zulrtg: ping00:48
tquocvu_anyone dig memory management in kernel ?03:11
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bullgard4What programs use or evaluate the contents of the file /var/log/udev?06:34
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xivulonHi all10:17
xivulonlast daily build amd64 ISO, hangs my system during module loading in rcS.d10:17
xivulonwas very late yesterday night when that happened and didn't do much debugging10:18
xivulonwill be able to provide more info tonight10:18
xivulonthat was on a samsung q4510:18
xivulonI guess
ganhai how to find out the difference between the two kernel version , it means by feature or something else12:03
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goukiCan someone please explain how is a kernel in .ISO format? http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/2/1/499 And how could I compile it (if it's possible at all)13:00
mjg59You don't13:05
goukiI don't compile it?13:14
mjg59It's an iso with a kernel on, not a kernel in iso format13:16
goukiSo extracting and compiling will work? The .ISO part got me confused. Since most times, .ISO are used for burnable images.13:16
mjg59That is a burnable image.13:17
mjg59For a PS313:17
mjg59What are you actually trying to do?13:17
goukiI'm wanted to try this new kernel on the PS313:18
mjg59(And why are you asking here?)13:18
goukiok mjg59, I won't bother you again. I was discussing this with Collin and he told me this was the correct place.13:19
mjg59Well, it's not an Ubuntu kernel :)13:19
goukiAfter all, it's a problem with the current linux kernel that is making ubuntu not recognizing the wifi interface on the ps313:19
mjg59That would suggest that we need the new wifi driver in our kernel13:20
goukiYes. Collin mentioned BenC was aware of this.13:20
mjg59Ok. It'll probably be dealt with, then13:21
goukiFrom what I've heard, 8.04 will not have support for the PS3. So would this be done in 7.10?13:22
mjg59At least, it's very unlikely13:22
goukiIf it won't be dealt for 7.10 and currently no one is working in Linux Cell for 8.04, support for the PS3 will end. 13:23
goukiThat's why I was asking about this kernel version13:23
goukiAt least people would have a working version of ubuntu running on their ps313:23
mjg59I still don't really understand what you're trying to do13:23
goukiUnderstand how could I use that kernel version to provide Wifi support for the PS313:24
goukiNow, like I told you, the ISO part got me confused. 13:24
mjg59That's not a link to a kernel. That's a link to a boot CD for the PS3.13:24
goukiEven more confused about it being a burnable image :)13:24
goukiOhh, OK. I see.13:25
mjg59One of the files it contains is a kernel13:25
mjg59Like the Ubuntu images13:25
goukiOk; Thank you.13:26
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xivulonmjg59, are you in charge of pm-utils?14:00
mjg59In Ubuntu? Yes14:00
xivulonwe used to have some code in pmi.acpi to disable suspend to ram/disk in loopinstallations14:01
mjg59Hm. Is that not still there?14:02
xivulonI looked at it a week or two ago' and wasn't there14:02
xivulonI mean it is in pmi.acpi but not in pm-utils14:02
xivulonin short in loopinstallations under hardy the suspend/hibernate buttons are enabled when they shouldn't be14:04
mjg59Ah, right - and we're calling pm-utils directly, rather than going via pmi14:04
xivulongrep host pmi.acpi14:04
xivulonto find the relevant code chunks14:05
xivulonthanks a lot14:05
xivulonmjg59 bug #187463 14:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187463 in wubi "Disable suspend (ram/disk) in Loopinstallations" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18746314:15
Kanohi rtg , could you update aufs?14:28
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amitkmjg59: is there a standard keycode to trigger rfkill? KEY_WLAN perhaps?16:14
mjg59amitk: KEY_WLAN is the correct one. I can't remember if you need to perform some association in the kernel, though16:14
amitkmjg59: so if a device doesn't have a slider/switch to kill the radios, then the Fn+FXX combo to kill the radios should just generate KEY_WLAN (using setkeycodes), right?16:17
lkolbeHi! I'm currently building a kernel for feisty from the  official git repository plus one or two local patches; and I'd like to use ccache. Building occurs in a feisty chroot, with debuild. How can I tell debuild to use ccache?17:46
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macdlkolbe, its a bit easier to use ccache with pbuilder19:14
macdlkolbe,   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto   19:14
Keybukmjg59: fprint > thinkfinger, right?21:41
amitkjayc: hi22:26
jaycamitk: I successfully built the hardy-ume and lum on my local machine and tried it on D0, but PPA build fails, can I push the changes to git?22:27
amitkjayc: feel free to push it to the ume-hardy and ume-hardy-lum git trees, but don't upload anything to mobile PPA.22:29
amitkjayc: early next week (25th) is a deadline to send a tested image to Intel, so I don't want to upload new stuff until then.22:30
jaycamitk:ok, I will push the kernel stuff and inuka is working on the lum to add beta7 Gfx driver22:30
amitkjayc: something in the PPA is broken for us too. We see the error you are seeing. It will be investigated.22:31
jaycamitk: so, you don't want me to upload these changes to PPA until 25th?22:31
amitkjayc: that is correct. I will be in Boston next week, so we can coordinate an upload since kernel, lum, lrm, meta and poulsbo X driver need to be co-ordinated.22:33
jaycamitk: ok, does Mauri know about this, if not I will inform her22:34
amitkjayc: go ahead and inform her if you need to.22:35
jaycamitk:ok, thanks22:35
amitkjayc: np, how is portland weather these days?22:39
jaycamitk:it's been very since last weekend22:40
amitkgood to hear22:40
jaycamithk:that's a rare thing here :-)22:41
jaycamitk:How about there, is it back to normal (below zero)?22:43
amitkjayc: it's only been real cold one day since I got back (-10), rest of the time it has been -1 to +422:43
amitkI gotta go and try catch some sleep now22:44
amitkgood night22:44
jaycamitk:good night22:44
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