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Keybukthe hardest point of installing a new computer14:12
Keybukpicking a name for it14:12
ion_I pick names from Pan Sonic’s discography.14:14
Keybukmine are computer games14:15
Keybukthe trouble is, it's a very large selection of names to choose from14:15
Keybukgrand-theft-auto is too long :-(14:21
ion_alku, vaihe, luotain, aines, hapatus, tela (translation: beginning, phase, probe, substance, sour, platen). Nice, short names. :-)14:21
ion_gta? :-)14:21
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Keybukstart service FOO=bar16:48
Keybukpretty obvious that FOO=bar in pre-start, post-start and main16:48
Keybukstop service FOO=baz16:48
Keybukdoes FOO=bar or FOO=baz in pre-stop and post-stop? :)16:48
Keybuk...I think it should override17:31
Keybukstart apache SITE=netsplit.com DEBUG=no17:31
Keybukstop --id 1234 DEBUG=yes17:31
Keybukif the environment is coming from events, rather than manual, it will match anyway17:31
* Keybuk thinks further22:03
Keybukstart apache SITE=netsplit.com DEBUG=no22:03
Keybuk(job #1234)22:03
Keybukstop --id 123422:03
Keybukstart --id 1234 DEBUG=yes22:03
Keybukstop --id 123422:03
Keybukstart --id 123422:04
Keybukwhat should the value of $DEBUG be?22:04
Keybukthat's pretty obvious when I write it22:05
Keybukit shouldn't depend on the timing between the commands22:05

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