ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about page - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:04
InsClusoepdebuild seems to have hanged at last step. It says cleaning the build env and then started taking rest. ;-)00:18
mok0InsClusoe: it is probably packaging everything back into base.tgz00:19
InsClusoemok0: Yeah.. probably. /var/cache/pbuilder/result has many .deb files, but no base.tgz00:20
mok0base.tgz is probably in /var/cache/pbuilder00:21
mok0InsClusoe: aren't those debs the ones you've built?00:21
InsClusoemok0: Yes00:21
mok0When it's done, pbuilder re-packs base.tgz, it can take a while00:22
InsClusoebase.tgz is present in /var/cache/pbuilder as you said.00:22
mok0sounds like everything is ok00:23
KasimirGabertmy program is built using Qt4, and pbuilder fails because the dev files aren't present00:23
KasimirGaberthow should I include them?00:24
KasimirGabertbecause they aren't required to run the program, right?00:24
mok0KasimirGabert: put them in debian/control, in the Build-Depends: line00:24
emgentdebian #46405800:24
KasimirGabertthanks :)00:24
emgentDebian #46405800:24
ubotuDebian bug 464058 in turba2 "turba2: Access rights not checked properly" [Grave,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/46405800:24
mok0ubotu, you are soooo slow00:25
InsClusoemok0: Will pdebuild succeed even if there is an older base.tgz present in /var/cache/pbuilder? Should I delete the older file? 2 hrs go, I created one base.tgz and that's what I see now..00:25
mok0InsClusoe: no it keeps working on that one. If you do pbuilder update, for example00:26
InsClusoemok0: am surprised at how it seems to have hung for the last 30 minutes. getting iffy.00:26
mok0InsClusoe: hmm, yes00:27
InsClusoemok0: do you still want me wait?00:28
mok0InsClusoe: no, it is not _that_ slow. Something is wrong00:28
mok0InsClusoe: kill it, but be prepared to make another pbuilder00:29
mok0InsClusoe: try pbuilder update00:29
InsClusoemok0: ok.. Will that resume from where it left off earlier?00:32
mok0InsClusoe: that should unpack base.tgz and update it with the latest packages00:32
mok0InsClusoe: and then pack it back into base.tgz00:33
InsClusoemok0: ok.. just killed the older process with ^c.00:34
InsClusoemok0: Pbuilder, then, printed this... removing directory /var/cache/pbuilder/build//14502 and its subdirectories00:34
InsClusoemok0: notice two /'s in the file pth00:34
mok0InsClusoe: that's fine00:34
InsClusoepbuilder update needs to be run as su?00:35
mok0InsClusoe: yep00:36
mok0InsClusoe: sudo pbuilder update00:36
InsClusoemok0: its creating the base tarball...00:37
InsClusoeoh.. it's already done.00:37
mok0InsClusoe: shouldn't take more than 10-20 seconds00:38
InsClusoemok0: oh... I was so stupid I wasted 30 MINUTES on it.00:38
mok0InsClusoe: heh00:38
mok0InsClusoe: experience comes at a price00:39
InsClusoemok0: now I know wise men are always shown to have long grey beards!00:39
mok0InsClusoe: :-)00:39
mok0InsClusoe: now you have a pbuilder...00:40
InsClusoemok0: Wise men must have started compiling in Fortran or Cobol and waited ages... for the beard to grow.00:42
mok0InsClusoe: ... or waiting for their pbuilders to finish, when actually just hung...00:43
InsClusoemok0: :-D Now I can upload source.changes to the bug and start my next waiting session?00:43
mok0InsClusoe: you need to create a debdiff00:44
mok0debdiff old.dsc new.dsc00:44
InsClusoeAlright.. Done.00:47
InsClusoeJeez... so many steps...00:47
* InsClusoe pants and catches his breath00:47
InsClusoePls tell me it'00:47
InsClusoePls tell me it's over...00:48
mok0InsClusoe: It's over00:48
* InsClusoe hugs mok000:49
* mok0 hugs back00:49
mok0Launchpad is down for maintenance :-(00:50
InsClusoemok0: Thanks for being there.00:50
mok0InsClusoe: glad to help00:50
InsClusoeWhat? :-(00:50
InsClusoeI cant upload my first ever debdiff to the bug?00:50
mok0It says it's back soon00:50
InsClusoeIt's sun rise time here... I have to sleep soon or I won't make it to work today..00:51
mok0InsClusoe: heh, well upload it tomorrow, then...00:52
slangasekit's a 3-hour outage and we're only 50 minutes in; I don't recommend staying up00:52
InsClusoeGuess I don't have a choice then...00:52
mok0slangasek: ah, so 3 hours is "soon" now? :-)00:53
slangasekmok0: it's a generic message, of course...00:53
TheMusoThere is every possibility that the downtime could be longer.00:53
slangasekthe maintenance schedule was posted well in advance though (c.f /topic #ubuntu-devel)00:53
InsClusoemok0: They must have waited longer for pdebuild... They are used to it.00:54
mok0Well, time for bed, then.00:54
InsClusoeok.. Thank you all MOTUs for helping out..00:54
* InsClusoe tries hard to muster energy to wave his hand to say goodbye..00:55
* mok0 waves00:55
mok0Goodnight, folks'00:56
InsClusoeSee you all tomorrow at #ubuntu-classroom00:56
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slicerYou know, some times you really can get far by just asking nice (and it helps that you ask nice people). The patent I had problems with is about to be licensed freely to all opensource programs (and not just GPL), and in the meantime I've gotten an explicit permission to publish my program under BSD :) *Warm fuzzy feeling*01:23
slicerWhich nicely solves all my debian/copyright headaches.01:26
TheMusoslicer: What program?01:49
bddebianHeya gang01:54
LaserJockhiya bddebian01:55
bddebianHeya LaserJock01:55
bddebianHi nixternal01:59
LaserJockhi nixternal01:59
ScottKHeya bddebian, nixternal, and LaserJock01:59
LaserJockevening ScottK02:00
bddebianHeya ScottK02:00
ScottKLet me tell you, don't ever move a conffile in a Debian package.  It's a PITA to get right.02:00
StevenKOh yes. But the sense of accomplishment you feel afterwards.02:01
slangasekScottK: in the absence of LP, do you happen to remember offhand the status of the libconvert-tnef-perl and libmime-perl MIRs?02:02
slangasekScottK: hmm, moving conffiles - the recipe didn't help, or you didn't know about it?02:02
ScottKslangasek: All the ones I asked for for amavisd-new were approved.02:02
ScottKI just found it.02:02
ScottKWith my limited shell ability the recipe takes it from impossible to PITA.02:03
slangasekah :)02:03
ScottKslangasek: I'm pretty sure those were both on my MIR list as approved.  Let me see if I saved any bugmail on them.02:03
sotoWhy does my .changes file have distribution FOO when I ran pdebuild with DIST=BAR?02:04
slangasekScottK: ok; libmime-perl is still in universe02:04
ScottKslangasek: For libmime-perl I have bugmail from pitti saying approved02:04
StevenKsoto: Because your debian/changelog mentions FOO, not BAR?02:04
ScottKslangasek: Same for libconvert-tnef-perl02:04
slangasekonce LP is back up then, I'll get it promoted properly02:04
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.02:05
slangasekScottK: yeah, libconvert-tnef-perl is in main after all, it just also depends on libmime-perl02:05
* bddebian never knows whether or not to say hi to StevenK and slangasek ;-P02:05
sotoStevenK: How are packages built for multiple releases?02:05
Nafallohi bddebian02:05
StevenKsoto: They aren't.02:05
bddebianHeya Nafallo02:06
sotoStevenK: I don't follow. I want to build a package on say, Hardy, Gutsy and Feisty. I have to edit the changelog each time?02:06
sotoMaybe I watch too much Ron Popeil, but I like to "Set it and forget it"02:07
slangasekbddebian: ...hi?02:07
bddebianslangasek: :)02:07
StevenKsoto: You can build it unmodified on each release. The .changes files will have what the debian/changelog says02:07
StevenKbddebian: You've confused me ...02:08
bddebianStevenK: How so?02:08
StevenKbddebian: Whether or not to say hi? Hrrm?02:08
bddebianStevenK: Well I seem to annoy you two more than most ;-P02:08
bddebianMaybe annoy isn't the right word...02:09
sotoStevenK: Isn't the correct distribution expected to be put in the changes file? I don't believe that package maintainers are manually editing the changelogs for release over 4-5 distributions.02:10
jdongsoto: as a developer, I do :)02:11
jdongif you can't be bothered to specify what release you are targeting, it implies quite a bit about how carefully you are conducting your QA too02:11
jdongdch -r can help a bit if you choose to script things like this02:12
sotoOh common. This screams "there must be a better way to do this".02:12
TheMusosoto: IMO, whenver you edit a package, and set the changelog appropriately, it is something tat should be done manually. At least for me, it makes me check what I've changed, and why.02:14
sotoIt's a feature!02:14
* ScottK agrees with TheMuso02:14
sotoTheMuso: I'm not changing anything, just building a source package (bleeding edge, not available in repositories), not for upload, for 2 different distributions.02:15
TheMusosoto: If you don't intend to upload anywhere, thats fine. Just build the package against the releases you want.02:16
jdongsoto: then you just need two different pbuilder base.tgz's02:16
jdongif you build for personal reasons, the changelog sections mean basically nothing02:16
jdongthat's only useful if you're dputting02:16
sotojdong: Yes, my package depends on a library which I have to build also. Pbuilder instructions on the wiki say I should dput my package into a local repo. Except dput decides where it goes based on .changes file distribution entry.02:19
jdongdid it say to dput into a local repo? Just a flat-structure apt repo should work just fine02:19
jdongi.e. one generated with dpkg-scanpackages02:19
sotojdong: mini-dinstall02:20
jdongsoto: IMO that's a bit overkill...02:20
jdongWhen I wrote prevu I just used a simple directory like "gutsy-debs" and ran dpkg-scanpackages inside it02:20
jdongapt-ftparchive probably is a smarter idea02:20
TheMusoapt-ftparchive is actually quite easy to use, and the configs make sense.02:21
* TheMuso has written some as yet unfinished shell scripts around apt-ftparchive.02:21
sotoOkay thanks. I guess I'll do apt-ftparchive.02:21
TheMusoAnd they work reallywell.02:21
sotoI really wish this wasn't nearly so painful. It seems needlessly difficult to build your own packages.02:22
jdongsoto: well it's more of an initial learning curve, but these tools are more the "proper " way to do it. I mean if you wanted easy just hit "debuild -B" and call it a day02:23
jdongbut that's irresponsible to those who will use your package02:23
* TheMuso remembers his slackware packaging days. I'd never heard of a chroot, or building in a chroot environment. And its not something the slackware packaging community does either so...02:24
sotojdong: But debuild won't build for another distribution. And I don't think works out build dependencies for you02:24
jdongsoto: you can use a debootstrapped chroot, virtual machine / dual-boot with different releases, etc02:25
sotojdong: That's simpler than pbilder?02:25
jdongI guess all of those things "make more sense" than a pbuilder at first02:25
LaserJockwell, throwing in a script to munge the changelog is trivial02:25
jdongsoto: well... IMO it is simpler in that those are techniques already familiar while pbuilder is a new tool to learn02:25
sotojdong: It's not "not making sense". It's just too much work.02:25
jdongsoto: the work is mostly in setting up the initial build infrastructure02:26
jdongafterwards, using it is a snap02:26
sotojdong: It's not as much a snap as it should be (c.f. portage)02:27
jdongDIST=gutsy prevu02:27
jdongthat's all I type to build a package on my gutsy box02:27
jdongI'm sure pbuilder-dist is similar02:27
