* nixternal tries to stay awake in class00:05
* Jucato hums nixternal a lullaby...00:06
Hobbseenixternal: drink more coffee00:07
Jucatomoin nixternal Hobbsee!00:07
=== wolfger__ is now known as wolfger
nixternalwasabi Jucato and Hobbsee00:08
nixternaland wolfger00:08
Jucatosushi nixternal :)00:08
wolfgerand wolfger what?00:08
nixternalsushi sounds good right about now00:08
* Hobbsee wants her delivery now!00:08
nixternalJucato: Eddie is now a legit Ubuntu member...gahahahhaaha...that is funny stuff00:08
Jucatonixternal: uh oh :/00:08
Jucatodarn it! I wasn't around to give my support :(00:09
* Jucato went to bed early...00:09
nixternalman, he had more support than I ever did00:09
Jucatohm... probably because there are more people now than back in your day (looooong time ago) :P00:09
nareshovAny idea where the ktorrent guys hangout at?00:12
nixternal#ktorrent would be my guess00:12
Jucatoif they have an IRC channel now00:12
Jucatomostly I think they make use of the forums on their site00:13
HobbseeScottK: ping?00:42
Jucatohm... I guess nixternal fell asleep after all...00:43
nixternalI wish00:43
nixternalI am listening to boring presentations on "Organization"00:43
nareshov=), psychology?00:43
nixternalI am using my "community" talk about KDE/Kubuntu for mine...hope they are ready for free software00:43
Jucatohehe :)00:43
nixternalSystem Analysis and Design00:44
Hobbseenixternal: oh MC member...00:44
* nixternal hides00:44
Hobbseenixternal: any idea what the policy on native packages and uvf is?00:44
nixternalmy daughter is txt messaging me on the phone, so I can't fall asleep00:44
nixternalHobbsee: yes...pick one :p00:45
Hobbseenixternal: :)00:45
Hobbseenixternal: all of them00:45
nixternalthere is supposedly some new documentation on the wiki concerning the UVF stuff..but I would guess that native packages should go through the same process as one that isn't00:45
Hobbseehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#head-9523bc4076ff011324d67cddc97969ec609618d6 is what the wiki says00:45
nixternaland why are you asking me? You know just as much if not more than I do :p00:46
Hobbseenixternal: because you're on the MC, and i'm not.00:46
Jucatono one knows more than nixternal (except Riddell)00:46
nareshovWhat's MC?00:46
Hobbseenixternal: and i'd prefer to get an official MC stance on the issue, before issuing a blast on the ML.00:46
JucatoMOTU Council (right?)00:47
nixternalhahaha, what do I have to say so you can issue a blast? I love it when you crack the long pointy stick!00:47
voriangood evening!00:51
nixternalwhat is good about it?00:53
Jucatohm... it's not morning. that's what :)00:53
Jucato(well it's morning here so...)00:53
nixternalJucato: yes you were right btw00:53
vorianI just drove from Cleveland to south of Columbus00:54
nixternalno snow in Chicago now for over a week...but it has been pretty cold00:54
vorianIt was awesome00:54
vorianI thought I was going to die every 15 min or so00:54
Jucatodie every 15 minutes, resurrect every 2 minutes after that :)00:54
nixternalyou know, I used to be like that too, until I drove through the turnpike in PA during a blizzard....I had to change my shorts after that one00:54
Hobbseenixternal: you have to make sur ethe policy is written on the freeze exception page00:55
vorianJucato: you are correct :)00:55
Jucatonixternal: you were wearing just shorts during a blizzard? O.o00:55
nixternalHobbsee: do you really think that it matters if the package is ubuntu only or not? I think it should be all packages in Universe are susceptable to the rules00:55
vorianJucato: it's an american thing (shorts = underwear)00:55
Jucatoaaah, like boxers... right :)00:56
nixternaldun matter, it could be tighty-whities00:56
Hobbseenixternal: i think so, yeah00:56
vorianI have two approved freeze exceptions if someone wants the honors ....00:56
Jucatohow appropriate.. talking about blizzards, snow, and freezes :)00:57
vorianktorrent and kdiamond00:57
* Jucato gives the floor back to Hobbsee before she takes out the stick on me00:58
vorianbug 19229600:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192296 in kdiamond-kde4 "[ff exception] New Upstream Release for Kdiamond [kde4]" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19229600:58
nixternalvorian: have you talked to jdong about ktorrent?00:58
voriannixternal: yep, he gave the nod00:58
