tgm4883well there goes 40min down the drain00:01
tgm4883oh well, i'll let it run.   Off to class00:01
npurcifulthis 5.1 sound problems is really gettin to me00:13
tgm4883so tgm4883_laptop this is what you do in class00:33
npurcifulman, dd_rescue 'ing i have a 250mb log00:42
npurcifulthis dvd has issues00:43
npurcifulim back02:08
gumby600mI'm running mythbunut (Frontend & backend on same computer).  How do I do something like ALT+TAB out of the front end?  I want to load up a console to do something quickly.04:57
tgm4883gumby600m, probably easiest way is to ctrl-alt-right arrow key to the next desktop04:59
gumby600mgenius!  I can't believe I didn't think of that... Thx!05:00
WcktKlwnis there a solution that runs good on a laptop, but not a permanent thing? (runs of a flash drive or sd card or something similar)05:36
foxxbuntuWcktKlwn, you might check into VirtualBox or VMWare Server05:54
rhpot1991define solution05:58
MythbuntuGuest39Is there any reason why I shows that are being recordered arent showing in the Recordings Menu until finished?  Have both tuners locked recording and have nothing to watch06:00
WcktKlwnI basically want something that I can put into the computer easily and get a frontend that I can hook up to a tv.. and then when I am doing turn it back into a laptop06:00
rhpot1991you can run a frontend from the mythbuntu cd06:00
WcktKlwnthe cd doesn't work on the laptop06:01
WcktKlwnstupid ati graphics card06:01
rhpot1991there is a windows player you can use, not sure you would get good enough playback from a VM, but its worth trying06:03
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: media library > watch recordings, is that where you are looking?06:03
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: were you the one who mentioned to me before that you were recording at dvd specs?06:05
MythbuntuGuest39Kindof, but not really...  I am unable to watch shows as they are being recorded.  For some strange reason they dont appear in the Recording Directory (MythTV Guide) until finished being recorded.  Is there an option I need to select?06:05
foxxbunturhpot1991, not sure what you mean06:05
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: check where I said, mine show up in there as they are recording and I can watch them while they are in progress06:05
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: recordings bitrate06:06
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, did you post in the forums as well?06:06
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: get what I am asking or nope?06:06
foxxbunturhpot1991, At one time I was...right now I am using the higest level in myth which I still think is but haven't checked06:07
MythbuntuGuest39WchtKlwn, check into MS Vista or Media Center, has it built in. Other option, if running Windows is Beyond TV.  I personally LOVE MythTV, can setup a box for not a lot. New thing I am looking into is the Mini-ITX Motherboard/Case - can get them w/o having any fans (super quite).06:07
foxxbunturhpot1991, you are asking if I am transcoding with a dvd bitrate?06:07
MythbuntuGuest39foxxbuntu, have not made any postings of this problem.06:07
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, oh, there is a forum post exactly about the same thing06:08
rhpot1991basically just asking what your bitrate and maxbitrate for recordings is06:08
MythbuntuGuest39was there a resolution?06:08
rhpot1991someone described themselves as using dvd specs there, I thought it was you or tgm488306:08
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, I was actually getting reasdy to post a reply06:08
foxxbunturhpot1991, I actually stopped transcoding recently06:09
MythbuntuGuest39a solution/06:09
foxxbuntuand you only change the bitrate on transcoding06:09
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: hmmm, it lets me set bitrates of my recordings coming in from my hauppauge cards06:09
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, when the reocrding starts it should ask you if you want to watch the show while it records or cancel and watch live tv, or go back to the menu06:10
