mbrushI got a pc that i just formatted the hard drive ... is hardy ready for mainstream use?  or should I just stick with gutsy for now?00:45
AtomicSparkmbrush: better stick with gutsy. ;)00:48
BaD_CrCi'm using alpha 4. i wouldn't suggest using it on a production system or a system where you will have stuff you value.00:48
mbrushit's just for fun00:48
mbrushi wanna see if i can get my LCD working00:48
BaD_CrCtry plugging it in and turning it on?00:49
AtomicSparkyeah just for fun then youll come in here bitching about driver issues. lol jk.00:49
mbrushyeah, probs with 1680x1050 .... i've spent far too many hours trying to get it to work00:49
BaD_CrCget the windows .inf file for the monitor and transpose the resolutions and frequencies into the xorg.conf file00:50
BaD_CrCthat's what i had to do with my 32" wide viewsonic lcd00:50
mbrushI got the HV freqs from the manual00:51
mbrushI've tried a whole pile of different stuff with the xorg.conf ... it goes to 1680x1050 but it's all stretched out and beyond the edge of the screen00:52
BaD_CrCwhat video driver?00:53
BaD_CrCand what's the lcd's native resolution?00:53
mbrushATI AIW (tried 'ati' and 'fglrx') and 1680x105000:55
BaD_CrC1680x1050 is native?00:58
CarlFKthere is a button to the right of the 'System' menu - it dosnn't do anything.  what is is for?01:05
asdrubalCarlFK, it is for to poop on you01:08
CarlFKI bet it is spozed to be firefiox01:08
CarlFKFF, email, help -01:09
CarlFKack - crash report errored...01:10
CarlFKlp is sad.01:10
mbrushBaD_CrC, sorry, I got too many windows open here ... hehehe , yea that is native res01:11
CarlFKhow do I activate the vga port on a laptop?01:17
CarlFKhitting the Fn-F3/F5 which has little screen icons didn't do it01:17
CarlFKwhere "i" = plug in the monitor01:18
BaD_CrCbios setting?01:19
CarlFKnever mind.  nothing to see here...01:19
CarlFKin playing "push all the buttons" I did find that Fn-F4 put's it to sleep, and it wakes up ok01:20
RAOFCarlFK: The button you may be after is "xrandr --auto"01:21
mbrushanyone know of a site where people post their xorg.conf and make/model of their vid/monitors?01:22
mbrushsuch a database would be extremely useful01:22
CarlFKRAOF: nice.  thanks01:23
mannytu_is #ubuntu down?01:27
mannytu_it tells me that I am ban?01:27
crediblemannytu_: join #ubuntu-ops01:28
RyanPriorIntrepid Ibix - is that sort of like a Gnu? =D01:32
RyanPriorUbuntu Ibix/Linux01:33
RyanPriorThat is strange...01:46
CarlFK"where do I change the name of the default backgroud?"  "I du no, use the same filename, replace the file"01:47
RyanPriorSeems to be a popular method for Linux hackery. :-)01:47
r00723r0Hi, my soundcard is not working anymore. I just rebooted my computer and now it does not find the device.01:49
CarlFKspeaking of sound, where can I see a level meeter that shows what the mic is picking up?01:50
r00723r0Recording Level Monitor.01:50
r00723r0It's called vumeter.01:51
r00723r0Anyone know?01:51
r00723r0Can anyone help me out?01:57
heret1c13 s lag02:05
heret1ckde or gnome?02:07
r00723r0heret1c, personal preference.02:09
heret1cwhat do you need to know? mixer window?02:10
* heret1c joined just now02:10
r00723r0heret1c, my sound card is not working anymore.02:12
r00723r0I am told it cannot find the device.02:12
r00723r0alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device02:12
r00723r0Last thing that happened was I accidentally kicked the computer and it froze. I was listening to music in the process and when I kicked it the output went garbly. I just rebooted.02:14
heret1ccheeched the sc is properly plugged? kiick may have disconnected it (unlikely, 'tho)02:15
r00723r0I'll check right now.02:16
heret1cI take for grranted u run hardy.02:20
RyanPriorCan't wait for networking in gvfs!!!02:24
heret1cubotu bug audio02:31
nerdygirl_ellieHi all.02:39
nerdygirl_ellieI just upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04 on a development machine with update-manager -d.  My grub.conf was set to access the HDD by UID, and that doesn't seem to work.  It's dropping me to a busybox prompt.  Can anyone help?02:40
Dr_willischange the UUID to the  /dev/hd# or sd# perhaps.02:41
nerdygirl_ellieAdditional Data:  if I insmod ide-core ide-generic and ide-disk, my /dev/hd* show up and I can mount them, but I'm not sure how to do that upstream in grub.02:41
Dr_willisi thought most ide disks are now shown as the /dev/sd## type notation .02:41
Dr_willisbefor loading those modules try sudo fdisk -l, to see what disks are seen.02:42
nerdygirl_ellieAFAIK, that's SATA, but I don't know.  (going to get the test laptop, brb)02:42
Dr_willisThe changes to the ide subsystem are making  most of my machines show their IDE disks as scsi disks these days.   I got a few that still show them as  hd##02:43
heret1cdr_willis> hi there.02:43
heret1cdidst hdparn -Tt your disk(s)?02:44
Dr_willisIm not on a linux box at the moment.02:44
heret1c            m02:44
Dr_williswhy should i speed test my  disks? :002:44
heret1cit ought to  be priority numero ono.02:45
Dr_willisI have no disk problems here.02:45
heret1cchecking wether fma is on.02:45
heret1cthey have to sort it out. with 99% certainty, that bug and the (default) spindown setting zapped my drive.02:47
nerdygirl_ellieheret1c: the one in /etc/.../laptop-mode?02:48
heret1cng> spot on.02:49
Dr_willisthe one that ive seen so many heated threads on - and not a lot of real data. :)02:50
Dr_willisand yes dma is on for all my hard disks.  :)02:51
=== ActiveOne is now known as IdleOne
heret1cpointless for a lappy running on ac most of the time.02:51
heret1cdoc> what hdparm -d1 say?02:52
AtomicSparkheret1c: no its not. rather use AC power then wear out my battery. :P02:53
heret1cas> spot on.02:54
Dr_willisfrom what i hear just Looking at your laptop battery wears them out.02:55
nerdygirl_ellieAdditional Data point.  My issue does not seem to occur with one of the older new kernels.*  specific version in a second...  The hd was not recognised as /dev/hd* or /dev/sd* on the new new kernel, but is /dev/sd* on the older new kernel.02:56
Dr_willisits amazing how short a lifespan those things seem to have02:56
AtomicSparkso i make a point about people being fan boys, and i get called on being off topic. saying two sentances lol. and this other guy is talking about needing to change all his usernames on all the websites. :|02:56
nerdygirl_ellieWe could always switch back to good old lead acid batteries.. :)  A deep cycle battery will power your laptop for about 8 hours... of course it weighs 80 lbs and airport security will be on you like nachos, but it works!02:57
AtomicSparklol. i noticed my battery is in the back unlike most laptops. at least i wont lose my genitals if it explodes.02:57
heret1cdoc> enter holograpic memory.02:58
AtomicSparkso lets talk about something ubuntu related. anyone get it running on KVM yet?02:59
nerdygirl_ellieHere you go... http://www.batterymart.com/p-12v-225ah-sealed-lead-acid-gel-battery.html  225 amp hours.    Enough for what, a week of work?  :D02:59
AtomicSparki see why you guys hang out in here. the main chat is madness!03:01
heret1cng> google "hutchinson effect". 8)03:01
nerdygirl_ellie40% my ____ doesn't work, 10% how do I compile ____ and why do I need gcc, 50% ubotu?03:02
AtomicSparksome guy was saying ubuntu is far behind other distos. thats where i had to butt in.03:03
AtomicSparkand another thing. they keep mentioning envy, but autobot says stay away.03:03
AtomicSparkgrr >:(03:04
njolmy tv-tuner doesn't work ;(03:05
Dr_willisAtomicSpark,  go ahead and use it... just dont expect any support in here from it.03:05
njolhow do i compile drivers for it?03:05
njoldo you know it ubotu?03:05
Pici!bot | njol03:05
ubotunjol: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:05
Dr_willisnjol,  are there linux drivers for it? Theres a lot of tv cards that do not work under linux03:05
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out03:05
Dr_williswork timne for me byeee03:06
AtomicSparki had to close the room03:07
AtomicSparkit was just too much03:07
nerdygirl_elliecurious.  It ran an fsck on /dev/sda1, and then dropped me back in to busybox.  odd.03:07
AtomicSparkyou ran it on a mounted drive didnt you?03:08
njolfunny, my tv-tuner is analog but maintained in DVB driver, not ivtv03:09
nerdygirl_ellie<< does not understand the boot process very well, but is competent in other areas.03:09
njollike power off process?03:10
nerdygirl_ellie... including not ignoring the fsck warnings about mounted drives, and being smart enough to remount them -ro03:10
AtomicSparkwhy does pidgen store stuff ina  folder called purple? is that why my name on irc chat is purple?! madness.03:10
RAOFAtomicSpark: Because that's what its core is called.  libpurple.03:11
AtomicSparkoh i see. interesting.03:11
credibleused to be called 'libgaim'03:11
njolAtomicSpark: set your name and it will not be "purple"03:11
nerdygirl_ellies/pidgin/evolution && s/purple/camel03:11
AtomicSparkdo you know where I could get libgaim? its actully preventing me from installing gnome on my centos 5 server.03:12
AtomicSparksince that rename, the install just fails.03:12
AtomicSparkhad to get the name of the NickServ bot. :P03:16
nerdygirl_elliew00t.  I can boot to the CLI...03:19
nerdygirl_ellieTime to fix my X!03:19
AtomicSparki noticed some of you have your ip hidden03:20
AtomicSparkhow does one do that?03:20
* nemo isn't shy, personally03:21
AtomicSparkwell you use comcast03:21
AtomicSparkthere is no excuse for you03:21
