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jetsaredimwhen i dput something into my ppa - how can I see the status of the build?00:55
steveirejetsaredim: You'll get an email if it fails. I can't seem to see the status of packages before the build completes either.01:10
jetsaredimso the "all states" thing is really just misleading01:14
stdinwhat? https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all doesn't show pending/building states for you?01:19
Hobbseejetsaredim: not really - it does include currently building01:19
comperrheh - I was here before - but I forgot who I was speaking too - who is the pastebinit creator again ?01:34
stdincomperr: stgraber01:36
comperrstgraber, ping01:36
comperrstdin, thank you vm01:36
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jetsaredimcan't seem to get my pgp key uploaded to launchpad03:27
mwhudsonsometimes the keyservers need kicking in the shins03:36
mwhudsoncan you fetch your key from keyserver.ubuntu.com?03:37
mwhudson(i think that's what it's called, anyway...)03:37
Hobbseejetsaredim: what error do you get?03:38
jetsaredimthat was the problem03:40
jetsaredimgot the keyserver updated and it worked now03:41
jetsaredimnow I'm trying to build a package from one of my bzr trees into my ppa03:41
jetsaredimanyone feel like hand-holding me on that one?03:42
jetsaredimI tried walking through the PPAQuickStart  guide on launchpad, but it didn't seem to take03:43
jetsaredimso if i just did a dput and it says "Successfully uploaded packages." does that mean that ppa is trying to build the package?03:50
jetsaredimah - got an email saying that my package needs to be signed by an ubuntero03:52
comperrstgraber, ping03:53
ubotuNew bug: #194231 in launchpad ""?action=subscribe" should be a HTTP POST operation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19423104:00
jetsaredimhow long does a queued ppa build usually take to build?04:04
jetsaredimfor something that takes less than a minute to build on my desktop04:04
Hobbseeit gets done almost immediately04:05
ubotuNew bug: #194235 in launchpad ""Subscribe" should say "Unsubscribe" when subscribed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19423504:10
emgenthello people04:25
jetsaredimhow do you build the same package for gutsy and hardy in your ppa?04:25
emgentsomeone know url to all list group in launchpad ?04:25
lifelessemgent: what do you mean04:26
emgenti'd like see all group listed in launchpad04:26
emgentbut i dont found the correct page04:26
emgentsorry :P04:28
lifelessthats projects not groups04:28
emgentit's the correct link :P04:29
jetsaredimwell - there ya go04:29
lifelesssome crack teams around: https://edge.launchpad.net/~logicalfaith04:40
RAOFlifeless: How did you discover that gem?04:44
thumperRAOF: I was about to ask the same thing04:44
ubotuNew bug: #194243 in launchpad "There i no way to see which members are subsribed to a mailing list" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19424304:45
lifelessemgent asked about the full team list04:49
lifelessso I peeked out of curiosity. Its the first item.04:49
jetsaredimhow long will it take for my package to be built and put into my ppa?04:55
lifeless<-------------------------------------------------------> this long04:55
jetsaredimbeen 54 min pending04:55
lifelessseriously, it depends on the package, on how many other packages are being built concurrently.04:55
lifelessthere could be a problem, let me enquire04:56
jetsaredimalso - how do i go about building the same package on gutsy and hardy?04:57
lifelessI'm not sure offhand sorry04:58
Hobbseedifferent version numbers in debian/control04:59
Hobbseealso see autoppa04:59
jetsaredimi built it on two different systems and the tar.gz has different md5sums04:59
jetsaredimlifeless: was there any backup?05:10
lifelessjetsaredim: its apparently ok05:14
lifelessjetsaredim: another person just got their build back05:14
jetsaredimbeen over an hour now05:18
jetsaredimam i missing something05:22
lifelessyes; limited resources - there is a queue05:23
jetsaredimok - so just wait and see05:24
jetsaredimwould be nice to see where you are in the queue05:24
jetsaredimodd - 2 idle i386 build machines and 15 in queue05:27
ubotuNew bug: #194257 in launchpad-bazaar ""Recently imported branches" doesn't just list recent ones" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19425706:00
jetsaredimlifeless: what does build for superseded mean?06:08
ubotuNew bug: #194262 in launchpad-buildd "Page for build that hasn't finished is cryptic about its status" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19426206:15
