nixternalhttp://www.kubuntu-de.org/bilder/events/linuxtag-2007?img=27   <- hard to believe the camera survived :p00:14
* yuriy debates whether to just use the first couple minutes of aseigo's keynote for half a presentation00:16
Riddellyou'd have to speak slowly00:17
nixternalRiddell: any more dev stuff need any work? I am itchin' for some more :)00:18
emonkeynixternal, it has survived that was my canon eos 30d00:19
Riddellnixternal: lots needed on system config printer00:19
Riddellit's a big codebase though, you'd get lost in it00:19
* apachelogger_ grabs his sonic screwdriver and runs over to nixternal's router00:20
nixternaldon't you dare touch my PIX 501!00:21
nixternalit has lasted me so long00:21
coreymon77nixternal: dont you have a life outside of kubuntu to deal with?00:21
nixternalcoreymon77: nope, Kubuntu, KDE, and Linux is my life00:21
apachelogger_*buzz* *buzz* *buzz*00:21
coreymon77nixternal: as in, thats your actual job?00:21
* apachelogger_ heads off to bed, now that nixternal can't do anything evil anymore00:22
nixternalas in, I don't have a life :p00:22
Nightrosenini apachelogger_00:22
nixternalk'nite apachelogger_00:22
Riddellnixternal: try implementing the Clean Print Heads button for example00:22
* emonkey thanks again and whishes good night, I've to go to bed. Morning will be much too early... ;)00:22
nixternalRiddell: is the code in bzr somewhere?00:22
coreymon77nixternal: i thought the "k"  bit was being dropped00:23
nixternalI will never drop the k bit00:23
Riddellnixternal: hmm yes but launchpad is offline for three hours00:23
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nixternalargh, I just said that in the meeting, and I was wondering why I couldn't update my docs checkout00:23
nixternalis it in Python as well?00:24
Riddellnixternal: yes00:24
nixternalI need to find me a printer I can plug into around here...00:24
coreymon77nixternal: wow, do you actually not have a life00:25
coreymon77nixternal: how do you make money?00:25
yuriyforgot to mention this at the meeting, but I started http://wiki.kubuntu.org/DebuggingKDE and it would be good if people could add package specific debugging information00:26
nareshovI added HttpProxy support to my twitter-plasmoid. I want to know why Konqueror-KDE4 doesn't support proxy and what plans are under consideration.00:26
nareshovWhere do I look for more information?00:26
Riddellnixternal: bzr branch http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/kde-port/00:27
Riddellnareshov: #kde-devel or #plasma00:27
nixternalcoreymon77: I don't make money, I go to school which gives me a lot of hack time00:28
coreymon77nixternal: ah, i see00:28
nixternalif you have some money, I wouldn't mind getting a bit of it00:29
Riddellnixternal: svn co http://svn.fedorahosted.org/svn/system-config-printer/trunk/  for the gnome side where we steal all the code from00:29
coreymon77nixternal: im in school too00:29
yuriyhmm kde4 sound doesn't seem to work anymore00:29
Riddellnixternal: the clean printer heads button is hidden in the code at the moment, unhide it, add a signal to clicked and copy whatever the gnome side does00:29
* Riddell sleeps00:30
seelewho works on kubuntu ubiquity?00:55
nixternalseele: I believe Riddell does00:58
nosrednaekimwhat .desktop syntax says to only show the icon within kde?00:58
nixternalas a matter of fact, I know he does..he is the only one here with commit rights for it00:59
nixternalthere is a page on Freedesktop.org I think that shows all of that...it is something along the lines of *-KDE-Only or something similar00:59
seelenixternal: ah ok thx01:00
seelebtw.. anyone have trouble with today's (yesterday's?) nightly build?01:00
nosrednaekimnixternal » ok01:00
seelekdm or x11 or something hangs01:00
nixternalI haven't had any issues as of yet01:01
seelesigh.. tried the live cd on two difference computers and both do not work01:01
Nightrosehmm kwallet in kde 4 doesn´t save any login information for websites/ftp/ssh/.. - only plasma and kopete gets saved01:25
Nightroseanyone else having that problem?01:25
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jjessenice eclipse happening02:11
ScottKYep.  Clouds broke from the earlier snow storm just in time here.02:14
jjessedon't we have to make sacrifices in order to make the moon come back?02:15
ScottK2One of my kids is being particularly annoying tonight ...02:16
jjesseinteresting, hopefully that will work02:17
ScottK2Unfortunately she agreed to clean the kitchen, so I don't want to mess with that.02:18
jjessewin some lose some02:18
yuriyhmm, just put our loco team logo with the ubuntu logo on kde slides... makes the idea of a kubuntu loco sound interesting02:30
nixternalya, you can't add the Ubuntu logo to blue slides, it is god awful02:31
nixternalI have been using the Oxygen LaTeX Beamer template for my talks02:31
nixternalf00d time02:32
yuriywell there is orange in the oxygen theme02:33
coreymon77so, who else saw the moon?03:39
nosrednaekimI think the point was to NOT see the moon?03:40
yuriyi did, so i was disappointed03:41
coreymon77you always see it03:41
coreymon77its jsut orange03:41
coreymon77and you can see saturn and a very big star (forget the name)03:41
yuriyi hadn't seen an eclipse before, so i was thinking as nosrednaekim03:41
nosrednaekimwell, I guess its not a total one03:41
nosrednaekimtotal ones the whole moon DOES disappear03:41
