TelnetMantaHas anyone seen a version of EduBuntu for EEEPC yet?00:20
TelnetMantaI've found this already but its not quite what I need: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:eeexubuntu:home00:21
lnsTelnetManta, you'd probably be able to follow the same procedures to get Ubuntu on the EEE01:35
lnsI haven't tried it on mine yet, I was able to hack Xandros enough to make me like it =) Got gnome, compiz on it..pretty happy!01:36
TelnetMantaguess it wont hurt to try it01:50
casputengo un problemilla con la barra y los applets01:55
caspuhe insertado el de invest01:55
caspuy ahora no puedo quitarlo01:55
caspuhe reiniciado...01:55
caspuhe ido a sistema preferencias sesion01:56
TelnetMantano I'm sorry for my limited language skills. :-)01:56
caspuI have problems with my taskbar01:56
caspuI put the applet invest01:57
caspubut i can't remove01:57
caspui went to system preferences sessions01:57
TelnetMantais this a gdesklet?01:58
caspuI think so01:58
caspuwhen you go to click right and add to panel01:58
TelnetMantahave you tried removing it from ~/.gdesklet01:58
caspuyou can see accesories01:59
casputhere are one say invest01:59
TelnetMantadelete it01:59
TelnetMantaif that doesnt work you can run: "gdesklets profile <new profile name>" to create a new gdesklet profile01:59
caspui think is not gdesklets02:00
caspui think you don't undestand me02:01
TelnetMantaso its a launcher then?02:01
caspusorry, because my english is very poor02:01
caspuis the normal launcher02:01
caspubut i can remove all, but invest02:02
caspuis imposible02:02
caspuIt is imposible02:02
TelnetMantano right click and remove option?02:02
caspuI dont know where is the system load02:03
TelnetMantalooking for it02:06
caspuyeah me too!! thanks02:06
caspuI try one thing I will return02:09
caspuI returned02:10
caspuno running02:10
TelnetMantawell I guess I give up as well.02:11
caspuare you here yet?02:17
caspuI think you went to sleep02:26
caspuSee you02:32
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Nubaehi, this might be a more generalised ubuntu question, but I'm trying to install a network printer from within a vmware windows xp virtual image, but I can't find the printer...10:43
NubaeI'm guessing this is because vmware creates a different subnet for the images to exist on... if anyone has any ideas on how to setup a printer from there, or knows of a website I can look at, I'd be grateful10:43
caspuhello all14:56
caspuI have a problem. I have a laptop with 2 processadors but only recognises 1. What I can do it?15:01
nblracerare they real or is it a p4 with ht15:04
caspu_is real15:04
caspu_are real15:04
caspu_I saw that only work 1 procesador with an applet15:04
caspu_With Mandriva I can saw how they both rwork15:06
annajI am having some trouble with local devices on all LTSP terminals.16:02
annajDoes anybody kow how to fix that?16:03
ogra_cmpcgutsy ?16:07
annajYes 7.1016:21
annajWhere do I learn about DebugLocalDev16:26
ogra_cmpcwell, sudo gedit /usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter16:29
ogra_cmpcfind the line containing DISPLAY16:29
ogra_cmpcdelete it ...16:29
ogra_cmpcsave the file and it should all work16:29
LaserJockhi ogra_cmpc16:31
annajThanks I will have a look at it16:35
nblracerhey, any one know if there is a syncing program i can use, that will sync user profile information across 3-5 computers16:43
ogra_cmpchey LaserJock16:44
LaserJockogra_cmpc: are we split yet? :-)16:47
ogra_cmpcyes we ar16:47
ogra_cmpcthe seeds are messed up still though16:47
ogra_cmpci'm waiting until after alpha to sort that16:48
ogra_cmpcbut edubuntu-desktop is installable fine from g-a-i now16:48
ogra_cmpcone crackpoint is still there, i think we need a relogin or reboot notification16:49
ogra_cmpcbut e-d allows no postinst scripts16:49
alumno10how can i change the default boot kernel on clients?16:50
LaserJockogra_cmpc: so it works just the same as the old addon CD, just with edubuntu-desktop now?16:51
ogra_cmpcthanks again for your awesome work on the app install package16:51
ogra_cmpcit was a breze to add e-d16:51
LaserJockglad I was of some use :/16:51
ogra_cmpcwas ?16:53
ogra_cmpcdo you plan to drop of the earth ?16:53
LaserJocksome days it seems like it16:53
LaserJockI'm not getting a lot of sleep and I still have waaaay too much to do :(16:53
LaserJockmoquist: you there?23:20

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