kaiiHi.  I'm a support channel virus.  please copy me to each support channel to help me spread over the whole freenode network.00:00
RangdeBasanti_how to do some thing that automatically checks wheather a proccess has not been runing for a specified time. if it isnt, runs it and logs in a file that it has made it run.?04:23
timboyworking on a simple dhcp server my server ip is and when I try to stop my dhcp server I get "address range to not on net!"04:35
spowersIs there something like the ubuntu desktop version of update-manager that I can run on my server?  (of course apt-get update && apt-get upgrade --download-only) in a cronjob is available, but that's not what i mean.)05:56
spowersfor one thing, update-manager knows how to only install updates from gutsy-security for example05:59
spowers(automatically without confirmation from security while other updates are left for admin action)05:59
faulkes-spowers: create a seperate /etc/apt/sources.list file such as /etc/apt/sources.list.security and use "apt-get -c /etc/apt/sources.list.security upgrade"06:06
spowersooh, good idea06:06
faulkes-where sources.list.security contains only the repo's you want, such as security upgrades06:07
spowersi must admit i'm a little skeptical on the idea of automatically installing any updates, but i understand that the security team is very, very, very, very picky06:07
spowersso it may well be safe to stick in cron06:07
faulkes-yes, a significant amount of attention is paid regarding security updates06:08
faulkes-that doesn't mean things don't go wrong on a minor level06:08
faulkes-I've seen updates, which get rolled back the next day, then rolled forward again the following day06:08
faulkes-but that is unusual and definitely not the norm06:08
spowersok, since it seems like you're on a roll here, i have another question06:09
spowersi used to use just apt-get all the time, and sometimes aptitude when i wanted to get a more interactive view of packages on my system06:10
faulkes-yes, and?06:10
spowersbut i'm getting ready to start deploying maybe half a dozen ubuntu server systems at work, and i'm thinking it would be a great idea if we could somehow update them all at once, or manage packages on them all at once06:11
spowersis there anything that's like, "synaptic for multiple servers" or something like that?06:11
spowersor is there another way of looking at the problem06:11
spowersi could easily um, clusterssh -X and run synaptic on them, as i'm not particularly averse to installing xlibs and even all the way up to gnome libs to get that functionality06:12
faulkes-that would be one option06:13
faulkes-while that is generally more designed for having the repositories local06:14
faulkes-you could probably configure it specifically for your needs for specific packages06:14
faulkes-again, by perhaps another cron script to point to that apt repository06:15
spowersoh, so it'd be a model where i'd have a local apt repo that my servers trusted06:15
spowersand i'd just drop the packages i wanted to force down the line into that repo06:15
spowersthat's another good idea, but what if the packages have debconf questions06:16
faulkes-it would require a bit of tweaking but yes, I believe that would be quite possible06:16
faulkes-spowers: as I havent done it myself, I can only suggest it, the devil is always in the details ;)06:16
spowerswhat i'm really after is a kind of central admin console for a large group of servers.. and 6 is not so large, but i could see it being an itch i'd want to scratch down the line06:16
spowersespecially if 6 turns into 60, as we're doing all virtual servers rather than physical boxes now06:17
spowersi'm being asked to deploy apps every week now, where it used to be a monthly thing :)06:17
faulkes-again, thats where using something like clusterssh would be of benefit06:17
spowersyeah, i've only used it in passing, but it seems like maybe investing some time in cssh would be all i needed06:18
* faulkes- nods06:18
spowersheck, i'd probably be happy with that06:18
spowersi'd be a bit happier if they'd update it so it didn't look like 198806:18