jdongI've got my infrastructure set up the way I like it02:27
jdongand portage is not all that simple when beginning either, you've got to set up your portage overlay and directory structure, and so on02:28
sotojdong: That imagine that still won't deal with the library issue I was describing02:28
jdongwell, I don't know about pbuilder-dist, but prevu certainly does02:28
sotoI imagine02:28
jdongprevu builds against itself02:28
jdongi.e. cd libfoo; prevu; sudo prevu-update; cd clientfoo; prevu02:29
jdongthe latter prevu invocation automatically finds the built libfoo from the last run02:29
jdongbut as I said, that's simply a wrapper around a bindmounted apt repo with dpkg-scanpackages02:29
sotojdong: Okay sound good. Will look into it. Wrappers are fine if they make my life easy (it's not the learning curve that bothers me, it's repetitive work that should be automated)02:30
sotoIs there a way to build automatically from source-control (e.g. svn head)02:31
jdongsoto: bzr-builddeb, I beleive "svn-builddeb" might also exist?02:31
ScottKsvn-buildpackage I think02:31
Nafallobzr-svn :-)02:31
jdongsoto: but once you understand your own workflow, IMO scripting is a trivial thing to do. I'm sure 90% of us here have scripts we use in our daily workflow02:32
jdongNafallo: LOL *hands him KDE svn*02:32
RAOFjdong: It's only terribly slow once :P02:32
ScottK2Nafallo: Only if I want to expend time learning tools I encounter no where outside Ubuntu.02:32
sotojdong: I don't mind scripting. I mind scripting when obviously many people must have already scripted what I wanted to do.02:33
NafalloScottK2: I only wanted to learn bzr.02:33
jdongsoto: learning someone else's scripts sometimes is not as efficient as writing one's own02:33
ScottK2Nafallo: I already deal with cvs, svn, and git elsewhere.  N+1 VCS just isn't high on my list.02:33
NafalloScottK2: :-P02:34
NafalloScottK2: well, I only deal with bzr. learn svn isn't high on my list :-)02:34
sotojdong: I'm from the school of "Don't reinvent the wheel"02:34
jdongsoto: well this isn't reinventing the wheel. This is like reinventing the half-sheet of paper. Just make your own (tm)02:35
Nafallobut now I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed. sure is about time...02:35
NafalloThu Feb 21 02:35:31 GMT 200802:35
jdongNafallo: bzr-toothbrush.02:35
LaserJockoh heah, LP is back up03:02
RAOFIndeed it is.03:02
ScottK2Fresh with brand new misfeatures.03:04
* RAOF suddenly gets why bddebian is bdefreese in debian channels :)03:05
LaserJockI'm pretty sure it's still fixing more bugs than creating03:05
bddebianRAOF: Why, because they all hate me? :-)03:05
* LaserJock suddenly wonders if there is a certain wiki page on wiki.debian.org :-)03:06
bddebianLaserJock: Hah, not hardly.  Unless it's bdefreese is a **** ;-P03:07
LaserJocksure not03:07
LaserJockwhat the heck, why is Mark sub'd to these .desktop bugs :/03:17
LaserJockman bug #1 is a mess03:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103:20
ScottK2So now you they have the wonderful new feature of being able to subscribe for all the bug reports for a package.  This is somehow different than being a bug contact.03:22
ScottK2LaserJock: Personally, I wish they'd spend time fixing bugs instead of inventing two names for the same thing.03:22
LaserJockoh really?03:23
LaserJockI haven't seen this03:23
lifelessScottK2: yes, it is different03:24
lifelessScottK2: because its been done more consistently over a larger scope03:24
LaserJockI can't see the diff03:25
ScottK2lifeless: It's different for projects, distros, and milestones, but not for packages (which is not what the LP description claims).03:27
LaserJockthey didn't really change anything for packages did they?03:30
emgentdoko, ping03:32
LaserJockit's just "subscribe to bug mail" instead of the "Bug Contacts" or whatever it was03:32
emgentcoredev here, there are an important merge to upload (with security fix) in hardy03:33
emgentmalone #19386903:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193869 in moin "Please merge moin-1.5.8 (main) from Debian unstable (Security FIX)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19386903:33
LaserJockyou're asking in -motu? :-)03:33
emgentyep because in this chan there are more core-dev :P03:34
LaserJockI doubt that03:34
LaserJockwhy is that ubuntu2?03:35
bddebianpersia: w00t, survex fixed in Debian!!03:44
mneptokwho broke Debian's cervix?03:46
LaserJockemgent: btw, since we're in an Alpha freeze you might ask slangasek if it's worth uploading now03:48
emgentLaserJock, i talked with geser03:50
emgenti know alpa freeze, but it's security upload.03:50
LaserJockwell, think about it03:50
LaserJockhow many people are running public hardy Moin servers?03:50
LaserJockand how many of those people *actually* use our packages?03:50
emgentsmall target03:51
emgentbut, geser say to me that it's important fix and open bug about moins.03:51
ScottKemgent: You want to talk to someone in RM before uploading right now.03:51
ScottKemgent: Important, yes, but it can wait a day.03:52
emgentScottK, uhm ok thanks for suggestions :P03:53
ScottK2Dear CDBS what magic incantation do I need to give you to actually stuff the preinst I made for you into the package?04:03
TheMusoScottK2: Name the file correctly?04:04
ScottK2TheMuso: postfix-policyd-spf-python.preinst for package postfix-policyd-spf-python, right?04:04
ScottK2That's what I thought too, but not so far.04:04
TheMusoScottK2: yeah, weird.04:06
* ScottK2 checks for bugs ...04:07
ScottK2Even better.  The preinst is in the .deb, but doesn't get installed for some reason.04:14
* ScottK2 tries again....04:14
StevenKScottK2: Does dpkg -I see it?04:24
=== calc__ is now known as calc
ScottK2StevenK: Checking04:30
ScottK2StevenK: Is the a big i or a little l?04:32
StevenKBig I04:33
StevenK-i is install, -I is information04:33
ScottK2L says not installed04:33
StevenKminus captial indigo <.deb>04:34
ScottK2Using -D2 when installing produces http://pastebin.com/d51c2243404:36
ScottK2I'll get that now04:36
ScottK2StevenK: http://pastebin.com/d27629fc604:37
StevenKdpkg (subprocess): unable to execute new pre-installation script: Exec format error04:38
StevenKWay cool04:38
ScottK2Does dpkg run the script before it installs it?04:38
ScottK2Cause it's not where I'd expect to find it.04:38
StevenKScottK2: It worries me that it doesn't list a shebang line for preinst04:39
AnAntcan anyone help me with debconf ?04:39
StevenKScottK2: It runs the preinst from a temporary location04:39
ScottK2It may be that some maintainer is an idiot and forgot to put it in04:39
ScottK2StevenK: Thanks.  I am that idiot.04:39
ScottK2With that, I think I decide I'm to tired to be useful.  Good night all.04:42
LaserJocknight ScottK04:42
bddebianGnight ScottK204:46
bddebianGrr GNUSTEP stuff is a PITA04:46
LucidFoxbddebian> PITA?05:00
bddebianLucidFox: Pain In The Ass :)05:14
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LaserJockyikes, I'm about to expire05:29
jsgotangcohey LaserJock long time no chat05:30
nixternalcome on, you are to young to expire05:30
nixternalwhoa, it is Jerome!05:30
nixternalwasabi jsgotangco05:30
jsgotangcohello true believers!05:30
LaserJockhmm, must be the old-timers club05:30
jsgotangconixternal: yeah ive been very very busy lately05:30
nixternalno doubt05:30
nixternalI hear you there with the very very busy05:30
jsgotangconixternal: 2 product releases this quarter :/05:31
nixternalLaserJock: you and jsgotangco are older than I, I am still a n00b compared to you two legends :)05:31
nixternalyou know, I do not miss product releases at all05:31
nixternalI just play like I know what I am doing, and somehow, people keep falling for it05:32
nixternalit has worked great thus far, but now the secret is out, I am sure I am doomed05:32
jsgotangcothat you use OS X to develop KDE?05:32
* jsgotangco hides05:32
LaserJockjsgotangco: no, he's a Vista fanboi05:33
Hobbseevista, actually.05:33
jsgotangcomore evil than i thought05:33
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!05:33
nixternalsee what Hobbsee started05:33
jsgotangcoi must admit though, that most of my desktop work is done in osx now but all the server is ubuntu05:34
jsgotangcoi have to catch up with these rails cultists05:34
nixternalI have OS X here too, brand new, and I absolutely hate it05:34
LaserJockOS X is the bomb05:35
nixternalmy buddy gave me a Mac Pro with all of the bells and whistles05:35
StevenKLaserJock: Only a Steve Jobs fanboi would say that.05:35
nixternalthe nicest thing about the entire rig is the 23" Cinemedia or whatever they call it05:35
jsgotangcoi just like the fact that whatever i do in OS X in rails just works when i cap deploy to ubuntu05:35
LaserJockStevenK: crap, you found me out05:35
nixternalSteve Jobs is a hell of a lot better Ballmer05:36
nixternalJobs at least makes sense when he talks05:36
StevenKOh, I found nixternal's heroes.05:59
LaserJockStevenK: lol!06:00
nixternalthat's great stuff, where can I get one of those? :p06:03
StevenKnixternal: And here I was thinking you came up with them.06:03
LaserJockStevenK: probably for one of those fancy MBA classes06:05
nixternalmy MBA classes are on hold right now until the school opens back up06:06
InsClusoeHi to everyone.. I have created debdiff for bitesize bug#181860. I am uploading it to the bug.06:20
InsClusoeAfter that, whom should I subscribe to the bug?06:21
InsClusoeanybody's got a minute to spare?06:24
=== pooli1 is now known as poolie
pooliecan anyone give me a clue about this error06:29
LaserJockInsClusoe: it's a Universe package?06:29
pooliecp: cannot stat `./debian/overrides/bzrtools': No such file or directory06:29
poolieso, obviously that file is missing06:29
pooliebut i'm not sure why it would be expected to be there06:29
InsClusoeLaserJock: how do I find that?06:31
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
LaserJockInsClusoe: apt-cache policy <packagename>06:31
InsClusoeit's from main.06:32
InsClusoeLaserJock: Apt reports that it's from feisty/main on my pc.06:33
LaserJockInsClusoe: so then you need to subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors06:37
InsClusoeLaserJock: ok.. Thank you.06:38
InsClusoeok..... Got to go now. Have a nice day.06:40
superm1TheMuso, i just wanted to remind you about pulseaudio + mplayer, making it start on pulse and fallback to alsa (didn't see a fix committed on hardy-changes or LP)06:49
TheMusosuperm1: Its in bzr.06:56
superm1TheMuso, were you going to hold off pushing it then?06:56
TheMusosuperm1: I thought there may have been more work people wanted to do. If not, I'll upload.06:56
superm1TheMuso, well i see one bug06:56
superm1that might be worthwhile to add as well06:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191488 in mplayer "[mplayer] [DSA-1496-1] several buffer overflows" [High,Confirmed]06:57
TheMusook will have a look in a bit.06:57
superm1that bug might actually even be worth adding nominations for other releases too06:57
superm1since it's got some CVE's on it06:57
TheMusoYeah, anyway, will look later.06:59
superm1okay :)06:59
warp10hi all!07:11
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dholbachgood morning07:26
AstralJavaMorning dholbach.07:31
dholbachhi AstralJava07:31
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
\shdoes anybody has problems with ff3 + adobe flash plugin and sound?07:46
* Hobbsee was viewing youtube earlier with it, without problems07:47
\shhmm...then it's the combination: usb headset + ff3 + flash07:47
\shthe headset works under gnome without a problem...but only flash sound is not played07:47
