* nixternal wonders how much it costs to have a couple of nice posters/stands made up00:00
Riddellhmm, Hobbsee's fallen asleep00:00
Riddellemonkey: are you going for membership?00:00
coreymon77im back00:00
nixternalRiddell: her gnome locked up probably :)00:00
emonkeyRiddell, It would be cool00:00
emonkeynixternal, here is a photo of the poster http://www.kubuntu-de.org/bilder/events/linuxtag-200700:01
coreymon77emonkey: wow! impressive00:01
Riddellemonkey: why do you like Kubuntu?00:02
nixternalgah, stupid LP00:02
nixternalemonkey: thanks!00:02
neversfeldeRiddell: I think we will buy another one. It is to expensive to send it back and forth. Do youn need it in Prague?00:03
nixternalemonkey: that would be a great picture, but you have some big silly looking dude in it wearing an amarok t-shirt..wonder who that could be? :)00:03
emonkeyRiddell, because it was the distro which has freed me from windows and I like KDE. I use it on every pc an laptop I own. It's just the best OS that I've ever seen.00:03
* apachelogger_ checks that pic00:03
emonkeynixternal, lol00:03
coreymon77Riddell: i say give it to him, if my vote makes any difference00:03
nixternalemonkey: if there was one area in Kubuntu that you could work right now, which would it be and why?00:04
apachelogger_indeed, who's that handsome guy?00:04
nixternalI didn't see me in that pic00:04
emonkeynixternal, I think It's the best if I do every time as much as possible in the area where it's possible to do something.00:05
emonkeytomorrow I'll have my first C++ lesson, maybe  I can do some coing stuff in future ... Would be cool too.00:05
nixternaldamn, you beat me to the future question :)00:05
apachelogger_emonkey: you get employed to work on kubuntu what would you want to do most of the time?00:06
emonkeyI really like to be on booths and I want to be on them in future too.00:06
Riddellanyone able to advocate emonkey?  neversfelde?00:06
* Nightrose cheers for emonkey :) \o/00:07
coreymon77Riddell: ive seen neversfelde around on the #kubuntu channel alot00:07
emonkeyapachelogger_, good question, I think maybe to enhance all the little things which still aren't perfect.00:07
coreymon77emonkey: such as?00:07
nixternalemonkey: technical wise, are there any areas involved with Kubuntu development that currently interests you? and if so, are you working in those areas and if not, what are your plans in order to get involved into those areas?00:07
neversfeldeemonkey is responsible that the forum is still alived.00:07
emonkeycoreymon77, PIM00:07
coreymon77emonkey: okay00:08
* neversfelde cheers for emonkey00:08
coreymon77emonkey: btw, i may have missed it from before, but what is the reason that you want membership in the first place?00:08
* apachelogger_ throws his sonic screwdriver at neversfelde00:08
emonkeynixternal, I don't know if my coding skill will ever be good enough but if it's possible, I would love to get into developement. The first would be to patch some things an create some diffs and things like that.00:09
emonkeycoreymon77, I'm already ubuntu member but primarly I'm Kubuntu and it would be cool to be a part of it. It' just a step to make something in the direction I want to go.00:10
apachelogger_emonkey: what, in your opinion, makes kubuntu different from other KDE based distros?00:11
coreymon77neversfelde: and you?00:11
emonkeyapachelogger_, one importent point: it's debian based but more actual then etch and more actual then sid00:11
nixternalemonkey: you have obviously been around for a while, my final questions is...what took you so long to consider membership?00:12
neversfeldecoreymon77: I want to strengthen my attachment to kubuntu and I want to contribute also in the international community00:13
emonkeynixternal, ay .. ahm ... because it was nothing which I needed to do the work Ive done till now. But I thought about it for a long time.00:14
Riddell+1 to emonkey for keeping kubuntu-de alive00:14
emonkeyToday it was a good moment and I thought I should risk it. :)00:14
RiddellHobbsee, awake?00:14
coreymon77i like him too00:14
nixternal+1 here00:14
coreymon77if my opinion/vote counts at all00:14
Hobbseeer, i'm awake, can i vote later?00:14
nixternalHobbsee: you owe 2 votes, 1 for neversfelde and 1 for emonkey00:14
seelehave there been applicants who have been rejected?00:15
coreymon77seele: yup00:15
nixternalcouple of years ago, but yes :)00:15
coreymon77seele: i was my first time, when i did it through ubuntu00:15
seelekubuntu has more love00:16
Hobbseeneversfelde: +1, emonkey shouldn't have even needed to come thru here due to his ubuntu-membership00:16
Hobbseethat being said, +1 to him too00:16
seelewoo.. were stealing ubunteros?  sweet00:16
Riddellemonkey: congratulations!00:16
coreymon77once again, if my vote counts, i say +1 to both of them00:16
emonkeythank you all very much :)00:16
neversfeldethank you00:17
coreymon77emonkey: you deserve it00:17
coreymon77neversfelde: you too00:17
apachelogger_Riddell: I think we should end the meeting and start partying in #kubuntu-devel00:17
yuriycongrats new members00:17
Riddelli think I should go to bed :)00:17
Riddellanyone going to FOSDEM?00:17
apachelogger_<-- going to FOSDEM, somehow00:18
nixternalemonkey: congrats!!!00:18
Nightrose<------- FOSDEM00:18
emonkeynixternal, thank you :)00:18
neversfeldewould like to, but exam is in july00:18
coreymon77emonkey: yay!00:18
Riddellsee you for beer on friday00:18
Riddellthanks all00:18
Riddellgoodnight friends00:19
Nightrosenini Riddell00:19
coreymon77i take it the meeting is over huh?00:19
neversfelden8 Riddell00:19
coreymon77okay then00:20
coreymon77this meeting is officially called to a close00:26
* coreymon77 slams the gavel down on the woof00:27
coreymon77just for the fun og it00:27
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bmk789@schedule EST01:54
ubotuSchedule for EST: 21 Feb 09:00: Desktop Team | 21 Feb 15:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 02:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 07:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 16:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 09:00: Desktop Team01:54
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effie_jayx@schedule | caracas12:51
effie_jayx@schedule | America/Caracas12:52
stgrabereffie_jayx: try without the |12:52
effie_jayx@schedule | Caracas12:52
effie_jayxstgraber,  ahhh12:52
effie_jayx@schedule  caracas12:52
ubotuSchedule for America/Caracas: 21 Feb 10:00: Desktop Team | 21 Feb 16:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 03:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 08:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 17:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 10:00: Desktop Team12:52
ubuntuwestbengalis there anyone here from the community council??12:59
ubuntuwestbengalplease tell me?12:59
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ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 13:35:20 - Next meeting: Desktop Team in 24 minutes13:35
emgenthi pitti :)13:39
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coolbhaviHi <posingaspopular>13:52
KeybukLet's get started14:00
KeybukWe have no outstanding actions from previous meetings14:00
Keybukso first agenda item: 5-A-Day14:01
KeybukJono and his team have asked me to remind you all about 5-A-Day14:01
MacSlowI know... but I was only able to fix one (part of a spec) :/14:01
pittiseb128 won't have any problem with touching 5 bugs :-P14:01
Keybukwith a couple of exceptions (kwwii - artist & MacSlow - working on some 8.10 pieces already), you should all be participating in this14:02
seb128pitti: I try doing 5-An-Hour ;-)14:02
kwwiiart bugs are usually quite complicated and/or time consuming14:02
kwwiiwhew :-)14:02
seb128want to join? :-p14:02
MacSlowhm... I understood 5-a-day to be "fix 5 bugs a day"14:02
seb128MacSlow: you didn't read the wiki page?14:03
pittiwell, 'touch'14:03
MacSlowseb128, you nasty show-off ;)14:03
KeybukMacSlow: touch five bugs, not necessarily fix14:03
pittilike triage, or close, or something14:03
pittifixing 5 bugs a day is indeed a challenge, unless you only look for trivial ones14:03
MacSlowpitti, no... I would always pick (unintentionally) the gory stuff :)14:04
pittidid I fall off the channel, or is it just quiet?14:06
* MacSlow wonders too14:06
Keybukjust went quiet :-)14:06
Keybukok, no objections to 5-a-day14:06
Keybukdid I miss any agenda items from activity summaries?14:06
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
MacSlownot in my case14:07
Keybukkwwii: Mirco is needing some icons14:07
seb128on a topic similar to 5 a day, there is the monthly report14:07
Keybukbut hasn't had any response from the art team14:08
MacSlowjust wondering if it's ok if I draw the missing three/two icons for the wncklet-tooltip myself... sofar I've got no reply on the ubuntu-art list to my request14:08
Keybukany chance you could help with that?14:08
kwwiiKeybuk: right, I'll take care of it if nobody else steps up14:08
Keybukseb128: monthly report?14:08
MacSlowKeybuk, kwwii tried already... but suggested I ask on the art-list directly14:08
MacSlowkwwii, ah well ok14:08
seb128Keybuk: yes, the thing for jono14:08
kwwiiMacSlow: if nobody responds by monday I'll take care of it14:08
MacSlowkwwii, I assume you've seen my first try at helping with finding usable metaphors for it.14:09
Keybukseb128: I don't know that one?14:09
kwwiiMacSlow: yepp, I saw that14:09
loolKeybuk: team activity summary14:09
MacSlowkwwii, and only two are needed "Scale" and "Expo"... since "Zoom" is usually never exposed on a keybinding but a "mouse-"binding14:09
kwwiiMacSlow: even better :-)14:10
seb128Keybuk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReportingPage14:10
Keybukseb128: that seems to be somewhere between the weekly reports we send out from these meetings14:10
Keybukand the monthly reports I give to Claire for the Canonical Monthly Report :-/14:10
seb128well, that's what the community team is doing for a few months14:11
Keybukwhat kind of thing have you put in there in the past?14:12
KeybukI guess your question is how should we fill that in now? :p14:12
seb128I've been bad at filling it as you can see14:12
seb128I wrote an "The team has actively worked on the Debian merges and updating GNOME to 2.21.2" once there14:13
seb128and that's about it14:13
seb128but jono send mails every month about that14:13
ubuntuwestbengalis there anyone here from the community council?14:13
seb128and I would encourage other people to write things there if they want ;-)14:13
Riddellthe mobile team is keen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/February200814:13
MacSlowKeybuk, but that looks like the stuff you do sum up every week of the activity-reports14:13
ubuntuwestbengalor anyone else who i can talk to regarding approval for a Loco team?14:13
seb128pitti: my feeling too14:13
Keybukjono: hi14:14
MacSlowubuntuwestbengal, I think you would have to talk with jono14:14
seb128speaking about jono ;-)14:14
Keybukso we're discussing the community team reporting page14:14