coreymon77no it doesnt03:42
coreymon77thats impossible03:42
coreymon77its refracted light03:42
nosrednaekimth earth come directly between the moon and sun03:42
coreymon77suns bigger03:42
yuriywell this one supposedly is total03:42
nosrednaekimearth is close03:42
coreymon77refracted light03:42
yuriybut it's weird cause it's uneven03:43
coreymon77this is a total eclipse03:44
coreymon77even nasa says so03:44
nosrednaekimcoreymon77 » hum I guess you are right, cause the light would refract around the earth's atmosphere03:44
ScottK2that's exactly what it is.03:45
coreymon77but high frequency light is filtered out by the atmosphere03:45
coreymon77causing only the orange/red light to pass through03:45
coreymon77giving the moon that erie orange glow03:45
* nosrednaekim got a B in astronomy so he is going to listen03:46
coreymon77great view of saturn too03:46
ScottK2coreymon77: No.  High enerby light bends less and misses the moon.  Low energy light refracts more and hits the moon03:46
ScottK2Same reason you get a rainbow03:46
coreymon77ScottK2: whatever it is03:46
coreymon77ScottK2: im just happy that i saw both a lunar eclipse and saturn in one night03:47
ScottK2I'm saying it's the refraction is different based on wavelength, it's not filtering.03:47
ScottK2That's cool.03:47
coreymon77great rings03:47
coreymon77ScottK2: its right to the bottom left of the moon03:47
coreymon77the craziest part is that because of the lack of moonlight, all the stars that we dont normally see are appearing03:48
coreymon77ScottK2: the really bright, big looking star to the bottom left (not sure if its still there), thats saturn03:49
yuriyi guess i should go look for saturn? or too late?03:51
coreymon77you could try03:51
coreymon77but in order to see the rings youll need a telescope03:51
yuriyprobably saw it already, just don't know it03:52
coreymon77i found an old kids toy one sitting around in the basement from when my brother was little03:52
coreymon77surprised it still works03:52
yuriywell can't identify saturn, but the moon looks a lot cooler now03:54
yao_ziyuanhey hey04:13
yao_ziyuandrop kubuntu. put an icon "Install KDE" on ubuntu's desktop.04:20
Hobbseeyao_ziyuan: any idea what percentage of the world has dvd players now?04:22
Hobbseelet alone dvd burners?04:22
yao_ziyuandvd player? every computer has dvd drive now04:26
yao_ziyuanbut i haven't used a dvd disc yet :)04:26
Hobbsee...no they don't.04:34
ScottK2Heh.  I don't even thing the majority of computers in my house have one and I'm in a rich first world nation.04:37
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nixternaldamn, just installed Ubuntu Ibex and this is what I get05:49
nixternalof course, I want to find out more about the Ibex and what it looks like...thank god for Google showing me that one05:49
Jucatoew... I just ate...05:58
Jucatothanks nixternal...05:58
nixternalpeople have already been hitting me up with the jokes..little do they know, and Ibex is actually the toughest animal we have had to date06:02
uganixternal: shit, scary shot06:16
yao_ziyuanbefore solving that input method bug in kubuntu,07:16
yao_ziyuanwouldn't it be wise to advise east asian prospective users to download Ubuntu first and then install kubuntu-desktop?07:17
yao_ziyuansince that's the only way for them to get both kde and input methods07:17
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cheguevara   * Add debian/patches/01_proc_sys_batteries.patch: Fix showing batteries07:59
cheguevara     twice. Taken from upstream git head, see patch header for details.07:59
cheguevara     (LP: #177570)07:59
hadsSweet, been looking forward to that.08:13
cheguevaraapachelogger_, nice interview?08:14
davmor2Riddell: ping08:48
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apachelogger_cheguevara: thx09:36
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davmor2Riddell: Are the Kubuntu iso's safe to test?10:23
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NightroseRiddell: beer event for saturday - you need to register - be quick since it is limited to 200 people - http://www.imatix.com/fosdem-200810:48
sebasIsn't that on Friday?>10:56
Nightrosethat is another one10:56
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RiddellNightrose: is that where everyone is going?11:18
NightroseRiddell: seems so11:19
Nightrosewe all registered11:19
Nightrosewe = amarok and some more11:19
sebasRiddell: you at fosdem, too?11:19
Nightrosesebas: this is why I got him the link ;-)11:20
sebasAh, figures.11:20
sebasshould    drink   more    coffee11:20
* Riddell signs up11:21
Nightrosecool :)11:22
Riddelldavmor2: seems there's no quick way of fixing the CD missing half its packages, so we might miss this alpha11:22
davmor2tis an issue then and not just me going mad ;)11:23
davmor2Riddell: are the live cd's okay to test?11:24
Riddelldavmor2: the live CDs are the problem11:24
davmor2ah what about the alt's then they seem to have a default blue background too did you not get my message last night?11:25
davmor2Riddell: ^11:26
Riddelldavmor2: hrm, guess they're the problem too then :)11:28
davmor2Riddell: looks like a default kde install rather than Kubuntu.  No applets in the bar four desktops etc11:30
Riddellyeah, it's missing kubuntu-default-settigs11:30
Riddelland other packages, due to seed reorganisation11:30