vorianthat's bug 19281200:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192812 in ktorrent-kde4 "[FF exception] New upstream release ktorrent-kde4 3.0.0 " [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19281200:58
Jucatooh btw Hobbsee, a countrymate of mine, who says he's your schoolmate (janm is his IRC nick) is looking for Ubuntu CD's in the sydney area00:58
HobbseeJucato: my schoolmate?00:59
HobbseeJucato: for Macquarie uni?00:59
Jucato[21:47] <janm> Knightlust: good idea. she's goes to my school perhaps she can bring some next week!00:59
JucatoHobbsee: that's all I know... :)01:00
HobbseeJucato: hrm.  might be for the same thing01:01
nixternalvorian: ktorrent-kde4_3.0.0.orig.tar.bz2?01:02
nixternalshouldn't that be .gz01:02
vorianwell, I did uupdate and it produced a tar.bz201:03
nixternalyou have the acks already, so they are just awaiting upload01:03
nixternaloh great, this idiot got on the computer here durng break and starts playing stupid childish youtube videos01:03
nixternaltime to go for a break, otherwise I might snap and start breaking things01:03
ryanakcanixternal: heh, for some reason I'm getting spam sent to you... http://ryanak.ca/~ryan/nixternalspam.png01:03
Jucatohah yeah that was my problem with allee's spam too :)01:04
blueyedyou're in bcc maybe? have you looked at the headers? (delivered-for and such)01:04
Jucatoyeah that was the explanation given to me.. :)01:05
Jucatobut it's still funny to see their spam in my inbox :D01:05
* ryanakca shrugs... don't see a delivered-for... meh. It says nixternal in the message, not ryanakca... *grumbles and wonders how anything with the string 'buy cialis online' got through GMail's spam filter*01:06
nixternaldamn, now you know where I buy my Cialis01:11
Jucatohahah :)01:11
nixternalI get those emails for everyone...thankfully Google catches it01:12
nixternalI can't believe this01:12
Jucatooh I just noticed that I just got spam from allee and jpatrick too :)01:12
nixternalwe are watching "Male Restroom Etiquette" on YouTube because of this stupid kid01:12
wolfgernixternal: you used my name in vain earlier, but I don't quite understand the context?01:13
nixternalI did?01:13
wolfgeryeah, you said "and wolfger"01:13
nixternaloh, saying hi01:13
wolfgerah, ok01:13
nixternalhrmm, I wish I had my Backtraq CD, I would go ahead and shutdown the computer hooked to the projector01:14
wolfgerI thought it was odd, because I'd just sat down at my computer, and hadn't actually been on irc up to that point. You're psychic, man01:14
nixternalyou changed your nick :)01:14
nixternalthat's what gave it away01:14
Hobbseeryanakca: because gmail's spam filter *sucks*01:20
JucatoHobbsee: but based on the ratio of spam that I get in kmail and spam that gets blocked, I'd say it's good :)01:21
hadsGMail thinks I'm a spammer01:23
Hobbseefastmail's is better01:23
nixternalIt also pledged not to sue open-source developers who create noncommercial software based on Microsoft's protocols.01:26
nixternalhahaha, that's because nobody bases their software off of Microsoft's garbage :)01:27
Jucatoand if you want to create commercial software, you need patent license agreement :)01:27
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nixternalmuhahaha, I got um hook, line, and sinker with my "Organization Talk" I whipped up using KDE as my organization03:04
freeflyingany core developer can do me a sponsor upload? thanks. http://linuxfire.com.cn/~freeflying/skim.debdiff03:33
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ScottKHobbsee: Pong04:47
Hobbseesee query04:52
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
loll I have some source code and have identified an error i how it tries to identify PAGE_SIZE, however I do not know if my workaround actually solves it, and need a hand07:30
yao_ziyuanRiddell, smarter:08:00
yao_ziyuanhow is that bug now?08:00
Riddelldavmor2: did you try the new alternates?08:59
davmor2burning them currently08:59
davmor2Riddell: life got in the way last night :)09:00
* Riddell crosses fingers09:00
davmor2Riddell: aren't there new lives too?09:00
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Riddellso there are, and they seem to have all the packages09:01
Riddelldavmor2: we should be organised and coordinate, which are you downloading?09:01
davmor2all the current from this morning.  burning 64bit first09:03