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, does it do that?06:10
foxxbunturhpot1991, where?06:10
foxxbunturhpot1991, I don'tm recall a setting for that06:10
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: setup > tv settings > recording profiles06:11
rhpot1991choose a profile, 3rd page in06:11
MythbuntuGuest39It will, dont really like that option cause if I dont select the channel changes... its BS Man and I am sick and tired of it.  Was watching the news this afternoon, my sons show on PBS came on...  I got stuck watching kids show today!06:11
foxxbunturhpot1991, oh ok...I was remembering this as trandcoding06:12
foxxbuntuyes...I had mine set much higher before I had to rebuild it06:12
rhpot1991see I doubled the original settings06:12
foxxbuntuI did as well06:12
rhpot1991but I found an old recording that is on the original settings, and that will play over my wifi on trunk but my 2x'd recordings skip there06:13
foxxbuntuyeah that speed of video would be hard on wifi06:13
rhpot1991someone on here long ago told me dvd rate was something, and there was no point going above that06:13
foxxbuntuthat makes the video more bandwitdh consuming06:13
rhpot1991soemthing with the trunk version of mythtv, it worked on the old one, and works over nfs06:14
MythbuntuGuest39Think the Dlink DIR-655 could handle higher bandwidths?06:14
foxxbuntuwell the video coming in over your cable is < DVD06:14
rhpot1991no doubt I have it way too large, so I'm trying to figure out a good setting06:14
rhpot1991yep, thats why it makes no sense to go above dvd06:15
rhpot1991might try the bottom line there06:15
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: dunno, whats special about it?06:16
WcktKlwndoes anyone know what: NVP: Prebuffer wait timed out 10 times.06:16
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: My problem is cause I made my quality settings too high06:16
rhpot1991WcktKlwn: playing over wifi?06:16
rhpot1991hmmmm strange, thats the kind of errors I get with my wifi problem06:17
rhpot1991check and see if your system is eating resources on anything06:17
rhpot1991is the video skipping while this is happening?06:17
MythbuntuGuest39That is the new Draft N router...  It is supposted to give streaming video priority on the network.  I recently aquired one for my Media MVP as I was losing packets on the Linksys.06:17
WcktKlwnvideo freezes06:17
MythbuntuGuest39losing packets = freezing or hangups06:18
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: it should be able to handle more than 802.11g, but you need a matching card to go with it06:18
rhpot1991WcktKlwn: check your system, do videos normally run fine?06:18
MythbuntuGuest39Im using wireless G, mainly got it as it is one of the only routers that is built specifically for Media Networks.06:19
WcktKlwnlately they've been freezing, and when I go into the log file it spams that message06:19
rhpot1991questionable as to if that stuff works with existing hardware sometimes06:19
foxxbunturhpot1991, I would say run your bitrates around 6500 and max 800006:20
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: thats what this says, thanks06:21
rhpot1991gonna try that now, and let some stuff record tomorrow and see if it fixes the problem06:22
MythbuntuGuest39Any ideas for my recording issue; does not appear in the "Recording" menu until the recording is finished?06:22
rhpot1991are you talking about the same recording menu that I pointed you at, or somewhere different?06:23
MythbuntuGuest39Also, there appears to be more recordings in the Recording Directory than what appears in the MythTV guide06:23
rhpot1991foxxbuntu: have any idea what the toggle video input key is?06:24
MythbuntuGuest39The "Watch Recording" gui option.06:24
rhpot1991thats what I thought, not working here I wonder if it changed06:24
foxxbunturhpot1991, works on mine06:24
foxxbuntuit wont change if it thinks the other one is busy06:25
rhpot1991hmmm other encoder isn't busy06:25