Riddellso I think we'll have to miss this alpha11:31
Riddellwhich just shows why it's important to have this testing process, else we'd never have noticed :)11:31
davmor2Riddell: mail me when there is a safe cd to test once the packages are all there and I'll use that as an alpha5 cd.11:32
Riddellother variants should be fine11:33
davmor2Riddell: ta11:34
Riddell(we think)11:35
Riddellor maybe not.. < cjwatson> ok, this has effects on Ubuntu too11:41
toscalixhi all11:59
toscalixthis is the first time I use konversation under gutsy11:59
toscalixsince the confiuration of this app is quiet difficult for a beginner11:59
toscalixbut it is really useful to have an IRC channel for help preconfigured12:00
RiddellI'm yet to find an irc client which is easy to configure12:01
toscalixI recommend that, if I choose one language in the installation, somehow the IRC channel preconfigured, if exist, is the one12:01
toscalixin the language selected12:01
toscalixfor example, I've chosen spanish in my installation, bt the preconfigured IRC channel is the english one12:02
toscalixand it do not connect to it automatically when I run the program12:02
toscalixI thinks this is a nice feature that it can be called Help channel or something like that12:03
toscalix9instead of konversation, that do not says much12:03
toscalixit is a suggestion only12:03
toscalixthe IRC channel in your own language is something that makes the difference for users12:05
toscalixand kubuntu already have people in 4 or 5 languages to begin this line12:05
Riddellhmm, interesting idea12:06
toscalixit adds a lot of noise in IRC channels but it is a way, for example of redirect beginners in early stages to the correct information about apps and features12:06
toscalixand they fell there is real support12:07
toscalixyou run the app and you can talk to people that helps you inmediately12:07
toscalixwe only have to take care they understand the channel is for help, not to chat with friends12:08
toscalixmaybe a terms of use panel when they connect can help with this12:09
toscaliximagine all the people you can connect in a few weeks with the community...12:10
toscalixmaybe too many12:10
Hobbseetoscalix: the channel topic is unhelpful?12:13
toscalixsorry, don't get it12:13
blizzzekno one read the topic actually..12:13
HobbseeThe channel topic is "Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ | Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | KDE 4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 | Tutorials Day logs at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KTD | Please add ideas: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/SoC | Ubuntu DeveloperWeek https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UDW | KDE 3.5.9 is out! http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-359.php".12:13
Hobbseeat the top of your screen, when you join #kubuntu12:13
Hobbseein the grey panel12:13
toscalixI'm saying we can push this idea further12:14
Hobbseeblizzzek: yeah, i know.  and then they say that they didn't know.12:14
Hobbseeblizzzek: short of smashing them in the face with a hammer...12:14
Jucato(or poking them with a long pointy stick of doom)12:15
toscalixthis channel is great, I'm just saying that maybe we can configure the conection to Officel support channels12:15
Hobbsee...it is12:16
toscalixto be automatically or very easy and in not just english but other languages12:16
jpatrickHobbsee: i think he wants it to be autoconfigured to loco channels on install based on language settings12:16
toscalixnow it id difficult to get here12:16
toscalixfo a beginner12:16
toscalixspecially a non english speaker12:17
jpatricktoscalix: hmm, we usually !es, !de 'em or something :-/12:17
Riddellbut it would be nice to have a single click "live help" button that takes you straight to the support channel12:18
RiddellI'm not sure where that we be though12:18
davmor2Riddell: does Kubuntu not have a general irc like Ubuntu?12:19
toscalixyes, that automatically takes you to the channel in your language by asking you your user name that, by default, can be the name of the user defined during installation or we can ask the user the nick he/she wants12:19
Hobbseedavmor2: it does.  it's just not multilanguage12:19
jpatrickHobbsee: we have #kubuntu-es, #kubuntu-fr, #kubuntu-de etc12:20
jpatrickall details -> http://www.kubuntu.org/support.php12:20
Hobbseejpatrick: sure, but we don't send them there by default, and apparently people aren't finding that.12:21
Riddelltoscalix: where in the user interface would you put such a link?12:21
toscalixkonversation in gutsy is an app that it is not on kicker, it is hidden among the rest of apps in K panel, so people do not find it, so they do not find it, and they do and try it, the don't know how to use it12:21
toscalixsorry about my mistakes but I'm writing in a broken keyboard12:22
jpatrickRiddell: I'd have it in the Help menu where the launchpad stuff is :)12:22
toscalixwait a minute and i change it12:22
davmor2Is there not a list somewhere that could be used and then just select the appropriate channel from the list12:23
jpatrickbut Help -> "Get help Online" seems to point to a good page12:24
toscalixok, here we go, Riddell it depends of the relevance we want to give. I'd begin by placing it just where konqueror, kontact, amarok and kopete are12:24