ubuntuwestbengalMr Bacon?14:14
MacSlowah... speaking of the devil.... hm... community-angel :)14:14
loolRiddell: I just sent an email to Ian complaining a little about the way he copy pastes reports into that page14:14
ubuntuwestbengalthis is Parthsarathi Trivedi here from Ubuntu West Bengal14:14
MacSlowjono, hi there14:14
seb128ubuntuwestbengal: we are in the middle of a meeting right now, you might want to move that to query?14:15
jonowhat about the reporting page?14:15
loolFor example he copy pasted my weekly mobile report into "Hildon desktop" which I didn't touch this week with things like "I booked tickets for Prague" -- my name doesn't appear anywhere, this is complete gibberish and nobdoy would care about this in the monthly report anyway14:15
Keybukjono: so the desktop team has these weekly meetings14:15
jonoKeybuk: right14:15
Keybukfrom which I send out a meeting notes, which include the team member's activity summaries for that week14:15
MacSlowubuntuwestbengal, better address jono with his nick so he does not miss any of you remarks you point to him14:15
Keybukand those go on the desktopteam bit of the wiki14:15
Keybukwe also have the monthly report we send to claire14:15
Keybukwhere within these does the monthly community team reporting fit? :)14:16
jonothe primary aim of the monthy community report is to summarise what that team has been working on14:16
pittiwho's the target audience for the monthly wiki reports?14:16
jonoso maybe that would be taking key points from activity summaries14:16
pittii. e. what kind of language shuold appear there?14:16
MacSlowpitti, yeah... I thought that's for the community anyway14:16
jonopitti: it is designed for any ubuntu contributor to get a picture of what is going on across the communityu14:17
MacSlowpitti, I mean the stuff scott sums up every week14:17
jonoso it is expected that reasonably technical people will read it14:17
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde
seb128my understanding is that we should have interesting changes there, ie: new gnome version, switched to policykit, etc14:18
jonoseb128: indeed14:18
jonoit would useful to not have too much detail, but key things the team has worked on14:18
Keybukjono: it strikes me that the same general points could go into the Canonical Monthly Report too14:18
jonowhat I recommend in the process is that when I key item occurs, it is noted on a team reporting page for the team, and then once a month, those bullet points are moved to the main page14:18
jonoKeybuk: abolsutely14:19
Keybukwhich is due tomorrow ;)14:19
Keybukas well14:19
jonoKeybuk: :)14:19
jonoKeybuk: indeed, much of this can be shared14:19
seb128ok, so Keybuk will copy the canonical monthly report on the wiki and we are done with this one? ;-)14:19
Keybukso I guess we need to be able to highlight the key things the team has done14:19
MacSlowseb128, sounds eays :)14:19
jonosounds good :)14:19
KeybukI don't mind scanning a month of activity summaries, since I do that anyway14:20
loolLet's vote: who's in favor of Keybuk doing the summarizing?    ;-)14:20
jonoI will reward you all with nice cheese14:20
Keybukbut it would certainly help me if you could highlight what you think are your key achievements14:20
MacSlowlool, +1 :)14:20
seb128well, maybe the easier is for people to quickly add a line there when they land some revelant change14:20
Keybukseb128: that would certainly be a help14:20
seb128like pitti "switched to jockey"14:20
loolI doubt anyone would truly think of this; unless nagged to do it14:21
seb128I can add a point when we have a new GNOME packaged14:21
Keybukjono: do you just pick things out of the wiki, or do you need them mailed to you?14:21
seb128lool: well, depending on the level of details, if that's adding a line a week that should be alright14:21
jonoKeybuk: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/TeamReporting14:21
jonoall explained there14:21
pittiseb128: my way of saying that is to flip a specification change, but at that point I could certainly add something to the wiki14:21
Keybukjono: ok14:21
loolseb128: The thing is we need a reminder to do it; it's even worse than for the sponsoring queue since we don't receive an email when we do something cool14:22
Keybukjono: so I guess I've been shanghied into being the nominated person ;)14:22
lool"From: Ubuntu Coolnes Bot; Subject: you did something cool, mention it in the wiki!"14:22
seb128lool: well, at leaast I let people know there is a wiki page and they can update it ;-)14:22
Keybukok, so Agenda Item: EVERYONE UPDATE THAT WIKI PAGE NOW!! :-)14:22
jonoKeybuk: good man14:23
* pitti $ echo 'teamreport https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReportingPage' >> .moin_aliases14:23
loolRight, having it hooked either to the activity reports or to the meetings makes sure we think of it from time to time14:23
pittiwednesday evening is a great time to update the page14:23
pittiit can be mentally tied to sending the weekly report14:23
jonoright, lunchtime14:24
jonolater all14:24
loolYup; Keybuk: what about nagging about the team reporting when you nag about the weekly meeting and the activity report?14:24
loolKeybuk: I guess you have a template or you re-send the same message every week?14:24
Keybukyup :-)14:25
Keybuk(actually I just go into my Sent folder, click "Edit as New Message" and "Send" again :)14:25
loolSo if you can think of nagging us once, we'll be nagged forever14:25
Keybuktalking of which14:26
Keybuk<nag> milestoned bugs </nag>14:26
pittijust added some stuff there14:26
Keybukok, I think that pretty much concludes that topic14:26
Keybukplease add amazing things to that wiki on an ongoing basis14:26
KeybukI'll nag in my weekly reminder14:27
Keybukand I'll collate them together for both jono's team reporting page, and for the Canonical Monthly Report14:27
pittijono: I just added stuff to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReportingPage -- does it need to be more elaborate/better sentences/etc.?14:27
jonopitti: perfect - and then around the 22nd, take those points to the main report :)14:28
* seb128 thinks it's good like that14:28
jonothose are great pitti14:28
jononice and succinct :)14:28
Keybukok, great14:28
Keybukjono: thanks14:28
jonoback soon14:28
Keybukthat's it for the agenda I think14:28
KeybukAny Other Business?14:29
pittibugzzzzzzzzap o'clock!14:30
Keybukindeed, nice short meeting, thanks everyone14:30
Riddellwho's going to fosdem?14:30
* MacSlow raises hand14:30
pittithanks all14:30
MacSlowthanks indeed14:30
* lool goes14:30
RiddellMacSlow: I'll buy you a free beer tomorrow :)14:30
loolDon't miss the presentation by Riddell on packaging!14:30
MacSlowRiddell, mvo and jorge too14:31
Davieyme going14:31
MacSlowRiddell, I'll arrive saturday... I live only ~140 km away and don't stay in brussels14:31
MacSlowRiddell, but then... I can surely come over in the evening14:31
MacSlowlool, don't worry... that's already marked in my big FOSDEM-talks-to-attend-schedule14:32
* mvo waves14:32
MacSlowRiddell, wasn't there a wiki-page on the friday-evening-events for FOSDEM'08 somewhere?14:34
mvoMacSlow: do you drive by car?14:34
MacSlowmvo, so ist es14:34
MacSlowI mean yes14:35
MacSlowmvo, you'll hit Bruxelles on friday too?14:35
RiddellMacSlow: http://www.fosdem.org/2008/beerevent14:35
mvoMacSlow: yes, around 20:30 or so14:35
mvoalso I didn't find the beerevent appealing14:35
MacSlowI won't be able to be there at 20:30... I've capoeira from 18:00-20:0014:36
MacSlowon friday14:36
* mvo nods14:36
MacSlowhi dholbach_14:38
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* MacSlow heads for food-injection14:41
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caspuHi there15:12
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ubuntuwestbengalMr Jono?16:37
ubuntuwestbengalare you there?16:37
ubuntuwestbengalMr Bacon?16:38
ubuntuwestbengalsir, are you there?16:38
jonoubuntuwestbengal: yes16:38
ubuntuwestbengalSir, i just wanted to know the status of my application for the LocO team16:39
jonolet me check16:40
ubuntuwestbengalwhich i had submitted to you via email a few days back16:40
jonoubuntuwestbengal: could you provide more detail in your roadmap please16:40
ubuntuwestbengalsurely sir16:41
ubuntuwestbengalbut it would be helpful if you could give me ideas on how i can broaden our roadmap16:41
ubuntuwestbengalsince you are so experienced sir, i would appreciate your advice16:42
jonoubuntuwestbengal: just provide more detail of specific things you seek to achieve16:42
ubuntuwestbengalok sir16:42
ubuntuwestbengaland sir do i have to be present for any Community Council meeting?16:42
ubuntuwestbengalfor the approval process?16:42
ubuntuwestbengalor will i be notified via an email?16:43
jonoubuntuwestbengal: yes - let me approve it first and then you can go to the CC16:43
ubuntuwestbengalalright sir16:43
ubuntuwestbengali am adding ideas i had gathered earlier to the roadmap right now16:44
janquarkjono_excuse me if I just pop in, I have added myself to the agenda for16:44
janquarkthe membership for ubuntu memebers16:44
janquarkand I just wanted to ask if I may attend to the meeting today16:44
janquarkgreat :)16:45
posingaspopularhow much longer till the CC meeting? (sorry if im interrupting anotherone)16:45
janquarkI think it starts at 20.00 UTC so in 3 hours I gues16:46
posingaspopulargreat, thanks janquark16:47
janquarkyou can check it here too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda posingaspopular16:47
posingaspopularjanquark: i have the page bookmarked, im just bad at converting UTC. need more practice :P okay thanks alot /me goes back to work16:48
ubuntuwestbengalMr Bacon sir here is the link again https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu_West_Bengal_ApprovalApplication16:54
ubuntuwestbengalWe have updated the roadmap16:54
ubuntuwestbengalkindly take a look16:54
janquarkubuntuwestbengal: may I say that I like the site  very much16:59
ubuntuwestbengalthank you so much sir16:59
ubuntuwestbengalwe are doing our best to increase the standards of our content over time17:00
janquarkI am always impressed how Ubuntu can connect people and peoples from the whol world17:00
ubuntuwestbengalwe are in love with Ubuntu here. Its spreading like wildfire in this part of the world17:02
janquarkgood to here. IMHO Ubuntu is the future of computer operating systems17:03
janquarkubuntuwestbengal: if you want I can write an article for my online newspaper dealing with the popularity of Ubuntu in your country?17:05
ubuntuwestbengalsir that would be brilliant17:06
janquarksee here is my page  http://laiconic.quotaless.com/  but you would have to provide some pieces of information for me17:06
ubuntuwestbengalsir if you could provide me with your email id i will submit an article to you on the popularity of Ubuntu in my country17:07
ubuntuwestbengali will send you a complete article which you can use for your newspaper17:07
janquarkthat would be great my email :     laiconic.studio@googlemail.com17:07
ubuntuwestbengalthank you17:07