spowersbut otherwise, you know, it's great06:18
faulkes-well, it's unix (perse), all things are possible with a litle work06:19
spowersit's weird.  i used to be all debian, and spent a lot of time doing debian admin stuff, and all was well.. then i took a job at a windows 2003 shop, and at work i quit doing so much debian, but things have changed at the shop and i've convinced the powers that be to put some ubuntu/debian stuff in production, but all the windows admin work has made me look at things from a different perspective06:21
spowerswhich i suppose is the windows weenie perspective06:22
spowersi get the impression that the ubuntu folks have done a lot to improve on debian as a server while i wasn't looking for the past few years06:22
faulkes-well, you work with what you are given06:22
faulkes-as for windows, I generally install cygwin and do what needs doing that way06:23
faulkes-or use that stupid shell thingy they have06:23
spowersone thing that i've found invaluable to me at work.. well, two things, the other one being rdesktop, and the first one being a project called smbnetfs06:24
spowerswe have win2k3 servers and winxp desktops06:24
spowerssmbnetfs places the "network neighborhood" on a fuse mountpoint06:24
* faulkes- nods06:24
* faulkes- nods06:24
spowersthe configuration is quite odd, but what an effect06:24
spowerscat /dev/null > /smb/box/c$/autoexec.bat06:25
spowers apt-get -o Dir::Etc::SourceList=/etc/apt/security-sources.list  upgrade06:32
spowers-c complained about garbage in the file (huh...)06:32
faulkes-either way ;)06:35
spowersit's a good idea, and i'm going to try to use it to destroy my server at home06:37
spowers(in an unattended fashion)06:37
spowersthanks for the advice06:39
faulkes-always good to try it out in a test environment first ;)06:43
faulkes-Bambi_BOFH eh? sounds to me like somebody is the PFY06:58
Bambi_BOFHfaulkes-: that makes two comments in that vein in about 3 minutes :)06:59
faulkes-yes well, when you spent enough time in a.s.r ;)07:03
rkviraniapt is all screwed up, how do I fix it07:06
rkviranidpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/debianutils_2.22.1_i386.deb (--unpack):07:06
rkvirani trying to overwrite `/usr/sbin/add-shell', which is also in package passwd07:06
Pete_BI'm told that using tasksel's lamp-server option does setup & configuration beyond what installing the packages separately does. I've looked at tasksel's lamp-server task and it only seems to install apache2 and mysql-server. not even php5. for starters, does it install php?07:43
faulkes-iirc there was an issue about that but I can't remember what it was offhand07:45
faulkes-I would suggest searching launchpad07:45
faulkes-iirc installing php5 should add itself appropriately to your apache installation (although requires a restart of apache)07:46
Pete_Bahh, I was misunderstanding tasksel's 'task-fields' option, which explains the lack of php5. So my question is more, does tasksel do anything beyond if I were to install the packages separately (I understand how they'd be integrated if I installed them separately)07:47
_rubenthe lamp task installs apache+mysql+php just fine .. there were some issues with tasksel itself tho (hanging at end of install) .. using apt-get install lamp-server^ 'fixes' that07:47
Pete_Bmy friend says the Ubuntu team worked for 6 months on the lamp-server and believes it does a load of specific extra configuration07:47
faulkes-I'm not a tasksel expert, I couldn't say07:48
faulkes-iirc I think zul does work on php stuff07:48
Pete_Bcan anyone here provide me with a list of the dependencies provided by the virtual package 'lamp-server' please? (I'm not running Ubuntu)07:48
Pete_Bvirtual packages aren't listed at packages.ubuntu.com07:49
spiekeyMorning :)07:51
Pete_Bthanks anyway07:53
_rubenhere's a... ow wait .. he left08:02
nijabagood morning08:14
faulkes-hmm, I should probably crawl into bed08:20
faulkes-nijaba: anything poll related we need to discuss before I head off into lala land?08:21
nijabafaulkes-: just that I talked with limesurvey people08:22