toscalixbut if it works, in next versions Iwould place it besides the trash can12:25
toscalixin kicker12:25
toscalixGet help online sounds great to me12:26
jpatricktoscalix: it's there12:26
Hobbseetoscalix: the one that you didn't find?12:26
toscalixand when you press, it opens a dialog with the terms of use, you choose the nick, maybe the language, and it automatically opens the channel12:27
toscalixnot in a default installation12:27
Hobbseeuh, yes in a default installation.12:28
Hobbseeit's listed there12:28
toscalixin K menu...yes12:28
* Hobbsee has checked the seeds before12:28
toscalixnoy in kicker, right?12:28
Hobbseeno, not in kicker12:28
Hobbseebut if you can't find it in every single app's help menu, are you going to find it on kicker either?12:28
jpatricktoscalix: right-click kicker -> help -> get help online12:28
Hobbseeor that :)12:29
toscalixjpatrick yes, I know, but I think it is a feature that should have more relevance12:29
toscalixand it has to be a "press and go " connection to the channel12:30
Hobbseetoscalix: isn't stuff like the wiki, etc, more useful, with pre-done answers to questions?12:30
toscalixyes if you know the question and want to find the answer12:32
toscalixbut no if you do not know the question, like beginners12:32
toscalixlike kids12:32
Jucatooh please spare the channel from kids :)12:33
toscalixfor example.....what do I use for ....12:33
jpatrickJucato: why hello12:33
Jucatoj/k of course :P12:33
Jucatohi jpatrick (I'm surprised that I'm alive myself)12:33
toscalixwher do I get this...12:33
toscalixthis is a suggestion based on my experience today getting to this channel from a plain installed kubuntu, just think about it and .... we'll see if it makes sense12:36
Hobbseetoscalix: presumably you'd like a first-user help guide, at the very first install?12:36
Jucatotoscalix: *this* channel isn't exactly for support questions, that's why it's not joined to by default12:36
jpatrickJucato: think of the new devs we'll get if we did12:37
Jucatojpatrick: you think so? :)12:37
jpatrickI suppose we could put a link in Ubitity to http://www.kubuntu.org/support.php near the end12:38
Jucatotoscalix: a plain installed kubuntu has a konversation that's configured to join to a support channel (#kubuntu). perhaps the better idea is, as you mentioned, configuring the installation to auto-join to the local kubuntu channel if a different locale was chosen during installation12:38
* Jucato has no idea how that can be done though.. probably some ubiquity magic? :)12:38
toscalixHobbsee of course, but people that uses computers specially windows users have never got such a help, it can be killer and a great experience to fell the community from the first minute12:38
HobbseeJucato: not easily - you'd need to do it thru debconf stuff, i expect.12:39
Jucatoew... :/12:39
toscalixjucato and place konversation on kicher with a Get Help Online name12:39
* Jucato isn't in favor really of renaming...12:40
toscalixI'm not in favor either in most cases12:40
Jucatobecause it sort of gives image that konvi is only for online help... or that it's the only way to get online help (you can use kopete too...)12:41
* Jucato thinks something like opensuse's "help" page is a good system... but...12:41
HobbseeJucato: i thought we had one?12:41
toscalixpeople, specially younger people prefers chatting than reading12:42
JucatoHobbsee: did we?12:42
Hobbseesure, but it is volunteer based12:42
HobbseeJucato: i thought there was kubuntu-specific help in khelpcenter, which is what you get when going kmenu--> help12:42
Hobbseetoscalix: it would be a nice idea, particularly if we had infinite support people - but we don't - therefore giving the impression that #kubuntu is the only place for help is probably a bad idea12:43
JucatoHobbsee: oh not that... openSUSE has this desktop icon that launches a web page in Konqueror that lists ways to get help. all point-and-click stuff... like if you click on Online Help, you get a short description and a link that will launch Konvi12:43
HobbseeJucato: oh, hmm.  i thought we had something like that too, somewhere.12:44
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toscalixHobbsee I understand your concern about a massive ask for help12:45
toscalixbut, at least in english it can be done as laboratory12:47
toscalixthere are many people connected in #kubuntu channel12:48
toscalixenough for this, I think12:49
Riddellemonkey, iRon, neversfelde: membership done, you should get e-mail addresses in the next few days, also you can add your blogs to planet12:49
iRonRiddell: thanks! got it already :)12:50
emonkeyyes it's already here many thanks12:50
neversfeldeRiddell: thanks12:50
jpatricknew members?12:51
iRonjpatrick: yes we are12:52
jpatrickiRon: cool, register your nick and get a cloak :)12:52
jpatricktoscalix: you obvioulsy haven't visited #ubuntu...12:53
toscalixjeje I obviously noy lately....1000 users jojo12:55
toscalixwell so what is the problem then12:56
JucatoHobbsee: heh seems like that webpage I was speaking of is available online... see http://help.opensuse.org/13:00
Jucato(they have a desktop icon for it... but yeah, I know we don't like desktop icons :P)13:01
Jucatothey seem to have also patched something up so that irc:/ launches Konversation, not Kopete13:02
JucatoHobbsee: but you're right. we some something similar in KHelpCenter -> Kubuntu System Documentation Index -> Getting Help ->13:03
