcredible: hmmm, didn't tryed yet, let me see...00:32
=== jimmygoo1 is now known as jimmygoon
loguser1norv:  i never had kubuntu-desktop.      i came to know that when i typed apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop00:32
namegameis cedega worth the $5 a month?00:32
spudratic0so far on gusty knoverstion crashes my monitor is too dimm sound is too soft the web browsers don't work right and the list goes on and on00:33
socialdtkWho was having trouble with xorg and ATI card?00:33
socialdtkI had the same problem and would be glad to help.00:33
norvcredible: that theme engine for GTK to make it use Qt themes is really poor quality, though00:33
crediblenorv: it is indeed00:33
loguser1if i dont have xorg installed. why can i see mouse and gui apps?00:33
Townkcredible: I think I don't have qtconfig on my system. Something is wrong?00:33
jimmygoonhelp. please. I have no gnome-panel at all00:33
norvcredible: for very very trivial things it's fine. add scrollbars? oops, massive artifacts00:34
loguser1if i dont have xorg installed. why can i see mouse and gui apps?00:34
credibleTownk: I don't know :/ ask in #kubuntu maybe00:34
spudratic0I would like to know why they released this os as stable00:34
=== Trevi is now known as Trevinho
danbhfiveloguser1: you may not have xorg installed, but you may have some of the packages that it depends on, in which case, you do have xorg installed00:34
samiHow come vim-full has been unsupported, or rather vim-common-gui, vim-runtime?00:34
danbhfivesami unsupported?00:35
Bingstergyaresu: but would I find out, what is wrong with my setup. they are all sata disks, so I guess I cannot avoid for them being detected00:35
Bingstergyaresu: maybe lilo is a better option?00:35
Townkcredible: ok, tks00:35
N86eALEasiest way to know what disc is what in the ubuntu installation, when both are identical, and the only thing you have are their mount points?00:35
norvBingster: gyaresu: grub has burned me a few times. not sure if lilo is best but it's been the most reliable00:36
spudratic0where is the support room for 7.04 going to try that I read it is more stable than this thing pretending to be an os00:36
vixmy friend is having problems to boot ubuntu 7.10 x64 live cd, i think its because of nvidia drivers, he gets an black screen?00:36
samidanbhfive: Yes, vim-runtime and vim-common-gui has been removed from repo00:36
samiaswell as gpgme1100:36
NemesisDquestion, i'm trying to write a script that manages additions to the crontab, i have found crontabs for root and my user in /var/spool/cron/crontabs but it says DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall, where is the master and is there a non interactive way to edit and reinstall?00:36
Bingsternorv: I guess I am going to read some docs00:36
Starnestommyspudratic0: this channel does support 7.04 as well00:36
danbhfivespudratic0: i dont think there is a support room for that, 6.06 might be what you are looking for00:36
spudratic0don't use the live cd it's crap install from text00:36
danbhfivesami try asking that in #ubuntu-motu00:36
Starnestommysami: did you disable the universe repository?00:37
samiWhat's motu00:37
samiStarnestommy: Nope. But the multiverse it still there00:37
danbhfivesami: o wait, sorry, yeah, you should check your repos first00:37
spudratic0ok danb i'll give that a try00:37
wainisomeone here is a vnc-exper?00:37
deniz__does any1 no how to use kino? if u do plz help me i have a video project due tomorow and i dont no how to edit video!!00:37
aroonican someone please help me get my microphone working?  when i try to open up sound recorder, i see "Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in the Multimedia settings".... alsamixer says that the mic inputs are unmuted.  i have gutsy and a sound blast live card.00:37
danbhfivesami I have all those packages, so its a repo problem00:38
danbhfivespudratic0: whats the problem, btw?00:38
logyatiplease help!!!00:38
spudratic0danb its too many to go into it is just best to dump this thing00:39
ajushihi how do i use the sun java compiler instead of the ibm eclipse one?00:39
spudratic0danb my latest is I can't post in any forum it just hangs when I hit the post button00:39
deniz__can sum1 atleast lead me to kino help??00:39
N86eALAnyone here that knows a lot about mount points and such? If yes, please send me a tell.00:40
Bingstergyaresu: I am used the instructions from this page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351 . where it states "setup (hd0)", shouldn't it be "setup (hd?)" (where ? is the number returned in the earlier steps)?00:40
danbhfivespudratic0: you sound like you are in a bad position then.  I'm not sure downgrading will help that kind of problem00:41
spudratic0danb loaded every browser in the list they all do the same thing hang on the post button00:41
amenadoajushi-> what does java -version tells you?00:41
namegameI can't get EVE-Online to run, when I run it in a terminal i get a "bad stuff" error...anyone have an idea?00:42
spudratic0worked for a whole week and a half then all the sudden it just started00:42
xoqawhere would the python directory typically be located?00:42
danbhfivexoqa: which python        literally, run that00:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-panel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:43
jimmygoon_I can't get gnome-panel to launch at all00:43
spudratic0Man I feel bad for you guys for trying to give help on this os00:43
eHomei often get this error ? nautilus can not display "ssh://..." or "sftp://..." please select another viewr and try again -- annoying :(00:43
norveHome: yeah, why I gave up using nautilus00:44
prasannacan anyone explain how i would go on mounting my external usb hd (ntfs)00:44
danbhfivespudratic0: have you thought of just reinstalling?  having a separate /home partition, etc00:44
eHomenorv : what's good solutions?00:44
norv!ntfs-3g | prasanna00:44
ubotuprasanna: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:44
prasannai'm a complete noob, i googled it, and when i followed what they said i messed it up, forced to format and reinstall00:44
xoqadanbhfive: that show's where the executable is. isn't there a directory which would contain python?00:44
Sandra24how can I temporarily disable iptables?00:45
spudratic0danb the only thing I did today was turn on the printer and bang it's all over00:45
prasannaok perfect00:45
kbrooksSandra24, um00:45
ComradeMirrorcan anyone help me out?00:45
danbhfivexoqa: whats the difference?   you may want to try 'locate'00:45
JSFofWTCan someone help me install Ur Quan Masters on ubuntu?00:45
N6REJcan someone please tell me with xchat how to hide all the connects and disconnects?00:45
TheZealothello people00:46
Sandra24kbrooks: ?00:46
Bingsterno grub help for me?00:46
norveHome: I can't think of a single one for gnome, Konqueror is still the most handy filemanager, imo. Though it is big, and will pull in lots of dependencies00:46
StarnestommyN6REJ: /ignore *!*@* joins quits parts00:46
iceswordwhat u wrote in linux ,windows will treat it debris00:46
TheZealotbutterscotch banana bread00:46
spudratic0I hope the next lts is not based on 7.1000:46
deniz__wat is the closest alternative to adobe premiere pro for ubuntu 7.10?00:46
prasannaguys after installing that, it recognizes the drive, but will not mount it.... "cannot mount volume"00:46
N86eALNeed help with mount points at the installation phase of Ubuntu 7.10. Need to find out which disc is which.00:46
ComradeMirrorfor some reason my songbird or rhym music box won't play my ipod00:46
ComradeMirroranyone know any issues?00:46
JSFofWTjsfofwt@zak:~$ apt-get install uqm00:47
JSFofWTE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)00:47
JSFofWTE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?00:47
danbhfiveN86eAL: try sudo fdisk -l00:47
iceswordJSFofWT, u need sudo00:47
prasannaUnable to mount the volume 'USB'.00:47
JSFofWTThanks icesword00:47
spudratic0Is there a way to scan the os for broken pakages or errors?00:47
danbhfivespudratic0: are you using ubuntu?00:47
spudratic0yes gusty danb00:48
iceswordprasanna, what is up00:48
sg1catHow do I configure ubuntu to start X with more than one display?  (not multiple monitors or split screens...I just want to be able to have both DISPLAY=:0.0 and DISPLAY=:0.1 for different programs, toggling with CTRL-ALT-F7 & CTRL-ALT-Fsomething_else00:48
danbhfivespudratic0: try this, exactly: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^00:48
=== tyler is now known as Aloha
ComradeMirrornvm I figured out linux didn't come with the audio codecs00:48
spudratic0wil do danb00:48
Agent_bobsg1cat edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf ?00:48
ComradeMirrorAnyone know if there is a way to add an App to Applications menu?00:48
ComradeMirrorI would like to add songbird to it x.x00:49
sg1catAgent_bob:  looked in there, found some weirdness about gdmflexiservers that weren't quite what I want - don't want to login twice, just start X with :0 and :100:49
jribComradeMirror: right click on the ubuntu icon -> edit menu00:49
prasannait jus wont let me mount00:50
* N6REJ *sigh* /ignore *!*@* joins quits parts is not working00:50
prasannagives me an error00:50
jribN6REJ: what client?00:50
Agent_bobquestion,  are the .vob files all i need from a dvd to watch the movie without the disk ?00:50
N6REJjrib: xchat00:50
Mba7ethare there any certificate for ubuntu, such as redhat ?00:50
N6REJjrib: its the only one I know of for U!00:50
luisgmarine_Where does gnome keep the icons for x-chat and stuff?00:51
N6REJjrib: i am more used to chatzilla00:51
danbhfiveAgent_bob: i believe so00:51
Agent_bobsg1cat you could script it.   something like  gdm & Xorg    in the /etc/rc.local00:51
Mba7ethare there any certificate for ubuntu, such as redhat ?00:51
Agent_bobdanbhfive k thanks.00:51
PriceyMba7eth, yes. I believe there is information somewhere on canonical.com00:52
sg1catAgent_bob: yeah, but I was looking to find the "ubuntu" way to do it.00:52
sg1catdon't want to do too much custom stuff, lest the next upgrade break me00:52
Agent_bobsg1cat ok.   if there is one.00:52
PriceyMba7eth, http://www.ubuntu.com/training00:52
Mba7ethPricey : thanks alot00:52
feican some one help me instal ubuntu to my new pc00:52
norvsg1cat: the advantage is you can always fall back to the Linux way of doing things00:52
N86eALIs there a way to find a link between the harddrives name and its corresponding mount point, when at the live cd installation?00:52
N6REJjrib: you got a better client?00:52
sg1catagent_bob:  It's Linux - the's always one...  :-P00:52
brueniggnome does not keep icons for xchat00:53
feican some one help me instal ubuntu to my new pc00:53
bruenighowever, you are to find such things in /usr/share00:53
Priceyfei, what problem are you having?00:53
sg1catnorv: meh...too much plumbing in Ubuntu...want to find the right convention00:53
jribN6REJ: I like irssi and weechat (no gui)00:53
deniz__any1 here no how to use any of the following:00:53
feii cant seem to install in on my new pc00:53
FloodBot2deniz__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:53
N6REJjrib both have no gui?00:53
jribN6REJ: yes00:53
feii think my specs are good00:53
Priceyfei, what problem are you having?00:53
root-----what the heck is going on..  this is loguser1........     i had a problem with x. i though it was kde. but it wasnt. i couldn solve it. i uninstalled xorg. stil could use restricted gui. with no kde. then i removed xorg*. kdm damon stoped. i went to console only. typed 'startx' . now iam using full gui. and kde. whats going on................00:54
N6REJjrib: dang :(00:54
Pricey!pm | fei00:54
ubotufei: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:54
Priceyfei, what have you tried?00:54
N6REJjrib: maybe iĺl switch back to chatzilla then00:54
danbhfiveroot-----: what version are you using? ubuntu? kubuntu?00:54
spudratic0danb what was that supposed to do lol00:55
root-----danbhfive kubuntu 7.1000:55
norvroot-----: something depends on kde and by uninstalling kde, xorg, etc, you aren't really removing it00:55
danbhfive!tab | spudratic0   please use my full name, it makes it easier for me, and tab will help allot with that00:55
ubotuspudratic0   please use my full name, it makes it easier for me, and tab will help allot with that: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:55
DevourerIs there a where command in bash?00:55
danbhfivespudratic0: it checks all the dependencies on your ubuntu-desktop installation00:56
spudratic0danbhfive it stoped this is the last entry Setting up gnome-user-guide (2.20.0+svn20071003ubuntu2)00:56
Priceyfei, what have you tried?00:56
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
N86eALI mean, someone must now how to find a connection between a mount point and its actual name, when on the live cd?00:56
sagari'm getting this error at startup "hal cannot be initialized" and in my dmesg, i get lines like "APM disabled: apm is not smp safe" and "failure registering capabilities with primary security module" ...what do these mean!?00:56
root-----norv whats that 'something'?00:56
danbhfivespudratic0: if everything was ok, nothing should have happened00:56
FrogzooDevourer: either which or locate00:56
danbhfivespudratic0: it should have just listed all your packages, so to speak00:56
DevourerFrogzoo, oh yeah, thanks. :)00:56
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:57
cicero_bso is ebox a good way to manage apache00:57
spudratic0danbhfive it did not find anything wrong00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iptable - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
root-----can some one explain. whats the backbon. the working of gui00:57
sg1catanyway, thanks Agent_bob and nurv.  :-)00:57
danbhfivespudratic0: did it install anything?00:57
ubotudevilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie00:57
spudratic0danbhfive just some help files00:57
* root----- waits00:58
norvroot-----: X, and all gui apps depend on it00:58
prasannastill having trouble mounting, when i plug it in, ubuntu says 'cannot mount volume'00:58
Kalamansi!seen th0r00:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen th0r - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:58
danbhfivespudratic0: i dont know then, sorry00:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about th0r - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:58
root-----norv and btw, i have no xorg atm. still runing kde. how why?00:58
spudratic0oh well back to xpuke for now I guess I finally thought I was going to get away from it but i guess not lol00:58
feiu there ?00:58
Priceyfei, yes00:58
danbhfiveroot-----: some packages are called meta packages00:59
Pricey!pm | fei00:59
ubotufei: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.00:59
Priceyfei, what have you tried so far, and what went wrong?00:59
cicero_banyone know how to to get into the ruby on rails channel (it redirects to #register-nickserv)00:59
Priceycicero_b, read the topic in that channel.00:59
root-----danbhfive what are meta packages. and what x do i have atm?01:00
cicero_bPricey: i did, but after i follow the instructions, nothing happens01:00
danbhfiveroot-----: those packages don't install anything, except other packages, so while you may have uninstalled a meta package, you may not have removed the other packages,   you can try sudo apt-get autoremove      but, if these are packages that were installed at installation time, that won;t work, ie it wont remove them01:00
feiAMD 64 X2 5600+ 2.81 GHZ, ASUS M2N-E SLI MOBO , 2GB of RAM, 8600GT NVIDIA,  Those are my specs i can load any drivers for ubuntu or get it to install or were to beagin01:00
prasannawill ubuntu not mount ntfs? i installed the ntfs tool, enabled both external and internal, and it still wont mount it. 'cannot mount volume'01:00
feii cant**01:00
Priceycicero_b, you don't seem to have. #freenode will beable to help you registering if needed.01:00
Starnestommycicero_b: register your nickname (/msg nickserv help register) or identify to nickserv (/msg nickserv help identify)01:00
Priceyfei, so you have installed ubuntu?01:00
root-----xorg installs and maintains X ?01:01
feiyes on my old pc but i think i didnt install it01:01
root-----danbhfive ok01:01
feicuz i couldnt do anything01:01
cicero_bi have typed: /msg nickserv help register -- 5 times -- what _should_ happen?01:01
feiinternet nuthing01:01
hoehaverso i downloaded the ubuntu 7.10 desktop install which when i got to the desktop part the res was too high ( i guess) and my lcd screen said " out of range" so i downloaded the alternative cd and installed it and it does the same thing. i see the ubuntu loading screen but once the noise for the login screen plays the monitor goes out and says "out of range" how can i correct this problem?01:01
feiand im a windows user so01:01
Starnestommycicero_b: it should tell you how to register01:01
N86eALOk, I guess I need to physically remove my discs to know which is which. I will do that tomorrow!01:01
cicero_bo.k., "it"? how do i read the topic -- i thought i did, but i could be missing something01:02
Belboz99Hey all, does anyone know which driver I should be using for my ATI 3650?01:02
feiu get that pricey ?01:02
Priceyfei, please tell me *exactly* what you've done.01:02
=== veynom is now known as darklordveynom
feiNUTHING...i tryrd installing it...01:03
feidont know were to get the drivers for it...01:03
Priceyfei, "tried installing it"?01:03
Priceyfei, how did you try installing it?01:03
Priceyfei, you realise ubuntu isn't a windows application right? you don't install it while windows is running?01:03
feii insert the disk, installed the whole thing and it worked but my drives didnt ?01:03
steven__hi guys01:04
iceswordanyone use vm to virtualize macos x 10.5.1 successfully01:04
feivid card01:04
Priceyfei, what drives didn't work?01:04
Priceyfei, how do you normally connect to the internet?01:04
deniz__plz sum1 tell me were to go for guides on using the video editor kino or is there a forum for kino?01:04
feimy motherboard...01:04
Priceyfei, how do you know it didn't work?01:04
feiM2N-E SLI board01:04
Priceyfei, what did you try?01:04
cicero_bstarnestommy: nope just instructions to type: >nickserv< help register -- then nothing happens01:04
feicuz i couldnt connect01:04
Priceydeniz__, have you tried the kino website?01:04
feito internet01:04
feior anythind01:04
Priceyfei, how were you trying to access the internet?01:04
Starnestommycicero_b: are you ignoring /notices?01:04
darklordveynomhow do i turn off the Alt menu when I alt-right click on an application?01:04
iceswordanyone use vm to virtualize macos x 10.5.1 successfully01:04
feiusing a cable modem01:05
feii huess i dont know how to set it up ?01:05
cicero_bstarnestommy: could would i konw if i am ignorian /notices ?01:05
WhiteNerdDoes anyone know of a good tutorial of how to deploy a file server and have desktop machines connect to it to transfer file to and from. I also need Remote Desktop to be able to run. I'm setting up a computer lab01:05
Priceyfei, next to the volume top right, there is something called the network manager. If you plug the cable in, it should become two green dots and a blue thing flash round, then into a bar chart. Do you see any of that?01:05
Starnestommycicero_b: type /ignore with nothing after it01:05
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal01:06
norvWhiteNerd: what sort of file server? The least common denominator, ftp?01:06
Kalamansihello is there any way that could stop "restart" and typing "sudo ifconfig down and sudo ifconfig up"? in order to have internet I always do this all the time whenever I online... =/01:06
deniz__Pricey, im checking but i dont c a forum01:06
cicero_bo.k. now i see more stuff -- did i fix something?01:06
cicero_b(like blue lines . . . i'll try again)01:06
Starnestommycicero_b: does it say the ignore list is empty?  If not, what does it say?01:06
levanderWhiteNerd: You need samba for the file server.  And, Applications -> Internet -> Terminal Server Client for the remote access into Windows boxes.01:07
WhiteNerdNORV: No, I need the computers to be in the computer lab to be able to transfer file to and from it for storage of files01:07
spudratic0danbhfive thank you I don't belive it but it fixed something can you post that cammand again so I can copy it lol so when it happens again I can fix it lol01:07
joecurleehi all... running ubuntu 7.10 with mythtv... able to get video, but no audio. Tried playing video via VLC and was able to get some (terrible sounding) audio from /dev/dsp101:07
norvWhiteNerd: are the computers running windows or not?01:07
Dante123hi all.  How do I turn off automount of a windows ntfs drive?01:07
joecurleeany ideas what may be causing this?01:07
Priceydeniz__, http://www.kinodv.org/docbook/01:07
two_bitsare you running a laptop with an hda intel card?01:07
cicero_bi saw this: http://pastebin.com/m6cd6567701:07
WhiteNerdNORV: They are ruuning Ubuntu Desktop 7.101:07
joecurleeno running a desktop with amd 6401:07
deniz__Pricey, i just came to that page!01:08
cicero_boh --  Ignore list is empty.01:08
danbhfivespudratic0: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^01:08
cicero_bsorry -- missed that01:08
levanderDante123: you do it in /etc/fstab - man mount for the options you can set in there to turn off automount01:08
joecurleethe audio card is integrated01:08
hoehaverso i downloaded the ubuntu 7.10 desktop install which when i got to the desktop part the res was too high ( i guess) and my lcd screen said " out of range" so i downloaded the alternative cd and installed it and it does the same thing. i see the ubuntu loading screen but once the noise for the login screen plays the monitor goes out and says "out of range" how can i correct this problem?01:08
Starnestommycicero_b: try /msg nickserv register password.  Replace "password" with your password01:08
two_bitsjoelcurlee: try upgrading to the latest version of alsa01:08
deniz__Pricey, it says dv or smil file....i hage .mpg files01:09
CaptObviousif I chmod a directory as 777 recursively, will any new directories created inside that directory inherit those permissions?01:09
levanderWhiteNerd: ssh, vnc, xdmcp are UNIX to UNIX options for remote access01:09
Dante123levander is there a GUI way of turning this on or off?  I have turned a friend onto Ubuntu and need to send him simple instructions to follow for this.01:09
norvWhiteNerd: okay, easiest way is to install openssh and then you can use scp, fish, etc to copy files easily01:09
joecurleetwo_bits: ok i'll check in to that thanks01:09
cicero_byeah, i never set a password -- so i'll do that01:09
levanderDante123: I was looking a little for one earlier today.  I don't think there is, but I stopped looking before I became convinced.01:09
ConstyXIVtrying to run the alt installer from a usb stick, how do I get it to mount the stick as /cdrom?01:10
iceswordanyone use vm to virtualize macos x 10.5.1 successfully01:10
levanderDante123: It seems like they would have one because they have that "Shared Folders" dialog to turn on sharing for a folder...  But, I don't think they do yet.01:10
Kalamansihello is there any way that could stop "restart" and typing "sudo ifconfig down and sudo ifconfig up"? in order to have internet I always do this all the time whenever I online... =/01:10
cicero_bheck -- anyone know how to change your password in xchat without logging out??01:10
WhiteNerdNORV: Is it able to be used by the computer illiterate?01:10
WhiteNerdLevander: Thanks I'll use that01:10
darklordveynomhow do i disable the ALT menu in ubuntu?01:10
norvWhiteNerd: you can set up a shortcut on the users desktop01:10
brazilian812can someone help me mount a flash drive? i get an error when i plug the drive in "Cannot mount volume"01:10
spudratic0thanks danbhfive that helps as I can't see as it is and my monitor is dim never become a welder you will loose your after a while no mater what you do thanks again01:10
levanderWhiteNerd: I think ssh is the easiest to set up, but having Samba setup is going to be the easiest for users to use.01:10
deniz__Pricey, nvm its importing np01:10
joecurleetwo_bits: i have alsa-base 1.0.14-1ubuntu2 which is supposedly the latest version01:11
WhiteNerdNORV: They would be able to just drag and drop the files into the shortcut right?01:11
norvlevander: WhiteNerd: only for windows is samba easier for users to use, really01:11
Dante123so levander if I edit the fstab file- do I just comment out the drives I don't want to mount on startup by putting a # in front of the line?01:11
levandernorv: If you ahve samba already setup, it looks just like a regular folder on the desktop for the user01:11
norvWhiteNerd: yes, or scp filename user@server, if you are teaching command line01:11
brazilian812anyone? i cant mount my flash drive.  apparently an invalid mount option01:12
wainiany vnc-expert present?01:12
reconHow can I change my defualt shell to zsh?01:12
WhiteNerdNOt going to teach command line, that is to advanced for the people.01:12
Dante123so levander if I edit the fstab file- do I just comment out the drives I don't want to mount on startup by putting a # in front of the line?01:12
=== ghanthar is now known as tgandur
levanderrecon: you can't, ssh isn't that kind of shell01:12
danbhfivespudratic0: no problem, I;m glad that you are having success  :)01:12
norvlevander: can't ssh be set up like that as well?01:12
reconlevander: ssh? what did i say?01:12
hw00djohnis there a program for ubuntu that is similar to Apple's Reason or Garage Band?01:12
norvlevander: or is that only a kde feature?01:12
root-----guys........ what x do i have right now?01:13
Dante123something like this:01:13
hoehaverso i downloaded the ubuntu 7.10 desktop install which when i got to the desktop part the res was too high ( i guess) and my lcd screen said " out of range" so i downloaded the alternative cd and installed it and it does the same thing. i see the ubuntu loading screen but once the noise for the login screen plays the monitor goes out and says "out of range" how can i correct this problem?01:13
killownhow do I to get restricted drivers or programs on apt-get?01:13
ConstyXIV"mount: Mounting /dev/sdb1 on /cdrom failed: No such device"01:13
joecurleei'm guessing i'm screwed?01:13
danbhfiveroot-----: u thunj there is only one kind of x01:13
WhiteNerdLastly, On the server machine of this do I have to set up OpenSSH also?01:13
norvrecon: you go into /etc/passwd and change the /bin/bash to /bin/zsh or etc01:13
brazilian812Does no one really know how to get a flash drive mounted if i get a Cannot MOunt Volume error?01:13
reconnorv: k, thanks.01:13
Thorsten11what norv said01:13
Dante123so levander if I edit the fstab file- do I just comment out the drives I don't want to mount on startup by putting a # in front of the line? like this:01:13
levanderDante123: commenting out the line doesn't just turn automount off, it also turns off the ability to mount it via a simple 'mount /dev/xxx' command.  You have to do the whole 'mount /dev/xxx /mnt/xxx' and any other necessary options on that command  - which may be fine for you01:13
root-----danbhfive whats the name01:13
norvrecon: MAKE SURE you can access things properly with root or another admin user, or you will lock yourself out01:13
TraceGreenHello, are there any ways to create a bootable fat32 filesystem in linux?01:14
danbhfiveroot-----: xserver-xorg ?01:14
root-----whats the package name for that01:14
Dante123# UUID=C654A0BD54A0B19B /media/sda1     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       101:14
joecurleealso: all other audio works perfectly. I'm assuming it could be my capture card that is screwing up, but the fact i was able to get audio via vlc gives me hope01:14
root-----danbhfive ok01:14
spudratic0Is there a way to magnafiy my log files of chats lol so I don't have to put my forehead to the monitor when I read them01:14
reconnorv: i can.01:14
danbhfiveroot-----: what are you trying to do?01:14
TraceGreenI tried mkdosfs, but it failed01:14
* root----- thanks all for the fish :)01:14
root-----danbhfive jsut knowing01:14
root-----bye :)01:14
levanderrecon: norv I thought the question was like changing your login shell so that instead of it being like bash, it would be like ssh?  ssh is used to connect to remote machines, on the machine you connect to, you get a login shell01:15
brazilian812Anyone? a little helpxors over here is needed01:15
levanderif you make that login shell ssh, the ssh is going to try to login to another machine01:15
Agent_bobok how to copy the .vob files from the dvd to the hd ?01:15
prasannahey guys, i was able to mount it, used a force command01:15
reconlevander: i never said anything abut ssh. i just wanted to change it on the local machine.01:15
bobbob1016I'm running Gutsy, what would be the best way to record a sound that is playing on my computer?  I'm looking for a digital way, not headphones into mic jack, if I can avoid it.01:15
norvlevander: recon: no, it was 'zsh'01:15
joecurleeany other suggestions for getting audio to play in mythtv ?01:15
Dante123I'm not sure I understand levander.  My friend has a DellRecovery partition that gets automounted.  We would like to get rid of that particular partition from mounting at all.  How do we do this simply?01:15
Agent_bob[00000276] access_file access error: read failed (Input/output error)01:16
prasannamy question is, now i wanna format it, i might install windows later on so just wonder whats the best format i should format it to so that both linux and windows would use without a problem01:16
WhiteNerdNORV: thanks for all the help. Great guy.01:16
reconnorv: also, is there any way to verify zsh is actually running in stead of bash?01:16
levanderrecon: My bad, I misread zsh as ssh.  I think the command to change your default shell is just "chsh" - let me check.01:16
two_bitsjoecurlee: did upgrading alsa not work?01:16
danbhfiveDante123: try editing /etc/fstab and #commenting out the line that mounts it01:16
danbhfiveprasanna: fat3201:16
levanderrecon: I checked, just 'chsh' and answer questions to change it.01:16
=== tgandur is now known as ghanthar
prasannadoes fat32 have draw backs?01:17
reconlevander: ok, thanks.01:17
norvrecon: i think it's different enough just to look at the prompt. but use 'who' and that'll also show it01:17
prasannalike speed and performance?01:17
Dante123okay danbhfive....that will just affect that one partition...not say the sda1 partition we still want mounted01:17
joecurleetwo_bits: correct, i'm already up to date with version 1.0.14-1ubuntu201:17
norvrecon: yeah chsh is probably safer than messing around in passwd01:17
danbhfiveDante123: its up to you, fstab controls all, so don't mess it up!!01:17
joecurleeat least that's according to synaptic01:17
Agent_bobprasanna yes.  file size limit 2g  no permissions bit on the fs  and generally not suited for linux01:17
Dante123danbhfive..u got me scared cause its my friends computer.01:17
prasannaso what should i format it to?01:18
two_bitsjoecurlee: The latest 1.0.16. I used to have no sound, installing that fixed it01:18
prasannathe drive is 120 gigs, so it will be holding a lot of info, regularly accessed01:18
danbhfiveDante123: well, opening the file should scare you, just be careful what you edit, and don't delete, just #comment out with #01:18
joecurleetwo_bits: thanks... synaptic needs to be refreshed :)01:18
dsmith_two_bits: reinstalling alsa?01:18
danbhfiveDante123: *should NOT scare you01:18
Agent_bobprasanna ext3     windows can access ext# fs also with a special (free) driver.01:19
prasannaok perfect01:19
Dante123okay danbhfive I will only comment out lines...no editing or deleting.01:19
prince_jammysDante123: place a # at the very beginning of the line01:19
two_bitsdmsmith_: upgrading alsa, actually01:19
prasannaand ext3 performs well too?01:19
Dante123And just the line that has to do with those partitions01:19
prince_jammysDante123: correct01:19
prasannathank you, appreciate it01:19
=== WyldUser60255 is now known as osxdude
Dante123such as Dellrecovery etc.01:19
Dante123Thanks for the help.01:19
Powerking89670Okay, I know normally in a dual-boot you should install windows first, but lets say I want to install windows on an already working linux box, how would I go about fixing my MBR...01:20
norvDante123: it's not like editing the master boot record, you can always redo it01:20
Dante123One last thing.  How can i create a launcher on desktop to open a terminal, switch to a directory, and run a command?01:20
deniz__how long does it take on average to import a 26.2mb file in kino?01:20
Agent_bobDante123 shell script01:21
deniz__on a 3 ghz cpu01:21
norvPowerking89670: use a live CD, chroot in, and re-run grub or lilo01:21
demon_sporkWhen I installed Ubuntu, it was /dev/sda3, but I had an empty space right in front of it. I then made a partition on that space, which changed ubuntu's partition to /dev/sda4. I managed to sort this out in menu.lst, but every time the kernel updates, it rewrites those opetions in menu.lst to (hd0,2) rather than the (hd0,3) that it changed to. How do I prevent it from changing that?01:21
prasannaanyone here know of an music player that utilizes coverflow of album art? i saw what the ipod touch cna do and i just love the concept. linux being opensource i just figured there must be something that  does something similar to that, no?01:21
Dante123Agent_bob how do you create one of those01:21
Dante123just a text editor01:21
Agent_bobDante123  in a text editor01:21
Dante123So would this work:  terminal01:21
=== osxdude is now known as osxdude|laptop
Dante123cd Desktop01:22
Dante123cd CODSERVER01:22
=== osxdude|overhere is now known as osxdude
Agent_bobDante123 something like     cd /some/dir ;exec some command --with args01:22
two_bitsjoecurlee: what soundcard are you using?01:22
anzanprasanna, there's something called Jukebox I think which does coverflow and works with your media app.01:22