faulkes-nijaba: oh, heh, I know, on the export, where we list the available distro's, ubuntu is listed last, I think we should list it first08:22
nijabathey commited on a bugfix for monday :)08:22
nijabafaulkes-: I'll fix that... (alphabetical order)08:22
faulkes-awesome on the response from limesurvey08:23
nijabafaulkes-: in exchange, I am working on packaging limesurvey to ubuntu08:23
faulkes-nijaba: yeah, I thought it would be something like that08:23
faulkes-re: alphabetical08:23
faulkes-nijaba: hmmm, interesting, maybe I could work with you on that, or at least follow along (packaging it)08:24
nijabafaulkes-: it will be my first as well...08:24
faulkes-I've been reading through the docs and such but I'm a newbie when it comes to it08:24
nijabafaulkes-: just followed packaging 101 this week!08:24
* faulkes- nods08:25
faulkes-ok, I'm gonna jump into bed here, I'll catch up with you later today at some point I imagine08:26
achandrashekarhello..I am using ltsp across two servers with dhcp failover. My ldap auth server that uses libnss locks up on boot at klog. Any fixes out there for this?08:26
nijabagood night faulkes-08:27
nijabaachandrashekar: what version of the server?  7.10?08:27
achandrashekari know there is bug report out there..08:28
nijabaachandrashekar: you should ask mathiaz or dendrobates when they are around, but right now I am afraid they are asleep08:28
achandrashekarthey are around in the morning.ermmm PST?08:29
nijabaachandrashekar: they are both EST based08:29
achandrashekarokay..will do.08:30
achandrashekarits plague since fiesty..and i havent been able to search or walk my way past it....yet08:30
nijabaI bet08:31
achandrashekartried ALL the recommended - switch S10 to S18 rc files, soft_boot yes,  check /etc files for presence of klog and nvram...you name it...but no luck at all.08:32
achandrashekarthe only thing that works is to remove ldap from nsswitch and then im good08:32
achandrashekarbut then...of course no ldap08:32
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sorennijaba, faulkes-: w.r.t. ordering of choices in polls.. Being at the bottom is not necessarily bad.09:03
sorennijaba, faulkes-: However, I find randomisation to be the best ordering mechanism for poll options.09:03
nijabasoren: I was thinking about it as it is one of the options in LimeSurvey09:03
sorenLots of folks click randomly, and randomising the options evens that out.09:04
sorenThat illustrates it pretty well.09:04
sorenPeople *think* they click randomly.09:04
sorenThey don't.09:04
sorenRandomising the options will thwart those people's attempts at messing with the poll.09:05
sorenThe slashdot poll is slightly special, though.09:06
sorenThe "real" cowboyneal options is always at the bottom, so I'm quite sure that's why most people favoured that one.09:06
sorenIt's tricky if begin asked "how many foo have you got" and the options are "0-10", "10-20", ....., ">100"... If you randomise those choices, you screw with people's heads :)09:08
nijabasoren: should only be done on text question, IMHO09:08
sorenSounds like a reasonable, general rule :)09:09
sorenI read a study at one point about this.09:09
sorenI believe it recommended adding a bogus option to the list, and deduct the number of votes that option got from all the other vote counts as it was a reasonable assumption that that was the amount of bogus votes each of the other ones got, too.09:11
nijabasoren: that might be a bit too much...09:12
nijabasoren: would you be able to mentor faulkes- & I on packaging LimeSurvey?09:12
sorennijaba: It's a php web app, isn't it?09:13
nijabasoren: yep09:13
nijabasoren: so it should be pretty simple09:14
sorenI've never done one of those, but sure.09:14
sorenThe tricky part is database configuratino.09:14
sorenconfiguration, even.09:14
nijabasoren: ah... right09:14
NineTeen67CometHiya .. I'm trying to get a pretty old box fired up with Ubuntu-Server and it is going off about: No installable kernel was found in the defined APT sources. It is a Cyrix chipped box .. help?10:24
monziehi all11:00
monzieI need to know how to setup CGI on Ubuntu 7.1011:00