apacheloggerJucato: actually kubuntu should use konversation for irc:/ as well IIRC13:44
* Jucato checks13:45
Jucatoapachelogger: ah so it does. thanks :)13:48
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apacheloggerRiddell: do I need a feature freeze exception for a new upstream version which fixes only one bug?14:16
Riddellapachelogger: not in universe14:17
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde
apacheloggerok, thanks14:17
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | Add ideas https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuSummerOfCodeIdeas | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
ScottKapachelogger: Just file a bug to document what you're doing and why is the current process.   See the feature freeze exception page for details.14:20
apacheloggerScottK: aye aye14:20
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* yuriy frowns at the hug day page15:52
Riddellwhy the frown yuriy?15:53
yuriyRiddell: cause it hasn't been touched yet, and the ubuntu one is all nice and green15:53
Riddellyuriy: what hasn't been touched?15:56
yuriyRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080221/KDE15:56
yuriy(compare to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080221 )15:56
Riddellseems like we need more of a bug community for Kubuntu15:58
RiddellI suspect having it on a separate page isn't going to help people find it15:59
yuriyyou think putting an additional table/information on the same page would be better?15:59
yuriyit is linked16:00
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seeleouch.. images in blog post broke horribly16:22
jjessethats a bummer16:22
seeleoh ho ho, webserver go boom.  apparently the admin's ex-gf's account was compromised (oops)16:32
Riddell"<a href="http://obso1337.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&#038;g2_itemId=3278&#038;g2_serialNu<br />16:32
Riddellmber=1"><img src="/wp-content/images/zui3-small.png""16:32
Riddelllinespace where it shouldn't be there16:32
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seeleyeah.. i know, but i cant fix it atm16:33
=== MuNzE is now known as mi
seelehmm.. i blame both planets, because i dont see the error in my html on the server16:39
* seele shrugs16:39
seeleoh damn wordpress and it's html "auto fixing"16:43
Riddellproofreaders needed: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/packaging-presentation.pdf16:47
Riddellseele: your web server seems to be back up16:48
RiddellI agree it's planet breaking it, you probably need to remove the links from the images to work around it16:49
seeleRiddell: yah (well not *my* webserver) it went boom16:49
seeleRiddell: re pdf: centered text is hard to read16:49
RiddellI'm trying to avoid putting my entire talk in the slides (as I've done in the past), but for the ones with very little content centred seems best16:51
davmor2Riddell: looks alright but I haven't a clue if it works ;)16:51
jussi01Riddell: looks good and correct here :)16:52
seeleRiddell: centering in slide ten hurts my head :)16:53
nosrednaekimRiddell » I put a .desktop in it.... I hope I did it correctly :)16:53
Riddellnosrednaekim: great, did you write the MIR?16:53
nosrednaekimnope, I'm gonna work on that today.16:53
Riddellnosrednaekim: let me know if you get stuck16:54
nixternalcompat 6 now? man, it feels like 4 was just yesterday16:54
Riddellseele: I've right aligned the more busy slides and you're right (as always :)17:01
Riddellnixternal: there seems to be minimal changes, stick to 5 if you want things backported17:01
Riddellseele: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/foo.pdf17:01
seeleRiddell: much easier to read :)17:06
nosrednaekimRiddell » where on the wiki should I put the MIR report?17:09
Riddellnosrednaekim: the page itself should be MainInclusionReportDesktopEffectsKde and link from /UbuntuMainInclusionQueue17:10
seeleRiddell: when is this packaging talk?17:20
Riddellseele: FOSDEM on sunday17:21
seeleRiddell: slide three "Lets" should be "Let's" (Let + us)17:21
nosrednaekimRiddell » the only dependencies are PyQt,PyKDE, Python and adept_batch, right?17:21
seele(since you were asking for spelling/grammar too..)17:22
Riddellnosrednaekim: and compiez :)17:22
nosrednaekimRiddell » well, it fetches that17:22
Riddellseele: well spotted17:22
Riddellnosrednaekim: indeed, so all dependencies are in main17:23
* seele could make a joke about a [Huge Spotted Feltail], but doesn't know how many people would get it17:23
* Riddell wouldn't17:23
seelealas, does no one here play World of Warcraft?!17:23
seelei thought it was only THE MOST POPULAR GAME EVAR17:24
* seele sighs17:24
seeleis it friday?17:24
selckini prefer vendorfishes17:24
nosrednaekimRiddell » ok.17:24
Riddellcomputer games?  they're for nerds.  we're geeks17:25
nosrednaekimRiddell » is this program regarded to have an upstream?17:26
Riddellnosrednaekim: yes, point to the launchpad project17:27
nosrednaekimwhere is the upstream bug tracker? bugs.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-users ?17:32
Riddellnosrednaekim: hmm, actually there isn't a launchpad project for it17:34
Riddellnosrednaekim: so you can just say there's no upstream, bugs are tracked in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktop-effects-kde/17:35