Riddelldavmor2: I'll start with live 32 bit then09:04
davmor2Riddell: Because of the wonderful way in which I'm funded (oh no that's the BBC sorry) I got two test machines.  Both 64bit.  But I run a 32bit on my laptop so while the 64 bit is installing I'm burning the 32 bit right the way through my collection :)09:06
Riddellhow do you burn whilE installing?09:09
davmor2Riddell: 3 machines total main machine I download and burn on and 2 test machine :)09:12
davmor2Riddell: Don't you just love mother-in-laws who like to buy their son-in-laws laptop's for helping them out. :)09:18
davmor2Riddell:  It's looking more like Kubuntu :)09:52
davmor2\o/ Riddell it works and it looks like Kubuntu :)09:56
davmor2I'm only really testing that it installs this late in the game.  Plus I only got this morning :)10:01
Riddellme too, I'm going to fosdem later10:03
davmor2Riddell: thought you'd already gone :)10:04
Riddelldavmor2: don't suppose you have a windows machine too? wubi needs testing10:09
jpatrickJucato: spam?10:09
Riddellthe windows machine here doesn't have enough disk space (needs 10gigs)10:09
Riddellemonkey: did you say you wanted to help with iso testing? :)10:09
davmor2Not at present.  But that can be sorted but won't be till tonight.10:10
Jucatojpatrick: "Take Advantage of Our Software Prices" From: "Ben Isaac" <motodangt@charter.net> To: jpatrick@kubuntu.org10:10
emonkeyRiddell, it's on my todo on my wiki site10:10
Riddellemonkey: we need testers now if you are able10:11
* emonkey is currently in an english lesson, but I'll contact you later today10:11
Riddellok, thanks http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20080221.1/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20080221.1/ for when you can start downloading10:12
txwikingerthey are both the same, right?10:16
Riddelltxwikinger: daily-live is desktop, daily is alternate10:16
Riddellyou end up with the same thing10:16
txwikingerah ok :)10:17
* txwikinger is downloading10:18
* emonkey has finished download10:18
Riddellemonkey: university connection?10:18
emonkeyuniversity network is nice10:18
Riddellah, I remember the days..10:18
* txwikinger is still tired from giving Kubuntu bug-triage tutorial at LUG last night10:19
davmor2don't forget to log you results on the tracker.  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ :)10:19
Riddelltxwikinger: oh?  where was that?10:19
txwikingerSBLUG (Birmingham)10:19
jpatricktxwikinger: brilliant!10:19
Riddelltxwikinger: birmingham as in that suburb of wolverhampton?10:20
txwikingerRiddell: hehe yes :D10:20
Riddelldidn't even know there was an active lug there10:20
txwikingerYes.. we always meet at Bimingham University10:20
davmor2Riddell: get it right little suburb of Wolves ;)10:20
davmor2Riddell: Laptop fades to black.  Is there a way to stop the Fade?10:22
Riddelldavmor2: when does it do that?10:22
* txwikinger dreads writing abstracts for educational conferences that have to be sent next week10:22
davmor2once your logged onto the machine10:22
davmor2Riddell: hitting brightness up stops it but it happens each time I reboot.10:23
Riddelltxwikinger: do write a 1 line summary at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/TeamReports/February2008 if you can (under Kubuntu)10:23
Riddelldavmor2: hmm, sounds like guidance-power-manager is doing something bad10:23
davmor2Riddell: Where's the setting?10:24
Riddellclick the batter icon and drag brightness to the right10:24
RiddellI know someone had a problem copying settings from another computer where the brightness had 6 steps max and his new one had 100 so it was set to 6 by default10:24
davmor2Riddell: no battery.  Just unplugged the power and there's no battery icon :(10:26
Riddelldavmor2: is guidance-power-manager running?10:27
txwikingerRiddell: done10:29
davmor2Riddell:  How can I find out I tried running it and I get a long list of text10:35
sigma_1234so whens hardy 5 due out? any major updates?10:41
davmor2sigma_1234: later today as long as we can get all the tests done10:47
davmor2Riddell: live cd is suffering from bug 19400710:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194007 in ubiquity "Ubiquity keyboard is not being setup after world map." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19400710:56
davmor2other than that it seems to be going okay10:57
