tomd123does anyone know how to enable the sony motion eye camera?00:44
TheSheeptomd123: tried camorama?00:44
tomd123it said could not connect00:52
tomd123I guess I don't have the driver for it00:52
tomd123or module00:52
TheSheepwell, see lspci and lsusb for the actual type of the camera, and google or search the forums for it00:53
TheSheepbut cameras are poorly supported, mine doesn't work under linux for example00:53
tomd123Cool thx sheep for the advice00:54
bart1105good day! need a little help. i installed new fonts on my laptop but openoffice won't recognize it01:34
x3ondoes Xubuntu come with NetworkManager installed and preconfigured after install? I havent used ubuntu for a long while, a big problem I had with it was getting NM to work. I just installed LinuxMint on my sisters laptop the other day and everything worked properly after install, including NM. I really like XFCE and will definitely use xubuntu if networkmanager is working02:15
eldalionyes it is installed and ready to work02:18
eldalioni configured the wifi on the live cd02:18
optxi need help with xubuntu and vista-bootloader, i can do what i want, xubuntu doesnt start :(02:49
totalwormageoptx: have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot02:54
Indiadev_TechieHi evryone...02:58
Geoffrey2how does autoheader determine where to look for a given file?04:59
Geoffrey2anyone home?06:39
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!06:40
Geoffrey2ere4si: I tried to upgrade xfce to the latest version, but I've run into brick walls nobody seems to know how to fix, is my best solution just to grab the liveCD and reinstall?06:41
ere4siwas it just xfce you updated or the os Geoffrey2 ?06:42
Geoffrey2ere4si: just xfce, installing from source, from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2.....06:43
Geoffrey2O/S is Xubuntu Gutsy06:43
ere4siI'll have a quick read Geoffrey206:44
ere4siGeoffrey2, did you usen make to install?06:48
ere4sie.g make   make install06:50
Geoffrey2I'd only installed the first 5-6 files though, hadn't completed the process yet06:54
ere4siwell then Geoffrey2 , if you change into the directory you were in when you typed  "make install" you can type "make uninstall" and it should go away :)06:55
Geoffrey2ok, thanks06:55
Geoffrey2after that, should I just be able to reboot and hopefully get the old desktop back?07:05
adrienI need help for Xubuntu !07:36
adrienI am having issue with displaying configuration menu, and thus cannot install things07:36
adrienmy terminal yells for CURSES07:36
adrienand for QT3 when I happen to have all the packages installed :(07:37
adrienany help is wlecome07:37
ere4sisudo apt-get install "programname"  work adrien ?07:37
adrienyes it does07:37
ere4siadrien, which configuration menu?07:38
adrienany : i give you an example07:38
adrienI was trying to install the novel client for linux07:38
adrien(not novell - novel)07:39
adrienand i got to the point where i have to luanch a setup.sh script07:39
adrienbut when I type in the command, the terminal tells me07:39
adriencannot initialize curses07:39
adrienIntallation cancelled07:39
predaeusadrien, you might need a package like "libncurses5" not sure though which one.07:39
adrieni got it and I also have libncurse5-dev :(07:40
TheSheepinstall the build-essential package07:40
adrienI have all the package but it seems my system is blind :(07:40
adrieni have installed build-essential  as well07:40
predaeusadrien, maybe that application looks in the wrong spot for those libs, where did you get the application from? is it a source package, or .deb or from the repositories?07:41
adrieni got them via apt07:41
adrienso i suppose deb07:41
predaeusso from the repos07:41
TheSheepadrien: I can't see any novel client in the repos07:42
adrienho, you mean this guy.07:42
adriennot i installed it from another source, right07:42
adrieni followed an howto on ubuntu forums07:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about unk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:43
adrienI have managed to install the very same apps in my ubuntu box yesterday07:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about unc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:43
TheSheepadrien: you may be missing curses bindings for whatever language that application is using07:44
adrienso i thought it was an issue with xubuntu07:44
adrienso how can I fix this ?07:44
predaeusadrien, is that howto for Ubuntu?07:45
TheSheeplook into the code of that script and see where the error comes from07:45
adrieni've looked for refs to curese, but nothing07:45
TheSheepyou're running it from a terminal?07:45
adrieni had to make modifs to the script for it to work with ubuntu07:46