ubotuNew bug: #194264 in launchpad "random sort order in ppa contents table" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19426406:20
ubotuNew bug: #194265 in launchpad-buildd "Page for build doesn't say where in the queue it is" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19426506:20
lifelessjetsaredim: dunno06:21
pooliejetsaredim: it means you've uploaded another package06:21
pooliewith a higher version number06:21
poolieeg if you upload 1.1 and 1.2 to the same distro, 1.1 won't be built06:22
poolieheh, everyone's beating on ppas06:23
pooliei want to see the group photo for logicalfaith :)06:23
mptjetsaredim, I reported bug 194265 based on your suggestion06:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194265 in launchpad-buildd "Page for build doesn't say where in the queue it is" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19426506:25
pooliegood point06:25
mptpoolie, what do you mean by "Everyone's beating on ppas"?06:25
poolieexcuse my americanism06:26
pooliei mean it is being enthusiastically dogfooded06:26
poolieit seems to be the dominant topic in #launchpad, and just got several bugs06:26
pooliewhich i see are from you06:27
mptI don't have a PPA, I'm just in a bug-reporting mood06:27
* mpt ducks06:27
poolieso is launchpad-buildd the right product for ppa ui things too?06:28
pooliebtw you know igc is very very keen on adding a 'component' field to bugs06:28
pooliefor things just like this06:28
mptWho or what is igc?06:28
poolieian clatworthy06:29
mptThat was the original purpose of tags, iirc06:29
mptto avoid the need for never-quite-fitting components06:29
mptIt's "just" too difficult to add/change/remove tags currently06:30
mpt(bug 98585, bug 127138)06:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 98585 in malone "No tag list/ coordination on bug edit form" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9858506:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127138 in malone "Can't add/remove tags while changing a bug's status" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12713806:31
mptand to search for interesting combinations of tags (bug 81575)06:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 81575 in malone "no way to search for absence of a tag" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8157506:31
mptSo to answer your original question by way of example, all PPA bugs belong in the Soyuz "project" afaik06:33
mptbut build-related bugs belong in the launchpad-buildd "project"06:33
mptwhereas if they were tags, a bug report that was about PPA builds could have "ppa" and "build" tags simultaneously.06:34
pooliei think ian's desires could be satisfied by tags, as long as there was enough ui to guide people to the right tags06:38
pooliewe wouldn't want people accidentally filing them on {ppa ppas archives build buildd} etc06:38
mptyeah, 98585 is the key to that06:39
mptan auto-complete menu or a combo box or something06:39
pooliebtw how do you find these bugs when you want to cite them?06:39
mptI search06:39
pooliein what scope?06:39
mptin the case of those tag-related bugs, I used the "bugtag" link in the "Tags" box on bugs.launchpad.net/malone06:40
mptAh, tell me about this06:40
mptPretend I didn't just tell you that06:41
mptHow would you have tried to find them?06:41
mpt(Or would you not have bothered?)06:41
ubotuNew bug: #194266 in launchpad-buildd "Upload and build queue table can get massively wide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19426606:41
mptI ask because fairly often I get people asking me "is there a bug about X"06:41
mptSo apparently it's difficult, or slow, or non-obvious to search for bug reports06:42
mptin a way that I'm blind to.06:42
ubotuNew bug: #194275 in launchpad-buildd "don't remove outdated binaries if they are needed for dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19427507:35
FujitsuI don't like the sound of that.07:37
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mdkewhen rejecting proposed members, is there any way to do it by bulk? With the same message? We need to do 92608:18
Nafalloalter the field in the database?08:19
* Nafallo hides08:19
Fujitsumdke: I'm fairly sure there isn't.08:19
FujitsuWhat Nafallo said.08:19
Fujitsumdke: ubuntumembers?08:19
FujitsuI recall that list being gigantic.08:19
* Fujitsu thinks there should be an API to do that in the next couple of months, but not yet, unfortunately.08:20
mdkei thought an LP admin might be able to do it with a script08:20
FujitsuYou could probably write a bit of a script to do it, if someone doesn't already have one.08:21