spiekeywhen i try to run this simple install script: http://pastebin.ca/91252013:00
spiekeyi run into an apt error saying that apache is not configured yet.13:00
spiekeydue to my exit codes the installation aborts.13:01
spiekeyAny idea why or what i am doing wrong?13:01
_rubenspiekey: apache isnt valid afaik .. try apache213:03
_ruben(and you have ssh specified on 2 different lines)13:04
spiekey_ruben: at first i just used phpldapadmin and let the deps do the work, but then it came up with "apache is not configured yet"...i will reproduce it in a minute.13:11
dendrobatesjjesse: I'm sorry to here you can't make it to UDS.13:28
spiekeyhere...how can i avoid this error? http://pastebin.ca/91255213:32
jjessedendrobates: too close to baby coming13:33
jjessemy wife is due w/ first child to close to uds this time ;(13:33
jjessenot :( that we are having a baby, but that i'm missing uds13:33
dendrobatesjjesse: understood.  next time perhaps.  Although a six-month old is a bit of work, so it may be some time before we see you again.  :)13:34
_rubenspiekey: ah .. its on dapper .. no experience with that .. only gutsy here (and a test install of hardy) which does not have apache, only apache213:35
zuljjesse: heh kids can be fun..13:35
spiekey_ruben: thanks anyway13:36
jjessedendrobates: i understand... six months hopefully :)13:46
faulkes-dendrobates: nice forum response14:14
redguy_workI am running gutsy and I want to play a bit with linux-vserver . Do I have to patch and compile my kernel, or does any of the distro builds contain the vserver patches?14:23
zulyes you have to compile your own patch14:24
spiekeyi have got samba + ldap running, and if i reset my dapper box my MachineName$ get removed from my ldap database14:27
spiekeyany idea why?14:27
spiekeyor who?14:28
_rubenlinux-vserver as in LVS or some virtualization thingie?14:31
dendrobatesfaulkes-: thanks.14:47
nijabaredguy_work: I believe that a pre-patched vServer kernel has been made available by RevolutionLinux in Universe for Hardy.14:48
zul_ruben: virtualization thingy14:48
zulnijaba: RevolutionLinux?14:48
nijabazul: a service provider in Canada14:48
zulnijaba: ahhhh....those damn canadians14:49
nijabazul: damn you, then ;)14:49
faulkes-hey now14:49
zulnijaba: heh14:49
nijababut they are much better than the Maudits Fran├žais ;)14:49
faulkes-don't me start up with the timbits and saying "eh"14:49
faulkes-s/don't me/don't make me14:50
faulkes-I'll send the mounties after ya14:50
nijabafaulkes-: you're from Canada as well?14:51
nijabaelmo: I just saw the addition of a bunch of Dell HW by AndrewGlen-Young \o/.  Should I had them the other wiki page as well?15:02
nijabamathiaz, soren: this includes the iSCSI NAS MD3000i !15:03
sorenI suspect you're on the wrong channel, dude.15:03
zulwho does bind9 for ubuntu?15:03
zul<nelson>hah hah!</nah>15:04
lamontzul: why?15:04
spiekeyhow can i search for backport packages again?15:10
zullamont: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bind9/+bug/19168515:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191685 in bind9 "[hardy]: bind9 does not remove /var/lib/bind on purge" [Undecided,New]15:11
lamontzul: meh15:11
lamontand yeah, iz bug15:12
zullamont: if you want I can do a debdiff and put it somewhere15:12
lamontit's more that the mkdir in postinst doesn't say -p15:12
faulkes-lamont: that was my thinking when I saw the bug15:13
lamontwhich is fixed in the next upload.15:14
lamontthe not-purging-configish-stuff-on-purge is a hold over from bind vs bind915:15
lamontit pisses off admins when switching from bind 8 to bind 9 nukes all their zone data15:15
lamontI'll upload that tonight15:16
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mathiazzul: I think I've managed to setup ubuntu-server-bugs correctly17:39
zulmathiaz: yay!17:39
mathiazzul: let's see if it works as expected.17:40
sommerman I'm really on the fence about the server guide being installed by default bug19:14
jjessedo you not want it installed?19:14
sommeron the one hand I don't think it's a big deal to have it installed because personally I look to the web first19:15