\shand that's a problem when you need it for your companies product ,-)07:48
uniscriptthis is probably a FAQ but I can't seem to get debmirror to get past NO_PUBKEY 40976EAF437D05B507:50
\shuniscript: feed --ignore-release-gpg to debmirror or add the key with apt-key07:51
uniscriptgpg is only interested in the last 32-bits07:51
uniscriptof the keyid07:51
uniscript--ignore-release-gpg is working but seems far from ideal and I've jumped through all the hoops but still no joy07:53
\shuniscript: what mirror is it, the maintainer of the mirror has a pubkey to add eventually...07:54
\shuniscript: I'm using it for my complete ubuntu mirror at home07:54
\shthen add the ftpmaster key to your root gpg keyring...just try that07:55
\shpub   1024D/437D05B5 2004-09-1207:55
\shpub   1024D/FBB75451 2004-12-3007:55
\shI have them added to /root/.gpg/07:55
uniscriptI have the former but not the latter07:56
\shgpg --recv 0xFBB75451 :)07:56
uniscriptno joy07:57
uniscriptnot running debmirror as root07:57
uniscriptso added to my keyring07:57
uniscriptI've been happily mirror gutsy and feisty and friends in the past07:58
slytherinhello team. :-)08:08
slytherinDoes a MIR bug needs to be marked confirmed?08:40
gesergood morning09:30
LaibschIs there some kind soul to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=anki09:56
Hobbseedoes it have an exception?09:58
hellboy195Laibsch: does debian has this programm + version?09:58
Laibschhellboy195: no09:59
LaibschHobbsee: you mean an exception to enter hardy?  that is not what I am looking for.09:59
hellboy195Laibsch: I'm not MOTU but then it should be anki_0.9.3-0ubuntu1.dsc  ;)09:59
HobbseeLaibsch: correct.09:59
Laibschhellboy195: upstream source is anki_0.9.3-109:59
Hobbseewhy do you want the review then?09:59
FujitsuTo get in early for intrepid.10:00
LaibschHobbsee: so it gets into ubuntu eventually, I thought that was the whole reason for revu10:00
FujitsuIt's not unheard of.10:00
FujitsuBut things do get forgotten after a while.10:00
FujitsuSo it's probably not a great idea to do it two months early.10:00
LaibschI have had a "needs-packaging" for months if not years now10:00
Laibsch"needs-packaging" bug open10:00
FujitsuI'm not sure I see the relevance.10:00
LaibschFujitsu: the relevance of anki?10:01
FujitsuThe relevance of the length of time that the bug has been open.10:01
Laibschwell, I don't see the relevance of quite a lot of packages for me personally, but I can see that it might be a great deal to others ;-)10:01
HobbseeLaibsch: ok.  but you do realise that various of the build-deps might change between now and intrepid, and that certainly debian/changelog will change?10:02
LaibschFujitsu: OK, I want to make sure this eventually gets in so I did some work10:02
hellboy195Laibsch: but it has to be 0ubuntu1. Hobbsee agree?10:02
Fujitsuhellboy195: I think it should be -1, but only because it might as well go to Debian first at this stage.10:02
Laibschhellboy195: I went with what dch -i gave me.  But thanks for your review.  This is the kind of stuff I am looking for10:03
hellboy195Laibsch: not when it's wrong xD10:03
LaibschI want to hear about what is wrong10:03
hellboy195Laibsch: I mean when I'm wrong ;)10:03
hellboy195Fujitsu: and if it doesn't go to Debian first?10:04
Fujitsuhellboy195: Then -0ubuntu1 is necessary.10:04
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LaibschWell, I don't object to it going to debian first10:05
uniscriptso why are so many packages -1ubuntu1?10:05
hellboy195uniscript: merges from debian10:05
LaibschBut I am not a debian dev10:05
uniscriptgot it, ta10:06
LaibschIf anyone is willing to make an effort to get this into debian, I am all for it10:06
LaibschI'll support as much as I can10:06
hellboy195Laibsch: well as you bring it to REVU to get it into Ubuntu there is also a site for uploading it to debian10:07
LaibschBut as I said yesterday, the package is usually in good shape and easy to maintain (look at how small the necessary changes were)10:07
Laibschhellboy195: Is there?10:07
hellboy195Laibsch: http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/welcome10:07
Laibschhellboy195: Ah, nice.  I was totally unaware of that10:08
LaibschThat will be a better route, then, I guess10:08
hellboy195Laibsch: if it will be in debian the next months it will also be in ubuntu :O10:08
LaibschAha, I thought that debian still did not carry the whole list of packages from debian10:09
Laibschhellboy195: The site makes it appear that it is targetted for the original author of the software10:09
Laibschwhich I am not10:10
FujitsuWe carry everything that's in Debian main, except for packages that are explicitly blacklisted.10:10
LaibschI am just a packager trying to get it into debian10:10
Laibschand ubuntu10:10
hellboy195Laibsch: AFAIK everybody can package and upload it. It's like REVU10:10
FujitsuLaibsch: What gives you that idea?10:10
LaibschWill do10:10
LaibschFujitsu: "Still a large number of packages is       maintained by non-official developers. How do they get their work into       Debian ..." and the whole first paragraph10:11
Laibsch"I want to have my package uploaded to Debian"10:11
LaibschIt is not my package10:11
FujitsuPackage != piece of software10:11
Laibschor at least not my software10:11
FujitsuYou've made the package10:11
Laibschyeah, but the wording does not sound like revu initially10:12
LaibschI hesitated10:12
hellboy195Laibsch: do you believe every programmer packages their software at there own? NO. If you hestiate contact upstream10:13
LaibschI am in contact of upstream10:16
LaibschOf course I know that not every programmer packages their stuff10:16
hellboy195Laibsch: just ask him if you are allowed ;=)10:17
LaibschBut that does not automatically mean that mentors.debian.net is open to contributions from just any old fart who comes around10:17
hellboy195Laibsch: if upstream allows you, yes10:17
LaibschI mean the reasoning could be that "if you have written the stuff yourself the chances are higher you will stick around and not abandon the package after initial upload"10:18
Laibschso such a policy could make sense10:18
Laibschand the wording was at least ambivalent10:18
FujitsuThat's more of a problem in Ubuntu, unfortunately.10:18
Laibsch'tis all i am saying10:18
Laibschhellboy195: the software is of course FOSS, otherwise, it would not get into debian or ubuntu anyway10:19
LaibschSo I can do as I please with the software and upload it to any distribution I like10:19
hellboy195Laibsch: yeah but it sounds better when upstream *allowed* it. Hmm I don't know anybody who refused it ^^10:20
LaibschThe darn mentos.debian.net won't accept my GPG key10:21
FujitsuMmm... Mentos...10:21
Laibschthe fresh-maker?10:21
FujitsuLaibsch: What's the error?10:21
LaibschError: Please check that the PGP public key you uploaded is in             the correct format. You need to run "gpg --export --armor             your-email-address > public-key-file" to create a proper             file.10:22
Laibschwhich is of course what I did10:22
Laibsch#mentors.debian.net does not seem to exist10:22
azeemit's #debian-mentors on oftc10:23
LaibschLet's see10:23
azeemLaibsch: it's more general than just mentors.debian.net discussions, it's like #ubuntu-motu for Debian really10:24
persiabddebian: Thanks for the heads up.  Any further refinement of the newpki-client patch?10:27
azeempersia: bddebian isn't up yet10:31
slicerTheMuso: (re: 9 hours ago:) Mumble10:32
TheMusoslicer: Ah ok.10:32
persiaazeem: Yes, but as I do, he tends to notice things said hours previously.10:32
azeempersia: he's not online when he's sleeping10:33
azeem11:32 [OPN] -!- There is no such nick bddebian10:33
azeempersia: otherwise, I wouldn't notify you, of course10:33
azeemor are you saying he's reading channel logs?10:34
persiaSo, I use irclogs.ubuntu.com to follow discussion for 14-16 hours of each day, rather than actually checking backscroll for these channels.10:34
azeemhe never does that for the other channels we're on together, so I assume he wasn't here either10:34
persiaMaybe he doesn't :)10:34
azeemwell you'll find out when he magically knows about our conversation10:35
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LaneyWhere are the files which are removed by --purge defined?11:16
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
persiaLaney: /var/lib/dpkg/11:17
Laneypersia: I mean for a particular package. I'm working on a bug where I want to prevent a particular which was created by a package being deleted with --purge if the user wishes.11:19
persiaLaney: Right.  /var/lib/dpkg contains several directories.  ./info is likely the one you will find most interesting, containing per-package information about the maintainer scripts, included files, configuration files, etc.11:21
Laneynuthark: bug #16242611:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162426 in mrtg "Purging MRTG removes data from /var/www/mrtg" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16242611:21
persiaThe solution to bugs of this class are often to not ship the affected file or directory in the package, and create it if it does not previously exist in the postinst (which means removing it in the postrm if it is empty: only preserve things that actually have user-generated data).11:22
LaneyAre you trolling?11:22
persianuthark: Are you trolling for results, or just for fun?11:22
nutharkpoor persia11:22
persia(in other words, would you actually like a lecture on the rationale for preserving user-generated data and removing auto-generated files)11:23
nutharkpoor persia11:23
Laneypersia: The package puts some images in that directory though. Would that make a difference?11:25
nutharkpoor Laney11:26
hellboy195nuthark: kickban :)11:26
persiaLaney: Yes.  If the package populates the directory, it needs to ship the directory in the package.  In that case, you need to inspect the purge behaviour carefully to see at what point the user-generated data is being removed.11:26
nutharkpoor persia11:26
persiaIt may be that the postrm is too agressive, or that there is something else involved.  I recommend reviewing http://women.debian.org/wiki/English/MaintainerScripts for an overview before digging in too deeply, as other sources of documentation tend to be somewhat sparse in the description of how a purge actually works.11:27
Laneypersia: That's a good page!11:32
persiaLaney: Indeed it is.  It's the only explanation of maintainer scripts that ever really made sense to me.  The others all seem either too vague or too focused on details of policy rather than providing an overview.11:33
Laneypersia: I managed to identify in the postrm where the directory was being forcibly removed, but the reviewer asked for a debconf prompt to be used. Can you take a look at this script and tell me if it looks OK to you? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/56831/11:35
LaneySo remove the directory if the user wants, otherwise let dpkg work as it usually would.11:36
persiaLaney: Sorry, but I really don't know anything about debconf use.  I couldn't tell you if that worked without testing, and don7t have time now for proper review.11:44
LaneyAh OK never mind.11:44
LaneySomeone raised doubts anyway. It seems to work for me so I might just attach it to the bug and let others decide which way is best ;)11:44
mok0heh, the new version of gcc issues compiler warnings for xpm files11:45
mok0warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’11:45
persiaUm.  Should .xpm files be compiled?11:45