mdkewell, I certainly wouldn't know how, although I could supply the rejection message, of course08:22
mdkei'll maybe open a question in the answer tracker08:30
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ubotuNew bug: #194313 in launchpad "Packages starting with number sorted before no package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19431310:15
ubotuNew bug: #181312 in apt-file "Please provide Contents-ARCH.gz for all sources" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18131210:46
mcr-joehello, i need help! my ppa won't work!11:31
mcr-joei activated it and abotu 1/2 hour ago accept the agreement11:31
mcr-joeoh found out why11:33
ubotuNew bug: #194333 in ubuntu "Useless use of cat in bug report form (dup-of: 185897)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19433311:50
frenchySorry for being dumb, I've created a poll with today's date ... blah, blah, blah ... you know how the story ends, right?  Is a LP developer/admin/maintainer able to delete it for me?12:23
kikofrenchy, oh, hrm.12:26
kikofrenchy, can you ask an lp question (see /topic)?12:26
frenchykiko: Yep, will do, thanks.12:29
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frenchykiko: Done, thanks again.  Any luck with why I can't delete my VCS import?  Or maybe I should ask this on "answers" also?12:36
kikofrenchy, what's the VCS import? have you moved to bzr?12:38
frenchykiko: Yeah, we had a brief discussion about it a few days ago.  I couldn't get to a particular page in LP even though I owned it and when you tried to delete it, it generated an OOPS.12:40
frenchykiko: Sound familiar, or o you need more.12:40
kikofrenchy, ah, right! remind me the name of the project again?12:41
frenchykiko: Me TV (me-tv)12:41
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frenchykiko: Since then I've discovered that the translations are attached to this branch.12:43
frenchykiko: Anyway, it's not a big deal to me.  I just like to keep things tidy.  I can like with it.12:43
kikomy favorite featured project!12:45
Hobbseewhat, launchpad?12:45
kikofrenchy, hang on. translations aren't attached to branches. they are attached to series. 12:45
kikofrenchy, I've deleted your vcs import12:46
kikofrenchy, but why are your translations hooked up to a separate series? they should be on your development series!12:47
frenchykiko: Yeah, I know.  I switched over to using stable/development a while ago but I'm not sure how to bring the translations across.  This is really an issue with me not understanding the way whole thing works.12:49
mcr-joehiya, how do i change debuild to use gutsy for distrubtion and not unstable12:49
kikofrenchy, no worries. I think we can move them across, but I need to ask danilos. 12:49
kikodanilos: ^^^12:50
frenchykiko: Ta.12:50
Fujitsumcr-joe: Change the distribution in the changelog.12:50
frenchymcr-joe: I'm a noob but don't you just change the distro in the debian/changelog.12:50
kikofrenchy, do you want the unstable series deleted?12:50
frenchykiko: What do you think is best practice, "unstable" or "development"?12:52
kikofrenchy, the name doesn't matter as much as long as you have one only :-)12:53
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kikoI'll get rid of unstable as it is unused12:53
daniloskiko: sure, we can move them across12:54
frenchykiko: I think that "development" most accurately reflects.  Please delete "unstable".  Thanks muchly.12:54
daniloskiko: unfortunately, it would have to be done manually afaik12:54
frenchydanilos: kiko: Yeah, sorry ... I started out with the SVN mentality but then switched to bzr.12:55
kikodanilos, can you help us with the SQL?12:55
frenchywhen I came across from SF.12:55
kikono worries12:55
daniloskiko: actually, maybe just doing it over https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/translations/+pots/me-tv/+admin should do (if we don't want to keep the old series as well)12:56
kikodanilos, hah, it seems to have worked!12:57
daniloskiko: cool (I thought you wanted them copied first)12:57
frenchykiko: danilos: looks good to me!12:58
frenchykiko: danilos: But I didn't have access to that page, should I have had?12:58
danilosfrenchy: great, if you have any problems, feel free to ask :)12:59
frenchykiko: danilos: Awesome, thanks dudes.  Keep up the good work.13:00
kikofrenchy, so normally this stuff is best handled by admins as the forms are evil13:00
kikofrenchy, just finished up cleaning up your series and blueprints. reload and see what you think.13:01
frenchykiko: ok, thanks heaps.13:01
danilosfrenchy: it might make sense to have a separate page to actually move translations from one series to the other, so if you feel like it, please file a bug :)13:01