Riddelldavmor2: mm, I just noticed that11:06
davmor2Riddell: how do I check to see if guidance-power-manager is running?11:07
Riddelldavmor2: ps -ef | grep guidance-11:07
davmor2Riddell: No it's not running11:08
Riddellso must be something deeper in hal/acpi/something11:09
Riddellalthough I've no idea what11:09
davmor2I will bug report it after what do you want it under?11:10
Riddelldavmor2: umm, hard to say since we have no idea what could cause it11:11
Riddelldavmor2: it makes the computer unusable I take it?11:11
Riddelldavmor2: does it happen when logging in? does it happen on the live CD?11:11
davmor2Riddell: No you just hit brightness up.  But if you don't know your just presented with a black screen11:12
Riddellhmm, it could be kmilo11:12
seaLneRiddell: hotel is not bad11:12
RiddellseaLne: excellent11:13
davmor2Riddell: It doesn't happen with the initial login screen only happens on the main screen once you've logged in11:14
Riddelldavmor2: try running  "dcop kded kmilod disable" first11:14
davmor2Riddell: Running the live cd now hang on11:15
davmor2Riddell: yes it fades to black on the live cd too11:15
Riddelldavmor2: even running that dcop command first?11:16
davmor2When do I run it? before I log in?11:16
davmor2Riddell: I'll try it now will I need to reboot if so I'll drop back the the installed system11:17
davmor2Riddell: I need to up the brightness to make it work though so how will I know if it has worked?11:19
davmor2Riddell: I can't see the screen to type it in otherwise :)11:20
davmor2Riddell: Could I add it as a boot perameter?11:20
Riddellno, it talks to kded which is started along with kde11:21
Riddellso it dims without any keystrokes?11:21
Riddellthen pressing brightness up fixes it?11:21
Riddelldavmor2: you can also   sudo rm /usr/lib/kde3/kded_kmilod.so  before logging in11:22
davmor2Riddell: Yes that right, on both counts.  However once you reboot it dims back down again.11:22
davmor2Riddell: you also lose the real terminals Ctrl-Alt-F1 etc.  Once you've logged in which would freak people out :)11:24
davmor2I'll just reboot into the installed version and try it out then11:25
davmor2Riddell: on installed removed kmilod still fades11:28
Riddellok, I'm out of ideas11:30
Riddelltry asking mjg59 if he knows11:30
davmor2I'll just report it so I can carry on testing :)11:31
Riddellreport on hal maybe, as good a guess as any11:31
davmor2Riddell: I'll leave it blank for now but I'll post the bug here as soon as I get a chance11:32
emonkeyRiddell, it doesn't make sense to test the ISOs with virtualbox, or does it?11:36
Riddellemonkey: yes it does11:37
Riddelldavmor2: might be worth trying guidance again, sudo rm /usr/share/autostart/guidance-power-manager.desktop  before logging in?11:41
davmor2Riddell: bingo11:46
davmor2It's staying light and bright now :)11:48
davmor2Riddell:  Leave it for latter I'll reinstall Kub on my laptop Tuesday and we can sort it out from there.11:51
Artemis__FowlWhy are there no KDE4 SVN packages? It would be nice to have unstable SVN packages, just like openSuSE does12:02
Riddellvolunteers welcome12:06
davmor2Riddell: Have you setup a wiki page for alpha 5 or not?12:07
Riddelldavmor2: a stub12:07
davmor2np's I was just going to say you could add our temporary nasty work round :)12:09
Riddellwell I don't /think/ it's a general problem12:09
RiddellI suspect it's something specific to you12:10
Riddellat least nobody else has complained, I havn't seen it and there's not been any change to guidance12:10
Riddellthere's some reason why it thinks the default is a low value12:13
Riddellpossibly acpi has changed to give it more granuality12:13
davmor2pass over my head :(12:13
Riddelldavmor2: can you put ~/.kde/share/config/power-managerrc somewhere12:14
davmor2not today moving onto Ubuntu now but I will tonight or tomorrow for you12:15
nosrednaekimhaha.... Canonical sent out their attachement in DOC :)12:28
Riddellblame the travel agent12:28
=== ScottK3 is now known as ScottK2
* seaLne found a sleeping apachelogger in the room when he got back14:39
seaLneluckily it was me that took my laptop14:39
buzamarok wont detect my ipod shuffle15:23
buzbut kde displays it, ipod icon and all thath15:23
buzand it used to work with gutsy15:23
seelehas anyone tested ubiquity lately?  yesterday's daily build hangs during hardware configuration but i only tested it on one machine15:56