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, they show up fine after the recording is finished but not while its recording?06:25
MythbuntuGuest39I did a fresh install last night.  Have only 4 shows appearing in the "Watch Recordings" with about 25 recordings in the MythTV/Recording directory06:25
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, do you watch livetv allot?06:26
foxxbuntubecause there will be a recording for each show you watch on livetv, it will auto expire out in 24 hours06:27
rhpot1991I think what he wants to do is watch a recording that in progress06:27
foxxbuntubut the default view in "Watch Recordings" filters out the live recordings06:27
MythbuntuGuest39That would be correct, but now I am waiting for the recordings to appear that were made 1 1/2 hour ago.  Dont watch Live too often, but like to start a show while it is being recorded..06:28
rhpot1991did all those recordings happen after your fresh install?06:28
foxxbuntudo they eventually show up?06:28
rhpot1991or are they from before06:28
MythbuntuGuest39There is no auto-expire going on here.  Recorded show does not appear in the "Watch Recording" while it is being recorded.  Had 2 tuners busy recording earlier but couldnt see the recording in the menu.06:29
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, im not sure I totaly have this clear yet so let me ask you another question06:29
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, You know the tuners are recording, and the shows when completed recording always show up in recorded programs?06:30
foxxbuntuor only a few did and the rest never did?06:30
WcktKlwnfoxxbuntu, what it sounds like to me, is he was recording two shows, and he wanted to tune into one while it was still recording06:30
MythbuntuGuest39That is correct WcktKlwn; but cannot locate the shows now...06:31
foxxbuntuagreed, but im not clear on if the other shows ever showed up06:31
MythbuntuGuest39Now could I while they were being recorded.06:31
MythbuntuGuest39I had a scheduled recording at 6pm that showed up.06:32
MythbuntuGuest39Now, I just started watching LIVE TV and turned on the recorder and it is appearing in the Watch Recording menu.06:33
foxxbuntuMythbuntuGuest39, correct06:33
MythbuntuGuest39This is REALLY screwy...  Both tuners were recording shows and I um unable to view them now.06:33
rhpot1991I've never heard of that happening, did you have any jobs scheduled on the recordings or anything?06:34
MythbuntuGuest39***Shows were set to automatically record.06:34
rhpot1991jobs like transcoding or anything06:34
MythbuntuGuest39Standard Commercial Skips is all... Never been a problem before.06:34
MythbuntuGuest39Have "Aciod conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows" checked06:35
MythbuntuGuest39~Commercial Flag New Recordings with "strict Commercial Detection"06:36
MythbuntuGuest39Just checked the SYSTEM STATUS; there are 6 shows waiting in the Job Que (recordings made 4 hours ago)06:39
MythbuntuGuest39I did restart the Mythbox and that did not help06:40
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest39: by default it will only do one at a time06:42
MythbuntuGuest395 of the 6 "jobs" are complete but the shows are not appearing in recorded shows.06:42
rhpot1991till its done06:42
MythbuntuGuest39So I need to wait for ALL jobs to be complete before the shows will finalize?  have 7pm,8pm,9pm,10pm,10pm06:43
rhpot1991well the ones that are done should be ready06:44
rhpot1991are you commflagging when they end, or while they record?06:44
MythbuntuGuest39They are complete, but still in the Job Que directory.06:44
rhpot1991they will sit there06:44
rhpot1991even if they are complete06:44
rhpot1991nothing wrong there06:44
MythbuntuGuest39Then why cant I watch them?  These shows are not in the Watch Recording directory.06:45
MythbuntuGuest39commflagging while show records...06:45
MythbuntuGuest39THERE are 23 shows I have recorded today and only 4 are in the Directory for me to watch... What is going on here.06:49
MythbuntuGuest39These shows are appearing in the AUTO EXPIRE list.06:50
MythbuntuGuest39anyone have a solution to this?06:52
