j1mci'm afraid to do a bzr merge because i haven't done one in about a week and a half, and there are going to be 30 billion ubuntu-hardy updates.  :)02:28
j1mcgah, i can't get a file to validate04:36
j1mcand i don't see why it's not validating.04:36
sommerwhat's the error04:39
j1mchi sommer...04:39
j1mcxubuntu/internet/C/internet.xml:978: element link: validity error : IDREF attribute linkend references an unknown ID "add-applications"04:39
j1mcbut it validates earlier in the file.  the same type of reference.04:39
sommerah, does the idref link to a section in another file?04:40
j1mc<link linkend="add-applications">Add Applications</link>04:40
j1mcwhy would that validate sometimes, but not all the time04:41
sommerthe same link is in another location in the file?04:41
sommerah, I see that it does04:42
j1mchmmm... i guess it doesn't validate in other areas, sorry.04:44
j1mcshould i try an xref link instead?04:45
j1mca ulink?04:45
sommerI'm not sure, is <link> used in previous versions?04:46
sommerseems like it'd be okay04:46
sommerI get the unknown id error for all the add-application links when I try and validate that file04:46
j1mcsee 22:44 ^^  sorry for the confusion.04:47
sommerif you ./validate xubuntu/index.xml do you get an error?04:48
sommerI see the same error if I try to validate generic/serverguide/C/mail.xml for example04:48
sommerbecause the xref tags link to sections of another file04:48
sommerbut if you ./validate generic/serverguide/C/serverguide.xml which includes all the files it will know the end of the link04:49
sommerif that makes sense... I think it's the same issue anyway04:49
j1mcno, it doesn't validate either04:49
j1mcindex.xml ...04:49
sommerwoops, my local xubuntu-hardy is out of date04:51
sommerI didn't get any errors when validating index.xml though04:52
sommerdoes the link work in yelp?04:52
j1mclet me try04:54
j1mcno, it won't open in yelp.  :(04:55
sommeryep definitely a problem... heh04:56
sommerI don't have my xubuntu-hardy copy bzr bound and I did a bzr merge, do I then just do a bzr commit?04:57
sommerso far I've been using bzr pretty much like svn :-)04:57
j1mcyes... you'd do a bzr merge, and then commit04:57
j1mci did get the index to open in yelp04:58
sommercool, just wanted to make sure04:58
sommerpoo I think my local copy is borked... now index.xml won't validate05:01
sommerthe add-applications section didn't change did it?05:03
j1mcjust changing stuff like "ubuntu" to "xubuntu"05:04
sommerah, was thinking that maybe applications got misspelled by mistake or something05:04
j1mclemme do a bzr diff on it.05:05
sommerheh, the links seem to work in yelp for me05:07
j1mcnothing in there that would cause any problems.  i can fix index.xml.  it's the other file that has me confused.05:07
j1mcyeah, the links work ok05:07
sommeryou might ask mdke, he has more experience with docbook than I do :-)05:07
j1mccool.  :)05:08
j1mcthanks for your help, sommer :)05:08
sommernp, wish I'd had a solution though... heh05:08
j1mcyeah, no worries.05:08
j1mcthey aren't due tomorrow.  :)05:09
sommertrue true05:09
bodhi_zazen'lo all15:16
bodhi_zazenanyone available for a question re: deleting wiki pages ?15:16
=== ianc is now known as IanC
ubotuNew bug: #194514 in kubuntu-docs (main) "FTBFS in latest archive rebuild test" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19451421:56
* jpatrick hmms at the above21:59
mdkejpatrick: looks like it just needs a substitution of a depends23:10
jpatrickmdke: yeah, but not sure which23:11
mdkejpatrick: well, kdelibs4c2a sounds like the most obvious candidate ;)23:12
mdkeit'll be whatever package provides the css and style stuff for kde docs23:12

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