apachelogger__Riddell: there are still apps on kde-apps which aren't in ubuntu? Oo17:39
Riddellless and less :)17:40
apachelogger__ah, good :D17:40
nosrednaekimRiddell » would this program running a subprocess(adept_batch) constitute a binary running as root?17:43
Riddellnosrednaekim: no, that's adept's problem (and it has been in main running as root for years)17:43
nosrednaekimwould a Xsession script constitute that? (sorry for all the questions)17:44
Riddellnosrednaekim: yes, I suppose it would17:44
nosrednaekimRiddell » https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MainInclusionReportDesktopEffectsKde17:55
nosrednaekimI don't know anything about the packaging, so I didn't fill that out.17:56
manchickenThe new intel updates are *SWEET*17:57
Riddellnosrednaekim: "Does the package ask any debconf questions higher than priority 'medium' ?" -> "There are no debconf questions in the packaging"18:06
Riddell"Packaging system (debhelper/cdbs/dbs) ? Patch system ? Any packaging oddities ?" -> "Packaging system: cdbs.  No patch system"18:07
Riddellnosrednaekim: and add to the queue page18:07
nosrednaekimI just filed the bug report18:08
nosrednaekimRiddell » Done.... thanks for your help18:15
Riddellnosrednaekim: you can politely poke pitti or doko if it doesn't get processed soon18:18
nosrednaekimwhen is he next alpha CD?18:19
Riddell(unlikely, it's beset by problems)18:19
davmor2Riddell: Problems no surely not ;)  Thank God we test it before the public get it :)18:21
=== effie_jayx is now known as keffie_jayx
yuriyis there any plan to add the rest of the xdg document paths to System Settings > About Me > Paths18:38
Riddellyuriy: I don't know of any.  doesn't seem worth it for kde 3.  I'm not sure if xdg paths are implemented for kde 4 at all (they might be)18:39
yuriyRiddell: what is there to be implemented that's part of the desktop?18:40
* yuriy is looking for the spec18:40
Riddellyuriy: see the patches in kdelibs and kdebase18:42
Riddellsets it as a default path, adds the translation file catalogue, adds them to the file open dialogue speedbar18:43
yuriyoh ok18:43
manchickenw00t: http://www.chicagolug.org/wiki/Image:Manchicken-feb.png18:44
Riddellmanchicken: your background pic has a baby on it!18:46
manchickenWith a banana.18:46
Riddellmanchicken: who's baby is it? (and who's banana?)18:46
manchickenMy son, my banana.18:47
manchickenAlthough now it would appear that it is in fact my son's banana.18:47
Riddellyou had a baby!  when did that happen?18:48
Riddellso American, learning the value of property at such an early age :)18:48
manchickenMy wife gave birth on Jan 15th.18:48
Riddellthat's ages ago, why didn't I know that18:49
Riddellmaybe i forgot18:49
manchickenI thought I went around telling everybody....18:50
* ScottK certainly heard about it.18:50
manchickenI'm usually not very quiet about sharing exciting news.18:51
yuriyis there a way we can get the XDG user dirs to show up with different icons, i.e. in dolphin? would that require a patch?19:01
Riddellyuriy: .directory files can do that (like we do in /home/.directory)19:03
Riddellyuriy: so you'd need to patch xdg-user-dirs to add them when creating the dirs19:03
ScottK2If the icons are present, they already work (I've got a Documents dir copied over from an old opensuse install and it shows fine)19:03
yuriyRiddell: is /home supposed to have a different icon then? the icon doesn't show up for me19:04
yuriyScottK2: if the icons are present?19:04
yuriy[Desktop Entry]19:05
Riddellyuriy: in kde 4 that icon doesn't exist19:06
yuriyRiddell: doesn't work in d3lphin either19:06
yuriythough that might be a different issue, all the folder icons look wierd19:06
yuriyalso none of the special folder icons work in d3lphin or open file dialogs for me19:06
ScottK2Works find in Konqueror on KDE3 back to Dapper.  Dunno about dolphin as I don't use it much.19:07
yuriysupposed to be using Crystal SVG for kde3 right?19:09
yuriyquite possible i have some weird config19:09
Riddellworks for me in dolphin kde319:12
nareshovKDE4.1 snapshots out for opensuse 10.3!19:12
nareshovScottK2: dolphin is sexy on KDE4, especially the tagging+rating+comment thing. Strigi and Alt+F2, w00t!19:14
yuriyhmm it works with other themes, seems somehow my crystal svg is incomplete or something19:16
yuriynope, all there19:20
* yuriy finally found where the PDF printer's been putting prints19:23
Riddellwhere's that?19:26
ScottK2nareshov: I'm waiting for a working kdepim.19:31
nareshovme too19:32
nareshov+ Proxy support, of course :)19:33
yuriynot having proxy support is a feature ^_^ so schools don't have to worry about students bypassing filters19:36
Riddellnareshov: volunteers welcome to do it for kubuntu :)19:37
ScottK2yuriy: Any filtering approach that depends on the configuration of the work stations is probably defective by design.19:38
DaSkreechyuriy: Pretty sure they can remove it if they want19:38
jjessehow hard is it not to burn popcorn?19:39
jjesseworst smell ever19:39
DaSkreechInsanely hard19:40
DaSkreechKDE4 is in Universe?19:41
jpatrickDaSkreech: hello again19:43
* DaSkreech bows19:43
RiddellDaSkreech: yes19:44
* DaSkreech grumbles19:45
DaSkreechWell at least it's trivial to find it19:45
blueyedI think it would be a good idea to change the version numbering of kubuntu-default-settings from 1:8.04-11 to 1:8.04.12 (it's a native package after all). Objections? :)20:26
