Mike_Feravolodesertc are you here00:40
Mike_FeravoloI think you tried to send me a file after i left and it timed out before i got back home00:43
desertcyes - but I don't remember what the file was00:53
Mike_FeravoloI think we where talking about posters of fliers 00:54
Mike_FeravoloAlso getting the marketing team better organized and centralizing the location to share marketing stuff00:55
Mike_FeravoloIf that help's I don't remember either, just the computer snarling at me00:56
Mike_FeravoloI was reading the channel log from around 18 o-clock my time ( 6pm EST ?) it seems that the free vs freedom debate was going on01:02
DPicwho here was i talking about a video campaign with? 05:39
yao_ziyuani want to suggest an emergent action on kubuntu's official website: put a note there advising east asian prospective users to "download ubuntu instead and then install the kubuntu-desktop package, because installing kubuntu directly will not get them input methods."07:29
juliuxubuntu-de coffee mugs arrived today http://ubuntu.juliux.de/tassen.jpg11:18
Mike_Feravologood day people: I'm on my way to start yet another business networking group in Orlando Florida Today12:04
Mike_FeravoloThe difference with mine is that a Computer Science with over 25 years in the trade is leading it, and our presentations are all going to focus on using the internet in business12:05
Mike_FeravoloThe real theme is going to be software freedom and free software, but the other thing will draw more people12:07
katkinjuliux: hey14:22
juliuxhey katkin 14:22
katkinjuliux: just wondered if you have sent that e-mail about CDs for LinuxTag yet? I don't seem to have anything in my inbox14:22
juliuxkatkin, about LinuxTag???14:23
juliuxi thought we are talking about CeBIT and for CeBIT I get yesterday 3000cds14:23
katkinjuliux: aha sorry, yes, my mistake!14:23
katkinjuliux: SO many events that I'm trying to keep track of at the moment!!14:24
katkinjuliux: just so I know, how was that arranged in the end?14:24
juliuxgarry approved 3000cds for cebit and send them out to me14:24
katkinfair enough14:25
katkinand what is the breakdown?14:25
juliuxso i am fine14:25
katkinare they all ubuntu 7.10 x86?14:25
katkinor is there a mixture?14:26
juliuxit is a mixture14:26
juliuxthere are some kubuntu x86, edubuntu 86 and ubuntu server x8614:27
juliuxbut no amd6414:27
katkinok cool, that's great14:27
juliuxi have the papers at home14:28
katkinI have asked gerry to let me know next time he arranges something like that, just as I look after events, getting CDs sent out etc. saves wires getting crossed etc.14:28
katkinall the best for the event! Let me know how it goes14:29
juliuxi think it will be fun;)14:29
juliuxcebit is always good, with good parties at the evening;)14:29
jonocan you help push http://digg.com/linux_unix/Make_a_real_difference_to_Ubuntu_with_5_A_Day14:57
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jpatrick/wi/win 1718:25
DPichey, shouldn't our meeting be held in here19:22
DPicand not in #ubuntu-meeting? 19:22
johnc4510Most ubuntu team meetings are held in -meeting  the exception being loco team meetings19:23
DPici see19:23
johnc4510it's mostly for the sake of openess19:23
DPicbut why don't we have it in our own channel? 19:23
DPicah, i see19:24
DPicour channel is still open though19:24
johnc4510true, it's just a policy we try to follow if possible19:24
DPicwhat's the procedure for IRC logging? 19:28
johnc4510they probably have a log bot in -meeting    not sure  but i log everything so i'll have it19:29
DPicokay great19:29

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