holoTheSheep: Yes, of couse, i can verify the checksum. Are you still there?00:56
Dirtywhat livily room01:28
holoanyway.. I don't need to verify the checksum01:32
holoI know its corrupt01:32
holoI wget -c the iso, it was interrupted in the middle, and then resumed manually01:32
holosometimes, don't know why, I get corrupted content01:33
hologuess I wasn't lucky this time01:33
holook, I will check it, or I won't sleep well01:33
holo8a6e05a36ff5098ece6e3d28ad3b279a  xubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso01:38
holostrange, it matches the md5 checksum in the site01:38
holothis one: 8a6e05a36ff5098ece6e3d28ad3b279a *xubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso01:38
holoThere is a very small probability that this corruption didn't get noticed my the md5 checksum algorithm01:39
holoi'm out of clues to my problem01:39
holoanyone knows a very fast server from which I cand download this again?01:40
zoredacheholo: if you have a fast internet connection, then you could download the mini.iso and isntall from the internet01:41
holozoredache: my internet connection fluctuates between extremely fast and extremly slow with great packet loss. But anyway, does that one have already X pre-installed?01:42
zoredacheholo:  the mini.iso is an 8mb image that comes with absolutly nothing, but you can install anything you want from it01:42
holoI used alot of netinstalls from minimal cd back in debian times.. i also had alot of spare time at that time for configuring things manually. anyway, the cluttered cds also didn't have X pre-configured, so everything ended up being the same.01:45
holoin this situation i have to balance the time of getting this configured correctly or just download a fully/integrated environment out-of-the-bok01:45
holoand this is going to be ran in a bochs layer, so it will be not only slow because i have to configure it manually, but the whole system is slow01:46
zoredachewhy bochs?  why not one of the other faster vm technologies?01:48
holozoredache: give me an option.01:48
zoredachexen, ....  what is your guest os?01:50
holozoredache: vmware: I have to create the vmware image which can only be created in vmawre workstation, which is not free. I have to create account, download it manually and I can only use it for a limited period of time right? I will make serious work in these vms for a long period of time01:51
holoparallels, i have to check that one01:51
holozoredache: are you referring to this?: http://www.parallels.com/01:52
holothis is mac software it seems.01:52
zoredacheholo: there are free versions of vmware... (vmware player, and vmware server)  I have been using vmware server on my workstation for a couple years01:52
holozoredache: do any of those versions provide facility for creating vmware image?01:53
zoredachevmware server does01:53
holozoredache: super!01:53
zoredachewith vmware player, you can download a blank vm off the interweb then use that too01:53
zoredacheso for vmware player, use http://www.easyvmx.com/ to create a blank vm01:54
holozoredache: can I install an OS in a blank image with vmware player?01:54
holook zoredache, you bring me good news01:54
zoredacheit isn't quite as easy but it can be done01:55
zoredacheof course xen, virtualbox, or uml, are also options01:55
zoredacheI am most familiar with vmware though... I have been using it since 199901:55
zoredachefor the other vm options check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_virtual_machines01:56
holozoredache: I know vmware is good.. i will stick to it01:57
holoa state of the art tool01:57
holonow back to work!01:58
holothank you very much zoredache, you saved me alot of time01:58
* TD-Linux sees no point in vmware player02:14
TD-Linuxvmware server works just as good :D02:14
holo /usr/bin/vmplayer: 166: cannot open /etc/vmware/locations: No such file02:17
holonow this is a good start02:17
holoI see no ending in my hacking into others mistakes life02:18
Technoid_Indiahi every one...02:19
Technoid_Indiacan i know whats the minimum configration to install xubuntu ???02:20
Technoid_Indiazoredache: Hi02:20
holoTechnoid_India: I don't know, because I didn't check in in the page. Did you check it? anyway, tell me which CPU and memory and maybe I can see if you can02:40