frenchydanilos: Are you suggesting that I raise this as a blueprint?13:02
frenchydanilos: Or s a bug better?13:02
kikoa bug would be better, but I am not sure it's worth filing13:03
danilosfrenchy: well, a blueprint is probably more suitable, but people generally file bugs, and we make them into blueprints as needed13:03
kikodanilos, I mean, would the user really understand what he was doing?13:03
kikowouldn't he expect the translations to be cloned or something, for instance13:03
daniloskiko: well, if we had a simple form of 'move all translations under [combo box showing possible serieses]'13:03
daniloskiko: perhaps, but that's another checkbox away 'copy instead of move'13:04
daniloskiko: though indeed, you are probably right that 'moving' itself wouldn't make much sense, it's basically an administrative fix13:04
frenchykiko: That's very nice and shiny thank you.13:06
kikofrenchy, you're welcome. btw, do you not offer tarball downloads, just packages?13:10
frenchykiko: I have them at https://edge.launchpad.net/me-tv/+download.  Is that the wrong place?13:11
frenchykiko: It's in the watch file and works when I use uscan?13:11
kikofrenchy, no, that's fine, but it's not linked to from http://me-tv.sourceforge.net/download.html :)13:11
frenchykiko: Good point. Yeah, people have to know to go to the project home page (which is linked from http://me-tv.sourceforge.net/).  I'll add that now.13:13
kikofrenchy, btw, bac's working on making the downloads available from the project home.13:14
frenchykiko: Are you a DVB user yourself? (Is this too off-topic for here?)13:14
frenchykiko: Has anyone suggested a dput upload for it?13:15
kikofrenchy, uhm, no. could you use dput to upload tarballs? 13:15
kikofrenchy, I don't even know what a DVB is! I was just asking my office-mate13:15
frenchykiko: probably not, but  ... hmmm ... I'll shut up now.13:16
kikofrenchy, what sort of hardware do I need to use it?13:16
Toobazhello everybody. If since 4 days I'been waiting for 2 translation files (https://translations.launchpad.net/gueic/+imports) to get reviewed, do you think I should "ping" someone or just wait?13:16
kikodanilos, see Toobaz'?13:17
frenchykiko: A DVB tuner.  It's just that you said before "my favorite featured project!". Where you talking about LP>13:17
kikofrenchy, I like the way it has activity13:17
kikofrenchy, and the general idea and screenshots look cool13:17
kikodon't make fun of me now :)13:17
danilosToobaz: we generally get to them in a week's time13:18
frenchykiko: Or was that just because it was "Ghost in the Shell"?13:18
danilosToobaz: you are developing gueic in LP directly, right? (if so, I can approve it right away, otherwise, it requires some digging into, what I don't have time right now for)13:19
frenchykiko: LP has been a real ... ummm ... launchpad for the project.  So a big thanks to you guys.13:19
Toobazdanilos: yes13:20
kikofrenchy, you're welcome -- that's pretty cool13:20
danilosToobaz: cool, should be imported in a few minutes13:21
frenchyOne final general thing, why do Blueprint rate so high in Karma?  I spend about 1/20th of my time in blueprints but it seems that it's the cause of my >40K karma.  I spend a lot of time in bugs and code.  It seems unfairly weighted.13:24
Hobbseefrenchy: try translations instead13:26
frenchyHobbsee: Sorry, I don't understand.  Are you saying that translations are also very low karma then I agree.13:28
frenchyActually it seems just that blueprints are high.13:28
Hobbseefrenchy: translations used to be very high13:29
danilosToobaz: btw, you should probably use the same path for the .pot file and .po files if you want them automatically approved13:29
danilosHobbsee: with the accent on 'used to be' :)13:30
Toobazso? I upload them again?13:30
Toobazor I just reupload the .po?13:30
danilosToobaz: well, I've approved it manually now, but if they don't get auto-approved in a few hours after your next upload, please make sure the paths are corresponding, or that you import them directly under a new template13:31
danilosToobaz: you may also want to set "uses translations officially" to actually let others see the template now (since it's been imported)13:31
Toobazehm... where?13:32
Toobazit will be enabled when files will be approved?13:32
danilosToobaz: files have been approved and imported13:33
Toobazok, I see. Where can I find the "uses translations officially" flag?13:33
danilosToobaz: somewhere in the project settings, not sure myself :)13:34
frenchyHobbsee: Oh, now they seem normal.  As I said, just the blueprints.  Not that I'm complaining, it just seems unfair to other guys helping me out with bugs.13:35