prasannai read songbird might do it, but can anyone confirm?01:22
joecurleetwo_bits: i feel like an idiot, but i can't figure out how to upgrade alsa... synaptic is saying the version above, and apt-get didn't work01:22
joecurleeany suggestions?01:22
prasannajukebox? ok let me google it01:22
Agent_bobDante123   you can make a link to your script and have it open in a terminal.01:22
Dante123okay...how is this look:  cd /som/dir; exec codserver01:22
joecurleetwo_bit: just saw your question: it's an on board with my amd6401:23
two_bitsjoecurlee: synaptic won't do it, you have to do it manually from the console... fortunately, i have written a script that does just that01:23
Dante123its for my kids to start the call of duty server01:23
prasannaanzan would you have a link? cant seem to find it on google01:23
kplaxmasterhow do i get the flash player for 7.10 x64?01:23
prince_jammysDante123: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29287401:23
joecurleethe mother board is an m2a-vm hdmi01:24
kplaxmasterit wasn't pushed up to the repo was it?01:24
Agent_bobDante123 when you save your shell script.  put it some place you wont accidently delete it    mkdir -p $HOME/bin   <<< maybe  put it in ~/bin  and make it executable.      it's real simple.01:24
Dante123thanks all for your help with these things01:24
joecurleetwo_bits: how do i get the script?01:24
kplaxmastercan anyone help me get the flash-plugin working for 7.10 on x64 arch?01:24
two_bitsjoecurlee: /msg me and we'll talk01:25
haxitHello, I need some help please.01:25
=== haxit is now known as HaXiT
prince_jammysDante123: the link answers half of your question (start in a directory) -- you have to look in "man gnome-terminal" to see how to invoke your command in the launcher01:25
Agent_bob[00000276] access_file access error: read failed (Input/output error)01:25
two_bitsjoecurlee: however, in order for this to work, we need to know your soundcard...01:26
TurtleOfDoom!ask | HaXiT01:26
ubotuHaXiT: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:26
HaXiTI have another 100gb partition, how can i add it on the my current partition?01:26
TurtleOfDoomHaXiT: what do you mean by add it on?01:26
Agent_bobHaXiT mount it some where01:26
two_bitsjoecurlee: go into a console and type "aplay -l " without the quotes, and tell me the output01:26
HaXiTAgent_bob: i don't want to do that every time i log in01:26
joecurleetwo_bits: the motherboard is asus m2a-vm hdmi01:26
joecurleelooking for sound card info now01:27
Agent_bobHaXiT that's what the file system table is for01:27
prince_jammysHaXiT: what type of partition?01:27
root-----nomasteryoda when i go to consoleonly and type startx . it starts it good. but at regular boot , after giving username/pwd. i only see mouch . wallpaper and a console. no kde. why?   i only see kde in good if i select 'kde' from sessions while giving username pwd. is any thing wrong? (provided that i already have installed xorg)01:27
Agent_bobHaXiT /etc/fstab01:27
root-----prince_jammys ^01:27
HaXiTits formated to ext301:27
spudratic0One last question what is the room to just shoot the breeze01:27
iceswordanyone use virtualbox to virtualize macos x 10.5.1 successfully01:27
vixhow do I reinstall grub in the live cd mode?01:27
Agent_bob!grub > vix01:28
TurtleOfDoom!fstab | HaXiT01:28
vixi get an error saying "Cant boot operating system" at boot.01:28
icesword!grub | vix01:28
ubotuHaXiT: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:28
ubotuvix: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:28
prince_jammysHaXiT: ok to automount it , a line has to be added to the file /etc/fstab .. i can help you with that01:28
Areslpcan anyone tell me what's the default apt souces.list is ?01:28
=== macd_ is now known as macd
HaXiTOk, thanks :) How do i do that prince?01:28
* TurtleOfDoom waves hi01:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about source.lst - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:29
booferbillneed a little help01:29
endoI want to hook my computer up to my LCD TV through VGA but when I do, the tv says unsupported mode, how can I fix this?!01:29
* root----- wiats01:29
prince_jammysHaXiT: first, we need to know the device.  it is in the form of /dev/something ..  do you know what the device is for this partition?01:29
spudratic0ubotu what is the main chat room to talk to other ubuntu users01:29
TurtleOfDoombooferbill: feel free to just ask the question01:29
LjLspudratic0: what do you think?01:29
kplaxmasterhow do i get the flash player for 7.10 x64? can anyone help me or is the only place to get the fix on launchpad?01:29
lordmorgothhey guys, i just want to know since i started using linux n ubuntu i really missed itunes. amarok is nice but the integration within the GTK gnome is messed up i can't even change the theme. any other programs that can rival amarok n itumes ?01:29
WarBird__endo: the TV probably doesnt support the resolution, so try changing it01:30
spudratic0LjL i don't know what to think lol01:30
anthonyspudratic0: For support, this one.  For chatting, #ubuntu-offtopic01:30
spudratic0antony thanks01:30
booferbilli just put ubuntu server 7.10 on my laptop and went through all the install steps and when i reloaded the laptop it said PANIC: CPU too old for kernel01:30
two_bitsjoecurlee: you can find your sound card information by typing "aplay -l" into the console01:30
endoWarBird__: I tried that, did the lowest one and it doesn't work. The login screen comes up but as soon as I boot into gnome it goes unsupported mode01:30
iceswordAreslp, less /etc/apt/source.lst01:30
joecurleeok checking01:30
booferbilldo i need to try to find an older version01:30
TurtleOfDoombooferbill: is there a reason you're trying to use server instead of desktop?01:31
iceswordanyone use virtualbox to virtualize macos x 10.5.1 successfully01:31
vixAgent_bob, thanks but thats for restoring grub after a windows installation.. is that the same as reinstalling the whole grub?01:31
DianaIsGodhow do I set my DNS to where it will stay? Everytime I set it it changes back the next time I restart my computer01:31
prince_jammysHaXiT: type the following in a terminal: sudo fdisk -l  ---- what devices (/dev/blah) are ext3?01:31
bohuhey y'all01:31
norvdoes anyone know a way to replace the gtk file chooser or gnome file chooser (slightly less important) with KDE's, so I get kio-slaves everywhere?01:31
vixcause the problem isnt windows, its the grub itself.01:31
Agent_bobroot----- the symlink /usr/bin/x-session-manager   or something like that    controls what startx starts.    or either what ?dm starts...  one or the other.   anyway   readlink -f /usr/bin/x-<hit the tab key for a list>01:31
prince_jammysHaXiT: sudo fdisk -l01:32
LjLDianaIsGod: that's a good question... my solution was to disable resolvconf and network-manager, but that's hardly a recommended way01:32
WarBird__endo: then I don't know, sorry. Maybe you could try using different video drivers01:32
booferbillyes i currently bought a internet game that runs on LAMP and my programmer friend said it is best if i can get the server version so i know how to deal with server level problems that may arise in the game01:32
HaXiTprince_jammys: /dev/sda1-501:32
KalamansiI'm having trouble installing it into parallels for mac.  It requires a disk image?01:32
endoI want to hook my computer up to my LCD TV through VGA but when I do, the tv says unsupported mode, how can I fix this?!01:32
Agent_bobroot----- i can't be more specific about that right now.  i don't have x installed.01:32
root-----Agent_bob ok01:32
joecurleetwo_bits: card 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog] Subdevices: 1/1 Deubdevice #0: subdevice #0"01:32
two_bitsjoecurlee: my guess is that if it's integrated it's going to be an "HDA" something or other?01:32
prince_jammysHaXiT: you mean /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2 ... thru 5 ?01:32
DianaIsGodLjL could you walk me through that?01:32
HaXiTsda1 is boot01:32
joecurleetwo_bits: card 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 1: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog] Subdevices: 1/1 Deubdevice #0: subdevice #0"01:32
HaXiTprince_jammys: ya01:32
prince_jammysHaXiT: one of those is the partition you want to mount01:33
joecurleetwo_bits: so yea, hda01:33
natlinuxnewbendo:  can you further describe the situation?01:33
prince_jammysHaXiT: type ::    cat /etc/fstab  and pastebin the contents.  do you know how to pastebin?01:33
LjLDianaIsGod, i'm not sure i quite remember what i did exactly. but it was most likely along the lines of sudo apt-get remove resolvconf network-manager (if i recall correctly, both are just recommended packages, not dependencies of ubuntu-desktop, so APT shouldn't complain too much).01:33
endonatlinuxnewb: I plug my computer into the tv via vga. the login screen comes up and then right when I boot into gnome the tv displays unsupported mode01:34
two_bitsjoecurlee: my guess is that it's an HDA Intel card, which is notorious for problems... theres actually an entire entry in the wiki on how to get sound from it. I solved mine by upgrading from alsa 1.0.14 to 1.0.1601:34
endonatlinuxnewb: i've tried messing with the resolutions, no luck...even the refresh rate...I can't figure it out01:34
two_bitsso that what i recommend for you01:34
prince_jammys!paste | HaXiT01:34
ubotuHaXiT: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:34
HaXiTprince_jammys: ya01:34
HaXiTprince_jammys: i know01:34
natlinuxnewbWhat model and serial number is your tv?01:34
DianaIsGodhmmm, is there any other way to keep the DNS saved without killing those packages?01:34
joecurleetwo_bits: np i'll upgrade but I'm not seeing where to do this from, also i don't think it's intel as this is an amd board01:35
Kalamansihello I'm having trouble installing it into parallels for mac.  It requires a disk image?01:35
joecurleetwo_bits: also I'm getting audio just fine from all other sources01:35
natlinuxnewbendo And what do you mean via vga? the rca plugs?01:35
two_bitsjoecurlee: I am using an AMD board too, strangely enough01:35
HaXiTprince_jammys: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56681/01:35
two_bitsjoecurlee: oh? just not from mythTV?01:35
joecurleetwo_bits: that's weird about the board... yes mythtv is basically the only trouble spot right now01:35
heartsbloodhow would one go about playing *.rm files?01:35
endonatlinuxnewb: no, no RCA's...straight VGA01:35
endonatlinuxnewb: http://tv.rca.com/en-US/ModelDetail.html?MN=L32WD23&nav=BySize&PC=Large01:35
unagiwhat do i do if wireless is my only way of connecting to the internet but the wireless doesnt obviously work out of the box on the live cd01:36
heartsbloodevery time I open the file I get an error saying "Couldn't find a realvideo shared library for version 4"01:36
unagior is there a way to enable the wireless without using the media button01:36
endonatlinuxnewb: RCA- L32WD2301:36
prince_jammysHaXiT: is the partition currently mounted?01:36
Agent_bobDianaIsGod yes.    i don't remember which script is giving you the trouble but i do remember how to find out.      sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf     and reboot.   it will cause something to complain about not being able to change /etc/resolv.conf   :)01:36
HaXiTprince_jammys: yes01:36
joecurleetwo_bits: in mythtv video and remote control work fine etc. and audio works from all other sources, but mythtv will not play any sound from live tv01:36
natlinuxnewbendo ah. you mean the monitor cable?01:36
endoyeah! :)01:36
endonatlinuxnewb: yeah, thats exactly what I mean01:36
natlinuxnewbendo gotcha01:36
two_bitsjoecurlee: maybe i can't help you then, as I had no sound at ALL... still, i guess it's worth a shot... first, though, have you checked your volume sliders?01:36
joecurleetwo_bits: but I'm guessing you're right about alsa... i just have to figure out how to get it upgraded01:37
prince_jammysHaXiT: type :   mount    and pastebin01:37
endonatlinuxnewb: I gave you the wrong link actually! http://tv.rca.com/en-US/ModelDetail.html?MN=L32WD250&nav=BySize&PC=Large01:37
natlinuxnewbendo I havent had personal experience with it but lets try to figure it out together?01:37
endothat is the right one01:37
joecurleetwo_bits: yea I've cranked everything up to max01:37
__Oz__r e n a t o01:37
Agent_bobDianaIsGod uh  you need to make that boot, a nosplash boot01:37
endonatlinuxnewb: i've got the patients01:37
HaXiTprince_jammys: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56682/01:37
Agent_bobso you can read the error message01:37
endonatlinuxnewb: through MSG?01:37
natlinuxnewbendo so what have you tried so far?01:37
renatoI'm from Brazil01:37
endocan I msg?01:37
natlinuxnewbendo if you are registered01:38
Agent_bobso how do i get around this >>> [00000276] access_file access error: read failed (Input/output error)01:38
prince_jammysHaXiT: it doesnt seem to be mounted.01:38
two_bitsjoecurlee: I could send you the script i made...01:38
HaXiTwell its mounted :S01:38
deniz__im trying to import .mpg files with kino but it wont work, it trys to and tries for a long time until it just doesnt work01:38
prince_jammysHaXiT: oh sorry, i see it now it's /dev/sda101:39
HaXiTprince_jammys: do you want a ss?01:39
unagii think my wireless card works its just not turned on because this laptop doesnt have a hard switch, how do i turn it on without the switch01:39
HaXiTsda1 is my main hd01:39
HaXiTfor boot which has ubuntu01:39
endonatlinuxnewb: AH CRAP01:39
endonatlinuxnewb: not regged.01:39
HaXiTthis one has nothing01:39
endonatlinuxnewb: it gets to the login screen and displays fine on the TV, then when I login to gnome it goes blank01:39
endonatlinuxnewb:  and the tv displays unsupported mode01:39
endonatlinuxnewb: i've tried messing with the resolution, and the refresh rate..both dont affect it to my knowledge01:39
natlinuxnewbendo: tried all the resolutions and refreshes?01:40
prince_jammysHaXiT: i think /dev/sda2 is your main disk .. the output shows /dev/sda1 mounted on /media/disk01:40
renatoow caramba01:40
HaXiT:S really01:40
renatoconversa comigo porra01:40
endonatlinuxnewb: not all of them, but most...the smaller ones01:40
prince_jammysHaXiT: check it out01:40
Technoid_IndiaHi evryone here !!!01:40
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
endonatlinuxnewb: maybe I should set it to what its recommended on the page for the TV01:40
HaXiTprince_jammys: ok i see it01:40
mrpocketshow does one force quit an app like Firefox?01:40
jrib!br | renato01:40
uboturenato: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:40
two_bitsjoecurlee: there is a page on hda intel cards here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller01:41
root-----i had mad a backup of my os by g4l and i have the image file. i just want to overwrite the home directory with the home directory of that backup . how can i do it?01:41
prince_jammysHaXiT: ok so we got that.  now you need to create a folder where this partition will be mounted01:41
joecurleetwo_bits: cool thanks!01:41
jribmrpockets: click the X about 10 times, or type 'xkill' in a terminal and then click on firefox01:41
RootyRootRootW00Hi: Mounting a new hard-drive I get this error: sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/Hactor01:41
RootyRootRootW00mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:41
HaXiTprince_jammys: ok :)01:41
prince_jammysHaXiT: do :   sudo mkdir /media/name_you_want01:41
jribRootyRootRootW00: tried specifying the filesystem?01:41
hw00djohni've searched the forums for the type of program i'm looking for but to no avail.  I'm looking for a music creation suite with pre-loaded tracks for many instruments...ease of use is not a huge factor, my buddy and i just want to start putting some beats together01:42
natlinuxnewbendo: try that. brb my little girls has just put feltpens into the loo01:42
HaXiTprince_jammys: ok01:42
RootyRootRootW00jrib it is fat32, how do I do that?01:42
jrib!vfat > RootyRootRootW00 (read the private message from ubotu)01:42
Technoid_Indiacan anyone help me...01:42
endonatlinuxnewb: haha, no worries.01:42
prince_jammysHaXiT: what's the name?01:42
RootyRootRootW00jrib: thanks!01:42
IndyGunFreak!anyone | Technoid_India01:42
endohow can I set my resolution through command?01:42
ubotuTechnoid_India: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:42
two_bitsjoecurlee: or you could go here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto01:42
HaXiTprince_jammys: extra01:42
endohow can I set my resolution through command?01:43
joecurleecool... just found this as well concerning drivers: http://alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Download01:43
prince_jammysHaXiT: any special permissions you want to set?01:43
HaXiTprince_jammys: no01:44
endohow do I change my resolution through the command?01:44
two_bitsactually, joecurlee: follow the instructions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto. They're better and more general01:44
bloodhackerhey guys whats up01:45
Technoid_Indiak....i have ubuntu installed on my worstation pc....n im planning to install it on my older pc wid very low config (P4 - 128Mb Ram - 40Gb Harddrive)....i just wanna ask will it really work on my old pc...01:45
bloodhackeri am kinds new to this01:45
joecurleetwo_bits: ok trying now01:45
HaXiTprince_jammys: i have to go soon :(01:45
natlinuxnewbendo: any luck with that resolution?01:45
prince_jammysHaXiT: ok do this::    gksudo gedit /etc/fstab01:45
HaXiTprince_jammys: ok01:46
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: the processor on that PC should be fine, hard drive is fine, the ? is ram.01:46
prince_jammysHaXiT: opened the file, right?01:46
endonatlinuxnewb: how can I change my resolution through command? it's not listed through system > preferences > screen resolution01:46
* N6REJ test01:46
prince_jammysHaXiT: paste the following line in the file01:46
endothe resolution that I need to be on01:46
IndyGunFreak!test | N6REJ01:46
ubotuN6REJ: Failed.01:46
endonatlinuxnewb: which is 1366x76801:47
jrib!resolution > endo (read the private message from ubotu)01:47
prince_jammysHaXiT: /dev/sda1       /media/extra    ext3         defaults   0       001:47
natlinuxnewbendo: are you going through Command atm?01:47
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: so..should i install ubuntu on my old pc...i will use this pc for surfing-word processing-php web devlopment only...01:47
prince_jammysHaXiT: and save it01:47
natlinuxnewbendo: Heres what a part of the manual says... Viewing Devices Connected to Your TV01:47
natlinuxnewbTo view devices connected to your TV, press the INPUT button to toggle through the01:47
natlinuxnewbinputs. Choose the input name that matches the input of the device you connected. Your01:47
natlinuxnewbchoices are VID1, VID2, CMP1, CMP2, VGA, HDMI1, and HDMI2.01:47
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: i will assign 2gb swap..will this work for me ???01:48
prince_jammysHaXiT: now type umount /media/disk01:48
__Oz__Technooid India: won't you need photoshop? If so, you probably don't want to do that.  You need photoshop.01:48
HaXiTprince_jammys: is that all? thanks a lot, are you gonna be on tomorrow, cuz i need some help with my ssh01:48
endonatlinuxnewb: yup, I set it to VGA01:48
natlinuxnewbEndo: have yo uchanged the TV input to vga?01:48
onemikehey i have a  problem with my nfts hard drive can anyone help me out01:48
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: its still low on memory, and it probably won't install from the Live CD, you'll need the alternate install CD01:48
prince_jammysHaXiT:  sudo01:48
* sdsheeks smiles. Finally was able to get my wireless card working.01:48
HaXiTofcourse :P01:48
jrib!ask | onemike01:48
ubotuonemike: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:48
natlinuxnewbendo: do you have a normal monitor?01:48
HaXiTprince_jammys: thanks man :)01:48
prince_jammysHaXiT: sudo mount /media/extra01:48
two_bitsonemike: what's your problem01:48
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:48
HaXiTyay ^^01:49
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: i will be usin the alternate cd only...01:49
prince_jammysHaXiT: done. now will automount01:49
HaXiTprince_jammys: thank01:49
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: will ubuntu run on my system !!!01:49
DirtyHey guys I'm pretty new to this stuff I've never even heard of ubuntu past two days ago and now both my systems are ubuntu01:49
prince_jammysHaXiT: np01:49
DirtyI had some minor problems, but I managed to fix them without bothering anyone01:49
Dirtyanyone know where i can read about command line?01:49
HaXiTprince_jammys: ttyl :P ill see you tomorrow if your on01:49
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: i don't know,01:49
jrib!cli > dirty (read the private message from ubotu)01:49
prince_jammysHaXiT: bye01:49
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: a lot of things go into whether it will work or not..,01:49
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: so should i give it a try ???01:49
HaXiTquick question, how do i reset my session01:49
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: thats up to you..., i would,l but thats me..01:50
onemikeok i have a ntfs secondary internal hard drive and when i delete stuff it doesnt free up any space01:50
prince_jammysHaXiT: don't know what you mean ... log out and back in?01:50
smileiam china boy linux fans01:50
HaXiTthanks :)01:50
HaXiTbye bye01:50
__Oz__china boy linux fans?01:50
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: but you're at the very bottom on minimum sys. requirements01:50
jribonemike: check your Trash01:50
smilehi ~ OZ01:50
prince_jammyshi china boy01:51
* zmcbb30_ 中国频道请使用中文01:51
onemikejrib: its empty01:51
smilehi ~01:51
jjt009anyone here01:51
__Oz__!chinese | zmcbb3001:51
ubotuzmcbb30: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:51
jrib!cn | smile, zmcbb30_01:51
ubotusmile, zmcbb30_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:51
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: i just wanted to confirm if the 2gb swap partiton work instead of upgrading my ram...(coz sd rams r rare)01:51
jjt009ubotu: hello01:51
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:51
jjt009ubotu:how is it going?01:51
jribonemike: is there a .Trash* on the drive?01:51
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: actually you can find them on Ebay for next to nothing(iv'e gotten them around $7 before), but if you're in India, that could be an issue.01:52
smile哦,知道了,I SEE, thank !!01:52
JangariTechnoid_India: i don't think the swap partition quite works like that01:52
onemikejrib: yes01:52
jribonemike: and instide there is nothing?01:52
=== Agent_bob is now known as intelikey
onemikejrib: no there is files in it01:52
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: thats not the issue...01:52
Jangaritel you what's rare, it seems, ddr1 ram!01:52
jribonemike: delete them?01:52
natlinuxnewbendo wb01:53
endothat command just set me back01:53
endonot what I was looking for01:53
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: ok, i'm just saying, sdram can be found, quite cheap.01:53
IndyGunFreakover here anyways01:53
natlinuxnewbendo which command?01:53
endothe one that someone gave me01:53
endoI forget who it was now01:53
onemikejrib: i just did still didnt work01:53
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: ya thats true...so i need to ubgrade my ram ???01:54
jribonemike: how are you determining that?01:54
endonatlinuxnewb: we need to figure out how to set the resolution to the right one01:54
endoI think that will fix the problem01:54
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: *I* would.., cuz like i said, that 128mb, you're on the very bottom, and if your system is accessing swap w/ regularity, your system is gonna be slow as a snail01:54
smile 谁会中文吗??01:55
natlinuxnewbendo. You considered vga to RCA (or other methods) adaptors?01:55
onemikewhen i go to properties it says the hard drive is full but there should be close to 100GB free01:55
__Oz__Technoid_India: if anything, install Xubuntu.01:55
iceswordsmile, u ?01:55
jribendo: the wiki page tells you how to set custom resolutions.  You need to be more specific as to what you are trying to do, what you did, and what the result was01:55
__Oz__It's the only thing which will work OK with that tiny amt. of ram.01:55
endonatlinuxnewb: nah, want to stay away01:55
smileI ?01:55
iceswordsmile, from china01:55
endojrib: no problem...can you link me to how I can set my own custom resolution brother? :)01:55
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: one morr question...i have read somewher ther is a special version of ubuntu called ubuntu studio...01:55
endonatlinuxnewb: that is me, yes!01:56
jrib!resolution > endo (read the private message from ubotu)01:56
DevourerWhere is the include folder by default for gcc?01:56
onemikejrib: when i go to properties it says the hard drive is full but there should be close to 100GB free01:56
dokucan someone tell me the best method of recovering data from an ide hdd01:56
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: its special all right.01:56
dannyboyhow do i edit my grub conf file?01:56
endojrib: just tells me how to restart x01:56
iceswordsmile, #ubuntu-cn01:56
jribendo: click on the link01:56
Technoid_India__Oz__: Xubuntu is a variant of ubuntu ???01:56
smilei like EN ,:D01:56
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: yes.., you coul try Xubuntu.., its kinda like Gnome.01:56
icesworddannyboy, what is wrong01:56
jribdannyboy: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:56
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: http://www.xubuntu.org   i'd actually forgotten about it.01:57
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: so wher can i get this ubuntu studio....01:57
__Oz__Technoid_India: yes, and it's ideal for low-memory applications.01:57
endojrib: duh, thanks :P01:57
endoI just need to set my resolution to 1366x76801:57
dannyboyicesword: im trying to locate my grub.conf so i can edit it01:57
jribonemike: use 'du -sh /path/to/mounted/partition' to determine the used space01:57
__Oz__keep going, endo.  Keep going!01:57
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: no clue, i don't mess with it.. but Xubuntu is a good suggestion, id' forgotten about it.01:57
iceswordsmile, your english seems very good,how do you do that01:57
__Oz__xubuntu | Technoid_India01:57
__Oz__!xubuntu | Technoid_India01:57
ubotuTechnoid_India: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels01:57
prince_jammys!ubuntustudio | Technoid_India01:57
ubotuTechnoid_India: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org01:57
dannyboyicesword: because when i load ubuntu i have to type in special booting options everytime01:57
joecurleetwo_bits: trying to configure alsa-utils and getting error "this packages requires a curses library"01:58
joecurleetwo_bits: any ideas?01:58
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: __Oz__: does xubuntu have a gnome interface like ubuntu !!101:58
two_bitsjoecurlee: sudo apt-get install ncurses-dev01:58
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: no, it uses Gnome01:58
onemikejrib: ok i reloaded it and .trash came back and when i opened the folder and delete everything again it worked is there anyway to delete stuff without having to go through all that again01:58
__Oz__technoid: no01:58
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: no, i tuses Xfce, instead of gnome..01:58
__Oz__Technoid_India: it uses Xcfe.  But it is similar to how ubunut/gnome works.01:58
jribonemike: in  edit -> preferences -> behavior  you can setup a Delete command to bypass the trash01:58
__Oz__Xubuntu is a nice, lightweight OS.  Actually, with 128mb of RAM, Technoid_India, you might want to go with Puppy Linux.01:58
DevourerWhere can I edit my sound options such as computer beep?01:58
endo__Oz__: this is tough01:59
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:59
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: go to http://www.xubuntu.org and look at the screenshots, they're similar, but not exactly01:59
onemikejrib ok thank you01:59
__Oz__Unfortunately, the epidemic "tiny fonts problem" and lack of built-in VNC support make Xubuntu an incomplete offering.01:59
IndyGunFreak!flashissue | N6REJ if you're using Gutsy....01:59
ubotuN6REJ if you're using Gutsy....: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »01:59
__Oz__I really like what Xubuntu is supposed to be.  It's just not there yet...01:59
dannyboy_where is the grub.conf located?02:00
=== ___verma is now known as verma
endojrib: I followed the link..I just dont know how im going to run these commands with my tv hooked up and no display to see anything02:00
jribdannyboy: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:00
Technoid_Indiak THANX EVERYONE HERE !!!02:00
rsa_md5I forgot to select a save location for qtorrent and instead selected auto save......now i cant find the downloaded files02:00
IndyGunFreak__Oz__: i like it.., i use it on an old PC i have02:00
N6REJ_how do you turn off ignore in chatzilla?02:00
root------i made a backup file by g4l . now  i just want to overwrite the home directory . how can i do it?02:00
iceswordwhy not use xchat02:00
jribendo: borrow a monitor and set up ssh?02:00
prince_jammysroot------: why are you overwriting your home?02:01
N6REJ_i will it I can get it to work right.... I dont'want to see all the loginś and out02:01
endoI have a monitor and a TV02:01
N6REJ_and no sound alerts so far02:01
Technoid_Indiai would like to introduce to a new multi protocol messenger.... checkout this link >>> www.digsby.com <<< :);-)02:01
endobut, i'd need two computers wouldn't I in order to do that?02:01
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: uh, so turn that feature off.02:01
root------prince_jammys want the same configs and setings02:01
jribendo: you have no display on the monitor?02:01
booferbillneed a little help with ubuntu server 7.102:01
endoyeah, display on my monitor right now02:01
=== laptop is now known as osxdude|laptop
jribendo: I don't understand the problem02:01
endobut, the monitor and the TV both use VGA02:01
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: how?02:01
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: you set the sound options manually, its pretty easy.. but i prefer xchat-gnome..02:01
endoso I can't run the autodetect scripts while the tv is hooked up02:02
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: i think thats what i using let me look02:02
endoand that is what I need to do02:02
dannyboy_where is grub.conf located?02:02
smileMy English is not good .. I just want to learn English.02:02
endobut, I get no display on the tv02:02
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: if you're using xchat-gnome, then setting up sound is easy02:02
natlinuxnewbendo: what is your graphics card?02:02
endonatlinuxnewb: ATI Raiden 960002:02
jribsmile: this channel is for help with ubuntu.  You can get help with english in ##english02:03
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: yeah i am, i have xchat-gnome and xchat-gnome-common02:03
joecurleetwo_bits: holy crap02:03
endonatlinuxnewb: ATI Raideon 960002:03
joecurleetwo_bits: i guess my sound wasn't working for real this whole time02:03
bananananaso, is it ok to remove ubuntu-desktop? there are a lot of things I don't need on my eeepc02:03
two_bitsjoecurlee: It works? It exploded?02:03
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: ok, are you here under xchat-gnome, or chatzilla.02:03
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: both02:03
root------prince_jammys want the same configs and setings02:03
smileWho is Domino download the linux address?02:03
two_bitsjoecurlee: oh it works then02:03
joecurleetwo_bits: didn't test mythtv yet but i had login music for the first time02:03
natlinuxnewbendo: Pal or NTSC TV?02:04
prince_jammysroot------: the same settings as what?02:04
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: the chatzilla one is hiding everything :(02:04
SecretLinesomeone knows how to make ATI radeon x300 take more than 1500 fps?02:04
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: ok, and you want xchat-gnome to hide everything?02:04
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: someone told me to type /ignore *!*@* and I did :(02:04
joecurleetwo_bits: hmmm no sound via mythtv still02:04
ComradeMirrorI have a question02:04
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: no, just conference mode02:04
ComradeMirrorwhat is super tab?02:04
safiyyahvideos online not loading from this site,http://www.ninjavideo.net/ .. what is missing?02:04
natlinuxnewbendo: check this out. http://www.nabble.com/TV-out-through-VGA--ATI-X1400-with-fglrx-driver-td14787605.html02:04
__Oz__N6REJ: you fly?02:04
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: i think i have it set temporarily02:04
PriceyComradeMirror, the windows key + the tab key02:04
N6REJ___Oz__ close, i am a ham02:05
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: conference mode?.. never tried that02:05
__Oz__Very good.  Speak pig latin?02:05
Technoid_IndiaHey Everyone Check this Link >>> www.digsby.com <<<02:05
* N6REJ_ wth you cant do a apostrophe?02:05
__Oz__NO, Technoid_India02:05
N6REJ___Oz__ nope02:05
Technoid_India__Oz__: just check it bro...02:05
two_bitsjoecurlee: damn... I'm out of ideas... try /join ing #ubuntu-mythtv02:05
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: ok I want sound from the speakers not the pc, and I want all joins and such hidden02:05
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: why would we do that?...02:05
* N6REJ_ cant type cant properly :(02:06
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: well, i know in xchat-gnome, thats easy to set.02:06