mok0persia: they are sometimes included11:45
mok0persia: an xpm is  C code11:46
persiaAh.  I suppose.11:46
* mok0 thinks we need an xpm corrector for the millions of xpm files out there...11:46
sorenmok0: What's the problem with them exactly?11:48
mok0soren: it's because they are defined as char * instead of const char *11:48
mok0soren: the new gcc version is stricter on embedded strings11:49
* persia wonders if those parsers that don't compile the .xpm files would break if the .xpm files were mass-updated.11:50
mok0persia: probably :-)11:51
persiaIf anyone wants a fairly code-easy research task: bug #136852 may be interesting.  Lots of scope for possible alternate solutions and general usability improvement.11:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136852 in module-assistant "lists madwifi but cannot build the module" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13685211:52
mok0for example, one xpm starts: static char * file_new_xpm[] = { ...11:52
mok0it should be static const char * file_new_xpm[] = { .. to avoid the warning. It is not likely that it would give problems, because you can cast a const char * to a char * without problems. But, there's always ol'e Murphy...11:53
* tsmithe finds it funny that, after the discussion has calmed down on debian-mentors and debian-multimedia, actually pointing this out and requesting sponsorship causes everyone to become silent11:54
persiatsmithe: context?11:54
tsmithewrt to fluid11:54
* persia grumbles at nautilus for preferring to use the name of a file rather than the magic number to determine the file type.11:57
mok0persia: it should use the mime type11:58
tsmithepersia, i'm always intrigued as to how nautilus (and other apps) actually determine file type in the first place, without using file extensions. how does it work? (can you point me to a doc?)11:59
mok0tsmithe: mime types now peek inside the file11:59
tsmitheahh, and, say, look at the first few bytes to see what it is?12:00
mok0tsmithe: they used to be based on extensions but that changed12:00
tsmithe(like gzip has a recognisable header)12:00
tsmitheyes, extensions are ugly12:00
mok0tsmithe: exactly12:00
theseinfeldTheMuso LucidFree are you up for some revu of http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdc1394-22 ?12:00
tsmithecool, thanks12:00
persiatsmithe: Depends on the application.  There are at least four systems in place: magic numbers, Debian MIME definitions, KDE MIME definitions, and GNOME MIME definitions.  Freedesktop.org has gone a long way towards integrating the latter two, and there are efforts in Debian to get along with that, but it's not quite there yet.12:00
tsmithehmm. so what's a "magic number"?12:01
persiamok0: Not always: it depends on how the MIME-type is defined in the MIME database for the desktop environment.  Some use magic, some use extensions, some use a mix.  Take a look at your .desktop files to see the wide variance of definitions.12:01
persiatsmithe: man magic12:01
mok0tsmithe: that's what "file" uses12:02
mok0tsmithe: old unix stuff12:02
persia(and other tools, with various degrees of compatibility to file)12:02
tsmithe(file is very impressive to me)12:02
mok0tsmithe: cool indeed12:02
tsmitheand, well, it all seems quite simple, really12:03
theseinfeldsuperm1 are you there?12:04
mok0for mime discussion, look here http://wiki.debian.org/MimeTypesSupport12:05
persiatsmithe: Please poke me when fluid hits the archives: it may benefit from a merge between the most recent Ubuntu upload and whatever is on mentors or Debian at that point.  Also, I forgot to set lzma compression.12:07
mok0I am working on pgadmin3, that has around 5Mb i18n files. Lintian complains about it. What is standard procedure in such a case? There is another "all" package pgadmin-data, which is required, so I could put the i18n stuff in there w/o probs.12:08
tsmithepersia, of course. and, do we want to fix the mime type for sf2 files somehow? according to d-multimedia, they appear as video/x-msvideo12:08
persiaErm.  That would be great.  man dh_installmime for some hints for the debian MIME helper, create a .desktop file to define the MIME type for fdo compliant DEs, and we should be mostly good.  Extra points for defining the right magic, but that's a little harder.12:10
tsmitheright. but is defining the mime type of the soundfont really down to the soundfont package? something else seems to have determined it previously; what if we have more than one soundfont installed?12:11
persiaGenerally, MIME types are defined by either a common provider or a common consumer.    As we only have one provider, it seems a good place to start for now.  As the scope of free soundfonts grows, maybe somewhere else will seem more appropriate (e.g. timidity or gstreamer-midi, or whatever).12:13
tsmithemakes sense, and it is important to have it done correctly.12:14
slytherinpersia: Have you seen the the mail regarding 'glassfishv2ur1' sent to motu list?12:38
persiaslytherin: Yes.  Personally, I'd like to see a "glassfish" package and documentation of the upgrade process in the release notes, but I'm not sure how much cultural shift can be accomplished before it is too late for hardy.12:39
persiaslytherin: If you have time, would you mind inspecting the package on REVU, and helping Nitya get it them little more compliant with policy?  I think they're still multiverse, but they need help.12:41
slytherinpersia: What I am not able to understand is whether it is really different form the existing glassfish packages or just an upgrade.12:41
persiaThat's why I would prefer a "glassfish" package.  It's a new major upstream version, which may be able to be installed in parallel if collected from the upstream site (although I don't know if it is completely clean within Ubuntu).12:42
slytherinlet me have a look12:44
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slytherinI will also ask question in the bug.12:44
persiaThere are also parallel version upgrades to other parts of the application cluster (e.g. sunwderby) which makes it annoyingly invasive.  On the other hand, it's a far-edge multiverse app, and so the potential for regression or breakage is low: I am taking the assumption that if Nitya (and others) can get it clean and compatible in the next couple weeks, it has at least a 50% chance of getting FFe approval.12:45
persiaslytherin: Thanks :)12:45
slytherinIf there aren't many rdepends then I would prefer an upgrade instead of a parallel install12:46
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hellboy195Debian has a "SHELL = /bin/bash" in their rules file. should I delete it?12:50
DktrKranzgpocentek, your fix in bug 41491 is not sufficient since a packages won't install. Mind looking at it when you have time?12:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 41491 in wzdftpd "Dapper: Broken dependencies for some wzdftpd modules" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4149112:52
* bigon is wondering if empathy (telepathy based IM application) could be considered as a gnome app and thus get the general FF gnome exception12:54
persiahellboy195: Only if it builds cleanly with dash (with that in place, it likely doesn't)12:54
persiabigon: Possibly, but it never hurts to file a bug.12:54
hellboy195persia: k, thx :)12:54
hellboy195persia: whats the difference between sed -e "s/=PY/$(python_ver)/g;  and  sed -e "s/=PY/$(PYVER)/g; ?12:57
gpocentekDktrKranz: it works for me12:57
gpocentekjust tested from the -proposed repo12:58
persiahellboy195: s/python_ver/PYVER/1 ?12:58
persiaLess flippantly, it uses a different variable (and no, I have no idea where those variables are defined)12:58
DktrKranzgpocentek, I'll have a better look, then. Probably my VM is not clean.12:59
hellboy195persia: hmm I'll keep the debian ones for now12:59
gpocentekDktrKranz: what was the error, wrong deps again?12:59
DktrKranzgpocentek, so it seems, but I'll try with a fresh Dapper, probably it's something wrong by my side13:00
DktrKranzIt's a weird error.13:00
slytherinpersia: Initial observations. We are carrying glassfish-bin from feisty (1.0.1). Current source in Ubuntu is some pre release of 2.1 but there is no glassfish-bin package and glassfish metapackage is commented in debian/control. Let me check what is state in Debian so that I can add comments accordingly.13:01
persiaslytherin: Best to coordinate with Nitya, rather than me: I haven't even looked into the packages deeply, beyond getting a little disturbed at the possibility of having four different copies of Derby in the archives.13:02
hellboy195persia: the merge of wxwidgets is not yet too difficult. I'm happy debian applied already a lot :)13:11
norsettopeace everybody13:20
zuldholbach: ping #18169013:23
slomois Emmet Hikory sometimes here? what's his nickname? :)13:25
norsettoslomo: persia, be kind to him ....13:26
slomohi persia :) i'm looking at your wildmidi package now... but why did you choose that and not timidity? (afaik both are "sleeping" upstream but working well)13:26
slomopersia: if you're there i'd also like to tell you some things i would like to see changed13:28
persiaslomo: Because timidity launches a daemon and doesn't have an easily extracted library.13:30
persiaAlso, yes, the package needs some work.  There's a couple improvements already in the Ubuntu version, and more would be welcome.  The mentors version was mostly to spike interest in case someone watching the Debian bug wanted to get libgstwildmidi.so working before I could.13:31
slomopersia: oh, i'll merge in the ubnutu changes then... would you like me as Uploaders? in that case i'll get the package ready for upload, fix gstreamer and get it uploaded ;)13:32
slytherinpersia: Can you check the dialog I have added to the bug and see if it makes sense?13:33
slomopersia: hm, the ubuntu version has no changes?13:33
persiaslomo: That would be great.  I'm not especially attached to the package, although I am willing to track upstream (if it revives).  I more wanted to gfix the gstreamer-midi bug.  Depending on the volume of your changes, and the degree of your interest, feel free to be Maintainer (with me as Uploader).13:33
persiaNo changes?  I thought sistpoty made a couple.  Perhaps the mentors version was after that.  My apologies for the confusion.13:34
slomopersia: i'd prefer you as maintainer and me as uploader if that's no problem for you :) and i'll upload the version i upload to debian to ubuntu too, as -1~hardy1 or something, ok?13:34
persiaslomo: Given that upstream hasn't been active in years, it's no problem for me to be maintainer, and I'll try to respond to bugs.  Regarding the Ubuntu version, it's MOTU maintained, so your improved upload would be appreciated.  I'd suggest -0ubuntu2 rather than -1~hardy1 just in case there is some other issue that makes a sync hard, and someone wants to backport.13:36
persiaThanks a lot for chasing this.  I think the issue is that libwildmidi requires there to be some configuration definition to initialise, which might require creating a timidity.cfg (or alternative) for embedded use, and possibly using fluid-soundfont, but I've not gotten far enough to be sure.13:38
slomopersia: ok, i'll try to get it working :)13:38
persiaThanks.  I'll be taking another look at MIDI this weekend (assuming the soundfont gets through NEW), and would be happy to test or track things down if you've run into something and would like a hand.13:39
emgentheya people13:40
LucidFoxhello emgent13:45
LucidFox(a bit late, though :))13:45