janquarkI am looking forward to read it17:07
ubuntuwestbengali will send it to you within two days17:08
ubuntuwestbengalas i have to gather quotes from users17:08
janquark:) you have plenty of time, do not rush yourself :)17:08
protonchris@schedule denver17:19
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arualavi@schedule andorra17:41
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Andorra: 21 Feb 21:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 08:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 13:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 22:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 15:00: Desktop Team | 29 Feb 13:00: MOTU17:41
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ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 17:56:47 - Next meeting: Community Council in 2 hours 3 minutes17:56
warp10@schedule roma18:04
warp10@schedule rome18:04
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 21 Feb 21:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 08:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 13:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 22:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 15:00: Desktop Team | 29 Feb 13:00: MOTU18:04
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 18:04:32 - Next meeting: Community Council in 1 hour 55 minutes18:04
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 18:08:11 - Next meeting: Community Council in 1 hour 51 minutes18:08
ubuntuwestbengal@schedule india18:08
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 21 Feb 20:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 07:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 12:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 21:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 14:00: Desktop Team | 29 Feb 12:00: MOTU18:08
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 18:13:55 - Next meeting: Community Council in 1 hour 46 minutes18:13
ubuntuwestbengaljanquark: Mr Godawski sir, are you waiting for the CC meeting?18:16
janquarkwaiting because I go for the ubuntu membership18:17
ubuntuwestbengaljanquark: alright18:18
janquarkquite nervous because I have never attend such a meeting so far18:18
ubuntuwestbengaljanquark: you are not alone in that case!18:19
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 18:20:47 - Next meeting: Community Council in 1 hour 39 minutes18:20
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janquarkhi waiting for the CC meeting?19:10
janquarkme too :)19:10
* janquark is a nervous member candidate19:11
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 19:12:43 - Next meeting: Community Council in 47 minutes19:12
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 19:42:47 - Next meeting: Community Council in 17 minutes19:42
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nxvl_work@now Lima19:46
ubotuCurrent time in America/Lima: February 21 2008, 14:46:45 - Next meeting: Community Council in 13 minutes19:46
emgent@schedule rome19:46
nxvl_workemgent: have you come to be part of my fan club?19:47
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Rome: 21 Feb 21:00: Community Council | 27 Feb 08:00: Platform Team | 27 Feb 13:00: Education Team | 27 Feb 22:00: Server Team | 28 Feb 15:00: Desktop Team | 29 Feb 13:00: MOTU19:47
emgentnxvl_work, lol19:47
nxvl_workemgent: btw, are attending to UDS?19:48
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ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: February 21 2008, 19:56:11 - Current meeting: Community Council19:56
* johnc4510 greets channel with a wave :)19:57
posingaspopularit's mako!19:57
janquarkgood evening all :)19:57
johnc4510spirit  lol19:57
greg-ghello all19:58
Burgundaviagreets all19:58
* johnc4510 welcomes tyche 19:58
johnc4510hey greg-g19:58
hollmanGood afternoon all19:58
johnc4510corey hello19:58
MagicFabhollman, :)19:58
nxvl_workhi all!19:58
* effie_jayx waves19:58
* nxvl_work dances19:58
hollmanMagicFab ;)19:58
visualdeceptionafternoon all19:59
johnc4510166 nicks in channel19:59
craigaaevening all19:59
nxvl_work\o> <o> \o/ <o/ \o>19:59
bbartekHi all, laacque how are you?19:59
chuckfhi all. I'm here representing the Maryland Loco team. I am at work so if I miss my que, please be understanding19:59
desertchello 166 nicks... 167.... 168...19:59
leoquanthee bbartek en laacque19:59
popeychuckf: maximise IRC to full screen and put a sign on the back of your chair "DO NOT DISTURB!"20:00
chuckfpopey yeah, that'll work20:00
laacqueleoquant, what a coinvidence!20:00
johnc4510popey: hello20:00
bbartekwe're here to support leoquant for his Ubuntu membership20:00
gclerichowdy everyone20:00
MagicFabI'm here for the Colombian team nomination - just as chuckf I' m on duty but my nick's mention will shake my chair20:00
darkholehello there!!! folks!!20:00
exilego Leogg20:01
exileGO Leog20:01
popeyit's gonna be a long one20:01
chuckfcan we do the loco teams first so we don't get fired?20:01
makolets wait for more cc members to show up20:01
ubuntuwestbengalthis is ubuntu team west bengal ready to be appproved any second20:01
TechnoVikinghello all20:01
popeyhi mike20:02
SimonAnibalchuckf, MagicFab, Wow, I'm here for Indiana in the same situation: at work. Of course my work is teaching, and my students are taking a quiet test ;-)20:02
mdkeevening all20:02
* posingaspopular is configurating a vista machine and *wants* to get fired20:02
mdkemako: Burgundavia is around too20:02
effie_jayxand I am here to cheer for both Colombia and Indiana20:02
* schultmc is also here from the IndianaTeam20:02
makomdke: dholbach is running a dev week session so won't be able to participate20:02
jag2knis also here from the ColombianTeam  :D20:02
ubuntuwestbengalwho do i talk to regarding LoCo team approval?20:03
popeyubuntuwestbengal: you'll be told when20:03
mdkemako: okay, are we expecting any others?20:03
* SimonAnibal cheers for Colombia.20:03
ubuntuwestbengalright sir20:03
* exile Cheers Nicaragua Go Leogg20:03
* ledanalf thinks leogg is cool20:04
hollmanyea SimonAnibal cheers20:04
johnc4510clarke8: hey20:04
clarke8hi all20:04
darkholeI'm witk Colombian Team too20:04
clarke8hello johnc451020:05
mdkeperhaps we should get started. mako - are we still doing membership approvals? I'm going to struggle for time20:05
popeyjust texted jono as he isnt here20:05
mdkethanks popey20:05
leoquantare there any cc members?20:05
popeythe first item is about offloading membership approvals20:05
mdkepopey: that's come off the agenda now, it was approved some time back20:05
makomdke: sure20:06
popeyits still on the page20:06
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: i spoke to Mr Bacon a while back, he told me to submit my application on your agenda20:06
=== ember_ is now known as ember
mdkepopey: i don't see it on my version20:06
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda ?20:07
ubuntuwestbengalyes sir20:07
popeyah, /ignore me20:07
mdkelet's get going then20:07
makomdke: when do you turn into a pumpkin?20:08
mdkemako: I'm not quite sure; maybe an hour?20:08
BurgundaviaI have 1.5 hours as well20:08
mdkegreat, elmo is here too20:08
* ausimage wonders why jono demands so much from NY :(20:09
mdkewe need jono for the first item, but my understanding from our thread on the mailing list was that he would remove it because we don't actually have an approval process for teams20:09
Burgundaviashall we grind through the general agenda items?20:09
elmosorry I'm late20:09
makook, so that's mdke, mako, Burgundavia, elmo20:09
mdkeyes, let's begin with the general items - we'll come to local team approvals afterwards20:09
chuckfthat's bad for me mdke20:09
=== TechnoViking is now known as MikeB
MikeBI'm here20:09
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: no problem sir20:09
darkholeups.. sorry20:09
makooh, great' perfect20:09
makoMikeB: good to have you20:09
chuckfI cannot hang out here long,20:10
mdkewe could do chuckf first then20:10
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: sir it is 130 am in my local time zone20:10
chuckfI had to bail once before on this20:10
ubuntuwestbengalmdke; i would just appreciate if it could be done a bit faster for my20:11
mdkeok, chuckf and then ubuntuwestbengal?20:11
mdkeok. so chuckf is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarylandTeam/ApprovalApplication20:11
chuckfthat's me20:11
makoafter that lets please stick to the schedule, we can't spent the rest of the time talking about process and order. we don't have time20:11
makoubuntuwestbengal: please wait until you're called upon20:11
makothat goes for everyone else too. lets try to be efficient20:11
ubuntuwestbengalmako: ok20:11
mdkechuckf: do you want to quickly summarise your team's major achievements and organisation?20:12
makosince multiple council members are time constrained20:12
mdkein the meantimie we'll read the page20:12
makoright, if you are planning on talking, please do take this time to write up summaries to paste in when you are called20:12
chuckfmonthly meetings, a couple of planned presentations and install fests20:12
chuckfwe've done three install fests to date and a presentation20:12
makothat goes for all locos and and member candidates who suspect they will go20:12
chuckfseveral members have had indivitual projects that have been ubuntu centric as well20:12
Burgundaviahave had you had much contact with groovix?20:13
sivanghi all20:13
ubuntuwestbengalmako: i have already summarized the major achievements on the application sir20:13
chuckfwe are currently expanding around the state with mini meetings20:13
sivanghas anyone seen lousygarua ?20:13
aeldorany1 here knows amir eldor of ubuntu-il, plz PM me (important* no,rlly)20:13
cyounkinschuckf: actually we've only done 2 install fests.20:13
mdkechuckf: how is progress going with the roadmap? which items have been achieved, and which are you focusing on right now?20:13
aeldorsivang PM me now. i'm lousygarua bro20:13
chuckfmdke the roadmap is going well, with a focus on expanding around the state at the moment20:14
Framerhi leogg20:14
chuckfand an install fest next month20:14
juliuxhi all20:14
leoggFramer, hi20:14
exilehi all20:14
Burgundaviahave you had good attendance at your previous meetings20:15
chuckfwe have an average of 7-10 with a maximum of about 2 dozen20:15
juliuxsorry for being late :(20:15
jimbo_hello everyone20:15
Karl_hi leog, hi all20:15
mdkethe roadmap looks good to me - my one comment would be that you should focus on developing the team and completing other items before you establish any sub-teams20:15
chuckfand that 7-10 rotates among regulars20:15
* mako nods20:15
chuckfmdke we do what we can as we can20:16
BurgundaviaI like the roadmap and the history of meetings20:16
makothe installfest pictures look successful20:16
chuckfwe've had a few new ubuntu users from each one20:16
mdkechuckf: sure. But it can be tricky to establish subteams before the parent team is pretty well established20:16
makoyour projects page is blank. do you guys have things in mind?20:16