__Oz__Don't try to infect our linuxes with virii, Technoid_India02:06
hzalaihow about endgame screensaver , on my laptop,it make busy,and crash my computer02:06
natlinuxnewbendo: Read this also02:06
smileWe all come from?02:06
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: k...its ur wish..i just wanted to do a favour..02:06
__Oz__smile: we are all made of stars02:06
endoTHANK YOU BROTHER!!! :D02:06
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: kk thats fine, im just used to chatzill and if xchat don´t stop filter my ´ i´m going to get mad lol02:06
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: well, most of us don't like being spammed here.02:06
booferbilldoes anyone know about ubuntu server02:07
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: there's a way to do it, i jsut can't remember how.02:07
__Oz__IndyGunFreak: you a handgunner or a rifle man?02:07
Technoid_India__Oz__: no no...dont get me wrong...02:07
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: ok lets just worry about xchat for now... drive on02:07
N6REJ_booferbill: what about it?02:07
smilewhat is stars ?02:07
Technoid_India__Oz__: IndyGunFreak: k SORRY for that....02:07
IndyGunFreak__Oz__: we'll get banned for talking that stuff here, PM me.02:07
N6REJ_ubotu tell booferbill about !server02:07
booferbilln6rej: need to find out what i can do to get rid of this error02:08
N6REJ_!server booferbill02:08
root------configs. desktop settings are gone... thts in the home folder right?. i had made a backup of all the drive. and that had the home folder that had my configs in the way i want. now i want to overrite my current home folder by that g4l backup.02:08
two_bitsjoecurlee: I'm out of ideas. Try the folks in #ubuntu-mythtv02:08
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support02:08
omar_hey guys firefox is being a pain, while playing videos it suddenly pauses the videos, then speeds them up for a second or 202:08
omar_then goes back to normal02:08
omar_and repeats02:08
booferbillthank you02:08
omar_any idea whats going on?02:08
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: lol you can´t help me get sound working?02:08
N6REJ_booferbill: np02:08
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natlinuxnewbendo: more homework :) http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-62625.html02:09
Peloomar_,  flash videos ?02:09
omar_mostly ones on youtube02:09
IndyGunFreakN6REJ_: sound working in what?02:09
N6REJ_omar_: its not FF02:09
omar_then any idea what can be causing the problem?02:09
Starnestommyomar_: it's playing the video faster than it can load it02:10
root------ok. how can i browse and copy compressed files containing data?02:10
N6REJ_IndyGunFreak: well i´m not quite sure yet.... I KNOW i have no sound when you alert me... and I THINK i got sound now in the card itself... This is a new install of Studio02:10
N6REJ_omar_: increase the buffer02:10
natlinuxnewbendo: Let us know if that works02:10
omar_which buffer?02:10
Peloomar_, it's pausing because it needs to fill the buffer,  the speeding up is a bit of a bug,  I suggest you pause the video when it starts downloading and play it only when the dl bar is filed up, you'll get a smoother play,  this also happens occasionnaly in windows, it isn't just FF in Linux02:10
N6REJ_omar_: the video buffer02:10
unagihow do you play a dvd from .iso with menus02:10
N6REJ_omar_: you can tell it to dl the whole thing before it plays02:11
omar_oh ok thank you guys.02:11
endonatlinuxnewb: i'll post it on the forums :)02:11
two_bitsIs there a decent program to mount .iso files?02:11
Pelounagi, you don't , not with menues,  you unpack it and play the ..VOB files02:11
soulburneranyone saavy with ushare?02:11
endothanks for the help everyone! much appriciated!!02:11
two_bitsa virtual drive program so to speak?02:11
Pelo!iso > two_bits check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:11
vixmy friend installed ubuntu 7.10 x64 through alternate cd, but now he gets a blackscreen when he tries to boot ubuntu, propably cause of nvidia drivers for the system. is there any way to access the text mode?02:11
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: frm wher i can download ubuntu studio ???02:11
root------how can i browse and copy bzip2 compressed files?02:11
two_bitsPelo: thanks02:12
unagiPelo: i dont really understand that........why cant you mount an iso to act like a hard dvd02:12
Pelovix, not sure there is a nvidia driver for amd64,  tell him to install the i386 version, he'll have less problems with drivers and such02:12
N6REJ_Technoid_India: its on the main website.02:12
ComradeMirrorIs there anyway I can enable japanese02:12
ComradeMirrorso I can type in it?02:12
ComradeMirrorI need it for class x.x02:12
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: i told you id ont' know, i don't mess with it.02:12
vixPelo, its because he got an 64 Bit processor, and also 4GB RAM.02:13
Pelo!iso > unagi try it with this see if you can manage it with vlc , xine or mplayer02:13
omar_sorry about this stupid question but, where exactly would I find the video buffer?02:13
unagiPelo: vlc and xine both want to open it like a folder playing the vob........is there not a way for kubuntu to see the iso like a disc02:14
Pelovix,  you can use i386 with a 64 bit processor and with 4 gb of ram no problem,  but amd64 is still lacking in propriatary driver support and in small stuff like flash and other tidbits02:14
Pelounagi, mounting the iso should see it as a volume I think02:14
Pelo!iso > unagi check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:14
N6REJ_Pelo: i´m using 64bit studio right now and having a flash problem, is the normal for 64bit?02:14
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how to make Flash work and KEEP working? This is really pissing me off now.02:14
unagiit doesnt see it as a volume Pelo it sees it as a folder02:14
vixPelo, yes I know.. but how much memory will 32bit Ubuntu use? its like 3.5GB or something?02:15
SystemBomberHello all, I have a little problem if someone can help me please. I'm running Ubuntu Server (latest v - Gutsy), its a headless machine which i SSH into, no GUI, however when I press the on/off button on the machine, it doesn't do anything.02:15
PeloN6REJ_, I beleive so ,  but I've never used 64 bit os, so I can'T confirm for sure02:15
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: xubuntu luks like ubuntu...02:15
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: no it doesn't02:15
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak: its really cooool man...02:15
N6REJ_SystemBomber: go into bios and turn off ALL stop on error... its probably looking for a kbd02:15
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: if you can't see the differences in the two.. wel. but there are differences, they are just subtle02:15
N6REJ_Pelo: dang it!!02:15
Pelovix, not sure i get your question,  it should be able to use all the memory you have,02:15
Technoid_IndiaIndyGunFreak:  i just saw it on www.xubuntu.com02:15
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N6REJ_Pelo: that means another reinstall... *sigh*02:16
* N6REJ_ new that would happen... FARTS02:16
iDivine#join backtrack02:16
two_bitsjoecurlee: any luck with mythtv?02:16
unagidoes anyone know how to play dvd .iso in ubuntu?02:16
PeloN6REJ_, I enjoy reinstalling ubuntu, it only takes 30 min02:16
IndyGunFreakTechnoid_India: well, then yo need to compare screenshots, cuz they are different..., i've used both,02:16
iDivineWhat's the backtrack channel?..02:16
N6REJ_Technoid_India: it uses the RTL kernel, that is the main diff02:16
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killownI have installed ubuntu gusty and install restricted modules nvidia but my card not works when I change device "nv" to "nvidia" can anyone help me?02:16
SystemBomberN6REJ_, why would not having a keyboard prevent it from starting the shutdown sequence when i press the on/off button?02:16
N6REJ_Pelo: yeah, just gets old lol02:16
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:16
PeloN6REJ_, just put your /home flolder on a seperate partiton and you will recover all you settings02:17
DjerodekHello, I'm looking to run an Ubuntu Live CD and I'm running into trouble02:17
N6REJ_SystemBomber: because its a failure in the post test.  You have to tell the bios to ignore those failures, its ez to do just take 5 sec02:17
DjerodekAnyone know anything about running it on an HP laptop?02:17
PeloDjerodek, explain the trouble02:17
SystemBomberN6REJ, but it starts up fine.02:17
vixPelo, cause windows 32 bit, doesnt use all memory if you have 4GB, just in x64 windows.02:17
N6REJ_Pelo: yeah, well this is a clean install so really nbd02:17
Technoid_IndiaDjerodek: ???02:17
vixPelo, I dont know how Ubuntu uses it.02:18
PeloDjerodek, details are better then just asking for someone with knowledge of your model02:18
DjerodekWhen I run the AMD 64-bit ubuntu install on my pavillion dv6308ca it hangs02:18
Pelovix,  linux isn'T windows02:18
DjerodekWhen it tries to install th drivers it hangs02:18
DjerodekNo more CD activity and no more progress02:18
PeloDjerodek, use the i386 version unless you have actual need of 64 bit system,  you'll have less problems iwth dirvers and tibits like flash02:19
PeloDjerodek, what video card does your comp have ?02:19
DjerodeknVidia 6150go02:19
vixPelo, I know, but 32 bit operating system is the same i think.02:19
DjerodekAnd I figured the i386 might be a better idea, so I started downloading it before coming here, but I decided to come on to check, just in case02:20
N6REJ_back in a while after i reinstall02:20
unagidoes ubuntu  not know how to play .iso dvds?02:21
PeloDjerodek, it you are using an nvidia card you might want to get the alternate install cd ,02:21
Pelounagi, check in the forum02:21
pocketdrummerIs the 64-bit Flash just buggy or something? Does anyone know?02:21
matt____Hello everyone. I've written a tutorial on ripping a DVD to and iPod. I want it to be as easy as possible, so if you would be interested in going over this with me and telling me if you have ran into anything that isn't right or could use improvement, please take a look at this: http://linuxhack3r.com/ipod.html Suggestions can go the email at the bottom of the page, or you can personally email me and we can AIM or something to really02:21
IndyGunFreak!flash64 | pocketdrummer02:21
ubotupocketdrummer: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava02:21
DjerodeknVidia doesn't work with the livecd?02:22
PeloDjerodek, depends on the model02:22
Ububeginhow can i combine the commands ... **cd** and **ls** together...02:22
vixPelo, thnx anyway for your tip. I recommend him to try 32 bits instead now.02:22
PeloUbubegin, cd /patch && ls02:22
zorcehello Pelo and vix reinstalling in progress02:22
PeloUbubegin, I meant path , not patch02:23
DjerodekThanks to everyone, I'll give it a shot02:23
mike_hi all i just installed mysql can someone help me start it02:23
omar_can't figure out where I change the video buffer from, any ideas?02:23
UbubeginPelo: i mean more like combining them and making a new command like **cdls** or sumthing like that...02:23
Peloomar_,  you don't realy need to change the video buffer,  just wait for the vid to dl before playing it02:24
martin__unagi: i havent used it but there is a gmount-iso package in the repos02:24
sucklefishI am new to linux and i was hoping i might be able to revieve some help on dual booting my pc.02:24
PeloUbubegin, no idea02:24
omar_I do wait for them to download, it's fully buffered.02:24
icesword!dualboot | sucklefish02:24
ubotusucklefish: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:24
Peloomar_, yes02:24
UbubeginPelo: hmm, thanks.... if i get the answer, i will let ya know02:24
Pelosucklefish, when you install ubuntu , it will make a boot menu with all the available OS listed on it02:24
root------what is the command to extract a bzip2 file to a specified locations?02:24
omar_the problem is when it comes to play the video, it suddenly pauses it then skips a few seconds of the video then it plays it normally02:25
two_bitsis there a way to get a list of the things ububot knows?02:25
Peloroot------,  man untar02:25
iceswordroot------, did you man bzip202:25
Peloomar_,  the skipping is a bug, it is trying to play catchup02:25
two_bitsi mean, ubotu02:25
credible!brain | two_bits02:25
ubotutwo_bits: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:25
Pelo!ubotu | two_bits02:25
omar_oh ok, so any idea how I would be able to fix it, or is it possible?02:26
sucklefishOk, one more question. Off the top of your head do you know if it is possible to boot ubuntu from a usb flash drive?02:26
martin__two_bits: http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:26
Peloomar_, you can't fix it02:26
iDivineWell, I just burned the back track 2 iso on a cd, and When I go to log in it works, till I have to type in a command, I type it in but, It doesn't start up. It just hangs a a black screen..... ;(02:26
two_bitsthanks all02:26
omar_it's only with firefox right?02:26
unagii installed gmountiso but the command gmountiso doesnt do anything02:26
barichardsonI just added a wwan adapter to my laptop; I was able to determine the vendor and device ids with lsusb, but I need to know how to determine what /dev point the device it is using. Any ideas?02:26
natlinuxnewbsucklefish: Yes02:26
Peloomar_, this has noting to do with FF02:26
Hammer89sucklefish: it's possible... but your bios has to have a boot from usb option02:26
sucklefishit does, thank you. I will be back if i need more help. :D thanks02:27
iceswordeverything is possible02:27
omar_ok, well I have to go now, thanks for the info.02:27
hilikushey guys. im using gutsy and an nvidia geforce 5200 video card and i,m trying to get tvout as my ONLY display, but its not working, when ubuntu starts, the screen stays dark02:27
root------icesword cant get it. how to extract it else where?02:27
UbubeginPelo: just found it... here u go.. define this in the .bashrc file ***cdls() { cd "$1"; ls; }***02:27
hilikusany idea how can i confiure it?02:28
iDivineWell, I just burned the back track 2 iso on a cd, and When I go to log in it works, till I have to type in a command, I type it in but, It doesn't start up. It just hangs a a black screen..... ;(02:28
matt____Hello everyone. I've written a tutorial on ripping a DVD to and iPod. I want it to be as easy as possible, so if you would be interested in going over this with me and telling me if you have ran into anything that isn't right or could use improvement, please take a look at this: http://linuxhack3r.com/ipod.html Suggestions can go the email at the bottom of the page, or you can personally email me and we can AIM or something to really02:28
two_bitshey matt__: we heard you the first time!02:28
Peloomar_,  here is the long eplanation,  youtube plays thje videos as it is downloading them,  when a video is popular or if you have a low bandwith connection,  you are watching the video faster then you are downloading it ,  which is why it stops,  then you download a bit more and it starts again, occasionnaly flash decids to play catchup and  you get that fast forward bit02:28
martin__unagi: open it using the menu if you cant via cli. Is under system tools02:28
iceswordroot------, maybe it is bunzip2  -C /somewhere *.bz202:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oog - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:28
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:28
martin__unagi: select the mount point and the iso file to mount there02:29
unagiim on  kubuntu02:29
iceswordmartin__, where are u ?02:29
Pelounagi, go ask in #kubuntu then02:29
unagii have02:30
martin__icesword: as in the world?02:30
* Pelo is starting to wich unagi would just burn the damn thing 02:30
root------icesword no. how to extract02:30
iceswordmartin__, ?02:30
* unagi is starting to wish pelo would use the ignore function02:30
* Pelo invents a new game "Where in the world is martin__ "02:30
iceswordroot------, you want to extract what file02:30
natlinuxnewbAnyone hoe I can boost the sound in ubuntu?02:30
martin__im confused :/02:31
natlinuxnewb*anyone know how I can boost the sound02:31
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:31
Pelonatlinuxnewb, type  alsamixer in the terminal and make sure all the sliders are up02:31
mneptoknatlinuxnewb: what did you call me?02:31
iceswordmartin__, i am just curious where are u from02:31
iDivineWell, I just burned the back track 2 iso on a cd, and When I go to log in it works, till I have to type in a command, I type it in but, It doesn't start up. It just hangs a a black screen..... ;(02:32
martin__icesword: im from Ireland02:32
PeloiDivine, back track 2 ?02:32
iDivinePelo, Yes,02:32
iceswordmartin__, i got a friend who had a same name with you,so i am just curious02:32
PeloiDivine, I mean what is "back track 2" ?02:33
* mneptok throws a hurley and directions to #ubuntu-offtopic at martin__ and icesword 02:33
natlinuxnewbI need to boost them even more02:33
iter_security testing distro, it's the wrong channel02:33
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iDivinepelo, Isn't it a distro? http://www.remote-exploit.org/02:33
Pelonatlinuxnewb, check in that !sound info02:33
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:33
dolphin_noelsomeone knows any idea what is it for the dve and dbe module in xorg.conf ?!02:34
PeloiDivine, did you copy the .iso file to the cd or did you "burn image" ?02:34
iDivinepelo, I burned image.02:34
iteryou can login as root/toor ?02:34
iceswordroot------, ?02:34
mneptokiDivine: problems with Backtrack are not supported in #ubuntu02:34
PeloiDivine,  I recommend you check their faq their forum or see ifthey have a channel02:34
natlinuxnewbthanks pelo02:35
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Pelodolphin_noel, I think you need a more detailed question02:35
Peloepssy, more details please02:35
root-----bzip2: Can't guess original name for klast.000 -- using klast.000.out02:35
gyaresuI manually installed the nvidia 1.0-7185 driver. I re-installed the default 169.09 driver but now when I reboot I have to 'modprobe -r nvidia' then 'modprobe nvidia' to get the 169 version loaded. How can I get rid of the other one?02:36
dolphin_noelPelo well i was just thinking why i need this modules and what they are for ... the dve and dbe module in xorg.conf if it is really necessary i load it or is good i load it02:36
epssynvidia-settings uninstall02:37
iceswordroot-----,what are u trying to do?02:37
Pelogyaresu, try and blacklise the one you donT' want from modprobe,  man modprobe for the exact option02:37
root-----icesword extract a bzip2 file.............\02:37
Wafflewhere is firefox installed? What is the path?02:37
epssyno, remove your original manual install with nvidia-settings uninstall, if it isn't uninstall man nvidia-settings to find out what it is02:37
gyaresuPelo: cheers but they are both nvidia.ko So I'm not sure how to blacklist it.02:37
epssyif you just remove the module you'll still have conflicting files02:37
Pelodolphin_noel, I think that regarding modules in xorg,  you onjly need to list them in the module sectiosn ( near the top of the file) once they are installed02:38
epssygyaresu: ffs I've given you the answer02:38
Pelogyaresu, ins't there a differnce in the name ?02:38
iceswordroot-----,did u run man bzip2 in terminal02:38
Pelogyaresu, ignore me02:38
epssyDO NOT BLACK LIST IT, remove it properly or you will have further issues02:38
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Peloepssy, he needs to know how to remove it02:39
root-----icesword i compres by app caled g4l02:39
epssyI've told him several times now02:39
epssynvidia-settings uninstall02:39
gyaresuepssy: You didn't use my nick. I wasn't reading the whole lot and you know where you can stick your rudeness. I help here all the time and very rarely need help myself. You sir are out of order.02:39
dolphin_noelPelo i know how to load they i just don`t know what they are for the dve and dbe module ... in xorg.conf02:39
epssygyaresu: I can stick it where I want, I've given you the solution02:39
iceswordroot----- g41,nerver heard of it,is it supported by bzip202:39
Pelodolphin_noel, neither do I sorry02:40
dolphin_noelpelo neither i lol that why i'm asking :x thanks anyway :)02:40
steven__hi, i'd like ubuntu and vista and xp on the same disk. I've set my disks to use ext3 and I can not get them working with ntfs or fat32 again. I tried gparted in ubuntu and from a live cd but that didn't work. Any ideas?02:40
root-----icesword g4l uses bzip202:40
mneptoksteven__: i have many :)02:40
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nasamohello, how do I install DVD plugins?02:41
basculesteven__: delete and recreate them in xp disc thingy02:41
Pelodolphin_noel, in the xorg.conf file, toward the top of the file, there is a section MODULE ,  there aer several modules listed there,   put dve and the other one in that list,  taht should be it I think02:41
bascule!medibuntu > steven__02:41
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epssysteven_ usually you install windows xp first, onto a blank partition (or make it fat32 in gparted), then you install vista on to the second fat32 partition, then you install linux on the ext3 partition so that it gives you a bootloader that includes them all02:41
Pelo!dvd > nasamo check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:41
iceswordsteven_, u format all disk to ext3?02:41
basculeoops sorry steven__02:41
steven__unfortunately yes!02:42
dolphin_noelPelo yes i see many xorg.conf there whith this 2 modules just ... looks this working well whithout they :x and i don`t know what they are for to :x02:42
itersteven__: yeah unfortunately windows doesn't do ext3 at all02:42
natlinuxnewbwhats the human readable command for hardware info?02:42
gyaresuepssy: nvidia-settings has nothing to do with loading the correct driver module.02:42
icesword i  do think for dualboot ,/boot is a must02:42
epssygyaresu: you need to remove one of the installs of the driver to do what you want, there is no other way02:43
basculenatlinuxnewb: lspci or sudo lshw | less02:43
gaurdrohow stable is using the 'unsupported updates'  option for updates?02:43
faprilI can't seem to save a file that I'm downloading directly to a windows share on my network. I'd rather save it to my other computer rather than copy it over when its complete. is this possible ?02:43
natlinuxnewbbascule: Thanks. what does that mean/do?02:43
natlinuxnewbbascule: short for...02:43
Pelodolphin_noel, ah,  sorry I get your question now , I thought you knew what they were for and just needed to load them in xorg.   try looking then up in synaptic there should be a short destrcition with the package they are in02:43
basculenatlinuxnewb: what you asked, lists hardware02:43
brian_hey does anyone know what to do about the autorun features? i can't get my new system to run install files02:43
iternatlinuxnewb: lspci is just 'show everything on the pci bus'02:43
iternatlinuxnewb: I'm sure you can guess ls hw :)02:44
dolphin_noelpelo i allready try it nathing :x02:44
basculenatlinuxnewb: one lists the pci bus second lists all hardware02:44
deniz__avidemux asks if i want to index when i open .mpg file....what does this mean?02:44
epssynatlinuxnewb: if you google for 'how to read lspci output' there are several very good resources02:44
Pelodolphin_noel, google then ?02:44
natlinuxnewbiter: bascule: ok thanks02:44
natlinuxnewbis that first letters I s? eye ess?02:44
dolphin_noelpelo i allready try it to lol02:44
epssydeniz__: your avi has a corrupt index (you need an index to fast forward and rewind)...all it does is makes one for you if it can (fixes it)02:44
basculefapril: you probably need to change the write permissions for the drive mount point, directory where it is located02:44
Pelodolphin_noel, try asking in ##linux maybe they will know02:45
basculenatlinuxnewb: ell ess pee see eye02:45
natlinuxnewbbascule:  lol thanks02:45
* Pelo wonders if he should call the ops on bascule for saying pee in the channel 02:46
ComradeMirrorhey is there a way to rotate the cube and have it float without holding down the keys x.x?02:46
geekworxHello, i'm running Linux ubuntu 7.10 why when i try to login on my e-gold ( www.e-gold.com ) account i have this error   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56683/plain/02:46
basculeyou just did02:46
steven__bascule: shall I delete the partitions in gparted and recreate them in xp disc thingy. Because when I try deleting/recreating in xp disc thingy it won't let me.02:46
deniz__epssy, k, thx....how do i open multiple files and combine them?02:46
PeloComradeMirror, ask in #compiz02:46
faprilbascule: Ive created a launcher to the share and I can even create/delete files/folders02:46
amy_feisty had meinstall the nvidia driver using the restricted drivers, but gutsy tells me i dont need any restricted drivers and even envy will not install the nvidia driver.. what gives???02:46
faprilbascule: I just can't point my files to download directly to it02:46
dolphin_noelPelo :)02:46
basculesteven__: thats what to do, leave them as blank space and then xp them02:46
Priceygeekworx, use their contact form to ask for help02:46
epssydeniz__: what sort of file type is it? ...you'll have to get an application specific to it, usually google some thing like   split avi files linux   (so you get one that works under linux)02:47
basculefapril: is it smbmount'ed ?02:47
geekworxmy box is the problem02:47
nano__hey guys, i was just wondering why does linux mount usb drives as /dev/sdXX ..... isn't the /dev/sdXX name convention reserved for scsi devices?02:47
epssygyaresu: do you want pistols at dawn?02:47
epssynano_ yes.02:47
epssynano_ but more accurately, no02:47
faprilbascule: yes it is.. the path can be found under places->network-> etc02:47
nano__epssy: hmmm ?02:47
basculenano__: it's a hackery, scsi IO is borrowed for other devices02:47
Pelodolphin_noel, did they have an answer for you ?02:48
basculefapril: might no be the same thing as a proper smbmount entry in /etc/fstab02:48
Pelo!test > mlubin02:48
deniz__epssy, me and my friends video taped ourselves and its in .mpg files, we have a project due tomorow and i have to fuse them, make a menu, put lettres on the video and make webs (little gray lines r ok) bcuz we kinda r doing it on spiderman LOL02:48
epssynano_ both of them are serial controllers I guess? :P02:48
nano__bascule: so its basically a convenience hack?02:48
nano__i c, that explains a lot02:48
epssydeniz__: I recommend er klivesomething, give me a moment - it'll do what you want02:48
lusepusterHi folks - I just installed Listen, but it doesn't start - returns a segfault, says it tries to run a notification-daemon that's not there...?02:48
faprilbascule: you're right it may not be.. checking fstab now... 1 sec02:49
deniz__epssy, KDEnlive?02:49
lusepusterI used to like Listen and would like to give it another shot02:49
epssydeniz__: that sounds right02:49
deniz__epssy, i tried that and it wont play my files as in play to watch02:49
amy_why doesntgutsy recognize that i need restricted drivers?02:49
Pelog'night folks02:49
dolphin_noelPelo no i don`t ask it there i'm try to check here a few things maby i can :x02:49
epssydeniz__: there is cinerela but it is very hard to use (it is an industry application)02:50
IndyGunFreakamy_: if it recognizes the hardware that needs the restricted driver, yes02:50
basculeamy_: just the way it is sometimes, once you add them it will tell you you need them :)02:50
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:50
amy_IndyGunFreak:  feisty did, but gutsy does not02:50
faprilbascule: no there's nothing relating to the smb mount. Im only accessing it through ubuntu gui02:50
epssydeniz__: will anything play your mpg? if not you'll have to install some restricted drivers02:50
basculefapril: i suspect that is the problem !smbmount02:50
deniz__epssy, ya i can watch it under totem02:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smbmount - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:50
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:50
natlinuxnewbneed some more advice. How much should i have on my /boot AND /Home and /Root?02:51
faprilbascule: gotcha.. trying now02:51
epssydeniz__: you've reached the limit of my knowledge on the topic; I suggest asking for more help in the kdenlive channel?02:51
natlinuxnewbAnd swap02:51
andresjhello! how can I install bzr-1.2 in gutsy? I added the ppa repository as described on bazaar-vcs.org and `apt-get update`, and tried to install it, but there is a conflict... bzrtools needs <bzr-1.202:51
goblinHello people how to install on Ubuntu 7.10 aol america online ? can i install that please can somebody tell me?02:51
amy_Why Wont Gutsy Recognize That I Need Restricted Drivers, But Feisty Will?02:52
IndyGunFreakamy_: whats the hardeware?02:52
epssygoblin: why do you want to?02:52
amy_IndyGunFreak: its an nvidia chipset02:52
faprilbascule: is "!smbmount" a sudo command?02:52
basculegoblin: not that god awful software no, but you can connect with various methods02:52
basculefapril: yes02:52
epssyalso goblin install a package called   wine   and try installing aol then02:52
IndyGunFreakamy_: and its not in the restricted driver manager?.. System/Admin/Restricted?02:52
icesword!netinstall >goblin02:52
basculeepssy: no, that is a very bad idea02:52
amy_IndyGunFreak: nope02:52
IndyGunFreakamy_: hmm. that is strange02:53
IndyGunFreakamy_: what chipset?02:53
epssybascule: you're a bad idea02:53
=== reconnect is now known as recon
deniz__epssy, k, thx ill go to it02:53
amy_IndyGunFreak: tell me about it02:53
toyo|deskhey all02:53
deniz__epssy, wat is the kdenlive channel?02:53
basculefapril: read the first line of the ubotu link I send you02:53
amy_IndyGunFreak: i dont know... to me, its of little importance as it was working before i upgraded02:53
bascule!samba > fapril02:53
faprilbascule: k will do02:53
natlinuxnewbHow big should my swap, /, and home partitions be on an 80g HD?02:53
IndyGunFreakamy_: well, it would help to know to diagnose the problem.. lspci in a terminal02:53
toyo|deskI was just wondering if anyone here has an NEC chipset USB 2.0 controller, I am looking at one online to replace my via onboard02:54
neetoHow do I open another GDM session on another screen (CTRL+ALT+F8)02:54
epssydeniz__: they don't appear to have an irc channel, only a forums and mailing list http://www.kdenlive.org/contact.php02:54
toyo|deskjust wondering if it worked02:54
iceswordnatlinuxnewb, ram?os?02:54
basculenatlinuxnewb: 9gig / depends on ram and suspend requirements for swap rest /home02:54
natlinuxnewbicesword: Ubuntu 7.10 512Ram02:54
deniz__epssy, wat has a channel then?02:54
faprilbascule: nice.. its been a while. I though samba was installed by default in ubuntu02:54
killownhow do I to enable agp fast writes on fx5500 card video?   cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status show me Fast Writes:     Disabled can anyone help me fix it?02:54
basculewell bits are02:54
gnychisanyone know any good video editing tools in linux?02:54
kostkonamy_, which driver do you use right now, do you know? the nvidia or the open source one?02:55
epssydeniz__: not sure sorry, wait for the reply to gnychis question maybe?02:55
amy_IndyGunFreak: intel mobile 945gm02:55
IndyGunFreakamy_: thats not nvidia.02:55
sucklefishHi, I am trying to load ubuntu on my flash drive. From the ISO image can i simply extract all the files to the usb drive?02:55
natlinuxnewbbascule, icesword: 9g for a swap??02:55
basculekillown: in xorg .conf in Device sectio set it there,ask #nvidia they'll know off there headds probably02:55
amy_kostkon: i cant install a driver.. i keep getting errors02:55
epssygnychis: kdenlive, cinerela, and several others02:55
kostkonamy_, what type of errors?02:55
amy_IndyGunFreak:  my mistake..02:55
IndyGunFreakamy_: thats an intel device, nt an nvidia.02:55
basculekillown: Option EnableFastWrites "True" or something02:55
amy_IndyGunFreak:  still, it installed it in feisty and i was able to runberyl all of last year02:56
kostkonamy_, are you trying to install the driver with envy?02:56
=== neskaya is now known as Neskaya
iceswordnatlinuxnewb, i recommend swap 1g, / 4g,/home the rest disk, i am not sure,depend on your need02:56
CarlFKhow do I get sudo to sudo the >> to?  sudo cat fstab.txt >> /etc/fstab02:56
killownOption         "AGPFastWrite" "True" but it not works02:56
deniz__gnychis, kino, KDEnlive, etc02:56
basculenatlinuxnewb: no 9gig / something > than ram for swap, rest /home02:56
pawangrub error 2202:56
pawanhow to repair02:56
IndyGunFreakamy_: don't know, i know gutsy has had some issues w/ the Intel chipsets.. i've got an Intel GM965, and it doesn't work w/ compiz.02:56
amy_IndyGunFreak:  kostkon: i guess my question becomes, how does feisty install the driver and it work, but gutsy does not?02:56
sucklefishHi, I am trying to load ubuntu on my flash drive. From the ISO image can i simply extract all the files to the usb drive?02:56
iceswordpawan, google "grub load error 22"02:57
CarlFKsucklefish: you probably want to install to the usb drive02:57
bascule!usb sucklefish02:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usb sucklefish - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:57
bascule!usb | sucklefish02:57
ubotusucklefish: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:57
epssydeniz__: mmm how about you convert the mpgs to avi then try editing them? you'll be able to find a converting tool via google02:57
IndyGunFreak!bot rookie | bascule02:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bot rookie - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:57
basculeIndyGunFreak: heh02:57
iceswordepssy, google mpg to avi02:57
deniz__epssy, how will that make things easier?02:58
pawanhow to repair02:58
basculestop it02:58
prince_jammysis that a haiku?02:58