danilosToobaz: btw, I've provided a Serbian translation while at it, but a lot of messages need translator comments so translators know the context of the message13:36
Toobazmmhhh... I'm not an expert (and indeed thank you very much), I just thought translators figure out the context by using the app. I'll see how to add comments13:38
Toobazdanilos: can't find the flag... are you sure it won't be "on" by default once po/pot files will be imported (actually, their status page says "Will be imported into...") ?13:39
danilosToobaz: yep, I am sure (all files have already been imported)13:40
danilosToobaz: try at https://launchpad.net/gueic/+edit13:41
Toobazooops... thank you very much13:41
danilosToobaz: as far as translations go, using an app helps, but reduces speed of translation; you should be able to just add comments before the strings in the python source code to get them into .pot file13:42
danilosToobaz: also, it is indeed hard sometimes to translate from one language to another (eg. Slavic languages are very filled with declensions, and it's almost impossible to provide correct short translations for strings like yours); my recommendation is to listen to translators and try to work with them to construct better strings :)13:43
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kikoToobaz, just finished translating to portuguese14:15
kikoToobaz, I have a question14:16
kikoToobaz, when you say "Ring:" is it the verb or the noun?14:16
Toobazthe noun14:16
Toobazalthough maybe this string could be something better14:17
Toobazbut I didn't have better ideas14:17
kikomaybe "Ring tone" or "Ring sound"?14:17
Toobazit really should mean the alarm happening itself14:18
Toobazwell, in Italian it's "squillo"14:18
kikomaybe Alarm: ? :)14:18
jetsaredimif i upload a source.changes file of a package marked as hardy in its changelog from a gutsy machine - what release will it be built for?14:19
Toobazyes, maybe "alarm" is the right thing... it just seemed too generic, but I can't figure out anything better14:20
jetsaredimalso - if I had a build failure - is there a way to purge the files that were uploaded?  such as the tar.gz, etc?14:21
ToobazI just wanted to give the difference between the generic alarm - which can, for example, ring every hour - and the "single time" alarm14:21
Toobazanyway - just changed to "Alarm:"14:22
kikojetsaredim, if you upload to the default dir, to hardy, I believe.14:28
kikojetsaredim, you can request removal of those,sure.14:28
kikoToobaz, ah, maybe "Repeat:" or something like that? I guess it depends on the control which comes after it.14:29
Toobazno, the point is that it just doesn't repeat, it is a single-time alarm14:29
Toobazand in the control after, you just say when it happens14:29
Toobazhow would you call the "sound" of an alarm?14:30
jetsaredimkiko: I just did what I thought was the standard PPA thing - was following the PPAQuickStart guide14:30
kikobell? or sound?14:30
kikojetsaredim, sure.14:30
Toobazno, ok, let's leave "Alarm:"14:31
kikomaybe Ring at: ?14:31
kikoin portuguese "Tocar às:"14:32
Toobaz(does "às" intend a date, a time, or both?)14:32
kikoa time14:32
kikoif it's a date it would be "em" I guess14:33
kikoToobaz, ala?14:33
* kiko fudges italian14:33
ToobazI don't know what "ala" and "fudges" mean...14:33
jetsaredimkiko: how do I request this "purge"?14:33
kikojetsaredim, Delete packages?14:34
jetsaredimI did14:35
jetsaredimbut for some reason the files are still there14:35
kikojetsaredim, it's because it takes some time for them to be deleted.14:36
jetsaredimif I try to re-dput the package up to try to rebuild it keeps getting rejected due to md5 mismatch with the files already there14:36
jetsaredimhm ok14:36
Toobazkiko: if I start every translation comment with "# TRANSLATION: ", should this tag itself appear into the comment in the po files?14:40
Toobaz(I'm asking because it does)14:41
kikoToobaz, hmmm, I don't know. danilos does though.14:41
kikocprov-out, jetsaredim just needs to wait, right?14:42
Toobazoops, true14:42
danilosToobaz: yeah it will appear as well, but that should be too much of a problem (i.e. just make it "# Translators: this is blah blah...")14:42
cprov-outjetsaredim: the rule is simple, when the tarball reference disappear the details section (the hidden box) you can upload the same version again with different content, otherwise just bump the version and continue your life. FYI, the source will be removed tonight, around 3:00 UTC. 14:48