adrien(and xubuntu - small differences)07:46
TheSheepwell, report a bug to wherever you got it from07:46
TheSheephopefully the author will fix it07:46
adrieni am not going ot report a bug, I am going to move to ubuntu and install fluxbox07:46
TheSheepgood solution too07:46
adrienthis software is really unsupported , otherwise I wouldnt be on the irc chat ;-)07:47
adrienbut I don't understand why xubuntu would be so different from ubuntu ...07:47
TheSheepadrien: it's not different, there is just something that this application requires that it failed to announc07:48
ere4siadrien, gnome terminal prob has the curses part you need07:48
TheSheepadrien: ubuntu just happened to have it installed07:48
TheSheepere4si: no07:48
adrienI am going to tray install as root (su and not sudo)07:49
ere4signome terminal is ubuntu default  - not used in xubuntu07:49
adriensame prob07:49
TheSheepere4si: terminal has nothing to do with it, he's missing library headers or libraries themselves07:49
ere4sithought it worked in ubuntu?07:50
adrienthe thing is that I am not planning to move back to ubuntu since my machine is not that powerful - so ill have to find a solution07:50
TheSheepere4si: just because that particular copy of ubuntu happened to have installed something that required the same libraries07:50
adrienits 7.10 both07:50
TheSheepadrien: can you pastebin the whole error?07:50
predaeusadrien, locate the binary of that application and run "ldd binaryname" to see what libraries you are missing.07:50
predaeusit will list the required shared libraries.07:51
adriensee : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4367189#post436718907:51
predaeussee "man ldd" before trusting anybody for commands you don't know.07:51
adrienokay i will try07:51
predaeusalways check the man pages by invoking "man commandname" for commands you don't know. You can quit the manpage viewer with the 'q' key.07:52
TheSheephmm... not very informative error message07:53
adrienI typed 'man ldd' and there was amessage telling the terminal is not fully functional...07:54
predaeusadrien, how did you install you ubuntu/xubuntu distro?07:54
adrienfrom a cd07:55
predaeusso you installed from the regular xubuntu cd? weird07:55
TheSheepadrien: what does 'echo $TERM' say?07:55
adrientell me, what extension have binary files for my apps ? i cant seem to find any ...07:55
TheSheepadrien: they come without extensions07:56
predaeushe quit07:56
TheSheepso, the problem is not missing curses, but wrong terminal definition07:57
adriensorry, i got the bad ideai of hitting alt f4 in su mod...07:57
adrienit says bash07:57
adrienecho $TERM = bash07:57
adrienshouldnt it be xfce-terminal ?07:57
TheSheepadrien: no, it should be 'xterm;07:58
TheSheepor vt10007:58
adrienokay... so here's the prob07:58
TheSheepyou shouldn't mess arond with it07:58
adrienwhere is the problem ?07:58
TheSheeptype 'export TERM=vt100'07:58
TheSheepad try to run your application again07:58
adrienthanks a miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllliooooooooooooooooooon !07:59
adrienit worked :)07:59
TheSheepor change the '$TERM setting' in your terminal's advanced settings back to 'xterm' as it's supposed to be07:59
TheSheepyou messed around with it, didn't you?08:00
adrienprobably, dont remember :(08:00
adrienbut thank you so much !08:00
TheSheepright-click on your terminal, select preferences, then advanced08:00
adrienyes, the setting changed to bash, but that wasn't me !08:01
adrienthanks again , i'll send you some chocolates :P08:01
gideanI'm trying to help a friend over the phone....09:05
gideantrying to get him to type things into the term...09:06
gideanwhat I can't figure out is the command that would create a decktop icon ..ie /usr/bin(something that would make the icon and put it on his desktop)09:07
gideanhe's a point-and-click kinda dude and09:07
gideanspeaks english as his second language..09:07
gideantalking over the phone is getting frustrating and I want to send him an email with the command09:08
gideananyone know that command...if it exist?09:08
minohi :) whereis the configuration file for "xfce4-autostart-editor" ... or how to edit the entries i can only remove or add items09:39
minookay i found it myself: ~/.config/autostart/NAME.desktop09:41
RandyboYIs there any media(movie) players which buffers? Im watching movies over my network and it seems like it needs to buffer the file(s)... Im mainly using VLC. Maybe its an option in that player i haven seen?11:07
RandyboYAnd how do i mount images? Ive taken an image backup of a dvd of mine and want to see the movie with my xubuntu-machine...11:09
Vaajdacan someone pls tell me if ubuntu can use 2 internet connection at the same time12:35