slomopersia: got it working (i guess), still have to find a midi file to try it on ;)13:47
mok0Does someone here know about locale catalogs?13:47
slomopersia: want to give me an url to one?13:47
slytherinanyone handling sugar packages here?13:47
persiaslomo: http://www.buzzwood.com/midtest.htm is supposedly a good way to torture test.  You may find ftp://ftp.personalcopy.net/pub/miditest.zip a valid compressed archive of them, but I've not inspected that personally.13:49
persiaslytherin: re: bug comment, looks reasonable.13:51
slomopersia: and found a big in wildmidi and the gst plugin *fixing* :)13:52
slytherinpersia: ok13:52
persiaslomo: Excellent :)  Thanks again for running with it.  Is there somewhere on alioth it might make sense to put the wildmidi source?13:53
slomopersia: not for a single package i guess13:54
slomopersia: oh, collab-maint maybe13:54
persiaslomo: Hmm.  I'll look into that, but I think "maybe" has considerable weight for collab-maint.  In-archive works as well.13:57
slomopersia: do you prefer dpatch, quilt or simple-patch-system?13:57
tsmithepersia, regarding fluid and timidity, i had the idea of patching timidity to look in /etc/timidity/cfg.d for configs, and having fluid install a "fluid.cfg" file describing the correct configuration there13:58
dholbachzul: what about it?14:00
zuldholbach: I included it with the upload Im about to do14:00
persiaslomo: Whichever is your favorite, as you are making the first patch.  I mostly chase QA stuff, and so have used them all often.  Given the inactivity upstream, I'd prefer not using inline patches (not planning to merge from VCS).14:00
dholbachzul: OK, anything I need to do?14:01
zulno you were mentioned in the bug report so I thought I would give you a heads up14:01
slomopersia: seems to have problems reading the timidity.cfg and freepats.cfg (maybe only supports an older format?) i'm trying to get it working now14:02
persiatsmithe: Given how badly freepats works for the default install, I'm thinking of just swapping the dependency for now, rather than something so complicated for hardy.  using a cfg.d for hardy+1 would be a great feature.14:02
norsettoheya dholbach, thx for the invitation :-)14:02
persiaslomo: That sounds familiar.14:03
tsmithepersia, but swapping the dependency would incur an extra 60MiB of required downloading14:03
slomopersia: yay, i have sound ;)14:03
persiatsmithe: For an optional universe package (not on the CD).14:03
slomopersia: you're right, freepats sounds very bad :)14:03
persiaslomo: Excellent!  Thanks again.14:03
persiaslomo: fluid-soundfont is also on mentors (thanks tsmithe) if you want better sound :)14:04
slomopersia: license ok? do you have a sponsor already?14:04
tsmithe(or to upload it ;) )14:04
tsmithei'm also interested in the work involving wildmidi. do i fathom that slomo is uploading to debian?14:04
slomotsmithe: that's the plan14:05
tsmitheexcellent. then does that mean that gst-midi should be enabled? i'm not currently up to speed with its current status14:05
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
slomotsmithe: yes14:07
persiaslomo: It's MIT license, and it's tsmithe's package.  I've seen correspondance with upstream, and am fairly confident it's about as close to a free soundfont as we're likely to get before someone writes a script to generate one from free algorithmic synthesizers.14:07
* persia goes to sleep14:08
slomopersia: uploading14:08
tsmitheslomo, all sounding good.14:09
tsmithewould you be willing to sponsor fluid-soundfont, too?14:09
slomotsmithe: url? :)14:11
tsmitheslomo, hang on14:13
tsmitheslomo, http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/fluid-soundfont/fluid-soundfont_3-1.dsc14:13
slomotsmithe: ok14:14
tsmitheslomo, excellent!14:15
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slomotsmithe: 127 MB?!14:46
tsmitheslomo, er, yeah. it's hefty, that's for sure14:50
tsmithebut it's as complete as they get14:50
tsmithe(and it sounds nice, too)14:50
RainCTpersia: will you have a moment to test if a package builds on amd64 later today?14:52
geserRainCT: [15:08:16]             -*- persia goes to sleep14:52
slomotsmithe: that's too large for my taste, sorry :/14:53
slomotsmithe: i doubt it will be accepted14:53
geserRainCT: will an amd64 pbuilder suffice?14:54
tsmitheslomo, why do you doubt that?14:54
RainCTgeser: I think yes :)14:54
geserRainCT: have you a link to the .dsc?14:55
slomotsmithe: because it's large, the largest debian package ever (afaik) and it won't make mirrors happy ;)14:55
slomotsmithe: if you find a larger debian package i'll sponsor and review it ;)14:55
RainCTgeser: I said later, it's not ready yet ;)14:56
_MMA_slomo: Arent some of the games that large? Tremulous, Warsow, Open Arena or the like?14:56
geserRainCT: ah, I parsed the later in the context of persia sleeping now14:56
geser_MMA_: you forgot urbanterror-data14:57
_MMA_"or the like"14:57
tsmithe_MMA_, slomo, and openoffice.org14:57
tsmithewhich ways in at 279MB14:57
slomotsmithe: good point14:58
slomopersia: ok, wildmidi finally uploaded14:58
slomopersia: many many patches ;)14:58
=== manchicken_ is now known as manchicken
mok0ScottK: pgadmin3 almost ready15:06
slomotsmithe: looks good15:10
tsmitheslomo, :)15:10
slomotsmithe: shouldn't there be a timidity config file or something?15:10
tsmitheslomo, as i said to persia, i'm going to (for a later revision) look at updating timidity to search a cfg.d directory for configs15:11
tsmitheonce i've done that, i'll include a config15:11
tsmitheatm, i'm keeping the first release simple15:11
slomotsmithe: a sample config in /usr/share/doc would be nice though15:11
slomotsmithe: so users like me can actually use it ;)15:11
slomotsmithe: would be nice if you could add it before i upload15:11
tsmitheslomo, okey15:11
slomotsmithe: ping me when you're done and uploaded the new version :)15:12
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
tsmitheslomo, will do15:13
bddebianHeya gang15:16
bddebianWell hello to you too \sh :-)15:17
geserbddebian: Hi15:17
bddebianHeya geser15:17
norsettoheya bddebian15:19
bddebianHi norsetto15:20
emgentheya people15:20
bddebianHi emgent15:21
hellboy195\sh: don't worry. next wine release is soon ;)15:21
=== emgent is now known as emgent`work
\shhellboy195: well, it doesn't help...when the problem is raised by the compiler15:30
hellboy195\sh: I just wanted to cheer you up ^15:31
=== neversfelde is now known as neversfelde_
tsmitheslomo, new version uploaded. sorry it took so long.16:07
slomotsmithe: no wonder, 128 mb take some time ;)16:08
slomotsmithe: can you give me the url again please? :)16:08
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
tsmitheslomo, well, that wasn't the delay (just me being slow). i did a orig-source-free upload, tbh. the url is http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/fluid-soundfont/fluid-soundfont_3-1.dschttp://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/fluid-soundfont/fluid-soundfont_3-1.dsc16:08
slomook :)16:09
tsmithe(i ended up having to split up the config file i had to fit with the two binary packages)16:10
\shsiretart: pingeling you old sysadmin ;) do you know any open/free alternative to netzoom datacenter designer?16:11
sistpoty|workhi folks16:12
tsmithehiya sistpoty|work16:13
sistpoty|workhi tsmithe16:13
geserHi sistpoty|work16:14
sistpoty|workhi geser16:14
slomotsmithe: ok, building now... then testing and if it works for me i'll upload ;)16:14
LucidFoxGah! http://paste.ubuntu.com/4841/16:14
slomotsmithe: i hope we never ever get a new upstream version :P16:14
RainC1uhm.. is there some way I could have disabled all my tty's? :P16:15
LucidFoxChristian Marillat is a responsive maintainer, but his English... eck.16:15
tsmitheslomo, well, frank alluded to some "enhancements", but i don't think we will. it's stable.16:15
=== RainC1 is now known as RainCT
slomoLucidFox: he's french, that explains it i guess :)    seems he changed his attitude to ubuntu to be much more positive than a year or two ago :)16:16
slomotsmithe: no need to call dh_shlibdeps btw16:16
LucidFoxslomo> he used to hate Ubuntu?16:16
tsmitheslomo, no you're right. i really don't know why that's there...16:16
slomotsmithe: i'll remove it ;)16:16
\shRainCT: /etc/default/console-setup ?16:16
tsmithedoes it warrant a new upload? (it's not harming anyone)16:16
tsmitheahh thanks :D16:16
LucidFoxI didn't get such an impression, he readily merges changes from Ubuntu at my request16:16
\shRainCT: the entry # Setup these consoles.  Most people do not need to change this.16:17
slomoLucidFox: well, at least he was a bit unfriendly when i sent a mail to him long ago :) well, nevermind, makes me happy that everything is better now16:17
RainCT\sh: it's enabled there.. strange16:17
RainCT\sh: well, thx anyway16:18
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
HighNohi guys. i'd like to change a package that already made it into hardy. it is a dependency thing that stopps it from being installed on feisty and gutsy. just upload it to revu?16:20
LucidFoxHighNo> no, file a bug in Launchpad and upload a debdiff16:20
eddyMulI'm having trouble with "pbuilder-dist hardy": http://paste.ubuntu.com/4842/16:20
sistpoty|workHighNo: you want to change a hardy package to be installable in gutsy/feisty?16:21
HighNothx lucidfox16:21
slomotsmithe: maybe bzip2 compression makes sense here for the .deb, not sure16:21
HighNosistpoty yes16:22
tsmitheslomo, well, we were wondering about lzma, but we weren't sure whether debian supported it16:22
norsettoeddyMul: seems like you have a problem with your chroot sources.list16:22
sistpoty|workHighNo: urgh... don't do this please... the right thing would be a backport then16:22
slomotsmithe: afaik yes, let me check16:22
sistpoty|workHighNo: jdong should be able to help you further, I guess16:23
tsmitheslomo, excellent. if so, can you teach me how to use it?16:23
slomotsmithe: yes, since jan 200816:23
slomotsmithe: erm... no :)16:23
tsmitheright; i thought i heard some sort of announcement back then16:23
slomotsmithe: i have no idea how to use it16:23
tsmitheoh ok haha16:23
sistpoty|workslomo, tsmithe: iirc it's a dh_bulddep option (getting passed down to dpkg, so you might want to look in the man page there)16:24
slomoyes, i'm looking atm16:24
HighNosistpoty it only takes one change in the control file...16:24
tsmithesistpoty|work, ah; thanks :)16:24
eddyMulnorsetto: hm... I'll try leaving out the --othermirror then...16:24
slomodh_builddep -u "-Z lzma" or soemthing16:24
slomoHighNo: which?16:25
tsmitheslomo, yeah, that looks right16:25
sistpoty|workHighNo: still, I don't recommend installing (binary) packages of hardy into an older distribution, but rather have these *build* on the older distribution, which is easily done by a backport16:25
eddyMulbtw, is it normal for pbuilder-dist (under gutsy) to warn me "Warning: Unknown distribution «hardy»."?16:25
HighNoslomo Python-Support >= 0.5.4 instead of 0.7.116:26
slomotsmithe: let me try it, if it does something good i'll upload it as such16:26
gesereddyMul: yes, as only debootstrap from gutsy-backports knows about hardy16:27
tsmitheslomo, yeah, i'm just testing it. let's see who wins :p16:27
norsettoeddyMul: instead of removing--other-mirror try adding --override-config16:27
HighNosistpoty it is all python16:28
slomotsmithe: *compressing*16:28
tsmitheyeah, it looks good :)16:28
slomoi wonder how much space is saved by this16:28
slomoif it's less than 1 MB it probably doesn't matter16:28