nemowell. I just cancelled verizon FIOS on monday03:21
nemoafter having gone to the trouble of purchasing it03:22
nemoat the moment they are on my hate list03:22
nemoand those are the only two options in my area03:22
AtomicSparkyeah. i have cable. i don't bitch too much.03:22
heret1ch'm. no shoutcast in hardy repos yet.03:44
Mark_MillimanIs update-manager telling you there are any updates today?03:45
Mark_MillimanIt says, " It is unknown when the package information was updated last."03:46
Mark_MillimanLately they have been pushing out at least one update a day03:46
Mark_Millimanlast night package-manager received an update03:46
Mark_MillimanI am just wondering why it is telling me that the package information is unknown03:47
Mark_MillimanThe package information seems to download and compares against existing packages before reporting that message03:48
Mark_Millimangotta eat...back in 5 minutes03:48
* heret1c uses sudo -i | apt-get update 03:49
=== hydrogen is now known as Wasserstoff
Flannelheret1c: shoutcast won't be in Hardy, its proprietary (I guess it could be in multiverse), but icecast is what you're looking for probably03:54
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
ubuntuI'm installing kubuntu hardy daily iso04:00
ubuntuI'm stuck at 94%04:00
ubuntu(configuring hardware)04:01
ubuntuanyone know if it's ok to kill the installer at this stage?04:01
mcquaidi'm wondering if alpha 5 will be released in the early hours of the day (i.e. soon) or tomorrow night04:02
ubuntuI can't see anything in the system log04:02
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
ubuntuI think it's stuck on the wireless drivers04:03
=== ubuntu is now known as naught101
naught101stupid installer04:04
Mark_MillimanIs it officially announced or just slipped to us through a slew of packages through update-manager?04:04
Mark_Millimanapt-get update didn't return any changes04:05
Mark_MillimanThe update to update-manager must have a little bug in it04:06
Mark_MillimanI hope that it is soon because there are still some python bugs.  At least the biggest of them seem to have gone away04:08
Mark_MillimanI still have Screenlets occasionally crashing04:08
thero1hardy is working great for me 1st install that compiz works with no tweaking.  Only 1 issue that I'm curious if anyone else is seeing.  With compiz on, my windows have an pixalized shadow that looks really rough.  Is this something that is known?04:09
Mark_Millimanthero1, my shadow is fine.  What video card to you have?04:10
Mark_MillimanIt sounds driver related with alpha-blending04:10
Mark_Millimanmy nVidia works04:10
Mark_MillimanI am just as comfortable with Hardy as Gutsy.  Gutsy seemed like a beta to me04:11
AtomicSparknow now. dont start telling people they can use hardy as a main os. :P04:11
Mark_MillimanIt is not for everyone but the people in here should be the ones gutsy enough to try Hardy.04:12
Mark_MillimanDon't get all legal on me04:12
Mark_MillimanI had several problems with Gutsy's stability04:12
Mark_MillimanSince I stopped tweaking this box Sunday, it has been working flawlessly.  I just had to restart Compiz a couple of times which is par for the course.  Most of the time it was due to python errors in other apps.04:13
thero1shadowing works correctly in  the menu and for the top of windows and bottom.  only choppy looking on the left and right side of windows.  Using Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller04:13
Mark_MillimanDidn't I see a driver update yesterday or the day before for those?04:14
Mark_MillimanTake a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68259804:16
Mark_MillimanGreat thing about Linux is it can function wonderfully on older hardware and do things only the newest hardware can do with Visa04:18
Mark_MillimanVista that is04:18
FlannelHey guys, I've got a question as to how Dapper -> Hardy upgrades are working if there's no linux-image-686 transitional packages in hardy? (or at least, not on the alt CD or in packages.ubuntu.com)04:19
Mark_Millimanwith SAMBA this machine serves up music, pictures and files to the Win boxes and no one knows any different04:20
Mark_MillimanHaven't tried that one04:20
Mark_MillimanI have always gone from current release to current release04:21
FlannelWell, dapper is current04:21
Mark_MillimanGuess so04:21
Flannelnot that edgy -> hardy will work, but LTS to LTS is half the point of LTS04:21
Mark_MillimanI just went from Dapper to Edgy to Fiesty to Gutsy to Hardy04:22
asdrubalMark_Milliman, aren't you afraid of hard drive fragmentation?04:23
asdrubalI like clean installs04:23
Mark_MillimanDuring the Hardy upgrade I had a USB device go down that caused me to completely rebuild my system04:23
asdrubalpack that data in there tightly04:23
Mark_MillimanI decided it was time for a clean install04:23
Mark_MillimanI typically keep all of my packages updated04:23
Flannelasdrubal: ext3 doesn't really suffer from fragmentation04:23
Mark_Millimanthat has kept me away from transitional packages04:23
Mark_Millimanext3 and all *nix file systems handle fragmentation well04:24
mcquaidLTS to LTS is a good point. you'd think that should work04:24
Mark_MillimanI keep a running list of all of the non-distro packages I install.  I had to rebuild/compile a handful of packages on this rebuild04:25
Mark_Millimanthat keeps everything fresh04:25
FlannelIt will/does/whatever, people have been testing.  I'm just wondering how it actually does work, since I don't see transitional packages04:25
AtomicSparki hear from other irc users that upgrading will slow your machine down. donno how.04:25
Mark_MillimanLTS to LTS should be supported04:25
mcquaidMark_Milliman, I just remove my checkinstalls/3rd party reps installs before upgrage04:25
cwilluFlannel, I'd expect the upgrader manually installs new packages rather than letting aptitude handle it automatically04:25
Mark_MillimanSomewhere on the Ubuntu web site there is an explanation of the upgrade process04:26
Flannelcwillu: Isn't that a stupid way of doing it though?  Personally, I'd prefer not to have to use update-manager-core04:26
Mark_MillimanI have only had minor issues when upgrading distributions04:26
AtomicSparkdapper > hardy04:26
Mark_Millimancool Atomic04:26
asdrubalDo you guys know what's wrong with the cx88-alsa.ko module in 2.6.24-8? it hasn't worked since 2.6.24-404:27
FlannelWe know its supported, its apparently working too.  Just not how it was supposed to work last I inquired about it (about a year ago)04:27
AtomicSparkthere was a more indepth page but i just found that while searching04:27
Flannelmaybe more like six months, but still.  Seems awkward to not just have proper trans packages04:27
Mark_MillimanIsn't the purpose of the upgrade-manager to make life easier Flannel?04:27
mcquaidok cool. i didn't know dapper > hardy worked04:27
mcquaidso if it can do taht, why not edgy? just curious04:28
FlannelMark_Milliman: Its to make sure people don't screw up their system while upgrading, by removing third party repos, and doing some sanity checks before upgrading.  Thats it.04:28
AtomicSparkhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgrades more about it. states some potential issues.04:28
FlannelIve read that page.  It doesn't address anything technical04:29
AtomicSparkyou have to go from edgy > fiesty > gutsy04:29
AtomicSparkthre is a page explaining you cant skip.. still looking.04:29
Mark_MillimanExactly to make Linux easy for the uneasy04:29
Flannelmcquaid: Technically you could do edgy. It's not supported, but it is doable if you know what you're doing04:29
Mark_MillimanNot all of us are command line jockeys04:29
mcquaidok. just curious doesn't really apply to me. I havea gutsy box and a dapper box that I never got around to upgrading04:29
AtomicSparkwow. its on the main page. lol.04:29
AtomicSparkthat explains all.04:30
FlannelMark_Milliman: I prefer it if my server didn't have it's life in some blackbox's script hands.  Not that its source isn't out there, I'd just prefer an actual explanation of why it wasn't done the easy way (and how it actually works)04:30
Mark_MillimanHell, I have been using *nix for 20+ years and I still don't know all of the intricacies of package-manager.  That is why I use the dumb GUI most of the time.04:30
FlannelMark_Milliman: but mostly, its just for my own knowledge, since I know I'm going to have to debug botched upgrades in #ubuntu once may comes around04:30
AtomicSparki just recently discovered using add/remove programs is easier then package manager. ha. i use that now. :P04:30
Mark_MillimanFlannel, I see your point which is why we have both methods.  I also wanted to understand what would happen when I upgraded.04:31
AtomicSparki didnt understand the difference at first. they should explain it better.04:31
FlannelMark_Milliman: basically, transitional packages (along with metapackages) get upgraded, and drag the rest of the versions along with them (metapackages and transitional packages take care of package name changes, like GAIM to pidgin, and whatnot)04:32
Mark_MillimanWhether through the GUI or CLI I always want to know what will be happening and how it will affect my custom kernel, drivers, and non-distro programs.04:32
mcquaidi'm glad they finally added (back) the ability to install without formatting home04:32
mcquaidyou used to be able to, then they removed it from the live cd, i enquired about it and found out it was a feature. lol04:32
Flannelmcquaid: I don't think it ever went away, unless you're talking about some Hardy alpha04:32
