* HedgeMage pokes ogra / ogra_cmpc gently, checking if he's awake02:18
HedgeMagehi ogra03:45
LaserJockI think he's asleep03:46
HedgeMagewhat's up, LaserJock ?03:46
LaserJockI could be wrong since he's like always around, but it's 4 or 5am his time03:47
LaserJockoh, just trying to get some things done03:47
LaserJockhad a new laser installed today, very exciting03:47
HedgeMageI can never keep track of who's in which time zone03:47
HedgeMagefun :)03:47
achandrashekarhello.after posting to edubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu-server Im still having a heck of a time with ldap auth with ltsp. It appears a bug that has been around since Dapper is STILL not resolved. As a result it makes it VERY difficult to promote edubuntu in an Infrastructure environment. Does anyone have a solution or work around for the libnss bug which causes a klog daemon lock up during boot?08:14
johnnywell, try a newer version that isn't already with dapper?08:15
achandrashekarim using 7.1008:15
achandrashekarthere is no newer version with ltsp08:15
johnnyoh.. you're using gutsy, but the bug was from dapper?08:16
johnnyyou need to stick it out perhaps.. and come on here during their normal hours :)08:16
johnnybut is there a newer version that isn't in gutsy even?08:16
johnnynot ltsp, but libnss08:16
achandrashekarthat is a good question...i suppose there may be a deb out there that I can upgrade to..and see what happens08:17
achandrashekarwho knows what dependencies it will break though08:17
johnnybackups are good08:18
achandrashekarI cant imagine though...that people who want to use such things as SMBLDAP for other things would "just wait it out"08:18
achandrashekarespecially when ubuntu is making a public push to be "enterprise ready"08:18
johnnyit seems that you're blazing a trail here.. using something a subset of a subset of a subset of what people want08:18
achandrashekarya know?08:18
johnnysure, but they aren't perfect08:19
achandrashekarwhy blazing a trail? Its a setup that is in the wiki08:19
johnnythat's why canoncial has a support contract option :)08:19
achandrashekarand across two how to's that are posted08:19
johnnyi wouldn't know.. i've never done anything like that, nor am i affiliated with canoncial either08:19
achandrashekaryeah...i get the picture... just very frustrating..08:20
johnnybut this is truly why they have a contract option08:20
achandrashekarit sits in the bug cue...08:20
johnnyjust wanted to mention that, in case you thought i was really involved with edubuntu08:20
johnnyit'd be nice to find somebody who was doing ltsp stuff locally..08:21
achandrashekaryeah..they all use the "out of the box" two nic method08:21
achandrashekarand then complain that they cant boot more than 15 boxes.08:21
achandrashekarI have an athlon x2 setup with dhcp failover and it works bitchin08:22
achandrashekarall i need is this auth piece08:22
achandrashekarand im golden08:22
achandrashekarso that kind of is why im frustrated.08:22
achandrashekarSome long nights putting the pieces together.08:22
johnnydon't i know it08:22
achandrashekarand now i have an unbootable system...08:22
johnnyi had enough troubles getting my 4 client setup working08:22
johnnyi'm looking forward to hardy08:23
achandrashekarbut im not here to bitch..(which may come across that way)08:23
achandrashekarjust trying to get to a point where stuff works.08:23
achandrashekarwhat is the release date for hardy?08:23
johnnyubuntu's update policy sometimes causes some fixes not to get included, because the upstream developers  (or others) posted patches that were a bit too invasive08:24
johnnyapril sometime iirc08:24
achandrashekarI see. This LDAP thing is like a bread/butter component of any Enterprise system. It is really really important IMHO08:25
johnnyif i had enough clients , i'm sure i would have already ran into it08:26
johnnyand tried to resolve it08:26
johnnybut i'm geeky enough to force it :)08:26
johnnytrolling irc and forums all over the place08:27
johnnyand jumping in the code and stuff08:27
achandrashekarmight have to do the same in the debian channel..08:27
achandrashekarand see what happens08:27
achandrashekarim sure it affects them too.08:27
johnnywhat about the main #ltsp channel08:27
johnnythat's where you should prolly hang out08:27
johnnydon't bug the debianers08:27
johnnythey might be startled08:28
achandrashekarnot a bad idea.08:28
johnnyor upset, depending on how they feel about ubuntu08:28
johnnybeing involved in projects is often more about politics than technical issues08:29
johnnyso you better be careful out there08:29
achandrashekaryes...i here you...fork after fork after fork...people upset...and then they hit you with a spoon :)08:29
johnnymost of the folks who are deeply involved in ltsp stuff seem to only come about during US/Europe daytime hours08:30