Technoid_Indiaholo: i am goin to install ubuntu my old pc >> P4 - 128MB RAM - 40GB Harddrive...02:41
zoredache128 is on the slim side, but it may run.  You'll probably need to use the alternate-installer02:42
Technoid_Indiazoredache: yes..bro..i will be using alternate installer...02:45
Technoid_Indiaso how is xubuntu different frm ubuntu ???02:46
Technoid_Indian what file system should i use ???02:46
holoTechnoid_India: yes, because livecd takes too much ram, go for alternate install.. xfce is pretty light.. also consider a 2.4 kernel.. it consumes less ram02:46
Technoid_Indiaext3 ???02:47
holoTechnoid_India: ext3 is the slowest filesystem, go for reiserfs02:47
holoof course, just my humble opinion02:47
Technoid_Indiaholo: so will it run smoothly on my pc....???02:47
holoTechnoid_India: I own a amd 64 dual core or something xpto.. sometimes i think it doesn't run smoothly.. do you expect me to say that from those specs?02:48
Technoid_Indian does it supports all ubuntu packeges???02:48
holoTechnoid_India: yes, the repositories are the same02:49
Technoid_Indiaholo: i have a high end rig to bro....02:49
Technoid_Indiabut im just tryin my luck on this old crap pc...02:49
holoits may not be crap pc.. it wasn't some years ago.. the pc is still the same, but maybe more used02:50
holobut still the same, so it should do what what it did some years ago02:50
Technoid_Indiacan i use all the application (packages) that i used to run on ubuntu ???02:50
holoTechnoid_India: yes you can. but don't run kde on it02:51
holoor gnome02:51
holoit would sound stupid :)02:51
Technoid_Indiakde - gnome apps ???02:51
holoyes you can02:51
Technoid_Indiaholo: so i can do all my studio work on xubuntu...02:52
holodunno, but I supose you run every app you ran in ubuntu02:52
holoexcept maybe for configuration tools of gnome02:52
Technoid_Indiaaudio/video >> recording n editing stuff ???02:52
holoTechnoid_India: take it easy.. you should now more about your work than me02:53
Technoid_Indiathen i will be sticking to xubuntu for this old pc....02:53
Technoid_Indiaholo: thanx brother...for ur help..02:54
holoxubuntu is mainly a window manager alternative, window managers manage windows, that' all.. don't give so much importance to it02:54
Technoid_Indiawhy soo...02:54
Technoid_Indiathat mens that i should stick to ubuntu...02:55
holobecause its a window manager! its not about the applications you ran before02:55
holothe main important thing is that if you ran linux applications, they will still run in xubuntu, because xubuntu is a linux distribution02:55
Technoid_Indiathis #channel isnt crowded enough !!!02:55
holoTechnoid_India: depends on requirements, gnome is much more than a window manager (someone correct me if i'm wrong) and pretty damm heavy02:56
holoso with that machine i wouldn't run gnome, or better said, ubuntu version desktop02:56
Technoid_Indiaholo: yes bro..gnome is damn Heavy...i tried to run ubuntu dextop installer on some new machines wid 256mb.... but it would take 15-25minutes to load the desktop itself....03:00
holojust the destkop? strange.. not even livecds take so much time03:01
holoanyway, yes, gnome is heavy, kde is heavy, xfce is not03:01
holobut don't expect to have the same level of integrated features in xfce03:02
holoeverything comes with a but03:02
Technoid_Indiaholo: but.... what ???03:02
holokde for example has lots of features that make him being used by power users.. you can tweak anything03:03
holowith very user friendly interfaces03:04
eldalionis there a reason why xubuntu doesn't push for latest kernels like (k)ubuntu?03:04
holognome is know by its usability, and is also very powerfull03:04
holoxfce is very modular and light.. don't expect to have your life so easy if you want to tweak alot of things03:05
holoeldalion: i don't have any experience in xubuntu, but I can say that if the repos are the same, you can pull whatever kernel kubuntu users pull03:06
eldalionthat's what i did, upgraded to 2.6.24, just wondered why it didn't come automatically03:07
holoTechnoid_India: by releaning a xfce only distribution of ubuntu, users can have a even more pleasant desktop experience because of all the work that is put by developers in configuring and integrating the various tools of this fine window manager03:08
TD-Linuxubuntu 7.10 doesn't have 2.6.2403:09