makoi mean, it's ok to not have projects. i'm just wondering why you have the page :)20:17
chuckfprojects are something that we need a few more stable things happening20:17
chuckfmako it's for the future20:17
chuckfif we come up with one, we are ready for it20:17
makowhat is growth like? attendence at events?20:18
juliuxchuckf, how many people are coming to your real life meetings?20:18
chuckfmako we grow at a slow rate20:18
chuckfbut it is stable20:18
chuckfjuliux real life meeting attendace is typically 7-10 people20:19
mdkethe team looks to me as if its going in the right direction and is well focused. Having said that, I'd presonally like to see it a bit more well established and getting some of those roadmap items completed before approval20:19
chuckfwith the last few rotating as schedules allow20:19
juliuxchuckf, i love real life meetings so good work that you have them regular20:19
nbliangsorry guys, a bit late. it's now 4.20am my time20:19
mdkeany other thoughts?20:20
BurgundaviaI think it looks good from my end20:20
* mako nods to mdke 20:20
chuckfmdke approval will help with resources and those that want to see us 'official'20:20
makobut you've been around and seem to providing a good home for ubuntu in the locale20:20
makoone should always strive to keep the meetings to productive events ratio as low as possible20:21
mdkechuckf: which resources are you looking for that require approval?20:21
chuckfmdke from what I 've seen approved teams get more printed material for events20:21
chuckfwe've been passing the jobs around to get hand made stuff for ourselves20:22
chuckfand footing the total costs out of our pockets20:22
chuckfmedia, flyers, etc20:22
doctormochuckf: teams have to foot the bill for many things20:23
chuckfmako over the last year, I think the ratio is about 3/120:23
chuckfand I do realize that doctormo but if I can get the occasional freebe from cannonical it would bolster team members a bit20:23
makothat's pretty good20:23
doctormochuckf: I'm not so sure it would, the amount of free stuff is quite limited, more CDs and a few stickers won't increase your numbers. Events however will.20:24
makoalright, lets make a decision and move on20:24
* mako nods to doctormo 20:24
Burgundavia+1 from me20:24
makothe primary purpose of recognitition is just that, recognition of work20:24
chuckfdoctormo I'm focusing on the members that contribute now20:25
mako+1 from me, although i'll echo mdke's concerns and would like to see more progress. please keep reporting20:25
mdkeok, well I don't have a problem with approval - I don't think you are quite there yet but it sounds like you will go in the right direction so I don't have any concerns20:25
makochuckf: loco teams should be outreach groups, not clubs20:25
makowhose next20:25
ubuntuwestbengalsir me20:25
makowest bengal, yes?20:25
ubuntuwestbengalyes sir20:25
chuckfmako but without a club, we can't reach far:))20:25
makoubuntuwestbengal: please go ahead20:26
chuckfso we're approved then?20:26
makochuckf: i understand what you mean. but if you're treating it like a club, i think that's a problem20:26
mdkechuckf: yes, full marks. We hope to see you guys going from strenght to strength in the future20:26
* mako nods 20:26
cyounkinsThank you.20:26
mdkechuckf: maybe you can come back and report with news on new stuff you are doing. Make sure to use the TeamReports resource20:27
chuckfmako it's a club that is open to all that want to participate20:27
chuckfmdke thanks, and I'll do that20:27
mdkeubuntuwestbengal: how have the events gone that you have done so far?20:27
ubuntuwestbengalsir the events have gone very successfully, with new ubuntu users emerging from every AV presentation20:28
ubuntuwestbengalsir we were not allowed to take pictures20:28
ubuntuwestbengalas this part of the world is a bit conservative20:28
doctormochuckf: It's an advocasy group, linux users should join a lug not a Loco20:28
makoigorgue: your first event was february rd?20:28
makosorry, that was for ubuntuwestbengal20:28
ubuntuwestbengalmako: sir that was our first formal event20:28
chuckfdoctormo and we do work with the lugs in the area20:28
desertcHope not to take away from the discussion too much, but what is our position on partnering with commercial linux providers for sponsorship, where they can provide the funds for LoCo expenses?20:28
makoubuntuwestbengal: so, how have you been acive before that?20:29
chuckfanyway, i'm being called away, thanks all20:29
Burgundaviadesertc: later20:29
makochuckf: thanks for showing up. glad we could recognize your contributions :)20:29
ubuntuwestbengalmake: sir we have always been here since last year20:29
chuckfthanks mako20:29
ubuntuwestbengaland we have beend distributing free CDs that we bought ourselves and burned20:29
Burgundaviaubuntuwestbengal: it looks like the team only existed since dec 2007?20:30
mdkeubuntuwestbengal: do you have a relationship with loco teams in neighbouring states? What language is used in your area and do you contribute to translations?20:30
makoBurgundavia: that's last year ;)20:30
ubuntuwestbengalSir the language here is Hindi20:30
ubuntuwestbengalalthough we are working on bengali translations sir20:30
Burgundaviamako: yes, well the page says 2008, which hasn't happened yet :)20:31
ubuntuwestbengalBurgundavia: sorry sir?20:31
mdkeubuntuwestbengal: is there an official Ubuntu translation team for bengali?20:31
makoubuntuwestbengal: listen, this is important. have you been involved in signfiicant activites beyond in the last month or two?20:31
ubuntuwestbengalnot at the moment sir20:31
ubuntuwestbengalyes sir20:31
makoubuntuwestbengal: your work looks really good :)20:31
ubuntuwestbengalthank you sir20:32
makoubuntuwestbengal: but i don't see doucmentation of activity beyond the last three weeks20:32
ubuntuwestbengalit is very important for us to make sure that the community at large in west bengal is aware that there is life beyond microsoft and macs20:32
makoubuntuwestbengal: and even the events are just one-line links20:33
ubuntuwestbengalmako: sir due to technical difficulties here, we havent been able to properly update the activities20:33
ubuntuwestbengalmako: sir i have just summarised them for your convenience20:33
makoubuntuwestbengal: ok, can we put this on hold then and then come back when you've got that documentation done?20:33
mdkeI agree with mako, I think we need to see more evidence of committed events over a longer period.20:33
BurgundaviaI agree too20:33
makoubuntuwestbengal: i appreciate that, but we've got to look at evidence of significant and sustained activity and contributions20:33
mdkeI also think you need to work on showing collaboration with other teams. for example, there are three bengali translation teams20:34
makoubuntuwestbengal: that means months of activities and it means documentation we can look at20:34
mdkebn-bd, bn-id and bn20:34
makoubuntuwestbengal: pictures, press, etc20:34
ubuntuwestbengalsir i guess there may have been a communication lapse between the translation teams20:34
ubuntuwestbengalsir we were not allowed to take pictures20:34
ubuntuwestbengalas the events were held in schools20:34
makoubuntuwestbengal: please work closely with jono and add yourself back to the agenda when he says the documentation is sufficient20:34
ubuntuwestbengalsir, they did not allow cameras20:35
makoubuntuwestbengal: fine, take pictures of the other ones. fliers testimonials, writeups, etc20:35
ubuntuwestbengalmako: i spke to Jono a while back today and he said everything was fine sir20:35
mdkeubuntuwestbengal: perhaps you could contact the teams and collaborate, and then come back at a later stage20:35
ubuntuwestbengalmako: sir i did, the poster is shown there20:35
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: and sir we have also been going personally to peoples houses to install Ubuntu if they faced problems20:36
makoubuntuwestbengal: i appreciate that, but i don't see documentation of your activity or any evidence of what happened before 3 weeks ago20:36
mdkeubuntuwestbengal: ok. We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to hearing more about your work in the community. But for now, the team application isn't ready for approval20:36
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: i understand sir20:36
makoubuntuwestbengal: that's right, we're going to come back to you at some point in the future20:36
mdkethanks for staying up late to talk with us20:36
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: my pleasure sir20:37
ubuntuwestbengalmdke: i will get back to you sir20:37
mdkemako: we should go back to the regular agenda if poss20:37
* schultmc has 40 mins left - can Indiana go soon?20:37
MagicFabColombia, tsss :)20:37
makowe're going to go in order20:37
leoquanti have 10 min left20:37
mayecohere.... sorry i'm a little late20:38
makois denmark here?20:38
makooh you're right20:38
makomdke: sorry, i got off track20:38
makolooks like denmark isn't here anyway?20:38
mdke20:09:07 < mdke> we need jono for the first item, but my understanding from our thread on the mailing list was that he would remove it because we don't actually have an approval  process for teams20:38
makomdke: great, so we skip it either way20:39
mdkeitem two20:39
mako AmirEldor20:39
makoLoCo Website Hosting. Several teams find it diffcult to manage their websites/domains due to lack of communciation with Canonical's sysadmins20:39
MagicFabnick for Denmark would be gnomonic, not here I think20:39
mdkeam I right this was discussed at a previous meeting?20:39
posingaspopularmdke: yes20:39
elmoreally?  I picked a great meeting to miss!20:39
mdkeelmo: I read that on the loco mailing list, I will get a link20:40
MagicFabThere was no conclusion, though - just general information20:40
makoelmo: apparently :)20:40
Burgundaviais this really an issue for the CC?20:40
makoBurgundavia: no, it's not (at least not yet20:40
mdkeI don't think the CC can do anything about it, at least20:40
makoalright then, moving on20:41
FlannelBurgundavia: I believe on  the -contacts list, it was recommended it be taken to the CC20:41
craigaaas a LoCo team lead I see it as resource issue. I have been lead to believe that the sysadmins are overwhelmed with requests20:41
makocraigaa: it sounds like this is not on the agenda20:42
mdkethe only thing I think we can explore is whether there is anything the community can do to help20:42
tritiumThat is my understanding as well.20:42
Burgundaviabut the CC cannot "force" canonical to either spend money or open up access20:42
makopersia: is up next20:42
persiaMOTU Council would like to request explicit permission to grant Ubuntu Membership independently from granting MOTU membership.  Some background and justification is available from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Council/GrantingMembership20:42
persiaIn short, MOTU Council currently grants membership as a side-effect when adding new members to MOTU.  We'd prefer to separate these to both typically consider Membership separately from MOTU, and provide a mechanism to recognise significant and sustained contribution without granting upload rights yet.20:42