TheSheepVaajda: it can, as all linux systems, but only one will be the default one12:54
TheSheepVaajda: it's possible to set it up to split traffic into two or more connections, but that's a very advanced topic12:55
Vaajdawell thats what i want to do13:11
lovemedoHello yall.14:23
lovemedoIs there any way i can upgrade my Xubuntu using the Gutsy cd?14:23
lovemedoI downloaded the Live CD version and was wondering if i could upgrade without resorting to a format, or downloading from the Internet.14:23
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Ven]nif i dont set DPI manually in xorg.conf .. what will my external mouse be using?15:09
TheSheepVen]n: whatever it defaults to in hardware15:17
Ven]ncrap :p15:18
Ven]ni was hoping i could make my mouse even better15:18
Ven]nwhats the line to set it manually?15:21
age6racerhi all, ive accidentally deleted my main default desktop menu file. Can someone send me theirs please??16:02
MatBoyis automount for USB sticks and so on not default on ?16:02
MatBoyor installed ?16:02
age6racerorcould someone pastebin the xml?16:03
vinnieHey i got a question... how come when i install my nvidia driver (the one from the nvidia website) all works fine but then i reboot and the screen flashes 3 times and gives me a low resolution .. then i install the driver again and its fine untill i reboot etc.16:27
vinnieI dont reboot that much but still quite a pain16:27
TheSheepvinnie: basically, you are supposed to install the nvidia driver using th restrcted drivers manager16:32
vinnieWell. actually i didnt install it thru that way, but i did look there and it said enabled and in use16:33
TheSheepthe drivers from nvidia's page aren ot supported16:33
vinnieHowever they work quite brilliantly , apart from the rebooting thing. Surely theres a simple fix for this16:35
TheSheepwell, let us know if you find it16:35
vinnieSure thing16:36
TheSheepit might ivolve copyting the contents of /lib/modules/*-generic/volatile somewhere16:37
vinniehmm i dont have nvidia in /etc/modules.. i think that might be it16:43
vinnieill brb16:44
vinnieNvidia module is loaded.. restricted driver thingie says its enabled and in use... why wont X use it. :|16:49
TheSheepsee the /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:52
TheSheepVen]n: are you sure it's loaded? does lsmod show it?16:53
vinnieTheSheep: thanks for the help. I was able to fix it by adding DISABLED_MODULES="nv nvidia_new" to /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules17:00
RandyboYIs there any media(movie) players which buffers? Im watching movies over my network and it seems like it needs to buffer the file(s)... Im mainly using VLC. Maybe its an option in that player i haven seen? Another question; how do i mount images? Ive taken an image backup of a dvd of mine a long time ago and want to see the movie with my xubuntu-machine...17:23
LeAstraleRandyboY: for such long questions pleaes go to www.ubuntuforums.org17:28
LeAstraleand create a thread17:28
TheSheep!iso | RandyboY17:28
ubotuRandyboY: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:28
pleia2RandyboY: I don't know about VLC, but mplayer has buffering switches17:30
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RandyboYIs there any media(movie) players which buffers? Im watching movies over my network and it seems like it needs to buffer the file(s)... Im mainly using VLC. Maybe its an option in that player i haven seen? (The mounting of an ISO i found out of with your help) :-)18:21
RaethHow do you pronounce "thunar"?18:21
crewehas anyone here gotten compiz-fusion working with xfce and nvidia?18:25
acei can only open gnome-system-monitor once before having to open with sudo, and thats only once as well. then i have to relogin or use top/ps aux18:26
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manchickenBest xubuntu screenshot ever: http://www.chicagolug.org/wiki/Image:Manchicken-feb.png18:45
vinniedear lord that banana is huge!18:48
manchickenWell, the baby is small.18:55
manchickenBut yeah, that is a big banana.18:55
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gopphey what the proper secure way to setup a guest acount19:33
goppin ubuntu19:33
goppony access to desktop and gnome19:33
manchickenDoes thunar have any networking abilities like nautilus?  I heard that around August there was supposed to be something like that in there.19:33
TheSheepmanchicken: no19:40
TheSheepmanchicken: you can use fusesmb and sshfs though19:40
ron_ohmm, when you suspend shouldn't your text editor info. be saved?19:40
ere4siin applications - system - users and groups you can set them up with a login name and password by the adduser button - then click the user - select properties - then user privileges tab to set what they can do gopp19:56