eldalionTD-Linux: yes, confused with the alpha03:09
j1mcan ok article talking about suggestions for Xfce here: http://beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&2008/02/18/13/05/37-what-is-xfce-still-needing-to-be03:38
j1mcthing that's different about xfce is that it's only about 5 or 6 core guys who work on it in their spare time.03:38
j1mcit's not like gnome which has the backing of corporations and stuff.03:39
holoTheSheep: when you are here read this: I loaded the same xubuntu image with vmware, and it works.. looks like it was bochs fault somehow.. amazing!03:51
cagHey, quick question05:00
cagIs there command that could reset my xfce settings?05:00
cagBecause I can see the neither the top or bottom taskbar05:00
cagthanks for none of your help05:07
Alex_001hey guys!, just want to ask if samba is installed as the same as ubuntu 7.10?05:38
Alex_001by default I mean05:38
zoredacheno it isn't installed by default05:39
zoredachebut installing it is pretty easy05:40
Alex_001i see05:40
zoredacheare you looking to setup a server, or just client stuff?05:40
zoredacheanyway to get everything do the following in a terminal --  sudo apt-get install samba smbfs smbclient fusesmb'05:41
Alex_001'cause I'm planning to migrate to xubuntu from a zenwalk linux cause I couldn't get samba working there on my laptop and I couldn't browse my windows network05:41
zoredacheyou understand that xfce has no integrated network browser?05:42
Alex_001just want to browse my windows network so I coould transfer files back and forth05:42
zoredacheyou can user you network, but you cannot browse it with xfce05:43
Alex_001what to install then after I install samba some sort of network browser?05:43
Alex_001my laptop is an old p3 750Mhz and I couldn't get ubuntu boot from there it just froze05:44
zoredacheif you are looking just to browse you don't need samba, that is a server.  There are several howtos that descibe setting up afuse and fusesmb05:44
zoredachefor example... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413105:45
Alex_001does that same applies to zenwalk 5?05:46
zoredachewell I suspect there are similar things you could do on zenwalk,  I doubt the steps are exacltly the same...  I have never used it so I can't really answer that05:48
Alex_001i see05:49
Alex_001thanks for the info05:49
jared_Hey, is XFCE 4.2 faster or slower than XFCE 4.4?10:36
TheSheepjared_: faster to do what?10:36
jared_erm, use?10:39
jared_internet pretty much10:39
jared_coz im using a slow machine atm10:39
jared_and I got a lot faster going from GNOME to XFCE 4.210:40
TheSheepjared_: I'm afraid you cannot browse www with xfce, you usually use firefox or some other browser for that10:41
jared_using the internet on XFCE is a lot faster than on GNOME10:43
jared_what I asked is if it would be faster to go to 4.4, or stay on 4.210:43
TheSheepI can assure you that xfce doesn't affect your internet speed10:45
TheSheepso it should be the same for both of them10:45
jared_im not an idiot10:46
jared_I've done a CISCO course on networking and fundamental computing10:46
jared_and I know that my computer is a hell of a lot faster with XFCE than it was with GNOME, including internet usage10:47
jared_so I asked a simple question10:47
jared_is XFCE 4.4 faster or slower than 4.4?10:47
jared_*faster or slower than 4.2?10:48
TheSheepjared_: I'm sorry but I'm too stupid to understand your simple question. Maybe there is someone else here who would know. Sorry for introducing confusion.10:48
jared_ur a dick10:49
DarthShrineNot quite sure where the relationship between xfce/gnome and internet speed is..10:50
TheSheepmemory use probably10:51
TheSheepand caching10:51
DarthShrineI still don't buy it xD10:52
TheSheep"speed" is a very simple and obvious term that has no sense in computers :)10:53
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minohi :) how can i hide drive icons from my desktop?12:44
minono one a idea??12:46
TheSheepmino: settings->desktop settings->behavior12:49
TheSheepmino: the "show icons for" section12:49
minoTheSheep: but my created icons also get hidden... i only want to hide this auto generated12:52
TheSheepmino: use the checkboxes below12:53
minoif i use them its get ignored.. i can set only removable devices but i doesnt make any difference12:53