natlinuxnewbicesword, bascule: ok Let me rephrase. 80g split into 4 parts. Linux Swap is 1g, /boot is 8g, / is 2.80, /home is 65g. Is that an ok setup for Ubuntu 7.10 with 512Ram Intell onboard Video?02:58
basculehi prince_jammys02:58
prince_jammysbascule: hi02:58
iterdamn pawan still in here asking the same question word for word02:58
epssydeniz__: thought you were having issues with kden playing your mpgs?02:59
kostkonamy_, yes that's strange. so, the restricted manager does not say anything about the nvidia driver? although, it is a possibility that you are using the nvidia driver (the version from the repos I mean) even though the restricted manager does not recognize this.02:59
iterit's been at least 5 days now02:59
prince_jammysi know02:59
basculenatlinuxnewb: forget /boot old-skool02:59
natlinuxnewbbascule: Reasons?02:59
blitzkrieg3smondo1: hey man02:59
IndyGunFreakpawan: grub error 22?02:59
blitzkrieg3smondo1: welcom to irc02:59
epssyhaha error 22, sucks to be you pawan02:59
basculenatlinuxnewb: no longer neede really, I don't want to go there really02:59
ubotuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:59
blackvdHaving a weird problem here. I just go home and fired up my laptop only to have it hang on boot :( tried running recovery mode and it hangs on disk checking root at 27%. So I'm using the liveCD right now to get on IRC. I havent a clue what to do to fix my root. any help please.03:00
lusepusterHi folks - I just installed Listen, but it doesn't start - returns a segfault trying to run a notification-daemon that is not there03:00
natlinuxnewbbascule: What about reinstalling OS but keeping your files safe?03:00
epssyblackvd: sudo fsck /dev/hda1 (if that is your root disc)03:00
kostkonamy_, you could open your xorg.conf file and check which driver is being used03:00
IndyGunFreak!grub | pawan  try following the instructions here for recovering grub03:00
ubotupawan  try following the instructions here for recovering grub: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:00
blackvdepssy: can i run that from the live cd?03:01
epssynatlinuxnewb: you need to have all your files and apps on a separate partition to do that (ie home to sd2)03:01
basculenatlinuxnewb: well add a new user at install witha differnet name and tell /home to not format, after install come back and ask again :)03:01
blitzkrieg3smondo1: hi03:01
deniz__epssy, well it adds the clips but they dont play as in i cant watch them03:01
epssyblackvd: it's the only way to do it when your system doesn't boot :p03:01
epssydeniz__: very odd :/03:01
smondo1blitzkrieg3: sup03:01
blackvdi was thinking under boot options or something03:01
epssyit may play them if they are avi's though, was what I was suggesting03:01
deniz__epssy, now they work!03:01
deniz__epssy, but with no sound?!03:01
epssyIndyGunFreak: with an error 22 he's not going to get help from there03:01
basculeis that where boot volumes get swapped about03:02
epssymmm deniz__ are you using alsa? if not close kden and close any other application making sound, then try again03:02
epssybascule: yes03:02
epssyyes it is pawa03:02
IndyGunFreakepssy: don't know, never had 22, usually 17.. so why would reinstalling grub from the live CD not work?03:02
epssy22 is when the boot loader isn't where the mbr expects it to be03:02
iceswordnatlinuxnewb, who told u make /boot 8g?03:02
epssyfirst time i had it it took me 10 hours to work out (not internet to help :()03:03
Esajanyone else getting a problem with pycentral crashing?03:03
epssydon't use ubuntu so don't know Esaj :P03:03
natlinuxnewb:( i dont understand the /boot thinking. Everytime I put a install CD in, it asks me what one I want to install to anyway.  icesword: nobody. that was the problem.Ive been guessing from get go.03:03
* Esaj is using 8.0403:03
deniz__epssy, wat do u mean am i using alsa? how do i check? and im starting to panick big time now since i alredy lost 10% for 1 day late and its rely late and im geting tired and i dint do nothing! :'(03:03
epssyEsaj:  that's an unstable isn't it? if so wait till tonight or report it as a bug :P03:03
pawanwhat to do03:04
IndyGunFreakpawan: how did you partition your disk to install Ubuntu?03:04
pawanusing ubuntu setup03:04
jacob_when i try to shutdown i loose function to open things i can move my pointer and my system still responds butit is a pain having to keep restarting my xserver03:04
basculepawan: maybe select a boot device from BIOS menu and go from there03:04
IndyGunFreakpawan: i mean, how.. how did you setup your partitions..03:04
pawani am in winxp now03:05
jamiejacksonhow do i send ctrl-alt-delete to a windows login whilst in Remote Desktop Client's VPN client?03:05
IndyGunFreakpawan: well how did you get to winxp if you're having grub issues?03:05
basculepawan: so XP boots, oh well not as fatal as I feared03:05
jacob_when i try to shutdown i loose function to open things i can move my pointer and my system still responds butit is a pain having to keep restarting my xserver03:05
epssypawan okay your issues is that your bios is telling grub that the disc is say /disc0/part0 but you have a sata controller or some thing that causes the order to change to say /disc1/part0 and grub is still looking for /disc0/part0 and bang you get an error 2203:05
basculejacob_: compiz does that sometimes :(03:06
epssytry disabling all extra controllers you have on your disc03:06
epssymotherboard *03:06
jamiejackson(you've probably guessed that ctrl-alt-delete, itself, does not work ;-)03:06
epssyor, the easy solution is to make a grub boot disc03:06
epssythen start your system that way03:06
barrypaxtoncan anyone help me im haveing a sound issue my sound was working before i updated my ubuntu studio but now i have no sound03:06
norvswitching to lilo almost always fixes those problems03:06
basculenorv: I still love lilo :)03:06
norvit's not that I really care about lilo, it's that grub is just that bad03:07
jacob_bascule,  Is there a way to fix it??03:07
epssybascule: every one loves lilo till they lose their first system to it03:07
icesword!lilo > icesword03:07
basculectrl+alt+bksp kills X, works for me03:07
pawanhow to make grub boot disc03:07
epssypawan look on the grub site03:08
basculeepssy: i am still on grub with ubuntu, but .. well I might just lilo it03:08
epssyyou'll also need to look at your current menu.lst in /boot/grub/ to find out what commands you need to put in03:08
zulerdonglehi there. does anyone know if there is a way to set a users files as private (the same/similar way that you do in windows) ? Thanks03:08
basculezulerdongle: chmod, or right click -> permissions03:08
epssyremember pawan that grub tab completions hard drive references, so if you get stuck just 'fish' around for which hard drive is your primary one03:08
imc1Hello; I recently hosed my monitor settings, ran the rediscover script ( sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) but am still having trouble. Before I was able to enable desktop effects and now I am not. Can anyone help?03:09
zulerdonglebascule thanks ill try it03:09
jacob_bascule,  Is there a way to fix it??03:09
basculejacob_: nit that I know of, other than patience for an update03:09
brownieheadthe icon that allows me to access my windows hard drive partition dissapeared, how do i get it back03:09
epssyimc1: rediscover wipes your xorg conf file, you probably had some compiz settings in their, or some driver specific ones03:09
norvepssy: doesn't if it can't find the grub boot, which is the problem with having the boot partition on SATA03:09
imc1epssy; cool, thanks. Can you point me to a compiz how to?03:10
natlinuxnewbAhah! I'm trying to resize my window and it keeps snapping back to the top after going all wobbly03:10
iceswordbrowniehead, mount it first03:10
mike_hey guys whenever i type sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start it justs fails any ideas03:10
mike_i have mysql installed03:10
brownieheadhow do i mount it?03:10
basculeimc1: check xorg.conf for Driver settings if it is vesa that is why, change it too reflect the graphics card you have03:10
epssynorv: not that I'm aware of, at least since the .16 kernel03:10
Jangaribrowniehead: try "mount -a"03:10
imc1bascule, thanks, checking03:10
epssyI used to have to boot from a grub disc every time during .8 through to .16 kernel because I had a pata controller and sata controller as pci cards :P was a pain03:11
iceswordbrowniehead, maybe it is mount /dev/(s)hda1 /media03:11
brownieheadit sais only root can do that03:11
jacob_bascule,   damn that sucks because i installed the xgl-xsever package the other day to play with compiz some more and it just starded after i did that and ran it03:11
Jangariokay, then "sudo mount -a"03:11
brownieheadoh ok03:11
imc1bascule, nope, the right card is in there03:11
tarelerulzanyone install ekiga for Ubuntu 7.10 and have sound problems with it .03:11
Jangariassuming it's in your fstab03:11
norvepssy: if grub can't find the stage 1.5, it can't go on. which is before it even tries to load a kernel or chain load anything03:11
basculejacob_: you don't need that AFAIK03:11
epssynorv: hence the need for a grub boot disc03:12
basculeimc1: try glxinfo in an X terminal03:12
brownieheadoh ok, is it not showing up cuz i did a hard shut down03:12
pawancan i use pen drive to load grub boot disc03:12
* bascule actually hates x issues with a passion03:12
Jangarimm, probably03:12
imc1bascule, ok03:12
killownI cannot get w32codecs on apt-get03:12
epssypawan I believe so, just make sure your bios lets you put removable devices at the top of the boot order03:12
killownI have enable anything?03:13
Jangaribrowniehead: does it usually display as an icon on the desktop?03:13
phroughyis it possible to install firefox 2 and firefox 3 at the same time?03:13
epssykillown: aptitude search w32codec03:13
Jangarinav to /media, browniehead03:13
killownaptitude search w32codec nothing happen03:13
epssyor killown google   ubuntu restricted drivers    and go to the ubuntu wiki entry and follow that guide03:13
brownieheadalso my links to windows folders like my movies and what not are broken03:13
imc1bascule, http://pastebin.com/m782c37703:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about swiftfox - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:14
adorablepuppyMy Ubuntu Gutsy has been hard freezing since I moved to a new board. No kernel panic, no magic sysrq recovery working, nothing.03:14
kostkonkillown, add the medibuntu repo (http://medibuntu.org/03:14
Jangaribrowniehead: is this a partition on the same hard drive? are you running dual-boot?03:14
brownieheaddual boot on the same hard drive03:14
jacob_bascule,  once i enabled it i went into a screen that asked if i wanted to use low graphics setting so i went to a prompt and i found it messed with my xorg.conf and changed the device back to intel before it was vesa03:14
modocIs there a command line util to get the file extension of a file?  something like basename does03:15
basculeimc1: looks OKish, now run compiz --replace in a terminal03:15
craigbass1976Anyone ever have connection trouble with amule?  I try to connect to any of the donkey servers, and it jsut keeps trying forever03:15
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351 how to install grub from Ubuntu live cd for those interested03:15
AlexEUbuntu makes me splurge03:15
imc1THANKS bascule - bu the way I had the same thing as jacob_03:15
pawanits in tar.gz format03:15
Jangaribrowniehead: there's some command that forces an unmount of any devices that weren't unmounted correctly, but I can't remember what it is,03:15
AlexEWhat is the best way to stick it to the man (windows)?03:16
craigbass1976nor can I seem to get an updated list of servers03:16
craigbass1976AlexE, Stop using windows03:16
basculejacob_: imc1 there is some difference between xgl and aiglx, they don't get on, I am sorry I can't remeber the specifics thoigh03:16
Laney_Familywow, i finaly got this to work03:16
brownieheador just stop buying it03:16
AlexEcraigbass1976, I'm not using windows.  Though, I'm about to partition my drive so I can put a CRACKED windows on it so I can run some software03:16
craigbass1976Laney_Family, you sure did.  Welcome03:16
Jangariusing mac would probably be the best way, AlexE, since that means someone else is getting your money, rather than no one else getting it03:16
Laney_Familythanks craig03:17
craigbass1976AlexE, That would be still catering to the man, pirated or not03:17
norvAlexE: just use VirtualBox03:17
AlexEcraigbass1976, But I am doing it with a grimace.03:17
Jangaricatering to the man, nicely said03:17
brownieheadpirate everything...arrrr03:17
imc1bascule, whoops: Checking for Xgl: not present.  No whitelisted driver found aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity03:17
AlexEJangari, What if I burn money next to mr. gates.03:17
Laney_Familylol, this is my first time having issues with buntu so i thought i would try and get help on here, first time using irc03:17
bazhangAlexE: best way is to just linux software; this is offtopic here though03:17
tarelerulzwith Ekiga  I see alsa and that is all it says not much more about the sound . It says I should hear a play back ,but I don't .03:17
craigbass1976AlexE, If I eat crow with a smile, I'm still eating crow03:17
iceswordAlexE, what u mean cracked windows03:17
AlexEis there a way I can find a windows person's house in order to defecate inside the domicile?03:17
craigbass1976Dude, stop03:17
Jangarihe might just say something really generous, like "for every dollar you burn i'll give ten thousand to kids with no limbs"03:17
basculeimc1: well ask the #compiz people, I kind of know, but they *will* know :)03:18
bazhang!ot | AlexE03:18
ubotuAlexE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:18
imc1cool, bascule, thanks!!03:18
AlexEicesword, windows that I didn't buy03:18
bazhangAlexE: please stop03:18
AlexEbazhang, I am sorry i love you.03:18
iceswordAlexE i c03:19
Schmao-FmaoHi there .. I have a command line version of Ubuntu running, and I want to install the minimum number of packages to enable Xwindows.  What packages do I need?03:19
Jangaribrowniehead: can you pastebin your fstab?03:19
brownieheadim gonna try booting up windows and shuting down the right way03:19
basculeSchmao-Fmao: I would go for xubuntu-dektop03:19
Laney_Familyso i have a dumb Q if any one feels upto it?03:19
brownieheadmaybe thats it03:19
Jangariyeah, try that first, browniehead03:19
bazhangask away Laney_Family03:19
brownieheadill be back either way :)03:19
Jangariis it vista, browniehead?03:19
potatohow can i install windows xp after i install ubuntu?03:20
Jangarioh, well, there's ya problem03:20
AlexEpotato, PM me03:20
brownieheadyeah i know03:20
brownieheadit came with the comp03:20
AlexEpotato, actually hold on03:20
basculeSchmao-Fmao: try sudo tasksel and go from there , move around using tab and arrows, space selcts return executes03:20
Schmao-Fmaobascule: I don't want a display manager, actually .. I just want ssh to have X forwarding, and for emacs to open up in a separate window when I log in .. that sorta thing :)03:20
brownieheadhence me getting ubuntu :)03:20
Schmao-Fmaobascule: Okay, thanks :) I'll look into that03:20
brownieheadok well here goes03:20
Jangariit has a hard time actually shutting down sometimes, apparently, so when you boot ubuntu, it can't mount the windows partition because 'some other device (the machine itself) is using it'03:20
natlinuxnewbWhy can I not see into the "lost + found" folder in my Home?03:21
AlexEYou have to search "lost + found"03:21
AlexEthat should do it03:21
iceswordnatlinuxnewb, coz u are not root03:21
craigbass1976Laney_Family, What's the quesiton03:21
craigbass1976Laney_Family, lets see how dumb it is03:21
Jangarihow much extra data is used in creating a new user account?03:21
potatoalex im using ksirc how can i pm?03:21
Laney_Familyok, i have an older pc i plan to setup with multiple versions of linux on, ubuntu flavors spec., i plan to do this with hd that will stay in the sys as a "media" drive, and one removable bay for the os, i have about 6 40-80 gig hds i was gonna do this on, so i installed the edubuntu for my son on one, it works with no issues, better than i hade hoped03:21
Schmao-Fmaobascule: I'm not quite sure if that's what I'm looking for.  Basically, when I ssh into my computer the way it is with X forwarding on, I can't get emacs to open in a separate window.  I think I'm missing Xorg or something along those lines...03:22
AlexEpotato, I just sent you a PM03:22
potatohow do i see in kirc03:22
jacobi guess i will have to do a clean install03:22
basculeSchmao-Fmao: try installing xserver-xorg03:22
AlexEdo you have MSN or AIM03:22
jacobafter i save every thing03:22
Laney_Familyhowever, when i try and install ubuntu or kubuntu, they goto the prompt to install, with other options, and goto loading, then i get a prompt (initramfs)03:22
Schmao-Fmaobascule: That might be what I need.  Thanks :003:22
AlexEturtlewaxfoodofthegods@hotmail.com -or- Crouching Lotus003:22
potatoalexe i have aim03:23
can-o-wormscan someone please tell me the name of the program that lists all of your processes?03:23
basculecan-o-worms: ps aux03:23
Jangarips -aux, can-o-worms03:23
Laney_Familyno i have done installs of ubuntu before, norm i get the gui after selecting install,03:23
FlannelJangari: no -03:23
AlexEcan-o-worms, system>administration>system monitor>processes03:23
Laney_Familyso um, my dumb Q is what am i doing wrong, why is it deaming me unworthy03:23
can-o-wormsJangari: bascule no, the other one03:23
craigbass1976Laney_Family, You can't boot to anything?03:24
bazhangtop can-o-worms?03:24
basculecan-o-worms: top ?03:24
AlexEpotato, just send me a message > Crouching Lotus003:24
Jangarips aux and ps -aux return the same03:24
can-o-wormsbascule: yeah, that's it... thanks03:24
basculehey bazhang :)03:24
bazhanghey bascule ;]03:24
basculedunno why I'm laughing ...03:24
Laney_Familyits a clean install, so no, after selecting install i get the loading screen then the prompt03:25
bazhangLaney_Family: this is using the alternate cds or the live cds?03:25
Laney_Familyoddly enough, i remove the hd, and it does the EXACT same thing03:25
cicero_bahh -- this is killin me -- how do i pull out a command from the recent commands. for example, say 10 minutes ago i typed: find / -name "happy" and i want to start typing "fin", i used to know a key to pull up the last command that started with this same sequence03:25
cicero_bany ideas?03:25
basculecicero_b: !comm03:26
Laney_Familythese are the dl's, i have dl twice and burned the second one twice, its not a bad burn or bad dl, atleast i wouldnt think03:26
basculelike !menc for a big mencoder string of options03:26
brownieheadthat was it03:26
usr13cicero_b: history |grep whatever03:26
bazhangLaney_Family: right, but would that be the livecd or the alternate cd?03:26
brownieheadim all good now03:26
craigbass1976cicero_b, cat ~/.bash_history | grep fin03:26
usr13cicero_b: history |grep find03:26
Laney_Familyo sory, im assuming the live cd03:26
can-o-wormsdoes anyone know what trackerd is?03:27
Laney_Familyits the main download of the 7.1003:27
brian_how do I open .exe files on my new os?03:27
AlexEis your new OS ubuntu03:27
cicero_bbascule -- that seemed closest to what i remember but that doesn't seem to work in bash (!fin then up-arrow, right)03:27
usr13brian_: unzip file.exe03:27
edjudoes the order in which devices are listed in fstab make any difference?03:27
AlexEdownload wine03:27
basculecicero_b: no just !fin03:27
jacobbascule, i just loged into anther user and it works for that one so i have isolated it to my user does that help you any in determining the problem03:27
brian_i can't find a download for it03:27
AlexEgo to terminal03:28
AlexEand just type03:28
brian_where should i go03:28
basculejacob: well a little, must be some .compiz config setting03:28
AlexEsudo apt-get install wine03:28
Laney_Familythe file is labled : ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso03:28
natlinuxnewbty everyone. bbl03:29
jacobbascule,  is there somthing i can try??03:29
cicero_bhuh -- just !fin ?? then enter, tab, what?03:29
Laney_Familyi have the command prompts header if it would help: its BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu7) Built-in shell (ash)03:29
basculejacob: I am no compiz expert, if compiz don't know ... well03:29
basculebut try googling for "compiz whitelist"03:30
jacobim not even using compiz  i dissabled it   could it have messed up a config file or somthing03:30
brian_thanks alexE03:30
basculejacob: I thought compiz was the issue ..03:30
AlexEsure brian_03:30
basculeno X at all, well that is different03:31
jacobwell i enabled it one day03:31
Laney_Familyany ideas?03:31
jacobbascule,  i enabled it and installed a missing package but i have used it before and no problems03:31
basculedoes it work as the new user?03:32
barrypaxtonmy logitech usb headset has no sound can anyone help me03:32
jacobbascule,  but another thing that bothers me is i cant get to the command prompt by using ctrl alt f2 or f103:32
cicero_btime for a stupid on. i want to copy all files from directory foo to directory bar. say i am in bar, why can't i "cp ~/foo ."?03:33
^CatMan^jacob: that is just a matter of setting ur shortcut keys03:33
basculejacob: it's an intel isn't it(?)03:33
barrypaxtonmy logitech usb headset has no sound can anyone help me03:33
crediblecicero_b: cp ~/foo/* .03:33
jacobintel cpu and igp03:33
bazhangLaney_Family: how many different distros are you planning on loading into these various removable hdd's? and you plan on hot swapping or switching out the drives for whoever is going to use the computer--i.e. edubuntu for junior, ubuntu for grandma and so on? and have the internal to be the media storage device? is that about right?03:33
cicero_bcool, i'll try03:33
pizzawhen booting from the livecd, what's the passwd for root, i'm currently as ubuntu03:33
Jaredguys.... my "network manager" icon top right on sys tray has somehow gotten "squashed"! Now just a thin line can see any signal bars now! (wifi).. squashed between bluetooth and the seach icon, anyone know how to restore that???03:33
Laney_Familymmm, yes bazhang03:34
basculecicero_b: cp -a is more likely to work03:34
Jared"can see" = cant see, sorry03:34
Laney_Familyand no03:34
jacobbascule,  yes im using an intel core 2 duo and an intel chipset with the   x300003:34
Laney_Familynot for diff ppl, more for diff purposes but yea, accurate assumption03:34
fdsajfdjkwhere is the trash bin?03:34
cicero_bgot it -- thanks03:35
barrypaxtonmy logitech usb headset has no sound can anyone help me03:35
basculejacob: well It may not work as yet, just need to wait it out03:35
Laney_Familybut i have not installed the internal yet to avoid any hd confusion03:35
usr13fdsajfdjk: It's on the floor, over there in the corner.03:35
bascule945GM works for me03:35
^CatMan^fdsajfdjk: i think it's in the /temp dir, but i'm not sure myself :)03:35
fdsajfdjkk, thanks ill check that out03:35
jacobbascule,  i think im going to do a clean install  so i hope that fixes it03:35
basculefdsajfdjk: ~/.Trash/03:35
basculejacob: well It might well do03:35
pizzaanyone know the root passwd from the livecd?03:36
fdsajfdjkthanks bascule03:36
usr13pizza: none03:36
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:36
jacobthanks any wa bascule03:36
barrypaxtonmy logitech usb headset has no sound can anyone help me03:36
usr13pizza: sudo03:36
Scunizipizza, just hit enter03:36
basculejacob: welcome, I tried but hardware is insurmountable03:36
Laney_Familyubotu: LOL nice03:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lol nice - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:36
bazhangLaney_Family: why do it that way? kubuntu and ubuntu differ only in the DE's, not sure about edubuntu, so it would be redundant to install to all those hdd's--best to use those as media storage devices/backup and have the main internal one as your booting os, with a seperate home partition--you can choose the session at startup (kde gnome etc) and eliminate alot of extra work03:36
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:37
barrypaxtonmy logitech usb headset has no sound can anyone help me03:37
epssyedubuntu is basically normal ubuntu but with educational software instead03:37
^CatMan^Laney_Family: i run kubuntu and it's got a few issues, but overall, i'm happy with it :)03:37
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:37
ScuniziLaney_Family, I second what bazhang said.. it's much easier.. unless you're doing development tweeking and need to distroy one of the systems just for experimentation03:38
bazhangLaney_Family: and if / when you want to install a completely different distro (unlikely but might happen) then you can isntall over the / partition and /home will be left untouched03:38
Jared guys.... my "network manager" icon top right on sys tray has somehow gotten "squashed"! Now just a thin line can't see any signal bars now! (wifi).. squashed between bluetooth and the seach icon, anyone know how to restore that???03:38
Laney_FamilyBazhang: why?, because I didnt know that, lol, im rather new, i tried ubuntu when it was a mere early stages and have not been back since, so i was wanting to know the diff, learn by exp.03:38
^CatMan^bazhang: really? now's a great time to tell me that! lol03:39
steven__i have been trying for two days to get my cam working and my printer, i think im going to have to give up03:39
Laney_Familyalso the idea is to setup another sys just for my son (5 years old and can build a dead rig almost on his own!!!) and at that time just move the removeable drive over03:39
ScuniziLaney_Family, are you using ubuntu now.. how about trying "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" from the terminal then log out click the sessions button and change to kde.. lots of fun :)03:39
usr13steven__: What printer do you have?03:39
bazhangLaney_Family: so in the extreme unlikely situation that you want to change to #fedora, then your home partition would still be there and you could go on as usual without all the backups/headaches etc03:39
kostkonsteven__, and which webcam03:39
* ^CatMan^ agrees with Scunizi :)03:39
steven__lexmark x1290 usb all in one03:39
hw00djohnwhere can i find a package to support my webcam?03:40
^CatMan^tho i admit i have at leaste attempted gnome :D03:40
steven__logitech quickcam 9.5 usb03:40
kostkonhw00djohn, what do you mean by that? please be more clear03:40
Scunizihw00djohn, what kind of webcam?03:40
usr13steven__: Look it up:  http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting03:40
hw00djohnsteven_ how did you know?03:40
Laney_Familywell, that is realy the reason for the other drives in the rig, for data, so backup would not be an issue, and hdds are not an issue for me, i have more than enough of those...03:40
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:40
hw00djohnscunizi i know its a logitech..but im not sure which03:40
bazhangLaney_Family: when that time comes for your son to have his own it is not a big deal to clone the system to another drive and then get it going on another computer--just food for thought and a perhaps more efficient way of doing what you are proposing03:41
Laney_Familyscunizi: it wont use sudo, says not found... nomater what command i enter03:41
kostkonhw00djohn, it does not work at all?03:41
ScuniziLaney_Family, you might also look at installing with the alternate cd since it gives you lvm (logical volume management) an easy way to use several drives as one when the need arrises.03:41
hw00djohnkostkon i plug it in adn nothing happens03:41
bazhangLaney_Family: I have to step away for a bit now, it seems that Scunizi has this in hand so if you need help he may be the go-to guy ;]03:42
Scunizihw00djohn, check out http://www.ubuntuswitch.com/2006/07/31/logitech-webcam-and-ubuntu-the-nightmare-that-wasnt/  it might help03:42
kostkonhw00djohn, of course nothing happens. did you test your cam with e.g. ekiga, camorama or cheese to see if it works?03:42
ScuniziLaney_Family, caps make a difference.. all lower case03:43
hw00djohnkostkon lol no...didnt know about those. heh03:43
Laney_FamilyALL: ok, going of the assumption i only have one drive in (the curent case) any ideas on why it loads the spalsh image with the loading bar and then this initramfs prompt???, I never actualy hit the gui, and the drive is clean, ive checked.03:43
bazhanghttp://www.linuxlove.org/2007/11/12/linux-webcam-microsoft-lifecam-nx-6000-on-ubuntu-and-fedora/ hw00djohn check if your cam is in this list--this may help03:43
Laney_FamilyScunizi: i verified my caps were all lowercase03:43
usr13steven__: It appears that the Lexmark 1290 is not supported03:43
Laney_Familyi have it up on another monitor now, still did not work...03:43
ScuniziLaney_Family, are you on the live cd?03:43
Laney_FamilyI think so...03:44
Laney_Familywould the file name help any?03:44
ScuniziLaney_Family, or is it installed.. (I didn't catch the beginning of your conversation with bazhang )03:44
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how to get DVDs to work?03:44
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:44
* ^CatMan^ perks up at a BigCanOfTuna :)03:44
pocketdrummerI have all the gstreamer plugins, xine, totem, everything. Nothing works.03:45
BigCanOfTunaRedhat has an app (I believe it's called chkconfig) that sets the start/stop levels for init.d scripts....is there an equivalent in Ubuntu?03:45
^CatMan^sry, couldn't help it :D03:45
Laney_FamilyScunizi, no its not installed, never get that far03:45
usr13pocketdrummer: Scroll up.03:45
Laney_Familysplash screen, straight to the (initramfs) prompt03:45
ScuniziLaney_Family, ah.. that's part of the problem.. you can't install kubuntu-desktop with the live cd.. it takes space that you probably don't have in ram.03:46
kdc1956some dvd will work but not all on mine03:46
Laney_Familyas far as the file i downloaded, i went here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download and chose the uper left file03:46
^CatMan^BigCanOfTuna: sorta, i think i saw one somewhere in kde, otherwise it should be in /etc/init.d/03:46
Laney_Familythe pc has 512 mg ram03:46
pocketdrummerusr13: Already did that.03:46
Laney_Familyhow much does it need?03:46
usr13pocketdrummer: what error do you get?03:46
dsnydersHi all, I figured out my k3b problem. It turned out to be a language update.03:46
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:46
ShuggleIs there a applet similar to the system monitor applet for the gnome menu bar that will show me the waveform or some sort of graph for the audio coming out of my speaker?03:46
steven__thanks usr, then ill buy a new one, any recomedations03:47
ScuniziLaney_Family, that would be the standard live cd.. the alternate is not live but a "text" install.. just as easy to install .. just a couple of more options.03:47
pocketdrummerNo demuxer found - stream format not recognised.03:47
pocketdrummerusr13: and totem butchers the image03:47
Laney_Familyok. i see the check box on bottom screen now03:47
* bascule watches a ^CatMan^ talking to a BigCanOfTuna :)03:48
ScuniziLaney_Family, is Windows currently on the machine?  If so you can dual boot if you want.03:48
Laney_Familyso why will the live cd not boot?03:48
Laney_Familynaa, tis a dead system03:48
Laney_Familyno os03:48
^CatMan^cool, just in case i make a mistake, huh bascule?03:48
basculecats tuna ..03:48
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:48
BigCanOfTuna^CatMan^: Actually, I just found it.... update-rc.d03:48
^CatMan^oh, :D03:48
bascule!msgthebot > barrypaxton03:49
ScuniziLaney_Family, could be a problem with the cd.. you have to burn it at the slowest speed possible.  Also there's a difference between burning an ISO vs. data..03:49
^CatMan^ok BigCanOfTuna :D03:49
Laney_Familyright, that i have03:49
Laney_Familyits a mounted burn, so the data is there03:49
bascule^CatMan^: yes :)03:49
Laney_Familyive burned it 3 times03:49
ScuniziLaney_Family, did you burn from windows?03:49
Laney_Familyone on first dl, 2 on second03:49
Laney_Familydownoaded twice, burned via nero03:49
Jared guys.... my "network manager" icon top right on sys tray has somehow gotten "squashed"! Now just a thin line can't see any signal bars now! (wifi).. squashed between bluetooth and the seach icon, anyone know how to restore that??? Anyone help out??03:49
usr13pocketdrummer: gxine  dvd:/03:49
Laney_Familysame way i did the edubuntu that worked with no issues....03:50
Laney_Familythat is whats getting me...03:50
^CatMan^bascule: cool, thanx :) i'm kinda new to linux myself, but i know just enough about it to really screw a system up, now i'd like to learn how to fix my mistakes :)03:50
m0u5e_i recently changed the size of my swap partition, how to i remap it for use/03:50
steven__which all in one printer should i buy to avoid problems03:50
usr13pocketdrummer: totem dvd:/03:50
Flannel!swap | m0u5e_03:50
ubotum0u5e_: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info03:50
Laney_FamilySo can i jsut install the server version and then setup a gui?03:50
Laney_Familythat one will give me the intall gui...03:51
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
ScuniziLaney_Family, ok.. if you have edubuntu you can install that then "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" to get the standard Ubuntu desktop.. then sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" for the kde environment.03:51
pocketdrummerusr13: Xine engine fails to start, Totem, location not found03:51
DG19075Laney_Family: try a Windows app called BurnCDCC..it works wonderfully and can be gotten for free from http://www.terabyteunlimited.com03:51
usr13pocketdrummer: mplayer dvd://03:52
confuse_davidI am trying to use opengl wand when I run a simple a.out program I get the following error message "freeglut (a.out): OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display ':0.0''03:52
ScuniziLaney_Family, sure.. server then install the gui.. that works too.03:52