makopersia: thanks :)20:42
elmoFWIW, I'm happy to talk to people about this, in #canonical-sysadmin20:42
elmo(to keep us on topic)20:42
makothanks elmo20:42
Burgundaviaelmo: thanks20:42
popey* elmo leaves #canonical-sysadmin [run for the hills]20:43
Traveler7mako, Amir Eldor cuold't have come but he aske dme to come in his name..20:44
makopersia: alright... can you give me example20:44
mdkepersia: +1 from me. when the regional membership boards are set up, the MC can encourage candidates to use those, to assist with time considerations20:44
makopersia: the request sounds pretty reasonable20:44
Burgundavia+1 from me20:44
mdkethe only thing that is important for me is to ensure that news of the new members is spread around the community in the same way we envisage for other councils or boards20:44
mdkefor me, the UWN is the centre for all that20:45
makobut presumably the MOTU council will be reviewing candidate who are the type of person who starts uploading20:45
LeAstralea little late :/20:45
elmoI'd like to know an example too20:45
persiamako: I'd have to chase the approval logs, but there are several Contributors who have been doing good work for 3-6 months, but still make occasional mistakes.  We'd like to indicate to them that they are welcome and part of Ubuntu while asking them to learn more before they have root on our workstations.20:45
makowhat are the types of significant, sustained constributions that do no cause you to want to grant upload rights that you want to grant membership for?20:45
* mako nods20:46
persiaNo other types of contribution.  Just that they still would need sponsorship for uploads, but have been doing good work, and are valued members of the development community.20:46
makopersia: are there are other types of contribution that do not benefit from upload rights that you want to recognize with membershiop?20:46
Burgundaviapersia: sort of a supervised motu?20:46
makoman, you keep answering my questions right as i'm done typing them20:46
* ScottK2 would suggest that nxvl_work that's up later today would be a good example of the kind of person this would apply to20:47
persiaBurgundavia: Somewhat.  Of the ~320 people who have changelog credits for hardy, at least 2/3 are not MOTU.20:47
makopersia: bug work is one thing that springs to mind20:47
makopersia: ok, has the rest of hte motu council agreed that they want to do this?20:48
persiamako: Ah.  I see what you mean.  Yes, contributions in other areas would be considered when examining an applicant, but MC doesn't expect to receive applications from those not active as developers.20:48
emberi think i'm an example too20:48
anthony(where are we in the agenda?)20:48
* nxvl_work agrees with ScottK220:48
persiaThe rest of MOTU Council is agreed, and it was discussed in our last two calls.  The wiki page is the result of discussion amoung us (although I was tasked with drafting and presentation to CC).20:49
mdkesounds perfectly reasonable to me. Will it be a problem to report new members to the UWN?20:49
makopersia: ok, as long as the the level of commitement, contribution , and interpersonal skills is the same, i have no problem20:49
persiamdke: It oughtn't be, although we may need some guidance on the mechanism for such reporting.20:49
mdkeok, we should do something along those lines for all the teams granting membership - leave it with me20:50
makopersia: my only concern is that i *really* don't want to see membership become a first hurdle20:50
makobecause then membership becomes a sort of first-step toward developership20:50
makoand a lesser status in the project20:50
makoand i don't like that all20:50
makoi want every member who does technical work to be treated as a peer with non-technical contributors20:50
* johnc4510 UWN gets the councils new members from a mailing list or wiki page, we would need some way of knowing when it happens with MOTU20:50
ScottK2That used to be the case (membership was a requirement).20:51
makoof course, they are orthagol, but i want a technocracy20:51
persiamako: We discussed that, and would be willing to consider people for both MOTU and Member at the same time, but in most cases Contributors would be ready for Membership prior to being ready for MOTU, so it would provide a ramp for them.  Not so much a "lower" status, as just able to represent, but not yet to upload.20:51
mdkeScottK2: membership has always been a requirement - just that it could be granted at the same time as motu status20:51
persiamdke: Yes, but due to other factors, the majority of MOTU applicants are not members at this point.20:52
mdkesure, I don't have a problem with your proposal20:52
mdkeincidentally, congrats on the MC in general - seems to be working really well.20:52
tritiummembership is a big bottleneck.  Look at today's agenda, with applicants from as far back as August.20:52
makopersia: do you understand my concern?20:53
mdketritium: that's rather a different question, which we've sought to address in the StreamlineMembershipApproval spec20:53
tritiummdke: agreed20:54
makopersia: i'm very worried about doing thigns that will cause membership to be seen a sort of lesser status in the project20:54
posingaspopularcani just say that the foresight linux people are designing their membership applications specifically to avoid bottlenecks like ours?20:54
makopersia: because the effect of that is to make the non-technical members less highly ranking in the project20:54
makoposingaspopular: we are also designing our applications to do the same, but lets stay on topic20:55
ScottK2mako: To the extent that developers care about non-technical ranking, I don't think you have to worry.20:55
persiamako: About peers?  I think so.  You want all members to be roughly equal, rather than having development members possibly being considered "lesser" due to the alternate forum, right?20:55
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mdkepersia: non-development members20:55
persiaThat is part of why we raise the topic here: if it is believed that all Members should have the same approval process, we may want to push interested parties to other fora rather than providing dual-approvals in most cases.20:55
makopersia: so, i support your proposal, i'm just make sure you're on board with part of the way that membership is conceived when you're making your decisions on how to handle this20:56
makomany many free software projects privledge technical contributions to other types20:56
mdkemy personal opinion is that if the regional membership approval teams work properly, that is where we should get to in the long run. Right now I don't think we can get to that place20:57
makothe doc and art people get less respect, visibility, etc20:57
mdke(i.e. with all members having the same approval process)20:57
gcleric mdke: would it be in appropriate to state that there is a freeze on new memberships until the issue StreamlineMembershipApproval is finished?20:57
persiamdke: Ah.  I understand.  I'm not sure how to respond to that: I'm much more comfortable having someone help and be part of the community than giving them unrestricted root on my workstation.20:57
makogcleric: no, that's not appropriate to state20:57
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makopersia: right, that's a sensible position and that's one we've taken20:57
elmo(I've got to step out for 5 mins; assuming persia understands mako/mdke's points, +1 from me, bbias)20:58
gclericmako: but that is what is being communicated by not getting to the new memberships.20:58
makopersia: but it's the fine line between "technical skills are handled differently and after membership" to "technical recognition is the next step up the ubuntu recognition food chain"20:58
persiamako: OK.  We're certainly not planning to lower the bar for membership: we're expecting several months of considerable contributions as a base requirement, with a need for community support and demonstration of community interaction.  We're still discussing the specific criteria we will apply.20:59
greg-ggcleric: please, can we let them finish their current agenda items so we can get to the membership approvals20:59
makogcleric: we're doing the best we can here, talk about how we're not getting to things isn't speeding it up, but feel free to talk to me in a side channel where we don't have to distract the rest of the meeting20:59
persiamako: For those who are developers, commit rights is the target goal.  Other bits appear ancillary.  For those active in other ways, I don't think commit rights help very much, and so may not be important.21:00
mdkeI think we can trust the MC to take the right approach when granting membership21:00
makopersia: ok, +1 from me but please keep that in mind and don't hesitate to run your text by me21:00
makopersia: thanks for bearing with me21:00
Burgundavia+1 from me with the same clarification as mako21:00
persiamako: No problem.  As we get closer to implementation, we'll provide some more details to confirm the criteria.21:01
mdkegood. Denmark?21:01
makopersia: wonderful21:01
makopersia: please keep me in the loop21:01
makomdke: seems like a no show21:01
persiaJust to confirm, is there any reason to not include all CC members "in the loop"?21:01
MagicFabColombia, that is21:01
MagicFabIt has been a slow but steady path to bring together an active group of Ubuntu users in the Colombian Team. Free open source software does not have much visibility in local media and the governement, educational and private initiatives have only been gaining traction for the past few 2-3 years. Microsoft and other local lobbies are hard at work to stop any free software initiatives.21:02
Burgundaviapersia: don't think so, just fire it at our list21:02
mdkepersia: nope21:02
schultmcFYI, /me has to leave at 21:15 - SimonAnibal will handle Indiana if I'm not back by the time you get to Indiana21:02
MagicFabIn that context the team is facing interesting challenges compared to other countries where governement and private organizations are already massively implementing free, open source solutions (including but not limited to Ubuntu).21:02
MagicFabThe mailing list remains the most active resource, and public events and conferences are where members participate the most. I personally expect to "pass the torch" to other members once the team is official, and there is very high interest in pursuing out objectives from several regular contributors and members.21:02
MagicFabSeveral members are on the channel here too, we' re happy to answer questions21:03
MagicFabincluding darkhole :)21:03
mdkethanks, that's a helpful summary. on my favourite subject, how do you interrelate to other similar teams?21:03
mdkegeographically, or linguistically21:03
MagicFabI sit on their channels :) We actively invite them to copy resources we create based on the english material. A few of our members are very active translating wiki guides21:04