mcquaidyes it left from live cds for awhile now.04:33
mcquaidonly the alt installer could you uncheck format filesystem04:33
Mark_MillimanI didn't use the live cd until I had to rebuild from scratch04:33
Flannelmcquaid: In hardy then?  since I know Gutsy allows you04:33
Mark_MillimanIt formatted root and home04:34
mcquaidgutsy doesn't not allow you to.04:34
mcquaiderr does not..04:34
Mark_MillimanFlannel, I have a stupid IRC question.  How are you sending me private messages in the main window?04:34
Mark_Millimanover the years I have become Windows lazy and didn't come back to IRC until a year ago or so04:35
FlannelMark_Milliman: these aren't private, they're simply prefixed with your name, so your client highlights them, just like you juts did to me.04:35
Mark_Millimanso Chatzilla is doing that for me04:36
AtomicSparki noticed pidgin has an option for ssl. does any irc server actully use ssl?04:37
mcquaidhere's the wiki on this new 'feature' of keeping one's home:04:37
mcquaidwell it's kind of good i guess, it checks if there's an existing nix install and removes basically everything except /home04:38
mcquaidbefore, I did the equivalent manually.  I mounted the part via a live cd.  Deleted everything except home (to get a clean install cause of problems I had)04:38
mcquaidI've done this in the past without issue. But gutsy won't allow you if home occupies the / dir instead of it's own part04:39
AtomicSpark"if it gets approved" you sure its a feature of a current release?04:39
AtomicSparkyou mean if home is not its own partition? ;)04:39
mcquaidi thought they were boasting this as a new feature of hardy04:40
AtomicSparkmaybe it is. it might not be in the current version.04:40
AtomicSparkthe blueprint is hard to understand. :\04:40
mcquaiderr if /home is in it's own part there's no issue.  If one installs all of ubuntu to one part, it forces a format with the live cd (even if you uncheck format part)04:41
mcquaidwhereas the alt cd has always allowed you to uncheck format part04:41
AtomicSparkhmm. i know they're working on moving some features from alt cd to the live cd.04:42
mcquaidi had to redownload the alt cd to accomplish this as I didn't have the space to back up my home04:42
AtomicSparklike encryption and adv partitioning.04:42
Flannelmcquaid: They never removed that feature.  If /home was on the same partition as /, you could never keep /home04:42
mcquaidyes you could.  i did it before04:43
mcquaidbefore dapper what was the release called again...04:43
Flanneler, Breezy04:44
mcquaidok with hoary you could04:44
mcquaidor breezy04:44
mcquaidany before dapper iirc04:44
FlannelI'll fire up a breezy liveCD, but I don't think so.  Since that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.04:44
FlannelEr wait04:44
Flannelpre-dapper you can't install from a liveCD04:44
* Flannel isn't thinking.04:44
mcquaidi enquired when I couldn't and found out it was a new 'feature' cause some people installed ubuntu on existing installs (like say an old fedora install) and it caused issues04:44
mcquaidok maybe i'm mixing up releases.  I swear on one box i could uncheck format part with the live cd and it proceeded04:47
mcquaidthen I couldn't any longer04:47
Flannelyeah, but that'd be on a separate partition04:48
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
mcquaidnope, never used sep parts for home. always meant to but didn't04:49
AtomicSparkyou can uncheck it if you chose custom instead of recommended.04:50
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
AtomicSparkwait no. you cant uncheck the root partition. just other ones. like your windows. ha.04:50
njolurban terror is awesome04:59
naught101does anyone know what will happen if I kill the installer at 94% (configuring hardware), and restart? it seems to have frozen05:08
naught101CD install05:09
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
cdm10It's amazing how broken Seahorse is05:35
cdm10I don't know why they've put it into Hardy.05:35
* DanaG doesn't know what Seahorse is used for, anyway.05:36
=== cwillu_ is now known as cwillu
cdm10DanaG: It's a GnuPG frontend.05:36
cdm10I mean, it would be a really nice program, if it worked.05:36
cdm10The UI is great, but breaks a lot.05:36
* cwillu was about to suggest launchpad as a better avenue for gripes, but is growing concerned about the number of segv related bugs in a security app :/05:44
r00723r0Does the drawer applet work for anyone?05:47
DanaGOdd: compiz-fusion is acting like I have "Number of Desktops" set to 4... but it's not,05:51
DanaG.   I have to go to ccsm and change it from 1 to 2 and back to 1 in order for my taskbar and pager to work properly.05:52
CarlFKI deleted my fstab.  amazingly, my box still boots.  the only reason i figurd it out was wondering why I didn't have any swap.05:53
CarlFKit was a default install - can someone post theirs?05:54
njolhow to "make install" debian way?05:58
CarlFKnjol: is there a .deb for any version of what you are building ?  (what are you building? )06:00
njolCarlFK: my bad, i also should "make" 1st, it is v4l-dvb driver and i guess i should make deb file and then install it06:01
CarlFKright.  "make a deb" is harder than it sounds06:01
CarlFKso I find some thing similar, use the 'config' from that06:02
CarlFKI have tried 2 or 3 times to make a .deb from scratch.  i gave up06:02
cdm10CarlFK: It depends on what you're making a .deb for... the process can vary widely.06:03
njolmmm i see, actually i have seen some simple commands for doing it, but cant find it now, maybe i wrong06:03
CarlFKnjol: the command is: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc -b06:04
njoli'll try that06:04
CarlFKbut it expects a bunch of files in your sources's debiain/ dir06:04
cdm10CarlFK: what? You need a working and configured /debian filesystem for dpkg-buildpackage to work06:04
cdm10ah, yes06:04
CarlFKnjol: don't suppose you can explain to me the difference between v4l and v4l2 drivers ?06:06
CarlFKI am working with one, and can't figure out which it is06:06
njolsorry i'm not sure06:07
njoldo i required to remove old drivers (btw how to do it if they are part of kernel... modules) or i may just make install new on top of them?06:08
CarlFKit is best to make a .eb06:10
CarlFKit is best to make a .deb06:10
DanaGwtf?  can't report bug in pidgin.06:15
DanaGAt the very least, it should show ME the backtrace but not allow me to file it, if I have out-of-date packages.06:15
DanaGOtherwise, I can't even figure it out for myself.06:15
njolCarlFK: i found/remembered simple command to make debs, its called checkinstall06:17
cwilluDanaG, can you duplicate it?06:29
DanaGI just had a random crash, and I have fontconfig held back, so it wouldn't let me try to file a bug.06:29
cwillucould post it by hand I guess,06:30
DanaGMy issue is the other way around: I couldn't even tell what the bug was, because it said "you have old packages" even before it showed a backtrace.06:32
mhollisjris there anything I should know about with Hardy before I attempt to install Compiz?06:34
cwilluother than that gutsy and hardy already install compiz with ubuntu-desktop?06:34
mhollisjrer hmm ok I'm blind then ^^ where would I look for that?06:35
cwilluit should be on by default if the hardware is known to be compatible06:35
mhollisjrdoesn't appear to be, but I know the hardware is compatibly06:36
cwillusystem | prefs | appearance |06:36
cwillu'normal desktop effects'06:36
mhollisjrthank you06:36
cwilluif you want more config, there's a more thorough config package available in the repo06:36
mhollisjryeah I saw those I just didnt' see the main package, it being installed might be why ^^06:37
mhollisjrahh nevermind I know why I didnt' have the option, forgot to install the video driver ><06:41
mhollisjrgotta restart, thanks again for the help06:42
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* DanaG wants his next laptop to have a case skin of that Heron wallpaper.06:44
DanaGThat'd be awesome.06:45
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
cwilluoooo, I haven't even looked at the new theme yet06:46
DanaGNo new theme is yet installed; just a new wallpaper.06:47
DanaGReminds me of these, too:  http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/portables/personal/zen_wallpaper/06:48
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[Gutsy]TuTUXGs2disk breaks my swap07:30
DanaGThat happened to me.... somehow my swap randomly disappeared, and I didn't notice it for about a week, until I noticed a lack of swap activity shown in07:31
DanaG!info wmhdplop07:31
ubotuwmhdplop (source: wmhdplop): A hard drive activity monitor dockapp. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1 (hardy), package size 28 kB, installed size 124 kB07:31
DanaGNifty thingy.07:31
[Gutsy]TuTUXGDanaG, so does it make ur swap unrecorgnizable ?07:32
DanaGYeah, when I tried swapon, it said, "can't find swap signature", or something like that.07:33
[Gutsy]TuTUXGDanaG, i have to reformat my swap partition and manually change the uuid in fstab to make it mountable07:33
DanaGTo fix it, use mkswap on the partition -- but be very very sure you have the right partition!07:33
DanaGI don't use s2disk, usually.07:33
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi wanna use s2ram but it's not built with uswsusp07:34
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwandering if i can just build suspend by myself07:35
[Gutsy]TuTUXGuntil now, neither hibernate or suspend works for me07:36