iceswordcould i use nmap to make a clear situation of my network03:52
basculeconfuse_david: glxinfo tells you no extensions? what vga card?03:52
pocketdrummerusr13: file not found03:52
Laney_Familyok... SO, how would i install the gui???03:53
basculemplayer dvd://103:53
pocketdrummerusr13: opening directly with mplayer says "Fatal: could not initialize video filters (-vf) or video output (-vo)03:53
Laney_Familywould i need additional downloads or are the files on the server dl?03:53
confuse_davidbascule: if you are asking what my video card is, it is a  ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]03:54
=== StaticVec is now known as StaticVector
usr13!dvd | pocketdrummer03:54
ubotupocketdrummer: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:54
basculeconfuse_david: got the drivers in? seems not03:54
ScuniziLaney_Family, you can install using the same lines I gave before.. and no you have to have an internet connection03:54
fus10nxAnyone here using HDMI for audio as well as video?03:54
confuse_davidI have an ati driver03:54
fus10nxi am having the most difficult time with this03:54
confuse_davidbascule: I have an ati driver03:54
pocketdrummerusr13: I've already been through that and did everything it said.03:54
basculeconfuse_david: run glxinfo ina shell what does it say?03:54
Laney_Familywell that i verified, i was impressed how it got realy hard to find drivers for ubuntu03:54
Laney_Familyvery impressed03:54
usr13pocketdrummer: what error do you get?03:55
Laney_Familybut one of the ideas here is to setup the main removable drive as server to coop my server 200303:55
pocketdrummerusr13: In the 2nd section "activate DVD Decryption" it says " /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh: command not found"03:55
ScuniziLaney_Family, drivers?  most are included unless you have something out of the norm.. It's not like windows where you install the system then install a bunch of drivers then the programs.03:55
confuse_davidbascule: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56688/03:56
Laney_Familyso yea that will work well03:56
Laney_Familyo yea, that is what i meant Scunizi, that was the impressive part03:56
basculeconfuse_david: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:56
bascule!ati | confuse_david03:56
ubotuconfuse_david: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:56
Laney_Familyso... curiosity, is there a way to make ubuntu server coop with active directory and ldap on a server 2003 system?03:57
confuse_davidubotu: isn't my video card too old?03:57
basculeLaney_Family: mostly03:57
fus10nxAnyone at all using a motherboard with HDMI to use it as both AUDIO and VIDEO?03:57
PStanger15I cant see my ntfs filesystem on another partition.  ntfs-3g came installed with ubuntu, i used to be able to see it.  there is an sda1 folder in /media but it is empty. any ideas?03:57
ScuniziLaney_Family, ldap yes I think so.. active directory is another story.. that you should ask in /join #ubuntu-server03:58
Laney_Familyaugh ok.03:58
basculeconfuse_david: ubotu is a bot, he won't answer, but just try the suggestion03:58
Sunnz2Can't get my onboard ethernet to work03:58
Sunnz2Any ideas?03:58
Laney_Familythough im an idiot with this linux (for now)03:58
Sunnz2I tried ifconfig and can't find it03:58
usr13pocketdrummer: apt-get install install libdvdcss203:58
Sunnz2There are no eth*03:58
Laney_FamilyWindows and server2000 and server2003 I am most surely not03:58
usr13pocketdrummer: sudo apt-get install libdvdcss203:59
Sunnz2And the Network Manager thing doesn't have any ethernet device03:59
ScuniziLaney_Family, that's been an issue for some time.. and there is/are solutions in the works.. I think evolution (pim) and Kontact (pim) will interface to some extent.. but not sure how much.03:59
Laney_Familyhmm. ok03:59
Sunnz2So how do I get Ubuntu to detect and use my onboard ethernet?03:59
Laney_Familysounds like a plan..03:59
basculePStanger15: try mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 -o force03:59
usr13Sunnz2: ifconfig eth003:59
Laney_Familyaight, well i have it at the partition part of server so well se how that goes03:59
ScuniziLaney_Family, you might also look into Zimbra as a web based PIM..03:59
pocketdrummerusr13: "Package libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.04:00
pocketdrummerThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or04:00
pocketdrummeris only available from another source"04:00
pocketdrummeroops, sorry for spam.04:00
bascule!medibuntu | pocketdrummer04:00
ubotupocketdrummer: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:00
usr13pocketdrummer: scroll up and follow instructions.04:00
ScuniziLaney_Family, it's server based and will interface with Outlook, Evolution, Kontact etc.. POP, Imap, and if you're lucky.. Active Directory.04:00
usr13pocketdrummer: enable !Universe repos04:00
Laney_Familyaugh, i have it open now04:00
Laney_Familylooking into it04:00
Laney_Familythanks scunizi04:00
PStanger15bascule: Thanks :)04:01
basculePStanger15: welcome04:01
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:01
ScuniziLaney_Family, sure..  the server install should take maybe 20 to 30 minutes.04:01
pocketdrummerusr13: They're already enabled04:01
usr13pocketdrummer: sudo apt-get install libdvdcss204:01
Sunnz2usr12, ifconfig eth0 says device not found04:01
deniz__any1 have an app were i can turn .mpg into .avi?04:01
Rorykinganyone willing to help a fellow with an ATI x1300 get team fortress 2 running properly under wine?04:02
Sunnz2There are just no eth* to begin with!!!04:02
Laney_FamilyI look forward to many more Q to throw ur way ;) im going to start this and head to bead, my lil boy is tird and wife is passed out LOL, THANKS GUYS!04:02
basculedeniz__: try k9copy04:02
Sunnz2Which is very weird04:02
Scunizideniz__, devede04:02
basculethad the n deeveedee04:02
usr13Sunnz2: ifconfig04:02
bascule!info deeveedee04:02
ubotuPackage deeveedee does not exist in gutsy04:02
Sunnz2usr13 like I said I tried that04:02
Scunizi!info devede04:02
ubotudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.13-0.0 (gutsy), package size 741 kB, installed size 1700 kB04:02
Sunnz2no eth* devices04:02
Sunnz2just lo0, wlan0, and wmaster004:02
Scunizibascule, :)04:02
Sunnz2wlan0 is wireless04:03
deniz__Scunizi, i have devede! but wat do i click?04:03
basculeno idea04:03
Sunnz2wmaster0 I don't know what is04:03
dsnydersHi all! What are the script variables for the path part of a file and the filename portion?04:03
Sunnz2wmaster0 however doesn't seem like the ethernet as dhclient doesn't work on it04:03
Sunnz2So guys any ideas?04:04
usr13Sunnz2: Are you connecting to wireless network?04:04
confuse_davidbascule: so are you are saying i need to install a vga driver?04:04
usr13Sunnz2: Are you connecting to wired network?04:04
Sunnz2Wired network04:04
hw00djohnhey, i just set up EKIGA and it's not recognizing my webcam for video, but it gets it for audio...??? it's an HP webcam04:04
Sunnz2The computer is both wired and wireless device04:04
Scunizideniz__, not sure.. there also mencoder which I think will also do the trick but it's command line.04:04
Jared guys.... my "network manager" icon top right on sys tray has somehow gotten "squashed"! Now just a thin line can't see any signal bars now! (wifi).. squashed between bluetooth and the seach icon, anyone know how to restore that???04:04
basculeconfuse_david: well it looks that way to me04:04
usr13Sunnz2: lspck |grep net04:04
barrypaxtonive tryed all day and still cant get my usb headset to work or my audigy 2 sound card to work i have no sound!!04:04
Sunnz2The wireless device works but I want to use the wired one04:04
usr13Sunnz2: What network card do you have?04:04
Sunnz2Just the built-in one04:05
=== en3r0_away is now known as en3r0
kostkonbarrypaxton, audigy should work just fine04:05
bascule<-- tired04:05
confuse_davidbascule: ok thanks.  Im sorry, but I am still new to linux04:05
barrypaxtonit used 2 work before i updated now it dont04:05
Sunnz2usr12 built-in onboard gigabit ethernet.04:05
edjuCan I compile a kernel using the Debian method, as described at the Debian site?04:05
kostkonbarrypaxton, check your volume levels04:05
confuse_davidbascule: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#head-e37bdcfed4ae92ac7a5ef5cbcc66c8ad2ebe6c5f04:05
barrypaxtoni have04:05
basculeconfuse_david: OK, it takes time and patience, no one was an OS expert after a month :)04:05
Sunnz2usr13 don't you mean lspci | grep net?04:06
kostkonbarrypaxton, also run "alsamixer" from the terminal and check the volume levels there04:06
mage__hey is there a way to FTP with just one connection? I've got a server that right now I can only log in, doing anything fails04:06
barrypaxtoni did04:06
confuse_davidbascule: thanks04:06
gantrixxhas anyone had problems using open office to read files that are mounted on an nfs partition?04:06
confuse_davidbascule: I am going to try to follow the directions on that website04:07
barrypaxtonim running ubuntu studio shud i switch 2 another version of ubuntu?04:07
basculeconfuse_david: have you added !repos04:07
confuse_davidbascule: !repos ?04:07
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:07
Sunnz2usr13,           lspci | grep -i net only shows up my wireless device, but not the wired one.04:07
barrypaxtonim gonna go reinstall and use regular ubuntu04:08
Sunnz2So my wired device is not detected... how do I get it detected?04:08
barrypaxtonshud i do that?04:08
kostkonbarrypaxton, I don't think that's necessary. although, I think ubuntu studio is different from the other versions since I think it has jack as its sound server04:08
en3r0sometimes my keyboard (laptop) stops working04:08
barrypaxtonyeah can i get the software thats on unbuntu studio on regular ubuntu?04:09
pretenderhow do you install flash for youtube videos etc in ubuntu 7.1004:09
usr13Sunnz2: May not be supported.04:09
basculeem see ubuntu-restricted-extras04:09
usr13!flash | pretender04:10
ubotupretender: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:10
Sunnz2But it is just a ethernet device!!04:10
bascule<-- tooooo tired now x]04:10
JangariSunnz2: desktop computer with a network card?04:10
basculemv bascule /dev/bed04:10
Sunnz2Jangari yes desktop, onboard ethernet port04:11
usr13Sunnz2: If we had more info on your particular ethernet device, we might be able to tell you what driver software to install.04:12
usr13Sunnz2: lshw04:12
Sunnz2Ok I'll try that04:12
killownwhen I set extra visual effects it hide window border maximize minimize and close anyone can help me fix it?04:13
uzetaabI'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I add a file to sources.list.d if it's root protected?04:14
usr13uzetaab: sudo04:15
pretenderthank you also my xchat gnome has a blank icon how do i fix this04:15
=== square is now known as squarebracket
usr13pretender: Right click on the icon -> Properties, click the icon thing in upper left corner and choose one.04:16
Sunnz2usr13, i did a lshw, can't find the network port in there04:16
pretenderthanks again04:17
usr13Sunnz2: lspci04:17
hw00djohnhey, webcam question again.  I have an HP VGA Webcam.  I looked on google for the answer to no avail.  I tried to set it up with ekiga with no success.  Any idea how to get my webcam working?04:17
Sunnz2usr13 i see things like usb0 which is also build-in to the board04:17
Sunnz2Just not the etherenet port04:17
pocketdrummerusr13: Ok, this is what I'm seeing http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v209/SpikeyHead00/Screenshot.png04:17
usr13Sunnz2: Sorry, dono what to tell you.  Google it.  google.com/linux04:18
Sunnz2Google what?04:18
=== Chitinid is now known as Estreyela
usr13pocketdrummer: Try mplayer04:19
usr13pocketdrummer: or totem  or gxine04:19
killownwhen I set extra visual effects it hide window border maximize minimize and close anyone can help me fix it?04:19
hw00djohnhelp with my webcam plz?04:19
uzetaabthanks usr13, I'll try sudo04:19
=== AlexH is now known as alexhoover
usr13pocketdrummer: What hardware?  e.g.  What processor and how much memory and what video card do you have?04:20
tyroneHello, I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but the kernel header files seem to lack certain files. Particularly module.h. Any idea how to get them in there? Thanks04:20
pianoboy3333Anyone know how I can break the protection on an m4p under ubuntu and make it a m4a?04:21
Gr1how to mount isos, please?04:21
Gr1O am noobzor.04:21
usr13mount -t iso9660 -o loop,ro /home/somebody/foobar.iso /mnt/iso04:21
ComradeMirrorI have a question for linux is there any sort of object dock program?04:21
no0tic!iso | Gr104:21
ubotuGr1: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:21
pocketdrummerusr13: AMD Athlon 64 4200+ (@ 2.7Ghz), 2Gb PC3200, nvidia 7800GT04:22
jasonanyone have any recommendations for a sound card that supports 5.1?04:22
=== hdevalence^afk is now known as hdevalence
usr13pocketdrummer: grep nvidia /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:23
pocketdrummerusr13: What does that do?04:23
adorablepuppyWhere can I send package requests?04:23
ScuniziComradeMirror, you mean like mac's bar at the bottom of the screen?04:23
usr13pocketdrummer: It will give us a clue as to what video driver you might be using.04:23
ComradeMirrorScunizi: Sure04:24
usr13pocketdrummer: grep "nv" /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:24
pocketdrummerusr13: It says nvidia. I installed the restricted nvidia drivers from the tooltip that popped up after I installed Ubuntu.04:24
tyrone@ComradeMirror : If your box supports aiglx, then you could look into kiba-dock. It has alot of realy 'neat' features like physics.04:24
ScuniziComradeMirror, try AWN .. it's in synaptic.. activate after installing by going to Applications/Accessories/Avant Window Manager  config can be done in System/Preferences/Awn Manager04:24
usr13pocketdrummer: try mplayer or totem  or gxine04:24
confuse_davidbascule: what is repos?04:25
usr13pocketdrummer: mplayer dvd://04:25
hw00djohncan someone please help me with my webcam?04:25
moparfan90i have a broadcom wireless card. is it possible to crack WEP with it?04:25
tyrone@confuse_david : a repo is a directory with a set of packages. They can even have doubles in two repositories...04:26
ComradeMirrorI looked up AWN in synaptic I can't find it04:26
ComradeMirrorwhat is the package called you know?04:26
confuse_davidtyrone: oh04:27
joecurleehi. i'm having some major problems with a video capture card and mythtv... can't get the HD to work, and can't get any audio from the card at all (audio works for everything else on the computer, just not the capture card)04:27
jasonmoparfan90: if your trying to break into someones wireless network it doesn't really matter what card you're using, but you probably won't be told how to accomplish such a thing here04:27
joecurleethe card is Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI... i've been spending pretty much the entire day on this and am about to lose my mind04:28
zcat[1]it does matter, some cards are better for setting MAC address or spoofing packets04:28
pretendermy xchat gnome has no icon how do i fix this04:28
hw00djohnstill looking for help wiht my webcam04:28
AntiUSAdoes anyone know how to get past the login on Cedega 6?04:28
joecurleeI've upgraded my ALSA drivers for the sound, but to no avail... i followed instructions that supposedly make the card work for HD, also to no avail... so...04:29
regeyanice politics...hm...04:29
=== regeya is now known as AntiTX
adorablepuppyhw00djohn: Punch it and eat some applesauce, That makes me feel better about my hardware problems.04:29
=== AntiTX is now known as regeya
AntiUSAhah, I don't like Texas either ;)04:29
Gr1what constitues a mount point for iso mounting>04:29
hw00djohnadorablepuppy: i'm allergic to apples, and sauce04:29
zcat[1]jason: we had a presentation at the LUG last year, 9 minutes to crack WPA (it actually took slightly less) which was quite impressive. all free tools too04:29
regeyaheh AntiUSA04:30
AntiUSAdoes anyone know how to get past the login on Cedega 6?04:30
adorablepuppyhw00djohn: What type of webcam is it?04:30
|thunderexploit - X.Org xorg-server <= 1.1.1-48.13 Probe for Files Exploit PoC    -    ouch,....04:30
confuse_davidbascule: according to website I went to, my video card is too old04:30
zulerdonglehello again. I just have one quick question. IS there any way to update ubuntu 6.10 to 7.10 by downloading and installing certain files (i mean like an update through the synaptic package manager for example)? Im asking this because I can run 7.10 fine on my desktop but for some reasons the install cd's crashed on my laptop which currently has 6.10 . Thanks.04:30
tyronejoecurlee : It depends on the driver. From my experiences in this, if its not one of the few currently under development.. your going to have alot of issues04:30
EADGGr1: Where you want to have to iso located, for ex in media/fooiso/04:30
safiyyahwhy doesnt the amazon "search inside" feature work on firefox?04:30
regeyaactually I shoudl be antiIL (for illinois) holy cow AntiUSA I need to renew cedega..haven't used it in ages04:30
hw00djohnit's an HP VGA Webcam, adorablepuppy.04:30
joecurleetyrone: should i just return the card and get one that's made for linux?04:31
Gr1I'll try04:31
jasonzulerdongle: if you open up synaptic it should just give you the option to do a distribution upgrade04:31
joecurleethat's what I'm leaning towards now04:31
geniizulerdongle: For dist upgrade you need to go 6.10 -> 7.04 -> 7.1004:31
AntiUSAyeah I remember back in the day if you just had a sub for a month you could download it and keep it04:31
Jared<zulerdongle: Run the install in safe mode04:31
adorablepuppyhw00djohn: lemme see what I can dig up04:31
AntiUSAbut now whenever I try to use the new Cedega 6 there is a login that pops up04:31
AntiUSAevery fucking time04:31
Jared<zulerdongle: probably a video problem04:31
MAAi just setup ubuntu04:31
MAAand loving it04:32
zcat[1]AntiUSA: give up, just dual-boot :)04:32
zulerdonglegenii thanks04:32
AntiUSAthat is not helpful04:32
hw00djohnadorablepuppy: i appreciate it..i checked google and the ubuntu forums with no success...maybe you'll be better than me04:32
MAAwhats hte problem04:32
zulerdonglejared thanks.. but how do i run the install in safe mode, do i have to select safe mode in the grub boot menu?04:32
bloodhackerya whats going on04:32
helpWtf just happened, i minimized all my apps running, and now my desktop pictures is a massive digital slr picture, and all my icons are missing04:32
help(under the picture, and I cant rightclick on my desktop)04:32
tyrone<joecurlee> : before doing that, it would be good to find out what driver you should be looking for.. i think mine was ivtv.. and it caused my card to crash the box. I'll check it out..04:32
Jared<zulerdongle: at bootup from the install CD, you will see the option to install in safe mode (something like that)04:33
zcat[1]my kids have a windows partition for games they get from the library, I just can't be bothered messing around with wine or cedega for a game they'll only use a week and return04:33
Jared<zulerdongle: I have an ATI x600 I had to do it that way to get it to work04:33
Pandemic187Hey all.04:33
Gr1How to unmount?04:33
MAAzcat wine is ismple04:33
MAAon ubunut04:33
joecurleetyrone: i thought this would solve my woes as it's the exact card i have: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Pinnacle_PCTV_HD_Card_%28800i%2904:33
zcat[1]and lately they can't be bothered getting them out at all 'cos booting to windows just to play some crappy game is too much bother too04:33
Jared<zulerdongle: Booting off the install CD that is04:33
MAAi just set up wine04:34
m0u5efor swap, how does one go about acquiring the UUID located in /etc/fstab ?04:34
confuse_davidwhen I type lspci|grep -i vga, I get 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]04:34
MAAon my ubuntu its flawless04:34
Pandemic187I deleted a couple of icons from my panel. Can someone tell me how to get them back?04:34
m0u5eis there an fdisk --verbose function?04:34
geniim0u5e: blkid04:34
confuse_daviddoes that mean i have a compatable video card?04:34
m0u5eahh thx04:34
bluefoxxok, so after hacking apart an s-video cable and an composite video cable i got video out working for my nvidia 6200. my only problem is i wish to use the television[which displays at 1024x768] as a separate display device from my monitor[1280x1024] for showing off movies and websites, among other things. the problem here is that in nvidia-settings it will only display on the TV in twinview, with me using the TV as a cloned display04:34
bluefoxxelse i lose some of the screen...how can i get the TV as a seperate display device? as the "save to x configuration file" results in "unable to create backup ~xorg.conf in <location"04:34
geniim0u5e: np04:34
silas428can anyone help me to get an ASUS wl-167g wlan adapter to work? I can't seem to compile from the instructions it comes with04:34
zcat[1]MAA: wine is NOT simple.. you cannot just put a windows game on CD in and have it install and work, not even old crappy win98 games04:34
zulerdonglejared: oh... i thought you meant update in safe mode.. well since my laptops dvd drive has a LOT of trouble reading disks im going to trying to upgrade online and if that doesnt work ill simply try your method. thanks04:34
Estreyelaactually, that works for a lot of old games04:34
usr13Pandemic187: right click on empty spot on panel and add what you want04:34
Jared<zulerdongle: np... good luck04:35
tyronejoecurlee : I'll check it out04:35
credibleconfuse_david: just use the default driver04:35
helpppppppppWtf just happened, i minimized all my apps running, and now my desktop pictures is a massive digital slr picture, and all my icons are missing04:35
helppppppppp(11:34:37 PM) help: (under the picture, and I cant rightclick on my desktop)04:35
bluefoxxalso, is there a good manual page for nvidia-settings? i wish to know what all of these settings do...04:35
Pandemic187usr13: Right. But these aren't in the list. Trying to readd Pidgin and the network icon.04:35
jasonzulerdongle: you could also try the alternate ubuntu cd, many people who've had troubles with the normal install cd don't have problems with the alternate04:35
zcat[1]It's never worked for me, not even once, not even when I get bleeding edge versions of wine from bleeding-edge repos (budgetdedicated?)04:35
usr13Pandemic187: You have it in the Applications menu, right?04:35
EADGbluefoxx: need to run the nvidea config program as root, had that same error message awhile back.04:35
Pandemic187Which one, usr13 ?04:35
JaredThis is driving me NUTS!!!  guys.... my "network manager" icon top right on sys tray has somehow gotten "squashed"! Now just a thin line can't see any signal bars now! (wifi).. squashed between bluetooth and the seach icon, anyone know how to restore that??? Anyone help out??04:36
Gr1how do you unmount an ISO?04:36
confuse_davidcredible: ok  but if I type in glxinfo, I get this crap...http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56688/04:36
bluefoxxlike "sync blitter to vblank on display device<TV0 or Xmon0>"04:36
usr13Pandemic187: Drag it from Applications menu to panel04:36
bluefoxxEADG, ok, will try that, ty04:36
tyronejoecurlee : right away, it looks like hardy or its future updates will support your card by default. kernel 2.6.25.. the latest is .24 i believe... and i read on..04:36
bloodhackerhey guys i am kinda new to all this xchat stuff. so is this all you guys do is talk about Ubuntu04:36
Pandemic187usr13: Right...but I want the icon that changes.04:36
joecurleetyrone: where are you seeing this at?04:36
Gr1in the ubuntu channe;04:36
usr13Pandemic187: Is it still in the trash bin?04:37
zcat[1]Gr1: sudo umount /media/whereyoumountedit04:37
Jared<bloodhacker>: lolzz in this channel, Hmm.. yeah04:37
Pandemic187usr 13 nope.04:37
pawanunable to load nvidia drivers04:37
usr13Pandemic187: Dono what to tell you, sorry.04:37
bloodhackercool man04:37
tyronejoecurlee : the pinacle page, second line of the first paragraph04:38
zcat[1]!offtopic | bloodhacker04:38
credibleconfuse_david: pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:38
Gr1be more specific04:38
zcat[1]it's all we're allowed to talk about :)04:38
Pandemic187Does anyone know how I can get the pidgin icon back on my panel?04:38
bloodhacker what04:38
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
bloodhackeris ther a rule about being off topic04:38
jasonpandemic187: you can right click on the panel and select add, then select pidgin04:39
hdevalencedoues (k)ubuntu have a thing like debian where you can download a million CDs and then install stuff without the network?04:39
Pandemic187That's not in the list, jason.04:39
zcat[1]yeah, not rigidly enforced, but if you stray too far they'll tell you off04:39
jasonpandemic187: if pidgin is on your normal menu you can also right click on the menu item and select add to panel04:39
tyronejoecurlee : did you install the firmware as well as the driver?04:39
usr13Pandemic187: apt-get remove pidgen04:40
usr13Pandemic187: apt-get install pidgen04:40
bloodhackerzcat are you tallking to me?04:40
joecurleetyrone: yes, followed all instructions on that link04:40
Pandemic187I actually just tried that usr1304:40
confuse_davidcredible: hey here it is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56691/04:40
Pandemic187Unless it would require a reboot or something04:40
=== faggot is now known as boston
jasonlinux should never require a reboot outside of kernel updates04:41
usr13Pandemic187: I dono :)04:41
zcat[1]bloodhacker: yes .. I don't always bother with the name first tho :)04:41
credibleconfuse_david: wow, try this: sudo apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg-core04:41
zcat[1]jason: hoe about updates to init ?04:41
Pandemic187How can there be no way to get it back?04:41
tyronejoecurlee : can you confirm that your lspci -vvnn output matches the page's output?04:41
joecurleetyrone: i'm more or less a newb with linux, how do i do so?04:41
bloodhackerzcat how do i tallk to just you? like you are doing to me..04:41
usr13Pandemic187: You prolly already got it back.  Fire it up and see.04:41
confuse_davidcredible: what is so amazing?04:41
wwalkerHow do I play real Media files under ubuntu?04:41
zcat[1]bloodhacker: just type the name first.04:42
Pandemic187I did.04:42
tyronejoecurlee : have you ever used a terminal/command line before?04:42
usr13wwalker: Instal realplayer04:42
bloodhackerzcat like this04:42
Pandemic187It didn't come back, usr1304:42
credibleconfuse_david: that you're missing the actual libglx.so04:42
zcat[1]bloodhacker: yeah04:42
joecurleetyrone: yes everyday :) but on os x04:42
neolith2099where can I find a hardware compat list for ubuntu?04:42
bloodhackerzcat oo ok i see04:42
confuse_davidcredible: ok i just did.  really.04:42
joecurleetyrone: just need to know the command04:42
confuse_davidcredible: i just installed04:42
bloodhackerzcat man this is razzy cool04:42
credibleconfuse_david: now restart X04:42
usr13Pandemic187: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace04:43
bloodhackerzcat i am new to xchat04:43
confuse_davidcredible: how do you restart x or do you mean restart computer?04:43
Pandemic187Restart X?04:43
nano__hey guys, i just connected my ipod to my ubuntu system (after i installed gtkpod) and somehow my ipod was automatically mounted to /media/xxxxxxx  ...... but there is no corresponding entry in fstab , so how could this be?04:43
Pandemic187Okay I'll try that.04:43
tyronejoecurlee : well don't sweat it.. os x and linux are relatives. Just open up a term.. if you don't know where look in applications accessories. Then type in lspci -vvnn | less04:43
credibleconfuse_david: log out and hit ctrl+alt+backspace04:43
zcat[1]bloodhacker: this is not a great channel to start out on, lots of traffic so it's hard to follow, plus we're gonna get told off for beinf OT soon :)04:44
akbrennanhi all04:44
geniinano__: fstab does not usually hold transient or temporary media.04:45
Pandemic187Yep, didn't work.04:45
neolith2099bloodhacker, join the party..in a channel of 1100+ people!04:45
bloodhackerzcat oooo i thot only me and yo could see this04:45
bloodhackerzcat ok04:45
zcat[1]bloodhacker: nope..04:45
tyronejoecurlee : just so you know, ls is the list command, and lspci is a command that lists all known pci connections, | is pipe (you probably know that), and less is a term program that makes it easier to scroll through output04:45
wwalkerusr13: got an apt source for that?04:45
neolith2099bloodhacker: we all C U!04:45
dygitalHello. Is there an app that does similar functions like CCleaner does on windows?04:45
usr13wwalker: For what?04:45
bluefoxxEADG, ok, seems to have saved, going to restart X now...04:45
nano__genii: so fstab typically holds permanent (ie. always physcially connected) volumes04:45
joecurleetyrone: cool... so there is a tone of output from that though04:45
emmajanegenii: I thought it did for CDROM drives... or is that the old way of doing things?04:45
wwalkerusr13: sorry, realplayer04:45
joecurleetyrone: don't want to post it all here... anything to look for?04:46
nano__emmajane: good point....cdroms are temporary?04:46
nano__i would think04:46
usr13wwalker: Oh, I dono, just go to http://www.real.com/linux04:46
confuse_davidcredible: THANK YOU04:46
emmajanenano__: Well you have to unmount a CD to pop it out of the player...04:46
geniinano__: The removable things can also have fstab entries like CD. But it does not always know aead of time what things you are plugging in for instance until you do it.04:46
tyronejoecurlee : try to compare it to the output on that page you sent me04:47
dygitalHello. Is there an app that does similar functions like CCleaner does on windows?04:47
zcat[1]what does ccleaner do?04:47
dygital(sent again, thought it got lost in the answers above...)04:47
dygitalit cleans out all the caches and temp files04:48
nano__genii: so wat ur trying to say is that although a cd can contain anything, fstab anticipates that a cd drive is physically connected, as opposed to an external usb stick for example04:48
usr13wwalker: sudo sh RealPlayer10GOLD.bin04:48
mohadib_dygital rm -Rf /tmp/*04:48
tyronejoecurlee : if it makes you feel any better i'm having problems of my own with drivers... i'm trying to make one but i'm missing the most critical file on my system :(04:48
emmajane(back in teh day you could also put memory sticks into /etc/fstab)04:48
dygitalmoh: ok...04:48
bluefoxxEADG, ok, it worked but now i lost my compiz, which i need for certain things[gdesklets for example, are not working...]04:48
geniinano__: You can add removable media to fstab, is best to use options like sync for writeable media. Aslo the uuid and not /dev name since an usb drive can be sdb one day and sdc another day depending how many you have and what order you plug them in04:48
dygitalbut there's other caches too, right? like apt-get autoclean, etc04:48
dygitalfirefox's cache04:49
zcat[1]you can still put memory sticks in fstab ... jyou just gotta trust that they'll always get detected as the same device04:49
nano__genii: what do entries such as UUID=506c9742-a80a-4971-99d4-ab610765335f  in my fstab mean?  I would think that these are volume labels. but what does the acronym UUID sand for?04:49
mohadib_dygital no app like that that i am aware of04:49
nano__*stand for04:49
dygitalmaybe if I learned a bit of bash scripting, I could have it do that.04:49
geniizcat[1]: Hence my recommend for uuid04:49
* emmajane nods at genii about the sdb and sdc bit.04:49
EADGbluefoxx: I don't really know anything about compiz, I spend most my time on the console.04:49
confuse_davidcredible: can you explain what I did04:49
mohadib_dygital  make a file with #!/binbash at the top , then put one bash command per line04:50
computer_what is a good gui program to make .iso files?04:50
mohadib_should be pretty east04:50
bluefoxxEADG, ah, ok04:50
zcat[1]genii: D'Oh!! Than has been bothering me for ages.. I have a friend uses text only (he's blind) so I put his mp3 player in fstab.. I just figured out I should be using the UUID not /dev/sda :)04:50
emmajanenano__ http://www.google.ca/search?q=define%3Auuid04:50
geniinano__: uuid= universally unique identifier ...like a MAC for network04:50
dygitalcomputer: i found a good one earlier tonight... "AcetoneISO"04:50
EADGbluefoxx: Ask away though, I'm sure somebody in here knows something, might try #compiz also.04:50
nano__thanks guys04:50
dygitalalso K3B04:50
bluefoxxso anyone else know how i can keep seperate Xscreens[moniter and TV] and still have all my compiz? i have my window bar plauged by all my desklets04:51
geniizcat[1]: Heh :) Hopefully you know about blkid then04:51
MarupaIs there a way to copy an entire file system over to another drive but /keep/ all the permissions?  I need to transport an entire installation from one drive to another over SSH.  Is it possible?04:51
dygitalmohadib: i'll try that. thanks04:51
credibleconfuse_david: somehow you deleted /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libglx.so04:51
mohadib_Marupa yes04:51
emmajaneMarupa: using the -p parameter will "keep permissions" assuming the user exists on both systems (if across a network)04:51
zcat[1]genii: cos sometimes it comes up as /dev/sdb and he can't mount it (gets a bit confused about how to find it and mount it with teh full mount options)04:51
mohadib_tar up all the partions04:51
Marupaemma, scp?  or what?04:52
mohadib_and trasnfer with ssh04:52
mohadib_and untar04:52
emmajaneMarupa: scp -pr localfilestomove login@remotesite04:52
mohadib_(After you partion)04:52
joecurleetyrone: thanks for the help thus far, checking the output now... i've had nothing but frustrations since day one with this system, but i've made some real progress with it... the capture card is the last step04:52
emmajaneMarupa: that's what I use (secure copy)04:52