mdkehow about Ubuntu translation?21:04
MagicFabMay I also mention I am writing this from Montreal, Canada - so I effectively have lead the team for a good while from here.21:04
MagicFabA few members participate in translation. Good part of my karma to become a member was that too. But translations happens mostly on wiki resources.21:05
BurgundaviaMagicFab: related to the being in montreal bit: have you sought out somebody in country to do the leading?21:05
MagicFabWe helped translate and revise the CoC signing guide and IRC guides21:05
MagicFabkeys to membership process21:05
* johnc4510 UWN always needs translators too21:06
mdkewhat plans do you have for your website?21:06
MagicFabBurgundavia, yes, I have several very good candidates. It' s going to be a blood bath and >54 members know how to use the polls in LP21:06
MagicFabmdke - going to #canonical-sysadmin after this meeting :)21:06
BurgundaviaMagicFab: a bloodbath?21:07
MagicFabmdke, I have people on standby to work on Drupal, a local wiki and other stuff. But holding on that for now21:07
MagicFabBurgundavia, I expect at least 5 string candidates to lead - we may end up having a council (similar to -ve21:07
Burgundaviaahh, ok21:07
mdkeMagicFab: I mean, what purpose will it serve21:07
nxvl_workMagicFab: and -pe :P21:08
MagicFabWe also made a pretty clear and traight forward membership guide - Colombian team membership, that is21:08
makohold up, back in 5 minutes21:08
makoi'll catch up21:08
MagicFabmdke, the website would carry local news, agregate blogs, and a local wiki for documentation pertinent to colombia (like how to use uBuntu with X university' s network VPN etc)21:08
luis_lopezI think it's important to mention that 96% of our members have signed the CoC21:09
MagicFabThe focus now is a  big event, the FLISOL - an installfest across LatinAmerica. We have people organizing in several cities. Last year was good for preparation and experience.21:09
MagicFabWe' ve also created a new langaguege teamcollaborating with the Venezuela team - > Ubuntu in wayuunaiki21:10
mdkeMagicFab: sounds good. any plans in relation to local support?21:10
MagicFabI'll shut up now21:10
MagicFabLocal support, yes.21:11
MagicFabIn Colombia major cities have minimalls full of PC component and full system selleers21:11
MagicFabIt is planned to go visit them and educate them about Ubuntu21:11
MagicFabAnd assist them in providing support21:11
MagicFabI am also pushing for karma -hungry members to get on Answers. However LP' s language (english) has been a barrier to adoption21:12
MagicFabAn example of active translator: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/~alarconj/21:13
MagicFabJulian also just finished our first monthly report (feb)21:13
BurgundaviaMagicFab: how are you doing on the getting of conference booths?21:14
mdkewell, it generally sounds quite good - plenty of events, and good plans. I'm happy to give +1, again I'd be interested if you guys come back and give us an update when you've switched leaders, and grown further21:14
MagicFabBurgundavia, in what respect ? Several local orgs are offering " community"  booths and we are takling those21:14
MagicFabmdke, the reports requirement will help getting the word out21:15
BurgundaviaMagicFab: ok, just wondering21:15
santiago-ve<effie_jayx> I have seen the constant growth of the ColombianTeam and they have served as a source of empowerment for the Ubuntu-ve team, the ever watchful eye of our great peer MagicFab makes this team a very productive and hardworking always looking into ways of colaborating in the Ubuntu Community as a whole. As a loCo team contac for Venezuela. May Colombia achieve what it endevours...21:15
MagicFabmdke, and I can' t wait to pass the torch - it's just weird to be so far :D21:15
Burgundavia+1 from me, but yes, come back when you have a council/leader in place21:16
MagicFabDid I mention we are in good terms with the Venezuela team - yes I justsaid that :D21:16
mayecoPanamanian team too...21:16
Burgundaviamako, MikeB, elmo: further questions?21:17
MagicFabGenerally speaking I see a trend towards strong hispanic teams participation21:17
makosorry, just coming back now21:17
MagicFabI mean collaboration.21:17
* leogg cheers for Colombia, It's a great team and they play a pretty active and important role in the Spanish speaking LoCo community21:17
MagicFableogg, from -ni spearheded the Ubuntu Desktop course translation and we' re joining with -ve to help out21:18
MikeBsorry, got called into my bosses office, let me read back21:18
* igorgue says viva colombia latinos al poder!, congrats :)21:19
leoggMagicFab, that's correct... it's LoCo collaboration all the way:)21:19
BurgundaviaI have to run in 1021:20
makoso what are the feelings of the council members?21:20
Burgundavia+1 from me, but yes, come back when you have a council/leader in place21:21
mdke+1 from me21:21
makoi'm also fine with approval21:21
MagicFabThank you - cheers to all that worked hard for this! :)21:22
hollman cherssssss21:22
darkholeThanks to you too21:22
luis_lopezviva colombia!21:23
SimonAnibalschultmc, Excellent timing, bro ;-)21:23
leoggcongrats MagicFab - arriba Colombia!21:23
HanumatViva Colombia...!!21:23
SimonAnibal¡Felicitaciones, hermanos Colombianos!21:23
* MagicFab hugs all other team members - saquen el aguardiente **21:23
makosounds good21:23
MagicFabok - shhhh... meeting in progress21:23
schultmcSimonAnibal: thx :)21:23
n0rmanehehheeh congrats MagicFab21:23
makoalright, lets move on21:24
schultmcThe IndianaTeam is approaching its one year anniversary.  So far we've held monthly IRC meetings, decided on a team logo, setup a CafePress site for team apparel, participated in several conferences (IU LinuxFest, ITEC, Ohio LinuxFest, K-12 Open Minds Conference), and held a Gutsy Release Party.21:24
schultmcWe're helping plan an Indiana LinuxFest and are planning a Hardy Release Party for April as well as continuing our educational and advocacy focuses.21:24
makowow, that sounds pretty full :)21:25
SimonAnibalmako, We wanted to make sure we only had to come before you once ;-)21:25
SimonAnibalWell, that is, to get Approved21:25
makoSimonAnibal: yeah! i can see that21:25
makoi'm glad you're working with inACCESS :)21:25
makoi went out and gave a talk at a conference they organized last year, it's exciting stuff21:25
SimonAnibalIt's what got me into Ubuntu21:26
SimonAnibalYeah, I said hi to you the next day, I had planned to go on Thursday so as to see your talk, but David Thornburg was held up21:26
makoah yes, sorry, putting  face to a name21:26
makowonderful application21:26
SimonAnibalYeah, I'm sure I didn't mention my name.21:26
schultmcmako has also met me :)21:26
makoyou guys should put your logo on your page :)21:28
SimonAnibalI also gave a talk at that conference, as you can see on our application21:28
SimonAnibalmako, I keep meaning to do that...21:28
schultmcmako: it's on our launchpad page at least21:28
makoanyway, i'm happy not spending any more time in this meeting21:28
mako+1 for approval for me21:28
Burgundavia+1 from me21:28
Burgundaviatonnes of meetings, tonnes of experience, nice roadmap21:29
mdkevery well documented page21:29
makothe application itself is very well put together, pictures are helpful21:29
Burgundaviaand I need to run21:29
makoBurgundavia: thanks21:29
makolets see if we can can handle a few members who have been waiting for a long time21:29
makoand who are here21:29
SimonAnibalThank you, all21:29
mdkethanks SimonAnibal21:29
makobefore mdke disappears21:29
schultmcThank you!21:29
* desertc cheers SimonAnibal.21:29
makogreat work SimonAnibal and schultmc21:29
desertcGreat work!21:29
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SimonAnibalThis is just the beginning21:30
makodemrit Miguel Vazquez Gocobachi ?21:30
makoperhaps time to remove from the page21:30
MikeBback finally21:31
MikeB+1 for Columbia21:31
makoForlong/Nick Bauermeister21:31
darkholeThanks MikeB21:31
makojuliux i know i've seen around today21:31
MikeB+1 for Indiana, but under full disclosure, I was born in Indiana (Tell City) and went to Indiana University)21:32
MikeBso I may be bias:)21:32
juliuxmako, ys21:32
SimonAnibalMikeB, heheh, well, you know who to get ahold of if you're ever in the old hometown itching for some Ubuntu love21:32
juliuxmako, dholbach allready approved my membership21:33
juliuxmako, see mail on the cc mailinglist21:33
makook, let me remove that21:33
juliuxforlong can be removed21:33
makojuliux: yes, i recall. i'm just going through the list in order21:33
MikeBSimonAnibal: Tell City or Bloomington?21:33
juliuxhe is from germany but not realy active21:33
SimonAnibalMikeB, whichever. We're all over the state.21:33
laacqueI m afraid leoq has gone, he s disabled so can t stay up this long, doesn t mean that he isn t a good teamleader of course21:34
makoCaeser/Andrew Pollack?21:34
makolaacque: ok, but still interested will leave him on the list. if it becomes a huge problem we can find some other way to do it. the next meeting will be at a different time21:35
mdkemaybe we'll even have the regional teams going!21:35
makoposingaspopular seems to be next21:35
nixternalw00t posingaspopular!21:35
* johnc4510 cheers for posingaspopular w00t21:35
* greg-g go posingaspopular !21:36
tycheGO posingaspopular!21:36
nixternalHe definitely has my vote! He is now the team lead for Ubuntu Chicago, and I believe he has done more work with the LoCo than I ever did21:36
nixternaland he better not have fallen asleep waiting21:36
johnc4510good mix with other teams21:36
makono really posingaspopular. go :)21:36
posingaspopularhey all21:36
nixternalabout time!21:36
posingaspopulari was getting yelled at by my coworkers...21:37
nixternalyou can also be assured that he has the vote from his brother Admiral_Chicago too :)21:37
makoironically, you seem to be legimiately popular21:37
nixternalmako: we always yell at him though :) he is used to it21:37
nixternalmako: no, he is posing21:37
posingaspopularso i am the leader for the chicago Loco, and we have a never project we are working on, still hush hush atm. :P21:37
Admiral_ChicagoI vote in favor :)21:38
posingaspopularmeetings every 6 weeks or so (btw all of this is on the wiki's, im just lazy) and for the heck of it i'll throw out the project we're working on21:38
nixternallazy? -1 from me now21:38
posingaspopularthe LoCo is going to start working on a sort of Ubuntu hackathon school which means that we'll be teaching teh desktop guide to anyone who wants to learn, and then moving on to advanced ubutnu hacking21:39
* mako is happy with +1 on well documented loco work.. and other stuff :)21:39
posingaspopularwe are meeting in 2 weeks to finally hammer out all the details21:39
nixternalhe has done a ton for real with a local Christian College by converting them over 100% to Ubuntu, and even got the support from quite a few members as well in the process...good work done by all21:39
makoi'm interested in project green too21:39
posingaspopularthanks mako, i like your blogs.21:39