johnnya bit later in europe..but still08:30
johnnyyou always come here around 2-4am my time08:31
johnnywhen nobody else is around08:31
achandrashekaroh my08:33
achandrashekari see.08:33
achandrashekarits 12 PST time08:33
achandrashekarand that is when I wind down...08:33
achandrashekarjust a few more hours then..i see no problem in waiting.08:33
johnnyyou wind down by trying to make ltsp work?08:34
johnnyi wish i could afford to work on this stuff fulltime..08:38
achandrashekarNo...its on my time at a school I work at. I used to be full time IT guy, that basically decided to help students in a low socioecomonic area with Math.08:39
achandrashekarBut it appears...bad leadership cant be fixed and as a result i wanted to continue to stay sharp08:39
achandrashekarin Linux08:39
achandrashekarbecause that world moves REAL fast unlike education.08:39
achandrashekarSo... I spend my time after school trying to help as well as learn08:40
achandrashekarits a tricky proposition08:40
achandrashekarphilanthropy and eating dont mix to well.08:40
achandrashekarhence your comment on paid support makes perfect sense.08:41
johnnyogra.. we're finally getting the duplicate filenames bug solved09:11
johnnyin sabayon that is09:11
johnnythe other things that need badly fixed are some issues when removng panel items09:11
johnnywhich are registered in launchpad09:11
johnnyit could be related to the duplicate files bug tho09:11
johnnywhen i get the patch in, i'll let you know09:11
Nubaehi there...10:36
Nubaeanyone know if ed(ubuntu) is going to be at fosdem this weekend in brussels?10:37
Nubaefrom what I've read there doesn't seem to be much ubuntu stuff happening there10:37
juliuxogra, take a look at http://ubuntu.juliux.de/tassen.jpg11:13
ograjuliux, sweet11:52
juliuxogra, if you are in hannover give me a hint then you will get a edubuntu mug;)11:57
ogra_cmpcjuliux, willdo12:16
jvanrooyenHi all, having some difficulties after edubuntu install. I'm trying to login on one of the clients and it gives me this error: this workstation is not authorised to connect to server. Can anyone help?12:17
ogra_cmpcjvanrooyen, which release12:20
jvanrooyenogra_cmpc: Gutsy12:20
ogra_cmpcsudo lttsp-update-sshkeys && sudo ltsp-update-image12:21
ogra_cmpccopy/paste that line to a terminal on the server12:21
jvanrooyenOh ok, what will that specifically do?12:22
ogra_cmpci guess you changed your IP data after install12:22
juliuxsudo ltsp-update-sshkeys && sudo ltsp-update-imag12:22
ogra_cmpcit will generate new ssh keys for the cdurrently active interfaces and copy them into the client env12:22
jvanrooyenoh yes I did12:22
juliuxthat is the correct line vor copy/paste;)12:22
juliuxsudo ltsp-update-sshkeys && sudo ltsp-update-image12:23
ogra_cmpcthe second command will recompress the ltsp image so the change gets actually promoted12:23
jvanrooyenogra_cmpc: I did the 1st command12:26
jvanrooyenogra_cmpc: The 2nd command takes some time though12:26
ogra_cmpcit recompresses about 300-400M12:26
ogra_cmpcthat takes a moment12:27
jvanrooyenoh ok its done now12:27
ogra_cmpcreboot the clients and it should work12:27
jvanrooyenOk give me a sec I'll let you know now now...12:27
jvanrooyenogra_cmpc: Thanks very much all is good now12:32
jvanrooyenThanks guys12:32
Vaajdacan someone pls tell me if ubuntu can use 2 internet connection at the same time12:37
ogra_cmpccan you elaborate what exactly you mean by "use 2 internet connection at the same time" ?12:38
ogra_cmpcin tcp/ip you can only have one default route12:39
ogra_cmpcthats not depending on any OS12:39
Vaajdai want to have 2 connection on 1 pc and use both of them at the same time13:11
ogra_cmpcyour system can only use one at a time13:12
RichEdVaajda: you mean two network connections ...13:12
ogra_cmpcright, thats what i suspect as well13:12
RichEdyou can have one network interface pointing to your internal network13:12
RichEdand the other to the internet13:13
RichEdbut two interfaces configured to both go to the internet would make your machine unhappy13:13
ogra_cmpcit just would pick one13:14
Vaajdai want to use one connection for say ktorrent and the other for the internet and gaming13:14
ogra_cmpcwell, as i said you can have multiple connections but only one thats used for the default outbound route13:15
Vaajdaunless i use vwmare13:16
ogra_cmpcwven vmware would go through the host systems default interface in the end13:16
ogra_cmpcyou could probably play with tun/tap interfaces etc13:17
Vaajdabut i could have 2 ips being vmware makes one computer into 2 or 313:17
ogra_cmpcsure, but the packets will use the hosts default route unless you fiddle with virtual tun/tap interfaces to bend it13:19
Vaajdabecause vwmare isnt a emulator13:19
ogra_cmpcit surely possible13:20
ogra_cmpcbut a lot of work13:20
Vaajdaits would be cool tho13:20