sommerbut from some of the comments in the bug others may look to local copies first19:15
jjessei thought there was great discussion at uds that it was a problem it wasn't included?19:15
faulkes-sommer: think of the case where you are building a server and you don't yet have network connectivity19:16
faulkes-having a local copy of the guide may be useful19:16
sommerfaulkes-: right, the package is on the cd though, just not installed by default19:16
jjesseor you are not allowed to have internet access19:16
sommerthe other part of the bug was about not having a non-gui doc package, which has been solved19:16
faulkes-sommer: I think of it this way, the server edition is in fact, one very large package which is installed19:17
faulkes-and if you look at it like that, almost all other packages install documentation (/usr/share/doc type area) by default19:17
faulkes-granted, thats just my opinion19:18
sommerfaulkes-: heh, I'm having a hard time visualizing that one19:18
sommerI'm good either way, and can see both sides of the argument19:19
faulkes-sommer: ok, if you "aptitude search <package>" the listing on the left sometimes has a v, indicating it is a virtual package, a meta19:19
faulkes-think of the entire server edition as one big meta ;)19:19
faulkes-but decision is yours, I've never found it to be a problem19:20
sommerI guess for me the deciding factor is it worth the amount of work needed to install it by default, and since I'm not the one doing the work...19:20
sommerI'll be happy if the new docs are on the web site at launch day ;-)19:21
sommermathiaz: are you the one who'd update the seed, or whatever is needed?19:23
sommeralso if the guide isn't installed by default do you solve the motd bug by giving instructions on how to install and view the guide?19:29
sommerseems like that could make for a long motd... heh19:29
faulkes-cat server-guide.txt >/etc/motd19:32
faulkes-that'll teach'em19:32
jjesseheh, longest motd ever19:32
faulkes-and just in case they decide to do a network install and ssh in19:33
faulkes-cat server-guide.txt >/etc/issue.net19:33
sommerfaulkes-, jjesse: thanks I think I'm off the fence19:40
jjesseglad i could help19:40
sommeror at least have a solid opinion :)19:40
nxvl_workmathiaz: ping19:49
nxvl_workmathiaz: CC Meeting is starting in 10 minutres19:49
pwnguinnot installing manpages is a cruel joke =(20:03
ScottKpwnguin: If we aren't installing man pages it's a bug.20:06
pwnguin"man: command not found"20:06
pwnguini have to assume it's intentional20:07
tinyHi! I've just installed ubuntu-server and I'd like to test it a bit. First problem! I can't edit files in /etc/. I'd like to set up network, IP and such. It appears I'm not in sudoers group.20:11
tinyHow do I get standard linux root user. I miss it. :)20:11
jjesse!info root20:11
ubotuPackage root does not exist in gutsy20:11
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:11
faulkes-you can boot into recovery mode and add yourself to sudo20:12
tinywhy wasn't this done at setup?20:12
faulkes-it is20:12
faulkes-at least I havent encountered a case where it wasn't20:12
tinythis box is just installed. And I've added user at setup. And it's not in sudoers.20:13
faulkes-I believe during setup, the there is a specific option to add yourself to sudo20:13
faulkes-as I said, boot into recovery mode and add yourself, that would be the easiest fix20:13
tinyIs there a way to do this without reboot?20:14
tinyhow lame ... system is useless20:19
tinyreinstall is needed20:19
faulkes-I fail to see how doing a simple reboot is such a problem20:19
tinyfaulkes-: and what do I do after reboot?20:20
faulkes-you select recovery mode, which will bring you to a root prompt20:20
tinyfaulkes-: default grub menu doesn't have selection or does it?20:21
pwnguintiny: if you hit esc20:21
tinyah k20:21
pwnguina grub menu should appear20:21
tinythanks will try20:21
faulkes-then add yourself to the admin group20:21
pwnguinstrange though20:21
pwnguini thought it added the new user to sudoers by default20:21
tinyIt did at one box at work ... the only difference in install method was that I installed that box over PXE20:26