minoTheSheep: must i restart restart xfce or somehting?12:54
TheSheepmino: disable and enable the 'let xfce manage my desktop' at the top12:54
TheSheepmino: this is an annoying bug12:54
minoyeah really anoying also you must check the /trash box and disable and enable the upper box, then uncheck /trash and the trash link is gone12:57
TheSheepmino: it's going to be completely rewritten for xfce 4.6 though :)12:59
Technoid_IndiaHi Everyone !!!15:05
Technoid_Indiaany body here !!!15:07
TheSheepjust us, mice15:10
Technoid_IndiaTheSheep: can i know whats the basic requirements to install xubuntu ???15:12
Technoid_Indiaare the command same...as v use in ubuntu (apt get, sudo apt get)....15:15
Technoid_Indiaso whats the difference between ubuntu n xubuntu...??? window manager??15:16
Technoid_IndiaTheSheep: n i can use all the software i used on my ubuntu workstation !!!15:17
TheSheepthe window manager, the panels, file manager, etc., the default set of applications and the default settings15:17
TheSheepyes, you can even install ubuntu, xubuntu and kubuntu all at once and switch between them at the login screen15:17
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minohi i just plugin my headset, the sound of the boxes is still there and also on the headset :/ but i want only sound on my headset17:52
minoi already checked the mixer, there are only master and pcm + mic rulers... no difference between boxes(builtin) and headset17:53
maxamillionmino: sound issues are kinda sketchy ... you might need to search around wiki.ubuntu.com for alsa configuration18:03
maxamillionholo: hello18:03
holothe installer is prompting me to cd118:03
holoI don't want to put cd118:03
holoI want to withraw to mainmenu18:04
holobut I can't.. how can i do this?18:04
holohello maxamillion18:04
holois there any forcing method to go to main menu?18:06
holoif not, this seems a installer missing option18:07
zoredachewhat installer are you using, where are you at?18:09
zoredachehave you tried pressing ctrl-c18:09
=== maxamillion is now known as notMax
holoi'm at prompt for first cd18:15
holohe is stupid suddenly he doesn't know he loaded himself18:15
holothe problem is i'm running this in vm18:15
holoso it brings me some problems18:15
TheSheepholo: did you have problems with the language menu previously?18:16
holoTheSheep: those problems didn't happen anymore since i changed from bochs -> vmware18:16
TheSheepholo: it would be probably still nice to report them18:16
holoI'm still installing though.. but at a higher step18:16
holoTheSheep: the problem is that I don't know where18:16
holowhere does this bug belong?18:17
TheSheep!bugs | holo18:17
ubotuholo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:17
holoI alreaady informed #bochs about this18:17
TheSheepholo: fill it against the installer or the xubuntu as a whole18:17
TheSheepholo: probably better fro the installer18:17
holoi'm also having now random hangs inside vmware18:20
holoso i made replication and survival of the fitest, to gurantee it goes to the end18:20
hololike 6 vms working at the same time with 64MB each18:21
holoi had no other choice.. it just hangs, and always at different places18:22
TheSheeplater you can pit them against each other in dos attacks ;)18:22
holobut it seems that since i made the replication, it doesn't hang anymore.. but i'm sticking to the model18:22
holoanyway, this seems evil influence, i don't find other reason18:22
TheSheepmaybe your iso was cursed?18:23
holoTheSheep: the ones that get further survive, others just die (removed)18:23
holoTheSheep: maybe not cursed, but maybe my negative thought about being successfull in this task, bring bad events18:24
holoeven the impossible events can, will and already happened. my influence will make them probable of happening to me18:25
holothe impossible events will hide themselves behind the laws we established for the universe, so we will never see them unless we adequate the laws18:26
* TheSheep brings an Occam's razor18:27
holoone of the vm's apparently died.. i was getting worried :)18:28
holozoredache: ctrl+c doesn't work18:29
holoneither in the prompt, nor when imediatly after I prompt an invalid path18:30