DanaGHmm, suspend works about 2/3 of the time for me; other times it fails to resume.07:38
[Gutsy]TuTUXGwhat kind vcard u have?07:38
DanaGTry mucking around with the VBE and VIDEO options in /etc/default/acpi-support -- but make comments to indicate the defaults.07:38
DanaGGeForce Go 7600.07:38
[Gutsy]TuTUXGok, i will try that, cus im pretty sure when i try to resume from suspend, the x hangs07:39
RAOFYou might want to try disabling sync-to-vblank in compiz?07:41
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi already disable it07:41
RAOFFair enough :)07:42
[Gutsy]TuTUXGi use both sync to vbank from nvidia settings07:42
[Gutsy]TuTUXGbut i build the nvidia driver myself, could that be a problem?07:42
[Gutsy]TuTUXGDanaG, so i should make save_vbe_state=true in acpi-support?07:43
DanaGI have most of those things set to false.07:44
DanaGOh yeah, and make sure to comment the defaults so you can restore them!07:45
[Gutsy]TuTUXGDanaG, do i need to restart x to make new acpi-support work?07:48
DanaGWow, I've been using a blue theme for quite a while, and just switched back to an orange theme, and somehow it's improved my mood!07:48
DanaGI don't think you have to do anything to make it take effect07:48
DanaGbut for safety, you can sudo /etc/init.d/acpi-support force-reload.07:49
[Gutsy]TuTUXGok, thanks07:49
DanaGI think I've linked to the HP Japan wallpapers, right?07:50
DanaGThose seem like a good reference for nice colors.07:50
DanaGGaack, my networkmanager icon has a BROWN wallpaper.07:51
njolwhat is program for scan for tv channels? (analog)07:52
njoli installed mythtv but scan option is grayed07:55
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DanaGWTF?  I held down tab and it got stuck.08:06
DanaGOnce it unstuck, now all my function keys are broken.08:06
DanaGHere's me hitting alt-tab:08:07
slytherinWhich is best for core 2 duo, i386 image with smp kernel or amd64 image?08:13
slytherinnjol: thanks.08:15
naught101restricted-manager isn't in the repository at the moment?08:18
ethana2hmm.. the intel proprietary wirless drivers...08:18
ethana2I don't think they...  work... well08:18
ethana2Does intel open those up too, or just their graphics drivers?08:19
njolnaught101: if you mean videocard thingy its called jockey-gtk08:21
njolmmm it says it manages wireless also08:22
naught101njol: jockey-kde, yeah I guess. is it supposed to be installed by default in a new install?08:22
njoloh they made a kde version also08:23
naught101yep, apparently08:23
njolof course it should be installed08:23
njolbut it in crash stance probably08:23
njolif you use alpha 408:24
naught101crash stance?08:24
naught101I'm using daily build from yesterday08:24
naught101and it's not installed by default08:24
njoldid you tried to update OS, install it, etc?08:25
Unksiatleast the jockey installed automatically when i updated the system^08:25
Unksiso guess its getting included08:25
njolwell daily builds may have something broken08:26
njoltoday or tomorrow alpha5 is expected08:27
naught101njol: no, I installed from CD08:28
naught101yeah, I know, but I broke my PC using alpha4, so I had to upgrade08:28
* naught101 loves having a separate /home partition08:28
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
njoljust updare os and see if jockey will be restored08:31
njolit is in repo08:31
hithttp://www.postimage.org/Pq1B_88r-cae553c4b11a8787e5f18465394b0322.png two different locations???08:33
hitcan't erase those folders in trash:///08:33
naught101njol: I installed it manually08:34
Assidi had to reinstall xserver/nvidia-glx-new etc08:34
Assidfinally got back08:34
DanaGOoh, spiffy: http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/portables/personal/zen_wallpaper/08:35
cwilluprobably .Trash-<username>08:35
njolhit: try rm08:35
Assidsup DanaG08:35
DanaGdagblasted keyboard broke -- I can't ctrl-anything or alt-anything.08:36
DanaGIt's an Xorg problem.08:36
hitThere's only ~/.Trash08:36
AssidDanaG: oh i had that08:36
DanaGIt started after Tab got stuck for a while, and then unstuck... and now those things, as well as key repeat, are broken.08:36
Assidi keep running into it08:36
AssidDanaG: trythis08:36
Assiddisable compiz08:36
DanaGI can't even alt-click.08:36
Assidrestart the box08:36
DanaGJust ctrl-alt-backspace would do it.08:36
Assidbut i thought you cant ctrl /alt08:37
DanaGOr rather, alt-sysrq-k.08:37
DanaG    state 0xc, keycode 22 (keysym 0xfed5, Terminate_Server), same_screen YES,08:37
DanaGHow the heck is XEV getting my ctrl-alt-backspace?  It makes no sense!08:37
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hitthere they are, but why there?08:39
DanaGDo take a look at that HP wallpaper.  It's pretty cool.08:39
Assidyeah i saw.. not bad08:39
DanaGI've switched from a dark blue theme back to a custom, brighter orange Aurora theme, with the Heron wallpaper.08:40
DanaGI noticed within about 30 seconds that it improved my mood considerably.08:40
Assidis emerald usable now ?08:41
Assidlast time around.. emerald crashed just wayy too often08:41
slytherinAssid: define 'last time around'08:42
Assid2-3 weeks back08:42
DanaGIs there a bug report about that broken keyboard?08:43
Assidnot to my knowledge08:45
Assidbut you may wanna check08:45
Assidati card bychance?08:45
DanaGNope, nvidia.08:46
Assidtrying to look for similarities08:48
Assidit happens only on my laptop.. not on my desktop08:48
Assidheck even my shift key used to be broken08:49
DanaGGeForce Go 7600 for me.08:49
DanaGIt's hard to do anything in console when ctrl-c gives cccccc<break>08:50
DanaGwhen I press it repeatedly.08:50
Assidto enter this room.. i used to go to #ubuntu.. ask someone to type ubuntu plus 108:50
Assidthen double click it08:50
naught101Assid: you can fix that with xmodmap if you want to sacrifice another key08:52
Assidthats the point... i shouldnt have to "sacrifice" its a working keyboard08:52
Assidi got rid of compiz and whenever that happens.. i just restart now08:52
Assidmainly cause CTRL and ALT  are broken at that time08:52
DanaGTry alt-sysrq-k instead.08:55
DanaGIt'll kill just Xorg.08:55
naught101not if alt is broken08:58
hitanyone knows why can't i delete non-empty folders from another partition?08:59
hitit's ntfs08:59
cwilluhit, probably need to run a chkdsk on it;  you can do it from linux, but it's strongly recommended to have windows do it if possible09:00
hityou think that helps?09:00
cwilluthe ntfs driver is pretty conservative09:01
hitimo it used to work this way..09:01
cwilluhit, how are you trying to delete them?09:01
hitvia nautilus at the moment09:02
cwillutry it via the terminal, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if you needed to chkdsk it09:02
AssidDanaG: shift/alt/ctrl all broken from what i remember09:02
slytherinhit: It is being discussed currently. Be patient. There will be solution soon hopefully09:02
Assidchkdsk ??!09:02
mhollisjris compiz part of hardy? I asked this earlier, but I've been trying to track it down and can't find it anywhere09:02
hitslytherin, ok09:02
Assidhit: conservative?09:02
naught101anyone know if there's a repo for hardy with skype in it?09:03
cwilluthe disk structures can get into a state where deleting something needs a new table to be allocated (or something along those lines), and that code doesn't get exercised enough that the devs feel warm and fuzzy about using it in the wild without strong warnings09:03
Assidnaught101: download the debs and use it09:03
DanaGThe keys still sorta' work:09:03
slytherinnaught101: Skype guys should know better09:03
DanaGctrl-a multiple times while holding ctrl, will give a-a-a-<select all>09:03
naught101Assid: sure, but then I'll for get to update it :)09:04
naught101slytherin: what?09:04
DanaGAlt-enter in Firefox works to open in new tab, but alt-grab to move a window does not.09:04
Assidnaught101: get the new beta one tho.. it has video support09:04
hitrm -r is fine btw09:04
slytherinnaught101: They have their own repository for packages for Debian/Ubuntu09:04
cwilluDanaG, alt-grab might be off by default in compiz I think (eeepc setup requires some changes for that reason in order to reach the entire install dialog)09:05
naught101oh really? I was using medibuntu09:05
DanaGSkype + pulseaudio == ouch.09:05
cwilluhit, sudo, or just plain?09:05
Assidi have no idea what pulseaudio does09:05
hitcwillu, plain was enough09:05
DanaGGoogle it.  It's most useful for multiple audio devices, or networked audio playback.09:05
cwilluAssid, it causes pain, but it's inevitable pain09:05
cwilluand temporary09:05
hitlooks like a nautilus problem?09:05
DanaGAlt-grab works until the bug happens.09:06
DanaGSame with key repeat, and everything else.09:06
cwilluhit, dunno;  might be a gvfs issue09:06
cwilluhit, check launchpad09:06
DanaGTime to go to bed.09:06
hitcwillu, ok09:06
Assidhit: you didnt mention what your problem is? recursive deletion not working?09:06
hitAssid: yes, via nautilus09:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186441 in nautilus "[Hardy] Recursive directory deletion doesnt work for external mounted drives" [Low,Incomplete]09:07
Assidexternal drive right ?09:07
hitno, just another hdd09:08
Assidhrmm i should tr that09:08
Assidseems to be for all ntfs mounts09:09
Assidupdate that bug report09:09
hithttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/12117901/out.ogg exactly same thing09:09
Assidi know09:09
Assidthats my bug report09:09
slytherinAssid: hit: Marking that bug as duplicate of 186569 because it is an ntfs-3g issue.09:10
