PiciPriceChild: What was that ban about? 00:03
PriceChildPici, quit message00:04
PiciPriceChild: simple woman?00:04
PriceChildPici, one of them00:04
PiciOr the Intellegent American one00:04
PriceChildthat's another00:04
PiciRather, that one makes more sense... 00:04
PriceChildtogether with the french one00:04
PriceChildthe microsoft one.... meh not too bothered00:05
PriceChildwell, not as bothered00:05
naliothi actually think that was a compliment00:05
PiciThe woman one wasnt bad, the american one was.00:05
* nalioth wasn't bothered at all00:06
PiciI was only bothered because I misread the 'simple woman' one wrong at first.  00:07
PriceChildIn light of current events I think its worth asking for change.00:07
naliothi think we've wasted far more brain cycles than it deserves00:13
no0ticjpatrick, sorry for the inconvenience but I invited codicealpha in #ubuntu-it-ops...01:05
LjLhello, how can we help you?01:31
mannytu_i can not get to #ubuntu , it says I am ban?01:31
LjLlet me check01:32
LjLmannytu_, you sent this message a couple of times as soon as you joined #ubuntu01:35
LjL<mannytu> A music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.01:35
LjLcan you explain that?01:35
mannytu_this is the first time I log into irc today?01:35
LjLmaybe, but that was not today01:36
mannytu_I did don't know who did that message; it was not me.01:36
LjLwell, it was from your computer, and using your very own nickname01:37
mannytu_I did not do that.01:38
mannytu_when did this happen?01:38
LjLFeb 19 2008 23:02:4301:38
mannytu_i do not know what to tell you; I did not do it01:40
mannytu_if you see when I long on I mostly read what is happening and not chat much at all...01:41
LjLmannytu_: may you have pasted that message into your client accidentally?01:41
mannytu_I do not think so, do I need to change my name?01:42
mannytu_can someone use my name without my password?01:43
LjLmannytu_: it just must have been some sort of accident, because it wasn't just your nickname, but your very computer's network address. i'll let you back into #ubuntu, but please make sure you don't accidentally paste lines into your client, because otherwise we'll just have to believe you're lying about it01:43
Hobbseemannytu_: are you running any xchat scripts?01:44
mannytu_right now I am using xchat on my latop thru VMware maching with jars user01:45
mannytu_I also have Ubuntu on my Dell01:45
mannytu_I do not know how to run scrips01:46
mannytu_I still new and learning the linux commands01:46
mannytu_I am sure I did not paste anything, however, someone did01:48
LjLsomeone using the cpe-70-123-175-137.hot.res.rr.com address, yes.01:49
mannytu_whos address is that?01:50
LjLmannytu_: please type /whois mannytu_01:50
mannytu_It did not come up?01:51
Hobbsee[12:52] [Whois] mannytu_ is n=Manny@cpe-70-123-175-137.hot.res.rr.com (Larson)01:52
mannytu_that is my last name; is this my address?01:53
mannytu_can someone use my computer to send these messages?01:54
LjLmannytu_: not unless your computer has been compromised01:54
LjLmannytu_: is the "mannytu" who is currently online yourself?01:55
mannytu_ok this is from my laptop; wil it be different on my Desktop?01:55
LjLwhat will be different?01:56
mannytu_the whois?01:56
LjLmannytu_: you can check for yourself, /whois mannytu01:56
nalioththey are the same01:57
mannytu_I type the command but it did not show me?01:57
mannytu_ /whois mannytu01:57
LjLmannytu_, it works just like it worked the other time with mannytu_01:58
mannytu_I type it term but I do not see it?01:59
LjL[Whois] mannytu is n=manny@cpe-70-123-175-137.hot.res.rr.com (purple)01:59
LjLmannytu_ is n=Manny@cpe-70-123-175-137.hot.res.rr.com (Larson)01:59
LjLthe latter is yourself. is the former yourself too?01:59
mannytu_that should be my desktop on piggen02:00
LjLmannytu_: could you have inadvertedly sent those messages from Pidgin?02:00
mannytu_I do not real chat that much02:01
mannytu_I read to see the problems that other have to learn02:01
LjLmannytu_: look, either your computer was compromised, in which case you should worry, or you accidentally pasted stuff. i can't know.02:02
mannytu_ok, sorry for taking too much of your time02:03
LjL*deep breath*02:05
* jdong pats LjL 02:07
LjLHobbsee: you win. PM:  [03:07:43] <mannytu> I know [03:08:00] <mannytu> I was messing with plug In02:08
Pici!opsnack | LjL 02:10
ubotuLjL: Chocolate!  And Peanuts!02:10
jdongwhat if LjL were allergic to peanuts?02:10
PiciI'm allergic to peanuts... 02:11
LjLi'm allergic to peanuts.02:11
LjLbut i'm not allergic to chocolate so i'll just throw the peanuts to mc4402:11
mannytuLjL: I know!!! I was messing with Plug in for Pidgin that day02:12
LjLmannytu: yes, i replied to your private message02:12
mannytumy wife was talking to me02:13