zoredacheholo: have you considered that maybe your hardware is failing?  If you are getting hang ups and weird behavior as frequently as you are describing then I would suggest you run memory test followed by a hard disk diagnostic18:32
TheSheepholo: you can switch to a shell with alt+f218:35
holocan I dot memtest on boot and hd diagnostic with mounted partitions?18:36
holo*memtest after boot18:36
holoTheSheep: ehm.. I have X terminals18:36
holoTheSheep: and its actually ctrl+alt+f2 from X18:36
TheSheepholo: it's alt+f2 in text mode18:38
holoTheSheep: yes, how do you think I am in text mode if I'm running 6 VM's?18:39
TheSheepholo: the vms are in text mode18:40
TheSheepholo: there ashould be some way to send alt+f2 to them18:40
holoTheSheep: sorry, I thought you were saying that in the host OS18:41
holook, a moment18:41
holook, i'm in busybox18:42
holothanks alot TheSheep18:42
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holoTheSheep: this is funny: one of the replicas that survived diddn't ask for the CD.. this is really ?uc??dup.. do you believe now my theories??19:38
holoi'm now in xubuntu login19:40
holovery nice sensation after this battle19:40
isuldoes google earth run on xubuntu?19:49
marchisul: http://www.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.ubuntuusers.de%2FGoogle_Earth&langpair=de%7Cen&hl=en&ie=ASCII19:51
marchYou're welcome!19:53
isuloh wow20:13
marchAlready installed google earth?20:13
isulI installed it, but when I ran it for the first time it logged me off20:13
isulthat was wierd20:14
marchthat's odd :/20:14
isullooked like it was going to work.  the splash screen came up, but then I was back at xubuntu login20:14
march3D-acceleration is working?20:18
isulyeah I was just thinking that.  maybe integrated SiS video chip doesn't meet opengl requirements for google earth?20:18
isulthat doesn't seem right either though, because the opposite is true on windows.  opengl will work with this gpu while directx doesn't20:21
marchHave you Compiz activated?20:21
isulumm, I dunno20:22
marchdisable it if it's activated20:24
marchThis may help20:24
holoI can say that desktop xubuntu is a much more pleasant experience than kubuntu20:50
holoin kubuntu I always have a colesterol feeling20:50
isullike when you have eaten too many french fries?20:51
holoand a hamburger full of that white sauce20:55
holoI think my mood can be improved in xubuntu20:55
holowhen I am mounting samba shares with pyneihborhood, it fails to mount21:02
holowhat can be happening here?21:02
holoit sees the shares, but then it doesn't mount them21:02
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penneyHi all: I'm getting crackly audio in my xfce based Ubuntu.  It seems to only happen with videos, but I've basically uninstalled all my questionable codecs and only have gstreamer stuff left... I think it may be an alsa/oss issue I'm sort of a n00b when it comes to this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?21:32
encrypt128bit_anyone know if compiz fusion works with XFCE?22:07
eldalionyes it does22:07
encrypt128bit_is there any special insall ways or can i install it just like unbuntu?22:07
eldalionsame as ubuntu22:08
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encrypt128bitSo im trying to install xubuntu, its failing to install the kernel and on tty4 im reading this: (apt-install:  Failed to fetch cdrom:[Xubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbion_ - Release i386 (20071016)]/pool/l/linux-source-2.6.22/linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic_2.6.22-14.46_i386.deb Hash Sum mismatch <-- that mean my cd is probably corrupt? =p22:20
ron_oencrypt128bit, it looks like it.22:36
ron_othe thing is there might not be a real way of testing it to know for sure. I just d/l another one or reburn it if it md5s correctly.22:37
encrypt128bitthe md5 was fine on the iso22:38
ron_oI thought that ubuntu has a way of checking the cd for defects, but I guess you at least have to boot some in order to get to that point. :/22:38
encrypt128bitand i checked the cd though the ubuntu check, and it said it was fine too22:38
TheSheepencrypt128bit: there is an optin at boot to check the cd for defects22:38
encrypt128bityea i did that22:38
encrypt128bitit didnt find any defects22:38
ron_ohmm, just repeat everything again  before worrying too much.22:38
TheSheepthen it should be fine22:38