slytherinAssid: hit: and independent of whether the disk is external or enternal09:10
slytherinbug 18656909:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186569 in ntfs-3g "cannot delete files off of an Fuse mounted NTFS partition in nautilus" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18656909:10
Assidyeay.. i found a bug BEFORE the duplicate09:10
Assidbug 19299409:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192994 in xorg "X doesnt shut down. Requires CTRL ALT BACKSPACE to kill it so it can shut down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19299409:11
Assidnow i wish i can get this to work right09:11
hitok, a known bug then..09:11
Assidhit:  yeah wait it out09:12
hitbut when i delete something, shouldn't that go to ~/.Trash?09:13
njolit go everythere, for backup09:13
hitinstead of ~./.local/share/Trash09:13
Assidslytherin: err..its NOT ntfs-3g issue09:18
Assidkonqueror deletes it fine09:18
slytherinAssid: It is ntfs-3g issue which eventually breaks gvfs. And nautilus uses gvfs now.09:19
Assidoh.. then ok09:20
Assidwas just doing some testing and saw konqueror to work..09:20
Assidcool.. more updates..09:21
Assidanyone know if its "safe" to update09:21
nekostaris there a way to do a toram switch on booting?09:22
nekostarlike there is with livecd's?09:22
nekostarto ram option09:22
nekostarloads everything in root to ram09:22
slytherinAssid: You are already using an alpha release. Was that safe to you? :-P09:23
nekostarfinal stages on new build, wanting to go 8GB09:23
Assidnekostar: ?09:23
naught101how would I tell what preferences directory thunderbird is using? I have 2.0 installed, but it appears to be using my .mozilla-thunderbird directory...09:23
nekostarbut with the state of software doesnt seem to make a difference unless i can use say 4GB of it as a ramdisk and load everything to ram09:23
Assidslytherin: hehe.. true ..but didnt want a repeat of the python-apt episode09:24
slytherinnaught101: so which directory do you expect it to use?09:24
nekostarand the only option for that ive seen that works is to do a 'frugal' type install of cd iso to disk and modified boot like from livecd then load it all09:24
nekostarbut i would rather do a 'toram' type boot from disk09:24
naught101slytherin: .thunderbird, which also exists09:24
slytherinAssid: Why not wait till alpha5 is declared as released09:24
nekostarbasically might have to do an install then create a custom livecd iso to boot from09:25
slytherinnaught101: Check mozilla wiki. You will get correct answer there.09:25
Assidtrue.. will wait09:25
naught101good answer.09:25
Assidi still say something is wrong with compiz09:26
naught101arrgh. fuck gnome.09:26
Assidi know that cause if ALT TAB window switcher isnt in the center of the screen. means something is broken09:26
naught101firefox looks aweful in kubuntu hardy09:26
naught101everything is the wrong size09:27
njolwhat effects manager is used in kde? not compiz right?09:27
Assidnjol: you can use compiz in kde09:27
naught101no, kwin09:27
Assidkde uses kwin09:27
naught101but not by default09:27
njolis it similiar? or cooler09:27
Assidwell kde4 loooks sweet09:28
nekostarkde4 looks nice but is very very broken09:28
nekostari cant wait till it stableizes a bit09:28
nekostari'm gonna switch to it for a while from gnome ^^09:28
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
Assidmight even avoid compiz if kde4 stops breaking09:29
Assidbut compiz is pretty sweet09:29
Assidrestarted compiz09:30
Assidim telling you it has some bug09:30
njolcompiz is slow for me, not performance but animation takes too much time09:32
Assidthunderbird takes a little longer09:32
Assidso whats worng with 1 sec09:33
naught101is kde4 buggy to the point of being painful, or just a bit annoying?09:33
Assidnaught101: try it :P09:33
naught101I am09:33
naught101I mean, it's downloading now09:33
Assidnot like your installng windows and you have to reformat if you dont like it09:33
njolmmm any simple way to install kde4 in hardy?09:34
cwillu!package kde409:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package kde4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:34
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde409:34
Assiderr yea09:35
njolok thanks ill try that09:35
njolsudo apt-get install kde4-core? i hope nothing will break09:36
Assidsudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop09:37
njolit says kde4-core in 1st url09:37
njolmaybe this is alias09:37
Assiderr i hope you didnt add that to the sources.list09:38
Assidthats only for gutsy09:38
Assidhardy has its own kde4 respotories09:38
njolno i didnt add09:38
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
Assidthen yeah go ahead with kde4-core09:38
Assidwow.. hardy wont have beta09:43
Assidonly alphas09:43
Assidwould be known as alpha609:43
njolmarch 20th09:44
Assidright but see the notes.. still known as alpha609:44
* heret1c arrives in a shower of rose petals09:48
heret1cubotu dma ide09:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dma ide - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:50
heret1cubotu dma09:50
ubotudma is Direct Memory Access/Addressing. It makes hardware transfer data faster, and is almost always enabled in Ubuntu 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DMA09:50
Assidi thought it  broke heret1c now what you trying09:50
* heret1c sneers at ub0tu, "u don'r say..."09:51
heret1cubotu dma ide BUG09:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dma ide bug - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:51
heret1cassid> amassing incriminating evidence.09:51
heret1cis it possible to cretae a "peristent home" on a usb stick in/from hardy?09:52
Assidpersistent home ?09:54
heret1cassid> if I'm lucky, I may het a new hd today. Unless that ide/dma bug is fixed, I'll install dapper.09:54
Assidyou mean have your /home mount from a usb stick09:54
* heret1c nods09:54
Assidit JUST might work.. problem is usb drivers MUST load PRIOR to fstab being loaded09:55
naught101heret1c: persistent even when you remove it?09:55
* heret1c mutters "or, living up to my nick - go for vanilla debian."09:55
Assiddebian aint bad09:55
Assidi use it for my servers09:55
heret1cnaught> contradiction. persistent, as in "it's accessible as long as it's there".09:56
cwilluheret1c, I'm still baffled that any recent ubuntu doesn't already have dma working under the scsi generic ide driver09:57
heret1cassid> does it have the same hd-murdering ide-is-seen-as-scsi bug?09:57
heret1cxwillu> hi there. ta 4 ur help yesterday. :-)09:57
cwilluwhat a time for the drive to die, eh?09:58
cwillunp though09:58
heret1ccwillu> I did a speed twsting on it - hdparm -Tt &dev/hsa yieleded an astonishing 3MB/s. 8)09:59
cwillusd or hd?09:59
Assidheret1c: i got a few old servers running debian on ide drives10:00
Assiddont know if dma is on or what10:00
Assidhsa ?!!?10:00
heret1chd. found a hack to change it.10:00
njolisnt ide drives supposed to die fast on server load?10:00
Oli``ROFL @ Intrepid Ibex. Is it April 1st already?10:01
Assidhdparm -Tt /dev/sda10:01
Assid 10:01
Assid Timing cached reads:   10256 MB in  2.00 seconds = 5132.86 MB/sec10:01
Assid Timing buffered disk reads:  188 MB in  3.01 seconds =  62.46 MB/sec10:01
Assidis that bad ?10:02
heret1csh*t off a shovel, eh? 8)10:02
heret1crather fastish in my book. :)10:03
Assidoh .. hrmm :D10:03
Assidi thought these are capable of doing more10:04
heret1cassid> where r u?10:04
heret1c <- oh-so-slow, no-way10:04
njoli wonder if NCQ is just marketing or not, cuz it makes no difference, i mean if i try to do something while copying file, its the end10:04
Assidone thing i do like about it is it does like 40+mb/sec when copying from drives10:05
* heret1c wonders whay bluetooth and cups satrts at boot, with no bt hw or printer present10:06
njol/dev/sda:  Timing cached reads:   3004 MB in  2.00 seconds = 1502.49 MB/sec10:06
Assidalthough ntfs-3g is relatively slow10:06
njol Timing buffered disk reads:  228 MB in  3.01 seconds =  75.71 MB/sec10:06
Assidnjol: laptop?!10:06
* Assid checks one of his other boxes10:07
njolare you on laptop getting 62 mb?10:07
Raspberry Timing cached reads:   5150 MB in  2.00 seconds = 2580.01 MB/sec10:07
Raspberry Timing buffered disk reads:  124 MB in  3.00 seconds =  41.32 MB/sec10:07
Raspberry5400rpm 2.5" hdd in a Thinkpad10:08
AssidTiming cached reads:   5658 MB in  2.00 seconds = 2830.37 MB/sec10:09
Assid Timing buffered disk reads:  182 MB in  3.02 seconds =  60.26 MB/sec10:09
Assidthats my server10:09
Assidi do have alot of io atm10:09
* heret1c ponders what hd to get as replacement. samsung, seagaye? low budget. :(10:10
Assidwestern digital10:10
Raspberrythe samsungs are junk10:10
RaspberryI do consulting10:10
Assidseagate or wd is my recommendation10:11
Raspberryand the drive we replace the most is WD then Samsung10:11
Assidwd seem better10:11
AssidRaspberry:  really?!?10:11
Raspberryheret1c: laptop or desktop?10:11
Raspberrymust be desktop10:11
RaspberryWD has gotten much better10:12
slytherinOli``: Why what is wrong?10:12
Raspberrydefinitely don't buy maxtor10:12
slytherindamn, wrong window again10:12
Assidata5.00: ATA-7: WDC WD3200AAJS-22RYA0, 12.01B01, max UDMA/13310:12
AssidI forgot how to check the /proc for my sda drives10:12
RaspberryI have 2 WD Raptor 10000rpm SATA drives in my workstation and they are nice :) running almost 24/7 for 2-3 years now10:13
heret1cSeagate Momentus 5400.3 60GB 5400RPM, IDE ATA/10010:13
slytherinAssid: What do you want to check exactly?10:14