mdkeyes +1 from me, good page and clear contribution over a decent period. I've come across posingaspopular on -doc and he is very enthusiastic21:39
posingaspopularmako: thats the CC propject21:39
anthonyposingaspopular has been helpful in acting as a loco catalyst - encouraging other teams21:40
posingaspopularalso, we are have launched the Tri Loco team21:40
* boredandblogging cheers for posingaspopular!21:40
posingaspopularit's Chicago, Ohio and Michigan where we collab between the 3 (jcastro gave us the idea) to spread the teams in the midwest21:40
greg-gThe Tri-LoCo project is great for the Michigan, Chicago, and Ohio teams21:40
=== mako is now known as posingasblogging
posingaspopularcatch up on news, talk abotu ridesharings21:40
=== posingasblogging is now known as mako
posingaspopularposingaspopular.wordpress.com is my blog21:41
schultmcyou should expand to the Quad-LoCo project now since Indiana's approved now ;)21:41
nixternalschultmc: +121:41
greg-gschultmc: good point21:41
posingaspopularive been meanign to update it and file some hardy bugs btw.. schultmc pm me please21:41
makotoday indiana, tomorrow... THE WORLD21:41
* nixternal crawls back into his code writing hole21:41
makoMikeB, mdke: ?21:42
posingaspopularand i charied the last ubuntu-us meeting. speeaking of which greg-g we need to decided a date for the new one21:42
makoposingaspopular: in another channel :)21:42
greg-gposingaspopular: yes, we'll do that later tonight, email/pm me21:42
makoleogg: why don't you start21:42
posingaspopularalso, of course, confrences, hacktahons, codesprints, etc.21:43
Admiral_Chicagois that a yes on posingaspopular?21:43
leoggHi! My name is Leandro Gómez, I'm the team contact and one of the founders of the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team. My wiki is located in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Leocharrua and my Launchpad profile: https://launchpad.net/~leogomez7221:43
leoggMy main efforts has been in developing the local Ubuntu community and mentoring some of the teams in the Central American area. We have today (12 months later) a strong and dedicated team of enthusiastic individuals who puts a lot of work in promoting Ubuntu and FOSS in our country.21:43
nixternalAdmiral_Chicago: gotta wait for burgandavia and sabdfl to vote yet...so he has to wait more than likely21:43
leoggMy goals for 2008; 1) Contribute to make all Central American teams approved by the end of the year. 2) Become MOTU :)21:43
mdkeAdmiral_Chicago: yes21:43
posingaspopularthanks, ttyl soon.21:44
johnc4510posingaspopular: congrats21:44
Admiral_Chicago\o/! --> posingaspopular21:44
posingaspopularokay leogg time everyone!21:45
* jorsol cheers for leogg, one of the best leaders of Central America21:45
leoggthx jorsol21:46
mdkeleogg: I'm interested in knowing how the various spanish teams collaborate - are you involved in ubuntu-es.org?21:47
* ledanalf cheers for leogg too :D 21:48
leoggmdke: in the spanish speaking loco? yes21:48
makothe loco page is wonderful21:48
mdkehow does that team interrelate to teams like Ubuntu Spain and other spanish speaking teams?21:48
igorgueleogg: does not have red blood... its brown and orange :), cheers to leogg21:48
leoggthank you mako21:48
leoggmdke, we work mainly with LoCo Teams in our area (Central America), we had some events together with -sv and -gt21:49
leoggand we share information and resources21:49
leoggwe are also looking forward to collaborate with 'co and ve in translating the Ubuntu desktop course21:50
mdkewell, for me your wiki page I'd say you are a pretty outstanding candidate. Keep up the good work and +1 from me21:50
leoggthanks mdke21:51
makoi'm happy approving membership based on what appears to major activity in a very active and successful loco21:51
mako+1 from me too21:51
leoggthanks mako21:51
makoMikeB, elmo: ?21:51
* jorsol +1 for leogg21:51
makoFlare183 doesn't seem to be here?21:51
* ledanalf + for leogg21:51
makogcleric: alright, you're up21:52
* MaPo +1 for leogg21:52
leoggthanks MikeB :)21:52
gclericMy name is Eric Krieger and I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico.   I've been using Ubuntu since the days of Warty and various linux distro's since 1993. Please feel to browse my wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GrammatonCleric.  Along the way I've written several HOWTO's on the Ubuntu Forum and I've tried to help users in need. I'm currently active member, and like to think a core member, of the New Mexico LoCo team.  As NM Loco member I've wa21:52
* MagicFab cheers for leogg21:52
makogcleric: sorry if i was rude earlier, was just trying to move things along21:52
leoggthanks MagicFab21:52
tritiumgcleric: _is_ one of our core members21:52
igorguecongrats leogg, lets get drunk!21:52
gclericno worries...sorry if I was being disruptive...21:53
mdkegcleric: have you contributed any of the howtos you've written to the documentation website?21:53
gclericI've written all of them...on my wiki site.21:53
effie_jayxcongrats leogg21:53
leoggthanks effie_jayx :)21:54
tritiumI'd like to point out that gcleric is the project lead on our most important project: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Endorphin_Power_Company_Ubuntu_Install_and_Support21:55
mdkegcleric: it would be nice to see you contributing directly to the wiki on the documentation website, that way our central documentation resource can benefit from your efforts21:55
gclericmdke: I would love to.21:55
gclericI will make a point to do so in furture.21:56
tritiumgcleric has also supported our install-fests, and Software Freedom Day events, and is the most active contributor to our mailing list.21:56
mdkegreat. check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide for an intro and feel free to hang out on the ubuntu-doc mailing list and fire any questions21:56
mdkegcleric: you might also find some helpful material on porting forum articles at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/forum21:56
gclericmdke: thank you I will port what I have to the documentation website.  =)21:57
mdkethis Endorphin Power Company initiative sounds really interesting too21:57
elmo+1 for leogg, sorry21:57
makomdke: yeah, absolutely21:58
gclericyes the EPC project is proving to be really rewarding on many fronts.21:58
tritiummdke: yes, it is truly supporting needy people in our locale, and could potentially gain quite a bit of positive press for Ubuntu.21:58
mdkethat's very good to hear about21:58
mdkehave you let the UWN guys know about the project? would be good to get it some more exposure21:58
tritiumAs the NM LoCo founder, I'm very proud of gcleric, and extremely fortunate to have him on our team.21:58
makogcleric: the documentation of the project is really nice.. just to have a running list of the process21:58
makogcleric: helps provide documentation and a view into the process for folks that might want to replciate something similar in other places and with other groups21:59
=== cybux is now known as CyBuX
gclericour hope is to provide a template for others to follow if they wish.21:59
tritiummdke: I intend to write something up for the next LoCo team report.21:59
makogcleric: awesome21:59
makowow, some of these howtos look great too22:00
makothe ones on the forums22:00
mdketritium: cool, pass it to the UWN too22:00
gclericmako: thanks =)22:00
* mako gives a +1 for membership22:00
tritiummdke: will do, thanks.22:00
makogcleric: keep it up! :)22:00
mdke+1 from me too, good work and welcome22:01
gclericthe mythtv converter seem real popular... =)22:01
JayTee52gotta run now, Go Hoosiers!!!!22:01
MikeByou are marked as a Gentoo user on the forums?22:01
gclericguilty... I used to work with Daniel Robbins.22:02
MikeBlol, +1 from me22:02
tritiumObviously, if I had a vote, +1 from me.22:03
makoso i've got another meeting coming up adn we just passed the 2 hour mark..22:03
* ogasawara cries22:04
rick_h_myabe 3rd time's a charm greg-g :(22:04
greg-gyeah, I can be patient22:04
posingaspopularive never seen anyone so upset to see mako leave22:04
tritiumSo, is that a congratulations to gcleric?22:04
makolets try to do a couple more22:04
makowarp10: you around?22:04
makoelmo on gcleric ?22:04
warp10mako: here I am22:04
warp10Hi! I am Andrea Colangelo, 27 years old from Italy. My launchpad page is at https://launchpad.net/~warp10/22:05
warp10I begun contributing to the community in May 2007, within the Italian LoCo Team. I still help there, where I am involved in CD and sticker projects (we ship Ubuntu CDs and Ubuntu stickers to people willing to get some), Ubuntu-it Press Office (the team that writes press-releases and take care of contacts with media) and Ubuntu-it screencasts (just like the worldwide Screencast Team).22:05
warp10Since October 2007 I began my yourney as MOTU contributor. My mentor pitti is driving me through this wonderful world, and so far I took care of several bugfixes and merges/syncs.  I did a couple brand new package too, and joined ubuntu-it-dev, the Italian Developer Team involved in packaging and backporting software that our Community requests.22:05
warp10Other activities I am involved in are: bugs triaging (I am a member of the Bug Control Team), ISO testing and Laptop testing.22:05
warp10My plans for the future: become MOTU, continue focusing on Debian <--> Ubuntu cooperation, improve my current activities, continue to spread the Ubuntu and FOSS verb among friends of mine and people I meet. You can find more info about me and some cheers for my application on my wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AndreaColangelo22:05
totopalmaI would like to sponsor Andrea for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a good MOTU contibutor. His work on the Italian community is invaluable22:05
elmoman, I suck at keeping up22:05
makogcleric: congrats dude22:05
DktrKranzI've seen (and sponsored) several packages made by Andrea. He's a great contributor in MOTU activities. He's also very active in bug triaging, so a big cheer from me.22:05
gclericWhoooHooo!!! Thank you so much!!!22:05
HattoryAndrea is a very active person, he recently started to look at MOTU issues by uploading a lot of packages. I think the membership is deserved and so +1 from me... go Andrea go!22:05
makoelmo: i'm trying to push this fast :)22:05
ScottK2+1 from me too for good work in MOTU.22:05
makowarp10: ok, so you've been contribuing since october or just as a motu since october?22:06
persiaI'm especially appreciative of Andrea's efforts for helping with the QA activities that so many shy from.22:06
warp10mako: since october just as a MOTU :)22:06
makowarp10: on the ord of how many cds is your italian cd shipping project sending?22:08
mdkeit's limited only from the number of stickers available, I gather22:09
warp10mako: not so many indeed. We ship about 20 per month. We expect an increase of requests for Intrepid22:09
* mako nods22:09
mdketotopalma: is that right?22:09
makowarp10: which screencasts have you made?22:09
totopalmamdke, yes :)22:09
mdketotopalma: i thought it was a lot more :(22:10