slomohm, needs very long16:29
slomotsmithe: btw, we have to Depend on a newer dpkg for this16:29
tsmitheyeah, lzma is a slow compressor...16:29
sistpoty|workHighNo: is the python-support dep versioned as a build-dependency or as a dependency?16:29
slomoand Build-Depend16:29
eddyMulnorsetto: I'll try to add --override-config, then. Thanks.16:29
tsmitheslomo, oh really?16:29
emgent`workpackages.ubuntu.com is down?16:29
slomotsmithe: 1.14.016:30
tsmitheslomo, cheers :)16:30
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week is going on, join #ubuntu-classroom16:30
slomotsmithe: i'll change all that then and upload if it makes sense16:31
slomotsmithe: if it ever finishes compressing16:31
tsmithefun for the buildd :p16:32
HighNosistpoty i think it is in normal depends though i am not sure if it even needs it16:32
slomotsmithe: debian needs binary (and source) uploads ;)16:32
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
tsmitheoh really? aren't binary uploads a bit of a security risk?, as someone could send the correct source, but change the binary.16:33
slomotsmithe: 114 mb vs 129 mb for the large deb16:34
tsmithethat's a reasonable difference16:34
tsmithebut is the time worth it, you think?16:34
slomotsmithe: debian developers are trusted ;) but sure, you're right16:34
tsmithehehe, mine only just finished16:34
slomotsmithe: ok, final build and upload now... *phew*16:35
bddebianslomo: !!!16:35
slomohi bddebian :)16:35
LucidFoxIs there a more user-friendly alternative to dpkg --compare-versions?16:36
bddebianslomo: Hey, any chance you would have time to look at an updated muine package I made?  I get some weird shit with dh_makeclilibs and I'm not overly familiar with the mono stuff :-(16:36
sistpoty|workhi bddebian16:36
bddebianLucidFox: Unfortunately not that I've found :-(16:36
slomobddebian: output to pastebin please :)16:36
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work16:36
norsettobddebian: ask LucidFox, he is the Mono expert16:37
LucidFoxbddebian> maybe I could write one and get it included into devscripts16:37
tsmithe`ok that was weird16:37
=== tsmithe` is now known as tsmithe
LucidFoxnorsetto> I'm not really a Mono expert :)16:37
norsettoLucidFox: ops, sorry, a Multi expert ;-)16:37
bddebianslomo: http://paste.debian.net/4962316:38
slomotsmithe: nice, wildmidi does not support this .sf2 files16:40
slomotsmithe: if you want to add support for it... :)16:41
tsmitheslomo, wildmidi doesn't support sf2 last i checked; it uses timidity if sf2s are required16:41
slomobddebian: you need .exe.config or .dll.config for the dlls and/or exe files16:41
slomobddebian: see debian cli policy16:41
bddebianGah, that sounds too much like work16:42
slomotsmithe: if you have some time it'd be nice to have support for this added to wildmidi ;)16:43
tsmitheslomo, it would make an interesting project. i'll take a look.16:44
slomotsmithe: most other annoying bugs are fixed by the current ubuntu package it seems16:44
pochusistpoty|work, ScottK: will you consider adding enabling a plugin in gst-plugins-bad a new feature? It fixes bug 11155516:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111555 in timidity "package gstreamer sw midi playback plugin" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11155516:45
pochu(as in, do I need to request an exception from motu-release?)16:45
slomopochu: you have to do some work to get it working out of the box though, you need pats and a valid config file at a position where the plugin looks by default16:46
tsmitheslomo, right. where can i get your debian sources, with all the respective patches? (or are they all counted under the ubuntu package?)16:46
slomotsmithe: 0.2.2-1~hardy1 has all the patches16:46
tsmithethat's a non-standard version... dsc?16:47
pochuslomo: pats isn't a problem. the config... will you create it? (or will you guide me?)16:47
tsmitheslomo, pochu, and with fluid, pats is even less of a problem! :p16:47
pochuslomo: I already have -bad ready for upload... perhaps I should upload it now and get the midi bits later?16:47
slomopochu: for now, recommend freepats and chaneg the wildmidi plugin to look at /usr/share/gstreamer-0.10/wildmidi.cfg or something as fallback16:47
sistpoty|workpochu: do I read it right, that you'd only need to tweak a few bits in the source package?16:48
pochusistpoty|work: yeah16:48
slomosistpoty|work: yes16:48
pochusistpoty|work: and it won't break other plugins :)16:48
sistpoty|workpochu: while it's a feature, it's not one you need an exception for (if stuff breaks, we can easily disable it again)16:49
pochusistpoty|work: alright, thanks16:49
slomopochu: well, look at gstwildmidi.c... first of all add  and then in 181 do a check for path == NULL and use the path i gave you above then...this config file should be shipped by the package then and should simply be a copy of the freepats.cfg for now16:50
slomopochu: and at line 60 add: #ifndef TIMIDITY_CFG\n#define TIMIDITY_CFG "/etc/timidity/timidity.cfg"\n#endif       (3 lines)16:51
slomopochu: if you hve the patch please show it to me for review (and don't forget to recommend freepats and ship the config file :) )16:51
pochuslomo: ok, doing it right now :)16:51
slomopochu: and don't do path = "blablabla" but instead path = g_strdup ("blablabla") :)16:52
tristilI'm confused about dch/debuild settings and version numbering in general. Can someone walk me through them? I have a new package, alexandria-0.6.3, which has never been a Debian package before. Should I start by building alexandria_0.6.3_all.deb?16:52
tristilFor upload?16:53
slomopochu: essentially do the same as line 165 to 172 do ;)16:53
slomotsmithe: uploading btw... hope it finishes someday ;)16:54
tsmitheslomo, haha, thanks16:54
sistpoty|worktristil: for debian packages start with <upstream_version>-1, and succeeding uploads of the same upstream version would be <upstream_version>-2 etc.16:54
sistpoty|worktristil: in ubuntu, we use <upstream_version>-0ubuntu1 (-0ubuntu2) etc16:55
sistpoty|worktristil: so that the version is lower than the first debian version (and we can eventually sync a debian version later)16:55
tristilsistpoty|work, Okay, so should my first upload be alexandria0.6.3-0~ppa1?16:55
tristilThe one with the orig.tar.gz in it?16:55
sistpoty|worktristil: oh, you're asking for a ppa? sorry, don't know the conventions for that, but that would make sense to me, as it would be lower than the first ubuntu version16:56
slomotsmithe: too bad debian wants binary uplaods :) now i have to upload ~260 mb16:56
pochuslomo: line 181... the one after the if "if (path == NULL) { path = g_build_path (G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S, "/etc", "timidity.cfg", NULL); " ?17:03
slomopochu: the one before "if (path == NULL) { /* I've created a symlink to get it playing"17:04
slomoand simply do the same logic as done in all the other ifs ;)17:04
tristilsistpoty|work, so this is what I'm confused about. If I use ubuntu as the epoch, or even ubuntu~ppa, and run debuild -S -sd, it complains that I'm not an Ubuntu maintainer, but if I use ~ppa it says "dpkg-genchanges: warning: ignoring -sd option for native Debian package"17:04
tristilAnd includes the binary.17:05
eddyMulnorsetto: pbuilder-dist still complained about "Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (URI)" even after adding --override-config.17:05
eddyMulwhen I give --debug to `pbuilder-dist --create`, where can I find the "chroot"?17:06
sistpoty|worktristil: the latter sounds like you're building a native package...?17:06
norsettoeddyMul: try to login and check what is in there17:06
slomopochu: would be great to have out of the box midi playback in hardy :)17:06
tristilsistpoty|work: First I release  alexandria_0.6.3~ppa1_all.deb for Hardy, then I try to bump it and release alexandria_0.6.3~ppa2_all.deb for gutsy, so I don't want the binary anymore, right?17:07
eddyMulnorsetto: there is no base.tgz, though. Will `sudo pbuilder-dist hardy create --login` work? (my box is slow, and pbuilder takes some time. I want to make sure I issue the right command before waiting for ~25 minutes...)17:08
sistpoty|worktristil: erm, as I wrote... I'm not too sure about the ppa versioning conventions17:09
slomopochu: the wildmidi plugin is not perfect yet though, works good for fundamental playback but that's it... i'll probably spend some time on it in the next days17:10
tsmithe"<slomo> pochu: would be great to have out of the box midi playback in hardy :)" exactly :D17:11
pochuslomo: should I use g_build_path too?17:12
mok0_ScottK: pgadmin3 patch in LP (bug 194058)17:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194058 in pgadmin3 "[hardy] please upgrade pgadmin3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19405817:12
pochuslomo: hmm, lines 156 and 174... looks like the same check :)17:12
slomopochu: no, we're linux only ;)17:12
slomopochu: yes, one of them should go away (or simply change the second of those two to your check :) )17:13
norsettoeddyMul: ah, but in that case there should'n be any sources.list. Just create it with pbuilder (sudo puilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd)17:13
pochuI think I'll do the latter ;)17:13
mok0_pochu: just saw you already uploaded pgadmin317:13
slomopochu: that's what i would do too ;)17:14
slomopochu: if there are some upstream changes by me or someone else in the plugin i'll give you diffs (or upload to debian)17:15
pochumok0_: hmm, really? what's that? :-)17:15
mok0_pochu: my mistake, your'e not Lionel Porcheron17:15
pochuslomo: great, or let me know if you are busy and I'll try to backport them17:15
slomopochu: :)17:16
pochumok0_: heh, I'm not. "lionel" in this channel is the one you're looking for ;)17:16
mok0_pochu: thx :-)17:16
lionelmok0_: yes ?17:16
mok0_lionel: I just noticed you already uploaded pgadmin317:17
mok0_lionel: I spent most of the day revising the package :-(17:17
lionelmok0_: yes... arf. I uploaded it some week ago17:17
mok0_hm. ScottK asked me to upgrade it yesterday17:18
slomotsmithe: still uploading the tarball.... :)17:19
mok0_lionel: I didnt think to check17:19
lionelmok0_: cheching is always a good thing. Things tend to gost fast here :). Sorry for your most of the day :(17:19
mok0_lionel: I did make some useful changes IMO. I moved -data package to -doc (which it is) and I split off the i18n stuff in a separate "all" package17:20
lionelmok0_: I wanted to keep delta with debian as small as possible17:21
mok0_lionel: the debian package is bad, though17:21
lionelmok0_: :)17:21
norsettomok0: ok, I will mark it as invalid it then (unless you did it yourself that is)17:22
mok0_norsetto: not yet17:22
mok0_norsetto: I want to grill ScottK  first17:22
lionelmok0_: Debian maintainer is open to contributions, so I think we can try to make the changes you made in Debian package (well, actually, there are publiched on pgadmin website)17:23
norsettomok0: I see, just be aware that he is an ex-marine ;-)17:23
mok0_norsetto: I have the brown belt in shotkokan karate :-)17:24
norsettomok0: yes, but he might have an m46 still handy .....17:24
lionelI'm not sure this is covered by CoC :-D17:25
pochuScottK: re -0ubuntu1 vs -1~hardy1... where's the policy which says that? -1~hardy1 makes more sense to me, although if policy enforces the first one...17:25
norsettopochu: where is 1~hardy1 coming from?17:26
pochunorsetto: debian new17:27
pochunorsetto: as in backports from debian new without any changes17:27