rhpot1991is your HD full?06:52
MythbuntuGuest39no, have about 138GB free06:55
MythbuntuGuest39I found a tread where someone mentioned it may be a MySql issue?06:56
rhpot1991go to your recordings06:56
rhpot1991and bring up the menu06:56
rhpot1991and choose select group filter06:57
rhpot1991choose default06:57
MythbuntuGuest39THANK YOU rhpot1991...  Had it set to Live by mistake.06:58
rhpot1991sure no problem07:00
DavieySolar__: Having fun?08:09
Rigologood morning08:57
Rigoloany change there will also be a 0.21 weekly build setup?08:58
Rigolonow that the preperations for 8.04 are underway it might help with finding bugs08:58
Rigolo8.04 alpha 2 cd install "crashes" after step 14 (standard install)10:58
Rigologoing to try to remove any partitions on the HDD (complete clean install then) and not selecting nvidia drivers for X10:59
Rigoloselecting standard drivers allows me to go to next step, selecting Nvidia GF 5+ causes a crash11:07
Rigoloso is this an mythbuntu bug? or ubuntu ubiquity bug?11:08
Rigoloanybody else having problems with DVB and 8.04 alpha 2?13:46
RigoloI can watch dvb using XINE (when I stop mythbackend) and it looks good, but with backend running and using frontend on the same machine I can not get a lock13:47
Rigolothis with the default 8.04 alpha 2 DVB drivers13:47
=== slestak is now known as slestak|away
Rigoloalso czap is getting a lock ... so it looks like something is wrong with mythtv and dvb support in alpha 213:55
Tuv0kmythexport: Depends: atomicparsley  but it is not installable14:19
superm1Tuv0k, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=atomic14:56
Tuv0kinstalled! thats hot!15:12
* Tuv0k job hunting:/15:12
rhpot1991_laptopTuv0k: let me know how mythexport works out for you15:28
surlyjakehow can you get the themes included in mythubuntu on a myth installation made on a normal ubuntu install?15:33
rhpot1991_laptopsurlyjake: are you asking how to install the themes?15:34
superm1Rigolo, that15:35
superm1's likely a bug15:35
superm1can you please submit the bug report via the apport service?15:35
surlyjakerhpot: im pretty sure i can google how to install the themes, but i'm wondering if they were excluded from the ubuntu package for a reason15:38
rhpot1991_laptopcertain themes didn't have proper licenses and couldn't be included I believe15:44
surlyjakecool. thanks rhpot. 1 mystery solved.15:56
surlyjakei have another: at seemingly random intervals, when i select an avi to play, the screen will only display green, and some red lines. audio will come through normally though. same behavior if i exit the myth interface and launch them in vlc, mplayer..... a restart of X or logout/login fixes the issue16:01
rhpot1991_laptopsounds like a graphics driver issue or codec issue16:02
rhpot1991_laptopdo recordings play fine?16:02
surlyjakei don't have recordings... no tuner card... just use it as a pretty front end for my library of tvshows16:03
directhex|worknvidia 100.x bug16:03
surlyjakewhat's the quickest way to find out what nvidia version i'm running? i cant launch the nvidia-settings menu because i'm connected remotely via NX, and the driver isn't being used16:09
directhex|worksurlyjake, what's your card?16:10
directhex|worksurlyjake, generally, "dpkg -l nvidia-glx\* | grep ^ii"16:10
directhex|workat a guess16:11
surlyjakeyep. thats it. +
surlyjakeso it's an nvidia bug huh?16:13
directhex|workyeah. known bug in 100.x drivers16:13
hugolpsurlyjake:  the new nvidia driver solves that, but introduces a new bug that causes the computer to reboot randomly when opengl is used16:15
hugolpso its your choice on wich bug you prefer16:15
surlyjakethats great! >:o16:15
directhex|workhugolp, never seen that16:15
hugolpdirecthex|work:  Im not the only one reporting it16:17
hugolpit happens in Debian as well16:17
hugolpit doesnt reboot the computer on all systems, sometimes it just closes the X sesions when OpenGL is used16:17
hugolponce that is trigered you have to reinstall the drivers to solve it16:18
surlyjakelol. well, i'd like to have a green screen and have control of my system... instead of risking losing other work that i'm doing16:19