Marupaemma, THANK you :D  My drive crashed.04:52
hw00djohnanyone care to help me wiht my webcam?04:52
geniizcat[1]: When you have a drive plugged in, the command blkid should tell the UUID when it exists (some removable media do not have them, oddly)04:52
Marupaemma, have to do it as root, most likely then, right/04:52
emmajaneMarupa: ruhoh! because you tried to do secure copy onto it?!04:52
zcat[1]genii: yeah, I've used that when I clone an install from one disk to another, have to rewrite the id's in fstab and grub04:52
Marupaemma, No, drive failure.  Trying to salvage it.04:52
emmajaneMarupa: AHH! I thought you meant I caused it to crash. ;)04:53
emmajane(check the nick... you'll get emma all excited. I'm emmajane)04:53
dygitalmohadib, should I use "#!/binbash" or "#!/bin/bash" ?04:53
Odd-rationaleWhat was the "Print Current Directory" command again?04:53
dygitalcool. thx04:53
EADGOdd-rationale: pwd04:53
Odd-rationaleok Thanks!04:53
emmajaneMarupa: You need to have permission on the remote drive to put the files there and read permission on the local drive. Otherwise, you're right... use root.04:54
tyronejoecurlee : believe me, I started two years ago and I had to endure crashes every other minute for 30 restarts in a day. all random. In two years, linux has jumped from ok to great.. at this rate, hardy will solve half our problems. Hang on for a few more kernel releases and you'll be amazed.04:54
Marupaemmajane, any pitfalls you know about, or should I be able to sudo scp -pr / somedest@somedest?04:54
confuse_davidcredible: so you had me do "sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx" and that resinstalled libglx?04:54
killownow do i convert a tar.bz2 to a tar.gz?04:54
credibleconfuse_david: nope04:54
emmajaneMarupa: hrm. It won't warn you if you're about to overwrite something. That's the only one I can think of.04:54
mohadib_Marupa i would not do that04:54
credibleconfuse_david: you don't need fglrx, I had you reinstall the xserver-xorg-core package04:54
mohadib_Marupa at least tar up /04:54
fuffaloHow do I mount a folder on another ubuntu box on my machine (if i have ssh access)04:54
Marupaemma, the destination drive is blank.04:54
mohadib_movine files with scp has a lot of overhead04:54
Marupamohadib_, Not enough room.04:54
mohadib_so complress them04:55
emmajanemohadib_: can't you copy the whole drive image and mount it elsewhere?04:55
mohadib_it will takr forrever to move all those small files04:55
MarupaI've only got 2GB free, and it's taking up 4.04:55
mohadib_emmajane sure can04:55
EADGfuffalo: sshfs remoteip:/dir /local/mount/piont04:55
confuse_davidcredible: oh ok04:55
Marupamohadib_, gigabit ethernet :304:55
switch__killown: unzip with bzip and then compress it with gzip04:55
JangariMarupa: what about sshfs'ing to the server? takes the annoying bits out ofscp'ing04:55
mohadib_Marupa your connection will not be the bottle neck i would guess04:56
joecurleetyrone: yea i'm pretty much in for the long haul now... i've spent too many nights on this to quit :)04:56
mohadib_Marupa encryption is not cheap04:56
emmajanemohadib_: what's the syntax for it? I always forget... maybe Marupa should use that instead?04:56
dygitalmohadib, should I save the bash script with a .sh or something?04:56
Marupalet me finish partitioning my destination drive...04:56
bluefoxxok, so i have a second moniter going in the form of an CRT telivisionthat i want to use as a dedicated moniter for movies, but after getting it going seperately[it only worked as twinview cloned] i have lost my compiz effects, including a important one like widget layer and annotations. how can i get these back. oh and the computer that has the problem is the one im typing this from, only one that will connect to the internet and t04:56
bluefoxxhus is my main04:56
mohadib_emmajane for making an image or taring up something?04:56
emmajanemohadib_: for making an image. I used to do that for backups...04:57
mohadib_emmajane you can use dd easily enogh dd if=/ of=dirve.iso04:57
emmajanemohadib_: and then mount the partition on the other machine...04:57
switch__My operating system is requiring me to have superuser privilege to listen on port 80 but not on some other ports.  What's the deal with this?04:57
mohadib_then you mount as a loopback device iirc04:57
* emmajane nods that looks familiar.04:57
confuse_davidcredible: ok I have only one more question.  what is the purpose that log file you had me paste?04:57
mohadib_been a while04:57
dygitalmohadib_,  how do I run the script I made04:58
* emmajane nods to mohadib_ the mount as loopback device is definitely right.04:58
mohadib_chmod +x  script  ./script04:58
* emmajane nods and checks to see if she's got it written down.04:58
MarupaSo, can someone PM me the fastest method to grab all the files, keeping permissions, users, and grab every file?04:58
mohadib_mount -o loop lol04:58
emmajaneMarupa:  is it a linux machine you're trying to restore/save/etc?04:58
mohadib_i forget04:58
sluggoswitch__: all ports 1024 and below require root privileges04:58
mohadib_its right in the man04:58
switch__thanks sluggo.04:59
Marupaemmajane.  dying machine is debian, my comp is ubuntu.04:59
dygitalMarupa, netcat if over the network, I think. Locally, the DD command works well.04:59
joecurleetyrone: the first difference is the latency... on the website it's 32, mine is 64 not sure what that means though04:59
emmajaneMarupa: go with the solution that we're trying to work out for the full disk image.05:00
mohadib_emmajane yes , its mount -o loop05:00
joecurleealso, th capabilities for me say "access denied" not sure if that's because i ran your command without sudo or because there's a problem05:00
emmajaneMarupa: then it'll be like mounting your old hardrive as a perfectly intact unit on your new system.05:00
tyronejoecurlee : latency is an issue on the scheduling for the interupts, I believe. had a little experience with a low latency kernel in ubuntu-studio... Assuming everything is correct.. I will try and find an error guide. Tell me, did you get any errors at all during/after the install?05:00
Some_PersonHow do I make this thing collate?05:01
Marupaemmajane, as long as all the users/permissions are intact, awesome.05:01
emmajaneMarupa: I don't see why they wouldn't be.05:01
Marupaemmajane, even if they don't exist on the destination drive?05:02
emmajaneMarupa: you're copying a snapshot of the system, not the files themselves (it'll only be one huge file)05:02
Some_PersonHow do I print with collate?05:02
joecurleetyrone: no errors at all... also i ran command again with sudo and this time i see the capabilities info05:02
Marupawell...Hold on.05:02
MarupaWhat I want to do is this:05:02
tyronejoecurlee : Oh, and maybe the module isn't loading at all.05:02
joecurleetyrone: how do i check on that?05:02
tyronejoecurlee : that's interesting. I gotta find the name of the driver.. what is it?05:02
emmajaneMarupa: you'll get random numbers instead of legit users/groups if they don't exist, but you'd have that anyway and they'll fix themselves if you remount after creating the appropriate users.05:02
joecurleetyrone: the name of the driver?05:03
tyronejoecurlee :yes05:03
MarupaI have a failing drive in a linux box.  I have a destination drive in my current box that, after copying the files to it, will go BACK into the server as a replacement drive.05:03
Some_PersonHow do I get this darn thing to collate?05:03
dygitalMarupa, I tried the command like you mentioned, and it didn't work. When I try to execute the script, it says its not found.  I'm running it from the same folder. In the terminal, it gives me "bash: wipetemp: command not found" (I've named it wipetemp)05:03
joecurleetyrone: i honestly have no idea... it's provided by video 4 linux... you have to download the "v4l-dvb tree"05:03
Plighthey, are there any open source webcam drivers?05:04
norml_advocatecan I talk about audacity on this channel?  or is there a better one?05:04
emmajaneMarupa: if you have a disk image you can move that .img file anywhere and mount it. MUCH cleaner than copying.05:04
dygitalerr, for mohadib_  **05:04
mohadib_copying / over ssh seems tiresome05:04
norml_advocatecan I talk about audacity on this channel?  or is there a better one?05:04
* emmajane nods to mohadib_. Agreed now that I understand...05:04
Marupaemmajane, But it wouldn't work, I dont think.  Technically I'm wanting to mirror from one drive to another manually, to replace the drive physically.05:05
Some_PersonWhere is the option to make this damn thing collate?05:05
norml_advocatehow do I make audacity work?05:05
tyronejoecurlee : alright then... try lsmod | grep v | less   The v is since no matter what it should start with that..05:05
norml_advocatei do not have any editing options05:05
vbabiy-laptophey guys what packages would i have to install to do development with gtk2.005:05
MarupaI can't have an image file only.  That's pretty worthless in a headless server.05:05
* dygital waits patiently for mohadib_ to school me. 05:05
caghey I know I should ask this in #xubuntu but no one is responding...05:05
mohadib_dygital you had another question?05:05
tyronejoecurlee : if that doesn't turn up.. try lsmod | less    and browse to see if you can find something like that05:05
joecurleetyrone: ok what am i looking for with this output?05:06
dygitalmohadib_, I tried the command like you mentioned, and it didn't work. When I try to execute the script, it says its not found.  I'm running it from the same folder. In the terminal, it gives me "bash: wipetemp: command not found" (I've named it wipetemp)05:06
mohadib_my irc client does not highlight my nick , so kind of hard to keepup :p05:06
pmratpoisonhello! I want to autostart thunderbird with my sessions, but I want it to start minimised. What options should I use?05:06
emmajaneMarupa: Right now you're just trying to get teh files out cleanly.05:06
Some_PersonWhere is the option to make this damn thing collate?05:06
PlightAre there any open source webcam drivers for 'creative?05:06
Marupaemma, Ahh.05:06
tyronejoecurlee : anything that looks like v4l.. video 4 linux.. dvb.. something05:06
mohadib_dygital did you use ./scriptname ?05:06
Marupaso, what was the command again?05:06
joecurleetyrone: well here's something.. v4l1_compat and v4l2_common05:06
emmajaneMarupa: we need to figure out which file the image is in.05:07
tyronejoecurlee ; aha.. but now I gotta find out if that's the right one.05:07
emmajaneMarupa: it'll be in one of the /dev files05:07
dygitalmohadib_,  I've named it "wipetemp"  and used your command but changed it  chmod +x  wipetemp ./wipetemp  ... ?05:07
joecurleetyrone: cool05:07
PlightI'm trying to install a webcam, what packages do i need?05:07
Marupaemmajane, What?  I haven't made any images yet.05:07
mohadib_dygital you ran that as two differient commands?05:07
AnonConI just installed Ubuntu for the first time, what now?05:08
emmajaneMarupa: Just a sec, I'm trying to figure it on my own machine.05:08
dygitali think so05:08
caghow do I reset my xfce settings to show my damn taskbars?05:08
norml_advocateHOW DO I MAKE AUDACITY WORK?05:08
norml_advocateHOW DO I MAKE AUDACITY WORK?05:08
pmratpoison!patience > norml_advocate05:08
dygitalPlight, what happens when you unplug and plug in your webcam? I have one too and thats what I did.05:09
Some_PersonWhere is the option to make this damn thing collate?05:09
emmajaneMarupa: take a look in /dev/ ... have you got sda, sda1, sda2, sda etc?05:09
s0ulstice_pmratpoison, any difference in using | compared to > ??05:09
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:09
emmajaneSome_Person: easy there. :)05:09
bipoinorml_advocate, sarap05:09
fuffalocan i use gedit on my local machine to edit files on a remote machine (connected via ssh)05:09
pmratpoisonin irc, or in general?05:09
norml_advocatebipoi  im sorry05:09
emmajaneSome_Person: first we have to save a dying disk, then we'll get to your collating. :)05:09
AnonConanyone have any advice on where to start? I hope to eventually develop05:09
s0ulstice_pmratpoison, well both since were here05:09
AnonConin general05:09
chronosI'm having a major issue with one of my ubuntu computers. I turn it on, sometimes it goes past the bios screen, and turns off instantly, other times, it'll get as far as my desktop and physically power itself down. What's up with this?05:10
dygitalnorml_advocate, have you checked google? I suggest searching for "audacity ubuntu" and see what ya get...05:10
mohadib_fuffalo gedit used to only support read only VFS , not sure if thats still the case05:10
Marupaemmajane, hda1/2/4, being /, /home and a 'large files' partition.05:10
AnonConchronos, is it overheating?05:10
Some_Personi just dont want to manually re-sort the 200 pages i'm about to print05:10
norml_advocatewhat does sarap mean?05:10
Madpilotchronos, sounds like serious hardware issues - bad motherboard, probably05:10
mohadib_try using fuse and sshfs05:10
tyronejoecurlee : can you find any sort module with videodev in it?05:10
pmratpoisonwell, on irc, I think > sends a private msg, whereas  | makes it public. lemme check05:10
=== catmistakes is now known as catmistake
chronosHow could I tell AnonCon05:10
pmratpoison!patience > pmratpoison05:10
geniifuffalo: Not directly. But you can run something like nano on the ssh, copy and paste into local gedit, edit it, then reverse the process05:10
cagHi, I cant see shit toolbars on my xfce... how do I reset my xfce settings from the terminal?05:10
pmratpoison!patience | pmratpoison05:10
s0ulstice_Some_Person, Isn't there a print reverse option?05:10
Madpilotpmratpoison, that's how ubotu works05:10
norml_advocatesarap you too buddy05:10
PlightI need drivers for my webcam, whoo can help?05:10
EADGchronos: use a live cd and check your ram with the memory test05:10
emmajaneMarupa: I think you want each of those individually...05:10
AnonConyou can usually find a temp in the bios05:10
Some_Persons0ulstice_: where?05:10
tyronejoecurlee : if not, please try modprobe videodev05:11
norml_advocateill sarap you up and down the floors05:11
pmratpoisonMadpilot: Thats what I meant05:11
AnonConor just feel it, it it's really hot, really fast..you could have a problem.05:11
dygitalPlight, what happens when you unplug and plug in your webcam? I have one too and thats what I did.05:11
norml_advocateangry hacker wannabe here05:11
s0ulstice_Some_Person, i think it would be in the print settings right before you click to print05:11
joecurleetyrone: v4l1_compat is on the left and videodev on the right of it05:11
s0ulstice_Some_Person, Id test with a couple pages first though05:11
Madpilotnorml_advocate, cool it, please. This is a tech support channel, not a chat channel.05:11
Plightit doesn't read the device05:11
pmratpoisonnow, as far as bash is is concerned, > redirects the standard output. Being a newb myself, I don't know what | does05:12
Some_Persons0ulstice_: i dont see the option05:12
caghow do I reset my XFCE settings from the terminal folks?05:12
chronosRam check out good EADG05:12
tyronejoecurlee : can you try modprobe videodev anyway.. just to see?05:12
AnonConcan you enter your bios chronos?05:12
s0ulstice_Some_Person, hmm maybe my printer has it and yours doesn't??05:12
Timmywhat is this channel are about?05:12
dygitalPlight, do you see it in your  System > Preferences > Hardware (or something that resembles it?)05:12
chronosanoncon,  yup sure can.05:12
Timmywith the high technology talk,it sounds so interesting05:12
pmratpoisone.g. ls /path/to/stuff > asdf.text will make you an asdf.text file containing the output of ls05:12
mohadib_cag remove the .xfce settings dorectories05:12
chronosIt'll let me stay in there forever if I want05:12
zylstra555Hello. I would like to intstall vgetty voicemail server, but, I cannot find the name of the package. How do I install it?05:12
Flannel!ubuntu | Timmy05:12
Some_Persons0ulstice_: my printer does it by default in windows05:12
ubotuTimmy: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:12
AnonConsomeone in the menu you can usually monitor the cpu temperature05:12
cagthanks, mohadib_05:13
pmratpoisonhello! I want to autostart thunderbird with my sessions, but I want it to start minimised. What options should I use?05:13
joecurleetyrone: just type in modprobe videodev on command line?05:13
s0ulstice_Some_Person, I dunno then.. I've only just set my printer up today05:13
chronosIt's coming up around 100 to 98 Degrees celcius05:13
skypiloteeehmm,i logon, and gnome isn't responding at all, i can move the mouse, but nothing clicks05:13
joecurleetyrone: if yes, i tried that just now and nothing happened05:13
Sunnz2I'll give up on the onboard ethernet thing...05:13
Sunnz2It just doesn't work...05:13
AnonCongoogle the normal operating temp for your cpu05:13
dygitalIs there a good app to simulate an OS X Dock?05:13
AnonConthat should give you an idea05:13
dygital100C is HOT!05:14
tyronejoecurlee : its really odd, you seem to have the driver correctly installed and loaded.. but you can't capture? or you can't capture hd? and what are you using to capture, as in what program?05:14
s0ulstice_dygital, avant window navigator05:14
Plighti installed video4linux thingy, but it doesn't read the device05:14
pmratpoisondygital: avant window manager search it in the forums05:14
AnonConI agree with dygital..it sounds pretty hot05:14
dygitaleither thats a bad sensor, or your overheating05:14
Sunnz2dygital, AWN05:14
s0ulstice_AnonCon, yah that is way hot05:14
cagmohadib_ what directory? my home directory?05:14
chronosdygital: all my fans are working and I don't have a temp probe, so I'm a bit lost where it's getting it's temp reading05:14
dygitalthanks! :)05:14
dygitalcag,  "~"05:14
Plightanoncon /b/?05:14
mohadib_cag in your home dir should be some hidden xfce file/folders05:15
dygitalchronos, are you familiar with what a southbridge is on your motherboard?05:15
joecurleetyrone: i have mythtv installed. i can capture video via AV cables, no HD, and no audio05:15
cagweird... I don't see any .xfce files05:15
Plighti think i need drivers for the camera05:15
mohadib_cag me neither now that i look lol05:16
joecurleetyrone: i also tried vlc and the same thing happened05:16
mohadib_i thought i would be like gnome :p05:16
pmratpoisonhow does one start an application minimised?05:16
chronosjust a sec dygital, i'll look it up05:16
hw00djohnhey, i'm trying to set up evolution mail...does anyone know what the server and type is for gmail?05:16
tyronejoecurlee : from what I can tell, most people are using it for tvtime.. whatever that is05:16
dygitalchronos, I would try to take a look in the case, and see if there's any blockage of airflow over the SB... that usually gets got from HDD activity.05:16
joecurleetyrone: at first vlc would give me video and crappy sound, then after upgrading my ALSA drivers i couldn't get audio at all05:16
s0ulstice_hw00djohn, There are many pages that describe how to do this.. I like thunderbird better than evolution05:17
joecurleetyrone: tvtime? wtf? ok i'll take a look at that05:17
tyronejoecurlee : sounds like alsa is improperly configured. or mythtv is.05:17
s0ulstice_hw00djohn, make sure you go into your gmail account and enable pop3 too05:17
s0ulstice_hw00djohn, But I believe it is SSL and its pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com for outgoing05:18
joecurleetyrone: that's what i thought too, but i tried all possible settings with mythtv. i wouldn't doubt if it's on alsa's end, however all other video (from dvds or trailers online) plays perfectly with audio05:18
s0ulstice_hw00djohn, sudo apt-get install thunderbird if you want it05:18
AnonConback, chronos I totally agree with dygital05:18
chronosdygital: what's the sb?05:18
AnonConif you haven't done so already def check your case for obstructions.05:18
AnonCona can of duster never hurt05:18
dom_i can't dual-boot into vista after resizing partitions :(05:19
dygitalPlight, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam for help installing a Webcam...05:19
joecurleetyrone: tvtime looks like garbage, i'd rather not install it :)05:19
tyroneJoecurlee : I think this might be a busted driver build. I just found that support for the card just came out in late january, and this IS a cvs build. Maybe someone is tweaking it at the moment. In that case, it could explain the issues. Alot of people have varying success with it, since that part of cvs is under heavy work05:19
AlphinuxHi, a friend of mine has a Live DVD Ubuntu 2.6.22. Do you know what's the root passwd?05:19
s0ulstice_Alphinux, There is no root password05:19
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:19
joecurleetyrone: i see, i didn't think of that, and it does make some sense05:19
pmratpoisonbut it's ubuntu / ubuntu05:20
pmratpoisonif you restart X05:20
pmratpoisonI think that is05:20
dygitalchronos, SB = Southbridge... it's a chip on the motherboard with a small heatsink on it (think: metal with fins) ... usually located "south" of the processor area.05:20
joecurleetyrone: i wonder if there is a stable build. is it easy to remove the drivers, or if i reinstall following the same steps will they just get overwritten?05:20
Flannelpmratpoison: no, there is a blank password.  But even then, that's not the root password05:20
tyronejoecurlee : in this phase of dev, it can get torn appart overnight and rebuilt the next day05:20
pmratpoisonFlannel: didn't say it was the root passd05:20
norml_advocat2how do I get syn. pack. man. to get audacity 1.2.6?05:20
Alphinuxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yea I forgot about that thing on Ubuntu thx05:20
norml_advocat2how do I get syn. pack. man. to get audacity 1.2.6?05:21
dom_anyone here have experience w/ dual booting vista?05:21
norml_advocat2!patience norml_advocat205:21
tyronejoecurlee : absolutely, a rebuild would overwrite the old. However, if we could find a tarball that someone got to work.. that would be best. Otherwise, trying it out here and there would likely get you somwhere at one point05:21
AnonConsorry dom_ I don't05:21
puxelwhich do you have installed first dom?05:21
dom_vista was pre-installed05:21
dom_installed ubuntu, dual-boot action was working fine....05:21
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2: applications > add/remove and check audacity05:22
puxelit should.05:22
dom_except we had to make the vista partition larger. used gparted, now vista won't boot05:22
AnonCondygital...you have a second?05:22
puxelThat, im afraid, i cant help you with.05:22
s0ulstice_dom_ whats wrong with it05:22
puxelcould it be your bios?05:22
norml_advocat2pmratpoison  the latest version is the only one i get.  which is 1.3.4 and it doesnt work,  i need 1.2.605:22
dygitalAnonCon, sure :)05:22
dom_vista shows the loading screen (green bar bouncing back and forth), never gets passed that05:22
AnonConI IM'd you05:23
dom_safe mode lists "CRCDISK.SYS" as the last entry05:23
norml_advocat2!patience AnonCon05:23
computer_how do i share my wireless it only seems to be picking up my wired connection. is it because im already using my wireless with ubuntu?05:23
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, Im thinking you find it in the backports or in another repo.. just search for it05:23
norml_advocat2i did05:23
AnonConi'm in no hurry lol05:23
computer_i am running vista on vmware05:23
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2: Then go to synaptic and click on the package, and then Package > Force Version05:23
norml_advocat2on syn. pack. man.05:23
dygitalI'm new to X-Chat... so i didn't see it.05:23
dom_here's an interesting note: once, while booting vista, it began scanning the disk... and as soon as it finished, it booted linux (no restart)05:23
AnonConme too, so I don't know how often people IM05:24
dom_and it was definitely vista running the scan (M$ logo was there)05:24
norml_advocat2pmratpoison:  how do I make your name come up in yellow when I type you a message?05:24
tyronejoecurlee : I've found alot of posts saying that sound support is currently botched but work is ongoing. Again, should be integrated by kernel .25 . In that case, you won't have to mess with anything to get the module up05:24
s0ulstice_dom_, So what happened? You lost your vista partition, or what05:24
dom_s0ulstice_: no, it's still there. in fact, i can mount it from linux05:24
dygitalSo I checked out AWN... and it seems like a PIA to install. Isn't there a debian package available?05:24
joecurleetyrone: when is kernel .25 supposed to hit?05:25
s0ulstice_dom_, But what, you cant boot to it?05:25
dom_vista shows the loading screen (green bar bouncing back and forth), never gets passed that05:25
pmratpoisonIf you right my nick in full, then the xchat icon blinks, so I'll know05:25
dom_when booting safe mode, it lists "CRCDISK.SYS" as the last entry05:25
pmratpoisonright = write, pardon my typos05:25
norml_advocat2gotcha, so how do you make mine come up in yellow?05:26
s0ulstice_dom_, Hmm thats weird.. so its just hanging there then? All the files are still there when you mount it in linux?05:26
norml_advocat2and by full do you include the :05:26
AnonConI am totally new to Linux.  I know some programming and am decently savvy.  Where should my first stop in linux be if I am wanting to become  a power user?05:26
computer_acetoneiso worked like a charm! thnx for the recommendation05:27
dom_s0ulstice_: i think the windows bootloader is messed up - but i can't figure out how or why05:27
dygitalAnonCon, I'm in your same shoes05:27
dom_plus, i can't do anything to it (configured through a windows app called BCDedit.exe)05:27
s0ulstice_dom_, Yeah that is kind of weird... You use GRUB to dualboot right?05:27
puxelwhen I start up some applications, the title bar appears underneath the top panel. How can i fix this?05:27
dygitalAnonCon, I just browse the ubuntuforums, search google and mimic my tasks that I do in Windows on over... and I guess I'm OK... ;)05:28
norml_advocat2how do i do a "force version" on a syn. pack. download05:28
dom_is there a preferred pastbin for this channel?05:28
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:28
AnonConI got the basics down...and I'm learning C++ in college.  I hope to dev some stuff05:28
AnonConright now i know vb :(05:28
s0ulstice_puxel, are you using metacity or emerald???05:28
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2: well, that is a client XChat thingy... If I write your nick in my text, then I appear yellow, like I just did... same goesd to you. So if you want your nick to appear yellow to a user, just write their name05:28
sfearscan anyone direct me on where to get some help with sound output.. i'm getting audio out of my headphone jack.. but when i run it into my reciever it sounds like it's all surround sound.. no vocals05:29
t_ridiculous! FUCKING RIDICULOUS!05:29
tyronejoecurlee : I'm not sure when for the kernel, but I do know it is the one under dev, since .24 is out. I really think hardy will be using it. Most likely it will come as an update if it doesn't. and I've also found that hd is an issue at the moment, but the framework is in place. I would expect that your issues will get fixed soon enough. Some users have reported moderate success on both ends though. http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/li05:29
norml_advocat2pmratpoison like that?05:29
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2 yup05:29
t_also... compiz fusion is wonderful!05:29
dygitalpmratpoison, I find the tab completion very welcoming in X-Chat05:29
dom_here's my menu.lst: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56698/05:29
s0ulstice_puxel, try this hit alt-f2 and it should bring up a run-in0terminal box05:29
dygitalso like for my you just need to type in "dy" and press Tab05:30
pmratpoisondygital: I use it too05:30
AnonCondygital: ditto05:30
s0ulstice_puxel, and type in emerald and run it05:30
geniit_: I'm happy for you, but please try not to use profanity, we're trying to keep the channel family-friendly :)05:30
norml_advocat2How do you do a force version download in syn. pack. man.?05:30
s0ulstice_puxel but dont check run in terminal05:30
serachtcan someone give me a site that has some good screenshots of ubuntu05:30
serachtspecifically, trying to fix the font05:30
dygitalseracht, what do you want screenshots of?05:30
serachtdygital: just ubuntu in general05:30
AnonConanyone have any ideas why I can't get anjuta to run?05:30
s0ulstice_puxel, tell me if that works05:30
serachtmy font looks ugly :(05:30
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2: click on audacity and then from the main menus, click Package > Force Version I think the keyboard shortcut is ctrl + E05:31
puxelone second05:31
dygitalI think www.flickr.com has a lot just search "ubuntu screenshots"05:31
joecurleetyrone: *sigh* i guess i can wait... i'm extremely impatient though :)05:31
dom_and here's the result of fdisk -l  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56700/05:31
dygitalseracht, are you running ubuntu now?05:31
puxelnope, they still appear under the panel05:31
serachtyes dygital05:31
serachtright now05:31
serachtI need a font recommendation05:31
AnonConahhh....to be a newb again :(05:31
norml_advocat2pmratpoison yep i just saw that myself, but i still cant get 1.2.605:32
tyronejoecurlee : I know the feeling.  I've been looking for a stupid header file all night now..05:32
dom_any clues?05:32
s0ulstice_puxel, you sure you are using emerald?? when that happens to me it is because emerald crashes and i have to restart it.. maybe try emerald --replace ??05:32
dygitalseracht, I suggest making your own screenshots easily, press the PRNT SCRN button on your keyboard.05:32
dygitalthey output in PNG.05:32
serachtI want screenshots to see examples of ubuntu themes/fonts05:32
tanubisHey everyone, I'm trying to connect a w300i (sony ericsson) to my Ubuntu laptop through the USB that came with the phone.  When you connect it, the phone displays options to select "Phone Mode" or "File Transfer".  Selecting Transfer connects as a usb drive, but selecting Phone seems to generate no response on the laptop.  Anyone have ideas as to what's going on?05:32
joecurleetyrone: that sucks... wish i could be of help there... i guess I'll try installing different drivers later after I've taken a break from this05:32
joecurleetyrone: thanks for the help at least i know I'm not crazy now!05:32
AnonCongota go guys, naked gf05:33
pmratpoisonnorml_advocat2: that probably means that 1.2.6 isn't in the repos... Correct me someone if I'm wrong! I guess you could install it from source if that's the case.05:33
puxelthat just made the screen jump05:33
bullgard4What command line command will be called by clicking on the Gnome 'Force Quit Button' applet?05:33
dygitalseracht, *Ohh*... in that case, check out Gnome Art http://art.gnome.org/05:33
jumbersI just went to play an MP3 file and now every type of file has a MIME type of "application/octet-stream". How can I fix this?05:33
puxelthen set back to just where it was.05:33
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence^afk
tyronejoecurlee : Don't worry, these guys are working pretty fast from the looks of it. Should be any time now.05:33
serachtthanks dygital05:33
serachtwill check those out05:33
joecurleecool. later... hope you find the header file05:33
s0ulstice_puxel, hmm does it happen even when you log in?? like right away?05:33
serachtcan you guys recommend any fonts05:33
reasonsits all about myraid pro05:34
tanubisbullgard4 likely it sends a kill command05:34
urbusheyAny ideas as to why my amaroK would install without a "podcast" option?05:34
puxeli'm going to restart x. bbs.05:34
puxelthanks for the help s0ul05:34
dygitalseracht, I use the MS Fonts Core pack... it carries over the default fonts in Windows05:34
tyronejoecurlee : Their sending out a lot of pathes lately, from what i can see05:34
s0ulstice_yw puxel05:34
pmratpoisonseracht: download the fonts from medibuntu and then look for the ones you like05:34
bullgard4tanubis: Yes, but I should like to know it more exactly.05:34
urbusheywow this room is crazy how does anyone get anything done in here?05:35
reasonsWhat options are you looking for? I haven't used audicity in a while.05:35
sfearsnothing gets done in this room urbushey05:35
norml_advocat2urbushey just type alot05:35
sfearsit's a conspiracy05:35
s0ulstice_dom_, Nothing looks too out of place in your output, you cant use the vista disk for any restore options???05:35
sfearsit just gives the illusuion of being able to use linux05:35
skypiloteeemostly  ubotu ends up doing the talking05:35
norml_advocat2reasons i dont have any options05:36
norml_advocat2reasons i just want to cut clips from songs05:36
urbusheyWell, i'll spam this then i guess:05:36
dom_s0ulstice_: no DVD or CD shipped with the system05:36
urbusheyanyone know why my amaroK doesn't have a "podcast" tab?05:36
tanubisbullgard4 check "man pgrep" "man pkill"05:36
dom_i believe that's what the extra NTFS partition is for05:36
urbusheyi cant find a plug-in or anything that would add podcast functionality05:36
s0ulstice_dom_, haha cheap bastards.. what did they do provide a ghost partition?05:36
reasonsnorml, like a song is 30 seconds long and you only want tine 10 to 20?05:36
Schmao-FmaoHi there, how do I get a list of process id's that are started by a certain user? I've been using "top -b -n 1 | grep username" but that's a bit slow ...05:36
s0ulstice_dom_, yah m$ cheap bastards05:36
tanubisbullgard4 if you wanted to duplicate the kill window command from command line, you'd use pgrep to find the name of the process you want and pkill to terminate it05:36
dom_pretty much05:37
puxelhmm. didnt fix anything05:37
reasonsschmao, use htop, it'll say what users are using what05:37
dom_s0ulstice_: i tried booting from it as well, it just gives a black screen05:37
norml_advocat2reasons that or a song is 5 min. long and i just want 10 secs05:37
reasonsgive me a bit and a man page :)05:37