ScottK2blueyed: I don't think it's worth an upload just to chagne version numbering.20:27
blueyedScottK2: sure.. but I'm looking at fixing it during another upload.. :)20:28
blueyedSo you agree?20:28
ScottK2No.  I've no opinion.20:28
ScottK2Personally I wouldn't touch it unless Riddell says he wants it changed.20:28
DaSkreechCan I install old versions from adept?20:30
blueyedDaSkreech: if you have the .deb and it does not conflict with other packages, yes.20:30
mornfallblueyed: That would be for the case s/from/of/? I don't think adept can install debs directly.20:31
mornfallAnyhow, hi all from Brussels.20:31
DaSkreechblueyed: Huh?20:31
blueyedDaSkreech: oh sry.. yes, I've read s/from/of/20:32
Riddellblueyed: fine with me.  that was one of my first packages.  using a Makefile is strange too, would be cleaner to use .install files20:32
Riddellmornfall: there for fosdem?20:32
mornfallObviously. ;)20:32
DaSkreechmornfall: Hallo :)20:32
DaSkreechHow is FOSDEM?20:33
Riddellmornfall: well, you might be visiting the local culture.  that boy peeing is very..cultural20:33
mornfallDaSkreech: FOSDEM starts on Saturday.20:34
mornfallRiddell: That too, maybe.20:34
DaSkreechmornfall: Would installing old versions of a app be out of adept's scope ?20:35
mornfallNo, not really. Just noone implemented that so far.20:35
Riddellwhere would it get the old versions from?20:36
DaSkreechok :)20:36
DaSkreechRiddell: same place apt gets them20:36
fdovingRiddell: for the new network-manager, where do you get the wpasupplicant with the proper version?20:53
fdovingtopic is your ppa repo. if you're confused :)20:54
Riddellerm, I don't think n-m 0.7 works20:54
Riddellit might be in ~asac's PPA but it probably still won't work20:54
blueyedIs it likely that kubuntu-default-settings has messed up with the x-cursor-theme alternative link? (bug 35969)21:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 35969 in kubuntu-default-settings "Default mouse cursor does not revert when uninstalling Kubuntu" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3596921:18
mhbevening folks21:29
NthDegreeScottK2: things have so changed since dapper :$21:29
nosrednaekimhey mhb..... I wish I had a passport :(21:29
ScottK2To answer your question, pretty good I think.21:29
NthDegreeScottK2: still going ahead with the twin-branch approach?21:30
jpatricknosrednaekim: get one21:30
mhbnosrednaekim: well you can get one quite easily21:30
nosrednaekimby May?21:30
ScottK2I recently did an dist-upgrade of a Gutsy system to Hardy with just apt-get dist-upgrade and it was pretty smooth.  No KDE related issues at all.21:30
jpatricknosrednaekim: sure21:30
jpatricknosrednaekim: british one here takes two weeks by what I've heard21:31
ScottK2NthDegree: And we've got KDE 3.5.9 in Hardy now.  That installed without problems for me too.21:31
mhbnosrednaekim: I dunno, you can get it in a month I'm sure.21:31
NthDegreeScottK2: in that case I may try it out on my primary desktop.. provided the Alternate CD is installable21:31
mhbat least21:31
nosrednaekimI've heard up to 10 weeks here.21:31
ScottK2NthDegree: I haven't done any from scrach installs, just upgrades.21:31
nosrednaekimand I really shouldn't sign up until I know I have one....21:31
mhbnosrednaekim: there are worse things than a passport21:31
jpatricknosrednaekim: where are you?21:32
mhbnosrednaekim: sign up for what? anything can be cancelled21:32
ScottK2NthDegree: I haven't been keeping up on were we are on the CDs because it doesn't really affect me.21:32
NthDegreeah, i'll upgrade in that case :D21:32
nosrednaekimjpatrick » US...21:32
mhbnosrednaekim: there are worse things than not having a passport21:32
jpatricknosrednaekim: ouch... yeah :-/21:32
jpatricknosrednaekim: got visa? (if needed?)21:32
nosrednaekimdon't know if I need one... and no I don't.21:33
mhbthere's no need for a visa to go here, if that's where you wanna go21:33
ScottK2nosrednaekim: There are passport expediters that can get you a passport in a few days with proper use of $$$.  I know.  I've done it.21:33
* nosrednaekim does NOT have $$$21:33
mhbnosrednaekim: still, if I were you, I'd go for it21:34
nosrednaekimin fact,i'm almost broke. does canonical pay for the whole trip?21:34
ScottK2nosrednaekim: Where in the US are you?21:34
mhbnosrednaekim: because if I were you I would be happy that the target country does not really consider you a terrorist or anything :o)21:34
jpatricknosrednaekim: I'm going for it, and yeah they do21:34
jpatricknosrednaekim: hotel and all21:34
nosrednaekimScottK2 » NJ21:34
nosrednaekimwhew.... I think I might just try...21:34
nosrednaekimno better way to get a free trip out of the US21:35
jpatricknosrednaekim: I am and my dad's all for it21:35
* mhb beats nosrednaekim with a stick if you don't21:35
mhberr, he21:35
ScottK2nosrednaekim: You can also drive down to DC and hand deliver your application I think.  It's not that far a drive from NJ.21:35
NthDegreeScottK2: I wonder if Red Hat do that for git creds in the Linux source tree ;-p21:35
ScottK2NthDegree: Do which?21:35
NthDegreeScottK2: for a few $$$ get you commit privs21:35
mhbhow much of you folks do the 5-a-day routine?21:36
nosrednaekimScottK2 » haha, yeah my dad did that( he was down there anyway), and there was a line a block long, so he just did it by mail21:36
mhbI wish had the time for that cool thing21:36