directhex|worki've never seen the problems hugolp describes on any of my systems. not to say they don't exist16:19
directhex|workthere might be some other cifference not being mentioned, e.g. it happens on i38616:20
surlyjaketo upgrade drivers, i would need to compile them myself?16:20
directhex|workit's closed source and binary16:20
hugolpsurlyjake:  no, Nvida provides an installer16:20
directhex|workmy recommendation would be to use alberto milone's envry scripts. others present would strongly disrecommend that, and recommend instead you use nvidia's /usr-eating installer16:21
hugolpdirecthex|work:  yes, Im using i386, no amd6416:21
surlyjakethanks @ hugolp&directhex|work16:27
Rigolosuperm1: apport does not allow me to submit a bug report. it says something about a special version of the ubuquity package being used or something and that I need to install ubiquity :-)16:55
RigoloI raised a bug with number [Bug 193950] [NEW] 8.04 alpha 2 Installer crashes when selectingNvidia GeForce 5+ drivers16:56
Rigoloand my DVB-C is still not working ... ggrrr16:56
Rigolobut .. now I have to cook dinner ... be back in 1.5 hours or so16:56
mick_laptopanyone else have problems with thumbnails?17:33
mick_laptopi can't seem to get any from IMDB17:33
tgm4883_laptopare you getting any info from imdb?17:35
tgm4883_laptopany errors?17:35
mick_laptopdoesn't look like it17:35
mick_laptopnot at all17:35
tgm4883_laptophave you checked the log files?17:35
mick_laptopi just ripped a DVD -- pretty popular one -- and i'd think that the info would come17:35
mick_laptopnope - will do17:35
* Rigolo asks: anybody else running alpha 2 with dvb?17:36
tgm4883_laptopRigolo, kinda17:37
tgm4883_laptopi have a pchd5500 in my test machine17:37
RigoloI can not get my FTA channels to display ... they work "fine" with XINE17:37
mick_laptoptgm4883_laptop: is there saomething taht i should be looking for? grep -i IMDB ?17:37
Rigolomeaning ... I can watch it ... but I will have to disable audio (no sound in this server)17:38
RigoloFree To Air .. as in Non encrypted17:38
mick_laptopjust said "failed to fetch program info"17:38
RigoloOTA can also be encrypted .. at least here in holland with DVB-T17:38
RigoloI'm using DVB-C .. and there are 6 non encrypted channels on my cable17:39
mick_laptophmm, i'm getting 500 internal server errors w/ the schedules direct stuff too *sigh*17:39
Rigolo(and around 120 or so encrypted .. but first get FTA working)17:39
mick_laptopi wish that my dvd rip would go a bit faster17:39
directheximdb broke. you need imdb.pl from trunk17:39
tgm4883_laptopmick_laptop, can you accesss the insternet from that machine?17:39
mick_laptoptgm4883_laptop: yes17:40
mick_laptopdirecthex: ok thanks17:40
mick_laptopany other issues that i should know about?17:43
mick_laptopdirecthex you seem to know about most of the stumbling blocks -- anything else you'd like to share? :)17:50
directhexsure. don't eat yellow snow, and back pain begins in your 20s so take care of it17:50
Rigolowell .. yellow snow can be fine .. as you long as you are sure somebody really just squized an orange about that spot :-)17:51
MythbuntuGuest27hi all18:00
MythbuntuGuest27just did a trunk update, now shows on Mythweb: Incompatible protocol version (mythweb=40, backend=38). how do i fix? thanks18:02
MythbuntuGuest27never mind, user error18:03
Rigoloalways handy when people answer their own questions :-)18:09
Rigolois there a log for mythfilldatabase? ... it have the feeling it also does not work in alpha 218:13
tgm4883_laptopwell theres a  backend log18:14
Rigoloyes, but it just quickly saw something in the terminal screen flash by with MY_MYTH_PROTCOL or something and miss match or something like that18:15
NikasWhat command to use for exit and shutdown from frontend?18:26
Rigoloquestion ... can i run the 0.21 branch that is used on 8.04 also on 7.10? or impossible because of dependicies?18:26
tgm4883_laptopRigolo, you can run trunk18:26
tgm4883_laptopso yes18:26
Rigolono, trunk is not 0.21 ... trunk is trunk18:26