Vaajdawhat if i use another computer that is running linux with IP Masquerading13:21
ogra_cmpcif that sits on a different DSL line that should work13:22
johnnyi use that tuntap thing for virtualbox13:22
johnnyso i cna run it as ltsp13:22
Vaajdaim a noob to linux13:22
ogra_cmpci use the internal net for vbox to boot virtual clients :)13:22
ogra_cmpcVaajda, Linux Terminal Server Project13:23
Vaajdao lol13:23
johnnyogra, i can boot internal and external clients tho :)13:23
ogra_cmpci boot my external ones from a real server :)13:23
johnnyi don't have that much hardware13:24
* ogra_cmpc is drowning in HW being upstream ltsp for a while you get a lot free HW13:24
Vaajdaok i got another question what should i use to play windows based games with13:25
ogra_cmpcindeeed only the underpowered crap you cant use for anything else but thin clients :P13:25
ogra_cmpcVaajda, look at holarse.net some win games run under wine13:27
ogra_cmpcthey have a section for that on the website somewhere13:27
Vaajdaits in another lang13:28
ogra_cmpci thought they had english pages13:28
Vaajdaman i hate being a noob lol13:29
ogra_cmpclinux-games.org then probably ... or google :)13:29
* ogra_cmpc doesnt play any win games ... so he has no idea13:29
johnnyi just use wine ..13:29
johnnycheck the wine appdb list for compatibility with your games13:29
RichEdjohnny: i just use beer ... if i have enough of them then i think snoop dog is cool, not computers13:32
Vaajdaok thanks13:32
Vaajdai play a mmorpg and when i was using windows (which was like 3 hours ago) the game would work with my computer anymore i think b/c of adware, spyware, etc13:34
johnnyrunning sabayon inside a vbox isn't so fun13:34
ogra_cmpchow about running sabayon inside of sabayon ?13:35
* ogra_cmpc never checked if thats possible13:35
johnnysupposed to be impossible13:35
johnnyi've seen the check inside the code13:35
ogra_cmpcsupposed .....13:35
johnnywell.. sabayon isn't running too nicely with xephyr, i tried a quick hack to get it running13:38
johnnyi see the desktop render , and then it crashes, and then in the console (running via gksu sabayon) i see it hanging on check for texture_from_pixmap13:39
ogra_cmpcsounds like compiz13:41
johnnyit's just problem after problem here :(13:44
johnnyand i'm mucking around in areas i only understand superficially13:44
johnnylike autotools stuff13:45
ogra_cmpcwell, i saked the compiz maintainer about it in -devel13:45
ogra_cmpc(he's also teh apt maintainer, so busy with that atm)13:45
ogra_cmpcjohnny, can you come over to #ubuntu-devel ?13:46
johnnyit'd be nice if there were some gui tools to manage the global /etc/xdg and /etc/gconf13:53
ogra_cmpci think there are13:54
ogra_cmpcdesktop-file-utils or so13:54
johnnydon't look like it to me.13:56
Vaajd1ok im about to throw my computer out my window15:46
Vaajd1it keeps freezing and i cant use ctrl + alt + backspace15:47
daishujinis it a thin client?16:00
Vaajd1im a noob16:01
daishujinVaajd1, did you install the desktop version of Edubuntu, or the thinclient classroom server16:02
Vaajd1unbuntu 7.0416:02
Vaajd1#ubuntu would help16:02
daishujindo you know how to check your logs?16:03
daishujinand how long after booting does it take for the computer to freeze?16:04
Vaajd1it if i open firefox16:05
Vaajd1and i dont know how to check logs but i have to reboot every time16:05
daishujindo you know how much RAM your computer has?16:06
Vaajd11.5 gigs16:06
Vaajd1cpu is 2.0 and overclocked to 2.316:06
daishujinok, and what kind of video card do you have?16:07
Vaajd1256mb ati readion x85pro16:07
Vaajd1im trying to upgrade to 7.10 to see if that will fix it16:08
daishujinis the computer that is crashing, the one you are talking from now?16:08
daishujincan you open up a terminal?16:09
daishujinok now try typing 'less /var/log/messages' and maybe send them in a /msg so as not to spam the channel16:11
Vaajd1did u get my msg16:12
daishujinactually, on second thought maybe 'tail /var/log/messages' might be better16:12
Vaajd1how do i register my nick16:13
=== Vaajd1 is now known as vaajd1
daishujinyou use nickserv '/msg nickserv register yourpass'16:13
lovemedoedubuntu rocks!17:45
lnswoooooooooo!! Nautilus sighandler bug is fixed and in repos! =) Happy day!17:50
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=== `6og is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
grezerNouroxx its asking this question Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web22:42
grezerok now I have a question I am installing ISPCONFIG AHHH and its asking me for " Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web "22:42
grezerNouroxx its asking this question Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web22:43
grezeris that the IP address for my server or my router ??22:43

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