Oli``slytherin: it's just a bit of a funny name. we've got badgers, drakes and herons here, with gibbons on TV all the time... but ibex? Meh... I guess "I" was always going to be a hard one10:14
Raspberrywhere do I pull that drive ifno?10:14
heret1cintrepid iguana?10:15
slytherinOli``: Check wikipedia entry for ibex and read announcement again. :-)10:15
slytherinRaspberry: what kind of info?10:15
Raspberryhdd info10:15
Assiderr got hdparm to do it10:15
Assidhdparm -I10:15
cwilluI wish it were so simple, that I were a deer, and that you were a buffalo, or an ibex...10:15
KanniballI've upgraded from gutsy to hardy, in order to get my Broadcom 4311 rev 2, but I'm still without luck. One problem I found is the wireless witch don't work, even with rkfill and rkkill-input modules loaded.10:16
slytherinRaspberry: But what kind of info? Name? size?10:16
cwilluKanniball, not doing anything with ndis are you?10:16
Raspberryslytherin: yes10:16
Kanniballcwillu: nope,10:16
Assidanyone managhed to get trendnet  TEW-424UB  usb wifi stick to work with wpa-psk10:17
Oli``Assid: I've had the opposite experience of Raspberry. Our WD drives just keep going while the seagates and maxtors (now seagate) die off relatively fast. But I'm sure you could find somebody for each brand to say that brand is the worst/best.10:17
slytherinCheck if your chipset is supported - http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4310:17
cwilluKanniball, http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4310:17
cwilluhttp://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#fw-b43-old specifically10:17
slytherinRaspberry: If you have gnome installed try system monitor from System -> Administration10:18
Raspberrymy panels have stopped responding :P10:18
Raspberryunresponsive to clicks10:18
slytherinRaspberry: Alt + F2 and then gnome-system-monitor10:18
AssidRaspberry: restartx10:19
RaspberryI'm in the middle of some development10:19
slytherinKanniball: You will need to extract firmware. The 'Hardware Drivers' program should help you.10:19
Kanniballcwillu: but I don't get any messages on dmesg, when I load the module. and the module is not automatically loaded10:19
RaspberryI clicked on the date/time to see the calendar and that locked up the top and bottom panels10:19
slytherinKanniball: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers10:19
cwilluKanniball, did you ever do anything with /etc/modules or the blacklists?10:19
Kanniballslytherin: ok, I will try it.. KDE here ;)10:20
slytherinRaspberry: When was the last time you updated your distribution?10:20
RaspberrySound and Brightness panel applets still work10:20
Kanniballcwillu: no, but I'll double check10:20
Raspberryslytherin: yesterday afternoon -- I looked for updates two hours ago and there were none10:20
cwilluKanniball, might actually have to do what slytherin mentioned first;  it didn't work on my end, but it might have gotten some things set up so that the link I gave you worked after it was done10:21
Raspberryall of the applets seem to work, but I can't click on open apps on the bottom tray ... or launchers on the top or the menus on the top10:21
slytherinRaspberry: Because I had encountered the freezing problem long time ago. at least a week back10:21
Raspberryslytherin: yeah -- I hadn't seen this problem yet, until now10:21
Kanniballcwillu: ok, I will try it!10:21
slytherinRaspberry: which mirror are you using?10:21
Raspberryus mirror I would assume10:21
slytherinRaspberry: give me exact url from /etc/apt/sources.list10:21
Raspberryyeah apt says us.10:22
slytherinRaspberry: remove 'us.' from url, save file do apt-get update and let me know how many upgrades you see10:22
Wander_wIs Alpha5 still out due today?10:22
slytherinWander_w: It will be out sometime today10:23
Wander_whow will I know when its out?10:23
njoli'll call you by phone10:23
Wander_wBut... how do you know my number?10:24
njolyou will find it here10:24
Raspberryslytherin: 31 updates10:24
Wander_wHmm.. so it looks like my F5 key will see some action today10:24
uniscriptanyone successfully using debmirror on hardy?10:25
heret1cis ide forwards compatible with eide (controller)?10:25
uniscriptas in on gutsy to pull hardy that is10:25
Raspberryslytherin: are US "citizens" being treated as second class in terms of updates ;)10:25
njolall mirrors lag10:26
slytherinRaspberry: No, that mirror is known to have problem form time to time10:26
Raspberrymust be the terrorists10:26
heret1cpennsylvania avenue 1600?10:26
RaspberryI'm going to reboot10:28
RaspberryI've been listening to "new" radio ... these new songs have really crappy lyrics10:28
* heret1c slaps forehead - "oh, sorry, that's ft m3ad3..." 8)10:29
heret1cassid> Western Digital, 3,5" IDE, 160GB, 7200 rpm, 8 MB cache - any good?10:35
Wander_w160GB? that's tiny10:36
mhollisjrhow do you diagnose a segfault?10:36
heret1cthe dead one's 40.10:37
slytherinmhollisjr: which application?10:38
slytherinis anybody here using FM tuner with Rhythmbox?10:38
mhollisjrslytherin: wine10:38
slytherinmhollisjr: No idea. :-)10:38
mhollisjrok if it was another application then how would I diagnose it? I don't really know where ot begin looking10:39
cwillumhollisjr, you too, eh?10:39
njolmhollisjr: catchsegv wine10:39
mhollisjrthank you njol10:39
njolactually we all have segfault with latest wine10:40
slytherinmhollisjr: for some applications there are packages ending in -dbg which contain Debug symbols. You install them and do 'gdb application' from command line10:40
mhollisjrahh ok it's not just me then? what's the last working one?10:40
njolit seems10:40
cwillumhollisjr, broke for me at least a couple days ago10:41
mhollisjralright thanks I'll see about finding a package for it10:41
slytherinRaspberry: Do you still get the panel problem?10:42
mhollisjrum dumb question time, is there an archive of old packages somewhere so I can roll back to wine 0.9.54?10:50
mhollisjrI can't seem to find one myself, there's always source, but I'm always worried about that messing with packages10:50
njoli dont see what is so special about kde411:02
Wander_wnjol: it does compositing?11:03
Wander_wwithout compiz that is11:03
Unksinjol: 4.0 is still kinda unfinished imo, i'd wait for 4.1 or 4.211:04
Unksithose should probably rock :)11:04
njoli dont think it will add features, just bugfixes11:04
njoli cant see how special effects are working, probably restart required11:05
Wander_wyeah, KDE4 is pretty much useless right now, IMNSHO11:07
Raspberryslytherin: the panel is working now, but it always work when I start my Gnome Session11:10
njolat least week start from monday in KDE lol11:12
njoldon't know about this UTC thingy, which is so broken in gnome11:13
nekostarbingo: HOWTO: Mount / in RAM and load apps instantly11:24
njolnekostar: i'll wait for new memory from intel, it started shipping already, promises to  replace both RAM and HDD11:27
nekostargot link?11:28
nekostarand how much11:28
nekostaryour talking about that second gen nand kinda stuff?11:28
nekostarsupposed to be way faster than flash and writes in the 100 millions?11:28
njolno its non nand11:28
njolits ferro magnetic PRAM or FRAM or something11:28
njolwait a sec11:29
Wander_wI won't hold my breath untill stuff like that hits the market11:29
Wander_wgonna be pricey as well11:29
njolwell this is some info http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/entry1423.html some old info11:31
njoloh its phase change, not ferro magnetic, feroo-m is another prototype11:32
njolbtw "shipping" for manufacturers now, not for end users11:32
Assidwhen i lock my screen11:34
Assidit says assid <password> USA11:35
Assidwhy the USA at the end11:35
njolusa trying to take over world11:35
Assidseriously tho whats that at the end for11:35
njolomg konqueror crashed for a 2nd time, kde 4 it is11:37
boxemallHi there. Got a Problem. After Hardy-Install no X. tryed "startx" which gives me an error. xorg.conf is almost empty nothing under section monitor and screen. how do i reconfigure?11:37
njoldpkg-reconfigure -phigh xorg-server, not sure about "xorg-server"11:38
compwiz18I think it might be xorg-xserver11:39
njolxserver-xorg it is11:40
compwiz18I always get it backwards :)11:40
boxemallso it is "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" then?11:40
compwiz18try one, try the other11:40
compwiz18it's either xserver-xorg or xorg-xserver11:41
scizzo-boxemall: isnt that documented in the xorg.conf file in the top?11:41
boxemallwhat does this "-phigh" mean?11:41
compwiz18# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated11:41
compwiz18# again, run the following command:11:41
compwiz18#   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg11:41
njolboxemall: xorg.conf is empty cuz it have new format11:41
boxemallahh so after a clean nardy install xorg.conf is always empty?11:42
njolso it is ok11:42
boxemallkewl gonna try that. if not i'll be coming after you ;-) thnx for helpin out.11:42
scizzo-boxemall: did you check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?11:43
boxemallno did not yet. should i?11:43
njolright this is what i wanted to ask11:43
scizzo-boxemall: since that is where errors occur if you have problems with starting X11:43
boxemallat the end it says "Fatal server error:11:44
boxemallxf86OpenConsole: VT_WAITACTIVE failed: Interrupted system call11:44
boxemall" nothing else.11:44
njoland before that?11:45
boxemallwell how doas this pastebin stuff work? should do that before flooding chan,...11:45