slomonorsetto: lool and me used it a few times and iirc seb128 asked lool once to upload something as -1~hardy1 that was waiting on the NEW queue in debian17:27
pochuthat also means that it will be synced in the next release17:27
pochuwhereas 0ubuntu1 won't17:28
norsettopochu: oh, ok, its a backport of a sync17:28
pochubut ScottK once told me policy enforced ubuntuX, but as I don't know where that is mentioned...17:28
norsettopochu: well, I for one would like to see an Ubuntu policy at least once17:29
pochuHmm, is tomorrow the MOTU meeting?17:30
pochuno, it's next week17:31
norsettopochu: according to this page what you say is correct: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports17:31
pochunorsetto: what is incorrect?17:32
norsettopochu: nothing, I said "correct" not incorrect17:32
pochunorsetto: hmm, I was unclear (as usual...). This isn't a backport at all...17:33
pochunorsetto: it's a sync of a package sitting in NEW17:33
slomomore like a "forwardport" :)17:33
pochubut as we don't sync from NEW, then we do a fake-sync ;)17:33
norsettopochu: so its a fake-sync?17:33
pochuyeah :-)17:33
pochunorsetto: sorry for being unclear, my English isn't very good...17:34
norsettopochu: np17:34
mario_limoncielloh i've wondered what fakesync means17:34
mario_limonciellneat :)17:34
norsettopochu: I like slomo wording, a "forwardport" ehehe17:34
slomomario_limonciell: hi :) i'd like to have gmyth-upnp and things packaged too, at least totem will require gmyth-upnp soonish ;)17:35
slomomario_limonciell: do you have some plans already?17:35
mario_limonciellslomo, yeah i'll get it together in the next night or two17:35
slomomario_limonciell: perfect, just write me a mail with the url when you're done, ok? :)17:36
mario_limonciellslomo, will do, or IRC if i catch you on when it's ready :)17:36
slomomario_limonciell: i know the reason for the broken seeking now btw... what did you play? :)17:36
norsettomario_limonciell: Any idea why I can't install any of your fglrx packages?17:36
mario_limonciellslomo, it was an mpeg2 recording17:37
slomomario_limonciell: at least mpeg-ts is unseekable (as the fluendo mpeg-ts demuxer doesn't support it yet)17:37
slomomario_limonciell: mpeg ts or ps?17:37
slomomario_limonciell: apart from that there's a fix now in 0.10.6 (which pochu will upload soonish) that makes seeking a bit more likely to work17:37
mario_limonciellslomo, well hm i've got both, but i'm not sure which one I did17:37
mario_limonciellslomo, ah that's spectacular news17:37
mario_limonciellnorsetto, on hardy?17:37
norsettomario_limonciell: gutsy or hardy doesn't matter17:38
eddyMulhow do I tell `pbuilder-dist create` to not clean the build env? --debug isn't doing it for me...17:38
mario_limonciellnorsetto, generated on hardy though?17:38
slomomario_limonciell: please retry with 0.10.6 on a non-mpeg-ts file :) and if it still doesn't work remove gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mpegdemux for testing... and then report your results please ;)17:38
mario_limonciellnorsetto, there are some issues with the last public release's hardy scripts17:38
RainCTgeser: if you still have time to test it, http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/open-invaders/open-invaders_0.3-1.dsc17:38
mario_limonciellslomo, alrighty will let you know how that turns out after work17:38
norsettomario_limonciell: the old ones with m-a are fine17:38
slomomario_limonciell: perfect, thanks17:39
mario_limonciellnorsetto, can you PM, this discussion is more appropriate for it17:39
geserRainCT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4854/17:42
tristilDoes the message from the build server, "MD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive" mean that there is another orig.tar.gz file in the repository archive?17:46
pochuslomo: the timidity.cfg is a workaround, right? will we ship it with wildmidi or libwildmidi0 later?17:48
RainCTgeser: what does config.log say?17:49
gesertristil: yes17:49
tristilgeser: Thanks.17:50
ScottKpochu and mok0_: About -0ubuntu1 version numbering: If you look at the lintian code that checks to see if something is an Ubuntu revision, it's there.17:52
ScottKDunno about formal policy documentation, but that's where it appears in running code.17:52
RainCTgeser: ah right, pbuilder. hm.. this doesn't do any difference, or? http://paste.ubuntu.com/485617:52
geserRainCT: http://members.ping.de/~mb/tmp/config.log17:54
geserRainCT: after install pkg-config I get: checking for ALLEGRO... configure: error: Package requirements (alsa) were not met:17:55
geserRainCT: and after also installing libasound2-dev it complete configure and starts building17:58
geserRainCT: but only to fail with http://paste.ubuntu.com/4858/17:59
RainCTgeser: ok, now I don't understand anything ;)18:04
geserRainCT: at first you seem to be missing two build-depends: pkg-config and libasound2-dev18:06
geserand there seem to be a second bug when I tries to actually build it18:06
RainCTgeser: ok I found this http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=31184018:08
ubotuDebian bug 311840 in kraptor "kraptor: FTBFS on 64 bit arches." [Important,Fixed]18:08
RainCTgeser: does it build with this? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?msg=5;filename=kraptor-64bit.diff;att=1;bug=31184018:11
tsmitheslomo, how's the upload?18:13
geserRainCT: after appling this change to headers/pmask.h it builds18:14
* sistpoty|work heads home18:14
RainCTgeser: with or without the other patch?18:15
slomopochu: not sure yet18:15
slomotsmithe: finished... you should have mail18:15
geserRainCT: only the second patch. should I also apply the first one?18:15
slomoRainCT: new gbrainy or something to upload? :)18:16
tsmitheslomo, i got an "incomplete upload" message..18:16
tsmithe(no .changes file)18:16
slomotsmithe: that's bad... probably took too long :)18:17
slomotsmithe: i'll try it from my server again18:17
RainCTgeser: no, better if it works without it :)18:17
tsmitheslomo, are you able to upload the .changes file separately?18:17
slomotsmithe: it was uploaded18:17
tsmithe(wouldn't want you to do the whole thing over)18:17
RainCTslomo: heh, not yet :)18:18
slomotsmithe: i'll upload to my server and do it frmo there... 100 mbit connection should make things possible ;)18:18
slomoRainCT: ok :)18:19
tsmitheslomo, are you sure 100mbit will be enough? :p18:19
slomotsmithe: if not i won't sponsor it :P18:20
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LucidFoxScottK> Regarding bug #192774, ack #2? Where's the first one? :)18:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192774 in avidemux "[FFe request] Avidemux 2.4.1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19277418:37
RainCTgeser: can you do a last build to see if I got the patch right please? http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/open-invaders/open-invaders_0.3-1.dsc18:38
zulwhat is the process for feature freeze exception for ubuntu these days?18:38
ScottKLucidFox: Thanks.  I put it back.18:38
LucidFoxzul> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess18:39
RainCTzul: if it's a bug fix only release, just upload it; else, subscribe motu-release to the bug report (which should contain information on why, what changed and regression risk) and wait for 2 ack's18:39
ScottKzul: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess18:39
zulokies thanks18:41
tsmitheslomo, got a processing notification: thanks for the upload :)18:42
slomotsmithe: oh? successfully?18:43
slomotsmithe: great18:43
slomotsmithe: i didn't reupload yet ;)18:43
tsmithehah, well, it looks good. although being told that it was uploaded to localhost was a bit weird18:44
geserRainCT: it builds now without a problem18:46
jdongslomo: what do you think about monodevelop RC1 for Hardy?18:46
slomojdong: nothing18:46
slomojdong: i don't plan anything18:46
jdongslomo: mmmkay18:47
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tsmitheslomo, debian doesn't like lzma it seems: Rejected: fluid-soundfont-gs_3-1_all.deb: deb contents timestamp check failed [exceptions.SystemError: E:This is not a valid DEB archive, it has no 'data.tar.gz' or 'data.tar.bz2' member]19:04
tsmitheRejected: fluid-soundfont-gm_3-1_all.deb: deb contents timestamp check failed [exceptions.SystemError: E:This is not a valid DEB archive, it has no 'data.tar.gz' or 'data.tar.bz2' member]19:04
slomotsmithe: oh no19:05
slomotsmithe: i'll reupload with bz2 tomorrow19:05
norsettomario_limonciell: I have attached all info to bug 19409019:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194090 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "fglrx restricted driver doesn't work on hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19409019:07
slangasekslomo: hrm, why does fluid-soundfont-gs warrant lzma?19:17
slangasekthe performance tradeoffs make it inadvisable to use lzma for any but the largest packages...19:18
slomoslangasek: because it saves about 15 mb in the generated binary packages19:18
slangasekok, 15MB is good savings :-)19:18
mario_limonciellnorsetto, can you verify if fglrx module is loaded at that time?19:19
slomoslangasek: too bad it isn't support but dak or whatever rejected it here ;)19:20
slangasekslomo: heh, it's only been supported in Ubuntu for about a week or two19:21
slangasekif even that long19:21
mario_limonciellnorsetto, i'd suspect that it is properly loaded (in which case you have unearthed a bug in the more modern releases)19:22
tsmitheslangasek, did persia upload it to ubuntu with lzma?19:22
slangasekI don't know, I'd have to dig it out of the NEW queue to see19:23
slangasekcongrats on getting the licensing fixed, btw19:23
tsmitheok, don't worry19:23
tsmitheno problem :) it's definitely worth the small amount of hassle19:23
tsmithewhere can i find the new queue? i looked at people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/queue, but that didn't seem up-to-date when i checked19:24
slangasekwell, if that's not being updated then I guess you can't19:24
tsmitheheh ok then :)19:25
slomoslangasek: do you know when debian's dak (or whatever) will get support for lzma? and is orig.tar.bz2 (and data.tar.bz2) supported already?19:43
tsmitheslomo, looking at the e-mail i got, data.tar.bz2 should work fine19:45
bddebianslomo: Sorry but even reading the CLI policy, I don't see how to fix those errors on the .exe file.  I see the config.dll stuff but nothing about exes?19:48
slomobddebian: it's the same19:49
nxvl_workScottK: ping19:49
ScottK2nxvl_work: Pong19:49
nxvl_workScottK2: CC Meeting starts in 10 minutes19:50
ScottK2nxvl_work: OK.  Looks like I can make it after all then.19:50
bddebianslomo: So it would be muine.exe.config with dllmap dll="libmuine" target="libmuine.so.X" in it?19:50
slangasekslomo: I'm not aware of any plans to implement support for lzma in Debian19:50
slomobddebian: yes19:51
bddebianScary. I'll try that thanks.19:51
bddebianslomo: What about the foo has no valid signature stuff?19:51
slomoslangasek: well, dpkg supports it already19:51
slomobddebian: ignore19:51
slangasekslomo: yes, but dak has to support it too, and I'm not aware of any plans in that regard for Debian19:52
bddebianslomo: OK, thanks19:52
tsmitheslomo, i'm very appreciative of your patches to wildmidi; having looked at the -0ubuntu1 sources, i must say they do clean things up an awful lot.19:56
slomotsmithe: np... do you think sf2 support will be hard?19:57
tsmitheslomo, well, i'm not sure. i'll have to look at the sf2 spec first :)19:58
tsmithei'd very glad to do it: be good practice for my C19:59