mhbbut when I come home at 8pm I'm too tired for anything21:36
ScottK2nosrednaekim: If there's no visa requirement you should be OK if you get it in quickly.  You usually need to make an appointment at the post office to get them to verify your identity.21:37
ScottK2mhb: What is it?21:37
mhbScottK2: well triaging or fixing 5 bugs each da21:37
nosrednaekimScottK2 » right... well i'll talk to my parents about it.21:37
mhbit's all over the planet21:37
ScottK2nosrednaekim: How old are you?21:38
jpatrickScottK2: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Nosrednaekim :)21:39
* jpatrick hides21:39
ScottK2jpatrick: Thanks21:39
jpatrickthat said, you should look at my wikipage..21:40
mhbI really hope you'll all come to our country, which is too unknown for any important political or historic events :o)21:40
ScottK2nosrednaekim: If it helps to sell your parents, I'm an amazingly ancient adult who's a) been to UDS before and can tell them what it's like and b) going to this one.21:41
mhbI'm really proud that there hasn't been a school shooting yet21:41
ScottK2mhb: I disagree (about the unknown part).21:41
mhbkind of makes us czechs look saner than Germans :o)21:41
nosrednaekimScottK2 » Oh my mom is fine w/ it.... and she is the one who ussually worries about such things ;)21:42
* ScottK2 has also survived a school trip with 18 13 - 17 year olds to Peru.21:43
jpatrickScottK2: hablas español?21:43
ScottK2jpatrick: Not really.  Although I picked up and used more on the trip than a lot of the kids who'd had Spanish class, but didn't try very hard to use it.21:44
* _StefanS_ can't attend Ubuntu Developers Summit.. :(21:44
jpatrick_StefanS_: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!21:45
_StefanS_yes it sucks.21:45
jpatrickScottK2: ah okay21:45
ScottK2mhb: I'm old enough to still think in terms of Czechoslovakia mostly, but in terms of history I remember 1939 and 1968 as years where you show up in history.21:45
_StefanS_jpatrick: I wonder if there will be jabber stuff as usual ?21:45
jpatrick_StefanS_: hopefully21:45
jpatricknosrednaekim: check exam dates too21:45
_StefanS_jpatrick: guess I can follow from here then21:46
mhbScottK2: I applaud you21:49
mhbso who's coming to town?21:49
mhbjpatrick, and?21:49
mhbnosrednaekim hopefully21:49
jpatrickmhb: if(!$exams) { going(); }21:49
* ScottK2 is planning on it.21:50
mhbScottK2: splendid21:50
ScottK2Actually now that I think about it the Munich deal was 1938, not 1939.21:51
DaSkreechContributions: Converted several friends to Kubuntu :)21:51
DaSkreechHa ha21:51
ScottK2mhb: Also I think (excuse the spelling please) Vaclav Havel was an inspirational leader for the world in the early 1990s.21:52
mhbScottK2: right, but one year later we were occupied by Germany, a few months before the war started21:52
mhbso that year counts, too21:52
mhbScottK2: also correct21:53
ScottK2True, but militarily Czechoslovokia was toast after the Sudetenland was occupied.21:53
ScottK2That's were all the defenses and the favorable terrain were located.21:53
ScottK2Welcome to #Kubuntu-history ;-)21:54
mhbScottK2: wow, your history knowledge is impressive21:54
mhbScottK2: did you take some history courses after high school?21:55
ScottK2I did, but I've always had an interest in it.21:55
mhbnice indeed21:56
ScottK2I've also had a particular interest in the region since I've visited before.  I spent some time in Bulgaria and Romania in early 1992.  It was an interesting time.21:58
jpatrickoh lord, /me badly needs to do some Kubuntu Forums moderation21:59
jpatrickclaydoh: I think we have some problems.. but I'll get to it21:59
claydohjpatrick: I just got home :(22:06
jpatrickclaydoh: no worries, still learning how the admin thing works22:07
jpatrickclaydoh: mostly deleting porn posts right now22:07
jpatrickright, think I'm got rid of them all22:07
jpatrickclaydoh: "The name of this ban already exists. Please chose a different name" :)22:08
claydohwe have a filter on our net at work, I can only get to about 4 or 5 websites22:08
jpatrickclaydoh: talked to zack recently?22:09
claydohno, I seldom do really22:09
claydohtho if there is a problem, he is on yahoo IM22:10
Riddellseele: re your comment on Ideas, have you looked at adept 3?22:10
jpatrickjust checking (he's there - doesn't respond)22:10
claydohI handle a lot of the spam porn, etc, but there isn't too much to moderate really22:13
jpatrickthank goodness there's a report post button..22:14
seeleRiddell: no i have not seen adept 3, is it in the daily build?23:08
Riddellseele: no, it's only in mornfall's PPA and only for hardy23:12
Riddellseele: if you have hardy you can install it, else you can set up a chroot23:13
bobesponjaI saw there are package of Qt4.4 in your ppa Riddell, does this mean we'll get 4.1 packages soon? :) or is it just for people developping it?23:13
bobesponjaI mean KDE 4.0.6*23:14
Riddellbobesponja: I don't have time to package 4.1, volunteers welcome23:16
seeleRiddell: i dont know what a ppa is an how to get stuff from it :-/23:18
* seele wikis for a howto23:20
stdinseele: it's an apt repository hosted by launchpad23:21
ubotuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.23:21
Riddellseele: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mornfall/+archive23:21
seelestdin: thanks23:26
seeleRiddell: you too (thanks)23:26

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