mannytuhave to get ready for bed...02:13
mannytugood night02:13
LjLgood night02:13
no0tic'night LjL 02:13
jdongno0tic: wrong person :)02:13
no0ticjdong, indeed, but he should go too :)02:14
jdongno0tic: maybe you two should go together and ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H yeah it's probably that time02:14
no0ticjdong, we live 300km away each others02:15
* jdong tries to recall the expression about distant relationships...02:15
PiciAbsense makes the heart grow fonder.02:16
LjL[Tue Nov 13 2007] [21:30:16] <jdong>    Pici: you picky when it comes to rubbin'?02:17
LjL[Tue Nov 13 2007] [21:30:29] <jdong>    I can't believe I just said that02:17
* Pici blinks02:17
jdongI have a feeling one can generate a very disturbing jdong-quotes collection02:17
no0ticjdong, absense is like the wind, blows out a candle and strenghtens larges fires02:17
LjLjdong: but we don't, unless provoked :P02:18
jdongLjL: :)02:18
stdinanyone else getting /msg's from kahrytan?02:56
LjLno, what about?02:57
stdin[02:56]<kahrytan> What kitofhawaii said about me in Jan 28, 2008, was complete bullshit. it was all lies and slander.  ref: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/01/28/%23ubuntu-ops.txt02:57
* PriceChild headdesks02:58
LjLstdin: and why would he tell you about that?02:58
stdinLjL: nothing, just came out of the blue02:58
LjLstdin, i suggest you tell him to stop bothering you with unsolicited PMs.02:58
stdinI wasn't even active here, was working on some c++ code for the last few hours02:58
PriceChildLjL, perhaps we suggest he PMs me? *ducks*02:59
PiciHe wasn't here either.02:59
LjLPriceChild: no, but we could suggest he joins here.02:59
LjLno PMs thank you.02:59
PriceChild-irc don't you mean? ;)02:59
PriceChildAnd I was being sarcy.03:00
jdong21:59 <+LjL> no PMs thank you.03:00
* jdong giggles03:00
LjLespecially in the light of the fact that he asked for no PMs from us03:00
stdinI haven't replied, and I don't plan to. don't want to even give them the chance for a dialogue03:00
LjLPriceChild: -irc should do, yeah.03:00
stdinalthough the'll probably read the logs for this conversation and pm me again in a few days, oh well03:01
LjLstdin, so let him. he clearly requested that ops don't "harrass" him by PMing in. i don't see why, in this particular instance, you shouldn't respect his will.03:02
mneptokwhy is he still allowed in #u-us-hi?03:27
mneptokif ops are not allowed to speak to him, then he has no business in Ubuntu channels03:28
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, PriceChild said: !unforget anything03:46
PriceChildhmm was sure there was something there03:46
PriceChildah he used a .03:47
desertcsomeone might want to keep an eye on #ubuntu-offtopic -- trouble brewing06:31
MyrttiI'm for a while06:31
desertc:)  okay - have a nice night06:32
Hobbseepeople, is it trolling if you're saying something accurate?11:45
Seeker`Hobbsee: example?11:45
Hobbsee[22:13] * Fujitsu checks how far read-only-launchpad has been deferred.11:46
Hobbsee[22:14] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: it doesn't matter how long it's been deferred currently.  they'll just keep redeferring it by a month, as they wish.11:46
Hobbsee[22:18] <soren> So... How's the trolling business these days?11:46
elkbuntuHobbsee, it's all in the tone in such a situation11:53
Hobbseeyeah well11:54
* Seeker` doesn'nt understand what is going on in that conversation, or how it is trolling11:55
HobbseeSeeker`: it's launchpad milestones, and features getting delayed11:55
Hobbseeelkbuntu: so, uh, what's the polite form of saying that launchpad tends to postpone it's release dates, so one can not assume that a given feature will show up when the suggested date says?11:57
Garyjust what you typed is clear enough11:58
Seeker`"the release dates tend not to be accurate as features are usually delayed"12:00
Garys/usually/often  s/usually/can be12:01
Garyhacktalk in #ubuntu is posting bash.org posts pretending they are helpful...12:03
Garykb'd him12:10
neversfeldeHello, I am a kubuntu member since yesterday. Can you give me an Ubuntu cloak?12:58
neversfeldehere is my launchpad account: https://edge.launchpad.net/~neversfelde12:58
jpatrickhi neversfelde 12:58
neversfeldehi jpatrick12:59
jpatrickGary: you still around mate?^12:59
jpatrickoh, wait, I think nalioth does all the ubuntu cloaks12:59
Garyhe does12:59
PiciHe does because it requires a staffer and a IRC Council member to do it... which he is both.13:00
neversfeldethere is an IRC Council?13:01
ubotuThe Ubuntu IRC Council is the team governance council for the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/IrcCouncil for more information13:01
PiciSure :)13:02
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde
jussi01I just ban/forwarded alterego from #kubuntu-kde4 seems he was one of those trolls we have been getting asking nonsense questions14:28
mc44jussi01: he just got k-lined14:30
jussi01hmmm, actually, make that just removed.14:30
jussi01mc44: heh, great14:30
PriceChildneversfelde, could I have your launchpad url please?14:45
neversfeldePriceChild: ofcourse, one moment please14:45
PriceChildneversfelde, have you set up your nickname with nickserv with a linked nick and email set?14:45
neversfeldePriceChild: I think so. Can I test it somewhere?14:46
PriceChildneversfelde, type /msg nickserv info neversfelde, then paste it into a private message with me14:46
neversfeldelaunchpad url is https://edge.launchpad.net/~neversfelde14:47
PriceChild"or", just check there is an email and linked nick listed there14:47
neversfeldePriceChild: there is an email and linked nicks14:48
PriceChildGood good.14:48
PriceChildnalioth, could you please cloak neversfelde with ubuntu/member14:48
PriceChildneversfelde, please be patient and nal‚Äčioth will get to it asap.14:48
neversfeldeno problem. Thanks for your Help. 14:49
neversfeldeshall I stay in channel?14:49
PriceChildcould be handy, just incase14:49
PiciPriceChild: Gary is around somewhere... do you need nal, or any staffer?14:50
PriceChildPici, need nal.14:50
PiciAh :/14:50
GaryPici, annoyingly nalioth only at the mo14:50
PiciGary: You should annoy him about it14:51
Pici:X nevermind14:53
GaryI annoy him about many things :p14:53
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LjL[18:41:07] * genius will pay $ (paypal) for help. I need to enable external monitor on NV7400Go. Please go private.17:42
LjLnot sure what i think of this but i just thought i'd paste it17:42
jussi01heh, someones desperate17:47
Seeker`I dont think that it is a good thing, but it isn't definately wrong18:09
* jpatrick looks at GRay in #kubuntu18:26
ompaulsee -ops19:07
ompaulsee -offtopic 19:07
PiciThats what my 'ugh' was about.19:07
ompaulPici, ehh you should have said +119:08
ompaulbut you did not 19:08
PiciThen you would have said, "What about #ubuntu+1"19:08
ompaulPici, never - (at least just so I can disagree with you ;-)19:10
ubotuwhite_eagle called the ops in #ubuntu ()19:10
ompauljdong, pm19:22
anthonyHey, can anyone fill me in on what's happened so far in the CC meeting?20:49
jpatrickthey're on the MOTU thing now20:50
jpatrickWest Bengal-India application => rejected, not old enough20:51
jpatrickUS - Maryland got though20:51
jpatrickand the others aren't around20:51
jpatrickanthony: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda20:52
jpatrickwe still have to start memberships20:52
anthonyAll righty - why was the stuff about loco hosting removed?20:52
LjLnot to do with the CC20:53
jpatrickalready discuss at pervious meeting20:53
anthonyWell, nothing changed since the last meeting.20:54
jpatrickanthony: Canonical team are overworked appartently20:54
anthonyjpatrick: Yes, that's been their line since at least last October.20:54
jpatricknot much we can do about it :)20:55
anthonyThere's "overworked" and there's "just not paying attention to that anymore"20:55
jpatrickThey did my requests at rt.ubuntu.com20:55
anthonyThey said they were hiring new people, and things would improve "within weeks"20:55
anthonymeh, whatever20:57
* anthony hunkers down for posingaspopular and greg-g20:57
jpatrickanthony: just poke them in #canonical-sysadmin when you need something :)20:58
anthonyjpatrick: I have.  Many, many times.  So has Madpilot.  We've been filing tickets, sending e-mails, poking people on IRC, and still nothing.  We've even had someone in #canonical-sysadmin promise action within 24 hours, on three separate occasions, and not come through.21:00
anthonyWe've been working on getting a web site up ever since Ubuntu Canada was approved over a year ago.21:01
jpatrickanthony: wow, odd... they've always helped me when I asked...21:01
anthonyjpatrick: Yeah, I don't know what the deal is...21:02
jpatrickanthony: I find them have a thing with "security" all the time :)21:03
jpatrickthey*, but don't blame them, it's their machines21:03
anthonyjpatrick: right now the "security" excuse is being used to explain why we can't edit our Drupal theme, and are stuck with broken links that users keep complaining to me about because Canonical gave us a broken theme.21:06
jpatrickanthony: surely you must have at least one ssh account on the machine..21:08
anthonyjpatrick: No.  No SSH nor FTP.21:08
anthonyyou can see that in our ticket21:09
jpatrickok, that's just evil21:09
anthonyjpatrick: https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=207 for one of our threads of contact21:10
jpatrickanthony: I see..21:13
=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker`

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