erUSULany op of #ubuntu awake???12:04
Garymonitoring erUSUL12:06
erUSULGary: so you saw Hacktalk??12:06
erUSULGary: ok12:06
LjLno0tic: should probably update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat18:16
no0ticLjL, I'm taking a look18:18
no0ticLjL, it doesn't work18:19
no0ticLjL, it doesn't load18:19
LjLno0tic: fix your smoke signals18:20
no0ticpidgeons are tired18:21
LjLno0tic: and spring is almost coming, they might get engaged in non-data-transmission activities18:22
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