Toobazdanilos, it happened exactly what you warned me about: the new translation files I'm uploading are in "need review" state and I got the "waiting for an admin" state. But I did check that the path is corresponding.15:14
danilosToobaz: it takes a few hours for them to be auto-approved (at most 6 if you hit a really bad time when the previous run just finished), if that doesn't happen, please ping me again15:15
Toobazok, no problem... but in this case the launchpad message speaking about "admin" is quite imprecise. Anyway, thank you.15:16
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ubotuNew bug: #194404 in launchpad "Follow Remote Tracker's Marking of Duplicates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19440416:05
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comperrstgraber, ping 17:22
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ubotuNew bug: #194432 in soyuz "High number of timeouts on $person/+archive" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19443218:15
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ubotuNew bug: #194442 in rosetta "editlanguages language list unusuably small" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19444218:46
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ubotuNew bug: #194461 in launchpad "Clean up GPG signing process" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19446119:46
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RainCTis there some way to upload a file to a project on Launchpad other than the web interface?21:51
RainCTI'm trying to upload a 12MB tarball but get always a "Please try again   Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server." page21:52
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RinchenRainCT, did you get a LP error or was it a browser timeout?22:12
Rinchenbac, ^^22:12
RainCTRinchen: LP error22:14
bacRainCT: Hi,the web interface is the only method.  I'll look into it.22:14
RinchenRainCT, did you get an OOPS number by chance?22:14
bacRainCT: what project were you uploading to?22:14
RainCTbac: freevial22:16
RainCTand there is no OOPS :/22:16
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RinchenRainCT, thanks.22:17
bacRainCT: and you did try several times?  we're checking to see if there was an intermittent outage. what time did you have the problem?22:18
RainCTtwice, it was when I got it the second time when I asked here22:20
RainCT(and there were probably some time between the two tries, as I left it running and went away)22:21
RainCT(and then tried the 2nd time when I came back)22:22
RinchenRainCT, this is very interesting. Thanks for reporting it.22:27
RainCTRinchen: no problem :)22:28
RainCTany idea about how long you thing it could take to get fixed?22:28
RinchenRainCT, not yet. :-(  The page you are seeing only comes up in rare circumstances. 22:30
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RainCTuploaded now :)22:44
bacRainCT: yes, i just completed a test upload of a 13M file22:45
bacRainCT: how many times did your upload fail?22:46
mthaddonRainCT, could you be any more specific about the timing of the 2 failures - it would really help us narrow down what might have gone wrong?22:49
RainCTthe second try failed around 22:45.. I might have started uploading it 10 minutes before or something like that, but I don't really know :/22:52
mthaddonRainCT, thx - that helps in any case22:53
mthaddonRainCT, which timezone are you?22:53
RainCTer, right.. UTC+122:53
Ubulettewoo, nice, ppa build logs now say: "Build started not available  on an unknown build machine"22:55
Ubuletteunknown builder which is apparently not ntp synchronized. 22:58
Ubulette(49 s in the future)22:58
RinchenUbulette, awesome. Can you take a screenshot of that and send it to launchpad-users please?22:59
RinchenUbulette, I'll see if someone might look at that next week.22:59
Ubulettetoo late23:00
RinchenUbulette, ok, I'll copy & paste into an email.  23:00
Ubulettethat was samarium btw23:00
RinchenRainCT, what browser are you using?23:02
Ubuletteit's fast now, i like it23:02
RainCTRinchen: latest Firefox 3 from Hardy23:02
RinchenRainCT, great thanks.  We found what appears to be a related error msg.  Trying to make sense of it now.23:03
RinchenRainCT, we think we have it narrowed down to an apache issue (there's a bug filed against apache for something that we think might be the same). We're going to have our system admins look at it next week.23:11
RainCTRinchen: great, thanks :)23:13
RainCTgood night23:17
ubotuNew bug: #194558 in launchpad "Project file uploads time-out but don't OOPS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19455823:30

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