TheSheepmaybe the cd drive had a hiccup?22:39
ron_othere are just so many possible scenarios to know for sure why it failed. My old computer wouldn't fricking read some CDs even though once I had an OS installed it worked fine.22:40
ron_onever figured that one out.22:40
encrypt128bitsee this all goes back to my original problem, heh. what do you think this means?22:42
encrypt128bitthats a photo of my screen with the error message its giving me22:42
encrypt128bitwell, its pretty much the same as what the cd gives me, that was actually when i was using unetbootin to install ubuntu22:43
encrypt128bitbut i get this error every time i install no matter what i install from22:43
ron_oare you doing a network install?23:06
encrypt128biton that screen shot i was using unetbootin23:08
encrypt128bitso i was installing from the internet i guess23:09
ron_oUNetbootin is a simple open source tool that allows you to install a variety of distributions over the Internet, without burning a CD.23:09
ron_oyah, network install as it's said.23:09
ron_oI don't know why it's failing. But you should just try the normal CD install. Reburn it if you have to, Burn it DAO, at the slowest speed possible.23:10
ron_oalways burn ISOs Dics at once, or DAO.23:11
encrypt128biti always do.23:13
encrypt128bitfor some reason it just isnt working... want me to show you what its doing right now with my cd?23:14
encrypt128bitron_o uploading a photo, link in a second23:20
encrypt128bitron_o: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a238/jfiorini/linux%20install/100_1349.jpg23:21
encrypt128bitthats installing from the cd right now23:21
ron_oit's an md5sum mismatch. Don't know what to tell you besides my advice already given.23:22
ron_othat sux when that happens.23:22
encrypt128bityea, i know... but the cd checker from this cd doesnt detect any faults23:23
ron_omaybe try another *ubuntu version and see if anything changes.23:23
encrypt128bitand the md5 checks out on the iso23:23
encrypt128bitive tried ubuntu and kubuntu same thing happens every time.23:23
encrypt128bitand ive used two different cd burners. *sigh*23:23
ron_osorry about that. I've been there too. It's totally frustrating. :/23:23
encrypt128bityea, totally.23:24
encrypt128bitif i could buy a hard drive with xubuntu already on it, i totoally would.23:24
ron_oyou like xubuntu that much?23:24
ron_oxfce is great.23:25
encrypt128bitI just heard ubuntu was a good build, i saw xfce on a friends computer i like it23:25
encrypt128bityou know ive even tried installing fedora 8, and it doesnt work.23:26
ron_ofor just an OS that does about anything you want, with a lot of help. *Ubuntu is for you.23:26
encrypt128bitI just think linux hates this machine23:26
ron_oit could be your hardware.23:26
encrypt128biti dont see what would be wrong though, or what could be messing the install up.23:27
ron_olike I said, an old machine I had would and then wouldn't install linux. It was so frustrating.23:27
encrypt128bitIm on a newer machine though23:27
ron_ointel mobo?23:27
encrypt128bitP4, a gig of ram, geforce 680023:27
ron_othe thing is xubuntu has the latest kernel so you shouldn't have problems there. On this machine I found out I needed a kernal above 2.6.20 in order for me to install.23:28
ron_obut your machine is probably older than 6 months.23:28
encrypt128bithttp://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=59642&d=1202995686 my system specs in that file23:30
encrypt128biti have a epox motherboard23:30
ron_oi need to log in in order to see it. I lost my account info. :/23:31
encrypt128bit_Epox EP-4PLA(I)23:33
encrypt128bit_thats my motherboard.23:33
encrypt128bit_*shrug* havent heard of any problems with it, but maybe no one else has one using ubuntu23:33
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ron_oyou could try updating your BIOS.23:35
encrypt128bitI've looked into it, but im unsure of where to find a newer bios23:36
encrypt128bitespecially one that you can get for free23:36
encrypt128bitall i can find are places that want to sell you a bios upgrade23:36
ron_olook there for your mobo.23:37
ron_owhat happened on my new system was that the CDs couldn't find my CD/DVD player, which meant it couldn't insgtall.23:37

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