bddebianslomo: Same issue with this file, is it correct? http://paste.debian.net/4967920:01
slomobddebian: probably nto... where is libmuine.so?20:02
persiatsmithe: I failed to remember --lzma when uploading :(20:04
persiaslomo: pochu: Thanks a lot.  That's looking much better :)20:05
bddebianslomo: /usr/lib/muine/libmuine.so20:05
tsmithepersia, ah well, don't worry :)20:05
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bddebianslomo: Does target need a specific path?20:06
slomobddebian: give the full path20:06
bddebianI'll try that, thanks20:07
jdstrandemgent: fyi-- uploaded cacti (thanks!) and replied to motu application20:13
emgentjdstrand, thanks20:14
emgentjdstrand, big Thanks ehehehhe20:17
jdstrandnp :)20:17
bddebianslomo: This isn't working :-(  Should it be the full destination path?  I.E. debian/tmp/usr/lib/muine/foo.so?20:19
slomobddebian: no... /usr/lib/muine/libmuine.so (and it will still complain but it will work at least)20:20
nxvl_work@now berlin20:20
bddebianslomo: Ah, OK, thanks20:20
tsmitheslomo, but what if the package is not installed to / ?20:23
tsmithehardcoding paths.. urgh20:23
emgentheya blueyed :P20:24
blueyedHi emgent.. you're on your way? :)20:29
emgenthehe yep20:29
emgenti go to my girlfriend home, see you later.20:30
norsettomario_limonciell: yes, the fglrx module is loaded20:43
mario_limonciellnorsetto, okay i'll bring that upstream then. Thanks20:43
norsettomario_limonciell: no problem, let me know if I can do something else20:43
mario_limonciellnorsetto, well it would be useful if you were under NDA to see if a testing driver would resolve it, but that's out of your control :)20:47
norsettomario_limonciell: if signing an NDA can help to solve problems I can sign an NDA, no big deal20:47
mario_limonciellnorsetto, well I'll see what AMD says after I bring it up.  I'll keep you in the loop as I hear.20:48
norsettomario_limonciell: ok, thanks for that.20:48
geserare CC meetings always that chaotic? /me didn't attend any since he become MOTU but doesn't remember them as that chaotic in the past21:04
ScottK2Nearly so I think.21:05
persiaThey've become more unwieldly since having agendas that wouldn't fit in two hours.  As a result, there's a lot more fuss from potential new members and teams.21:10
hellboy195persia: ah you're back :)21:10
geserdid the agenda ever fit into two hours? I remember CC meeting taking 3 hours or more already in the past21:12
persiaThe last CC meeting I attended took ~90 minutes, but that was a while back.  Lately, I've just been reading the logs.21:12
hellboy195persia: Why are build_options.py  config.py  __init__.py21:17
hellboy195 wxwidgets2.6- and debian only has __init__.py. It seems that this is not mentioned in changelog!?21:17
norsettohellboy: you could have checked with me before merging conky, there was a little hitch that I was waiting to clear21:17
norsettohellboy195 that is21:18
ScottK2FYI folks, this is why I advocate checking with whoever touched the package last.21:18
persiahellboy195: I'm not entirely sure about that (the python part of wxwidgets isn't the part I've investigated).  I remember something about those files being autogenerated, but I don't remember the details.21:19
* persia advocates people working on bugs, rather than chasing merges. Merges are fine and good, but pointless if they aren't closing bugs.21:19
hellboy195persia: autogenerated? great :) either I'm doing a lot of crap or there will be only 2 or 3 remaining changes left21:20
hellboy195norsetto: what hitch?21:20
persiahellboy195: Don't trust me 100% on the python bits: check the code to see what it needs.21:20
hellboy195persia: I have to trust you because nevertheless I am 10000000 times less good than you ;)21:22
norsettoconfigure does enable some of the options by defualt, so there is no need to have those in rules, but thats not the point, the point is that it is good practice to check with the previous uploader (just for cases like this)21:22
persiahellboy195: Better to not merge than blindly trust me about wxpython21:23
hellboy195norsetto: yeah. debian folks told me already. sry for that :(21:23
hellboy195persia: k, we'll see21:23
norsettohellboy195: np, but please keep this in mind for the future21:23
hellboy195norsetto: yep :) btw. there will be a new debian revision soon. I'm helping debian folks with that battery patch which isn't working in the right way21:24
norsettohellboy195: thats very good21:24
hellboy195persia: hmm I'll do this merge good so I'll ask the previous merger. no problem if this take some days?21:29
persiahellboy195: No big rush.  What issue is fixed by the new version?  Also, you may want to backtrack uploaders until you find a python person, just to be sure.21:30
hellboy195persia: debian applied a lot of the remaining ubuntu changes but really *new* things are only 2-3 as far as I see21:32
rexbronRainCT, hey, I am just reviewing the current trunk of ubuntu-dev-tools and you make reference to python-ubuntu-utils, a package which does not exist. Currently we are installing the python modules in python-ubuntutools to reflect the namespace. Shall I change the references to match python-ubuntutools?21:32
hellboy195norsetto: btw, on tuesday I wrote a mail to Andrea Veri, no answer yet. If he doesn't reply by the end of this week you have to decide what to do ..21:33
tsmitheslomo, thanks for the re-upload21:33
norsettohellboy195: about?21:33
hellboy195norsetto: I haven't seen him since 3 weeks21:33
norsettohellboy195: did you ask DktrKranz?21:34
hellboy195norsetto: about? he also hasn't seen him for a while21:34
norsettohellboy195: and he didn tell you anything before?21:35
hellboy195norsetto: well he said that he will enjoy real life a little bit and will be more often offline for 1 or 2 weeks. now I haven't seen him since 3 weeks and I'm a little bit worried21:36
persiahellboy195: Which wxwidgets2.6 are you working on?  I just got an update for
hellboy195persia: hardy actually has
persiaheh.  OK.  I'm oddly behind, perhaps due to the FTBFS fix in -1ubuntu2.  Sorry for the confusion.21:38
hellboy195persia: np21:39
norsettohellboy195: well, give him some more time, perhaps he is just on a skying holiday21:39
hellboy195norsetto: k21:39
jetsaredimif I have a code branch in my bzr area on launchpad - how can I get the thing built and into my ppa?22:08
ScottK2jetsaredim: Ask in #launchpada22:08
ScottK2#launchpad even22:08
warp10ScottK2, persia: rather surprising and really, really appreciated... thank you so much22:09
ScottK2warp10: You're welcome.22:09
jetsaredimthx both22:10
norsettocongrats warp10!22:17
warp10thank you norsetto! :)22:18
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LaserJockwhen was the CC meeting?22:25
persiaLaserJock: Currently underway (but ending soon)22:27
tsmithepersia, slangasek, interested parties, do you think i should wait until fluid-soundfont in ubuntu is passed new before filing a sync from debian [new - if appropriate], or would it just be easier to do so now?22:35
slangasektsmithe: well, you should wait until it passes /Debian/ new, because the Debian new queue isn't world-accessible22:36
ScottK2tsmithe: You might also consider a -0ubuntu1 upload in the mean time.22:38
ScottK2nxvl_work: Congratulations.22:38
slangasekScottK2: I believe that's what's already in Ubuntu new22:38
tsmitheslangasek, ah, right, i must have been confused by https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wildmidi (the wildmidi changelog reads "Sync of the Debian package that currently waits on NEW.")22:38
nxvl_workScottK2: thanks!22:38
tsmitheScottK2, yes; I have done that.22:39
norsettocongrats nxvl22:39
nxvl_workScottK2: not only for the support, but for the help on all my way until here!22:39
ScottK2tsmithe: OK.  Then wait for it to get out of New before you ask.22:39
* nxvl_work gives a BIG HUG to norsetto and ScottK222:39
ScottK2nxvl_work: You earned it.22:39
* tsmithe presumes that nxvl_work has become a MOTU, and thus gives his congratulations also22:39
ScottK2tsmithe: Ubuntu Member22:40
tsmitheok, well, still; no less a milestone22:40
LaserJockcongrats nxvl_work22:41
tsmitheScottK2, could you clarify which "New" you refer to: debian or ubuntu? if i'm already waiting for it to pass debian new, are you also suggesting i wait for ubuntu new?22:41
nxvl_workLaserJock: thanx!22:43
ScottK2tsmithe: I meant Debian (as in keep on doing what you are doing then).22:44
ScottK2tsmithe: Sorry for the confusion.22:44
tsmitheScottK2, heh, don't worry :)22:47
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norsettog'night all23:05
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StevenKEeek, three ScottK's23:17
steveireHi. Before it got backported I put libxine in my ppa. I'd intended that the ppa version would be overriden when the official version was backported. I named it 1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1. However, that version name does not get overriden by the backported version. http://rafb.net/p/bN6WYA12.html. What should I have named it in this case and how can I anticipate the version of the backported package in the future?23:28
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LaserJocksteveire: it looks like the problem is the ubuntu1 part23:37
mok0_steveire: dpkg --compare-versions 1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1 gt 1.1.10-1~gutsy1  && echo greater23:39
mok0_steveire: there's nothing you could have done to anticipate this23:39
LaserJockI'm not sure that's right23:39
LaserJockif the version in Ubuntu is 1.1.10-1 then a backport isn't going to have an ubuntuX version23:40
LaserJockI think the backporting versioning is just adding ~<release>1 to the current Ubuntu version23:41
mok0_LaserJock: that means anything you put in your ppa should have a release that always start with 0, if you want it to be overridden23:43
LaserJockthat's a bit of a tough case23:44
mok0_He should've named it -0ubuntu1~ppa123:45
LaserJockthat's not right though23:45
mok0_LaserJock: example?23:46
LaserJockthe version is already -123:46
LaserJockso going to -0 seems wrong when it's based on -123:46
LaserJockI'm more thinking the backports version being changed would be better23:47
mok0_ dpkg --compare-versions 1.1.10-0ubuntu1~ppa1 lt 1.1.10-1~gutsy1  && echo true23:47
mok0_gives true23:47
LaserJockof course23:47
LaserJockI'm just saying that -0 is wrong to do because it's not -0 it's -123:48
RainCTrexbron: if you are still here, about your previous question, yes, please change any reference to python-ubuntu-utils to python-ubuntutools if there is any23:49
RainCTgeser: thanks again for the testing before23:50
rexbronRainCT: I went a head and did that, should be pushed to LP. I also updated ppaput to reflect the change in namespace (the lazy way though)23:51
mok0_LaserJock: In that case, perhaps:  1.1.10-1~gutsy1~ppa123:52
LaserJockyeah, I was thinking that23:53
LaserJockbut that presupposes that the backport will exist23:53
mok0_LaserJock: you never can know, of course23:53
LaserJockit's a race between PPAs and -backports to see who goes lower ;-)23:53
mok0_LaserJock: hehe23:54
mok0_LaserJock: if think ~0ppa1 is lower than anything23:54
LaserJockkinda yeah23:55
LaserJockbut it's wrong if a -1 is what it's based on23:55
mok0_LaserJock: I was thinking -1~0ppa123:55
LaserJockit's not a great idea to munge the version if it's gonna misrepresent the "heritage" of the package23:55
LaserJockI do use something like that for my PPA23:56
mok0_LaserJock: I actually like that best23:57

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