nareshovhibernate/suspend work fine from kde4 ?16:03
mhbwe're losing him!16:41
* jpatrick wants a @kde/ cloak16:43
nosrednaekimjpatrick » traitor....16:44
jpatricknosrednaekim: why? :) this is *K*ubuntu after all :)16:45
mhbyou call him a traitor, but it's actually me who's installing Visual C# right now16:45
* nosrednaekim remotely shocks mhb16:45
jpatrickmhb: gah16:45
jpatrickmhb: I'm _forced_ to do VB at school16:46
jpatricknosrednaekim: but @kde/ubuntu.member.jpatrick would look hot16:46
mhbjpatrick: visual basic?16:46
mhbjpatrick: now that's even worse16:46
jpatrickmhb: I hate it16:46
mhbjpatrick: but I install the C# thing because of school, too16:47
* apachelogger is a vb.net lova16:47
jpatrickmhb: yeah, but I'd rather they have us learn real languages16:47
mhbjpatrick: like Pascal? :o)16:48
jpatrickmhb: Perl16:48
seaLnejpatrick: apparently freenode won't give masks like that, atleast they didn't used to16:48
jpatrickseaLne: they do /whois nalioth for example16:49
seaLneoh, maybe it was just to complicated before for however they did it16:49
gribeluis firefox 3b3 sluggish for you guys? I don't know how it's like under gnome because i only have kde416:54
gribeluit's like un-accelerated 2D or something for me16:54
nosrednaekimfirefox is always like that16:57
gribelunah 2.0 doesn't do that here16:58
gribeluit isn't fast .. just way faster scrolling etc. than 3.016:59
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cheguevaragribelu, what video driver17:01
gribelunvidia ofcourse heh17:03
gribelui want an intel17:03
manchickenThe new intel drivers rock.17:03
cheguevaraare the latest updates for agressive exa any good?17:04
cheguevarai still got xaa17:04
cheguevaragreey exa17:04
* nosrednaekim pats his ATI17:06
cheguevaraexa is still slower then xaa here17:15
jpatrickhey serega!17:18
seregaI'm back guys17:18
seregasorry my absence17:18
seregahow are you all? I know nothing about kubuntu progress :(17:19
jpatrickno worries, we're missing Riddell again :)17:19
seregamissing Riddell?17:20
nosrednaekimserega » his computer problem went down.17:20
seregabad :(17:21
nosrednaekimserega » hows it going w/ you?17:21
jpatrickHe'll be back17:21
nosrednaekimoh.. didn't he go over to FOSDEM?17:21
jpatrickback here17:22
seregathere was some changes at my job...17:22
seregaso, guys, there will be two Hardy releases?17:22
seregatitanic work I think)17:23
* serega worries he is weak on KDE4 :(17:25
seregano experience of development17:26
seregagood luck. see ya17:28
jpatrickseaLne: /whois sabdfl - another ;)17:35
seelewhats the difference between submitting a bug to /ubiquity/+filebug and /ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+filebug or is it the same thing?18:50
stdinone is filed against the project, the other is filed against the source package18:51
seelewhen do i use which one?18:51
seelei found a problem in yesterday's daily build18:51
stdinfile bugs against the package, they can always be set to also effects the project18:51
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jpatrickcheguevara: ##fix_your_connection19:01
cheguevarajpatrick, my connection is fine19:02
cheguevaramessing around with Xorg.conf :P19:02
jpatrickcheguevara: what client? konversation?19:02
cheguevaragot EXA to work as good as XAA, so happy now :)19:02
jpatricknixternal: ping19:15
jpatricknixternal: I dumped some promotional stuff here: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-promo19:17
nixternalyo yo19:21
nixternalhey, who is doing our monthly reports? coreymon was the person doing them, but I haven't seen anything much19:21
nosrednaekimI'd do it,but I have no clue whats been going on19:22
nixternalheh, me either19:22
nosrednaekimRiddell asked at the last meeting19:22
* jpatrick hasn't been writing meeting minutes19:23
nixternalI am going to go ahead and update our Monthly Report19:23
nixternalwe need to use Mootbot for our meetings19:23
nixternalit makes writing up the minutes much easier19:24
* jpatrick dislikes Mootbot19:24
nixternalI like how it breaks each TOPIC down in to easy to read IRC logs19:24
jpatrickI dislike how it floods the channel19:24
nixternaldoesn't flood anymore than people chit-chatting really19:26
nixternalhow man new members did we just approve?19:28
nosrednaekimlast meeting?19:29
nixternal~kubuntu-members list them19:29
xRaich[o]2xblueyed: Ping20:02