s0ulstice_puxel, maybe tyr reinstalling emerald? I dunno if there is anything else it relies on to draw the title bars.. I just know I restart emerald to fix mine05:37
dygitalwell thanks for the help mohadib_  et al. Have a good night.05:37
urbusheyoooh i just found an amarok channel05:38
urbusheyill go bother them05:38
s0ulstice_dom_, Booting from the restore drive gives you just a black screen?05:38
norml_advocat2reasons whats a man page?05:38
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, Manual05:38
Schmao-Fmaoreasons, any programs that come standard that do the same thing? :) I'm only asking because I have 15 computers, and to use htop I'd have to install it on each one05:38
puxelwill do.05:38
dom_s0ulstice_: yes. i can't figure this damned thing out :-/05:38
tanubisbullgard4 for example, if I wanted to kill my browser, I could pgrep firefox and then pkill <idnumber from pgrep> to terminate it05:38
Dr_pSiEhey guys hast anyone tried hardy beta yet on a 64 cpu?05:39
s0ulstice_dom_, that sucks...hmmm....dunno05:39
norml_advocat2whats a "bit"  some time, or something else thats a nerd code ;-)05:39
s0ulstice_Dr_pSiE, No I have gutsy on 64 though... working very smooth05:39
reasonsSchmoa, not that I'm aware of, but htop is so small that even a dialup connection will get it in under a minute. It really is a must have as you can sort by cpu, mem, etc. as well as being colored.05:40
Dr_pSiEwell since my last kernel update hardy isn't working as smooth as it was before05:40
Schmao-Fmaoreasons, sweet :) I'll install it then05:40
ckin2001Schmao-Fmao, ps aux | grep "username" | awk '{ print $2 }'05:40
tanubisbullgard4 Also, you could use the command pstree -p to see a list of running processes laid out as an ascii diagram, and pskill id# to terminate05:40
s0ulstice_Dr_pSiE, Hardy is +1 .. maybe try that channel?05:40
serachtqouick question, now that I am using restricted drivers, how do I enable compwiz05:41
tanubisbullgard4 *pkill05:41
Schmao-Fmaockin2001: Thanks :) I'll check out htop while I'm at it, too05:41
soulburneranyone used ushare in htere?05:41
* s0ulstice_ announces the presence of our Lord Nickrud.. All hail the King!05:41
reasonscompiz --replace05:41
FXAnyone alive?05:41
tanubisanyone know how to detect what a usb device is doing?05:41
dom_s0ulstice_: do you think it may be possible to copy the recovery partition to a DVD and boot off of it?05:42
* nickrud eyes s0ulstice_ , and sidles off 05:42
norml_advocat2I HAVE A GREAT QUESTION!!!  If I wanted to access a wireless internet account that required a password and didnt have a password how would I get the password?05:42
FXHow do I get rid of the kubuntu load screen on start up and replace it.05:42
nickrud!usplash | FX05:42
ubotuFX: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork05:42
cfeddeask the account owner.05:42
s0ulstice_dom_, Hmm its worth a try for sure05:42
reasonsTo who was looking at audicity, I couldn't find it but these links might help: http://curriculum.union.edu/tips/audacity.php http://audacity.sourceforge.net/manual-1.2/tutorial_ed_beginner2.html05:42
geniinorml_advocat2: What cfedde said.05:42
bullgard4tanubis: Your explanations are helpful, and I thank you for them. --  My outset was that a communication program prevented me from terminating my Epiphany. Even using the 'Force Quit Button' could not kill the remnants of Epiphany. Only using 'killall epiphany' killed the remnants. So I wonder what the 'Force Quit Button' really does.05:42
serachtso how do I check out compiz settings?05:42
norml_advocat2FX kcontrol05:42
s0ulstice_seracht, do you have the compizconfig-settings-manager package downloaded05:43
reasonsgrab the compizconfig from aptitude and then customize it by right clicking the desktop and going under the efects tab05:43
norml_advocat2genii but I dont want to ask for it.  I was thinkin somethin more ninjalike05:43
dom_s0ulstice_: right... so... how might i do that?05:43
=== quantum is now known as quaternary
FXthanks for the link05:43
baegleI'm trying to use the restricted driver manager to install fglrx and it seems to work, but after I config X and restart the manager shows that while fglrx is enabled, it's not in use. When I modprobe fglrx I get FATAL: Error running install command for fglrx. I have been googling ATI tutorial for literally weeks on end. What the hell do I have to do to get this working?05:44
ckin2001norml_advocat2, ninjas cannot ask for the path - they must find the way alone05:44
geniinorml_advocat2: Thats exactly the reason you likely won't find an answer here for that.05:44
s0ulstice_dom_, That is a good question haha.. I don't know.. haven't worked with vista much05:44
FXI had kubuntu but instead of downloading the whole ubuntu cd to change over I just apt-got ubuntu-desktop and then removed everything kde. lol05:44
norml_advocat2im not a malicious person I just want free web access05:44
dom_s0ulstice_: not really a vista thing05:44
tanubisbullgard4 anytime.  I suppose if one was really curious, one could always find the source code and take a gander.  My guess would be that it looks for the process ID of the window you click, and kills that.  But if a parent process has hung, sometimes the child process that's displaying the window maybe doesn't work?  I could be way off though.05:44
dom_i have a disk partition, i want to make a bootable dvd copy of it05:45
serachtisn't there some application that works similar to apt-get05:45
serachtI forgot the name though lol05:45
dA_ShArPMy DPKG is giving this error http://rafb.net/p/ZAdDGm59.html,05:45
norml_advocat2why are hackers so secretive?05:45
codyduncanSomeone have an answer?:  I accidentally removed Pidgin messenger from my system tray, now every time I close the buddy list, the messenger closes completely (as in, quits).  How do I put it back to how it was?05:45
cfeddenorml_advocat2: there are plenty of open access points.  I think there's a national one called 'linksys'  Available in most american suburbs these days.05:45
dA_ShArPMy DPKG is giving this error http://rafb.net/p/ZAdDGm59.html, the thing is I am unable to install apache2 or re isnatll or do nothing with apt-get05:45
serachtreasons: is that command line based?05:45
dA_ShArPhow do I fix it?05:45
norml_advocat2isnt linksys a router brand?  and arent they sometimes encrypted?05:46
geniinorml_advocat2: Do some homework :) Google is full of answers on queries like "aircrack-ng" "wep" "sniff"            and so on.05:46
reasonsseracht, it can be with aptitude install pkg or it has a terminal gui type thing. I'm not too sure, I use arch.05:46
bullgard4tanubis: Last night I already tried to find the source code but was not successful. I will keep trying.05:46
cfeddenorml_advocat2: you're kinda new at this arn't you?05:46
norml_advocat2genii i think your a hacker05:46
norml_advocat2cfedde i am05:46
norml_advocat2cfedde we all gotta start somewhere05:46
norml_advocat2does anybody want to be my hacker mentor05:47
norml_advocat2i can cook and do laundry05:47
tanubisbullgard4 good luck :)05:47
serachtalso I noticed iwth pigwin, when I type the text shakes05:48
serachtanyone have that problem too?05:48
geniinorml_advocat2: Even if someone wanted to help you, it's against the rules of this channel to advocate illegal activities05:48
ckin2001bullgard4, what source are you wanting?05:48
norml_advocat2genii it is not illegal to BE a hacker05:48
tanubisckin2001 source for the force kill window dohickey in ubuntu05:48
dA_ShArPMy DPKG is giving this error http://rafb.net/p/ZAdDGm59.html, the thing is I am unable to install apache2 or re isnatll or do nothing with apt-get05:48
s0ulstice_dom_, find anything???05:48
norml_advocat2genii do you know of a more suitable channel for this type of discussion?05:49
geniinorml_advocat2: Semantics. Like I said before, Googling for stuff on aircrack-ng and so on will get you started05:49
codyduncandid anyone read my question, or am I just waiting here in vain?05:49
Wafflehow can i sync my ipod with ubuntu?05:49
uniquecan somebody tell me why is that when i connect to my pureftpd to my ubuntu from my windowsxp..i type in my login&password and then when i try to access a subfolder it asks me for my login&password again?05:49
uniquewhy is it asking me twice?05:49
bullgard4ckin2001: The source code of the Gnome 'Force Quit Button' applet.05:49
norml_advocat2genii thanks05:49
* dA_ShArP has got some serious problem05:50
reasonsda_sharp, that is a problem with your connection, possibly your soucres.list, not apt-get05:50
ckin2001bullgard4, force quit does a soft kill, not kill -9, looking for the code05:50
jccan someone explain firestarter to me - is it just a gui to edit iptables and if so do I have to keep it running all the time?05:50
dA_ShArPreasons: It is FINE!05:50
geniinorml_advocat2: You may find some tips in the channel #aircrack-ng05:50
nickrudcodyduncan: I don't use pidgin, but the preferences interface tab has a setting for showing the tray icon05:50
reasonsWaffle, amarok, gtk-pod, rockbox, songbird05:50
genbuntuI've a logitech 4 button scroll mouse with tilting scroll wheel, how can I configure functions to extra buttons for e.g. close a firefox tab with scroll tilt ?05:50
norml_advocat2genii ooohhhh05:50
norml_advocat2genii good stuff05:51
norml_advocat2genii i knew you were a hacker05:51
reasonsda_sharp, just because the internet is working doesn't mean apt-get will. I've had firefox work but not pacman05:51
norml_advocat2genii WERE right?05:51
silas428can anyone help me install a asus wl-167g usb WLAN adapter? I can't seem to compile it right05:51
reasonsI mean, look at this. could not bind to address
Wafflereasons: i have amarok, how do i sync with it? i can play the songs from my ipod but how do i make it automatically sync with my ipod?05:51
Gumbyhello all.  I am trying to run a program (nuvexport) but when I do it gives me an error that I believe has to do with the Term::Cap perl module. Ive tried to install it maually via cpan but I still get the error.  Can anyone tell me if a compatible perl module is available in gutsy, I cant seem to find one anywhere05:51
reasonsThat obviously isn't the address05:51
geniinorml_advocat2: I'm not really some "hacker" but I've done my share of exploration :)05:51
nickrudgenii: I'd say genii is a hacker, not a cracker (in this incarnation, anyway :)05:51
reasonsGo to the devices tab with your ipod mounted05:52
reasonsPretty self-explanityr from there05:52
bullgard4ckin2001: My problem is to find out what that applet really does. Yesterday I used it to kill my Epiphany which was stuck but did not succeed. Only 'killall epiphany' succeeded.05:52
dA_ShArPreasons: Yes, but I am trying to STOP or START the apache.. but it is giving error like what you see DPKG gives05:52
Wafflek thanks05:52
geniinickrud: I think thats the nicest thing someone said to me this week :)05:52
norml_advocat2genii what the diff. between hacker and cracker?05:52
s0ulstice_nickrud, haha whats up dude... your not gonna ask me to a dual are you? haha05:52
ckin2001bullgard4, launchpad FAQ said that the applet does a soft kill, not a killall05:52
* nickrud eyes s0ulstice_ , and sidles away ;)05:52
geniinorml_advocat2: classical hackers are not malicious. Crackers are.05:53
silas428Are reverse-engineers considered crackers??05:53
nickruds0ulstice_: :p05:53
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, cracker cracks security passwords, reverse engineer software etc, a hacker just pushes hardware and software beyond its original intended limits05:53
bullgard4ckin2001: So I need to enquire more on 'soft kill' in order to find out?05:53
silas428I read some of their stuff, I think they like the word "crack"05:53
dA_ShArPreasons: and that's what DPKG is trying to do aswell, well the thing is I am upgrading my computer after like 30 days05:53
genbuntuso any ideas how to configure extra buttons of my mouse?05:53
nickrud!mouse | genbuntu05:54
ubotugenbuntu: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto05:54
codyduncancan someone help me with some stupid mistake I just made?  I accidentally removed Pidgin messenger from my system tray, now every time I close the buddy list, the messenger closes completely (as in, quits).  How do I put it back to how it was?05:54
silas428s0ulstice_:wouldn't cracking be something illegal? I know RCE isn't illegal if the source code was never used05:54
ckin2001bullgard4, soft kill is equivalent to typing "kill %pid" at command line, hard kill is "kill -9 %pid"05:54
genbuntuah, *runs off to check that site*05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about asus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
nickrudcodyduncan: check the peferences, on the interface tab: there's a setting to control the system tray icon05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 167g - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
bullgard4 ckin2001 And how does 'killall epiphany' fit into this picture?05:55
s0ulstice_silas428, i guess it depends on how you use the information, whos it is, etc, WHAT it is too05:55
Wafflereasons: ok, im stuck. i have all the artists in the list. what now?05:55
norml_advocat2I think that the hacking cracking community needs to stop cowering and realize that without them there would be no Ubuntu05:55
phiqtionwhen is the next version of ubuntu coming out?05:55
nickrudphiqtion: scheduled for april05:55
norml_advocat2Speak up Speak out UNITE05:55
bullgard4phiqtion: In April05:55
phiqtionthank you05:55
jccan anyone explain firestarter to me?05:56
codyduncannickrud: that does not solve it05:56
silas428jc: its a gui for iptables, pretty much all i know05:56
ckin2001bullgard4, killall gets all instances of a process name, not just the one associated with 1 pid05:56
reasonsWaffle, this would be a great time for me to use amarok, huh? :) When I did use it there should be a drop box for device manager, check through the settings if it's not there. Once you find it, and I know it exists, look for your monunted ipod in the list and say to use that device05:56
nickrudcodyduncan: hm.05:56
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, haah your funny05:57
reasonsWaffle, if you already did that and I read you wrong, there should be a sync button in the top bar05:57
jcsilas428, thanks, if thats the case then after I configure it does it need to be running?05:57
bullgard4ckin2001: Ah! Thank you very much for explaining.05:57
nickrudcodyduncan: a silly question: you do still have the system tray.05:57
ckin2001bullgard4, gotta go, but i couldnt find the force kill @ svn.gnome.org - maybe you can05:57
ckin2001good luck and your welcome :D05:57
codyduncannickrud: that may not be a silly question...05:57
silas428jc: Not sure, if you want to configure a firewall use fwbuilder of the one in the ubuntu repositories05:58
Wafflereasons: there's a "transfer" button, but its grayed out05:58
silas428jc: guarddog I think it's called05:58
norml_advocat2s0ulstice_ i am funny.  and a bit dramatic but somewhat serious.  why cant I meet a hacker?  I wanna be a hacker!05:58
serachtquck question, how can you make more workspaces?05:58
codyduncannickrud: I don't see it on the "add to panel" list05:58
computer_how do i share my wireless it only seems to be picking up my wired connection. is it because im already using my wireless with ubuntu?05:59
silas428norml_advocat2: have you ever read ESR's "how to be a hacker"05:59
nickrudcodyduncan: it's called the notification area (system tray is the old name, sorry)05:59
computer_i am running vista on vmware05:59
jcsilas428, so guarddog and firestarter do different things?05:59
silas428jc: guarddog is to setup a firewall, firestarter is a GUI for the iptables on Ubuntu05:59
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, You know how to read right?05:59
reasonsThat would mean the ipod isn't mounted and if it is, amarok isn't noticing. When you first started amarok with your ipod mounted it should have asked to use it. What we need to do is find that setting.05:59
codyduncannickrud: well done, thanks mate06:00
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, do a google search for backtrack3 and download it06:00
nickrudcodyduncan: you're welcome06:00
silas428jc: from what I seen from firestarter, it shows the activity on your network and lets you block ports06:00
norml_advocat2s0ulstice who is ESR?06:00
cfeddeeric s raymond06:00
* nickrud boggles at the thought that someone wants to be a hacker, and doesn't know who esr is06:00
jcsilas428, ok so I guess i'm confused, I thought iptables was the firewall in ubuntu06:00
silas428norml_advocat2: he co-founded the Open Source Initiative06:00
tanubisbullgard4 the command it's calling is xkill06:01
genbuntuWould anyone know How do I start Pidgin minimized ?06:01
norml_advocat2silas428 well thankyou for clearing that up smartypants06:01
silas428jc: I'm not an expert so don't quote me, but I think they are two different things, not 100% on this06:01
reasonsWaffle, also, do you have libgpod installed06:01
tanubisbullgard4 if you type that in and hit enter, you basically get the exact same thing as what the force kill does06:01
nickrudnorml_advocat2: there's even a virtual eric s raymond in your repos, install vrms ;)06:01
silas428norml_advocat2: google ESR and check out his homepage06:01
jcsilas428, k thanks06:01
brdocois there more to sharing a printer than just Global Settings -> Share Printers?06:01
nickrudnorml_advocat2: they are interchangeable in some senses06:01
norml_advocat2nickrud you lost me06:02
norml_advocat2nickrud what is a repos06:02
Wafflereasons, i think i figured it out. i had to configure amarok for a music folder then right click on all my music and hit copy to collection06:02
reasonsWaffle, this might do it too. In Amarok go to settings and set it to autodetect devices06:02
serachtguys with pigwin06:02
s0ulstice_norml_advocat2, who?06:02
serachtdo you have problems wit hte font shaking06:02
nickrudnorml_advocat2: I lost myself a bit there. Picking up with your last question, see following:06:02
tanubisbullgard4 they just modified it slightly (esc cancels as opposed to mouse2 + help text window)06:02
nickrud!components | norml_advocat206:02
ubotunorml_advocat2: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:02
serachtsorry pidgin06:02
norml_advocat2nickrud gotcha06:02
norml_advocat2im goin to learn how to be a hacker!06:03
norml_advocat2see ya in 5 min.06:03
nickrudnorml_advocat2: the components link is the first to ready06:03
norml_advocat2nickrud what?06:03
brdocois there more to sharing a printer than just Global Settings -> Share Printers?06:04
silas428norml_advocat2: Make sure you read "the rootless root"06:04
bullgard4tanubis: Ah, very interesting. I will play a bit with xkill and see if its effect is the same as that of the 'Force Quit Button' applet. --  You are most helpful. Thank you very much indeed.06:04
tanubisbullgard4 welcome... still hunting for the source myself; someone on another forum had mentioned that force kill applet = gui wrapper for xkill command, but didn't site source.06:06
DezineIs it possible to set different wallpapers for each desktop?06:06
tanubisdezine yes06:06
bullgard4tanubis: site > cite?06:06
tanubisbullgard4 indeed :P06:06
samuelzxcvbnm, I come from china,and you?06:08
bluebananaHow do i install this small game called passage (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/hcsoftware/Passage_v3_UnixSource.tar.gz)06:08
bluebananafor more info check out http://downloads.sourceforge.net/hcsoftware/Passage_v3_UnixSource.tar.gz06:08
bluebananasorry, for more info: http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/passage/index.html06:09
nickrudtanubis: the source for the inhibit applet is in gnome-power-manager06:09
regeya!ask | zxcvbnm06:09
ubotuzxcvbnm: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:09
regeyabtw, hi zxcvbnm06:09
nickrudtanubis: arg, that's not what you were looking for, brain fart06:09
bluebananahow do I "run to build"?06:09
tanubisnickrud no problem :O06:10
regeyawell, basically you bolt from your car right to the work site.06:10
cwillubluebanana, open a terminal to the folder (extacting the tar.gz first)06:10
cwillubluebanana, ./configure06:10
cwillubluebanana, make06:10
nickrud!caps zxcvbnm06:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about caps zxcvbnm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:10
regeyacripes, zxcvbnm06:10
bluebananacwillu: thanks. will try06:10
nickrud!caps | zxcvbnm06:10
ubotuzxcvbnm: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:10
cwillubluebanana, that's the usual incantation at least06:10
tanubisnickrud if you've any idea how to use ubuntu to control sms on a recalcitrant w300i over usb cable using commandline or php, that's what I'm hunting for :)06:10
nickrudtanubis: fortunately, no I don't :)06:11
bluebananacwillu: it doesn't work06:11
bluebananaplease see the tar.gz file06:11
nickrudzxcvbnm: please use lower case, not captitalized letters06:11
bluebananathere's a file called "runToBuild"06:11
serachtto install awn do I just do sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator?06:11
cwillubluebanana, ah06:11
cwillubluebanana, ./runToBuild06:11
nickrud!awn | seracht06:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:11
samuelHow to valid the environment  variable after I set in the .profile ?06:11
cwillubluebanana, you might need to chmod a+x runToBuild first06:11
nickrudseracht: arg. No, you have to find an outside repo for it06:12
zxcvbnmoh i see thanks for your information06:12
AntiUSAis Kubuntu aesthetically better than Ubuntu?06:12
AntiUSAand does it have any disadvantages06:12
serachtnickrud:  any guides out there?06:12
cwilluAntiUSA, is a honda aesthetically better than a toyota?06:12
cwilluAntiUSA, depends on who you ask06:12
AntiUSAwell which has more visual effects?06:13
nickrudseracht: http://getdeb.net/app/Avant+Window+Navigator , but I do not vouch for the quality06:13
SRN9I have been using Kubuntu and ubuntu for about 2 yrs now, they both seem to be quite the same, other than the wm.06:13
AntiUSAdoes one have more compatability/stability than the other?06:14
SRN9window manager, or user interface, sorry about that.06:14
bluebananacwillu: did the chmod command, but there's an error06:14
AntiUSAah ok, sorry i'm nbew to linux06:14
nickrudAntiUSA: the best description of the difference I've seen is something along the lines of kde is for tweakers, gnome is for users ;)06:14
SRN9no problem06:14
AntiUSAthanks Nick, thats helpful06:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pullingteeth - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:15
bluebananacwillu: try downloading it06:15
* brdoco must be invisible06:15
nickrudAntiUSA: not to say that kde is any less / more than gnome, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Try both for yourself06:15
cwillubluebanana, try telling me what the error is; I'm just helping out while waiting for builds and transfers and the like06:16
bluebananaonly 400 kb06:16
bluebananaerror is: ...06:16
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:16
karllenzhey when i run the ubuntu live cd i cant get passed the boot screen06:16
cwillupastebin it if it's more than a line or two06:16
norml_advocat2hey guys!  just check out ESR  good start.  what else should i look at to start my hacker training?06:17
zepmantrahello there, how to run vlc gui program during startup, adding /usr/bin/vlc on rc.local won't work06:17
iceswordkarllenz, u mean it freezed?06:17
karllenzkind of06:17
nickrudzepmantra: system->prefs->session, add it there06:17
samuelAnyody can help me?06:17
karllenzit has for lines all starting with boot06:17
nickrud!ask | samuel06:17
ubotusamuel: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:17
karllenzand it wont go any further06:17
cwillubluebanana, I want to help, but I don't really want to start other programs while I'm in the middle of this build06:17
=== cZw0 is now known as cZw0_w0Rk
norooti am using ubuntu fiesty and want to backup my sms on nokia 6600, any solution?06:18
norml_advocat2hey guys!  just check out ESR  good start.  what else should i look at to start my hacker training?06:18
zxcvbnmfuck you06:18
norml_advocat2what programming language do hackers use?06:18
AntiUSAis there a new distribution of Ubuntu coming soon?06:18
nickrud!language | zxcvbnm06:18
ubotuzxcvbnm: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:18
karllenzill boot in now to so we can work on this06:18
bluebananacwillu: http://pastebin.com/m7dad1a9f06:18
zxcvbnmalll peopoooooooooopple fucccccccckkkkkk  offfffffffffffffff06:18
cwillubluebanana, thx06:18
norml_advocat2zxcvbnm is bugbye06:18
demon_sporkwhat is the command to run the opengl gears thing?06:19
norml_advocat2nickrud how did you do that?06:19
cwillubluebanana, sudo apt-get install build-essential06:19
cwillubluebanana, and then try running it again06:19
nickrudnorml_advocat2: I'm a channel op06:19
norml_advocat2that was some hacker sh#%06:19
bluebananacwillu: thanks!06:19
norml_advocat2i wanna be a n op06:19
norml_advocat2nickrud how can i become an op?06:19
nickrudnorml_advocat2: spend a couple years here, helping out.06:20
norml_advocat2nickrud thats toooo slow06:20
BlackrayJackThen you'll never reach opdom06:20
norml_advocat2nickrud just gimme the crash course06:20
karllenzcan anyone help me out here im new to linux and irc lol06:20
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: Ok, the really fast way is a large cash bribe06:21
karllenzwish i had that06:21
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: perhaps you could try a large cash bribe06:21
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom  ive got tree fiddy06:21
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: or you could just ask your question :-D06:21
cwilluwhat's the ctrl key for an eof char?06:21
karllenzok i bott the live cd and it doesnt seem to boot06:21
crediblecwillu: Ctrl+D06:22
nickrudcwillu: ^D06:22
norml_advocat2nickrud do you know anything about kubuntu06:22
brdoconickrud.. how can i get to be not ignored?06:22
bluebananacwillu: http://pastebin.com/m1fc0d40d06:22
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: ok, you put it in the computer, turn it on and what do you see on the screen06:22
nickrudnorml_advocat2: very little, I run gnome06:22
karllenzright now ubuntu with a loading bar06:22
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: for how long?06:22
nickrudbrdoco: ignored? If it was for a question, it either got lost in the channel scroll, or no one knew the answer. Ask every 10 minutes or so06:23
[chr0n0s]anyone here who uses tomboy?06:23
norml_advocat2nickrud is that also known as gdk?  and is gnome better?  and why did my computer start messing up when I installed KDE?06:23
cwillubluebanana, find out if they say anything on the site about needing dependencies06:23
karllenzthen it goes to a screen that has four lines ending in {ok}06:23
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: gdk is a part of gnome06:23
linux_user400354how can i remove everything installed from the mediubuntu repository and undo all the changes it did? it also upgraded software and things do not work right. id really like to do more than take it out of my sources.list. i need to undo all the changes it did. could anyone please tell me how?06:23
cwillubluebanana, looks like you probably need libsdl-dev or something06:23
bluebananacwillu: "  Note: To build from source, you must have the SDL development library installed. "06:23
karllenzand it wont go any farther06:23
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom which part is it?06:23
nickrudnorml_advocat2: why kde messes up your system? no clue, really06:23
cwillubluebanana, yep;  open synaptic, look for libsdl-dev, or stuff like that06:23
bluebananacwillu: can i uninstall the build-essential?06:24
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: what is the last line before it stops06:24
SRN9what are you doing with tomboy?06:24
norml_advocat2ever since i installed kde my computer will not hibernate anymore06:24
norml_advocat2it just crashes06:24
karllenzrunning local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)06:24
cwillubluebanana, you'll need it for this for sure, it's not a bad thing to have installed anyway06:24
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: basically gdk is waht you use when you log in graphically06:24
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom is there a way to login using the terminal no GUI at all, and then run a command to open gnome?06:25
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: yes06:25
=== electrofreak__ is now known as electrofreak
karllenzmy guess is its my vidio card cuz whe i change it it seems to work06:25
Riskyheya - i'm trying to install off a usb drive, but a don't know which thing in /dev/ is my usb stick - any way to find out?06:25
nickrudTurtleOfDoom: no, that's gdm. gdk is sort of a wrapper around gtk, which draws the widgets in your windows06:25
[chr0n0s]SRN9, ?06:25
Riskyi tried mounting a whole bunch of them but I always get no such device or something06:26
AtomicSparkso how come there are no web editing programs for ubuntu? D:06:26
iceswordrishy,it is sda ususlly06:26
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom wilt though teach me oh wise turtle master06:26
TurtleOfDoomkarllenz: I'm sorry, I'm probably not the best person to help you with this, perhaps someone else ...06:26
Riskyicesword: and if that's not working?06:26
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: :-) "startx"06:26
nickrudAtomicSpark: kompozer does that, also amaya06:26
Riskyboth sda and sdb aren't working - any way to actually identify it?06:26
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom this wont break my comp. will it?06:26
iceswordRisky, sda.depend on your hard disk type ,if you  hd is hda,then usb is sda06:26
norml_advocat2i do not like kde06:27
Riskyyeah its all sata06:27
tonyyarussoicesword: all are sda now.06:27
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: if you tell me what you're planning to do, I might be able to answer that question06:27
Riskyso...what should i try if it doesn't mount?06:27
iceswordRisky, it is sdb06:27
nickrudtonyyarusso: not quite, my drive still gets recognized as hda06:27
Riskyits fat32, should i use vfat?06:27
norml_advocat2i want my computer to boot into the terminal .  and be able to run gnome with a command line06:27
tonyyarussoicesword: all drives will show up as /dev/sd* now, regardless.06:28
tonyyarussonickrud: what release?06:28
norml_advocat2hacker style06:28
TurtleOfDoomnickrud: ahh yes, screwing up my accronmys, I wish the gnome people would be more creative06:28
nickrudtonyyarusso: gutsy06:28
tonyyarussonickrud: crazy06:28
GumbyI accidentally left a hardy repo enable and now I am trying to figure out which packages got installed (not many) so I can downgrade them back to gutsy. Is there an easy way to do this?06:28
nickrudtonyyarusso: I read somewhere that some drives still get that. I have 4200rpm drives in my laptop06:28
iceswordtonyyarusso, what u mean06:28
Riskyshould i be trying to mount /dev/sda or /dev/sda#06:28
tonyyarussoRisky: #06:29
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom have you forsaken me master?06:29
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: yes, you can do that, I believe you have to change the "runlevel" but I'm not the best person to answer the question06:29
norml_advocat2nickrud will know what to do06:30
twiztrI just set my ATi card to use the propriatary  drivers, and it won't let me set any visual effects. Says something about composites.06:30
Riskybleh well i'm just gonna burn it06:30
Riskyjust doesn't work06:30
iceswordRisky, ?06:30
twiztrRisky: kill it with fire.06:30
Riskyi tried every sd* they all say its not there06:30
norml_advocat2nickrud do you know how to boot to just a plain old terminal, and then type a command to enter gnome06:30
Riskyeven though i just booted off the damn thing06:30
Riskyburn it to cd i meant06:30
gavin__good day everybody. How do I upgrade from feisty to gutsy06:30
AtomicSparktwiztr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion06:30
twiztrAtomicSpark: Thank you.06:31
nickrudnorml_advocat2: to completely remove kde, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome .06:31
AtomicSparktwiztr: also need xserver-xgl if you get xgl error when trying switchcommand --compiz06:31
AtomicSparkwhatever it is :P its at the end06:31
norml_advocat2nickrud good call im gonna bookmark that but until then do you know how to boot to a terminal, and what command starts gnome?06:31
nickrudnorml_advocat2: not without some reconfiguration06:32
Alohahow do i change my system hostname?06:32
nickrud!hostname | Aloha06:32
ubotuAloha: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab06:32
msni have setup a ubuntu gutsy mirror for my organisation, the mirror works fine on the installed hosts, but while i try to install a new host using netboot it fails with 404 while trying to download some files06:32
raddyHello Everybody06:33
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
AtomicSparka mirror for your organizatoin...06:33
raddyWhen i issue du -h -d1 i get this error06:33
raddy-d invalid option06:33
norml_advocat2nickrud thats a good page.  what type of config. are we talkin?06:33
msnwell i dont want everyone of them hitting some mirror and choking my internet badwidth when all are going to get the same stuff06:34
AtomicSparkraddy: there is only D and im guessing its not what you want. invalid operation means the command usage is wrong.06:34
nickrudnorml_advocat2: turning off the login screen, and setting up startx . But to be truthful, I haven't done that in a couple of years, and am not sure I remember completely06:34
norml_advocat2nickrud okey dokely then06:35
norml_advocat2Is anyone in this room smarter than nickrud?06:35
AtomicSparkmsn: hmm. they are working on a ubuntu update server. that would be neat. just like wsus for windows.06:35