tgm4883_laptopNikas, from command line?  sudo shutdown -h now18:26
* tgm4883_laptop sighs18:27
Nikastgm4883_laptop: No, from the frontend.18:27
tgm4883_laptopI should have been more clear18:27
tgm4883_laptopRigolo, http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds18:27
Nikasfrom command line i know how.. :)18:27
tgm4883_laptopNikas, AFAIK IDK18:28
Nikasi'll try sudo shutdown -h now :)18:28
Rigolotgm4883_laptop: those builds are for trunk ... 8.04 alpha is using 0.21-fixes ... so no new functions as in trunk18:29
rhpot1991_laptopNikas: you can try sudo halt18:30
rhpot1991_laptopthats what I normally use18:30
Nikassudo halt does not work..18:30
tgm4883_laptopRigolo, while what it says, you would be correct.  However, IIRC, in this case trunk follows .2118:30
tgm4883_laptopI will check though18:30
Nikassudo shutdown -h now dont work..18:31
rhpot1991_laptopI recall you aren't supposed to put sudo in the backend, are just supposed to use halt and chmod it to be executable by your user, you would be best to look around for more info though as that may be a security problem and might be out of date18:32
NikasIt's for a frontend only-machine... hm i will try this: http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2007-February/170578.html18:33
directhextrunk and 0.21 are the same for now18:38
Rigolodirecthex: okee ... for how long?18:39
RigoloI also had problems with DVB-C with 7.10 and weekly trunk builds ... so that is why I decided to try alpha 218:40
directhexRigolo, a few weeks. by then i'm sure the 0.20.2 auto-builds will be dumped18:40
Rigolommm that might cause some problems for people using that ....18:40
Nikasyes.. it worked..18:47
npurcifulwhats goin on today19:11
Rigolodvb-c hell in alpha 2 :-)19:15
RigoloI can watch dvb-c in xine ... but not in mythtv ... can not get a lock19:16
npurcifuldont know havent got a dvb-c card19:19
Rigoloimporting a working channels.conf also did weird things .. strange frequencies were used19:20
Rigolotransports ID's were messed up (we have multiple network ID here on the cable)19:20
Rigoloso .. not nice19:20
RigoloI got 4 :-)19:20
npurcifuli am about to have 4tuners19:22
npurcifuli only got like 5 stations though19:22
Rigolowe got over 200 services (tv and radio) via DVB-C .. most of it encrypted19:22
Rigoloonly 6 FTA channels .. and even those I can not get to work19:23
Rigolo(I will leave the encrypted aside for the moment)19:23
npurcifulyeah, that is probably besty19:23
npurcifulbesty = best19:23
Rigoloalthough I had those also working in 7.10 and 0.20.2 ... at least .. those that my valid and paid for smartcard was authorized for19:24
Rigoloand then I wanted multirec :-)19:25
npurcifulyeah, it is nice19:25
Rigolowell ... not when you can not get a lock :-)19:26
* Rigolo is going to take a short break now .... otherwise I will be trown out by my girlfriend :-)19:28
npurcifulRigolo:  http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/413819:31
npurcifulwell i have to go back to work19:35
mick_laptophow do i enable mythstream?19:46
mick_laptopit seems to be installed, just not showing up19:46
hugolpanyone using mythtv-frontend and compiz?19:47
hugolpand gnome19:47
mick_laptophugolp: i'm installing it now19:48
hugolpwell, I allways have this problem that the top and bottom gnome bars get on top of mythtv-frontend19:50
mick_laptopseems it hates my driver for X19:50
hugolpmick_laptop:  whats your graphics card?19:51
mick_laptopone sec19:53
mick_laptophugolp: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 hostbridge (rev 01)19:55
mick_laptopaccording to lspci19:55
mick_laptopmy thoughts exactly19:56
mick_laptopanyone get mythstream working? i'm really getting annoyed :(20:05
=== slestak|away is now known as slestak
Rigolonpurciful: the ticket you were refering me to (4138) was closed with the "fixed in trunk" remark 3 weeks ago. Then it should not happen in alpha 2 i would guess. but still it does21:29
Rigoloalpha 2 is using (after a full update) 0.21.0-fixes16174-0ubuntu121:32
npurcifuldid you search for other ticket21:33
Rigolodoing that at the moment21:37