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)11:45
boxemalltry that one. hope it works. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56833/11:46
boxemalldoes it?11:46
boxemallthis is how my xorg.conf is looking: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56834/11:47
boxemallas i said, this is a clean install. nothing changed yet.11:48
njolsee this http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=244311:48
njol!bug VT_WAITACTIVE11:49
boxemalldo not have this ".X0-lock" file11:49
boxemallis it hidden?11:50
boxemallif so how di i unhide it?11:50
njolenable hidden files in file manager11:50
boxemallu are funny,... didn't i just say i have no x running? well how do i enable nautilus hidden file feature when i cannot even access it!? ;-)11:51
njolwell maybe you at another PC now11:52
njolwho knows11:52
njolbtw it says you maybe have X running already, i dont know, try alt+ctrl+f7?11:52
boxemalli am but i am accessing my ext3 partition with windows. i have ext3 support on this machine. i can even edit files. it is the only os which works on this comp.11:52
njoli see11:53
njolwell it maybe another bug11:53
boxemallno wait i have to test this reconfigure thing first did not do that yet. i will be back in a few mins. c u11:54
njolam i really said something "funny"?12:06
njolwhats problem with enabling hidden files or running livecd for recovery?12:07
njolwell ok12:14
Raspberryhmm... since the latest  updates I can get the gnome panel to lock up consistantly12:23
=== neversfelde|mobi is now known as neversfelde
WobboWhat's the ETA Alpha 5?12:44
* Dr_willis waits for the chorus of 'when its done' replies.12:46
hitor perhaps tomorrow12:49
IdleOneanybody  know if there are any plans to get the SIS191 Gigabit ethernet controller supported?13:00
shinobi2i think i found a bug13:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 71620 in control-center "System > Quit does not respond to assigned keyboard shortcut/hotkey" [Low,Confirmed]13:23
shinobi2can someone try Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard shortcut to the 'Log Out' w13:24
SebastianI have several keyboard shortcuts that stopped working (home folder and web browser, for instance).13:32
shinobi2but control-alt-L works for lock screen13:33
mrsnoctrl+alt+l works here, ctrl+l too but not ctrl+alt+delete13:38
ConstyXIVis wubi officially part of ubuntu now?14:09
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
CarlFKcan I install linux 2.6.22 on hardy?14:16
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde
CarlFKsome USB thin seems to be slow on my hardy box.  pretty sure it is a kernel thing, want to test that14:17
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
Unksihow is it possible to enable the thumb buttons for logitech mouse?14:36
Unksior wait, xorg conf isnt empty anymore :P14:38
fatal-is hardy how stable already? there seems to be an nfs lock daemon problem with the gutsy kernel..14:43
ConstyXIVtrying to install hardy from a usb stick, it just hard locks while the loading bar is bouncing around14:46
=== emgent is now known as emgent`work
capiira_hi all, how does hardy run , its kinda usable? actually i'm on debian(sid) is hardy worse? :D15:23
sTiVolooking for help on temporarily adding hard drive to Ubuntu system which was previously part of another system.  Is this good place to get such help?15:24
capiira_then better ask in #ubuntu15:25
sTiVotried that, no luck15:25
capiira_what are you trying ?15:25
sTiVoin brief:15:25
PicisTiVo: Are you running Hardy? If not then you need to ask in #ubuntu15:26
sTiVoSorry, not running Hardy.  could not get help in #ubuntu15:26
sTiVoMore of a generic linux question, really.  Any good chatrooms for that?15:26
Wander_wand #linux15:27
capiira_so is ubuntu+1 worse than sid?15:28
Wander_wcapiira_: depends on your definition of worse15:28
capiira_worse like kill the whole system15:33
capiira_so that you need to reinstall15:34
capiira_but i think it can't be that bad so close before being released15:36
Wander_wcapiira_: well, Hardy is available as an live-cd, so you would be quite safe to try out15:41
nDuffinitrd ordering in hardy is broken when using lvm+dmraid -- lvm is in init-premount, while dmraid is in local-top; consequently, LVM tries to come up before dmraid devices are available, and uses the individual disks as PVs rather than the array device  (when in a raid1). There are a few other things that need to be done before dmraid+lvm will work, but the rest are fairly minor patches to the initramfs lvm2 script and some modifications15:41
nDuff to the default /etc/lvm/lvm.conf; if I put a patch together today, is there a reasonable chance of getting this in this release?15:41
capiira_good idea Wander_w15:41
capiira_and if i decide to stay it is possible to let it rolling upgrades till it becomes final ?15:41
Wander_wcapiira_: You unfortunately can't use updates on the live-cd, but if you install it, then yes you will be able to update all the way to final15:42
capiira_ah nice15:43
capiira_thank you15:43
Wander_wthere is a new Alpha live cd out due TODAY15:43
Wander_wso I'd wait for that if I were you15:43
capiira_thanks for the tip15:44
Wander_w(still apha-4)15:44
Wander_w(alpha-5 is what you want)15:44
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capiira_ahh nice then ill wait15:45
Wander_wgood, don't wear out your F5 key (I nearly have :P )15:45
ubotuRemember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.15:45
Piciubotu: thanks15:45
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:46
Wander_wokok, so its maybe once every hour, for a page of 281 bytes15:46
Wander_wI'll promise I'll upload more than that with the torrent15:47
capiira_heeh :D15:47
manchickenAnybody know if there's a PPA or repo with awn-extras in it?15:49
WelshDragonDoes mv log what it does anywhere?15:57
WelshDragonOh damn, ah well...Just used it to move 15 gig of music...The folder where i copied it to is empty and the source has gone XD15:58
Wander_wtry du | sort -n and look for directories that are 15+G16:04
WelshDragoni have16:05
WelshDragonits completly gone16:05
WelshDragonI got a backup on another drive16:05
Wander_wI hope you have backups16:05
WelshDragonso im not that bothered16:05
Wander_woh great!16:05
WelshDragonIt's just a bit funny that it's happened16:05
PiciProblem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair16:06
=== neversfelde is now known as neversfelde_
WelshDragoncant believe you even suggest that16:07
WelshDragonhowever i did once click on delete partition instead of resize and lost 750GB of data =\16:07
Wander_wYou're right, the bush administration did it!16:07
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
heret1c"Either you're with us, or you're with the tourrists."16:09
heret1cdafy. newly installed sw still don't allways show up in the K menu.16:10
heret1c   t16:10
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
=== Kalpik is now known as kalpik
* nDuff posts a list of what needs fixin' to make dmraid+lvm work as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dmraid/+bug/129285/comments/1316:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129285 in dmraid "dmraid and LVM are incompatible" [Low,Triaged]16:28
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week is going on, join #ubuntu-classroom16:30
nDuff...does psusi hang around in IRC? If so, what's his handle?16:30
=== hydrogen is now known as Wasserstoff
heret1cnduff> according to the roaring silence - apparently not.16:34
heret1c /whowes16:34
heret1c /whowas16:34
nDuffheret1c, yes, I tried that, and came up empty... hence, asking if he used a different handle.16:35
nDuff/btw, it's possible to start a line in IRC with a slash, by quoting it with a second forward slash.16:35
Wasserstoffor using a space before it16:36
Wasserstoffor a ctrl+enter works in some clients16:37
Piciin irssi you can do:/ /16:37
heret1cassid> erp.16:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timeout! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:43
heret1c'lo dana.16:44
heret1c!alpha 516:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alpha 5 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:54
Assidpidgin just starts up on its own16:55
Assidi didnt do squat16:55
WelshDragonMy pidgin likes to use 200% CPU when i force reload alsa :s16:55
heret1cbug or feature?16:55
Assidihavent used pidgin in days/weeks?!16:56
Assidit just  starts up on its own for no apparent reason16:56
Assidi prefer kopete.. mainly cause it supports video16:56
heret1cwold b a feature in windos16:57
Assidto ?16:57
heret1cbill "what's a network" gates16:58
nemocenterim :)16:58
nemoI use that one 'cause it works nicely with screen so my sessions stay active home/work/on road16:59
nemoalso is easily scriptable16:59
Assidheret1c: timeout? erp ?16:59
heret1cassid> s/erp/hi - timeouyr: your message on leaving.17:01
Assidmy machine crashed17:01
Assidmy keyboard got messed up big time17:01
heret1clooked like smthng involuntary. 8)17:01
Assidenter key got HUNG..17:01
Assidhad to cold reboot17:01
heret1cwek. new bug?17:02
Assidi think it was cause my keyboard got hung first17:04
Assidmy enter key gets stuck.. even tho i removed it.. it still showed as hung(pressed)17:05
Assidcold reboot fixed the software "buffer" from what i can imagine17:05
nemoAssid: oh. I have been having an annoying issue with hung keys too17:05
nemoAssid: I have to kill the X session. nothing else helps17:05
Assidfirst time on my desktop tho17:05