tinyand now I need to check the syntax of sudoers20:26
faulkes-you should only need to add your account to the admin group20:26
faulkes-cat /etc/group | grep admin20:27
tinyinstall process should have done that :)20:27
faulkes-admin:x:<group number>:<username>20:27
faulkes-there are possible reasons why it didn't20:28
Nafalloman sudoers20:28
faulkes-however, getting upset about it won't solve the problem20:28
tinyI know ... I miss the good'ol root account20:29
faulkes-simply edit /etc/group, add yourself to the admin group, you should be set20:29
Nafalloyou can still have it20:29
faulkes-sudo su20:29
tinyfaulkes-: k I will, ty20:29
faulkes-problem solved.20:29
Nafalloman sudo_root20:29
tinysudo is lame and reasons for it are not justified20:31
faulkes-that is your opinion20:31
tinyI don't have an admin group20:32
tinyweird eh20:32
pwnguinim starting to doubt you installed ubuntu :P20:32
pwnguinuname -a20:32
tinyone sec20:32
tinyplease ... I'm not such a noob20:32
pwnguincuz this seems like a hard one to screw up, and ive been trying lately20:33
faulkes-the last line of /etc/sudoers should read %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL20:33
pwnguini managed to get the installer to lock up on the partition manager20:33
faulkes-if you don't have an admin group, simply edit /etc/group andcreate one20:33
pwnguinor use the tools written for the express purpose of doing this for you20:33
tinyfaulkes-: you we're talking about /etc/group earlier20:33
faulkes-yes, I was20:34
faulkes-both need to exist20:34
faulkes- /etc/sudoers tells sudo which groups can sudo20:34
faulkes-the line %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL in /etc/sudoers says anyone in admin group can sudo20:34
faulkes-therefore, if you do not have an admin group in /etc/group you must create one and add yourself to it20:35
tinyThis distro is far from polished .. I was under wrong impression.20:36
pwnguinstill waiting on that uname20:36
tinystuff like that should be auto set at install20:36
pwnguinit is20:36
pwnguini just installed ubuntu server amd64 twice over ssh20:36
pwnguinboth have an admin group and sudoers20:36
tinypwnguin: I need to walk from one pc to another ... I can't ssh into box because it's in rescue mode20:37
Nafallotiny: no? invoke-rc.d ssh start?20:37
faulkes- /sbin/ifconfig eth0 ; /etc/init.d/ssh start20:38
faulkes-obviously replacing with the ip address of the server20:39
tinyok ... I've "fixed" stuff. Added a line: username     ALL=(ALL) AL20:41
tinyto /etc/sudoers20:41
tinypwnguin: Linux orion 2.6.22-14-server #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:34:23 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux20:42
* faulkes- joys21:33
faulkes-fusesmb fun21:34
faulkes-and from what I've been able to attend of UDW so far, I've really enjoyed myself21:34
faulkes-good week so far, now if only the purple elephants I keep seeing stop trying to feed me twinkies21:35
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pwnguinis there a  sources.list somewhere that holds the usual suspects? somehow all i got was a cd src line21:44
faulkes- you mean fro /etc/apt/sources.list?21:46
faulkes-iirc wasn't there a sources generator dealie listed somewhere on the wiki?21:46
thebusbyAnyone know how I get g++ with the "-m32" option on Ubuntu Server 64-bit to use the /usr/lib32/stdc++ library instead of /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.1.3/libstdc++ during compilation? GCC uses the proper 32 bit libraries and everything runs fine, but g++ is dieing on this one library for some reason...21:52
thebusbyis this the right channel for this type of question? Or should I ask in the developer channel maybe?21:54
sorenthebusby: Another channel is more likely to give you quick answers.22:38
sorenthebusby: It's not server specific at all.22:38
mathiazsoren: I still have no luck with ubuntu-vm-builder22:42
mathiazsoren: It creates a root file that is 124k22:43
sorenmathiaz: I'll upload a new version before I go to bed.22:43
sorenmathiaz: And a newer version on Monday, probably. I hope to spend some time cleaning it up over the weekend.22:43