Rigoloticket 4163 looks like the same problem21:41
RigoloI will first clear all cards, inputs, channels etc from my setup21:42
Rigolothen I will import a working channels.conf21:42
Rigoloand then I will have a look at the results in channel and dvt_multiplex21:43
npurcifulyeah, try that21:45
npurcifulRigolo: clear all inputs and stuff exit out and mythfilldatabase then import21:47
Rigolookee ... just removed everything21:50
RigoloI was using EIT as a video source .. so mythfilldatabase does not do anything as far as I can see21:50
Rigolodelete all transports, channels, video sources, cards everything21:51
Rigoloclicked on OK on the "Do you want to run mythfilldatabase" window21:52
Rigoloit was only deleting some temp files it looked21:52
Rigolono running mythsetup again21:52
Rigolojust checkd if my channels.conf is working with XINE .. and it is21:53
Rigolojust for reference: initial tuning file used: http://rigolo.googlepages.com/nl-Home-Zwolle.txt21:56
Rigolocreated a FTA only channel.conf with the scan utility ( scan -x 0 nl-Home-Zwolle.txt)21:57
Rigoloremoved the data streams for firmwareupdates for "approved" dvb-c decoders21:58
Rigolocreated the following channels.conf.fta21:58
Rigolomplayer dvb://"Nederland 1" -nosound  gives a nice picture22:00
Rigolo( the -nosound is needed because there is no sound card in the backend machine)22:00
Rigolomplayer dvb playing works on all the 4 cards .. so that is also verified22:02
Rigolosetup only dvb0 as capture card22:04
Rigoloused EIT as video source22:05
Rigololinked dvb0 and eit in input connections .. only allow unencrypted channels, do not allow audio only then select scan for channels22:06
Rigoloscan type: Import channels.conf22:06
Rigolochannel separator to none22:07
RigoloExisting Channel Treatment: Delete22:08
Rigoloscan process is runnning now22:08
Rigoloset the starting channel to 10001 (which is Nederland 1)22:09
Rigololeave input group as generic22:09
Rigolo6 channels in Channels (as expected)22:10
RigoloI have 4 transports without a netid and transport id in the transport list and then 24 transports with netid 1000 and transport ID's22:11
Rigolothis last part is not correct, because I am in netid 9003 and not 100022:12
Rigolothere is no place to tell what netid you are in22:12
Rigoloso the transport streams with a netid and transport id are pointing to incorrect frequencies (those of netid 1000 instead of 9003)22:13
npurcifulyeah, look up info22:13
Rigolowhat do you mean?22:14
Rigoloby looking at the channel table you can see that the channels are linked to the netid 1000 transports instead of the correct transport (Without netid)22:17
Rigolothe frequencies etc of the transports are set correctly, so that is not the problem22:18
npurcifuli dont know if editing the mythdb to change the netid would work22:19
npurcifulbut the netid can be found in dtv_multiplex22:19
Rigolono, because netid 1000 had it's transports on different frequencies than in 900322:20
Rigolobut I can update channel to point to the correct mplexid22:20
Rigolobecuase the correct transports are in the dtv_multiplex table22:20
RigoloI will just have to find the correct mplexid first22:20
npurcifulgoodluck i have to leave for 10-15min22:21
* npurciful got get food22:22
npurciful4:18 here and havent at launch22:22
npurcifulat = ate22:22
Rigolothere is brunch for a meal between breakfast and lunch .. but what do you call a meal between lunch and dinner?22:23
Rigololunner? dinch?22:23
npurcifuli am going to go with dinch22:25
Rigolojust updated the channel table22:26
directhexRigolo, tea22:26
directhexRigolo, typically, "teatime" is when the kids eat, at ~6pm. "dinnertime" is when the adults eat, at ~8pm22:26
Rigolodirecthex: well ... that sounds like he is going to have just some cookies :-)22:27
Rigolodirecthex: when tea is at 6pm .. then between lunch (~12am) and tea (~6pm) should then be a tench? tunch? lea?22:28
directhexRigolo, "stop being a greedy fast bastard" o'clock22:28
Rigolobtw ... editing the channel table helped ....:-)22:29
Rigolowatching Nederland 1 now22:29
Rigololets do some zapping :-)22:30