raddyAtomicSpark : i understand the meaning of invalid option.06:35
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: i am :D06:35
shawn3I'm trying to have a Makefile where if I type 'make vim' it will open vim with a file named for the current date formatted `date '+%Y-%m-%d'` could anyone help me with this?06:35
supershortanyone know how to reset mysql password06:35
nickrudnorml_advocat2: ask for help in setting up startx , someone will chime in. Probably a lot of people who come thru here have it set up06:35
raddyAtomicSpark : http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2001/09/27/Big_Scary_Daemons.html06:35
supershortcos i kinda forgot the root password06:35
msnAtomicSpark: it also works with new installs using apt-get or synaptic06:35
nickrudnorml_advocat2: many, many, many :)06:35
msnthe only thing that doesnt work is new installs06:36
raddyAtomicSpark : how do i use the guide06:36
Supaplexsupershort: that FAQ is all over the net. ask google :)06:36
norml_advocat2atomicspark  do you know how to setup startx06:36
msni meant new OS installation over the network is not able to find some packages06:36
norml_advocat2Does anyone know how to setup startx?06:36
AtomicSparkraddy: according to the man file for du, -d doesnt exist. i am not sure where that guide got it. :\ maybe on other distros?06:37
msnraddy: what are you trying to do?06:37
msnmay be you need du -h --max-depth=106:38
bluefoxxok, so im trying to make a shell script to open streamripper and automatically start ripping four streams, but i want it to open them in seperate tabs of gnome-terminal. what is the command for this?06:38
raddymsn : trying to find big folder and big file06:38
msnraddy: du -h |grep G06:38
msnraddy: du -h |grep M06:39
msnshould find you those :P06:39
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
norml_advocat2Does anyone know how to setup StartX?06:39
=== frold_ is now known as frold
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: i assume you mean xserver. startx is the command to start it. :P06:40
norml_advocat2atomicspark  i want my computer to boot into the terminal no GUI06:40
norml_advocat2then run the GUI06:41
norml_advocat2using startx apparently06:41
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: no. unfortunately, ubuntu doesnt use run levels. in other distros, you can change your run level to 3, and everything will be terminal only. you may beable to log out and change your session to terminal only. i am not sure. once gnome or kde is installed, it takes over. :P06:42
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: well, "sudo apt-get remove gdm" will remove the graphical startup program from your computer, that will start it in a terminal, then you have to set it up to you can run "startx" and it will load into gnome06:42
AtomicSparkstartx starts xserver/x11 not gnome :P but yes it would get you into gui06:43
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom so if i remove gdm i can still run gnome?  mr. spark says not06:43
TurtleOfDoomAtomicSpark: and the x-server will run gnome if you set it up correctly, you're arguing semantics06:44
supershorthow do i remove apps?06:44
supershortwithout package manager06:44
AtomicSparkTurtleOfDoom: yes i am. :P dont want the boy confused. if he removes gnome it will be gone. no more.06:44
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom does that slowdown the desktop alot?06:44
ste-foythank you for your help AtomicSpark06:45
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: what are you trying to do? boot into terminal only then have the option to switch to gui?06:45
norml_advocat2atomicspark you got it, i want my friends to think that i am a superhacker06:45
* TurtleOfDoom laughs06:45
norml_advocat2and that looks pretty cool06:45
Schmao-FmaoAnyone here with Sun Grid Engine experience? :)06:46
Schmao-FmaoI'm a little confused about something and would appreciate a little help06:46
bluefoxxok, so im trying to make a shell script to open streamripper and automatically start ripping four streams, but i want it to open them in seperate tabs of gnome-terminal. what is the command for this?06:46
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: haha. you may not beable to do that, because of how ubuntu doesnt use run levels (afaik) but let me check if you can log into terminal only.06:46
* AtomicSpark will be right back06:46
norml_advocat2turtleofdoom what does atomicspark mean by levels?06:47
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: on other distributions there are different "levels" you can start your computer in06:48
norml_advocat2can you move through the levels without rebooting?06:48
TurtleOfDoomnorml_advocat2: level x would start you at a console, level y would start you with a pretty GUI, to answer your question, I beleive so, but it has been several years, and as someone reminded me ubuntu doesn't do things that way06:49
AtomicSparkhmm that was what i was afraid of06:49
AtomicSparkyou are right sir. ubuntu doesnt use run levels.06:49
amedxtry ubuntu+gnome+e17 it's fantastic06:50
amedxyour name es opengeu06:50
TurtleOfDoomwell it is possible, because my box using the server edition starts to a console06:50
Rat409sudo gedit /etc/inittab>change 5 to 3; then either put exec gnome-session in your users /home/.xinitrc to use startx or do xinit /usr/bin/gnome-session06:50
AtomicSparkTurtleOfDoom: does it have gnome installed?06:51
AtomicSparkTurtleOfDoom: or xserver?06:51
TurtleOfDoomAtomicSpark: yes, but I've never actually tried running x on it06:51
Rat409runlevel3 is multi-user console login disables gdm 5=gdm06:52
kerzackDoes anyone know of drivers for GeForce 7900 GS other than the ones that come from the restricted drivers manager? In windows I was using my 7900 without power supply hookups(don't currently have a powerful enough power supply) and it would just limit the draw on the card. Is there anything like this for Ubuntu or should I just go without hardware accelleration until I get my new power supply?06:52
=== ian__ is now known as Parliament
Parliamentalright, this is going to sound really kind of noob, but i just switched over to ubuntu from windows06:53
AtomicSparkRat409: you've done this on ubuntu?06:53
Parliamenti'm dual booting06:53
norml_advocat2rat409 you sound like a genius06:53
Rat409on about 30 distros yuh06:53
Parliamenti partitioned off and installed and everything's going well06:53
norml_advocat2you can be my mentor06:53
Parliamentbut for some reason i can't access my itunes music folder to import it into rhythmbox or banshee06:53
Rat409not a genius but about 4yrs linux,its in wiki i'm sure06:53
Parliamentwhen i open the itunues folder in my documents, it just brings up the album art folder and nothing else06:54
AtomicSparkRat409: yes. thats nice. i was asking if you did this on ubuntu. because from the link i just gave said ubuntu doesnt use runlevels.06:54
TurtleOfDoom!partition | parliament06:54
ubotuparliament: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:54
tickedhey all!!! gotta question, how to i set things up so i can see my windows machine through my router?06:54
TurtleOfDoomhmm, wrong help06:54
norml_advocat2rat409 i would like my computer  (gutsy-gnome)  to boot into a terminal only.  and then be able to move through the levels to a ui06:54
ticked Pp oops sorry dropped my keyboard06:54
Parliamentno, i'm partitioned fine, haha, i just can't access my itunes music06:54
Parliamentit's in my XP my documents folders, and i thought i imported it over, but it won't show up06:54
TurtleOfDoom!diskmounter | Parliament  (that's for accessing windows partitions, is that what you want?)06:55
ubotuParliament  (that's for accessing windows partitions, is that what you want?): To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE06:55
pawanunable to startx06:55
supershortfuk me06:55
norml_advocat2pawan welcome to my world06:55
supershortthis chnnal is useless06:55
norml_advocat2supershort !etiquette06:55
Rat409norml_advocat2: scroll up i told you the 2 steps and a 3rd alternative.06:56
Parliamentwill i be able to play my mp3s on my winows partition without copying them over to my ubuntu partition?06:56
dan`LePGeL[BoY]: 7x306:56
pawanyour world06:56
pawanwhere is it06:56
norml_advocat2rat409 i must have missed that06:56
Parliamentbecause my library is near 30 gigs06:56
ubotuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !English - and most importantly, use common sense...06:56
norml_advocat2pawan in my pants06:56
`LePGeL[BoY]dan: ?06:56
TurtleOfDoomParliament: probably06:56
kerzackErm...should also add that I have been googling this for about 30-60mins now. No luck.06:56
`LePGeL[BoY]dan: 21?06:56
pawanwhat a world man06:56
supershorthow do i remove aps06:56
Parliamentbecause my ubuntu partition is only about 10 gigs, so if i have to transfer it over, it's going to fill up the partition06:56
pawanlove it06:57
TurtleOfDoomsupershort: using the same program you used to install them?06:57
supershorti installed lampp but its not on the thing06:57
`LePGeL[BoY]<dan>: bot you face.. ..|..06:57
pawanhow to save menu.lst06:57
AtomicSparksupershort: add/remove programs or synaptic package manager. you should never manually install software unless you know what you're doing. ;)06:57
pawanwant the change the hd parameters06:57
Rat409norml_advocat2: step 1 sudo gedit /etc/inittab then change init:5: to a 3; xinit /usr/bin/gnome-session;or add exec /usr/bin/gnome-session to your ~/.xinitrc and use startx06:58
norml_advocat2rat409 can this hurt my computer?06:59
Schmao-FmaoAnyone know a bit about SGE? I'm confused about something small06:59
pawanhow to reconfigure startx06:59
AtomicSparkpawan: what's your problem?07:00
kerzacksudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:00
pawanunable to view output from graphics card07:00
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
kerzackif its the no screens found problem just select new video card drivers from the list07:00
Rat409norml_advocat2: then you can sudo su to root and do telinit 2,then init 3,then startx or whatever.07:00
norml_advocat2ooohhhh i think i kinda get that part07:00
norml_advocat2im gonna save all this stuff you just typed07:01
Rat409or just reboot then login to console prompt07:01
norml_advocat2and go over it with someone07:01
norml_advocat2rat409 so this will disable the gui though right? no clicky screen at all?07:02
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: i wish you luck being an extreme hacker ;)07:02
fuffalois it possible to cat something to my clipboard?  like...  cat messages > (clipboard)07:02
Rat409you log in to a virtual-console07:02
pawanhow to enable restricted drivers from livecd07:02
norml_advocat2atomicspark thankyou sir, i prefer elite ninja hacker though07:02
kerzackfor future reference : II'm about to install drivers for my video card, in the event I cannot startx after this, how can I remove the drivers from the command line?07:02
SimplySethhow does one remove a higher version package and replace it with the supported ubuntu version from the repos ?07:02
norml_advocat2rat409 virtual console eh?  sounds like a game07:03
kerzackpawan, System->Administration->Restricted Drivers Manager07:03
pawanbut when i reboot it looses restriced drivers07:03
bluefoxxok, so im trying to make a shell script to open streamripper and automatically start ripping four streams, but i want it to open them in seperate tabs of gnome-terminal. what is the command for this?07:03
pawanand cant load graphics interface in normal mode07:03
norml_advocat2simplyseth http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome07:03
Rat409norml_advocat2: no,more like a fullscreen xterm,las in ctrl+alt+F1-F7 etc.07:03
Barry_my audigy 2 and logitech usb audio arent working in a fresh install of ubuntu and i updated and still no sound07:03
SimplySethnorml_advocat2: thanks07:04
norml_advocat2rat409 i do not know what that means at all07:04
Riskycould a usb drive be anywhere other than /dev/sd*?07:04
kerzackpawan, that's because you're using the live cd, you'll have to install Ubuntu to actually save changes.07:04
norml_advocat2i am sooo new to this its scary07:04
norml_advocat2but I hate windows07:04
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: why do you hate windows?07:04
norml_advocat2and i beat atomic spark to that answer and im not an op07:04
Riskyi noticed on boot that the usb drive showed up under removables wheras on most machines it shows up as a hard drive on boot07:05
pawani installed ubuntu but it is not loading nvidia drives so how to reinstall nvidia drivers from command prompt07:05
norml_advocat2windows crashes and gets viruses like crazy07:05
Rat409norml_advocat2: at the console login if you want gdm back just sudo gdm07:05
Riskynorml_advocat2: man so biased in her07:05
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: thats a user problem not a operating system issue. and what did you beat me to? :P i'm not an "op"07:05
SimplySethnorml_advocat2: hmmm not what I wanted .. but thanks .. I installed a newer version of Mixxx and I want to go back the repository version of mixxx07:05
Riskyi haven't had windows xp crash in at least a year07:05
kerzackpawan, make sure you aren't booting from live cd if you've already installed ubuntu and to be booting from your harddrive07:05
Riskyi can't say the same about ubuntu07:05
kerzackmy ubuntu crashes all the time07:06
kerzackthats my fault though07:06
norml_advocat2rat409 your a pro im just show07:06
norml_advocat2atomicspark your not bad yourself07:06
Riskyman i cannot get this usb thing to work...07:06
norml_advocat2simplyseth get a flippin life07:06
pawanhow to reconfigure nvidia drivers07:06
Rat409we were all newbies once07:06
Riskyi booted off the usb just fine and now i can't mount it as a drive07:06
Barry_my audigy 2 and logitech usb audio arent working in a fresh install of ubuntu and i updated and still no sound07:06
Riskyit just hates me07:06
Sinisteri cant find in the settings where you can set your monotor off after like 30 min of being idle anyone know where its at in kde07:06
Riskyi'm doing: mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /cdrom <-- look right?07:07
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: i'm still iffy about what you're trying to do since everything i read states that ubuntu doesnt use runlevels. but hey i'm not going to argue. lol.07:07
kerzackAnyone know how to uninstall drivers from terminal?07:07
norml_advocat2atomic spark ill repost how do I use the postbin07:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about postbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:07
Barry_my audigy 2 and logitech usb audio arent working in a fresh install of ubuntu and i updated and still no sound07:07
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:07
runemasteim running ubuntu 7.10, and i installed libdvd* and w32codecs and all the gstreamer plugins (i think!) and all i get when trying to run a dvd is "Could not read from resource"07:08
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: repost what? i saw what he said. i know it would work on redhat or suse, but ubuntu? donno.07:08
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: something for me to look into now.07:08
Barry_my audigy 2 and logitech usb audio arent working in a fresh install of ubuntu and i updated and still no sound07:09
VvWolverinevVhi i do not want ubuntu to boot with a silent splash, but every time there is an update, that parameter is reset, how can i prevent this?07:09
AtomicSparkBarry_: do you have any drivers listed unchecked in your system > administration >restricted driver manager?07:09
runemasteanyone have any ideas why?07:10
Barry_let me check07:10
studentunable to install?07:10
Barry_yeah nvidia accelerated graphics driver07:10
studenton compaq 6715b laptop07:10
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:10
Rat409AtomicSpark: look in /etc/rc0.d-rc6.d07:10
studentunable to install ubuntu07:11
AtomicSparkBarry_: well you can enable that, wont help your audio issue. is this on board? usb? addon card?07:11
AtomicSparkstudent: settle young padawon. you installed ubuntu on your harddrive?07:11
Barry_i guess the audigy is on board how can i tell?07:12
StamRHallo, i have a problem with an installation . Who can assist?07:12
norml_advocat2rat409 did i mention i install kde but switched back to gdm?07:12
msnaudigy is external i think07:12
norml_advocat2rat409 does that matter?07:12
msnor atleast external card07:12
Barry_its a card pluged into the mother board isent it?07:12
msni mean pci card07:12
Barry_ive lookd inside my case before07:12
studentno live cd installation problems07:12
degresevenHello, I have 3 partitions that were in an lvm volume on a previous installation. How can i reassemble them on a fresh install?07:12
msnformat them degreseven07:13
Rat409norml_advocat2: no unless you used dpkg-reconfigure to use kdm,then if needed from console-login type kdm07:13
msnif you cant that's different07:13
degresevenno, i need the data on them07:13
runemasteany idea why im getting "Could not read from resource" from totem?07:13
AtomicSparkBarry_: that would be a pci card. i guess ubuntu doesn't have a driver for it. odd. of course creative always had crappy drivers *cough*07:13
studentduring install, black screen appears. it says that it is loading many things. but it gets stuck at something like, /etc07:13
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:14
norml_advocat2rat409 i used syn. apt. pack. man.07:14
talcitestudent, what does your dmesg say?07:14
norml_advocat2or yeah07:14
studentunable to install ubuntu on compaq 6715b laptop07:14
AtomicSparkstudent: you tried to run the installer from live cd?07:14
studenti don't remember exactly07:14
norml_advocat2rat409 would you happen to know anything about aircrack-ng?07:14
Rat409norml_advocat2: doesn't matter its whatever dm you call from the console,need root-powers tho kdm,gdm,etc.07:14
studentyes AtomicSpark>07:15
Barry__how can i get my usb audio working07:15
Rat409norml_advocat2: not really,know what it is,no exp. with it.07:15
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: you're alll about being a extreme hacker aren't you?07:15
Riskyso i can confirm that my usb stick is without a doubt /dev/sdb4, but i can't mount it because it says "No such device" - what are my options?07:15
norml_advocat2Elite Ninja Hacker!07:15
Barry__how can i get my usb audio working07:16
StamRWho can Assist with an Installation PROBLEM  ?07:16
Rat409Barry__: sometimes onboard needs to be disabled in bios07:16
Riskylike, i do mount -t vfat /dev/sdb4 /cdrom07:16
corporealdamnit. i was gonna slap him first07:16
norml_advocat2Does anyone know how to use aircrack-ng?07:16
Barry__y wud that matter07:16
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: i've used it before07:17
norml_advocat2atomicspark i just ran it through syn. pack. man. and i dont think it did anything07:17
xTheGoat121xDoes anyone in here have a Celeron M-based laptop?07:17
Rat409Risky: wouldn't mtpoint be /media/cdrom or /mnt/cdrom?07:17
studentyes AtomicSpark???07:18
Barry__ant there anyway to get my logitech usb headset working? id rather have it than my audigy 2 sound07:18
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: you don't want to install it in ubuntu. you should use this live cd. which ill get you a link.07:18
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:18
studenti'm unable to install ubuntu on compaq 6715b laptop07:18
studentduring install, black screen appears. it says that it is loading many things. but it gets stuck at something like, /etc07:18
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:18
norml_advocat2student i was a student once, then i became an elite ninja hacker07:19
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: http://www.remote-exploit.org/backtrack.html07:19
RiskyRat409: does it matter?07:19
Barry__ant there anyway to get my logitech usb headset working? id rather have it than my audigy 2 sound07:19
norml_advocat2atomicspark i think your my new best friend07:19
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: do not use this illegally. kthxbai.07:19
Rat409Barry__: i'd do lsusb then check at alsa.org to find needed kernel-module or ubuntu-wiki07:19
Riskyi think it needs to be /cdrom because thats where the installer looks07:19
norml_advocat2what is kthxbai07:19
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:19
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:20
studentplz helpppppppppppppp07:20
jink1Student: Try makeing a new cd07:20
studentit works on a desktop pc07:20
speeddemon8803!repeat | student07:20
ubotustudent: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:20
studenti got it from ShipIt07:20
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: internet speak. ha. you need to learn ninja hacking skillz. but anyways. 1. its only supported on a few wireless cars, which you probably dont have. 2. to get it working on other cards is almost impossible sometimes requiring custom linux binaries. 3. only works on wep, which nobody should ever, ever use.07:20
jink1some cdroms are picky07:21
norml_advocat2atomicspark ok well its a start do you think it works with a broadcom 43xx?07:21
jink1might be worn/old07:21
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: no.07:21
theo_I was thinking, we could turn the homeless into tires.  So we can use them.. for our cars!07:22
jak_lol theo07:22
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: not even a slight hope of broadcom support. there is a link on there somewhere that says what is supported. mostly aeoros (sp) cards.07:22
runemastewhat doesnt have broadcom support?07:22
norml_advocat2its sumthin to read07:22
jink1Does anyone here use vmware?07:23
bipoino one07:23
AtomicSparknorml_advocat2: basically you'll be buying a pcmci (wow i dont even remember what this is called) card for your laptop if you want to use it. or a usb one. no internal.07:23
jimlayI have an ubuntu 32bit setup w/ encrypted root (setup with 7.10 upgraded to hardy) and I wanted to test try 64bit ubuntu. In the install of the 64bit ubuntu I told it that the encrypted partition was encrypted and tried to mount it. I carefully read everything to make sure it wasn't going to clobber anything. Eventually I got to a screen where I couldn't mount the partition w/o formatting it - even though I'd used the same partition. Anyway,07:23
AtomicSparkjink1: i used to use vmware when i was mostly on windows.07:23
jimlayWho should I talk to about this? Cause this is super not ok.07:23
jimlay(the clobbering the partition without the warning that "pressing yes will destroy an encrypted partition if there is one now"07:24
samuel_How to install microphone on ubuntu ?07:24
norml_advocat2atomicspark i dont think im gonna buy anything until i get a job :-)07:24
jink1Mine just stopped working. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem07:24
AtomicSparkjimlay: the whole point of the encryption is so nobody can mount it randomly. you'll have to unencrypt it somehow before using it.07:24
jimlay) I had the strong impression I was performing a reversable operation - aka "trying to mount"07:24
AtomicSparkjimlay: if you used encrypted lvm, i don't think there is an undo option.07:25
pawanhow to edit and save menu.lst07:25
jink1I believe it was an update that broke it07:25
demonsporkwhy are so many of the people in here running irssi07:26
jimlayAtomicSpark: I completely understand this. I instructed the setup to setup the encrypted device using the same crypt key that I had before expecting that the block device would then contain my xfs partition.07:26
Gregmondpawan:  sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst07:26
norml_advocat2domonspork what is irssi?07:26
jimlay(that's a bit wordy)07:26
pawanthanks want to change hd1 to hd0 how07:27
norml_advocat2what is irssi?07:27
Rat409pawan: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst,save file07:27
Rat409norml_advocat2: text-mode irc client07:28
norml_advocat2thankyou rat07:28
norml_advocat2and on that note it is this elite ninja hacker in trainings bed time07:28
jak_irc noob question:  i type "/join #python" and nothin happens... any ideas?  thanks07:28
jak_im in xchat07:29
demon_sporkjak_, that channel requires that you identify with nickserv07:29
notyetaHey, all, i wanna find a part-time job, anybody can give me some suggestion?07:29
norml_advocat2so if i see you out here again which is likely i will secretly hack into you system and then find out where you live and silently kill you07:29
jak_Thanks demon_spork07:29
AtomicSparkjimlay: so you're saying that since you made the key the same as the other drive, you should beable to see it?07:30
jak_anyone know how to register with nickserv?  (supa n00b here)07:33
credible!register | jak_07:33
ubotujak_: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.07:33
jak_!register | jak_07:34
miguelitohey guys can someone help me?07:34
demon_spork!ask miguelito07:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask miguelito - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:34
demon_spork!ask | miguelito07:34
ubotumiguelito: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:34
=== jak_ is now known as jakswa
TensopGuys, anyone know of a file in /proc or command that shows the current stats for the cpu(eg idle/user/nill/wait) ?07:35
EADGTensop: top07:35
Tensopthat isnt top :)07:35
Tensopi want to >> the output to a .htm07:36
jimlayAtomicSpark: no. I told the setup utility (textmode - I don't know the name) to use the hda5 partion as a luks crypt device just like I had the first time (same partition) and when it asked for the key I gave it the same key. I feel I've narrowed down what happened - and I'm pretty sure that when I said "use this as an encrypted partition" it went ahead and ran luksFormat on the block device w/o notifying me that it was doing it. I assumed i07:36
Tensoptop would be a cpu intensive way of doing it07:36
pawanhow to install oracle on ubuntu07:36
EADGTensop: oh, ahh.07:36
miguelitoi am using windows right now but i have dual boot.  i was was using ubuntu earlier for the first time im months and the internet was working fine.  (i use a wireless network adapter). I was told to upgrade because there was an upgrade so i did.  when i restarted, i couldnt connect to the internet.  ive tried every logical combination in the network settings.07:37
jimlayAtomicSpark, are you familiar with luks/crypto stuff? My real question is how do I figure out who maintains that bit of the installation scripts - or what mailinglist/forum do they communicate on.07:37
jimlay(this is happening on the alt install cd)07:37
jink1miguelito: do you know was wireless card is in your laptop?07:38
miguelitoim using a desktop07:38
jimlayTensop: there is a package that does sysinfo -> cgi very well.07:38
jink1What brand is the Wireless?07:38
miguelitoim using it right now but it doesnt work in ubuntu after the update.  its a linksys07:38
pawanhow to install oracle on ubuntu07:38
jimlayyou prorably don't actually want to be writing your own system monitor. parsing the system load data in proc can be a bitch.07:38
miguelitocan anyone help me with that?07:40
jink1miguelito: you may need to use ndiswrapper. Get the exact model of the card and try and search the forum07:40
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miguelitowhat is ndiswrapper?07:41
=== jakswa_ is now known as jakswa
bashcahi there all07:41
jink1miguelito: its a kernel mod that allows you to use windows drivers07:41
miguelitook i just read about it.  how can i download it if i cant get online when im in ubuntu?07:42
=== jakswa is now known as jakswa_
jink1miguelito: Use a jump drive or floppy07:42
=== jakswa_ is now known as jakswa
miguelitocould i just save it on my computer and access it from ubuntu?07:43
jink1Miguelito: are you dual booting?07:43
pawanhow to install oracle on ubuntu07:43
alexwhey all07:44
alexwi have a issue07:44
^futurohi to all07:44
alexwi am trying to use wpa_passphrase07:44
tom17bombadil_2i cant fetch my mail via smtp any more with evolution07:44
alexwbut my passphrase has a \ etc07:44
alexwis there a way to enclose this07:44
^futuroI cant find ubuntu 7.04 for my notebook07:44
^futurocan we help me?07:44
alexwit keeps showing >07:45
miguelitoyes i am dual booting but that doesnt matter.  my wireless internet worked until i restarted my computer after the update to 7.10 from 7.407:45
unikon Has anyone dealt with the new Front End Gui for Nmap called Zenmap yet and if so  is it any better than the other Guis that are already out now currently?07:45
tom17bombadil_2i read vague hints about bugs with updated evolutuion-versions.07:46
tom17bombadil_2who knows about that?07:46
jink1 Sure if you can access your windows partition from ubuntu then you can just save it07:46
tom17bombadil_2i use Evolution 2.10.1 on a 07.04 feisty07:46
RampdogMP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC------------Anyone familiar with this? I'm having problems with 5-10sec stalls on Ubuntu 7.10---trying to figure out if this msg I get at boot may be linked07:47
miguelitoyes i can jlink.  can i talk to u in another window so its not so confusing?07:47
miguelitobecause i have one other question which im sure u know the answer to07:47
^futuroDo you know amilo li 1705?07:47
jink1I suggest searching the forum. Im sure someone else has had the some issue.07:48
JoshFi am trying to generate a wpa hex key, yet the key i am using contains \ and it keeps showing up > new lines every time, how can i make it so i can enclose these I have tried ""07:48
jink1Havent reg my nick yet so I cant PM07:48
^futuroHello everyone,07:48
JoshFe.g. wpa_passphrase essid mykey\33432307:49
NickDangr starchat07:49
^futuroUbuntu 7.10 on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo LI 1705?07:49
miguelitoyes you can07:49
StarnestommyJoshF: does replacing the \ with a \\ work?07:49
miguelitoi just pmed you.  look up top07:49
JoshFi will give it a try one sec07:49
hw00djohnhey, i'm trying to use tor privoxy and i'm having some trouble.  I installed it using "sudo apt-get install tor privoxy" and then installed the add-on to firefox.  now i'm not sure of what i need to do.  any help?07:49
JoshFstill wants to goto a new line07:50
miguelitook so i downloaded ndiswrapper and its a .tar file.  how do i work with that in unbuntu?07:50
Tensoptry replacing the \ with 2 \'s, and putting a " on each end07:50
JoshFso e.g.07:51
JoshF\ is now \'\'07:51
JoshFso "07:51
JoshFso "hey\'\'you"07:51
Tensopwpa_passphrase essid "mykey\\334323"07:52
Tensopnot too sure whether that will work07:52
jink1miguelito: read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper07:52
Tensopperhaps just remove the \ from the wpa box you're trying to authenticate with ;)07:52
JoshFthat means changing 25 pc's :P07:52
ariyakoi got problem with network on ubuntu 7.1007:52
Tensopsurely networkmanager in gnome/kde can do the wpa auth for you JoshF :)07:53
JoshFi need it @ boot time07:53
Tensopah hmm07:53
JoshFas it is a server07:53
JoshFnetworkmanager turns on at login time07:53
Tensopdoes the key HAVE to be generated on that server07:54
Tensopeg can you do it on a wpa key generator website07:54
JoshFlooking for that07:54
JoshFthanks mate07:54
TensopLinux is full of niggly shit like that JoshF - theres a way to do it... but i cant remember :)07:55
JoshFyeh i always encounter it when i get to \07:55
hiddensoulTensop, maybe if he used the HEX value for the key instead of the ascii value07:55
JoshFi might ask #linux07:55
JoshFhiddensoul im trying to generate a hex value07:55
yao_ziyuanif a linux distro aims to conquer the world's desktop,07:55
yao_ziyuanit must appeal to app developers07:55
yao_ziyuanand the best way to that,07:55
yao_ziyuanis to support cross-platform open-source RAD tools like Lazarus and Code::Blocks07:55
JoshFfor /etc/network/interfaces07:55
hiddensoulOh ok JoshF07:56
alexwjust wondering07:57
alexwi get a box come up every time i login07:57
alexwfor keyring manager07:57
alexwi recently changed my password for my user account, it asks for my password but only accepts my old password07:57
Flyerfyehere we call that an epic phail07:58
jamesrdornSystem>Administration>Keyring Manager07:58
TaraHello, I have a keyboard which has a volume knob on it but unfortunately after I installed the newest version 7.10, turning the knob does not affect the sound anymore (the little volume indicator pops up, but the sound is unaffected).  So far I'm only able to change volume through the program itself.  I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can get my keyboard to work again?07:59
jamesrdornmost likely for your wifi network key?07:59
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hotmonkeyluvI've been looking online and I can't find if there is anything like the mac 'dashboard' for ubuntu. Is there?08:00
hw00djohnhow do i close firefox if it froze?08:01
jamesrdornhotmonkeyluv: if you use the newest kubuntu KDE4 has a widgets option. in development they anounced that it would be apple dashboard compatable08:01
Pete_BI'm used to Debian rather than Ubuntu. A friend tells me Ubuntu's tasksel's lamp option does a load of integration / setup things that installing the packages separately doesn't. Where can I read about what extra setup it does? or can anyone tell me please?08:02
miguelitoHow do I get root?08:02
jamesrdornhw00djohn, the best way for people that do not know their way around linux yet is to open the terminal "Applications>Accessories>Terminal08:02
jamesrdornand type08:02
hotmonkeyluvjamesrdorn: what about if i use gnome?08:02
jamesrdornthen click on the firefox window08:02
jamesrdornand poof, it's gone08:02
FloodBot2jamesrdorn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:02
jamesrdornhotmonkeyluv, never even tried it to be honest.08:02
Flyerfyeso who is the admin here?08:03
hotmonkeyluvthanks anyways!08:03