stone[no]I need a light weight app to manage my ipod in xubuntu. Any suggestions?20:56
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two_bitshow do I disable the  system beep?21:18
slimjimflimif i add a second hard drive will ubuntu automatically use it when the first one runs out? anybody?22:09
maxamillionslimjimflim: no, it won't22:09
slimjimflimhow can i get it to do that?22:10
maxamillionslimjimflim: you will need to change your partition table and mount points or if you want it to be treated as one big drive you might need to look into a raid controller22:10
TheSheep_or you can use lvm22:11
slimjimflimyea, that sounds familiar22:11
slimjimflimi was looking into it a while ago22:12
slimjimflimty thesheep_22:12
slimjimflimwould i have to make a backup, repartition and the load the backup, thesheep_22:13
TheSheep_slimjimflim: but setting it up involves formatting the partitions anyways22:13
TheSheep_slimjimflim: yeah22:13
TheSheep_slimjimflim: I think that xubuntu installer can install with lvm automatically22:13
slimjimflimcan or does22:13
TheSheep_slimjimflim: it's not the default, I think22:14
maxamillionoh yeah, i forgot about LVM22:14
maxamillioni always forget about LVM22:14
zoredacheyou can install with lvm with the alternate installer...  It isn't a default choice unless you choose to have things encrypted22:15
maxamillioni should probably look into learning my way around LVM22:15
slimjimflima-partitioning i go, a-partitioning i go, hi ho the dairio a-partitioning i go22:15
TheSheep_patitioning like there is no tomorrow22:16
slimjimflimzoredache, how much does the encryption slow things down22:16
zoredacheI don't have specific number, but doesn't seem that bad, but then my laptop is almost brand new22:17
zoredacheI ust know that I am too paranoid to risk my data becoming compromised if someone steals my laptop22:18
ICXCNIKAI recently got a copy of both Ubuntu and Xubuntu. Are there any pros and cons between the two?22:57
zoredachethey are both *buntu and each has the ability to install the applications from the other.  The only realy differences is the windows manager22:58
ICXCNIKAXubuntu seems to appeal much to me. I like minimalism.22:58
zoredachexfce tends to be very light-weight just a simple local-filesystem browser and gnome seems to try and be a lot more22:59
ICXCNIKABut I don't really use my computer much save for very basic things (e-mail, internet, word processing)22:59
VietnowI just fucked up my system, kind of! who's around to help?22:59
zoredachexfce tends to need less memory/resources in its default configuration23:00
zoredachebut really it comes down to how you like to work23:00
VietnowI followed the guide to install compiz on xubuntu, everything worked perfectly up untill I installed XGL, then typed "compiz" into the terminal23:01
zoredacheVietnow: describe you problem... if someone can help, and they are available, then they might23:01
nanonymeICXCNIKA, it's mostly a matter of which programs come installed. when you talk of ubuntu and xubuntu you are actually talking of ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop meta packages23:01
VietnowI've lost the "close, minimize, expand" buttons, I can only open one thing at a time23:01
nanonymeyou can install stuff to either one to make it suit your needs23:01
VietnowI uninstalled those components that I just added (all of the compiz stuff) restarted in xfce and the problems are still here23:02
Vietnowlike... I cant even move windows around, they're stuck to the top right corner, and have no file menus23:03
zoredacheVietnow: try running 'xfwm'23:03
zoredacheerr, xfwm4  I think...23:04
VietnowI cant even get to the terminal and stay in chatzilla at the same time lol23:04
Vietnowso I'll try that... and then I'll be right back23:04
VietnowThanks alot, it worked : ]23:13
Vietnownow time to try compiz again, haha23:13
zoredacheVietnow: you left to quickly... I was going to tell you, that you shouldn't have to leave23:14
zoredacheVietnow: all you had to do was use the 'alt-f2' hotkey then type xwfm423:15
Vietnowmy f keys and media keys dont seem to work23:15
zoredache:| well that sucks23:15
Vietnowyeah, I know, I'm not sure why23:16
zoredachedoes your keyboard have a 'function-lock' key?23:16
Vietnowyou rule man23:16
VietnowI had no clue what that F lock key was before23:16
zoredacheyeah, it took me a couple weeks to figure that out on my keyboard...  It was really annoying because when I booted to windows the FN-lock would default to the on state23:19
Vietnowyeah same23:19
zoredacheand when I booted to linux it was off23:19
Vietnowsame with my num lock23:19

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