warp10mako: regarding screencast, the project has started from just a few days. I did a couple of test to fine tuning tools and procedures. We expect to start producing more, true screencast in 1 or 2 weeks.22:10
makoalright, well the testimonials are very helpful, +1 from me22:11
* mako nods to warp10 22:11
mdkeit's a well documented page and having pitti among the recommendations is pretty impressive. I'm happy to +1 base on clear contributions in a number of different areas22:11
mdkethanks and keep up the good work22:11
warp10thank you mdke :)22:12
makotyche: you're up22:12
* johnc4510 is here to cheer for tyche! w00t22:12
makoMikeB and elmo: warp10 when you get a chance22:12
tycheHi, my name is Craig Eddy.  I am a retired draftsman.  For more information on me, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CraigAEddy or https://launchpad.net/~tyche.22:12
* boredandblogging cheers for tyche!!22:13
tycheI have been a member of the Arizona LoCo Team and the reporter for the Arizona Team newsletter, under johnc4510, since September 12, 2007, and member of and contributor on the UWN since issue #65.22:13
tycheI am active in IRC #ubuntu-us-az, and contribute bug reports and comments to launchpad, and respond on the Ubuntu Forums.22:13
* johnc4510 tyche has done outstanding work with not only the AZ LoCo Team, but also with the UWN. He also has contributed with bug reporting and forum help. He lives the Ubuntu code and is a perfect candidate for membership. I endorse him 100%.22:13
MikeBwarp10: +122:13
posingaspopulartyche tyche tyche!22:13
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mdkehow is the UWN doing for contributors at the moment?22:13
boredandbloggingtype has done great work for the UWN and helps us get it out every week22:14
boredandbloggingmdke: we need more help22:14
posingaspopulartyche is also really nice and stayed up late with me every night for TWO weeks straight trying to help me install VirtualBox22:14
johnc4510translators, and reporters, etc22:14
elmoto warp1022:14
* warp10 smiles22:14
makoalright, tyche it looks pretty good22:15
posingaspopularomg omg. i know htis is massively offtopic, but there is a toy story three in the works22:15
tycheThanks, mako22:16
totopalmawarp10,  congratulations :)22:16
mdkeposingaspopular: another channel please22:16
warp10thank you totopalma! ;)22:16
mdkethat's a very extensively documented wiki page, and shows plenty of contribution in different areas. I'm happy in particular to see you contributing to the UWN, which is a vital resource. +1 from me22:16
mdkethanks tyche and keep it up!22:16
makotyche: you seem have been quietly at work at a bunch of things that are often pretty thankless22:16
tycheThanks mdke22:16
makoi especially appreciate the work you've done writing meter summaries and such22:17
tycheYep.  But it's what I'm good at22:17
johnc4510mako: agreed22:17
* mdke nods22:17
makoi did that for ubuntu for all the core team meetings for the first six months or so22:17
makoand man, it's hard :)22:17
makotyche: so i'm thrilled to give you a +122:17
makogreat contributions22:17
makowe need more members like you22:17
tycheTakes me about 2 hours on a sunday morning, starting about 5:00 AM22:17
tycheThanks, mako22:17
makooh no, mikeb is gone22:18
tycheAAAARRRRRGGG!  Hee hee22:18
makohe's back :)22:18
mdkeelmo: tyche?22:18
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MikeBxchat is killing me22:19
tychethanks elmo22:19
MikeB+1 for tyche22:19
johnc4510w00t  congrats tyche   newest ubuntu member22:19
tychethanks, MikeB22:19
greg-gwell done tyche22:19
boredandbloggingtyche: congrats!22:19
tycheWHEW!! Thanks all, and all my supporters22:19
michaelrammtyche: grats!22:19
greg-gI'm next on the agenda, here comes the paste:22:20
greg-gHello!  My name is Greg and I am the Founder/Leader of the Michigan LoCo Team (which was approved on Nov. 29th).22:21
greg-gMy other main area of contribution, aside from leading the Michigan LoCo, is in bug triage: I am a member of the Bug Control team on LP and actively participating in the new 5-a-day program.22:21
greg-gWiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GregGrossmeier  LP: https://launchpad.net/~greg.grossmeier22:21
greg-gAny questions?22:21
greg-gmako: this is Greg, the person who gave you a ride back to your hotel in Michigan :)22:21
johnc4510w00t for greg-g22:21
greg-g(if you have time that is)22:21
makoah, hi greg-g ! :)22:21
makothanks for the ride :)22:21
greg-gno worries, good meeting you22:21
anthonygreg-g has chaired an ubuntu-us meeting that I attended, quite well, and like posingaspopular been very helpful in encouraging some of the newer teams as they get started, and giving advice to me as a new team contact.  Also, we all know about his packaging jams.  :)22:21
rick_h_++ for greg. Been an inspiration to a bunch of us in michigan and helped setup the first packaging jam and put together a great bug jam22:21
posingaspopularanthony: pm me plz22:22
boredandblogginggreg-g goes out of his way to encourage new teams22:22
mdkegreg-g: what events have you been most personally involved in for your local teams?22:22
greg-gWell, the team has been doing a lot with packaging Jams22:23
posingaspopulari like greg-g, and he is awesome with the midwetri loco22:23
greg-gunfortunately I couldn't make the first one due to it being my g/f and I's 3 year anniversary :)22:23
johnc4510greg-g: is a great ubuntu member candidate and deserves recognition for all he's done22:23
greg-gmostly I am the whip behind the team22:23
mdkeI'd quite like to know more about some specific contributions, just to get an idea of what stuff you do22:24
mdkewhat aspect of your contribution are you most proud of?22:24
rick_h_the whole michigan team was his start. He emailed some local LUG guys about putting together a team and put it through. So big credit for that22:25
greg-goh, well.  In addition to working on planning events for the team (release parties, packaging jams) I am also currently trying to work hard on bug triaging to help with the new 5-a-day program and increase my knowledge at the same time22:25
posingaspopularmdke: greg-g is usually the one who gets all the details together for the midwest tri-loco team meetings, irc chan time etc.22:25
greg-gI am most proud of the fact that the Michigan team was the first team to host a pacakaging Jam and started a trend :)22:25
greg-gany other details you would like to know?22:28
mdkegreg-g: what was your personal involvement in the packaging jam initiative?22:29
mdkeI can tell you're a team player but I'm just trying to get a grip of some of your individual contributions :)22:29
greg-gmdke: planning.  Since I was unable to attend due to the anniversary conflict22:29
greg-galso, the coordination of the team's efforts for our presence at Penguicon22:30
greg-gwhich is an ongoing topic at our meetings of course22:30
greg-g(our activities will include a room party with demos of Hardy, which will be release 1 week after the con)22:31
mdkecool. Ok, well I think that the leader of a well organised and effective team deserves recognition and I think that even if it's not 100% spelt out on your wiki page, your contribution is clear22:31
mdke+1 from me, let's see what others think22:31
greg-gthankyou mdke22:31
MikeB+1 here22:31
nxvl_workmako: greg-g22:33
nxvl_workmdke: can i go while mako shows up?22:34
nxvl_workmdke: i'm the next on the agenda22:34
mdkenxvl_work: ok22:34
nxvl_workI'm Nicolas Valcarcel from Lima Perú, i'm member of the Peruvian LoCo Council, and have been involved difusion since 2003, and then i focused myself on Ubuntu, i have gave many talks in local conferences, some workshops at my univesrity and the last months working with the LoCo team making some work on conferences, also i have participate on the Ubuntu Developer Week as a speaker in one talk and co-speaker on another, and contributing to MOTU and22:34
nxvl_workServer Team fixing some bugs, traging some others and helping new contributors on what i can. I'm also been recently aproved on the pentesting team and invited to the UDS.22:34
nxvl_workMy LP page is: https://edge.launchpad.net/~nvalcarcel22:34
nxvl_workAnd my wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nxvl22:34
nxvl_workmy plan is to become a MOTU in a shot time22:34
makowell, i'm happy with a +1 based on your work with the michigan team22:34
makoalright this i my last one :)22:34
greg-gthanks mako22:34
boredandblogginggreg-g: congrats!22:34
nxvl_worki also want to look for the security aspects on the server team22:35
greg-gthanks everyone!22:35
mdkeyes I think nxvl_work is the last one22:35
johnc4510greg-g: congrats :)22:35
embermdke i'm here too22:35
nxvl_worki'm also interested in make ubuntu community better and nicer for starters22:35
mdkeember: I'm afraid we have to draw the line somewhere - the meeting has gone on for too long now22:36
nxvl_workso they found a warm, nice and helpful community22:36
* ScottK2 gives a big +1 for nxvl_work for both his MOTU and server team work.22:36
norsettonxvl_work is a great contributor, helpful and positive, +1, go for it nxvl!22:37
ScottK2nxvl_work is someone I can reliably turn to if I need help with something I don't have time to complete by myself.22:37
mdkeok nxvl_work has some good recommendations on the wiki page and has clearly done some good work on the development side. good number of patches22:37
mdke+1 from me22:37
makoember: sorry, it's almost 3 hours now.  i understand you've waited that long too but as mdke says, we have draw the line22:37
* mako nods to mdke 22:38
mako+1 from me as well22:38
MikeB+1 here22:38
makoi eneded up reviewing nxvl_work last week22:38
makoand was impressed on his ubuntu contributions22:38
makoelmo: end the meeting :)22:38
nbliangcan we have the next meeting at a later time than 20:00 UTC? have to wait at around 4am (my time) for the meeting22:38
makonbliang: or much ealier22:39
makoso it would be before you go to sleep22:39
elmoone tiny last thing22:39
nbliangmako: thx22:39
elmowe breifly discussed changing the team to restricted and pointing folks at the howto-join page22:39
makonbliang: we'll have it at a different time22:39
elmois everyone ok with that?22:39
makoelmo: yes, it sounds like a great plan22:39
elmoto stop the applications piling up22:39
mdkeyes, definitely a good thing to clean up the members list22:40
nxvl_workthank you all22:40
* nxvl_work HUGS evetyone22:40
MikeBelmo, works for me22:40
makothanks everyone who came22:40
makoESPECIALLY thanks to everyone who was patient and we didn't get to22:40
nbliangwill wai for the next meeting than22:40
makowe made good progress.. and we've got a new process we're going to implement very soon that will fix this22:41
makonobody will wait more than a couple weeks22:41
makothanks again!22:41
mdkeI'll echo that22:41
posingaspopularthanks to all the members who showed up and voted +1 and for the long meeting :P22:41
mdkegood night all22:41
posingaspopularmako: keep the blogs strong22:41
nblianggood morning everybody ;)22:42
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