Assidi think i should buy another keyboard17:05
heret1cassid> use kde or gnome?17:06
nemoAssid: for me, every time in spring I take over a unit using C, ever since I upgraded to Hardy, up arrow key sticks.17:06
nemoand sometimes the caps lock17:06
nemono clue why this is. some odd opengl/X interaction?17:06
nemoanyway, is annoyingly repeatable17:06
Assidwho knows17:12
ConstyXIVis today's daily alpha 5, or is that later?17:14
Assidi cant hear any flash sounds17:45
heret1cnot updated for pulse?17:45
heret1c                   'yet17:46
Assidrelated to flash ?!?17:50
Assidi want audio man!!!17:56
Assidheret1c: pulse related to flash audio issue?17:59
* heret1c undinners18:00
heret1cassid> could very erll be, don't u think?18:00
heret1cis it possible to run alsa in parallel with pulse?18:01
heret1cor will apt-get install alsa* remove pilse?18:02
* heret1c swears to get better light for his kbd - asap18:03
Assidwouldnt know heret1c wouldnt know18:04
heret1cu could do a dry-run, see what synaptic sez18:05
heret1cafk for 518:08
Assidi dunno18:19
martijn81am i the only one getting a busybox with the lastest alpha release?18:23
=== emgent`work is now known as emgent
acei can only open gnome-system-monitor once before having to open with sudo, and thats only once as well. then i have to relogin or use top/ps aux...18:27
martijn81Assid: yup, that prompt where you can't do a thing afaik18:28
Assidso dont update yet ?18:29
rbs-titoThe new hardy wallpaper is nice18:30
martijn81Assid: no i can not even boot the cd18:32
Assidanyone gere updated already?18:32
martijn81don't ask me why... gutsy runs fine on this machine18:32
Assidhardy messes up my brightness on my laptop as well18:32
Assidapparently its a feature18:33
UnksiAssid: brightness works well here, so it works partially atleast18:33
Assidmine goes up and down like a freaking yoyo18:34
* heret1c yawns18:34
Assidmke2fs -j /dev/hdb518:35
Assidis there any other flag i need to format this drive?18:35
Assidfrom cli18:35
=== effie_jayx is now known as keffie_jayx
martijn81Assid: why not ext3?18:39
Assidwouldnt that be ext3 ?18:39
Assidext3 = ext2+journalising18:39
h3sp4wn_So oss has released opensource drivers for the soundblaster xfi - be interesting to see what happens. (I prefer oss as it is for hdaudio -sounds nicer - not bothered for usb-audio) but maintaining it is a pita18:59
graftdoes anyone have a bug with firefox 3 and button selection obscuring the state of the button?19:00
graftlike when i select a checkbox, it becomes a big white square, and i can't tell whether it's checked or unchecked until i defocus19:00
graftalso my input boxes don't have borders19:02
graftwhich sucks19:02
graftergh, never mind, this is just a crappy domino bug19:04
Unksigraft: i have no borders as well19:04
monalisais bcm43xx or b43 work outa the box with hardy ?19:04
Unksihavent used checkboxes so dont know about them19:04
Unksioh yea, i use domino as well :P19:04
graftif i switch my gtk theme to human i'm okay19:04
graftwell, fine, im sick of domino being broken anyway19:04
graftit's been like 6 months19:05
graftso long, consistent look-and-feel19:06
martijn81when will alpha5 be released?19:07
martijn81ohh, i see it is delayed19:08
martijn81one day19:08
* martijn81 hopes the busybox is gone then19:10
martijn81so i can install hardy19:11
CarlFKhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile  steps here arent working for me on hardy.  I currently have just a debian dir, no source.  is there a more up to date page, or know what needs to be adjusted?19:11
CarlFKapt-get source linux-source - maybe soource-source isn't what I wawnt.19:12
CarlFKapt-get source linux-image-generic - bet that is19:13
CarlFKrats. same thing.19:14
graftCarlFK: you want the source for 2.6.24?19:15
graftthe package for that is linux-source-2.6.2419:15
CarlFKthere isn't a meta package that gets the one for your current version?19:15
graftanyway, that gets you what you want, doesn't it?19:16
graftwhy do you want a meta package?19:16
CarlFKso do i apt-get source inux-source-2.6.24 ?19:16
CarlFKor apt-get install ...19:16
graftapt-get install19:17
RaspberryI don't know if gnome is leaking memory or what19:19
Raspberrybut if you use the system for an hour or two if you click on the calendar... click somewhere else... then click through open apps, then clikc back on the calendar...the panel will lock up.19:20
Raspberryand now I've having similar behavior on the desktop19:20
Raspberryselect a couple of items on the desktop, right click... choose Trash or Delete or whatever it's called... and it locks when you Move to Trash and the desktop stops drawing -- so grabbing a window and moving it around causes the objects on the desktop to disappear19:21
Raspberrynot to mention the popup right-click menu is still there :)19:21
Raspberrythese behaviors started with the updates from last night19:21
Raspberryyup .. .my panel and desktop are unresponsive :)19:22
RaspberryI'm installing the new gnome-applet update that came out this morning... we'll see if that fixes it19:22
CarlFKgraft: so where does it install the source to?19:23
graftCarlFK: /usr/src? I don't remember19:24
CarlFKusr/src has linux-source-2.6.24.tar.bz219:25
CarlFKsurprised it didn't untar it19:25
graftit hates you19:26
CarlFKjoin the club19:26
CarlFKhttp://www.linuxjournal.com/node/7582/  I just want to do that19:27
CarlFKof find out is has been done19:27
CarlFKI have a usb device that isn't working 'right' on .24.  works ok on .2219:28
Zic<martijn81> ohh, i see it is delayed => martijn81 please, where do you see it ?19:28
CarlFKit works on .24, just 100x slower19:28
h3sp4wn_So diff starting with the full usb dir and see if you can see what changed then get it smaller19:28
CarlFKok, I have srouces.  how do I build? (before I hack...)19:28
martijn81Zic: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyReleaseSchedule?highlight=%28releaseschedule%2919:29
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
Zicok, on the HardyReleaseSchedule webpage, thanks19:29
graftCarlFK: have you never built a kernel before?19:31
graftCarlFK: type 'make menuconfig'19:31
graftCarlFK: then, configure your kernel19:32
graftthen build it19:32
CarlFKyeah, trying to do it the "make a .deb" way19:32
h3sp4wn_There is a few ways - read man make-kpkg (install kernel-package)19:32
h3sp4wn_learn to use the ubuntu kernel build system19:32
CarlFKI need to eat lunch :)19:33
h3sp4wn_(There is docs on that) or there is a target just make deb I think it is19:33
CarlFKwas hoping to let the cpu spin and make sure I had everything19:33
CarlFKI have gotten pretty good with patching app packages.  figured this would be similar19:34
h3sp4wn_Its not really19:35
DanaGargh, dmesg spam:19:50
DanaGwme:wme_qdiscop_enqueue ht_queue=4,queue=2 pool=0xF qdisc=f76c3a8019:50
DanaGover and over.19:50
nonniiis there plans when ubuntu will start using real upstart jobs instead of old rc-scripts?20:06
CarlFK$ modinfo usbcore  = usbfs_snoop:true to log all usbfs traffic (bool)20:21
CarlFKalready in the kernel I am running20:21
CarlFKto unload a module, so I can reload it with a parameter: rmmod foo ?20:25
h3sp4wn_nonnii: Dunno should have been by feisty20:26
h3sp4wn_nonnii: upstart does seem really shoddy compared to Solaris SMF though20:26
WelshDragon!alpha 520:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alpha 5 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:26
Assidanyone updated?20:30
h3sp4wn_Anyone know how to get rid of that popup junk whenever the mouse goes over the virtual "workspace switcher"20:31
assasukasseHi everyone20:39
assasukassei was wondering if there is any chance ettercap would be compiled with GTK support in hardy20:40
Assidhey anyone remember that company called finger somrthing.. apple bought  and shutdown20:47
martijn81assasukasse: what is ettercap for software?20:56
assasukassemartijn81: sorry i found there is a gtk version already20:56
Assiderr someone may want to remove proximitygroup from the quotes20:57
Assiderr wrong channel20:57
bdgrauei have this error with some qt applications: http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/650814  any suggestions?21:14
LeftmostI've lost decorations on current Hardy. Trying to open the Windows menu item in Preferences gives me `Window manager "unknown" has not registered a configuration tool.' I'm betting somewhere it's lost the setting that specifies metacity. Where can I set this?21:35
lamalexWhat is the package that takes care of disk encryption in hardy, anyone know?21:47
hmullercurious, the daily-live folder is missing on the server.  is this an issue with the server, or was there a problem with today's iso?21:49
lamalexhmuller: probably an issue with todays iso as the alpha was postponed, but I don't know for sure21:52
Assidanyone have issues with flash22:07
Assidi cant get audio working on this22:07
Assidbut my laptop (a little older updates) plays flash audio fine22:07
Assidheret1c: you there22:14
Assidis launchpad messed up22:28
jpatrickAssid: ask for launchpad stuff in #launchpad :)22:29
Assidjpatrick: your hardy updated?22:31
jpatrickAssid: no, I'm not on Hardy22:32
Assidhrm k22:32
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* toresbe takes a deeeeeep breath and jumps to Heron.23:01
Assidgood luck23:01
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eeepc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:37
DanaGArgh, dag-blasted keyboard keeps breaking.23:41
danielmhi all23:43

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