thebusbysoren: thank you!22:44
mathiazsoren: great. Thanks !22:44
mathiazsoren: what do you think about bug 193531 ?22:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193531 in libvirt "pxe booting not supported" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19353122:49
nijabafaulkes-: following up on a few discussions, I've made quite a few edits to the survey.22:51
sorenmathiaz: Hm... 8139 ought to have the PXE boot rom.22:51
mathiazsoren: so how do I set the domain to use the pxe boot rom ?22:56
sorenlibvirt should be doing that for you. Hang on.22:57
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sorenmathiaz: Er.. I actually explicitly remove them.23:07
sorenWe don't have the source, so we can't ship it.23:07
sorenmathiaz: I'll look into it.23:07
mathiazsoren: ok.23:07
mathiazsoren: do you think this will be fixed for hardy ?23:08
sorenmathiaz: I'll know in a few minutes :)23:09
sorenmathiaz: Can you easily test it?23:13
mathiazsoren: how come ?23:14
mathiazsoren: what would I need to do ?23:15
sorenmathiaz: Install the etherboot package, unpack /usr/share/etherboot/rtl8139.pxe.gz as /usr/share/kvm/pxe-rtl8139.bin23:17
sorenmathiaz: And let me know if it works.23:17
mathiazsoren: I can do that.23:17
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ivoksmathiaz: hi23:21
ivoksmathiaz: sqlite is not a build-dep, it's just dep for bacula-director-sqlite, which we could drop, and leave only sqlite3, if it gets into main23:21
mathiazivoks: right.23:22
mathiazivoks: we could actually leave it in universe23:22
mathiazsoren: I'm not sure if it works.23:22
mathiazsoren: I'm having a hard time figuring out the boot sequence23:23
ivokssqlite stayes in universe, and sqlite3 moves to main; if i understand it correctly23:23
mathiazsoren: I don't think it works.23:23
mathiazsoren: at least creating/defining a domain works23:23
mathiazivoks: correct.23:23
mathiazivoks: so we can leave bacula-*-sqlite in universe23:23
sorenmathiaz: Hm... It might actually be rtl8139.zrom.gz you want to unpack and drop in there.23:24
mathiazivoks: and move bacula-*-sqlite3 in main23:24
ivoksi'll check if sqlite3 could even conflict/replace sqlite23:24
ivoksso, if someone had sqlite, he could now upgrade to sqlite323:25
ivoksand drop sqlite version; if that's not possible, i'll just leave sqlite in universe23:25
mathiazsoren: ok - it boots from the network23:26
mathiazsoren: but can get an ip adress23:26
mathiazsoren: s/can/can not/23:26
sorenmathiaz: Do you see anything on your dhcp server?23:27
sorenmathiaz: Are you bridging?23:28
mathiazsoren: hum - it works actually23:28
mathiazsoren: if I cancel the pxe boot and ask a second time to boot it works23:28
mathiazsoren: it gets an ip adress.23:28
mathiazsoren: but not the first time.23:28
sorenDo you think it's an important use case? We don't support it right now (as etherboot is in universe)23:29
mathiazsoren: well - I'll use it to do automated test install23:29
mathiazsoren: it's usefull when you have lot's of vm and want to control where they boot from.23:30
mathiazsoren: but I'm not sure it's such a common use case.23:30
sorenWe can add a README.PXEboot and tell people how to make it work.23:31
mathiazsoren: yes - I think that's enough.23:31
sorenCool. Will do.23:32
faulkes-mathiaz: iirc there is a reason for the behaviour you're seeing w/ pxeboot dhcp / reboot23:33
faulkes-I don't remember it offhand but I do recall something about it23:33
faulkes-i'll let you know once my brain defuddles23:33
mathiazfaulkes-: well - I see a question if I wanna boot from the network or not23:34
mathiazfaulkes-: but it's strange that the first run doesn't work and subsequent one work23:34
mathiazfaulkes-: anyway - it does what I want :)23:34
* faulkes- nods23:34
faulkes-I just remember encountering that kind of behaviour before when I was working in a very pxeboot dependent org23:35
* faulkes- will have to troll through the 'ol memory melon23:35
faulkes-but I have course to attend, that should jar it loose, I'll let you know23:35
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