jpatricknabend neversfelde20:02
neversfeldenabend jpatrick20:04
jpatrickneversfelde: Glückwünsche! (?)20:06
neversfeldejpatrick: thanks (Glückwunsch)^^20:07
neversfeldejpatrick: your german is very godd, did you learn it at school?20:08
jpatrickneversfelde: learnt it for a few months last year20:08
neversfeldejpatrick: than you are a talent in learning new languages :)20:09
blueyedxRaich[o]2x: pong20:10
jpatrickneversfelde: for human languages I know English, German, French (understand), Spanish and Catalan20:10
jpatrickwelcome back ScottK!20:10
neversfeldejpatrick: not bad20:11
jpatrickneversfelde: danke20:12
xRaich[o]2xblueyed: Hey Dude, long time not seen ;). Care to join #kubuntu-de-offtopic?20:12
yuriyjpatrick: did you do the kubuntu leaflet or you just put it up in bzr?20:41
jpatrickyuriy: kwwii's work20:41
jpatrickyuriy: all I did was the translations20:42
yuriyjpatrick: oh. i was wondering why it said ubuntulinux.org at the bottom and not ubuntu.com20:45
yuriyalso it's a nice flyer but i don't think it's newbie friendly enough20:45
jpatrickuse the source and bzr push ;)20:46
=== John4rper is now known as GNUcoso
* yuriy should have taken out the german/spanish communities part before printing this out20:51
ScottKThe way I read the Dept of State web site, it sounds like I don't need a visa for the Czech Republic.  I'm curious if others (US citizens) have reached the same conclusions?21:17
nosrednaekimoh bleh....21:22
ScottKYeah, well it's not a question you want to find out you had the wrong answer to at the last minute.21:27
jpatrickyou can ask Canonical for a letter to send up the process I guess21:27
ScottKjpatrick: Except it appears no Visa is required at all, so there is no process.21:31
nosrednaekimoh.. I read that wrong! I thoughtit said you DID need a visa :)21:31
jpatrickah, good21:33
* ScottK is looking for verification that maybe someone else has looked too and agrees.21:34
seeleScottK: hold on i'll look21:47
seelethere are technically two dept of state sites and they have different information21:47
seelei dont know why.. the only reason i know is because they were a client at some point21:48
seeleis the Czech Republic part of the EU?21:49
seeleScottK: we do not need a visa21:49
jpatrickseele: yes, since 200421:49
seelehmm.. this says we need proof of health insurance?  even for short-term visitors?21:52
ScottKseele: Thanks.22:16
* yuriy printed out a very nice flyer from kde-promo on nice paper and is now finding the typos22:21
yuriyoh great, the person used a commercial font in this22:33
yuriyok scribus is being wacky, i give up. people get to look at a brochure that says "The K Desktop Envionment"23:02
blueyedyuriy: this should be easy to fix if it's only the text.23:03
yuriy18:05 < blueyed> yuriy: this should be easy to fix if it's only the text. [18:06]23:03
yuriysorry, my terminal freaked out23:04
blueyedit's 00:03?! ;)23:04
jpatrickblueyed: yep23:04
ScottKyuriy: Which Scribus?23:04
ScottK(being whacky)23:05
yuriyScottK: (hardy)23:05
jpatrickyuriy: don't like the font23:06
ScottKWhat kind of whacky?23:06
ScottKyuriy: ^^23:06
yuriyit's losing some of the text in the linked flyer23:06
yuriythough it _could_ partially be me not knowing how to use scribus23:06
yuriyor could do with the font23:07
yuriyjpatrick: which font?23:07
jpatrickyuriy: on the leaflet23:07
ScottKyuriy: Scribus upstream does read Ubuntu Scribus bugs.23:07
ScottKIt might be worth filing.23:07
yuriyjpatrick: if you mean the one it's using for titles, I kind of like it, but it's non-free (in both senses)23:08
jpatrickyuriy: normal text I meant23:09
yuriyhmm the text shows up if i use deja vu, but not URW gothic23:09
ScottKText seems fat to me.23:09
yuriyto replace the kabel book font, that is23:10
yuriyjpatrick: normal text is just bitstream vera, best free font i know of actually (and sadly) until the liberation fonts came out23:10
mhbScottK: of course you don't need one!23:42
mhbScottK: meh, you should have asked me23:42
mhbI wonder which states actually *need* a visa to get here23:43
mhbI don't think there are many23:43
neversfeldei'd love to go to prague again. My last visit was in 200023:52
* ryanakca has never been off the continent...23:54
* neversfelde has never been in North America23:55
neversfeldealso in the south ;)23:56

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