Rigolozapping works ... but it is still a bit slow .... but what else is new :-)22:32
Rigoloso how do we solve this now .... writing a sql training course for mythtv is probably not the right answer22:33
npurcifulalright im back22:46
Rigolotrac ticket #3640 has the best description what is happening22:46
Rigolothere is also a patch from klaas de waal (comment 33) that is doing exactly what I proposed: let the user enter a network id when scanning22:47
Rigolothis "bug" is a major issue for the usablilty of mythtv with dvb-c at least here in the netherlands22:48
Rigoloby using a dvb-c card with a CI and a alphacrypt CAM you can also watch the encrypted channels with mythtv if you want22:49
Rigolo(and then there is also an other option by using a softcam and an official card in a cardreader ... just like the dreambox dvb-c receivers are doing it)22:50
directhexsoftcams aren't supported, ever22:50
RigoloI know .. that is why i put it in brackets22:51
directhexand if your cable provider is sending invalid network ids, are you *supposed* to be using unofficial kit? does your cable contract allow you to use your own equipment?22:51
Rigoloyes it does .... and they are even telling you what network id you really need because when you use an official decoder you need to enter that network id together with a initial frequency into your setup box before it starts scanning22:52
directhexhm, interesting22:52
directhexthis is a regression since 0.20.2?22:53
Rigolowell, I was able to import a channels.conf in 0.20.2 ( think .. this was mythbuntu 7.10 standard) and then I had no issues22:53
RigoloI could try to install 7.10 default and have a look there ... will only take max 1 hour to go through the whole setup22:54
Rigolobut that will then have to wait until tom. morning22:54
Rigoloalmost midnight ......22:55
* Rigolo is wondering what the correct term would be for a midnight snack .. you know ... between dinner and breakfast :-)22:55
directhex"midnight snack"22:55
npurcifulthat is the 4th meal22:56
npurcifulbetween dinner and breakfast22:56
npurcifulor at least at taco bell22:56
RigoloI do not think we have a taco bell here in hollan22:56
directhexthe uk is devoid of taco bell22:56
directhexthank god22:56
RigoloKFC is just moving in ...22:56
directhexi mean, i pray for the day a taco isn't a 25 mile drive each way, but taco bell is not food22:57
directhexiirc taco bell and pizza hut are the same company22:57
npurcifultaco bell and kfc are owned by the same company22:57
directhexand kfc, no less22:57
RigoloSubways was in my city .. but when belly up ... it is not doing so well here22:57
directhexbah, http://www.yum.com/about/brands.asp22:58
Rigolothe brands yes, the shops are mostly franchises22:58
npurcifulYum! Brands Restaurant Support Center, 1900 Colonel Sanders Lane, Louisville, KY22:58
Rigolomy definition of a city is that should be at least 1 McD :-) .. but now that they even put McDrives in the middle of nowhere along some provicial road that needs rethinking :-)22:59
Rigolobut ... 0.20.2 is now the default mythtv in mythbuntu 7.10 right?23:00
npurcifulahh, but one on wants to be the first to build23:00
directhexeven this town has a mcdonalds23:00
npurcifulthat is were big company come in at the pay the most and the other shops and restraunt play less to build around the big company23:01
Rigoloor one big franchise firm buys a big lot and put all there brands there in one go. same cluster of Fast Food restaurants all over the place23:02
Rigoloin the morning I will do a fresh install of Mythbuntu 7.10 .... import my channels.conf.fta .. and have a look23:05
Rigolonpurciful: and your back ... at least .. from my perspective :-)23:10
Rigoloif I look at ticket 3640 this also happens in 0.20.2 ... but I'm sure I had no problems with my pre trunk autobuild setup ....23:10
Rigolo(so before I switched to the trunk autobuilds)23:11
Rigolowhy is mythtv doing it's own scanning when you import a channels.conf btw?23:11
* Rigolo going to bed .... who knows untl tom evening.23:19
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